His Melody

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Jul 27

His Melody (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 24 times)

I stroke the canvas with my colorful brushes as I tried to capture the beautiful sunset, it was like a whole new world where the sun wasn’t hot yellow but a reddish orange, it wasn’t right on top but was heading towards the bottom, as if trying to hide itself behind the mountains while it left an orange shade on the mountains making them look stunning.

I was half way done and the sun was almost about to disappear, I needed to finish the painting before it completely disappeared so I kept my eyes locked on the sunset and the canvas only not caring about what was going on around.

I turned once to look at my best friend Shaurya who was taking a nap in the car before we continued our journey when my eyes fell on a man standing a bit further from the car, admiring the sunset just as much as I was.

As I looked at him clearly, for once I felt that I had found something more beautiful than the sunset, he stood there dressed in a black trouser and a black shirt accompanied with a grey checked blazer, he had long hair but not the long that fell to the shoulder, just a bit longer than the normal size boys usually had.

He started walking towards my direction and as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t convince myself to take my eyes off him, as he got closer, the sun rays fell on him leaving the orange tint on his hair that now looked golden brown, I couldn’t really decide if he was looking at me or the sunset because he had his shades on but as he was almost near me, I turned back to my canvas, dipped my brush into the paint trying to concentrate on capturing the beauty of the sunset but now that my eyes had seen something more beautiful, I wasn’t sure I would be able to complete the painting.

He stood a few inches on the left behind me and I could see him from the corner of my eyes, he took his shades off and continued staring at the sunset, I don’t know what happened to me but it felt like I had lost my self-control, I turned back and looked at him once again, to say he was beautiful was clearly and understatement now, this man was just perfect.

He turned his head towards me suddenly and I quickly looked back on my canvas and pretended to continue painting, I could hear his footsteps heading towards me as I tried to keep myself calm, it wasn’t really going to be a big deal.

“Err… Hi” I heard his husky voice and immediately turned to look at him once again, now that he was close to me, his beauty increased by another hundred percent.

“Hi” I said as a sigh escaped my mouth, I tried to be normal not wanting to show him how much I was admiring him right now.

I couldn’t stop looking him into the eyes, although because of the sun I really wasn’t able to decide what color they were, right now they seemed to be brown just like the color of his hair.

There was something about his eyes, they were the kind of eyes that spoke a thousand words without him having to say a word.

“Are those oil paints?” He asked pointing towards my paints, I looked at them and nodded positively and then pretended to clean my brush with a wipe.

“That’s a beautiful painting you’ve made” he said as he looked at the canvas placed in front of me, yes it was actually beautiful but incomplete.

“Thank you, but it’s incomplete and I think I won’t be able to complete it, the sun is almost gone down…”

“Yeah, the sunset was beautiful, and I am actually surprised to see you here capturing it in your canvas, I usually see people taking pictures on something, this was a first, to see someone painting it.”

“Oh I love painting, I paint everything that I find beautiful or that inspires me”

He looked at me with a smile, it looked like he dint know what to say yet he wanted to carry on with the conversation as I could notice him opening his mouth and closing it back again twice.

“So are you an artist?” he asked and then suddenly smiled, I guess I had understood what was going on his mind but I let him clarify it himself.

“I mean obviously you are an artist I meant to ask if you like do exhibitions of your own paintings and stuff?”

“You mean the famous artist, no I’m not… I’m just an amateur.”

“But your work is pretty amazing”

I dint know whether to thank him or not, it was like I was short of words, I tried to say something but then swallowed my words, I was like thinking so much before saying anything.

He continued staring at me and I suddenly remembered, I looked like ****! I was in my pajama’s as I had woken up early in the morning and knowing I had a long journey ahead, I dint even dress well, to make it worse, my hair was all messed up and I dint even have any bit of make up on, I definitely looked like **** but then he couldn’t stop staring at me just like I couldn’t stop staring at him and although I knew that I looked like ****, I felt a bit confident too.

“So if you aren’t a famous artist, do you work somewhere as an artist or something?”

“No, not really… I’m not working at the moment”

It was awkward how two people who had never met before were actually standing in front of each other not having anything at all to talk about.

I grabbed all my paints and put them in my bag realizing the sun had gone completely down which meant I couldn’t carry on with the painting, he looked away towards the mountain when the silence was broken by the hooting noise that came from my car.

“I got to go, it was nice meeting you” I said as I turned to him and put everything in my bag as I rushed back towards the car, Shaurya was waiting for me as I entered in and threw my bag on the back seat.

“You even started painting here? What am I going to do about you?” he asked rubbing his eyes.

“You won’t understand my passion for painting so let it be, now that your nap is over can we begin our journey? I don’t want to miss the exhibition.” I replied as I turned to look outside where I was painting hoping to see him one last time but he had disappeared.

I looked around hoping I would spot him somewhere but he was nowhere to be seen, I fastened my seatbelt as Shaurya started driving.

“Who was that guy by the way?” he asked

“No idea, he just liked my painting and came to tell me it was beautiful when you started hooting.”

 He looked at me in disbelief and the turned to look in front as he concentrated on his driving but I could notice him grinning and I knew as usual he had made up some story in his mind and was now laughing about it.


“For a moment it felt like you were disappointed I interrupted your conversation with him, was he that interesting?” he giggled.

I stared at him like I was going to beat the **** out of him but then turned away from him, although I dint want to admit it, he was right but anyway it was just a random meeting on the roadside and maybe I was never even going to see him again.

“Ouch Khushi!” Shaurya cried when I slapped his arm.

“You deserved it and don’t be a cry baby, I dint even hit you hard”

“You take so much advantage of me being your best friend, if right now I was your boyfriend you would have been sweet with me and instead of hitting me you would be kissing me!”

“You’re so gross, I wonder how you are my friend at the first place.”

“Because only the lucky ones have me as a friend” He smirked as I laughed at him, he was right actually, I was lucky to have him as a friend, he was the only one maybe who understood me well and my passion of art, he was the one who took time out so he could take me to various exhibitions, he wasn’t just my best friend, he was my soulmate, and saying the soulmate I dint mean there was anything romantic between us, no! Shaurya and I were just best friend and that was it.

I usually liked this particular artist, Mr. Raj kapoor who used to have different exhibitions of different things in different places and I made sure to go for all the exhibitions that I could possibly attend, and this was just one of them but unlike the rest, this was going to be a huge one.

It was going to be a different kind of exhibition that was to be held outdoor, he had collaborated with a famous boys band who were going to have their concert it Mumbai in the same place where his exhibition was to be held, so the plus point was there were going to be a thousand of people and whoever bought the paintings would get them autographed by the band too but as for me all I was interested in were the paintings, so I really dint care if they were going to be signed by anyone else or not, I just wanted to buy one of the paintings and I had been saving for it since ages now.

I rolled down the window and popped my head out feeling the cold breeze as it brushed against my face, this journey to Mumbai was beautiful, everything about it felt so good, I couldn’t wait to be at the exhibition, it got me all excited.

Jul 28

His Melody... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 27 times)

I rushed to the reception in a hurry while Shaurya got our luggage from the car, there was no way I was going to be late for the exhibition so I had like only ten minutes to get ready for it, the exhibition started in half an hour and I couldn’t control my excitement.

There was thing ticklish kind of feeling inside my stomach, I was excited like a baby, I couldn’t wait to be there, to look at the beautiful pieces of Art and get lost into them, just the mere thought about it sent shivers down my spine.

I don’t think there would be anyone else on earth excited as I was today, I was finally going to fulfil my dream of owning a piece of art by the one and only Raj Kapoor.

I got the keys to my room and took the elevator to my room, I had to take a two minute shower and get dressed and do everything I could to look beautiful and I only had ten minutes for it, God! How was I going to manage?

I peeped through the door to check on Shaurya, He was already dressed up in casuals as usual, nothing unique, maybe he wasn’t as much excited as I was. He was standing in front of the mirror busy gelling his hair, I smiled at how cute he looked while he was busy doing his own stuff.

“I need to get dressed, there’s no towel or bathrobe in here, would you mind going out for a minute?” I shouted at him.

“Just a minute okay, I need to set my hair” he shouted back and then walked out of the room, I quickly rushed out of the bathroom and locked the door first.

I unpacked my bag and looked for the dress I had saved for all this days, waiting for the right moment to put it on, and today was the best moment for it.

