The Trust That She Had In Him (Completed)

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Aug 8

The Trust That She Had In Him (By Chasby) (Thanked: 16 times)

Part One 

Two years of Friendship!

Five years of Marriage!

And now a week old as a widower!

Life is cruel! Arnav Singh Raizada had known and believed in that ever since he had come to know the true meaning of living. But then SHE had come in his life, bringing happiness along with HER and with that SHE had given him a reason to live his life for. But then so cruelly life has taken HER, far away from him. He had promised HER, didn't he!

He had promised to take care of her all his life. He had promised to give her all the happiness that she deserved. But then he has failed HER this time too. He had vowed himself that he would keep up to the trust that SHE has had in him this time at least. But then he has failed in doing that too.

"I am sorry Khushi. I failed you, again. I am really sorry!"

And a lone tear escaped from his eye onto his Khushi's photo, that he had kept in his wallet, like since forever.

A gush of wind blew silently indicating HER presence but then he brushed that thought off. SHE will never come back to him, now and he knew that and like that another tear escaped from his eye.

The Raizada Mansion was still mourning over their loss, the demise of their eldest daughter in law. Today was the seventh day! Groups and groups of people, clad in their white dresses, entered and left after giving their condolences. Arnav's grandmother, Devyani Raizada, being the head of the family, was trying her best to stay strong for her family. Anjali Shyam Jha, elder sister of Arnav, was worriedly pacing the end of the staircase leading to her Chote's room, occasionally glancing at his door. She was worried; for her Chote has refused to come out of his room since the day his wife had left the world. While the rest of the family and the family friends, who had come to share the loss, were busy in the after work of the havan that has completed a while ago.

"Bu Maa!"

Anjali was jerked out of her pacing when she felt a tug on her hand and heard the little voice soon after. She looked down only to see her four and a half years old Niece, Aslesha Singh Raizada, trying to gain her attention.

"Baba, what happened?"

Anjali asked her Niece, who was very much oblivious to her surroundings.

"When will my Mama come back? I need to give her this."

Aslesha said, indicating the envelope in her hands. The same envelope that she had been clutching onto it like her dear life, for the last seven days. No one knew what was inside, she didn't let anyone touch that no matter what, indicating all the while only her mama can see it, only her mama can get to touch it. While, Anjali stood motionless, not able to answer this little girl. How was she supposed to tell her that her mother would never come back to her? She hugged her instead of answering her niece and mentally cried for her innocence.

On the other hand, a woman clad in a white salwar, came out of her car and stood staring at the mansion in front of her before entering. She stood near the main door, contemplating whether to go inside or not. It had been five years since that night!

Five years ago...

"What's wrong with you two? Not again! Don't tell me you guys fought again. "

Khushi Kumari Gupta enquired to her two most important people in her life, the world's best boyfriend Arnav Singh Raizada (ASR) and the world's best best friend Lavanya Kashyap (La). ASR and La could do almost anything for their dearest Khushi. They loved her to the core.

Arnav and Khushi had first met when they were in their ten grade. She had been a new student, joining in the same class as his, then. Their relationship started off as friends and gradually they had fallen hard in love with each other. He had fallen for her the second he laid his eyes on her and he knew that. Call it the love at first sight! But then he had taken a whole year to realize that, a whole year of their friendship had led him to realize his feelings for her was much more than the mere word love and had expressed it to her soon after. As for Khushi, it wasn't the love at first sight for she had never believed in that, but then she had fortunately fallen in love with him. It had been five years now and since then they had been dating with each other and were in a serious relationship, including the long distance relationship since last two years. And Khushi being the most unromantic person that she was, had never said 'I love you' to him, let alone expressed it through other words. It had always been him expressing his love. But that didn't mean that she doesn't love him. He had seen in her eyes and he knew he would get to hear those three words one day. He was ready to wait for that day no matter how long she takes!

Lavanya and Khushi had first met when they were in grade six; they had been together since then. Over the years, they had become inseparable. They would do almost all the things together, so much so that now they knew each other, in and out. When they reached grade ten, they had to go to separate high schools but even then they had never lost contact. They would talk over phone almost every day, meet during vacation and in one such vacation; Khushi had introduced her boyfriend to her best friend. La and ASR had bonded well since then and had become close to becoming the closest of friends, all thanks to Khushi.

After finishing grade twelve, Khushi's Dad, had sent her off for further studies in Australia, while Arnav had been left behind handling his Dad's business. It had been just a day since Khushi had come back home for vacation for two months this time but then unfortunately, her University had immediately called her back for some official work, so now she was to go back in two days. Khushi being the friend's person that she had been all her life had called out all her close friends, who happen to be Arnav's close friends too and of course, Arnav, for a get to gather. So now here they were, in one of their favorite hangout place, enjoying the last day of her stay in Delhi. But then ever since they had been together that night, Khushi had sensed something wrong between La and Arnav.


La and Arnav both said that together and at the same time, which made Khushi even more suspicious. While, Arnav and La, averted their eyes somewhere else, awkwardly.

"Are you guys hiding something from me?"

Khushi asked which made both of them look at her with horrifying eyes. They knew Khushi could read them well, they knew she will churn the truth out of them in no time but then they also knew, she would get hurt if their betrayal truth came out and they could not afford that.  They loved her just too much.

"I am really sorry ASR. I know this is my entire fault but then we can't just behave like this in front of Khushi. She had already questioned us. Please we need to act normal, for her. We can't afford to lose her, can we?"

La said while Arnav stood facing his back towards her, clenching his hands real hard. As soon as, Khushi had gone to the washroom, Arnav had come out of the place, not able to control his guilt. He had betrayed his Khushi and he knew if she comes to know about what he did, he would lose her forever and he could not afford that. And La had followed him for she needed to clear things between them.

"You know that I haven't kept anything from her. I have been an open book for Khushi. I can't tell her the truth for I know I will lose her and I cannot live without her and you know that, nor can I hide it from her as this guilt of hiding such a big thing from her will kill me someday, slowly. La! "

Arnav said panicking and frustrated with himself.

