Never Leave You Alone Again.

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Jul 10

Never Leave You Alone Again. (By Lonelylotus) (Thanked: 45 times)

Hello, LonelyLotus here. Please bear if there is any mistakes. Feel free to ask me anything questions about the story on the comment section below. I hope you guys will welcome me.


Arnav Singh Raizada, a powerful man from a family known for its wealth and glory is now in jail cell, kept saying that he and his family are not guilty but all he got back from the guard is a punch on his face.

"Ugh.... Ah.. Let me at least meet the third prince.. He is my friend, he knows my father would never commit such a crime." He cough a blood, totally in helpless state.

His father was a general of this country just like his grandfather who once saved this country and brings many glory to this land with blood and sweats until his breath last long and died on battlefield.

Now his father has labeled as traitor who leaked the important war secret to other country caused loss many soldiers and the first prince of this kingdom.

As the guard going to be beat him again, the old jailer stopped him in time and gave him a warning.

When the abusive guard went away, the old jailer looked at Arnav with pity. Jailer sat down and said in low voice.

"You're so young, the fate is really cruel.."

Arnav grith his teeth in anger. Look at the jailer pitying him, he feel so humiliate.

"Don't look.. Ugh.. Me with those eyes." As look Raizada's blood running through his veins he will bow down to anyone not even the god.

Old man slowly chuckled at arrogant young man and said.

"I'm not pitying you but the girl who standing outside begging to you out, she kept saying you're innocent. Poor girl she been waiting there for days. Yesterday rain pours down heavily she kept standing there while shivering, seems like she caught a fever. I told she it is impossible for you to be release but she stubborn. She even bribed me to take care of you while you're in here. She must be your wife, at least she is being loyal to you." 

Arnav look down as tears did not stop falling from his eyes, his wife.. She is there waiting even in rain. 

"Stupid woman, you're still pregnant. You should take care of your own body and the child in womb." He cried in his heart. His wife whom he pampered like she is queen is there standing for even after he handed her a divorce paper.

He know if its proven his father is guilty his whole family will be executed so he did no choice cut all of his ties with her.

If he no longer alive, there his child inside her who will be his bloodline. He have to be stronger for her.. 

With beautiful memories of her, he can die but still he have something to tell her....

The foot sound kept getting louder as some guard reached his cell and told him the worst news.

"Your father has commited suicide because of the quilt, as its proven that your father commited treason, you and all of your family member will be executed before the people."

It can't be.. His father can't be guilty.. The name of Raizada will tainted forever.

They bring him out of the cell, on the way the execution ground. He suddenly pushed the guards and ran in hope seeing his dear wife once for last time. He did not stop till he saw her beautiful figure under the sunlight, her pregnant belly is still there.

His eyes watered as he saw her, he just hug her and cried.

But what he did not expect is her to push him away from herself.

Right, if the guards saw her intimate with him. She also with will be executed, she needs to be protect his child.

"Please take care the child.." He almost whispered, he would not be able see his child being born.

Her face turn sour and look at him with mocking eyes.

"You still thinking that this is your child?" Her words crushed him.

He looked around if there anyone around? Why is she speaking like this?

As she read his mind, she told him.

"This child not yours." 

His whole trembled, wishing all of this is just a nightmare.

"Sheetal~" A loving voice of man came from behind.

"You.." Arnav's turned pale as he saw third prince stand beside Sheetal and slide his arm around her waist.

"Father of my child." Sheetal said proudly, smiling with glee. Third prince nod with satisfaction.

Arnav clenched both of fist and try throw on the prince's face.

"You, ba**tard!"

The prince smirked as he allows the guards to take care of Arnav.

"I believed you both! Abimanyu! Could you.." Arnav choked.

"Hmm, you was so stupid. It was my plan all along bring down your family also with first prince who supposed to be a crown prince. Now with First prince no more and second prince who on his death bed. I will be the next king." He admitted.

"And I will be his queen." Sheetal mentioned in between.

Arnav stared at the in shocked. He treated her like a queen but she wanted to be real queen.

"Have you ever loved me?" He spat out.

"Never! You're like dog to me. I married you to help the prince out of the troubles he is facing become a king." Her words broke him even more, he listened her every words like a dog. Now its ruined his everything.

