Arshi FF: Family

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Oct 21

Chapter 21 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 88 times)

Sorry for the late update. I'm busy with works at college and cannot sit to write anymore. I'll try to give small updates in every four days, but I can't promise. Sorry.


Chapter 21




AR Farm House, New Delhi

8.15 am Saturday


“Good morning” Aman said as he walked into the silent farm house. Arnav looked up from the floor and sat up groaning. Aman looked at the empty bottles next to him and asked, “How many did you drink?”

Arnav scrunched his eyes and looked at him mumbling something. Aman sighed and walked to the kitchen to make a lemon juice.

“Here” he said after few minutes, extending a glass of juice. Making Arnav hold it, he made the man drink it.

“It’s a been a week ASR” Aman sighed, “How long are you gonna do this?”

Arnav leaned his head on the couch and closed his eyes.

“Go back to RM” Aman said sitting next to him.

“They don’t want me back there!” Arnav whispered.

“It’s your house. It’s your family. Go back to them”

“They don’t want me Aman”

“Win them back” Aman cried.

Arnav took a deep breath and whispered, “I wanted to keep them to myself. I didn’t want to lose them! Look where we are Aman! I’ve lost everyone and everything!”

Aman kept mum and Arnav asked, “Did they call?”

“Why would they call me?” Aman chuckled.

Arnav sighed and Aman said, “She calls Payals bhabhi every day. Aarav too!”

Arnav looked at him and he said, “I called Akash”

Arnav nodded and looked away.

“Waise I want you back in the office. AR is as if it’s dead!” Aman chuckled.

“Akash is there!”

“Still, you aren’t there!” Aman said smiling.

“I cannot Aman. I….I don’t want….”

“How long are you planning to do this?” Aman asked, “Are you gonna drink to death?”

Arnav looked away and Aman said, “Just come back ASR. Everything is messed up, I know. But try sorting things back to the place it was. And start that from AR”

Arnav nodded no and said, “It’s not a business failure to make a comeback Aman. I’ve failed in life. There is no sorting out. Not anymore!”

Aman sighed and said, “Okay then. Come when you feel like!” he stood up and said, “I’m leaving. Call me if you need anything!”

Aman turned to leave when Arnav asked, “Where is he?”

Aman turned to him and he asked, “Ishaan. Where did he leave?”

“How would I know?” Aman asked.

“You know everything” Arnav whispered.

“I don’t. I gave him some money as a help. That’s all. He didn’t tell me where he was going” Aman said.

Arnav nodded and Aman turned walking away.

“I know that you know where Ishaan is” Arnav spoke up and Aman stopped. He looked at his boss who said smiling faintly, “Of all the people, you would definitely know where he is. It’s fine if you want to hide it from others. But just letting you know, that I can catch you lying”

Aman looked away and said, “He didn’t want anyone to know. He asked me to keep his details away from you and others!”

Arnav nodded and Aman walked away.




Edinburg, Texas, US

9.30 PM Friday


“Did you like Texas?” Aarav asked smiling as he drove through the streets.

Khushi nodded yes and looked out of the window smiling, “I love it!”

“The night city looks really beautiful” he said and looked out.

Khushi hummed and leaned back on the seat. “How’s your work?” she asked.

“Great” Aarav said, “Great atmosphere and…yeah great people!”

Khushi smiled and Aarav said, “There is a little girl. Lily”

“Your patient?”

Aarav hummed.

“Cancer?” Khushi whispered.

“Hmmm” Aarav said, “Cancer doesn’t have age ma.”

Khushi hummed and Aarav said, “So Lily….well Lily is just a bundle of joy. It must be her age. She doesn’t know that she has a deadly disease. And that keeps her happy!”

Khushi smiled faintly and said, “Sometimes it’s good to be kept in dark. It keeps us in a world of illusion. We’ll be happy!”

“One day she’ll realize it. She’ll be broken. Beyond repair!” Aarav whispered.

“Till then, she can be happy! Just like me!” Khushi whispered and looked out.

Aarav kept mum and Khushi asked him, “Don’t you miss him?”

He nodded no.

“Lie” Khushi said chuckling.

Aarav took a deep breath and said, “Fine yes”

“And Shreya?”

Aarav looked out and Khushi said, “I think you should call her. It wasn’t right to call it off!”

Aarav kept mum and Khushi said, “Life is short Aarav. You won’t get multiple chances. Grab one when you get one!”

“It won’t happen ma. It’s over!”

“No it isn’t. Why are you punishing her?” she cried.

“I’m not punishing her!” Aarav cried, “I don’t want her to be in the mess I am!”

“What mess are you talking about?” Khushi cried, “We’re all well here!”

Aarav sighed and said, “It’s…”

“Listen, whatever your father did, it shouldn’t affect your and Shreya’s relation!”

“Ma” Aarav said slowly, “It’s over!”

Khushi hummed and looked out. She suddenly turned to him and asked, “When you came to know about Ishaan, what was the first thing that came to your mind?”

“You” Aarav whispered.


“Then…I wondered whether he would’ve adopted me if I was really his son and Sheethal was my birth mother!” Aarav said slowly.

Khushi looked at him and he said smiling faintly, “He wouldn’t right? I would have been kept away with my mother, just like Ishaan was. And I wouldn’t have had a person to call dad. Like him!”

“Ishaan” Khushi whispered.

“I like him a lot. He is nice. Good. But the only thing I hate in him is his blood. That should’ve been me. I wanted to be ASR’s son!” Aarav whispered.