"ASR, we have no other choice. Khushi should not know anything. It was just a mistake. We were both drunk that night. My boyfriend broke my heart and I was not myself then. And in a weak of moment, we slept together. This is it. We should just forget whatever happened. You know what I mean, right!"

All this while, they didn't notice their friends standing near them, shock evident in their eyes. Khushi stood staring nothing in particular. Not even an ounce of emotions on her face. Khushi mistaking their wired behavior to be of those sad one for she was leaving so very soon, had come outside, along with other friends present there, to cheer her two best people, only to hear their whole conversation.

"ASR! La!"

Nandkis**** Gupta (NK) unable to control himself, unable to hear more than they had already heard and moreover unable to see the dead expression on his dear cousin, Khushi, called their name, disgustingly, indicating their presence.

Arnav and La jerked their heads towards them. And by the looks of horror on their dear friend's faces, they knew they had heard everything. But that wasn't what horrified them the most. The dead expression on Khushi's face killed their hearts to no extend. And they knew then that they had lost their Khushi.




All surrounded Khushi, called her names, just to get a single reaction from her. Arnav and La had by then reached near Khushi. They tried too but nothing could get a single reaction from her.

"Dammit Khushi Speak up. Anything!"

Arnav shouted, not able to bear the emptiness in his Khushi's eyes, the same eyes that used to convey all her feelings to him, the same eyes that had been the only doorway to her love for him. And that shout seemed to have brought Khushi back to the present for she blinked her eyes soon after. NK too halted on his way to push ASR away from Khushi by then.

"Why are shouting? Oh my god! It is so cold out here. Let’s get inside guys. The vodka shots are still waiting for us!"

Khushi said that and moved inside, as if nothing happened. As if she heard nothing! As if all was well! And as if her brain had blocked the scene that happened not so while ago from entering into her mind and especially her heart. She moved inside and seated herself, normally, as if nothing mattered.

Her friends stood outside for a few seconds, unable to comprehend Khushi's reaction but nevertheless, all moved inside confused, only to see that Khushi had already started having her shots. Khushi sensing their presence looked back and urged all of them to come and start the drinks.

*Clang Clang*

The sound jerked her out of her past, while the same sound jerked Anjali out of her hug and looked at whatever directions her family members and friends were staring at, with shock evident on their faces, only to get shock herself. She could not believe her eyes.


Aslesha run to the door and hugged that woman at the door.

Aug 8

Part Two (By Chasby) (Thanked: 47 times)

Part Two

The same gush of wind blew again.


Arnav whispered the name to himself again. Why? Why now? Was the feeling of her presence felt so that it can taunt him for breaking the trust, all over again? She will never come back, at least not to him and he knew that. He closed his eyes and mentally blew the winds away from him.


He opened his eyes when he heard his daughter. Mama? Aslesha? How could he forget her? In the midst of his heartbreak and cursing himself, he had completely forgotten about his daughter, how could he? He had failed as a lover. He had failed as a husband too. He could not afford to fail as a father now.

Wiping the left over tears, he moved out of his room after seven long days in search of his daughter, the only reason, he will live his life hereafter.

Five Years Ago''


Lavanya, unable to see her Khushi acting normal when she knew Khushi was hurting inside, came in front of her and kneeled down placing her hands on hers and urged her to face her by calling her name.

While, Khushi stilled on her sitting spot but did not face her.

"Khushi, please don't do this to me, to us. I will tell you everything."

Lavanya said further, while Khushi stilled some more. She doesn't want to hear anything, she doesn't!

Lavanya narrated the whole incident. Two weeks ago, Lavanya had broken up with her two years boyfriend, whom she had loved madly. Unable to bear the heartbreak and the loneliness that came soon after, had forced her to have a shoulder to cry upon and a presence to stop her from feeling lonely. Khushi was not in India and other than her, Arnav had always been the only one she could depend upon, share her feelings to. But who would have thought that the night of companionship would turn out to be a shameful one.

All this while, not even a single tear dropped from Khushi's eyes. It was like as if, all the tears had dried up in her heart, the same heart which had been deserted because of the cruel revelation about the two most important people in her life.



Khushi, as if all the life had been sucked out of her body, stood up and began to move outside, backwards. She held up her hand to stop her friends from moving towards her, silently indicating them to leave her alone.

Nevertheless, all her friends started to move one step at a time, fearing that Khushi might do something if they reach out to her in sudden, while she moved out and on to the road. 

"Khushi, please listen to me."

Payal, Khushi's older sister said. She knew something bad was going to happen. She could feel that.

Arnav had not uttered a single word. He had been staring onto Khushi's eyes, which was doing the same to his. Accusing eyes, he would accept. Hatred in her eyes, he would bear.  Painful eyes, his heart would break into million. But how was he supposed to feel, when he could not see anything in her eyes. Nothing at all! He was breaking inside. He hated tears in her eyes, but now he was dying to see a single drop of those tears in her eye, even a dot of it. So that it could tell him, he could live.

All of them had been so engrossed into themselves, that they failed to see a car coming towards Khushi, in full speed. After that, all the things happened in slow motion. The car hit Khushi, making her body fly across and on to the other side of the road.


All shouted her name, Arnav being the loudest. He was the first one to reach Khushi, who was by then covered by her own blood.


Arnav kneeled down and picked up her body onto his lap and cradled her head. Tears streaming down his face, he could faintly hear his brother Akash shouting for the car and asking him to take Khushi into it.

"Khushi, you can't do this to me. How will I live without you? Khushi, please open your eyes, for me. Khu'"

He was rudely interrupted by Akash's loud voice, who had been shouting at him for the last few seconds to leave Khushi from his tight hold so that they could take her to the hospital.


Akash shouted, which jerked Arnav out of his miseries. And soon Khushi was moved toward hospital, where she was taken into OT soon after.

"Akash Bhai?"

Anjali's voice jerked him out of his journey of their painful past, which had come flooding back when he saw HER at the door.

