Isqh Mubarak!

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Oct 6

Chapter 11 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 79 times)

At hospital..

“What happened to Khushi? Is she fine?” Dilshad asked to Arnav worried for their Doll.

“She’s fine Ammi.. Ammi.. Khushi got back to her normal state..” Arnav said giving the big news to his mother with a huge smile on his face.

“What?” Dilshad widened her eyes with a huge smile on her face. Zoya smiled happily, “Really? Where is she? We want to see her..”

“Haan.. take us to her beta..” Nani said smiling, and shocked also as she didn’t thought Khushi would be cured so soon, Dilshad and Zoya were right, this is just a matter of faith. Once you have faith in Allah (God) everything is possible, because he’s the one who makes the impossible possible. 

“She’s with Siddiqui uncle now.. we’ll have to wait..” Arnav said pointing to the room Khushi was.

Asad and Ayan were shocked as hell; they were so embarrassed that they didn’t know what to say.

“Won’t you hug me bhai?” Arnav asked him, he knew Asad wouldn’t take a move if he didn’t. Asad just nodded his head looking away, then walked to him and hugged him.

Ayan gulped, “Woh.. bhai I never thought.. that.. Khushi BHABHI.. would get fine..”

“I know.. you and your stupid thoughts..” Arnav hit his forehead playfully smiling, he was too happy that today he wouldn’t mind anything his family speak.


At the hospital’s room:

Khushi was resting her head on her father’s shoulder, she was much calm now after crying heavily for her mother’s loss.

“Princess..” Aahil called her smiling, “Here drink this water..” he hand over to her a glass of water. Khushi looked at him, then she realized that he’s Aahil.. her best friend from childhood.

“Aahil..” she whispered his name with a smile of realization, he blinked his eyes confirming her guess.

“When did you come here? I can’t believe it you’re here..” Khushi smiled shocked, “Weren’t you in London?”

“I came to visit you but then got to know what happened with you..” Aahil said sadly.

“Ya Allah.. I forgot Arnav beta and his family are waiting to see you Khushi..” Siddiqui said, “You don’t know how much Arnav is happy for your recovery..”

“But I’m not happy Abba..” Khushi looked at him with moist eyes.

“See uncle.. I knew it Khushi wasn’t happy with this marriage..” said Aahil getting angry.

“Kyun?” Siddiqui frowned looking at Khushi.

“Abba you made marry someone without my consent.. and you still ask me why? Which girl would like that? And just think in which state I got married.. when my mentality was like a kid.. this marriage is not acceptable for me..  I just got cured now and I have to accept him as my husband.. someone I don’t know, I don’t feel anything for him Abba..” Khushi said, “Why did you send me to him Abba? Were you tired of me? I became a burden for you, right?”

“No my Princess.. I never thought of you as a burden to me..” Siddiqui shook his head with tears in his eyes.

Arnav knocked the door of the room unable to wait more to see his Doll, he badly wanted to see her face. He confesses, he’s nervous also as he would meet Khushi as a woman now, and not with her childish behavior that he got used to.

Siddiqui wiped his tears and went to open the door, “Arnav beta.. app..”

Siddiqui gulped, he didn’t know what Khushi would say to Arnav, that it might break his heart completely, he knows that Arnav has started to feel something for his daughter.

“Forgive me uncle for my impatience.. It’s just I can’t control myself anymore..” Arnav said embarrassedly, as he peeked to get a glimpse of Khushi.

Khushi looked away, her heart started beating faster. She didn’t know how things would go forward in her life, accepting a man suddenly as her husband.

“Oh.. come in beta.. you don’t have to say sorry.. I should THANK YOU for curing my daughter.. if it wasn’t for you then she would be still behaving like a kid..” Siddiqui said this loudly for Khushi to hear, that the man she doesn’t accept as her husband, did everything at his hand to cure her.

Arnav just smiled and walked in the room, his eyes fixed at his wife. She was strange, her eyes didn’t twinkle when she saw him, her lips didn’t curve into that big smile, her face wasn’t glowing. Her body language clearly indicated him that she was uncomfortable. And that broke his heart into countless pieces.

“We’ll leave..” Siddiqui said to give the couple a private time. But Aahil stayed in his seat, he didn’t want to leave Khushi alone, “I will stay here with Khushi..”

“Who are you?” Arnav raised his eyebrow, just now he noticed a new face in the room.

“Khushi’s friend.. Aahil Raza Ibrahim..” Aahil said with attitude.

“Arnav Ahmed Khan..  Khushi’s HUSBAND..” Arnav replied extending his hand to shake with Aahil’s. 

Khushi looked at Arnav, shocked at his reply. So she was married with Arnav Ahmed Khan, owner of AAK software company, means her father worked for Arnav and that’s the company she always dream to work there.

And the way, he said “Khushi’s husband”, she was shivering by now.


“Let’s go Aahil..” Siddiqui pulled him till the door, he angrily said, “You have to know your limits Aahil.. Arnav beta is Khushi’s husband.. and if he wants to meet her  anytime alone, it’s his right..”

“What husband? Khushi doesn’t even accept this marriage..” Aahil frowned walking through the corridor with Siddiqui.


In the room, Arnav closed the door making Khushi gulp, she clutched her dress nervously, “Dekhiye (see)..”

Arnav turned to her, Khushi shut her mouth immediately.

“What?” he asked walking towards her, “I’m your husband ok and whatever I do you have to accept it without asking me why..” finally he reached to her and sat on the bed.

Khushi  looked at him with tears in her eyes, “See.. I knew it.. that you’re..”

“That I’m that kind of husband who just wants a wife to use her and make her do what he wants to, right?” Arnav cut her.

Khushi nodded her head surprised how did he know what she was thinking.

“Then you must be angry with Siddiqui uncle also for making you marry me without your consent, you must be thinking that he didn’t love you anymore and considered you a burden, that’s why he sent to you to some man whom you don’t even know.. and most important thing, how can you accept this man whom you don’t even know a thing about as your husband? How can you start living as married woman when you just woke up now to the reality? .. Right Miss Khushi?” he asked smirking.

Khushi nodded again confused now, he come he knows everything that is in her mind.

“This is typical thinking of someone who doesn’t use their brain to see the actual truth and just believe in what they see at first time..” Arnav said sarcastically.

Khushi widened her eyes and her mouth formed big “O” shape.

“I think you were more intelligent as kid.. Don’t you think so?” he asked making confused face.

Khushi widened her eyes more, he was making fun of her! Really? In such a situation, his behavior was making her confused.

“See you said you married me without your consent.. But you said Qubool hai three time as far as I remember..” he said.

“I said that for our friendship!” Khushi argued frowning, “I didn’t even know that I was getting married!”

“But you said it.. no one forced you to say “Qubool hai” if you didn’t want, you could have easily said no..” he smirked.

“But..” she was about to say something and Arnav signaled her to keep quiet. She pouted.

“Second thing, if your Abba considered you as a burden he wouldn’t have stayed with you for four years and then get you married recently. He could have abandoned you, left you in an orphanage or in hospital itself with no hope of your cure.. he just got you married, because he was scared that someday something might happen with him and you would be left alone. You didn’t have anyone apart from him, right?” this time Arnav was serious.

Khushi looked at him with teary eyes, she didn’t even thought of that and hurt her father with her words.

“And about us, then you will have to wait and see what kind of husband I am before coming to your own conclusions.. all I can say is that I’m aware that you married me when your mentality was like a kid, to wake up now and started treating me as your beloved husband is impossible and I didn’t even expect it from you..” he stood up and looked at her intensely, “All I wanted was for you to call me once and hug me tightly, feel happy that I was alive and I didn’t leave you.. not in the way of your husband, but as your best friend.. because relationships are made  with heart, and independently that you are normal now and back then you were a kid, your heart is the same, it feels the same thing.. and you considered me to be your best friend, but now I see in your eyes you look at me as if I’m a stranger to you..”

Arnav walked fast as he could to leave this room, he wiped the tear in the corner of his eyes.

Khushi looked at his disappearing figure with mixed feelings, he got her startled when he came back suddenly and moved near her, he bend down to reach her level.

“Just to remind you.. I won’t let you break our bond.. try as many ways you want to!” he said in warning tone and left from there.

 Khushi gulped seeing the intensity of his eyes and determination in his voice. 

While Arnav rested his head on the wall and let the tears he was controlling till then escape from his eyes. 

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Oct 7

Chapter 12 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 81 times)

The family came in to meet Khushi, Dilshad was first one who sat beside Khushi and cup her face, she smiled at Khushi, “You don’t know how much happy I’m that you’re cured now.. I prayed a lot for this day..”

“Thank you.. Ammi.. Can I still call you like this?” Khushi asked smiling.

“Of course Khushi.. what changed between us after all? I was your Ammi and will always be now..” Dilshad smiled.

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other, because things changed for them now.

“Khushi bhabhi.. You’re so changed, your voice isn’t like baby anymore.. I just can’t believe it..” Haya widened her eyes shocked.

“Haan yaar.. I’m so shocked… you’re normal like us now..” Ayan also looked at her with wide eyes.

“Was I an alien back then?” Khushi smirked staring at both, “And you troubled me a lot Ayan, it’s my time now!”

Ayan gulped and looked down embarrassed, while everyone giggled at him.

“Do you remember me?” Zoya asked smiling chirpily.

“Yes how can I forget you? We’re going to be best friends because you’re just like me!” Khushi smiled.

“Zoya bhabhi doesn’t break anyone’s heart..” Arnav muttered and Khushi heard him, she looked at him frowning.

“Arnav beta ask the doctor when our Doll can be discharged..” Nani said, caressing Khushi’s hair.

“Today itself Nani.. I already asked him..” Arnav said, “And I have completed all the formalities also.. now she only has to get up from this bed and we’ll get going!”

Haya and Ayan giggled at the way Arnav spoke and Khushi glared at him.

“What? How can she get up like this? She’s still weak you know that she fainted and all that she had to go through..” Dilshad widened her eyes.

“I’m just joking Ammi.. relax!” Arnav said, as other laughed at Dilshad’s over worriedness for Khushi.

“But Khushi now only remember everything of her past and got cured, I guess it’s better she goes with us to her father’s home.. Just to give her time to adapt to all the changes in her life..” Aahil said.

“She will only adapt to the changes of her life when she faces the changes in her life..” Arnav replied, then shift his gaze to Khushi, “But it depends on her, whether she wants to go with Siddiqui uncle or with us..”

Khushi looked at Aahil, his face clearly telling her to go with them, then she looked at Arnav with his smirk that makes him more handsome than what he is, and his expression was like, “Try to run if you want, but you won’t be able to run away from me!”

At last she looked at her father, her father must have thought well before sending her to Arnav, it’s that she doesn’t feel prepared to accept this relationship, she’s scared she will not be able to feel something for her husband, and this is what not she dream for herself. But denying or run away from Arnav means disobeying the decision of the person she most loved in this world, her Abba. She couldn’t break his heart, especially now that he has health issues and is always worried for her future.

“I will go with Arnav..” she said. Siddiqui’s lips immediately curved into a smile and Aahil looked away frustrated.

Asad took the family to his car, while Arnav lifted Khushi in his arms, she widened his eyes and he smirked, in fear to fall she had to wrap her arms around his neck looking away.

“What??? I didn’t force you to come with me.. You only took this decision!” Arnav said trying to hide the smile on his face.

“Your eyes did.. you think I’m fool.. and I can’t understand what you’re doing!” Khushi frowned.

“My eyes! I didn’t know they speak too..” Arnav said innocently. Khushi glared at him.

“But yours surely speak.. this look you’re giving me now.. I think I’m going to sleep with Ammi today, who knows you will murder me with your eyes only..” he chuckled.

“This is what expected from you.. Real man don’t get scared of one glare!” she said rolling her eyes.

Arnav placed her in the car in sitting position at the front seat, he came very close to Khushi, it was just little distance between them that both could feel each other’s breaths.

“Should I show you what what I can do?” he asked in a husky voice.

Khushi’s heart beat increased, she started sweating when it wasn’t even hot. She clutched her dress nervously, and lowered her gaze unable to look into those dangerous eyes.

“Tum…” she gulped.

“Main?” he asked smirking.

“Tum..” she stammered, she felt butterflies on her stomach now.

“Haan main..” he indicated her to continue teasing her with his husky voice.

Khushi didn’t reply, as she completely forgot about what she wanted to say and neither her voice was helping her to ask him to stop doing this.

When she thought he was going too much close and this would result in a kiss, she closed her eyes tightly.

After some seconds, she felt the door being closed and opened her eyes quickly only to see Arnav walking to his driver seat.

