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Aug 7

Ts-unexpected (By _Aishu) (Thanked: 27 times)

Hey guys, i have been in this forum for quite a long time but was just a reader, now m planning to write some stories i hope u guys will support me.. Ts: unexpected .. Story starts few months after the remarriage track , dadi left for ashram n arshi got married ,shyam has been kicked out of the house... It's been 4 months since we have gotten married,and life has been amzing since then... Arnav ,yes now i call him arnav bcoz my lovely husband doesn't like being addressed as arnavji..he has done everything in his power to make me feel home and has showered me with so much love that i forgotten about those painful 6 months.... Coming to other family member's , all are same but anjalijii....she has gone into her shell after shyamjii truth came out...she has become more vulnerable and i knw that still somewhere naniji and mamiji thinks that m responsible for her condition... but whenever i feel sad about it ,arnav is always there for me... Coming to the present... Today is our forth month anniversary and i have a surprise for arnav ,i can't wait to see his reaction... Arnav enters the roomaround 10 calling Khushi's name... Arnav- khush, khush ,kha ho tum?(where are you) Khushi- arnav hum poolside pe hai(arnav i m in the poolside said khushi facing the moon) Arnav- happy 4th month anniversary jaan (said arnav hugging khushi from behind kissing her neck) Khushi turns around n hugs arnav n wishes him the same.. Khushi- happy anniversary arnav... They hug each other tighting savouring the feeling of veing together... arnav still can't beleive that this chilf woman is his to have n to hold, n for better ,for worse..arnav thanked her parents n his mother for bringing them together looking towards stars... Khushi-arnav ? Arnav- hmmmm Khushi - arnav sun rahe hai aap , mein itne der se apko bula rhi hu kha khoye hue hai aap, chaliye cake cut krte hai..(arnav ,where are u lost,i have been calling u since long ,common let's cut the cake) They cut the cake together n fed it to each other... Arnav -(giving a box to khusi) open it .. Khushi - open the box n sees a beautiful platinum ring with their initials on it...woooh arnav ,it's so beautiful ..thankyou so much.... Arnav- thankyou se kam nhi chlega, where is my gift.... Khushi-(biting her lips) ooppps hum toh bhul hi gaye the apke gift k bare mein ,ek min rukiye hum abhi aate hai( i forgot about ur gift ,just wait a min i will be get it said khushi running inside the room) Arnav muttered pagal seeing her running inside the room.. Khushi comes back n hands over an envelope to arnav n asks him to open it.... Arnav looks at her confused but nevertheless open the envelope n as sooon as he opens the letter his eyes becomes big as saucer.... he keeps on opening n closing his mouth like fish without water... Khushi - looking at arnav, arnav kuch toh boliye...(arnav say something) Arnav- khushi this, u i mean me,really m i gonna be a dad n you mom? Khushi-(turning red n hiding her face behind her hands) yes arnav ,we are going to be parents.... Arnav gives a full fledge smile n takes khushi in a tight hug.... Arnav- u have mafe me so happy today thankyou so much khush for coming into my life n giving me so much happiness... n now completing my family said arnav looking at khushi witg shining eyes...he Leans towards her slowly n slowly places his lips on her trembling once.. a kiss which holds a promise to be there for each other , a kiss of long life till eternity.. Arnav-arnav and khushi Khushi- hamesha.....

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