"Drag him to the execution ground. God, he smells like a garbage being prison, he even dares to hug me. Eww.." She said in disgust.

"Sheetal! How could you do to this to me after how much I cared for! Do you think he loves you? He will throw you away soon and you will regret for you've done to me and my family!" Arnav screamed in agony while being drag by the guards.


All of his relative were already executed, his the last person to be execute.

He was walking hopeless to the stage, but he could hear a voice calling him from behind.

"Husband! Husband! Let me in, he is my husband!" She screamed as struggles to near him.

Her saying she is his wife will caused her executed too but she still did.

He stare thin figure of her, pale sick like face, messed hair, teary eyes.

She must the one who waited for him, not caring about the weather and days.

She is indeed his wife, his second wife.

Khushi Kumari Gupta, he hated her, abused, humiliate.

But she still cares.. 

He wanted to ask her why? Just why? She lost her child because of him still wanting to be with him after all that he have done?

Just a seconds ago, he never thought her of but now he regret it. Why he saw who is sincere and who is not? 

"I'm his wife! Let me die with him." She said as she looked at him, begging for his permission to die him. At least give her rights to die with him.

Arnav wants to kill himself that moment, this woman. I did not treat her well but worse. 

"She has no relation with me. I don't know who she is, as for prove you can ask anyone, I have only one wife that is Sheetal." He said to the guards.

She deserve better and he deserve to die, that what he thought that moment.

But he didn't notice his rejection killed her more than real death its self.

She kept screaming at him not leave her alone. Begging him. Her voice stopped when his head was cutted off from his body. She ran to body when the guard let her go.

She didn't care about the blood, she just hugged his body and cried.

He never accept her as his wife, she failed as a wife to him, that's why he didn't give her a honor to die with him.

No one will ever know she was indeed his wife. 

"I love you." She whispered.


Arnav felt like everything is spinning like crazy and its really loud as he opened his eyes.

Is this hell? For what he done Khushi, how could he hope for heaven?

But this... Place is his house? It's filled with guests, decorated. This is his wedding with Sheetal! From two years ago.. Did he came back to the past? It can't be possible.. 

He saw his younger teasing him as it is his wedding day with Sheetal.

"Are you that eager to sister in law? To stand at front door like this? Father will be mad if he see this." His brother warned and went inside.

Arnav's face turned pale and then red in anger.

"Like hell I'm going marry that bi**h! I should stop this wedding." He thought while fuming in anger and ran inside.

But he changed his mind when he saw his father who was talking happily with the guests, it is his dear elder son's marriage day.

"It was me, I was the one chased Sheetal around for 3 years to marry me. Now if I stop this marriage it will be father who will ashamed by the guests." He gulped.

Alright, Sheetal. I will marry you, not to love you but to destroy you. For all you did to me and my family, you have to have pay it back with interest.

He swore to protect his family and Khushi.. Wait. 

"Today is not only the wedding day of me and Sheetal but also Khushi and mine."

Their wedding day are same because he married them on same day, in past life he was forced to marry Khushi so got no choice.

Their relationship are complicated than anyone's.

In their kingdom, every family young master has pendant made on the day they born and it will be given to their legal wife but somehow he lost it three years before the marriage day and it somehow landed on Khushi's hand.

She came to meet him a night before the wedding day and showed him a chain with that pendant on it. 

He accused of her stealing it from him in past, she told all she wanted was to marry him, with that pendant in her hand he got choice but agree to marry on same day as he marry Sheetal. But he puts on some conditions.

First, she have give pendant back to him, means she got her rights to legal strip away from her.

Second, she identity as his wife will be hidden to outsiders. Means he will never tell anyone that she is his wife except for family members.

Third, she cannot enter or go out through the main door. She have to live like a mistress.

No woman would agree to such condition with a pendant in theirs hand. He did never saw her true feelings.

He puts all the conditions to humiliate her and show her place is below Sheetal's. He thought she stealing Sheetal's limelight.

But he stole everything from Khushi and give them to Sheetal. His face turn grim.

In this life he would let Khushi be free at least he would let her marry someone else who deserve her better.

