Jab We Met - 3

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Chapter 10 - Shyam? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 189 times)

“Shyam.. Shyam Manohar Jha?” Arnav asked numb.

“Yes.. Do you know him?” Khushi asked curiously and confused as well.

“I know him.. I know him very well Khushi.. he can’t do this..” Arnav took a step back shaking his head in disbelief.

“That means you also don’t believe in me.. You think I’m lying..” she asked with tears in her eyes.

“I do trust you Khushi.. but I know him very well, he’s such a man who cannot even raise his voice in front of a woman, then how could he do this to you? Maybe you’re mistaken..” Arnav said walking towards her, he wanted to wipe her tears but she shoved his hand.

“I really thought you could turn into my Rahul today, but you proved you’re Tangaballi only.. that’s why you support your friend..” she looked away.

“Khushi listen to me.. I do believe in your words.. I know you’re not lying but it’s just too shocking to me to hear Shyam’s name as the one who did this you.. But if he really did, then I will punish him no matter what he’s to me..” he cupped her face. Khushi looked at him with moist eyes.

“Sorry to disturb.. there’s no door here to knock knock bro!” Pinky came smiling teasingly.

“It’s okay..” both Khushi and Arnav composed themselves and turned to her.

“Actually.. driver ji came to take you both to train station..” Pinky said with tears in her eyes, “Ayee aye.. Pinky going to miss you two too much!”

Khushi smiled sadly and hugged Pinky tightly sobbing. Arnav also felt sad, his good days ended today only, from now on he won’t have his Comedy Piece to make him smile, to fight with him, to say her filmy dialogues. Life isn’t going to be like movie now, it’s just going back to his normal schedule where there’s no fun, only work all day and night.

To hide his tears, he went from there with the excuse of taking the bags to the car.

Maya and Dadi also came there and hugged Khushi not feeling like letting them go.

“Time passes so quickly.. I didn’t even realized that you both are going away today..” Dadi pouted wiping her tears.

“We now got used to live with you both.. we’re going to miss you so much Khushi..” Maya said side hugging her.

Khushi started crying more, “To tell you the truth, I don’t even feel like going back home now.. I want to stay here only.. It was so much fun, I will never forget these days in my life!”

“Why are you talking like it’s last time you came here? If you miss us, then talk with Chote he will bring you back here..” Dadi smiled.

Khushi bit her tongue realizing she just spoke too much, “Actually this Laad governor always busy with his works, I wonder when I will get time to come here again!”

“That’s sach (true)!” Pinky said giggling.

“Dadi we’re going..” Arnav said walking to their side, he hugged her smiling a little, “I’m going to miss you so much!”

“I will miss you too.. take some time from your busy schedule to meet your Dadi..” she pleaded lovingly.

“I will Dadi.. and you too promise me that you will take care of your health and take your medicine in time.. don’t work too much because Maya aunty and Pinky are here also.. so don’t take stress over petty things..” he said breaking the hug, and cupped her face.

“Okay..” Dadi nodded feeling pampered by her grandson, “Also ask Anjali bitiya to visit me, it’s been so long I’ve not seen her neither talked with her..”

“I will..” Arnav blinked his eyes once as if conveying that he will pass the message to Anjali, “Maya aunty take care!”

Maya hugged him and caressed his hair, “You too mera baccha.. now that Khushi is here, I’m less worried about your health..”

Arnav and Khushi stare at each other and gulped, everyone here thinking that they’re one happy married couple when reality is far from that.

“Let’s go Khushi..” Arnav said and held her hand guiding her to the car, while he waved at his family who stood emotionally waiting for them to go.


At train station:

Khushi was quietly on her seat staring at the window side with no emotion on her face. Arnav was typing something on his phone, he looked up from his phone to her, “Khushi what happened? Do something.. Will keep you sitting like that?”

“What will I do? Lungi dance?” she asked sarcastically glaring at him.

“WHAT THE…” Arnav frowned, “Say something at least..”

“Kahan se kharidi aisi bakwaas dictionary?” she pouted leaning her head on the window side.

“What the..” he looked at her in disbelief.

“What do you exactly want then? When I asked you if you want me to dance, you asked me to say something.. when I say something still you’re with your What the.. what the.. all the time!” she spoke angrily now.

“Why is it looking like I’m Rahul and she’s Tangaballi now?” Arnav thought to himself.

“Why are you getting angry? What’s wrong now?” he asked angrily also.

“I’m not angry.. you’re making me angry with your What the.. Am I not quiet in my place? Isn’t this what you like?” she asked.

“Who said to you that I like when you stay quiet?” he asked taken aback, doesn’t she know she is his Comedy Piece!

“You only keep complaining about me all the time.. Today is our last day together, I thought not to irritate you!” she shrugged pouting.

This time even he stayed in silent, why is it hurting so much to let her go? He doesn’t want to leave her now, wish he could go back in time they were in Chennai and relive all those moments again.

He closed his eyes and leaned on his seat, thinking about their moments. Khushi stare at him with tears in her eyes, “Why don’t you stop me from going away from you? I don’t want to stay away from you Tangaballi.. that’s why I’m cranky today.. I feel protected and secure around you.. and with my family only I feel out of place.. I don’t want to go back home now.. I don’t want to face those people again.. they will question my character again.. they will not let me live in peace..”


Sheesh Mahal..

“Hali Plakash please gimme some jalebi!” Mahi pleaded HP taking baby steps towards him, she followed him till the kitchen.

“Just one!” HP said and handled to her smiling. Mahi happily forwarded her hands to take the jalebi when suddenly she saw it on the floor, her eyes filled with tears.

“Have you gone mad? Who told you to give her these stupid sweets?” Anjali shouted at HP who trembled looking down.

“Mumma I want!” Mahi cried.

“Just shut up Mahi.. You’re not going to eat sweets, they’re not good for you! Already your Mamu spoils you every time with chocolates and now you want to add this too!” Anjali shouted.

Mahi sobbed, she covered her face with her palms and went running from there.

“And you.. dare you give her something without my permission.. you’ll be fired next minute!” Anjali pointed her index finger to HP who nodded his head.

“What happened Di? Why are you scolding HP?” Sheetal came inside the kitchen witnessing a poor HP and angry Anjali.

“These useless servants don’t concentrate on their work to spoil my child with their middle class habits..” Anjali rolled her eyes.

Sheetal shook her head, “Just let it be.. don’t spoil your mood because of them.. come let me show my new saree.. I just bought from AR’s shop only.. designed by ASR himself!”

“Oh, you want to surprise your lover.. Not bad ahn!” Anjali smirked and both went to Anjali’s room leaving a deeply hurt HP behind.


Railway station..

The train stopped and everyone started getting down with their respective baggage. Khushi and Arnav also got down and were received by Aman.

Aman waved at Arnav smiling.. he rushed to Arnav and hugged him tightly, “How’s trip to Chennai? And where’s the mad woman who got the chance to be your wife?”

“Behind you!” Arnav whispered in his ear with a smirk on his face while Aman widened his eyes and gulped. He turned to Khushi with sheepish smile, “Hi bhabhi!”

“So you’re his girlfriend?” Khushi asked pointing to Arnav, Arnav rolled his eyes muttering his favorite What-the while Aman widened his eyes, “No bhabhi.. I’m his best friend only!”

“And I’m not Mad woman.. I’m Khushi only..” Khushi pouted.

“Sorry!” Aman whispered with sheepish smile to which Khushi slapped his arm laughing, “Caught you.. I was joking only..”

“Wow.. bhabhi quite fun hai!” Aman whispered smiling.

After some minutes, the three of them stayed in silent not knowing what to say.

“So..” Arnav broke the silence clutching his bag.

“So?” Khushi knew it was time to go, but still she pretended she doesn’t know it.

“So.. this it it.. our journey ends here, now you go to your life and I will go to mine..” Arnav said breaking his heart completely now.

“Yes.. this is it..” Khushi smiled controlling her tears, “So bye Tangaballi.. thank you for everything!” she meant the best moments he gave to her.

Arnav nodded and looked at Aman, both started walking towards the car. Arnav wiped the corner of his eyes remembering of their first meeting, of their fights, their moments with Dadi, Maya and Pinky, the moments they got close, the pictures he clicked secretly of her, how she took care of Dadi, how she easily mingled with everyone in his family, how she used to smile and hide her pain from everyone, when both married each other.. and now he has to face another reality in his family, his other family must be waiting for him to question about his sudden disappearance and then starts the emotional blackmail for him to marry with Sheetal..

“ASR..” Aman called him.

Arnav looked at Aman smirking and asked: Are you thinking what I’m?

“You said no for that ASR!” Aman reminded him.

“That time I didn’t want her Aman.. this time I do!” Arnav smile a little, “Think about it, if Khushi is my wife, then no one will force or blackmail me to marry Sheetal!”

“Then go and stop her ASR!” Aman cheered him up and patted his shoulder convincing him to go.

Khushi walked lifelessly towards her destination, she didn’t feel like going back home. All the way, tears were making down her cheeks, “I don’t mean anything to you.. Why did I start to like you in first place? All this is my fault.. I shouldn’t have interfered too much in your life, I shouldn’t have treat your family like mine.. now it hurts.. Why is hurting so much? I’m feeling completely empty in my heart.. clueless about my own life.. I don’t feel like doing anything.. I don’t know what to do.. where to go.. I just want you..  Why? I just want you back in my life Arnav..”

“KHUSHI!” he shouted her name running towards her and bumping with other people in the crowd.

Khushi turned back with her heart beating faster, she clutched her duppata near her chest but her face fell when she didn’t saw anyone, thinking it to be her imagination only. She started walking again, wiping her tears.

“KHUSHI.. KHUSHI..” he shouted again running more faster and that’s when Khushi turned back with shocked face, she really saw him coming towards her.

She smiled through her tears and walked towards him, when a lady bumped with her. She lost control on her feet and crashed with him, making both fall on the ground.

The crowd cared less but for them the time stopped, both were staring deeply and affectingly into each other’s eyes.

Rabba vey.. Rabba vey..

“Come with me..” he pleaded huskily wrapping his arms around her, not breaking the eyelock.

“Kahan? (Where?)” she whispered still staring into his dark chocolate brown eyes.

“To my life..” he said placing her hair under her ear gently.

She smiled hearing these words and the answer is a big YES, but with what rights she would enter in his life, this made her expression turned into confusion one.

“As my Wife..” he cleared her confusion reading her expression.

“What about my family?” she pouted, “Who will convince them?”

“I will.. You just answer me Yes or No otherwise we will be crushed with these people here..” he said impatiently.

“What if I say NO?” she asked with mischievous look.

“Don’t forget I’m Tangaballi.. I will take you forcefully with me!” he winked.

“Yes..” she blushed lowering her eyes. Arnav touched his forehead with hers, his heart sigh in relief that she was still here near him. She’s his and that’s it.

“What are you both doing?” Aman shut his eyes whining, “Shameless creatures!”

Arnav and Khushi stood up giggling at their own antics. Arnav held Khushi’s hand possessively and signaled Aman to go.

“Sheetal is calling.. looks like she bought a saree that you designed it and wants to surprise you!” Aman said.

Arnav rolled his eyes while Khushi raised her brows, “Who is Sheetal?”

“The one who wanted to steal your fate!” Arnav replied. 

Khushi bit her nails confused, “What do you mean?”

“She wanted to marry me..” Arnav said.

“Oh, so you want to escape from her that’s why you’re taking me with you so that you won’t have to marry her..” Khushi crossed her arms cutely. 

“Tomorrow we’re going to register our marriage..” Arnav said seriously and Khushi blushed.


Sheesh Mahal

Arshi and Aman reached in the mansion.

“Wow.. Is this house or palace?” Khushi widened her eyes astonished, “I’m sure you have room to accommodate whole Delhi itself!” she giggled.

Arnav shook his head while Aman laughed at Khushi’s joke.

HP opened the door and smiled seeing Arnav, then looked at Khushi, “Aiyoo..bhaiya you brought a wife too from Chennai!”

“Shut up HP!” Arnav rolled his eyes.

“Aiyoo.. Wife is from Lucknow only but marriage happened in Chennai only!” Khushi giggled.

“Are you done HP, can we enter now?” Arnav asked sternly to which HP gulped and nodded making space for them to enter.

They walked towards the living room, Sheetal came running downstairs with a red saree designed by the man of her dreams, he has got everything a girl wants, looks, money and fame.

 She stopped on her tracks when she saw a girl holding Arnav’s hand as if Arnav belonged to her only. Gritting her teeth she walking towards them, “ASR.. I missed you so much!”

“Must be that thief of fates only..” Khushi thought pouting, she didn’t like this woman looks on her Tangaballi.

“But I didn’t let him miss you!” Khushi replied blinking her eyes smiling, she tightened her grip on Arnav.

Arnav looked at her with You’re-possessive-girl look.

“Hello hi bye bye.. Who’s this clown?” Mami asked walking towards them with confusion written all over her face.

“Chote!” Anjali came downstairs, she rushed to hug him tightly. Arnav hugged her back smiling, “Di.. How you’re?”

“Don’t ask me this..” she broke the hug emotionally and slapped his arms pouting with fake tears, “Do you know what I went through when you were not here? I was so worried, it’s okay if you didn’t want to marry but who does this? Run away from your own house.. already I was missing you when you went to London and now..”

“It’s because you fixed his marriage secretly na that he ran away.. now why are you crying?” Khushi asked confused.

“Khushi keep quiet..” Arnav signaled her to shut up. Khushi pouted and signaled to him that she zipped her lips to which he couldn’t control a cute smile from forming on his lips.

“Who’s this girl?” Anjali looked at her disgusted,  “HP go and give her yesterday’s food.. and also give her some money.. I don’t know even beggars started interfering in our lives..”

“DI STOP IT!” Arnav shouted gritting his teeth, Anjali took a step back and Sheetal hide behind Anjali.

“Why are you shouting this much? This palace will break with your shout..” Khushi complained covering her ears with her palms.

“Hello hi bye bye.. you shouted at your Di because of this clown!” Mami widened her eyes while Anjali looked at him with moist eyes.

“She’s not a beggar nor a clown.. SHE’S MY WIFE DAMMIT..” Arnav barked angrily.

“Aiyoo I will go deaf today..” Khushi rolled her eyes dramatically holding her head with her palms making Aman behind Arnav laughed out loud at such a serious situation.

“YOUR WIFE???????????” Mami, Anjali, Sheetal and now Nani who arrived hearing Arnav’s shout stood shocked.

“Wife hi to hoon. husband toh nahin (I’m his wife not husband)” Khushi said confused with their shocked looks.

Arnav glared at her and she giggled sheepishly and zipped her lips again making him smile a little again.

