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Aug 30

DEEWANAPAN!!!! (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 42 times)

"Everybody has an addiction, Mine just happens to be you..."

This is what you means for're my peace of heart..I just want you in my life.and I will get matter  what happens.i will make you will be mine will be mine.this is arnav singh raizada promise...

This is world biggest business tycoon arnav singh raizada deewanapan towards rose skin dance master khushi gupta..what will happen when his deewanapan reach beyond imagination..will khushi ever understand his pure love..will he get the true love he always craved from her..or he have to take big action to get her love..lets get know this deewana love..join this extraordinary love journey.....

It's totally quite place in Delhi..there big mansion which almost looking like some palace standing with charming look..there big garden with lot of different flowers give peaceful feel to anyone who stay's almost dream place to anyone..

Inside the house there a big living room designed with simply awesome middle aged women reading a holy book in hall..she looking really strict.then suddenly there come a women in early  forties..she looking good on her designed saree with charming make up.she asked the elderly women respected way.

Women: maa you want didn't drink anything after wake up.may I bring you a coffee ?

The elderly women look at her with with most strict face..she gulp her saliva seeing her mother in law strict face,,she still don't have courage to glare her back..then the women told her bahu.

Women: mohini..understand one thing much you tried will never able to take a place in my heart.even after years more just give up your try.just get lost from here without spoiling my mood morning itself.

Mohini try to control the tears which threaten to come out hearing her sasuma hateful reply.this is what she facing from past 19 soft side from her.she left from there broken way..

In upstair..there a room which designed by only Everest designs,.its black and grey combination room with fully stylish touch..there a king size bed with dominate fragrance..and there an ****y masculine poster sleeping in bare body..his black silky hair falling on eyes like feather,.many files and papers surrender around him.its was most ****iest thing in morning for any girl.finally he opened his seducing,intense brown eyes hearing alarm sound..after second he get up from the bed like robot and straightly went to washroom..he don't have time to admire the beautiful morning view from his room.he don't like that...

In dining hall..mohini preparing the table for breakfast.suddenly she fell huge hugs from two muscles arms..she smile with gaps knowing who they.she turn and smile lovely seeing her both charming sons..arjun,atharv..both boys smile at their mother and kissed her cheek.

Arjun/atharv: wishing good morning to most beautiful women in the world !!

Mohini chuckles seeing they both started their rants from morning itself.she wish them back smilingly.then suddenly both brothers feel punches on back..both turn and saw their gorgeous baby sister looking them with pouty angry face..they smile seeing her.she asked them pretend angrily.

Girl: really bhaiyyas!! So mummy is most beautiful women for you both..then what about me,,I'm not beautiful for you both?

Arjun:(hugged her side way) arre meri pyaari behein..when we say something like that.of course you are very beautiful for us.our beautiful princess...

Atharv:(hugged her too) yeah just like maa is our queen you is our princess deepali..we always adore you..

Both brothers hugged their sister smiling way..deepali smile seeing her brothers love..mohini looking her children with adoring smile..then they all hear an powerful manly voice from behind.

"What's happening here morning itself..looking like my lovely family forget me"

They turn smilingly hearing the voice..mohini smile hearing her husband voice.sibling smile joyfully seeing their papa..he is handsome man in late forties.And main lead of Malik family,abhisek Malik..he slowly near his family soon deepali hugged her father happily..

Deepali: papa it's really surprising..when you come from London,you know I missed you very much.

Abhisek: I come last night..just your maa know it..I don't want to disturb your sleep.thsts why I don't wake up you,( teasing tone) but don't worry I already keep your chocolate box inside the bed.

She smile and hugged him back.they all got into a family hug..suddenly became silent hearing subatra voice..she enter to dinning hall and look them with strict arrogant face..without saying anything  she called on of servant loudly and took seat on main chair..soon on of servant come and serve her perfectly the way she one utter a single word front of her,,silently they all take the seat and mohini silently start to serve her husband.without glaring anyone subatra did a small prayer and waiting for her grandson to come..soon after moment everyone hear sharp shoe sound from hall.subatra turn and saw her grandson coming down wearing great coat suit with laptop in hand..he just jelled his hair normally but he looking exactly like male ultra model from top magazine cover.there a alpha aroma around him.there no emotions on his face..his intense eyes are dead.there huge arrogance and dominant showing on his personality..he straightly come to dinning table and saw as usual his dadi waiting for him..he take seat and start to serve himself silently without looking anyone..arjun,atharv,deepali sigh in disappointment seeing their big brother same attitude..this is not new to them.this is what they facing from past 19 years..breakfast time going with dead silence,mohini try to keep foods on his plate.before she near him he sharply showed his hand and glare her deadly.she silently move aside with chocked face..after having the food he quickly got up and told subatra normally..

"Dadi I'm going"

She nods at him little smiley as always..without glaring anyone he went out from house..this is what the great ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA daily routine on his house..after going to office in morning he will return at midnight only..sometime not even that.for the world he is biggest tycoon in whole asia..dark fantasy of every damn girls..single King in business empire.most powerful man in fashion world..but inside he is a dead man.his every emotions died very long ago..there no emotions on his heart.for all he is kadoos,Akkudu,jallad ASR..but no one ware about the dead child inside him who died 19 years ago..


Some different place in same Delhi.there a normal beautiful two story house surrender with big garden.there lot of teen girls wearing long white anarkali standing in garden and waiting for their teacher to come.its really peaceful place with birds chirping..soon they all stopped their chats hearing their teacher thick payal sound..soon they saw their delicate diva ,the marvellous fantasy girl..all smiling seeing her smiling face.its worth to watch her calm rose face.then she stood front of them with smile and told them calming tone.

"Today we going to learn new chapter of katak.leave your all stress and be relax.its important to have a smile on face when dancing katak.

All agree with her.soon everyone took the positions.then the gorgeous diva soon started her magical teaching..her every steps was have a soul..she dancing giving her whole self to that dance..her students dancing with full happy smile.after sometime she stopped her lessons and told them softly.

"Have a short break girls"

She told them then she hear someone calling her from behind..

"KHUSHI BETA" khushi turn and smile seeing her papa looking her with admiring smile..and beside him her lovely Nani maa standing with drink plate..slowly thry both come towards her.then shashi crassed her hair softly..

Shashi: it's so heartwarming to see your soulful dance beta..I can watch that my whole're such a heart winning dancer beta..I'm really proud of you.

Khushi smile hearing his sweet compliment..she hugged him tightly.lthen her bank told her cheerfully.

Nani: now come dancing need energy to dance even more fabulously.come on drink this juice.

Khushi smile and take the glass from her..already her Ramu kaka served drinks for her students,.soon after sometime she started her lessons..being a dancer is really making her happy..she is not just katak dancer..she know all kind of dances in India..but her favourite was katak and classic..that's maybe her late mother much found of those dance.her mother passed away when she is five years old.her papa shashi Gupta raised her really well without making her felt the absence of mother..he sacrificed his whole life for her without thinking another patner..he being a famous lawyer in Delhi.he is big shot in law firm..but he is simple man from inside and out..he only help the innocent and stand for justice...khushi is like soul to him,he never ever want her face any pain on life..he just living for her.his worried are always about her only.he just have tension about her life only.if he find perfect groom for his delicate princess he can live peacefully his remaining life..other person in khushi life was her Nani Parvati who very found of khushi and loves her dearly..same goes to khushi..after her daughter passed away she taking care of khushi with so much love.she don't have any other children or grandchildren..she just have khushi to show her whole Nani love..they just three of them in Gupta family.with them their royal maid ramu kaka who everyone call as kaka and everyone's favourite..they all very happy on their family.lets see what's going to happen ahead.


.....Character sketch...

* arnav Singh raizada :: multi billionaire in age 29..India no.1 business tycoon and asia 2nd richest man..and Indian no.1 richest man..founder ,MD and CEO AR companies.and owner of five star hotels and resorts..son of abhisek Malik.but hate too core his father.even hate to add his surname on his name because of their ugly past..pure bachelor..don't have any affairs or girlfriends..angry beast to world...

* Abhisek Malik: owner of Malik companies..age of the big shots in his family very much and found of his elder son little deeply..but now totally shame to even look at his face..

* Mohini Malik: wife of abhisek and mother of arjun,atharv..age her children equally and specially her elder son arnav..but she was in state where she can't even look him..half owner of Malik company..

* Arjun: twin brother of atharv..few minutes elder to him.age 24 ..CEO of Malik enterprises.really handsome guy with golden heart.respect and love his elder brother.but never got that love back because of their ugly his family lot.

* Atharv: twin brother of arjun and few minutes younger to of Malik construction..same as his brother..and little straight forward.really handsome as his brother but little playboy type..but have a golden heart..respect his first elder brother.really want to mingle with him.but all impossible because of their past.

* Deepali: younger member in Malik family..age 20.really beautiful from in and her family dearly.and little more found of her big brother..but until today she don't spoke a word with him..mischief by nature but really amazing girl..still studying in collage..

* Subatra:: elder member in Malik family..totally arrogant and hate her son family to core..her heart just love her grandson arnav..totally hate her son and have a big worry about her grandson..she just hope to see him happy anyhow..she will do anything for his happiness.


* Khushi:: one of best dancer in younger generation..her passion is teacher by profession..sometime do shows in big events..age 23".have a pure heart like flower..never think a bad to anyone..flawless beauty with love fantasy eyes..don't have much friend..just her bestie kumud..found of flowers."

* Shashi:: lawyer by profession..really an gentleman..age 45..really love his daughter to dead.totally a father idol to his his current worry about his daughter life..

* Nani::khushi's super Nani..very found of cooking and like to try new dishes..age 57.totally fit and energetic on her age..waiting to see her granddaughter life partner..

* Kumud:best friend of khushi..gorgeous girl with pure heart likes khushi.always think good to others..owns a restaurant in Delhi.only daughter on her family..same age as khushi...

Hi guys..hope everyone like the new chapter of new story...this plot really close to my heart..and I hope you all will love the story..tell me how you feel about the new story..feel free to tell anything.i will wait for your all love and comments..

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Amazing start..
Continue the story,
Sep 8

Deewanapan... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 52 times)

Arnav reached to his kingdom..he enter inside AR fashion company with most arrogant,firm face..his employees greet him usual they got the arrogant node as return..he straightly went to his cabin saw saw his most Royal employe aman mathur standing out his cabin with files..he sigh seeing that and both enter to everyday today to going to be very stressful day...

Arnav pressed the car horn out of huge frustration and anger..he is on the way to attend a meeting on hotel..but he got struck in traffic past 20 minutes..he losing his temper very much..already he five minutes late to meeting..and other side the people screaming and horning increasing his frustration level even more..he bang the wheel angrily..when he try to go back suddenly an girl come crash on his car..he shocked seeing her..that girl looking panicked sand she trying to run away from someone..she looking very beautiful..when he try to come out to help her..suddenly there come another girl wearing white salwar with red duppatta..for a minute arnav stopped his act seeing the sunlight flower like girl..he didn't get to see her face..her face covered by her brown long hair..before he think anything she run away from there taking the earlier girl with her..for a seconds he can't understand what exactly happen..he turn back and saw both girl running away..he feeling something uneasy..first time he lost his track..he again turn back and saw they already went out of view..then signal fell green he left from there..but his mind still running around the scene happened..

Both khushi and kumud hurriedly enter to kumud restaurant..both breathing really hardly..they drink water and try to calm their shaking body..after getting back to little normal..khushi asked kumud scolding way..

Khushi:yaar kumud..I just can't believed you did something like really..why did you slap him..

Kumud:( breathing tone) or what you expecting me to do..he troubling both of us from days..didn't you saw what he say..he not behave like his age..he is almost like our grand paa..but that balder monkey try to force himself to us...

Khushi:( question tone) it's all okay kumud..but why did you cut his nose..don't you see how his nose bleeds like river..what if he come behind saw na he  looked really dangerous..

Kumud:(sarcastic tone) really scared of the drunken one will believe  you are daughter the great brave lawyer shashi gupta..(laugh) and you can't ignore the fact you actually liked his nose almost laughed..

Khushi laughed hearing her..yeah its true..she actually enjoyed that scene.he really bad older with lusty mind.he keep troubling them from days..kumud did right thing to him..they not tell their families knowing if they come to know..both of their houses band them going out..then kumud told her teasingly.

Kumud: and you know what khushi..I thought to cut some other thing of his..but he got escaped saving his little part..I really want to cut his bells..

Khushi:(close her mouth)chee yaar really getting vulgar day by day..why you talking like this..

