Khushi ki duniya

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Jun 20

Khushi ki duniya (By Sweetkitten) (Thanked: 6 times)

Hey I am writing another story please i hope you will love it. Please do comment and vote in my other stories. I will be writing this story soon so please wait for the story. I hope you all will love it.

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Jun 28

Khushi ki duniya (By Sweetkitten) (Thanked: 14 times)


Ashish Singh Raizada: India's one of the top business tycoon. A family oriented person. Loves his family a lot. A loving and caring husband. Supportive and encouraging father and a responsible son. He love his wife, sister  and mom until his darling princess entered in his life. He loves his children a lot and a proud father of two children. Currently  he retired from his position and handed his all responsibilities to his son as now his son is capable of handling the business. He is enjoying his retired life and passing his time with his wife, mother and children as he want to spend lot of time with them. His darling daughter and he is making plans to irritate his wife and son. He pampers his children a lot.

Aisha Singh Raizada: Wife of Ashish, truly a person who everyone wants in their life. A loving and caring wife. Cultured and traditional daughter-in-law, lovely, supportive and encouraging mother. She is a perfect wife, daughter-in-law,sister-in-law and above all best mother one could have. She pampers her children a lot. She want her son to marry a beautiful, well manner, traditional girl who would take care of his son as well as all the family member. 

Anjali Singh Raizada/ Anjali Jha: Elder daughter of Ashish and Aisha. Darling Daughter to her father and loveable daughte and granddaughter to her mother and Dadi. A very chripy, full of life, bubbly lady. Loves to irritate her Chote. Married to Shyam Jha who is her father's best friend's son and personally had crush from the time she had seen him in business parties. She completed her MBA. 

Arnav Singh Raizada: India's top most business tycoon, young, rich, arrogant, handsome guy. The world calls his ASR but to his family he is very naughty, jovial Arnav and Chote. Loves his mother and sister a lot. He respects his dad and never dishonors him and also his father is his role model of his life. He is a very loving, caring brother to his sister. He is totally a mamma's boy. He never believe in marriage. A very arrogant man to the world but cute, adorable person to his family. He can do anything to his family and loves to spend time with is family.

Devyani Singh Raizada: Mother of Ashish and Manorama. A very loving and caring mother, mother-in-law and cool dadi to her grand children. Loves to spend time with her family.


Manohar Mehra: Head of the family. A loving brother of Aisha. Works with his brother-in-law in partnership. A family oriented person. Mama to Anjali and Arnav. Loves his children a lot. A loving and caring husband and supporting and encouraging father. Father of Aakash and NK.

Manorama Mehra: Wife of Manohar. Sister-in-law of Aisha. Mother f Aakash and NK. Mami to Anjali and Arnav. A loving and caring mother and wife.

Aakash Mehra: Son of Manohar and Anorama. A shy and reserved person. Respect his father and his brother. A family oriented person. Works in AR Design as a Managing Director.

Nandkishor Mehra(NK): Youngest son of Manohar and Manoram. A jovial person. Loves to irritate Arnav. Respects his father and ladla to his mother. Works in AR Design as a photographer.


Mayank Jha: A well known businessman. Friend of Ashish. Loves his wife, son and daughter-in-law. He loves his daughter-in-law as her own daughter. He is fond of Anjali and her jovial character. Loves his wife and supports her in every decision. A family oriented man.

Shruti Jha: Wife of Mayank. Mother of Shyam and Mother-in-law of Anjali. A very loving and caring wife and mother everyone wants her in their life. Best friend to her son.

Shyam Jha: Son of Mayak nad Shruti. A lovly husband to Anjali. Works as a lawer and handles his father's company. He cannot live his life without his gorgeous and loving wife Anjali.


Sashi Gupta: CEO of Gupta Industries. Friend of Ashish. Father of Payal and Khushi. A very loving and caring husband and father. Loves his wife, daughters and sister a lot. His younger daughter is his life. He cannot live a life without his daughter. Loves to play pranks with his lovely and darling daughter. A very joyful person.

Garima Gupta: Wife of Sashi. Mother ro Khushi and Payal. A very caring and loving mother and wife. She loves her daughter a lot and cannot live without them. Loves to spend time with her daughters.

Madhumati GUpta: Elder sister of Sashi. Bua to Payal and Khushi. Loves Khushi and Payal as her daughter. Loves to pamper her nephew. 

Payal Gupta: Elder daughter of Sashi and Garima. Lovely, caring and fun loving girl. A very strict boss to her employees and bubbly in house. Truly a person who everyone wants in their life. A modern yet traditional girl. Believes in morals and values. A verty supportive daughter and sister. She loves her sister a lot and cannot stand if someone hurt her sister. A very possessive sister.

Khushi Gupta: Youngest daughter of Sashi and Garima. A bubbly, loving, full of life, chripy and joyful girl. She is pampered by everyone in her family. Loves her family a lot. Wherever she goes she spread happiness, love. A traditional girl who loves to wear salwar and saari. A girl who loves to do puja. Best friend to her mother. Angel to her father and Shona to her sister. Loves to eat indian cuisine. Loves to make food. Completed her studies in Food technology, Event management Interior Design and Fashion Designing. Truly a person who everyone wants in their life. Respects her family a lot.


Aman Mathur: Best friend of Khushi. Loves to hangout withe her. An orphan who wants a family. He is thankful to his best friend Khushi as she have given him a family. Loves to irritate Khushi. Works in AR Design as a right hand to his boss ASR. A dedicated and hardworking guy.

Lavanya Kashyab: Friend of Khushi. Loves to be with her. She loves to share her sadness and happiness with her best friend Khushi. Craves for the love of family as her family do not have time for her. She is full of lofe, jovial and caring person. She can do anything for her best friend Khushi.

Meera Singhania: Khushi' friend. Loves to hangout with her best friend Lavanya and Khushi. Loves to play prank on Khushi and Lavanya and loves to play prank on other with the help of Khushi. A very jovial person, ful of life girl.

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Jun 28

Khushi ki duniya (By Sweetkitten) (Thanked: 17 times)

Guys thank you for voting for the introduction. So guys will you all love to read the story. Guys as I am reday to write. I will be writing the story in hindi and translate it in hindi. I hope you a will support me. 

In this story Sashi is a very wealthy person who owns Gupta Fashish house. He is a very prestigious person. Garima would be a strong and supprotive mother to Payal and Khushi. She would be a independent person who would be working with Khushi in her restaurant. Buaji is not a lady who will accuse Khushi but she  would love her a lot. Khushi is not an orphan she is the real daughter of Sashi and Garima. Payal would be a person who is independent,intelligent and sophisticated person. She will not be shy, reserved a very lively person. She would be a straightforward person. Khushi would be innocent, naive but would be a bit stubborn. She is modern girl but believes in tradition and culture. Khushi would be a strong person who loves to challenge people and would be capable of doing her world. She would not be a desi girl but would be sophisticated , bubbly and crazy girl but would be serious, hardworking and dedicated while working. Khushi would not be a behenji type.

