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Jul 20

Chapter-8 (By Periwinkel_98) (Thanked: 81 times)

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Mami: "hello hi bye bye..... pha phatti sadi." She shuttered.making others look at her.

"Kya hua maa..?" (what happened maa?) a concerned Akash voiced out.

Not able to say further she pointed out towards stairs making others look at the same. Seeing the view further all had their jaws dropped in astonishment except Arnav.

Cause there stood Khushi at midst of stairs wearing a black casual one-piece knee length dress with three forth sleeves, with hair left open placed on her right shoulder, who had halted in her tracks shocked due to Mami's shriek.

Khushi's look :

                                     Pic credit- Google

(Pic credit- Google.)

By seeing her new attire all where gaping with their mouths wide open. Seeing their reaction, she continued advancing towards dining table nervously, everyone's trance was broken by Lakshmiji's bleat.

Recovering first Mami exclaimed, " Phatti saadi in no more saadi!!!!! Aab ka ika phatti deresswa(dress) bulaika padi???"( phatti saadi is no more phatti saadi!!! Now should I address her as phatti dress instead???)

Arnav: "Enough mami" he warned her for addressing his wife with inappropriate name.

All others where too stupefied to react anything yet and shyam had almost fainted seeing Khushi's new attire, nani just sat with poker face.

Taking this as her cue Anjali started her play, " Dekha Nani, what kind of dress she is waring, she started showing true colors first day itself, huh... disgusting." She rumbled.

Utilising the situation buaji meddled in, " tum bilkul sahi bolat ho bitiya, dek kaisen kapade pehan ke khadi hai beshram."( you are absolutely right bitiya, look what kind of dress she is waring shameless.)

Unable to tolerate his wife's insult Arnav commented, "I know Anjali you are too fat to fit in to such cloths, and moreover not every can carry themself with such grace and elegance. And Mrs Mishra (buaji), nobody has asked for your opinion, anyhow you yourself are an outdated model...then why the hell are you commenting on current trend?..." he was about to continue but Khushi gestured him to stop. Turning towards nani she continued.

Khushi: " Nani woh I'm sorry...I dint mean to" she stopped seeing nani's face bloom into smile.

Nani: "you are looking very pretty bitiya." she complimented, making her confused.

Khushi: " So you are not angry nani?" she asked still confused.

Smiling at her Nani continued, " not at all bitiya why should I look great. And anyway I'm not those typical kind of Mother-in-law... I mean Grandmother-in-law who will impose restrictions on their daughters-in-law. It's just that seeing you first time in modern attire I was a bit shocked that's it, I don't want you to change your self for anyone bitiya". She said cupping her face.

" yes are looking awesomeeee." Nk said dreamly making arnav glare at him. And Shyam was still in state of shock, Akash felt jealous of Arnav for having such a gorgeous & modern wife & couldn't help but glance towards his own wife who was totally opposite, but soon shooed away such thoughts.

"thanks Nk." She said making him frown, not pondering much about her changed way of addressing him he continued planning to pull his Nannav's leg a bit,

"Khushiji you are soooo beautiful & smart then how did you get trapped with this arrogant Nannav??? you have very bad choice... I think you should change it." he said eyeing Arnav.

Arnav: " NK.... I'll kill you today." he growled & started chasing him around dining area with cutlery knife in his right hand, they were literally looking like leads of Tom & Jerry show making Nani, Khushi & Mama laugh holding their belly, while rest others were shocked seeing this new kiddish version of Arnav.

Squealing like girl NK hid behind Khushi who was laughing uncontrollably.

NK : "Khushijiiii please save me from him...he will kill me today...." he pleaded, making her laugh even more.

composing herself a bit she replied, " NK stop overreacting & squealing like a girl." turning to Arnav she mocked, " like really were planning to kill him with cutlery knife??? ??????????, The great ASR chasing someone around with cutlery knife... if anyone of your staff see you like this they will land themselves in mental asylum... ????????" she again started laughing hysterically making him realise his action.

