Arshi FF: Chaahat

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Jul 6

Chaahat (By Periwinkel_98) (Thanked: 69 times)

Hi guys....I'm new in MeD and I'm here with my very first work. I started writing this story few days back and posted it on Wattpad, and got very good response. As one of my friend suggested me to post it on Med....I'm here I am with my FF....hope you all will like it as well...??  


A girl in mid of twenties roamed around well decorated spacious hall of a big mansion instructing workers around for impending function that evening which seems like a wedding...

While walking past the corridor she was pulled with a great force and slammed against something hard yet warm, when her eyes met the thing that pulled her or rather say the person that pulled her....

Girl: "What r u doing?" glancing left & right, "What if someone sees us together like this?"

person:"relax nothing will happen, I'm there na..... I'll take care if something goes wrong, don't worry babe. why fear when I'm here ." he said boasting about him self.

Girl:"that's what I'm worried about" she murmured.

person:"u said something?" 

Girl:(shaking her head side ways) " the way why did you corner me like this? do u wanna say something?" she asked.

person:"Oh ya....plz don't get mad okay , well due to some emergency I need to leave for Agra right now will be back by wedding  time ..." he explained.

By hearing this her face falls.

Girl (in baby voice): "but u said you'll my side today will I sustain alone? This is not done yaarrr." she pouted.

   Seeing her pouting cutely, he smiled & said..

person:"don't worry Shona I'll never leave you alone, not till eternity atleast, now smile ok....plzzzz." he pleaded.

Girl:(hugging him tightly) "But if something happens this time also? and  if they all blame me  once again? Then???" she asked him like a lost kid.

person:"Like hell they will, I'll rip them apart if they even lay their eyes on you.No one messes with..." he started aggressively only to be cut by her.

Girl:"ya ya I know I know,now cut it & tell me buy when will u be back...?" she asked changing the topic immediately.

person:"Oh ho, missing me now itself?? so desperate for my return even before I leave??" he waggled his brows teasingly.

Girl:"tell naaa." she whined.

person:"I'll be back by wedding time, if possible a bit earlier it self. And don't stress your self too much everything will be fine, I'll be back as soon as possible"he assured.

Girl: "Okay come back soon". she softly ordered.

person: "Okay my Shona". saying so he kissed her on her forehead and left from main door. She kept staring at his restraining figure till he disappeared & continued with her work.

Here goes the Prologue guys . Please excuse if any spelling errors found.........

Do let me know how it was. Waiting for your precious feed back......Please comment everyone...I would love to read your views....

Jul 7

Chaahat (By Periwinkel_98) (Thanked: 56 times)

HI readers....I'm very glad with the response I received for prologue, So thanks to everyone for linking and commenting. So here goes Character Sketch hope you will like it as well....

Character sketch:

     Arnav Singh Raizada ASR  male protagonist

Arnav Singh Raizada/ ASR (male protagonist)

A shrewd business man owns AR industries. He is a "Harvard grad." Handsome, Rude & arrogant to world, but a lost kid from inside. Badly carving for love & loved ones as he lost his parents when he was 14. Earns billions per day for his family(maternal family) who never considered him anything but their money making machine....he has only one anchor for his life now, which is very precious to him, has hidden some secrets. lives in Delhi currently

- Age: 27

Khushi  Gupta female protagonist

Khushi Gupta (female protagonist)

A simple girl with simple life style...acts cheerful & tries to spread happiness everywhere but herself is a broken soul, always sacrificed for her so called family . Faced life's harsh reality of world very early. Lost her biological parents when she was 12 in a car accident. Was adopted by "Guptas" who never considered her as their own, always thought her to be burden except her babuji (Foster father). she too has some secrets. Lives in Delhi currently.


Raizada Family :

     Devyani Raizada

Devyani Raizada

Head of Raizada family, Nani(maternal grand mom) of Arnav and Anjali and Dadi (paternal grand mom) of Akash. she is strict at a times, yet sweet and fun loving, she is traditional yet has adapted herself to modern ways. Loves her family a lot.


     Manohar Raizada

Manohar Raizada

Son of Devyani, Mama of Arnav and Anjali, & dad of Akash. He is kind of sleeping partner in family, involves less in family matters, but very kind & jovial person.


     Manorama Raizada

Manorama Raizada

Wife of Manohar, DIL of Devyani, mother of Akash & mami of Arnav & Anjali, loves to spend time & money in shopping along with her niece, always boasts about her status & wealth in front of others, murders everyone with her pathetic attempt of speaking English.