Kumud: you calling this vulgar.then how will you call the real vulgar..hmm it's not my fault that you took a vows only to see your future husband bells..

Khushi: kumud you !!!

She start to chase kumud..she running around the restaurant smiling way..both run around the whole restaurant..after lot of chasing finally khushi catch her and twisted ears..after having girl times,both open the restaurant and work together on it..their day going with full fun..

At's almost midnight,after doing whole work in office..arnav reached to home hell tiredly..he enter to home and saw like daily dadi watching for his arrival..he sigh seeing her..she got up seeing him..he asked her tired way..

Arnav: dadi how many times I told you..don't wait for will fall sick if you awaking like this please go to your room..

Dadi:(caring tone) how can I sleep arnav when I know you will come at midnight without having dinner..even you're diabetic patient..your dinner meals really important for you..but you always skip that..being careless you only making me sick..

He sigh hearing her daily mantra..he don't have any other option then agree with her..knowing he is very tired shed asked him to go bedroom..he went to room to get fresh up..she took the food tray and take foods for him to room..after having the foods quickly he fell into whole tired full sleep..dadi smile sadly seeing his sleeping much he changed from past 19 years..this is not what she expect he will everything going upside..after caressing his hair she left the room thinking about the small old arnav..

Next day...arnav fully ready to go office..after having the breakfast he try to go out of house..but stopped in middle hearing abhishek voice,.

Abhishek: arnav wait..I need to talk with you..regrading professional only..

Arnav turn and look at abhishek sharply..he try to get close to arnav..but he showed his hand sharply and asked him with arrogant voice..

Arnav:MR.malik whatever you want say,tell quickly..I don't have time for useless rubbish..

Abhishek gulp his saliva hearing his hate pricking words..he try to be strict front of him like others,.but his strict face not going to work on he come to the point..

Abhishek:arnav it's that.i sells on of dada ji property in elder grandson you have 40% share on it..I want to hand over it to you..please accept this..

When arnav try to deny it.dadi come there and told arnav softly..

Dadi: arnav please don't deny it,,it's not abhishek's property,,it's your dadaji's..more then any outsider it's you who have full rights on please accept least for me..

Abhishek try to hide the painful expression on his face..mohini broken hearing dadi's statment..arnav agree with dadi and took the papers from him..before going out from house he glare mohini hatefully and went out,,when dadi try to go abhishek call her..

Abhishek: maa!!

Dadi:( most hateful tone) don't you dare to call me like that..I will slit your throat if you again call me like that..

Abhishek:(chocked voice) maa till when you going to hate me like this..why can't you forget the past maa..

Dadi:(aggressive tone)I cannot forget single thing from past..and I will never ever forgive you..even after you died..don't make me culprit asking this question again abhishek Malik..

After giving dangerous look at him.she went from there..abhishek and mohini eyes moist hearing her's true some mistakes/sins can't even forgive after died too..


Arnav working on his cabin seriously.he totally forgot about morning event..suddenly someone knock his cabin..he ask the person to come..then he saw his important legal adviser cum lawyer shashi Gupta entering to cabin..he stood up and shook hands with him..

Arnav:hello MR.gupta..I actually thought to call you for some legal advice regarding my new's good you come..

Shashi:(smile) sorry for my late arrival MR.raizada..I git little busy on my new cases..actually I read your new property file and I found there no problems on can start your works without any doubt..

Arnav smile little hearing him..soon both talk a about works..shashi being legal adviser cum lawyer to arnav from past two years..both quite close because of their perfection  in works..arnav got really well with shashi more then others..maybe he being prefect and smart..same goes to shashi..and even arnav respect shashi a lot..he always give respect to his work and age..they both like to work together lot..when both talking suddenly shashi's phone ring..he answer the call getting taking excuse from arnav..

Shashi:hello...ha beta tell me...ha beta I took my Lunch and already had the medicine you keep....ha princess I'm okay..I will come home after finishing works..okay beta bye...

He cut the call with smile..arnav looking him with hidden smile..knowing his question he told arnav smiling way..

Shashi:that's my's her daily routine to ask me about my lunch and's really hard to escape from her daughter always have questions on mouth corner..

Arnav smile hearing him.then both get back to discussion....


In kumud restaurant...after teaching her students khushi always come here to help kumud on works..both really close to each other from teenage..there lot of people in restaurant..kumud hell busy on kitchen..she smile at staffs and come to serve customers wearing the apron..

Khushi going to serve on of customer quickly..suddenly someone bump on her and she plasm all drink on that person..he yell feeling the sudden coldness on body..she panicked seeing that and quickly apology to him..

Khushi:hey devimayya!! Sorry,sorry..I'm really sorry.. I didn't saw you coming...

That person look at khushi first time hearing her melody voice..and next moment he totally mesmerised seeing her flawless beauty..he actually forgot the coldness in body and staring her without blinking..he totally went to dream land soon seeing her extraordinary brown eyes..then he came back to sense hearing khushi voice..

Khushi: sir I'm extremely sorry..please accept my sorry for my act..

Man:it's okay..that's not your fault.its me bump on you lost on phone..don't be sorry..just show me where's the washroom...

Khushi: please come this way..I'll help you to clean up..

She take him to washroom and helped him to clean up his ruined shirt..he wipe the stains and saw khushi still looking panicked..she biting her nails looking his shirt..he smile seeing her innocence worried face..and told her calmly..

Man: you don't need to feel's okay now.just chill out..

She smile at him and he smile back admiring way..he totally lost seeing her very charming smile,,then both come out from washroom and he told her..

Man: anyways I'm arjun Malik..may I know your name?

Khushi:I'm khushi Gupta..

Arjun:(smile)it's nice to meet you khushi!!

Khushi: it's nice to meet you too..

Arjun: anyway you looking like belong here..are you working her Here?

Khushi: no..actually this is my friend restaurant..I come to help her on my free time..

Arjun:(wondering tone) your friend means miss.kumud?(she nodded) actually I come here to meet mother orders foods menu for our house on of function Dady after tomorrow..I come to give advance to her..where I can meet her?

Khushi: actually she is really busy on kitchen now..if you want you can meet her at evening..she is free that time..

Arjun:(smile) okay I'll come's really nice knowing you khushi..

She smile hearing him.then he left the place after bid bye to khushi..she smile at his retreat figure normally and quickly got back to her work...


Next day at Malik mansion..mohini preparing things for tomorrow abhishek's birthday party..thankfully her children helping her very much..she making guests list..then her all three children join with her..deepali asked mohini smiling way..

Deepali: maa is guests list ready for tomorrow party?

Mohini:(smile) ha beta it's almost ready..just few more people to add..(to atharv) atharv did you call the decorating people?

Atharv:ha maa..I already called them and even selected the decorations theme.tomorrow they will do the arrangement nicely..

Mohini:(to arjun) and you arjun? What about food arrangements..did you talk with kumud?

Arjun:(smile hidden admire face) ha maa I already payed her the advance..she will be on time tomorrow..(inner self) hope even her friend come tomorrow!!

Mohini smile confusingly seeing he talking to himself..she shook her head and bring him to true world..he scold himself for again got lost sense because of's happening from yesterday..from the time he meet khushi.his foots not touching the floor..he always on some dream land..he thought its must be some attraction or infatuation..but no..he feeling something beyond the attractions..just with one meeting she changed some sells on his body..he continue think about her without knowing that flawless Angel already took away someone heart yesterday..and right now likes him even he thinking about her..maybe little more then him...

Arnav looking out if his office building the busy Delhi city..if anyone saw him like this must be think he very busy on looking the city..but it's not..he only know he completely lost on some mystery masked girl..she totally Blowing his mind from yesterday..he didn't saw her face because she covered her face with duppatta...but he can never forget that two magnetic,ravishing brown eyes..he saw her on signal..she buys done rose flowers from platform shop..and next thing she did really surprised him..she give that to one of beggar boy asked him to stop begging and sell flowers..all the time he only aware how much he greedy to look at her whole face..but he didn't get the chance..she is really fair girl with perfect flower like thin body..he somewhere have feeling she is the same girl who run away on signal wearing white salwar..he tight his fist out of big anger and frustration,.he angry on himself for giving time to think about some mystery girl..this is not his personality..who is she to him..he just saw her on signal and that's it..she is no one to him..he determine to not think about her again..but he can't forget her eye catching magnetic's truly something...

Arnav:(whisper arrogant way)arnav Singh raizada won't think about any girl..there no such a emotions can come to me..she is no one to me..and that's it..

He told all that arrogantly pacifying his mind..but his heart not letting him to stop thinking about here..who knows maybe he going to meet her very soon again..and going to start new page on his life..lets see

Next update;arnav khushi first meet..birthday party..dadi angry..

Next update  and other stories updates depends on this update votes and comment..please vote and comment...

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Amazing update
Sep 20

Deewanapan (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 87 times)

Next day evening time in Malik mansion..everything Getting perfectly arranging for abhishek birthday party..his both sons looking after every arrangements everything almost ready..just in time kumud enter to house with her staffs to delivery the foods..she just have to hand over and get her remains payments..when she settled all in kitchen  mohini come there with little tensions face..kumud confused

 seeing her tension face and asked her respected tone...

kumud: what happened aunt..why you looking everything okay?

Mohini: kumud dear I really need you help right.. I just got struck in big all servants got busy in house Decorations..the people I called for helping hand suddenly denied to I don't have to help me on this..can't you help me on serving foods..please dear!!

Kumud feel pity on mohini and wishing to help her but she can't do this alone..she want some moral support..she told mohini slowly...

Kumud: aunty I am really to help you.. But I can't do this alone. I need to call on of my friend to help me.i can call her if you don't have any problems...

Mohini:( relief tone) thank you very much's mean call whomever you want. I don't have any's will be very grateful if you do this favour to me..

Kumud smile and mohini went from there ..then kumud sigh and take her phone..who she going to call now..of course her soul bestie who only come to help her in any situation..

Arnav working on his private study room with dear full silence..he know what kind of things happening  in hall..he truly not wishing to be here now..he only staying in home because of dadi as today her health checkup day..he have to be with her it's really good that his study room Maded with sound proof door..he won't hear any noise or interface from out..

Khushi arranging food plates in hall. She doing everything energetically  with sweet smile..kumud working in other side..when working way khushi saw one of worker getting struggle to take the things box to upstair..his legs shaking. She know no time soon he will fall. She rushed towards him quickly and took the box from wonder it's really heavy..and huge heavy to thin figure like her..with her full stamina she took that to upstair and placed that front of one room..actually it's was last room..then that worker took the box away after thanking her. She smile and try to go but her legs slipped got struck in carpet  and she went to fall. She gasps at sudden attack and closed her eyes tightly to feel the hard floor pain..but suddenly something catch her waist without letting her fall..

It's really something like iron rode.. But suddenly she feel heated breathing air touching her face that touch doing some uneasy inside her inner soul..soon reality hits her..that mean it's not some's strongest two arms of someone.. she never know someone can have this much strong arms..she ever slowly opened her eyes to see the strongest arms person..that's it next moment she completely fallen weak seeing the most gorgeous, intense, intimidating two brown eyes on her whole's truly magical eyes..something on his eyes pulling her like dynamic..slowly her eyes travel to his whole face..have little fair skin with two simply arched eyebrows..his high cheek bones with jaw making him look very intimidating..and most importantly his ever pale pink lips..totally he looking like most deviously  dashing and dominate man..she just can't take her eyes from him.soon she got her sense feeling he pressing her waist..she try to came out from his arms..

Arnav looking the delightful  doll on his arms with intense eyes..he totally fall on her ever gorgeous light brown eyes..he never dreamed today something going to happen like this with him..when he opened his door to go out suddenly he saw some girl got slipped on his room carpet and going to fall..without thinking second he catch her to his arms..then next thing he notice her fully brown hair..which take him to two days ago..her hair exactly looking like the girl he saw that day..with eagerness he look her face..and he forever got weak looking her fair pink rose like face with scared expression..he feel some uneasy looking her trebling red lips..she closing her eyes..he now 90% sure she is that same girl.. And even the 10% conformed when she opened her eyes now this is the  moment of falling. He got completely mesmerised  seeing the same  magnetic  brown eyes..she is her..the same girl who just took his peace away from last night..she is the same girl who he got small glimpse two times..he can't believe if she is truly human  girl or some gorgeous Angel from heaven..he feel sudden argue to capture her to complete himself ..his both mind and heart asking him to not let her go..and his argue increase more when he saw she to looking him back with same look..for a first time his heart beating with new found of joy..first time he hearing his own heart beat which most of the time he thought dead..there something growing inside..him ..with new found of emotions he pressed her thin waist.and got angry cum depression seeing she it's to come out from his arms..after thinking something he let her go..

