Dont You think My love deserves a chance ?

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Jun 20

Dont You think My love deserves a chance ? (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 34 times)


She walked solely on the road at midnight not knowing what destiny is store in for her.  Pain was the word which received from the start. Pain that she took smilingly for everyone where now no one stood by her side to share her pain or console her. She didn't expect her arnavji to also do like this for her which she was confident enough. He chose sheetal and aarav over her , how could he ?. How can he think of me like that. How can he think that I was also like my Amma.  She don't deserves to be called  Amma but what can I do.  She raised me . She chose payal over me but it's ok. I am habituated of this things happening day to day in my life. I gave her my mother's anklets as my only treasure asking to take care until I pay back the amount she spent on me vowing to Amma that I will never meet her where all the things would reach by post . I have thought a lot about future but not about what I am going to do now. How will i and my baby will tackle all the problems.  I promise you baby. I will take care of you a lot more better than all these people. It is better for you to stay out of these people's world. With a light determination of having her child has a hope she started walking and found to be devasted seeing a few men following her. Her heart beat rose fastly not able to control it. She started running over the road where the few men chased her...

A few minutes later . Bang. She was about to be hit by a car where she fell unconscious with the sudden shock where the car halts to a break, Seeing the girl who was almost to be hurt by the car.  Two man and a women hurry out of the car worriedly and the most shocked was the person who was driving the car to see the fragile girl, his bestie in this condition ..

The goons stopped seeing she fainted and surrounded by 2 to 3 people and proceeded back the way they came before being noticed by them.....

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How was the prologue ?
Jun 20

Part- 1 (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 36 times)

Thank you all for your comments. Hope you enjoy this update..

Khushi walked towards the down the stairs to quench her thirst where her jug in the room was entry. She don't have any emotions in her eyes as she is tired. She needs an assurance badly. She knows arnav loves her. she afraid of everyone complementing sheetal and aarav as a family. she feels afraid that she and her baby will get this place or not. she didn't want to say those words to arnav to choose her or sheetal. But she badly needs his one answer that he will go beyond for her to any extent. This Is what she expects. But none understands her except her sister payal. She came from the school rushing here seeing me over there. I felt solace after a lot of time where my true feelings about all of them were expected. She did speak against my family when Mamiji spoke against me of not doing work properly and conveyed that we were bahu's and not servants.

Filling the water from the RO purifier she drinks a 2 glass of water fully. She then fills her jug with water and turns. She finds anjali shyam Manohar jha coming along with dadi towards her. khushi senses something bad is going to happen with these 2 people as she feels bad vibes from few days.

Dadi comes towards her and takes the jug which was on khushi' hand. Khushi winces seeing dadi's action. Get out of the house khushi exclaimed dadi. khushi stood shocked. what are you speaking dadi interrogated khushi. yes khushi, you shall get out of the house today as arnav has chosen sheetal and aarav over you as he realized aarav is his son. What the rubbish you are speaking dhi. Go and sleep and stop blabbering you two replied khushi.

Oh poor khushiji, you don't understand. Saale sahaab doesn't want you in your life anymore and told us to do the rights of sending you out interrupted shyam who entered the kitchen with a wicked smile. khushi controlled over her emotions to not to believe their talks. Jijaji, its night , whatever we have to talk will take place tomorrow. please now let me go. she tries to leave where as dadi holds her hands. come to reality khushi. he doesn't need you anymore said dadi.

I don't believe you dadiji said khushi strongly. You are saying I am telling lies? What can I expect from the girl of a mother who had an illegimate affair said dadi. what dadi asked khushi shocked at this Revelation. Your mother was the another women in arnav's father life. khushi stood numbed not able to take the reality. Her mother has never told about these things.

So you will also inherit your mother's way only right? that is why he wants you out of the house. he thinks you as.. stop it.. my arnavji will not speak like this. he wont do this. don't you think he wont do it when your mom is the reason for his mother's death said Dadi.

You useless girl dadi holds her shoulder. You are being exactly like your mother . a gold wrecker who is here to spoil our life's happiness. Why did you come over here and destroy all our happiness. I got to know your colors when you blamed damadji of how you trapped him. he didn't fall so used arnav. you think I don't know anything. don't act innocently saying , I believe my arnavji. he wont do like this.

Yes dadi. you are saying correct. She blackmailed my shyamji into her play and now trapped chote. khushi looks at them blankly not showing any emotion. Yes rani saheba. You are saying correct. He shows his fake concerns. She wants our money. she will do anything for that. even if she want she will sleep with..

Just shut up shyam jha she snapped. I heard a lot. not anymore. She engulfs her tears in herself to the deep of her heart. may be your mom might have died anjali jha but she will feel pain in her heart seeing you all like this using her name for this. your son is to be blamed dadiji for having an affair and not my mom or ratna ma

Don't tell ratna as you mom , you **** girl replied dadi. I am leaving this house for ever and note this subadra devi, anjali jha and shyam jha. You will face my wrath of speaking ill about me and my character and arnav too was with you right. he will also face the wrath of it.

She turned to leave where as anjali interrupeted. Don't go to guptas as they have cut the ties with you having the fear of payal bot being at her sasural.

Khushi gulped her throat dryly not looking back she managed her tears and went out without seeing them a second

She walks fastly out of the house not able to tolerate the pain growing in her heart. amma and buaji also did the same to her.

She walked towards the main road slowly not knowing what to do.

That time a auto comes and stops beside her. garima gets down of the auto teary eyed. Khushi betiya. She tries to cup her cheeks. Khushi moves backwards. Nahi. Stay away from me said khushi sternly. I am helpless khushi. I cant risk payal's life khushi. they blackmailed me khushi. I cant do anything as payal's life is involves said garima. I am always the last when everyone comes to you amma. I sacrificed my happiness for others but now , I don't have anyone ot also support by my side. Why did you act showing that you love me amma? Instead from childhood you could have treated me worse such that these things atleast now would have not pricked my soul. Kyun amma? I took all the blames for you today when they framed me as a gold digger girl and they told I can go to any extent to sleep with anyone to get money. am I really that amma?