Guys I want all of you to suggest the name for the restaurant and event management house which Khushi would be opening as I am not able to decide a name. So I want you a to help me in this. So do comment and give the name as soon as possible as in few updates I will need the names. 

Love you guys 


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Khushi ki duniya (By Sweetkitten) (Thanked: 8 times)

NOTE: RAIZADA AND MEHRA ARE LIVING IN SAME HOUSE AS A FAMILY. THE MEHRA AND RAIZADA HOUSE ARE CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER. Guys it is just a background of the story and the thought of Garima who misses her daughter and crave for the attention. In Gupta house everyone is buay and hustling and hustling is going around as the Princess of Gupta is coming in her home town after completing 4 years of studies in FASHION DESIGNING from Harvard University. Garima is just busy cooking Indian delicacies to her darling daughter Khushi as she love and is fond of indian food. Garima loves to cloud food and in Gupta house Khushi and buaji is the only person who loves Indian food and demands for it so Garima is very excited to cook for her darling daughter. She is very happy as her bestfriend her best daughter who is her life is coming after years. She missed her darling daughter as Khushi would be with Garima in every phase of life. She is very carefree when it comes to her younger daughter. She is also missing her daughter Khushi as her husband Sashi and elder daughter Payal do not have time as they are busy in expanding the business. She have the urged to see her Khushi and spend time with her chit chat with her as they both have very nice bond as a mother and daughter.

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Jun 28

Khushi ki duniya (By Sweetkitten) (Thanked: 6 times)

Londoner thank you for the name I really like the name so for restaurant the name would be Taste from Khush World and for event management house the name would be Dreams from Khushi world. I loved the name a lot but I also want other people who read this story also give their preference. So guys who is reading please suggest the name so the I can keep the perfect name for Khushi's restaurant and event management house. Please do comment as I just want one name for restaurant and on for event management house. Please contribute a name please I request all the readers. Please do comment and vote.

Love you


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Khushi ki duniya (By Sweetkitten) (Thanked: 8 times)

The story begins


Chapter 1

Garima: Shanky jaldi se khana bana lo sab log breakfast ke liye aa jayenge[Shanky make breakfast fast everyone is coming].

Shanky: Maam breakfast ready hai[Maam breakfast is ready].

Garima: Toh jao aur table par rakh do[So go and keep on the table].

Shanky: Ji Maam.

Shanky bahar breakfast lagata hai.

Garima: Shanky jao aur Khushi ke liye kheer banao ushe tumhare haath ki kheer pasand hai pata hai na ki woh USA se aa rahi hai [Shanky go and prepare Kheer for Khushi she loves you Kheer and do you know she is coming from USA].

Shanky: Maam main bana chuka hoon bas aapko check karna hai[Maam I have already made just you have to check it].

Garima: Aacha thik hai main dekh lungi. Robin tum ne Khushi ka kamra uske hisab se mila diya hai na[Okay I will see. Robin have you arranged Khushi's room according to her preference na].

Robin: Room Khushi didi ke hisab se hi hai[Room is already arranged according to Khushi Didi's preference].

Garima: Aacha tum jao[Okay you go].

Buaji: Garima sab tayari ho raha hai na[Garima everthing is going smothly or not] .

Garima: Haan jiji ho raha hai. Shanky yahan aao[Ya jiji everything is done. Shanky come her].

Shanky: Yes maam.

Garima: Khushi ke liye chocolates order ho gaya[Have you order chocolates for Khushi].

Shanky: Maam chocolate aur ice cream fridge mein hai[Chocolate and ice cream are on the fridge].

Garima: Toh tum jao[Okay you go].

Buaji: Kya hua Garima[What happen Garima].

Garima: Jiji sab kuch ho gaya hai par mujhe chinta hai ki ushe pasand aayega bhi ya nahi[Jiji everything is ready still I am worried that Khushi would love the arragement or not].

Sashi: Garima chinta maat karo woh humhari beti hai ushe tumhari tayari pasand aayega[Garima dont woory she is our daughte ans she you love your arrangement].

Buaji: Garima humhari bitiya toh choti choti chizon mein khush hoti hai chinta maat karo[Garima dont worry ous daughter always find happiness in small small things].

Payal: Good morning Ma, Papa.

Sashi: Good morning.

Payal: Ma yeh sab kya ho raha hai[ Ma what is all happening].

Garima: Bhool gayi tumhari ladli behen aa rahi hai[ Have you forgotton that you ladli sister is coming today].

Payal: Main bhi na saach mein pagal hoon. Ma chocolates aur ice cream hai na uske bina Khushi chid jati hai[I am really crazy. Ma chocolates and ice cream are there na if she dont find she will be annoyed].

Garima: Fridge mein hai[ Its already in fridge].

Payal: Ma kamra uske hisab se hai na[Ma Khushi's room is ready na according to her preference].

Garima: Yah beta.

Payal: Toh sab thik hai[ So everthing is perfect].

Buaji: Toh kitne baje aa rahi hai titliya[In what time titliya will be coming].

Sashi: Dus baje pauch jayegi[She will arrive on 10 am].

Buaji: Tog gadi bijwa diya[Have you send the car].

Sashi: Haan jiji chita maat kijiye[Jiji dont worry].

Buaji: Aab Khushi bitiya humhesa ke liye aa rahi hai na[Now Khushi is coming forever].

Payal: Haan buaji woh yahin aa rahi hai[Yah buaji she is coming forever].

Buaji: Aacha aab hum ushe kahin jane nahi denge[Now I will not let her go anywhere].

Garima: Haan jiji[Yah jiji].

Sab log break fast karte hai.

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Khushi ki duniya (By Sweetkitten) (Thanked: 10 times)

Chapter 2

Payal: Ma main ek baar khud jake sab dekh leti hoon[Ma I will once go and check].

Garima: Jao beta. Aur Shanky tu mere saath kitchen mein aao aur kheer dikhao[Okay beta and Shanky you come with me in kitchen and show me kheer].

Shanky: Okay maam.

Buaji: Main puja ka thal tayar karti hoon[I will go and arrange puja thali].

Garima: Sashiji aap breakfast kyun nahi kar rahe[Shashiji why are you not having your breakfast].

Sashi: Aab tumhe yaad aaya ki main ne rekfast nahi kiya haipNow you remeber that I have not eaten breakfast].

Garima: Sashiji bahut kaam hai aapko khana chahiye tha na[Sashiji there is lot of work you should have eaten na].