"She is the one, right?"

Anjali asked him, while Akash nodded in response, not able to make single sound from his mouth. Though she had never meet HER before but she had seen HER photos and had learned a lot about HER from her sister in law. All other Raizada family members, except for Payal and Akash of course, had come to know about their past not so long ago.

"Mama, come with me I have been waiting for you."

Before SHE could even react to what had happened, before SHE could even register the little girl's words again, SHE was dragged into a little pinkish room.

"What happened?"

Arnav asked, confused by the expression on his family and friend's faces, as soon as he reached downstairs. All present in the hall were standing rooted on their places, as if they had seen some ghost loitering around their heads.

While, they jerked their heads towards Arnav with much more horrified expression on their faces.

'After five longs years, SHE is here, how will Bhai react?' Akash thought.

'Arnav can't see HER nor can SHE see him. Not before I talk to HER.' NK and Payal mentally decided.

'Why is she here after all this years?'  Mami thought to herself.

'Is this some kind of sign from Devi Maiya?' Prayed Anjali and Nani.

All in all, they were afraid of Arnav's reaction and they all decided telepathically that it wasn't the right time for Arnav and HER to face each other. They needed to keep them apart for a while.


Arnav asked again, breaking their chain of thoughts.

"Chote! Finally, you showed up. Come and have something to eat."

Anjali spoke first.

"Where is Aslesha?"

Arnav asked ignoring Anjali. He needed to see his daughter first. The rest can wait.

"She is sleeping."

"She went to Mandir."

"She is outside, playing."

Akash, Anjali and NK said at the same time, respectively, while Arnav quirked his eyebrow, confused.

"What are you hiding from me?"

Arnav asked after a full minute of studying the people in front of him.

"Kuch bhi toh nahin. Nothing!"

All said at the same time, again, which made him more suspicious of them. He would question them later, he decided and he moved towards his daughter's room, only to have all of them blocking his path.

"You can't go there." NK said soon after.

"Excuse me!"

"Chote, he meant to say eat something first and then meet Aslesha" Anjali said only to have Shyam, her husband, pinch on her elbow for unconsciously informing Arnav about Aslesha's whereabouts. 'Ouch!' while Anjali glared back at her husband.

"So, that means, she is inside."

Arnav said pointing to Aslesha's room.

"Who SHE, no one is there, Haina Di?"

Payal said, panicking, that he might have come to know about SHE, while all nodded in her favour.

"I don'.''."

Arnav was about to retort when he heard HER voice. This can't be. SHE is not here. How can SHE be here? While, the other froze at their places. In the name of hiding HER from Arnav, all of them had forgotten that they were still mourning the death of the Raizada's eldest daughter in law. Such was the charm of HER.


Arnav moved slowly towards the room, afraid that he might be hallucinating. He kept his ears sharp and opened, afraid that he might not be able to hear HER again.

Aaja Nindiya Rani Aaja Dur Sitaron Se

Nanhe Nanhe Sapne le Aaa Dur Nazaron Se

Aao Bas Ja Meri Gudiya Ki Nanhi Si Ankhon Mein

Aaja Nindiya Rani Aaja Dur Sitaro Se'

With trembling hands, he opened the door and peeked inside, only to see HER, facing backside towards him. His daughter in HER arms in the midst of sleeping. The tears that he had blocked a while ago started its flow when he saw the scene in front of him. The other Raizadas and the friends, who had followed Arnav, silently wept behind him.

SHE knew he had come. SHE knew he was behind her but still then SHE continue HER lullaby. The little angel in HER arms was drowning into her sleep. SHE finally turned back towards the door, only to see him with tears flowing from his eyes and the people behind him, weeping happy tears from their eyes.


SHE shushed Arnav, when he was about to say something and pointed towards the little girl in her arms. SHE laid her on her bed and patted her head gently, continuing her lullaby, all the while looking into his eyes.

Waada Hain Mera Sahchal Mein Gudiya Ko Payegi Khusbo Teri

Teri Jaga Toh Na Le Paogi Phir Bhi Dungi Main Mamta Teri

Har Raat Loori Yahin Gun Gunayon Gi

Sooja.. Sooja' Sooja'

And in that moment, Arnav Singh Raizada knew he was forgiven, again, by Khushi Kumai Gupta.

NOTE: The lullaby is from one of the dramas from Star Plus. I could not remember the full name of the drama. Sorry!

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Last Part (By Chasby) (Thanked: 33 times)

Last Part

Five Years Ago'

"The Patient has woken up. You can meet her but please remember that she is still weak."

The doctor informed them and moved towards his cabin.

It had been five hours since the accident. The operation had been successful. Mr.Gupta was out of the country for business and nobody dared inform him about the accident, fearing or rather considering how precious his Khushi was for him. Payal had been five when Mrs. Gupta passed away giving birth to Khushi. Having been deprived of mother's love since birth, Khushi had always been the baby for her dad. He could turn the world upside down for even a single scratch on her.

The rest of the group followed Arnav in the room. For the first time in his life, Arnav had been scared to hell. Khushi surrounded by her own pool of blood would always be his scariest nightmare he celebrated. Millions part of his had died the moment he saw her in that state and another millions part when she had been in the OT for hours. The wait and the hope that she would come out safe had taken some more millions part. He literally breathed the first breathe of his second life when the doctor informed them about Khushi's condition!


Arnav and Lavanya reached beside her at the same time, each on the either side of her bed. The overwhelming feelings, seeing her safe had intrigued them to touch her, to feel her to confirm themselves that they weren't dreaming. But their lifted hands never reached their destinations for Khushi had lifted her own hand, her palm towards them, indicating them or rather him and La to stop.

She was seated on her bed, her back leaned against the pillow and her eyes, looking forward but staring nothing in particular. Her eyes were still out of any emotion, her body unmoving as if like a living corpse. And like that, Arnav felt his heart stop beating, while others stood helpless.

How would one feel when ones best friend betrays?

