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Sep 15

Someone else...... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 82 times)

Kushi took her Car and rode on a lonely roads of Delhi. She went to Mandir and sat on the lawn of Mandir. She thought about the same Mandir where she came Last week happily with her marriage invitation to get blessings of Devi mayya.

Kushi thought - What is my Mistake Devi maiyya ? Why Arnav has to marry me like this ? Just seeing those photos he declared that I only did that. for once...... Just for once he could've talked with me. But NO.... He blamed me. He blamed me for someone else mistake.......... ( Suddenly something strike in her mind ) SOMEONE ELSE........ who is that someone ? It's not Arnav.... then who ? Who is trying to defame him ? I have to find out. But how will I find out ? First I have to check those photos. ( Looking at Devi maiyya's idol ) Thanku Devi maiyya. I will somehow manage to find out who did this ?

Thanking her Devi maiya kushi went to Apartment.

While on the other side Arnav and his gang was chatting with in themselves in Arnav's Apartment. They were speaking when kushi barged in hurriedly. All looked at her wierdly while she chose to ignore them and went into her room.

Shanaya - She's roaming freely it seems....

Arnav - Let her. I just wanted to broke her intention and I did that. Let her plan a new thing , I will break that also. In a game winning is all about seeing the opposite one loosing. I have already won once and always will.

Inside the room Kushi thoroughly checked those photos but nothing seems to be a clue. May be due to hurry she couldn't find anything. She couldn't dump everything in her mind. She wished to share her pain with someone but with whom ? She can't share her problem with her Papa. If Abeer would've been here she would've shared her problems with him. It's the first time in her life where she is standing helplessly and she hated Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada for this.

She again looked at the photos keenly but nothing is visible.She threw the photo in anger.

On the other side -

Arnav received a call in landline. Arnav - ASR here....

Call - Sir.... this is a call from security gate.

Arnav - Yes tell me

Security - Sir there is someone on the gate to meet you.

Arnav - Who ? he asked confused.

Security - Sir he is telling that he knows you and want to meet u.

Arnav - Send him.

Security - ok sir.

Atharv - What happened bro ?

Arnav - There is someone at the gate to meet me it seems.

Lavanya - Who ?

Arnav shrugged his shoulder and said - Let him come. we'll see.

They all waited for sometime when someone came in with a big boquet in his hands covering his face. Arnav looked at the man before him.

Arnav - Who'z this....

The man moved away the boquet revealing his face. Arnav and others smiled brightly looking at the person before them. Boys ran towards him in excitement and hugged him.

Arnav - How r u ?

Man - I am fyn guys. Tell me about u.

Everyone - We r very fine and having fun.

Man - Haan haan..... Why u guys won't be ? After all Arnav got married. Waise Arnav.... where is my Bhabhi ? After marriage also u r roaming with these Monkey gang. When r u gonna introduce ur wife ?

Arnav was about to answer when kushi who came out hearing the noises stood blank seeing the excited gang. The man turned and looked at Kushi only to be shocked.

Man - This Girl.....

Kushi - You..... she said widening her eyes.....

Sep 24

Friend...... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 92 times)

Kushi's eyes got blurred as her eyes got filled with tears. The man moved towards her smiling.

Man - Aww mere Shona.... don't cry.

Kushi hugged him crying. The gang looked at him confusingly. Arnav got angry seeing kushi hugging his friend.

Kushi - I missed u. I missed u so much Abeer. Now that u came all my problems will get over.

Arnav and others looked at them shocked - So he is the Abeer sheetal was talking about. they thought and looked at each other.

on the other side Abeer came out of the hug - Problem..... what problem u r talking about ? Arey u got married just now with my friend. r u ok kushi ?

Kushi - Ur friend ?

Abeer - Haan Arnav, NK , Atharv are my friends. By the way u didn't answer me what problems u were talking about ?

Kushi thought - ( I can't say my situation to Abeer right now) Woh...... Shaadi ki stress hei bas. I have never been away from Papa right.... That's why.

Abeer - Bhas ithni si baath. u r silly kushi ( Taking Kushi's hand he moved near Arnav ) What do u think my Arnav is ? Arey u can never find a guy like my Friend. Don't worry he will take care of everything.

Kushi looked at Arnav - U r right. No one can find a guy like him. Kushi looked at Arnav accusingly. while he looked at her angrily.

Abeer - Oh my God...... I can't tell u guys how much happy I am right now. My two close friends tied a knot with each other. Iam wordless right now.....