Khushi hummed and looked out.

Aarav drove the car into their apartment complex and said, “Forget that. We aren’t here in Texas to mourn about the people we left behind!”

Khushi nodded and Aarav leaned on the seat parking the car, “We’ve to start fresh right?”

Khushi hummed and nodded.


Nov 6

Chapter 22 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 82 times)

Chapter 22

3 years later


Texas, US

DHR Health Oncology Institute, Edinburg

10.30 am


“Sure doctor” the nurse nodded and Aarav walked inside to this cabin. “Get the injection from pharmacy and prepare the solution” he ordered. The nurse nodded and scurried away.

Slumping on his chair, Aarav removed his spectacle and rubbed the bridge of his nose. His eyes fell on the small greeting card made out of pink chart paper. A small smile formed on his lips as he remembered the sweet little girl who gave it to him, just days before her death.

Lily, just as her name suggests, was a beautiful 8 little girl who was caught in the web of the deadly disease called cancer. Lying on the hospital bed with numerous tubes attached to her body, Lily was the happiest person he had ever seen. Was it her age which did not give her the realization that her life is gonna end? Or was it her maturity beyond her age that made her enjoy the rest of her days? Whichever it was, Lily always bloomed in happiness. She wasn’t just a patient for him but a best friend he was in dire need of!

Taking a deep breath, he opened the card. He smiled, just as he do every time he opens it.

Doctor Aary

You are good

I like you so much

But I know you like photo girl more.

Love, Lily

Keeping the card safely on the table, he took out his purse to see the picture of him and the girl he had left behind.

“Ha Lily baby is happy?”

“Lily always happy” Lily squealed.

“Ha now listen, this is gonna pain a little!” Aarav said softly and took out the injection.

“That needle pains a lot” Lily said pouting and shut her eyes tight. Aarav’s lip formed a thin line and he injected the medicine carefully.

The girl burst into tears and screamed and Aarav said soothing, “It’s over…it’s over…just a small thing it’s…”

“It pains….” Lily cried and Aarav applied lotion on cotton swab, pressing it on her skin.

“Good?” he asked smiling and Lily sniffled her tears, stopping her cries.

Lily pouted and looked down. “You purse….on the floor!” she pointed.

Aarav bend down and took his wallet and the girl pulled it. “Let me see” she said smiling.

“Careful” he said holding her arm where he had injected.

“Who is this girl?” Lily asked showing him the pic in his purse.

“My friend” he said slowly.

“Friend?” Lily raised her eyebrow.


“Girlfriend! Doctor has a girlfriend!” Lily squealed.

Aarav chuckled and Lily asked, “Where is she?”

“I don’t know” he shrugged.

“Why?” she asked frowning.

“We…I don’t know…”

Lily pouted and said, “You like her a lot na?”

“How do you know?” he whispered.

“You have her photo on your purse!” Lily said giggling and returned the purse to him, “She is pretty!”

Aarav nodded and she said, “Will you bring her here to meet me?”

Aarav smiled faintly and nodded.

“Yaayyyy” Lily squealed, “I’ll meet doctor Aary’s girlfriend!”


Aarav sighed and leaned on his chair. Closing his eyes tightly he played with the invitation card he had received a few days ago.

Mr Augustine Ray and Mrs Lavanya Augustine Ray

Cordially invites you to the marriage ceremony of their beloved daughter

Iva Ray


Peter Roy

At St. Paul Church, New Delhi

On 2nd November 2018

With best regards: Irene Ray

He took a deep breath. Rays have been great family friends to Raizadas since his childhood. He recalled Iva, elder sister of Irene, who was one of his best friend during childhood.

“Iva’s getting married” Aarav murmured.

He recalled the conversation he had with Iva a day ago when she said, “I know you have got so many problems at home but I WANT YOU AT MY WEDDING. YOU GOT THAT RAIZADA? You better be there or I’m gonna haunt you!”

He took his phone and rang for his assistant.

The young woman opened the door and entered.

“Two tickets for New Delhi!” he ordered.





Kaigonahalli, Karnataka, India

It’s my elder sister’s marriage Ishaan. Please come. I know you have got lots of problems. Problems of your own and problems with few people here in Delhi, but it would mean a lot to me if you come. I haven’t met you for these three years. You’re one of my few best friends and I can’t afford to lose you. Come back Ishaan. For me.



Ishaan took a deep breath and signed off from his gmail.

It’s been three years since he left Delhi. A few days visit it was at the city but it had changed his life forever. Not only his but also many lives.

Not once did he try to contact his father or his Aman uncle. Nor did they try to contact him. Aman did, once, but he turned him down. Travelling back to Rajasthan wasn’t an option. With nothing left behind in the village, going back would cause people to create more stories than they already have.

Taking an unknown train, he reached the village he now is. Kaigonahalli! A village in Karnataka! With a satchel in his hand, he walked through the crowded streets of the village.

And that was just a start!

Ishaan took a deep breath as he looked around the small garage he had built of his own and the 3 employees he has hired of his own. A small smile formed in his lips watching them working and people driving out their repaired vehicles out of the garage.

Irene’s sister’s marriage!

And she is expecting him.