Arnav: "Okay enough now lets have breakfast." he tried to get back to his stern form but failed miserably seeing his Shona laughing wholeheartedly & a pleasant smile appeared on his face.

Nani: "okay now enough, stop pulling my Chote's leg. All of you start having breakfast." She said, while NK signed in relief.

Still not ready to let go of former issue , Anjali continued, " but nani look at her dress, how can you agree for this?" she asked frustrated, cause not getting desired reaction, upon that seeing defensive & loving attitude of Arnav towards Khushi added more fuel to fire.

Nani: "Anjali bitiya...don't create unnecessary fuss, and before mocking at Khushi bitiya it would be better if you glance beside once", she said indicating Kaya who was also in one-piece dress, making Anjali curse her under her breath.

Continuing Nani said to buaji, " I had warned you yesterday only Madhumathiji, not to intrude in our family matters, but you forgot I guess. I'm repeating again, I'm well capable of handling my family affairs, your involvement is not required". She said sternly making Gupta women gulp. To change the tensed atmosphere mamaji asked everyone proceed with breakfast which continued as silent affair.

After having breakfast Nani asked Khushi, "Bitiya are you going out somewhere??" nodding to which Khushi Replied, "ji nani, going to meet my friend."

Nani: "ok bitiya but try coming back by 3pm. As some guest will be coming home today."

Khushi: " ok nani" she agreed.

Suddenly Coming towards them Arnav excitedly said to Khushi. "Shona, I have a surprise for you come with me." He said.

Nani: " but chote...what is it?? What Kind of surprise??" she asked confused, even Khushi voiced out seeing him all enthusiastic.

Khushi: " han Aru what is it??? & why surprise now??"

Arnav: " many questions you both ask?? If I reveal it here only then why will I call it surprise?? Don't think much you two just follow me" saying so he dragged Khushi out of main door with Nani following them, and others tailing behind Nani curiously.

But the scene in front them made their jaws drop almost touching the floor.

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Chapter-9 (By Periwinkel_98) (Thanked: 75 times)

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Chapter - 9:

Reaching near main door Arnav closed Khushi's eyes with this palm making her wonder, after reaching outside he removed his palm from her eyes for her to look at her awaiting surprise.

Arnav: "Surprise!!!!" he said excitedly.

She stood still, gaping with wide eyes seeing the view in front of her.

Others too had same dumbfounded seeing it. Because there stood white beauty in her full glory.

                               Pic credit- google

(Pic credit- google)

Their trance was broken by Khushi's shirking voice who had jumped on him taking him for a bear hug.

"OMG Aru you got it it's so beautiful. when did u get it ?" she asked still admiring the car.

Arnav: "it's your valentine's day gift baby... you like it??" he asked eagerly.

Khushi: "like?? You gotta be kidding dude....I just loveeeee it...Thank u..thank u.. thank u...soooo much Aru, you are the best.....loveee you soooo muchhh..." she said excitedly, embracing him in a tight hug and pecking his cheek.

Arnav: "I love you too Shona.." he cooed smiling.

Finding his voice first NK enquired, "Oh freak!!! Nannav don't tell me its Zenvo ST1" he exclaimed on awe.

Arnav: "your right NK, it is" he conformed.

NK: "holy cow!!!! If I'm not wrong...its worth $1.2M right???" he asked still amazed,and got a nod from Arnav indicating that he was right, making Akash and Shyam freeze.

Recovering back form the shock Akash asked in a dull voice.

Akash:"Bhai aapne naye car liye aur mujhe bataaya bhi nahi?"(bhai you bought a new car & you dint even inform me?) he asked.

Knitting his brows Arnav asked, "maine pehale kab bataya tha jo aab bataunga Akash? Aur vaise bhi yeh car Khushi ke liya hai, I don't think I need to inform anyone to gift my wife" (when had I informed earlier that I would inform now Akash? & moreover it's for Khushi, I don't think I need to inform anyone to gift my wife.) he said curtly, making him embarrass.