Sashi: Beti kya aane wali hai pati ko bhool gayi[Daughter is coming and you started forgeting your husband].

Garima: Yesa nahi hai Sashiji hum chahte hai Khushi jab yahan aaye ushe yehsas ho ki woh itne saal baad ghar aayi hai. Main sab kuch perfect ho yeh chahti hoon kyun ki woh bahut saal baad aa rahi hai[This is not true Sashiji I just want when Khushi comes she should feel that after so long she had come to her home. I want everything to be perfect as she is returning after so many years. Sorry].

Sashi: Garima main majak kar raha thai[Garima I was just kidding].

Garima: Toh aab breakfast kar lijiye[ So now have your breakfast].

Payal: Ma sab kuch perfect hai{ Ma everything is perfect].

Buaji: Garima puja thali bhi tayar hai[ Garima puja thali is also ready].

Khushi: Mamma, papa, jiji buaji aap sab kahan ho[Mamma,papa,jiji, buaji where are you all].

Buaji: Lo aa gayi humhari gudiya[Our gudiya has come].

Sab log bahar jate hai.

Khushi: Mamma I missed you so much.

Garima: I also missed you si much.

Buaji: Titliya khan aache se nahi khati ho kya kitni patli ho gayi ho[Titliya dont you eat food you have turned out as weak and pale].

Payal: Haan Khushi bol na[Yah Khushi tell na].

Khushi: Buaji wahan toh desi khana milta hi nahi khana khane ka maan ho toh banana padta hai aur waqt hota hi nahi toh bahar se kha leti hoon. Pata hai mamma main ne aaka yummy food bahut miss kiya[ Buaji we dont find desi food there so if I crave to have food I have to make but I will not have time to make so usually I eat from outside only. You know mamma I missed your yummy food].

Buaji: Sashi babua aab titliya ko kabhi bahar bhejne ka sooch na bhi maat. Hum uske bina nahi reh payenge[Sashi babua now dont send our titliya far from us as we cannot live without her].

Sashi:Jiji aab to main hi nahi bhejunga apni rani bitiya ko[ Jiji now I will never send my princess].

Khushi: Papa I missed you.

Sashi: Missed you so much beta.

Khushi: Papa aab mujhe kabhi door maat bhejna main kahungi tab bhi nahi papa[Papa dont send me anywhere if i tell you then also dont send me].

Sashi: Promise beta I wont send you.

Khushi: Love you Papa.

Sashi: Love you too Princess.

Payal: Khushi tum jake aaram karo main tumhare liye khana lati hoon[Khushi go and take some I will bring your food].

Khushi: Nahi jiji main fresh hoke aati hoon aap sab ke saath baith kar khana khaungi[No jiji I will go and freshen up as I will eat food with you].

Payal: Okay fine then.

Khushi fresh hone jati hai.

Payal: Khushi yahan aao aur breakfast karo[Khushi come here and have you breakfast].

Khushi: Okay jiji.

Buaji: Titliya aab tumhari padhai khatam ho gayi hai na[Titliya now your studies are over].

Khushi: Haan buaji khatam ho gaya hai[Yah buaji it is completed].

Garima: Aab kya karogi[Now what you will do].

Khushi: Mamma aab job karungi[Mamma I will do job].

Buaji: Toh aab Payaliya aur Sashi babua ke saath kaam karogi[So you will be working with Payaliya and Sashi babua].

Khushi: No buaji.

Payal: Then.

Khushi: Jiji abhi meri padhai kham huyi hai toh intern karungi[Jiji my studies are completed so I will be doing intern].

Payal: Toh hamhare company se bhi kar sakti ho[So you can do that from our company itself].

Khushi: Jiji main wahan karungi toh sab kuch uss tarah se nahi hoga jaise main socha hai[Jiji if I will be working there it wont be how I have planned for my intern].

Payal: Bata kaun se company se kar rahe ho[Tell me from which company you are doing].

Khushi: AR Design.

Sashi: Nice choice beta.

Khushi: Thank you Papa.

Sashi: Beta tum intern ke baad humhare company mein hi kaam karogi na.

Khushi: I dont know papa.

Payal: Matalb.

Khushi: Matlab ki main ne abhi decide nahi kiya hai ki mujhe company mein kaam karna hai ya boutique kholna hai[Means I have not decided yet that I will be working on company or opening boutique].

Payal: Toh Khushi sooch le baad mein aasani ho jayegi[So Khushi think later it will be easy].

Khushi: Jiji sooch lungi pehle mujhe present mein jine do woh future hai future ki baad mein sooch lenge[Jiji I will think about it but for now let me enjoy present and that is future and I will think in future].

Payal: Aacha thik hai main janti hoon joh bhi tu decide kargi aacha hi karegi barosha hai mujhe[Okay fine I know whatever you decide it will be good I trust you].

Khushi: Love you jiji.

Payal: Love you too my jaan.

Khushu: Papa aapne appointment letter bhej diya na meri taraf se[Papa have you send appointmeint letter behalf of me].

Sashi: Bhej diya hai beta[Beta I have already send].

Khushi: Thank you. 

Sashi: Beta tujhe phone karega[Beta they will call you].

Khushi:Papa main phone karke puchti hoon[Papa I will call and ask them].

Payal: Khushi dekh abhi tu kuch din aaram kar aur uske baad office join kar le[Khushi rest for some days then join office].

Garima: Beta abhi tu USA se aayi hai kuch din baad ja na[Beta you just arrived from USA just wait for some days].

Khushi: Ma jiji aap dono samjho main yese bina kuch kare baith nah sakti na[Ma jiji please understand na I cannot stay without doing any work].

Garima: Beta toh humne kab kaha ki tu kaam maat kar abhi aayi hai aur kal se join karegi[Beta when we said that dont work you just came and you will work from tomorrow].

Khushi: Mamma.

Garima: Khushi hum bhi tere saath bakt bitana chahte hai aur tu kaam karegi toh busy rahegi[Khushi we want to spend time with you and if you work you will be busy].

Khushi: Ma I promise I wont be busy. Main office ka kaam ghar leke nahi aaungi[Ma I wont bring office work in house I promise].

Garima: Aacha thik hai beta par tujhe apna khayal bhi rakhna hoga[Okay five but you have to take care of yourself].

Khushi: Aacha thik hai par aap bhi hai na mera khayal rakne ke liye[ Okay but you are also there to take cake of me].

Garima: Haan main toh humhesa se hi tere saath hoon[Yah I will be always there for you].

Khushi: Thank you mamma. Aab kya main AR Design mein phone karke puchun[Can I call and asl the time].

Garima: Sure beta.

Khushi: Ma AR Design se phone aa gaya[Ma see the phone came from AR Design].