Life hadn’t given him a lot of friends. Not many parents loved their children to be friends with that child who don’t know who his father is. He remembers being teased by his classmates who, in middle of boasting about their fathers, pointed at him and laughed at him asking his father’s name. He remembers that one boy he had befriended during his first grade. He used to play with him for hours and hours. Ishaan never saw him again after the boy, with his family, moved out to city. Then came another during his seventh grade. A boy who had come to village to visit his grandmother for vacation. They played for two months till he left to city after vacations.

And next was Irene. A girl who visited Rajasthan for her project. A friendship of just few months.

But this one stayed!

Unlike others, Irene never left!

And he is bound to keep it that way.

“Back to Delhi” he whispered.


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Chapter 23 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 91 times)

Chapter 23


City Hospital, New Delhi

10.30 pm


“Aarav!” Snr Dr. Khurana exclaimed seeing the boy who worked as his junior for years.

“How are you dr?” Aarav asked smiling shaking his hands.

“Good good. How are you my boy? How’s US? It’s been four…? Three….three years!”

“Great going sir!” Aarav said smiling.

“You look a bit old!” Khurana said laughing, “Grey hair! Ha, start to dye my boy!”

Aarav laughed.

“Acha I’ve got to go. Surgery coming!” Khurana said and patted Aarav’s shoulder, “Walk around and meet people!”

“That’s why I’m here” Aarav said smiling.

Khurana walked away and Aarav pocketed his hands. He looked around the busy hospital and took a deep breath.

“Hello sir” the woman at the help desk said smiling.

Aarav smiled recognizing her face, “You still work here Vani?”

The woman nodded and said, “How are you sir?”

“Great. How are you?”

“Good going sir!”

Aarav looked around and asked, “Did any of the doctors resign….or are everyone still here?”

Vani looked at her system and said, “I can get that details for you sir”

“Thanks” Aarav said smiling nervously.

Vani stopped typing and looked at him. “Do you want details of someone specific sir?”

Aarav looked at her and smiled faintly.

“Shreya works here as junior to Dr. Sharma. Fifth floor, 3rd cabin in the right!” Vani said.

“Thank you” Aarav said smiling and walked away.




Café Brazilio, New Delhi

1.30 pm


“Your tastes have changed!” Payal said smiling watching her sister eating creamy Alfredo pasta with ease.

“I love this so much” Khushi said smiling. Adjusting her loose strands into a messy bun, she took the fork and dipped it into the creamy pasta. “It’s so tasty. Ever since I had this with Aarav at US, I have been dying to taste it again!”

Payal chuckled and ate her noodles.

“How’re your jangli daughters?” Khushi asked laughing.

Payal groaned and said, “They have created some scene. Akash have gone to their boarding school. These kids! They’re gonne be the end of Akash!”

Khushi chuckled and Payal asked, “Where the hell is Aarav. I wanna meet him so badly!”

“He went to the hospital”


“To visit some people he said!” Khushi mumbled.

“Or to meet someone specific!” Payal whispered.

Khushi kept down her fork and shook her head, “I hope it goes well. I tried my best to convince him to call Shreya in the past three years but…no…he doesn’t budge! No matter what he never opened up about her!”

“So he forgot her? Doesn’t care about her?” Payal asked.

“No” Khushi cried, “I’ve seen her photo in his purse. In his laptop. Hell, his mobile wallpaper is Shreya. I don’t understand why he is hurting himself and also her!”

“Didn’t he call her? Just once?” Payal whispered.

“No” Khushi whispered.

Payal sighed, “I met her once to talk about Aarav. She asked me not to meet her again if the topic of discussion is gonna be Aarav”

Khushi sighed and nodded, “I hope it goes well!”

Payal hummed and Khushi looked down to her plate. She started twirling her fork and occasionally glanced at Payal. Payal sighed and kept her fork down. “What is it? Shoot!” she said.

“What?” Khushi asked shrugging.

“Just ask what you have it inside! Don’t play Khushi!” Payal said chuckling.

Khushi sighed and said, “You got me!”

“What is it?” Payal asked.

Khushi bit her lip and looked away. “Err….is…how are things at home…?”

“You used to call me every day and I used to narrate the events at home!” Payal said raising her eyebrow.

“You know what I meant” Khushi whispered, “You said about everything and everyone but not about….”

Payal took a deep breath and said, “He doesn’t live with us anymore”


Payal shrugged.

“Don’t you know?” Khushi narrowed her eyes.

“No. He comes to office. Akash meets him there!” Payal said.

“He never stepped into the house after we left?” Khushi whispered.

“He did. To take his belongings. And he left” Payal said.

Khushi looked away and Payal said, “Why are you still thinking about him? Why concerned about him?”

“He is my husband jiji!”

“Ha…Payal scoffed, “Where did this sudden love come from?”

Khushi smiled faintly and said, “What he did is unforgettable and unforgivable. I cannot live with him anymore. But I can’t stop loving him either. He is special to me jiji!”

“Your love for him is toxic! Really toxic! Toxic to yourself!” Payal said shaking her head.

Khushi shrugged and said, “But I like it!”

“Don’t even think about getting back with him!” Payal warned.

Khushi smiled faintly and said, “I didn’t move this far to get back to him jiji. I walked away to build a life of my own, not to cry over the life I lost!”

“Are you gonna meet him?”

Khushi nodded and said, “Yes. It’s been three years!”

“Khushi” Payal whispered and held her sister’s palm, “You’ve taken the right decision. Stay strong. Please don’t change it. I suggest you not to visit him!”

“Are you afraid that meeting him will change my mind?” Khushi asked.

“May be!” Payal whispered.