Garima cries seeing the broken state of her daughter. she did wrong with her. garima kneels down crying. Maaf kardo khushi. please.

This is the situation , I faced amma when arnavji married me. I was blackmailed to marry him if not he will stop payal's marriage. I too begged you to believe me that day

Garima looked shocked with the revelation. this girl has done this much for their family and they.. she was ashamed of herself.

Khushi!.. don't worry amma, I wont intrude in your life. I wont come to guptas or stay in contact with you such that dhi lives happily.

Khushi bends down to remove her mother's anklets which was taken by shashi on the accident happened where only he got her mother's anklets and no other information.

She took garima's hands and kept the anklets in her hand. This is the most important treasure of mine. I will get it from you once , I pay all the expenses I caused to you amma. If , in any situation in future , some situation arises also we don't need to meet . I will send you a address at that time when I clear all my debts towards you , then you send me this one. Until that keep it safe with you. good bye amma..

She turns and walks away where as garima shouts " khushi don't do this"

Khushi didn't turn back at her shout. She wont let go of herself at this scream.

Garima sat there devasted and broken not able to bear khushi's words. She proceeded back to gupta house in the same auto.

Khushi wandered solely in the road not knowing what to do. she walks meanwhile she senses someone following her. she turns back and sees 2 to 3 man following her. her heart beat started rising rapidly, fearing of something bad will happen. She starts walking fastly ans turned back to find them also walking faster. She started running praying that nothing should happen to her and her child. she came to main road . she was seeing back and running where she failed to see the car approaching her. she turns front and get shocked seeing the car almost to hit her and that car halted in a sudden break stopping just few inches before her. she immediately fell unconscious getting the shock.

The goons turned to the main road and swa 2 to 3 men approaching her. they feared of getting caught so returned back.

Two men and a women came out. the person who drived the car bent down to turn her to view the face . he got shocked seeing his bestie, his bhabi, his sister in that state. he was none other than nk. He immediately took her in his las safely. adarsh, this is my bhabi, mere nanav ki wife hai said nk. he tried to wake her by patting he rcheeks but no use.

Adarsh got a clear view of her while nk moved a little side. He also gets shocked seeing that girl as he was the one who saved her in the temple today. nk, I told you na, I saved a girl from falling. This is the girl. I admitted her in the hospital said adarsh. Nk didn't know what to do. he was just blank. How can she be out in the mid night alone? how did nannav allow her?

Lets take her to hospital nk said swadeentha. Nk nods and lifts her and places her in the back seat comfortably leaving swadhu with her. he took the driver seat and proceeded to hospital fastly.

In raizada's mansion.

At terrace

Shyam's phone rings and shyam answers the phone in 1st ring itself. What happened ? you kidnapped her asked shyam eagerly. No boss. We weren't able to kidnap her as she was hit by a car , I guess and 2 to 3 persons were there helping her. we cant do anything said the goon. You useless men , get lost shyam said angrily and cut the call. He got angry for not getting khushi again. he again lost her. his plan again failed except that he will enjoy raizada's wealth and not his love. he , anjali and dadi had done this all to get rid of khushi as she will be an interference in all this matters. So they brought a character of sheetal with her son aarav to create a play of aarav being arnav son. The plan went successful and sheetal also joined them as she wants to marry arnav, to be a billionare's wife, and she will obey into their commands not like khushi who will intervene unnecessarily in these matters and the next reason is anjali is possessive of him. she loves him a lot and cant see him with anyone. She got angry and frustrated when she came to know on that day when khushi blamed me infront of everyone. She wanted to punish her for that reason also, so she started hating her more from that incident by showing up a fa├žade of being sad infront of everyone. I went mad in convincing her that I loved only her and khushi herself told that she loves him. I got mad with her twisting question of why I went to her house as PG? I told some case related work so have to be there in the locality so I took their house and she is trying to frame him as she came to know , I have kidnapped arnav. it was our plan to get arnav kidnapped and get his property, ah this khushiji spoiled everything. I thought , I got so close to her , she too acted like anjali where anjali plays it every day by her innocence. Huh , this mad women is driving me crazy. If khushi have been her in this place , she would have been silent and she anjali jha , a monster. He really wants to leave her but is there because of the property. she sees him and khushi closer at the time of kidnap of arnav she got too much angry that she blasted at him. he controlled her some how and presented her the roses as to soothe her. what an acting he have to do just for this property and wealth. After getting what he wants , he will flee away to his khushiji and have a happy life. he is angry at her for spoiling his game but his desire for her is bigger than anything. he will get her at any cost.

He phoned the goons to ask them to check every hospital of where she is admitted. He cant let go of this chance of getting her anyhow.

With an evil smile shyam was gazing at the stars in the moon in terrace where anjali jha his wife happily came in with a cup of sweet. She didn't listen any of his phone conversation. Shyamji, we knocked off our trouble said anjali happily. She said feeding him. Yeah, rani saheba , we did it. he smiles at her .

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Jun 26

Part -2 (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 34 times)

Nk was driving the car and adarsh at front where swadeentha made her lie on her laps. She was worried of her. I don't know what happened adarsh, why she is at this time , that too mid night wondering alone. She is really a stupid. How did nannav leave her ??

Her face looks so depressed nk. I think some problem may be said swadeentha. Can i call nannav and inform asked nk. No , let her first admit her in the hospital then we will think anything else said adarsh. Nk nodded.

They soon reached the hospital and. Nk rushes to pull out a stretcher and takes her inside. She was taken in by the nurse inside the emergency ward and nk, adarsh and swadeentha waiting outside.

In the other side .

Anjali laying in her husband's arms. How are we going to pacify arnav asked Anjali as she knows if he smells a little he may find everything out .