“What kind of joke is this?” Anjali asked angrily.

“The same kind of joke you were going to do with me Di.. surprise me with a marriage without my consent..” Arnav replied.

“This is your Dadi’s doing right.. I’m sure she instigated your mind against us..” Nani said hurt.

“It’s my decision only.. Dadi has nothing to do with this..” Arnav frowned, “Why do you always blame Dadi for everything Nani? She’s not at fault.. I love her as much as I love you all.. I won’t hear anything against her..”

“I can’t believe you left me to marry this middle class girl ASR.. just look at her.. chii..” Sheetal looked at Khushi with disgusted look.

“Chii is your name that starts with Sheeeeeeeeee!” Khushi glared at Sheetal.

“Woah.. what’s happening here? Bhai..” NK rushed to them faking a smile, he just came back home when he heard shouts all around.

He stopped on his tracks when he saw Khushi, he widened his eyes shocked as sweat beads start forming on his forehead, “What is she doing here? Did she came to complain about me to Arnav? Oh no, this girl will spoil my long time plan with just one truth..”

Khushi gasped seeing him here, she clutched Arnav’s arms tightly with tears in her eyes, “Shyam..” she whispered.

Arnav looked at her confused, why was she calling NK as Shyam? Why did she got so shocked seeing him here?

“NK.. look at your brother.. what he did.. he married with this girl without our permission..” Anjali rushed to NK crying.

NK coughed badly widening his eyes, “What?”



“Chote..” Anjali called him sternly with scolding tone for shouting at Sheetal. Sheetal shut her eyes feeling extremely insulted.

“Don’t Di..” Arnav showed to her his palms, then turned to Mami, “And better look at yourself in mirror Mami to recognize who’s the clown here..  I won’t admit if you call my wife like this!”

Mami gulped and widened her eyes, “Hello hi bye bye.. scolds his Mami for this middle class girl!” she thought to herself.

“And Di, it’s not you but me who should be angry with you.. You’re my Di and I would do anything for you, but that doesn’t mean you play with my life like this.. I’ve not given anyone the right to take decisions on me.. better think before you do something next time!” Arnav said in serious tone.

He turned to NK and found him staring at Khushi, surprisingly Khushi was also staring at him.

“So it’s his brother.. Why would he trust me over his brother?” Khushi thought shaking her head with moist eyes.

Arnav looked at her, “What happened Khushi?”

“Kuch nahin..” she nodded sideways and left his hand slowly.

“No dammit.. Why this Khushi had to come in my life? She always come in wrong time, that day when  I was kissing that girl and now as Arnav’s wife..” NK thought clutching his fist angrily.





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Chapter 11 - Arnav fights with Raizadas! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 198 times)

“I just can’t believe this.. My grandson married without informing me.. What is this? What’s happening? The elder son of this family did such disgusting act.. What will people say?” Nani held her head worriedly and sat on the royal sofa.

“Di divorced Shyam with no fault of his leaving Mahi stay away from her father when he’s still alive, at that time you didn’t utter a word. Can I know why? And why is it disgusting that I married Khushi without your consent but it is not when I marry Sheetal without my consent?” Arnav spoke angrily.

“Chote..” Anjali stare at him with moist eyes and shocked look at his outburst on her life.

Arnav massaged his forehead trying to keep his anger in control, “It’s better we talk about this later..”

“After hurting your sister’s feeling and justifying your acts, you want to rest with your wife right?” Nani asked sarcastically.

“Nani please!” Arnav gritted his teeth and walked away from there to his room.

“What’s happening here? Why is Arnav talking about Shyam like he’s not here when he’s here in front of him only? And his sister divorced Shyam? Aren’t they siblings? Why did Shyam called him bhai?” Khushi thought all confused in her mind.

“I’ve to talk with Khushi.. In no way, I’ll let her come in between me and this Kingdom!” NK thought with cunning look.

“Bhabhi let me take you to bhai’s room.. Looks like he has forgotten you here..” he walked to Khushi with a creepy smile on his face.

Khushi took a step backwards glaring at him, her body leaned on the hard chest of someone who’s known to her now.

“I will never forget her NK.. Don’t you worry about that..” Arnav said as his hands automatically rested on Khushi’s waist.

“Oh yeah.. looks like you’re really in love with bhabhi, right bhai?” NK forced a smile, but his mind never let him rest as the question he just threw at Arnav, will let him know what’s Khushi importance in his life and to which extent Khushi’s presence here can be an obstacle in the path of achieving his dreams.

“Hello hi bye bye.. leave them NK bitwa.. Why do you want to know about their disgusting love story?? We don’t accept this girl as bahu of Raizada family.. It’s Sheetal bitiya only!” Mami pulled NK away from them scolding him for being friendly with Khushi. NK rolled his eyes.


Arnav’s room:

Khushi took baby steps inside his room, she was in awe with this elegant, modern and stylish room that definitely screamed the name of the owner, ASR!

“Khushi..” he waved at her smirking knowing that she was still admiring his room.

Khushi blinked her eyes and stare at him coming back to earth, “Wow! Is this a room or a house itself?”

Arnav chuckled and shook his head, he went to his bed and loosened his tie indicating her to sit with him. Khushi sat beside him looking around.

“Do you know NK?” he asked in serious tone analyzing that her face and body language changed suddenly.

“No!” she shook her head.

“Khushi I hate lies..” Arnav gritted his teeth and looked at her with furious eyes. Already he had to face his family and the conversation didn’t turn out to be that good, not that he expected the opposite but he hoped they would feel guilty for their actions and accept his choice, Khushi. But no, they just spoke so many disgusting things about Khushi and their marriage, that deep inside broke his heart.

“I don’t know any NK!” she cried.

“Why are you lying to me Khushi? I’m Arnav Singh Raizada not any fool that you lie like this and I will trust you blindly.. I do know how to judge people just by one look at them!” Arnav gritted his teeth.

“What will I tell you now? You won’t even believe in me Arnav ji.. you will think bad of me only and will never put the blame on your brother..  You will think I tried to trap a rich man by cooking up this story.. and after I tell you that NK is the man who did this to me but introduced himself to me as Shyam.. then you won’t believe in me at all.. And on top of that, I don’t even know who’s this real Shyam and why NK lied his name to me.. why he used Shyam’s name and faked love to me.. What will I explain you when I’m myself so confused? I’m so scared that you will also not trust me.. You will also kick me out of your house if I tell you the truth.. You will support your brother and call me characterless like everyone called me.. I will be alone again!” she sobbed looking down.

 Arnav cupped her face and made her look straight into his eyes, “Was it NK who did this to you? Tell me Khushi.. I saw it that when NK came in the living room you were shocked to see him as if you knew him before and you also whispered ‘Shyam’.. Does that mean that it was NK who did this to you and used Shyam’s name to hide his real identity?”

Khushi’s eyes widened in shock, not for the fact that he reached the truth himself but because he trusted her, yes he did.. He just assumed his brother as the culprit and not even for once doubted on her.

Not even giving a chance for Khushi to react, Arnav stood up furiously and threw his tie on the floor storming out of the room.


Arnav came downstairs and straight to the living room, his eyes were darker than the sky at night and his hand clutched in a fist.

He took heavy steps to reach NK who was chatting with the family, probably of their sudden marriage.

NK looked at his side and Arnav held his collar harshly making NK widen his eyes in shock: Bh..Bhai?

“DON’T CALL ME BHAI..” Arnav barked and pushed him angrily. NK’s body almost hit the floor of the living room when Anjali came to his support.

“Chote have you gone mad? What is wrong with you?” Anjali shouted while side hugging NK.

“ASK HIM.. Ask him what he has done?” Arnav gritted his teeth glaring at NK who looked here and there nervously.

“What happened? Why are you shouting at your brother like this?” Nani stood up and went near them.

“Why are you silent NK? Just tell all your family what you did with a woman?” Arnav crossed his arms and asked with no-nonsense tone.

“Bhai.. it’s nothing like you’re thinking..” NK said stammering.

Arnav slapped him the next minute he uttered those words, leaving all the ladies in the house with open mouths.

Khushi just came downstairs and covered her mouth with her hands.

“Arnav calm down.. we can sit and talk.. it’s not needed to beat him!” Mama spoke calmly.

“If you knew what he did, then you wouldn’t need to sit and talk Mama..” Arnav said staring disgustingly at NK.

“I can’t believe my younger brother could do a shameless thing like this.. you know I always looked at you as kid only.. How wrong I was? Here inside mansion, you behave like good boy and outside you’re just a spoilt brat who think he can use any woman just because you’ve money.. I thought I gave good values to you and Akash.. but looks like I failed.. I FAILED DAMMIT..” Arnav shouted and looked away.

“But what has done?” Anjali cried not getting anything.

“He.. (Arnav took a sharp breath).. One day he forced a kiss on a girl and Khushi taught him a lesson, to revenge from her, he faked love to her and asked her hand for marriage to her parents, when everyone agreed for marriage, his friend showed fake intimates pictures of another man and Khushi which everyone thought Khushi to be characterless girl and broke the marriage leaving her to face everything alone while he’s here enjoying life after spoiling an innocent’s girl life..” Arnav said.


“This is all lie Bhai.. You don’t know girls like..”

“SHUT UP.. DON’T TALK ABOUT MY WIFE’S CHARACTER BECAUSE I KNOW IT BETTER THAN YOU..” Arnav pulled NK’s collar again, both were facing each other, one’s eyes held anger, pain and disgust while other eyes’s held fear and nervousness.

“Don’t shout Chote.. This is all because she’s your wife right? Yes, she’s your wife but still a middle class girl who could go to any extent to get money and this luxury life we’re getting.. She couldn’t get that with NK and went behind his elder brother, means you.. And must say, this girl has brains, first thought to impress NK by showing her fake bravery and when NK showed her place, she went behind you and faked innocence to trap you and now trying to create misunderstandings between you both.. And you should be thankful Chote that NK found out she’s characterless only because those pictures showed that she slept with another man.. Why would NK ask his friend to show fake pictures? It’s truth only..” Anjali said frowning.

“Right.. I don’t know why you spoiled your life by getting married to this middle class girl.. just see what her entry has done to our family.. she brought her middle class fights to our house.. these girls just know how to create fights in family only and think about money every time!” Nani said rolling her eyes.

“Right ASR.. She’s just not for you!” Sheetal shook her head, “I loved you truly ASR.. but you left me for this girl and see what kind of girl is she.. A gold digger! First with your younger brother and then you! Chii..”

“Unbelievable..” Arnav smiled mockingly as he stumbled back in shock, “Today I’m seeing that high class people can have middle class brains too!”

Everyone looked at him feeling insulted by his comment.

“Di I really feel disgusted with your thoughts.. Did you even realize Khushi is a woman like you? Do you know what she went through when those pictures of hers were exposed to everyone in her society? Do you even know what she went through when she was being blamed for something she didn’t do? You don’t even have an idea of how this brother of yours destroyed the life of a simple girl with her own dreams.. he destroyed her image in front of others.. now everyone thinks she’s a characterless girl, everyone gives her disgusted looks, no one will look at her with same respect in their eyes again, her family also thinks she’s the one to be blamed for.. she has support of no one now.. nor her family, nor the society she grew up in.. and not even her sasural now, right? (he asked in mocking tone).. just because of a man like your brother, a girl’s life got destroyed.. You don’t even know what a girl goes through this moment, only because it didn’t happen with you Di.. And it didn’t happen with you because I’m always here to protect you from every monster.. AND NOW I WILL PROTECT MY WIFE ALSO FROM THE EVIL MAN THAT IS STANDING IN FRONT OF ME.. (he looked sharply at NK)”

“And Nani.. I thought you’ve experience of life as you’re elder to us here but you just proved me wrong..” Arnav shook his head, “And then you know what’s the most interesting thing here, that all you talk about is money and fights.. and that only means that your brains is filled with this middle class thought otherwise how would high class people have this much knowledge of middle class people’s lifestyle?”

“And Miss Kapoor.. don’t feel bad for me because I’m so thankful I married a middle class woman with high class brains rather than fake-beauty with no brains at all woman!” Arnav said glaring at her.

Sheetal widened her eyes and her mouth formed a big ‘O’ shape.

“Yeah..” Arnav nodded with It’s-the-truth look, “One needs to have a beautiful heart that reflects the natural beauty on your face..”

“Chote you’re misbehaving with us now..” Nani said sternly.

“Hello hi bye bye.. no one ever insults us like this.. Who dares to insult Raizadas?” Mami said still shocked with Arnav’s outburst.

“I’m a RAIZADA.. that’s why I dare to show the mirror to you all..” Arnav spoke arrogantly with ASR’s tone.

“Wow bhai.. I never thought you could go against us for that woman!” NK spoke trying his luck to melt Arnav’s heart. 

Arnav stare at him dangerously making NK gulp down his saliva but still stare at him in his eyes.

“You just go away from here before I really break your face..” Arnav gritted his teeth.

NK went quickly upstairs wiping the sweat out on his face. Anjali sobbed and went away from there, Sheetal went behind her to console her.

Nani and Mami went to their respective rooms angrily while Mama caressed Arnav’s shoulder and blink his eyes, then left from there.

Khushi came downstairs taking baby steps, tears couldn’t just stop making way to her cheeks, this man helped her when she needed in Chennai, he took her to his house and made her a part of his family, till now the only person who believed in her innocence and now even fought with his family, his brother just for her.

Arnav turned to her and Khushi just ran towards him and hugged him tightly, “Thank you.. thank you for trusting me this much..”

“I will protect you from everyone!” he whispered hugging her back as tight as possible and looked up controlling his tears from falling on his cheeks.

 “NK will pay for what he has done with you Khushi..” Arnav broke the hug and cupped her face, resting his forehead on hers.

Khushi closed her eyes feeling his breath, she nodded slowly.


Arshi’s room:

Khushi walked out of the bathroom and saw Arnav lost in his thoughts, she was feeling bad right now because he was upset with his family because of her only. If she had not accepted to come with him, she wouldn’t have to face NK again nor would he fight with his family.

“Buaji is right only.. I only bring trouble in other’s life..” she muttered to herself.

“Not because of you..” he said huskily.

“Ahn?” she looked at him startled.

“I’m not upset because of you.. I just never thought my family could have such thoughts and support NK just because he’s the son of the house..” he explained.

“Still I’m the reason of it Arnav ji..” she thought and smiled faintly at him.

“I’m not going to sleep in the couch..” he changed the topic settling himself comfortably in the bed.

“Who said for you to sleep in couch? Husband and wife sleep together only!” she smirked and also lay in the bed.

“What the.. Are you sure?” he asked with unsure look.