Abeer kept on expressing his happiness. While others kept quite not knowing what to speak. After spending sometime with everyone Abeer stood up - Ok guys let me take a leave. it's very late and I should reach home.

He went near Arnav and kushi and hugged them both. Abeer - I am so happy for u both. Take care and Happy married life. Lead a happy life.

Smiling to them he went away while others also gone away looking at Arnav.

Kushi was about to move but Arnav held her hand. Kushi turned - Leave my hands Mr.Raizada.....

Arnav - Oh stop it. I am not dying here to touch you. And don't u dare to say anything to Abeer.

Kushi gave a mocking smile - Why I should not ? He is my friend.

Arnav - Friend......

Kushi - let me tell u Abeer is more than a best friend for me. He is special to me. Enough. But I don't understand why r u scared of ? About ur Image or is it something else ?

Arnav - That's none of ur business. Just keep all this away from Abeer. Otherwise Don't forget that ur Dad is a call away from me.... Pulling her away he barged in his room.

Kushi looked at him with angry tears and she too went inside her room.

On the other side Arnav called his friends who just went away. They were in the car and put the phone in speaker. Arnav - I can't believe it guys. Our Abeer is kushi's friend also....

Atharv - Haan bro.... I don't know how to react when Abeer said that he knows Kushi.

Lavanya - I am saying u guys. Don't let anything reach Abeer. He will feel bad for having such a friend like her.

Others nodded their head and decided not to tell anything to Abeer.

Oct 10

A surprise for kushi..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 96 times)

It's been a week of Arnav and Kushi's Marriage. Arnav never leave a chance to taunt and hurt her while kushi chose to Ignore him and stay silent. She is not interested in fighting with him. Already her happiness is crushed she didn't want her father's happiness also crush if he gets to know this. But she determined to find the truth. But staying on home under the same roof with Mr.Raizada is making her feeling suffocated. So she decided something and got ready.

On the other side Arnav also got bored of staying idle at home. So he decided to go to office today. He got ready in his three piece suit. After getting ready he came out only to see that kushi also going somewhere getting ready.

Arnav - Kahaan jaane ki thaiyari ho rahi hei ? ( Where r u going ? )

Kushi - Aapse matlab ? ( How does it matter to u ? )

Arnav glared at her for her reply. Kushi - Did I ask u where r u going ? So pls stay away from my matters.

Arnav - Matter.... So let me guess. I think u r going to ur job.

Kushi - Haan.... U think that I married you for enjoy your wealth. But u didn't even accept me as your wife. Now I have to earn for myself right ? So that's why decided to earn by continuing my job. Anything else Mr.Raizada ?

Arnav - R u trying ur luck with me by speaking like this ?

Kushi - Can I ask u something ? Why don't ur brain think something beyond this ?

Arnav - Shut up.

Glaring at him Kushi moved away royally ignoring him. She started her car and drove to Mandir first. She prayed to Devi maiyya and then she started to Her Hospital. Once reached there she wished the receptionist and proceeded to her cabin. She was about to go to her cabin but was stopped by her assistant.

Nurse - Just wait a minute Mam. There is a surprise for you.

Kushi - What ?

Nurse - Yes after your marriage its ur first day na. So just a small surprise.

Nurse blindfolded her and took her to her cabin. She heard - Surprise.....

She removed her blindfold and saw that her colleagues are standing there. She was surely surprised. Everyone came and hugged her. She didn't knew what is happening. A nurse came forward - Mam here there is a small gift from us for u.

Kushi opened the box and found a pic. Her vision blurred.

It was hers and Arnav's photo clicked on their engagement function. How much happy she was then ? He also looking to be happy. May be thinking of his plan getting success. But she didn't knew that how much wicked he was then.

Nurse - Mam keep this photo on ur table itself and Mam look there...she indicated towards the door.

Kushi looked at the door only to see that the name display has been changed from Dr.Kushi Gupta to Dr.Kushi Raizada. She turned and looked at her table there was a board written as Mrs.Kushi Singh Raizada - Pediatric surgeon.

Nurse - Mam how do u like our surprise ?

Kushi came out of her trance - Nice. Thanks for all this. Really thanks.

Everyone smiled at her and one by one went away after congratulating her. After everyone went she settled on her seat. She looked at the name plate. MRS.KUSHI SINGH RAIZADA......If it was other situation she would have been happy but now this Raizada name tagged along her name is nothing but a punishment for her. The tag is just like s thorn that had pricked her and the pain will remain forever. It always makes her remember that Mr.Raizada has deceived her. She took the photo and caressed it. Tears poured from her eyes. She wiped her tears , wearing her coat and steth she stood up for her routine rounds.