I have written a letter and kept on his room. You will see tomorrow morning . What if he doesn't believe asked Anjali . He will surely believe down worry said shyam. Hmm said Anjali..

Sheetal on the other hand was quite happy for everything. She is going to get her money as well as arnav too which she has done everything. She wishes that arnav soon forgets khushi and should marry her .

Dadi was also happy as now everything will be under their control. Yeah she killed rathna and aravind to get hold of the properties conspiring against them with the help of arnav's chacha . Plan was to use garima as a bait. Which she did . She pretended to be in ashram in turn she was at sheesh mahal enjoying all the luxurious. She lost her palace when arnav purchased sheesh mahal . She was forced to go to a ashram . In turn she planned for the correct time of entry where shyam was also the same minded. The most shocking thing was of Anjali 's wish for the properties. Anjali 's madness. Her grand daughter was also same like her. But what is the question is why she is behaving like this . I don't even understand , if she asks arnav , he will readily give her all the properties. Why instead she is staying with them. I got this doubt many times but I slid it off from my mind. Now our major aim is to make arnav dance into our tunes....

Doctor after checking khushi came it of the ward. She is fine , just stressed out . She fainted due to shock and proper care is to be taken care as she is pregnant said the doctor. What asked nk shocked . His bhabi is pregnant?? He asked. Oh you don't know,Take care and once she wakes up you can discharge her. If you want you can go and see her said that doctor and he left. Nk went in and got a little sad seeing his bhabi and his bestie in this state. He sat beside her , holding her hands. He loves her a lot no matter how much arnav does. He now loves her like a sister that is the difference between then and now. Adarsh and swadeentha stood beside him seeing her .

We will postpone the trip adarsh , we will leave after some days to California said nk. Adarsh nodes his head.

After 1 hr

Khushi blinked her eyes trying to open them but she couldn't do. At last after trying s lot she opened her eyes slowly where the hospital lights hit her eyes. She closes her eyes again and slowly opens it again trying to see what is around her .

Seeing khushi opening her eyes, nk was very happy. Khushi sees nk and is shocked. Nanheji saying this she tried to get up . Nk helps her to get up properly. What happened khushiji, don't you have sense ?? Why do you wander in the mid night like that ? What would happen if I didn't come on the right time??.

I am sorry nanheji , I ... She gulped her saliva. Your brother threw me out of the house saying that he wants sheetal in his life. They all think that I am there for their money and I am ready to sleep with.. she couldn't speak anything meanwhile nk hugs her.

No khushiji, who told like that ?? Shyam and even dadi and Anjali supported. They told I did magic on pulling shyam to me when I didn't do that I went to arnav. Shh. He whispered. You are not like that Said nk. Garima was the other women in arnav's father lives so he thinks I am also responsible in one or the other way. How could they say I am like my mother when my mother is dead along with my father and 2 sisters in the deadly accident. I wish , why I didn't die along with them. I wish I was dead nk. I wish she sobbed hardly. Its ok khushi. I am there .

Adarsh and swadeentha who was outside came into see whether she got up. They both entered. Khushi looked at them . She could recognize adarsh as she knows that it was him who scared her yesterday at the temple. You asked Khushi.

Khushi , they both are my bestie where I am helping them as they both came out of their houses as their parents didn't agree for their marriage said nk. How are you now asked adarsh . I am fine said khushi blankly .

I have to leave nk said khushi. Where you are going to go asked nk. Don't know , have tfo search myself in this journey. Do you know that khushiji , you are pregnant said swadeentha. Khushi sat blankly as she knows this.

You knew asked nk . Khushi nods. You wanted to die with this child asked nk a little angrily. Khushi nods no . You are coming with me, ok? It is my responsibility to take care of you. How much days nanheji, I can depend upon you, I dont want to be a burden on you said khushi. You are not a burden on me khushi , you are my dear sister whom I got . Hereafter adarsh and swadeentha will also be your brother and sister. We all will be a family khushi . I won't let you go alone , did you get it.

He is hundred percent right khushiji, we all will be a family hereafter said adarsh. Khushi nods her head in acceptance . We will discharge and go to hotel room now saying this he leaves to talk with receptionist.

At the reception counter. Few man were asking for some latest admission of a girl by showing a photo of khushi. Nk gets stunned when they show khushi's photo and enquire. He don't know what to do. He signalled the receptionist not to tell anything to which she nodded and sent off that men.

Nk came to the receptionist. I wanted you to delete the records if the patient named khushi . Sorry sir, I can't do it. Please as her life is in danger by the people whom you sent away. If you do this , it will be a great help asked nk ok sir, as you are insisting upon , I am doing this against hospital rules. Thank you so much and prepare for her discharge said nk receptionist nodded and the discharge procedures were ended. He took khushi with him along with adarsh and swadeentha and checked into a hotel...

The next day 

Morning 7 am

Arnav woke up out of his sleep. He tries to hold khushi but she wasn't there. He gets up immediately from his bed . Khushi he called. But no response. He checks if she is in washroom no. He thought she might have gone down and proceeded towards his cupboard to change where his eye's caught some letter in the table. He went and picked up the letter. His hands trembled a little.

Dear arnavji,

I know when you see this letter , I would have gone far. I can't see you always being with sheetal. It hurts me , it breaks me every moment . But to be in fact , that is correct . I realized it that you are connected to him as he is really your son . I want you to accept him whole heatedly and so sheetal as your wife. I asked you to chose me or sheetal . But I am saying you that forget me and move on with sheetal as I knew the pain of being without a father. I don't want aarav to go threw the pain arnavji. I knew , I took right decision. Don't ever come in front of me arnavji. I hate you now for destroying my life

Good bye ...

Arnav sits down with a thud hugging the letter tightly. Tears rolled in his eyes. Why can't she believe him . What the can't she believe that aarav is not his son . He and sheetal never had the relationship. I know , I failed to pacify her when needed , don't she have a percent trust also on me. I will search you khushi and will bring you for sure. You cannot escape from me. Before that I will clear the sheetal and aarav 's mess over here. I will bring you back and show you how it hurts to not believe the one you love .

