His Melody

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Sep 7

His Melody... Part 31 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

I was outside the house, standing in the garden with my canvas and my paints, I had been there for over an hour yet wondering what I was going to paint, it was like I lacked inspiration. Since everything between me and Arnav, I had never actually managed to paint anything good, it looked like I had lost my talent.

I saw Purvi walking out of the house looking excited like she had won a million dollar lottery, she saw me in the garden and walked towards me smiling.

“What are you painting?” She asked as she stopped near me and looked at my empty canvas.

“Lack of inspiration.” I shrugged.

“Imagine mine and Ravi’s love story and inspire yourself.” She giggled. I slapped on her arm and smiled a bit as I turned back to nervous, even though jokingly, maybe she managed to give me an inspiration, not related to her love story but definitely related to mine.

I dipped my brush in the painting and started painting while she kept on standing there looking at the gate.

“And who are you waiting for? Plus why do you look so excited?” I asked yet concentrating on my canvas.

“Someone important.” She said, I asked her no more questions because for now I wanted to concentrate on my canvas and my brushes so that’s what I did.

A few minutes into it, I heard the sound of Purvi screaming typically like a teenage girl, I turned to look at her and saw her running towards the gate, all I could see was a car driving in, the windows were tinted so I couldn’t even know who was in the car, I could just see the driver through the windscreen and nothing else.

I ignored her thinking it might be her friends or something and concentrated on my painting once again, for now I had like ideas flowing in my mind I dint want to forget about them worrying about my crazy sister.

“That looks very deep.” I heard a voice behind me, I turned around immediately recognizing the voice with a huge smile on my face.

“Dev!” I smiled and hugged him happily, I had totally forgotten that he had told me they would be coming here soon, since I came back from Mumbai, I kept myself so busy and engrossed in stuff so I wouldn’t think about Arnav that I dint even realize how a month had passed by.

“Missed me?” He smiled as he broke the hug.

“Just a little.” I smiled back when I saw Karan walking towards us.

“Hello gorgeous.” He greeted me with a tight hug, I literally had to push him away to break the hug and when I did that, he wouldn’t stop laughing at me.

“God, I missed you and your fake anger on me.” He winked at me.

“Sorry to say but I dint miss the flirty you at all.” I slapped his arm, he smiled and the looked at me seriously, giving me a concerned look.

“On a serious note, how have you been? You dint even call me once, I left a few messages you dint even reply, I felt like a stranger.” Karan complained.

“I’m sorry, I just needed to be alone for a while, but now I’m good to go, wait for your phone to be flooded with notifications on my messages every now and then.” I giggled.

“I would love that.”

Ravi and Purvi walked towards us and now I could understand why Purvi was so happy and excited, it was because Ravi was coming here, she definitely had to be excited.

“Hey Khushi, how are you?” Ravi asked.

“I’m good, how come you guys dint inform me you were coming?” I folded my arms and looked at each one of them turn by turn.

“We would, if you’d reply to our messages, we arrived here yesterday so we came to see you guys today, plus your sister is one hell of a girlfriend.” Ravi winked at me and Purvi stared at him like she couldn’t believe he just said that about her.

“So where’s Shaurya by the way?” Karan asked.

“I don’t know, he hasn’t been here today, might be busy, we can plan something and meet up, maybe tonight at a club or something?” I suggested.

“Sure, we’re free anyway, we can go to the club we met last time.” Ravi suggested.

“Done!” Purvi said excitedly and she started discussing something with Ravi and Karan being the naughty him kept on interfering between their conversation and irritating both of them.

“Are you free right now? We can go somewhere, remember what we had decided?” Dev asked as he looked at me hopefully.

“Sure, give me a few minutes, I’ll changed and pack this stuff.” I smiled at him.

He nodded positively so I packed everything into a bag and then picked it up as I headed inside the house, before I entered I turned to look at the car hoping that maybe Arnav came with them even though I knew he dint.

No matter how strong I stayed for the past month or how hard I tried to divert my mind from him, the truth was, I still loved him and a part of me still hoped that maybe one day he would come and explain everything even when I was sure he wouldn’t.

I sighed and headed inside my room to change, I had to be strong, I had to be happy with whatever I had, if he dint care about me I wasn’t going to care about him either, no matter how much I loved him.


“So where are we going?” Dev asked as he sat on the seat behind me while I drove around the city.

“There’s a beautiful and peaceful park around here and because I remember I heard you sing once I think it was in the hotel’s garden and Arnav and I had….” I stopped speaking immediately and a lot of memories flashed through my mind about the night when Dev was singing the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran and Arnav and I had the chance to dance on it, it was the time we shared out first kiss. I brushed off the thoughts and looked at Dev who was looking at me worriedly.

“I know how beautiful you sing, I thought we’d go there and you’d sing a song for me.” I smiled at him.

“Sure I don’t mind.” He looked at me excitedly.

Within a few minutes, we arrived at the park, I parked my car and we both stepped out, as usually the park wasn’t really crowded, just how I liked it, I got hold of Dev’s hand and pulled him with me to my favorite corner, we both sat down as I looked at him excitedly.

“I’m waiting for you to sing.” I smiled.

“But I don’t even have a guitar or something.” He complained.

“It’s okay… just sing like that… it would still sound beautiful.” I smiled at him, he nodded as he closed his eyes and cleared his throat and then started singing.

I listened to him and just when he sang the first line one the song, I knew which one he was singing, it was ‘Just the way you are’ by Bruno mars.

Lately I had been listening to a lot of English songs, and I was actually loving them and it reminded it me of what Arnav had said to me when I told him I dint like English songs, he told me it wasn’t about the language, it was about finding the right kind of music, if the music was good, no matter what language it was in, you would love it and that was what happened, when I listened to some of the good meaningful songs, I realized how beautiful they actually were.

Dev finished singing and opened his eyes as he looked at me, I looked back at him smiling, he was seriously god gifted, he sang so beautifully.

“I fell proud to have you as a friend.” I giggled at him.

“Thank you, now let’s do something we used to do in childhood.” He smiled at me.

“What?” I asked in surprise.

He pointed towards two swings and then looked at me excitedly, I was almost nodding negatively, they were swings for kids, we both adults were definitely going to break them.

“Don’t say no, come on now, let’s see who reaches there first, the one who does, gets a hug from the other.” He winked at me, I smiled at him, seriously he was crazy just like he was when we were kids so I finally agreed and nodded in agreement, and at the count of three we both ran towards the swing.

Of course he was tall and faster than me, he had to win and I was left much behind, by the time I reached where he was, he suddenly picked me up in his arms and swirled me around as I laughed and smiled happily, after so long.

A moment later he put me down and as soon as he did that, I don’t know how but my eyes fell on Arnav who was standing a bit further staring at the both of us.

Sep 8

His Melody... Part 32 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 26 times)

I stopped still as I stared back at him, all my expressions changing, it was after so long I had managed to smile and be happy and that was because of Dev, but seeing Arnav in front of me once again triggered back all the memories, all the pain I had been trying to get over.

I hoped that maybe he would look away and turn around and walk away because according to what he said I was the reason behind why everything went terrible in his life, but then he wouldn’t just stop staring at me.

“Do you want to talk to him?” Dev asked when he noticed where I was looking.

I turned to look at him in confusion, did I really want to talk to the man who had broken my heart into pieces? No I don’t think so.

I nodded negatively as my eyes became moist, he cupped my face and looked at me worriedly.

“Don’t deny it Khushi, I know you’re dying to talk to him, and I think you should talk to him, what if maybe everything falls back in place?” Dev asked.

Yes I would be lying if I said I dint want to run towards him and hug him tightly right away, but I also had my own self-respect and no matter how much I loved him, I would never even want to talk to him after all the bull**** he said to me.

I turned to look at him and he was yet staring at us, I was so angry at the moment, he was the one to break up with me and now he was here staring at me like I had committed some sort of a crime, I got hold of Dev’s hand and pulled him away as we headed completely inside the park, from where I couldn’t see him, neither could he see us.

“Why can’t you both just sit and talk Khushi? As much as you are a friend to me, so is he and I know this isn’t making either of you happy.” Dev said as he looked at me worriedly.

I know he was a friend and I knew he wanted to see the both of us happy but right now where we both stood, I dint see any ray of happiness, not for me at least.

“Forget that, remember we are going clubbing tonight with the boys and it’s pretty late, how about we go back home so we can freshen up and be ready to go out tonight? I hope you are coming.” I asked

“Of course I am, and if you want I can bring Arnav along.”

“Sorry but he’s not invited.” I shrugged and walked towards the car, all I wanted to do was to stay away from him and I was going to make sure I did that.


After dropping me home, Dev headed to Arnav’s house where they all were staying as usual, he told me they’ll meet us at the club at around ten o’clock and it was like seven o’clock yet so I figured I’ll go to my room and rest a bit, I also had to call Shaurya, there was no way I was going anywhere without my best friend, I hadn’t seen him today and I was missing him a lot.

I walked inside my room and Shaurya suddenly jumped in front of me scaring the hell out of me, I stepped back in fear and he busted out laughing like crazy at me.

I walked back inside slapping and punching him while he kept on whining like a baby until I stopped.

“Who the hell does that?” I asked him angrily.

“A best friend.” He giggled as he got hold of me and pulled me into a hug.

“God I missed you… but I had a date so you’re not that important.” He giggled.

“Then go hug your girlfriend.” I pushed him away pretending to be angry.

“Oh I can see someone is jealous” he winked at me.

“Of course I am, no one can take my best friend from me, tell your girlfriend you were my best friend before her boyfriend and now discussion over, go home get ready, we’re going clubbing tonight with the boys, I hope Purvi told you about it.”