Diverting the attention Nani complimented, "Very nice car Chote. But dint you appoint any driver to drive it? How will Khushi bitiya use it then?" she asked.

Arnav: "nahi Nani, your Khushi bitiya will not allow anyone to touch it let alone driving. She is very possessive. She will drive it by herself." he replied.

Nani: "Bitiya you know driving?" she asked to which she got a "ji nani" reply from still excited & jumping Khushi.

NK: "Khushiji will you give me a ride in your new car?? once please......" he almost begged.

Khushi: (smiling) "sure NK why not..." she replied.

NK: " WOW that's Khushijii we both will go on a long drive Okay it will be so much fun...." he said excitedly already making plans, making Arnav fume.

greeting his teeth Arnav replied, "I'm still here NK & you are making plans about going on a long drive with my wife? and that too infront of me is it??" he asked raising his right eye brow making NK gulp. Realizing what he blurted in excitement NK replied giving sheepish smile he replied.

NK: "woh Nannav ... I was just saying thats it... just kidding, no long drives..." he said nervously making others suppress their laugh.

Arnav: " Hmm that sounds better." he said.

Wanting to compete with Khushi... Mami opened her mouth without thinking,

"Hello Hi Bye Bye, eben(even) I bant(want) this type of car, Akash bitwa book one for me also." She said raising her nose high with pride, to which Mama joked, "what will you do with car Mannu?? You don't even Know to ride cycle??" he asked.

To which Mami replied irritated, " Aap toh shutupwa karo ji, toh kaa hua hamka diraibing nahi aathi?? Hum Diraiber rakhenge... waisen bhi hum rich peoples hai, hum kyun diraibing kare??? uh humre standardwa se match nahi karat hi "(you shut up, so what if I don't know driving?? I'll appoint a driver & moreover we are rich, why should I drive?? it wont match my standard). She said arrogantly eyeing Khushi, to which Mama shook his head helplessly.

Anjali to jumped asking her husband, "for me too Shyamji, I want pink color car" she asked as if asking her favourite candy.

Mami: "And, I bant green color car bitwa." She said to Akash.

Buaji nudged payal, to which she too jumped in saying...

Payal: " for me too Akashji, I want blue car."

And these 3 dumb women, continued deciding & debating on best color, not knowing the impact of their words created on poor Akash and Shyam, who had their heads spinning listening to ladies demand.

Finally deciding to have pity on them Nk interrupted, "woah easy there ladies, do u even know how much that Car costs??? Its $1.2M, which is approximately Seven crores in Indian currency & moreover it's customized." He dropped the bomb. "Am I right Akash?" he asked him, who nodded affirmative gulping.

Mami: "Bhaat(what)!!!!!! Seben(seven ) crores!!!!!"

Buaji: " hai re nandkis****!!!!!!! Saat corrode!!!!!!!"(seven crores)

Giving this reaction both specimens fainted, as they couldn't tolerate too many shocks in a day. while others were still frozen.

Shaking his head at their melodrama Arnav said, "Nani, I'll leave to office now." To which she nodded. Turning to Khushi he asked, "shall I drop you on my way Shona???"

"Nope you carry on, I'll go in my Snow white." She said excitedly. And all Arnav could do was mutter 'unbelievable' at his wife's weird antics.

"Who's Show white now Khushiji??" asked puzzled NK. Before she can answer, Arnav said, "she is calling her car snow white NK. She has this habit of giving her cars such weird names." he explained.

"Cars means??? There are more to go???" he asked, soon he too joined fainting club after getting positive reply form Arnav, making him roll his eyes at drama gang. Again muttering 'Unbelievable,' Arnav slipped into his black Ferrari Spyder.

Arnav's car:

                                                Pic credit- Google

  (Pic credit- Google.)

and zoomed towards his office with 2 cars full of body guards tailing behind. After his departure Khushi to made her way towards Starbucks with her 'Snow white' to meet her friend, leaving behind shocked family.