She finally came out from his hold and try to look normal hiding the awkward..actually see can't say that as awkward. She feeling some other emotions..unknowingly both her cheeks turn Dark red. She thought he will say something but no he still looking her with it's getting clear the awkward she told him...

Khushi: I am really sorry sir.. I just got slipped..and thank you very much for saving me..really thankful to you sir. I..

arnav:( cut off her with huskiness ) arnav..( she look him ) call me arnav..not sir...

She nodded at him again silence..seeing he still looking her with same reaction. She slowly move away to downstair..he looking her retreat figure with argue filled eyes..he is damn sure he feeling something for her..not any silly attraction or infatuation..something beyond all that. He can't name the feeling now growing inside him.. But one thing damn crystal  clear now itself..he now  not going to run away from this emotion like other time..this is something beyond ASR personality and dictionary ..but this time this emotion going to bring something to his life.his heart and brain totally agree with this..with new emotions he went to downstair. He didn't notice someone witness and sensed his new change and followed him behind to see more...

IN downstair..after composing her self little khushi focus of works..she can't play with her friend business..already guests start to arrive..thankfully she wearing nice salwar..otherwise she will be look really out to place..when she working suddenly someone patted her shoulder. She turn and surprised seeing arjun...

Arjun :( smile ) hi khushi ! How are you??

Khushi:( surprised tone ) arjun ji you..what a pleasant surprise..what are you doing here..

Arjun: actually Khushi this is my house and this is my papa's birthday party..hope you remember my visited reason  to restaurant that day...

Khushi:oh yeah..I forget about it..I just come in middle.thats why its skipped my mind..


He smile and she smile back.arjun in cloud nine today.he just jump in joy seeing khushi here as he wished..he desperately prayed all gods to make her come today.she ruling his mind and heart from the moment he meet hehe feeling something big towards her..he almost know what exactly he feeling about her.but his heart scared to accept that right itself.he want to talk and mingle with khushi more.otherwise who will believe his ”love at first sight"..but in all he already fixed to not let her go from his life.he have to get this angel on his life..he will really lucky if he got her in his life.his thoughts broke hearing khushi voice..he smile at her and start to help her in work.she deny to get his help.after small argument finally she let him help..they both arranged the foods together..

Party all guests arrived to Malik mansion.everything arranged perfectly..Malik family welcoming everyone happily..abhishek talking with his cli.. When all happening atharv slowly move towards his brother who lost on some white salwar girl.he observing him from beginning.he giving some extra attention to that girl..honestly she is beautiful.but the shock is his brother looking some girl..that's not arjun personality..he touched his shoulder and asked him teasing way..

Atharv: kya baat hai mere bhai!!you giving huge attention to anything I'm missing here..(arjun smile) hmm I have to say picked really beautiful when you plan to date her..tell me so I can date her after you..

Arjun:(strict tone) mind your words atharv.dare if you ever thank about her like that..there highly chances for her to be your soon to be babhi.

Atharv:(surprised tone) oh oh mere bhai!! You actually serious about her..that's mean you love that's awesome..why don't you tell know na maa will jump in joy if she come to know about it..come on let's inform her..(he try to go but arjun stopped him)

Arjun: no atharv..this is not right time to tell her..come on I still not even tell my feelings to khushi..I need time,she needs feelings need this is not correct time to tell.if maa come to know about this.she won't keep quite..she will rush please don't tell anything to her..

Atharv understand him point and agree with him.then both stopped the talk seeing deepali coming to their side..she took them both from there..but don't notice someone hear their whole talks and totally fuming looking them.

Dadi observe  arnav from the time he come out from room..and she fully witness the scene happened with that fair girl..and she completely understood what way her grandson looking that girl..first time ever she witnessed emotions on her grandson eyes long nineteen years..his emotionless face got some kind of emotions which only he can spoke out..she clearly know what her grandson feeling right now..of course she is damn happy about his new change..this is exactly what she want to see on him.she is extremely happy..she soon followed the girl who smitten her arnav.and there she saw the girl helping in catering..soon she come to know that girl come to help her what?..she followed her everywhere and observed her well..she satisfied seeing her dressing sense and behaviours.she very impressed seeing her excellent bubbly down to earth nature with all workers..dadi really satisfied and firmly decided she is the one for her arnav..and she well know her grandson hell serious about her..when she planning all this she witnessed arjun,atharv conversation about her..she firmly look at them and left to look her grandson..this is not going good way..

Now cake cutting time..abhishek cut the cake with mohini and deepali..everyone applauded..he feed they both with love..and they both to feed him back..soon arjun atharv feed him..soon everyone wish him and khushi start to serve everyone with other staffs to help them..finally she reached to Malik family when she serving abhishek suddenly hear her papa voice..

Shashi:khushi beta you here!!!

She look beside and shocked seeing her papa with Malik family..

Khushi: papa you here!!

Abhishek:(surprised tone)mr.shashi you know her?

Shashi:(smile) yes mr.malik.this is my daughter khushi..(to khushi) and beta what are you doing here..and this serving job.what's happening?

Khushi : actually papa kumud got a party order here..I come here to help her..but I don't know you coming never tell me..

Shashi: actually me and Malik family connected professionally..I'm their family lawyer..

She smile.soon Shashi intro her to Malik family properly..already arjun smile widely seeing the new his path got even so he have to work much  harder on impressing his soon to be sasur..

Arnav looking all the scenes from far away..even he surprised about new that's mean they both connected very long ago..unknowingly his face got a rare smile seeing her beautiful smile..he know exactly knows what she meant to's beyond everything,he slowly left from there thinking something on mind..

Soon some changes going to happen in everyone life..


Next update: arshi second meet..hug..arnav's warth on Maliks..

Next update and other stories updates depends on this update votes and dil kholke vote kariye...

and massage for noordina sis.dear as you asked soon I will update pyaar kiya tho darna kya..after few days I will update and give the climax of that story..

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Fabulous update
Oct 4

Deewanapan.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 70 times)

At night..after finishing all party things now all resting on their own rooms..its been tired full day for all..

At arnav's room..he laying on his recliner looking the ceiling with deep thoughts..there a rare soft smile playing on his face..his face showing kind of administration,smitten..his mind all filled with khushi's thoughts..he slowly took a file from table and look it with smile..he come to know about khushi Gupta every single details..he open the file and staring her picture on front page with love filled smile..he softly cares her picture..he first surprised knowing  she is a dancer..and very famous on her skill..and he indeed impressed by her details..she is completely different girl from her age youngsters..she really well raised and well behaved girl..she don't have any unnecessary friends or affairs..she just have one bestir who she know from childhood..she is not any makeup dumbo or social freak much to his relief..and seeing her full neat and clear bio data he is really happy..this is what he expected from her..she is truly pure..he rest on recliner again and spoke out really lower..

arnav: now I know khushi what you're to me..and I well know what I'm feeling for you..and this time I'm not going to lose anything from my life..the moment I catch you in my arms you belong to me..and you always going to be mine..only mine.

He looking the ceiling with soft rare smile..he already determined to get her on his life..and arnav singh raizada never let anyone takes what one can stop him from getting his desire..and this time talk not about any small things..this is about the women first time in life he want..she became his new ray of light..light of his darkness life..and he uncontrollably got addicted to her..yes he addicted..he got addicted to khushi Gupta..and in any how he will get her on his life.very soon he will claim her..with those thoughts he looking the ceiling smiling way..he went back to khushi's memories....

Dadi looking arnav from door step..she clearly can see the new changes on her grandson..first time after nineteen years she witnessing smile on his face..the true happy smile...she well know who reason for her this smile..she already planned something on her mind..she decided to move her step before anyone(Maliks) come between her grandson happiness again.this time she won't let anyone snatch her grandson happiness..with strong determination she left to her room..

Next day..Gupta house..khushi sleeping on her room hugging her favourite comfy pillow..she sleeping very peacefully..her room designed with elegant's really beautiful neat room..suddenly her sleep disturbed by alarm sound.,she put off it ,but again her sleeping disturbed..but this time chirping of her birds..her all lovebirds pets chirping happily seeing morning rise..she got up from sleep hearing their sounds..she smiling seeing her lovebirds group chirping loudly to wake up her..she get up from bed and move towards them..soon she reached near all fly and stand on her head and shoulders..she smile happily seeing their morning greet..

Khushi: hey my cutie pies.good morning!

Some of them fly around her more happily..she kiss birds on her hands and look around for her most favourite love couple pets..then she smile seeing her first ever pets macaw birds coming towards her with unique sounds..after greeting her cute pets and giving nuts she went to fresh up..

In dining hall..after fresh up khushi join to dining hall with her papa and Nani.she greet they both and took seat beside her Nani..when all went to eat suddenly they hear kumud voice from behind..

Kumud: hello beautiful are you all?

Khushi:(surprised tone) kumud you here..what a surprise..

Kumud: ( dramatic attitude) that's my style surprising is it?

Khushi: superb!! Now tell me what are you doing here this supposed to be in restaurant..

Kumud: you know na khushi his much hell those weeks..I worked staffs also really tired,.so I thought to take two days off..and I got really bored at thought to spend sometime with you..your class also off that's why I packed myself here.

They smile hearing her..then she joined to breakfast..everyone eating with little chat..shashi and Nani very fond of kumud cause of her open mind,bubbly nature..they just love her the way they love khushi..then shashi asked her..

Shashi: kumud beta how is your dealing with Malik family..everything went well na..

Kumud: ha dad everything went perfectly..they all really nice people..they settled everything on time..

He smile hearing her..then again eat..but khushi just got freeze on spot hearing shashi question..her mind went to yesterday event.and only one person image came to her mind..and next moment her whole face turn red thinking about him..her body feeling new vibration recalling the way he catch her..the way he hold her waist..the way his intense brown eyes gone deep into her soul..every moments memories just doing some funny magic inside her body..his thoughts just heating her body..she completely unaware about her changed colour..she snap out hearing kumud voice..

Kumud:(wondering tone) khushi what happened to you..why your face turn red?is everything okay?

Khushi:(stammering tone) what..of course..I'm okay..I'm okay..everything fine..

Kumud:(keenly) but your face telling different story..kya baat hai meri dost..kuch tho gadbad hai? tell me..

Khushi: I'm telling na..there no problem..I'm okay..just leave it na..

Nani:( keeping eye on khushi) Kumud beta do you know when girls turn red sometime..once is when they get highly anger..( shy smile) one I'd when they start to dream about their Prince Charming..

Shashi and kumud grin teasingly hearing Nani statement..khushi got shock heating Nani reply..they three looking her teasingly..khushi don't know what to say..

Kumud:( teasingly) oh tho yeh baat hai!! We all know my bestie not angry type to turn red out of's definitely because of her prince dreaming..what's the matter khushi..whose that?

Khushi: tum pagal ho gaye ho kya..I'm not dreaming about anyone..don't imagine anything..

Shashi:( grin tone) kyun beta..don't you want us to know your see it's not wrong thing..actually it's your right age to think about your charming prince..

Khushi:( baby face) papa aap bhi..there nothing like that's nothing..I'm not thinking about anyone..

Kumud: yeah we can see that..who know maybe you already thinking about one practical person!!

Khushi hide her face under table hearing her words,,they laughing seeing her more red face..she looking her caring smile..he now strongly feel it's time to bring Prince Charming for her daughter..don't know where's he now...thinking about that he slowly start to eat..

At Malik mansion..arnav getting ready to go office.his face showing invisible smile..he took the file to hand and try to go out..but stop in track seeing mohini out of the room..his face fully turn hard seeing her..she looking him with scared cum nervous face..she have taali on hand..when she try to enter inside he sharply showed hand to her..she gulping saliva difficulty seeing his ruthless face..he took few step towards her keeping much gap between them..he wait for her to speak..she start to speak much difficulty gathering huge courage..

Mohini: arnav beta..I brought (gulp) prasad for you..I arranged pooja for well being of everyone.its will be good for you beta..please accept this..

Arnav:( sarcastic angry tone) wishing my well are very great women..but you know what my will not be good taking a bless from the women who reason for my life to be destroyed..after spoiling my life you wishing well being of's was biggest joke of the day.( hate filled tone) how much you cannot make me fidget the deeds you did on past..that's will never fade away from my mind..just get lost from her..