     Akash Raizada

Akash Raizada

Son of Manohar & Manorama, cousin of Arnav & Anjali. Younger to Arnav in months. He is a bit self-centred kind of person , works in AR under Arnav, but wants to have his own company as he doesn't like working under him & receiving his orders, is all set to tie knot with his love interest Payal Gupta.


Anjali Jha

Anjali Jha

Elder sis of Arnav,& cousin of Akash. Selfish & dominating personality, she foolish too, easily gets manipulated, fragile glass doll of Raizada clan, very pampered & stubborn in nature, starts her water works & melodrama if something isn't her way. Married to Shyam Jha.


Shyam Jha

Shyam Jha

He is Anjali's husband. Very cunning, greedy & unfaithful person. Married Anjali for wealth & luxury. He is an excuse of lawyer, always acts as he is very busy, though he has no cases to fight, fakes official trips & disappears for months. He is an Orphan and stays as 'Ghar Jamai' at Raizada mansion, enjoying it's luxury. Is smitten by Khushi's beauty, wants to get her by hook or chook.


     Nikhil Khurana NK

Nikhil Khurana /NK

Cousin of Akash, Anjali & Arnav. Born & brought up on Sydney, Australia. Always goofs up while speaking Hindi. A funny, lunatic, jovial guy, yet very good soul.


     Kaya Mehta

Kaya Mehta:

Anjali's friend, better be addressed as Anjali's puppet, listens every word of Anjali to please her & remain in her good books. very greedy & cunning person, she is an orphan, Lives in Raizada Mansion enjoying its luxury cause of Anjali. Wants to become Mrs ASR, always behind Arnav, tries to gain his attention but fails every time.

-Age: 25

Gupta Family

               Gupta Family

· Shashi Gupta

Head of the family, father of Payal & (Foster father)Khushi. Loves both his daughters equally, is a middle class man had a sweet shop in Lucknow, moved to Delhi along with his family due to some financial crises. Is paralyzed and bedridden currently.


Garima Gupta

Garima Gupta :

Wife of Shashi, mother of payal & (foster mother) Khushi. Very Selfish women, is partial towards her own daughter(payal) loves payal a lot, isn't fond of Khushi, consider her to be burden.


     Payal Kumari Gupta

Payal Kumari Gupta

Daughter of Shashi n Garima, Step-sis of Khushi. Daughter like mother, isn't fond of Khushi much, she always envies Khushi coz of the attention she receives form everyone coz of her innocence, wit and beauty. She is a college drop-out, as she wasn't much interested in academics, she quit in her 2nd year of graduation. She is tying Knot with Akash Raizada hence forth.


     Madhumati Mishra

Madhumati Mishra

Bua or paternal aunt of Payal and Khushi. Elder Sister of Shashi. A widow lives with Gupta family. Loves Payal a lot. Isn't much fond of Khushi, has same opinion about her as other Gupta women. Always curses her and consider her as burden upon them.


Additional characters:

Additional characters

Lavanya Kashyap

She is just another employee of AR, tries to charm Arnav but couldn't manage to get a single glance from him till date, she is a big bully and rags interns & new employs along with her minion gang, which is unknown to office higher authorities.

She is just another employee of AR tries to charm Arnav but couldnt manage to get a single glance from him till date she is a big bully and rags interns n new employs with her minion gang which is unknown to office higher authorities

Aman Mathur

He is Arnav's PA, Manager, Arnav's right hand man, as well as his best friend and his well-wisher.

HP,OP,JP : Prakash brothers, house helps of Raizada mansion.

· Rest of the characters will be introduced in further chapters as the story progresses.

Do let me know your views about the CS, and kindly excuse errors if found....will be back with story synopsis tomorrow.... so until then see ya?? 

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Jul 8

Chaahat (By Periwinkel_98) (Thanked: 25 times)

HI readers.... first of all thanks for taking time and reading this FF, & thanks for all your likes and comments also, trust me it means a lot . I'm posting Story synopsis and chapter-1 let let me know your views about it. and People who have already read it on Wattpad can skip it here. So here is next part....hope you will like it....

Story synopsis:

So the story starts from payash's wedding scene, but there is a slight change here, Arnav dint force Khushi into contract marriage, nor did he witness exchange of words between Shyam & Khushi @ the terrace, but instead of him the conversation was heard by someone else.