Arnav closed his eyes. He now realised how khushi would have felt when he didn't believe khushi. When he failed to believe she was innocent on the matter of shyam. History is repeating and he won't let the fate to take over them. He did wrong by making her insecurities to develop by not being with her, encouraging sheetal to come close to him and she did wrong by leaving him. He did wrong , he will apologize. She also did wrong she should also apologize. He knows what he has to do and where he has to go. He set out to take a coat and went to refresh..

He comes down with his three piece suit . Anjali wantedly started the talk . Chote, where is khushiji she exclaimed . Dhi, she left me and went said arnav blankly . What Nani asked shocked . Haan Nani she left and went as she thinks that aarav is my son and she says sheetal, I and aarav should live as a family said arnav . What asked mami shocked . Yeah , you all are the reason for her leaving said arnav . Dadi said how can we be responsible arnav , speak correctly . If you have stopped the blabberings of comparing aarav and me then this would have never happen. If you have not compelled me to go to aarav's school she would have been her by now. I did wrong. I should have denied even though she tried to deny.

Payal was looking at arnav a little angrily . You came to realize now when she left you arnavji asked payal. You all were behind that sheetal , and you are getting your voices now. You could have sent her outside yesterday itself arnavji when she asked to decide who you want . You were silent at that time and what difference it makes now when she left you ??

Arnav was silent as he took all the accusations. Sheetal came along with aarav with a happy smile. Hi everyone she said . Get out of my house sheetal said arnav angrily . Get out of this place immediately. Sheetal stood shocked. Arnav uncle said aarav. Chote ,what you are saying is very wrong said Anjali . Nani was silent as she didn't understand anything happening. I know what I am doing dhi and I can't tolerate one percent also for this women staying here said arnav boldly.

Enough of this arnav . Heard a lot.. I don't want any words to be spoken. Sheetal will stay here as I am also sure that aarav is your son said dadi firmly. All gets shocked with her words . Yes arnav , he is your son said sheetal teary eyed trying to gather everyone to her attention. Anjali walked towards her. You are saying the truth Asked Anjali . Yeah said sheetal. Aarav is arnav's son . Nani stumbled back. She looked at arnav in shocked but his eyes spoke different. His eyes weren't upset or sad but was firm sure. She knows her grandson more than anything . His eyes speaks a lot . Chote said Nani. I trust you she said firmly. I don't think so aarav is your son she said .

Arnav smiles a little at his Nani. How can you believe him Nani asked shyam , who was silent still now. I know about my grand son more than anyone else damadji , it is better that you stay out of it said Nani a little a angrily.

How can you speak to shyamji like this Nani ?? He is my husband and has all the rights over to speak said Anjali . All is khushi 's fault. She only put the blame on shyam unnecessarily said Anjali a little angered.....

So , I gave a hint in dadi's pov. Hope you got it. What is the hint??

I have decided that this will be a little different of that of previous one . A small changes made.. hope you like it ..

Whom do you think is at fault arnav or khushi or both ??

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Jun 30

Part -3 (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 27 times)

All of them stood shocked at Anjali 's accusation. Mera patni woh dhi said arnav who can't bear the accusations of his baby wife whatever fight they may have . He did wrong of not supporting her but not now .

She is saying correct arnav , you are blinded by her love and I can't let your son stay away from you. So my decision is you would marry sheetal as that witch left you alone said dadi

She is not a witch and she has a name khushi kumari Gupta singh raizada mera biwi hai woh said arnav furiously gazing at dadi .

How dare you can speak against Me like this ?? Asked dadi . How the hell you can speak about my wife like this ?? Asked arnav . I dont want to hear anything else , you are going to marry sheetal said dadi. Aarav is not my son spitted out arnav .

saleesahab , aarav is your son only said shyam. I hid from you as i wish that your family shouldnt be affected with my and aarav's presence said sheetal with little teary eyed. This sense should have been in you before you entered this mansion sheetal. Sheetal looked down as she couldnt say anything. Chote said anjali. Dhi just stay out of it , dont try to intervene as usual. I did a mistake that time and now no words. You all want proof so , i am going to give proof thta aarav is not my son and stop this bloody comparison right now. He strode off from the hall and left taking his car rudely..

He first went into gupthas as he know she might be there . He rang the bell and buaji opened the door. Khushi is here asked arnav . She is not here beta , she would be there only right said buaji . She didn't come here yesterday Night asked arnav .. No said buaji. Arnav stood shocked . If not here where she has went ., What if something happens to her . Why to go out in the mid Night , she really don't have any senses ..

Garima called buaji and garima came out of the room hurriedly. What happened asked garima . Khushi is not at home said buaji . Garima just stood shocked as she knows the reason fully. She can't let any harm in her daughter's life .

"Then what about your another daughter Khushi's life . You left the when she needed you,When she needs a mother . You were not her mother from the first place , how can you show your affection for a girl who you got in the middle of the road mocked her mind ..."

This girl is bound to make out head's fall low for sure said buaji accusing Khushi . Arnav closed his eyes . Buaji , don't speak about Khushi like that said arnav . What happened in the house arnav asked buaji. Some chaos happened and she left me with a letter said arnav . I don't know what is got in her brain said buaji . It was my mistake buaji , don't blame her like this.

"Alas if he did support her like this then this situation would never have come"

Buaji was shocked by arnav's words . Buaji, I promise you , I will mend everything . I will find khushi said arnav. Garima why are you silent, why aren't you saying one word too asked buaji. Ji , I am hell worried about her said garima . Ok aunty , I am leaving now , take care of Shashi uncle saying this he strode off away..

A leap of 2 months .

Khushi ,nk, adarsh and swadeentha reached California before 45 days. It was just a new place for khushi ,new environment , new people . She was changed . She started wearing Kurtis and leggings instead of her pom pom dresses .