Without wait for her reply he marched out of the place..tears falling from mohini eyes hearing his hateful words..she grips the taali tightly and crying's truly heating her very much..she don't know when this hurting life going to end..controlling her tears she left from there..


Next day..both kumud and khushi come to shopping for coming teej/ karwachuth...both of them keep fasting every years..this year also same..both purchasing their dresses..after selecting dress both come to jewellery shop..when both busy on selecting.suddenly khushi feel someone staring her..she turn and saw there no one..she broke thoughts thinking it's her hallucination..she again constraints on her shopping,lbut again she feel same way..this time she look around keenly.but there no one looking her particularly..she focus on her work ignoring that feeling..

Arnav looking khushi keenly from his cabin ..he observing and adjoining her every single move from the time she enter to shop..he smirk ****ily seeing she biting her lips confusing way..he just want to capture her those rose milking lips right now..he can see she is in big confusion on selecting right jewels..kumud her best friend even she trying to help her on choosing..but her face still showing the dissatisfaction...then he saw she can feel someone staring her secretly..his smirk wide little seeing her wondering she can feel him..just like he felt he presence now..he can see she don't like any jewels..little bit she know she standing on the mall which very soon even going to be hers..he smile at his own thoughts.lyes this mall belong to him..this is one of his shopping mall in Delhi..then he took his intercom and called his Mall manager..

Manager: sir you called me..what I have to do sir?

Arnav:( boss tone) yes ( point khushi) show her our all newly designed jewellery to her now..which designed week ago..

Manager: but sir we still not launched that designs to's going to come to market next can we sell that..

Arnav:( strict boss tone) just do what I her the new collection and don't launch the jewellery which she select..I want just she to have that jewels..go right now..

Manager nodded and left with lot of shock and confusions..he totally surprised hearing his boss ever new order..this never happened..he went towards khushi taking his boss order..

When khushi very irritated about not finding the right Jewellery,suddenly some man approached her making her surprise..he told her respectively..

Manager: hello madam..I'm manager of this shop..I notice you finding difficult to find perfect jewellery for I bring latest collections of our shop..I hope you will like it..

Khushi really surprised hearing him.then he bring new unreleased collection front of her..khushi totally amazed  seeing all fresh and beautiful collections..she take a glance of all jewellery,suddenly something catch her eyes like light,.her face brighten seeing thick ruby diamond necklace..she totally loved it..she took that happily and exclaimed..

Khushi: wow it's simply's just the way I wanted..please pack this for me..

Manager smile hearing her..and inside the cabin arnav smiling seeing her happy face..he happy about the think he is reason for her happiness..then khushi took the jewellery box and happily exist the shop with kumud..then manager quickly took all new collection before anyone see that..seeing khushi exist figure suddenly something sink his mind..he took out his phone and called his personal assistant cum manager aman,,

Arnav:: aman you have a work to do!!

Both khushi and kumud arrived khushi's house after fling lot of shopping..when they reached to living hall they saw Nani and shashi talking with some two ladies..mohini and deepali smile seeing khushi..then she asked them out of surprised...

Khushi: mrs.malik you here..I never expect you..

Mohini:(smile) me too..I also come to know about you just now...

Shashi: woo beta mrs.malik come to join her daughter deepali on your dance class..

Mohini:( point deepali ) ha beta..she is very fond of she wishing to learn more about dancing..we heard lot about're very talented and popular person in this field..and I know no one can teach her excellently more then you..first we don't know you're dance master khushi..after coming here we come to know about it..( smile after pause) so beta will you teach her dancing?

Khushi:(smile sweetly) of course why not...she can join my class mrs.malik..I'm looking forwards to tach her dancing..

Mohini smile hearing her..then soon deepali introduced herself to khushi..surprisingly both got well each other super faster..khushi liked her over talkative bubbly nature.and deepali liked her charming smile and down to earth nature..they all shared few talks then malik ladies left after telling deepali will join from tomorrow.then kumud ,khushi left to her room to have some girls time....

Next day morning..khushi come out of house to have morning fresh air..when she try to go..the view front of her shocked and surprised her to core...


next updates and other stories updates depends on this update votes and comments..tell me which story I have to update next..

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Fabulous update
Oct 29

Deewanapan... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 72 times)

Next day morning..khushi came out of house morning to have fresh air..when she try to out the view front of her shocked and suprised her to core..

Her whole doorstep filled with red rose bouquets ..there no space for her walk..with these there a chocolate baskets with  greeting cards..sge can't believed is she seeing any day dream or real.her face got whole happy smile.she excitingly jump on her spot.she took full of rose bouquets to hand and smile happily hugging it..she never dreamed one day sge will witness whole rose river front of her..hearing her exciting yelling her Nani and papa come to doorstep..even they went up seeing rose garden front of their house..

Nani:(shocked face) hey devimayya!! itune saare phool!! Who send all this?

Shashi:(same shock) even I thinking the same maa..who did this..khushi beta what is this?

Khushi:(happy smile) sender ka address tho pata nehi..but that person give me life long happy..I never expected one day I will see this much roses..he/she made my day..million of thanks to that person..

They both smile hearing her..they know how much she craze about red roses..then shashi took a card from one of chocolate basket and read out..

”beautiful roses for most beautiful girl in world..

It's on of shade of my craze for you fairy Angel,

Very soon we will meet..waiting for that day khushi.

With so much love...your deewana!!!"

They three surprised by the's not new for khushi to get gifts or cards from her fans who loves her dance to heart..but this is something one showed this much craze on her..but anyway she damn about his gifts..she asked her servants to shift all roses and chocolates baskets to her room..Unknown to them someone witness all events..

At looking at khushi's photo on his phone..there rare smile playing on his face..suddenly his phone ring..he answer the call..

Arnav: ha aman,.how is the work went? All good right?

Aman: perfect sir..miss.gupta totally loved your gifts..she very happily shifted all gifts to her room..

Arnav:(smirk) good news aman..keep doing the rest of works..don't stop till I say..understood?

He cut the call with smirk..he look at her pic with winning smile..and spoke out huskily..

Arnav: so you loved my gifts..that's good..I don't mean to be your secret admirer..I just thought to increase my thoughts on your mind.i want you to think about me..only my thoughts..don't worry soon you will come to face to face with your deewana..only your deewana..(take a breath) I LOVE YOU KHUSHI!!!

He confessed himself's true..he loves her.,her loves her beyond anything in this's not any time pass love..his love for her already became very strong..and now no one can took away her from his heart..she already living in every cells of his body..she totally possessed his mind and heart..and soon he claim her fully.. Even he first surprised by his love on her..he cant believe how he loves her such a short time.its not his personality..he is not like this..but he can't ignore it after khushi come he life totally changed..he is not like he used to be in past.her entry on his life totally put his life upside down..but in a nice way..he tried to forget her.but she didn't go away from his mind..and without his knowledge soon she took control of his heart and there no back up.he already decided to claim her on his life any how..she already became his..this time no one can destroy his happiness..he won't let anyone took away his khushi from him..he closed his eyes and dreaming his life with her..

At kumud's restaurant..kumud keenly observing the rise bouquet on khushi's hand while eating the chocolate she brought..

Kumud: khushi from where your this deewana come suddenly..I think it's strange..don't you think ?

Khushi:(sarcasm smile) I only think you need to stop watching CID serial..your brain totally getting damage..always looking everything suspecting way..yaar he just on of my fan..he just expressed his love on me through these roses..what's there to think strange..

Kumud:(sarcastic tone) fan really..have you ever heard somewhere any fan doing this much big thing to any hero or's beyond anything a mere fan do..

Khushi:(sigh) kumud you are thinking too much..maybe he is very rich..that's why he showing his love to his status..just leave it kumud,,

Kumud: as you say..but darling don't take such a things know nowadays kidnappers and serial killers doing such a tricks to fool their also very super alert buddy..koi bhi tume kidnap kar sakta hai..

Khushi hit her head with book hearing her talks..kumud giggles seeing her ready-to-bite face..then they both took care of restaurant works..

At evening..after closed the restaurant kumud told khushi..

Kumud: khushi today I going to stay on your house..I won't go to home today..

Khushi: why what happened suddenly..all okay na..

Kumud:(irritating tone) no morning my chachi come from village..from the moment she arrived ,she coming behind my back showing her son photo..she trying her best to get me married to her son..

Khushi:(teasing tone) it's nice na..karle and so many fantasies and dreams about your IT life na..and you can fulfil all your dark fantasy with it's will be really great you getting married before me..

Kumud:(crying tone) getting married to him not any fantasy's will be biggest nightmare on my life..(horrified face) he is almost like our tenth grade math remember that China monkey..he look like WWE fighter..if I got married to him.i will be closed in first night itself..I can't give my precious virginity to him..

Khushi start to laugh loudly seeing kumud horrified face..she make cry face seeing she laughing at her..then khushi told her controlling the laugh..

Khushi: okay for now I will save you from that china monkey..sorry for your chachi's future it's you have to save know na I scared of monkey.specially monkeys from your family..

Kumud: khushi....youuuuu.....she beat her playfully..after little child fight.both board to khushi's scooter and left from there..

After week..everything going good in everyone always khushi living her life peacefully..but with little change,,after that blissful rose day..every day one of bouquet been keep outside of her house with different massage cards..all from her secret deewana..not only in kumud's stores,studio,everywhere..wherever she go there a bouquet with a massage..she many times try to catch her admirer..but looking like her really smart..he never left  a clue to find him..and like her deewana wished every time she just thinking about him..he not letting her to work peacefully..her unknown admirer thoughts always filled on her mind..she just waiting for a day to meet him..he always saying they will meet soon..and she waiting for that moment eagerly..she really surprised seeing someone admiring her this much deeply..and she can see it's something beyond admiration..her family members took it lightly about it..but she feel something more about her secret admirer..unknown to herself her inner mind telling her this secret admirer going to bring something new on her life..she just waiting to meet him..

At malik mansion..malik family talking to each other in all free..when talking about all things suddenly abhishek asked deepali.

Abhishek: deepu is your dance class going..are you learning well?

Deepali:(cheerfully) ha's awesome..she teaching me amazingly...I already learned so many things in very short time..she is really good master..

Abhishek: she have to be..we all know how amazing dancer she is..I watched some of her performances.she is indeed amazing..I never aware she is shashi gupta's daughter khushi until that day..

Arjun chocked the water he drink ago..all jerked at his act..he have shocked expression on face..all wondering what happened to him expect atharv as he know the reason..he asked shockingly.

Arjun: what khushi!! you mean shashi uncle's daughter khushi?

Abhishek: yeah..this is what I said ago..shashi gupta's daughter khushi Gupta..

Arjun: you mean deepali going to her dance class those whole week!!

Deepali: ha bhaiyya..she is my dance master..I daily going to her house for class..what's your problem bhaiyya?

Arjun faced the revelation with extremely shocked's big revelation.he never expect much big dumb he is..those one week he tried many ways to meet khushi again..but nothing worked..if he know about this earlier.he might be meet her he missed such a golden chances.everyone in hall looking him wonderingly except atharv..

Mohini: arjun beta what happen to you..why you so there anything we should know?

Arjun:( try to be normal)nothing like that just I'm shocked about the see she looked very normal and homely girl..I don't know she is the famous dancer khushi..

Mohini:(smile) it's true..I'm also shocked like you when I cone to know about it..she never told anyone or showed anyone her popularity..she is really well behaved girl..until today I never met any height society girl who behave likes her..being famous and rich totally normal thing for her..she indeed amazing girl..

Deepali: and her beauty..have to say she is totally gorgeous girls..every day we all get amaze by her charming know we all girls in class always talk about her simply gorgeousness..sometime we even felt jealous about her..being myself a girl ,I honestly telling every girls just wish to like her..

All three malik men completely agree with they both..soft smile playing on arjun face hearing all compliments about khushi..he know whatever they said indeed true..every girls wished go be likes her.but no one can be like her..there only one khushi..when he so lost on her thoughts suddenly he jerked hearing atharv voice,.

Atharv:(whisper only he hear) bhaiyya  you already got silent approval from our you might not get problem on convince them to marry my babhi..tell them soon bhaiyya.I'm waiting for my babhi's arrival eagerly..

Arjun got shy smile on face hearing atharv talk..he feeling so good to hear he calling khushi as babhi..atharv wink at his brother who again got lost on his soon to be babhi's thoughts..thankfully their family not notice their whisper talk..all continue chatting each other....