“Hmm..” she nodded closing her eyes to sleep while cuddling to her pillow making him smile faintly. He made sure not to switch off the lights as he knows she’s scared of it.


Nani’s room:

“Have you guys gone mad?” Akash asked in disbelief, “What is wrong with you all? Did you forget the plan or what?”

“You wanted us to pamper him when he’s insulting us?” Anjali looked away angrily.

“We were so close to win his trust completely Di.. but you just spoiled everything and NK, what was the need to mess up with this girl? You knew very well if bhai gets to know about this then..” Akash groaned.

“I planned everything perfectly Akash bhai.. I even used Shyam’s name to not get caught by any chance but I don’t know from where this girl came back in my life..” NK cried shutting his eyes tightly.

“We lost.. we lost everything dammit..” Akash punched the wall angrily.

“We didn’t yet..” Nani said, the one was calm till now thinking about their next move, “We will say sorry to that girl and this will make Chote’s heart melt and he will talk with us again..”

“What? Sorry.. Me.. to that.. Middle class girl?” Anjali asked with mocking smile.

“We have no choice Anjali! Do you want to be owner of this empire or not?” Nani asked sternly.

Anjali looked away and nodded her head while Sheetal was making faces and thinking, “Now I have to be friends with the wife of my lover! Great!”

“Nani is right.. You guys have to say sorry to this girl and accept her as bahu of Raizada family otherwise we won’t be able to win bhai’s trust..” Akash said seriously.

Everyone agreed but NK smiled sarcastically and clapped his hands: Wow.. you have found solutions for yourselves and what about me? Bhai will not spare me also and my apologies won’t even make difference for him..

“He will not forgive you so easily, that’s so obvious NK.. Who told you to make stupid plans to destroy that girl who is now his wife’s life? You messed up with ASR’s wife..” Akash mocked.

“So you guys are leaving me?” NK asked in disbelief.

“No, I will talk with bhai about you tomorrow.. for now let’s think and act calmly after this big damage done in our plan..” Akash sighed.

Khushi widened her eyes as she heard their conversation because the door was slightly open, she gasped.

Sheetal became alert, “Someone is here!”

Khushi quickly opened the door of the room next to that room and hide inside making sure she doesn’t make any sound.

NK opened the door and peeked to see if there was anyone there or not, he frowned and closed the door, “No one is here.. Maybe you’re imagining things!”

“Very funny..” Sheetal rolled her eyes, “I swear I felt someone was eavesdropping our conversation..”

“And I told you no was outside.. bhai and Khushi are also in their room and Mahi is already sleeping!” NK groaned.

Sheetal shrugged with Okay look.


Khushi walked here and there in the room biting her nails, “This family is so dangerous.. They just want Arnav’s property.. means they just act they love Arnav and want to win his trust so that they could get this money, fame and all.. that’s why  I didn’t feel good vibes after coming here.. What will I do now? Should I tell Arnav ji about this? No, he will be so heartbroken after knowing his family true face.. but I won’t let them hurt Arnav ji also.. he already helped me so much and trusted me over his family then I will also protect him for this family and teach them a lesson..”

She thought determinedly and was about to leave the room when her eyes fell on an innocent angel sleeping peacefully in her princess like bed.

Khushi smiled and kneeled down, stroking the baby’s hair, “She’s so cute.. look at how is she sleeping.. pouting like Arnav ji!..Aww I feel like munching her like my jalebi.. She must be his Mahi..”

Mahi cuddled to her pillow and Khushi kissed her forehead, “Good night Princess!”

Mahi smiled in her sleep and Khushi left from there silently.


Dec 18

Chapter 12 - Meeting with Mahi! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 175 times)

Arshi room:

"Khushi.." Arnav shouted pacing around the room irritated that she was taking too much time to bath and he wanted to freshen up too. He was getting late for his work and here she is taking her time as if there's no tomorrow.

"Arnav ji let me freshen up properly.. Biwi hoon aapki (I'm your wife).. I have to freshen up in style!" she giggled.

"What the.." Arnav shook his head and sat on the bed accepting defeat from this woman.

"Arnav ji.." she screamed making him stand up in jerk, "What the hell Khushi.. Why are you screaming now?"

"Please go out of the room!" she said.

"What the.. Why should I leave my room?" he shrugged frowning.

"Because I want to dress up Arnav ji.." she cried.

"Then dress up in the bathroom itself Khushi.. Don't eat my brain!" he shouted.

"Nahin.. I want to dress up in the room.. I don't like it in the bathroom.." she pouted.

"Okay then.. You come out of the bathroom so that I freshen up while you wear your clothes here.." he sighed.

"Nahin.." she said getting red, if she goes out of the bathroom with only towel covering her body in front of him she will get so awkward and shy.

"Look Khushi.. Just come out of this damn bathroom or I will come to take you out.. The door isn't even locked and you know that I very well can do that.." he warned.

Khushi eyes went big like a ball, "How does he know door isn't locked?"

"I know many others things about you.." he smirked.

Khushi pouted and opened the door, she slowly and shyly took baby steps outside the bathroom.

Arnav gulped, his mouth was left open at the view in front of him, his wife only in towel. Drops of water leaving her hair and running through her body made him look away to keep a control of himself.

Khushi lowered her eyes feeling shy, she moved away giving him space to enter in the bathroom.

Arnav rushed inside the bathroom shutting his eyes, and chanting to himself, "Control ASR.. Control!"

Khushi took her clothes and started dressing herself, she went to the dresser and comb her hair making herself presentable to go downstairs.

"Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.. You're not a happy go lucky girl anymore who lives life without caring about the consequences.. You're now a married woman that have many responsibilities now.. Did you listen? Enough of jalebis and start thinking about what your sasural wants to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.. Enough of Salman ji, start thinking about your Arnav ji.. Enough of crying to Jiji every time, now learn how to face your problems by yourself.. Enough of playing with kids, because you're not kid anymore.." she spoke to herself in the mirror.

"Wrong!" came a husky voice behind her. Arnav wrapped his arms around her waist, then looked at Khushi's reflection at the mirror, "Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.. You may have added my name with yours but you still are Khushi! Khushi is a girl with her own identity and it shouldn't change just because she got married.."

He nuzzled her hair, feeling the scent of vanilla that he loves, and said huskily: Your husband likes you the way you're..

Khushi smiled brightly and leaned on his chest, "Hmm.."

A knock on the door disturbed their lovely moment together and Arnav groaned staring at the door side, "Who is it? I hate disturbances!"

"Di and Nani!" Khushi spoke confidently making Arnav looked at her confused then went to open the door and he was quite shocked to see Khushi's words came true only.

"Good morning Chote.." both said smiling at him.

"I didn't expect this from you both.." Arnav confessed with sarcasm on his tone.

"We came to ask forgiveness from you both.. We are sorry for our behavior yesterday.. I said so many bad things about Khushi ji that I'm so embarrassed myself.. How could I say those things? Maybe it was because NK was always my baby brother and I couldn't believe that he could do that with a woman.. And also your sudden marriage was a shock for me.. I wanted to see my brother getting married but.. You know how much I love you Chote.. Believe me my marriage failed, and I didn't want same to happen with you that's why I took the responsibility to find a perfect woman for you and that's Sheetal but you didn't want her... It made me angry because I thought Khushi won't be good for you, but yesterday I thought well and I realized that I shouldn't have got angry like that because my brother is ASR and he knows what he does, if you married Khushi then she surely must be a good girl.." Anjali said with moist eyes almost close to melt Arnav's heart.

"Haan Chote.. You were right it's not Khushi but we that have middle class brains.. Forgive us beta.." Nani sobbed asking forgiveness.

"They think they're good actresses.. Let me show to them who's better here!" Khushi smirked.

Arnav was about to accept the apologies when Khushi screamed on top of her voice suddenly.

"What happened Khushi?" Arnav turned to her and cupped her face worriedly.

Khushi pulled her hair frustrated, and pouted, "There's a lice in my hair.."

"Chiii.. Middle class girl.. Yuck!" Anjali took a step back staring at Khushi with disgust.

Nani also shook her head in disbelief, "I can't believe this.. This woman doesn't deserve to be a Raizada!"

Arnav stroke her hair gently and looked up searching for it, "I don't see any lice!"

"Sachi? (Really?)" she asked with her big innocent hazel eyes.

"Haan sachi.." he nodded. She smiled feeling proud of having a husband that doesn't disgust her, even though he belong to this high class family, he never made her feel the difference between them.

Arnav turned to his family with stern look, "Next time don't knock on the door of my room with this fake apology that doesn't even last for minutes!"

"Anjali ji it's okay if you don't like me, I'm sure very soon you will realize I'm not what you think I'm.." Khushi smiled sweetly.

Anjali just looked away embarrassedly for not being able to keep with her act for long time and showing to Arnav that their feelings towards Khushi didn't change at all. She didn't even understood Khushi's double meaning statement because of she couldn't even look at her own brother's eyes after lying to him on his face.

"And Nani ji I will surely prove to you that I can be a Raizada!" she said innocently enjoying the expression on Anjali and Nani's face.

Nani faked a smile and signaled Anjali that they should leave.

"Unbelievable.. I just cannot believe what happened with my family.. They weren't like this before.." Arnav said hurt.

"They were always like this Arnav ji.. It's your love for them that didn't let you see their truth.." Khushi thought staring at him with moist eyes, "But don't worry.. Because now I'm here and just like I showed you now their true face, I will keep exposing each one of them to you.."

"Hey.. Comedy piece!" Arnav wiped the tears making way to her cheeks, "Are you crying because of the lice? Really? Are you scared of that little thing?"

Khushi giggled and shook her head, "Nahin.. I'm not scared of you, then how can a lice scare me?"

"Oh really, who screamed like a mad woman?" he smirked reminding her.

"I was not screaming because I was scared, I was screaming to scare that stupid lice and make her leave my hair.." she said confidently.

Arnav laughed heartily and held her head with his both hands bringing her forehead to his lips, he pecked her forehead lovingly , "My Comedy Piece!"

Khushi smiled and closed her eyes feeling his kiss, she looked up to him, "My Tangaballi.. My Laad governor!"

"I found such cute name for you and this is what you call me.. Tangaballi? Laad governor? You think your husband as villain only?" he complained.

"Acha.. Tangaballi is villain, then Bahuballi! Yes, Bahuballi is hero.." she screamed excitedly like a kid jumping up and down.

Arnav shook his head, "No way Khushi.. Don't call me these names in front of others OK!"

"Kyun?" she pouted sadly.

"Arnav ji is better.." he said as it's only way he feels he's normal person when she calls him Arnav ji, while others nick names make him feel like a big villain.

"But I love calling you Tangaballi only.." she pulled his cheek giggling at him.

Arnav glared at her but both could hear a voice of a baby girl giggling.

Recognizing the voice, Arnav's lips curved into a smile and he looked towards the door, where he could only see her small hands holding the door while her little body hiding behind it.

"Mahi.." he called her smiling, "Baby come here.."

Mahi peeked to see both shyly, she wasn't shy of her Mamu but of the new face in the house. She eyed to Khushi, then hide back behind the door.

Arnav walked towards the door and knelt down in front of her, "Kya hua baby? Mamu is here!"

Mahi smiled and jumped on his arms, hugging him tightly, "I missed you Mamu!"

"I missed you too baby!" he hugged her back, caressing her back.

"Hi.." Khushi reached near both and waved at Mahi smiling.

Mahi hide her face on the crock of Arnav's neck feeling extremely shy of Khushi.

Arnav smiled understanding her problem, he stood up leaving Mahi to stand on her own, if she lifted her with him then Mahi would refuse to talk with Khushi and would use his neck to hide from Khushi, "Mahi.. Say hi to her.. She's your Mami!"

Mahi hide behind him, hugging his legs tightly.

"Mahi Mami hai!" Arnav tried to convince her.

Khushi giggled and knelt down, "Hi Mahi.. It's okay you don't want to talk with me, at least say Hi to me.. Otherwise I will feel really bad!"

Mahi slowly stare at Khushi, and shyly spoke curling her hair in between with her fingers, "Hi.."

"I already know your name is Mahi.. Do you know my name?" Khushi asked smiling.

"Mami.." she replied innocently.

"Mami nahin.. Khushi, Khushi is my name!" Khushi said pinching her cheek and Mahi smiled.

"But she will call you Mami!" Arnav said.

Khushi glared at him for interrupting in their conversation.

"I'm your Mamu's wife.. And that makes me your Mami.." Khushi explained patiently to the baby.

"What the.. That's what I was saying!" Arnav raised his eyebrows.

Mahi nodded her head understanding their relationship now, "Mamu got mallied?"

Khushi nodded. Mahi looked up at Arnav, "Mamu you lied you went to work..you went to bling (bring) Mami for me?"

"No, I went for both things.." Arnav said not accepting being called a liar.

"So friends?" Khushi extended her hand for handshake.

Mahi smiled and pecked her cheek, "Fliends!"

She giggled and went running downstairs. Khushi stood up staring at her smiling, "Ayee.. Is she baby or jalebi? She's so sweet and round shape like jalebi only.."

"What the.. Are you comparing my niece with jalebi?" Arnav asked in disbelief.

"Yes.. And you with karela!" Khushi replied sarcastically and went from there making Arnav say out loud, "What the!"


Khushi reached at breakfast table and looked at everyone smiling.

"Mami.." Mahi held her hand and pulled her to sit in a chair that was beside Arnav's seat, "Sit hele!"

"Thank you baby.. I will sit later, now I have to cook breakfast for you!" Khushi said.

"Mahi come here.." Anjali gritted her teeth calling Mahi to her because she wanted Mahi to stay away from the middle class woman in front of her.

Mahi pouted and walked to her. Anjali patted her daughter's dress and caressed her hair, "Go and wash your hands now.."

"Why? I just washy washy (wash) it now.." Mahi whined.

"I said go and wash your hands now Mahi!" Anjali shouted angrily.

Mahi's eyes filled with tears, she ran towards Khushi and hugged her legs sobbing.

Khushi caressed her hair and knelt down, taking Mahi in her arms, "Shh baby.. Don't cry like this.. You're good girl hain na? Please don't cry like this.."

Khushi wiped her tears but Mahi just couldn't stop crying after her mother yelled at her.

"I was thinking to make jalebi for your breakfast.. But Mahi is crying so much and I don't know if I should stay here to console Mahi or go to the kitchen and make jalebi?" Khushi pouted acting like she's thinking.

"Jalebi.. Jalebi.. Jalebi.." Mahi jumped up and down smiling excitedly, she forgot she was upset now only with her mother.

"Acha? Looks like Mahi loves jalebi.." Khushi said with astonished smile seeing how easily she convinced Mahi to stop crying just by mentioning Jalebi.

