Dont you Think my love deserves a chance ? Season -2

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Dont you Think my love deserves a chance ? Season -2 (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 59 times)

Khushi sat in the mandap waiting for her arnavji. she knows for sure that he will turn up as her love is not weak. She had full faith in him when he assured her yesterday night. He wont let his past being reflected in the present. Their loves has crossed the huge hurdle of the shyam fiasco and even thought he is here it didn't make their relation a difference as it made them over there. She had her whole view on the pyre noticing its flame reducing second to second. Her heart refused to believe it was getting dimmer. Her heart refused to shatter her hopes she kept. Her hopes were of arnav will come and marry her.

 No one was by her side. Her sister payal and akash was the one who sat beside her trying to take her out where garima gupta sat beside shashi trying to convince shashi that she was not wrong. Was this necessary to convince shashi than seeing her daughter in that state waiting for the groom? Alas no. Her priority was her husband and his view about her. madhumathi ji was a silent speculator who sided along garima. Nani was sitting in the few chairs and she felt ashamed of this things happening today and the most was of the fiasco of garima. How can she not say a word to console a daughter who is sitting there broken? Anjali was sitting beside shyam where shyam consoled her. mama and mami at a side and nk went to search arnav.

Khushi was sitting with tears in her eyes as reality started drowning her a little. The pyre was almost dimmed and her hope started sliding off. Payal hugged khushi in her embrace wishing to protect her sister from all of this. akash stood by his wife side. Nani not able to bear any of these things happening went to khushi and hugged her.

Don't worry khushi betiya arnav will definitely come said nani. Khushi gulped hard her tears and nodded her hear. Today is our test nani. I am sure by the end of this day we will surely pass this test replied khushi a little dimly with still hope. Nani just made her lean on her shoulders...

" At the end of day , only I am going to pass this test of destiny khushi kumari gupta "

Khushi stood up with a shock from nani's shoulders . Her eyes filled with joy tears seeing her arnavji over there. Her life standing over there. she immediately ran off the stage and rushed to him. she hugged him tightly to tell him that he is her world. Nothing else.

All the others gathered to their place...

Arnav not able to tolerate her closeness with him shrugged her off harshly.All were shocked at his behaviour. How dare you hug me khushi kumara gupta? now only I clearly understood the games of you and your bloody mother.

Khushi couldn't blink her eyes as she was rather shocked by all the happenings. Arnavji ? she muttered shockingly. I hate you to the core khushi. I hate you. you and your mother were the reason for the death of my mother. Your mother was the other women in my father's life. how can you expect me to accept a girl that too from a mother like garima gupta? you to would be taught the same. How to get attention of the high class people . you are a gold digger.

Khushi stood up painfully hearing all the accusations he throwed. It was just registering in her mind line by line. " chote" said nani. What are you speaking. You know well about khushi betiya. She is not like that replied nani. Yes chote, nani is right. she is not like that , don't throw these words against her.

All is a play by she and her mother nani. All is a play. She did all these to get our wealth. What can a middle class girl do without any earnings. She too started her mother game of trapping smacked arnav straight looking at khushi's face with full of angst.

Khushi gulped her salaiva hard. Do you think of me like this arnavji? arnav holded her shoulders angrily. Do you want me to think about you like this khushi , when you are exactly the same what I told. I regret loving you and regret all the moments happened between us. our lives was fine before you and your mother made a play out of it snapped arnav looking at her eyes furiously. He let her and she fall down brokenly. Payal rushed to her and holded her to support her. jijaji , you are doing wrong. Payal replied. The reason why you are still a raizada is that you are not the blood of garima , payal replied arnav. I cannot see my sister is in this state. please don't do this to her replied payal. Decide whether you are your sister side or my side payal.

Bhai what are you speaking? Akash asked arnav. the truth akash. I don't want any of us being associated with the guptas hereafter. She should not speak to her parents here after whenever it is. if she does so , she is a raizada said arnav warningly. I will not leave my sister mr raizada. You are sasural is there payal. Go there. don't spoil your life for khushi said garima being worried. ma, how can you , before she completes khushi interrupts. She gathered herself to face him. she gathered herself to not fall low in front of all which is not her.Jiji, please go. don't see me here after. I will be with you always when you think of me. don't loose akashji jiji. Don't make my sacrifice for you be waste. I bore a lot for you jiji sensing at least you will be happy with jiju.

What sacrifice are you speaking about phati sadi? Mocked mami. I married arnav only because to save payal and akash marriage and that was a contract marriage of 6 months which he misunderstood me with you know what jiji. Payal looked at her shocked.Why didn't you tell me khushi asked payal by cupping her cheeks. Khushi hugged her. please don't spoil yourself for me jiji. I love u jiji and don't worry about me. wherever I will be, I will stay fine.

I will see how you stay fine khushi kumari gupta. vacate your house within 1 day. Garima and madhu stood numbed. How can you say like this asked garima. Yeah. it was on the name of khushi only na asked madhu. See I told you right, they are behind our money nani. You supported this girl and this family?

Your house will be ready tomorrow and you can take it she replied back to arnav straight to his face. I am going to house amma to make arrangements. You come with babuji and buaji. She muttered and left the place.

Shashi was very depressed seeing the accusations thrown on his daughter. all he want to do was to hold her safely and hug her such that she is safe from this cruel world. He is sad that garima and buaji is silent about everything happening and garima trying to console him when he learns the truth about her past instead of consoling khushi. he is angry at garima as this had led them to this situation of his daughter broken marriage.

In all this mama and shyam was a silent speculator in this as he was shocked with the happenings and arnav's behavior. He felt very sad for khushi . He as a head of this family has a responsibility to take all these things in his hands but he failed. he could have did a great difference but alas. What to do. shyam on the other hand was very happy about his victory. He accomplished in his goal to separate arnav and khushi. now he can get his khushiji so easily. His dreams are turned out to be true sooner. He just needs to follow her. But god knows his plans all will fail soon.

Khushi came out of the mandap where she took an auto the gupta's house. tears rolled in her eyes heavily. She couldn't control it more. Was their love that much weak that his past came back. What was her fault in all this. it was some way related to her mother and what she did in all this that she was blamed a gold digger again? her name shouldn't be khushi which was never meant for . she don't deserve her name.