Garima: Pick it up.

Khushi: Hello

Lady: Is Khushi Gupta speaking.


Lady: Maam aapne kuch din pehle appointment letter bheje the[Maam some days befor have you send the appointment letter].

Khushi: Yes.

Lady: Toh do dhante baad interview hai toh aapko aana hai[Maam after 2 hourws there is interview you have come].

Khushi: Thank you I will be arriving on time.

Lady:Thank you maam.

Khushi phone rakhti hai.

Sashi: Kya hua beta[What happend beta].

Khushi: Papa do ghante baad interview hai toh bulaya hai[Papa after 2 hours there is interview so they have called].

Sashi: Its good beta.

Payal: Khushi tu naha le main tera dress press kar dungi[Khushi tu have shower I will iron your clothes].

Khushi: Okay jiji.

Garima: Beta tum breakfast khatam karo main shower ke liye sab tayar kar dungi[Beta you complete your breakfast I will arrange your shower].

Khushi: Okay mamma. I am so lucky to have you all as my family.

Sashi: And we are also lucky that you are my family. Finish you breakfast.

Khushi: Okay papa

Garima: Beta sab tayar ho gaya hai jake naha lo[Beta everthing is arranged go and have shower].

Khushi: Okay mamma.

Khushi nahane jati hai.

Payal: Khushi yeh le tera dress bhi press ho gayi jaise tuje pasand hai. Ek bhi crease nahi hai[Khushi take your clothes I have iron it as your preference and let me remind you there is not crease].

Khushi: Thank you jiji.

Payal: Tu tayar ho ja. Main kamre mein jake tayar ho jaungi[Khushi you be ready I will also go and fet ready].

Khushi: Aap ready kyun hongi[Why you will get ready].

Payal: Khushi mere paas bakt nahi hai tu ready ho ja[Khushi I dont have time to explain just you be ready].

Khushi: Okay okay.

Khushi taqyar hoti hai Payal neeche jati hai.

Payal: Papa aap bhi tayar ho jayiye humhe jana hai[Papa you also get ready we have to go].

Sashi: Par kyun[But why].

Payal: Papa woh Mehra ke saath lunch meeting hai[Papa we have lunch meeting with Mehra].

Sashi: Toh main  jaldi tayar hota hoon tu bhi ho ja[So I will be ready you also go and get ready].

Payal: Okay.

Garima: Dekho mere pariwaron ko hum dono ke liye innke paas bakt bhi nahi hai[Look at my family they dont have time for we both].

Buaji: Koi baat nahi unhe karne dete hai kaam  hum mandir chalte hai[No worries let them do their work lets go mandir].

Garima: Yeh sahi rahega[This will be better].

Buaji: Toh main puja thali tayar karti hoon[So I will arrange puja thali].

Buaji and Garima puja thali tayar karti hai. Khushi , Payal aur Sashi tayar hoke aate hai.

Payal: Khushi tayar ho gayi. Chal main tujhe **** deti hoon[Khushi are you ready I will drop you].

Khushi: Okay jiji.

Sashi: Garima jiji aap dono kahin ja rahe hai[Garima, jiji are you both going somewhere].

Garima: Hum mandir ja rahe hai Sashiji[We are going mandir Sashiji].

Payal: Ma hum aapko bhi **** denge[Ma we will drop you also].

Buaji: Payal tum log jao Khushi ko leke hum dusre car se chale jayenge[Payal you go with Khushi we will take another car].

Payal: Okay buaji.

Khushi: Jiji chalo der ho rahi hai[Jiji lets go its late].

Garima: All the best.

Khushi: Thank you Ma.

Payal: Chalo chalo[Lets go].

Sashi: Jiji aaram se jana[Jiji go safe].

Buaji: Haan hum chale jayenge[Yah we will go].

Sab log jate hai do car se.

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Khushi ki duniya (By Sweetkitten) (Thanked: 8 times)

Chapter 3

Khushi AR pauchti hai.

Sashi: Beta dont be nervous. All the best.

Khushi: Thank you papa.

Payal: All the best meri jaan.

Khushi: Thank you Di.

Payal: Aab jao[Now go].

Khushi: Bye and All the best to you.

Payal: Thank you.

Khushi andhar jati hai.

Khushi: I am Khushi Gupta for interview.

Lady: Maam aap baithiye abhi sir meeting mein hai hum bulayenge aapko[Maam you sit down sir is in meeting I will call you].

Khushi: Okay.

Kuch time baad.

Lady: Maam aap ja sakti hai yahan se left lijiye[Maam you can go. Its let direction].

Khushi: Thank you.

Khushi jati hai.

Khushi: May I come in sir.

Man: Come in. Have a sit. Kya hua beta[What happen beta].

Khushi: Nothing sir.

Man: Okay I am Ashish Singh Raizada.

Khushi: Yah I know about you how would I not know the person whom I admire the most. Sir you have always made me realize my passion towards fashion designing. I not only admire you but you are my role model after my super handsome cool dad.

Ashish: Really.

Khushi: I am thrilled, excited to work under you.

Arnav: Miss Gupta aap interview ke liye aaye hai gappe ladane ke liye nahi[Miss Gupta you have come here for interview not for chit chatting.

Khushi: Excuse me main interview ke liye hi aayi hoon par aap nahi samjhenge ki aap kaisa mehsus karte hai jab aap kisi ko admire karte hai and woh apke samne hote hai na toh aap excited hote ho[Excuse me I have come for interview only you will never understand what you feel when you admire person and that person is infront of you thenyou feel excited].

Ashish: So you admire me.

Khushi: Yah. And you know my father is jealous that I admire you not him.

Ashish: What?

Khushi: Surprised. Aapko pata hai papa ne jab mujhe kaha main bhi surprised thi kyunki woh kisi se jealous nahi hote the[You know when he said me he is jealous of you I was surprised as my father never become jealous with anyone]. 

Khushi hast hai.

Khushi: Unhone kya kaha pata hai.

Khushi hasti hai.

Khushi: Oh god I am sharing with you. Unhone kaha Khushi tum dusron ke baap ko kyun admire kar rahi ho tumhare yahan khada hai na ek che fut ke khambe jo dark, handsome aur cool hai tumhe ushe nahi mujhe admire karna chahiye[ He said to me Khushi why are you aadmiring other father you have 6 feet pole standing her who is dark, handsome and cool so you should admire your father not others].

Ashish hasta hai.  Khushi ka phone baja ta.

Khushi: Sir if you dont mind can I pick this phone.

Ashish: Sure.

Khushi: Haan jiji bolo[Yah jiji tell me].

Payal: Khushi tera interview khatam ho9 gaya[Khushi is your interview over].

Khushi:No jiji why. Apko pata hai jiji mujhe yeh job 200% milegi[Jiji you know I will get this job 200% sure about it].