I slid it on my body and stood in front of the mirror admiring the beautiful black dress that made me look almost like a model, the keyword being ‘almost’.

It was a black one shoulder bodycon dress that Shaurya had gifted to me on my birthday and I loved it so much I had kept it awaiting for the right moment to put it on, I was sure he was going to be surprised when he’d see me in it.

I headed to open the door just at the exact moment when he was about to knock, I stood in front of him flaunting my size 8 figure, with my right hand on my waist, I grinned at him while he stared at me in awe.

“I’m waiting for a compliment”

“If you weren’t my best friend I’d marry you” he smiled.

“How comes you always know the exact words to use?” I asked as I gave him way to walk in, he walked back towards the mirror and concentrated on his hair without replying me, for a moment I thought it was rude and I was going to hit him when he spoke stopping me from the step I was about to take.

“Because unlike you my dear Khushi, I am smart!”

I ignored his comment and concentrated on my bag again, I need to put on some make up and although I was very bad at it, I wanted to try.

After fumbling with my bag for almost five minutes and pulling out all the contents inside, I finally found my makeup bag, this was gifted to me by my mom, now was when I understood how much gifts were of use at such moments.

“What do I have to start with?” I asked Shaurya as I looked at the contents in my makeup bag, it was full of stuff I had never seen before, I wasn’t really much of a makeup fan.

“Sit!” he ordered as he walked towards me and took the bag from me, he poured all the contents on the bed and told me to shut my eyes, I wouldn’t trust Shaurya for this unless he wasn’t a makeup artist, as weird as it sounded, yes he was a guy and yes he did make ups for people, he usually worked with models and he was famously known for his work, how ironic it was that I, being his best friend was makeup illiterate.

After what seemed like ages, he finally told me to open my eyes, he moved aside smiling at me, it looked like he loved the magic he had done to my face and I couldn’t wait to see how I looked, I rushed towards the mirror in a hurry and for a moment, I failed to recognize myself.

“I hope I don’t look like I’m attending a wedding” I giggled.

“You look more of like you’re going on a date, who knows you might find your prince charming today” he teased.

I slapped his arm lightly when my eyes fell on the clock, we were late!


I wasn’t patient enough to wait for Shaurya to find a parking space, I dint want to miss even a thing and it was only two minutes until it all began.

“I’m going inside, park the car and call me if you can’t find me.” I jumped out of the car and I hated that I chose to wear heels, how was I supposed to run without looking like a fool?

As I walked inside the gate after showing my ticket, I found a crowd of people surrounding a stage that was placed in the middle of the huge garden, knowing in my mind that this was where the band was supposed to perform, I looked around wondering where the exhibition was to take place.

I rolled my eyes at two girls who passed by me hitting me like I was an invisible pillar, they were busy gushing about the boy band and I was sure, half of the people were just here for the band, none of them were interested in art and it pained me to see how all this people neglected the beauty of art.

“Thank God I found you” Shaurya said as he joined me.

“I can’t see any paintings around, where is the exhibition?” I asked feeling disappointed, I just hoped and prayed it wasn’t cancelled.

“it’s this side, come I’ll take you” Shaurya said as he got hold of my hand and pulled me away from the crowd we walked for about five minutes until I saw the sight that made me feel peaceful.

There was a huge are that was covered with red curtains, this was where the paintings were kept, I could see Mr. Raj Kapoor standing on another stage talking about the paintings, I was glad I dint miss the beginning of it, I dint want to miss anything about it.

I was so lost in staring at him I dint even listen to what he was saying, my excitement about this whole thing had deafened me.

“Let’s go” I heard Shaurya say as he got hold of my hand pulling me away.

“Where to? The exhibition is about to begin” I exclaimed.

“Seriously Khushi, where’s your mind? They just announced that the band will perform first, it’s one of my favorite bands, let’s go listen to the music.”

“Wait which band is it? How comes I don’t know you like it?” I asked with confused plastered all over my face.

“Basically it’s a band consisting of four boys, they call themselves as the bad boys, and you don’t know about it because they only sing English songs not Hindi and knowing the hatred you have for English songs I thought it was better not to tell you about it.”

“And you’re taking me to hear them sing English songs? I don’t want pain in my ears, I better sit here than listen to emotionless and feeling less music”

“You’re such a racist”

“No, I’m just particular about my taste in music and well all I don’t feel a thing when I listen to them, no good lyrics, no nothing. I have freedom of choice on what music I want to listen to!”

“Fine then stay here, I’ll be back after the concert is over, and take this” He handed me his ipod and walked away, I was glad he understood me this much, he always knew how much I disliked English songs and that’s why he had brought his ipod for me, and like I said before I wasn’t being racist or anything, I just dint like them, it felt like they had no feelings, no emotions, there was once I tried to listen to some and they dint make me feel a thing!

Luckily I found an empty bench in a corner and as everyone was trying to fight the crown so they could see the bad boys, I had the chance to sit there and listen to my favorite music peacefully.

I shuffled through the songs and played on of my favorites as I closed my eyes and got lost into the world of melody.

It had just been around two minutes that I had my eyes shut when a bunch of fangirls ran from there one of them falling into my laps. I pulled my earphones angrily as one of them apologized to me and they all ran towards the crowd screaming like crazy.

I got hold of the earphones and was almost about to plug them back when I heard a familiar voice, it wasn’t too familiar but I felt like I had heard it, I stood up and looked towards the stage, I could see four boys standing there but from that far I couldn’t see their faces clearly.

“So are you ready?” I heard the voice again, I could see one of the boy’s standing in the middle holding a guitar, I walked a bit closer until I could get a closer look at the face.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement, I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw, I couldn’t believe he was the same guy, the one I watched the sunset with, the one who discussed art with me, he was the member of the band, the band that sang the songs I hated the most!

Jul 30

His Melody... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 29 times)

He stood there confidently addressing the crowd while I stood far away staring at him in shock, it was weird how someone so famous talked to me and I dint even realize he was famous, wasn’t it good? That he dint have an attitude about being famous, neither did he even try to show off by mentioning to me that he belonged to a famous boyband and he was actually the lead singer.

I looked at the three boys standing behind him, one of them had a long hair and a light beard, he looked the intense kind of a musician, the ones who tried to actually look like they were musicians. He was dressed in a black jean and navy blue t-shirt with a greyish coat over it.

The second one was standing close to him dressed all in white clashing with red shoes, the most noticeable thing about him were his shoes, he had some sort of chain on his neck and one of his hand was full of bracelets, I stared at his cute face, he was clean shaved, he had his hair all up and that hairstyle suited him the best.

The third one was standing close to the one I had met while watching the sunset, this one was cute too, what was with all the boys looking like they were going to kill someone with their good looks? Were all the boyband boys so cute? Just like the second one, this one too was in all white with a blue coat, he looked more of the one who was going to attend a meeting than perform a concert. He had a bit darker beard that complimented his face a lot, he looked cute, just like all the other boys, but then my eyes stopped again on the one I had met.

There was something attractive about it, I couldn’t just by the looks who looked the best but I was staring at this particular one, maybe it was because I met him before the others. He was dressed the same as he had when we met, the only difference was that he dint have his shades on.

I stood there staring at him as his lips moved, his fingers moved on the guitar, everything about him looked like it was happening in slow motion, the way it happens in the movies and I was standing there smiling like an idiot.

Suddenly I realized, if Shaurya found me standing here staring at the lead singer of the band, I would have a lot to answer him, not to forget I hated the band so there was no good explanation to why I would suddenly start liking it.

I headed back to my bench, plugged my earphones in and shut my eyes concentrating on the lyrics of my favorite song.


After the concert was over, Shaurya came back and we headed for the exhibition, I had almost fallen asleep while waiting for it to finish, but finally it was over and now it was time for me to go and looked around and gift myself a painting.

There was a bit of speech from a few known artist and then finally, the most awaited exhibition began. Shaurya and I walked hand in hand around while we stared at the beautiful artworks placed around, I liked one of the painting so much I almost bought it if it weren’t for the price, I dint have enough money for it.

I walked around hoping I’d find another one and I actually did, there was this one where there was less crowd, maybe it was because half the people here just came for show off, they dint even understand the meaning behind them.

I stared at this beautiful piece of art, it was the painting of a sunset with a girl’s figure standing far away admiring the beauty, I dint quite really understand the meaning of it but it reminded me of the sunset I had watched with the lead singer of the band, and all my attention was suddenly diverted towards him, I knew deep inside, I liked this painting because it captured the moment, and maybe that’s why I wanted to buy it and the good news was, it was in my budget.

