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Jun 20

SAATH HOON TERE (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 56 times)


ACP Arnav Singh Raizada walked trough the corridor of his office with elegance. He is one of the most talented officer in the entire department. 100% success in each case, especially the mysterious ones. He never cared about the money nor the power. That’s why he gets transfers more often.

Arnav sighed. Once again he gets a transfer because of arresting one of the political leader. It’s his 13th transfer in the two years of service. But his wife Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada never complained about that. Rather she encouraged him to follow the truth. Arnav smiled at the thought of his wife.

With that smile he enters his office, or new office. All of them welcomed him and one man comes with a bouquet of flowers.

He salute him. "Welcome sir. I’m Inspector Aman Mathur."

Arnav gives him a curt nod and asked him to follow him to the cabin.

When he is settled finally Arnav asked the case records of the cases that didn’t completed yet. And immersed in the work.

Aman comes with a file. "Sir this is the most controversial case in the entire department".

Arnav become alert and starts reading the file more carefully.

It’s about a sadistic murderer who killed more than 18 people in one year. He killed 10 men and 8 women. Only two woman’s body was found. The autopsy report states that they were raped before killing. Nothing is known about the killer.

Arnav turn over the next page which contains the details of the people murdered. As he skip through the files he sees that all of the victims name start with the letter K. 

Arnav finds it strange and asked Aman."Is there any sign regarding the culprit at the place".

 Aman nodded." yes sir. Whenever he kills a person he wrote K with blood on a paper and sends it to their house. Before their kidnapping also he sends a teddy bear with k written on it."

Arnav closed his eyes and leaned on the chair thinking. So the criminal has some connection with k. It is going to be very difficult. None of the details is available about the criminal except the k factor.

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Jun 24

Chapter one: His Love (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 86 times)

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 Arnav once again read the file closely. He checked their profile and noted that all of them were youngsters to be precise less than twenty five yrs old. He closed his eyes thinking. This cannot be a random selection. There is some mystery behind it.

He calls for aman.

Aman come inside and salutes him. "Yes sir".

Arnav nodes at him. "Arrange meeting with the victims relatives. I need to meet each of them personally. This is not just a random selection aman. There is more to it".

Aman looked at him confusedly." But how sir. There is no relation between the victims". He said doubting.

Arnav sighed." May be they are not related by blood. But there is something which connects them to the killer. We need to find that. Then only we can catch the killer.".

Aman nodes his head." yes sir. I will arrange the meeting as soon as possible". Aman left from there leaving Arnav once again in his thoughts.


Khushi is preparing kheer for her husband happily." Today is his first day in office, or new office". She chuckled at the thought.

She turns off the stove and smells the aroma of the kheer." Arrey wah Khushi you are great. Arnavji will be gone today by the magic of your hands". She giggled to herself.

She quickly clean the kitchen and serves the kheer in a bowl glancing at the clock.

"Hey devi mayya,it’s 6 now. Arnavji said that he will come by 5. Where is he". She gets worried and picked her phone.

"Shall i call him". Then shakes her head negatively." Khushi he must be in some important work. Let’s wait for some more time". She sat on the hall looking at the clock and door time to time.

Suddenly she hears the door bell. She smiled and rushed to open the door. As she opens the door Arnav enters tired.

"Why are you late Arnavji". She asked immediately.

But arnav who was in deep thoughts didn’t hear her. He walked still thinking about the killer.

Khushi frowned at his weird behavior and shakes him. He jerked out of his thoughts to see a worried khushi." What happend Arnavji. Why are you lost". She asked cupping his cheek.

"Huh.." Arnav is shocked for one moment. But he quickly composed him and held her hand. "Nothing Khushi. just work tension. You don’t need to worry".

Khushi nodes her head confusedly. She had never seen him this much tensed.

Arnav changed to his night dress. And sat on the chair thinking about the mystery. There is some connection between the murders. If he kills the persons randomly what is he doing with the bodies. Only two bodies were found but that too exactly after the 60th day of their murder. But the bodies didn’t decayed as it was kept safe in some solutions which prevents the decaying. All of this is confusing. He closed his frustrated.

Khushi enters the room to find her husband deeply engrossed in thoughts. She sighed." Here I prepared his favorite kheer. But he didn’t care about that". she kept the kheer on the table and sat on his lap startling him. She circled her arms around his neck. "What are you doing ACP sir." She asked angrily.