Oct 17

Abeer learns the truth..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 79 times)

It's was after two days. Arnav was sitting on his cabin frustrated. The photoshoot got cancelled and the very next morning he had presentation. NK , Atharv Lavanya and Shanaya came into his cabin.

Arnav - What the hell is that model thinking of himself.I told him , at any cost I want this shoot to be done.Even then...

Atharv - Bro just calm down. Don't worry. I have spoke with another model And he is on the way. In next two hrs the shoot will start again.And the previous one will never even be a option from next time.

NK - Yes Buddy. Don't worry I'll be here till the shoot finishes.U just chill.

Arnav nodded his head - Ok then...I'll also stay here.

Atharv - U go home bro. We'll take care and will complete the profile for presentation also.

Arnav - No need Atharv. Anyways what am I gonna do going home ? I don't even want to face that girl. I'll be here itself. I'll order something for all of us. first let's eat and then we'll do work.

Everyone nodded their head. As it's office end time everyone went home.At the same time, Abeer came inside the room.Abeer - Hi guys

Everyone smiled seeing him. NK and Atharv hugged him. Atharv - Hi Abeer. What r u doing here ?

Abeer - why shouldn't I come here ?

Arnav - Nothing like that Abeer.

Abeer - By the way didn't u guys reach home ? It's already late.

Arnav - A small issue Abeer. That's why we r here. Once it clears we'll go home.

Abeer - Arnav u got married recently and ur beloved wife , means my bestie will be waiting for u and look at u..... everytime work, work....[he sighed ] But Arnav Iam happy that My friend is married to u. I was worried about her.Now Iam releaved. My doll is in safe hands.

Lavanya - Doll ?

Abeer - Haan.... From the time she was two yrs old, she is my doll. She's my best friend from then. I have seen her gud and bad days from then. Arnav u r really lucky to have her as ur wife. I just wish that u both live ur life happily ever.

Arnav and others looked at him in a deep silence. Abeer -u will understand this day by day.Anyways I came here to ask u something.

Arnav - What Abeer ?

Abeer - Woh.... U and Kushi got married. I couldn't attend ur wedding na.....So I thought to give u both a dinner party. So I came to invite you.

Arnav - What's the need of all this Abeer ? Let it be. He said irritated at the thought of celebrating his unwanted marriage.

Abeer - Arey what is there no need ? U both r my friends. don't I have this much rights? u will say like this only. wait let me ask Kushi....(he dialed Kushi's number)Hello Kushi.(he chirped and put the phone in speaker )

Kushi - Hlo Abeer...How r u ?

Abeer - Ek dham chaka chak ( Very fine ) Thum bhathao ( u tell me )

Kushi chuckled - Fyn Fyn.... Tell me why do u called me ?

Abeer - R u free on Sunday ?

Kushi - Haan...why ?

Abeer - Superb... Sunday u r having dinner with me...OK.

Kushi - Ok.( Arnav fumed ) But what spl ?

Abeer - Ur marriage celebration. U and Arnav got married na. So only spl party for u and him. U both r coming ?

Kushi shocked - What ? Me and HIM ?

Abeer - Why r u shocked ?

Kushi - No Nothing Abeer. But if it's for us both U should ask ur friend's permission first.

Abeer - Which friend ? he asked confused.

Kushi - That friend for whom u r gonna party.

Abeer - Oh....Ur HUSBAND....he teased her.

Kushi - Abeer....She sound irritated.

Abeer - Ok.ok...I will ask MY FRIEND...happy. But u r coming that's all. Bye

He cut the call even before she say something and chuckled. Abeer - Ok guys. U all r joining me for dinner coming Sunday. Bye.... He ran away ignoring them calling his names.

Arnav got irritated and punched the table. Lavanya - I can't believe it.What is all this ? How could Abeer trust her this much ? When in real she has just using him in the past.

Atharv - We know about this. but he didn't. He is thinking her to be a true friend. Look at him yaar....He is so happy for her. what will happen if he come to know abt her true face ?

Arnav - He will just throw her away from his life.

Shanaya - Leave him. But what r u gonna do with her ? I mean....r u thinking to live ur life as her husband ?

Arnav - Definitely NO.... I will make her go through that much...that she will beg to leave her. She won't even dare to go behind money.First she thought to use Abeer, when she saw me , she left him and agreed to marry me. She tried to misuse Abeer's friendship.How dare she try to pull her stunts on me...