Sad? Hurt? Broken? Hatred? Or nothing?

How would one feel when ones boyfriend or the love of one’s life betrays?

More Sad? More Hurt? More Broken? More Hatred?  Or nothing at all?

How would one feel when both of them betray at the same time?

Some more Sad? Some more Hurt? Some more Broken? Some more Hatred? Or completely nothing at all?

But then how would one feel when both of them betrays at the same time, plus, that same boyfriend cheats on with that same best friend, considering them being the two most trusted and the most important people in one’s life, mistake or no mistake?

Question Mark! Question Mark! Question Mark? Question Mark? Or completely, absolutely nothing at all?


Someone entered the room in rush and stopped dead tracked when he saw her face finally. He breathed a sigh of relief. Relived to see her fine. Relived that he hadn't lost her.

For the first time that night, Khushi reacted. She looked on something or rather particular someone when she heard him. She stared for a few minutes and when her mind finally registered whom he was, a lone tear escaped from her eye soon followed by an ocean of tears. She launched herself onto him as soon as he reached besides her, crying her heart out. In spite clueless and helpless of her behavior, he hugged her tight, patting her head and shushing her lovingly.

Ahriman Gupta, the eldest of Gupta siblings, was the only person in the whole world to whom Khushi, his baby sister, would share all her feelings verbally. While for the rest of the world, it would only be through actions, which too happened rarely. He had been in a business meeting, in another city when he heard about the accident. And he had rushed from there soon after.

Not a single word came out of his mouth seeing his ever so strong sister crying her heart out. He even dreaded to know what might have happened that lead to the scene in his arms.

He knew his sister just too well.

There has always been an ever so soft Khushi hidden behind the hard and tough exterior, a mere shield which acts as the wall surrounding her heart, which Khushi Gupta presents to the world.

The I-don't-care attitude that she has always carried on with her, just so that no one would dare to drill even a small hole onto that already built wall has always had the ever so emotional Khushi, craved underneath her.

And behind the quite Khushi has always had the Khushi, whose heart was always filled with the love for the people who matters to her.

Though a girl of less words and a not so good at expressing herself (He is exceptional though), her eyes had never failed to convey what her mouth couldn't.

He looked around at the people in the room and quirked his eyebrows when he found them lowering their eyes when his gaze landed on them.

At the corner stood Arnav, his eyes closed not being able to see his Khushi's tears and his hands clenched hard, cursing himself for being the sole reason behind it.

Lavanya's tears had failed to stop ever since the moment her Khushi had heard the ugly truth and a large amount of them followed soon after she saw the first tear drop from Khushi's eyes.

NK turned his back from the scene. He had never ever dreamt of seeing Khushi ever in this state. He could very much strangle the people responsible for that if only Khushi would allow him.

Akash and Payal stood very much helpless.

One moment, everyone was trapped in their own inner turmoil and the next moment they knew, they heard Ahriman shouting Khushi's name, telling her to wake up, who had by then gone into unconsciousness."

"She didn't wake up for five months after that. She had gone into coma due to the head injury that the accident had caused."

NK narrated to his one and a half month old wife, Naina, who had insisted to know the not so beautiful love story of Arnav and Khushi.

All of them were seated in the living room except for Arnav and Khushi!

"What? But you said she woke up after the accident?"

Naina questioned.

"Yes she did. She had completely gone numb from the moment we heard about La and Nanav. Only when she saw Ahriman Bhai did she react. And eventually she couldn't bear the pain in her head and she collapsed."

Naina nodded her head slightly asking him to continue.

"We had been completely broken and helpless by then. The doctor had informed us that it might takes a day, or a month or years for her to come back. They weren't sure of when. We contacted many other doctors around the world but the result turned out to be the same. And the only thing left to us was to wait."

"One of the painful waits in our lives, especially Bhai's. He didn't say anything but we knew he was blaming himself for everything that happened that night."

Akash continued from there.

"And then one day we got to know that Lavanya was pregnant with Bhai's child and that came as a biggest blow on our already broken lives. Nobody from our families knew about anything. Di, Jeeju, Nani, Maa and Dad were living in Lucknow those days. La wanted to abort the child but Ahriman Bhaiya didn't allow for he wanted Khushi to decide the consequences."

"Did he know about everything?"

Naina interrupted again.

"Yes. Ahriman Bhaiya could not take in the condition of Khushi and has had forced us to tell him everything and we did. At first he was very angry at La and Bhai. He had even restricted them to meet Khushi. But then as time passed by, he too came to conclusion, like us, that it was merely a mistake made by them. Though no one of us could forgive them completely but then we could not forget the fact that we all have been friends for years and we knew or rather believed they would never hurt Khushi intentionally."

NK answered again.

"Then we had nothing else to do than to wait for Khushi to wake up. And woke up did she, after nearly five months, only to find out La's pregnancy soon after she gained consciousness."

"What? How?"

Naina asked curious.

"No one had been with her that day when she woke up. Every one of us had been busy with one thing or another. La had been the last person who had left that room. She had been in the hospital for her checkup and had come to see Khushi before heading back home. But then she had forgotten her report in her room when she left."

"Oh! So Khushi read that report?"

Naina asked again.

"Yes! After getting the news that she was fine and had woken up. We all reached her hospital cabin, only to see her with that file in her hands."

NK narrated further.

Five Years Ago....

All of them rushed to the room and halted on their tracks when they saw Khushi on her bed, trying to come to the terms that their Khushi really was fine and were with them. All shredded tears of relief and happiness, that they failed to see La's stiffen body beside them.

Khushi was seated on her bed, staring intently at the file on her hands, still oblivious to the presences of her friends and family members.

                                               Pregnancy Report                                 

                                      Patient Name: Lavanya Kashyape

                                                  Result: Positive

Those three lines kept repeating in her head. She had not forgotten anything. The doctor had informed her about her being in coma for months and all. And still she hadn't forgotten a thing. How she wished she could forget everything and moved on her life like nothing happened? How she wished she could erase everything? How she wished! But nothing like that would ever happen and she had concluded and accepted that even before seeing the report. And now that she had, she knew what she had to do.