They four just lived in a small 3 bed room flat where she was provided a room . She and adarsh shares a good bond now . He was her brother like nk. She loved them both equally. Nk and adarsh would leave for job where as she would be left alone with swadeentha . She calls her swadhu bhabi ..

It was evening . Nk and adarsh returned off.from their job in the office . Khushi , get ready we would leave to mall for shopping said adarsh. He and nknahd their coffee given by swadhu where khushi came out. I am not coming said khushi . Oh come on khushi , we will have a great fun together said nk . Come on khushi said swadeentha too compelling her ..

Ok , I will come said khushi . Thank God , come saying this all left in their car.

At mall

Khushi was getting the provisions from the store as each of them and decided to get some stuffs as planned . She was grabbing the sugar , salt packets meanwhile some one hugged her from behind.

Hey motti called that person hugging her. You smell different , what's up baby. I know you are angry but I am sorry na, it is like you have put weight in just a week asked that person teasing her a little .

Khushi gets shocked and numbed. She just pushes him off angrily . Nk , adarsh she shouts fearly..

What happened Reenu baby , don't say you are amira said that person .

Nk comes rushingly towards her and hugs her . She was shivering a little . Khushi , it's ok . Swadeentha kept her hands on khushi's head. Adarsh holds that persons collars. How dare you try to touch my sister asked adarsh angrily..

Hey who are you and this is between me and my fiancee said that person angrily .

Hey who is whose fiance asked adarsh.

Meanwhile a girl wearing jeans and a loosw t shirt came there with her hand bag.

She was shocked to see vinay in that condition. She goes and frees him from adarsh by sliding off adarsh from him. She went and stood beside him. She gets numbed to see a girl exactly like her in front of her .

You are here then who is she , amira , why are you crying this much asked vinay .

Khushi was also shocked to see herself , exact replica of her opposite to her. They were alive and left her alone to fight in this world with this selfish people was the thought running in her mind . By not able to get through the shock she just fainted just in nk's embrace . Khushi , khushi said nk trying to cup her face in walking her up .

Khushi whispered Reena in shock . How can it possible . Can it be her , was she really her sister asked her mind to herself . She gets shocked seeing she just fainted in nk's arms.

Nk carries her meanwhile vinay stops him. What do you want asked swadeentha . I will check her , I am a doctor said vinay . Nk ,adarsh and swadeentha looked at each other . Don't worry he is a chief doctor in the hospital . Vinay check her please said Reena . Vinay nods his head. Go and fetch my bag from the car , take this car sky said vinay and Reena left hurriedly .

Nk makes her lie in the sofa available in the mall which visitors are given to take days with continuous shopping. Vinay checks her . Any complications for her asked vinay checking her pulse. She is 2.5 months pregnant said adarsh . What asked vinay shocked . Yes so what's the problem asked nk . Nothing , but she looks so stressed out said vinay . We knew but she is much better than before said swadeentha .

Reena came in with his bag. Vinay takes his sthescope and checks her . He then games an injection form she bag and injects her . No problem just fainted out of shock said vinay . No problem right asked nk worriedly . No problem just bring her tomorrow to the hospital for her check up said vinay .

Thank you so much said adarsh . Hey it's ok , I thought it to be she , my fiance Reena mathur said vinay . I shouldn't have behaved with you like this as I am over protective towards her . She is our sister said adarsh . Its ok young man cool said vinay . I am Reena mathur said Reena smiling at them . How come you both are looking the same asked nk . Not 2 but another one is also there  said reena. What asked swadeentha shocked . Ok we will talk about that later , just take care of her said vinay and he takes reena along with him and leaves .

Nk, khushi ,adarsh and swadeentha reaches home where nk left her in her bed room to lay comfortably .

I don't understand what is going said nk . Yeah 3 khushi's , I can't watch it said adarsh . We don't need to pester her asking who was she , let her take rest and tomorrow let us go to hospital for sure . We need to take care of her said swadeentha . Yes you are right swadhu said adarsh.

Khushi wakes up from the bed. She sees the environment has changed. She reached home from that of mall .

She comes out and sees all he three watching TV together . She went directly into kitchen. Her mind was pestering her a lot to which she can't control it . She started making jelabis and was making continuously .

The trio heard the noises in the kitchen. We can see khushi furiously making out jelabis where her hair was made to bun. She was just burning all her thoughts by trying those jelabis .

They were alive yet they left her and never tried to find about her . How can they do this . Might be they also thought as her burden , who would like to have 3 girl child that is why . Everyone are selfish be behave like that only . She won't give a damn look to them never ever ..

Wow jelabis khushi aiad adarsh dreamingly coming inside where others were standing at the door and seeing the drama.

Adarsh tried to take one where khushi beat his hand . Mine shouted khushi . It is not good for you and your baby to eat this much jelabis khushi so give me one said adarsh .

No , like me , my child also loves jelabis and she is asking me to feed her more jelabis said khushi . What if he is diabetes like nannav asked nk .

Swadeentha beat nk with her hands. Mad nk whispered swadeentha .

My child won't be any way related to that man shouted khushi angrily . Ok calm down khushi said nk holding her shoulders . Have this jelabis saying this he feeds her .

Adarsh naughtily took the plate off and ram away. Khushi got angered a lot . Adarsh this is cheating , how can you do this , give me back the jelabis she said running behind him who went into hall. Her bun got loosened letting her hair to flow fully till hwr waist.

He makes her mood alright said swadhu . Khushi is never like this , her mood swings I guess said nk smiling .

Meanwhile door bell rings and swadhu goes to open the door .

Adarsh , return back my jelabis to me , abhi said khushi

I am going to have this yummy jelabis saying this he starts munching it.

You traitor said khushi trying to pull back the plate .

You can't khushi said adarsh winking at her .

Khushi sits there in the sofa pouting and turning her face .

Adarsh smiles and sits in the floor . He feeds her the jelabis and she eats it as if she has never ever had jelabis in her life . Can a girl love jelabis to this much event is the questions raised in adarsh mind ..