Khushi nodded no and said, “It won’t. But I want to see him again. Jiji, I don’t want to be with him. I can’t trust him anymore. But…but you don’t know how much I suffered these three years without seeing him…without hearing his voice…I want to see him jiji!”

“Take a stand Khushi” Payal said irritated.

“I can’t!” Khushi cried, “I can’t take a stand when it comes to him! I’m clear about everything but not about him!”

“Arnav Singh Raizada is dead for you” Payal hissed, “That’s how it should be!”

“And that’s how it’ll never be!” Khushi whispered, “No matter how much I try…he can never be dead for me!”


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Chapter 24 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 101 times)

Chapter 24

City Hospital, New Delhi

1.30 pm

“Come in” Shreya called out hearing the knock. Burying her head in a medical file, expecting her assistant Nancy, she called out, “Nancy, you were supposed to prepare the schedule for tomorrow by now. Where is it?”

Hearing no reply, she looked up. Her hold on the file loosed up and it fell to her lap.

“Hey” he said slowly, entering the cabin.

“Aarav” she whispered.

Aarav took small steps and stood before her. He looked at the name tag and smiled seeing Dr. Shreya Patel. He looked around the cabin, that once used to be his, and said, “Nothing has changed here. The same how I left it three years back!”

She took a deep breath and stood up. Keeping the file on the table she asked, “Why are you here?”

He looked at her and pocketed his hands. “I just…” he stammered, “I wanted to see you”

“Why?” she asked crossing her arms.

“How are you?” he asked slowly.

Shreya laughed out loud and said, “Great question to ask to a person whom you have ditched three years ago!”

Aarav looked down and said, “I know I shouldn’t have done that but…I didn’t know what else to do!”

She scoffed and said, “I begged at your feet Aarav! I mean, who does that? I DID! Even then….even then YOU LEFT!”

“I didn’t come for an argument Shreya” Aarav said closing his eyes, “I’m here at Delhi for a wedding and I thought to see you!”

“Well you have! See, Shreya is alive! Now get lost!” she snapped.

“Shri I’m….”

“Stop RIGHT THERE” she hissed, “Don’t call me that!”


“Not everything is same as you left it Aarav” she whispered.




Oberon Mall, New Delhi

1.30 pm

“Your sister is getting married tomorrow. You’re supposed to be at home!” Ishaan said.

“You’re back after three years and no day out with you? Not happening boy!” Irene said laughing. She linked her arm with his and the duo walked inside the mall.

“Don’t you have a mobile? I have to email you to get in contact. Idiot!” Irene said.

“I have but I don’t share it with anyone”

“Then why exactly do you have it?” she asked laughing.

Ishaan shrugged and Irene said, “You’ve changed a lot!”

“Yeah I’ve got beard!” he said fisting his hand in air, “finally!”

She laughed and said, “Not only appearance. Everything has changed. You’re more serious and….you’ve lost that innocent touch-me-not look!”

“Isn’t that good?” he asked laughing.

“Yeah but…I loved the old Ishaan. Pure and innocent!” she said smiling.

He chuckled and they stopped at a café. “I’m starving” she cried.

“I know” he said laughing and pulled her into the café.


“So how’s life?” Irene asked sipping her hot chocolate.

“I’ve got a small garage of my own!” he said smiling.


“Don’t woah. It’s a small garage. But I earn enough for myself and for the two-three employees I have hired!”

“That’s great Ishaan” she cried.

Ishaan chuckled and said, “What about you?”

“Completed my medical studies but we have to practice for a year. Only then will we be officially called doctors!” she said, “Here only, in Delhi Ayurvedic Institution”

He nodded and she asked biting her lip, “Did you meet them?”


“Raizadas” she said slowly.

He nodded no and said, “I wanted to talk to you about that”

She nodded and he said, “I came here for you. You know that, don’t you. But if I attend the wedding then your parents’ might not like it. And I may run into the Raizadas! So…”

“You’re not attending the wedding” she completed.

He nodded.

“Why exactly did you come then?” she asked crossing her arms.

“For you. To see you” he said slowly.





Raizada Farmhouse, New Delhi

3.30 pm

Khushi took a deep breath and walked into the wide open farmhouse. Looking at the unlocked door she wondered at the safety of the house where the billionaire businessman stays.

Looking around the messy living room, Khushi wrapped arms around herself feeling cold inside the house. Suddenly she stopped stumbling over something on the ground.

“Alcohol” she whispered looking down to the floor where five or six empty bottles lay.

Taking a bottle in her hand, she walked forward and called out, “Arnav ji!”

“Arnav ji! Where are you?”

She frowned hearing no reply.

“Now don’t play hide and seek with me! Aman told me that you’re here! Come out!” she called out.

“Khushi?” a whisper came from her back and she turned to see him standing near the bedroom door.

A lump formed on her throat seeing the man before her. Gone were ASR and his ever powerful demeanor with its aura screaming its authority for miles. Before her was a weak pale man with clothes loosely hung on his body.

“Khushi” he whispered his voice so changed over the years.

“Hey” she whispered clutching the bottle. He walked forward slowly and looking closely at her, “You….you’re real?” he whispered.

She nodded.

Lifting his hand, he extended it to touch her cheeks. Khushi moved away and held his palm as a handshake. “I’m real Arnav ji” she said shaking his palm and patting it. Leaving it the next instant, she crossed her arms to herself.