She reached the gupta mansion. She paid he auto and entered the gupta house. she locked her bed room. she stood herself by the mirror. She felt disgust seeing herself in this state today. His words kept ringing on her " gold digger" " play" " trap me". khushi closed her ears shouting no. I am not any of these. You thought this much low of me arnavji when this much had happened between us. I cant bear the pain. It is piercing me a lot that I loved a person who is thinking this much low about me? why this is happening to me. I wont break down. I wont. I hate you... I hate you to the core. she removes the jewelry harshly from her neck throwing it down. She took of the wedding clothes from her and wore her usual dress which she used to her.

 Seeing the wedding dress in her bed all the things happened again started flashing. She took the jewels, clothes everything and reached to the front of house . she lit a fire on it and sensed it lighting. She had her mangalustra in her neck which she hid through the necklace worn. She took of the mangalustra crying and put it along the fire. She will no longer look back at the raizadas ever.

Meanwhile garima, shashi, and buaji reached house and got shocked seeing khushi burning something. Garima and buaji rushed to her. what is it you are burning khushi? asked garima. All my wedding things amma replied khushi. Are you mad khushi? how could you do this. the jewelry we could have used it for our self told buaji. Buaji , we don't need his aid at all . we can work out something. We don't need that family's anything told khushi. you are a mad girl , how could you do this of asking arnav to take over this house tomorrow? how can we leave this house? you are acting too selfish khushi. did you think about us? because of you only my past got again into play. Khushi stood shocked. what are you speaking amma? Asked khushi. yes you are the reason that all came to know about my past. Why you did this? asked khushi. I am not responsible for anything amma. I defended you said khushi. stop this nonsense. I don't want to bear a daughter who is like this in my house. get out of this house now. khushi stood numbed hearing garima's words. Yeah, she is right , get out khushi mocked buaji. 

Shashi was sitting in the wheel chair numbed. He didn't think that his sister and his wife do something like to his daughter. he wanted to shout at them both for doing this. he tried to move his hands a little. But nothing he can do to stop it. he was helpless... he was helpless as ever than before where he couldn't defend his daughter in mandap and now also

Khushi looked at garima and madhu stunned by their behavior. They too left her like her arnavji. what is happening around her. she bend towards her babuji.

Babuji,You too think that I am reason for all of this?

Babuji nodded no. he lifted his hand and kept on her head. Thank you babuji. Will you also come with me ? babuji nodded yes. she takes the wheel chair of shashi.

You cant take care of shashi khushi. just you leave said garima. I know to take care of my father and you don't intrude now hereafter replied khushi sternly. She took her father in his wheel chair and they both exited the Lakshmi nagar................

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Part -2 (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 50 times)

Hey friends, I have written 10 parts on this wattpad so I couldnt change this plot Kpoonam . If you want Later, I would write a story like that ...Sorry dear ..

At the first day of the movie release" Aurath" , the function was conducted to promote and thank all the members working towards it. It was an inspirational movie from the director mohit seghal who was an very known director. He was silent for past 5 to 6 years. years due to his wife's treatment but has now reached a lot of high levels due to his wife and his baby's support. Yeah baby is the short form he calls his friend , sister everything to him. He has persuaded a lot of times his baby to do this film but she denied saying some reasons. At last he made her accept and he knows she needed a lot of time to bear out for shoot in spite of having her kids who were her world to her. He is now proud to say that his baby will be a very popular star after this movie. He is not feeling happy for his movie but for his cute little baby and his princess whom he will hide and protect from all of this cruel world. No one can name their relationship which is full of only trust.

Mohit stood in the stage. I would like to thank all the persons who have supported for this film to be a very huge success. Major thanks to AR fashion house for providing the perfect costumes for this movie. He said looking into arnav singh raizada who was seated next to akash singh raizada in their respective seats.

As you all say , we didn't declare the major female role of the movie in any of the trailers or banners. I am sorry for that as she is very peculiar about this of not to make public appearance. But she did her job great to that level. As the film is released , I wanted to show the full trailer of the picture today in this event. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Mohit moves aside displaying the video. Meanwhile his mobile beeps into a message. " I am coming now". At outside with shashi papa. Mohit smiles. Finally she accepted on shashi's and araving's insistence to come. To show herself to this world. He wanted to shout in excitement but controlled.

Arnav was checking mail through his phone , least interested to watch trailer. Akash who was watching the trailer looked shocked a lot seeing his bhabi, khushi in the screens. Bhai he whispered . arnav looked at him. what akash?. Bhabi in the picture. Arnav quickly viewed the screens at which trailer is playing and was rooted to his place. was this his khushi? she is the main lead? Cant be. How can she reach this much high position?

The trailer was finished. " ladies and gentleman please welcome the main lead of the film, miss khushi gupta on to the stage".

Light were on from the stadium entrance and there enters khushi with a sizzling smile who's arms were encircled to that of shashi. She was wearing a long yellow gown with full hands , with her hair plated beautifully and a long hearing adorning her with a simple bracelet and a watch at each sides. She had applied a little gloss and kajal which was more than enough to enhance her beauty. Shashi meanwhile was at his 3 piece suit with a great smile adorning him seeing his daughter who is at this height today.

They both walk to the near stage where khushi made shashi sit in one of the VIP seats. She bends down to take his blessing and shashi smiles blessing her. khushi adjusting her hair properly walks towards the stage to mohit. She hugs mohit. Mohit smiles at her warmly.

So here it is " khushi gupta " the main pillar for this film.

Khushi smiles happily. Her eyes had a little happy tears for another success in her life after her success of her company ANK. A happiness where no one can snatch from her. A life made by her will and no intruder can interrupt . No one like arnav singh raizada is there to play with her and she wont let anyone to play her life anymore.

Arnav was sitting shocked at his place seeing her over here. she is definitely his khushi. he don't have the rights to claim her after what happened as their marriage broke and still he is sure that he took his correct decision. he got saved from her and secondly he wanted to punish garima by making her daughter helpless without an marriage. He don't know anything about what happened after she left the mandap and he didn't speak to her as the gupta mansion was ready by the next day fully vacated. Akash and payal knows about their place of stay but he never mind to ask them. if shashi is here , then where is garima?

anchor took over the stage  to take an interview on khushiand mohit went back to his seat leaving khushi alone in the stage with the anchor.