Arnav chuckled seeing the angry pout of his wife. Whenever she gets angry at him she calls him ACP sir. He engulfed her in a hug. "Nothing jaan. One mysterious case happend. Just tensed about that".

Khushi rubbed his back." Don’t worry. I know my Arnavji is intelligent. So you will surely catch the culprit".

Arnav smiled and hugged her tightly. Suddenly khushi remembers about the kheer.

She hits her forehead cursing herself and quickly withdraws from the hug making him frown. But that frown soon disappears seeing his favorite kheer. Khushi starts to feed him still sitting on his lap.

Arnav looked at the love of his life. She is the who supported him in his each decision and had an immense faith on him. She is the reason for his existence.

At mid night

Both arnav and khushi is in deep sllep. Suddenly arnav’s mobile rang making both of them stir in their sleep. Arnav quickly pickedup the call don’t want to disturb the sleep of khushi.

"ACP Arnav Singh Raizada here". He said in a low voice.

"Sir. It’s  inspector Aman here. One more body is found". Arnav opens his eyes wide. "I will be there."

He cuts the call and looked at his sleeping angel. "Khushi" he shakes her a little.

"Hmm.......".she snuggled close to him.

"Khushi mujhe jaana hai". He once again shakes her shoulder. Pouting she opened her eyes.

Arnav cupped her cheek." One inspector called me. there is a murder case. I need to leave OK".

Khushi nodes her head sadly. Arnav kissed her forehead." Don’t worry I will be back soon".

He lulled her back to sleep and started to get ready.


Arnav arrives at the location. The place is already crowded with the people. Aman comes to him running." Sir this time it’s the body of a man. He was kidnapped just 60 days ago".

Arnav nodes his head and walked near the body. This body is also the same as the previous ones. Arnav closely observes the body then it’s strike him. There is no blood in the body. There is teeth mark near the neck. But only two deep marks. Which states that it’s not the teeth of man. Arnav rubbed his forehead.

Aman who comes after Arnav also notices the teeth mark. He gasped loud." Sir is the killer a ghost or vampire". He said fearfully.

Arnav looked at him are you in this planet expression. "What rubbish. There is no such thing exist". He gives him a sarcastic glare and turns back to the body.

Suddenly it strikes his mind. Making him smirk. "Thanks Aman you just give the hint about the culprit". He patted his shoulder.

Aman nodded confusedly." Ji.. sir."

Jun 28

Note...... (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 28 times)

I'm sorry guys. I know that I was not updating my stories frequently these days. and you guys are disappointed with the fact. I was tensed about my exams and that affected my health. That's why I'm not able to update these days. But from tomorrow onward I will try to update at least more than two stories in day.Thank you all.

Jun 29

Chapter Two: First Clue (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 73 times)

Arnav continued his examination while Aman looked at him fearfully." Oh GOD. Is it really a vampire". He gasped. "No Aman. Don’t think like that. That’s not possible". He closed his eyes tightly and started praying." Please help me. GOD...".

Arnav looked at his frightened form weirdly."Aman" .He shouted.

Aman jerked from his thoughts. "Yes sir.."

"Send this body for the remaining procedures call me after that." Arnav ordered him and walked towards his car.

Aman looked at him a bit terrified. When he walked away Aman rushed behind him." Sir..."

Arnav stopped in his tracks and turns back. Aman asked fearfully. "Is hat really a vampire sir..."

Arnav rolled his eyes." In which century you are living Aman. How did you manage this job so far". He said sarcastically and went from there.

Arnav walked inside his office and started making a chart with the hints about the killer. He was busy in this task that he forgot about the time. The ring of his mobile breaks his thoughts.

When he looked at the caller id he slaps his forehead." You will be gone Arnav". He attend it immediately. "Haan Khushi.."

Khushi’s worried voice reached from the other side. "Where are you Arnavji. You said that you will come soon. It’s almost noon now. where are you".

Arnav closed his eyes and cursed himself for being irresponsible." I’m sorry khushi. one serious case arrived. So I can’t come now. you just eat your food OK. Don’t wait for me".

"But Arnavji". Khushi said sadly.

"I’m sorry jaan. It’s such an emergency. That’s why. Please understand". He apologized feeling bad for making her upset.

Khushi sighed. "Hmm . it’s OK. But come early in the evening".

Arnav smiled and said." Definitely jaan. Now I need to go. Bye. Take care". He ended the call and concentrate on his mission.