He don't know why when think of Khushi his emotion starts to run wild. The most worst thing he did to her killing her unborn child, till now he don't who the father of that child is.

This time he will treat her better.

"The bride family have arrived!" He heard someone shouted. He clenched his fist and thought.

He have to act like fool who is completely in love in Sheetal to fool everyone.

He smile in happiness like normal, time he will show them what karma is.

To Be Continue. . .

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Jul 11

Caring Husband. (By Lonelylotus) (Thanked: 91 times)

Thank you so much for the comments, I am really sorry if some of you are confused. 

Arnav, he indeed gone back into the past like reborn again after the being executed. All of those incident really did happen to him. He did not saw a vision.


Hearing the bride arrived at the main door made the quests excited to catch a look at her beauty. Sheetal known as the most beautiful woman in their country.

Sheetal gets out of the palaquin with help of her servants. Guests gasped at her beauty, they were whispering how beautiful she is in her wedding attire. As they were singing her praise, Arnav's father and his stepmother welcome the bride and her family in with respect. His step mother bring sheetal to the altar and made her sit beside Arnav.

Sheetal smiled shyly at him so did he but only god knows how much he wants to tear that damned fake smile off her face. 

"You just wait, I will make you suffer soon." He said in his mind while keeping loving smile on his face.

In past life his was really happy to have such beautiful woman as his wife but he can only see through her acting. He despise her, he want to kill her.

With that thought in his mind, he married and fullfil all of the rituals.

Then he saw a woman walks through the crowd, she stare at him as if he is the only man in this world.

Yes, it is her. Khushi Kumari Gupta, who he supposed to marry next when the guests are gone. His marriage with her is simple, without pandit, holy fire, just sindoor and mangalsutra.

He kepts looking at her, she look better now. This is her without his abuses. 

After the quests are gone, he married Khushi and have enter through main door, this was her last chance to use this door. In past life, she was tripped down and her fall down and while that happens Sheetal dropped the oil on her hand, made Khushi dress caught fire made Khushi some severe burns on her legs.

She took a month to recover from it and it also made bad impression of her to everyone in the family, especially his father.

Now, when she about trip and fall down. His strong arms holds her tightly, she looks at him surprise. He gulped his saliva as his eyes look at her big doe eyes.

He wasn't suppose to help her but he cannot bear to let her hurt. She did care for him until his last breath. She is... Doesn't deserve this.

"Stand still!" He said in warning tone to her, she nod and look down.

Khushi reminded herself to not get her hopes up just because he helped her, he should be hating her now..

"He must be hating me for coming between him and Sheetal ji." She thought clutching her dupatta in her hand and blame herself.


Later that night.

It's his and Sheetal's first night. 

He entered the room with happy smile on his face. Sheetal almost roll her eyes.

Arnav chuckled how oblivios her acting, how didn't he see through her true face then? As people used say love is blind. He was really blind then.

He took two cups of the milk on the table, started talk.

"You're so beautiful." His eyes shine with dangerous glint.


Khushi's room.

Khushi sat looking at her swollen ankle which she twisted when she was about to fall.

"Miss.. You're also his wife but did not even spare a single glance when they talk about whom do he spent the night with. Why are you not saying anything?" Khushi's one and only loyal servant Ambika said in angry tone.

Khushi sighed sadly, he love that woman not her, why would he bother to look her? She is the homewreaker.

"I am willing to his wife. His desicion is my fate, I will accept it my wholeheartly." She said honestly, she just a little place in heart, it is enough for her. She would not dare to be greedy and hope for more.

Ambika shook her head in disappointment. Her family miss is so innocent. But she also have no other choice.

"I'm hungry.." Khushi mumble and drink the milk by her bedside.

Khushi frown as she drinks it, why does this milk taste weird. Her maid left the room.

(Knock... Knock...)

Khushi alarmed hearing the knock on her door, the door slowly crept open. Her eyes widen.

"Husband? I mean Sir.." She look down in sadness and afraid that he would look her with hateful eyes.

Arnav slowly towards her, sat on the bed. Took something out of his pocket. 

"You should ask for medicine if you're hurt. What a stupid woman." He said in low tone, afraid she will somehow caught him actually worrying for her. This woman have to careful for her own good.