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Chapter 10 (By Periwinkel_98) (Thanked: 66 times)

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Chapter -10

AR office @12.30 pm.

Parking her car oops her 'Snow white ,' Khushi entered the entered AR premises giving a small smile to the guards at the entrance who were bewildered seeing her.

As she entered office all employees stilled at their place, the receptionist almost fell from her chair....all where gawking at her like she was some alien, men where drooling at her and coming to female staff many were giving her envious look for grasping all male attention & few were bewildered.

Many of them failed to recognize her till she took off her shades. Shaking her head at their reaction she marched towards Arnav's private elevator which led to the floor where only his cabin was situated.

Recovering back from her shock state the receptionist 'Mili' ran towards Khushi blocking her way.

Mili: "Chamkili...(and got a glare in return making her gulp) Khu...Khushi, woh you can't use this elevator, don't you know it's only use by ASR & no one else, if he got to know that someone else used it he won't be pleased. And if you are going towards his cabin then don't....he is with Lavanya mam now and is in very foul mood, he ordered not to let anyone you can't go..." she said last line with bit courage.

Khushi: "Don't worry all these orders & regulations are not applicable for me." She replied with attitude and entered Arnav's private elevator making Mili gulp in tension, who moved back to her place dejectedly.

'Pia' another employee stopped Mili and enquired.

Pia: "yaar Mili woh chamkili hi thi na?"(yaar Mili she was chamkili only right??) she asked to conform her doubt.

Mili: " han yar, and I had warned her too not to go in ASR's cabin....but she dint listen & went saying orders are not applicable for her, I'm dam sure I'll lose my job coz of her today...."she said dejected.

Pia: "don't worry dude, I heard her sister got married to Akash sir yesterday. So technically she is family. I don't think he'll fire you for letting her in." She tried to console her.

Mili: "but when it comes to work he'll not give a dam about anyone or anything. hope he'll not fire me." she said in low voice to which Pia hummed. With that both moved towards their respective places & continued working, expecting to witness worst side of their boss in a while.

Arnav's cabin :

Arnav was in very foul mood cause soon as he reached office, he go to know main copy of spring collection designs had been destroyed by great Lavanya's nail polish, and soft copy of the same had magically disappeared from her system.

Hence Lavanya was being blasted by ASR from past 30mins.

"What the hell do think of this office Ms Kashyap, this is AR not your beauty salon, how dare you behave so irresponsible??? Unprofessional employees are not required here...." And he went on, while all Lavanya could do was bend her head and listen to his wrath.

This was the scene Khushi found as she entered his cabin. Arnav who was busy thundering on Lavanya, fumed even more as someone intruded him and a "What the.." slipped from his mouth but stopped seeing his beautiful intruder, and Lavanya almost had a heart attack seeing her.

Khushi: "That's what I'm asking, what's the matter?? Why are you roaring so much??"

Even before he can answer Lavanya barked recovering from shock & forgetting the situation, " What is this Chamkili?? Don't you have manners, How can you just barge in to someone's cabin without knocking??" by seeing her audacity, Arnav thundered.

"Forget about her mannerisms Ms Kashyap where are yours??? First of all you destroy important file with that stupid nail polish of yours and now standing in my office, inside my cabin you dare to raise your voice at visitor forgetting the blunder you created??" He yelled making her head bow down in embarrassment for getting blasted in front of Khushi.

Khushi: "but hua kya??(but what happened?) why are you so tensed??" she asked diverting his attention to her.

Arnav: " Ms Kashyap has spoiled Spring collection's main hard copy with her stupid nail polish and the only soft copy was in her desktop which according to her has vanished on its own accord. And we have meeting with investors at half past one, I just don't know what to do???" he replied dejected.

Khushi: "don't worry Aru" she quickly checked her wristwatch and continued, "we still have an hour left, I'll do something come lets go to her cabin." She suggested.

Arnav: "Oh my, how can I forget you? My computer genius please somehow retrieve that file yaar." He pleaded making Lavanya's jaw drop seeing their interaction.