Once again his phone ringed. This time with Aman’s number. "Yes Aman."

" Sir the procedures are completed and the doctors are waiting for you". Aman informed him.

"I will be there". He immediately starts to the hospital.

He reached the hospital in no time. Aman escorted him to the senior doctor.

"May I come in doctor". Arnav knocked the door.

"Sure sir. Please take your seat". Doctor welcomed him.

As soon as he settled Arnav asked his doubts." Doctor I need some answers to my questions." Doctor nodded at him." When I found the body I feel that there is no blood in the body and there is two teeth marks on the neck. But I don’t think that it is done by original teeth. Because the mark seems to be very deep". Arnav explained his doubts.

Doctor nodded in approval." You are saying the right thing sir. Blood is sucked out of the body before or just after his death. He was dead by more than 50 days now. but his body is not decayed. It was kept in the same way if we embalm the body. And about the teeth mark. That is not an exact teeth mark. Two sharp objects were induced to his vein for sucking the blood out of his body. By analyzing the body I can clearly say that the murderer have great knowledge in medical science".

Arnav shakes his hands with the doctor. "Thank you so much doctor".

"My pleasure sir." Doctor smiled.

Arnav calls Aman to his cabin. Aman comes inside knocking.

"Did you arrange a meeting with the victims relatives". He asked Aman.

"Sir, only few people are ready for the meeting, they will come at tomorrow morning. The rest of them are scared". Aman replied hesitantly.

Arnav nodded slightly disappointed." Hmmm. Let’s try to find some clues from them. If not then we need to question every one".

"Yes sir". Aman salutes him once again and left. Arnav lied back on the chair with his thoughts.


He enters his house with the spare key. He looked around to find his angry wife. But turns disappointed. "Hmm so madamji is really angry". He walked inside their bedroom to see a frustrated and angry Khushi standing there.

When she sees Arnav she turns to the other side angrily and crossed her arms. Arnav chuckled at her childish antics and hugs her from behind. Khushi starts to wriggle in his arms. But he tightened his hold. "I’m sorry jaan". He whispered in her ear. Finally after some time Khushi stopped struggling and sighed.

Arnav knows that now her anger is reduced. So he used this perfect time to make her happy. He withdraws from the hug making her frown. But she remained silent.

He turns her around and show her the movie pass he brought for her. her face lit up with a bright smile. She hugged him tightly. "Wow Arnavji...we are going to watch Jurassic world". Arnav sighed. "After all I married a child. Who is still crazy about such movies". She smacked his chest making him yelp. And then laughed with her.

At the Theatre.

Khushi is deeply engrossed in the movie while Arnav is lost in her expressions. After some time Khushi feels his gaze on her. she turns to find a lost Arnav. She blushed deeply seeing his intense stare. She shakes his shoulder makes him fall from his dreamland.

"What is this Arnavji. From our first meeting whenever we are in a theater you are looking at my face. If you don’t like the movie why are you here". She asked shyly.

Arnav chuckled at his innocent Khushi’s thoughts." Every theater will bring back the memory of our love life. Don’t you remember." He asked huskily remembering their past.


Arnav walked inside the theater with his best friend Rahul. Both of them attended the Civil Service Exam and is now waiting for the results. Both of them enjoyed their free time. As the movie starts Arnav heard a sweet giggle beside him. He turns his face only for his breath to stuck. He had never seen someone beautiful as her. her smile captivated him. He keeps looking at her smiling face. The movie is long forgotten.

After some time she also sensed someone is staring at her. she looks to find a lost Arnav. She chuckled seeing his dreamy look and raised her eyebrow. Arnav smiled at her sheepishly for being caught. She laughed at his expression making him embarrassed. From that day she captured his mind.

Flashback ends.

Khushi blushed and leaned her head on his shoulder hugging him sideways." How can I forget that budhu expression on your face". She giggled hearing his famous "what the" in reply.  


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Jul 5

Chapter Three: Young Killer......... (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 66 times)

Aman knocked Arnav’s cabin." May I come in sir."

Arnav nodes his head." Yes Aman". Aman enters and salutes him. "Sir the relatives of some victims arrived." He informed Arnav.

Arnav walked with Aman." Sir they are the relatives of the people whose body was found earlier". Aman said.

Arnav nodes his head and enters the room. They stands in fear seeing Arnav. From there face it is clearly visible that they are scared and is in deep pain. Arnav asked them to take their seats.