“Yeah she did, I was just waiting for you to come back so I see you then go, have to talk to you about a lot, but I guess we’ll do that tomorrow.” He said looking a bit serious.

He then turned around to walk away when I got hold of his hand and pulled him back, I looked him into the eyes.

“Is there a problem? I hope everything is okay?” I asked worriedly.

“Nothing serious Khushi, we’ll talk about it tomorrow, let’s go party tonight.” He said as he started dancing around until I had to kick him out of my room, seriously God did the best thing by making best friends, they were the only crazy human beings enough to entertain your whole life.


Shaurya and I arrived at the club where Karan and Dev were waiting for us, Ravi passed by home and picked Purvi up, they had decided to go on a short date and join us later so we decided to give the new couple a bit private time, they were just so cute together, I was happy for my sister.

We walked inside the club and looked around for a moment, we found Karan and Shaurya standing in a corner, it was easy to recognize them with their masks on, Shaurya and I headed towards them and greeted them as they took off their masks, the light inside the club were pretty dim anyway, it was difficult to recognize people so hopefully they wouldn’t be disturbed by fans.

“Hey dude!” Karan and Dev greeted Shaurya and then Shaurya and Karan immediately got into a conversation, for a moment you wouldn’t even believe like they were just casual friends, they looked like best friends who had lots of stories to tell each other.

“Drinks anyone?” Dev asked.

“No, we’ll have it later, come on Shaurya I was to show you something.” Karan said as he pulled him away from the both of us, seriously if Karan was in the process of making my best friend his best friend, I was going to punch him on the face, I was a pretty possessive friend, I dint like sharing my friends with anyone.

“Come, I’ll get you something to drink and then we can go dance, the music is nice today.” Dev smiled at me.

“Sure.” I nodded as he got hold of my hand and pulled me with him towards the bar. We sat down there as he ordered the drinks for the both of us.

“What does Karan have to show Shaurya by the way?” I asked Dev when the bartender handed us our drinks, I took a sip and stared at him waiting for an answer.

“Well I don’t know, but trust me I wouldn’t be surprised if Karan turns out to be gay.” Dev giggled.

I almost spitted the drink in my mouth at his face when he said that, I laughed out loud and I was thankful that the music was loud enough or else right now I’d be having people staring at me strangely.

“Hey! You are Dev aren’t you? The one from the bad boys band? Oh my God I can’t believe I’m seeing you in real, can I take a selfie with you please?” A girl said as she came to us from nowhere and started acting all crazy over Dev.

“Sure.” Dev smiled at her as he stood up to take a picture with her.

“But just don’t tell anyone I’m here right now, I need some time to myself too right?” He smiled politely towards her.

“Sure sir, thank you for the selfie.” She said as she hugged him tight before walking away.

I kept on staring at him as he settled down and took a sip of his drink, he gave me a strange look wondering why I was staring at him like that.

“What?” he asked.

“I wonder why you’re single yet, you have girls crushing over you like crazy, plus that one, she was hot.” I emphasized the word hot.

“I know right, I think I already have a crush on her, should I ask her for a dance?” He winked at me.

“I dare you.” I giggled excitedly wanting to watch Dev ask her for a dance, I just hoped she wasn’t going to faint.

“Watch me.” he said as he stood up and followed the girl who was busy doing something on her phone, he tapped on her back as she turned around and looked at him, she started jumping up and down like a kid when Dev said something to her. I Swear she almost fainted but then she nodded her head vigorously, Dev got hold of her hand and pulled her to the dance floor as they both started dancing while I stared at them with a smile on my face.

He looked towards my direction and started dancing funnily making me smile like an idiot, I had the kind of a smile on my face that a teenage girl has when she sees her crush.

I turned back to pick my glass when I noticed Arnav, sited a bit further from me, sipping his drink as he stared at me, seriously was he following me or something?

Firstly at the park and now here? Or Maybe Dev invited him here thinking we both were going to talk?

“What happened?” Dev asked as he settled down next to me once again.

“Did you invite him here?” I asked as I looked towards Arnav, he turned to look at him and then nodded negatively.

“We had asked him to join us but he had refused, I don’t know why he showed up when he dint want to come at the first place.” Dev said.

“Forget it, I don’t want to spoil my moods, so tell me how did the girl react? Do you think she has a chance with you?” I asked curiously.

“If she wasn’t so loud, I think she might have had, did you hear her screaming? It was terrible.” He nodded his head in disappointment and I kept on smiling, and laughing at him, he was crazy.

I kept on looking at Arnav from the corner of my eyes and I noticed that he dint take his eyes away from us even for a moment, he just kept on sipping his drink and staring at me, it was making me pretty uncomfortable.

I saw Karan and Shaurya heading back towards us from wherever they had gone but they stopped midway when they saw Arnav, he stood up to greet them and it looked like he was too drunk to even stand up well, why did he always have to be so drunk around me?

Karan got hold of him as I saw Shaurya and him greet each other the usual boys style and then Shaurya walked away leaving Karan with Arnav.

“I’ll be back.” Dev said when he noticed Arnav, so he rushed towards him and Shaurya took his place as he settled down next to me.

I saw Dev say something to Arnav, it was like he was scolding him or something, he then talked to Karan for a moment and after their discussion, Dev walked out holding Arnav while Karan walked towards us.

“Dev has to take Arnav home, he said I should stay back until Ravi and Purvi are here, he dint want to spoil our plans so he left alone, he told me to say sorry to you.” Karan said.

“it’s okay, I understand.” I nodded as Shaurya looked at me worriedly thinking I wasn’t going to be able to handle myself after seeing Arnav.

“I am sorry Khushi, for all that he did, he’s just been a mess, I think the last time I saw him being normal was the day before we left from here, since then I don’t know what’s been wrong with him.” Karan said.

“It’s okay Karan you don’t have to be sorry for his mistakes.” I smiled at him.

Sep 8

His Melody... Part 33 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 22 times)

I was almost falling asleep when my phone rang, after Dev left from the club with Arnav, we waited for Ravi and Purvi who arrived an hour late and then the five of us went to the dance floor and rocked it like nobody else, it was fun and it made me happy after a long time.

If after a break up there was any way to feel better than it was spending time with friends instead of avoiding them, friends were like the best therapy.

I looked at the screen and saw Dev’s name flashing on it, I swiped and received the call thinking he might just be checking up on me.

“Hey.” I said.

“Thank God you’re awake, or did I wake you up?” He asked sounding nervous.

“I was awake, tell me.”

“Can you come outside, I’m outside your house, I have to talk to you about something, it’s urgent.” He said, I agreed and rushed out of my room in a hurry wondering what he wanted to talk to me at this time, it was almost two o’clock.

I unlocked the door and walked outside where I saw Dev and Arnav arguing about something, right now Arnav dint seem really drunk he seemed a bit sober and I could see the both of them having some argument.

“I’ll kill you if you say anything!” Arnav warned Dev angrily.

“I’m doing it for you Arnav, you’re the only friend I’ve ever had, all I want is to see you happy and be the old Arnav, the one I knew, the one that was my best friend.” Dev replied.

“If you say even a word, I promise that’s the end of our friendship!” Arnav said as he glared at him angrily and then walked away, Dev stood the helplessly when his eyes fell on me, I rushed towards him curiously wanting to know what they were talking about.

“What was all that about?” I asked Dev as I looked at Arnav who walked towards a car that was parked a bit further from my house, he got inside and drove off looking angry.

“Nothing really.” Dev shrugged looking confused, I was so sure he was here to tell me something but after whatever Arnav said to him, he dint want to say it anymore.

“Then why did you call me here at this time?” I looked at him hoping he was going to give me an answer.

He looked a bit lost, I guessed he was trying to come up with an excuse so that he wouldn’t have to tell me whatever he was going to before Arnav came here.

“I just came to ask you if you’d like to me my date for tomorrow’s award ceremony, we have an award ceremony to attend tomorrow, Ravi will be going with Purvi, Karan already had a date, I think Shaurya helped him find one, so I thought I’d ask you if you’d like to join.” He smiled at me.

“Honestly Dev, is that why you called me at two o’clock? To ask me if I’d come with you to the ceremony? I don’t think so.” I folded my arms and stared at him hoping he would tell me the truth but maybe he wasn’t going to.

“Yeah, I just couldn’t risk waiting till morning, what if someone else asked you before I did.”

“But you just said, Ravi and Karan already have their dates and as far as I know, Arnav would never ask me so tell me why you were actually here.” I looked at him seriously.

“I was here for that, now tell me, will you come with me or not?”

“Why me? Get a model or someone, I am no one, I’ll feel awkward.” I shrugged.

“You are my friend and if I’m going for the ceremony, I’ll go with you or I’ll go alone, so tell me, will you come or not?”

“Fine I will.” I smiled at him, even though I dint want to go, there were two reasons mainly, he was famous and I wasn’t, it was just going to be awkward, and secondly Arnav was going to be there and I dint know if he was going alone or with a date, I dint know how I was going to react seeing him with some other girl, yes I was trying to move on but it was still going to hurt.

“Great, ill pick you up in the morning, we can go shop for your dress and other stuff, I’m already excited, anyway you can go back to sleep now, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said excitedly and he pulled me into a hug and then walked away and I headed back to bed.


It was past ten o’clock in the morning when I was woken up by a phone call, I stretched my arms lazily as I extended my arm towards the stand next to my bed where I had placed the phone, I received the call knowing it must be Shaurya, he was the one who usually woke me up in the mornings with unnecessary phone calls.

“You know I’m not a morning person right? Now get ready to be punched fifty times by me you idiot!” I shouted over the phone.

“Khushi!” I heard a voice that dint belong to Shaurya, I opened my eyes wide.