There is no Sheesh Mahal fashion show drama in this story and Arshi's first meet dint happen in Lucknow, though Guptas where from Lucknow, but Shashi had to face some financial crises, which led to closing of his sweet shop. hence he along with his family shifted to Delhi.

Khushi worked in AR same as show in Chamkili avatar, and deliberately used to play pranks on Arnav to irritate him, but they don't hate each other like in initial track of the show.

Coming to Payal and Akash, first Akash had seen Payal at temple and later started following her, they met each other at local market in Delhi, and later incidents led to their marriage.

Shyam had also seen Khushi in such local place once and got attracted by her, and reached Gupta house(GH) as paying guest to get her, but Shyam and Khushi's engagement din't happen as Khushi had refused it even after her buaji's and amma's constant pestering and blackmails, later exposed him with proofs infront of Guptas, and kicked him out of GH.

Jul 8

Chaahat (By Periwinkel_98) (Thanked: 82 times)


(It's a scenario of a grand wedding of youngest son of Raizada family "Akash Singh Raizada" with daughter of Gupta family "Payal Gupta" held @ Raizada's pride The Shantivan i.e., Raizada mansion. At mids of all the wedding chaos one soul was highly impatient n was glancing towards main door again n again as though waiting for someone to appear form there.)

Person: Offo where is he? He promised to be there on time and see now... still no sign of him , like this he'll miss entire function..[glancing towards clock] oh god where is he? Wedding is almost over".

[with disturbed thought, the person again tried to concentrate on the wedding rituals.]

[and soon the bride n groom where declared as husband & wife by the priest, and the all the guests retired to their respective homes after having delicious tummy full meal. Now only raizada & gupta family members where left at the alter. Suddenly Anjali Jha 'the glass doll of raizadas' marched towards someone with full fury & slapped the person hard shocking everyone present there, except one evil man who smirked at his victory.]

Anjali: "How dare u... how dare u Khushiji? U thought u can do anything & no one will come to know about it?" she yelled spitting fire.

Khushi: "but Anjaliji, what did I..."(she tried to ask, only to be cut rudely by another hard slap, making the corner of lips bruise by the impact.)

Anjali: "Enough.... I have seen your true face, now don't try to act all innocent." She continued.

[ recovering from shock nani voiced out]

Nani: "what kind of behaviour is this Anjali betiya? Why did you hit her?? Why are you shouting at her?"

Mami: "hello hi bye bye.... This Phatti sadi only must have done something sasumaa this Gupta family is behind our wealth, she must have stolen something." Mami meddled in.

Nani: "Manorama". she warned shutting her.

But Anjali continued gritting her teeth, "mami is right nani , this Khushi is very greedy n character less women , she is a gold digger, first she was behind our chote & tried to trap him but when it happen, she tried to trap my shyamji in her charms." she said eyeing Khushi with disgust.

[ all were shocked at her accusations]

Nani: "NO betiya it can't be, there must be some misunderstanding. Khushi bitiya is not like that." She said not able to believe her granddaughter's accusations.

Anjali: "No nani, I myself heard her saying to Shyamji to leave me. I was only quite so that Akash's wedding can happen without any interruption." She tried to convince her Grandmom.

Gaining back her composure, Khushi replied nodding negatively, "Nahi Anjaliji aap galath..." (was again interrupted by another slap, but this time it was from least expected person 'Garima'.)

Garima: " I knew it, you were a curse to us. Is this how you repay us for our kindness? By bringing disgrace to our family?? you were always jealous of our payalia, as she become DIL of such a good family, but u stooped this low n tried to snatch someone's husband for that...chi". she said trying to save their sinking ship.

To make damage control buaji also joined, "Aur nahi to ka Garima, if she was our own blood then she wouldn't have done this...don't know who's bad blood is flowing in her veins...I told Sashi babuva not to keep her but he dint listen, now see what she did."

[All this while Shashi was looking @ everything helplessly as he couldn't do much cause of his paralysed state. Khushi was all blank this while due to betrayal of Guptas.]

Buaji turned towards Raizada family, joining her hands she continued, "please not punish our payalia for this. She has nothing to do with it. We dint no this ungrateful girl will stoop this low...our payalia is very innocent." She pleaded.

Anjali: "don't wary buaji... we all no payalji is very good n cultured, She will not suffer in this." She assured.

Akash: "Di is right buaji, Payal will not suffer for others mistakes." he said eyeing Khushi disgustingly.

[all this while other where clueless as not knowing how to react, & nani was in deep thoughts.]