"You.." Anjali was about to argue but seeing Arnav coming downstairs, she decided to keep quiet.

Khushi lifted Mahi and took her to kitchen, "Let's make jalebis then for Mahi.."

"Yesh!" Mahi clapped her hands excitedly.

Arnav followed both to the kitchen and raised his eyebrows, "Khushi what are you doing? Come to have breakfast.. I need to leave early for office!"

"Just wait for few minutes please.. Mahi wants jalebi and I want to cook something for you.. It's my first day in this house and I should be cooking something for you and the family.." Khushi pleaded.

"Khushi HP is here.. He will cook it.. You don't have to stay in the kitchen.." Arnav frowned.

"Is HP your wife?" Khushi asked sarcastically making HP chuckle silently.

"What the.." Arnav glared at her.

"No, it's wife duty to cook first for her husband and family.. And you want HP to cook for you, so that means you don't consider me your wife.." she complained cutely.

"What the.. " he shrugged.

"HP ji do something instead of me, it's you who will go with him to register your both wedding.." Khushi said.

"What the.." Arnav widened his eyes.

"Didi main ladki se pyaar karta hoon.. Ladke se nahin (Didi I love girls, not boys)" HP said shyly.

"What the.. Main bhi ladki se pyaar karta hoon, app se nahin HP (I also love girls, not you HP)" Arnav replied sarcastically.

"Then why do you want to eat from my handmade food?" HP asked.

Khushi giggles softly and pressed her lips acting seriously, "Haan tell us now.."

"From where did you got courage to reply me back?" Arnav raised his one eyebrow and approached HP with dangerous steps.

HP hide behind Khushi, "Since you admitted that you love my food Bhaiya!"

"What the.. Don't think too much high of yourself HP ke bacche.. I don't love your food, you're the only one who cooks here!" Arnav glared at him.

"But Didi said she will cook for you, still you're denying.. I can only think that.." HP left the sentence incomplete purposely with a sheepish smile.

"YOU'RE FIRED HP.." Arnav shouted.

Mahi wrapped her arms around Khushi's neck and buried her face on Khushi's hair hiding from Arnav's shout.

Though Khushi was laughing at both's fights, she saw Mahi scared. She signaled Arnav to control his anger.

Arnav walked near both, and kissed Mahi's hair, "Sorry.. Mamu scared Mahi.. It's only because of this HP.."

HP cried, "Why me always? I didn't do anything.."

Arnav glared at him and signaled him to leave, HP pouted and went from there.

Mahi turned to him and spread her arms, asking him to take her in his arms.

Arnav lifted her and kept playing with her while Khushi made breakfast for them. She stare at both admiring their bond.

Dec 20

Chapter 13 - Arnav's affairs! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 180 times)

"I'll get going Khushi.." Arnav cleared his throat to gain her attention.

"Ji.." Khushi nodded while washing all the plates in the kitchen.

"Khushi I'm going to office.." Arnav widened his eyes in disbelief.

"Ji.. I'm not deaf.. I heard that.." Khushi whined and looked at him.

"What the.." Arnav frowned.

"What the.. What the what? Always what the.. Why don't you speak properly so that I can understand what you want? Do you think I will understand your what the language?" Khushi scolded him.

"Wha..(he gritted his teeth).. Come with me till the door.." he glared at her.

"What?" Khushi giggled, "You're not any kid that I should walk you to the Door Arnav ji.. What's wrong with you? Who walked you to the door before me? HP Ji?" she teased him purposely, but deep inside she found him cute asking his wife to walk him to the door.

"Haan Didi.." HP replied smiling sheepishly.

"Didi ke bacche.. I will give you such punishment that you won't forget HP.." Arnav glared at him.

HP continued his work and Khushi widened her eyes, "HP Ji why are you so calm? Arnav ji just said that he will punish you.."

"Bhaiya hamesha aisa bolta hai, par kuch karta nahin hai (Bhaiya always say like this, but never do anything)" HP chuckled.

Arnav frowned, "What the.. The day I will do something, you will see.."

"Ji Bhaiya.." HP nodded his head. Arnav took a tomato and wanted to throw it on HP who was facing his back now to Arnav and Khushi.

Khushi giggled silently and took the tomato from his hand keeping it back on its place.

"Let's go.." she pulled Arnav with her outside the kitchen.

"Will you come back to have lunch?" she asked while they were walking towards the door.

"Haan.. Usually I don't but since we have to register our marriage and also talk with your parents.. I will come!" he said.

"Okay.." Khushi smiled brightly seeing that he takes their matters as priority for him.

"Take care.." he stopped at the door and stare at her concernedly.

"You too.." she smiled warmly and handed to him, his bag which he took and left from there.

"Who is this girl? We took so many years to gain Chote's trust and here she knows him from days only and he seems to trust her more than himself.." Anjali whispered standing with Akash and NK beside her.

"She came here to destroy us.. I tell you Di..everything was perfect before she came and now everything is destroyed.. Bhai isn't even talking with us, let alone glance at us once.." NK groaned.

"Nothing is destroyed yet.. This girl will do nothing to us.." Akash spoke calmly staring at Khushi with dangerous look.

"She already did Akash.. Didn't I told you how she exposed us in front of Chote because of a stupid lice on her hair?" Anjali said irritated.

"She's childish Di.. Can't you see how she was playing with Mahi?" Akash rolled his eyes, "She can't harm us.."

"If you say so!" NK nodded and patted Akash's back assuring Akash that they trust him.

"But I will not spare this middle class girl.. I will make her life a hell here.." Anjali gritted her teeth.

"Sure Di.. You can torture her as many times you want.. I will handle Bhai till then.." Akash smirked and left from there.

"I will also go with Akash Bhai Di..take care!" NK kissed Anjali's cheek and followed Akash.

Khushi returned with a smile on his face, remembering of her Laad governor, she mimicked him, "What the.."

Then giggled alone shaking her head, "Laad governor.."

"You seem to be very happy Khushi ji.." Anjali approached her smiling.

"Actually my name is Khushi and it wouldn't look good if Khushi stays sad.. It doesn't suit her.." Khushi replied smiling.

"Khushi ji I really wanted to say sorry to you.. You must be thinking that I was acting in morning but I wasn't.. I really wanted your forgiveness, it's just I'm not used to the middle class people's lifestyle and when you screamed about the lice.. I got scared.." Anjali smiled meekly.

"It's okay Di.. Who said that I didn't forgive you? I already forgave you long back, after all you're my family and we will have to handle each other for all the life hain na?" Khushi asked.

"That's true.." Anjali faked a smile, then looked away thinking, "You will not stay here for more than one month and you're talking about all life.. Foolish girl.."

"You're so sweet Di.." Khushi hugged Anjali tightly, "I love you so much.. So much.. Love you Di.. Love you!"

Anjali didn't hug her back, but cried with disgusting look, thinking: Oh God.. Where am I stuck? Chiii.. This middle class girl is spoiling my dress.. I can't believe this I've to tolerate this girl because of Chote..

"Oh my God.." Sheetal who just arrived, almost fainted in shock to see Anjali and Khushi hugging each other.

"Di leave this girl.. What are you doing?" Sheetal cried.

Khushi broke the hug and Anjali sighed in relief, arranging her dress properly.

"What happened Sheetal Ji? You also want my hug... Don't be jealous that I only hugged Di, come.. I will hug you too!" Khushi walked to Sheetal who screamed and started running away from Khushi in the living room.

Khushi ran behind her giggling, "Sheetal ji.. App bhi na.. Why are you shy? It's just hug and not kiss.."

Sheetal took off her sandals and started throwing it to Khushi in attempt to stop her from coming near her, "I don't want to hug you.. Just stay away from me.."

Khushi laughed but then her face fell when she saw Sheetal crashed with her man, and he held her arms to save her from falling.

"What the hell is happening here?" Arnav asked angrily staring at the state of his living room, cushions on the floor, Sheetal's sandals lying carelessly on the floor, Sheetal's hair was a mess and his sister was just caring about her hair not even trying to stop this mess here.

Sheetal took the opportunity and wrapped her arms around Arnav's neck.

"Just look at this girl ASR.. She has no manners at all.." Sheetal pouted.

"Whose sandals are out of place and hair like jungle shouldn't talk about manners!" Arnav said shoving her arms from him.

"ASR.. She has done this to me!" Arnav cried.

"I just want to hug her!" Khushi pouted childishly.

Arnav raised his one eyebrow with Since-when-you-want-to-hug-your-Sautan look.

Khushi ignored this look of him and walked to him, "Why did you came back? Are you in that hurry to register our marriage?"

Arnav rolled his eyes and looked at Sheetal, "You've two minutes to arrange yourself and come out to my car.."

"But ASR.." Sheetal widened her eyes, she just came to enjoy shopping with Anjali and he wants her to work!

"I need you.." Arnav cut her off and Sheetal unwillingly nodded her head and went upstairs to use bathroom.

Khushi glared at him angrily and went upstairs to her room.

"What the.. What's wrong with this mad woman? Sometimes she is laughing, other times sad and then angry.." Arnav thought and followed her to their room.

Khushi crossed her arms and stopped in the middle of the room looking away.

"What happened now?" he asked closing the door behind with his leg.

"Why did you say like that 'I need you'?" she asked mimicking him.

"Because there's a photoshoot today at AR and Sheetal is the model of AR.." Arnav explained.

"I know.. But why did you say like that?" she frowned feeling something burning inside her, she doesn't know how to explain or make him understand what is she feeling right now.

"What the Khushi.. Have you gone mad? If I need her at office, then I will say I need her na.. Is there any other way to say that?" he asked irritated.

"And why did you held her arms like that?" she asked.

"Obviously to save her Khushi.. If I need her then I couldn't let her get her legs or what fractured just in the day of the photoshoot.. I need her fit and fine!" Arnav replied with obvious-look.

"Stop saying that YOU NEED HER.. You don't need her.. You're ASR and you can have as many models as you want.. It's not Sheetal who can stop you from having this photoshoot done ok.. There are many other models who must be dying to work with you.. So you don't need Sheetal.. Stop talking like that! You don't need her.. You don't need to save her.. You don't need to care for her.." she turned to him and beat his chest sobbing.

She hide her face on his chest while crying like a baby.

Arnav's lips broke into a smile, he hit his forehead mentally for not getting that his Khushi was actually feeling jealous of Sheetal.

"Look at me.." he said softly.

Khushi nodded sideways, burying her face on his chest.

"Khushi I said look at me now.." he ordered still in a soft tone.

Khushi looked up to him with her innocent eyes filled with jealousy tears.

"There's nothing romantic between me and Sheetal.. I behave with her professionally only, it's just Di is her best friend and she comes home often.. But I don't share any relationship with her apart from professional one.. I never looked at her with other intentions and now that I got married to you, I never will.. Maybe I expressed myself in a wrong way, but I don't need her for me nor am I desperate to have her working as model of AR.. Yes I can have other models as well, but Sheetal is our current model and will continue to be during the contract period that she signed and nothing else.." he explained tucking her hair behind her ear.

She pouted cutely, her heart took a sigh of relief after hearing his explanation and that burning feeling also disappeared.

Arnav pulled her into a hug, messing with her hair in between, he chuckled "Sanki hai tu.. Sanki!"

Khushi pouted, then her lips broke into a smile hugging him back.

Sheetal knocked the door, "ASR I'm ready.."

Arnav broke the hug and opened the door, he signaled that they should leave.

Khushi followed them, she saw Sheetal was trying to walk clinging to Arnav.

She quickly made space for her in between them and smiled, making Sheetal glare at her angrily for separating her from Arnav.

"Aaj pehli baar haddi mein kabab (For the first time the kabab in the bone)" she giggled.

Arnav shook his head, "It's kabab mein haddi.."

"I know.. But right now kabab (herself) came to save you from eating the bone (Sheetal) So haddi mein kabab!" she said smiling.

Arnav just shook his head again descending the stairs.

Khushi followed them again, "Why are you shaking your head like that? Is there any lice on your hair too?"

Arnav stopped and glare at her making Khushi smile sheepishly.

"What? ASR.. You have lice in your hair?" Sheetal asked scared.

"Yes I do.. Wanna kiss him?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

Sheetal screamed and went running to his car. Khushi laughed out loud, "This girl is such a drama queen!"

"And you're no less.." he reminded and left from there making Khushi open her mouth in big "O" shape.

"Khushi bitiya come here.." Nani called her to come to the living room.

Khushi walked to them and nodded, "Nani ji.."

"We were thinking to go to shopping with Sheetal, but since she went to work then do you want to come along with us?" Nani smiled.

"Sure!" Khushi nodded, "Let me get ready then.."

Mahi jumped happily, "Yaay.. Mami is also comin (coming)"

Khushi went upstairs smirking, "Good Raizadas are trying to be friends with me so that they can win Arnav Ji's trust.. I have to agree you guys are intelligent but not more than me.. Let this act continue and see where they lead you all to.."

While downstairs, Nani smirked staring at Mami and Anjali.

"Did you saw how foolish this girl is? She is trying hard to make us accept her as Raizada bahu.. She doesn't even mind to forgive us easily to get what she wants.." Nani said.

"Haan Nani.. She really proved to have no brains at all.. And now it will be so easy to use her to gain Chote's trust and forgiveness.." Anjali smiled happily.

"So we will continue this game by acting like Hello hi to her and we get what we wants, we will say bye bye to her.." Mami smiled devilishly.

"Of course.. After I use Khushi for my benefits, I'm going to make Chote against this girl and he himself will kick out this garbage from our mansion.." Nani said feeling anger and disgust of Khushi.

Mahi frowned hearing their conversation, "Why evelyone hate Mami? I will tell evelything to Mamu!"


At Shopping Mall..

"Ritika she's Khushi, our Chote's wife!" Anjali introduced Khushi to her friend.

"Hello Khushi.." Ritika smiled surprised that Arnav got married, even she was waiting for her chance.

Khushi took her duppata and covered till her face, "Namas.."

"Khushi what are you doing?" Anjali cut her off taking her duppata off her face.

"We should have respect with elders Di.. I was just covering my face!" Khushi said acting innocent.

"I'm not old! I'm only 29 years old.." Ritika frowned.

"Acha ji? Sorry, I was actually staring at your grey hairs and I thought you were old woman and used make up to hide your old age.." Khushi giggled.

"You.. How dare you! I've painted my hair and it's fashion only.." the girl glared at Khushi, showing her phone to Khushi, "Look at your self first.. No fashion sense at all when your husband is a fashion designer himself!"

"Look at the way you talk with me Miss Ritika.. I'm Mrs. ASR! In one minute I will set this phone screen of yours on fire!" Khushi pointed her index finger to Ritika angrily.