So miss gupta. I would prefer khushi vermaji said khushi. I too prefer verma khushi. he smiles at her. khushi too reciprocates. So khushi, why don't you want to show yourself to this outside world before the releasing of film asked vermaji. I actually , didnt want to make any personal appearance over music release or promotion functions because , felt I don't need to do this. I don't want to expose myself in front of many people which is full of my personal matter. I don't want the interference of them in my life due to this. This is the major reason, I refused to do this. But my both the fathers literally ran out a class for me , where shashi papa in front of me and aravind papa in the face time. Both literally ran me out crazy and made me reconsider my decision. I came here today to this function just because of them and the original trailer played is also because of them.

Do you think that seeing the movie they will find about you khushi? asked verma. Yeah , I know but they cant easily locate me that much as in case of here when there is a live show going on verma. Yeah fine said verma. So who do you think is the major reason for your support through out this journey asked verma. My both the papa's, naina, mohit all are the part of this journey without whom I wouldn't have done anything. your mother asked vermaji?. meri zindagi hai woh. She is the one who accepted me in her laps whenever I felt difficulties. I persuaded to come but she didn't come. she loved me this much till the eternity where they are no ends. She shows me all the love even though she is not my real mother. Mother in the meaning itself is beautiful nah?. Yeah khushi. you are absolutely right.

Arnav tightened his fist hearing the praise of garima which he couldn't control at all...

What you felt the most challenging part in the film. My challenging part was of dancing in the bazaar, which I took almost 1 month of practice to do it perfectly replied khushi. what is your relation with mohit?. My relationship with him is undefined. No one can define its true meaning. We don't share any blood relation but I say heart relations are even more great than these blood relations.

So we end the session of interview today with khushi and you can take your seat. Khushi goes and seats beside shashi and mohit.

She didn't view anyone yet as she was just focused on the crowd. Mohit was sitting next to akash. Khushi still didn't yet see arnav where arnav kept on staring at her.

Khushi leans to mohit. How was the entry mohit? She whispered. A dhamadkar entry princess. Looking gorgeous he replied. I wore this gift. See. she shows a pendant heart shaped in her neck which is of opening type which had the photos of 2 kids at a side and shashi,aravind ,mohit,riya and naina in other. Mohit smiles at it. Beautiful on you princess he answered truly. He gave this gift on her birthday, to ensure that they all are with her ever.

Princess! Mohit exclaimed. Hmm tell me prince mohit what ? I am not a prince but I am the king and my queen is naina and my princess is you. got it? he asked. Huh! God knows why i sat with you . you and your un laughable jokes replied khushi. ok serious princess. I want you to meet all the associates related with this film today ok? said him. sure king mohitji... she smiles. Mohit , I actually need to meet the designer of dresses as they all were fabulous for the story. You denied our ANK fashion house sensing , I will get more engaged to compart with dresses than acting, so I didn't insist you. Which fashion company gave this film the full support? You never mentioned that to me and I only saw the delegates who came to spot to fit the dress perfectly not their MD. Will you introduce me? why not khushi said mohit. He is sitting next to me. mohit turns towards the seat of arnav where till now he was sitting turning his face at the side of khushi..

Arnav was listening all of their conversation leaning a bit towards mohit side. He felt anger rushed in his vein seeing mohit addressing his khushi as his princess and she too calls him prince and king. How the hell she can move on when he is still suffering in the first place. she not even suffered a bit for the broken marriage and is enjoying her life with her boy friend mohit . Another trump card of her to be friendly and trap a rich men. Both mother and daughter are the same....

He was lost in his thoughts after he listened the princess and king conversation. He came into reality when mohit turned to his side and he pretended to be straight watching the show taking place over the stage.

Mohit turned to his side. Hey arnav. arnav turned towards mohit . hey mohit replied arnav. mohit moved a little back to his seat that khushi can meet arnav. when khushi sees arnav she gets numbed for a moment seeing him. So arnav meet my princess khushi gupta and princess meet mr arnav singh raizada the owner of AR fashion house. mohit's realization hit down at the mess he have made. How did he fail to recognize this point long ago. He realized he is khushi's ... he is that **** who did this to her. he turned his gaze to khushi who was just looking arnav with eyes telling that she hates him the most and tears engulfing a little of this situation today of meeting after 7 years. Shashi who viewed all this happenings from the near seat of khushi placed his hand on her hands . khushi turned to shashi sensing his hold. She understood his gesture of assurance that now that monster is no one to them. no way he is connected. Only they are a family which can never be broken down ever. He is just a mere passage of clouds.

Closing her eyes. She decides to fight whatever comes in the way. mohit was worried for her reaction. Khushi turned towards arnav with an attitude of the MISS KG who is now ruling the fashion world in the company named ANK. She replied with a smirking smile on her face and attitude on her face. Nice to meet you mr raizada...

Arnav's face turned numbed with her smirk and attitude of her face where akash was a silent speculator watching all over this..

whom do you think khushi referred as her mother?

who is aravind where khushi refers him as papa?

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Part -3 (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 45 times)

Nice to meet you mr raizada said khushi in a smirking attitude. Nice to meet you miss khushi kumari gupta. khushi just passes a fake smile .princess,Come we have to meet some other people interrupted mohit in their introduction conversation. He wont let it go beyond and hurt khushi. meanwhile khushi's phone beeps with a message and she smiles looking at. Who is it princess?

Garima ma said khushi with a happy face. mohit was rooted to the core as he was confused what is she doing now. khushi eyes showed something which was showing arnav,he sees towards arnav whose hands was fisted and his face wrinkled unable to control the anger. The second shocked person was of aakash who knows what garima and madhu did and also know where they stay. He is shocked a little seeing khushi calling garima. How is this possible?

So , I may take your leave mr raizada she said eyeing at arnav smirking out of her step to twitch his anger. she looks at akash who was a silent spectator and holded a confused expression. Who is this mohit, the one standing with mr raizada asked khushi. he is akash singh raizada told mohit smiling at her. come my dear princess he took her by holding her waist leading to a jealous and angry arnav.

Bhai, said akash sensing his anger. I am leaving akash. Handle this ****s and reach home soon said arnav and stormed out of the place fastly. He couldn't stand at that place anymore. Akash don't know what to do. he was confused whether to talk to khushi or not. if he talk then his brother will kill him but another side , his wife who is eagerly waiting for any information on khushi. he knows she might have seen this live telecast..

His phone beeps indicating payal calling. His guess was right. akash, please make me to talk to khushi please. I want to talk to her said payal pleadingly. Yes payal. I will give her the phone.