Anjali: "Now what are u still doing here u shameless women, get out of my house now." she yelled at Khushi who was all blank & lost. buaji added.

Buaji: "And mind u don't even think about stepping in my house now. U r no one to us...." she bitterly.

              "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE?" came an enraged voice.

So guys this was the 1st let me know your views. waiting desperately for your likes and comments....

will be back with next part soon until then see yahave a nice day...

Jul 9

Chapter-2 (By Periwinkel_98) (Thanked: 97 times)

Hi readers, thanks for liking previous parts & encouraging to write further. So here I'm with 2nd Chapter. hope you will like this as well....


"WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE?" came a roaring voice.

With that everyone turned towards main door where a shocked & angry Arnav was standing who had just returned from his meeting & heard last words of buaji, he was confused & angry by happenings. Every one stood blank not knowing what to reply to him.

As soon as Khushi's eyes met his she ran towards his direction and threw herself on him, Arnav also wrapped his arms around her protectively completing the hug.

 As soon as Khushis eyes met his she ran towards his direction and threw herself on him Arnav also wrapped his arms around her protectively completing the hung

(pic credit - google)

Khushi: "a..Aru... th th they..." she hiccupped, then broke down in his arms.

Arnav: "what happened Shona?" he asked her very soft voice caressing her hair.

by hearing his concerned filled voice she buried her face in his chest & started weeping loudly, tightening her arms around him.

Arnav: "shh...don't cry Shona....tell me what happened??....look at me....shh plz Shona look up baby...." but she nodded in negative & kept weeping more burying her face deep into his chest.

 Seeing this scenario everyone where more than shocked to react anything, by seeing arshi hugging eachother & more ever the heartless ASR so softly consoling Khushi which he had done to none till now.

Anjali coming out from shock marched towards them fumingly to pull them apart, was about to lay her hand on Khushi but was stopped by a powerful strong grip on her wrist which was none other than Arnav's who was spitting fire with is gaze.

Arnav: "don't, don't even think about touching". he warned her in cold yet low tone.

Anjali: "but chote she..." she was cut by his shout.


 After shutting her, he slowly detached himself from Khushi & made her sit on nearby couch n yelled at Hp to bring water. He made her drink water slowly while rubbing her back gently. All were astonished to see this side of Arnav, that to for Khushi, & Anjali was fuming as her brother never treated her like this ever. Arnav while wiping her tears noticed her bruised end of lips with trace blood n slap marks on her tender pale cheeks. He ran his fingers softly over the marks & corner of her lips, clinched his jaws seeing her hissing due to pain. he asked in slow yet deadly voice.

Arnav: "who did this?"

 by hearing no reply from anyone he once again yelled facing them.


every one flinched at his tone, and Anjali shuttered nervously.

Anjali: "woh cho chote...woh maine...woh....Ga Garima aunty..woh.."

By hearing this he exploded, "How dare you??? I'll not spare....." he was about to move but was stopped by Khushi who nodded her head negatively asking him to control his anger.

 this scene brought back Anjali's forgotten rage back in form, and she butted in again

"Chote you don't anything, this shameless girl, she tried to trap my shyamji, now she is hitting on you too, don't go by her innocent face, she is trying to trap you also, she is a gold digger..." Anjali tried to convince but was cut rudely.

"Enough of your baseless drama & apologise to her now" he snapped.

This statement pissed her more n she yelled.

Anjali: "You want me to apologise to can you chote , I'm your sister & you are asking me to apologise to her? Who is she to you? What kind of black magic she done on you?"  her gaze shifting towards Khushi "you witch what have done to my brother, you..." was again by a loud roar.

Arnav: "Dare you Anjali...dare you again bad mouth MY WIFE, I'll rip off your tongue from your mouth." he gritted his teeth.

All were shock listening to this new piece of information.

Hence very 1st secret was revealed.

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Jul 12

Chapter-3 (By Periwinkel_98) (Thanked: 89 times)

Hi readers......I'm back with 3rd chapter before that I thank everyone for making time and reading my story and commenting on it as well, thank you very much.

so here is next part hope you will like it. do let me know your views.....



Anjali: "your wif...wife?" (she stammered in shock , unsure of how to react to what she just heard)

Arnav: "yes my wife, Mrs Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada. And nobody...I mean it NOBODY messes with her & gets away just like that. You get that??"

 All this while Nani was trying get head and tail of situation, but hearing this new revelation last thread of her control slipped and she poured out her frustration.