She frowned, then looked at herself and realized that he just put the seat belt on her and she was like a fool thinking he would kiss her.

Arnav closed the door of the car at his side, and turned to her smirking, “What happened?”

Khushi glared at him and looked away.

“This is what a real man should do right, protect his wife.. that’s why I just put seat belt on you to protect you from having an accident..” he said smiling mischievously.

“But what happened with you?? Why are you sweating so much? It’s not even hot here in car.. do you want me to switch on AC for you?” he asked.

Before Khushi could reply to him, she sneezed.

“Ohho.. you caught cold without having ice cream?” Arnav shook his head, “Here.. take it.. wear it..”

He handled his sweatshirt to her, Khushi nodded sideways.

“I understand that when I was close to you, you didn’t need any sweatshirt to warm you.. but now I’m not close to you, so you need this..” he said teasingly.

“I don’t want..” she curtly replied glaring at him for flirting openly with her.

“You see I really care about you Khushi.. if you don’t wear it, I will stop the car to repeat the same scene you don’t want to.. so you think, my sweatshirt or me itself?”

Khushi pouted, she took his sweatshirt and wore angrily, then looked at him with “Happy?” look.

Arnav smiled and pinched her cheek, “So sweet my kid obeys my every word!”

“I’m not kid!” she replied irritated.

“Okay.. You’re my wife!” he said driving with a smirk on his face.

“I’m not..” she stopped on her words, realizing that she’s indeed his wife.

“You did right by not completing this sentence..” he said glancing once at her. Khushi just looked away, and stare at the window side.

“Sorry Khushi.. I know you don’t accept me as your husband.. but marriages are gift of God.. one shouldn’t break it easily.. and without trying I’m also not going to give up.. So be ready Mrs.Khan because I’m not letting you go anywhere!” he thought staring at her lost in thought.




At home..

“I can walk by myself..” Khushi said as Arnav was taking her in his arms to their room. They were in corridor and no one was seeing.

“Oh really!” he smirked.

“Stop smirking!” she gritted her teeth.

“Kyun?” he frowned.

“Why are you like this? You didn’t behave with me like this ealier..” Khushi frowned.

“Because that time I was handling a mature kid, now I’m handling an immature woman!” he replied.

“Urghhh.. put me down now..” she almost shouted, her irritation with Arnav was touching another level.

“See how immature you’re.. You’re still weak to walk by yourself.. if I let you down, you might feel dizziness.. ok..” he said.

“I won’t.. Just put me down..” she said stubbornly.

Arnav sighed and let her to walk alone. He crossed his arms and signaled her to go, “Go to your room now..”

As soon as her feet touch the floor, she felt her body weak and was unable to balance herself. Arnav quickly got hold of her, and lifted her again.

Khushi looked down embarrassedly.

“Should I put you down again or you realized what Arnav said makes sense?” he asked.

Khushi pouted, “You don’t need to shout at me like this..”

“Didn’t you shout at me?” he asked.

“No, I was just irritated..” she said and looked away. Arnav shook his head and opened their room’s door, he made her lay on the bed and pulled the blanket to cover her.

“Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?” he asked softly this time.

Both shared an eye lock as a soft breeze coming from poolside hit their faces gently.

“Jalebi..” Khushi said while nodding her head slowly.

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Oct 10

Chapter 13 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 76 times)

“Jalebi.. This late at night you want to eat jalebi Khushi?” Arnav asked with a “are you serious?” look.

“Kyun? Isn’t jalebi food to eat?” Khushi pouted.

“I will bring soup for you, it’s better..” he said and went to kitchen, while Khushi fumed in anger, “What is this? He will order me now.. Now he will tell me what I should do or not, what I should eat or not..”

“Let’s see how you order me Mr.Khan!” Khushi smirked and quickly lay on bed and acted like she felt asleep.

Arnav returned and saw her sleeping, first he thought she really slept but seeing worried lines forming on her forehead, he shook his head, “Mrs.Khan.. stop your acting and sit to drink your soup!”

“Kyaa? I’m sleeping.. I’m not even hearing what you said..” Khushi replied loudly, then bit her tongue forgetting that she shouldn’t speak loudly in front of him because he would know she isn’t sleeping.

“Immature woman!” Arnav rolled his eyes, “You don’t even know how to act properly.. How can a sleeping person reply to other?”

Khushi opened her eyes and glared at him, “Stop calling me immature woman!”

“I can call you Doll.. but you don’t want that!” he said and sat beside her.

“Yes.. I ..” Arnav cut her by bringing the spoon near her lips and Khushi unwillingly had to drink the soup.

“Oh, you want me to call you Doll?” he smirked.

“NO.. you didn’t let me complete what I wanted to say..” Khushi looked at him angrily, “And don’t think you will order me.. I know very well what I should do or not..”

Arnav didn’t speak anything, he just made her drink soup making Khushi look at him with wide eyes.

“Now drink water..” he said pointing to the glass. Khushi pouted and took the glass. Arnav smirked, “Wah.. what an immature woman you’re.. You’re doing the opposite of what you told me.. You’re letting me order you, then you will blame me only!”

Khushi widened her eyes more realizing he said truth only, she looked at his side but he was gone with the tray to keep it back at the kitchen.



Next morning

Khushi walked out of the room after praying, she went downstairs to help Dilshad to prepare breakfast.

“Ammi.. As salam alaikum!” she smiled entering in the kitchen. Dilshad smiled and greeted her back, “You woke up so soon.. you should have rested my dear..”

“I’ve rested enough.. besides I couldn’t miss my prayers early in morning, after so many days I had to thank Allah for curing me completely and giving me an Ammi like you!” she smiled. 

“Thank Allah for giving you a husband like Arnav who didn’t let your side when no one else believed you could be cured..” Zoya said smiling.

Khushi faked a smile, that’s true it’s only because of Arnav, she’s cured today. But is she ready to accept him as her husband?

“Woh..can I help to make something?” she asked.

“Do one thing Khushi today you make coffee Arnav.. because I always make it for him, but now you’re fine and you’re his wife.. I’m sure he will like to have coffee made by you!” Zoya smiled.

“Good idea naughty girl!” Nani pinched Zoya’s cheek, who giggled blushing.

“If I make coffee for that laad governor.. he will start thinking he can make me do whatever he wants too.. but I can’t deny to Zoya like that also.. urghhh.. I will have to make coffee for him!” Khushi thought.



Arnav, Asad and Ayan reached home after praying in mosque. Arnav sat on sofa in living room waiting for girls to finish preparing breakfast, he took newspaper to read while Asad went to his room talking on phone and Ayan went to prepare for college.

“Did you came?” Khushi faked a smile holding a tray with his coffee and some snacks. Arnav raised his one eyebrow finding strange her sweet behavior with him.

When he saw Nani coming behind her, he understood why she was treating him like that.

“Did you miss me?” he continued with the act smiling and taking coffee from the tray, “Shukriya..”

“I was just asking!” she said gritting her teeth, then faked a smile to Nani who just sat with Arnav.

“Can’t you see with your own eyes that I came back?” he retorted.

Nani giggled, “Arnav beta you won’t give up till she says she missed you.. try to understand beta, girls are shy to admit it..”

Arnav smiled, “But is there anything wrong to admit that you missed your husband?”

“Nahin .. there’s no wrong in it, in fact it only makes love grow between them..” Nani smiled, “’These little little gestures matters a lot in a marriage!”

Khushi widened her eyes and left from there. Arnav and Nani giggled at her going.

“Guess she got shyer!” Nani whispered to Arnav, who just nodded his head smirking.



At AAK..

“Siddiqui uncle.. As salam alaikum.. How are you?” Arnav smiled seeing his father in law entering on his cabin.

He stood up and helped Siddiqui to seat on a chair, then went back to his seat, “Walaikum As Salam beta.. I’m very fine and happy also today.. Khushi.. you know..”

“Yes.. I know..” Arnav smiled understanding how much happiness Khushi’s recovery means to him.

“If you don’t mind beta.. I wanted to meet her..” Siddiqui said smiling awkwardly, he knows this is a place to work and Arnav is his employer, it seemed like he is crossing his limits by asking this but his father’s heart had no patience to meet his daughter, he wanted to see her and hug her, chat with her and so on, and he couldn’t just wait till evening to go to her house and disturb her new family for that.

“Uncle app bhi na... Khushi is your daughter and you have more rights on her than me.. You can meet her whenever you want to.. wait I will just call her to get ready and come here..” Arnav said.

Siddiqui smiled emotionally at him, he really is thankful to Allah for sending such a great man in his daughter’s life. He just prays Khushi open her eyes and accept Arnav, otherwise she would lose if not the perfect, the best husband for her.

“Khushi be ready.. I’m sending the driver to pick you up!” he said after she picked up the phone.

“I’m not at home!” she replied.

“Where are you then?” he frowned, not that he doesn’t want her to go out, but he is worried for her safety.

“I’m buying some clothes for me and where I will not tell you! And I will not go with your driver anywhere ok.. stop ordering me every now and then!” she said angrily and cut the call.

Arnav rolled his eyes, Siddiqui looked at him worriedly, “Kya hua beta? Did she do something wrong?”

“Uncle I understand that you’re worried for Khushi’s behavior with me.. Don’t worry uncle, Khushi is my wife and I won’t give up of her.. she may trouble me how much she wants too and it’s her right too, after all I’m her man only..” Arnav smiled.

Siddiqui smiled sadly, “I’m sorry beta.. first I handed Khushi to you when she behaved like kid, you had to suffer with your family and this society talks and now that she got fine, you’re suffering because of her only..”

“I’m not Uncle.. trust me.. And I completely understand what is cooking in her mind.. she’s just scared to accept this relationship.. and we should understand her part too, it’s not easy to wake up and find out you’re married to someone whom you don’t even know!” Arnav said.

Siddiqui nodded, “You’re very nice.. very few people would have done what you did!”

Arnav smiled while Siddiqui left his cabin sad with Khushi’s behavior.

As Siddiqui left, Arnav grabbed his phone and called Aman, “Aman I’ve got an important work for you.. In one hour, I need you to find where my wife is!”

“What? Did she got kidnapped?” Aman asked shocked.

“NO!” Arnav shouted, “She’s playing hide and seek with me..”

“Then you should only find her na Sir.. then only you will win this game!” Aman smiled sheepishly.

“Aman.. you have one hour.. and you just wasted 2 minutes by talking nonsense with me!” Arnav said staring at his watch, “If I don’t see my wife in front of me in my cabin in one hour, I’m sending you back to New York!”

Aman gasped, “Okay.. okay.. Any clue sir? I mean where should I start..”

“You should start by using your brain!” Arnav rolled his eyes while Aman pouted, “She went to buy clothes, so probably you will have to search in some shop or shopping near my house..”

“Ok sir..” Aman nodded and set to work.



Exactly one hour later..

Arnav sighed seeing no sign of Khushi, he was about to get up from his chair when he saw Khushi coming in with Aman walking behind her. Khushi was muttering something in anger while Aman was looking down, perhaps he heard a lot of taunts by Khushi on the way.

“Good job Aman.. I’m impressed!” Arnav smirked, “You can go now..”

Aman left smiling proudly on himself, but then pouted realizing that till now he hasn’t done any job in office, he just does works related to Khushi only.


“What do you think of yourself?” Khushi asked angrily, “Just because you have so much money, you think you can make people dance to your tunes! Means that now I don’t have my privacy also, I can’t do things I wish to, I can’t go wherever I want to.. hain na? Everything should happen according to what you want.. This is why you married me, you just wanted to boss around me.. I didn’t even finish my shopping also.. and that man came to take me as I have done a crime and I’m being taken to jail.. everyone was looking at me wondering what I have done..”

“If you listened to me, then I wouldn’t have to ask Aman to find you..” he said with serious face.

“I listened you and did you hear what I said? I said I don’t want to go with your driver anywhere..” she almost shouted.

Siddiqui came in after knocking the door and interrupting Arshi’s conversation.

“Khushi..” he smiled. Khushi turned to him and smiled brightly, “Abba..” she ran to hug him tightly. 

“Shukriya Arnav beta.. you managed to bring her here for me..” Siddiqui smiled with teary eyes, means his words mean to Arnav.

“It’s okay uncle.. I will let you both alone here now and I will go and attend a meeting..” Arnav said leaving the cabin.

Khushi looked at him going shocked, she made him listen too much when he just called her to meet her father. Her eyes turned moist and she felt guilty for shouting at him for no fault of his.

“Abba.. you called me here?” she asked.