“Khushi” he smiled and whispered, “You…you’re back…back…”

“Err…I want to….talk…” she couldn’t complete when she felt herself being pulled into a tight hug.

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Chapter 25 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 89 times)

Chapter 25


“Khushi” he smiled and whispered, “You…you’re back…back…”

“Err…I want to….talk…” she couldn’t complete when she felt herself being pulled into a tight hug.

Arnav wrapped his arms around her figure and buried his head in her hair, smelling her scent after three long years.

“You’re back….thank you…thank you….”

Khushi closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Lifting her hands, she pushed his chest and said, “I just came to see you”

His smile faded and his lips quivered. Eyes starting to welling, he asked slowly, “You…you will go away…again?”

She looked down at the bottles and then at him, “Have you start drinking?”

He looked around and nodded his head vigorously.

“Are you drunk?” she asked narrowing her eyes. He nodded no, swaying.

“Arnav ji!” she called out, “Are you drunk?”

“How does it matter to you!” he shouted swatting her arms away, swaying a little, “I’m drunk! I’m always drunk!”

“Are you mad? What have you gotten yourself into!” she cried and held his arms. Making him sit on the couch, she shouted, “Drinking will not solve anything!”

“It helps to forget everything” he said smiling and leaned his head back on the couch.

“You’re so drunk” she whispered smelling him.

He hummed and closed his eyes.

“I’m going. We’ll talk later!”

“I’m in my senses you know!” he said, “I’ve grown my capacity! I won’t mistake anyone else as you now!”

She looked at him and he opened his eyes. Looking at her he said, “Talk to me. Why did you come here if you don’t want me back?”

“I just wanted to see you” she whispered.


“Just…I don’t know….”

“You took your stand Khushi. You decided to go away!” he whispered, “And now, after three years you’re back to see me for no reason at all?”

“Why didn’t you follow me to Texas?” she asked.

He looked at her shocked and said, “You wanted me to follow you?”

She shrugged and said, “I thought you would follow me around and beg for forgiveness!”

“It’s my fault and the reign of our relationship is in your hands. I’m not going to follow you around and ask for forgiveness! That’s not how it is!”

“So you aren’t gonna do anything? Nothing to get me back? Don’t you want me back?” she asked.

“Are you kidding me?” he cried looking at her, “Of course I want you back. Look at me! Look at my state without you! You think I don’t want you back?”

“You always said that you won’t be able to live without me” she said slowly, “But you did!”

Arnav chuckled and held her arms, “Look at me Khushi. How much life do I have in me?”

She looked away and he said, “I used to dream about you and Aarav. I could see you everywhere in this house. In the kitchen, in the poolside, in the living room…everywhere! I had to tell myself that it’s not real!”

“I should go. I just came over to see you!”

He hummed and she stood up. She looked at him and said, “You know you can take Ishaan under your wings”

He looked up at her and she said, “I won’t feel bad. In fact I don’t feel anything. Ishaan is your son. He should be there with you, in your house!”

Arnav looked away and she said, “I know you like that boy. How can you not? He is your son!”

“I don’t know where he is! And I don’t want to know” he said closing his eyes, “I just want you and Aarav back!”

“You won’t get that Arnav ji! I can’t be with you!”

“Why?” he cried.

“You know why!”

“Khushi it’s been years! Please let’s get over it!” he whispered standing up.

“We cannot get over it!” she cried, tears rolling down her cheek, “No matter how much I love, how much I wish to be with you, the truth is that I’m not the woman who gave birth to your only child. And it’ll remain that way, forever. Shalini doesn’t appear to be the other woman in our relationship Arnav ji. I appear to be the other woman in your family!”

“She is not my family” he shouted, “You and Aarav are!”

“Who is Ishaan then? Turning away doesn’t make it false Arnav ji! Ishaan is your son! YOUR ONLY SON! And who is the mother? Not me!” she whispered.

Arnav rubbed his face with his palms and whispered, “Is there anything I can do to get you back?”

Khushi’s lips formed a thin line and she nodded no. “Nothing”

“I’ve lost you forever?” he whispered.

“Yeah” she whispered.

“You wish to be with me. And so do I? Why are you punishing yourself?” he cried.

“It’s a matter of self respect and trust! Love is blind! But right now, I’ve chosen my brain, not heart!” she whispered, “Bring Ishaan back to RM. That’s where he belongs!” she turned and walked away.

“Will you come back? Ever?”

She walked away without replying to that.




Zaatar Restaurant, New Delhi

4.30 pm


“Thank you” Shreya said after placing the coffee mug down. Aarav nodded smiling.

“Sir your bill!” the waiter said placing the bill book.

Aarav took out his wallet and she said, “I’ll pay for mine!”

“No its…”

“It’s fine!” she said smiling and placed few notes on the book.

“You didn’t have to….”

“You aren’t my boyfriend now Aarav” she said curtly.

Aarav kept mum and extended the bill book to the waiter, who walked away with that.

“So….I wanted to give you this!” Shreya said burying her hands in her bag. “Here” she said extending him a card.

Aarav took the card and read the content.

He looked at her shocked and asked, “You’re getting married?”

“Next month” she said nodding.

He looked down at the card.

Shreya Patel


Ashok Kumar

“Ashok Kumar? Who is he?” he cried.

“Why are you getting hyper?” she cried, “He is a family friend”

“Arrange marriage?” he shouted.

“Aarav…relax okay? He is a close friend of mine!”

“Close friend! Ha…I never heard of this CLOSE friend!” he shouted.