Payal: Miss over confident.

Khushi: Jiji I am not over confident jiji. I am confident about my passion and my work. Do tell anything about this.

Payal: Aacha meri ma tera passion aur tera work[Okya fine mom your passion your work].

Khushi: Jiji aapka meeting kaise gaya[Jiji how was your meeting].

Payal: khushi meri meeting start nahi hua hai[Khushi meeting have not been started].

Khushi:Jiji par aapki meeting toh humhesa time se hota hai and abhi adhe ghate ho gaye hai aur suru nahi hua[Jiji but your meeting start on time na and its half and hour late and its not started at all].

Payal: Haan woh humhare client ke driver ka minor accident ho gaya hai toh thodi der se hogi[Khushi actually our clients driver met with an accident so it will a bit late].

Khushi: Jiji koi baat nahi main janti hoon aapka meeting bhi aacha hi hoga[Jiji no worries your meeting will be best].

Payal: Thank you.

Khushi: Jiji toh main rakht hoon[Jiji so I will be hanging].

Payal: Khushi ruk jish kaam ke liye phone kiya woh kaha hi nahi sab tere waja se[Khushi wait it all because of you I called you to say something I havent said].

Khushi: Toh kaho jaldi[So say it fast].

Payal: Sunn Ma aur bua abhi bhi mandir mein hai der ho jayega unhe[Listen Ma and bua is in mandir so they weill be late].

Khushi: Toh[So].

Payal: Madam aap ne aaj bhi humhesa ki tarah ghar ki chabi leke nahi aayi[Madam as always today also you forgot to bring the house key].

Khushi: Main aaj bhi aaj bhi lana bhool gayi ghar ki chabi[Today also I forgot to bring house key].

Payal: Yes madam.

Khushi: Jiji aab kya[Jiji now what].

Payal: Sunn tere interview khatam hone ke baad ek baar mujhe phone karna main Mohan kaka ko bhej dungi tu Purple Orchid aa jana tab tak humhara meeting bhi khatam ho jayega aur Purple Orchid mein lunch karke ghar aa jayenge. Aacha hai na.[ Listen after the interview just call me I will send Mohan kaka and you come to Purple Orchid in that time our meeting will be over we will have lunch in Purple orchid and after that we will go home. Sounds good na].

Khushi: Par Mom aur bua ka kya woh log kya khayenge[But what about mom and bua wht will they have then].

Sashi: Dont worry princess main phone karke unhe bhi Purple Orchid bula lunga[Dont worry Princess I will call them and tell them to come in Purple Orchid].

Khushi: Now that's like my dad.

Sashi: Beta abhi tak process kaise chal rahi hai interview ka[Beta how is the process going on of you interview].

Khushi: Sab kuch aacha ho raha hai par mainjanti hoon mujhe AR Design kaam pe rakhenge[Papa everthing is going smoothly but I know that AR Design would be hiring me].

Sashi: I love you confident and I believe in your passion and work. All the best.

Khushi: Papa aap nervous ho rahe ho na ki aapke meeting ko leke[Papa you a bit nervous na for your meeting].

Sashi: Tujhe kaise pata chalta hai[How come you know].

Khushi: Papa apko kaise pata chalta hai ki main nervous hoon waise hi muje bhi pata chalta hai beti kish ki hoon[Papa how you get to know that I am nervous likewise I also come to know about your nervousness. Whose daughter am I].

Sashi: Ofcourse mine.

Khushi: Papa dont worry and the best.

Sashi: Thank you my lucky charm.

Khushi: Papa aapki lucky charm keh rahi hai ki aaj aapka meeting perfect no super cool perfect hoga[Papa your lucky charm is sayaing that your meeting will be perfect no super cool perfect].

Sashi: Beta All the best once again and dont let nervousness overpower your confidence okay.

Khushi: Yah Papa.

Sashi: I will be ordering your sweet dish jalebi.

Khushi: love you dad. So after 1 hour I will be meeting you so till then miss me. And dont worry everything will be perfect dont forget that. Now I will hang up bye.

Sashi: Bye my lucky charm.

Khushi: Bye my super cool handsome dad.

Khushi phone rakhti hai.

Khushi: I am sorry it was my dad and sister.

Ashish: no problem. Can I ask you one thing.

Khushi: Haan.

Ashish: Tumhare dad meeting se pehle nervous hote hai kya[Your dad will be always nervous before meeting].

Khushi: Haan Papa ka roj ka hai jab woh nervous hote hai unhe meri awaj suna hota hai and jab mein nervous hoti hoon tab main papa se baat karti hoon[Ya its Papa's habit whenever he become nervous he want to heae my voice and whenever I feel nervous I speak to him].

Ashish: Aacha.Toh tumne USA se fashion designing ki hai[Okay so you have done fashion designing from USA].

Khushi: Yah Sir.

Ashish: Impressive. 99.98% wow what a result.

Khushi: Thank you sir.  

Ashish: Just look at her result Arnav and Aakash. Toh kab aayi USA se[So when did you came from USA].

Khushi: Sir do ghante pehle[Sir before 2 hours].

Aakash: Kya come again[What].

Khushi: Haan before 2 hours.

Ashish: Beta abhi tum USA se aayi ho toh interview ke liye kuch din ruk jati. Tumhe toh apne family ke saath enjoy karna chahiye tha akhir tum char saal baad aayi ho USA se. Tumhe pata hai meri beti Anjali Jha usne bhi foreign mein padhai ki hai aur usne ek mahine break liya tha[Beta you have just arrived from USA you should have wait for interview. You know you should enjoy with your family when you came home after 4 year. You know my daughter Anjali Jha took one month break].

Khushi: Haan sir main ne bhi USA mein bahut suffer kiya tha par jana mera jidh tha. Ma jiji ghar mein sab keh rahe the ki mujhe kuch din rukna chahiye par main bina kaam kare yese baith hi nahi sakti mujhe kuch ho jata hai. Haan main apni pyar si family ke saath bakt bitaungi bhi aur kaam bhi karungi no worries[Yah sir I sufferd a lot in USA but I was stubborn. Ma jiji everyone told me to wait for some days but what to do I cannot stay still as I become restless. I will be spending my time with my family as well as I will be working so no worries].

Ashish: So what do you think Aakash. I think she is worthy enough.

Aakash: Yah bhai her degree s amazing.

Arnav: So you are appointed.

Khushi: Thank you Sir.

Khushi: So from when should I join.

Arnav: Tomorrow sharp 9 AM.

Khushi: Sure Laad Governor.

Arnav: What the.

Khushi: Sir 9 AM na.

Arnav: Yah any doubt.

Khushi: I thought that its 9PM.