That much jelabis are not that much good for you at this stage said vinay who was watching all the drama . There stood the whole family watching all the things . Khushi and adarsh stood up. Adarsh kept the plate full of jelabis in the table .

There stands Her mumma , Aisha mathur , her papa kiren mathur , her brother raghav mathur , her twin sisters amira and Reena mathur ..

She was just burning with rage and she took the jelabis plate started munching more jelabis in anger and rage .

Khushiji said nk grabbing the plate from her . Who are they nk , whoever it is please ask them to leave , I am very tired and need to rest said khushi .

Khushi , don't do like this said reena . You don't tell me to what to do and what not to do reena mathur , just go off silently said khushi sternly .

We didn't know about you said kiren . Oh so great , so you knew about me now right just leave this Josue and out of my life kiren mathur , please don't make my life so complicated said khushi .

Papa hai tum hare , don't speak like this said Aisha . You are all none to me get it , when I needed you a most , you left me . You left me to fight all the miseries alone where you all were leading a comfortable life over here but I was rotting there . All were selfish and used me such that I couldnt recognize correct persons too . I was betrayed and betrayed again and again . Do you know why because everything is because of you . You made a drama that you were dead and did all this . How could you do this asked khushi with teary and broken voice .

Khushi said swadeentha hugging her. Its ok baba , leave this one , you get too emotional. You are health is already Not good . . Swadeentha made khushi sit in the sofs

Aisha bends down and sits before her . We didn't know that you were alive , we thought you were dead in that accident said Aisha cupping her eyes .

How can I believe you asked khushi .

Look at my eyes khushi , is their any false , am I telling lies asked Aisha . Khushi starts crying . Aisha hugs her . Its ok , don't cry said Aisha consoling her .

I missed you a lot said Khushi crying . We all too missed you beta, it wasn't easy for us . That day we all lost the smile of our house said Aisha caressing her hair .

You won't leave like that garima Amma left me for her daughter . You won't right asked Khushi . You are my daughter Khushi why would I leave you asked Aisha .

May be you left me in future then I won't be able to bear it said khushi . I won't and I promise you said Aisha.

Kirwn too bends and sits with Aisha . Can you leave me to be with my daughter Aisha asked kiren. Kiren you ate jealous with me and my daughter so bad said Aisha . Khushi giggles .

Khushi goes to a kiren and hugs him. He caresses her hair smoothly. You have a lenghthy hair compared to them both who cut the hair saying modern . Khushi chuckles at his statement . I don't like to cut my hair said Khushi smiling .

You forgot us both said Amira . Khushi stands up and hugs them both .

I am vinay , reena's fiancee said vinay . Hello said Khushi .

Raghav , where is raghav asked Khushi . He is in Canada for a meeting and will be here tonight said Aisha . Is he married asked khushi . Yeah naina , his wife name . She also went with her said Amira.

You won't introduce them all asked Reena. This is nk my brother , adarsh my brother and this swadeentha my bhabi.

Great to see you all said kiren . So pack your bags all of you and you are going to stay with us here after said Amira .

No , we four are comfortable here said Khushi . Don't you want to stay with us asked kiren .

I don't want to make your head bow down papa , I am pregnant and my husband is not with me . I know you won't be able to bear this society talks so I prefer to stay with them .

Why are you speaking like this khushi asked Aisha .

I am speaking practical said Khushi.

Khushi , you are speaking wrong said Reena .

I know how the people speaks and I can't do this Reena , I just want to be in a peaceful environment and I guess this is the best place said khushi sternly ..

God knows who is going to bring the to the form ????

At the same place of California few km away from the apartment arnav Singh raizada was driving back to his guest house after a hetic meeting. It has been 2 months since he didn't see her. Not even a glance at all . Her pictures were the one which made him feel too close to her . Arnav Singh raizada had a pure determination , determination that one day he will find her . When he will find her he won't let her go from him at all . He will make sure she is binded to him ever. No sheetal fiasco or shyam fiasco or dadi's fiasco will come to the way this time . Not even dhi can use him as a bait . He hates her now . She did everything for their betterment but she just made the situation worse. She did wrong with khushi and he will never forgive her for that at all .

What do you think about arnav's angriness to Anjali ???

Is Anjali good or bad ??

Will arnav and khushi meet ??

Who will convince khushi to live with mathurs??

Will post what happened in RM for these 2 months in next update .....

Do comment and give your likes a d feel free to ask questions

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Arnav singh raizada entered his guest house . He takes out his coat he wore and threw it in the sofa .

He took out of the picture of khushi taken on the fashion shoot . Wish that he just opened his feelings that day itself such that they couldn't have come to this much level . He misses her hazel nut eyes , her non stop talkings , her anklet noise , her bangles sound , her cute long hair , her laal cheeks everything. Now he is missing his baby growing on her womb . His baby . He want to feel his baby's movement . Her each and stage . He knows it is going to be a girl for sure .

He wish he could change everything. That day if he had not slept then this wouldn't have never happened . Sheetal ,shyam ,anjali,dadi were solely the reason for everything . He remembers everything what happened after he left Gupta's house ...

Arnav orders aman to do a back ground check on sheetal, dadi and shyam. He insist on shyam as he needs a clear picture of what his plans are this time . He needs to throw the trash sheetal out of the house at any cost . Why is dadi, shyam are hell bent to make me believe that aarav is my son . Something is not done over here. Something is fishy. I will find it out ....

Finally his brain is set to work at the correct direction ..

He didn't go to shantivan house back . He stayed in his pent house . He stayed for 1 week at that place attending office from there . He got various calls from the house but he ignored .

Akash used to ask him but he usually used to divert him with office works ..

One day in that week payal stormed off into his cabins where he was on a meeting . He asked all to leave where he and payal was alone left ..

Got any information about my sister asked payal

No payal , I didn't get any lead said arnav

This shouldn't have happened to her arnavji , you atleast should have stood by her . You are a coward said payal .