She would never be able to hate Arnav and La, and she knew that. She would always love Arnav, no matter what, for her life didn't only belong to her, the half was already his. She knew she would have to give up on him and though she would never be able to do that, she would try she decided. The first time would be the toughest. After that, the second and the third time would become easier and she was sure of that.

She would always love Lavanya too. She had no doubt in that, for, Lavanya had been with her, almost the full life that she had spent till then. La played a major role in her life and even if she forced herself to hate her, she knew she wouldn't be able to take a step towards that hatred.

Thus, for the sake of her best friend and for the well-being of the child growing inside her, Khushi give up on her life, her love, Arnav.

"What? So, Khushiji asked Arnav to marry Lavanyaji. I thought I knew the whole story."

Anjali accused the narrators. All these time, she had concluded herself that Khushi must have left without a word.

"Di! We had to stop last time because of Bhai, remember? That evening, he had surprisingly decided to come home early."

Akash reminded her, while Anjali sheepishly slapped her forehead.

"So, what happened after that?"

Naina, the ever-impatient one, asked irritatingly.  "Oh yes, after that….”

Five Years Ago''

Everyone, confusion and worries clearly written on their faces, had by then, been rushed out of the room by the doctor on the pretext of examining Khushi's condition all over again. Confused? For Khushi had not even spared a look towards them when they had been inside, even though it been just for a minute or two. Worried? That she might not have recovered fully. And in the next second, those emotions were replaced by horror, when La informed them about the report that Khushi was reading.

"I am really sorry Khushi."

Only La had been allowed in by Khushi, for she didn't want to ignore the talk, that she should have done or rather finished the second when she had heard them (ASR and La), anymore. "I am sorry!"

La, her head on Khushi's lap, repeated again and with tears flowing from her eyes.

"I really don't know''"

She started again only to be cut off by Khushi, all the while caressing her hair.

"Shushhh'.. It's okay dear. Everything is finished now. Everything is fine. It's time to start new. I am not angry. So don't worry and don't cry."

Khushi said, consoling herself more and reminding herself that everything was finished.

"How can she be so selfless? Not a word of hatred or anger did she say?" 

Nania said weeping her non-stop flowing tears. Anjali nodded in positive with herself crying bucket of tears.

"That's how my Khushi had been all her life. Selfless! Though she doesn't flaunt about that in front of anyone. It’s like she doesn't know how to be selfish. No offence but I had really wished for her to be selfish, just for once, that day, considering how much Arnav and Khushi love each other. And now we all know that, they still do love each other as much as before or maybe much more than that." 

Payal spoke for the first time.

NK nodded his head in agreement and continue. 

"I know what you want to know "What happened after that?" right?"

NK asked before Naina could even open her mouth to ask the question. She nodded and NK answered seriously. 

"Well, all we know is that Khushi asked Arnav to be sent in next when La came out. They took nearly thirty minutes together. We don't know what happened inside then, nor did Nanav say a word about it to any of us."

"Right! La told us everything but Bhai never told us what happened inside. And we were asked to come in and no sooner did we finished welcoming Khushi back, she broke the news of La and Bhai's marriage." 

Akash added onto the story.

"But Khushiji was not present in the marriage?" 

Anjali asked the question, which has started bothering her.

"She left the country two days after that day and we never saw her or heard from her since then. And she suddenly turns up here today. Shashi Uncle said she left for her University but we knew he was lying. Even Payal didn't know where she went. But what left me mystified the most was, Nanav had been still adamant to get married to La even after Khushi's disappearance.” 

NK still wondered.

Five Years Ago''. 

La had already been sent out from the room with a promise from Khushi that everything would be fine. Arnav was asked to be send in next. Khushi didn't want any distractions when she was on the verge of deciding her future which would eventually or rather indirectly decides other's too.

Arnav entered the room one step at a time. His heart had practically lurched forward when La told him that Khushi wanted to see him alone. He had dreaded the face off since the second he got the news of Khushi. He had not been this scared even when Khushi had woken up five months ago. He could feel something was going to happen, something very wrong. 

What more was there to go wrong when everything had been not right since that shameful night?


There sat his Khushi, his life on the bed, extending her hand towards him, silently telling him to hold onto it. If it was in his hands he would forever held onto those hands but he knew she was doing that only to break the hold later.

Her eyes, filled with love that only belongs to him. His heart bloomed again seeing her eyes. He realized he had been dying to see that love again. But at the same he could feel that he would never be able to own that love after this. 

Nevertheless, he held onto her hand, not wanting to miss the last chance she was sincerely giving and kissed them tenderly while a tear drop didn't miss its fall on her hand.

"I know! You don't have to say anything. I know." 

Khushi said even before he could form a word to start and hugged him bringing his face near her heart, while he crossed his arms around her.

"Can you hear it?" 

She asked. He nodded, fear evident in his heart even though their heartbeats were beating in a same rhythm. Even her warm embrace didn't help in removing that fear this time, for he knew he was losing her with their each heartbeat. But still he hugged her tight, drinking in her scent so that it could mix with his blood and always stay close to his heart.

"In here! Inside my heart here, in my every heartbeats, you have a room, a permanent one. In this room, you and I will grow old, together." 

"I know!"

He replied.

That two words changed their lives like never before, for he understood what she meant and she knew he understood. And they silently promised each other!!!


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EPILOGUE ONE: The Last Letter (By Chasby) (Thanked: 40 times)

EPILOGUE ONE: The Last Letter


My Dear Khushi,

I can't tell you how happy I am now that you are back, finally. You never turned up before, no matter what but I just knew you would, this time, after getting the news. You love me just too much and I know that. I know I will be long gone when you get this letter and I am sorry, I am leaving just like that. I wish I could see you but I guess it is just too late. There is so much to tell you and there is so little time left for me.

