Love You For Million Years

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Jul 10

Love You For Million Years (By Lonelylotus) (Thanked: 69 times)

Hey Lonelylotus here, this is just short story. It will end like 10 chapters or so, hope you guys like this too. Ok enjoy the start.



Santivan unlike before its filled silence but if you listen carefully, you hear faint sound of a woman crying, burying her face into the pillow trying to hide the fact that she is crying from everyone in the house. Because they will say her husband has died to her, how could he die? He promised that he would there for till she grow old, her eye sights go bad, her face filled with wrinkles. Why they are saying he had died? He just have gone somewhere and definitely will be back or else she will be angry with him and never forgive him.

She touch her bare chest without mangalsutra, sign of their marriage is gone, his family member took it away. Remembers it clearly that day, she went long drive with him on the car and the truck from opposite suddenly crashed into their car. Causing her to miscarriage and she went into a coma. Maybe he could not bear the sadness of her suffering, blaming all on himself and just went far away. But how could his family say he is dead?

She could still feel his heart beat, he is breathing somewhere. Staying alive for her..

Khushi Singh Raizada slowly mumbled.

"Come back, I miss your smile. I want to see you.."


At sametime downstairs.

Arnav Singh Raizada is back, to his home. Everything in this country remind him of her, his Khushi. He should not have left her like that. He apologise to her soon, the distance made him realize his love, without her he is nothing but a shell. 

He steps in, hariprakash stunned to him. Hmm, everyone is scared of him except for her. But he also stunned when his photo in frame hanging there on wall with a garland.

"What the hell!" He spat out and gave Hp a death glare, sending him running shouting.

"Khushi bhabi is right! He is back!" What he said made Arnav frown, Khushi? Bhabi? Is she here waiting for him?

Why HP is calling her Bhabhi? He look around saw a figure dressed in white saree ran into him. Wrapping her arms around him without saying anything and just cried.

"Khushi?" He was suprised, forgot to breath like seconds.

"Why did you left me so suddenly? I missed you so much." She mumbled as using soft fist to hit his chest.

"I'm sorry. I also missed you too, now that I'am back. I will never leave you again, I promise you." He coaxed her while wondering where she is the shy Khushi from before? And white saree? She used to hate saree.

The frame, white saree, hp's scared reaction bugging his mind but he just choose to ignore it as Khushi is more important to him.

"I love you Khushi." He whispered tighten his arms around her.

"I love you too... Aarya." Arnav's heart jumped in shock he received from her words. He let her go and asked her with a his rare scared face. 

"What did you called me?"


Arnav frozen in the spot, his eyes clearly focused on the photo. It's not his but his younger brother, aarya's. HP called her bhabi, she hugging him so casually like its her second nature. He heard his brother married when himsefl is in abroad. Aarya married Khushi? And the photo.. What happen to his twin brother?! He died?

He look at Khushi as if the world about to end.

"Chote?" Anjali who just came to the hall noticed him. The only person who could correct identitify between Arnav and Aarya is only her, his sister Anjali.

He face darkened as he is realizing that he betrayed by his twin own brother, Aarya know that he loves her. How could Aarya did this to him?

"What the hell is happening Di?" He looks as he is going to kill someone, and that someone is already dead.

Will continue later..

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Jul 11

Lover that never exists. (By Lonelylotus) (Thanked: 74 times)

Thank you very much for your comments it made me really happy, I hope you guys keep support my stories till the end.

Now enjoy my update.


He face darkened as he is realizing that he betrayed by his twin own brother, Aarya know that he loves her. How could Aarya did this to him? "What the hell is happening Di?" He looks as he is going to kill someone, and that someone is already dead.

Khushi surprise to see her 'Aarya's angry face. She focused on him so did not notice Anjali sad face.

"We need to talk Di." She know what he means by that. She just nod in respond and looked Khushi, whom standing beside Arnav, holding his arms tightly as he is going to run away somewhere if she were to let go.

Arnav sighed and said to Khushi in soft tone, he still love her.

"Khushi, you go upstairs and wait for me. I will come."

Khushi gave him a look as if "Can I believe you?"

" I promise." He finally said while pinching between his eyebrows in headache.

"Ok fine." She agreed to let him alone Di and went back to her room. Leaving Anjali freezing in Arnav's coldness.

"Explain." His stern voice echoed.

Anjali look down in sadness and open up. "Chote.. (sigh) Aarya, he married Khushi Bhabhi after you left." The word Bhabhi stab in his heart, remind him that the woman he loved is now his twin brother's widow, leaving bitter felling in his heart.

"Why? How?" He asked almost desparately, why his own brother did this to him and Khushi? She loved him right then why did she married his brother after he left instead waiting for him to come back. How could both them betray him like this?

"Chote, it's not anyone's fault. Don't blame Khushi bhabhi and Aarya. I lied to you for whole 2 years that Khushi Bhabi been waiting for you. I hide that the fact Aarya married Khushi bhabhi. If you want to blame anyone, it should be me.. I did this for you." Anjali confessed, to Arnav disbelief it was Anjali the whole time, who giving him the false hope.

"For me, you said? I love her Di! She loved me, then how did they both got married. For god sake how could both of them agreed on this! Did you heard what she said just now to me? She love Aarya! My brother! Then where is me Di? She never have love me? I worked hard without caring sleep and food to establish my own company and to be a successful person all for her sake. Now? She.. Is my brother wife!" He snapped at his sister furiously.

His whole life sound like a joke to him.

"Arnav! Khushi bhabi.. She never knew about you." Anjali blured out in anger.

"What? What do you mean?" His body tremble imagining what is about to come out of his sister's mouth.

"She thought your name was Aarya when she likes you. As shy girl she was, she never called you by name that's why you never knew. She doesn't know that Aarya has a twin. After you left she married Aarya thinking it was you all the time." Anjali told him the truth. Afraid of his reaction, she just look down.

Arnav was heartbroken, she never knew he, Arnav Singh Raizada existed. Moreover loved her crazily these 2 years.

Aarya.. Aarya Singh Raizada. He mind chanted his twin brother's name like a maniac.

"What have you and Aarya done to us Di!? You both played with life of Khushi and mine. Why? After all you did, you are still saying its for my sake? Are you kidding me?" He shouted at her.

"I'm sorry chote. Please don't scream, what if Khushi Bhabi hear us." Anjali warned.

"Let her hear, She love me not him." He stated.

"Chote, after Aarya passed away in the accident, Khushi also had miscarriage and went into a coma. She is both mentally and physically not stable. She lived with him as his wife, no matter what you say she would not believe you. She is now thinks that you're Aarya. You're the only way for cope up her sadness, let's tell her the truth after she comes out of depression." Anjali almost plead him, Arnav would never take any risk Khushi's health agreed.

"Is that why you force me come back home? To pretend like Aarya in front of her. You did not even imform me about Aarya's death." He spit out fire in his eyes. Anjali stood in guilt.

Still something doesn't make sense to him.

"But why? Aarya know that Khushi and I in love, the why did he married her?" He can't help but ask Anjali, he still could not believe his brother betrayed him.

Anjali hesitated bit and told. "Aarya was also in love with Khushi Bhabhi." Her words struck him like a lightning.

No way Aarya was the one who help with his love with Khushi before. Even motivated him to confess his love to Khushi.

He thought he knew his brother Aarya very well, both of them never hide anything from each other.

Aarya loved Khushi.. Aarya never told him.

To be continue. 

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