Aakash: Khushiji sab subha aur din mein kaam karte hai[Khushiji everyone works in morning and day].

Khushi: Par laad governor raat ko kaam karta hai[But Laad Governor works in night].

Arnav: What the

Khushi: Laad Governor.

Arnav: how do you know I work in night.

Khushi: Just a guess.

Aakash: Interesting.

Ashish: Okay beta job is your.

Khushi: Thank you Sir. Pleasure to meet you. So shall I go.

Ashish: Sure beta.

Khushi jati hai.

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Khushi ki duniya (By Sweetkitten) (Thanked: 10 times)

Chapter 4

Khushi jati hai.

Ashish: Such a chripy girl Anjali would love her.

Aakash: Exactly like Di. Di ko office mein company mil jayegi[Di will get company with girl like her].

Arnav: lets go for lunch.

Aakash: Par kahan[But where].

Arnav: purple Orchid.

Sab jate hai. Parking lot pe.

Khushi: Jiji mera interview khatam ho gaya mohan kaka kahan hai[Jiji my interview is done where is Mohan kaka].

Sashi: Beta humne bhej diya hai thodi der mein pauch jayega[Beta I have sent him he will reach in no time].

Khushi: Okay is your meeting finished.

Sashi: Haan khatam ho gaya hai[Yah meeting is done].

Khushi: Toh meeting kaise tha[So how was meeting].

Sashi: Sab thik tha Khushi[Yah everything was okay].

Khushi: Aapne jalebi order kar di na[Have you order the jalebi].

Sashi: Yah beta I have order. How was your interview.

Khushi: It was okay Papa. I will call you later. Mohan kaka aa gaye hai[Mohan kaka have arrived].

Khushi phone rakti hai.

Khushi: Sorry papa abhi aapse do minute jyada bholi toh sab kuch keh jati aur main ne yeh plan nahi kiya hai. Jhut bolna pada ki Mohan kaka aa gaye hai kyunki mujhe aapko surprise karna tha[Sorry papa if I would have talk for minute i would hve blurt out and I havent plan to say you now so I had to lie that Mohan kaka came because I want to surprise you Papa].

Ashish: Hi beta.

Khushi: Hello Sir.

Ashish: Waiting for someone.

Khush: Yah for driver.

Ashish: Beta do you want me to wait till your driver come.

Khushi: Its okay sir I will manage.

Ashish: its not good beta here. So I will wait.

Khushi: Yeh kaka bhi na kitna der karte hai abhi mujhe gift shop jana hai aur der se aa gaye aab thik time pe nahi paunchungi toh papa pareshan ho jayenge aur main unka phone bhi nahi uthungi aaj toh tu gayi[ Kaka where are you I have to go and buy gift and he will be coming late. Now if wont go in time papa would be worried and I am not picking his phone also so youe are gone today].

Ashish: Any problem.

Khushi: Yah main ne papa se ek chota sa jhut bola jo aaj bahut mehenga padega[Yah I lied with my dad so it will be a bit problem for me].

Ashish: Par kyun[ But why].

Khushi: Just to surprise him. Lo kaka aa gaye. Kya kaka itne der se aa gaye kahan the aab jaldi chaliye mujhe gift kharinda hai bas mera paas adha ghanta hai chalo jaldi kaka.Thank you sir for waiting[Kaka arrived. Kaka what is this you came late I have to buy gifts and I have only 30 mintues lets go fast].

Khushi jati hai.

Arnav: Haan jiju bolo[Yah jiju tell me].

Shyam: Tum kahan ho Arnav. Mujhe tumhari help chahiye[Arnav where are you I want your help].

Arnav: We are coming to Purple Orchid for lunch.

Shyam: So can you come in xyz gift shop.

Arnav: Aab kya hua Jiju[Now what happened jiju].

Shyam: Tumhari Di naraz hai mujhse[Your Di is angry with me].

Arnav: Toh aapko help chahiye[So you need help].

Shyam: Exactly.

Arnav: Okay I will come and help you to fetch gift till then see what she would love as a gift.

Shyam: Yah okay bye.

Arnav: Bye. 

Akash: Jiju ka phone tha[Is it jiju's phone].

Arnav Yup.

Akash: So another gift.

Arnav: Yup. Papa now I have a good reason to not marry as girls are always angry and want gifts.

Ashish: Arnav har ladki yese nahi hoti hai. Main ne yese ladki bhi dekhi hai jinhe gift se jyada feeling important hai[Arnav every girls are notlike that. I have seen the girls who does not give importance to gift but gives importance for feeling].

Arnav: Oh god dad. Main ek reason batata hoon and aap usko defend karte ho[I give one good reason but you again have point to defend].

Ashish: Woh issiliye kyunki iss baat pe tumse jyada main janta hoon[Its because in this thing I know better than you].

Arnav: Okay dad now enough. Gadi roko we have to go inside.

Ashish: Tum jao Shyam ko help karo main restaurant jata hoon[You go and help Shyam I will go to restaurant].

Arnav: dont tell Di that jiju is buying gift to woo her.

Ashish: Yah.

Khushi: Kaka aap gadi yahin rok dijiye aur chale jayiye main gift shop hoke jati hhon[Kaka stop the car here itself and you go I will be in gift shop as I have to buy gifts].


Khushi: Khushi tere paas pandra minute hai jaldi se gift chose kar aur ja[Khushi you have 15 minutes just finish the shopping and move from here]

Khushi buys Sashi pen. For Payal chain and pendent. For buaji she buys Ram Sita murti and for Garima She was going to buy small Ganesh murti.

Shyam: Oh sorry you also want to buy this gift. If you dont mind can I buy this gift as my someone special is angry with me.

Khushi: Okay no worries you take that I will be buying Krishna murti then.

Shyam: Yah nice choice.

Khushi: Thank you.

Shyam: So for who you are buying.

Khushi: As you said its someone special.

Shyam: Oh.

Khushi: No its not what you are thinking but yah I have someone special in my life.

Shyam: Okay.

Arnav: Jiju we are here.

Shyam: He is my brother-in-laws.

Khushi: I know them.

Shyam: Oh but how.

Khushi: As I will be working in his office from tomorrow onwards.

Shyam: Okay.

Arnav: So what are you buying Di.

Shyam: Ganesh murti.

Aaksh: Nice choice jiju.

Khushi: So is she angry with you.

Shyam: Yah. I usually get busy so I wont get time to spend with her so to compensate I buy gifts for her.

Khushi: Main aapko ek sala dungi kyun ki main bhi ek ladki hoon[Can I give one advise as I am also girl].

Shyam: Okay first introduction ho jaye[Okay but first lets have introduction]. 

Khushi: Okay. I am Khushi.

Shyam: Shyam. So batayiye kya kehna chahte hai[So what you want to tell].