“He became my close friend when my so called boyfriend left me alone, 3 years back!” she shouted.

“Don’t use it against me! You cannot get married?”

She scoffed and said, “Really Aarav? After three years you’re back to take decisions in my life?”

“Shreya I know I made a mistake. And I’m really sorry for that. I want you back in my life and….”

“And I don’t want you back. End of the story!” she said and stood up walking away.

“Please Shreya….will you please listen to me?” He called out.

She walked away without replying to that.

Dec 24

Chapter 26 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 92 times)

Chapter 26


Hotel Millennium, New Delhi

7.45 pm


Guests started flooding in for Iva and Peter’s wedding after party and Lavanya and her husband stood at the entrance welcoming their friends.

“Khushi!” Lavanya cried in joy and hugged her friend. “How are you? Long time dear. Why didn’t you call me? And you Aarav, my you look so different! And…”

“La calm down!” Khushi said chuckling.

Lavanya smiled sheepishly and Khushi asked, “Where is Iva? Lemme go and meet her!”

“Yeah she’s up there!”

Aarav shook hands with Lavanya’s husband and followed Khushi.

“Does she know that ASR is here too?” Augustine whispered to Lavanya.

Lavanya looked at him and said, “I don’t know. She might!”

“Mom, did you meet Ishaan?” Irene said gathering her parent’s attention.

Lavanya scrunched her face and Augustine smiled faintly at him. “Hello Ishaan”

“Hello uncle!” Ishaan said smiling.

“You’re still in contact with him?” Lavanya asked sharply looking at Irene.

Irene shrugged and wrapped an arm around Ishaan’s arm. “Chalo Ishaan, I’ll take you to my friends!”

“Wait, he cannot go in!” Lavanya said alarmed.

“Why?” Irene demanded.

“La stop it. Let them go” Augustine said sighing.

“Khushi is in there. ASR is there. Raizadas are there. If they see him then…”

“I told you Irene I’m not coming” Ishaan said sighing.

“No. You’re my friend. It’s my sister who got married and you, as my friend, has all rights to be here. Chalo” Irene said and dragged him inside.


“Ah so this is the infamous Ishaan?” Iva asked smiling and hugged him. Ishaan was taken aback but patted her back as well. “Irene can’t stop talking about you! Ever since you said that you’re coming for wedding, she was over the moon!”

Ishaan chuckled and looked at Irene who smiled sheepishly.

“Meet Peter. Peter this is Ishaan. Irene’s best friend!” Iva said to her husband who shook hands with Ishaan.

Irene held Ishaan’s arms and took him down the stage. “See it’s not that bad! You don’t have to shy away from gatherings just because of Raizadas.”

Ishaan hummed and Irene said, “Did you like them? My sister and her husband?”

“Yeah they’re cool!” Ishaan said smiling.

“See, that’s what I said. Parties aren’t bad!” Irene said clapping her hands.

“It is when you have a few people staring at you as if you don’t belong here” Ishaan muttered looking away. Irene followed his gaze and found Raizada family staring at him.

“Don’t bother!” Irene said walking him to the food section.

Ishaan took a deep breath and nodded.

“Did you talk with Aman uncle after you left?” she asked.

He nodded no and said, “I’ve never contacted anyone. I didn’t want to worsen things!”

“Things are already worsened. Khushi aunty and Aarav bhai doesn’t stay with them now”

“They didn’t come back?” Ishaan asked surprised.

“No. They came back yesterday for the wedding and will fly back after a few days!” Irene said.

“So it’s really over” Ishaan whispered, “But why? I mean…I am gone. I not in their lives anymore. Why did they have to separate?”

“She cannot forget it man” Irene said softly, “It’s a huge betrayal!”

“But he loves her. He really loves her. And I’m…I’m just a mistake” Ishaan whispered, “God, I shouldn’t have agreed to come here after ma’s death!”

“You’re his son and it’s the truth. No matter how much you hide, it was bound to come out one day. And now that it’s out, let’s try to fix it!” Irene said.

Ishaan looked at her and she said, “Why don’t you give it a try? Everyone tried to talk Khushi aunty out of it but no one succeeded. Why don’t you do it? You think they separated because of you? Now you bring them back!”

“He hates me. And so does she” Ishaan whispered.

“They don’t. I’m sure they don’t! Because no matter how much you blame yourself, you’re not at fault Ishaan. Don’t tag yourself as a mistake!” Irene said softly patting his arm.




Arnav was standing in the garden and looked back to the hall. His sister and mami were talking to Khushi happily.

“Hi” a slow voice jerked him and he looked at the person next to him.

“What are you doing here?” he asked sharply and looked at his family wondering if they saw him.

“Irene invited me. And yes, they saw me” Ishaan said pocketing his hands.

Arnav sighed and nodded.

“How are you?” Ishaan asked.

“How do I look?” Arnav asked.

“Messy. Terrible” Ishaan said.

“Thanks” Arnav mumbled and was about to walk away when Ishaan said, “Did you meet her?”

He stopped and looked at him, “Why did you ask?”

“Irene told me that she and Aarav bhai went away and came only for this wedding. Did you talk to her?”

“It’s none of your business. You stay out of it. And yes, stay away from them!” Arnav shouted.

“I just want to help” Ishaan said shrugging, “I will talk to them.”

“No need. I don’t want your help to get my wife and son back!” Arnav retorted.