“Dev! I’m sorry, I thought it was Shaurya, he likes playing around with me.” I said nervously hoping he wouldn’t take my words seriously.

“I am sorry I thought you must have woken up that’s why I called.” He apologized.

“It’s okay, tell me why you called.”

“I was a bit held up but we must go shopping so I was asking could you come over? By the time you arrive here I’ll be done with my work and then we can leave for shopping together, before you say no, I promise you won’t have to see Arnav, he’s asleep in his room and I know he won’t wake up anytime soon, in fact no one else is home, even uncle has gone to office and Karan and Ravi already left for shopping with Purvi.”

“Okay fine, I’ll be there in like an hour.” I shrugged as I disconnected the call hoping and praying that I wouldn’t have to come face to face with Arnav. I hadn’t talked to him since the day we broke up, although I saw him at the park and then at the club too, I had just behaved like a stranger trying my best to avoid him.

I brushed off the thoughts and headed to shower quickly so I could get done with shopping and everything as soon as I can as I also had to talk to Shaurya, I still remembered he had something to tell me yesterday but he couldn’t and I was still worrying about him hoping that he was okay.

I was all ready by around eleven o’clock so I drove to Arnav’s house, I was hoping I’d find Dev outside in the garden so I wouldn’t have to go inside but to my bad luck he wasn’t outside.

I walked inside the mansion as so many memories came back flooding my mind, I was reminded of the time when I came here and Arnav showed me around the house, I still remembered each and every corner of it like I had been here a hundred times, but it was only because Arnav had shown it to me.

I started climbing the staircase to head to Dev’s room which was at the left side but instead I headed to the right side, where Arnav’s room was. I dint even know why I did that when at the first place I dint even wish to see him, I just did because maybe no matter what, I still loved him.

I stopped outside his room, the door wasn’t completely locked, it was a bit open, I pushed it a bit and it opened a bit more, the bed was empty so I thought he might have woken up and not wanting to be caught in an awkward situation, I decided to leave, I turned around when the door opened completely and I heard his voice, after so long and it was like the medicine my soul needed to recover.

“Khushi.” He called out my name, and it still felt so damn special, even when I hated him, even when he had broken my heart, even after everything between us!

I turned around faking a smile on my face, he looked at me his eyes shining bright, I could see a smile curving up on his lips like he was so glad to see me here, I also wanted to be glad to see him, I wanted to be happy that we were standing so close to each other after so long but I just couldn’t, he had left me with a lot of pain for me to feel glad about seeing him.

“I am sorry, I was looking for Dev, I guess I forgot his room.” I smiled and then turned towards the left and walked away, he stood there still staring at me as I walked away without saying a word just when I bumped onto Dev who was coming my way.

We both smiled at each other when I moved closer to him and hugged him tight, I was at the verge of breaking down after seeing Arnav and all I needed at the moment was a hug from a friend, Dev hugged me back without saying anything and kept on holding me in his arms until I broke apart, when I turned around, Arnav was already gone.

“I was almost getting worried.” Dev said.

“Why?” I asked as I looked at him in confusion.

“The way you hugged me, it hurt you seeing him dint it?”

“Don’t we have to go for shopping? I don’t have the whole day, let’s get going.” I said as I turned around changing the topic, honestly at the moment I wasn’t ready to talk about any of this, not when I wasn’t able to understand my own feelings, not when despite being so sure I dint want to see him, I was the one who headed towards his room.

He had hurt me, he had broken me and my heart and to make it worse he had blamed me for his failures but still, despite it all, no matter how much I tried to hate him, I just couldn’t!

Sep 12

His Melody... Part 34 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 31 times)

Award Night.

“This isn’t me!” I said as I stared at my reflection in the mirror, it wouldn’t be enough if I described Shaurya as a magician, he had worked some sort of magic on my face and hair, plus the dress Dev and I had bought was just perfect, honestly I even failed to recognize myself.

Shaurya had done makeup and hair for me a lot of times but it was like minimum make up and simple hairstyle, but what he did today was nothing less than magic, I knew self-praise sounds strange but I definitely looked hot.

“Today Arnav will regret leaving you my love.” Shaurya winked at me making me giggle and realize that Arnav was also going to be there and it was surely going to be awkward.

“I love you for this, now I know advantages of having a professional make-up artist as a best friend.” I giggled as I jumped on Shaurya excitedly and hugged him tight.

“Have fun tonight, and don’t look at Arnav much, it will only hurt you, and check out some hot guys, who knows you might find your prince charming there.”

“Sure, as you say boss.” I smiled as I broke the hug, he looked at me admiring me just like I was admiring myself in the ****y black dress with the perfect make-up and hair.

I had the car hooting outside the house, I picked up my clutch in a hurry knowing Dev must be here to pick me up, I rushed towards the door and then stopped and turned around to look at Shaurya.

“You had something to talk to me about, since I came from shopping I’ve been so busy, I’m sorry we haven’t had time to talk, I’m such a terrible best friend.” I made a sad face.

“Oh come on, don’t tell me you’ve still been thinking about it, it’s nothing serious, we’ll talk about it tomorrow, now come on get going, the red carpet is waiting for you.” he smiled at me, I smiled back at him and nodded positively as I rushed outside.

I found Dev standing outside there, leaning on the black Mercedes with his arms folded, he was dressed in a black three piece suit, he had put on some rectangular spectacles which made him look just a bit more hot than he really was, for a moment I couldn’t take my eyes off him, lucky was the girl who was going to have him as a husband.

I giggled at my own thoughts as I walked towards him while he kept on staring at me in awe, just like I had stared at my own reflection in the mirror a while back.

I stopped in front of him as he continued staring at me, his mouth wide open like he couldn’t believe this was me, it was like he had seen something he wasn’t expecting to see.

“I think people aren’t going to look at me today, everyone’s eyes are going to be stuck on you.” He smiled, still not taking his eyes off me.

“Thank you, you also look hot, I’m sure the girls that have been crushing on you will definitely fall in love with you today.” I giggles as I blushed at the same time from his compliment.

“Let’s hope the right one falls in love with me then.” He smirked as he held the door open for me and I stepped inside the car followed by him, he instructed the driver to drive as I waved a goodbye to Shaurya who had been standing in my room peeping at me from the window.

“So it means that you do like someone, or you’re in love with someone?” I asked as I looked at him excitedly realizing we’ve never had this conversation, I never knew if Dev had a girlfriend or if he was ever in love or something.

“I’ve been in love with her for a long time now.” He smiled

“So where’s the problem? She doesn’t love you? That would be stupid, who wouldn’t love you? I mean you are the perfect kind of a guy, you’re tall, handsome with a perfect body plus the long hair and intense music, girls would die to be with you.”

“You know the thing about love is that if it happens to you, it’s not a must it will happen to someone else and that’s how I know she will never love me.”

“And you’re okay with that? I mean who is she? Tell me her name, I’ll talk to her and tell her what she’s missing out on.”

“I am perfectly okay with it, I fell in love with her doesn’t mean she has to fall in love with me, love doesn’t happen like that, you out of everyone else should know this Khushi, just see how you fell in love with Arnav without even realizing it.”

That was it, all it took to shut me up, just his name and everything inside me was shattered once again, I wondered how he managed to make me feel this way, just a mention of his name and I was all broken.

I inhaled a few deep breaths and tried to calm myself down, I smiled once again pretending to be strong and turned to look at Dev again.

“Are you going to tell me who she is?” I asked.

“Sure.” He smiled at me just when the driver stopped the car, I peeped outside and could see a huge crowd gathered there, there were camera flashes, media and what not, in short a typical award night.

Dev stepped out of the car and held the door open for me as I stepped out, he got hold of my hand and posed as the camera’s started flashing towards us, people taking hundreds of pictures of us for their next big story but all I could concentrate on at the moment was Arnav.

He was standing straight ahead of me, posing for pictures, he looked perfectly handsome, I just lacked enough words to describe how ethereal he looked in his three piece suit, his hair just a bit longer than it was the first time I met him, but he still looked perfect.

There was nothing to lie about of course he looked perfect, he always did for me at least but right now what made me stare at him wasn’t how he was dressed or how perfect he looked or anything else, it was about the girl he was standing with, it was about his hand wrapped around her waist, it was how he held her, and here I was thinking that he had only held me like that.

She was beautiful, she had a perfect twenty four thirty six twenty four figure, her dress was just as perfect as she was no wonder why she was here with Arnav, maybe he actually deserved someone better, someone who wasn’t as skinny as me, someone who was perfect in everything she did, someone who looked just perfect with him.

I blinked my eyes severally trying to get rid of the tears forming up in my eyes but I would have lied if I said it dint hurt me, it dint just hurt me, it broke me into a thousand pieces and I felt so stupid for turning up here, for trying to move on when in real I actually hadn’t moved on even a bit.

Seeing the sight in front of me, I was sure of one thing, it dint matter if I had moved on or not, he had and I had to accept that.

“Hey, you okay?” Dev asked as he looked at me worriedly, I dint say a word, it felt like my words were stuck in my throat, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t just talk, but he noticed my gaze that was stuck at Arnav who hadn’t even looked at me all this while.

Dev pulled me away from everyone and took me inside as we both stood in a corner, I tried all I could to look normal and not to cry but I wish it was that easy to act normal when your heart was broken like this.

“Who was she? Is she his new girlfriend? Please don’t even think of lying about it to me Dev.” I asked him.

“She’s a famous model and no, she’s not his girlfriend, he might have just brought her along, are you okay Khushi?”

“I just need to use the washroom, will you please tell me where it is?” I nodded

“Sure.” He said as he directed me towards the washroom, I told him to wait there for me and then headed to the washroom in a hurry, I opened the door and rushed inside as I stood in front of the mirrors looking at myself, I felt like laughing at myself.