There was a lady standing next to it with a huge fake smile plastered on her face, she looked at us as if we were some sort of homeless people trying to steal the painting.

“I’d like to buy this one.” I said to her with a smile.

“Sure miss, let me guide you ahead” She smiled back.

 We followed the lady while Shaurya kept on staring at me, and when I’d look at him he’d look away, I knew he usually did that when he wasn’t able to understand something.

“Shoot” I said

“I don’t understand what you liked about that painting, I mean it was just a girl watching sunset, nothing deep and meaningful.”

“You’ll not understand how deep and meaningful it is” I said when we stopped at a desk, I was the first one to purchase a painting from the exhibition and I was given a really good treatment.

The good thing about this was now that I had purchased one of the paintings, I’d get a chance to meet my favorite artist personally and the bad thing about it was, I dint want it signed by the boy band, not that I dint want it signed because I hated the band or something, it was because I dint want to come face to face with him again, it was going to be awkward.

After making the payment, the painting was handed over to me and the lady took us to meet Mr. Raj Kapoor, I was like totally fangirling already, I couldn’t wait to talk to him personally.

When we reached where he was, I found him busy conversing with a group of people, I dint pay much attention to them as my eyes were stuck on him, he looked so young even at the age of forty, he looked like in his late twenties.

The lady talked to him and then he turned to look at me, I almost fainted, I couldn’t believe all this was real, it looked more of a dream.

“So you’re the first one to purchase my painting, I’m glad you liked my art” He said with a smile.

God! He was the most polite person I’d have ever met, his eyes were sparkling as he talked to me, I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

“Yes sir, I’m a big fan of yours, I always make sure I visit all your exhibitions” I said.

I talked to him about what seemed like a few seconds until we were interrupted by the lady once again, Mr. Raj excused himself from us telling us that the lady will guide us to the boys to get the painting signed and suddenly I became so nervous.

He walked away and the lady looked at us, I couldn’t take a step forward, I dint want to go there, I dint want to meet him, it was going to be awkward and I wanted to avoid it but I had no explanation for Shaurya.

He got hold of my hand and pulled me along, I was feeling nervous as hell as I tried to come up with excuses in my mind of not wanting to go but it looked like my mind had stopped working, I couldn’t come up with anything.


The boys were in a room a bit further from where the exhibition was, it took us almost ten minutes to reach there, we stood outside the room as the lady knocked at the room and I wished I could stop her, I dint want this!

The door opened slowly and I saw the red shoes guy, he smiled at the lady as she explained something to him and then he welcomed us in, I dint know famous people were his good.

The lady walked inside followed by Shaurya who had now left my hand and rushed inside to meet the famous boys, he was crazy about them, he was so excited to meet them he even forgot me outside.

“Aren’t you going to come inside?” The red shoes, asked.

“Umm… sure” I said in what sounded like a whisper and forced my legs inside, I just hoped it was going to be awkward.

As I stepped in, I found Shaurya busy conversing with the boys and they all seemed to be liking him, the one who had welcomes us in headed to join them, I stood in the corner hoping they wouldn’t notice I was here.

“Arnav I think the lady finds us scary, she looks so nervous, why don’t you welcome her in, you’re the one good with words.” The red shoes said to one of them, my gaze fell on the one he was talking to just at the moment he looked at me, he stood up and stared at me with a bit of surprise and smile on his face.

He took his first step towards me and my heart was running a race, this was going to be so difficult, I was scared for God knows what reason, I was nervous as hell, there weren’t words enough to describe the feeling.

“Arnav, and good with words? Oh please, I’m better at it.” The one in the blue coat said as he rushed towards me.

“Hi, I’m Karan, of course you must be knowing me, we are so famous” He said.

I nodded negatively and he stared at me in shock, like it was some sort of insult not to know him, he took a deep sigh with his hand on his hips as he turned to look at the red shoes guy.

“Ravi, this girl doesn’t know me!” Karan announced.

“Maybe she knows Dev, the intense look one, girls usually like such kind of guys” Ravi said as he looked at the long haired guys who shrugged lightly but dint say a word.

“Actually she dint even know this band exists” Shaurya said to them while all the boys looked at me in shock like I had committed the biggest crime of my life, except Arnav, the boys I had met, he had the usual expression, but Ravi and Karan were like exaggerating and Dev was a bit surprised but he dint react much.

Aug 1

His Melody... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 29 times)

My eyes were stuck on this beautiful human being in front of me, everything about him was so beautiful, the way he stared back at me, the way he tried to conceal the smile that was forming up on his face, the way he hesitated but continued looking at me, I was so lost into him.

“You really dint know about us?” Karan asked still confused.

“It’s not a must everyone should know us Karan.” Dev spoke.

Since I entered this room, I only heard Karan and Ravi talking, Arnav was standing next to me still staring at me but at least I had heard his voice when we met, but about Dev, he hadn’t spoken even a word and now that I heard his voice, I could make an assumption that he might be a good musician, his voice was so much music like.

I tried my best to avoid an eye contact with Arnav or even a conversation, I knew it was going to be awkward and with Shaurya around, I couldn’t take chances, it wouldn’t take him even a second until he makes up a theory in his mind and start teasing me.

“Could you please sign the painting for us so we can leave? It’s getting late” I said trying not to sound rude, although it wasn’t actually getting late and the only plan I had after here was to go back to the hotel room and sleep, I dint want to spend much time here, this nervousness and awkwardness with Arnav was making me uncomfortable.

“Wow, this is really surprising, it’s like a terrible shock for me, I can’t take this anymore” Karan said as he rushed towards the sofa and sat down looking worried and exhausted.

“Stop whining like a baby Karan.” Dev spoke again.

“I’ve never met a girl in my lifetime that doesn’t recognize me, to make it worse I’ve never met a girl who would be in such a hurry to run away from us, I mean we usually have to force them out.” Karan said.

I giggled and everyone in the room stared at me, I realized it had been a bad idea but it had already happened so who cares anyway.

They all turned their head to the lady who had escorted us in, I had even forgotten she was here, she handed the boys the painting as they signed them one by one.

“Arnav, aren’t you in moods of signing it?” Ravi asked.

Arnav was yet gawking at me and I dint know how to escape it, he wasn’t even blinking his eyes, I heard him groan when Ravi called him out, he turned to look at him and then nodded as he took two steps forward and bent down on the table to sign the painting.

What a view!

I slapped my forehead lightly and looked away as I blushed, this man was taking my mind completely somewhere else.

“Thank you so much” I smiled as I quickly rushed out hurriedly and waited outside the door, I dint want to be a part of any more awkwardness.

The lady walked out a few minutes later and handed me the painting and with a last smile, she walked away leaving me standing outside wait for Shaurya to come out.

It took him forever until he walked out and that too because there were other people waiting in line to get their paintings signed and they all seemed excited about meeting the boys unlike me.


After the unplanned dinner that Shaurya took me to forcefully because he was happy he had met his favorite band, we arrived at the hotel, I was tired and exhausted from the events of the day, I dint get enough time to rest so all I wanted to do was sleep.

I waited outside the elevator while Shaurya headed towards the stairs.

“I’ve overeaten, I need to digest so I’ll climb the stair instead.” He said

I nodded positively and waited patiently until it came to the floor and opened, I walked in and pressed the 4th floor button, I pulled out my phone from my pocket realizing I hadn’t checked it the whole day today.

I unlocked the screen when I saw a shadow and turned my head to look up, it was none other than the boys.

Dev walked in, followed by Ravi, Karan and then finally Arnav, Karan seemed all excited to see me again and all I could think of was holy ****!

“Are you sure you aren’t stalking us? I guess now you’ve started liking our band” Karan asked.

Ravi slapped him on the arm, he gave him a deadly stare and gestured something to him and then turned back to look at me.

“No, I’m not really interested in stalking you and just for your information I am staying in this hotel, my room is on the 4th floor if you want to confirm and no, I still don’t like your band.”

That was rude!

I realized after I had spit out the bitter words, the boys stared at me in shock, they couldn’t believe that a nobody like me could talk to them like that.

I looked at Arnav, I had been trying so hard not to look at him but it was impossible, I just wanted to see his reactions to my words and there was no way I could control not looking at him, he looked at me with an expressionless face which confused me more, was he angry or dint it  matter to him? I quickly turned away from him and looked back to Karan.