“Stop acting like a kid” Ishaan said irritated, “You both separated because of me. I thought I should bring you both back together!”

“I’m warning. Stay. Away. From. My. Family” Arnav hissed.

“He is family”

Arnav and Ishaan looked to their side to find Khushi.

Arnav looked at Ishaan and then at Khushi. “Khushi listen main…”

“Stop acting as a deer under headlights!” Khushi said shaking her head, “Why are you explaining? You were just talking with your son!”

She looked at Ishaan who walked to her and touched her feet. Khushi smiled and touched his head.

“Where were you? What do you do now?” she asked.

“Karnataka. I own a mechanic shop” Ishaan said.

“Karnataka? Who do you have there?” Khushi asked frowning.

“No one” he said shrugging, “I took a train that went to Karnataka” he said chuckling.

Khushi smiled faintly and looked at Arnav.

“Hii Ishaan”

Ishaan turned to see Aarav. “Hii Aarav bhai” he said smiling nervously. Aarav smiled and hugged him. “How are you?”

“Good. Aap?”

“Great” Aarav said smiling.

“Aarav he owns a mechanic shop” Khushi said smiling.

“Arrey wah!” Aarav said smiling, “That’s what you wanted to do for so long right?”

Ishaan nodded smiling and looked at Arnav who was staring at Aarav. Aarav looked at Arnav and smiled faintly. “Hii” he said slowly. Arnav walked to him and hugged him tightly. Khushi smiled faintly. Ishaan smiled faintly and walked backwards. He saw Aarav breaking the hug and talking to Arnav, with Khushi next to him, listening to their conversation.

Taking small steps, he walked backwards and entered the hall. Smiling faintly at the trio, he looked at to his left to find Irene looking at him. She patted his shoulder and he said, “The Raizadas were right. I don’t belong here”


“No Irene. Look at them” he said smiling at the three, “That’s a family. Me? I’m an outsider, a threat to that perfect family.”

He looked at her and said, his eyes welling up, “I never had a family while growing up and I’ll never have one. Even if they accept me, I’ll still be the illegitimate son of ASR”

“That family is broken” Irene whispered looking at the three.

“No” Ishaan shook his head, “It’s broken but not broken beyond repair. They’ll be together again, I’m sure. But only on one condition. I should go away!”

“Come on…”

“No Irene. I shouldn’t be here. If there is no Ishaan, then there is no problem” Ishaan said firmly, “Can’t you see, I’m the one who broke them. I’m, indirectly, a member of this family but I’m the one who broke this family!”



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Chapter 27 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 68 times)

Chapter 27


Hotel Millennium, New Delhi

8.45 pm



Khushi turned from where she was standing, outside the hotel enjoying the cool breeze, to find Arnav.


“Wo I wanted to talk” he said nervously.

She nodded and he said, “Khushi it’s been three years. Bas, I cannot take it anymore. Please come back to me”

“I’ve told this before and I’m telling you this again, there’s NO future for us!” Khushi said sighing, “It’s all over! 3 years ago!”

“Khushi please…aisa mat kaho” Arnav begged and held her palm, “I cannot live like this. Please, I need you”

“And I don’t” she cried pushing him back.

“Don’t lie. You love me”

“I do and I regret that” she shouted, “You don’t have the right to stand before me and talk to me like this!”

“Khushi whatever happened, it was a mistake!” Arnav cried in frustration.

“Mistake!” Khushi cried, “Mistake lagtha he! That 22 year old boy looks like a mistake to you? Great! ‘Coz to me he looks like your blood son and the heir to your property!”

“Khushi please….”

“I’m not angry with you for Ishaan or because of Shalini. I hate you because you chose to hide it from me for 20 years! 20 YEARS! I LIVED UNDER THE IMPRESSION THAT YOU LOVE ME THE MOST AND I’M THE ONLY WOMAN IN YOUR LIFE. I WAS WRONG. I’M NOT THE ONLY WOMAN! WHEN I WAS LIVING IN A BUBBLE, THERE WAS ANOTHER WOMAN RAISING YOUR SON!”

“Khushi SHE IS NOT MY LOVE. YOU ARE!” Arnav cried, “How do I make you understand?”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?” Khushi shouted, “You thought I would leave you? You thought that confessing everything would make Aarav hate you? What made you hide it?”

“How could I tell you that? HOW? That I was with a woman and she is pregnant! HOW CAN I SAY THAT?”


“Khushi no….”

“YES” she shouted, “You made a joke of my love, my dedication, my trust everything. CAN’T YOU SEE IT? YOU DESTROYED EVEYRTHING!”

Arnav said in his tears, “What should I do then?”

“Let me go” she said whispered, “You love me? Then let me go!”


“Bas” she showed him her palm and said, “There’s nothing more to talk about in our relationship. It’s completely broken. It’s all over and accept it!” she said and turned to walk away.

He held her arm and said, “Please…please give me a chance.”

She nodded no. Freeing her arm, she ran down the stairs to the road.

Arnav looked away in tears.

Suddenly he heard a loud noise.

“Oh god, that woman got hit!” he heard a man behind him shouting.

He turned like a whirlwind and froze under his feet seeing the familiar sari.

“KHUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he screamed.





City Hospital, New Delhi

11.45 pm


“Doctor, how is mamma?” Aarav asked clutching the doctor’s arm.

“Relax Aarav, she is out of danger” the doctor said patting his arm.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and Aarav asked, “Can I meet her, please?”