I was admiring myself when Shaurya had done the makeup and hairstyle for me but when I came here I realized that I was nothing compared to that model, no matter Arnav was with her and not me.

I inhaled a few more deep breaths and shut my eyes for a while as I tried my best to calm down, this wasn’t me, I dint even know why I was letting myself down, why I was hurting myself for him, I had promised myself to be strong but I wasn’t really able.

I walked out of the washroom when I found Arnav standing there, I tried to ignore him and walk away pretending I hadn’t seen him there but he got hold of my hand and pulled me back, I felt some sort of electric shocks in my whole body just by his touch, it still made me feel like this.

“Let me go please.” I begged as I shut my eyes not wanting to look at him.

“Look at me Khushi.” He whispered but that whisper was enough, it felt like it was a command, I had heard his voice after so long, I missed it so damn much.

I turned around and opened my eyes to look at him, he was staring at me, looking at me from top to bottom and I stood there still not knowing what to do.

He placed his hand on my cheeks and brushed his thumb over my lips sending shivers down to my spine, I wanted to push him and walk away but the other half of me wanted to stay here forever, why was it so difficult to make the decision.

“I’ve never seen a woman as beautiful as you.” He smiled at me as he took his hands off my cheek while I kept on staring at him knowing he was completely lying, he had seen a woman more beautiful than me and that’s why he was with her and not me.

I stepped backwards not taking my eyes off him yet, I wondered how anyone could manage to lie so beautifully, you wouldn’t even know that he was lying.

“Yes Arnav, I am beautiful and I don’t need you to tell me that so I can believe it.” I snapped at him feeling angry suddenly.

“Khushi please, don’t treat me like a stranger.” He looked at me painfully.

“Then what do you want me to treat you like Arnav? My boyfriend? Just to remind you, you’re the one that broke up with me, you’re the one that showed up here with a model whom you held closer to you than you ever held me so thanks but I don’t need any of your dramas in my life anymore. I am just so done with you!” I shouted at him angrily and then ran away from there.

If there was anyone so confused it was me right now, I just dint know what to do and what not, on one side I wanted to move on and not care about Arnav but then on the other side it hurt me seeing him move on with someone else.

Sep 13

His Melody... Part 35 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 22 times)

I walked back where Dev had been waiting for me, convincing myself that I wasn’t going to let myself get affected by whatever Arnav or whatever he did.

I found Dev standing with Ravi, Karan and Purvi, Purvi looked so beautiful dressed in a royal blue dress that had a slit from her hips to the floor, well ofcourse she had to, she was my sister after all, she was always beautiful.

Ravi wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer, he stared at her lovingly and whispered something to her, she blushed as he kissed her on the forehead and I felt jealous of my sister, no wonder she looked so beautiful tonight, she had true love by her side, something that maybe I was never going to have.

“Stop the PDA, you’re making me feel bad for not having a girlfriend.” Karan made faces at Ravi who laughed back at him.

“Khushi, please be my girlfriend so that we can make the both jealous by being the hottest couple.” Karan winked at me.

“Karan, please stop flirting.” I slapped on his arm as he laughed, I wondered how it was possible he dint have a girlfriend, he was such a flirt, or maybe Dev was right about love, it dint happen to everyone.

“Where’s your plus one, you dint come with anyone?” I asked as I realized he was the only one who dint have a partner.

“Well I was planning to ask you to join me, I swear people would have burned with jealousy, but Dev asked you first and now I’m burning with jealousy.” He winked at me.

“God, will you ever stop flirting.” I shrugged as everyone around laughed at him, he was the best person to be around, he could make you forget everything just like he had made me forget about whatever that happened with me and Arnav just before I came here.

There was no denying that I was lucky in a way that I had good friends, but then maybe I was unlucky when it came to love.

“If I wasn’t dating your sister, I would have also flirted with you today, you look so gorgeous.” Ravi smiled at me.

“Thank you.” I blushed as he smiled at me, if nothing else I was at least glad for Purvi, she had found the perfect guy and I was so happy for her.

“Anyway I need to take her to meet some of my friends, I’ll see you guys later?” Ravi asked.

The three of us nodded as Ravi and Purvi walked away, they were the best couple for tonight, honestly they looked so adorable together.

“Khushi, don’t you have another sister? Maybe I can try my luck, your family seems to have some hot genes.” Karan giggled.

“I am sorry but no Karan, you will have to try your luck somewhere else.” I giggled.

I felt someone’s hand on my waist and for a moment I thought it might be Dev but them the touch was something I could never forget, I knew it was Arnav and before I could turn to look at him or even react, he pulled me closer to him and I was left staring at him in confusion.

“How about you take a picture for the both of us Karan?” Arnav smirked.

“I am not interested.” I tried to push him away but he wouldn’t just let me go, seriously, what was wrong with this guy?

“Come on Khushi, just one picture, I mean you’re the prettiest lady around here today, I’ll at least get to show off that I took a picture with you.” he looked me into the eyes and tried to smile but the smile dint reach his eyes.

Karan stood in front of us with his phone in his hand, he told the both of us to pose and although I dint want to, I had no choice, he clicked a few pictures for us and then Arnav left me, I gave him an angry look and walked towards Dev as I got hold of his hand.

“How about you click a picture for the both of us now? I would get to show off too that I took a picture with the hottest guy at the award night.” I told Karan as I gave Arnav and angry look.

I was the most terrible person wasn’t I? I mean just to make Arnav jealous, I used his own best friend, but right now I just wanted to give him an answer, any kind of an answer that would make him stay away from me and I figured this would work.

Dev looked at Arnav and then at me, I knew he was uncomfortable, he dint want to hurt his best friend, but I was also his childhood friend and he had no option, he posed for the picture and as Karan took pictures for us, Arnav walked away without saying anything.

“Now my turn.” Karan said as he handed his phone to Dev and stood with me to take a picture like I was a celebrity when I real, he was the celebrity.

After the photo session, we all headed inside where the Award ceremony had just began, I sat down with Dev and Kara and we were later joined by Ravi and Purvi and Arnav.

The awards were announced for so many categories and we watched people walk towards the stage and accept awards for themselves and gave their speech thanking someone in particular for their success.

The boys won an award for the best teenage band and the four of them headed to the stage happily to accept the award while Purvi and I sat where we were looking at them happily because they deserved it even though Arnav had managed to ruin their show twice but still their previous work had been amazing.

Karan got the chance to give his speech first for which he thanked the three boys, for letting him in the band and said a few more words at them, next it came to Ravi who thanked his parents for the support and the boys, especially Arnav and Dev the ones who had decided to form the band.

When it came to Dev, he thanked Arnav for supporting him and giving him the strength to believe that the band was going to work and finally when it came to Arnav, he stood there still for a moment, holding the mike in his hand maybe thinking what to say.

“Without the three of them, my band would have been nothing and I am glad that we became so famous and won this award, it means so much to us and thank you to all our fans, without them it wouldn’t have been possible I am really sorry for the previous shows that went terrible for some reasons but I promise all our fans that they would see us rock once again, as soon as I find back my melody.” He stared at me the whole while as he gave his speech and I kept on wondering why he was staring at me, it wasn’t like I was his melody, if I was, he wouldn’t have left me.

After receiving the award they all walked back and settled down next to us as we watched the other awards being announced and received by the respective people.

After the award function was over, we headed to the after party, everyone separately like we came here, Dev and I got back to the Mercedes and he driver took us to the venue.

“Can I ask you for something Khushi?” Dev asked as he looked at me hopefully.

“Sure, anything.” I smiled at him.

“I know you’re hurt and I understand your situation but this is a big day for the four of us and I can see only the three of us happy, I don’t know why Arnav did what he did to you but please just for today, try not to be mean to him anymore.”

“If he’s your best friend you should know why he’s behaving like this, first he breaks up with me and then he’s trying to talk to me, I don’t get what he really wants, and I am not going to sit down and worry about that, I have more important things in life.”

“I know, but I’m asking this from you as a friend, he’s also my friend Khushi and I care about him, just promise me you won’t talk to him badly or anything at the party, he’s already hurt.”

“If he’s hurt he brought it to himself Dev, I wasn’t the one who broke up remember? But anyway for you I’ll try my best not to mean or rude to him, but only tonight.”

“Thank you.” Dev smiled at me.


We were joined by Ravi, Karan and Purvi once again at the party, we all gathered in one place sipping our drinks and talking about random things until the dances began, Ravi and Purvi headed to dance leaving the three of us standing there staring at people.

Arnav was standing next to the bar with a glass in his hand, he had arrived before us and I had no idea how drunk he had been, but he looked pretty drunk.

As soon as our eyes met, I saw him walking towards where we were standing, he was stumbling, he couldn’t even walk properly which meant that he was pretty much drunk.

“How about a dance beautiful lady?” He asked as he stopped in front of me and looked me into the eyes.

I was almost about to tell him off when my eyes fell on Dev who nodded negatively reminding me of the promise I had made to him, I hated making that promise, there was no way I could talk to Arnav in a good manner, not after what he did to me.

“I don’t think I can dance, thanks for the offer though.”

“Oh come on Khushi, one dance please.” He begged, I stared at him for a moment wondering how I was going to say no to him without hurting him like I had promise Dev and when I saw nothing would helped, I decided to do what would have been the best, I walked away and stood in a corner completely ignoring him.

Seriously, day by dad it was becoming difficult to understand him, firstly he was the one who asked me to be his girlfriend, he was the one who wanted to introduce me to the whole world and then he’s the one who left without informing me, he ignored me for week and when I went to see him, he blamed me for his failures and broke up with me and now that I was trying to move on he was here asking me to dance with him, what the hell was wrong with him?