“I am sorry, I dint mean to be rude I just need sleep and unless I get it, I’ll be this moody.” I looked at him apologetically.

“It’s okay, I dint mind it… I like your straightforwardness.” He winked.

God! This guy was already flirting? Or maybe he just winked for no reason and I was making a big deal out of it. Maybe it was just otherwise, why would a famous boyband member try to even flirt with me? It dint make any sense.

“Where’s your friend Shaurya? That dude is such a good company.” Ravi said

“He over ate, so he took the stairs instead.”

The lift made a beep sound and the door opened, I was at my destination and Shaurya was standing there waiting to scare me not knowing he was the one going to get surprised.

“Boo..” He screamed and then stopped the next moment when his eyes fell on the guys.

“Oh My God! Is today my lucky day? I’m meeting you guys for the second time today” he said excitedly.

I smiled and walked away, I surely dint want to be a part of this conversation, I headed to my room and before entering in, I turned to look at Arnav for one last time and his eyes were already on me…

I pulled of my jacket and threw it aside, the room was in a mess from what we had left it and I was going to clean it up tomorrow morning, right now I was lazy to do anything so I jumped on the bed happily, finally I was going to get my sleep!

I shut my eyes close and Arnav’s image suddenly came up from nowhere, I almost jumped out of the bed but then calmed myself down, just in a few meetings, he was doing a lot of things to me without actually doing anything at all.

I heard a knock at the door and knew it must be Shaurya, he was so irritating, why did he have to knock? Couldn’t he just walk in? I was sleeping anyway.

“Come in” I shouted.

There was no response, neither did the door opened nor did anyone walk in, this guy was now getting on my nerves, was this the time he found to play games with me? I was seriously going to punch him on the face.

I walked out of the bed angrily and headed to open the door.

“Why can’t you let me sleep in…”

Those were the only words that I could get out of my mouth until I saw who was standing in front of me, it was Arnav! He was here all alone, without the boys, without Shaurya.

Aug 2

His Melody... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 32 times)

We both stood staring at each other for what looked like forever, neither he spoke a word nor did I, there was some strange sort of silence between us, though I could notice he looked a bit angry and it was difficult for me to think what he might be angry of, of course I wasn’t the reason behind his anger, but then I wondered, if not, why was he even here, standing in front of me looking at me angrily?

Before either of us could decide to speak or say anything, Shaurya came rushing to the room followed by Ravi who was chasing him for God knows what reason. Karan and Dev followed them looking defeated while Arnav stared at the looking angrier than before, and I was here trying to figure out what was going on in his mind.

“Can we talk?” He asked in between the noise the boys were making.

“It’s too noisy in here, I don’t think we can talk.” I replied.

He brushed his hand over his hair looking irritated, it looked like if he could, he would actually punch all the boys on their faces and shut them up.

“There are two people here trying to talk, can’t you guys just shut up for a while?” He asked angrily.

They all stopped doing what they were and looked at us suddenly, I hated being the center of attraction, everyone was looking at me wondering what I was discussing with Arnav.

“Chill dude, you can talk we’ll shut up.” Karan giggled as he settled down on my bed and all I could think of was my sleep. God! Why wasn’t anyone letting me sleep today?

“Though what were you two talking about?” Ravi winked.

“Guys, not to be rude or mean or anything, but I’m so tired can I please sleep?” I begged looking at the all.

My legs were so weak, I felt like if I stood any longer than this I was going to fall down. All I could think of was sleep, even when the hottest man on earth was standing in front of me wanting to talk to me, did I just say the hottest man on earth?

Okay hottest one for me!

“Fine, sleep… that’s what you’ve been doing since start, ignoring me haven’t you?” Arnav asked.

I looked at him in complete surprise, for a moment it was hard to even understand what he just meant and then suddenly, everything became clear, now I could understand why he looked at me angrily, he had been thinking I was ignoring him all this while!

“****!” Karan said as he jumped out of the bed and walked to me, he got hold of my hand and twirled me around while I looked at him in confusion, what was he trying to do?

“Is she the one?” Dev asked with a smile on his face while he stared at me like I was some good news.

“Oh guys, you won’t believe I met this amazing girl, I think she was an artist, she was the most gorgeous girl I’d ever met.” Karan said.

“And you know the best part about it was that she wasn’t fangirling, it was like she dint even know I existed.” Ravi joined.

“I haven’t ever met a girl like her, she just took my breath away, I wish I’d get to meet her once again.” Dev said.

I stared at Arnav in shock as he looked at the floor, looking a bit embarrassed, he actually told the boys about me! Wow, I hadn’t expected it to go that way and now that it had actually gone, I was curious to know what more he said about me.

“She was so beautiful, her eyes were like the stars” Karan started singing it like a song.

“And her voice was driving me nuts, it was the most beautiful sunset I’d ever watched” Ravi added.

“Now is when I get why she purchased a sunset painting” Dev giggled.

“Are you done? Can I leave now?” he asked angrily. Everyone stopped doing what they were, Arnav stared at all of us one last time before he walked out of the room angrily.

I had ruined everything unintentionally, I even thought he might not recognize me or something so just to be on the safe side I was avoiding him, but that dint go down too well with him, I was stuck here not knowing what to do next.

I rushed out of the room, firstly to escape the stares of the boys and secondly to apologize to Arnav, well did I even want to apologize? I dint do anything wrong though!

“Arnav” I shouted at him, he was busy climbing the stairs, so typical of him, of course he knew I’d follow him and of course he knew that if he takes the lift it would be hard for me to find him.

He stopped where he was while I walked towards him, my heart pounding so loud I felt everyone could hear it, I was nervous.

He looked at me waiting for me to say something but I had nothing, and anyway he was the one who came to talk so he should and incase is he was waiting for me to say sorry, that was never going to happen.

I wasn’t going to apologize for avoiding him thinking that he wouldn’t remember me.

“Will you say something now?” he asked.

“What do I say? I guess you’re the one who wanted to talk, dint you?”

“Oh so you dint? I forgot I was standing with you wanting to talk to you and you wanted to sleep, I am sorry I disturbed you, you can go back and sleep.” He turned around to walk away again.

“Wait!” I shouted as I rushed closer to him, we were now standing on the staircase, he was on the top one, I was on the one beneath it, this kind of proximity dint sound good for a meeting like this, it was already making me nervous.

“You told the boys about me?” I asked.

He raised an eyebrow at me and then finally nodded positively, he seemed to be calming down slowly, getting back to the person I had met while watching the sunset, now this was the person I liked.

“Why would you tell them something of such sort?”

He cleared his throat, I guess I was up for a long explanation, so I waited patiently for him to explain.

“We’ve been working together in this band for so long, they’re like my own family, we go together everywhere, we live together, they’re like my brothers and we don’t keep anything from each other, not at least something as big as meeting you.”

“What’s big in meeting me? I mean I am not even a celebrity or something that you would be excited to tell them about?”

“You won’t understand” He said, a half smile forming up on his lips. Damn that smile! It was killing me already, I couldn’t even stop staring at how perfectly his lips were shaped, my eyes were stuck on them, they were so glossy, so… tempting.

I wondered how they’d taste, he parted them a bit as if trying to say something but then stop, maybe he realized I wasn’t looking at him but his lips!

I smiled realizing where my mind was heading to again, literally I was talking to him for the second time now and I was already into his lips, this was too much.

I lifted my head up and looked at him, he was staring at me like I was some sort of magic, I blushed at the way he looked at me, I seemed to be losing words now, I dint have anything to say to him but I dint want to stop talking to him but I was sleepy too.

Why was this such a difficult situation? Talking about the sleep, I just realized what I said to him and I needed to apologize for that at least.

“I am sorry about the sleep, it’s just that I had a really tiring day and I was so moody because I couldn’t sleep and then the boys weren’t letting me sleep, and everything was just so damn irritating. You know it’s like when I don’t get enough sleep I just become so irritated and so and say things I don’t wish to so I hope you’ll understand, I really dint mean to be rude or to chase you and the boys away.” I said in one breath.

“Relax, it’s okay… you can go sleep, I’ll also head to my room” He smiled.

I nodded, although I dint feel like going I had to because he also told me to go so I wouldn’t just stand here trying to make a conversation.

When I descended the last staircase, I heard him call out my name, and it had never ever sound so beautiful in my entire lifetime.


I turned around to look at him hoping he was going to stop me, I dint even know why I wanted him to stop me, I just wanted him to.

