Exclusive! Dalljiet Kaur thanks Ekta Kapoor for giving her the chance

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Jun 20

Exclusive! Dalljiet Kaur thanks Ekta Kapoor for giving her the chance (By Medsuper) (Thanked: 6 times)

Dalljiet Kaur will be back on TV with Qayamat Ki Raat. On the show, she plays the role of Karishma Tanna’s younger sister, Karuna. At 25, Dalljiet does not look a year older than 25. She has worked immensely hard to lose weight and look fitter. “Oh, it looks lots and lots of hard work. I won’t shy away from saying that. It’s only because of that I look the way I look today. As an actor, we need to keep pace with your contemporaries. I got this role as Ekta Ma’am thought I could be the cute peppy girl,” she says. Dalljiet says that on the show, Karishma Tanna (Gauri) and she are contemporary, carefree girls who love to shop. But things happen which are beyond their wildest imaginations and their lives fall apart. 

On the show, Dalljiet will be romancing Romil and Jugal actor Manraj Singh. “We share a very cute chemistry on the show. We have Raj (Vivek Dahiya) – Gauri and Karuna and him. There are many hilarious moments on the show. Manraj is a superb actor. When you have the right mix of artistes, scenes come out well and there is a sense of satisfaction post pack up,” she says. She confesses that she is scared of the horror/thriller genre but loves to watch such shows and films. “Sab ke andar keeda rehta hai dekhne ka. The story-telling in QKR is damn interesting,” she adds.

She recently changed her name to Deepa. The lady clarifies, “Deepa was always my name. My parents call me that at home. I was born on Diwali day so I got this name. It has a warm and homely vibe to it. I felt it was time to extend it in my professional space at well,” she says. A few days back, Dalljiet joined Sanaya Irani, Barun Sobti, Akshay Dogra to celebrate seven years of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. She played his sister on the show.  Would she be like to be a part of a reboot season? “The show’s craze is totally international. If someone makes a new season with the same cast and asks me, I will just ask when do I have join in. It will be amazing to shoot together once again. But I feel a show like that cannot be remade. It just feels like it was yesterday when we were shooting for the show. It has been aired in 55 nations and every year I heard four new countries are added to the list. I am so thankful to God for it,” she gushes.

The lady picked up her life after separating from husband Shaleen Bhanot. She says she is lucky to have BFFs in the industry. “I have so many friends whom I can call up and ask for some advice. If Barun does not pick up the call, Pashmeen (Barun’s wife) will or Sanaya. My list of friends is endless. When I was restarting, mujhme ek zid thi, aur ek umeed thi (I have adamant and hopeful) to do a good job. I love acting. Being a mom should not stop anyone. I am happy that Ekta saw me as a cute romantic character,” says the lady. Dalljiet credits her parents for her comeback as they have been caring for Jaydon. “I know my son is in safe hands,” she says.

Though she is open to remarriage, Dalljiet says she is wary of actors and dating. “I am very wary of dating an actor. When if guys are interested, they see it on my face that I am very cautious. I take four steps backwards. My parents are groom-hunting and I am working. I won’t look in that direction anymore,” she says.

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