Khushi: "accha challo fast zyada time nahi hai."(okay come fast we don't have much time) She dragged him out leaving shocked Lavanya behind, who followed them minutes later.


Khushi: "And.... Yeh Hogaye file retrieve....dekho ek baar sab correct hai na??"(here your file got retrieved...just check once & let me know if everything is correct.)

It had been 20 minutes since Arshi, Lavanya along with other members of designing team where present in Lavanya's cabin, eagerly waiting for Khushi to do some miracle.

Finally after 20 mins Khushi had successfully retrieved file making them sign in relief. After checking the file thoroughly Arnav said relived, "Thank god, every things proper, if not don't what I would have done....thankyou sooo much my genius." In excitement he pecked her cheek completely forgetting about the audience they have.

"shh Aru behave....we are in office." She chided making him compose his form, while others where stupefied seeing this form of arshi especially Arnav's. Turning towards Lavanya she continued, "Don't repeat this again Lavanya, it was good that your system had 'data recovery software' or else entire team effort would have been vain cause of your negligence." She warned stiffly making Lavanya fume inwardly for not being able to give it back to her.

Arnav: "Ms Kashyap....this is last time I'm sparing you considering your past records.....but remember AR has no concept second chance, even a single error from your side, you'll find yourself out of main gates." He warned sternly making her gulp.

Khushi: "Aru ask Aman to take incharge and update all office systems with necessary software. I'll inform Janette to send a team tomorrow." she said.

Arnav : "that's fine, but Aman is on leave for few days, will come back day after or so...ask Janette to send the them on Monday. " he replied to which she nodded. By this time Mili knocked the door & informed, "ASR investors have arrived and are waiting in conference room." he dismissed others to proceed stating he'll join them in a while. Turning to Khushi, "will you join me Shona??" he asked.

Khushi: " no Aru your meetings are boring....and moreover this designing thing goes over my you finish up your meeting meanwhile I'll grab a coffee. After your meeting we can go out for lunch, what say?? ." She excitedly making him amused, agreeing to her plan she headed to conference room and moved towards cafeteria to grab a coffee.

After an hour or so Arnav came out of conference room with investors followed by others and meet Khushi at the corridor and introduced her to the investors who where some what in their early 50s.

Arnav: "Mr Adrien, Mr Marv meet my wife Mrs Khushi Sing Raizada, & Shona this is Mr Adrien and he is Mr Marv, they representatives of ├ętonner moda from Paris and are willing to invest in AR and are wishing to have a joint venture with us." He said making introductions and informed their purpose of visit, while Adrien and Marv greeted her with smile, while others were shocked with new revelations.

Khushi: "Pleasure meeting you Mr Adrien, Mr Marv..." she greeted them with smile.

Mr Adrien & Marv: "pleasure meeting you too young lady...." They continued speaking for a while and left AR premises discussing about further terms of the deal.

After their departure Arnav dragged Khushi to podium making Khushi confuse never less she followed him. Standing on podium he assembled all the staff for an announcement .

Arnav: "Good afternoon everyone, I have a news to share," pointing towards Khushi he continued, "Many of you know her already as Khushi Kumari Gupta, as she used to work here's time for formal introduction, she is not KKG she is Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada...My wife, one of director and Board member of AR, so I expect you people will respect & behave the same way you behave with the director of company & your Boss's Wife and any kind of misbehaviour will not be tolerated." He said eyeing Lavanya and her gang who were most shocked hearing this new piece of information, and others gulped for same. While all Khushi could do was shake her head at her husband's ability to scare life outta people.

With that both left AR premises for impending lunch date...

Precap: Mooh dikhai.. ya mooh pitaai...

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Chapter-11 (By Periwinkel_98) (Thanked: 56 times)

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Chapter- 11

Around 4.30 pm Khushi's Snow white entered gates of Shanthivan with Arshi getting out of it. While as usual Khushi cribbing about getting late coz of Arnav, and him walking along silently totally unaffected by her.