Next day evening..after finishing dance class as usual khushi come to kumud's restaurant..and the time she reached she have grumpy look on her face..kumud who continually observing her saw she not looking as usual..there something bothering her..that's why her bestie biting her beautiful nails..she asked khushi with her signature sarcastic way..

Kumud: hey maha rani..kya hua aapko..why you making grumpy there any problem on your kingdom?

Khushi:(poker face) arre yaar Kumud..I'm already confused ,don't irritate my mind..I'm on big thinking..

Kumud: accha tell me what are you thinking this much can tell me darling..

Khushi: your ember my secret admirer?

Kumud:(casually) ah your own deewana..what happened to him now?

Khushi: today there flowers from him..those whole week he used to send me all kind of rose flowers..suddenly there no flowers from koi card na koi massages..

Kumud: (arch  her eyebrow) what's your problem if he not send any gifts..maybe he feel enough ending you gifts..he is just on of your fan khushi.why you thinking about him?

Khushi:(little worried tone) I'm not talking about his gifts Kumud..I just worried about him..why he disappeared so suddenly..what if he got into any problems..I just worried about his well being..what if he is not okay?

Kumud: stop..stop..khushi hold getting worried unnecessarily..there nothing might be happen to him the way you imagine.he must be busy on some works..maybe he forget to send you gifts..he must be okay khushi..don't worry!!

She to,f all this to convince her..but she not convinced by her talks..kumud looking her with teasing eyes..she surprised seeing her bestie getting worried for her unknown admirer..she asked khushi teasingly.

Kumud: waise khushi..kya baat hai meri getting so worried for just a fan guy..what's so special about him that you looking after him so deeply..any special reason madam?

Now surprisingly khushi don't have answer to give her..and she totally realised what she did whole her whole mind just thinking about him..she really don't know why she thinking about him so much..and right now she don't know how to escape from kumud clutch..she won't leave her without getting her proper answer..kumud observing her clueless face crystal clearly..she waiting for the answer..after composing herself khushi try to tell her casually..

Khushi: woo..there nothing special see..he is not like any random fan guy..whatever he did last one week totally new..we sensed his deep love on suddenly all stopped..that's why I just worried about him..nothing else.

Kumud:(smirk) accha..okay I agree with you.he somewhere different from your other fans..but that doesn't mean you should keep thinking about him..zaroorath nehi hai miss.khushi he always have to think about you..he must be busy on some you stop think about him..

Saying that she slapped khushi's cheek playfully..she made baby face at kumud taunts..then she try to be normal without think about her secret admirer..both together look after her restaurant..but deep down her heart still wondering about her admirer disappearance...

At night....khushi sitting on her room balcony keeping her mecew pet bird on hand..she slowly cares it feather and spoke softly..

Khushi: paco!! What you think about my secret admirer..where he might be disappeared..I'm not care about his gifts..I just worried about him..he is fine na? I pray to God for his safety..don't know what he must be doing now..(sad pout) I can't talk about him to anyone..atleast you tell na..he is fine right? tell na paco..

to her question paco chipped loudly..she smile at her pet and kissed his nose..suddenly her phone start to ring..she look at the clock.its almost eleven o clock..who calling her this time..she took her phone and saw its unknown number..she little hesitate to's continually ringing..then she answer it..

Khushi: hello!!

Caller: hi sunshine!!

Khushi:(little nervous tone) may I know who is this ?

Caller: your own deewana sunshine!!

She grips her heart beat and phone tightly hearing his statment..she cannot believe he truly speaking with's big shock..she try to get back to normal state..but she cannot do it hearing his breathing sound on phone..the he asked her in most huskiness voice..

Caller: you missed me don't you? Whole day you just thinking about me..I quite surprised seeing you really missing your secret admirer..what's so special about me that you worried about me Sunshine?

Khushi:(beyond shock) how you know all do you know I worried about you?

caller: it's my own style khushi..I have my ways to find every single things about my my way I know every bit things about you my sunshine...

Blush clovers her whole face hearing his last statment..”my sunshine"..goosebumps spread on her whole cells hearing his most huskiness voice she ever's doing something inside her body..she asked his softly..

Khushi: who are you? Why you doing all this? why you get know about me everything..when you going to come front of me?

caller:( smirk) hmm looking like you eagerly waiting to meet your deewana..(husky voice) we will meet khushi..very soon I will come before you..and I promise you will never forget the day we both meet..I will make it unforgettable...

She smile hearing his words..somewhere she know it's indeed going to be her curiosity to meet him increased even more..

Khushi:(almost whisper) please don't make me wait long..I don't know is you playing with me or truly doing something all this..I want to see you..

caller: I heard someone said , saber ka pal meeta hota let's wait to get something big..and you know what..we already met know me sunshine.try to remember me if you can..bye..

Saying the he cut the khushi extremely shocked hearing his statment..her brain run faster behind the past..where she meet him? Who is he? When she meet him.she can't understand anything..isn't he told the truth..she know he not say it playfully.argh..he totally eating her brain...

Khushi: hai devimayya yeh ladka hame pagal karke ****ega.kon hai yeh? Please heal me to find him..otherwise I end up getting mad..

She lay on bed hugging her pillow..he completely blowed her brain..she don't have any idea where she met him..with only his thoughts she fall to sleep..

Arnav look at his phone with soft he really happy..he talk to her properly..and like he wanted she only thinking about him whole week.and he damn sure after this phone talk.she won't stop thinking about him until they meet..he fully occupied her mind and heart..he fully looking forwards about their meeting..he already planned everything..soon he will give appearance front of her..

Arnav: soon my love..sol I will come front of won't forget the day we going to meet your entire life..I will make it unforgettable and magical..and that day I will claim you as mine forever..I can wait to claim you ready to be mine...

He kissed her picture and lay on bed placing his phone on usual his dark nights went only her thoughts..he living the life he dream with her in dream..and soon he will make it true...


Hi darlings how is the episode?

What you guys think about arnav khushi feelings?

Will arnav do something before arjun do anything ?

How will arnav react to arjun feeling for khushi?

What you guys think about arnav's relation with maliks ? Why he showing difference to them?

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Fablous update.
Nov 17

Deewanapan...... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 58 times)

Next day..after full thoughts about her secret admirer last now morning khushi getting ready for her class..already few students arrived..she got dressed in pale yellow anarkali salwar and braided her hair to French braid..after getting ready as fresh flower she come to garden place her students present..they greet her cheerfully..she greet them back with her charming smile..there few more students to come..deepali's car make a entry inside the gate..khushi surprised seeing today deepali coming with arjun.she smile at both of them.deepali join to her girls group let her brother talk with khushi.arjun come towards khushi smilingly and told her energetically..

Arjun: it's really nice to meet you after long are you khushi?

Khushi: it's nice to see you totally good arjun ji..actually I'm surprised to see you here.

Arjun:(casual smile) actually today my family planned to go on our relative wedding.maa asked me to bring deepali  after çlass finish.

Khushi: class will finish in two hours..are you okay about staying here whole two hours) if you want you can come after two hours.

Arjun: no no..that's totally fine..I would like to stay here..I'm mean even I want to see how deepali learning dance..

She smile hearing him.then she make him comfortable on garden chair and went to start her class.arjun makes himself more comfortable on seat and admiring khushi's dance teaching with admire smile..he fully happy to see her after long usual he completely mesmerised by her simply beauty..he totally happy seeing her after many days..he only know how much he planned hard to make his mother accept him pick up deepali waiting his heart flying on seven clouds seeing khushi's presence front of him...he knows how much harder he now fallen in love with her.its very difficult to took her away from his heart now..when he lost on her dancing skills suddenly someone pat his shoulder.he jerk at sudden touch and turn and saw khushi's Nani looking him with core eyes..he quickly get up seeing her and look at her respectively..

Nani: who are you young man..what are you doing here and looking my granddaughter?

Arjun: (try to control his nervous) woo naniji I'm arjun..khushi's student deepali's brother..

Nani: (wonder smile) ohh so you're malik what are you doing here..are you going waiting till class finish?

arjun: ha naniji..I have to's okay I can waiting till class finish..

Nani: okay you're wish,but one condition..( arjun asked her what) you have eat this super nani's new food dish now..otherwise I won't let you stay..

Arjun smile hearing her condition..he agree with her condition happily..soon Nani come back bringing her new made dish and offered to him..he start to eat and give her huge compliment...

Arjun: wow naniji it's awesome..I totally love it..I'm become your fan's very tasty..

Nani gives him proud look.. then he continually eat and Nani loved his personality and behaviour very much..he try his level best to take place on her good book..he have to take good impression front of khushi's family's will be good when he propose her in future..then Nani went to bring some snacks for him..then he again got back to admire his beautiful khushi....he really wish to admire her like this life long.not in planned time..soon don't know how time passed..after two hours class end and he move towards khushi and deepali..

Khushi: i hope my Nani didn't trouble you lot..sorry if she did anything wrong.

Arjun: kya baat kar rahe're Nani is super cool..actually now I'm her big fan..she makes delicious foods..I wish even I have Nani likes her..

Khushi smile hearing him.then deepali bit bye to her and board to car..arjun don't have heart to move away from there leaving her..she smile and waved him goodbye..he smile at her last time and board to car and let the place..

At car...both deepali and arjun going back to house..he driving the car thinking about khushi and her graceful dance.unknowingly a smile appear on his face when he thinking about her..but his thoughts broke hearing deepali's question..

Deepali: you love my dance master aren't you?

He applied break hearing her almost statement cum question..she looking him with knowing smile and demanding the reply..he shocked to react and don't know what to say..after composing himself he again start to drive..and she again started.

Deepali: what you think I don't saw your dreamy stares on khushi didi class time..I saw I understand why you so adamant to pick up me waiting there..tell me do you love her?

Arjun: (try to strict brother)deepu you should not talk like're still little to talk all this.and stop imagine anything..there nothing like must be thought wrong.

Deepali:(sarcastic tone) little really..bhai I'm twenty years old..and don't run away from my question..I'm more mature to understand what is flirt look and what is love far I know you you're not flirty type like atharv're really well behaved and gentlemen..but I saw how you deeply stared khushi didi're eyes showed deep love towards her,,don't denied bhai.please tell me,do you love her?

Finally arjun agree with her smilingly..deepali shirked on her seat seeing his reply..she yelled out of happiness and excitement..he shocked by her reaction..she hugged him side way and told super excitingly.

Deepali: wow wow bhai..I'm so happy for selected excellent girl as your life partner..she is totally perfect for you..I'm so know what secretly I wished to see her with on of my brother..and now I'm damn happy you loved both prefect to each other bhai..I'm telling you bhai after maa papa you both will make amazing couple..ohhh God I'm so excited..

Arjun:(smiling tone) deepu deepu stop it..relax...I even not proposed her still.she don't know about my feelings towards her..before that you saying all this..lets wait till I propose her..(little nervous tone) what if she don't like me?

Deepali:(confidence tone) definitely she will loves you back bhai..who will not accept your're a man who every girls wished to get as husband..perfect life partner to any girl..likes you even khushi didi must be lucky to get you as her lover..don't feel nervous bhai..she will love you..I'm with you..(excited tone) propose her soon.I'm more excited to call her as my babhi and tell everyone she going to be my bhai's wife..

Arjun smiling whole heartedly hearing her reply..he now feel much confidence about propose her soon..he know he have to make his act fast as their many people in line to propose her..after coming back from wedding his first work proposing khushi and next marraige..he dream about her reaction to his proposal..he really wish everything goes well without any problem raise between them..just hope.

At night malik mansion...abhishek mohini left to on of their relative wedding with their children.they will come back after two there just dadi and arnav present in home..dadi come to arnav room thinking this is the right time to talk with her grandson fully..she saw he sitting on bed looking something on laptop deeply..he totally not aware about her presence on room..and she fully aware about what he looking on laptop..she cleared her throat to get his attention.he look at her surprised way and quickly closed the laptop and get up from bed..she smile at his almost catchy look and took a seat on bed..he asked her slowly..

Arnav: what happened you need anything? Are you feeling better?

Dadi: I'm okay arnav..I just come to talk with you about important thing..please sit beside me..

He took seat beside her..he can see there something big going to come from dadi side looking her face..he wonder what is that..then she cares his hair smiling way and asked him straightly.

Dadi: you love khushi !! Aren't you?

Arnav wide his eyes shocked way hearing her question..he don't know how to react at her question..his mind running speedily thinking how she know about his secret..she give him knowing smile and told him cupping his cheek..