Nani: "What is all this chote? Is this some kind of joke? What are u saying?" she asked pissed.

Arnav: "this is not any joke nani. Its truth." He said controlling his rage.

Nani: "What is happening chote, you think marriage is some kind of child's play???...firstly you say you are not interested in wedlock, & now suddenly you are claiming Khushi as your wife..? how can take such a drastic step, you got hitched without anyone of us being present?...without any proper rituals, or elders blessing? Tell me chote, if you had once told me that you wanna marry Khushi bitiya I wouldn't have refused...but you..."

She sat down on couch defeated with her palms on her forehead. Seeing this Arnav came towards Nani.

Arnav: "I know Nani you are hurt by this,but I had my reasons to do so. I'm sorry I couldn't inform you about this earlier, but we go married abiding all rituals properly.....I just thought to inform you all at right time, but everything messed up before like this." and bends his head low due to guilt.

Composing her mind and thinking rationally, a while later she continued, caressing his head softly,

" I know chote, you won't take any decisions in haste , there must have been some reason that made you hide about your marriage, I'll wait for you to reveal it. It's just that I'm dishearten that I wasn't there with you on your most important day, its ok that wasn't in my hand though." She dejectedly. Seeing her sadness Arnav apologised, "I'm really sorry for this Nani."

Nani: "its ok beta & I don't have any problem with Khushi bitiya being your fact I always wanted her for you...."

Arnav:(joyfully) "really Nani!!!"

Nani: (cupping his left cheek) "ha beta" (turning towards Khushi) "come here bitiya.."(cupping Khushi's right cheek with other hand) "I'm so glad to have you as my chote's wife."(pecking both arshi's forehead) (turning to Mami she says)

Nani: "Manorama make arrangements for Khushi Bitiya's grahapravesh first, she is elder DIL of this house, then Payal bitiya will enter house."

Mami: "lekin sasumaa this phat...." (but MIL this Phat....) she tries to protest.

Nani: "Do as said Manorama, don't argue". she ordered.

Anji: "but nani this girl...."(she to tries to protest only to be cut by nani in between)

Nani: "I said no more discussion....Anjali, lets finish all rituals now,.....Manorama" signed to mami to proceed with rituals, who nodded her head & went to make arrangements.

Nani:(turning to Arnav) "Chote take Khushi bitiya & wait outside main door frame, at least we can will perform grahpravesh ritual & welcome bitiya officially in our house."

Garima: "but maaji this girl, your bahu how can you accept her... she....." was cut in middle by nani's stern voice.

Nani:"yeh hamari ghar ki baat hai Garima, app aur aapka parivar iss mai na hi padhe to accha hai." (Its our family matter Garima, it would be better if you & your family wont get involved in it)  turning towards arnav "chote jaiye, aap aur Khushi bitiya darwaze ke chaukhat ke pass khade ho jaiye..." ( Chote  you along with Khushi bitiya stand out side door frame)

 Arnav nods his head & was about to go along with khushi but nani stops them.

Nani: "Ek minute chote Khushi bitiya ne toh mangalsutra aur sindoor nahi pehana?? Aap unko grahapravesh se pehale pehana degiye."( one minute chote, Khushi is'nt wearing nuptial chain or vermilion, before starting ritual make her wear them)   

Arnav: "Aare nahi Nani pehana hai na ek min..." he moves aside her necklace n reviles her delicate yet modern looking beautiful mangalsutra then moves her maangtika n shows tiny sindoor mark on her hair parting n continues"chahe yeh mujhehi kyun na bhool jaye, lakin yeh kabhi nahi bhoolthi" (no Nani she has worn, She can forget even me for once but never she forgets wearing them)  he says trying to lighten the atmosphere, seeing him making fun of her Khushi swatted his arm lightly & pouted.

Nani: (laughing) "It's so good this cheerful side of yours after a long time chote" (stroking his head gently) "always be like this" (turning towards Khushi) "bless you too bitiya, now both of you go & finish ritual."

Nodding both head out side door, after doing arthi when they were about to walk in Nani stops them & asks Arnav to carry Khushi inside stating it to be Raizada tradition.....with few happy & many grumpy faces along with one shy and another mischievous face, arshi's ritual gets completed then payash also enter house.

So guys this was 3rd chapter, hope you liked it....kindly ignore spelling or grammatical errors.

waiting for your votes & comments..... will be back soon with next part, so until then tada..