Nani, Mami and Anjali looked at their friends embarrassed with Khushi's behavior.

"What?" Ritika gulped, "Do you even know this is not any random phone, it's I-phone X!"

Khushi giggled, "Yours is Ex-phone, and mine is Trending! Everyone has my phone and it's cheap also, anyone can buy!"

"Oh God.. Uneducated girl!" other ladies gossiped.

"What kind of girl Arnav beta chose for himself? She's not even fit for him.." Nani's friend said.

Anjali, Mami and Nani were highly embarrassed now.

"Let's go inside.." Mami said smiling embarrassedly and they pulled Khushi with them.



"Bhai can we talk?" Akash said getting in his cabin.

"If it's about NK, then NO!" Arnav replied, not even looking at Akash and continued typing on his laptop.

"But Bhai.."

"Akash out of my cabin right now.." Arnav gritted his teeth.

Akash left from there showing to Arnav a sadly expression, but as soon as he walked to the door facing his back to Arnav, he clutched his fist angrily, thinking, "What does he think of himself? Shouting at me like I'm a employee.. Looks like you forgot so soon, that it was family who took you home and took care of you and Di.. At least Di is thankful to us, but this Arnav thinks very high of himself.."

Arnav noticed the way Akash's body language changed suddenly.

"Arnav here are the files you asked for.." Aman came in the cabin and extended the files to Arnav.

"Tell me something Aman.." Arnav said taking the files from his hand.

"Do you knew about NK's true face before? I mean do you knew that he's not childish boy but a spoilt one?" Arnav asked suspiciously.

"Everyone knows it Arnav.. NK is a completely different man when you're not near.. Here he flirts with every model that works with him.. But you always took this side of him as childishness.." Aman said.

"Why didn't you ever say anything to me Aman?" Arnav asked.

"I'm just your employee Arnav, would you believe me over your family? I know that you love and trust your family blindly, and you wouldn't ever believe in my words.." Aman replied politely.

Arnav stood up and walked near him, he punched on Aman's face.

Aman groaned in pain and caressed his cheek, "Why did you beat me? Ahh.. This is not fair.. By staying with Comedy piece Bhabhi you're becoming like her only.."

"This is your punishment for calling yourself my employee.. Who said I consider you my employee? I consider you my friend, my brother only Aman.. How could you just even have this kind of thought in your mind? You're one of the few person I trust a lot.. And if you told me about NK before, I would have believed in you just like I believed in Khushi's words also.. She is a stranger to me and in such short time, she gained my trust and I believed in her over my family.." Arnav spoke with hurt tone.

"Hey.. Sorry yaar!" Aman hugged him emotionally, "You're my brother and I was scared to lose you.. That's it"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh.." they broke the hug hearing a scream and both already knew who does it belong to.

"What the.." Arnav and Aman said at the same time.

"Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn.." Khushi held her head and shook her head crying.

Arnav, Aman and the two bodyguards behind her covered their ears before they become deaf.

"You both betrayed me.." Khushi sobbed and walked to both angrily.

"Arnav ji couldn't you say something to me before destroying my life like this?" she asked crying dramatically, "Pehle HP Ji aur abb Aman ji (First HP and now Aman)"

"What the.." Arnav and Aman said at the same time.

Khushi started crying more, "Yeh toh what the bolta hai apki tarah (He even says What the like you)"

"What the.. Khushi what are you talking about?" Arnav gritted his teeth.

"I thought Sheetal was my Sautan, mujhe Kya phata tha ki meri Sautan ladki nahin, ladka hai (how would I know my sautan was a man, and not woman)" Khushi shut her eyes tightly.

"Khushi I'm not gay dammit.." Arnav shouted.

Khushi glared at him, "Is this why you called these two man in black with coconut heads to bring me here?"

The two bodyguards pouted caressing their bald head.

"What?" Arnav frowned.

"You wanted to tell me that you don't want to marry me officially because you love Aman ji, right? You tried to stay away from Aman ji and accept me as your wife, but now you can't hain na? Aman Ji aapke dil mein hai (Aman ji is in your heart) and you can't forget him.. So you called me to call off this marriage.. I know it.. I know everything!" Khushi wiped her tears pouting.

"Khushi stop talking nonsense!" Arnav furrowed his brows.

"Tell me one thing, if you love Aman ji then are you having an extra marital affair with HP ji?" Khushi asked with wide eyes and open mouth in big "O" shape, "Matlab Aman ji ki Sautan main nahin, HP hai (means I'm not Aman's Sautan but HP)"

Aman fell on the chair laughing silently while the two bodyguards were staring at their boss with wide eyes.

"Khushi I'm warning you keep quiet or else I don't know what I will do.." Arnav pointed his index finger to her.

"Awww.. That's why Aman ji also helped you run away from your marriage with Sheetal because he didn't want his lover to marry another woman and he saved you just like hero saves their heroine and HP is the one who came with your bags, he also wanted to save his lover.. Both lovers joined their hands to save their heroine.. And here I thought I got married to Hero, but my bad luck I'm stuck with a heroine!!" Khushi hit her forehead cursing her fate, then widened her eyes and screamed, "Aaaaaahhh.. And that's why you also wanted HP to cook on first day at home for you, you wanted your lover to complete first ritual for you and here I thought you didn't want to make me work in first day at home.. But Arnav ji who exactly do you love? Aman ji or HP ji? Leave it.. I don't even care, my life is destroyed.. I married a heroine of two heros!"

Aman just burst out laughing at Khushi's crazy thoughts and both bodyguards laughed also at Arnav.

Arnav stare at Khushi blabbering her crazy things, he walked near her and in a second pulled her to him, she came crashing to his chest. And before she could register anything that happened to her, he slammed his rough lips on her soft pink lips making Khushi widen her eyes in shock.

The two bodyguards close each other's eyes smiling shyly while Aman turned his face away smiling, "I'm so lucky that I'm witnessing my best friend first kiss!"

Arnav broke the kiss and whispered in ear huskily, "Is this enough or you want more proof that I'm a Straight man?"

Khushi's heart beat increased suddenly, her cheeks went red color as she looked at him shocked. She still couldn't believe he just kissed her on her lips that too in front of the bodyguards and Aman.

"Bes****!" she came to her senses and smacked his chest leaving from that cabin shyly.

Arnav smirked staring at her leaving with no courage to even look into his eyes or anyone who witnessed their first kiss.


"Who told you to kiss me like that?" she asked him as soon as she felt his presence in the corridor.

"You pushed me to that extent Khushi.. Without letting me explain, you were blabbering that I'm a gay and even convincing my bodyguards that I'm really gay and having an affair with Aman and HP.. What the.. I had to prove myself!" he shrugged.

"You stole my first kiss.." she looked away clutching her dress near her chest.

"Your first kiss was going to happen with me only.. So now or after sometime doesn't matter.." he said huskily.

Khushi widened her eyes, "Bes****"

"Sanki.." he teased her.

"Bes****.." she glared at him.

"My Sanki.." Arnav hugged her from behind smiling, "Are you angry?"

She nodded her head pouting.

"You also made me angry.." he said.

"Then my punishment was that kiss?" she asked.

"Punishment nahin.. Gift!" he said and she looked at him confused, he continued: Gift for cooking for me in the morning.. A husband gives something to their wife right, so this kiss was my gift to you..

Khushi blushed and lowered eyes shyly.

"By the way don't call those bodyguards next time to pick me up.." she broke the hug and smacked his shoulder.

"Why?" Arnav asked, if they misbehaved with his Khushi, it would be their last day at work.

"I will tell you.." Khushi said.


At restaurant..

As soon as waiter came to them with their dishes, Khushi snatched the plate from his hand and attacked her food.

"Thank you ji.. I was so hungry.. These ladies bought so many clothes today, that it wouldn't even fit in their closet but I'm sure your food will surely fit in my tummy.." Khushi said.

Anjali and Mami hide their faces embarrassed with Khushi while Nani faked a smile to her friends.

The women were staring at Khushi disgustingly.

"Khushi eat with fork and knife please.." Anjali whispered to her with crying face.

"I don't know how to eat with fork and knife Di.. I just eat with my hands only.." Khushi spoke aloud purposely.

The ladies giggled.

"Can you teach me?" Khushi asked sweetly.

Anjali gritted her teeth angrily and frustrated with Khushi's behavior.

She was about to burst on Khushi but two man in black suit came and stood behind Khushi's chair.

"Ma'am you need to come with us.." both said at same time.

"Why? Are you Salman Khan?" Khushi asked angrily.

"It's ASR orders Ma'am.." one of the replied sternly like their boss.

"Oh coconut head! I'm not going anywhere.. Tell him to come and pick me up otherwise I'm not going with you two.." Khushi said frowning.

"Please ma'am cooperate with us.." another bodyguard said.

"Nahin.. It looks like I'm going to jail with both of you.. I haven't done any crime.." Khushi sobbed like a baby.

After seeing her tears, both bodyguards attacked a lady who had a napkin scaring the hell out of her and rushed to her, handling the napkin to her.

"What did you do? You scared that woman.." Khushi widened her eyes shocked at their behavior.

"Don't cry ma'am otherwise this whole restaurant will run out of napkins!" it was more like a warning.

Not wanting to disturb anyone, she went ahead with them.

Flashback ends.

Arnav laughed hearing this, "I didn't know they take my orders so seriously.."

"You're finding it funny.." Khushi pouted.

"Arnav we need to leave.." Aman came with sorry face for disturbing them.

"Let's go!" Arnav held Khushi's hand taking her to finally make her his!

Khushi gulped, "Are you going to marry him or me?"

"Looks like one kiss isn't enough!" Arnav glared at her.

Khushi smiled sheepishly and walked with him.

"Didn't you told me that you would come back home and have lunch?" Khushi asked him on the way to the car.

"Yeah but then I got informed that you went with Di to shopping and I thought to pick you from there only.. You know they don't like you, then why did you went to shopping with them Khushi?" Arnav asked.

"Trust me Arnav ji.. I know what I'm doing.." she blinked her eyes and he just nodded his head.

Dec 27

Chapter 14 - Meeting with Guptas! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 178 times)

"Why are we here?" Khushi asked confused as the car halted at a parlour.

"You both are so smart.. You both want to go and get married while leaving me here in ladies parlour but let me tell you that I don't like all these ladies things.. I'm beautiful the way I'm.." Khushi pouted.

"Shut. Up." Arnav gritted his teeth, glaring at her, "Go inside now.."

"See what kind of husband you're? You shouting at me at the day of our marriage!" she sobbed like a baby.

"Khushi bhabhi go na.. otherwise this wedding will happen tomorrow only.." Aman pleaded.

"Okay.." she pouted and Arnav opened the car's door for her.

"I'm waiting for you!" he said huskily.

"You have to wait only.. Who told you to bring me to ladies parlour? We could have gone and register our marriage quickly but no..Now you Wait only Laad governor.." she scolded.

Arnav rolled his eyes, "Romance" and "Khushi" are like "Earth" and "Sky".

"I will accompany you there.." he said and extended his hand to her.

"Booo.." she showed her tongue to him making childish expression and got down the car by herself, "I can go alone!"

Arnav just shook his head and watched her walking towards the parlour. Aman smiled, "Bhabhi is going to give you a tough time!"

"Don't even ask.. I'm already thinking about our future! It's going to be a Big Bang!" Arnav said crossing his arms and leaned on his car.

"You still have time to cancel the marriage... Think about it!" Aman chuckled teasing him.

"Had this girl won just ASR's heart.. Maybe I would have cancelled the marriage.. But she touched Arnav's heart.. In no way, I'm turning back now!" Arnav looked at Aman with small smile.


"Where's my wife Jenny? It's been four hours I'm waiting for her.." Arnav walked in the parlour making all girls shout in happiness, but he cared less. He just wants his wife!

"Calm down ASR.." Jenny said smiling at his impatience.

"What the.. I trusted your parlour to make my wife ready for our marriage and you're making me wait for four hours here.." Arnav frowned.

"Marriage!!!" the girls shouted shocked.

Jenny took Arnav outside the parlour before the girls started getting crazy and create a scene at her place, "Have you gone mad? Why did you came inside? You know girls get crazy about you and knowing about your marriage it will get worse.. You're giving me double work now, see I've already finished their make up and now they will start crying because you're not a bachelor anymore and spoil their faces and I will have to make up them again!"

"And you will get paid double also Jenny.." Arnav whined, "My wife now!"

"I haven't kidnapped her.." Jenny cried, "Your wife doesn't stay quiet in one place, she was always complaining that we're pulling her hair, she was hungry so we had to buy jalebis for her, or we're exaggerating on her make up, she looks like a ghost and not a bride and etcetera etcetera etcetera.. The only time she was silent was when she saw your designed lehenga for her.." Jenny smiled saying last line to him.

"She knows what's good and what's not.." Arnav smirked and Jenny smacked his shoulder.

"Your wife is ready Sir.." a lady employee came with Khushi.

Arnav stood still on his place, he stare at Khushi with his mouth slightly open forgetting that Jenny and the lady employees were still there. His eyes traveled through all her face and body. She was looking beautiful with the lehenga he especially designed for his wife! For the right woman in his life.. It looked perfect as if just made for her only.

Goriye, Tu Kinni Gori Ae, Tu Zameen Pe Chaand Ki Jodi Hai

(O girl! You are so fair(white complexioned), You’re the Moon’s twin on this Earth)

Buri Ae, Badi Buri Ae, Duniya Ki Neeyat Chhoriye

(It’s bad, it’s very bad, the intentions of the (people of the)world)

Nazar Na Lag Jaaye Jaanu

(May no gaze of an evil eye fall upon You)

Thought Yeh Ghabraaye Saanu

(This thought is scaring me)

Khushi took baby steps to reach him, she was sobbing silently on her way. She rested her hands on his chest and pouted, "I don't like these ladies.. They were pulling my hair.. Do you know how much I suffered? I don't want to come back again here.. They made me look like Ghost.. Half of the parlour make up is on my face.. My face became heavy now!"

Arnav's thought broke by her cute complaints, he cupped her face, "Shh.. You look so beautiful.."

"Sachi?" her eyes twinkled in happiness.

Arnav nodded wiping away gently her dramatic tears.

"I love this lehenga!" she said and twirled in front of him smiling.

"And I loved to see my creation (lehenga) on God's beautiful creation (Khushi)!" he smirked.

Khushi's heart started beating louder with his gaze on her Dhak-Dhak! She felt her cheeks hot and lowered her gaze shy of him.

"Shall we go now?" he asked huskily and she nodded her head. Jenny waved at them smiling, "Happy wedding!"

"Thanks Jenny! She's indeed looking the most beautiful bride ever.." Arnav whispered to Jenny smirking and then held Khushi's hand taking her gently to the car.