Dadi: aapko kya laga...I didn't notice your new change..I'm your dadi arnav and I know about you more then anyone..can't I see my grandson changed behaviour after meeting khushi..I know everything arnav..I know how much you loves her now..why you didn't told me about this arnav ? Why you not informed me..don't you want your dadi know about your new feelings..

He lay on her lap hearing all this from her..he know now it's time to tell everything to his dadi..he must be dominate beast outside world..but he still the same little arnav front of his dadi..she only aware about his weaker side and vulnerable state..even he won't open up to her when the malik family around this is the right time to share everything with his dadi after long time..

Arnav:(husky slow tone) I don't know dadi..I don't know when those feelings start to grow inside me..I'm totally clueless about this..but when I saw her first heart and mind soon asked me to claim her as mine forever..asked me to keep her with me without outside world took her away from's feel strange..I never felt something like this towards any other girls expect's something new..after whatever happened in past as you know I never let anyone touch my heart..but first time in my life she enter to my heart without asking permission..(chuckles little) she occupied my heart completely..but it's feels nice..her thoughts makes me forget my dreadful past.her one smile bringing lot of happiness to my heart always asking me to do every single things to make her happy always..without my knowledge she become my heartbeat dadi..I can't breath a second without thinking about her..she makes me realise there still an heart beating inside me..I tried to forget her.but that try like I'm thinking to kill myself..she now reason for my alive dadi..I cannot dream a life without her..I love her insanely dadi..yes she become my madness love..she possessed me completely..I want her on my life dadi..I want her presence on my life..she is my new addiction..she is my new found happiness dadi..I can't bear if someone try to take her away from me..I love khushi so much...

After past nineteen years first time arnav pour his feelings front of someone..first time he talk such a long time..and it's feel nice to him telling his feeling to someone..dadi heard all caressing his of lone tears fall on her eyes hearing his's not fell sadly.its out of huge happiness..her heart warmed completely hearing her grandson many years she waited her something like this from him..finally it's happens..he wishing start a new happy life with his love..what he want more then this..her grandson finally found his khushi(happiness) and it's from Angel like girl khushi...she million times thanking God to sends her on her arnav's life finally..arna get up from lap feeling tears fall on his cheek..he looked her with clueless face..then she cupped his both cheek and told him with happy tears..

Dadi: you don't know how many years I waited to hear something like this from your gives me total happiness today..I always wished to see you like this arnav..I know you loves khushi..but after your this confession I come yo know how much she means to you..I'm the happiest person in the world today..finally my arnav found his happiness..I'm so happy..

She hugged him overwhelmed about whole happy moments..he smile and hugged her back.he knows how much dadi want to see him happy again after their ugly he finally got new life..she broke the hug and kissed his forehead ..he feel her love fully..then she asked him softly..

Dadi: now you loving her this much..why can't we take proposal to khushi's know it's will be really nice..I soon want makes her your wife..

Arnav:(soft rare smile) trust me dadi.even I want to do that same..but I don't want her accept me just because her family accept my proposal..I want her to love me back the way I love her..and I already enter inside her heart like she did..(admire smile) now every day she keeps thinking about me..just some more days dadi after that she will be mine me very soon she will enter this house as my wife..

Dadi smile hearing him..but inside she very scared..because she know about arjun feelings towards khushi..she don't want any problem between arnav khushi..but she cannot even tell this to arnav..she well aware about consequence of it..but she still try indirectly..

Dadi: arnav why you need to do all this.lets take a proposal can make her fall on you deeply even after marraige..we should act fast arnav..(scared tone) what if some other people took proposal before's will get complicate..

Suddenly his face turn hard hearing dadi statment..his jaw tighten and bones got harder thinking about that situation...he asked dadi with fire voice..

Arnav: and do you really think I will let anyone took my khushi away from me.I won't let anyone even dream something like that..if any bloody goose lay eyes on my khushi next second he would face the death..getting her away from me very far thought..I won't let anyone do anything between us..don't worry..she is belong to me and always will be mine..

Dadi hide her nervous face hearing his beast warning..she know he damn serious about this,.but what will happen if arjun's feelings for khushi come to know about arnav.for sure he won't let him breath next time..he really hope arjun won't do anything before arnav to propose's not that she care about arjun..she don't care how he go.its just he don't want her grandson to do anything wrong before starting his new life..she well know about her grandson dark beastly side which no one witnessed fully..she praying to all gods makes everything good..then arnav take her to her room and make her sleep..after she fallen to sleep he come back to room and again start to watch khushi's dancing videos..he watching her consorts in Internet..her every dance moves waking new arnav inside him..he totally fallen in love with her graceful dance..he whisper looking her in screen..

Arnav: very soon khushi..very soon I will claim you as mine..I won't let any ****s come between us..dare if they lay eyes on're mine only mine..soon we both will become one..waiting for that moment love..very soon..

He lay on bed completely lost on her he said he won't let anyone come between them..lets how is this dadi lets hope no one come between them...only if it going to be true....


Sorry for the late update's just completely bad weather here..

So darlings how is today episode?

What you all think about arnav and arjun feelings towards khushi?

Will arnav make his move before any storm hit his beast side?

How will those three lives go?

Who will khushi choose?

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Outstanding update..
Dec 6

Deewanapan... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 65 times)

After two days...khushi sitting on her room balcony after finishing her she not went to kumud's restaurant..her mood totally off today..surprisingly and shockingly that's because of her secret admirer..she can't do anything without thinking about him..he totally occupied her mind..herself don't know why she thinking about him this much..when she so lost on his thoughts suddenly someone patted her arms..she jerk out from thoughts and saw kumud looking her with wondering eyes..she took seat beside her and asked with her usual sarcastic tone..

Kumud: oye madam what happened to you? Why don't you come to restaurant todsy?

Khushi: (try to be casual) nothing serious kumud..I not feel like to go out today..that's why I didn't come..

Kumud: thank god today there no much crowd in restaurant.forget about it..(keenly) why you sitting like this? Are you Okay? (Wide eyes) don't tell me you thinking about you're secret admirer, are you?

To her question khushi replied through her sad pouty face..Kumud shook her head unbelievably"she smacked khushi's head..

Kumud: khushi I'm telling're totally lost!! why you mixing your brain hardly just fire mere admirer..don't you have anything to think other then him..for god sake khushi just forget about him...

Khushi: ( helpless tone) I can't Kumud ... How can I explain you he is not just mere admirer..there something more about him..I feel like he is someone who we can't meet normally..there something unusual about him..I have strong feeling he going to bring new changes on my life...

Kumud:( instantly) are you in love with him khushi ?

All of sudden khushi became silence hearing her straight question..she don't have answer for it..and even she can't say NO instantly..there something stopping her from saying no..Kumud observe her keenly..she can see her friend try to find good answer to give her..khushi avoid her keen look and try to be causal..

Khushi: kumud tum bhi na..kuch bhi bol thi ho..I'm just saying he is different person..I think he going to surprise me soon..

Kumud:( smirk) kushi baby i know you from diaper..I know how you blabber when you try to avoid the you think I can't understand your try-to-be-casual fall in love khushi admit it..I pray for you to meet your secret admirer soon..all I want to see you happy..

She hugged her bestie for comfort zone..they both hugged each other..somewhere khushi really need her bestie now..and kumud know her friend really confused now,,she wishing to solve all her confused feelings soon..let her secret admirer or Prince Charming come soon...

Next day morning...khushi walking around her house garden..when she come back to house she saw there a gift box with rose bouquet..soon her face brighten seeing that..her legs quickly run towards it and excitingly took that to hand..she know who send this..after long time there a present from her deewana..she admire the bouquet with happy smile and saw a note pinned on bouquet..she unfold softly and gasped reading the massage...

"Today four o clock  in Everest garden your deewana coming to meet you..

Wear the gift I send you and be there...

Your deewana!! "

Her heart beating out of excitement loudly..she can't believe this..finally it's going to happen..she going to meet him finally..she jumped out of joy..she run inside the house taking the gifts..

At AR company....arnav looking her photograph with rare soft he going to remove his mask front of her..he can't play this hide and seek anymore..he want to claim her as his soon..and he know he already took strong place on her this is the right time to confess his love to her..he gut fully know she won't react today in Everest garden she going to get a mind blowing proposal which every girl dream of..he already got the update how she react on his he eagerly waiting for evening to come..he can't wait to meet her...

Khushi standing front of Everest garden with overwhelming face..she gripping her red rose petal designed dress gifted by her doubt she totally loved the's fitted her body perfectly..when she don't know what to do next ,some men come wearing black suits ...they smile at her politely and slowly lead her inside..she look around the garden surprised way..there no one to see..observing way they bring her to middle of garden..she feeling both excited and fear to meet him first time as person..she don't have any idea how he look and what he going to say..she eagerly waiting for him to come...suddenly she hear a soft romantic melodious violins's coming from behind..she slowly turn and next moment totally got mesmerised by the scene front of her..

There  a decorated stage which beautifully decorated with all colours of roses..and an rose petals path lined neatly on floor...behind the stage there a violin group playing a so romantic music..khushi totally overwhelmed seeing all that..she feeling like she present on some fairytale story..she totally lost on the music rhythm..when she so lost on it suddenly she sense the change of air..her heart start to beat with new rhythm..her body got some kind of excited soft breeze touched her face..she closed her eyes and gripped her chest to stop her beating heart...but it's getting high more..without her consent her eyes slowly look behind and dumbstruck seeing the person front of her..she just got statue at place seeing the person who coming to her direction...she forgot to move..

Arnav coming towards her stylishly wearing black Armani coat suit with holding red rose bouquet on hand..his hair perfectly jelled and there a romantic smirk playing on his lips..his smirk wider seeing her paralysed state..he expected this reaction...he now standing front of shocked khushi..she look him up and down with great shock...she can't digest this fact arnav Singh raizada standing front of her...what the hell this mean..she can't calculate anything..he smirk seeing her worth shocking face and told her intense voice..

Arnav: don't calculate anything..there nothing wrong..I'm arnav singh're own deewana!!!

Khushi wide her eyes seeing the big revelation...her breath skipped hearing his's totally unexpected and beyond imagination...she never dreamed she will see arnav singh raizada as her really..will anyone believe her if she say something like that...big fat one will believe this...she slowly touched his it's truly true..he is her admirer...oh my god..this is the only think come to her mind right now...she looking him with utter shock..controlling her weak state she asked him softly..

Khushi: you're my admirer...hey devimayya I can't believe this...why you did all this...what you expecting from me..what you trying to say by all this? Please tell me I can't hold the suspension anymore..

He smile hearing her desperate tone..he can understand her state..he slowly come closer..her heart beat more loudly seeing him so close..she don't want him to know about her loud beats..he slowly hold her both palms and told her intensely..

Arnav: I trying to say something from the moment I catch you in my arms..this is not me khushi..but surprisingly it's true I changed..I can't tell you what I'm feeling just with words..all I want to say...

Cutting the sentence he slowly pointed up..she follow his hand and saw he pointing the moment from everywhere crackers start to blast in sky..she gasped seeing that..and there come a big I LOVE YOU on sky...her heart skipped a breath seeing that three magical words appearing on sky beautifully..she look at arnav but got double shock seeing he sitting on knees and forward her rose bouquet...

Arnav: I can't wait anymore's enough I live without you..I want you in my life..I want to claim you as mine mine khushi....I love you.....I love you so much..I can't imagine a life without you anymore..I love you!!!

Her heart totally melted and jumping in happiness hearing his proposal..she don't know what to do out of happiness..all she wants to do hug him tightly..and she did that..she hugged him tightly out of joy..he hugged her back with double happiness...finally he proposed her..and she accept him love with big hug..both hugging each other feeling the moment..this is something unnamed moment..their love proposal was totally new from others..she don't know anything about him..but when he proposed her all she want to do accepting his love..and she not regretting that even a single bit..he slowly broke the hug and forward her the bouquet..she accept it with happiness smile,then he to,d her softly..

Arnav: khushi I know you don't know anything about me..I just enter your life without even you know..but believe me I want to enter your life don't have any idea what you mean to me..I promise you will never regret accepting my love...I love you so much..

Khushi:( happiness smile) I can't say I love you too so soon..even still I really don't know what just happen...I'm still shocked...but I don't regret my decision...I don't know why .you did some magic inside me..I can't do anything expect accepting your love..and this proposal..I never know one day I will get this much beautiful proposal in my life..(chuckles) I already knows you will bring big change on my life..see it's indeed happened..