“Can we have coffee or something together tomorrow morning?” he asked.

“Umm, yes sure” I said trying to sound as casual as I could even though I wanted to jump up and down like crazy, I couldn’t ever think in my wildest dreams that a famous boyband lead singer would ask me for coffee, it was like a dream.

“I’ll be at your door, eight o’clock sharp.” He smiled, I nodded positively and walked away too.

Aug 3

His Melody... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 29 times)

“What the hell!” This were the only words that could escape my mouth when I walked back to my room.

The boys had messed it up completely, the clothes and the pillows and even the blanket was lying scattered around the floor, here I was thinking that I’d finally get to sleep!

Shaurya stood up and gave me a look that reminded me I had to give him an explanation, I ignored his look at looked at the other boys as they stood up one by one and walked towards me.

“Sorry for the mess Miss. Sunset” Karan giggled.

I blushed but tried to hide it, this guy had already started teasing me like he was my best friend and he had the right to.

“Guys, I really need to sleep” I said in a faint voice.

I was so tired I could no more speak, on top of that the excitement of having a coffee date with Arnav tomorrow morning was driving me crazy with lots of thoughts, I dint know what I was going to wear, or what to do or anything.

“Sure, we’ll just leave, sorry for the mess” Dev said as he bent down and started picking up the pillow.

“It’s okay Dev, I’ll do it” I said stopping him in between, he nodded as he placed the pillow back on the bed and marched outside but Ravi and Karan were still standing in the same place staring at me.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Ravi asked.

I raised an eyebrow wondering what he was trying to say, was he talking to me or to someone else?

“Yes, I am thinking exactly the same thing” Karan replied.

“What?” I asked.

“Arnav is one hell of a lucky man to have met you first” Karan giggled.

I stared at him with my eyes wide open, he winked at me and walked away but Ravi still stood there.

“He’s right you know!” Ravi said as he walked away too and I was left standing there speechless.

Were all the boys of boyband members supposed to be flirts of what? This guys were acting as if they dint even belong to a famous band, they were all so friendly and they dint have the attitude of being famous, that was the best thing about them, but anyway, their music still sucked!

“Let’s talk” Shaurya jumped back on the bed and tapped on it gesturing me to sit and talk to him, but I was completely drained of energy, why did everything have to happen today? It was so tiring.

“Shaurya can we please talk tomorrow about this, I really need to sleep, I feel like I’ll fall down anytime soon.

He stared at me for a moment and then took a sigh as he stood up, he walked where the blanket was lying and picked it up as he put it back on the bed.

“We’ll talk tomorrow, I don’t want to be blamed by Arnav tomorrow in case you die of sleep shortage” He giggled.

“You also started teasing me!” I said as I picked up a pillow and threw it at him.

“I am your best friend, that’s my right, now sleep.” He threw back the pillow at me, I caught it and placed it where it was supposed to me and took in a breath of relief, finally I was going to get my sleep!


The knock at the door woke me up from the sleep, I stretched my arms lazily and looked at Shaurya who was sleeping on the couch opposite the bed, wondering who could be at the door, I stood up and headed to open it.

“Good morning” Arnav said with a bright smile on his face as soon as I opened the door.

I rubbed my eyes just to make sure he was actually here, standing in front of me with this killing smile on his face, and then suddenly it clicked my mind. I had to go for coffee with him at eight o’clock, I looked at my wrist watch and it was actually eight o’clock sharp.

“****! I am so sorry I think I overslept” I looked at him apologetically.

“It’s okay I understand, you can go get ready I’ll wait for you”

“Are you sure you’ll be free? I mean I have to take shower too it might take a while, you’re so famous you must be having lots of things to do”

“Not really, we’re free for a couple of day, anyway I’ll leave you to get ready, you can come to my room once you’re ready.” He smiled and turned around to walk away.

I slapped my forehead just when he turned back at me, it was embarrassing!

“I forgot, use this card when you come, you’ll not have to knock the door” He said as he handed me a card and walked away, I flipped it and looked at it keenly, there were some codes written on it and on the top right corner, the room number.

I quickly rushed back inside and got all my clothes out on the bed wondering what I was going to put on, what was one supposed to wear for a coffee date with the lead singer of a famous band?

I sat down on the bed wondering if whatever I was doing was right, I dint want to give myself any false hopes or anything, there was no way I could trust someone as famous as Arnav, I mean yes I could go for a coffee with him but that was it, I dint want any feelings or anything to come in between, this boys were so famous, they had thousands of girls running behind them so thinking that Arnav might be having even one percent interest in me was stupid.

I recited the mantra in my mind that it was just a casual coffee together and that was it, I would go back home after this and he would go wherever he has to and even forget he ever met a girl called Khushi.

I picked up a blue dress and headed to the bathroom to shower, there were lots of things going on in my mind half of which I couldn’t understand too.


I swiped the card on the door and it opened up, I walked in slowly hoping I dint come face to face with any of the other boys, it would really be awkward.

The room was huge, and beautiful… this was the first ever time I was actually walking into a suite, until today I had just heard about them.

It was a thousand times better than the room Shaurya and I were staying in, it had different interiors, different curtains, different design, everything about it was different.

I walked in as I looked around admiring the beauty of this room, my whole house could fit in here and still have some extra space left, I giggled at the thought when my eyes fell on the man who was sited on the couch watching television.

It was Arnav!

He looked up from the TV to me and for a moment, he dint even blink, he stared at me continuously while I stood there awkwardly, I dint know how to react, his eyes on me made me feel so nervous.

I clenched my dress as he stood up and walked towards me, he smiled a little and continued staring at me again.

I dint know what he was going to do or say or what I had to do and say in return, I was just so nervous I could hear my own heartbeats.

He stood close to me looking at me like I was some sort of miracle, although I liked how he looked at me, it was making me more and more nervous, he wasn’t saying anything he was just staring at me and I was confused on what exactly I was supposed to do.

Aug 4

His Melody... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 34 times)

“Hi” he whispered in his musical voice.

“Hi” I smiled at him trying not to show I was nervous.

“I’m glad you came, for a while I thought you wouldn’t” he said looking lost, he left me wondering why he even thought that I wouldn’t come, was it because I had ignored him yesterday or was there some other reason?

“I also thought you weren’t serious when you asked me for coffee, I mean who can believe that someone as famous as you would ask me for coffee… I actually believed it when you showed up at my room earlier today”

He opened his mouth to say something but he was interrupted by Ravi who came from nowhere and started looking at me like he’d seen a ghost.

“What a surprise, how come the girl who hates our music is here?” Ravi asked

“If I hate your music doesn’t mean I hate you”

“Point! Anyway it’s good you are here, we have a plan in fact Karan and I were even coming to call you and Shaurya”

“What plan?” I asked in confusion, I looked at Arnav hoping for some hint but it looked like he also had no idea about it.

“We’ll it’s a surprise, but trust me it’s going to be fun” Karan said as he walked out of something that looked like a room followed by Dev.

Arnav looked at them with the same confusion as I had, but neither Ravi nor did Karan notice it, they were too excited about the so called plan, they were busy discussing it.

“The usual” Dev said noticing Arnav’s confusion, Arnav nodded with a smile on his face which meant I was the only confused one here.

“I guess we have to postpone our coffee to later, that’s if you don’t mind… trust me, this is going to be fun” Arnav whispered to me.

I looked at him and as much as I hated the idea of cancelling my coffee with him where I’d have got to spend some alone time with him for something they were planning where we were supposed to be around everyone dint sound impressive to me, but still I nodded in agreement.

“It’s okay” I tried to smile but I wanted to punch the boys on the face for coming with some random plan when we had our plans already made.

“We’ll go get Shaurya” Karan said as he rushed outside the room followed by Dev and Ravi, were three people supposed to get one person? Or maybe they were just leaving us alone for a while, thanks to their noble hearts.

“Come, let’s sit, they’ll take a while” Arnav said.

He got hold of my hand and pulled me towards the couch, maybe he dint realize but this sudden touch sent down shivers to my spine, I never knew a man’s touch could ever make me feel this way, but today his touch had made me feel so and I was so happy about it.

We sat down and he still dint let go off my hand, my mind was just stuck on his hand and mine entwined together, my heartbeat must have ran a mile, I looked at him trying to listen to what he was saying but all his words seemed to be just passing by.

“Khushi!” Arnav said in a louder voice than he usually spoke in.