Akash moved from his place to find khushi and he finds her speaking with some co stars. Akash went near her. khushiji he whimpered. Khushi turned towards him. yes answered khushi. don't do this to me khushiji atleast to your jijaji. See akash singh raizada, I am no where connected hereafter to your family after what it has given me. I don't want any relationship which connects to him or his family said khushi firmly. Not even your sister khushiji asked akash little sadly. Khushi closes her eyes. Tell her that wherever I am , I am happy and I always wish for her happiness. I don't want her life to be at stake just because she spoke to me. try to make her understand mr akash singh raizada. Excuse me , I have to meet some one over there said khushi moving out of the place where akash was.

Payal, she denied said akash disappointed. Its ok akashji. I am happy for my sister now said payal with a little tears. can I speak to babuji , please. he is sitting over there only payal. I will give the phone.

Akash goes to shashi. Babuji. Shashi smiles at him. how are you akash beta asked shashi smilingly. I am fine babuji. Payal wants to speak to you. shashi takes the phone. Payal betiya shashi says lovingly. Payal starts crying. Saath saal hogaya babuji, since I met you. I miss you a lot babuji. I want to meet u. where u stay. How are you all asked payal in a single flow without any break. Relax payal. Take a breathe , we all are fine. khushi mostly is fine and now she is happy. how are you? how is everyone there asked shashi. Everyone are fine babuji. All have moved on. No talks about my sister in that house. it hurts me a lot babuji seeing Mamiji always taunting her. naniji and anjali never believe dadi 's or arnav's words. They care about khushi. dadi's and shyam's order is mostly followed. I cant tolerate it babuji. I cant tolerate any words against my baby sister. how can they think and arnavji. I literally think why god has not given him any brain. He is sad but never accepts it babuji. I can's t take this. Its ok payal said shashi, all will change. Babuji, I forgot to tell, I have a girl child of 5 years named neya. Your granddaughter babuji. I am very happy beta for you. you got well babuji? I am very happy for you said payal happily seeing her father fine in the telecast. Yeah , khushi made it possible. She learnt Ayurveda and accupunture for me . she went to classes and is a certified practitioner. Omg babuji, she is really great. I don't know how to express my happiness. Meet me once babuji please. give me your number. I want to talk to u often. Please. ok , I will give my number to akash beta. We will surely meet one day payal. Don't worry said shashi. Yeah , thank you babuji. Payal cut the call happily.

she came into hall to see anjali and nani watching the repeat telecast startng again as the program ended some time ago. Payal comes and sits in the sofa with anjali. Payalji, see our khushi said anjali happily. Did chote see her there , as he also went there asked nani worriedly.

Yes , I saw her came a voice harshly from the entrance of the house. nani, anjali, and payal turns to see him in a very angry state. chote said anjali worriedly. Off the tv now, dhi. I don't want to see her face. She still now is the same . same like her mother. She has broken our family but there she and her bloody mother are happy. only shashiji was there na in the function said nani. Yeah replied arnav. she and her mother are not happy arnavji . amma and buaji are in a house at lucknow and she is not with khushi. so you were contact with her asked arnav smacking at her. she is my sister arnavji apart from everything of your hate and anger. I don't want to listen anything here after about that gold digger girl again. got it? he goes and switches off the tv and moves fastly to his stair case.

Why do he always does this dhi asked payal. He doesn't understand it payal, leave it.

Anjali and nani goes to their respective rooms. Payal too leaves to her room. Shyam on the other hand who just came felt a twice happy seeing all under his control. His major aim was to separate arnav and khushi. if he didn't get khushi, no one will get her.....

After the call was cut. Akash spoke to shashi sometime and left to see some important members.

Khushi after finishing almost seeing everyone came and sat near shashi feeling tired. Tired princess asked shashi affectionately. Yeah papa, I cant even rest as I have to go to office too. Lot of works to be done, Then help the 2 naughty birds in their home works so that they can be free on tomorrow and day after tomorrow as they have holidays to play their pranks and plans said khushi imagining their plan for these 2 days. Just like you khushi. always chirping . aarav is just like you but aisha , a hot headed boy in a girl. what a angry she has got. Khushi chuckles. She controls aarav too much papa said khushi.

But both wont let go of each other in any situations khushi. that you have to appreciate khushi. they will go beyond sky if it comes to their sister/ brother replied shashi a little proudly about his grandson and granddaughter. I am blessed to have them papa. My life on my own.

Always speak some movie dialogues princess. Very boring . hearing it from last 5 years said mohit complainingly joining them. mohit , I am leaving with papa, you come afterwards said khushi. ok baba, you go and are you fine? I am sorry about what happened today. I didn't know it. I failed to realize khushi. I am sorry. I shouldn't have been this much careless.

Chup , king mohit. I have forgotten everything and he is nothing to me, do you get it? my life revolves only on our family " mere aashiyan". No one else. Get it into your tiny brain my dear king mohit said khushi. ok my dear princess cutie pie. Go now. will meet you at home and text me once you reach your office after dropping papa said mohit.

I sometime wonder whether , I am really daughter of you and  naina ? who ever comes first is you khushi. you are my baby girl. His eyes turned out a little worried suddenly. Khushi cups his face sensing his thoughts. your naina will come to you with positive results mohit. I promise that you are going to have a happy si duniya. Don't worry. Mohit nods. I don't want a child khushi. I am happy with her. I am happy that she recovered to this much. I am afraid with this treatment if any. Chup mohit. Everything will be fine. papa is there with her. don't worry. Speak to her once. Mohit nods his head like a obedient child. khushi! what mohit? He comes near her ears. You were asking that , what made me write this story right? its you princess. Each and every scene I wrote imagining you. you were the role model to me in building up the story. You are really a gem who is very hard to be found now a days. just smile always. I wanted to say this as today in this world you have became a star finally. this is the best day of your life and my wishes to you.

Khushi gets teary eyes in happiness. Thank you. he wipes her tears. no more tears. khushi nods. Go now said mohit. Khushi leaves with shashi on her audi car.

After dropping shashi in their home , khushi left to her office. She entered the office and there all stood up to respect her. she smiles at everyone and goes to her cabin.