He smile hearing her reply..he totally understand her situation..he will get surprised if she reciprocate his love confession...he know she still shocked and need some time to understand all think..he totally fine about it...he confessed his love to her he can wait life long to hear I love you from her..slowly he got close to her and placed soft promising kiss on her forehead..she closed her eyes and feel his kiss's so deep with huge love...both shared a eyelook..she can see his eyes showing deep emotions for's something beyond the love..he slowly took her hand and held it softly..

Arnav: I know right now you want to be understand all this clearly...take your own sweet have whole night to think all this..from tomorrow you going to share your days life with me..come let me drop you on home..

She smile seeing he understood her feeling without asking anything..he slowly lead her outside the garden..there his car standing..he slowly board her inside the car and closed..he really don't want to go out from here..but it's just for hours..from tomorrow he will make sure to spends his day with her..he already planned something...thinking all that he board to car and left from there..

After ten minutes he reached to Gupta house..she slowly came out of car..he too come out..both shared a smile..she told him smiling way..

Khushi: this is going to be unforgettable day in my life..I don't know today something like this going to happens..but I like it..finally I met my deewana who now turn out to be the great arnav singh raizada..I don't know it is real or I'm day really..

Arnav: think whatever you want..but this is the reality..I'm maybe great arnav singh raizada to world..but I'll always be your didn't know fully how much I crazy about coming days you will come to know...

An cold chill passed her body hearing his intense reply...she can see he damn serious and true on his reply..he slowly kissed her forehead and board to car..when she standing still he wink at her ****ily..her face turn to Kashmir Apple colour seeing his ****y smirk and run towards her house..arnav smile seeing her retreat figure and start to go but before that he saw there two cars standing front of Gupta house which very familiar to him..he left the place breaking that thoughts....

Khushi enter inside the house with red face..she is damn happy right something so magical first thing she have to do informing about this to her family and bestie..when she thinking all that she saw something which shocked her hell..

Malik family exchanging shagun thaal with shashi and Nani..mohini told happily..

Mohini: now it's official ..very soon your daughter going to be wife of my son arjun!!!

Khushi looking the scene with hell shocking face..her body shivered..soon everyone saw her presence..her body feel cold sensing arjun heating look on her..she terribly shakes hearing shashi's statment..

Shashi:( happily) khushi beta..we arranged your marriage with arjun !!!

Now this is not what she wanted...

........................ is today's episode darlings?

What you all thinking about all things ?

What will khushi do after this ?

How will arnav react for this?

Will it'll go smoothly or end up with tsunami?

Tell me what you thinking about it on comment section and give me votes for your favourite story..

Tomorrow I'll update both kabhi khushi kabhi gam and ajeeb prem kahani..when notifications come don't forget to check the both stories...

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Fabulous update
Dec 12

Deewanapan.... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 104 times)

Khushi looking the scene with utterly shock..she never ever imagined something like this..everyone looking her with big smile..deepali come towards her excitingly and drag her towards everyone..she is now middle of them..mohini smile at her sweetly and cares her hair..

Mohini: I'm so happy to get you as my bahu..when I saw you first time I liked you very much..and wished to marry you with on of my son..see it's truly going to happen..deepali did a correct thing by telling you about me before arjun do..

Deepali:( happily) you know what babhi.arjun bhaiyya na so nervous to tell you about family..but I'm being his good sister broke his big secret front of everyone..if I don't tell them..he still keep dreaming about you without moving future..he have to thank me.because of me now you're both marriage got fixed..

She told everything excitingly..but there no happy sigh in khushi's face..her face still covered with shocking reaction..and everyone notice that..mohini asked her little worriedly..

mohini: what happened beta ? Why you not looking everything okay..why you looking shocked?

Abhishek:( smile) of course she will be shocked..she just come to know about's will take time to adjust the new reality mohini..relax..

Everyone smile and agree with him...khushi look at everyone can she tell everyone she don't want this marriage and not wishing to marry arjun..she can't tell that right's will be so rude and her family members feel shame about her rude deny..she need to speak with her papa after they left..she saw arjun looking her with love filled eyes..somewhere she feeling so much angry on can he think she have feelings for can he take such a big step without considering her reply..she have to end this drama soon..otherwise what will she answer to arnav..chill passed on her body when she think about him..she remember how much he looked possessive..she definitely have to end this drama before this reached to his ears..but she totally forget he also living on same house with arjun..then malik family ready to go.mohini deepali hugged her before going and promised to come back with proper shagun for hell with their shagun..soon they left shashi come towards her happily..

Shashi: I can't believe this beta..I never thought you will get rishta from such a good family..I'm so happy for you beta..arjun will be perfect pair to you..I..

Khushi:( cut off him abruptly) papa I don't want this marriage!!!

Smile fade away from shashi and Nani face hearing her statment..they look at her with frown..she encouraged herself to talk straight forward to shashi as she can't give him hidden meanings..shashi asked her softly..

Shashi: what are you saying beta..why you don't want this marriage..their very good family beta and arjun..he is such a good man..he will be perfect husband to you..

khushi: but I can't accept him as my husband papa..I never think about him like that..I know he is good man but I don't want this marriage..

shashi:( silent observe) i can see there some other reason for your denying..khushi tell me the exact reason..are you loving someone?

khushi:( after pause) ha papa I decided someone as my life partner already..and I promised him I'll marry him..and more then that I also have feelings for him papa and I can't think any other person in his place ...I'm sorry..

shashi try to control the raising anger and disappointment on him..he can't believe his daughter denying something he decided for her..he look at her little angry face..he can see she so much determine on her decision..and most surprising thing is his daughter loving someone without his knowledge..he asked her sharply controlling the anger..

shashi: who is he khushi ?

khushi:( bravely) ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA!!!

Now it's time for shashi to get the huge shock..he look at her with most shocking face..his mouth got shut down hearing the alpha's name..khushi understood her father shocking and wait for him to say something..after controlling his hyper cells he asked her shockingly.

shashi: what arnav singh raizada !! You mean the great business tycoon arnav singh raizada? (she nodded) khushi do you know what are you saying..are you in love with arnav singh raizada?

khushi:( smile softly remembers him) actually it's him proposed me you remember my secret admirer? It's he proposed me on Everest garden and I said yes..he loves me very much papa..and even i have strong feelings towards him..please papa stop this marriage..I don't want this marriage..please cancel this wedding before it reached to his ears please papa...

Shashi under the great shock after the new's shock after shock..first shock is his daughter loving someone and second biggest shock is the great arnav singh raizada in love with his daughter..but honestly he is damn happy..he know arnav 100 times perfect and perfection to his daughter..he know about him so well..after all he working with him more then years..but now his big tension his how he going to tell this rejection to maliks..then strong reality hit him..he told khushi with low tone..

Shashi: it's hard to hide this from arnav khushi beta..don't you remember he is elder son of maliks and living in same house with them..

She wide her eyes remember the reality..oh god how can she forget about it..she praying to all gods hide this from the current situation is she want her father reply to her decision..knowing his daughter expecting answer he told her smilingly hiding the tension face..

shashi: I thought I selected best husband to you beta.but you come up with the perfect groom for you..I agree with your decision beta..I'll cancel the marriage  as you wish..

khushi hugged him happily hearing his reply..Nani looking the father daughter conversation with smiling face..her chat with khushi after this..she have many things to ask about her granddaughter' soon to be hubby..she really hope everything goes well..

Khushi: thank you papa..thank you so're the best papa..thank you..

shashi: (smile and cares her hair) all I want your happiness can I deny you when you selected someone best as your life partner..I just hope maliks takes our rejection normally..I can't get into their bad book..hope everything goes well..

khushi become silence hearing his words..her father have that worry..but she have totally different worry.her cells shivering out of fear thinking about arnav's reaction after coming to know about this..she must be know him few hours ago..but that few hours showed her half of his personality..he not looked common man..there something deep aura on his personality..she too really hope everything goes well in malik mansion..only if she know what going to happens.....

Malik mansion...malik family enter to house coming from Gupta family..everyone so happy..arjun not giving break the the smile playing on his face..his both siblings teasing him to hell..but he don't care about it..he just happy finally he going to marry the girl he loved deeply..but all of them jerked on their spot hearing the voice of roaring lion..


All of them look towards living hall where arnav standing like beast..he looking them with some kind of devil anger..his eyes are red body shaking with uncontrollable anger..malik family gulp their saliva seeing him like this..beside him dadi looking them angrily...they don't know what happened suddenly..why he looking this much angry..they slowly move towards him..after controlling the nervous voice abhishek asked him slowly..

Abhishek: what happened arnav ? why you looking at us like this...

arnav look him with deadly eyes..his face screaming the aroma of devil..he completely not looking normal..abhishek really feeling scared looking him like this after years..then slowly his eyes turn to arjun side..arjun gulp his nervousness feeling his stare and try to be strong..arnav took step towards him dangerously..mohini hold arjun hand fearing for his he standing face to face..

Arnav: it's you then..arjun's you trying to snatch my happiness from's you..

Everyone totally shocked and clueless by his statment..they don't have any idea what he's saying..arjun gulp the fear and asked him stammering tone..

Arjun: bhai what are you saying ? I don't understand anything..

Suddenly arnav grab his collars and bring him close dangerously..mohini deepali scream at his act and try to free arjun from his clutch..

Arnav:( danger voice) don't you dare to pretend innocent arjun malik..I'm very hardly trying control my psycho side..don't wake up the beast inside me dare you to think about marrying the girl I love !!

Maliks look at him dumbstruck face hearing his statment..heart beat stopped for moment hearing his statment..arjun look at him utter shockingly ...he don't know something like this coming..his heart beating loudly out of sacredness..anger boil more inside arnav seeing his silent face ..he tight the fist on collars and chocked his neck..mohini trying to free his hold and told him pleadingly..

mohini: arnav beta please leave him..he don't know anything you're saying..he don't did anything wrong..please leave him..

Arnav:( dangerously roaring tone) he dare to look at the girl I dare him to think about my khushi like that..he did a biggest mistake by eying the girl who belongs to me..I won't leave him easily..

Arjun:( try to be brave) arnav bhai I don't know you love khushi..and it's not my mistake..I too love her..and I can't leave her now..

Now this is the limit..arnav punched his face hardly..maliks yelled out of shock seeing arjun fall on floor with bleeding nose..arnav start to punch him hardly..abhishek atharv trying to stop him..but he is strongest person then then..he continually punching arjun badly...

arnav: how dare you to say something like want my ****..I won't leave you..

Abhishek:( scream) arnav ....arnav stop it..what are you doing..stop it arnav...he is you're brother..

Hearing the sentence arnav stopped beating him and look at abhishek sharply..he pushed arjun away and hold the collar of abhishek..he hell shocked by arnav's act and shaking out of fear..arnav bring him closer and asked him dangerously..

Arnav: brother really...he is not my brother..he is bloody son of you forget the past abhishek malik or do you forget your betrayal..he is not my brother..he is bloody illegitimate son of yours..

he pushed abhishek harshly..mohini hold him from falling..everyone totally scared seeing him state..when mohini try to say arnav cut of her dangerously..

arnav: don't you dare to open your cheap mouth's all because of life like this because of bloody gold digger...if you don't come into my life today I don't need to fight with this bloody cheap strip dancer..

Tears starts to fall from mohini' eyes hearing bitter words from arnav..her horrible past come flash on her eyes hearing all this from him..deepali arjun atharv got angry the way he talking with their mother..but they don't have guts to speak with him..

Arnav: naam bool gaye apna..strip dancer mohini..killing my mother you took her place in this house..don't you remember your past..and those illegitimate children of yours curse of my I won't be's enough you all snatch my happiness...not this is about my life..ask your bloody son to keep his eyes away from my khushi..if he again cross my line..then get ready to arrange funeral notice to your son.. he won't be alive if he again cross my line..I mean it..

The whole malik mansion shaking hearing his dangerous warning..this is something unexpected..they never think everything turn out like this..who thought that arnav loving the same girl arjun no..arjun loving the girl arnav already love..but now arjun not ready to back off .he stand with support of atharv and told arnav little challenging way..

Arjun: I'm sorry bhai..I can't step back from loving khushi..I love her..and our marriage going to happens..I need her in my whatever you want but I won't give my khushi..

Now evil smile passed on arnav face hearing him..arjun gulp down the saliva seeing his dangerously evil face..blood shades passed on his eyes..his face showing kind of deep obsessed possessed emotion..he told arjun dangerously..

Arnav: then no one can save you from dying in such a young forget the fact you challenging me..there maybe chance for you if she khushi rejected my love..but she too loves me like I there no escape for you..count your days arjun malik..