"Who ever thought that ASR would get married? First I made his bride ready (Sheetal) and he ran away from marriage and today he himself came with his bride to make her ready to marry him.. Unbelievable!" Jenny spoke to herself and went inside her parlour, set to work!


Gupta house:

Aman stopped the car as they reached Khushi's house, he turned to see Arnav and Khushi staring at each other lost in their thoughts at the backseat.

And why not? They're officially married now, and these both might not have confessed their love for each other yet but the way Arnav brought her to Sheesh Mahal, the way he kissed her, the way he accepted to make their marriage official clearly indicates he loves her. At least from Arnav's side, Aman is sure that he has some feelings for Khushi, he's just still not sure about Khushi's feelings. Is she getting married to him because she has no other choice? Her family and society blamed her and pointed finger at her character, maybe to run away from all these, she accepted this marriage.

Aman cleared his throat, "We have reached!"

Khushi and Arnav broke their eyes contact and composed themselves.

"Here is my house.." she said excitedly to see her family again, after such a long time. She never goes away from them for long time.

Her legs just wanted to reach her house, as she smilingly stare at her place. She started running without even opening the car's door and that resulted in her hitting her face on the car's window.

"Ouch!"she moved back and caressed her nose, that was most affected by her little accident.

"Normal people open the car's door then go to their destination but my Wife wants to go to her house without opening the door!" Arnav said sarcastically, "No wait, I've better solution for you, let's take this car inside your house, in this way you won't have to open the door itself!"

"Idea is not that bad.. Can you take your car inside my house?" she clapped her hands excitedly.

"Khushi tum bilkul pagal ho!" Arnav rolled his eyes and opened the car's door for her, letting her get down first he followed her to Gupta house. And Aman left to AR for some important work.

"Khushi.." Payal dropped the bucket from her hands in shock, as all the washed clothes laid on the floor waiting to be washed again.

"Offo.. She's reacting like she's seeing her sister for the first time!" Arnav rolled his eyes thinking, "Couldn't she react normally? This would save the clothes from being dirty again and now she will have to wash it again.. How can I forget? They're this Comedy Piece family!"

"Jijiiiiiiiiiiiiii.." his wife shouted on top of her voice making him look at her weirdly, isn't Payal some feet distance from them? Why is she shouting now?

Khushi went running with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face to her sister. But she forgot she was wearing a heavy lehenga, and not her simple salwars.. She even reached near Payal who opened her arms to hug her sister but the moment the emotional hug was about to happen..


Khushi fell in front of her sister and now giving company to the clothes all scattered over the floor.

Arnav face-palmed. Of course this would happen, could he expect something different from his Wife?

He rushed to her and she kept screaming on the floor, resting her hands on her tummy, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh.. Why me? I broke my whole body Arnav ji.. Take me to hospital.. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.."

He wanted to pick her in his arms, but some ladies came and shove him away from his Wife, making him grit his teeth, "How dare they?"

"Bitiya is about the deliver the baby.. There's no time to go to hospital.. Delivery has to happen now only.. Let's take her to some room.." the ladies whispered among themselves.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh.." Khushi hissed in pain, she was in no mood to explain to these ladies that she wasn't pregnant.

"What the.." Arnav frowned.

"Stay away from her boy.. Who are you? You can't see a woman in this state.." a lady scolded him.

"Which state?" Arnav asked in disbelief. Khushi just fell badly on floor and they are blabbering nonsense and even shoved him away from his wife.

"She's pregnant.. Are you blind?" another lady scolded him.

"Oh God.. Can people get more dumb here?" Arnav thought face palming.

"I'm not blind but you surely need an eye check up aunty.. What is this empty tummy going to deliver? A baby alien?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

The ladies looked at Khushi's tummy then back at Arnav with sheepish smile, "Sorry beta.. We thought she's shouting because it's her delivery time.."

"What the.. Not everyone shouts because it's their delivery time!" Arnav shook his head and the ladies left from there embarrassed.

By the time Arnav was fighting with the ladies, Payal helped Khushi stand placing her arms around her waist and Khushi's around her neck for support.

"Tum theek ho?" he asked concernedly to Khushi.

"Nahin.." she nodded sideways with moist eyes, "Bohot dard ho raha hai (It's paining a lot)"

"It will be fine! Who told you to run like a crazy woman?" he scolded, but still she could feel the care in his voice.

"Who told you to design such a heavy lehenga? It's your fault that I fell so badly.." she pouted accusing him.

"I've designed it having in mind a normal woman with some sense not a crazy-child!" he frowned.

Khushi was about to reply him back, but Payal pressed her hands on her gesturing her to stop, "Is he the one who helped you?"

"Haan Jiji.. He's Tangaballi aur abb mera pati.." Khushi glared at Arnav.

"Your husband?" Payal widened her eyes, "What.. What are you saying Khushi? You got married? When? How? Why?"

"Yes.. Now.. How people normally get married.. Because I want her in my life.." Arnav replied to Payal's questions.

Payal looked at him confused for a while, then understood that he was replying to her answers.

"But without informing anyone you both got married?" Payal gulped.

"I'm sorry Jiji.. Actually everything happened so fast that I couldn't understand anything.. Life brought us to this state now.. It was in our Destiny!" Khushi said feeling hurt, that her parents weren't part of her marriage.

"But.. Does he know about Shyam? Did he believe in you?" Payal whispered to Khushi and Arnav wondered what is she talking about.

"Haan Jiji.. He knows everything!" Khushi whispered back making Payal sigh in relief.

"Can we go inside now?" Arnav faked a smile, thinking: It's better we go inside quickly because I still have to bear her Amma breaking plates and Bauji tearing news paper in shock, then Buaji non-stop curses for us.. This dramatic family will waste my precious time and money and I'm only handling them because of this Sanki!

"Hold me.." she pouted opening her arms to him like a baby.

"Stop troubling him.. I'm holding you na.." Payal glared at Khushi.

"Kya Jiji.. You're not even that strong to hold a bucket how will you handle me? We both will fall again and this time people will think I'm really pregnant with an invisible baby.." she mocked her sister earning another glare from Khushi.

Arnav took Khushi, he wrapped his arms around her waist making Khushi smile at him, "Hamesha aise hi rahogi mere sath? (Will stay with me like this always?)"

"After seeing how much crazy you're.. I'm having second thoughts.." he replied all serious but the sarcasm could be felt in his tone.

"Laad governor.. We're going inside my house and you're saying such things.." she pouted as they walked inside Gupta house.

"You expect me to wait your Amma bring a copper pot with rice for me to kick then?" he grinned.

"Very bad joke!" she glared at him.

"I'm sure it must be a bad joke.. Who else can compete with the joke (Khushi) itself?" Arnav rolled his eyes.

"Jiji see.." Khushi looked at Payal with crying face, "I never thought I will find a husband like this.. He calls me a Joke! Joke? Do I look like a joke? Leave that.. Tell me did you ever saw Joke's face? How's Joke's face?"

"Agar hota, toh pakka tumhara jaisa hota (It Joke had face, then surely it would be like you)" Arnav muttered.

"Today is your first night.." Khushi gritted her teeth but was cut by an extremely shy Payal, "Khushi!!! Have some shame.."

Arnav smile amused that she talked about their FIRST NIGHT.. Sorry Khushi for calling you a joke, he thought!

"What shame Jiji.. He also doesn't have shame to call me Joke at my house only in front of you.. Then I also don't have any shame, today's night you're.."

Arnav covered her mouth with his palm, smirking: It's okay Khushi.. You don't need to say our private things to others!

Payal blushed looking down, wondering when did Khushi became so bold like this?

Khushi frowned, she shoved his hands from her mouth, "If it was in the recliner of our room, then it would be private.. But Mr. Raizada today you're going to sleep at the living room's couch.. So there is nothing private in that.."

Arnav's face fell, she was talking about his punishment and here he thought.. Oh no, Arnav this girl haven't started a kiss till yet with you, then first night is very very very far from that.

Payal sighed in relief, her sister is still the innocent one.

"Shashi.. Ohhh Garima.. Come to see your daughter.." Buaji shouted with wide eyes seeing Khushi in bride's lehenga and ASR beside her.

"Khushi.." Garima whispered with tears in her eyes, she came running outside the kitchen to the living room, as soon as she saw Khushi...

"3.. 2.. 1.." Arnav counted in his mind.

The plate fell from her hand, as more tears made way to her cheeks, "Meri bacchi.."

Khushi sobbed, she wanted to run to her mother's arms but Arnav tightened his arms around her waist, "Be careful Khushi.. If you fall this time, you will land in hospital, I'm telling you!"

Garima ran towards Khushi, her leg hit with the chair on her way, she was about to fall but Arnav rushed to her and held her in time, "Careful app bhi.. You're just like your daughter!"

Garima gulped of Arnav's intense gaze and husky dangerous voice.

Garima walked to Khushi and hugged her tightly, she broke the hug crying, and cupped Khushi's face: Where were you bitiya? We looked so many places for you.. Your father didn't rest one night thinking about you and I couldn't concentrate on anything anymore.. I missed you so much Khushi.. I know you were angry with us, but was it necessary to run away from us? Where had you gone? You didn't even took money with you and neither had food.. Where did you stay? Did goons attacked you? Where had you gone? Please forgive us.. But never do something like this again..

Garima was crying uncontrollably kissing her daughter and asking non-stop questions to her. Khushi was crying also, she was just hearing her mother sometimes scolding her, sometimes caring for her, sometimes asking where she was.

"Garima leave all that.." Buaji pulled Garima away from Khushi, then pointed to Khushi, "Look at her.. Your daughter is dressed like a bride and came back to her house with this man! Do you know who is he? Arnav Singh Raizada.. Ask her, what was she doing with him? Why did she came back with him? Kahin pregnant toh nahin? After getting pregnant outside home, she married without informing us with this man in hurry so that we accept them.. After destroying her sister's life, she successfully trapped a rich man and life is set for her.. Only our poor Payalia is suffering the consequences of her acts.." Buaji taunted.

Khushi stumbled back in shock, what had she done to deserve this? Why couldn't her family trust in her at least one time? How can Buaji accuse her of such things knowing very well that she respects her family and would never do something that will spoil their reputation in front of others, she would never make them feel ashamed of her. She would never let them down.

"You better watch your tone when you talk about my wife, you're her Buaji but you're nothing to me and you don't know what I'm capable of.." Arnav gritted his teeth angrily.

"Arnav ji please.." Khushi walked to him, and pressed his arms pleading him to not talk to her family like this.

"She is misbehaving with you Khushi.. I won't let her speak any nonsense she wants about you.." Arnav frowned.

"So this is truth?" Garima asked in disbelief, staring at Khushi.

"Amma.. Do you really think I would have done something like this?" Khushi cried.

"Then what is this? Why are you dressed as a bride? Why is he calling you as his wife? Khushi I can't believe you.. You left us with no courage to face the society now.. In Lucknow you slept with that man and now you're pregnant of this man.. Chee.. Is this why I raised you? You really proved that you aren't my real daughter! You can never be like Payal.. I'm so ashamed of you.. I don't know what to do.." Garima cried, she pulled Khushi and twisted her ear while scolding her.

Arnav angrily shoved Garima's hand from Khushi, "ENOUGH.. Did you hear what I said? Enough is enough.. Learn to trust your daughter also, it will do no harm for you.."

Khushi rested her head on Arnav's chest sobbing, she didn't want to face any of them. She just wanted him! Only him! She doesn't even know why she came back, only to hear more accusations on her character.

Arnav patted her back gently, then made her sit on a chair, he stood up ready to burst on Gupta, but she nodded sideways crying. Arnav blinked his eyes, "Trust me.. I know what I do!"

"You want to know who I'm for Khushi?" he gaze dangerously to Buaji, who gulped then nodded in no, "We already know everything.. Shashi why are you standing in silent? Throw them out of here.."

"I want to know.." Shashi blinked his eyes and asked Arnav to continue. While Payal consoled Khushi.

"Then listen.. Yes, I'm her husband.. Arnav Singh Raizada.." he glared at Buaji who gave a That's-what-I-said look, "But I didn't marry her because she's pregnant. I met Khushi in railway station and she didn't know where to go, I offered her to stay at my Dadi's house. In my Dadi's house, from strangers we became friends, but my Dadi thought she was my wife and because of her health issues we were forced to continue this lie, there I married Khushi and at last day of our stay, she shared her past with me. The man with whom she was about to get married is not Shyam, he is NK and he is my cousin brother, who also confessed that he was the one who made his friends expose Khushi's fake picture with another man, Khushi never betrayed her family, but you all betrayed her, you broke her trust, instead of supporting and trusting your daughter, you went to believe in some stranger.. And now you are repeating same mistake only, we surely came back to Delhi, but now I wanted to turn the lie of our marriage in truth, that's why today I officially married with Khushi.. Not because she's pregnant and did something wrong.. And if you want proofs, then I will bring the man who spoiled her life to confess everything to you all.." Arnav said.

"But.." Buaji was about to speak. Arnav walked to her angrily, "If you dare to speak anything against Khushi again, I don't know what I will do with you.. I'm just respecting the fact that you're Khushi's Buaji otherwise you don't know for that much you spoke, what would I've done with you!"

"Sorry.. This is what I wanted to say.. I'm sorry Khushi bitiya.. We thought wrong about you.." Buaji forced a smile on her face, when she was shivering in fear of ASR, "Jaise suna tha TV par, waise hi nikhla (Just like I heard in TV, he turned out to be like that only)"

Garima and Shashi broke into tears. They walked to Khushi and Khushi stood up staring with tears in her eyes, "Don't say sorry Amma Bauji.. I would have loved if you said that before Arnav ji proved my innocence.."

"Then punish us bitiya.. Punish us for not trusting your words.." Shashi cried. Garima nodded, "Haan.. We made you listen so much.. I uttered words that I will always regret in my life without knowing the truth.. Punish us Khushi.."

"Who am I to punish you both? I'm not angry with you both Amma and Bauji.. I'm just hurt.. really hurt.. Today I wished my real parents were alive.." she sobbed.

Shashi and Garima looked down crying, ashamed of their own deeds. If they had trusted their daughter and fought for her, this wouldn't have happened with her.

"No, don't think that because you all I'm unhappy in my life.. I'm thankful to my family today, because of you all I found Arnav ji.. The best gift in my life that God gave to me.." she smiled through the tears and stared at her Arnav ji.

Rabba vey.. Rabba vey..

"I'm sure he is!" Garima smiled and looked at Arnav, she knew that her daughter found a good man who will protect her all life.

Khushi took baby steps to Arnav, she held his hand and gestured with her eyes that they should go.