Siddiqui nodded, “Haan.. I wanted to see you that’s why I ask permission for Arnav beta, but you know what he said.. he said I’m your father and I have more rights on you than him.. he said I can call you whenever I want to..”

Khushi felt guiltier now, she looked down sobbing.

“What happened Khushi?” Siddiqui asked worriedly.

“Abba I shouted at him..” she said crying like a baby, “I made such a big mistake! I shouldn’t have shouted at him, he just called me.. to meet you.. and I .. Ya Allah.. what did I do?”

“You should say sorry to him..” Siddiqui said wiping her tears.





At evening..

Arnav was driving back home with Khushi, she stayed whole day in office with Siddiqui and went to have lunch at Siddiqui’s house also.

Siddiqui also invited him to have lunch with them, but he denied since he had back to back meetings and wouldn’t have reached in time.

Khushi was staring at him while he was driving, she wanted to say sorry but had no courage to. He stopped the car, and she looked at him confused. 

She looked outside the window and saw he stopped at shopping, she looked at him, “Why are we here?”

“To finish your shopping..” he said getting down the car. She looked at him astonished, he opened the car’s door for her making her feel like a Princess.

Soon, they went in a ladies shop and Arnav asked her to take what she wants to. Seeing her hesitant to take something while the sales girl was convincing her to buy something.

Arnav walked near them, “I will help you.. thank you!”

The sales girl went to attend other clients, while Arnav start choosing dresses for Khushi taking as example of what she wore today. He could guess she like simple dresses and scarfs.

“Do you like this one?” he said showing to her. Khushi looked at it, it was a pink and white combination dress, she nodded her head.

Like this, he went on choosing every dress for her.

“First time I’m seeing a husband who has patience to choose clothes for his wife!” the sales girl smiled at them, “You’re very lucky woman!”

Khushi smiled a little at her, then looked at Arnav who had no reaction on his face. Seems like he was still angry with her.

They paid for the clothes and Arnav held the bags for Khushi. She insisted she would carry her own bags, but just one look from him and she kept quiet.

“I’m hungry!” she announced looking at him pouting.

“You’re always hungry!” he added sighing. Khushi widened her eyes and her mouth in big “O” shape.

“There’s a restaurant there.. You go there while I will keep these bags in car..” he said pointing to the restaurant in shopping itself.

Khushi nodded and went there.




She reached and sat on a table for four people, she looked around and started reading the menu. That’s when she got an idea, she quickly took a piece of paper and pen from her purse and wrote on it “I’m Sorry!” then she kept in inside the menu book and waited for Arnav to come.

“Khushi!” Aahil smiled and sat on the chair, “What are you doing here?”

“Aahil..” Khushi smiled, “I came here to eat obviously!”

Aahil chuckled, “But alone? I mean.. didn’t your husband came with you?”

“He’s with me!” Khushi said.

Aahil nodded, “So that means you accept him now as your husband!?.. Khushi if you don’t accept this relationship, you can divorce him also.. no one is going to force you to stay with him..”

“Please Aahil..” Khushi frowned, “He’s not forcing me also.. I’m not going to divorce him.. Abba choose Arnav for me, and my Abba would never choose wrong for me.. and this wedding happened by Allah’s will, who am I to break it?”

Arnav reached and hear Khushi’s last lines, it quickly changed his mood. A soft smile appeared on his lips hearing this from her.

“As salam alaikum..” Arnav greeted Aahil and sat beside Khushi.

“Walaikum As Salam..” Aahil forced a smile.

“Did you already order what you want to eat?” he asked to Khushi.

Khushi nodded sideways, “You order it..”

“How will I know what you want to eat?” he asked her.

“Just order it.. I will eat anything you order..” she said excited for him to open the menu and see her sorry note.

“Are you sure?” he smirked, otherwise she would say he orders her everytime.

Khushi realized what he meant, “Yes.. I’m sureeeeeee.. Now order it.. I’m famished!”

Arnav chuckled at her reaction, he opened the menu book and noticed the piece of paper in it. He read “I’m sorry” and understood why she forced him to order the food for them. He acted like he didn’t read what was written and took the paper to throw it at dustbin.

“What are you doing?” Khushi shouted shocked.

“I guess someone forgot this paper here.. so I’m just throwing it away.. It’s just piece of paper Khushi, not money..” he said trying to hide his smile.

“Right.. it’s just a piece of paper.. but it must have something written on it na..” she said.

“Yeah.. but it’s not ours, we shouldn’t read other things na..” he said.

“Newspaper is also not written by you, but you read it every day!” she gritted her teeth. Arnav was having hard time in controlling his laugh.

“Newspaper is for everyone.. this paper is not for me!” he shrugged.

Khushi wanted to shout that it’s for him only but seeing Aahil staring at them, she kept quiet and looked away sadly.

Arnav smiled, “Aahil what do you eat? Should I order something for you?”

“No thanks, I already had my dinner here only.. I was going back when I saw my Princess here..” Aahil said.

“Sorry.. She’s MY princess now.. not yours Aahil!” Arnav said possessively.

“Oh really.. ask to Khushi and you will get your answer..” Aahil said challenging Arnav.

Arnav looked at Khushi, she looked at both, “I’m not anyone’s Princess anymore.. I’m just someone’s Doll!”

Arnav’s lips broke into a huge and surprised smile. While Aahil left hurt with Khushi’s statement.

“What.. don’t fly too high.. I wasn’t even talking about you.. I was talking about Ammi.. I’m her Doll..” Khushi pouted.

Arnav gave her a “Oh really?” look.

Thank you for comments and thank you's. 

Note: Khushi remembers her moments with Arnav, but she believes that what she did was because she behaved like kid, not that she has feelings for him. 

Oct 10

Chapter 14 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 97 times)

Khushi cleared her throat while they were eating, Arnav looked at her with questioning look.

“So…” she started but didn’t complete it.

“Let it be.. I know you don’t know how to say this word!” he said and continued eating.

Khushi frowned, “Of course I know it..”

“You don’t know..” he said stubbornly, “You only say “Solly” instead of “Sorry”..” he said. 

Khushi looked at him confused for a while, then realized she used to say “Solly” when she behaved like kid, she giggled staring at him.

“How do you know I want to say sorry?” she asked.

“I read your “Sorry” note!” he said showing the piece of paper that was still with him, and he didn’t threw it on dust bin.

Khushi smiled shyly. Arnav just stare and admire her, she looked so beautiful smiling like that.

“Ma Sha Allah (Whatever God has willed)..” the words flew from his mouth.



At home..

“Bhai where were you both? I need your help for my project.. and I was waiting for you for so long!” Haya pouted.

“We were shopping, then Khushi was hungry so we ate in a restaurant itself..” Arnav said patting Haya’s head softly.

“Oh okay.. If it’s for Khushi bhabhi, then I will not get angry with you..” Haya smiled.

“I’m Sorry Haya.. I didn’t knew you would need Arnav.. if I knew it I wouldn’t ask him to eat at restaurant..” Khushi said holding her ear.

“No, it’s okay bhabhi.. I’m not angry with you at all..” Haya hugged her sideways.

“Bhai.. you reached.. please help me na with my project.. I’m not getting the ABC of it.. please bhai.. please..” Ayan said pulling Arnav to his room.

Haya came near them and pulled Arnav to her side, looking angrily at Ayan, “I asked Bhai first for help.. not you..”

“What? Haya you almost completed your project.. I haven’t started yet..” Ayan cried.

“No.. I asked Bhai first, so he will help me first then he will help you!” Haya frowned.

Both started pulling Arnav to their sides. Arnav just rolled his eyes, “Okay.. stop both of you!”

“I will help both of you at the same time.. is that okay now?” he asked.

“Okay.. then let’s go to my room!” Ayan smiled.

“No, my room!” Haya pouted.

“No, my room.. my room is bigger than yours.. and bhai will be comfortable in boy’s room only..” Ayan said.

“What rubbish? Khushi bhabhi is also in bhai’s room.. Isn’t he comfortable in his own room then?” Haya argued.

Arnav and Khushi chuckled at their fights.

“Ayan.. Haya stop fighting.. let’s go to my room and we will complete both of your projects there only..” Arnav said.

“But Khushi bhabhi .. Doesn’t she want to rest? We will disturb her..” Haya said in caring tone.

“Oh no.. I’m not even tired!” Khushi shook her head smiling, “And I can also help you guys in your project..”

“Really? Do you know this?” Ayan asked chuckling.

“Let me show you how intelligent I’m!” Khushi said in challenging tone, and Arnav smirked.




Arshi’s room:

The four sat in Arshi’s bed and set to work, Khushi was helping Ayan who was impressed with her intelligence. While Arnav was helping Haya, who had almost completed her work, she only had some doubts.

When Arnav and Haya completed their work, they waited for Khushi and Ayan to finish.

Arnav was admiring Khushi all time explaining like teacher to Ayan. Haya was giggling at the way Khushi was dealing with Ayan, she explained with patience to him and also scolded him like teachers do.

But Ayan liked it, he found Khushi better teacher than his Bhai. Khushi had a sweet way to explain, she knew exactly what his doubts are without saying it. She could make difficult things sound so easy.

When they finish, Ayan jumped in happiness, “Wow.. I’m going to get the best marks.. I’m sure!”

Khushi smiled at him, while Arnav and Haya signaled him to thank Khushi.

“Oh.. thank you…bha..bhabhi!” Ayan said embarrassedly.

Arnav was kind of shocked that he called Khushi as “Bhabhi”, while Haya couldn’t believe in her ears.

Khushi looked at him amused, but she didn’t want to make him feel awkward, “You’re welcome Ayan.. Whenever you need my help, I’m here only..”

Ayan smiled softly.




Arshi’s room:

After freshen up, Arnav walked out of the bathroom, he looked at Khushi already sleeping. He walked near her, and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

Khushi quickly opened her eyes, “Who gave you permission to kiss me?”

“You’re my wife!” he said huskily.

Khushi gulped, “Toh???”

“So what? I’ve rights on you.. So I can kiss you, I can hug you, I can do anything I want with you!” he smirked teasing her.

“No!” she nodded sideways, “You can’t force me okay..”

“I’m not in mood to fight with you..” he said and made her close her eyes. He prayed for her and blow air on her forehead softly, then went to sleep.

Khushi opened her eyes again and looked at him lovingly, this small gesture of his to pray for her while going to sleep just touched her heart.





Next day..

“Sana.. What a pleasant surprise..” Dilshad smiled as she welcomed Sana in their house.

“I came here to spend this wonderful Sunday with you aunty..” Sana smiled, “And I’ve brought your favorite halwa for you..”

“Thank you dear..” Dilshad smiled taking the box in her hand, “But we’re going out today.. do you want to join us?”

“Only if don’t mind aunty..” said Sana.

“Of course not.. You’re like family now for us!” Dilshad smiled and patted her cheek lovingly.

“Ammi.. should I take some soft drinks also?” Khushi came in the living room. Khushi looked at Sana, “As Salam Alaikum Sana!”

“Walaikum As Salam Khushi.. it’s so great to see you normal again..” Sana faked a smile. Khushi also smiled.

“Haan.. Ayan and Haya might want to drink it on the way..” said Dilshad, “Let’s go.. I will help you my Doll..”

Dilshad took Khushi with her back to kitchen, leaving Sana alone. Sana clutched her fist, “How dare she take Aunty from me? Khushi you’re messing with the wrong person.. now that I love Arnav, no one will take him away from me.. not even you!”

“Ammi.. Ammiiii..” Arnav shouted from his room, “Where’s my blue shirt?”

Sana smirked hearing his voice, she quickly went upstairs to help him.



At kitchen..

“See! Now he has his wife but still asking me where his blue shirt is!?” Dilshad rolled her eyes.

Khushi giggled, “It’s in his wardrobe only right?”

“Right? But he never finds his clothes.. Always asking for his Ammi! In this matter, my Arnav is still that childish boy..” Dilshad giggled.

Khushi smiled, “I will just go and help him!”

Dilshad nodded and Khushi walked out of the kitchen heading towards Arnav’s room.



Arshi’s room:

While Arnav was busy talking on the phone with Aman, he sensed that someone got in his room. He thought it’s Dilshad who came to give him his shirt. Little did he know that it was Sana.

She took his blue shirt smiling like crazy and kissed it softly, then walked near him and handle his shirt from behind.

Arnav took it, while hanging up the call and turned to her smiling, “Shukriya..” he couldn’t complete his sentence when he saw Sana shyly smiling at him as he was shirtless!

Khushi stood at the door frame staring numbly at both.

Arnav walked to his bed and wore a random shirt, then walked to Sana gritting his teeth, “Who told you to come in my room without knocking the door? Don’t you have manners?”