“I guess she’s no more interested in me, looks like she’s found a new love interest.” Arnav looked at Dev and laughed bitterly as he picked up a whole bottle of whiskey and gulped it down walking away from there.

I saw Dev and Karan exchanging looks as Karan rushed behind Arnav while Dev walked over to me, he stood next to me silently, I dint say anything neither did he, we just watched famous celebrities getting drunk and dancing like crazy and that was it.

At past midnight, Dev offered to drive me home and I agreed, I had had enough for today, all I needed was to get home and sleep forgetting the drama Arnav had created today, seriously for once I felt like punching him on the face.

Sep 14

His Melody... Part 36 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 26 times)

Arnav’s POV

The bottle rolled down from my hand as it made such an annoying noise, it was three o’clock in the morning, not sure though because I was drunk as hell.

I was sited in a corner of my room with two empty bottles, one had just rolled away and I had the other once clutched in my hands yet.

The whole room looked empty, all I could see was the bed in the middle and despite spending so much time in this room, all I could remember about it was when I had brought Khushi here to show her this room, when she sat on this bed.

Those were the most happiest moments of my live and I guess I was never going to get over them, not like she did… no I wasn’t blaming her for anything, after what I did to her she deserved to move on and as much as it hurt to admit, she did look happier with Dev than she ever looked with me.

Although neither Dev nor Khushi had told me that they were together, they dint have to, I always saw the way Dev looked at her, it was the same exact way that I did, and somewhere I am glad she found the better one, the one that’s made her happier than she was with me.

I tried to stand up and after like the tenth try, I finally managed to stand well, I looked around the room and I don’t know why, even though she had been here for once only, everything about it reminded me of her, and it hurt knowing that she was never going to be mine, it hurt knowing that she was now with my best friend and it hurt knowing she was happy when I wasn’t.

I was so angry at myself for letting her go but if I had the choice, I would have kept her so close to me, only if life was so fair.

I threw the bottled towards the wall angrily as it fell down into pieces, the next moment I saw Ravi and Karan rushing inside my room worriedly, I was almost stumbling down when they got hold of me and helped me towards the bed.

The three of us sat in line with me being in between the both of them, they stared at me for a while trying to say something but it looked like they were nervous. They just kept silent and sat there with me while a lot of thoughts kept on flooding in my mind.

“Where’s Dev?” I asked as I looked around hoping he would walk in right away but he dint, more than Karan and Ravi, Dev had always been by my side but today he wasn’t, it looked like I was losing all the people that cared about me one by one.

“He said he would come home after dropping Khushi but I guess he isn’t back yet.” Karan said.

“Are they together? Him and Khushi?” I asked as I looked at them.

Ravi stood up and looked at me in disbelief like I had asked something I wasn’t supposed to ask, it was just a question wasn’t it? Why did he have to look at me like that?

“Honestly Arnav we don’t know if they are together or not but seeing them I do feel like they are, and maybe someday you’ll feel it too if you haven’t already because she deserved someone better someone who wouldn’t hurt her like you did.” Ravi looked at me angrily.

I smiled at him trying to hide my pain, only if he knew that I had already felt it and trust me there was no one who could understand that pain more than me, yes maybe right now she was happier with Dev than she was with me but the truth also remained to be that I was happier with her.

“It’s possible isn’t it? It’s possible that you could meet somebody who’s perfect for you even though you’re committed to somebody else?” I asked still seeing the images of Khushi and Dev in my mind, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t digest the fact that she was with him and she was happy with him, it dint matter to her anymore that I wasn’t in her life.

This time Karan stood up and looked at me in disbelief, he dint anything, he just stared at me for a moment and then stormed out of my room angrily.

“No, I’d say if you’re committed to somebody you don’t allow yourself to find perfection in someone else, but I don’t get why you’re asking this question Arnav, Khushi was committed to you until you broke up with her and right now she had all the right to find perfection in someone else, no matter who that person is, even Dev!”

“I… I miss her Ravi.” I said sadly, honestly no one should ever get drunk, getting drunk made you weak, like it had made me right now and I was saying and asking things I would never have when I was sober.

“And you’re the one to be blamed Arnav, I know you’re hurt thinking that she’s moved on with Dev and although I don’t know if she really has or not, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it if she has, it would have been wrong if she was still your girlfriend but you were the one who broke up with her and now honestly there’s no point of siting here and whining about it, you have to accept that it was your mistake and if she’s happy now then let her be.” Ravi explained as he looked at me keenly.

I nodded as everything he said to me sank in deep inside my mind, he was right, I snatched her happiness from her and if she was happy now, I had to let her be!

“I’ll make sure never to come in front of her again, if she’s happy without me, I’ll let her be.” I nodded as I looked at Ravi.

“Good and now sleep, we have a concert tomorrow and I am really hoping you wouldn’t spoil this one too.”

“Don’t worry, this time I won’t let anything go wrong.” I tried to assure him. I knew since I left from here last time, I had lost everything, my melody, my fame, just everything and it was also harming the other three members of the band so being the drunk me I took a big decision for my career, I was going to perform in the concert tomorrow and I was going to make sure it was perfect because it was going to be my last concert.

There was no way I was going down and bring my friends down too, it was better if I quit, at least the band would be saved.


I was woken up with the sound of laughter, I could recognize that laughter from a mile apart because it was hers, it was Khushi’s laughter.

I stood up from my bed immediately even though my head hurt and rushed towards the window, I peeped outside and saw her running around the garden, holding an envelope in her hand while Dev chased her trying to get it from her.

The smile on my face disappeared as I suddenly realized that maybe this was the last time I was ever seeing her. the door of my room opened and dad walked in, I turned around to look at him once before I turned back to look at Khushi, he walked towards me as he looked at me and then outside, he dint say a word, he just kept on staring outside like I did.

“She looks happy doesn’t she?” I asked as I looked at him.

“Of course she does, you left her she found another band member, it was that easy for her.” he smirked.

I clenched my fists tight almost wanting to punch him, only if he wasn’t my father, only if he hadn’t done so much for me.

“Come on get ready now, you need a little bit of practice for your concert tonight.” Dad said.

“Of course I do, because I’m definitely going to make sure that it’s perfect because it’s my last concert.” I walked away from the window and sat down on my bed, he looked at me like I had just said something I wasn’t supposed to.

“What do you mean?” He walked towards me and looked at me keenly.

“You told me to choose between you and her dad dint you? So there you go, I chose you and hurt her, so now it’s time for me to choose her and hurt you because you should also know how she felt when she was hurt, so I’ll leave the band and there’s nothing you’ll do to convince me to stay.”

“Are you out of your mind or what Arnav?” He shouted angrily.

“No dad, I’m just being clever because maybe you never realized it but since she came into my life, she’s been the melody to all my songs and since I’ve left her, I can’t sing. You see dad, I don’t want to ruin Ravi, Karan and Dev’s career because of my lack of melody and she’s my melody and now that I’ve lost her, I know I’ll never get her back and that also makes me realize that I’ll never have my melody back and I’ll never be able to sing.”

“You’re being stupid Arnav, you’re ruining your whole damn career for a girl!”

“Yes dad I am, because without her this career, this damn life of mine is meaningless, maybe I dint realize it then and so I decided to break up with her but now I’ve realized it and the truth is that I love her dad! I love her and it’s sad that I’ll never have her, all because of you!

In the process of trying to save my career and my fame, you lost me dad, you lost me.” I looked at him sadly hoping that now he would at least understand what he had made me do when he made me choose between him and Khushi but the expressions on his face were telling me otherwise so I picked up my towel and headed inside the bathroom to take a shower.

Maybe he was never going to understand and maybe Khushi was never going to know how much I love her and maybe I deserved this because of what I did to her and maybe this was destiny’s way of punishing me.

Sep 15

His Melody... Part 37 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 23 times)

I stopped running from Dev when I noticed Arnav looking at us from the window of his room, I stared at his window as he walked inside and suddenly, everything changed in a moment.

“Khushi, what happened?” Dev asked as he rushed towards me worriedly.

“Why is he doing this Dev? Why did he break up with me?” I asked as I looked at him with moist eyes.

Honestly I was done being the strong me, I was done trying to move on when my heart was still stuck there, in love with him, yearning for him, wanting to be with him.

“He told you that you’re the reason behind his failures Khushi, what more reason do you need?” Dev asked.

“Because maybe I love him so much I can’t believe that might be the reason, anyway I guess I’m just overthinking things, change of topic.” I smiled at him and stood up as I waved his diary in front of him once again and started running around as he chased me to get it before I could read whatever he was hiding from me.

“There’s nothing important in it, give me the diary back Khushi!” Dev shouted at me.

“If there’s nothing important, why are you scared that I’ll read something I’m not supposed to?”

“Because it’s my personal life and yes there are things you aren’t supposed to know, now give it back to me.” He said, this time looking pretty serious I actually got scared of him for a moment.

I stood there for a moment thinking, if he dint want me to read it, maybe I shouldn’t, I was just about to hand it back to him when something fell from it, I looked at him and he looked really nervous, I bent down to pick it up, it was a photograph of the two of us, I remember we took it when we were kids.

“You still have it?” I asked with moist eyes, I never knew he cherished our friendship so much that he had all this memories saved yet.

“I dint forget you like you forgot me, now give it back to me.” He made a face.

“Now that I’ve found this pic, I’m more curious, catch me if you can.” I giggled and I rushed away once again as he followed me, I rushed towards the parking lot and got inside my car as I locked it leaving him outside, he looked really angry but well my curiosity won.

“Please don’t do it Khushi.” He begged me and as much as I wanted to obey him, I couldn’t. I wanted to know what he was trying to hide from me, after all we were friends and if he cherished our friendship that much then there should be no secrets right?