They all heard a thud sound and looked at the direction of sound.They all got shocked as there standing Abeer with red eyes filled with tears.He slowly moved forward looking at everyone.

Abeer - What were u guys taking abt ? (Everyone stood in silence) Iam asking something....abt who u guys were talking about ?

NK - Abeer.....

Arnav - It's about Kushi. she's not what u think of her to be. she has misused her friendship Abeer....(He started saying how all this happened ? how on engagement day they came to know abt her intentions with some random Abeer who turned out to be their common friend) That's why I married her to teach her a lesson.

Abeer heard all this and tears started flowing from his eyes.he got hurt. More than hurt anger surged inside him.His best friend had turned out to be something that he didn't even thought of.....

Oct 19

Junoon..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 105 times)

Abeer sat down with a thud. Tears flew from his eyes freely.Nk and Atharv kept their hands on his shoulder. More tears flew from his eyes.

Arnav - Abeer.... I know it's shocking for u. But this is the truth Abeer. Kushi Gupta is not what u thinking her to be. She has misused her friendship of urs.

Abeer looked at him with his teary eyes. He shoved of NK and Atharv's hands and stood up in anger.

Arnav - Abeer....He couldn't continue as he felt a stinging sensation in his cheeks.

Everyone looked at Abeer shocked - Abeer....

Abeer just showed his index finger with anger in his eyes shutting everyone's mouth. Arnav held his cheek in pain.Abeer held Arnav's collar and more than words angry tears flew from his eyes. Everyone tried to held him but Abeer pushed everyone.

Lavanya - What the hell r u doing Abeer ?

Abeer - SHUT UP....Shut the hell up u bloody rascals.What u said Arnav.....Iam shocked to learn Kushi's truth.....Iam shocked....not becoz of her's but becoz of urs. What have u all done with her idiots and what rubbish u guys r speaking ? My kushi.....and running behind money.... U all have gone nuts...And Iam not gonna leave u guys for all this.

Atharv - Abeer try to understand the truth.

Abeer - What truth. That u guys are saying Haan ? I told u guys that I know her from her two yr old. I have saw her from then. I know her in and out more than anyone. Iam warning u people....don't....don't even try to hurt her. if then...u guys has to face Abeer Aluwahlia....Got that.

He turned away angrily and went, but stopped on his tracks and turning towards Arnav - MR.RAIZADA.....MY FINAL WORDS FOR U....KUSHI GUPTA IS NOT WHAT U THINKING HER TO BE.....and Arnav remembered the same words he said to Abeer few minutes ago.

Abeer ran to parking wiping his tears. He sat on the car and laid on the steering - Kushi......Kushi...Kushi why u didn't told me anything. Am I not ur friend ? Why u beard everything alone Kushi.

Wiping his tears and starting his car,he drove towards Arnav's apartment. Reaching there he went to Arnav's flat. He banged the door.

Kushi came and opened the door and got perplexed seeing Abeer there and was confused seeing his teary eyes.

Kushi - Abeer..... what happened ? Did u.....Did u cried ?

Abeer - Kushi..... (He cried)why u didn't say anything to me ? Why Kushi....?

Kushi - Abeer ?

Abeer - I know everything Kushi. The truth of urs and Arnav's marriage( Kushi looked at him shocked ) Yes Kushi. I know everything. Arnav told me everything.

Kushi - How ?

Abeer told everything happened in the Office - Kushi.....come on pack ur things. There is no need to stay here anymore. Don't know how much that rascal has tortured u. Come Kushi....let's go. I won't let u stay here anymore.

He started pulling her making Kushi shocked. Kushi - Abeer.....Abeer wait.I can't go from here.

Abeer - No Kushi. chalo mere Saath.

Kushi made him sit on sofa - Abeer. pls calm down. Listen to me.

Abeer - Why Kushi ? I can't let u stay with him after knowing his intention.

Kushi - No Abeer. Wait (She went inside the room and took those photos and came back) See this Abeer.

Abeer shocked and looked at her. Kushi - He is thinking that I did all this. But this is someone else. I have to find out who is that ? I have to prove myself Abeer. And moreover we have to think about Papa also. Do u know how much Papa is happy right now ? He thinks that he had chose a best person for me. For him Mr.Raizada is a perfect Son in law. I can't break him just like that Abeer.Untill I solve all this I can't go away. pls Abeer. help me.

Abeer nodded his head - U r right. U don't worry. I will find out who is the person , becoz of whom u had to endure this much.... I will find out Kushi.

Kushi - Promise me that , untill we find the truth....u will be calm and won't say anything to Papa.

Abeer - I promise....

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