“Nahi, she is not conscious yet. She has hit her head very badly and the nurses are dressing up her wounds” the doctor said.

Aarav nodded and the doctor walked away.

He leaned on the wall and sighed. Lifting up his head he looked at his family who sat relieved hearing that she is out of danger. Suddenly his eyes narrowed and burnt in anger seeing the person walking towards the operational theatre.

“STOP” he shouted.

Arnav stopped on his tracks and everyone looked at Aarav.

“STOP RIGHT THERE” Aarav shouted, “Don’t even think about nearing my mother!”

“Aarav main…”


“Aarav beta calm down” Anjali whispered, “Why are you…”


“Aarav” everyone cried seeing him pushing Arnav. Arnav staggered back and hit the wall.


He turned to Ishaan who stood shocked.

“Ha he is here” Aarav cried, “Take your father away from here! DO IT!”

“Aarav stop it” Arnav whispered in tears.


“Aarav stop” Payal said, “Aise baat nahi karte!” (Don’t speak like that)

“THO KAISE BAAT KAROO?” he screamed. (Then how should I speak?)

“Aarav” the doctor came and said sharply, “It’s a hospital and I hope you know the rules”

Aarav took a deep breath and looked at Arnav. “Just. Go. Away.” He hissed in anger.

He looked at Ishaan and said, “Take him away before I kick him out”

Ishaan rushed to Arnav and said, “Chalo…please…come”

“Go” Aarav said looking away.

Ishaan held Arnav’s arm and dragged him away.




“I love you soooooo much” she said and kissed his cheek.

Arnav chuckled and wrapped his arm around her.

“Arnav ji”

He hummed.

“Years later, when we grow old, what will we do?”

“We’ll die” Arnav said.

“Haww chup” Khushi said smacking his chest, “I have a plan. We’ll go tripping!”

“At old age!”

“Ha” she said giggling, “We’ll go to haridwar and we’ll die there!”

“Chup kar Khushi” Arnav said laughing.

“Kyu? You don’t want to grow old with me?” Khushi pouted.

“Of course but not at Haridwar!” Arnav said chuckling.

“Then where?”

“We’ll grow old at Aarav’s house, where Aarav will be living with his wife and children. You’ll tell stories to the children and I’ll braid their hair. You’ll make food for the kids and I’ll feed them!”

“What if Aarav have sons? You can’t braid their hair!” Khushi pointed.

“I’ll comb their hair” Arnav said groaning, “Kya Khushi itni ache ache baate kar rahe the….”

Khushi giggled and kissed his cheek. “You’re choo chweeet”

“I know and you’ve grown fat” Arnav said, “See I can’t wrap my arms around you”

“Laadgovernor!” Khushi muttered smacking his chest.



Arnav jerked hearing Ishaan’s voice.

“Have this” Ishaan said softly forwarding a cup of coffee. Arnav was sitting next to the footpath outside the hospital, his knees drawn to his chest and resting his face on his knees.

“Pa…” ishaan called out patting his arm.

Arnav looked him and Ishaan sat next to him.

“Drink this. You haven’t eaten anything”

Arnav nodded no and looked away.

Ishaan sighed and said, “She is better now. Woh, Akash uncle told”

Arnav nodded and said, “I’m leaving”

He looked at him shocked and Arnav whispered, “Aarav…” he gulped and said, “It’s the first time he has raised his voice…even when he came to know about you, he was calm…he was angry but calm….but today…”

“Don’t take his words to heart. He’s under shock. He almost lost his mamma” Ishaan said.

“No” Arnav whispered, “He meant it Ishaan. He wanted me to go away. Even Khushi want me to go away.”

“Nahi aisa nahi he”

“Aisa hi he” Arnav said shaking his head, “I’ve lost them….forever. I’ve lost everyone. Akash, di…they don’t even look at my face. For the past three years, I have lived alone. But I had a hope. A small hope. That one day Khushi and Aarav would return. One day we would be together. But….nahi…they hate me now…Aarav…he….he almost slapped me today….”

Ishaan kept mum and Arnav said, “I’ve to go”


“I don’t know. Away from here. Away from Khushi and Aarav” he whispered in tears and stood up.

“Listen, don’t do anything stupid. I mean…woh…” Ishaan cried standing up.

“Nahi” Arnav chuckled in tears, “I’m not gonna commit suicide! I’ll die every single day. That’s the punishment for me” he whispered and turned to walk away.

“Ruko” ishaan said. Arnav turned and he asked, “Where are you going?”

Arnav shrugged and said, “Somewhere. I don’t know”

“Come with me” Ishaan said calmly.

Arnav looked at him shocked and Ishaan said, “I have a place at a small village in Karnataka. I own a mechanic shop there. I live there.”


Ishaan held his arm and said, “You’re coming with me”

He wrapped his arm around Arnav’s shoulder and walked forward.




P.S. There won’t be an epilogue


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NOTE - Sequel (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 48 times)

Hello all,

I know that the abrupt end of this story isn't well received by you all. Some are pleased while some are displeased. Some accepted the end while some don't. Some wanted justice to Arnav, while some wanted to teach Aarav a lesson. Some wanted to see how Ishaan's and Arnav's relation progressed and some wanted to see Khushi's and Anjali's POV.

So considering everyone's requests and views, I've decided to write a sequel to this story. It'll be named Family - S02.

But the sequel won't be coming soon. I've got exams. I'll be writing the story after my exams. By then, I'll try updating The Unwanted Guest.

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