Did you come from home to here to say this asked arnav .

No , I wanted you to say you something said payal .

What asked arnav.

Your dadi said my Amma to not accept khushi when she comes to of the house said payal .

Excuse me asked arnav .

Khushi didn't leave the house wantedly arnavji , I think dadi is in this plan , they made her leave this house . Shyam and sheetal may be also in this plan said payal .

Are you sure asked arnav .

Connect all the things arnavji , the trio are always against khushi and plan you too bring close to aarav and show sheetal is a better person than khushi . You didn't find these all fishy asked payal ..

That is why I asked aman to do a back ground check and I will receive the report soon said arnav .

About khushi asked payal ..

Search is going on payal said arnav.

Please arnavji , mujhe meri Behan chaiye , I want to be with her when she is in her life 's most important stage said payal .

What stage asked arnav questioningly.

Oh you never knew , she tried to to tell you happily at that day when you went with aarav as his father said payal

What asked arnav .

I have taken the promise from her arnavji and I can't tell you .

Payal please tell me what it is . I didnt let her speak at all that day and it ended up on a fight. Payal tell me what it is ? Asked arnav

She is pregnant arnavji said payal closing her eyes .

Arnav got numbed for a moment . Is it real. He is going to be a father . His happiness was beyond the world . He couldn't believe the words payal said .

Are you telling real asked arnav

I saw her reports arnavji , she fainted in temple and she phoned you to inform you to come to the hospital but you were busy in the function . So she herself went through the test and she came there to tell you the news first . But she got really hurt seeing you there with aarav.. I dont know what went through her mind but she left crying . I went behind her as I was the only one who saw her and after that you knew the drama what happened said payal

Arnav was now feeling how he had badly hurted with his actions . His mistake when he knew she was unsecured but he went with aarav. He is really a mad. He failed to realise happenings around him . He is a mad such that he couldnt even enjoy the happiness of his baby with this wife . He destroyed her wish to say him first..

You forgiven me payal asked arnav.

I have trust on you arnavji after you took my sister side . I have full trust on you said payal.

You told garima aunty didn't let khushi inside , I couldn't understand . How did you come to know asked arnav .

I heard dadi speaking today with shyam. I knew it is difficult to believe but please arnavji , trust me , I am telling the truth said payal

That is why garima aunty behaved weird when I asked about khushi . Do one thing , you go to Gupta house and try to get the truth out of her said arnav .

I dont know what happened to amma such that she obey this dadi's orders said payal.

Hmm , figure it out . I wonder where khushi is , is she safe ? I am really worried payal , she is in this state , I feel like .. said arnav fisting his hands .

Dont worry arnavji , my sister knows how to take care of her child . She is not that much clumsy when it comes to her deary ones said payal .

I hope she and my baby both are fine said arnav .

Arnavji , nk phoned today that he had reached California . He is with his friend said payal .

Don't inform about these chaos or he would be the first one to land up here . Let him focus on his company . We can manage over here said arnav .

Ok arnavji , I will go to Gupta house now said payal leaving his cabin .

I won't spare anyone who plotted against my khushi . I will make sure of it said arnav to himself with a determined look .

After 2 days he received the complete report. He was shocked . Shocked to the core . All were behind this planning . His dhi too . He didn't expect this from her at all ..

He storming drove his way to shantivan. He wont leave anyone now . They had enough ..

He opens the door harshly and finds his mami feeding aarav in her hands where as sheetal was sitting applying her nail polish .

If you finished applying your nail polish would you please get up from the sofa miss sheetal kapoor ..

Sheetal looked shocked . She stood with a stun.

Everyone comes down hearing the shout of him.

Hello hi bye bye arnav bituwa , what happened . Why you are shouting like this asked mami.

Chote , you are fine Na , I was worried not seeing you here for 1 week said Anjali . She cupped his cheeks .

Arnav strode off her hands

Don't come near me Anjali jha said arnav sternly .

Chote said Anjali shocked .

What happened to you arnav asked dadi .

I was wondering how you stayed silent still now dadiji said arnav ..

What are you speaking chote asked Anjali .

Ok listen everyone , aarav come here to me said arnav . Aarav goes to him .

Aarav , do you want to speak to your meera Amma , your orphanage mother asked arnav .

Really , you will really make me speak to her asked aarav excitedly .

Really aarav , aman called arnav and aman comes with meera the orphanage owner .

Meera Amma said aarav going and hugging her .

She is meera rat**** , head of the orphanage in which aarav is used to be said arnav .

All gets shocked .

What asked dadi .

Your plan failed dadi , how is it now asked arnav .

What plan asked mami.

Payal you called garima aunty, buaji here right asked arnav .

Ji arnavji as you messaged I have asked them to come and they would be here right now said payal .

The door bell rings. Garima and buaji enters.

Why have you called everyone now arnav asked dadi

To break your plan and drama . How can you think that you can get use of my wealth behind my back . So bad of you dadi , while devising the plans you never thought of the consequences. Consequences of going against arnav singh raizada .

Remember you are just my grand son and I am your grand mother, speak with manners with me said dadi .

I know what to speak to whom . You are a great liar. You came here just to get my properties and use it . You came here when shyam Manohar jha met you . You both together planned and re entered on the house . For this you used my dhi as a bait . You made her get aborted her baby and then do this . I got to know this just now . So you both planned that khushi would be a hurdle in you way as she was in the way when shyam kidnapped me . So there came the thought and dadi saw garima aunty in the functions of our marriage . Dadi threatened her to keep that she was the reason for the death of aravind and rathna Malik a secret . That is , I mean to say it was a full fledged plan to make my papa get in the web of garima aunty and then separate my mom and dad. But unfortunately it wasn't in your plan of them killing themselves which came in your favor . Not sensing that we both are your relation you just threw us away . You pretended that you were sad and went to the orphanage but you was with chacha and enjoying the luxurious. Is this theory correct dadi asked arnav with a stern and furious look

No , it is false said dadi .