“You wanted help Arnav so.. I just.. Helped you.. Aunty is busy in kitchen..” Sana said innocently.

“So what?.. My wife is there to help me.. You should keep in your mind that I’m married man now and you can’t just enter in my room like that..” Arnav frowned.

“Your wife! She doesn’t even know where your things are kept Arnav..” Sana said mockingly.

“And it seems you know more than me!” Khushi entered in room crossing her arms and smiled.

“I know everything about Arnav.. actually before you married him, I was supposed to marry him.. but he left me for you!..” Sana smiled and said this intentionally to hurt Khushi.

Arnav frowned, he wanted to say to her to stop talking like this in front of Khushi. But Sana walked near Khushi and started telling Arnav’s history to her. She said everything, from his childhood till now, his likes and dislikes, about his college life and professional career. His relation with his family.

Even he was surprised at the amount of information she had of him.

Khushi heard everything patiently, when Sana finished. Khushi just smiled, and said, “Staring at Arnav’s expression right now, it seems everything you said is truth only..”

“Of course it is..” Sana smirked.

“But you forgot one thing..” Khushi said.

“What?” Sana frowned.

“That.. Arnav loves his wife a lot!” she smiled cutely and looked at Arnav, “Hain na?”

Arnav nodded his head smiling, he must say he’s impressed with her! She just made Sana shut her mouth without fighting, just one sentence was enough!

Sana looked away embarrassed.

“And since Arnav’s favorite color is red.. he should wear red shirt today na!” Khushi said with her cute smile irritating Sana.

She went to wardrobe and picked a red shirt for Arnav, then handled to him, “Aapke liye..(for you)..”

Arnav dropped the blue shirt and took the red one smiling.

“If could excuse us please.. woh kya haina ki.. only I have right to see Arnav Ahmed Khan shirtless.. no one else!” Khushi said.

Sana left from there totally embarrassed and frustrated that her plan flopped badly. Here she wanted to make Khushi feel jealous by handling shirt to Arnav, and she’s the one who got jealous.

Arnav closed the door and locked it.

“Why are you locking it? I need to go and help Ammi..” Khushi said.

“I closed the door because only you can see me shirtless.. and I locked it.. so that no one disturbs us!” he winked at her.

“Aww.. I didn’t mean it..” she looked at him with wide eyes.

“Oh really.. then ok.. I will wear the blue shirt then.. at least she mean to help me!” Arnav said and went to pick up the blue shirt.

Khushi glared at him, “You will wear red shirt only.. you keep ordering me every now and then.. now you will obey me..”

“Why?” he shrugged, “Today I will wear this blue shirt only.. Ammi and Sana love to see me in this shirt only!”

“And what I like doesn’t matter to you right?” she asked as her eyes brimmed with tears, she started feeling like she came in between him and Sana.

Arnav dropped the shirt, and went to her panicked. He didn’t know she was going to cry because of his joke.

He hugged her whispering sweet nothings to her, “Shh.. Doll.. I was just joking baba.. I will wear your shirt only.. ok?.. Stop crying.. don’t you remember I said that you look ugly while crying? Like this I will really leave and marry someone else..”

Khushi beat his chest crying more. Arnav smiled, he cupped her face, “Will you stop crying or I will kiss you??”

He moved his face near hers, Khushi pushed him away and ran towards the door, she unlocked it quickly and went running away from there, with her cheeks turned red like tomato.

Arnav smirked and took the red shirt on his hand, “My love isn’t one side only.. I know you also feel something for me Khushi!”



In car..

Arnav was driving, while Khushi was happily munching her jalebis. Sana, Haya and Ayan were at backseat.

Sana was playing Candy crush with Ayan, but she was not able to make him win. Ayan pouted, “Offo.. you don’t know how to play it..”

“Ayan!” Arnav looked at him through the mirror signaling him to not to speak like that with elders.

“I want to win this level bhai..” Ayan whined.

“Let me try one more time..” Sana said trying to impress Ayan.

“Give me.. I will win for you!” said Khushi extending her hand to take his phone.

Ayan was confused for a while, whom would he give  his phone. To Khushi or Sana?

He smiled sheepishly at Sana, then handled his phone to Khushi, “Yeh lo Bhabhi.. Win for me!”

“Do you know how to play?” Arnav asked teasing her.

“If I win.. you will treat us with vanilla ice cream filled with chocolate ok?” Khushi challenged him.

“Okay!” he nodded and Khushi, Haya and Ayan cheered.

Khushi started the game and in one minute she passed the level for Ayan. Ayan jumped on his seat excitedly, “Wow..bhabhi you’re amazing!”

Khushi smirked at Arnav. Arnav smiled and gave her an “I’m impressed” look.

Sana rolled her eyes angrily, then she got a plan in her mind. She smirked happily.





At a restaurant..

Haya and Ayan were choosing what breakfast they want. Arnav helped Nani to sit on her chair, then asked Dilshad and Zoya what they want to eat.

Khushi was quietly sat admiring her husband’s caring nature towards his family. Sana was doing same as Khushi.

Asad was still busy in his phone not even caring what his wife wants to eat.

“Woh.. Ammi I called Siddiqui uncle, Aahil and Aman to join us.. Is there any problem?” Arnav asked.

“No.. in fact it’s good that they join us.. when family is together, there’s nothing else that matters..” Dilshad kissed her son’s cheek smiling.

Arnav also smiled.

“By the way.. you were asking for blue shirt na? What happened?” Dilshad asked, “Changed idea?”

“Your Doll choose this for me!” he said smirking. Khushi looked down blushing and Dilshad looked at Khushi smiling.

“Looks like Khushi will change Arnav completely.. hain na? Ammi you will not control your son anymore.. Today he didn’t wear your favorite shirt but Khushi’s..” Sana said smiling.

“I don’t mind.. you look more handsome today with this red shirt..” Dilshad pulled Arnav’s cheek smiling.

Zoya didn’t like what Sana said, she could feel it that Sana didn’t had good intentions but Dilshad didn’t understand what she meant.

“Yeah.. I also felt same thing.. Bhai looks different today.. more handsome!” Haya giggled, “Bhabhi you have good choices..”

“I need to use the washroom…” Khushi said blushing, she quickly escaped from there while others laughed at her.




While returning, a man with evil smile came near her, “Baby can you give your phone number?”

Khushi glared at him, and started walking ignoring his evil laugh. The man came near her and was about to pull her back, when Arnav reached and held his arm stopping him from touching Khushi.

“Should I give you ambulance phone number? You will need it very soon!” Arnav said gritting his teeth.

Seeing the pressure Arnav’s hand had, he could see he would receive lots of punches from him. He quickly looked at Arnav with puppy face, “Sorry bhai.. I will not tease her anymore.. please leave me..”

Arnav let him go, and he went running away from there.

Khushi jumped on his arms and hugged him tightly with tears in her eyes.

"Don't I deserve a sweet reward for saving you?" Arnav asked naughtily. 

"Should I give you sweet's shop phone number? I guess you need it!" she said and went back to their table running carelessly. 

On her way she fell due to wet floor, "Ahhhh.." she cried caressing her back and tried to get up. 

Arnav picked her in his arms, "Shall I give you kindergarten's phone number? I guess you need to be admitted there!"


Everyone in the restaurant looked at them in awe. 

Oct 16

Chapter 15 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 91 times)

Arnav came back to their table with Khushi still on his arms. They could hear everyone clearing their throats in order to tease them.

Arnav quickly made Khushi sit to escape from their teasings.

“Arnav I ordered chicken toast for you.. it’s your favorite right?” Sana said smiling.

“You love chicken toast?” Khushi widened her eyes little shocked, Arnav nodded his head confused with her expression, “I also love chicken toast.. I can’t believe it..” she clapped her hands excitedly like a kid.

Arnav smiled at her cuteness, “If that’s the matter, then you take my order.. and I will order another one for me..”

Sana gritted her teeth and looked away, “What’s happening with me? Why all my plans to get close to Arnav are failing? First I went to give his shirt, but he wore Khushi’s choice.. then  I called that man to tease Khushi, but Arnav saved her.. and now.. urghh.. this is not possible, I always get what I want.. and Arnav will be mine!”

“I had already ordered chicken toast for me.. you don’t need to give me yours.. shukriya!” she smiled.

“There’s no “Yours” or “Mine” in marriage... What is mine is yours and vice versa..” he replied.

The waiter came and served for them. Arnav took her plate, “So your chicken toast is mine..” then he handled to her, his plate, “And my chicken toast is yours!”

“But both are chicken toasts.. what difference does it make if it’s mine or yours?” Khushi asked.

“That’s what I’m saying.. we are husband and wife.. what difference does it make if it’s mine or yours?” he smirked.

“Now I get it why you’re AAK!” she replied impressed with his way of thinking!

“Now I get it why you’re immature woman!” he teased her smiling. Khushi pouted, “Aww.. this is not fair!”

Arnav was about to reply her, but then he saw Siddiqui coming with Aahil beside him. He smiled and stood up immediately to greet them.

Khushi looked at him confused, she was facing her back to Siddiqui, so she couldn’t see them. She followed Arnav with her gaze, and then she saw her father.

She smiled softly, “Abba you were right… Arnav is a unique man! And maybe you were studying him for four years when you started working in his company, that’s why you got me married to him.. after checking him completely.. hain na?”

She giggled at her thought.


After having breakfast together, they all went to Arnav’s farm house which is far from the city.

Khushi widened her eyes seeing his farm house, “Wow.. it’s so beautiful this place..”

“Let me tell you a secret..” Dilshad said and took Khushi walking with her towards the door, “This is Arnav’s especial and favorite place.. this house was designed by his likes only.. so whenever he feels like being alone for sometime, when he’s upset with something or when he needs concentration to do his works, he comes here..”

“Oh..” Khushi smiled.

“Khushi come.. I want to show you something..” Arnav held her hand and took her to his garden.

Khushi smiled amused, “It’s so beautiful..”

Suddenly a parrot came flying and rested on Arnav’s shoulder, “As Salam Alaikum!!!!!!!!” he spoke making Khushi shocked.

“He can speak!” Khushi exclaimed.

“Yes.. he’s a talking parrot..” he looked at his parrot, “So tell her your name!”

“Prince!” the parrot spoke and went flying to a tree.

Khushi giggled, “Wow.. I didn’t know you like nature.. I didn’t expect a business man to have this soft corner for the nature side!”

“You don’t know me yet!” he smirked.

“By the way, if Prince is there.. then where is his Princess!?” Khushi asked looking around.

“Princess is shy!” he smiled and looked up to a tree pointing with his finger, “Can you see her there?”

“Aww.. she’s so beautiful..” Khushi smiled admiring the shy parrot hiding in a tree.

“Just like you.. Ma sha Allah!” he whispered softly but Khushi heard it, she looked down blushing.

“I’ve got three little baby cats..” he exclaimed as his cats came towards them. Khushi took one and hugged him tightly, “He’s so cute baby..”

The other two looked at her sadly, they also needed love from her. Khushi giggled and kneel down, she kept playing with them for a while. When they were happy and all snuggling to her, she looked at him smiling, “I think they like me more than you!”

“That’s no problem.. even I like you more!” he smirked talking as if he didn’t said anything especial. Khushi widened her eyes, “Aren’t you ashamed? You’re always flirting with me!”

“Who? Me?” he acted innocently.

“Yes you.. and don’t forget I didn’t accept you as my husband yet.. so you don’t have that right!” she said without realizing that these words will hurt him.

Arnav’s facial expression changed, he looked at her seriously and walked away from there.

Khushi looked at him going, she hit her forehead, “Offo.. I should think before I say something..”




Back at his farm house, Arnav went to sit with Zoya and Dilshad. His face was changed, but since childhood itself, he had a good habit of controlling his anger. He knew he just couldn’t burst out his anger to others when they’re not at fault. So he can cover up his feelings and make others happy, when he’s himself not.

But two person already know him so well that he couldn’t act in front of them even if he want to, his mother and then his bhabhi, Zoya.

“What happened?” asked his mother.

“If I lie you will get to know it, but right now I don’t feel like saying anything Ammi..” he said and she nodded understanding his side.

“Don’t say anything.. but eat these popcorn.. otherwise Ayan will finish it off!” Zoya giggled making him smile.

He took some popcorn on his hand, and thanked her for the same.

Khushi appeared and stood with Haya and Ayan. She glanced many times at him, but he just looked away not even bothering with her presence.

Oct 22

Chapter 16 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 96 times)

At night..

Arnav went to visit his horses in the stable, he walked in and caressed his horse smiling, “Hey.. missed me?”

