How To Move Ahead In Life

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Aug 9

How To Move Ahead In Life (By Ashi)

I'm sorry this isn't any story on Arshi or any other fanfic.

It's just something which is necessary to be told these days. 

Where life has become a medium of anxiety and hustle. 

Nowadays hustling has become a normal routine. Everyone is all in a hurry. 

In hurry and are in a bubble of their world and worries. Each one of us are so focused and determined. To become what?

Aims and aspirations have become a part of our life. 

There is no serenity. There is no constance. 

Life becomes hard and harder. Running after dreams. Persuasion towards to a fixed planning of how to shape a life.

Every where there is a 'How To' to live life.

Why should be there a way to live certainly. 

Why is there is a 'design' of when you take a step next. 

Frustrating starts with the way things don't go as planned. Anxiety to focus. 

One should through phases of life sometimes unplanned. Leave things aside and just go with the flow just once in life. 

And see how it takes you or whether you can persuade being a well prepped person in life or that a person who takes life as it goes by. 

It doesn't mean you shouldn't plan. But then again the seriousness shouldn't get to your mental health. 

Life is not a bed of roses. Go through the rough patches. Learn through the blunders, embarrassments, difficulties, hard times, good times and everything. 

Cry harder. Laugh even more. Breeze through the times when you feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel. When finally you feel at constant then you walk towards your dream with mind as fresh and happy. Nothing is static. Everything moves head. Even if rough patches makes you wobble a lot. Walk with head held high. With heart clean. And with mind at peace. 

After all you only just live once.

Think about it. 



Correct oneself. 

Move ahead. 

Walk on... 

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