Khushi: Aapne kaha ki aap unhe bakt nahi de pate[You told me that you cannot give time to her].


Khushi: Toh kya aap unhe gifts deke sorry kahenge[So you will give gift and say sorry].

Shyam: Yah.

Khushi: Toh aap galat hai[But you are wrong].

Shyam: Matlab.

Khushi: Matlab yeh ki hum ladkiyon ko gifts pasand hoti hai par roj roj nahi. Aap hafte mein do din busy hone to kya aap do din aap apni wife ya girlfriend ko bakt de nahi payenge toh gifts denge aur aapko lagta hai woh khush honge[Means we girls love gifts but not everyday. So if you will be busy for two days in week then you will give gifys for you wife or girlfriend and do you think she will be happy].

Shyam: I dont know.

Khushi: See you dont know how she feel. Aap unhe har hafte gifts lake deti hai par woh le leti hai right[You buy gift for her every week but she takes it right].

Shyam: Yah.

Khushi: Toh woh leti hai kyun ki aap unke liye laye hai woh aapko upset dekhna pasand nahi karenge. Apki khushi ke liye leti hai par woh khush nahi hoti hai kyunki unhe phir dushre hafte gifts milega aur yese hi saal mahine din khatam ho jayega. Aur pata unhe gifts mein interest bhi nahi lagega.Ek baat batayiye hum gifts kyun karidte hai[When you buy gifts for her she will take it as she dont want to upset you for your happiness she would take it but she know that again she will get sorry gifts next week. Like this time flies away in years, months and days and she wont have interest in gifts. Tell me one thing why do you buy gifts].

Shyam: To make loved ones special.

Khushi: Exactly to make loved one special. Toh aap kya kar rahe hai har hafte apni chahne wale ko gifts denge. Toh jab special din mein aap gifts denge na uss time bhi utna special feel nahi kar payege kyun ki tab tak unhe gifts mein interest hi nahi rahega.[So you would be givng gifts to her every week then she wont feel special when you give gifts on special days as she would loose interest over gifts].

Shyam: I am speechless.

Khushi: Shyamji kuch ladki hote hai unn logo ko gifts chahiye hota hai par yesi bahut ladki hote hai jinhe har hafte gifts denge toh andhar hi andhar chid jate hai par kuch bhi nahi kahenge kyunki ladkiyan bahut perfect hoti hai apni emotion chupane mein. Jahan tak main aako dekh rahi hoon aapki wife unn ladkiyon mein se hongi jinhe gifts pasand ho par haan woh unn ladkiyon mein se hongi jo ek affection ek sorry aur ek gesture mein khush hongi[ Shyamki some ladies are ther who loves gifts but there are some ladies who does not love that his loved ones shower gifts ek week and she would take it but inside she would be annoyed with gifts. We womens and girls are very perfect in hindi emotion as we have control over emotion and seeing you I can say that your wife is not a person who love gifts but she is a person who loves affection, loves someone say sorry for his mistake but not shower gifts. she is one who loves gesture].

Shyam: How do you know my wife so well.

Khushi: Because I am so well like her. I dont like someone showering gifts.

Shyam: Oh. So what should I do when she is angry.

Khushi: Its simple Shyamji just you have to talk with her. Shyamji aap busy honge toh unhe explain kijiye ki aap ke paas abhi bakt nahi hai woh upset nahi hongi woh aapko support karenge aapke saath har pal rahegi. Aapki wife gifts ko nahi but feeling ko importance deti hai. Aap ladke sab ek jaise hote hai gifts dedo wife khush ho jayegi par reality yesa nahi hai. Aapko ek baar mere papa ko dekhna chahiye woh kaise mamma ko manate hai.[Shyamji if you are busy let her know try to explain her that you are busy she will not be upset but she will support you and will be with youand take care of you. Yous wife does not gives importance to gifts but gives importance to feeling. You should see my dad how he cheer my mom when she is angry].

Shyam: Toh kya karte hai aapke papa jab apki mamma naraz hoti hai[So what does you dad do when your mom is angry].

Khushi: Woh mom ke liye choti choti kaam karte hai aur mom unn choti choti chizon mein khush hote hai kyun ki mom ko choti choti chizon mein khushiyan dhoondh leti hai[He would do small small thing for her and mom would be happy as she find happiness in small things].

Shyam: Lagta hai aapki mom dad ek dushre se bahut pyar karte hai[I guess you mom and dad loves each other].

Khushi: Yah they love each other.

Khushi ki phone bajti hai.

Khushi: Oh shoot. Haan jiji[Yah jiji].

Payal: Where are you Khushi.

Khushi: I am in jam.

Payal: What.

Khushi: Arre traffic jam.

Payal: Khushi jaldi aaja na Ma, Papa, bua aur main wait kar rahe hai bahut bhook lagi hai yaar[Khushi just come fast Ma, Papa bua and I am waiting for you we are feeling hungry yaar].

Khushi: Okay meri bhukad jiji main aa rahi hoon aap patience ki gyan deti ho aur khud mein patience nahi hai[Okay my hungry jiji I am coming. You always give lecture of patience to me and you only have no patience].

Payal: Khushi.

Khushi: Kya chilla rahe ho jiji aap public jagah par ho toh chilo maat log sochenge ki tu pagal hai aur pagal khane se bhag kar aayi hai[Dont scream jiji you are in public place people will think you are mad and you have ran and came from mental asylum].


Khushi: Abhi bhi chilla rahe ho[ See now also screaming].

Payal: Papa deal with her otherwise I will punch her.

Sashi: Cool down Payal.

Khushi hasti hai.

Khushi: Sorry. Aap log apna kaam kijiye[You all do your work].

Sashi: Beta tu kahan hai hum pareshan ho rahe hai[Beta where are you we are worried].

Khushi: Papa dont worry I am safe and I am coming just order the food if you all are hungry.

Sashi: No you come we will all  have food with you.

Khushi:Okay papa I am coming. Aab phone rakh do papa[Now keep the phone papa].

Sashi: Aacha jaldi aa[Come fast].

Khushi: Okay.

Khushi phone rakti hai.

Khushi: Bhaiya jaldi se pack kar dijiye mujhe bahut der ho gayi hai[Bhaiya please pack this fast as I am very late].

Bhaiya: Yeh lijiye maam[Maam take this].

Khushi: Thank you so much. Shyamji jana hai der ho gayi hai. Aur haan aap meri taraf se aapki wife ko hi boldena[Shyamji have to go bye see you later and Tell your wife hi from my side].

Shyam: Yah bye.

Khushi: All the best and Bye.

Shyam: I am impressed with her talk. Whoever will be in her life as a life partner that person would be very lucky.

Aakash: True jiju.