The horse brought his mouth near Arnav making him feel ticklish, Arnav smiled, “I guess you did!”

“Bhai.. I want to ride the horse!” Ayan cried excitedly.

“Ayan are you out of your mind? This late at night you want to ride the horse..” Arnav turned back to him frowning.

“Oh come on bhai.. if I ride it in morning or night.. kya farak padta hai (what difference does it make?)” Ayan whined.

“Ayan you’re not riding the horse.. my decision is final!” he said with a “I don’t want any more discussion on this” look.

“Alright.. I get it that everything Haya wants, you give it to her.. but when it comes to me, you always say No..” Ayan pouted and looked away angrily.

“Think what you want.. my decision isn’t going to change!” Arnav said sternly and left from there, not before throwing a glare at Ayan for speaking nonsense to get what he wants.

“Wow.. everything of this farm house is so beautiful.. I’m love with this place!” Khushi said chirpily to Zoya as both were walking outside the stable.

“And with its owner also right?” Zoya chuckled teasing her.

“First she has to learn what loves means, then she will get the answer of your question bhabhi..” Arnav said reaching the ladies.

“What do you mean? I don’t know what love is!” Khushi frowned.

“If you knew,  you wouldn’t dare to..” he stopped realizing the presence of the third person, Zoya. Zoya was confused why both were fighting when sometime back everything was fine between them. Was it? Now she also doubted it.

“I will go and see if Asad needs something..” she smiled awkwardly and went from there leaving both to continue their conversation.

Seeing that Zoya left, Arnav glanced at her one last time and then walked to leave. Khushi stood still.

He stopped walking and turned back, “Do you have any intention to sleep here itself?”

“I don’t want to go back..” she crossed her arms pouting and looked away.

Ayan and Haya passed through them, “Bhai we’re going home.. let’s go!”

“You guys go.. I will join you later..” he said gesturing with his palms for them to go back.

“No bhai.. come with us! It’s so dark now.. I’m scared!” Ayan said with scared look.

“Ayan seriously!” Arnav rolled his eyes while Haya giggled and pushed Ayan with her.

Khushi also chuckled at Ayan’s frightened look while Haya was so cool, it should be the opposite!

“Mosquitoes will suck your blood Khushi.. let’s go back now!” he said.

“Why are you caring for me? You were the one ignoring me all day!” she crossed her arms, “Whether they will suck my blood or not? Tumhe kya farak padta hai?” she glared.

“Farak padta hai.. tumhare liye nahin, for these mosquitoes.. they will suck you thinking they’re getting food, what they don’t know is that your blood too sweet for them.. you will end up kill them all with your sweet poison!” he replied sarcastically.

Khushi’s mouth formed big “O” shape, “Aww.. how mean!”

“Now do spare the lives of these mosquites.. let’s go back home!” he said and started walking.

“On one condition!” she bit her lips glancing sideways at him. Arnav stopped walking and rolled his eyes, “What condition?”

“You will talk with me like you talk!” she said.

“Woh meri marzi hai Khushi..” now he turned and look into her eyes, “I didn’t stop talking with you because of I wanted to.. You created this situation for us! Now you have no right to put this condition to me.. it’s up to me whether I want to talk or not with you..”

“But you know that I still don’t consider you as my husband in all senses.. then why are you getting angry with me? Just because I smiled to you, eat your chicken toast, choose red shirt for you doesn’t mean that I accepted you as my husband! You know that it will take time for me to accept this reality and you said you were ready to wait.. now why are you getting angry with me Arnav? Are you getting frustrated? You’re already tired to wait for me na.. You’re already giving up!” she spoke angrily.

“I’m giving up..” he chuckled with unbelievable tone, “Yeah.. you’re right.. I’m tired.. I’m desperate to make you my wife.. that’s why I left a good proposal of marriage with a ‘good girl’ who respects and loves my mother and gets along well with all my family members, knows how to cook, works in same office as mine, is a good friend of mine who knows everything about me, note well Khushi Sana knows my ‘past’ and my ‘present’.. I left her to marry a ‘girl who behaved like a child’ who doesn’t know how to cook, my brothers and Nani hated her, would never look at me as her husband. But still I fought with my family, I fought with society.. I ignored everyone who bad mouthed you, I ignored every relative of mine telling me that this won’t work, you would never get fine.. I ignored everyone mocking me, laughing at me.. I ignored each of them when they used to say that I spoiled my life by getting married to you, I ignored their pity looks at me, I ignored everyone Khushi.. because I had hope in my heart that Allah will make you fine one day.. it was my belief that kept me moving on, ignoring their hurtful words, and never give up on you.. I prayed everyday for you betterment, your name was in my every Namaaz, I may even forgotten about me, Ammi, Nani, Ayan, Haya, Bhai or Bhabhi, but you.. I never missed to make Duaa (pray) for you.

Do you know everyone was worried how will this marriage work? Will I ever be a father? How will you take care of me when you also were not in state to look after yourself? These were question threw at me every moment, every time by every person who got to know that I married you.. a KID!

But as I was so desperate na, I wanted you as my wife badly.. isliye I never touched you without your permission, I just kept taking care of you without expecting anything in return.. I didn’t even had idea when you will get back to normal.. but I was really so desperate to make you my wife,  that I decided to take care of you not even knowing when you will be normal again..

I was that desperate, that despite people’s taunts I went on to start your treatment with a hope that one day you will be fine.. and that day even came.. Alhamdullilah for that!

When I thought my wait was worth for, my Doll was back to her normal state, now we will start our relationship in true sense.. My own Doll proved me wrong! She doesn’t accept me as her husband.. she isn’t ready to start this relationship yet! I’m a stranger to my Doll now.. which means all these months I spent with her, treating her, chatting with her, caring for her, leaving my office works to spend time with her, sleep cuddling with her meant nothing to her.. all of sudden.. I was a stranger!

But it’s okay..  I’M SO DESPERATE that I decided to give her time, I decided I would not let her break this marriage but will give her space and time to accept me as her husband..

I’m trying to know this ‘NEW KHUSHI’, trying to be your friend, trying to make her feel comfortable with her Arnav who is now a stranger to her.. trying to build our relationship ‘again’.. and she.. she easily says it to my face that I don’t have any right on her..  So easily..

It is so easy for you to say this Khushi.. but it broke my heart completely! You know what, you’re selfish.. all you do is think about yourself.. how you married when you were kid, and now you’re normal so it’s difficult for you to accept me.. it’s only about you! What about me? I married a ‘kid’, was it easy for me? Didn’t I have better options? Then why I just choose you!? Why I left Sana, my mother’s choice and married You? Think about it ok.. then say if I’m tired or not, frustrated or not.. giving up on you or not!”

Oct 27

Chapter 17 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 104 times)

“Arnav.. where’s Khushi? She went with you all to see the horses..” Dilshad asked looking around with a slight frown.

“What happened Ammi? Do you need something?” Sana asked trying to replace Khushi.

“No, I just my Doll here with me..” Dilshad smiled making Sana go red in anger.

“Arnav?” Dilshad turned to him, to which Arnav shrugged, “Why should I know where is she? I’ve more important things to do other than watching over her!”

His reply shocked Dilshad, Zoya and Siddiqui who stare at him with wide eyes.

“Why are you speaking like this?” Dilshad frowned, she signaled him to look at Siddiqui, who was already worried thinking what wrong Khushi would have done.

Aahil glared at Arnav, “Then why did you marry her in first place? You should leave her for those who will treat her as their priority..”

“I married her TO CURE HER, but now I LOVE HER, and will never LEAVE HER.. but now, my heart is sick, I expect her to CURE ME also..” he said the last line glancing at Khushi, who reached now and stood at the door listening to their conversation.

No one understood why Arnav said such thing, but one thing they were sure, things were not good between them.

“Bhabhi is here..” Ayan shouted trying to lighten up the mood; he smiled, “Since we’re spending the night here, why not play games??????”

“Yes..” Zoya clapped her hands chirpily, while Asad rolled his eyes, “You’re a woman now to be excited like this to play childish games!”

Zoya pouted, “Can’t woman play games now? Is it not allowed for you?”

“Play it.. I’m going to sleep!” he said and went from there, leaving a sad Zoya behind.

“Khushi bhabhi.. let’s go..” Ayan dragged her to the living room, he wanted to make her sit beside Arnav but Sana took that place before and Arnav didn’t even refuse.

“Princess.. come here.. there’s one space left for you!” Aahil smiled and pointed beside him. Ayan nodded, “Yeah bhabhi.. you should sit there only..”

Khushi nodded without any choice, she looked hurt at Arnav then left to sit beside Aahil. Aahil was happy because he found finally a time to spend with his friend.

Arnav gritted his teeth, if he could he would grab Khushi right now and make her sit on his lap but situation was such he couldn’t do that.


Ayan pulled Haya near him, “Sunno.. we have to do something to make Arshi closer!”

“Arshi? Kaun?” Haya frowned not getting his meaning.

“Fool.. bhai and bhabhi.. Arnav and Khushi is equal to Arshi!” he said hiting Haya’s forehead.

“What will we do?” Haya asked, “Let’s play a game which will bring them closer, what say?”

“Haan..” Ayan smirked and went near his family, “So.. our game is little different today.. We’re going to play couple game today.. In this game, we will test how much you guys know each other!”

“Are you serious Ayan? Couldn’t you come up with a better game?” Arnav asked frowning.

“Kya bhai? It will be fun, trust me!” Ayan whined.

“Okay.. so who’s your partner?” Arnav asked mocking him, he wants to play a game in which he’s not going to be part of.

“It’s just for you guys! We’ll be judges.. we’ll announce who’s the best couple!” Ayan smiled sheepishly.

“Okay.. so I won’t be playing this game also because Asad is not here!” Zoya said and stood up to go, just when Asad came, “Sit down..”

“Are you ordering me Mr.Khan?” Zoya widened her eyes. Before she could start blabbering, Asad pulled her to sit beside him.

Ayan and Haya cheered up for them, they were so excited, they didn’t know that Asad would join them to play the game. Even Zoya was happy, but she didn’t show to him.

“So.. let’s start!” Ayan said but then frowned, “Hey.. Aahil and Sana don’t have partners.. how will they play the game?”

“There are just two married couples here Ayan! This game of yours isn’t going to work!” Aahil said.

“Let’s do one thing, instead of couples.. we can make anyone as our partner.. means me and Arnav can play together as friends also.. like this Ammi, Nani, Siddiqui uncle will also be able to join us!” Sana smiled.

Ayan and Haya looked at each other, this wasn’t what they wanted. They wanted to bring Arnav and Khushi closer, but Sana’s idea would separate them more.

Unwillingly, they agree and started the game.

“What’s your partner favorite color?” Ayan shoot the question.

“Red..” Sana replied blushing.

“Hmm.. white (Khushi’s favorite color)..” Arnav replied having no idea of Sana’s favorite color.

Khushi stare at him, she knew he was replying her favorite color, not Sana’s.

“My favorite color is pink Arnav!” Sana replied hurt by his ignorance on her.

After that, Asad and Zoya, Khushi and Aahil, Nani and Dilshad replied correctly, only Siddiqui was watching the kids play.

“What do you think your partner likes the most in you?” Haya asked.

“My eyes..” Arnav replied, of course it was only his wife’s choice. He knows how much she loves his chocolate dark brown eyes.

Sana likes more his hair, but she didn’t say anything this time as she wanted to win, “Arnav likes everything on me, that’s why I was chosen to marry him by Ammi.. only she knows what Arnav likes, and she saw Arnav’s choice in me.. that’s why I don’t think he likes a specific thing on me, he likes everything!”

Khushi gulped, her eyes turned moist hearing this. She looked away trying to control the tears from falling from her eyes. It hurts to think, Arnav’s choice matches with Sana and not her!

“Sana I never looked at you with the intention to marry you, you were my Ammi’s choice not my choice! I won’t even answer this question because I would be committing a sin if I like something about other woman other than my wife.. if there is someone who I like everything about then it’s only my wife, Khushi Arnav Ahmed Khan and no one else..” Arnav replied angrily.

Khushi looked at his side with wide eyes, she wasn’t expecting this reply for him. Shocked, amused, numb, dumbfounded was her state right now.

Siddiqui’s eyes fill with proud seeing how Arnav loves his daughter. Dilshad smiled nodding her head in agreement with her son’s statement. He made it very clear today that Khushi is the woman of his life!

Arnav walked away from there.

Sana looked down embarrassed, “Woh.. I didn’t mean it Ammi.. I was just saying.. Arnav misunderstood my words..”