I opened a random page and it had the date of the day I met them for the first time ever, I smiled as I started reading whatever he had written.

‘Dear diary, I know I had given up on writing long back but today I couldn’t stop myself, I had no one to talk to about this and I couldn’t keep it to myself so I thought, why not write it out once again.

I saw her today and it dint take me even a moment to realize that she was Khushi, she looked just like before, just that she had grown up, she was tall and a bit skinny, but just as gorgeous as she always was.

When she walked inside the room, she took my breath away but I guess someone else took hers away because she couldn’t just take her eyes off Arnav.

I thought that she was going to recognize me but I was disappointed, it looked like she dint even remember she had a childhood friend, and as for me I never forgot her, how could I? She was the only girl I ever loved.’

I raised my head up in shock as I looked out through the window, he was still standing there looking defeated, was this why he dint want me to read it, because he knew I’ll find out that I was the girl he loved?

Honestly I was shocked, I never expected that he could love me, I never ever thought of anything like that, he never gave me any signs or did anything that could make me feel he was in love with me.

I looked back at the book and continued reading.

‘She looked so happy and excited meeting Arnav, maybe the same way I felt after seeing her here and I don’t know why, but it dint hurt, I dint feel bad that she was looking at him and not me, because I realized that Arnav was looking at her the same way.

There was surely something between them both, like they just liked each other instantly, and I know it would sound like a lie but I was happy, because I had never seen Arnav look at a girl like he looked at her, and I was glad knowing that maybe one day, Arnav was going to fall in love with her, and she was going to be perfect for him.

He was my best friend and I was so tired of seeing him with random girls every now and then trying to find true love, but maybe it was time now, time for him to find his true love, and even though she was the girl I loved, I never expressed it, not to my own best friend, how could I? When he looked at her that way?’

I unlocked the door and walked outside as I handed him back the diary, I dint want to read anymore, he looked at me painfully and now was when I understood why he was trying too hard to take it away from me, he dint want me to find out about this.

“Since when Dev?” I asked with tears in my eyes.

“Since forever.” He smiled as he turned the other way immediately, I rushed towards him and hugged him from behind, I dint know what I felt but I just felt hurt for him, maybe he was the most selfless person ever.

I saw Arnav walking out and I pulled apart as I looked at him, Dev noticed him too, he turned to look at me as he wiped of the tears from his eyes and smiled at me.

“Would you do something if I asked you to?” he tried to smile, I dint know what he was going to say but I just nodded anyway knowing that he wouldn’t let me do something wrong, ever!

“Don’t give up on him please.” He said.

“I don’t know Dev, I feel like I already am.” I said as I looked at him once again, a few seconds later, he stopped in front of me as Dev walked away leaving the both of us alone.

We both kept on staring at each other for what seemed like forever, neither did he speak a work nor did I, I was just waiting, hoping for him to say something but it looked like he was never going to say anything.

Say something I’m giving up on you…

I’ll be the one if you want me to…

He looked at me with his eyes moist and I stood the still, staring at him hoping he was going to tell me to stay, hoping he was going to ask for forgiveness for what he did to be but he dint say anything and I felt terrible, I felt like hating myself for letting myself be weak for him every now and then when I definitely shouldn’t be caring about him.

Anywhere I would have followed you…

Say something I’m giving up on you…

It seemed like forever, we stood there staring at each other having nothing to say, and even though Dev asked me not to give up on him, I felt like I already was.

I turned around and faced the opposite side, tears started rolling down my eyes as I wiped them off because if he let me walk away this time, I swear I was never coming back.

And I, am feeling so small…

It was over my head, I know nothing at all…

And I, will stumble and fall, I’m still learning to love…

Just starting to crawl…

I took a step forward and he got hold of my hand the same moment, he pulled me back as I turned around and crashed on his chest and I felt like I was drowning inside a pool of sorrow, I dint know what he was going to do or say, I was just nervous because I dint know how I was going to react on any of it.

His lips trembled as he tried to speak but it looked like he had lost his voice, I kept on staring at him waiting to listen to what he had to say.

“I just wanted to…” he Inhaled a deep breath, it looked like whatever he was trying to say was breaking him apart but he still wanted to say it anyway, maybe he had to say it.

“I just wanted to bid you a final good bye.” It all came out in a whisper but maybe they were the loudest words I’d ever heard, I almost felt like laughing at this situation, just a while back Dev told me not to give up on him and although I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give up on him or not, he definitely was, in fact he had already given up on me.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you,

Anywhere, I would have followed you,

Say something I’m giving up on you…

Tears started rolling down my eyes as he pulled me into a hug and held me tight into his arms, honestly I no more knew why he was doing this, I dint even know if the reason he gave me was the real reason that teared us apart and as much as I hated him, being here in between his arms felt like the best place in the world and I hoped that he was going to change his mind.

He only had to tell me to stay and maybe I wouldn’t have given up on everything and stayed with him, because he was the only one I ever loved, he was the only one I was ever going to be in love with.

And I, will swallow my pride,

You’re the one that I love…

And I’m saying goodbye…

He broke the hug and tried to smile, he cupped my face and looked at me like it was the last time he was looking at me and then the next moment he turned around and walked away leaving me broken and shattered and I hated myself for not being strong enough to walk away from him before giving him a chance to hurt me once again.

I stamped my feet on the floor angrily as I rushed inside my car and drove off, honestly I was done, I had given up because now that he had hurt me twice I wasn’t going to let him hurt me the third time.

Right now at this moment I had my mind made up, this was the end of us, even if he ever came back, I dint think I had enough strength left in me to forgive him.

Sep 15

His Melody... Part 38 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 31 times)

“Please Khushi please.” Dev begged me like a kid and I felt terrible saying no to him, if I could, I would have definitely attended his concert but knowing I would have to face Arnav there once again I dint want to even take a chance.

“I am sorry Dev, I really can’t.” I settled down on my bed, he bent on his knees and folded his hands literally begging me.

“It’s our last night here Khushi, come on… just the final concert, you have to come, I know you’re avoiding Arnav but you can’t ditch me like that, I am your friend too.” Dev begged as he looked at me with a puppy face.

“She’ll come, I’ll make sure I bring her.” Shaurya said as he walked into the room, I stood up and stared at her angrily.

“Who gave you the permission to take decisions for me?” I asked him.

“I hope you’ll bring her, I have a lot to do anyway so I’m leaving this on you, I really have to rush, see you both at the concert tonight.” Dev smiled as he ran outside.

“Well I’m your best friend, I don’t need your permission for anything my dear Khushi.” Shaurya smiled as he walked towards me and settled down beside me.

“You don’t get it Shaurya, I’m trying not to face Arnav, I just feel so bad whenever I see him, it hurts me.”

“And that’s exactly why you should go there, see him and feel more hurt so that you’re able to convince yourself that you don’t need a man like him in your life, not the one who makes you feel that way.” He said confidently.

“Can we discuss that topic later, you wanted to tell me something and we never had a chance to talk, tell me about it now.” I looked at him keenly, he looked a bit nervous.

“It’s about this girl, remember I told you I went on a date with her and all?”

“Yeah, so what about it?”

“Actually some days back I went to meet her and I found her with Karan, yes the Karan that you’re thinking about, so they were just talking and I stood far staring at them and it looked to me like Karan really liked her, I wanted to ask her to be with me, I mean I wanted to make things between us official but I’m scared, you know I’ve become friends with the boys I feel like I’ll hurt Karan.” He said nervously.

“What about the girl, does she like you or Karan?”

“I don’t know, I mean she behaves like she likes me and I think she does that’s why I wanted to ask her out but now I don’t know what to do.”

I smiled as I looked at him, when it came to me he was the most genius person on earth and when it came to him, he was the most stupid one.

“Look it’s not about if Karan likes her or not, it’s about whom she likes, take a chance tell her how you feel about her and if she likes you too I think you shouldn’t worry about Karan, yes he might be hurt but then you can’t change someone’s feelings right?”

“So you think I should ask her out without worrying about Karan?”

“Definitely, if she’s interested in you she’ll say yes, if she’s interested in Karan then she will tell you about it, and then you can know what to do next right?”

“Since when did you become so good at advising people?” Shaurya giggled.

“Since Dev happened.” I said as I remembered whatever I had read in his diary, he had let me be because he noticed Arnav and I liked each other and he dint even tell me what he felt towards me, and maybe he had taught me a lot.

“Okay so done, I’ll talk to her now can we come back to the concert? We are going tonight because I’ve already promised Dev, so you better be ready when I come to pick you up or I’ll drag you there forcefully even in your night suit.” He winked at me as he stood up and headed out of the room.

“I hate you!” I shouted from behind as I picked up a pillow from the bed and threw it at him.

“I know, I love you too.” He smirked as he bent down and picked up the pillow and threw it back at me and then walked away smirking like he had won some battle.


At nine o’clock, Shaurya was at my door like he had promised, and unwillingly I had to go to the concert. Purvi had left long back with Ravi who came to pick her up and every time I saw them both I wondered how different things would have been between me and Arnav right now if he hadn’t messed us up.

I rushed to the car, got inside as Shaurya drove to the venue, gladly it was just near my house and we arrived there in ten minutes, we parked our car and called Dev to come get us because as usual the security men weren’t ready to believe that we were his friends.

Dev was so happy when he saw me there, I was actually glad I came, if not me at least someone else should be happy.

“Thank you so much for coming and thank you Shaurya for bringing her.” Dev said as he pulled us along with him, we headed backstage where the boys were busy preparing for the concert.

“I’m sure today we’re going to perform our best, my lady luck is here.” Karan said as he looked at me and then winked.