Jul 13

Chapter-4 (By Periwinkel_98) (Thanked: 33 times)

Hi people I'm back with next part.....hope you'll like....


After completing ritual & touching elders feet for blessing, Nani advised.

Nani: "chote you & Khushi bitiya go to room & take rest now & tend her wounds also"( glaring at Anjali) "go now."

[nodding he took Khushi to their room]

As soon as they went Anjali again started "nani how can u accept their marriage?? We were plaining to get chote and kaya hitched rignt? I had promised kaya that she only will be my chote's bride." turning to kaya who was shocked at sudden turn of events

& stood as mute spectator of entire scenario. Dragging her front, pointing her Anjali continued "just look at her nani, Poor soul had woven so many dreams, everything is shattered. What will I answer her nani?? How can u do injustice with her?" she demanded answers.

Nani: "correction Anjali it was you who had given false hopes to kaya, neither I had agreed to any such thing nor chote had promised to marry her so don't blame others here coz of your assumptions." Answered sternly shutting her up.

Nani continued to others "Everyone retire to your respective rooms now we'll continue rest other rituals tomorrow morning" turning to Guptas she said with poker face, "please stay back today as its quite late, u people can return back tomorrow." to which they nodded still in trance.

Nani: "Hp make arrangements for their stay in guest rooms in 1st floor."

By instructing to servant she dismissed everyone and left to her room, immediately Anjali storming to her room angerly with her puppy dog husband tailing behind. Slowly all started leaving one by one with very much confused minds with current days happening.

Jul 13

Chapter 5 (By Periwinkel_98) (Thanked: 92 times)


Arshi's room:

                                        pic credit- Google

                                                    (pic credit- Google)

Meanwhile after entering room Arnav made Khushi sit on the bed and sat opposite to her by pulling a chair, fetching the first aid kit he started tending her wounds, gently applied ointment on her bruised corner of her lips, By seeing her hissing due to pain his eyes once again turned red in anger...

"you shouldn't have stopped me down there Shona look what those monsters have done to u, I swear I would have ripped their hands apart for hurting you." Closed his eyes to suppress his anger & pain, but a lone tear slipped from corner of his eyes due to anguish. Wiping it from his cheek she said in soft voice..

"Calm down Aru its ok I'm fine now...Plz don't get mad ." shakng his head sideways he said,

"I'm really sorry shona it's all my fault I shouldn't have left u alone like meeting was as important than you to me... what if I was late.. then what monsters would have done to you...I failed to protect you.....I'm so sorry shona." Again few tears slipped from his eyes, but she wiped it lovingly and said,

"Dare u make my Aru cry then I'll twist your ears," trying to lighten the mood, she continued

"it's not your fault Aru those people are ungrateful, you cant expect more from them just leave it and cut these all talks yaar I'm fed up of them now, from morning something or other is happening I'm totally exhausted." Pouting cutely making him smile.

Shaking his head at her antics he continued "okay leave it but you have to promise me that from you will be your real self, enough of this pretence now , from tomorrow onwards this Khushi kumari Gupta character has to end...okay???"

To this statement even she nodded in agreement, " haan yaar....even I'm fed up wearing those Chamkili type of cloths...yuck you know Aru in office that Lavanya and her minion gang always tease me calling Chamkili...huh.., finally I can get rid of those yucky cloths....wooow I'll relived from that 'KKG' attire, so tomorrow onwards only 'KK' no 'KKG' finally...." she jumped in excitement making him smile at her childish antics.

Arnav: "Oh madam it's not 'KK' anymore it's 'KSR.'

Khushi: "ya whatever..." she said waving her hand.

Arnav: (rolling his eyes) "Okay now we will see that tomorrow now change and sleep its quite late & you are tired too..."

To which she nodded & got up from bed & walked ahead but stopped in middle and turned to wards Arnav and asked, " but Aru what will I wear? My usual cloths are not here and those Chamkili cloths are also in Gupta house ,now what to do??"

Arnav just dragged her to locked walk in wardrobe opening the lock he gestured her to look, making her mouth open wide at view ahead.

[Khushi's walk-in closet ]

                                           Pic credit Google

                                                       (Pic credit: Google)

Coming back to sense Khushi asked in an astonished voice.

" OMG Aru when did you arrange these its beautifullllllllll," she wandered around like an excited kid in fairy land with a mesmerizing smile making him satisfied with life. Answering to her earlier query he said, "All these are my custom made and many are my creation which I created for you... I kept on storing them so that the day you'll come here you can use them."