"Khushi.." Garima whispered seeing her leaving with Arnav. Will her daughter not come back again and let her live with this guilt all her life?

"Nahin Amma.. I've not broken ties with my family.. I just need some time!" she sighed.

"Come back quickly bitiya.." Shashi thought with moist eyes. Why did he fail to trust his Gudiya like that? Why did he believe in that man's word? He won't spare that man now.


"Yeah.. What? How did this happen?" Arnav freak out while talking on his phone, "Give me some minutes.. I'm coming!"

"What happened?" Khushi asked worriedly as they walked out of Gupta house, standing at the courtyard.

"Di met with an accident.." Arnav managed to inform her, with shaking hands he called Aman to ask the driver to pick them up and take them to hospital.

"Oh such an old player you're Anjali.. Faking accident so that Arnav ji forgives you.. And here is really shivering and crying for you and there you must be waiting eagerly for him to come and pamper you, then forgive you easily.. Don't worry Anjali, I won't let you win this time also!" Khushi thought.

"Arnav ji which hospital is she admitted?" Khushi asked.

"City hospital.." Arnav said waiting impatiently for the driver to come.

"Arnav ji maybe the driver is still going to take time.. Why don't you call some known doctor them and ask them about Di?" Khushi said.

"Good idea.." he said and called Dr. Sharma, his friend who upon his request went to check on Anjali. He talked with Anjali's doctor and was shocked to know that Anjali bribed to the doctor to lie that she met with an accident.

"ASR sorry to say that.. but your sister hasn't met with any accident.. She just bribed the doctor to lie that she met with an accident.. I don't know why would she do that!" Dr. Sharma said.

Arnav gritted his teeth angrily while Khushi smirked knowing that he already knows the truth.

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Chapter 15 - Angry ASR.. Comedy Khushi.. Liar Anjali! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 187 times)

At City Hospital

"Diiiiiiiiii.." Khushi cried and rushed to Anjali, who was laid on the hospital bed hissing in fake pain.

She faked a smile seeing Khushi, but in reality she wanted to strangle this girl for shouting like that in hospital.

"What happened to you Di? I just left you for some hours and you met with an accident.. See how I'm your lucky charm, when I was with you, you were fine and now.." Khushi caressed her Anjali's hair, crying like baby.

Arnav barged inside the room, with calm and composed look but his eyes reflected it's opposite, they were burning in anger.

"Arnav ji did you talk with the doctor? What happened to Di? Will she slip into coma? Tell us something Arnav ji.. From the time you talked with that doctor you are quiet like this.." Khushi said acting like worried, then smiled to herself seeing Anjali acting like she was in pain as soon as she saw Arnav.

"Chote.." she smiled a little, then hissed in pain, "Don't worry for me Chote.. I'm fine!"

"Then let's go home.." Arnav replied, "You're fine so am I, why are we in the hospital then?"

"Chote I met with an accident.." Anjali looked at shocked.

"I don't understand you Di.. Are you fine or not?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

"Hello hi bye bye.. Why this behavior with your sister? She met with an accident now.." Mami pouted.

"Chote is this how you talk with your sister? She just said she's fine because she doesn't want you to be worried for her, but as you can see she is in the hospital and she met with an accident.." Nani said sternly.

"Seems like Di loves to lie!" Khushi smirked.

Anjali glared at her, "What do you mean Khushi?"

"I meant that you love Arnav ji so much that you must tell these sweet lies everyday to not make him worried na.." Khushi smiled sweetly.

Anjali smiled thinking, "This girl is so foolish.. She's supporting and helping her enemy only.. You're making it more easy for me to kick you out of our house Khushi and win Chote's trust.."

"There's nothing sweet in the lie Khushi.." Arnav said glaring at Anjali.

"Now ASR in action, Khushi you keep quiet and watch the drama.. You already did you job by adding masala to this scene!" Khushi thought to herself grinning.

Arnav walked out of the room and brought with him the doctor that Anjali bribed, "So tell us Doctor.. What exactly happened to my sister?"

Anjali smiled and blinked her eyes to the doctor but he gulped.

"She came here with these ladies (Mami and Nani) and they gave me money, saying that I've to lie to you that she met with an accident.." the doctor said looking down.

"And you dared to lie to ASR!" Arnav frowned, "I will make sure doctors like you don't stay in this hospital..Get lost!"

"At least learn how to act well na, you left this ketchup here only.." Khushi said and innocently gave back the ketchup to the doctor, "This will serve for lunch! Di ka blood!"

Anjali bit her lips, how did they forgot about the ketchup in the room? Now she doesn't even have a chance to say that the doctor is lying. Khushi and Arnav caught her lie badly.

Arnav blinked his eyes to Khushi, his Comedy Piece helped him to get to the truth. Khushi smiled shyly and proud of herself.

"Can I know what was the need for this drama?" Arnav asked.

"I want to get your forgiveness Chote.. This is drama for you, but not for me.. I'm in pain seeing you ignore me all day, you don't even look at me, your Di.. in past, you couldn't stay a day without talking with me and now it hurts to see my Chote behaving like this with me.." she said looking down and shed fake tears.

"Then earn my forgiveness using honest ways, not THIS DISGUSTING SHORTCUT ANJALI RAIZADA.. You know very well how much I hate liars.." Arnav barked.

"Do you know how much worried I was? I thought it was real accident and here my sister is fit and fine, just waiting for her fool brother to come, hug her and forgive her scared of losing her! How disgusting Di.. I never expected this from you.. You're losing respect in my eyes now by doing this.. You're like Ma for me, but Ma was never like this. She never lied like this.. I don't even know why are you so changed.. What exactly happened with you all of you.. You all are changed.." Arnav said taking a step back hurt, disgusted, totally broken by his family acting like strangers to him.

"Chote.. I'm sorry.. I'm really sorry.. I didn't know what I to do to get your forgiveness.. It's my mistake only.." Anjali sobbed, thinking, "Nahin.. Chote the more I try to bring you closer to me, you're going away from me.. What is happening? I can't understand anything now.. Why are all my plannings failing?"

"Poor Di.. Forgive her Arnav ji.. I can't see her crying like this.." Khushi looked at Anjali with pity look.

Arnav looked at her in disbelief, Khushi widened her eyes, "What? She's spoiling her face with eye kohl.. Don't you know how much gym-like-hardwork she does to be pretty?"

Arnav rolled his eyes.

"Chote.." Anjali stood up and walked to him, she wanted to hug him but Arnav stepped back. She looked at him with moist eyes.

"Don't feel bad Di.. It's because you spoil his shirt with ketchup and kajal on your face.. He has meetings after that and won't have time to change his shirt.." Khushi interfered.

"After this stunt of yours.. You better forget that I'm going to forgive you anytime soon.." Arnav said and walked to leave.

Anjali took a knife from a bowl of fruits and pointed to her wrist, "Chote.."

"Di you just took the knife.. You forgot the fruit to cut.. Here, take this apple.." Khushi giggled and showed to Anjali.

Arnav turned to her and smirked, crossing his arms with Go-ahead look.

Anjali smiled weakly and took the apple from Khushi's hand, "I wanted to eat the fruit only.."

"When even for an act, you couldn't hurt yourself a little and used ketchup as blood, how will you commit suicide then Di?" Arnav chuckled sarcastically.

"Nahin Arnav ji, you're getting wrong.. Di didn't want to commit suicide, she wanted to eat the fruit only.." Khushi smiled.

"You come with me otherwise you will become a fool by mingling much with them.." Arnav held Khushi's hand and pulled her outside the room.

"Aww Laad governor.. I only helped you to reach the truth and you're calling me a fool.." Khushi thought glaring at him.

"Hello hi bye bye.. Arnav bitwa just called us fool.." Mami widened her eyes.

"Dammit.. I just can't believe this.." Anjali slammed her fist on a wall, "Why is our every plan failing? Nothing is working out.. If this continues like this, then that day won't be far when Chote gets to know our intentions.."

"I will not let that happen Anjali.. Arnav might be angry but he loves us, if he didn't then he would punish you severely for lying to him.." Nani said, "We still didn't lose anything.. Just need to act calmly now and when the right opportunity comes, we will grab it.."


Arnav's farm house:

"Why do you keep two houses? One isn't enough for you?" Khushi pouted walking with him towards his farm house.

"Khushi I'm not in mood to talk.." he said seriously.

"Acha? Today I was again humiliated by Buaji and my parents didn't trust me.. Di also lied to you and hurt you.. Today is bad day for both of us.. But don't forget that, it's the most beautiful day of our lives too.. We got officially married today.. If you want to let others spoil our happiness, then do.. But I'm happy today and no one can spoil my mood.." Khushi said and winked at him.

Arnav stare at her for a while, he smiled a little and brought her near him by holding on her waist, he pecked her forehead warmly, "You're just like my Ma! Always smiling no matter how much broken she was from inside.."

Khushi blushed, lowering her eyeslashes she felt his kiss that touched her heart directly and deeply.

"Khushi never break my trust.. I don't easily trust anyone in my life, but I don't know with you.. I feel like I can give you my life and you take care of it as if it's your own life.. So never break my trust, because if you do.. you will face my worst side!"

"Oyee Laad governor.. Who said that I'm scared of you? Show me any side of yours, Khushi hoon main, dekh lungi (I'm Khushi, I will see to it..) Kyun ki ASR se darr nahin lagta saahab, pyar se lagta hai (that means she isn't scared of ASR, but getting hurt in his love)" she said with Salman Khan's attitude.

"You're indeed a Comedy piece!" Arnav raises his brows and opened the door for her, letting her in first, then he also came inside and closed the door.

"Wow this house is also beautiful.. Simple yet attractive.." Khushi commented.

"So you've taken the job to comment on each my house?" Arnav asked.

Khushi pouted, "Compliment hai, lena hai to leh lo warna dust bin main phenk do (It's a compliment, take it if you want or else throw it in a dust bin)"

"I've taken it, happy?" he lifted her in his arms and Khushi circled her arms around his neck smiling, "Yes!"

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Happy New Year !!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 77 times)

Hello friends.. Happy New Year for you all and your families. May God bless you all with health and success and listen to your prayers!

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Chapter 16 - Romantic ASR! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 175 times)

"Aisa lagta mera face nahin, hammer hai (It looks like it's not my face, but a hammer)" Khushi complained about the make up on her face.

Arnav just shook his head, and left her to stand on her own as soon as they reached in their room. Khushi pouted, "I'm going to change.."

Arnav pulled her closer to him by one hand, while other searched for his phone on his pocket. He took his phone, "I want to take a selfie with you.."

Khushi giggled at his request, but nodded her head, "Chal beta selfie le le re.."

"What the.. I'm not your beta ok!" Arnav shrugged, "First wife who calls her husband beta on day of their marriage!"

"It's a music Arnav ji.. App bhi na.." Khushi whined and posed for a selfie with him, she pouted her lips and Arnav shook his head but smiled a little for their picture.

"Another one.." she giggled excitedly, "Let's take a picture where I'm siting on that couch like those royal princesses and you're standing behind me with a sword!"

"Shut up Khushi.." he rolled his eyes and took her to mirror set on dressing table, Arnav hugged her from behind and Khushi blushed, smiling at how beautiful they looked as a couple. Arnav took this opportunity that Khushi was not doing her antics and clicked their picture. He showed to her on his phone, "See.. Much better than the one you imagined.."

"It's just perfect.." Khushi smiled with tears in her eyes staring at their picture displayed on his phone.

"Bollywood ki drama queen why are you crying? It's just a picture Khushi.." Arnav shook his head at his dramatic girl.

Khushi turned to him, "After a long time I'm getting love from someone otherwise after my parents left me, everyone consider me as a burden.. It's just with you that I don't feel like that Arnav ji.. I always considered Amma, Bauji, Buaji as my family but they probably never looked at me as that, I'm not their blood daughter na, that's why.. There was always a different treatment for me and Jiji but I never said anything and got happy with whatever I got.. They hurt so much, but I can never hate my family.."

Arnav felt his heart just broke seeing tears continuously flowing from her eyes. He wiped her tears, "Shh.." he was never good at consoling someone, but today he felt like consoling Khushi, but no words came out of his mouth. He just hugged her tightly showing to her that he understands her pain, he also went through the same when his parents left the world and he had to work hard to sustain himself and Anjali, his mother's family 'Raizadas' were not so supportive in the start and did make him feel like he was a burden to them, but as soon as he gained money, success and respect from others, they started to show love and care for him and Anjali.

She broke the hug and looked at his shirt spoiled because of her eye kohl, Arnav also followed his gaze and pressed his lips trying to hide his disappointment at seeing his shirt spoiled.

"It's not my fault.. You hugged me!" she shrugged.

"Of course it's never your fault.." he said with a tone of sarcasm.

"Yes it's my fault, who asked that lady from parlour to put half-parlour-make-up on my face? You! Who made me cry? You! Who hugged me now? You! So fault is also yours!" she pouted angrily glaring at him.

"The face belongs to whom? You! The eyes belongs to whom? You! Who accepted the hug? You! So the fault is yours!" Arnav argued back.

"What an illogical argument Mr. ASR.. I expected something better from you.." Khushi shook her head in disbelief and clapped her hands slowly.

"When I'm talking with an Illogical-Sanki, only illogical arguments can come up in my mind.." he glared at her.

"Remove your shirt.. I will wash it.."she said and looked away shyly, extending her hand to him.

"Come and take it off with your hands.." Arnav smirked.

She shut her eyes tightly, "Arnav ji don't joke!"

"I'm not joking.. You're my wife and I don't see any wrong in it.." he shrugged.

"Yes but.. I can't do it.." she shook her head in denial.

"Do you want me to teach you?" he asked huskily.

"Nahin.." she nodded sideways feeling goosebumps now. She sensed he took some steps near her, and she just stood numb not knowing what to do.

Arnav wrapped his one arm around her waist, while his other hand moved her hair aside giving him full view of her neck. He nuzzled on her neck making her gulp and close her eyes, shivering on her place.

Rabba vey.. Rabba vey..

She tried to move, but Arnav didn't let her and turned her to face him in one move, Khushi gasped, "Arnav ji.."

Arnav eyed to the button of his shirt, gesturing her to unbutton it. Khushi shook her head slowly, with a shy smile spread on her lips, "Arnav ji please stop this.."

Arnav didn't reply to her instead he brought her hands to his button and started helping a shy with red like tomato cheeks Khushi to unbutton his shirt buttons.

Khushi gulped after his bare chest revealed to her, she wanted to run away but Arnav tightened his grip on her, circling his arms around her waist, "Arnav ji pleaseeeee.." she whined struggling on his arms.