“I’ve asked you like five questions but you seem lost, is everything okay?”

“Yeah, maybe if you could let go of my hand, I would actually be able to concentrate on talking to you” I blushed.

He quickly pulled his hand off mine and looked away, I knew he was smiling but I was blushing too much to be able to even look at him properly.

“I am sorry”

“You don’t have to be”

“Do you want to eat something, I’m sure you must be hungry, I’ll order for room service, although I would have loved to make something for you myself but sadly we don’t have a kitchen here, but one day I will…” He smiled.

He stood up and headed to pick the phone so he could call for room service, he had just dialed the number when I spoke.

“One day? We are leaving tomorrow, who knows if we’ll ever meet Arnav? I mean I’ll get back to my usual routine, you’ll get busy with your concerts, you’ll even forget you met someone called Khushi”

He said something over the phone which I couldn’t really hear, he then placed it back and walked towards me, he got hold of my hand again and again I got the butterflies in my stomach.

“I am never going to forget you Khushi” He said in a serious tone as he looked me into the eyes.


“Because you’re the first girl I’ve met that hates our music” He giggled.

Well, that wasn’t the answer I was expecting but was I really even expecting anything from all this? I knew how it was going to end but I just hoped maybe I could change something.

We both looked at each other for what seemed like forever, he was staring into my eyes maybe looking for stars and I was staring into his hoping to find answers to the questions I had. The knock at the door disturbed our eye lock, he let go my hand and headed towards the door, this time I dint want him to let it go.

A waiter walked in pushing a trolley, he left in a few feet away from me and then walked away after smiling at both of us.

“That was pretty fast”

“Advantage of being famous, you get fast services” He smiled as he got hold of the handle and pushed the trolley nearer to me.

He served something in a plate, I dint know what it was because my eyes were stuck on him, he looked so perfect, even while doing a normal thing as serving food in a plate made him look… hot!

I couldn’t take my eyes of this man, he was like a dream I knew wouldn’t come true, but I still wanted to have it.

“I hope you like this” He settled down next to me, holding the plate in his hand, I looked at the food and I dint know how to react, I dint even know what it was.

It looked like an omelet but then it wasn’t really an omelet because it had some fresh veggies placed on top of it, he rolled the omelet like thing over the veggies.

He brought it closer to my mouth and gestured to me to take a bite, I looked at it wondering if I was going to like it just when the door opened suddenly and the boys came in one by one as they all stood in front of us.

“Oops, looks like we disturbed some romance” Karan said.

“From which angle does this look like romance to you Karan? And Khushi and I just met, we don’t have anything romantic going on between us.” Arnav said

“Well, feeding a girl with your own hand kind of looks romantic” Ravi said.

“Whatever you wish to think.” Arnav said irritably.

“We weren’t the ones who said ‘I met this girl and I think I have a crush on her already’” Karan said quoting the words with his hands.

I looked at Arnav in surprise and I wasn’t the only one, even Shaurya looked at him in surprise and he seemed to be a bit embarrassed.

“You guys need to learn what to say where” Arnav said as he stood up looking a bit angry.

He placed back the roll on the plate and handed me the plate and then walked away, was he angry or shy? I couldn’t really understand.

Ravi and Karan hi fived while Dev followed Arnav, Shaurya and I looked at each other awkwardly, it was maybe the first ever time I felt awkward in front of my own best friend.

I couldn’t stop thinking that Arnav had actually told the boys that he had a crush on me, the words Karan had just said kept on playing in my mind on repeat mode and I couldn’t stop smiling, I liked knowing that he had a crush on me.

This time I felt the butterflies even without him holding my hand or being around me, Shaurya walked towards me and sat down next to me.

“Is the feeling mutual?” he asked.

“Which feeling?” I pretended not to understand what he actually meant even thought I did.

“Do you also have a crush on him Khushi? I mean of course I’ll be happy if you had a crush on someone but Arnav… you know he…”

“I know he’s famous and he has lots of girls around him, and I know after we leave from here his crush would also die and he would forget about me completely, so don’t worry Shaurya, I don’t have a crush on him… I just like being around him and once we leave tomorrow, I’ll maybe also forget that I ever met him.”

“Good” He smiled and then hugged me tightly, I hugged him back, I needed this hug to feel okay, to make myself believe that Arnav and I… that was never going to happen.

Aug 8

His Melody... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 29 times)

“What’s the plan by the way?” I asked Ravi.

Go with the flow, just trust us when we say it’s going to be fun, we’ll start with visiting one of the most famous Chinese temple in Mumbai, that’s not a place to have fun but we usually do pay a visit there whenever we come here, that’s the only detail I can give you” Ravi said.

Karan stared at us both silently and it was strange, since I met them, he was the most talkative one, he would shut up for even a minute and right now, since Arnav walked away, he sat in one place just looking around.

“What’s with him?” I asked

Ravi turned to look at Karan who was now looking worried as he fiddled with his finger, lost in some deep thoughts.

“He’ll be fine, this keeps on going on between him and Arnav, we’re now used to it” Ravi said.

A knock at the door of the room disturbed our conversation, I turned my eyes straight towards the door when I saw a lady walking inside.

She was wearing a red skater dress with matching red heels, her blonde hair fell on her shoulder as she walked towards Ravi and stopped in front of him.

“What’s with the hair?” Shaurya whispered in my ears.

We both giggled looking at her bleached hair, it looked like hair color gone completely wrong but she carried it off with so much confidence that made it look like maybe it was the kind of hair color she wanted and it hadn’t gone wrong.

“Where is Arnav? And Dev?” She asked in a stern voice.

She dint look like any of their mothers so who was she? And why was she asking about the other two boys?

“They’re inside, anything important?” Ravi asked casually.

“Do you have any plans for today? If not I can schedule some work for you, maybe a meet and greet with fans.”

“No Kajal, that’s not necessary, we have a lot of plans for today and we would be glad if you don’t interfere with them” Arnav said as he walked back to the hall followed by Dev.

Kajal looked at him and for a moment she couldn’t take her eyes off him, I could notice how much she was into him and that kind of made me irritated.

“Okay, I’ll tell the bodyguards to come with you.”

“We don’t need bodyguard, for once we want to live our lives as normal people, just leave us on our own, if we need anything we have your number, we’ll call you.”

“As you wish” She said politely and walked away.

Arnav walked towards Karan and sat down next to him, he looked at Dev who gestured something to him and he nodded, he moved closer to Karan and whispered something into his ears, I could see his face brighten up automatically.

Whatever Arnav might have whispered into his ears, might have been good because he got back to his old self, the one who couldn’t stop talking.

“Who was the lady?” Shaurya asked.

“She was our manager, don’t worry about her, she’s just doing her job… otherwise she’s a good person” Karan said.

“Can we leave now? You can carry on with your emotional dramas later” Ravi said as he looked at both Arnav and Karan.

The boys nodded and started heading towards the door, Ravi pulled Shaurya away with him, as him and Karan started hitting him for God knows what reason.

Dev looked at Arnav who was busy staring at me, he smiled and then walked away too leaving the both of us behind.

Arnav walked closer to me and I could feel the temperature of my body raising, he stood face to face with me and got hold of my hand, that just made a thousands of butterflies run in my stomach.

“I am sorry for the awkwardness, Karan is just like that, he doesn’t know what to say where but he’s not a bad person.”

“I know that Arnav, I dint even judge him for anything.”

He nodded positively and looked at me, I could see he was awkward, there was something he wanted to say but he couldn’t, he opened his mouth twice and shut it again and then looked towards the door.

“I think we should leave, they boys must be waiting for us downstairs.”

I nodded and walked with him, he dint let go off my hand, he pulled me along with him, it felt safe knowing he was holding my hand and that just made me blush to myself.


We walked inside the Chinese temple, everyone was silent, for the record Karan was also silent, he walked inside silently looking around the temple with a smile on his face.

“He likes this place a lot, we usually come here because of him, he says he feels peaceful here” Arnav whispered to me.

Karan looked at me suddenly, he smiled as he walked towards me and got hold of my hand suddenly, he pulled me away with him as I looked at Arnav who smiled looking at us both.

“Come, I’ll take you to my favorite place.” Karan said as he continued pulling me.

A few moments later, I found myself in a cold place, it was in the same temple in fact not even partitioned, just that this place was colder than where we were before, the boys slowly walked towards us while I looked at Karan who was pointing towards a huge stand which had a glass bowl placed on it.