Overwhelmed by this she hugged him saying, "Oh Aru I love you soooooo much" and peaked him on his cheek, making him laugh as he continued "ya I know, I love you toooo babe."

Soon she changed into a black-white striped T and shorts.

Related image


Khushi's outfit. [ pic credit- Google]

And Arnav changed into a casual Grey T- shirt & black pants.

And Arnav changed into a casual Grey T- shirt  black pants

Arnav's outfit. ignore shoes in the pic. [ pic credit- Google]

Changing into comfortable dresses both slipped into peaceful slumber in each other's arm.

So this was chapter 5 guys....hope you all liked it... and the ones who have already these parts can skip them...and please ignore spelling & grammatical errors....eagerly waiting for your votes & comments.... so thats  all for today, will be back with next part soon until then tada...

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Chapter-6 (By Periwinkel_98) (Thanked: 73 times)

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Same night in kaya's room, kaya was weeping continuously for gaining sympathy, and Anjali & Mami were consoling her.

Kaya: "see Anjali di, how Asr, shattered my dreams and married that illiterate girl." Still weeping, " I loved him so much but he...never even spared a glance at he choose that gavar(illiterate), that behenji over me." She continued her drama.

Mami: " hello hi bye bye, I just can't belives(belive), bhaat(what) is happenings(happening)??? Hamare Arnav bitwa marries uh phatti saadiii(our Arnav married that phatti saadiii) ....iee kaisan hogaya (how did this happen)??? sasuma bhi on their side, aab Kaya bitiya ka kahue??(now what will happen to Kaya bitiya) she exclaimed.

Anjali: "Mami I think chote is hiding something....I'll have to find out ,"she said thinking deeply "if not also, I'll make chote understand that Khushi is not worth for him...and will kick her out of his & our lifes....then we'll get him hitched with Kaya." (Turning to Kaya she continued) "you don't worry okay chote will be yours. I'll make sure of it. Now it's quite late we will, we will think about it tomorrow, Kaya you take rest, Mami let's leave." with that the 3 Musketeers retired for the day.

In payash's room also scene was no different. Payal was busy cursing Khushi.

Payal: "I told you na Akashji, this Khushi is very selfish...she is jealous of me that I was getting married in on such a nice and rich family so she trapped Arnavji into her charms....and more ever she even tried to seduce Shyam jijaji...chi I'm ashamed to call her my sister". she said trying gain his trust.

Akash: "don't worry payal, anyhow she is not your own sister that your feeling guilty....I'm just wondering how bhai fell in her trap...but don't worry soon everyone will see her true colors then she will be out of our lives." he tried to console her.

Payal: "but see because of her once again my life's beautiful day got ruined....she did this previously also and coz of her my 1st marriage broke, coz groom found her more appealing than me. Now today also coz of her such big mess happened. Nobody is happy today coz of her." She continued her blaming session.

Akash: "its ok payal...don't worry every thing will be fine....why coz her you are getting's our big day now common cheer up, give me a smile now." He said to cheer her mood, with that both retired for the day.

Next day morning in Shantivan,

all got up as usual and started their daily routine.

In Arshi's room Arnav was first one to wakeup he first glanced at his sleeping deep sleep due to tiredness, pecking her lips and forehead lightly, he glanced at clock to see it's 7am already.....thinking of skipping his jog today he slipped out from bed slowly not disturb her sleep, and headed towards washroom to get ready for the day. After a while coming out from washroom he saw Khushi still asleep....thinking to let her sleep for some more time he entered his walk-in- wardrobe to get ready for the day.

Arnav's walk-in closet:

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Meanwhile downstairs all other ladies along with mamaji and Guptas finished morning prayers and headed out of prayer room. Seeing the chance Mami again started mocking Khushi.

Mami: "HHBB, see Sasumaa you were always praise that phatti saadi na see now, it's her 1st day in dis housewa(house) and she dint turnups(turn up) till now, she skipped marning (morning) puja also....I know she must be still sleeping. I bets(bet) she bhill (will) not cook also for her pehali rasoyi....She is taking eberything"( everything) for grantedwa(granted) and you are not saying anything sasuma...." her ranting was cut in middle by nani.

Nani: " you don't need to worry about Khushi bitiya Manorama, you just concentrate on your Daughter-In-Law" she said making mami shut.