“Shut up!” I slapped on his arm as I looked at Arnav who just shrugged and headed to the stage ready for the concert, I just hoped that he wasn’t going to spoil this one like he had spoilt his previous ones.

All the boys followed him one by one and they were all set to begin singing, Purvi joined us at that moment as she started arguing with Shaurya about something related to Ravi, my eyes were just stuck on Arnav, I don’t know why but I was curious wondering if he was going to be able to sing well this time or not.

He looked at me for a moment and then at the huge crowd in front of him and made an announcement about the song he was going to sing tonight saying that it wasn’t originally by them, he closed his eyes, held the mike closer to his mouth and started singing.

As soon as the song began, just from the first line, I understood why he was singing it, each and every line of it was so meaningful, plus Arnav and his band usually sang original songs, written and composed by them but today when he announced that he was going to sing a song by another artist who was one of his favorites, I knew there had to be a reason behind why he chose to do that.

I shut my eyes as I listened to him sing the first few lines of the song, I had heard it before but not in his voice, his voice sounded so intense and so full of pain, and he was confusing me, he was the one who left me dint he? And now here he was singing some painful songs, what was I supposed to make out of it?

Walking down 29th and park

I saw you in another’s arms

Only a month we’ve been apart

You look happier.

When he sang this lines, it reminded me of the time Dev and I had gone to the park and then we were competing about who’d reach the swing first, of course Dev won and when he picked me up in his arms and twirled me around, he made me laugh and smile, he made me happy but that was it, wasn’t I supposed to feel happy around a friend? Why did he even think there could be anything else between the both of us than just friendship?

Yes Dev did love me, and I respected his feelings, but the other truth was also that for me, it was always Arnav, only him and no matter how hard I tried, I had never been able to move on. Dev was a friend to me and just because I was going around with him and he was making me feel happy dint have to mean that we were together, we were just friends and friend also made each other happy dint they?

Saw you walk inside a bar

He said something to make you laugh

I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours

Yeah you look happier, you do.

I closed my eyes, the more he kept on singing and more I kept on feeling hurt, it felt like the whole song was directed towards me, each and every line of it had happened.

I remembered the night at the club where Dev went to dance with a girl and we were talking about it and laughing while Arnav was sited in a corner sipping his drink, staring at us…

I dint understand him at all, I was the one who said I loved him, for him it was always like, he never loved me, then how did he even think I could get someone else in my life so soon? What even made him believe that Dev and I were together?

I walked towards the side from where I could see him, he had his eyes shut, he was holding the mike close to his mouth clutching it tight with both his hands, he opened his eyes slowly and then looked at the crowd in front of him, he kept on looking from one side to the other until his eyes stopped on me and then they dint move at all, he kept on staring at me while he sang the next line of the song.

Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you

But ain’t nobody love you like I do

Promise that I will not take it personal baby

If you’re moving on with someone new.

And when he sang the last two lines of it, I saw him move his eyes from me to Dev, his eyes were full of pain and I could notice it no matter how far I stood from him. He turned to look back at the crowd faking a huge smile on his face as he continued singing.

I stood there for a moment and then turned around to walk away, I dint care what song he sang or how he felt about leaving me, the fact was that he blamed me for his failure and if he thought that singing a song directed at me was going to earn him some sympathy from me then he was wrong, I had no sympathy left for him.

Right now I dint know where to go or what to do, all I wanted was to stay away from him, to stop listening to the song he was singing because it was hurting, and I dint know what to do, I felt bad for him despite not knowing why he was doing all this but at the same time, I felt bad for myself too.

Cause baby you look happier, you do

My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too

And until then I’ll smile to hide the truth

But I know I was happier with you.

I locked myself inside the bathroom and placed both my hands on my ears but there was no way I could escape his music, it was loud I could hear it even a mile away from here!

I screamed out in pain, I dint know what it was about this song but it sounded so painful, it was hurting me more than anything else.

It felt like he was singing it for me, maybe he was but then it was confusing, he never loved me, he never cared about me, so why was he doing all this?

Sat in the corner of the room

Everything’s reminding me of you

Nursing an empty bottle and telling myself you’re happier

Aren’t you?

I walked out of the washroom and headed backstage because clearly me standing there or in the washroom made no difference, and I was here for Dev so I wasn’t going to leave just because Arnav was trying to hurt me once again.

I was stronger than that, I was strong enough to handle this stupid song of his. I stood where I was standing before and looked at the boys, Karan and Ravi were just staring at the fans but Dev, he was staring at Arnav.

Arnav fell down on his knees looking completely broken and for a moment I wanted to believe that maybe I was wrong about all I thought about him, maybe he had a reason for what he did to me and maybe he actually loved me just as much as I loved him, but then I couldn’t believe it, not after everything that had happened between us.

Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you

But ain’t nobody need you like I do

I know that there’s others that deserve you

But my darling I’m still in love with you.

He turned his head and looked back at Dev faking a huge smile on his face, why the hell was he even smiling at him? What was he trying to do? Seriously, I felt like picking up a guitar and banging it on his head.

But I guess you look happier you do

My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too

I could try to smile to hide the truth

But I know I was happier with you.

He tried to stand up and when he finally managed to stand still, he looked at me once again, making me feel so awkward, reminding me that he was dedicating this song to me because maybe he thought I had moved on in life, maybe he thought that I was with Dev, why else would he sing this?

He stared at me for a moment and then turned back to the crowd, closed his eyes and finished the rest of the song while I stood there pretending to have been unaffected by his song but the truth was that each and every word of it was tearing my heart apart.

Baby you look happier, you do

I knew one day you’d fall for someone new

But if he breaks your heart like lovers do

Just know that I’ll be waiting here for you.

Just when he was done singing the last line of the song, he placed the mike aside and walked away from the stage without even waiting for the boys to finish playing the music, they all looked at him in confusion while they carried on with their instruments as Arnav walked towards me.

“Khushi!” He smiled as he stopped in front of me, it wasn’t the fake smile he had been giving on the stage, it was a genuine one, I could see it touch his eyes.

“Arnav.” I said back nervously, trying my best to act normal.

Sep 18

His Melody... Part 39 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 29 times)

“I don’t know what to say, I know I’ve been a terrible person and I’ve done wrong to you and I even know that right now you don’t even want to listen to me talk or maybe you just want to slap me on the face and walk away and trust me I wouldn’t mind if you did that, because I know I deserve it.

But I know one more thing and that is, you deserve happiness, so today I am here standing in front of you asking you for forgiveness for all that I did with you, I shouldn’t have ever blamed you for my failures or did whatever I did but the damage has been done so I just thought if it dint end on a good note last time, doesn’t mean it has to be that way ahead, we can still end this on a good note right?” he said it all in a breath and I kept on staring at him in confusion.

Yes he was right, I wanted to punch him on the face and take out all the anger and pain than had been inside me but there was no use of it because he was just asking for forgiveness, he dint want us to get back together, he just wanted us to end on a good note!

I felt like laughing at myself for thinking that he would want us to get together, like who the hell was I even fooling? Arnav Singh Raizada would find someone else in a matter of few days, he dint need a girl like me in his life but the other side of this story was also that now, neither did I need him in my life.

“You’re right, we should end this for once and for all so I stop hurting myself because of you because you know what Arnav, honestly you don’t deserve me.” I said as I looked at him angrily.

“I know Khushi you don’t, you deserve someone better, like Dev.” He smiled.

I stared at him finally confirming the doubts I had, he actually thought I had moved on with Dev and I was in no mood to clarify, maybe this was the end of it and right now I just wanted for it to end for once and for all so I could stop getting hurt every damn time!

He walked closer to me and suddenly grabbed me as he pulled me into a hug and it felt so good, I wanted to stay there forever even when I knew, forever was never meant for us.

“Goodbye Khushi, I hope you have a great life ahead.” He broke the hug and turned around as he walked away without saying anything or even looking back at me, and now I knew this was the end, the end of everything that had ever been between us.

Shaurya rushed towards me as he looked at worriedly, my eyes were still stuck at the place Arnav had left from, everything inside me was breaking once again and I felt like I was going to die of this pain.

“What happened Khushi?” Shaurya asked as he got hold of me worriedly.

“Nothing, we just ended everything.” I said as I tried to fake a smile, wiping the tears off my face, promising myself that this was the last time I was crying for Arnav.

“Come, I’ll take you home, it’s just a matter of few days and I promise everything will be fine, trust me.” He said as he tried to pull me away but I dint move.

“I have to say goodbye to the boys, just a few minutes and then we’ll leave.”

He nodded positively and just then Karan and Dev walked towards us, Ravi and Purvi were standing in a corner lost into each other’s eyes.

“I can’t believe this went well.” Karan sighed.

“I know right, anyway I don’t know when we’ll ever get the chance to come back here.” Dev said as he looked at me, I know what he meant by that, it was that maybe we weren’t going to meet again anytime soon.

“It’s okay, I’ll not forget you again.” I giggled.

“If you forget me this time, I’ll take you to the court.” He laughed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll save you from him.” Karan winked at me and I laughed at the both of them.

“I’ll stay in touch, don’t worry and anytime you get a chance to come this side, please don’t invite me for your concert, instead come home and visit me.” I said as I looked at Dev and he understood what I meant.

“I’ll miss you.” he said as he pulled me into a hug.

“I’ll miss you too.” I hugged him back tighter, and then I broke the hug and hugged Karan as I bid them both goodbye wondering when I’ll get to see them again.

“If you don’t find a boyfriend for long, you know I’m always available” Karan winked at me.

“Shut up, you and your never ending flirting.” I slapped on his arm as he laughed and just then we were joined by Ravi and Purvi.

“So have you both love birds bid each other a goodbye, don’t worry love, I’ll make sure he comes to visit you every now and then okay?” Karan said as he looked at Purvi who looked really sad knowing that Ravi was leaving today and obviously they were in a band so they usually were busy with concerts in different places.