I missed you and I will miss you more now that I am leaving. More than that, you probably already know it - if it were not for you I would not have made it throughout this beautiful life you gave me to cherish. Even if you weren't here, I have always felt you by my side and that had always made me stronger. Every day, you gave more meaning to all these: I have felt your love in the love and the blessings Nani showers upon me. I was given a chance to be mischievous and weird, again with Mami by my side. Anjali Di and Payal, didn't give me a second to miss the friendship and the sisterhood we shared. I have always felt protected with Akash and NK being there for me.

This is what I could do for them, tell you how I was loved and cared, knowing that you would listen, knowing that you would care. In a way, I could say, I never had a moment to miss you, for you have always been there, in midst of all, looking after me, loving me, caring for me, protecting me. You left or rather gave me a package of yourself in a form of those people and I will never be able to thank you enough for that.

I didn't deserve it but still, you gave your everything to me, without expecting anything in return. You loved and trusted me endlessly, without questions. But I have always hated myself, for I could give you nothing but pains and betrayals. You didn't give me a proper chance, five years ago, but now, I want you to know that I was really sorry then and I still am. I am sorry for being so unfaithful. I betrayed you and hurt you the worst that I could have and I know I will regret that even after I leave this world. I was supposed to be your best friend. I have made you go through a lot, experienced a broken heart and made you suffer a lot. And unintentionally I snatched the only person that could have mended that same heart I had broken. I know being sorry is not enough and it doesn't change the fact that I hurt you, but still I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I wish I could just turn back the clock and undo all the things that I have done to hurt you.

Even after all that, you gave us a second chance. I wish you had hated me then, I wish you could hate me now but you have never been the one to hate someone and I know that. The second chance would not have change the truth or anything else on that matter but still you gave us that, again expecting nothing in return. I have always been proud and blessed to have someone like you in my life. And I feel honored and lucky that I met you and became someone that matters to you.

You have always loved me like it's your job, and I hope you never stop, even when I am gone. That way, I will have a companion when I travel to the next world.

And now let me introduce our new member to you. I know you have met her by now. She is Aslesha Singh Raizada. And don't be surprised if she calls you 'mama'. She already did, didn't she? I knew it! She has missed you a lot Khushi. You won’t believe that was her first word, "Mama", but, she wasn't looking at me when she first said that, she was kissing your picture then. Since then you have always been her Mama and me, her Mommy. I know I should have been jealous, even a little bit of it, but surprisingly I wasn't. I realized, in fact I know, you have more right to her than any one would ever have. For, if it weren't for you, she wouldn't be here. I guess our daughter recognized her true mother.

Khushi swiftly turned beside her, where her daughter was staring at her with all the love that her tiny eyes could hold, that her small heart could give. With tears threatening to come out any seconds from her eyes, she hugged her daughter with all the newfound motherly love. She kissed her on every corner of her little face and picking her up on her lap, hugged her again. Her daughter! She was a mother now! With a newfound happiness, she let her tears fall, drop by drop, as she closed her eyes. It has been long she haven't shed a single tear.

Just few minutes ago, she had been standing at the entrance of the mansion and it hadn't been even a minute when a little voice has called out to her and has surprised her by calling her 'Mama'. Before she could even comprehend as to what was happening, she was dragged into the little room that she was in right now and was handed an envelope in her hands.

With a suppressed sob and her daughter still in her arms, she turned the page only for another small sheet of paper to fall down on the floor. She picked it up and continued reading the letter.

The other paper in your hand is the letter, written by ASR's mother for her daughter in law. I don't know what is in there, I promise I didn't cheat, but make sure you go through that because only you have the right to do so, because only you have the right to be called as her daughter in law, in every true sense. I am just being a mediator between a Saas and the Bahu, which is you.

Khushi kept the letter beside her and unfolded the other paper.


                                 Hamari Chote ke Bahu ki Naam,

              Waise toh hum yeh Kangan apko khud hi pehnane wale hain. 

               Aur appko ek raaz ki baat batani hain, isi liye lik rahe hain.

                             Dyan rakhiye ga, aur savdhan rahiye ga

                    Hamari choti ki nak pe bohot sara gussa rehta hain

                              Aur dil mein, dil mein bohot sara pyaar

                                          Gussa bardash kar na, 

                              Aur pyaar, pyaar sut sameth lohta na.



She caressed the paper as she finished reading it, while few drops of her tears signed the paper as her agreement.

The Kangans are still waiting to adorn your wrists. Everything and everyone has been waiting for you, dear. Go ahead and claim what is yours. I was just taking care of them till now, for I knew the real owner would come back, someday, to own what has always been hers.

Everyone needs you here. So please don't leave them again. Don't leave ASR again. He needs you. He didn't break any of his promises and I assure you that. He kept the reputation of your trust in him, intact throughout. He did everything he could, for me, for us. He has been the best husband and a great friend. But I was the one who failed this time.

You did give me your place in his life but I could never make a place in his heart. It would be nice if you could see a person's heart laid open, like a blueprint. It'd be nice to know how much space there is in his heart, who's in that space, and where I am. Then I'd know what I could fill the space with' But I could never do that. I realized I would never be fit in that space for that space had always been yours, designed so that it could only fit you and no one else.

That was the first time I failed. And I failed, again, when I let my sickness, my cancer, get in the way of our life. But then, I accepted that gladly because I knew I deserved it. I deserved this for breaking your beautiful heart. I deserved this for, ever trying to take your place in his heart. I deserved this for trying to be you when I am not. I guess this is just a way of God helping me to repent for my sins.

Never ever think that I am returning him to you, because to return, we need to get hold of that in the first place. ASR was never mine, and would never have been even if I have had the chance to live for hundred more years. He was, is and will always be yours!

I love you!

Thank you!

And I am sorry!

I can finally die in peace now.

The girl, who could never thank you enough,




With one hand rubbing her sleepy eyes, a thumb in her mouth, Aslesha watched innocently as her Mama cried. Khushi felt a small hand wiping her tears as soon as she finished reading. She smiled through her tears when she saw it and hugged her, with some more tears flowing down her cheeks.