Oh really , tell me garima aunty , she threatened you or not right . Tell it clearly, atleast now speak the truth aunty just for khushi said arnav .

Dammad ji saying is correct . Dadiji , blackmailed me . When we met on the function she asked me to stay silent or she would break khushi 's marriage saying that I was the other women in arnav's father life . She then phoned me 1 week back and ordered me to not accept khushi if she comes to Gupta house . I accepted but I couldn't bear it so I came hurriedly towards raizada mansion where on way I met her totally broken . I was selfish for payal's life over khushi . I thought payal's life shouldn't be affected because of khushi . I said sorry to her and instead she gave me her anklet to keep it as debt for bringing up her . I realised how selfish I was but I am helpless said garima

You loved us both equally Na Amma , how can you take decisions like this in haste ?? You are really not my Amma said payal

I am helpless payal , most helpless among everyone said garima

Ok , enough of this , so everyone listen, dadi and shyam together enter here together . Khushi was a obstacle so you clear her away was the drama made of sheetal and aarav. If I marry sheetal she would also be with them that is why this plan. They tried to bring similarities between me and aarav . They made him get trained like me . They brought him here . Everyone's comparison did not let khushi's mind in peace . She tried doing DNA test but I saw it and she tore it . I was harsh with her from that time and it lead to a fight between us where She asked me to choose whether sheetal or me and she itself decided and went away which is the theory according to the letter written by her , am I correct dhi asked arnav to Anjali.

Chote said Anjali numbed .

Spit out the truth dhi , you and I knew if you are Intrested in money then I would give you the whole with your single word . Why you did this stupid drama asked arnav .

Chote , you are right . I did this to destroy them both . They hurt my Raj Kumari and how can I leave them like this . They both killed my Raj Kumari with the plan . Do you knew why they were camera bills you asked because he had the credit card that time . He installed cameras everywhere . I got the video and i got shocked . He hurt me , fine but how the hell can he hurt my Raj Kumari . I came to know his truth on the day when shyam spoke about his truth to his friend on akash and payal 's marriage day . I got shocked . I didnt know nothing. I don't know what to do chote . So I devised a plan to make him fall on the trap . I acted like I love him . I helped him in your kidnap and also left clues for khushiji to find you . I know she would definitely help you . To gain more of his trust I went behind him when his truth was also revealed , just like how he used me to get my money such that I was showing him his dreams such that he gets his reality check very well. The most evil he did was of destroying my raj Kumari . I wanted revenge and I came to know from shyam that our parents died because of Dadi . I couldnt let her eaisly destroy our base and family just like that so I did the planning with her . I was sorry to do this to Khushi but to collect evidence against them it was my duty to do this . We four defamed her and sent her out chote where we left a letter behind such that she went thinking aarav is your son . But the reality is we told the characterless and you never wanted to be with her as you think aarav is your son and also she being garima aunty's daughter to whom , was your reason for your mother's death . I did this for our betterment of our family . If not we would have been in the middle of the road and they would again enjoy our status . I didn't want history to repeat chote said Anjali looking down.

Arnav was shocked listening the words from Anjali . They used him in sending her out. He couldnt bear it at all..

You don't have mercy dhi , that too at mid night , what will be her state, you too were so selfish dhi , where would she go in the middle of night when she didn't get even a shelter . You are really very worst dhi said arnav

I did for us chote , to get rid of them with whole evidences once for all said Anjali with teary eyed .

You could have told me dhi , if once you have consulted me before taking these stupid decision ,my wife would have been with me , my baby would have been with me .

Baby asked Nani ..

She was pregnant Nani and you all gave her too much pressure and I .. I too just blindly believed all your plans . Shame on all of you said arnav ..

Where is she now arnav bituwa asked Mami .

We don't know , search is going on said payal .

Shyam , sheetal and Dadi were the most shocked as they couldn't digest he fact that this tiny piece of emotional crack betrayed them . She proved to be arnav Singh raizada 's sister .

They could utter a word as their deeds all were broken out .

Chote, I knew I did wrong , you and khushiji punish me for that but before that I would like to give you all the evidences against these 3 saying this she leaves to her room and brings out the file .

Their confessions ,plans , everything is recorded , just make them get arrested said Anjali .

You betrayed us Rani saheba how could you do this ??? Asked shyam

Anjali goes and slaps shyam harshly . This is the result now for you to play with raizada's family emotions . You too Dadi now you can get all your luxurious in the jail now

You are not my grand daughter said Dadi .

Anjali chuckles. I am never ever you grand daughter ...

Aman had called the police already and the police arrested them 3 .

Arnav didn't have any words to say at all . For her selfishness how can she hurt his Khushi.

Mami and Nani were dumbed with the happenings.

Akash as usual made his way being silent

Arnav finally found his voice .

Meeraji , take aarav with you and it is my responsibility to take care of him said arnav .

Anjali goes towards aarav .

I am sorry aarav because of me you suffered a lot said Anjali .

It's ok Anjali aunty said aarav leaving along with Meera ..

You didn't do it correct Anjali said Mami

You didn't have the thought about my sister dhi , how could you . Mistake is entirely yours said payal

I felt i am right said Anjali .

Ok enough for today , I am leaving this house completely and will never ever come back said arnav sternly .

How could you stay like this arnav bituwa asked Nani

I cannot stay at this place any more . Leave me alone here after said arnav who stormed off into his room..

He left the house and never turned back . Payal would often phone her enquiring about arnav and also any updates of khushi .

Shantivaan became silent . No laugh or happiness . Anjali joined in office with Akash and they together manage the company in delhi .

Arnav was busy in his business trips and at last now in California 2 days ago where he is planning to settle there here after ....

If any mistakes do point it out and bear with my spelling mistake as it happens when typing it fast .

How will be arnav and khushi's meet ???? Any guesses .

Will arnav first really meet khushi or will meet Reena or Amira ..

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