He starts," I asked all of you to come here because i need some valuable information about the culprit. The report only starts after the kidnap. I need the information before their kidnap".He said coming straight to the point.

They nodes their head and answered his questions. He asked them about the connections and the behavior of the people. At the end he finds that all the victims were very innocent people. All of them are religious people who believes in the god immensely. They are not connected to each other in any other way.

He then asked about anything strange happend before their kidnap. But they don’t know anything like that. they just received a teddy bear before the kidnap and a letter with blood after the kidnap, which they already informed the officials. Arnav sighed.

"Thank you for your corporation. For now you guys can go. I will contact you if I need your assistance". He walks out of the room followed by Aman.

Suddenly his phone rings." ACP Arnav Singh Raizada here" he picked up the phone.

"’s inspector Manoj here. The body of another kidnapped one had founded in the woods". The voice said from the other end.

Arnav immediately rushed to the place with aman.


Arnav examine the body. The condition was same like the other ones. Which states that the killer is the same one. this time it was a woman. He closely looked at the body for evidence. He knows that she too must have been raped before killing like the other woman. Suddenly he sees something stuck between her nails. He immediately takes it out to see a hair.

"The hair is not long like the woman. So this must be of the killer". He thought. Aman.. he shouted.

Aman comes to him running." Yes sir". Arnav hands over the hair in a plastic can to him." Do the DNA test of this hair. Collect the details immediately".

Aman nodded his head confusedly. "Yes sir." He said.

"I will put an end to your game soon". Arnav smirked


Arnav walked inside his room hell tired. This killer makes him exhausted with both the brain and the body. Suddenly he feels one soft body hugging him. A smile crept on his face. He hugged her back inhaling the scent of her hair which he loved the most.

Khushi lifts her head slightly and looked at him." How was your day". She asked him. His tiredness was clearly visible on his face, so she just wants to lift his mood.

"Hmmm......." Arnav hugged her close to his heart. "Now I’m perfectly fine". He said dropping a kiss on her hair. Khushi kissed his chest in return and giggled. They remained in the same position for some time.

Finally Khushi withdraws from the hug. "Now go and take a bath quickly. I will arrange the plates till then". She started to push him towards the bathroom. Suddenly one naughty idea comes in his mind.

He immediately turns and swipe khushi off her feat making her shriek. "Arnavji.......what are you doing put me down... "she starts to struggle.

Arnav tightens his grip and continued his walking." I’m hell tired Khushi. now you needs to help me". He winked at her making her blush.

"No Arnavji...put me down..she starts to shout.". But he didn’t give up and lock the door with his legs.


Arnav looked at his wife whose back was facing him. He knows that she is still shy about the bathroom incident. Even after the two years of their married life she still blushes in their private moment. He chuckled at the image of his blushing Khushi, which he loved the most.

He hugged her from behind and nuzzled his nose on the crook of her neck." Kya baat khushi is really shy today". He whispered in her ear while his arms circled her waist.

Khushi slapped his hands. "You are shameless Arnavji.."she said and buried her face in the pillow blushing. Arnav chuckled at her actions and held her more close to him, while drifting to a peaceful sleep.


Aman submits the DNA report infront of Arnav." Sir according to the dna , the killer is a man who is around 30 to 35 years old". Aman informed him.

Arnav nodded his head and concentrated on the report. "So the killer is young".

He closed his eyes thinking. After some time." Aman I need a detail report on the last one month activity of all the victims within 3 days".he ordered Aman

Aman nodes his head. "yes sir". He left from there.

Arnav was deeply engrossed in the files suddenly Khushi’s name flashed on the mobile. "Haa Khushi bolo". He asked immediately.

"Arnavji I’m at temple with Saritha aunty. Today is her birthday so I accompanied her". khushi said immediately. Se knows that he will be angry on her for going out without informing him.

Arnav sighed deeply. This girl will never listen. He shakes his head." are the guards with you. "he asked sternly.

"Ji Arnavji.. infact we are about to return now". she said praying her Arnavji to calm down.

"Hmmm..take care. And never repeat this". He warned her.

"Jii..Arnavji.".she bit her lips and cuts the call sighing. She smiled at the memory of her overprotective husband. She enjoyed this nature of him very much. She knows that he is expressing his worry and concern about her through his anger.

She silently thanked the almighty for sending her Arnavji to her life.

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