“Be careful next time.. you know Arnav doesn’t easily get angry with family, and when he does..” Nani said warning her.






At kitchen..

“Do you need something?” Khushi asked entering in the kitchen, she saw Arnav looking for something in the fridge.

“You came here first time, you will help me in finding something about my own kitchen?” Arnav asked sarcastically.

Khushi was surprised with the tone he used, he never talks to her like this. He’s always sweet, but today was bitter than karela!

“I.. just wanted to know if you want something to eat.. I would cook..” she replied.

“Why will you cook for me? Who am I for you? At least, not your husband.. and I don’t have any rights on you.. so what relationship do we share?” he asked angrily.

“Princess..” Aahil suddenly came and pouted looking at Khushi, “Can you please make pasta for me? I’m very hungry!!”

“Kheer..” Arnav curtly said staring at both, his eyes darkened with jealously he was feeling by seeing his wife with Aahil.

Khushi looked at him confused.

“You asked me what I want to eat..  I want kheer..” he replied walking towards Khushi, “Now it’s up to you whether you will cook kheer first or (glancing at Aahil) pasta!”

Khushi smiled, she understood now why he said he wanted ‘kheer’, he was feeling jealous of Aahil. She wanted to pull his cheek and shower with kisses, and tell him how much cute he was with his jealous face.

“Arnav you want kheer.. I will cook it for you, let Khushi serve her friend!” Sana walked in the kitchen smiling.

“Sana I can cook for my husband..”  Khushi curtly replied.

“But your prince comes first na, he wants pasta so will you make Arnav wait for him? I’m here and I will cook kheer for him, waise I guess he loves my handmade kheer.. while yours he hasn’t even tasted yet..” Sana replied.

 “My husband comes first for me.. that’s why I’m going to make kheer first for him..” Khushi replied, she was now getting angry with Sana’s words.

Arnav’s heart was jumping in happiness, although he was still angry with her for being mean with him.

Aahil went from there angrily that Khushi didn’t even treat him the way she treated him before she was married, she has changed.


“Sana don’t!” Arnav glared at her warning her not to continue, “So what if I haven’t tasted her kheer till now? I will love to taste it now!”

Sana sighed and faked a smile, she also left the kitchen angrily, “No Arnav no.. you will taste my kheer only.. just wait and watch how will I spoil your wife’s kheer..”


At kitchen..

Arnav was back to his angry mood, he sat on the kitchen counter waiting for her to cook for him.

Khushi started searching for ingredients in this new kitchen, she pouted not finding anything she was searching for.

Arnav noticed it, he asked what she wanted and started listing out things she needed to prepare kheer, he was giving to her one by one.

Khushi smiled admiring his nature, how can a man be like this? He’s angry with her still helping her, making her feel so loved!

Khushi started cooking for him, she unknowingly touched the pan that was hot with her delicate fingers.

“Ahhh..” she hissed in his pain, her eyes quickly turned moist. Arnav jumped down the counter and rushed to her, he took her hand and started kissing her fingers whispering sweet nothings to her. Khushi started sobbing as the pain increased. Arnav quickly opened the water tap and placed her hand near it, pouring water on her fingers for the pain to decrease. He was hugging her from behind, and kissing her cheek at the same time sulking her continuous tears.

“It’s fine now..” Khushi whispered staring at him lovingly. Arnav closed the water tap and pulled her to hug, he closed his eyes tightly, “Can’t you see what you do? Is this a way to cook? Didn’t you see the pan was hot? What was the need to touch it with your hands?”

“I’m fine..” she assured him and hugged him back.

“What fine? If something happened to you then.. what if I wasn’t here?” he scolded her more, but she didn’t got angry or upset with his tone, she just smiled and rested her face on his shoulder.

Arnav broke the hug otherwise tears would make way to his cheeks, he couldn’t see his Doll in pain, the tears in her eyes just broke his heart into pieces. He didn’t know what he would if she didn’t stop crying because of the pain.

“Go and rest.. I don’t want kheer now..” he said not looking into her eyes.

“Nahin.. I will cook kheer for you only.. don’t stop me!” she pouted, “Maine kaha na main theek hoon.. I can cook for you!” she ended stubbornly.

Arnav knew she wasn’t going to listen to him, he went to sit on the kitchen counter again not leaving for once his gaze on her. Now he would watch her every step to make sure she doesn’t get hurt again.

“How do you know white is my favorite color?” she asked smiling softly.

“Is it? I didn’t know, I was just trying to guess Sana’s favorite color..” he acting like he didn’t know but he was just a terrible liar.

Khushi hide the smile on her face and continued her cooking. Arnav looked towards her side, “Siddiqui uncle told me!”

Khushi nodded her head smiling, “Why did you tell me the truth now?”

“Because I’m not like you who hide feelings from others!” he said and looked away. Khushi looked down hurt with his words. She also knows she is starting to feel something for him, but this is all too new for her. And she really didn’t mean to say that he doesn’t have rights on her, it just came out of her mouth and before she could stop herself, they already reached to Arnav.

“Black is not my favorite color..” he said breaking her thoughts.

“It’s Aahil’s. He was my partner in the game so..” she replied looking at him confused.

“What? You’re not his partner.. you’re my LIFE PARTNER..” Arnav frowned deeply, he wonders why he is getting so possessive for Khushi now.

Khushi stare at him amused, he’s getting angry on everything related to Aahil. She thought it’s better to not mention Aahil’s name now in front of him.

“Yes.. I’m already yours.. I was just saying in game..” she stammered not knowing if explaining him he would calm down or get more angry.

The part “I’m already yours” calmed him down, but the next sentence raised his anger, “You’re mine in EVERYTHING!”

He pulled her near him and she crashed into his chest holding his shoulders with her hands for support.

Khushi just looked at him with her wide eyes, today she witnessed a new side of Arnav, so possessive and angry man!

She admits she likes all his sides, the calm and sweet Arnav, the flirt and naughty Arnav, the responsible and serious Arnav and now the possessive and angry Arnav.

“Why are you getting angry? Maine kaha na main aapki hoon..” she pouted and hide her face on the crook of his neck.

“You’re .. not.. mine..” he spoke in broken voice, “I couldn’t make you mine.. despite trying so many times.. you have still not accepted me as your husband! Perhaps this relationship wasn’t mean..”

Khushi quickly placed her palms on his lips stopping him from continuing, she looked at him with moist eyes, “Is this how much you love me? You’re giving up already.. Where’s that man who didn’t leave me when I didn’t want to accept this marriage? Where’s that man who was determined to make me accept this marriage? Where’s that man who flirts with me, cares for me, calls me immature woman, treats me like his baby? Are you already thinking of leaving me? You’re not the Arnav I know.. my Arnav never gives up.. he would make sure I call him my husband.. he would make me repent for saying that he doesn’t have any rights on me.. and OUR RELATIONSHIP WAS MEANT TO BE because ALLAH joined us, and no one will break this marriage now, not even me or you!”

Arnav stare at her without any reaction, he was trying to digest all she was saying. Khushi was staring at him with teary eyes, she shook him a bit, “Kuch toh bolo (Say something)”

“Are.. Are you trying to hint that you accept..” he looked at her with doubt on his mind.

“Immature man!” she hit his forehead lightly, “Can’t you see I already accepted you as my husband?”

Arnav lips broke into a wide smile, “Are you ready to give our relationship a chance??” he asked again to confirm.

Khushi nodded blushing, she wrapped her arms around his neck very shyly as she wasn’t used to do these things. And unable to look into his eyes, she quickly hide her face on his chest giggling at his shocked expression at her act.

Arnav hugged her back smiling, he was stroking her hair lovingly, “Khushi..”

“Hmm..” she buried her face more on his chest shyly.

“You’re forgetting kheer now..” he chuckled. Khushi quickly broke the hug and widened her eyes staring at her dish she was preparing with so much love for him.

“Ya Allah.. I almost forgot about it..” she walked away from him with her mouth open in big “O” shape. Arnav just shook his head smiling, though he didn’t want anything to disturb their moment, he knew if her kheer spoiled, she would become very sad and he didn’t want that also. 

After she finished cooking, the smell was already making Arnav crazy and excited to taste her handmade kheer for him.

She placed on a bowl and handed it to him smiling, “Your kheer!”

Arnav jumped down the counter and took it from her hand, “Thank you and Sorry!”

Khushi looked at him confused.

“Thank you for cooking for me first leaving your best friend behind!” he said smiling, “And sorry for behaving badly with you!”

“It’s okay.. you have all right to be angry with me.. I promise I will watch my words before speaking! I’m sorry Arnav..” she smiled, then looked down feeling guiltily.

Arnav left the bowl of kheer at the table and hugged her.

"And thank you for being so patient with me.." she hugged him back sobbing. 

"Heyy.. shh.. stop crying Doll.." he was now regretting for behaving this way with her, "I'm sorry.. I shouldn't have said all those things to you.. it's not your fault.. I know it.. you need time to accept me.. I understand it.. I don't know why I lost my mind.."

Khushi nodded sideways and looked at him, "It's not your fault.. It's entirely my fault Arnav.. I've the best husband in this world and still I acted like fool with you.."

Before he could say something, Khushi place a kiss on his cheek but instead of the one who should be blushing (Arnav), she was the one who blushed at her own act, "Go and eat your kheer now.. it will turn cold later.."

Arnav was getting shock after shock today. Khushi kissed him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 18

Chapter 18 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 77 times)

"No no.. Why Arnav had to stay in kitchen with Khushi?" Sana stood behind a pillar angrily. She wanted to get in to spoil Khushi's kheer but Arnav was already leaving the kitchen with a bowl of kheer on his hands.

Next day..

Khushi opened the door's bathroom and saw her husband still sleeping like a baby with cute pout adorning his lips. She was so happy that today he prayed Fajr Namaz with her and then both went back to sleep together.

Khushi walked near him and sat on the bed carefully, she bend and kissed his forehead, then kissed his eyelashes one by one, then kissed his right cheek and went to kiss his left cheek.

Arnav open his eyes lazily, and enjoyed getting such love filled kisses from his wife early in morning.

But someone had to interrupt them with a knock on door.

Arnav whined, "Is this time to come in married couple's room?"

Khushi widened her eyes realizing he was awake and aware of what she was doing, "Aap.."

Arnav smirked and got up from bed, he went to open the door, "As Salam Alaikum Ayan!". Arnav gave him a glare for interrupting his and Khushi's romance.

Khushi blushed and went to the dresser side.

"Walaikum As Salam.. Bhai I want to ride horse today.. It's morning and you can't stop me.." Ayan whined.

"Okay.. Let me freshen up first then we will go.." Arnav sighed at his stubborn brother. Ayan smiled cheekily and went from there.

Arnav turned to Khushi closing the door from behind, "As Salam Alaikum Doll.."

"Walaikum As Salam.." Khushi smiled shyly.

"I think I don't need to wash my face today na.." he gave her a lopsided smile.

Khushi giggled and walked towards the door, she try to open it but Arnav came in front, "First give me a kiss, then you can go!"

"Nahin.." she nodded sideways shyly.

"We're going to stay here then.." he shrugged.

"Arnav.." she whined, "I already gave you!!" she pouted.

"Do you know my Doll wasn't shy like you? She would kiss me anywhere and anytime she wanted too.. In fact it was me who was shy.. Now it's opposite!" he said.

"I'm your Doll.." she pouted not liking how's he talking as if it's another girl.

"Prove it.." he smirked.

"I'm getting late.. I have to help Ammi with breakfast.." she whined.

"Fine.. Go!" he sighed and make space for her walking towards the bathroom. Khushi gulped seeing him go, she took baby steps and hugged him from behind, "I'm sorry!"

Arnav turned to her, she tip toed and pecked his cheek lightly then went from there running, blushing all the way.

Arnav smiled touching his right cheek.

Arnav was riding his favorite horse and Ayan was behind him trying to win his brother. The ladies were watching them and cheering for them.

Khushi was admiring how her husband was looking handsome, that too riding horse.

"Looks like he finally managed to trap you!" Aahil spoke standing behind her. Khushi turned to him with confused face.

"What do you mean?" Khushi asked.

"Arnav finally managed to make you. His wife!" Aahil said, "Khushi you're so innocent that few words from him are enough to make you fall for him.. Can't you see he doesn't love you? He wants A WIFE not YOU Khushi.. Think it yourself, leaving behind Sana and many other girls from his status, he went to choose a girl whose Father works for him, a middle class girl.. Do you know why? Because he just wanted everyone's sympathy.. Everyone now thinks he is a great man because he cured you and now that you're fine, he just wants you as his dutiful wife who will manage his home while he's outside with girls betraying you.. That's what most of business man do!" Aahil said.