Riya who saw her arrival immediately rushed to her cabin. khushi's cabin had a very great interior designed full of glass where in her cabin there was a way to a room which is a small house where she would rest whenever needed. This small house name was of kiddo area. This is for her kids when they come over there which provides all the games , tv every facility over there. the kiddo area can be reached only through her room and it is fully sound proof so no sound can reach to her cabin. she keeps the track of them by having a cctv check on that room connected to her office computer which she keeps at the side of her laptop. If not her presence ria takes a look at the cctv.

Mam , may I come in mam asked riya. Sure. Come in. where are aisha and aarav. I picked them from school and they are in the kiddo area mam. I gave them their snacks too. Thank you so much riya. You are thanking me mam? As a maasi , don't I have any responsibility khushi mam?. then call me khushi dhi, ria said khushi interrupting her. we are in office and I am your PA said riya.

Whatever, who is the client who wants to have a meeting with us asked khushi. AR group of company mam. So , ok. Ask their md and manager to meet me at my office at " mere aashiyan" tomorrow. schedule the timing to 10.00 am. Ok mam. I will do it. don't worry said riya and left the cabin .

Khushi knew some day or the other she need to make appearance in front of him as the MD of ANK group of company. why not tomorrow may be that day. She is not that weak now. if he does anything , she will retort it back to him.

She gazed at the key placed in her table. she took the keys and proceeded to open the door. It led to an other door where she inserted another key to get inside. There was a huge sound from the tv. Khushi closed her ears. There was the both naughty twins dancing over the bed ultimately with joy . no boundaries. Aarav was in his school uniform with his tie , tied round his head, his id card laying near his shoes. His shirt was half tucked in and his hair as if he didn't comb his hair for years. Aisha was also in her school uniform where she has removed her hairs from the plaque . she had kept her id card and shoes properly in its place as she likes things kept on its places. She is very disciplinary and obedient child unlike aarav but does all the masthi silently.

Khushi was standing there watching the both with a cute smile admiring her kids, where the kids still didn't notice her presence...

So how will the meeting go tomorrow. Will arnav see Aisha and aarav??

Jul 8

Part -4 (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 33 times)

"I don't know how this chapter came out as I thought to post the meeting in this episode but this itself came quite a long episode. I will surely give their meeting scene on the next part for sure with what happened in raizadas till now."

The kids unware of their mother's presence. Khushi who was standing at the entrance of the door came inside the room and stopped the song which is being played through the tv. The kids stopped immediately and turned towards her. aarav who was in his worst state smiled childishly to cover it up. aisha viewing his state catches what is running in his mind. You are responsible for your state aarav gupta mocked up aisha naughtily. Oh really asked aarav lifting his one eye brows just like how arnav used to do.

Ok stop your fighting. Aarav and aisha both come with me , I will change your dress. pick up what dress you are going to wear. ok mom, said both running to their wardrobe over there, picking up their fav dresses, they came to khushi. khushi made them to wear that dress and freshened them up.

So take out your home works , such that we can be free tomorrow and day after tomorrow. what say? asked khushi. yeah mom, awesome idea said aisha. When we finish, I need 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream said aarav eagerly.ok baba. Deal. I will get you both your fav ice creams said khushi, Both of them started doing their respective home works obediently where khushi assisted them fully.

After winding up of all her works and taking her laptop and the kid's belongings khushi left to " mere aashiyan" with riya and her 2 kids.

The house was an individual bungalow set in the marine drive. It was double or triple the space of shantivaan. Where a large swimming pool was set at the right side and garden was covered by the whole enhancing the beauty of the villa. Khushi parked her car in the parking area and ringed the bell of the house.

There came a elderly women of the age of 45+ with an aarthi plate in her hand. Stand there right khushi she said smiling at her daughter. nani said aarav hugging her legs. The women smiled at him and made him stand near khushi. she did aarthi . she was about to feed sweet to her. no sweets amma. Please. I wont touch it hereafter. You know that. this is Prasad khushi said that women. No ratna ma, I will not touch sweets for my life time and you know , I don't have any vishwas on this Prasad nor that devi maiya. This is the end of topic amma. I don't wish to repeat this. ok fine khushi said ratna. I wont compel you. 

Huh started again khushi madam said mohit coming to the entrance of house. you and your dramas. He picked up a sweet from the plate and fed the kids and riya. Khushi, see there na, papa is coming. He tried to divert her. don't play with me mohit. I am firm with my decision. A piece doesn't change you princess. You know about me mohit. i am going to my room saying this riya left to her room as she knows these daily drama takes place. papa, I am hungry said aarav making a pout face. Ah , my romeo, come we will have a plenty of jelabis said mohit lifting him and taking him towards the dinning table. I hate these jelabis pouted aisha, I don't know how he keeps on munching it. khushi smiles at aisha. I know what you like my pari saying this she lift her and takes her towards the kitchen. She takes her favorite diary milk chocolate and gives her. she smiles widely taking it and starts munching it , enjoying the taste. You are pampering her a lot khushi said ratna who came to keep the aarthi plate in its place. I know ma, I can't deny them any time as they are my life. I know khushi, you still are stuck on to that day, I am also responsible for this state of your khushi.

You are not responsible amma. You are not. I don't want you to again get that thoughts, do you get it? what are your both speaking dadi and amma asked aisha suspiciously. Nothing aisha. Acha chaleo, we can watch tom and jerry today asked khushi trying to divert her.

I want to watch Phineas and ferb said aisha not tom and jerry. I want to watch mumma's movie said aarav who came along mohit to the dinning table. no, we will watch once dadu and naina mumma comes here answered mohit.

Yeah he is right said ratna. Is babuji resting asked khushi worriedly. Huh yes, shashiji is resting replied ratna.

Ok kiddos, go to your playing room and play for some time meanwhile mumma will make something for dinner said khushi to her kids. Ice cream asked aarav.Phineas and ferb show asked aisha cutely. All after having dinner silently or else it will be cancelled said khushi. No way, you promised. You are breaking it said aarav sadly. Yeah mumma, he is right said aisha joining him too.

Khushi sensing their change of expression said I was just playing aarav and aishu. I will surely get your ice cream and then we all together will watch aishu's Phineas ferb, ok?

You are the best mumma said the kids running and hugging her tightly. What does she wants else. Her kids by her side always, a caring family of a mom , 2 dads , a brother, a bhabi , a sister. nothing else is needed for her in this birth . she gets a little teary eyes. So go to play kiddoos.