Hearing commotion inside both quizzically entered living area of house & were welcomed by scene of servants running here and there decorating the area, with Mamaji & NK instructing them, Mami was applying flashy bright metallic light green nail polish & Payal fanning her nails dry, Anjali & Kaya reading fashion magazine, Akash busy on a phone call and Nani relaxing on sofa. Guptas had already returned to their sty oops..I mean house,hence they were out of scene. Getting confused with the happenings both moved towards Nani and settled either sides of her tiredly.

Nani: " How was your day?? What all did you both do??" she asked gently stroking their head.

Arnav: "Nothing much nani, just attended couple meeting had lunch with her then...back home." He replied lazly.

Nani: "And how was yours bitiya?" she asked Khushi.

Khushi: " mine was good too nani, first met my friend, nani she has invited all of us for her wedding next month. Then had boring lunch with him & came back, you know we got late coz of him only" she said pointing at Arnav.

Arnav: "Excuse me...we got late coz YOU wanted to have Choco fudge ice cream, & had to drive in opposite direction for it." He said stressing 'you', making her pout.

Khushi: "haan toh...I hadn't eaten it for days, As if my taste and preference considered a lot anyway...that's why we went for Italian instead of Chinese.." she mocked.

Arnav: "But also agreed..." he argued.

Khushi: "As if I had choice.."

Their banter was interrupted by Nani's loud "Enough" who had covered her ears with her palms.

Nani: " Bas kitna ladteho tum dono...Baap re."( Enough how much you both fight...oh god) she exclaimed making them pout cutely like kids.

By that time JP came there with tea and snacks for Khushi & Nani, along Arnav's black coffee.

Nani: " Ok enough now, you both are tired have your beverage & rest for a while, then get ready, guest will start arriving by 6." She informed.

Arnav: " haan Nani I wanted to ask why this decoration and arrangements?? Whose coming??" he enquired.

Nani: " Aare chote woh aaj...." (chote today is..) Her words were interrupted by over enthusiastic NK.

NK: " Naniji maine saari decorations handle kardiya hai, aab Payal Bhabi ki 'mooh pitaai' acche se hogi..." ( Naniji I have taken care of all decorations now Payal bhabi's 'face hitting ceremony' can be performed nicely) he stated proudly.

Arnav: "What the.. Mooh Pitaai!!!!!!" he exclaimed horrified, and Khushi who was drinking tea spat it out as an impact, while Nani facepalmed.

Nani: "Nanhe bitwa its Mooh dikhai not Mooh Pitaai.." she corrected.

NK: " ya dikhai...pitaai both are same same" he replied and walked away whistling making others shake their heads at his crazy antics. While Nani continued looking at arshi, "Chote Khushi bitiya...woh, I wanted to conduct Khushi Bitiya's mooh dikhai as well along with payal bitiya's this evening, what do you say??" She asked.

Arnav: " I'm fine with it nani..I don't have any problem... what say Khushi??" he asked.

Khushi: " I also have no problem Nani." She replied.

Nani: " That's Great Bitiya, I'll send your outfit to your room after a while...till then rest." She said stroking her head lightly. With that arshi headed to their room.

Around 6pm entire living room of Shanthivan was filled with ladies who had come to attend the function, and Nani was managing them along with Prakash brothers, as Khushi and Payal were in their rooms getting ready, And men were not allowed to be present in function[guys, I don't know much about this function & custom, coz I'm a south Indian so please excuse if I'm wrong.]

On the other hand our 3 musketeers...i.e. Anjali, Kaya & Mami had still not graced them with their presence as they were busy beautifying them self even more than the brides. Finally Mami had decided to have mercy on the mirror of her room, which was equally tired reflecting her wonderful face & was on verge breaking. She walked down the stairs doing her signature walk uttering 'Hello hi bye byes', wearing heavy green silk saree with full golden zari work and was duked up in gold like a display mannequin in jewellery showroom. Anjali too came behind her in equally flashy hot pink silk saree, with Kaya tailing in robin blue sleeveless anarkali suit.