He wipe the medicine on ankle and start to massage.

Khushi face flushed at the sight of massaging with serious face.

"I'm sorry. I.." She hicupped again and again.

Arnav sniffed and frowned.

"Did you drink something?" He asked her in concern of her.


His face went dark, he knew Sheetal spike his milk his a drug but he didn't expect her spike Khushi's too.

Khushi pouts and rest her head on his chest and said.

"Husband, I love you."

Guilt hits him too hard, Khushi.. Did she loved me in past too? Is that why she did not leave? She still cares for him no matter how cruel he was to her?

His fingers go through her soft and silky long hair.

"I'm sorry. I know I don't deserve your kindness nor your forgiveness." He lean and made lay properly on the bed, cover her with blanket. He smile at sleeping face and turn to leave but her soft voice stopped him.

"Don't leave me.." 

That night he spend with with Khushi not Sheetal, on other side Sheetal sleeping peacefully by drank her drugged milk, she was tricked by Arnav.


Sheetal waked up saw Arnav sleeping beside her, holding her throbbing head and look Arnav with annoyed face.

But she didn't suspect anything wrong, in her eyes he is still a foolish man in love.

She started get ready to greet in law on the early morning, she also have go to her maternal house with Arnav.

She feel pity for Khushi who have go without a husband by her side. But as unfavorable wife she must have already expected it coming. 

Sheetal smiles proudly, thinking Arnav spends his first night in her room last night. Her value in this will be higher than Khushi.

She also have get that damn pendant from this man to get the full identity as his legal wife. As the pendant is given to anyone, her status and Khushi's will be same.


Here Khushi didn't remember last night incident at all.

Started to get ready, she doesn't have much jewelry like Sheetal. Her chothing is also not that much of fancy type but her light pink attire made look much warmer.

Khushi think of going back maternal home and shudder. He will come with her? Of course he will not. He loves Sheetal not her..

She try to throw her envy away but could not. She yearn for his affection yet Sheetal gets it so easily.. How she could not envy her?

She look at her ankle which was swollen last night, why did he came to her room last night? All she remember is him give her medicine but don't know what happen after that.

Does he really care for her? Will she ever get his attetion? 

Her heart race in hope of him loving her.

To be Continue.

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The legal wife conflict. (By Lonelylotus) (Thanked: 55 times)

Hey guys here the update of this story.


As Sheetal getting ready for greeting in laws in morning before going her mother's home.

Arnav woke up and gave her dazzling smile and said.

"I'm so happy, finally being married to you. From now on I will fulfill all my dreams in future with you being by my side. Thank you for being my wife." In his heart he swore to torment her until she wish to die. Does she thinks, I married for love? It's for my family's honor and also.. They wants to be the king and queen right? By destroy my family? Having you by my side I will block all of your attacks and hit you back so hard that you and that Abimanyu won't able stand back. I will watch your every single movement.

Corner of her lips twitched hearing his sweet words.

He got up from the bed and hugged slim waist.

"What do you want eat for breakfast, I will order servants to prepare them." 

"I will have, what my husband want me to have." She act as wonderful wife, hiding the trance of disgust in her eyes.

Will bottle of poison will do for you? He want ask but he didn't, this woman shouldn't die that easily. He will make her wish she were dead, soon.

Arnav chucked and let go of her. In past he would gave morning kiss, every single day but now he rather hit his head on wall.


After having the breakfast they both went to the hall.

All the family member were waiting for them.

His father Arvind Raizada, his two wives. Rani has son Amar, 18 years old. Manorama has a daughter Parvati. After Arnav's mother, Arvind's legal wife Ratna died, his pendant never given to anyone. Rani and Manorama has same status, both of them taking care of this household management half by half.

But now that Arnav is married, his legal wife will take the power from them into her hands, this made Rani angry.

If Arnav did not exist it will be her son this noble family's heir. What more Arnav is only son of the legal wife.

Amar who dislike his mother losing her power said mockly. "Sheetal Bhabi is so beautiful and talented but what the use? The legal wife of brother is that imfamous Khushi Kumari Gupta, I heard she rude and arrogant. Poor Sheetal Bhabi."