The kiddos nodded their head and headed towards their play room. mohit sees her crying a little and wipes her tears with his thumbs. No crying. Khushi nods her hear. Tomorrow , I have meeting with AR group of company. arnav's company right asked mohit. yeah replied khushi. I will go to temple tomorrow morning said ratna. You are afraid of him mom that he will find out about you and papa asked khushi. No , I never wish to see his face after he has done this to you. I have got my punishment amma. I was just his mistress , nothing else. I am like a paper where he used me. He gave me that name for punishing me and I am accepting that as my fault for loving him. I am willing to rot in that as my punishment. Don't distance yourself from your son for me. don't do this.

You are more important to me than arnav and anjali khushi. I love u a lot then them both. Clearly register that in your mind khushi or else get ready to get scolding from aravind ji. Ok ? I am calling aravind papa saying this mohit took his phone pretending to dial his number. Khushi snatched off the phone from him and ran away making a winking face.

Mohit smiles at her. she is just the same amma. Yeah mohit. just the same. I wonder why people hurt her this much said ratna. Don't worry mom , she is a fighter said mohit. I really wanted to do her another shadi but she , she speaks of the words the society says. It is high time mohit. she has to move on said ratna. Don't worry amma, I will take care of that. I will make sure my princess and my kidoos life are settled. It is my promise. Ratna smiles at him. I know you will fulfill your promise mohit said ratna cupping his face. I will go to my room ma saying this he left the kitchen.

Khushi who was running towards her room peeped into riya's room where she was busy in texting some one.

Miss rat****, what is the time now said khushi who came inside the room in a anger tone. Dhi , I was just.. she stammered. Go through the company history of AR group of company and send me a report to my room after 1 hr miss rat****.

I am not miss rat**** but riya miss gupta. I will pluck of your eyes if you try to order me here miss gupta. I am no more your employee in aashiyan said riya arrogantly. Oh this much stubborn in your speaking , so bad miss rat****. I am going to fire you now said khushi. go on miss gupta. do whatever you want. I don't care. I am speaking to my dhi now and not the arrogant jerk MISS KG got it?

You found out asked khushi who get seated in the bed. I know you are playing with me dhi answered riya. Who was the person with whom you were texting riya? Oh you know dhi. It was vikram said riya honestly as she shares everything with her dhi and bhai all the things.

You maintain a distance with him riya , until I complete the background check. I cant take risks on your matter. I know dhi. Don't worry. I didn't tell him about these checks and I have full confidence on you as well as on my love said riya confidently. good girl. come , we will prepare dinner today and hide mohit's phone over here. you give me when I ask. Ok dhi said riya and hid the phone. I need to prepare a report asked riya where they both proceeded towards kitchen. Hmm no need. I have already finished reading their reports and it seems to be good. Good dhi? They are your competitor and we both are fighting for the 1 st position said riya. I know riya, I am fully aware of the things happening and I know what I am going to speak to them. ok dhi, I have full confidence on you said riya.

They both reached kitchen and finds ratna preparing the veggies for the dinner. Amma , we both will do , you go and take rest said riya. No problem riya. I can do this said ratna. You wont lisen na saying this khushi took the veggies she was cutting and placed it on the other side. Move out amma, we will prepare, you take rest, ordered khushi. but khushi said ratna to interrupt. Seeing khushi's angry stare she went out.

You are really dangerous dhi aid riya. What can I do riya, not even obeying me. stubborn like aravind papa said khushi. yeah , both are husband and wife right said riya smiling. khushi nodded. They started preparing the dinner.

After dinner was over everyone set out to the sofa. So today as promised by me , I am giving a ice cream party now. so here are your ice creams saying this she gave aarav and aisha their fav chocolate icecream of 2 scoops. 2 scoops of butter scotch flavor to mohit. 1 scoop of vanilla sugarfree ice cream of 2 cups to ratna and shashi and 2 scoops of black current icecream to riya.

I am not having diabetics khushi complained shashi. You are aged papa and this is advisable for you and ratna amma, you have to have a strict diet even though you are diabetics are at the border level. Got it? Bas karo maharaniji, they can take care of their self, mocked mohit into her conversation. I am just trying to take care of their health said khushi. oh you are commenting on this my dear khadoos princess?

You don't have the rights to call me khadoos you rakhas mohit. I have the whole right my dear khadoos princess. Huh stop it mumma, we both are better comparing to you two said aisha. Yes kiddoos. You both are better said shashi smiling at them. give me a taste of black current riya. Take it from the box over there if you want. don't ask me answered riya who was in other world enjoying her ice creams. Wont you do this much for your brother asked mohit black mailing her with a fake tears. omg drama king. She fees him a spoon. Mohit smiles at her. he looks at khushi. hmm yummy tasty ice cream. Certain people doesn't have the grant to taste these ice creams.

Khushi took a deep breathe and went to the tv which was wall mounted straight opposite to the sofas, she connected the Phineas and ferb show in the tv, so everyone started watching it.

She took her laptop from her bag and started doing her work. mohit kept on teasing her about the ice creams and khushi's mind just diverted to that of how the taste will and how much sweetness. She just wanted to grab the cup of ice cream from mohit and eat fully. She viewed him licking the spoon wontedly to irritate her. khushi was unable to sit over there , she took her laptop and went outside near pool side.

Why mumma left asked aarav. She wants to have these yummy ice creams aarav but see na , she wont accept. I am going to mumma saying this aarav stood up and went to the pool side. me too saying this aisha left back of aarav. Ratna, mohit, riya and shashi too followed them to see what is going to happen.

Khushi kept her leg in the pool closing her eyes trying to calm herself down with the cool breeze striking over here. the kids who came and found her sitting hugged her from behind. Khushi opened her eyes widely .mumma said the kids cutely. Didn't you watch your Phineas and ferb asked khushi. No, we want to be with you. said both of them together. Had your ice creams fully asked khushi. no mumma, we wont have it here after. You didn't like that na so we wont also eat that said aisha. We wont take sweets here after said aarav. Khushi don't know what to say at her cute kids. They are willing to sacrifice their fav's for her and she is here saying this as punishment. Is this fair. For her kids cant she do this also. she hurted them both .she is a very worst mother.

I am very sorry aarav and aisha. I am the reason na that you both are leaving your favorite for me. I am a very worst mother. MISS KG, my mom is the best mom and the KG in my mom is making her do this . don't you dare say a word against my mom said aarav angrily. She is very precious to us said aisha. Khushi smiled with teary eyed.