"Aahil mind your language!" Khushi glared at him, "Arnav isn't like that.."

"How can you be so sure? You don't even know him Khushi.." Aahil chuckled sarcastically, "Look at Sana for example.. They don't share any relationship.. But why is she here? Why is she close to his family and him? Why he let her stay here knowing very well that their relationship broke and he married you? Yesterday she wanted to make kheer for him.. That's fishy no?"

"I don't want to listen anything.." Khushi shook her head.

"Khushi I'm your friend and I want your good only.. You should marry the one you're ready to and not the one you don't know anything about.. I've seen how this world works and I know how innocent you're.. I don't want you to get hurt at the end of the day.. I have done my part to advice you, now it's up to you to see what's real or fake.. By being good, showing that he cares and talking sweet doesn't mean he is like this Khushi.. You will realize this very late!"

"My Abba choose him for me.." Khushi said, "I'm sure I will not repent of my decision.. Now just go away Aahil..please!"

"Fine I'm going!" Aahil shrugged, "Tomorrow is my flight, if you change your decision.. I have booked two tickets.. I will be waiting for you!

Khushi looked at him disgusted, "You think I will leave my husband to go with you? Aahil I never thought you would say something likes this to me.."

"If Arnav turns out to be what I thought he is, then you will understand what I'm saying this.." Aahil blink his eyes, "Can I hug once? I'm going back tomorrow.. I will miss you Princess!"

Khushi nodded sideways, "You're no the Aahil I knew.. You're so changed!"

"Please Khushi.. I'm still your Aahil.. I just want your happiness only.." he said hurt and approached her to give her a hug.

Arnav who was riding horse saw Aahil walking to Khushi to hug her, he got lost in that scene and did not saw that the horse was going in a direction of a big tree. "Bhai watch out.." Ayan shouted making him come to reality but it was too late as he tried to make the horse stop but the horse was going fast not paying heed to his commands, Arnav had to jump down and his body went rolling down and only stopped when his head hit a tree making him go unconscious.

"Arnaaaaaaaaav.." Khushi shouted with tears in her eyes.

"Arnav.. Ya Allah.." Sana ran towards him and the family also went behind her. Sana placed Arnav's hand on lap, and caressed his bleeding forehead, "Ya Allah.. Why this happen with you?.. Please call the doctor someone.. See Ayan because of your childishness Arnav is in this state.. Who told you to ride horse this morning?"

Everyone looked at her with strange look, she was talking as if she's Arnav's wife, showing rights on him. But they didn't had time to think about all these. Asad quickly called a family doctor and the boys lifted Arnav till his room.

Sana was sitting beside Arnav caressing his forehead, crying badly, "Please open your eyes Arnav.."

Khushi stood with teary eyes staring at her unconscious husband on bed, "Ya Allah please make him fine.. I can't see him like this.."

"Khushi bitiya go and sit with Arnav.. He needs you.." Nani said patting her back asking her to go and sit beside Arnav.

"Sana let his wife stay with him.." Nani said making Sana glare at her, then stood up unwillingly leaving Khushi sit with Arnav.

Khushi held Arnav's hand crying, she kissed his forehead, "Please be fine soon.. I can't see you like this.. Please open your eyes.. Talk with me.. Please!"

"Doctor came.." Dilshad said wiping away her tears and guide the doctor inside the room.

Doctor checked Arnav and dress his wounds, then turned to his family, "How did this happen?"

"He was riding horse and fell.." Sana replied.

"Hmm.. He got some injuries on his forehead but it's not to worry about.. He will be fine soon, but still tomorrow you have to come to my hospital so that we can take some tests.. I can't confirm anything as of now.." doctor said.

"Thank you so much Doctor.. You don't know how happy I'm to hear this.." Sana smiles wiping away her tears.

"Got scared seeing your husband like this Hain na?" the doctor smiled slightly.

"She isn't his wife.. Khushi is his wife and my daughter in law.." Dilshad said caressing Khushi's scarf, showing to the doctor Arnav's wife.

"Oh so sorry.." he said, "I got it wrong!"

"It's okay.." Dilshad smile, "Let me guide you till the door.."

"Sorry Bhabhi.. It's all my fault, if I didn't force Bhai to ride the horse.. All this wouldn't ever happen.." Ayan cried.

"Nahin.. Don't say anything like that Ayan.. It's not your fault!" Khushi nodded sideways patting his cheek, "You didn't know this would happen, if you knew you wouldn't have asked him too right? Because you love your brother and would never want him to get hurt.. But you didn't know anything, it was destined to happen by Allah.. And we can't stop things when they're destined to happen OK?"

"Ji.." Ayan smiled a little and hugged Khushi, "You're world's best Bhabhi!"

Two hours later, Arnav finally gained conscious making everyone around him sigh in relief and thanking Allah.

Khushi's eyes twinkle in happiness, she was staring at him, "Arnav.." she whispered.

Arnav slowly tried to sit on bed. Khushi wanted to help him but he shove her hand away rudely, "DON'T.."

Khushi stare at him numb, she was shocked he behaved with her like this that too in front of their family.

Sana and Aahil smirked staring at each other. Their plan seemed to be successful, while working alone none of them reached to a positive result but as soon as they joined hands to separate Arshi and get their respective partners, the result came way too soon!

Siddiqui felt sad seeing Arnav treat his daughter in this way, he knows husband and wife fight but was it necessary to treat her rudely in front of everyone?

Asad muttered, "Now he's repenting marrying her.." while Zoya shook her head in negative.

"Are you feeling well?" Khushi asked gulping, she decided to ignore his rude treatment towards her.

"As if you care!" Arnav rolled his eyes.

"Arnav mind your language! Do you know she's your wife or you got memory loss?" Dilshad scolded him frowning.

"Why don't you ask her if she remembers I'm her husband Ammi?" Arnav looked angrily to Khushi, "I guess better than her Sana does the role of being my wife!"

Khushi's eyes fill with tears, she went running away from the room.

Dilshad, Zoya, Nani, Haya and Ayan went running to console her. Siddiqui looked down with tears in his eyes, he also left the room. Only Sana and Asad stayed with Arnav. Sana was on cloud nine after hearing Arnav's compliment to her.

Nov 19

Chapter 19 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 108 times)

Khan's Mansion:

The family returned home upset about what happened in the farm house. It was supposed to be a good weekend for them but brought bad memories to them.

"Arnav do you want to rest or eat something first?" Sana asked.

"See Ammi my wife doesn't even want to know about me, it's Sana who's asking me this instead of my own wife!" Arnav said angry.

"Let me remind you.." Aahil said only to be cut by an angry shout of Arnav, "JUST SHUT UP!"

"Don't try to protect YOUR Princess!" Arnav said.

"Don't start to fight here.." Zoya said glaring at both. "Arnav I think you should sit and don't stress yourself.. You're still weak!" Zoya said.

Khushi just looked at the scene with tears in her eyes.

Arnav sat on sofa frowning, while Sana went smilingly to the kitchen to make coffee for him.

Khushi went upstairs wiping away her tears.

"Why are you doing all this Arnav? Can't you see how much you're hurting your wife?" Dilshad asked.

"Doesn't she hurt me?" Arnav asked back.

Aahil silently left the living room and went to kitchen finding Sana happily making coffee for Arnav, "Wow.. You already got what you want! Arnav is all praises for you.. I guess he's repenting to marry Khushi and leave you.."

"Say MashaAllah.. I don't want anyone to cast an evil eye on our relationship.." Sana smiles shyly, "I knew it he would see that I'm better than Khushi.. I'm his WIFE.."

"MashaAllah.. MashaAllah.." Aahil smirked, "Now how will I get my Khushi? She's just stubborn you know.."

"Don't worry.. Khushi will go back with you to London.. Mark my words, after seeing Arnav's behavior with her, she is going to change her mind.." Sana smiled, "This time our plan will not fail Aahil.. I'm 100% sure!"

"You know you look like your brother now.. Treating your wife badly with no fault of hers.." Zoya said glaring at Arnav who was sipping coffee made by Sana.

"Excuse me.." Asad frowned.

"Yes.." Zoya nodded, "You both deserve a big punishment for this!"

"Without knowing the truth you're speaking all this nonsense Bhabhi.. I know why I'm behaving like that with Khushi and it's my right to be angry with her.." he said.

"Fine.. I won't interfere then in your problems.." Zoya said sadly and went from there.

At night..

After having dinner everyone sat in the living room. Haya and Ayan were trying to make Khushi laugh a little with their crazy jokes and pranks. While Zoya was angry with Asad. Dilshad and Nani were having normal conversations. And Arnav was busy on his phone while Sana was admiring his handsomeness.

"I want to tell you all something.. It's my decision and I'm not going to change it.." Arnav cleared his throat gaining everyone's attention, "I WANT TO MARRY SANA.."

The living room filled with gasps and shocked reactions. Khushi just stare at him numbly.

"What? Are you in your senses Arnav?" Dilshad was first one to react.

"I'm Ammi.. Why cannot I marry her?" Arnav asked.

"Arnav.. Do you really want to marry me? Sach mein?" Sana asked with tears of happiness, she cupped his face making him look at her.

"Yes.. I do!" Arnav nodded his head.

Khushi just stood up and went upstairs to her room.

"Arnav you're hurting Khushi.. Please don't do this!" Zoya said with teary eyes.

"She also hurt me Bhabhi.. And what is the problem if I want to marry Sana? She was Ammi's first choice and I guess the best choice.. Because now I'm repenting to marry a girl who doesn't even acknowledge my love for her.. If I had listened to Ammi first, I wouldn't have to face such situations today.." Arnav said.

"But what happened beta? At least say it.. So we can find solution for it.. Taking decisions in hurry is not the best solution Arnav.." Nani said.

"Please.. Don't do this.. Arnav wants to marry me and I also want to marry him, why are you all coming in between our happiness? Please I request you to not try to make him change his decision.." Sana said crying.

Arnav nodded, "Sana is right.. I hope you all support me in my decision, that's all I expect from my family.."

Everyone looked at each other unable to digest all this happening in front of them. Ayan frowned, "I will not accept anyone in my Khushi Bhabhi place.."

"I will also not.." Haya glared at Arnav and Sana and went to her room.

"Sana was my first choice.. But you made us accept Khushi and now I don't accept anyone beside you apart from my Doll.." Dilshad shook her head and also left the living room with the ladies.

"Don't think about them Arnav.. Just think about us! We will convince them later.." Sana said smiling happily, she was about to hug Arnav when someone pulled her back.

"Tum.." Sana looked at her shocked.

" Ji main (Yes me).." Khushi glared at her, "Leave MY HUSBAND right now.." Khushi almost shouted.

"He's going to be my husband also.." Sana said angrily.

"He isn't yet.. So I have full rights on him.. You're just a non-mahram for him and it doesn't look good for you to hug a married man like this.." Khushi said angrily.

"Arnav say something.." Sana turned to him.

"He will not say anything because he knows I'm right.." Khushi gritted her teeth and held Arnav's hand asking him to get up with her eyes gesture. Arnav stood up amused with her bold avatar. Khushi held his hand tightly and started taking him upstairs to their room while Sana clutched her hand tightly and looked away unable to do something to stop them.

Arshi's room:

Khushi closed the door angrily after both enter in the room, and turned to him glaring at him, "YOU ARE NOT GETTING MARRIED TO HER.."

"What if I did?" he asked.

"You will not.. And first you better tell me what's wrong with you? Why are you doing all this drama? Because if you think this affects me.. Then it does not!" she said.

"A man who is playing game with his friend (Sana) but replied in his every answer had his Wife's choices.. A man who refused to say what he likes in another woman because he doesn't want to commit a sin with his wife.. Then I refuse to believe he can be that angry with his wife to marry another woman.." Khushi looked at him sharply.

Arnav walked towards her, and cupped her face kissing her forehead gently, "I love you Khushi.."

Tears escaped from her eyes, she started beating him on chest sobbing, "But I hate you.. I hate you.."

Khushi started beating him with much force, making Arnav walk backwards to escape from her beatings. Arnav tried to held her hands but Khushi was shoving his hands away, "Why did you do this to me? What I have done to deserve this?"

"Shh.. Let me explain what and why I'm doing this Doll.." Arnav pulling her by her waist. Khushi looked away while tears continued to make way to her cheeks, "Say!"

Arnav placed many kisses on her face, then her hair. Khushi closed her eyes unable to be angry with him for much time, "Leave me.." she pouted.

"Never!" he replied and continued showering his wife with love filled kisses.

