The Trust That She Had In Him

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The Trust That She Had In Him (By T3SHIH)

Part One




Two years of Friendship!


Five years of Marriage!


And now a week old as a widower!




Life is cruel! Arnav Singh Raizada had known and believed in that ever since he had come to know the true meaning of living. But then SHE had come in his life, bringing happiness along with HER and with that SHE had given him a reason to live his life for. But then so cruelly life has taken HER, far away from him. He had promised HER, didn't he!


He had promised to take care of her all his life. He had promised to give her all the happiness that she deserved. But then he has failed HER this time too. He had vowed himself that he would keep up to the trust that SHE has had in him this time at least. But then he has failed in doing that too.




"I am sorry Khushi. I failed you, again. I am really sorry!"


And a lone tear escaped from his eye onto his Khushi's photo, that he had kept in his wallet, like since forever.


A gush of wind blew silently indicating HER presence but then he brushed that thought off. SHE will never come back to him, now and he knew that and like that another tear escaped from his eye.





The Raizada Mansion was still mourning over their loss, the demise of their eldest daughter in law. Today was the seventh day! Groups and groups of people, clad in their white dresses, entered and left after giving their condolences. Arnav's grandmother, Devyani Raizada, being the head of the family, was trying her best to stay strong for her family. Anjali Shyam Jha, elder sister of Arnav, was worriedly pacing the end of the staircase leading to her Chote's room, occasionally glancing at his door. She was worried; for her Chote has refused to come out of his room since the day his wife had left the world. While the rest of the family and the family friends, who had come to share the loss, were busy in the after work of the havan that has completed a while ago.






"Bu Maa!"


Anjali was jerked out of her pacing when she felt a tug on her hand and heard the little voice soon after. She looked down only to see her four and a half years old Niece, Aslesha Singh Raizada, trying to gain her attention.



"Baba, what happened?"


Anjali asked her Niece, who was very much oblivious to her surroundings.



"When will my Mama come back? I need to give her this."


Aslesha said, indicating the envelope in her hands. The same envelope that she had been clutching onto it like her dear life, for the last seven days. No one knew what was inside, she didn't let anyone touch that no matter what, indicating all the while only her mama can see it, only her mama can get to touch it. While, Anjali stood motionless, not able to answer this little girl. How was she supposed to tell her that her mother would never come back to her? She hugged her instead of answering her niece and mentally cried for her innocence.






On the other hand, a woman clad in a white salwar, came out of her car and stood staring at the mansion in front of her before entering. She stood near the main door, contemplating whether to go inside or not. It had been five years since that night!







Five years ago'




"What's wrong with you two? Not again! Don't tell me you guys fought again. "


Khushi Kumari Gupta enquired to her two most important people in her life, the world's best boyfriend Arnav Singh Raizada (ASR) and the world's best best friend Lavanya Kashyap (La). ASR and La could do almost anything for their dearest Khushi. They loved her to the core.




Arnav and Khushi had first met when they were in their ten grade. She had been a new student, joining in the same class as his, then. Their relationship started off as friends and gradually they had fallen hard in love with each other. He had fallen for her the second he laid his eyes on her and he knew that. Call it the love at first sight! But then he had taken a whole year to realize that, a whole year of their friendship had led him to realize his feelings for her was much more than the mere word love and had expressed it to her soon after. As for Khushi, it wasn't the love at first sight for she had never believed in that, but then she had fortunately fallen in love with him. It had been five years now and since then they had been dating with each other and were in a serious relationship, including the long distance relationship since last two years. And Khushi being the most unromantic person that she was, had never said 'I love you' to him, let alone expressed it through other words. It had always been him expressing his love. But that didn't mean that she doesn't love him. He had seen in her eyes and he knew he would get to hear those three words one day. He was ready to wait for that day no matter how long she takes!


Lavanya and Khushi had first met when they were in grade six; they had been together since then. Over the years, they had become inseparable. They would do almost all the things together, so much so that now they knew each other, in and out. When they reached grade ten, they had to go to separate high schools but even then they had never lost contact. They would talk over phone almost every day, meet during vacation and in one such vacation; Khushi had introduced her boyfriend to her best friend. La and ASR had bonded well since then and had become close to becoming the closest of friends, all thanks to Khushi. 