Come we will have your ice creams said khushi trying to cheer them up from their angry mood. No, we wont have it said aisha. I am going to have it now, if you want you come or I myself is going to finish the pack full of ice cream , she said getting up from that pool.

You are definitely going to eat asked aarav. Yeah promise. She smiles at them. I am coming too said aarav climbing up on her khushi lifts him. me asked aisha poutingly. She lifted her too. she was feeling difficult to balance them both as they both grew very big and are of 6 years of age. But those difficulties are nothing with that of their adorable smile for which she can go beyond earth to bring a hearty smile in their faces.

Before she lifts the kids and move towards the house ratna, mohit, shashi and riya rushed hurriedly into the house.

The trio reached the hall were ratna, mohit ,ria and shashi who saw entire conversation between the trio pretended to eat the ice creams which was fully melted. Khushi noticed it and smiled at their behavior. No need to act,I know you came over there. I will give you a another set of ice creams saying this she went inside the kitchen and came with a tray of ice cream and she had 4 scoops of chocolate ice cream in hers. She tasted the essence of sweet after a long gap of 7 years. Her face curved into a huge smile nourishing the taste.

Ratna, shashi, mohit and riya smiled at her behavior where kids were also so lost in the world of ice creams with their amma...

" so why everyone calls khushi as arrogant , khadoos and mostly MISS KG as that. what is her character as MISS KG"

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Sep 16

Part- 5 (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 38 times)

After watching the show Phineas and ferb khushi proceeded towards their bed room where she put her kids into sleep by narrating a story as usual. She too dozes off wondering what is store in for her tomorrow.

At the other side.

Arnav was walking in his room not able to digest the fact that she has move on and he has not came out of the incident. how can she just forget and move and that chudail who is reason for all this is still enjoying her life. but payal told that she is leaving with buaji in lucknow. How is this possible? I need to look over this matter. He cannot leave this garima gupta to live peacefully. He remembers his mother death. He couldn't also see his mother's face for the last time. All this garima gupta is responsible. He angrily take his phone. He phones aman. Aman takes the call. I want every information about garima gupta immediately after the day they vacated the gupta mansion. Got it? sure ASR will be in your table on 2 days and tomorrow we have meeting with ANK group of companies at their MD's house. MISS KG right asked arnav. yeah ASR. Inform akash by asking him also to accompany us said arnav. sure ASR said aman and he cut the call.

Arnav sits in the recliner closing his eyes. He cant deny the fact that his heart beats for her still now. he cant deny the fact that after 7 years he saw her. he cant deny that he felt proud but his ego doesn't let him look over the facts. The egostic arnav singh raizada couldn't be in shantivaan in delhi as all the things kept haunting him such that he felt her presence in every room and every air of shantivaan. So he made an emphasis of shifting over to Mumbai , buying a house similar to that of shantivaan. All is not good over here. anjali and nani always used to convince him that khushi is not at fault at any of these but he refused to budge. He couldn't speak anything of that of shyam as anjali still believes him. he knows how a fraud he is but alas he is helpless due to his sister. he just wanted to throw that **** away as he did khushi but no he couldn't do due to his dhi. Arnav singh raizada is in one side is helpless and other side arrogant to two different persons with their roles interchanged. He have to do opposite of what he have done. He should have kept khushi and thrown shyam out but it turned out to be vice versa. He just dozed off to sleep just by sitting in the recliner.

Payal and akash was in their room where their twinkling daughter neya was off to bed early.

I spoke to babuji akash. I felt at peace after so many years. Khushi refused to speak said payal a little sad. I promise you payal that I will make you meet her. probably take you to her home said akash. Really , would you be able to, without arnav's knowledge asked payal. I Will tell him and then take you. it is enough payal that we have obliged to him whatever he has spoke. We need to make him wrong. Let him think wrong , throw us out , do anything, I will stay by your side with neya. We also need to teach shyam and dadi a lesson as they played a lot in these years. Mom also spoke about khushi wrong. Dhi is in her illusion again with shyam, not able to do anything. I should have raised my voice in this house , I am realizing my mistake.

Payal cups his face. don't worry akash. I trust you. It is time for to put some sense in this people. be ready tomorrow, we both with neya will go to khushi's house at evening as tomorrow morning I have a meeting . You know her house asked payal. I will get it from shashi papa as I have his number. Don't worry. Payal smiles happily and she lies down beside neya hugging her daughter and akash too joined her.

The next day..

Khushi wakes up at 8 am. She sees her kiddos sleeping peacefully. She kissed their fore head and covered hem properly with the blanket. Then She got up went to refresh and went down. Ratna as usual was awake and making preparations for break fast and shashi was in the hall with the newspaper. good morning mumma said khushi smiling. good morning khushi said ratna.

"dhi" said riya coming down the stairs from her room who was fully sleepy. That idiot woke me up saying this she hugged khushi from behind and started sleeping in her shoulders. Ouch riya , you are too heavy. Adjust with me dhi said riya sleepingly. Wake up riya. We have meeting or else Sunday also is working for you. riya arose quickly from khushi. dhi you are too bad said riya.

Khushi laughs at her. go and brush your teeth and come to have coffee. Jao saying this she patted riya's shoulders. Riya lazily goes up.

Mohit meanwhile comes down worriedly towards the kitchen. Khushi, naina and papa's phone are not reachable. What asked ratna worriedly. It is switched off. I don't know what to do said mohit worriedly. They are on their way back to delhi mohit. the flight will reach in a hour over here. don't worry 9.30 is the landing time said khushi. how did you know asked mohit. they planned a surprise but how come I not know their moves. So I came to know saying this khushi smiled. I will give her nice scoldings once she comes said mohit. don't say anything to my bahu mohit, she is coming after 3 months said ratna. You are always your bahu's side said mohit. of course said ratna. Khushi , wake up the kids and give them their boost along your coffee and then get ready as you have less time for the meeting . yeah amma said khushi leaving with the tray of drinks. Mohit was helping ratna ma in preparing the breakfast.