He lifted her and took her to their bed, Arnav made Khushi sit on his lap and caressed her hair, "Jaan forgive me for treating you rudely like I did.. But it's necessary for my plan.."

"Plan?" Khushi asked.

"Yes plan.." he nodded, "Because I just figured out that Aahil and Sana joined hands to separate us.. Remember when I was riding horse, one particular scene took my attention.. I saw Sana was hiding behind a tree and making video of Aahil and you, he was about to hug you.. I noticed the kind of look both were giving each other.. Now I see what's their plan, and I'm just making them think they won.. Because when a person think they're winning they don't think anything beyond that.. That's why I'm doing this, we have to expose them in front of our family asap before they do something worse.." Arnav said, "I didn't say anything till now, because everyone thinks good of them.. If I told our family they wouldn't believe me without proofs.. I guess Siddiqui uncle also wouldn't believe me over Aahil.. Aahil is your childhood friend and I see he share a good relationship with your father.. That's why I'm doing this to bring their real face in front of everyone.. If you see now that I said I want to marry Sana, she talked badly with our family because she doesn't need them now, she got me and that's all she wanted.. And now our family are also opening their eyes.."

"And Aahil also told me to go with him to London.. He said bad things about you.." Khushi said.

"What? He really thinks I will let you go!" Arnav spoke in disbelief.

"Don't be stressed about him.. I would never think of going away from you.." Khushi said and caressed his wound, "Does it hurt?"

"Not more than it hurt to you.." he said.

"I'm sorry Doll for saying hurtful things to you.. I really didn't mean to.." he caressed her cheek with his fingers.

Khushi nodded sideways wiping his tears and rested her head on his chest.

"I'm so thankful to Allah that I found a wife like you.. You know better than everyone!" he smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist possessively.

"Now let me wash my face.. I don't want another woman's touch on me.." he said making her lay on the bed and then went towards the bathroom. Khushi giggles, and hugged his pillow feeling his smell, she thanked Allah that everything is fine between them.

Dec 8

Chapter 20 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 76 times)

Everyone were having their breakfast silently and Arnav decided to break the silence, “After two days is Eid (muslim festival) and I think tomorrow me and Sana should get married!”

“What?” everyone looked at him shocked.

“What what?” Arnav shrugged, “I already told you all my decision, why are you all acting as if you don’t know?”

Khushi acted like she’s crying and went running upstairs while everyone followed her to console her.

“Are you sure of this marrying decision Arnav?” Asad asked him, for the first time surprising Arnav.

“Why?” Arnav asked.

“I initially didn’t support the idea of you getting married to a mentally unstable girl.. it was a huge shock for me.. but then you made me realize that with Allah’s help everything is possible.. Khushi also looks like good girl.. I mean.. she too seems to love you and everyone loves her here..” Asad said.

Arnav pressed his lips to control his smile, “Whatever bhai.. you were right only.. I shouldn’t have gone against Ammi’s words and marry Khushi instead of Sana.. now I’m repenting it and going to correct my mistake!”

“As your wish!” Asad nodded and went from there leaving Arnav alone at the breakfast table, “Not my wish bhai.. I have to expose both Sana and Aahil in front of whole family before Eid..”




“Khushi you have to be careful ok.. don’t do over drama otherwise he will get suspicious..” Arnav said with Khushi on his lap, in their room.

Khushi smiled and dialed Aahil’s phone number, “As Salam Alaikum Aahil!”

“Walaikum As Salam Khushi.. You called? Is everything okay Princess?”

Arnav rolled his eyes, he kissed Khushi’s hair possessively wrapping his arm around her waist.

Khushi blushed and continued talking, “Actually you were right Aahil.. Arnav doesn’t love me, he just wanted a wife.. you know he decided to get married to Sana tomorrow only.. after thinking a lot, I have decided to go with you to London!”

“What? Are you serious Khushi?” Aahil asked with shocked smile on his face.

“Yes.. I don’t want to stay here anymore..” Khushi acted like she’s crying.

“Don’t worry.. I will take with you me only tomorrow.. be prepared..” Aahil said happily.

“Yes.. I will pack my bags only..” she nodded.

After she hang up the call, Aahil smiled: Finally Princess you’re going to be mine. He called Sana to share happy news with her.




The next day, Arnav was busy in getting ready for Nikaah while Khushi was acting like crying in their room.

“Can we go?” he asked to his family while descending the stairs.

“Bhai why are you doing this?” Ayan cried not understanding why his brother was doing this with his bhabhi.

“Ayan you’re still a kid.. don’t question me now..” Arnav said sternly.

“We’re not going to attend this marriage..” Dilshad looked away and Arnav thought worriedly, “Ammi why are you doing this? If you all don’t come to wedding hall, then how will I expose the truth about Sana and Aahil to you guys..”

“Ammi..” Zoya rushed to them and said most shocking words to them, “Khushi is planning to run away with Aahil today after Arnav’s nikaah.. She already left to the wedding hall..”

“What? Have you gone mad Zoya?” Dilshad frowned.

“No Ammi.. I’m saying truth only.. let’s go to the wedding and you will see it with your own eyes..” Zoya said and winked at Arnav.

Arnav sighed in relief, he understood that Zoya said like that to help him but how does Zoya know about their plan? Did Khushi told her about this?

“Okay let’s go..” everyone rushed to the car with worried and confused looks.




At the wedding hall, it was silent with no guests at all. Dilshad wanted to ask why no one was there, but a laughter voice caught their attention.

“We did it Aahil.. we finally did it..” Sana laughed happily, “Today Arnav is going to be mine and Khushi yours!”

Everyone gasped and Arnav smirked as he knew both would be here celebrating their happiness.

“I’m so happy.. I can’t believe you actually got Arnav as you wanted..” Sana’s mother said happily.

“Sana always get what she wants.. Getting Arnav was so easy for me.. All I had to do was create a misunderstanding between Arnav and Khushi and both got separated.. poor Khushi.. couldn’t save her marriage..” Sana said.

“Poor no.. My Khushi always loved me.. it’s good only that day Arnav saw me about to hug her and misunderstood her.. and we didn’t even had to use the video we made.. he’s big fool only to not trust an Angel like Khushi..” Aahil smirked, “And I got her!”

Siddiqui widened his eyes in shock, he never thought Aahil could do this to him and his daughter.

They started narrating how they planned everything and got together to separate Arshi and the family could only gasp shocked.

“ENOUGH..” Asad shouted angrily and entered in the hall making Sana and Aahil widen their eyes.

“Asad bhaiya app..” Sana acted like innocent and lowered her eyes.

Asad clutch his fist, “If you were not a woman, I would have slapped you here itself.. How can you be so shameless? I always thought you to be a good woman and misunderstood Khushi.. always favored you and treated that girl badly, is this how you repay us for treating you good? For respecting you and giving you place in our family?”

“I really feel pity for you Sana.. you really thought I stopped loving my wife and wanted to marry you!” Arnav laughed, “And Aahil.. what a friend you turned out to be.. you both are fool only eying on two people who are already married.. aren’t you both ashamed? You both really thought that I would believe my Wife loves Aahil and would leave me for him? Sana I only looked at you as my friend, but today you lost that place also in my life.. I used to feel guilty for breaking my alliance with you but now I only thank Allah that he saved me from a woman like you..”

“Arnav what are you saying? Today is our Nikaah.. don’t talk like this..” Sana rushed to him and wanted to caress his cheek but Arnav shoved her hand angrily, “Today isn’t our Nikaah.. it never was and never will.. because no one is going to take place of Khushi in my life.. she’s only my wife not you! I just acted like you both did to expose your truth to my family..”

“What?” Aahil looked at Arnav shocked.

“Yes Aahil.. this is just acting only.. even Khushi is not going with you to London.. it was part of our plan to make you both commit a mistake in your happiness of getting your lovers and the result is this.. you both confessed what you did..” Arnav shrugged.

“You’re lying.. she called me.. she said to me that she’s going with me to London..” Aahil cried.

“I lied to you Aahil just like you lied to me about Arnav’s character..” Khushi appeared in the hall and smirked.

“No, this can’t happen.. Arnav you’re mine.. just tell me this is a dream.. you’re not with Khushi in this..” Sana cried and kneeled down crying.

“This is reality only..” Zoya spoke angrily, “I can’t even believe you could do this.. What would you get committing a sin like this Sana.. you wanted to break a marriage! And aunty you supported your daughter in her madness!”

Sana’s mother looked down ashamed.

“From today now on, I don’t want to see you both near our family.. You better take Sana only with you to London..” Arnav said.

Sana sobbed more as everyone looked at her disgusted and she couldn’t bear this. Siddiqui walked to Aahil and slapped him on his cheek with moist eyes, “I thought you as son and this what you did with me.. You wanted to break my daughter’s marriage?”

“Uncle I..” Aahil looked down guiltily.

“Just shut up.. go back to London and forget about Khushi.. she’s Arnav’s and will always be his!” Siddiqui shouted and looked away.

“If really loved me, you would have never done this with your Princess Aahil.. from today now on, I’m not your Princess.. I want to forget I had a friend who betrayed me like this..” Khushi said with moist eyes.

She held Arnav’s hand and signaled him that they should leave. Arnav nodded sideways and she looked at him confused.

“Let’s get married!” he said smiling, “Imam will be coming anytime soon and our family is together also, we both are here.. You look beautiful and I’m ready to make you my Wife again!”

Khushi blushed and nodded her head.

“Can you both just leave from here?” Zoya said and quickly signaled the guards to take Sana, her mother and Aahil from there. They were dragged by the guards outside the hall and the family sighed in relief.

“Khushi.. I’m sorry for my behavior with you..” Asad said guiltily and looked down.

“It’s okay bhaiya.. we’re family only and you don’t need to say sorry.. I hope now you like me!” Khushi smiled.

“I guess I like the pagal ladki more!” Asad said smiling and everyone laughed at the joke.

The Imam arrived and Khushi and Arnav went to their respective side to do Nikaah.

“Shall we get married again? This time I will be loving husband and not give more attention to my work than my Wife..” Asad whispered in Zoya’s ear, “Sorry for being rude with you Mrs.Khan.. Today seeing their true love (Arshi).. I am ashamed as I never loved you the way you deserved..”

Zoya looked at him with moist eyes, “Really Asad? You want to get married again???”

Asad nodded and stopped the Imam from starting the prayers as both also joined Arshi to get married.




Next day..

Arnav returned with the boys from the mosque after praying Fajr namaz, he watched his wife setting the table and placing sweets and fritters on it as today is festival day, it’s Eid and happy one for them as their family got their happiness back.

Khushi stare at him and lowered her eyes blushing, yesterday they consummated their marriage and she’s like this since yesterday, she can’t even look at him and yesterday moments will come to her mind and she would become red like tomato.

Arnav walked to her and took a piece of jalebi then feed her, “Eid Mubarak!”, Khushi smiled and feed him also, “Eid Mubarak for you too!”

And then all family started wishing each other.

“Where’s my Eid gift bhaiya?” Haya asked pouting, “You promised new phone for me!”

“And new bike for me!” Ayan sat near Arnav making him chuckle, “Haya you didn’t check your room well.. Your gift is there only and Ayan go outside you will find yours too!”

Both kids screamed in happiness and ran to get their gifts making whole family laugh.

“Khushi what you gifted to Arnav?” Nani asked smiling.

“Tell them.. What you gifted me yesterday? The most beautiful night of my Life!” he whispered in Khushi’s ear and Khushi smacked his shoulder smiling shyly.

Everyone smiled at the lovely couple.

“We both gifted each other’s hearts.. now my heart is with her and hers is with me!” Arnav replied making everyone smiled lovingly at them.

Siddiqui wiped the happy tears in his eyes and thanked Allah for finding the right man for his daughter.





Khushi kept the gifts the family gave to her and Arnav in the closet. Arnav came and hugged her from behind, “Jaan!”

“Yes..” she smiled shyly.

“You know this is the most special Eid for me..” he said and placed soft kisses on her hair.

“Can I tell you something?” she asked and turned to him while Arnav nodded his head, “Anything you want..”

“I love you..” she said smiling shyly and buried her face on his chest. Arnav widened his eyes shocked as he didn’t expect her to confess her love for him this soon.

“Say I love you too!” she whined not getting reaction from his side.

“I already showed to you how much I love you!” he replied, “But this is first time Mrs.Khan replied to my love.. Isqh Mubarak Mrs.Khan!

Khushi giggled and hugged him tightly, “Isqh Mubarak Mr.Khan!”

“I love you Mrs. Khan!” he whispered smiling tightening his grip on her.



And that’s the start of their journey together!





The End!

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