Anjali: (butting in) "But nani, what mami is correct only na...see we all are here early even though we dint sleep a wink last night coz of her and she is sleeping peacefully snatching all our sleep....I'm telling you again nani she is not good for our chote...nor she is ideal bahu. Look at Kaya, she also woke up early for puja...but...that Khushi..." she was interrupted by nani again.

Nani: "I think you have not right to talk about an ideal bahu, bitiya coz to talk and compare about something, one herself should be eligible for it. And speaking about Kaya well today 1st time I have seen her first time waking up early, let alone wandering in temple's vicinity. Now I guess you have understood people's ideologies and will think hundred time before comparing." she replied sternly, successfully shutting her up this statement made kaya bow down her head embarrassed .

Turning to Payal she continued " Payal bitiya today first time you are going to cook as DIL of this house...Prepare any sweet dish breakfast HP will prepare." To which payal nodded and headed towards kitchen.

Turning to others, Nani asked them to proceed towards dining room to have breakfast. All this while Guptas where too scared and dared to open their mouths in front of Nani not to land them self in this mess, and silently followed Nani to dining table with others.

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Chapter-7 (By Periwinkel_98) (Thanked: 71 times)

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Same morning in Arshi's room @7.30 am Arnav came out waring a white shirt with charcoal grey waistcoat with charcoal grey formal pants with navy blue checked tie...all set, only to see Khushi awake sitting on the bed and rubbing her eyes with back of her palms cutely like a kid. Arnav couldn't help but smile at his child like wife's adorable antics.

"Oh my baby woke up??" he asked with a smile. Nodding her head in affirmation she stretched her arms towards him to hug her, which he did gladly. sitting beside her on the bed and wrapping his arms around her, he asked lovingly, "So what are your plans for the day madam?" to which she replied in a sleepy voice, "nothing much have to meet Sia, she had called couple of days back saying that she in Delhi for a while and wanted to going to meet her."

"Sia? Whose that?" he asked quizzically.

Tapping his forehead she said, "Aare buddhu you forgot!!! Sia roommate, the one who had huge crush on you." She reminded him making his face go pale remembering the specimen.

"Omg that specty!!!!!" he asked horrified, giggling at his expression she continued,

"yup that same specty, who used to run behind you calling 'Ornoov', remember, she had once stuck N number of bubble gums on that girls hair and had emptied entire bucket of paint on her head in front whole college for proposing you...hahaha" she continued laughing.

" how can I forget that? she was a real nightmare." he said in low tone, then continued panickingly. "Oh ****!!! Then why the hell are you going to meet her?? What if she comes to know that you are my wife and does something like that with you too?? Plz don't go" he pleaded.

"Aare nahi yaar she is changed now and is engaged to our batchmate Amit, remember that drummer in the college band, and she is getting married next month, so chill and she knows that we are together so no harm." She assured reliving him.

" Hmm but be careful ok??" he asked still worried, to which she nodded "now go get ready and come down fast, I'll be in dining hall." Sending her to get ready, he made his way downstairs towards dining room.


At dining hall almost around 8am, all members started settling one by one for breakfast, servants were arranging dishes on the table. As soon as Arnav came and occupied his place, Anjali gestured Kaya to sit beside him. As she was about to sit beside him, only to freeze in middle, hearing his stiff voice,       " Not here, Ms Mehta. This is not your place....its Khushi's, so occupy some other vacant place."

Kaya: "sorry" muttering slowly a hell embarrassed by this Kaya moved to occupy vacant place between mami and Anjali, cursing her luck.

Meanwhile Nani spoke to Arnav distracting him, " Chote where Khushi bitiya? Is she fine?" she asked concerned, to which other ladies rolled their eyes.

Arnav: " ya nani she is fine..... will be coming in a while." He replied smilingly.

At that time NK made his entry like a tornado & wished everyone and turned to his beloved 'Nannav' wishing him. " Hey good morning Nannav mere bhai" he said enthusiastically only to get a curt nod in return. "what is Nannav? I wished you, in return tum sirf ghar hila rahe ho.... Very bad." (what is this Nannav? I wished you, in return you are just shaking house..... very bad) He complained.

"what the...mai ghar hila raha hun??what do you mean?"(what the...I'm shaking house??? what do you mean???) he asked confused.

"yup.. you are just nodding your head, dint wish me back." He pouted.

"NK woh ghar nahi sar hota hai, aur tum....." (NK its head not house, and you....) he was interrupted by mami's shriek.

Mami:"hello hi bye bye..... pha phatti sadi."She shuttered loudly.

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