“See that bowl, you must have heard about the fortune cookies right? It’s full of them, you just go there, close your eyes and pick a cookie, you break it and you’ll find a piece of paper inside, people usually believe that whatever that’s written in it actually happens.” Karan explained.

“Do you believe in it?”

“Of course I do, it had always worked for me, until today, whatever I found in the cookies have actually happened.

I’m not flirting but I like you Khushi, I mean the way you are genuine, you speak the truth, I liked how you told us that you don’t like our music, your honesty is the best thing about you and so I brought you here, I want you to pick a cookie, I want something good to happen to you and I want you to know it from before” He smiled.

I looked at him, my eyes almost becoming moist, as much as I had known Karan until now, I hadn’t seen this side of him, I dint even know he had such a side, but it was good to see him like this.

Ravi, Dev, Arnav and Shaurya joined us, Ravi and Dev went to pick the cookies together, followed by Karan and Shaurya who also picked their cookies from the bowl.

“Come on now, go get your cookies both of you” Karan said

I looked at Arnav who was already looking at me, he smiled and walked towards the bowl, I followed him as we both put our hands inside the bowl, I closed my eyes and picked out a cookie, when I opened them, I saw Arnav holding the same cookie that I was.

“It’s okay, you keep this one, I’ll pick another one.” He smiled.

“No, you can’t do that Arnav.” Karan walked towards us.

Arnav and I both gave him a confusing look, I mean it was just a cookie, why couldn’t he pick another one for himself?

“There’s a reason this are called fortune cookies, if both of you got the same cookie, whatever that might be written inside it would be for both of you, who knows maybe destiny’s trying to tell the both of you something.” Karan said.

“You know I don’t believe in destiny and stuff” Arnav shrugged.

“But I do” I said as I looked at him, until now he looked more of the kind of a person who would believe in destiny and Karan was someone who looked like he did not but it was opposite here, Karan believed in it and Arnav dint.

“Okay then break it, we see what destiny has for us” Arnav giggled.

I broke the cookie and pulled out the tiny piece of paper that was put inside it.

I stared at the piece of paper for a while, whatever that was written in it dint seem to be written for me, neither could I make out anything of it.

Arnav took the paper from me seeing my expressions and read it out loud.

“She’ll be your melody”

Everyone stared at each other in confusion but Arnav smiled, maybe he was the only one who had understood the meaning, he folded the paper and pulled out his wallet from the pocket, he put the papers inside, returned the wallet in his pocket and walked away while we all stared at him in confusion.

Just a moment ago he said he dint believe in destiny and now he was saving that paper like it was something so valuable.

This man was difficult to understand!

Aug 9

His Melody... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 24 times)

After visiting the Chinese temple, we all headed to a park, to my surprise it was completely empty, never in my life had I walked to a park and found it empty.

We all stepped out of the car, they boys looks excited, Karan and Ravi were just behaving like teenagers, Dev was silent as usual and Arnav was standing beside me looking at the boys as they discussed something between themselves.

“We’ll start with the roller coaster ride, it’s my favorite” Ravi said.

“But isn’t the park close? I mean why is it empty? There are no people here.” I asked.

“We are famous sweetheart, if we come to a park full of people we’ll just end up signing autographs and taking selfies with fans, we won’t get to enjoy, so whenever we come here, we usually talk to the owner, he informs everyone that the park will be closed on a specific day and that’s when we come here” Karan explained.

“Being famous has a lot of issues”

“Trust me, it’s the worst thing” Dev said.

I looked at him with a smile but he looked rather lost, it was for sure he dint like this fame, maybe because it was coming in between their personal lives, they couldn’t do anything like normal people.

“Let’s go now, there are lots of stuff we need to do, and we don’t have much time” Karan said excitedly

“You guys go, I’ll stay behind with Khushi, she’s scared of heights, she won’t come for the roller coaster” Shaurya said.

“Oh Come on Khushi, I’ll let Arnav sit next to you and you’ll have an excuse to hold his hand” Karan said.

“I can’t Karan, it really scares me, I’m sorry”

“Let it be Karan, we shouldn’t force her for something she isn’t comfortable with, Khushi I’ll stay with you, Shaurya you must go for it, it’s really fun.” Dev said

“It’s okay Dev, you can go with the guys, I’ll stay here with Khushi, anyway I’ve been here lots of time, I’m used to this and it’s boring for me” Arnav said as he looked at me.

“Yes I know why it’s boring for you” Ravi giggled.

This boys were literally so crazy, they wouldn’t miss even once chance of teasing Arnav, but it was cute.

Shaurya looked at me waiting for my approval, he was the best person ever, he always cared about me before himself too, I nodded and he walked away with the boys leaving me and Arnav behind with each other, at least now we were going to get some time alone.

We walked to a nearby bench and sat down there as the boys headed towards the roller coaster, there were two men standing there who guided them forward while Arnav and I sat silently for a while, it was awkward.

“Can I ask you a question?” Arnav asked

“Sure” I nodded as I looked at him, he was already looking at me.

“Why is it that you don’t like our band? Any specific reason? Or you just don’t like us because we are famous and so many teenagers are crazy about us?” he giggled.

“No, that’s not the reason, I’m just not much into English songs, I’ve grown up listening to Hindi songs and I think they gave me the feels music should, I tried a couple of English songs and felt that they lacked emotions, I mean they dint make me feel a thing.

So it’s not your band that I hate, it’s the songs you sing that I hate, well I know you love them and that’s why you sing them, but maybe that’s not my choice.”

“It could also be that you started off with the wrong songs, and maybe that’s why your opinion about it all is based on a few songs that you heard and dint like.

Look we all have different kind of taste in music don’t we, maybe you heard a song that wasn’t of your taste and that’s why you felt so.

I am not saying that you should listen to our music, maybe I actually sing terrible, but you should listen to some good music, the one that would make you feel whatever you’ve been wanting to feel.”

“Maybe then I’ll start by listening to your band.”

“Then come and watch us live someday, hopefully then you would like our music”

“How about you sing something right now?” I said excitedly.

Although I wasn’t sure if I was going to like his music or not, but I wanted to listen to his voice, even when he talked, he had such a husky voice I was sure it would make good music, I just wanted to listen to his voice and I dint care what song he sang.

“Well I usually don’t sing just randomly at a random place, but for you I can try, I’ll sing for you a song by my favorite musician, not something we’ve written or created, maybe then you might like it” He smiled.

He cleared his throat and closed his eyes, I started at him with a smile on my face, this was the moment where I could stare at him without anyone actually knowing, it was like I could look at each and every feature of his beautiful face in details.

This man was just perfectly made, his eyes, his cheeks, his chin, his lips, everything about him was so perfect. He opened his mouth and started singing.

‘Let me be your hero’ he whispered very lightly.

I smiled wondering what he was up to, his facial expressions slowly changed as he started singing.

‘Would you dance, if I asked you to dance?

Would you run and never look back

Would you cry if you saw me crying?

Would you save my soul tonight?

Would you tremble if I touched your lips?

Would laugh oh please tell me this?

Now you would you die for the one you love

Hold me in your arms tonight.

I can be your hero baby

I can kiss away the pain

I would stand by you forever

you can take my breath away…’

He finally opened his eyes and looked at me, I looked away from him because I dint want him to see me blushing, but it was too late, he had already noticed the blush on my face.

“It’s okay Khushi, I saw you blushing, you can look back and tell me how you liked the song.”

“Well I liked the lyrics” I said as I looked back at him pretending to be normal, but only I knew how many butterflies he had given me.

Firstly by singing a song with such lyrics and then secondly his expressions and last but not the least his voice, it was the most perfect thing about the whole song, it was like it took me to a whole new different world.

“I loved you voice, it’s like totally something new I’ve heard, it’s so different, so husky, so ****y..”

“****y?” he grinned.

Holy ****! I turned away from him once again, I dint even realize how that got out of my mouth, I was just crazy.

“That was by far the best compliment I’ve ever got” he smiled.

Oh God! Why was he smiling so much, it was making me feel a lot of things I dint want to feel, everything about him was making me crazy.

“Can I ask a question? You sang the song because it was by your favorite musician, or because you thought I would love it or was there any other reason behind it?” I looked at him once again.

“Can I lie?”

“No, only the truth is allowed” I said pretending to look serious.

“Okay… Yes I love the song and I also sang it because I thought you’d like but then there was also another reason behind it.”