After finishing grade twelve, Khushi's Dad, had sent her off for further studies in Australia, while Arnav had been left behind handling his Dad's business. It had been just a day since Khushi had come back home for vacation for two months this time but then unfortunately, her University had immediately called her back for some official work, so now she was to go back in two days. Khushi being the friend's person that she had been all her life had called out all her close friends, who happen to be Arnav's close friends too and of course, Arnav, for a get to gather. So now here they were, in one of their favorite hangout place, enjoying the last day of her stay in Delhi. But then ever since they had been together that night, Khushi had sensed something wrong between La and Arnav.







La and Arnav both said that together and at the same time, which made Khushi even more suspicious. While, Arnav and La, averted their eyes somewhere else, awkwardly.


"Are you guys hiding something from me?"


Khushi asked which made both of them look at her with horrifying eyes. They knew Khushi could read them well, they knew she will churn the truth out of them in no time but then they also knew, she would get hurt if their betrayal truth came out and they could not afford that.  They loved her just too much.






"I am really sorry ASR. I know this is my entire fault but then we can't just behave like this in front of Khushi. She had already questioned us. Please we need to act normal, for her. We can't afford to lose her, can we?"


La said while Arnav stood facing his back towards her, clenching his hands real hard. As soon as, Khushi had gone to the washroom, Arnav had come out of the place, not able to control his guilt. He had betrayed his Khushi and he knew if she comes to know about what he did, he would lose her forever and he could not afford that. And La had followed him for she needed to clear things between them.


"You know that I haven't kept anything from her. I have been an open book for Khushi. I can't tell her the truth for I know I will lose her and I cannot live without her and you know that, nor can I hide it from her as this guilt of hiding such a big thing from her will kill me someday, slowly. La! "


Arnav said panicking and frustrated with himself.


"ASR, we have no other choice. Khushi should not know anything. It was just a mistake. We were both drunk that night. My boyfriend broke my heart and I was not myself then. And in a weak of moment, we slept together. This is it. We should just forget whatever happened. You know what I mean, right!"


All this while, they didn't notice their friends standing near them, shock evident in their eyes. Khushi stood staring nothing in particular. Not even an ounce of emotions on her face. Khushi mistaking their wired behavior to be of those sad one for she was leaving so very soon, had come outside, along with other friends present there, to cheer her two best people, only to hear their whole conversation.






"ASR! La!"


Nandkis**** Gupta (NK) unable to control himself, unable to hear more than they had already heard and moreover unable to see the dead expression on his dear cousin, Khushi, called their name, disgustingly, indicating their presence.


Arnav and La jerked their heads towards them. And by the looks of horror on their dear friend's faces, they knew they had heard everything. But that wasn't what horrified them the most. The dead expression on Khushi's face killed their hearts to no extend. And they knew then that they had lost their Khushi.











All surrounded Khushi, called her names, just to get a single reaction from her. Arnav and La had by then reached near Khushi. They tried too but nothing could get a single reaction from her.





"Dammit Khushi Speak up. Anything!"


Arnav shouted, not able to bear the emptiness in his Khushi's eyes, the same eyes that used to convey all her feelings to him, the same eyes that had been the only doorway to her love for him. And that shout seemed to have brought Khushi back to the present for she blinked her eyes soon after. NK too halted on his way to push ASR away from Khushi by then.





"Why are shouting? Oh my god! It is so cold out here. Let’s get inside guys. The vodka shots are still waiting for us!"


Khushi said that and moved inside, as if nothing happened. As if she heard nothing! As if all was well! And as if her brain had blocked the scene that happened not so while ago from entering into her mind and especially her heart. She moved inside and seated herself, normally, as if nothing mattered.


Her friends stood outside for a few seconds, unable to comprehend Khushi's reaction but nevertheless, all moved inside confused, only to see that Khushi had already started having her shots. Khushi sensing their presence looked back and urged all of them to come and start the drinks.






*Clang Clang*



The sound jerked her out of her past, while the same sound jerked Anjali out of her hug and looked at whatever directions her family members and friends were staring at, with shock evident on their faces, only to get shock herself. She could not believe her eyes.







Aslesha run to the door and hugged that woman at the door.


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