Last night his mother told him the one who holding Arnav's pendant Khushi. If it's Khushi, it would easier to control her and looks around for Khushi.

"Where is Khushi Bhabhi?"

Arnav clear his throat, "She is not my legal wife. She won't come. She hurted her feet yesterday." It's better if she just stay inside her room and rest.

He delibratedly told she is not his legal to before everyone, Legal wife position will cause more harm than good to Khushi. He can't let her get tangled into this house politics. He know Rani desire to make her son as the heir of Raizada from his past.

He won't let Khushi to be harm by them, he also decided to stay away from Khushi a bit. He thought in this life he would just let Khushi have her freedom but after what happen yesterday, he think it is quite troublesome make her leave him. In fact she won't agree to leave..



After hearing she soft plea, Arnav couldn't refuse her and stayed there.

It made her happier, fighting back her sleepiness she sat up. She can't waste such precious time with him.

Seeing her happy face made him wonder if she really loved in past life too? What did she liked in a man like him? 

In past life, he accuse her that she stole his pendant when she asked him to marry her.. But she asked him to so because she love him?

"Have we met before?" He blurred out, while wondering it to himself. It was still a mystery even in past, he doesn't such a memory of him giving his pendant to her.

Khushi giggled, "Of course! Three years ago.. You. You.." She looked at him with her drowsy eyes.

When she mention three years ago, it made him guilty. That time he was a little shameless fellow, who likes to flirt with any girls.

Is she one of those girls? Love affair of his? It can't be he flirted with her who well-known as arrogant young miss Khushi Kumari Gupta.

"Is it three years ago, what did I agree with you? Did I gave you that pendant? Or I saved you, said I want to be with you?" In the past, in order to chase the beautiful girls, he would all kinds of tricks, he used to hire a few people to play a little punk and come to act as a hero to save the beauty.

When I mentioned pendant, Khushi frowned and whispered. "I am embarrassed..." After she finished, her soft body fell on his.

"I feel hot.." He heard her mumble and hug him.

Seeing that Arnav did not push herself away, Khushi shuddered and stretched out her arms and took hold of his waist. She said sweetly, "Husband... I am so happy, I can finally marry you... like a dream comes true..." She said, extended her small hand and cautiously touched Arnav’s body, seemingly making sure that she was dreaming, or... reality...

After a few touches, she found that this dream is much more real than before, and she can feel the heat of the skin. She was happy and looked at Arnav, licking her red lips, smiling softly and tenderly. "Husband, hold me, hug me!"

She really wants to be gently held in his arms like he would held Sheetal.

As soon as I thought of him being intimate with Sheetal, Khushi chest was uncomfortable. She also wants to hug her husband!

Although full of resentment, Arnav still is a normal man, can not afford to be such a teasing by Khushi. Especially when he see Khushi's eyes shining with look of happiness, Arnav felt that his depressed mood suddenly flew up. He did not realize that he had a pity of tenderness towards Khushi.

Therefore, knowing that long-term pain is worse than short-term pain, he should not bring hope and misfortune to Khushi. But expectation in Khushi's eyes slightly touched his heart. He couldn't resist her request and gently embraced her.

Khushi looked up and looked at Arnav thin lips, and slowly approached it in confusion.

Khushi's breath was lightly rubbed over Arnav's cheek, and he looked at Khushi's face gradually nearing his, his heart suddenly jumped.

Who knows, this crazy woman would actually picked up her head and took a bite of his lips. Then with dissatisfied face, muttered.

"It’s not sweet, not good.."

Khushi smile in the arms of Arnav, greedily breathing the faint fragrance of his, and gradually entered the dream world.

The young woman in his arms was soft and the warm atmosphere made Arnav feel overwhelmed for a while, and there was an impulse to get close. As a veteran of love, Arnav was shaken by this young woman. He who thought to think only of himself and family since his rebirth. 

Then, he grith his teeth and made a hearty decision.

This young woman is dangerous for his heart...

Slowly fall asleep with her in his arms..

Their heart beats in sync.

Flashback end.


To be continue.

Note: I saw many of your questions. I hope this chapter answered it. I will also explain it once more clearly for my satisfaction.

Q: Why did Arnav still marry Sheetal after all been through in his past life?