Aslesha yawned making her mother smile more.


Aaja Nindiya Rani Aaja Dur Sitaron Se

Nanhe Nanhe Sapne le Aaa Dur Nazaron Se

Aao Bas Ja Meri Gudiya Ki Nanhi Si Ankhon Mein

Aaja Nindiya Rani Aaja Dur Sitaro Se'''

She cradled her daughter in her arms and lulled her to sleep!


Reference: IPKKND

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EPILOGUE TWO: Happily Ever After (By Chasby) (Thanked: 64 times)

EPILOGUE TWO: Happily Ever After 

Days passed by!

Months galloped away!

Years walked away too!

I have been travelling around the world trying to find myself. Or rather a reason which would tell me I could live again. Many nights ran away and left me sleepless, afraid that if I close my eyes even for that one long second, I won't be able to see the next one to try and find myself again. But I failed each day, every night. And still, I spent many of those same nights, sleepless, hoping I would be able to succeed! 

I have failed to hold onto many things, life gave me and have let them slip from my hands, sometimes unknowingly and many a times knowingly. At times, I would wonder what if I have been selfish for once and have claimed what has been mine. And then I would realize it won't have been fair, not to anyone and never to me. They say, no matter how painful your decision has been, as long as you can sleep well at night, it means that you have made the right choice.  But then, I have spent many of those same nights, sleepless, wondering "What if!"

I have always been afraid to hold onto things that have the tendency to hurt me. To become somebody, you have to love your pain. And maybe because I ignore or rather ran away from those pains, I could not find myself. I had lost myself amidst those soulful pains. In spite of those, I have spent many of those same nights, sleepless, trying to come to terms with the pains. 

And I was unsuccessful, every time, in every place and at the end of every those sleepless nights.

But what I failed to realize then was; 

The only way to succeed was through and with HIM.

All the answers to my ifs, was and with HIM. 

And now as I am seated beside HIM, I could proudly tell myself, "Finally! You have found yourself Khushi. With HIM!"

"I was so busy working that I failed to see she was so sick." 

Arnav started after a very long silence.

"Shh... you don't have to say anything." 

Khushi stopped him from justifying himself as she placed her hand on his clenched, fisted hands, while he stilled on his place. He never had to explain himself to her, not five years ago nor at this juncture. All she had to do was look into his eyes and she would get all the answers, even the unasked ones. Nothing has changed after all.

That was all that was said for the next few moments as the peaceful yet intense silence descended over them, again.

They were seated by the poolside, while their family and friends paced around the living room in anticipation, turning their heads every now and then at the staircase which leads to Arnav's room which in turn leads to the poolside.

Five years! 

Five long painful years!

Five years without her! 

Five years of distracting himself, trying not to miss her!

Five years of reasoning himself not to go and find out where she is, how she has been! 

Five years of training himself to live without her in his life!

Five years of punishing himself for breaking her heart, which used to beat only for him! 

And five years later, she turns up in front of him like nothing happened.

Weighed down with so many emotions running through him, he had left for his room ignoring the tear smudged faces of his family, harshly wiping his own tears on the way. The displayed picture perfect of his sleeping daughter in her arms still fresh in his mind and heart, he had slumped down near the pool unable to take the heaviness of his culpable heart.

And now as they sat surrounded in that elongated silence, they communicated in their all too familiar way. They; 

Spoke the unspoken,

Explained the unexplainable, 

Reasoned the unreasonable,

And expressed the inexpressible to each other, as expert as they have been, through and with their eyes. 


After what seemed like an ages yet just another second, one word throbbed as the first heart beat from him. One word, a mere question and yet that single why craved for every other answers he could not claim.

"Maybe, just maybe, we are all given another day in our lives not because we need it, but because somebody needs us."

And in that one straight simple sentence, Khushi answered all the questions, both the asked and the unasked ones.

As the lone tear marched its way down, Khushi hugged him bringing his face near her heart, the same heart where they have been living together as she promised five years ago. And the way her heart beat soothed him and brought his back to life, didn't disappoint him either and he tightened his arms around her some more, afraid she might fade away again.

No other words were needed! 

Their worried family and friends could wait!

Her failure to find herself didn't seem a failure anymore!

His five agonizing years seem just a long wait now!

Every other thing could wait!

For at this moment, they had everything they ever wanted, right in their arms!

Ten Years Later 

"Arnav, why are you taking so lo..."

Khushi trailed away as she stopped dead track at the bedroom's entrance. Horrified herself, she saw him wiping his tears, folding the aged piece of paper and shoving it in its longtime companion, envelop. 

His shoulder slumped, his stance defeated, with insecurities, guilt, fear, confusion and pain oozing out from his eyes and gaining whatever courage was left in him at that moment, even though he was afraid of the answers, he asked.

"Did you stay back because of this? Because she wanted you to? Not because you..."

And he trailed off!

One year of friendship! 

Five years of a beautiful relationship!

Five years of a painful separation!

Again a year of second chances, of friendship and of a healing relationship!

Then nine years of blissful togetherness, being there for each other, healing and mending each other, taking care of each other, sharing the same happiness and pains, and taking one step at a time towards their eternity!

And now this piece of paper, threatened to demean the worth of these many years!

Life is cruel! Arnav Singh Raizada had known and experienced it time and again. She had entered in his life bringing and spreading happiness in his life and then she had gone away, taking away the same, leaving emptiness behind. But as cruelly as life had taken her away from him, she had as benevolently come for the second time, never to leave, brightening his life with her presence. 

Except, right now, it appears she has vehemently come back to him.

He could have just look into her eyes and would have gotten all the answers soon after, if he was in his right state of mind. But Arnav was so wrapped up in his miseries that he failed to understand anything. Life has never been fair to him after all.


His insecurities, insecure that she might leave him again! 

His fear, fear of losing her again!

His guilt, guilty that she might have been forced to stay back for him!