But Arnav was so lost in her, to hear her complaints. He tilted his head and was about to place his lips on hers, when they heard a shocked voice, "ASR!"

"What the.." Arnav frowned hearing this voice. He left Khushi and started buttoning his shirt again, while Khushi composed herself feeling shy but frowned when she saw Sheetal standing at the door.

"What the hell are you doing here Miss Kapoor? And who gave you permission to here?" Arnav asked gritting his teeth.

"I came here to inform that Di is not eating anything because you're angry.. And she only gave me permission to come here.. But guess, forgetting about your sister's pain, you're doing more interesting things here!" Sheetal said glancing at his shirt, spoiled with Khushi's eye kohl and lipstick.

"It's none of your business.." Arnav glared at her, "Now get lost from here.."

"Shee.. Shee.. Sheetal ji this name suits you a lot.. Your actions really define yourself.. They are also Chii.. Chii.." Khushi shook her head making disgusting look, "Who comes in married couples room without knocking the door?"

Sheetal glared at Khushi, and left from there making sound with her high heels.

Arnav walked away from the room, he went downstairs and scolded the guards for letting Sheetal come in his farm house without his permission.

"Ab ayega maza (Now it's going to be fun).. Slowly slowly I'm showing this family truth to Arnav ji.. Now let's make Di and Nani rest for a while, it's boy's time, this Akash is very much silent and might be the most dangerous also.." Khushi thought to herself smirking.

"What are you thinking?" Arnav asked when he returned to their room.

"Nothing.." Khushi shook her head.

"How about we continue what we stopped?" he smirked mischievously taking steps towards her. Khushi run away from him to the bathroom, making Arnav laugh at her.

He sat on the bed, thinking about Anjali's strange behavior, "I always thought Di could never lie to me, but today she just not lied to me but that was such disgusting move to get my forgiveness.. Unbelievable Di, I never thought you could do something like this.."

Next day

Arnav and Khushi returned to Sheesh Mahal, and everyone were gazing curiously at them.

"Hello hi bye bye.. Where did you spend last raat (night)? I didn't seewa you both!" Mami said with big eyes.

"You're forgetting with whom you're talking Mami.." Arnav said sternly making Mami smile sheepishly, "I was worries bitwa!"

"Hello hi bye bye won't you congratulate us for getting married Mami ji?" Khushi asked smiling.

"MARRIED?" Anjali, Nani, Mami, Akash and NK widened their eyes.

"AGAIN?" Mahi pouted, "Two times malliage?"

"Yes married.. I got officially married to Khushi yesterday, so she's Mrs. ASR.." Arnav announced with his husky voice.

"Yeh Mrs. ASR bohot short hai (This Mrs. ASR is very short) style se kaho na Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada (Say with style Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada)" she smirked at Arnav.

"Mere paas faltu time nahin hai na isliye.." he glared at her.

"Mere toh bohot hai, do bhar shaadi karli tumse (I do have, after all I got married two times with you)" she smiled sarcastically at him.

"One marriage was just acting, and this one is not.. So basically you just married one time ok.." he said.

"Par Shaadi toh hain na, asli ho ya nakli (But it's marriage na, be it true or fake!)" Khushi said.

"You have answers for everything on the tip of your tongue, right?" he asked sarcastically.

"Okay.. I'm quiet now.." she crossed her arms frowning.

"That was an answer too.." he added.

"But how can you get married to her, Chote?" Anjali asked widening her eyes, thinking about the probability that Arnav's property can land in Khushi's hands.

"What do you mean Di?" Arnav asked, "I hope that you're not stuck with the idea of making me marry with Sheetal till yet.."

"No Chote, we're happy that you got married to Khushi.. We're trying to get used to her and her lifestyle also.. It's just you didn't inform any of us, that you would be registering your married with Khushi.." Anjali faked a smile.

"Well you didn't inform me too, that you bribed a doctor to tell us about your fake accident and fake injuries!" Arnav said and folded his arms, with what's-your-reply-to-this look.

"Are wah.. Kya dialogue tha (What a dialogue)" Khushi clapped her hands smiling at her husband.

Arnav and Anjali glared at her and she smiled sheepishly.

"Please Chote forgive me.. I really didn't want to hurt you.." Anjali said crying.

"Bhai Di hasn't eaten anything since yesterday, why are you torturing her like this? Yes, she failed but how you can be so stone hearted to not forgive your Di? She forgave your so many mistakes and treated you like son and today she just failed one time and you're this much angry with her.." Akash spoke in defense of Anjali.

"Yeh Akash bohot smart hai (This Akash is very smart) using emotional blackmail to make Arnav ji forgive Di.." Khushi thought to herself watching their drama to convince Arnav.

Arnav walked to Anjali, and sat beside her on the couch, he caressed her cheek, "Next time don't lie to me, you know that I hate lies!"

Anjali nodded and hugged him tightly shedding fake tears, "Sorry.. I'm so sorry Chote.. I will never do it again.. Promise.."

Khushi looked away clutching her fist, "Control yourself Khushi.. Let them think they won.. I will come up with something big next time.. I won't let any of you rest Raizadas.. It's time for payback! And Akash.. the same emotional blackmail tactic you used in your favor, I will use same against you! Just wait and watch.."

While Raizadas took a sigh of relief, seeing Arnav behaving normally with them except NK, Arnav still doesn't talk with him and he got the news that he was fired from AR yesterday only, all the employees were gossiping about this yesterday making him feel embarrassed.

"You didn't do any good by coming here Khushi.. You spoiled my relationship with Bhai and got me fired from AR, I will make sure you pay for this.." NK whispered in Khushi's ear.

"Look who's speaking! A beggar who's staying at Sheesh Mahal thinking it to be his own mansion when reality is far from that.." Khushi mocked.

NK gritted his teeth, he raised his hand to slap Khushi but two hands stopped him at right time. Khushi looked at her sides, one was Arnav and at her left side was her father, Shashi. Both were dangerously glaring at NK.

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Chapter 17 - Mahi and Shyam's meeting! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 173 times)

"You will slap my daughter?" Shashi asked angrily and slapped NK hardly.

"How dare you raise your hand at my wife?" Arnav shouted and punched on NK's face.

NK fell on the floor with bleeding lips, he hissed in pain, "Bhai.."

Shashi angrily kicked his belly, "Today I will make you pay for my daughter each tear.. For each moment she suffered when the fault wasn't hers.."

Arnav pushed NK by his shirt collar and start beating him up with equal anger and pain like Shashi had in his eyes, "I thought at least now you repent for your mistakes.. But how can I forget? You were just waiting for a moment to revenge on Khushi.. You are the same spoilt brat.. Acha kiya joh tumhe AR se nikal diya (I did good to fire you from AR).. You haven't changed at all.. Shame on you NK.."

After beating NK to his content, Arnav passed him to Shashi who continued beating NK. NK was crying in pain and looking at his family to save him but all of them looked away not wanting to leave the list in Arnav's good books.

Both Arnav and Shashi beat him up together now, and started dragging him out of Sheesh Mahal. At least Arnav kicked him out Sheesh Mahal, "You can't live here anymore NK.."

"But Bhai.." NK widened his eyes in shock.

"Just shut up.. You lost the right to call me Bhai.. Now I want to see you repenting for your sins.." Arnav shouted.

"Stay away from my daughter.. Or else, you will see the worst of me.." Shashi glared dangerously at NK.

"Of me too.." Arnav said with sharp gaze at NK, "Now just get the hell out of here.."

NK left from there clutching his fist.

Khushi walked to both and hugged both at same time with moist eyes. Arnav and Shashi hugged her back with little smile playing on their lips.

"Thank you.." she whispered letting the tears flow from her eyes.

Shashi broke the hug and wiped Khushi's tears, "Stop crying bitiya.. I should be crying.. I failed to trust my daughter and this is the least I could do for you.. If I had supported you that time, then you would have been happy with us.."

"She's happy with me too.." Arnav cleared his throat, jealous that Shashi was taking his place in Khushi's life. As he is the one that consoles her when she's crying.

"I didn't mean it that way beta.." Shashi smiled and patted Arnav's cheek.

Khushi smirked seeing Arnav jealous of his father in law.

"Please forgive us bitiya.. We have done wrong with you!" Shashi said crying.

Khushi shook her head with tears making way to her cheeks, "No Bauji.. It's okay.. I'm not angry with you all.."

She hugged her father tightly crying and he also hugged her emotionally.

Raizadas looked at each other fuming in anger, after kicking NK out of Sheesh Mahal. Khushi was happily reuniting with her family and Arnav was taking her side also.

"If I don't destroy this Khushi, then my name isn't Akash Singh Raizada.." Akash gritted his teeth angrily.

"Please do something Akash.. This is going out of control.." Anjali whispered to him.


Khushi sat on recliner thinking for a long time of what she should do for Akash, when someone closed her eyes with her palms.

Holding the person's tiny hands for a while, Khushi smiled: Hmm.. Who is this? Let me guess.. Mahi?

Mahi giggled and sat beside Khushi, hugging her sideways, "How did you get to know that it was me, Mami?"

"Only my Mahi has tiny hands like this.." Khushi smiled.

Mahi looked at her hands and smiled, "Oh.. You'le smalt (smart) Mami just like Mamu!"

Khushi giggled, "Even more than your Mamu!"

"Oh really?" Arnav smirked walking in the room, "Mahi tell her who's smart here?"

Mahi stood on the couch and opened her arms for Arnav to pick her, and Arnav did pick her in his arms taking her with him towards the bed, he made Mahi sit on his lap.

"Both ale smalt.." Mahi grinned.

"Today when Mamu comes back from office.. We will go and have ice cream ok?" Arnav caressed his baby's cheek.

"You will come back by evening and it's not a good time for Mahi to eat ice cream that hour.. She might get sick!" Khushi said concernedly.

Arnav stare at her for a while admiring Khushi's nature, she knows Mahi for few days only and cared for Mahi as if she was Mahi's mother. Mahi also didn't feel bad that Khushi denied her from having ice cream, on the contrary today she felt like her mother is caring for her, she liked the attention Khushi gave to her which she never found in her mother.

"We will have other day Mamu!" she looked up to Arnav, who nodded his head.

Khushi smiled seeing both obeyed her words, "But that doesn't mean Mahi will not get sweets.. Today Mami is going to make jalebis for her.."

Mahi squealed in happiness hearing jalebi word from Khushi.

"Eat jalebis with Mami, then we will go to meet Papa ok?" Arnav asked and Mahi nodded smiling.

"Papa means Shyam?" Khushi asked raising her eyebrow.

Arnav nodded his head.

"I'm going to office now.. Have an important meeting.." Arnav said placing Mahi on the bed and kissed her hair.

Khushi smiled, "Thank you for everything you have done for me.."

"I'm not your friend or any stranger that you say thank you for doing my duty.. I'm your husband Comedy piece.." he said hiding the smile on his face.

"Okay.. I'm taking my sorry back to then.. Go to office now.." she pushed him and Arnav glared at her muttering "What the" on the way.

Khushi turned to Mahi and sat beside her, "Mahi tell me one thing.. You like Papa or Mumma more?"

"Papa.." Mahi said her eyes were twinkling in happiness.

"As expected!" Khushi thought rolling her eyes.

"Papa lubs (loves) me a lot.. He always plays with Mahi and takes Mahi to shopping, to watch caltoons.. Papa and Mamu always take me to palks (parks) and play hide and seek with me.." Mahi continued to share her moments with her father and Arnav.

"Wow.. Can I join Mahi today?" Khushi asked and Mahi nodded excitedly, "Yesh.. We will play a lot today Mami.."


At night..

"Papa.." Mahi squealed in Arnav's arms and jumped to her father, who took her in his arms and smiled happily, "My baby.."

Khushi and Arnav smiled seeing their bond, Mahi and Shyam were chatting happily in their own world in the park.

Khushi and Arnav sat on a bench watching them play.

"Why did Anjali ji and Shyam ji got separated?" Khushi asked curiously.

"Fights.." Arnav replied, "Shyam belongs to a middle class family and is working as a lawyer.. Di offered him to work at AR but he didn't want to grow on his career by using shortcuts so he denied the offer.. Di thought he was just shy to admit he wanted to work in AR and since it was first days of marriage he wanted to impress her by proving that he is hard working man, she thought with time she will convince him and one or other day he would finally agree.. But Shyam didn't change his decision and their fights started.. Di was ashamed of having husband like him, and he was also uncomfortable with our lifestyle.. In between all this, their little baby Mahi was suffering.. Instead of enjoying her motherhood, Di started throwing tantrums to Shyam everyday asking him to buy expensive things for Mahi, and when he couldn't she would ask me to buy it humiliating him in front of the family.. He was still supporting all this because of me.. He's a good friend of mine and I only approached him and asked him to marry Di, but after seeing my friend suffering and staying silent.. I couldn't bear it anymore.. I gave him permission to divorce Di and they separated.. Shyam accepted Mahi to stay with her mother as he didn't want to separate a little baby from her mother.. So once or twice in a week, I take Mahi to meet Shyam.."

Khushi got tears in her eyes hearing this, she looked away trying to compose herself.

" I think that Mahi should stay with her father.. She clearly loves him more than Anjali ji.." Khushi said.

"But Khushi.. Di.. How can I snatch Mahi from Di? She will suffer a lot without her daughter.. Di is Mahi's mother.." Arnav looked at Khushi shocked, "And it's normal that Mahi gets happier when she gets to meet Shyam, because she doesn't meet him everyday while she's with Di everyday.. It's not that she loves Shyam more than Di.."

"You're being selfish for your Di Arnav ji.. Think from Shyam's perspective.. He was humiliated by his wife still he kept quiet because of you, you asked him to divorce Anjali ji and live his life, he did what you asked for and also let Mahi stay with Anjali ji.. He lost his wife and his daughter.. Working everyday and waiting for a day in a week so that he meets with his daughter.. Why is he getting punished when the fault isn't his? Why snatch his happiness and give it to your Di, Arnav ji?" Khushi asked disgusted, "And you know what, I did asked Mahi who she loves more and her reply was her father.. Shyam! That's so strange right.. Because Anjali ji lives with her and she's more close to Anjali ji, still she choose her father with whom she meets only for one or two days in a week!"

"Mami come to play.." Mahi ran to Khushi and pulled Khushi with her. Shyam, Khushi and Mahi were playing hide and seek and Arnav gulped thinking if he is doing wrong with Shyam or not by separating him from his daughter.

After they finish playing, it was time to go. Mahi kissed her father's cheek with moist eyes, she hugged him tightly getting cranky. She didn't want to leave him.

Arnav and Khushi watched this scene with broken heart.

Shyam looked up to the sky and control his tears, it was such a hard time to get separated from his daughter everyday he meets with her.

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