After a while one among those ladies asked, " Devyaniji where is your new bahu?? we all are eagerly waiting to see her.."

Nani: " Ji I'll call them now..."she said and singed to Manorama to get Payal down to hall, she very well knew that Anjali will not agree to get Khushi or behave civil with her so she excused herself from guests for a while & moved towards Arshi's room to get Khushi.

Few minutes later Mami walked down stairs with her butterfly walk... and Payal following behind struggling to walk in her heavy red green lehenga with heavy jewellery chosen by her MIL, she tripped twice while walking down stairs as she couldn't see much from translucent vail which was covering her face blocking her vision.

(Payal's outfit)

                                                 pic credit- Google

pic credit- Google

Soon they reached living area where all guests had gathered, and Payal occupied her seat. All they were about to start the function, one lady among the guest asked... " Aare where is Devyaniji???" to which shook their head clueless.

"I'm here Sumitraji" Nani replied walking down stairs along with Khushi, supporting her, who was in rose pink lehenga with red vail covering her face.

(Khushi's outfit with same hair style & jewellery)

                                                           Pic credit- google

Pic credit- google.

Seeing Nani walk down with Khushi, Sumitra asked again, " Aare Devyaniji yeh kon hai?? Aapki naye bahu toh yeh hai na??" (Devyaniji who is she?? she is your new DIL right??) she asked pointing towards Payal.

Nani: " Ji she is Payal, Akash's wife...& she is Khushi Arnav's wife." She did introduction.

Sumitra: " what?? Your elder grandson got married?? When??" she asked.

By now all guests started gossiping about themselves.

Lady1: " yeh aaj kal ke bacche bhi na..."(kids these days).

Lady2: " Wonder why they hid it"

Lady3: "did they elope??" and they continued so on..., Khushi stood nervous not knowing what to answer, while Anjali was smirking at the turn of events, and Payal was doing happy dance inside seeing Khushi getting insulted. Putting full stop to their talks Nani said.

Nani: " Sumitraji, Arnav and Khushi got married before Akash & Payal. They wanted to keep it privet affair for a while considering Arnav's popularity, you know this media people if got to know then they will mob them everywhere, they are planning to announced it to media along with Akash & Payal". She said, everyone too felt the reason was valid, but few were disappointed as their dreams of getting their daughters married to ASR were shattered.

Sumitra: " that's good to hear Devyaniji ,that both your grandsons have settled in their life. Ok now Let's start the function..." with that all ladies one by one started unveiling the brides and blessed them, and presented gifts to each. Here too many admired Khushi's beauty & had completely become Khushi ke deewane. One of them said, " Devyaniji, your elder granddaughter-in- Law is very beautiful, just like moon your grandson is very lucky..."

Another lady:" yes Devyaniji she is looking very beautiful in this lehenga, pink is definitely your color bitiya." she cupped her face making her blush,& Nani proud. While Payal fumed thinking, here too Khushi stole the show looking more attractive than her, eyeing her own attire she cursed her MIL for choosing her dress and cursed her fate for having such MIL.

Anjali frowned listening to their comments & whispered to Kaya, " I'm also waring pink only na?? but no one complimented me?? Is she looking more beautiful than me?? No na...??" she asked making Kaya roll her eyes at her self-obsession & foolishness, all she could do was agreeing to her with fake smile. Mami was too busy showing off her saree & jewellery to think anything else. After a while everyone returned back. Using the opportunity Anjali again tried.

Anjali: " see nani you were supporting her to much na...look because of her deeds we had to face humiliation, and BTW what wrong they did they say?? She eloped only na?" she spat venom, making Khushi eyes moist.

Nani:"I have been telling Anjali don't poke your nose in others matter, & moreover the person who her self eloped shouldn't be commenting about others marriage, so be in your limits next time." She warned making her shut up.

Turning to tired faces of Khushi & PayalNani adviced them to take rest for a while, before dinner is served. Who noddedand moved to their respective rooms.

Precap : Truth or Dare...

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