We all stood there together talking for so long bidding each other goodbye yet not wanting to leave until the boys had to be pushed by their manager because they had a flight to catch.

Shaurya, Purvi and I headed home after the boys left, and all the way to home, we all were silent, Purvi was just missing Ravi already while I was busy thinking about what was going to happen ahead now.

Shaurya and I walked to my room as Purvi headed to her own room, we settled down on the bed while Shaurya kept on talking to me about random stuff but I was not really paying heed to him because my mind was yet stuck on Arnav.

“Khushi!” He shook me.

“Yeah, sorry I was thinking about something, what were you saying?”

“I was thanking you for the advice you gave me, you know I confessed my feelings to Kajal.”

“Sorry, who Kajal?” I looked at him in confusion.

“****, I never even told you her name, anyway she’s the girl I told you about remember, the one I went on a date with and all that.”

“Oh yeah, so she’s called Kajal, so what did she say after you confessed to her?” I asked as I looked at him excitedly finally getting rid of the thoughts I had been having all along.

“She feels the same towards me, I can’t tell you how excited I was when she said that, I couldn’t even wait to share the good news with you but so much had happened so anyway, I can’t wait for you to meet her.” He said excitedly.

“Does she know me?” I asked

“Not really, as in she knows you’re my best friend and all but she’s more eager to meet you because you’re a painter, she loves paintings and she’s been dying to meet you.”

“I’m also dying to meet the girl who fell in love with this stupid best friend of mine.” I smiled at him, although he was stupid and a bit irritating at times, he was the perfect best friend I’d ever have, he cared for me more than he cared for himself although he rarely showed it, the friendship between us was just so strong, nothing could ever break it.

“What if she doesn’t like me and tell you not to be friends with me anymore?” I asked as the thought crossed my mind, I knew our friendship was strong, no one could break it anyway.

“Then I’d tell her to find someone else because you my love, are the best thing to have ever happened to me but why are we even talking about that, if she loves me she will definitely love you and if she doesn’t love you she won’t try to separate us and that is the kind of relationship I have, she had to understand that you’ve been in my life since forever and I can’t leave my best friend for my Love.” He smiled at me.

“And what if I tell you that I don’t like her and you have to leave her?”

“You won’t do that because you care for my happiness and if I’ll be happy with her you’ll be happy too.”

I smiled at him and moved closer to him as I hugged him tight, I was blessed to have him in my life wasn’t I? I mean who on earth has such a perfect best friend?

“When I have you, why do I need any Arnav or anything other guy in my life to make me happy?” I said as I broke the hug.

“You see, I always knew I was the best man in your life, you can’t find anyone better than me.” He smirked proudly.

“Oh shut up.” I giggled as I slapped his arm and then suddenly the thoughts I had brushed off my mind came flooding back and my expressions went from a hundred to thirty maybe.

“Hey, it’s all going to be okay, I promise.” Shaurya said as he hugged me tight.

“I don’t even know if I’ll ever see him again, do I even want to see him ever again?”

“No you don’t! You deserve better than that Khushi, please don’t be sad, I’m here and I’ll make everything alright for you.” He smiled as he broke the hug.


“Promise.” He replied confidently and maybe his confidence gave me the confidence I needed so badly.

Sep 19

His Melody... Part 40 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 30 times)

2 Years later…

“What? Destination wedding?” I asked Shaurya as I looked at him in shock, he was standing in front of me smiling bright like he had just achieved a milestone.

“Yeah, Kajal always wanted a destination wedding so we decided why not.” He smiled brightly.

“And are you ready for it? I mean it feels like it was just yesterday when we met as teenagers and now you’re getting married, I can’t believe it, I’m so happy for you.” I jumped on him as I hugged him, I was so happy that he was getting married.

It felt just like yesterday when he had told me about this girl he loved and then he took me too meet her and she was the most amazing person I’d ever met and I knew that they were surely made for each other.

“Pack your bags and get ready to leave, you’re my bridesmaid.” Kajal said as she walked inside my room smiling brightly at me.

I looked at this gorgeous girl standing in front of me, she was tall, thin and beautiful, she flipped her long hair backwards and walked closer to me, she looked like a model, well she had to, she was a model.

“A bridesmaid? How can I? I mean I am Shaurya’s best friend but…”

“You’re also my friend Khushi, we’ve spent so much time together for the past two years and I want you to be my bridesmaid so no arguments, we have only a week left for the wedding, it all happened so suddenly and in fact you’re the first person we’re informing, so pack your bags, you have today to do all the shopping you want because tomorrow we’re flying to Greece.” She smiled brightly.

“Okay, done.” I smiled at her, Shaurya pulled her closer and wrapped his arm around her waist as he held her closer while I admired them both, they were just perfect together, I was so happy for Shaurya.

“I’ll finish everything I have then pick you up in the evening, we’ll go for shopping together, how does it sound?” He asked.

“I think you both should go for the wedding shopping together, what will I do there?” I asked.

“Help us, I need suggestions anyway so you’re coming with us, that’s final, be ready by five oclock, we’ll pick you up, no excuses, we even have to selected the bridesmaid dress for you.” She smiled.

“I’ll look strange in between your model friends.” I said nervously.

“You won’t, you’re perfect the way you are, now come on, no more excuse be ready, I’ll see you in the evening.” Kajal smiled at me.

They both bid me a goodbye and left as they had lots of preparations to make, I headed out of my room and sat in the hall, I was so excited for their wedding.

Purvi walked in, she was talking to someone over the phone, as soon as he eyes fell on me, she smiled and walked out once again and I knew why she did that, she was my younger sister and no matter how much we always fought she always cared about me.

Unlike Arnav and me, Ravi and Purvi’s love story dint come to an end, they both were still very much together and deeply in love but Purvi always made sure never to mention anything related to him to me, even when she was talking to him over the phone she always avoided being around me thinking that it would remind me of Arnav.

It always did but in this two years, I had managed to make myself stronger, and like I had promised myself, I wasn’t going to cry over him so I hadn’t shed even one tear for him.

I had maintained my friendship with Dev and we always talked to each other over the phone, sometimes I would also get to talk to Karan when he was around and that was it, I never asked about Arnav and I was sure he never asked about me.

Purvi walked back inside after she was done with the call and settled down next to me, I looked at her with a smile.

“How’s he?” I asked.

“He’s good, I just miss him, I don’t think this long distance kind of relationship is really going to work, I haven’t seen him for over three months now.” Purvi said sadly.

“Look at it this way, no matter the distance, you both still love each other the same right?” I smiled at her.

“Yeah that’s true, but what’s the glow on your face? You look happy today?” She stared at me.

“Shaurya came home a while back and guess what? He’s getting married, I mean can you believe it?” I said excitedly.

“What? When did that happen? And when is he getting married?”

“This weekend, that too in Greece, it’s a destination wedding, I am so excited for it, I can’t wait to do all the crazy things in his wedding.”

“Wow, that’s actually some good news.” Purvi smiled.

“I know right.” I said as I looked at the TV, I saw the picture of the band showing on the Tv and I immediately switched it off, for the past two years I had managed to keep myself away from anything related to Arnav, whenever anything related to the band came up I always avoided it, I never even allowed anyone to mention anything regarding him to me.

“You still miss him don’t you?” Purvi asked as she looked at me with concern.

“I don’t miss him Purvi, I just avoid everything related to him, I want to forget I ever met him or fell in love with him, I’ve done so well for two years I’m sure in the coming years I’ll forget that he even existed.” I stood up and headed back towards my room.

“The love you have for him would never let you forget him, why don’t you try to talk to him once?”

“No thank you, I respect myself enough, he’s not the only important thing in my life that now I have to run around him, I would never do that Purvi and please like I told you before, talk to me about Ravi, Karan or Dev, but never mention Arnav.” I looked at her angrily and headed inside my room, just a moment back I was so happy and excited about Shaurya’s wedding and Purvi spoilt everything by mentioning Arnav.


In the evening, Shaurya and Kajal picked me up from home as we headed to some of the designer shops, obviously she was a model, she was going to wear designers for her wedding.

We settled down in shop where she was looking at the wedding dresses excitedly, the collection here was so beautiful and she even looked pretty while trying them on I wondered how gorgeous she was going to look on her wedding day.

“I’m confused between this two, I love them both, what do I do?” She pouted and looked at us.

“How about you try them both and show us, then we can help you decide?” Shaurya suggested, she nodded as she rushed inside the dressing room to try it, she walked out within a few seconds dressed in a pretty red outfit, Shaurya rushed towards her to help her hold it while I just looked at her.

I felt envious for her because somewhere deep inside I knew, I was never going to experience this in my life, I was never going to get to try wedding outfits because for once Purvi was right, I loved Arnav so much I couldn’t think of getting married to anyone else but I also knew we both were never going to be together, so all my dreams were just going to be unfulfilled.

“You okay Khushi?” Shaurya asked as he walked back to me and sat next to me.

“Yeah, and by the way I like this one more, it looks perfect on you.” I said to Kajal who agreed with me and finally purchased the one we chose.

We then headed around different shops and malls looking for some bridesmaid dresses but we couldn’t find any that pleased us and some of the shops were already closed.

“What do we do now? We’re leaving tomorrow morning and we don’t have dresses?” I asked.

“We’ll figure something out.” Shaurya assured me.

“I have a designer friend in Greece, she also designs Indian clothes, in fact she’s the one who suggested for me to have my wedding there, how about we meet her the first thing when we reach there and then she would design the dresses for us, I’m sure she would do that.” Kajal suggested.

“Fine as you wish then.” I nodded in agreement so did Shaurya.

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