A: For revenge and honor of his family. Keeping an eye enemy's spy is much easier deceive the enemy. 

Q: Why did he married Khushi for?

A: As long she has the pendant, she can straight go for being his legal wife. She also wish to marry him at any cost, so Arnav got no choice but marry her, even in this life.

Q: Why didn't he marry Khushi as the first wife?

A: He loved Sheetal for 3 years and the whole country knows it, if he suddenly marry Khushi who has a worst reputation will harm his family name. Also he already promised to marry Sheetal first even in past life.

Q: Is this based on royal background?

A: Yes it is. Arnav belongs to high-class noble family who produced lots of strong generals in past generations. While Khushi belongs to a rich family who runs textile businuss.

Feel free to ask questions that you have about the story and I will try my best to answer them.

I hope you enjoyed the update, next time I will try to make it longer update. Don't forget to hit that thank button!

See you then.

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Jul 14

She is a stranger to me. (By Lonelylotus) (Thanked: 67 times)

Hey, I'm returned with update of this story. Hope you will like it.

As for why Khushi's reputation at worse. I will show you in few chapters. Please wait until then.


As Arnav bluntly refused of Khushi being his first wife.

Seeing her son blabbered out everything she told him in front everyone, Rani look at Arvind with sorry face.

Arvind with straight face said to Arnav, "I was told that the one who have the pendant is Khushi daughter in law! If it's not her then it is with Sheetal Daughter in law? How could you take back what you've given?"

Arnav could feel the anger in his father's face.


As Khushi walking to the hall, she remember what happen when she wokes up.


Khushi just realize the time, she overslept. she have to greet the in laws. They will have a bad impression of her, if she is late on the first day after being married in this family.

What more she forced her husband to marry her is already a worse impression of her.

She looked at Ambika who always serving her, as if she accusing her for not waking her in the early morning.

Last night, her husband.. He come to her room..

Then she noticed that her clothes are changed from what they were yesterday, she wanted to ask who changed her clothes but afraid of being laughed at she twisted her question.

"Ambika, did last husband went back earlier last night?" A pair of big doe eyes flashed beautifully, and looked forward to Ambika with a look of hope, her heart was thumping and thinking, last night she and her husband did it?

Ambika remembered the look Khushi last night, as combing Khushi's hair, and muttered: “Last night, Sir was about to go back. Miss, you were holding Sir's waist refused to let go, kept yelling at Sir, crying for Sir to not go..."


The clear bright red is dyed with a trace of childish shyness. Khushi can't help but whisper his name that has been hidden in the depths of her heart but has never dared say out loud. 

Ambika then suddenly spoke as she remember something important.

"Miss you vomited on him in middle of night."

Khushi started to panic: What was his reaction?

"Sir was really angry, he said he will hurt you so much so will go home back and never back. Miss let's go back.. Now Sir is going say that you're not his legal wife to the other family members, your reputation also at the worse." Ambika told her worriedly.

Actually after Arnav was vomited on last night, not only did he not blame Khushi, but he gently wiped her face, he gave Ambika a slap in the face before leaving. At that time, Arnav thought that Ambika had slept, and no one is there to took care of Khushi, so he ordered Ambika to care of her after he left.

The fact is Ambika already was awaken when he returned and keeping Khushi accompany, and Ambika kept quietly peeking at it.

Arnav’s tender and affectionate behavior made Ambika’s hate change, but she thought that Arnav was so skillful. At first glance, it was a sweet talk to many women. Her family miss is stupid, and will be deceived by this hypocritical tenderness!

When Ambika thought of Arnav's skill to flirt with women' that Arnav had already married Sheetal, and she felt that her miss is hopeless!

She must not let the miss fall into the fire pit of Arnav Raizada.

Therefore, Ambika always thought that her miss was deceived by Arnav's sweet words, deliberately tell lie about Arnav, and hoped that her miss could lose her interest of this negative man!

Khushi wanted to reverse her bad impression in Arnav’s heart. Who knows that she was once again disgusted by Arnav!

She was so anxious that she started sweating, couldn't attend morning, and with a tired face, dressed in casual clothes, she immediately got ready and rushed to the hall.

Flashback end.