I just loved how honest he was, even a simple sentence from his mouth ended up making me blush like crazy, I swear I had never ever felt so many butterflies in stomach all my life.

“What was the reason?”

My heartbeat raised, I don’t know what answer I was expecting from him neither did I know what he was going to answer but it was making me nervous.

“Hey guys! You missed the fun” Karan said as he stopped in front of us suddenly.

What a wrong timing!

“Come on now, I’ll take you on the slide, you won’t be scared of that” Karan got hold of my hand and pulled me.

“Slides are for kids” I said feeling irritated, couldn’t he be just a minute late? At least then I would have got my answer, I wasn’t going to ask Arnav the same question again.

“Then be a kid for today, Khushi all this is for fun and fun isn’t for kids only so come on”

I smiled as I headed towards the slide with him while the others joined us, I never knew that boys from famous bands would also do something as childish as this.

The more time I spent with them, the more I realized how perfect this four were, everything about them was just so unbelievable yet so true. They were the most genuine people I had ever met.

Karan pushed me down the slide and I couldn’t stop giggling, it reminded me for my childhood days, it was actually fun, I rushed back up and headed down the slide without noticing that Arnav was actually standing right in front of me staring at me with a huge smile on his face.

I was on my tenth round maybe when I finally noticed him, I rushed towards him and got hold of his hand and pulled him with me.

“Everyone’s doing it, you should do it too” I smiled.

“As you say” he smiled and went down the slide as I followed him behind.

Aug 10

His Melody... Part 10 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 32 times)

After the park, we headed to another place, I had no idea on what was next actually because Arnav and Ravi left me and Shaurya with Dev and Karan in the car as they headed inside to talk to someone.

We waited for a few minutes until we saw both the boys walking outside accompanied with two other men who seemed happier like never before.

“You’re all welcome, it will be our pleasure to take you for the ride” One of them said as we all stepped out of the car.

I looked at them in confusion, what ride were they even talking about? All the four boys seemed excited while Shaurya and I stared at each other in confusion.

“We’re going for a helicopter ride around the Mumbai city” Arnav said noticing the confusion on my face.

“But I’m scared of heights already, I can sit in a helicopter but looking outside, no way! That’s not my thing, I think you guys should carry on” I said

Arnav walked towards me and got hold of my shoulders, he looked me into the eyes and took in a deep sigh.

“I don’t want to force you for anything you aren’t comfortable with but think of it this way Khushi, you only live once and just because of your fears, I don’t think you would want to miss some of the most amazing things in life.

Half of the things we’re going to do today has things dealing with heights and if you keep on staying back, you’ll not enjoy, you’ll not feel life the way I want you to feel it, so just give this a try, I promise I’ll be with you in the helicopter, everything will be fine.”

As much as I was feeling scared, his words had kind of motivated me, I knew I had missed on a lot of things in life just because of my fear of heights but I dint want to continue living that way, I wanted to see the life he wanted to show me.

Somewhere him saying this to me made the fear lessen, maybe if someone else had said it I wouldn’t have thought of it this way.

“Okay, I’ll come” I smiled.

“Great, let’s go in… we’ll have to arrange two helicopters for you so you can divide yourselves accordingly.” The man said.

“I’ll go with Khushi, Shaurya you come with us, it’s her first time with heights I think she needs her best friend more” Arnav said.

Shaurya nodded positively as we all headed inside, as we walked in, I saw two helicopters ready for us, they were a bit further and as we got closer to them, we found to pilots standing there.

“It’s good to see you once again” One of the pilots said as he shook his hands with Arnav.

“Same here buddy, whenever we are in Mumbai, we don’t miss doing this” Arnav said.

“So let’s get started” The other pilot said.

Everyone nodded excitedly, Ravi, Karan and Dev headed to the other helicopter as Shaurya Arnav and I headed inside this one, we all settled down and when the pilot was ready, we took off.

Arnav was sited next to me looking at me worriedly, I was glad the way he understood my fear of heights, it was like we knew each other since ages although it had been just a few days.

I got hold of his hand and shut my eyes as I could feel the rush of my adrenaline, the helicopter was going up and I had already started feeling things in my stomach, it wasn’t as easy as Arnav had made it sound, I wasn’t sure I could do this.

When I opened my eyes again, I saw him staring at me with a smile, I realized where my hand was and took it off immediately as I turned to look at Shaurya.

“You okay Khushi?” He asked

“Somehow” I said in what sounded like a whisper.

“Let’s stand up now, we have only half an hour so let’s no miss the view” Arnav said.

This time he got hold of my hand while on the other side Shaurya also held my hand.

“It’s okay, you’re going to be fine, just look down and enjoy the view, think of nothing else and just like that your fear will vanish” Arnav advised.

 I could see Shaurya smiling and he tried hard to hide his smile but I had seen it already, I moved closer to him and whispered in his ears.

“What’s so good that’s making you smile?”

“Nothing, I love the way he’s so worried about you” He said.

I looked at Arnav who was busy looking down enjoying the view, I took in a few deep breaths and decided it was high time I fought my fears, I slowly tried to look down and suddenly I felt numb, I was scared to hell, but the I could see all the beautiful birds flying around, I could see the Mumbai city like a tiny place in front of my eyes and slowly all my fear started vanishing away.

“Are you feeling scared now?” Arnav asked making his grip on my hand tighter.

I looked at him with a smile and nodded negatively, he smiled back, it was the half kind of smile that boys usually do, I don’t know how they manage to do it but it makes them look a hundred times ****ier and right now, even though the Mumbai city was beautiful, I couldn’t take my eyes off him, he was more beautiful.


“What next?” Dev asked after we walked out of the helicopter ride and headed back to the cars.

“Cycling, we have an hour before lunch, we can cycle through the Mumbai streets and look for some street food” Karan said excitedly.

“We’re famous guys, we can cycle through the streets without having a hundred people following us” Ravi said.

“Oh no! I really wanted to do that” Karan said sadly.

Never in my life had I met famous people like this guys, no one could say they were famous, they behaved like us normal people and did everything just like us, though the advantage for them was that their fame got them lots of things easily.

“You can wear a helmet if you really want to do it, no one would recognize you” I suggested.

“We’re going on a cycle Khushi, not a bike and cycling helmets don’t hide face, we’ll look crazy being on a bicycle with a motorbike helmet.”

“Now that would be fun you see, feeling crazy and then you can stop on the street at a pani puri stall and eat lots of spicy pani puri and it would be fun.”

“It sounds fun actually, let’s get crazy” Karan said excitedly.

“Fine, we’ll have to hire some bicycles then” Dev said.

“I know where to get them from, let’s get going, I’m already hungry” Arnav said.

We all rushed into the car and headed to wherever Arnav was taking us to get the bicycles, I couldn’t stop wondering how it would feeling cycling through the Mumbai city with him.


After the great cycling event we had cycling through the streets of Mumbai with helmets on and people staring at us like we were crazy, we stopped at a pani puri stall on an almost empty street hoping no one would spot the buys here and start running to get selfies with them.

This was like the most fun I had had in just a half day, I wondered what awaited us ahead after we were done with our pani puri lunch.

Everyone held their plates while the stall owner served everyone, Arnav and I were staring at each other, wanting to say a lot to say to each other yet having nothing to say.

“Let’s compete, we’ll all get 12 pieces each on our plates, let’s see who finishes them first” Ravi suggested.

“Let’s do it” Karan said excitedly.

I looked at him wondering had he ever learnt to say no, whenever anyone suggested something he would be the first one to agree to it, either he was actually doing it all because he loved to or maybe he just dint know how to refuse, but then that was the thing I liked the most about him.

We all nodded in agreement and got ready with our plates, after everyone of us was served, we started the stop watch on my phone and started the competition.

One by one all the puri’s went into our mouths, Karan was already screaming about how spicy it was, Dev had moist eyes which meant it was also spicy for him, Shaurya ate two and gave up complaining it was too spicy so Ravi, me and Arnav were the only ones thinking that they were throwing tantrums as we dint find it to be spicy at all.

I looked at Ravi’s plate he had five more to go, Arnav had three more to go while I had four more, it was a tough competition.

A few more bites and the winner turned out to be Ravi, because Arnav slowed down thinking he’s let me win and I slowed down thinking I’d let him win and Ravi took over us in the race.

While everyone else cheered for Ravi, Arnav and I stared at each other smiling because we both had understood what we had done.

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