And his pain, the same pain that had started the moment he started reading the letter and has been getting more painful, second by second, since then!

He was so enveloped by these scores of emotions that he failed or rather did not come out of it in fear of her answers. Not able to bear the mixture of these emotions, intimidating him with so much authority that he turn around and left for the poolside, feeling suffocated. 


Again a straight simple sentence yet it conveyed everything he wanted to hear and answered all the questions, even the unasked heartfelt ones.

Though it was said in a whisper, Arnav heard that as clear and loud as he could hear his furious heartbeats, halting his moving legs in the process. All these years, he have been waiting for this moment to come and now that he has had the privilege to hear it, he didn't know how to react because at that moment, all his earlier messed up emotions vanished leaving him numb. 

But Khushi wasn't done yet.

"I came to find your heart. I didn't lose it purposely. I didn't lose it because I didn't want it anymore but, because someone else needed it more than I did, I gave it away to her. And I lost mine in the process too. Do you know how it feels to live without a heart?"

Recovering from his frozen state, Arnav turned around swiftly and moved towards her as her voice turned into a painful longing in the end. But his moving legs halted the second time for his Khushi has angrily pointed her right forefinger at him, clearly indicating, don't you dare'.

"Just because I left you and let you go, didn't mean I wanted to." 

With her finger still pointing towards him, she stepped forward making him take his one step backward.

How dare he? How dare he assume anything he wants to? How dare he read the letter in the first place? That letter was supposed to be a secret between her and her best friend. And even if he found out her secret, he was never allowed to react like that?

"Just because I told you to move on with her, didn't mean I was going to do the same with some other guy.”

She moved another step forward and he did the same backward.

Agreed that she never verbalized her love in a supposed three words sentence but that didn't gave him the right to question her love for him. How dare he?

"Just because I was back for La's funeral, didn't mean I wasn't back for you."

As she moved one more step forward, Arnav didn't budge from his place this time, making her land near him with just a few inch distances between them. He held both her hands soon after, and bringing them near his lips he kissed both the palms, stopping her from saying anything further. 

"I am sorry sweetheart. You know I can't afford to lose you again."

He apologized for his folly and a tear slipped from his eye and landed on her palm, melting her heart and anger in an instant.

And their eyes continued further; 

He apologized. She forgave!

She apologized. He just shook his head! 

He explained. She understood!

She expressed. He kissed her forehead!

"I love you." 

He verbalized this time, zealously wanting to hear it from her, again.

And she blushed.

"Aye hai... Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada also knows how to blush huh!"

And she blushed some more.

Laughing real hard, Arnav cuddled his Khushi in his arms, tightly.

No words were needed from her! 

People gathered in the hall could wait!

Their family could wait too!

His folly of earlier seem worthy enough now!

Their daughter, who must be waiting for her dad to bring in what she had asked for, could wait!

Every other thing could wait!

For at this moment, they have got everything they ever needed to survive, right in their arms.

While both of them were so engrossed in their own love world, they failed to see a fifteen years old girl, with a smile on her beautiful face and happy tears clouded in her eyes, walking away from the room. She walked straight into her room and stopped near a large framed photo. She opened the small box kept at the front, caressed an aged piece of paper inside and closed it back after few seconds. She looked back at the face in the frame. 

"I know you are happy out there. Because, they are happy! She is exactly like you have described and I am very much blessed to have her in my life. Thank you so much for making it possible, for giving her to me. And yes, I agree, no one could have loved and trusted him as much as she does. She loves me equally though and I believe I am no less than her, I love her as much. I hope I am."


Her six years old brother came in her room shouting, startling the soul out of her and before she could form a word, she was dragged outside by him.

"What have you been doing, Di? We don't have much time, don't you know that?"

She smiled looking lovingly at her baby brother and turned back to look at the photo.

"I love you mommy."

Aslesha Singh Raizada mouthed and let herself dragged by her brother, Advay Singh Raizada.

Aslesha had been furious before coming to her parents' room. Today was the marriage anniversary day of her parents and she wanted to surprise her mama. To complete the surprise, she needed some old stuffs of her mama and had asked his dad for the help. Half an hour ago, her dad has left her room in search of the things she asked for, promising her that he would be back in a jiffy. And half an hour later he had still not turn up. 

In search of her dad, she has landed in her parent's room, only to witness the sacred bond of their love. No matter how many times she have seen them together, witness their love for each other and the trust that they both have for each other - they left her wishing the same for herself, every time. Sigh!




Arnav and Khushi jumped out of their very long hug and jerked their heads towards the direction of the voice. A man stood by the door, arms crossed and tapping his one foot on the floor, and asked impatiently.


Khushi blushed hard, while Arnav made a face, clearly irritated with the interruption.


Arnav stated highly annoyed.

"Well, I will pretend as if I didn't hear it."

The man said, royally ignoring Arnav and turned towards Khushi.

"You don't have the intention to miss your wedding anniversary celebration, do you? Oh, forget it; I don't want to hear the answer. So, my beautiful lady, darling, shall we?"

The same man said extending his hand towards her while Khushi didn't wait a second to place hers in his. No sooner did the man started to lead Khushi towards the party hall, Arnav voice boomed inside the room.

"Accept that you are jealous Ahriman Gupta!" 

Ahriman Gupta turned back and exclaimed.

"I am not a jealous type, but what is mine is mine. End of story Raizada!"

Ahriman Gupta turned around, winked at his baby sister, who was suppressing her giggles, and led her towards the hall. And they left a fuming Arnav Singh Raizada at the door.

Will they ever stop?' Khushi wondered.

One year of friendship! 

Five years of a beautiful relationship!

Five years of a painful separation! 

Again a year of second chances, of friendship and of a healing relationship!

And yes, nine years of blissful married life with the six years of parenthood for the second time included.

And they lived happily ever after, NOT!



                                         *******The End********




"One day someone asked me what kind of person I would want to love and be with. I just said, "Someone not strong enough", someone not strong enough to let me go." - Unknown (At least unknown to me :P)

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