When Khushi arrived, she don't know what to talk about, the atmosphere in the whole hall is a bit strange and depressed.

She squinted at her guilty heart and found that she was indeed the last one to arrive, and he couldn’t help felt nerveous.

However, when she saw the man in the hall, her eyes could not be removed from Arnav.

She know if it's just her feeling, the temperament of the whole person has changed. There's no more arrogance in his face.

Khushi has never seen such a Arnav, but those kindness in his eye that gave her the courage to move forward.

When she took a few deep breaths and wanted to walk in, there was a familiar sound that she could not be familiar with. The cold and icy bones had frozen her progress in the same place.

"Father, Khushi picked up the pendant, I did not gave it to her, so she can't be count as legal wife. I didn't even think about thanking the Khushi for giving it back to me. She should grateful for even married to me, which made the my Sheetal very embarrased. My heart is just only for one." Arnav said.

Arnav said things in a few words, turned his head and carefully pleaded guilty to Sheetal: "Sheetal, I didn't want to marry her at all. She got my pendant, was greedy for my family's money. I only want to marry you, how can I marry her? She just want to make trouble on the wedding day, want to destroy your feelings!"

These words, Arnav said extremely little, because in the past life, after Khushi’s burns, she was hidden by Arnav methods for half a month, but she was finally discovered by his family and Sheetal. Destroyed Khushi position's side wife into a sneaky thief and a woman who wants to marry into the powerful family.

They abused her worsely because she has a chance to became his legal wife, if he accuse her now and tell don't even mind her as his wife, they wouldn't touch her for time being thinking she won't have chance to become one.

"I am Arnav Singh Raizada, I am a stranger to this person." Saying that and then turned to smile at Sheetal, "Only Sheetal, you are not greedy for the property of my family, sincerely a good person."

"I can't wait for you to die!" Sheetal thought as she smiled at Arnav.

He wants to let Sheetal to taste it, sorrow, betrayal and despair...

"You, what do you say, my family young miss is not such a person!" Before other people reacted, Ambika was already angry and rushed to Arnav, pointed at his nose and roared. 

Since childhood, Khushi's only companion is her. How could she bear such words toward her young miss?

This is Raizada Manor, not Gupta's, she was still bombarded Arnav: "It is you, despicable, no shame, down flowing! First sweet talk to my miss, then send people to bully the miss! Man without conscience!"

In the still hall, there was a series of angry screams. After Ambika shouts, she repeatedly recited a few words of “despicableness”, “no shame” "Bad man", then Ambika with a glare at a man who is calm and self-satisfied, she thinked : Fortunately, the miss has come, otherwise she really would have deceived by this bad man!

Thinking this way, she carefully glanced at her miss, but she saw her young miss standing in the doorway, staring straight into the Arnav with a look of helplessness.

Arnav lips trembled a few times and he couldn't say a complete sentence.

In the eyes of everyone, Arnav in fact, has been chaotic.

He didn’t expect Khushi to suddenly appear. Even if he made a decision last night, he must let Khushi stay away from him for good and seek new happiness.

But when he saw the swaying girl at the door, his heart was filled with something heavy and suffocate him.

"No, she'd better hate me." He thought.

Arnav roughly endured the urge to hold that girl in his arms, swallowing hard. His throat almost overflowing, and turned his head stiffly, mocking and snoring: " You said that I am mean, shameless. What did I do to your miss, Whom I met only for the second time yesterday."

He squinted his eyes, and his sarcasm was even more: "Your miss Khushi is shameless, she forced me marry him. Do you think that with the reputation of your miss, the character of a savage, you think I will notice her?"

Arnav said that the sentence without a flinch, and Ambika was froze. Ambika pointed angrily at Arnav saying, "You and you" for a long time and could not say any other word.

Khushi looked at Arnav, her eyes filled with tears, and she couldn’t say a word for a long time.

When she saw Arnav gentle to Sheetal, he asked with concern: "Sheetal, we're going to your home afternoon right? What kind of gift do you want to bring back, would it be more appropriate?"

She felt all the hope she held for a moment ago were just a dream, he loves Sheetal.

Arnav felt terrible but just kept smiling at Sheetal, knowing Khushi is staring at him. He better stay away from her.

To be continue.

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