Khushi comes to her room and places the tray in the table. she sees the kids sleeping peacefully. She gets onto the bed and kisses their forehead. Wake up kiddos it is 8.45 am. 5 mins mumma said aarav. Aisha woke up and hugged her mother. Good morning mumma said aisha snuggling into her embrace. Good morning aisha said khushi. see mumma loves me , she is hugging me only said aisha. Aarav immediately woke up and pounced on them. This is not fair said aarav hugging khushi while trying to make aisha come out of her embrace. Enough of the fights between you both. Come and brush your teeth both of you saying this she gets up . the kids obediently goes to refresh and comes down and the three as a family had their coffee and boost. Khushi after keeping the cups in the tray helped them get bath and dressed them up perfectly. Aisha was in a full frock with her hair tied up in a pony where as aarav in a ¾ th pant with a t shirt. Keep this tray in the kitchen and help nani , ok asked khushi. ok mumma replied both where they left out taking the tray. Khushi viewed the time as 9.25am. she immediately rushed to refresh herself. She came out wearing a jean and a white shirt inned with a coat looking like a business professional. She set her hair out in a pony and a kajal and a lite lip gloss to enhance her look. She looked herself in the mirror and smiled. she went down with respective files where riya was ready in her jeans and a kurti. Ratna meanwhile leaves to temple. Mohit and shashi was with the kids.

She proceeded to her office in the house waiting for them. you go and open the door when they ring and guide them here ok said khushi. riya nodded.

It was almost 10 am meanwhile mohit shouted khushi and at the mean time the door bell rang. Guide them here and take them here through the corridors riya and not through hall. In hall our pictures are there so.. please. riya nods and leaves. Meanwhile khushi went to mohit. Have this juice and then attend this meeting said mohit warningly as he knows she didn't have anything . Acha baba saying this she started drinking the two naughty kids who saw that she was having the juice slipped of silently from their view and went to khushi's office room. shashi also didn't notice them as he was speaking with mohit.

Riya meanwhile made arnav, aman and akash sit comfortably meanwhile the door opened. They saw this 2 kids coming towards them. aisha who lift her head upwards said in a charming tone, welcome to ANK group of company. I am MISS KG , kaira gupta owner of the company. arnav , aman and akash sit shocked.

Hello sir, cant kids become a big business people. I am aarav gupta , brother of MISS KG said aarav proudly.

Riya kept her hand on her fore head for them to spoil the meeting. Aisha , aarav , mumma sees you then she tried to warn. Speak with respect miss rat**** .You are my PA says aisha arrogantly. Arnav was shocked to see that this little girl had guts like him. what the said arnav. Shall we proceed to the meeting said aisha. Akash smiles as he can sense that they are just like his daughter neya playful.

What is happening over here came a arrogant voice. Aisha and aarav looked shocked and scared as they got caught. There stands in a cool khushi leaning about the door looking all their activities. Arnav , akash and aman looked rooted at their places in seeing her.

If your drama is over , out of the cabin you both said khushi. mumma , we are sorry said aisha and aarav hid behind her. I wont leave you that much easily mr and miss aarav and kaira gupta said khushi a little smilingly. She can't resist to adore them whatever might be the matter ..

Seeing her smile both kids smiled as they know her mumma will not scold them. they gave a huge smile. Go , have your break fast , mohit papa and nanu is waiting.

Kids nod and runs away from the room. khushi comes and gets seated at her place and riya closes the door.

Arnav was the most shocked after seeing that both kids calling mumma. Are they their kids??

ANK group of company is very honored to welcome AR group of company said khushi smiling warmly.

Khushiji muttered akash shocked. I prefer KG mr akash singh raizada, hope you don't mind. You are MISS KG asked arnav shocked. why can't I be mr raizada said khushi mockingly enjoying his shocked state as she knows he might be wondering whose kids they are and as well as shocked of her being MISS KG.who are those kids asked akash.

At the other side , the kids went into the dinning table to see mohit and shashi sitting. Aishu, will you do me a help. Go to my room and bring my phone na please asked mohit. aisha nodded and went away to take the phone. She went upstairs and took the phone and was heading down stairs. She without seeing the stairs properly started getting down. Her leg tripped and she lost her balance . she shouted mumma and she rolled down till the down of the step. She was badly injured and lost her consciousness . mohit , shashi and aarav went and got shocked to see her like this. mohit holded her and aarav helped him . aarav was crying heavily. Go and inform mumma aarav said mohit ,to which aarav left fastly..

I don't wish to mix my personal and professional life mr akash singh raizada , hope you understand. Her heart said that some thing worse has happened as she was feeling restless but she slid off the thoughts..

Ok KG, we will start the meeting said arnav. we want to do a project for the fashion show going to be held on Sydney after next 3 months. It is a joint venture between both companies. If this will be successful we can do many more works together.

I am fine with it , but I have certain conditions over it mr raizada. All the work will take place in my company which we can start from day after tomorrow itself. The respective documents we will sign it on Monday itself what say asked khushi.

We agree to your terms KG and we are happy that this deal took place well. khushi smiles warmingly

Meanwhile some one knocks the door fastly aarav was the one knocking. Mumma he shouted knocking.

Riya opens the door immediately and khushi stands up from her place seeing aarav. She rushes towards him. what happened aarav asked khushi worriedly , seeing him crying. He shows his hand full of blood. Mumma , aisha slipped from the stairs. Khushi's world stopped at that moment.

She ran away immediately to see what happened and sees mohit holding an unconscious aisha with his hand full of blood and his shirt was also blood. Shashi was sitting near him trying to stop the blood leakage by surrounding it with a towel. Khushi couldn't digest that fact. Tears rolled from her eyes. She went and hugged her. she took the towel from shashi and tied it up trying to stop that blood.

Aisha utho na , see I am here. don't play with me bacha. Open your eyes and see me. don't do this to me. she checks her pulse.

Riya who heard the news also excused herself and came to them. her eyes was also teary.

Mohit, lot of blood has been lost , we need to admit her into a hospital, go and take the car first . mohit leaves hurriedly . you handle them all and bring papa to the hospital. I am taking them both saying this khushi rushed carrying aisha and aarav following her.

Riya hugged shashi crying. Shashi caresses  her hairs. Nothing will happen. Meanwhile seeing riya rushing outside even arnav, akash and aman followed her. arnav was lost in that small girl as he felt a lot of connection with her , don't know why. he felt pain seeing her like this. after khushi left he saw shashi hugging riya.

The trio went towards them.

Who are they both babuji asked akash. shashi saw akash arnav and aman.

Riya who was crying, they are khushi dhi's  kids. Arnav stumbled back . aman and akash was also shocked..

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