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Khushi ki duniya (By Sweetkitten) (Thanked: 11 times)

Chapter 5

Khushi Purple Orchid paunchti hai.

Khushi: I am so sorry jiji.

Payal: Mujhse baat maat kar Khushi[Dont talk to me Khushi].

Khushi: Sorry bola na toh[I said sorry na].

Payal: I wont accept your sorry.

Khushi: Okay main do minute mein aati hoon[Okay I will be coming in 2 minutes].

Garima: Aab kahan ja rahi hai[Now where are you going].

Khushi: Mamma ruko toh sahi[Mamma wait na].

Garima: Jahan jana hai ja par jaldi aa ja[Wherever you wanna go go but come fast].

Khushi: Haan Mamma.

Khushi chocolate leke aati hai.

Shyam: Hi Khushi.

Khushi: Hi Shyamji. Toh gifts de diye[So have you given the gifts].

Shyam: Yup.

Khushi: Kya hua abhi nazar hai aap se[What happen she is still angry].

Shyam: Naraz toh nahi hai[She is not angry].

Khushi: Then why are you upset.

Shyam: Gifts toh accept kiya par lagta hai khush nahi hai[She accepted the gifts but i guess she is not happy].

Khushi: Now you started noticing.

Shyam: Yah.

Khushi: Khushi Gupta ki prediction na humhesa sahi ho hai[Khushi Gupta's prediction is always right].

Shyam: Okay I understand.

Khushi: Shyamji aap unhe explain kar sakti hai ki kyun aap unhe bakt nahi de par rahe hai woh samjhenge aapko[Shyamji just go and explai her why you are not able to spend time with her she will understand you].

Shyam: Okay.

Anjali: Shyamji aap yahan hai aur main aapko dhoond rahi hoon[Shyamji you are here and I was finding you].

Khushi: So she is the one.

Shyam: Yup My wife Anjali Shyam Jha.

Khushi: Let me tell you she is very beautifull and gorgeous. Nice choice.

Shyam:Thank you.

Khushi: I am Khushi

Anjali: Anjali. Aap akeli aayi hai[Have you cme alone].

Khushi Nahi. Family ke saath aayi hoon lunch ke liye[No I have come with my family for lunch].

Sashi aata hai.

Sashi: Princess tu yahan hai aur main pura restuarant dhoond rahi thi[Princess you are here and I am finding you in whole restaurant].

Khushi: Papa.

Khushi ko hug karti hai aur fatherly kiss karti hai.

Shashi: Missed you so much.

Khushi: Papa I didnt meet for for 1 hour and you are missling me.

Sashi: Haan tumne hi toh kaha tha na I should miss you aur main yese papa nahi hoon jo apni beti ki baat nahi manta[Yah but you only told me na that I should miss you and i am not papa who doesnt obey her daughter].

Khushi: Papa.

Shyam: So he is your father.

Khushi: Yup my handsome and super cool dad.

Sashi: Princess do I know him.

Khushi: Aap nahi jante par main janti hoon[Papa you dont know him but I know him].

Sashi: Beta kab se tum strangers se baat karne lagi[Beta from when you started speaking to strangers].

Khushi: Tab jab main aap sab se door America mein thi[The time when I was far away from you all in America].

Sashi: Okay. Hello Sashi Gupta father of Khushi.

Shyam: Namaste uncle. I am Shyam. Ek baat kahun aap hichkichate nahi yeh kehne ke liye ki aap Khushi ke papa hai[ Can I tell you one thing you dont hesitate to address that you are Khushi father].

Sashi: Yah I dont hesitate I am a proud father of Khushi.

Anjali: Aap dono aaye hai lunch ke liye how sweet[So you both have came for luch how sweet].

Khushi: Nahi humhara pura pariwar aaya hai. Woh hai humhara table[No came with whole family. That is our table].

Anjali: Aur woh humhara table hai[ And that is our table].

Sashi: Princess chalo beta humhe der ho rahi hai[Princess lets go beta we are late].

Khushi: Aab kya hua[Now what happened].

Sashi: Tumhari mamma ki BP badh rahi hai[Your mamma's BP is rising].

Khushi: Aab aapne kya kiya ki mamma ghussa ho gayi[Now what you did that mamma is angry with you].

Sashi: I dont know. Tumhari mamma na woh unpredictable hai kab nazar ho ti pata hi nahi chalta[Your mamma is unpredictable when she becomes angry I cannot say].

Khushi hasti hai.

Khushi: Toh aapke paas sau tarike hote hai mamma ko manane ke liye. Ek try kar lo[Papa you have 100 of solution to woo her so take 1 solution na].

Sashi: Beta tumhari mamma itni naraz hai ki mere tarike bhi fail ho jayega[Beta today your mom is very angry so my ways to woo her woild fail].

Khushi: Arre kaise fail hoga mere papa genius hai woh kuch bhi kar sakte hai[ Arre why it will fail my dad is genius and he can do anything].

Sashi: Toh kya kare. Gift dete hai.[So what to do. Lets give3 gift.].

Khushi:Big NO.

Sashi hasta hai.

Sashi: Okay gift nahi denge par ek idea aaya hai[Okay I will not give gifts but I have an idea].

Khushi: Go for that idea.

Sashi: Tu kaise manayegi Payal ko[How will you woo Payal].

Khushi: Chocolates.

Sashi: Toh ghus dogi[So you will infiltrate].

Khushi: Yah.

Sashi: Par beta woh pakad legi aakhir business minded womeniya hai[She will catch you as she is business minded women].

Khushi: Toh kya hua mere paas bhi tarike hai unhe yeh chocolate accept karane ke liye.[So what I also have my ways to make her accept my chocolate].

Sashi: Haan tu kuch bhi kar sakti hai[Yah you can do anything].

Khushi: Beti kiski hoon[Whose daughter am I].

Sashi: Oviously mine.

Khushi aur Sashi haste hai.

Sashi: Beta mamma ko maat batana[Beta dont say to your mamma].

Khushi: Haan nahi bataungi ki aap unke liye kuch plan kar rahe ho[Yah papa I will not say anthing that you are planing something for her].

Sashi: Now that's like my daughter.

Khushi: Papa aab aap jao aur mamma ko manane ke liye prepare karo main jiji ko manati hoon[Papa now go and prepare for wooing mamma and I will go and woo jiji].

Sashi: Okay Madam.

Khushi: Papa.

Sashi: Kidding.

Sashi Khushi ko hug karta hai aur jata hai.

Khushi: Papa bhi na kabhi kabhi[Papa is sometimes].

Khushi hasti hai.

Khushi: Now I have to go bye Anjaliji and Shyamji.

Shyam and Anjali: Bye Khushiji/Khushi.

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Loved it
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