He passed dangerous warning look to arjun..abhishek completely shakes by arnav's warning..he moves toward arjun and told him.

Abhishek: Arjun stop fighting..can't you understand she loves your bhai..not you..and he loves her before's will be good if you back off from this..don't challenge him arjun..I'm saying for your own good..forget about khushi..

Arjun:( stubborn tone) I can't papa..I love her deeply...I want her on my life..I don't care if she loves me or not..I'll make her loves me after marriage..I can't back off from her..(look arnav) let him do whatever he want..I won't step back..

arnav. Look at him sharply..he just feeling like to choke him till death..but he don't want to burst out right's been so long maliks crashing all happiness of his life..this time he won't keep's about love of his life..if their any situation come to kill all those people he won't think a second to do's high time maliks get punishment for their betrayal..their touched the wrong they definitely need to face the it's not just about his khushi..he going to take revenge of all those 29 years of his pain..he give last look to maliks and left the house to do something more important now..dadi looking everyone with same hate and anger..she come towards them and asked arjun hatefully.

Dadi: after snatching all rights and happiness of his ,you all still behind him right..after so long he got happiness in his life through that khushi..but you all being that same cheapest betrayal family still thinking to ruin his happiness..this is the limit of everything..I won't stop him if he took highly action against you's high time he speak for his challenged the wrong person far I know khushi became his life now..he won't leave the person easily who think to took khushi away from will regret challenging him arjun mark my words..

She left the place after giving him dangerous warning..maliks looking her retreat figure with scared much they trying to deny..they agree with whatever she said..they all look at arjun who now regretting little challenging his big brother..this is not gonna be easy...



Hello guys..I write this update unprepared's come up soon for the readers who keep asking for this hope you all like this hurry update..

Hi babies how is today episode?

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What arnav going to do next?

What you all think about arnav's past with malik family..

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Fabulous update
Dec 20

Deewanapan.... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 107 times)

Shashi sitting on living room with thoughtful face..he don't know how to deny maliks proposal..but definitely he have to inform them soon.he don't want any bad relation with them as they very good clients of him..he have to deny without any bad thoughts..when he busy on those thoughts suddenly he hear highly rushing sound of car..he jerked at sudden sound and look towards doorstep..he gasped seeing arnav singh raizada enter inside Gupta house like growling cheetah..shashi quickly stood up seeing him..he can see some wild anger on his eyes..he come and stood face to face shashi..he asked normally hiding the nervousness..

Shashi: mr.raizada! You here this time ? Anything important?

Arnav:(fighting voice) mr.gupta !! Don't behave well know why I'm here..I come here to talk about your approval to maliks proposal..

Shashi:( quick voice) mr.raizada  let's not get heat up..I really don't have any idea you love my daughter..I come to know after maliks proposal..khushi just told me after I'm going to deny their me,don't get hyper..

Arnav got calm down little hearing his answer..that's what he want.he told shashi bossy tone.

Arnav: that's good..reject their proposal today itself..I want to hear that news soon as possible..

Shashi nodded at him silently..but he jerked higher hearing arnav next statment..


Shashi look at him with open mouth.he gulped seeing dangerous determine on his face..when he try to react suddenly they both hear khushi's voice from behind..they both turn and saw khushi standing on staircase and looking arnav with shock and surprised..

khushi: yeh aap kya kehe rahi hai arnavji..are you kidding me?

arnav:( firm tone) I know what I'm saying khushi and I'm not kidding..I'm damn serious..I want to marry you right now..

khushi: (come towards him) arnavji marriage not any small thing to do anytime we want..there many process we have to do before marriage..and what's so hurry for our marriage..we just met today and you give gives me time to adjust all this..

arnav: khushi i agree I told you to take your time to get together with me for next level in relationship.but talk is completely different now..(tight fist) that bloody goose arjun malik challenged me..he say he will get you away from me and I won't let that happen..I will make you mine before he touch your shadow..

she completely dumbfounded by the new revelations..she never thought arjun will do something like this..she look at arnav helplessly who trying very hard to control the rising anger..she can understand the whole scene hearing this..she now know what might be happened in malik mansion..she jerked by arnav's sudden hold on her arms..

arnav: khushi don't think anything..don't feel like it's all happening out of hurry..just marry me right now.after that take your whole time to adjust your life with me..don't think khushi just say yes..

khushi:( wondered voice) arnavji  getting married not any small matter..there many rituals and tradition to follow..we cannot do anything out of hurry..

arnav:( little frustrated tone) khushi I don't have believes on all those traditions and rituals you're saying..for me our feelings is Important then anything..tell me,don't you want to marry me ?

Khushi:of course I want to marry you,,but...

Arnav:( cut off her) then baat katham..our both presence important in're father is here.then what you want more then that ?

khushi:( helpless tone) arnavji you not getting what I'm saying..there many things we have to follow in our life arnavji and we should follow that..I don't know about you,but I have huge dream about my marriage..i don't need any huge wedding.but I want a wedding with a all wedding rituals..there many dreams my papa have about my can you expect us to ready for sudden marriage without any mangalasustra and pandit..I can't rush my wedding arnavji.because marriage happens only one time in all girls life.and we have some expectations about our I'm sorry..I'm not gonna agree for this..

Arnav feel like to bang his head somewhere hearing her disagree..why she can't understand his view..he don't want any damn rituals or tradition to follow..all he want just her..he look at her with frustration..she look him with helpless face..she know why he trying to rush the marriage..but she won't let that happened..she slowly cupped his both cheeks and asked him softly.

khushi: do you think I will leave you? Do you think I'll let arjun win over you.its will never happen's won't happen even in dreams..he is nothing to me arnavji.then how you think he will win me..for me you's we both wishing to be together..then how'll any other person can come between us..there nothing will happen like that..just don't take any decision out of hurry..we should not change our life for another's our life.we need to do what we wished to do.not anything else scared of anything..

he look at her with searching eyes..he understands whatever she say totally true..why they need to rush their life for anyone else..but still he don't like her disagree on marrying him she understands him inner circle she told him softly still cupping face..

khushi: if you indeed wishing to get married soon them I'm also ready to marry you.but not right now..lets fix a date properly with full rituals..I don't have any problem about marrying you before knowing fully about you..are you agree for it?

he surprised hearing her..of course he is more then ready..he took her hand and kissed her palm.

arnav: of course khushi.I'm more then ready..I just want to marry you soon..

Shashi:( happily) then let's fix your both wedding soon..I'll call pandit tomorrow..he will fix perfect date for marriage..

now khushi realise even her papa present there..she quickly took away her palms from arnav's mouth..he let it go understanding the situation..then he come towards them and keep hands on their both head..

shashi: I'm so happy about you're both you said khushi I really have big dream about your're my only princess..I want to send you with fully grand..(to arnav) you don't worry mr.raizada my daughter only belong to one can take her away from you..its promise of her papa..

Arnav look at him with little smiley eyes..khushi pat his arm and bend down to take her papa's blessings..he understood her pat and awkwardly took shashi's blessings with her..he never bend down on anything foot.right now he just did for her happiness..shashi blessed their both whole heartily and make then stand up..suddenly they hear nani's voice..

Nani: accha here everything happening without my bad you never called me..

Nani standing front of them with hands on waist..khushi smile seeing her Nani fake anger..arnav look at her with unrecognised expression.khushi told him softly..

Khushi: this is my Nani arnavji..

saying that she hold his hand and took him towards Nani..she observe him from head to toe and nodded approvingly..khushi smile seeing her Nani antics and took her blessing with arnav..she blessed their both happily and surprisingly took them to big huge..arnav surprised by her hug ,but he didn't feel any uncomfortable or awkward..even she too like his dadi and he feel the same comfortable with her..she broke the huge and cupped arnav's face..

Nani: finally you're truly a rajkumar..and perfect rajkumar for my happy beta..always be happy..

he passed his rare smile at her..soon shashi joined with them..arnav smiling on his mind..he come here with everything went smoothly and after without more he need to do one more thing before leaving from here..he look at shashi and told him firmly...


At malik mansion...

Abhishek cut the call with big sigh..his whole family present on his bedroom expect dadi..mohini applying medicine on arjun..he badly beaten by arnav.he almost can't walk now..everyone look at him..

Mohini: abhishek who is on phone? and why you looking dull?

Abhishek: it's shashi's call..khushi denied to marry arjun..he cancelled the proposal..

Everyone look him hurt fully..they all look at arjun who close to cry..his eyes turn red cause of controlling the tears..mohini cupped his face and asked him to control himself..

Arjun: I'm sure it's arnav bhai's work..he must be blackmailed khushi to deny the wedding..

Abhishek: arjun don't be stupid..there nothing such a thing's indeed true whatever arnav say..they both truly love each other and going to marry's will be good if you stop all this..just forget about her..let them marry peacefully..

Arjun: (angry tears falls) I can't papa..why can't you understand I love her deeply..I really loves her papa..I need her on my life..I won't stop trying to win her..she have to be mine..

Abhishek:( angry tone) are you out if you're mind you have any idea who you well know about your bhai..he is not a common man..if you touched anything belong to him,he will destroy you arjun..get this hell on your mind.,you can't fight with him arjun..he is 100 percent powerful then us and you know's for your own good,back off..

Arjun: (yell out of anger) why you supporting him so that because he is your lawful son ? I'm you're illegitimate son right..that's why you loves him more then me..I'm I right papa ?

”ARJUN”..mohini shouted at him loudly..she glare him angrily..there dreadful silence in one speak after hear shout..abhishek let out a long breath and slowly moves from there..he stop at doorstep and told him firmly..

Abhishek: I never keep love on my children divided all equal to me..but right this moment I have to say this.sorry if you feel insulted or hurt..arnav singh raizada human form one can escape from his fist if anyone challenged him..all I can say be careful ,save your life...

He left the room after telling that strongly..this is what ringing on their minds after he much they doesn't like to accept this..but this is the true..they can't keep at least one step against it's hard to escape from his fist...


at Gupta house...totally night now..just sometime ago arnav left after discussing marriage talks with them..he informed them tomorrow he will come with his dadi to speak further khushi laying on bed with much happens just one day..first her secret admirer identity..then his love proposal..when she thought to explore her love fully she come clash with maliks proposal..then arnav's sudden marriage tomorrow her marriage getting fix with him..she still can't believe if these all indeed happening some day dream..but whatever is it.she is truly happy about her marriage getting fix with arnsv soon..maybe she didn't expect this soon.but she totally not against about it's more kick to get to know about him every single thing when she with him every day..there many thing she need to know about him..suddenly she remember something..she quickly got up and left to her papa study room knowing he is there..

she come to study room and saw shashi still there..he lost on some thoughts..he opened his eyes feeling her hand on his arm..he smile at her softly and make her sit beside him..she asked him softly..

khushi: papa what happened ? where you lost ?

shashi:( soft smile) nothing beta..I just remember your maa..(she got silent hearing him) whatever happened today still unbelievable..but it's true..tomorrow you're wedding getting fix..if you're mother alive today ,no one can be happier then her seeing her princess going to marry..she will be on cloud nine..

Tears threaten to come from khushi's eyes remembering her mother..of course how can she forget her maa..her maa just loved her to core..unfortunately she just got eight years to live with her maa..fate separate her maa from her brutally..shashi hugged her sidely and give her the comfort she need..

shashi: don't break down my know na even after she left you..she still living with you..your dance still keeping her is her soul after you.and you still giving life to that soul with you dance..she living in you're never break're maa won't feel good..

she smile with tears and nodded at him..she try to not say anything.she know he still broken from's too hard for him to forget her mother..and she don't want to speak any bitter to rise his pain more..

Khushi: ha papa..maa still with me..whenever I dance ,I always feel her's feel so good to dance whenever I miss's true maa..she still living in my dance..I won't break down..

he kissed her forehead controlling the tears..then both be like that sometime..then shashi asked her softly..

Shashi :Khushi beta why you come here suddenly ? Do you want to ask me anything ?

Then khushi remember why exactly she come here..she nodded at his question..he asked her what..then she asked him with curiosity...


Hi guys so sorry for late update.i just got struck with huge health problem.ladt two days I got high fever..that's why it's hit delayed to I'm feeling better..thanks to allah..

Hi babies what you think about today episode ?

What you think about arshi marriage? 

Will arjun step back from challenge or he will do something?

what is khushi going to ask sashi? 

Do you think khushi's decision to marry with full tradition is good ?

What going to happen next ?

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Fabulous update
Jan 4

Deewanapan... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 80 times)

Khushi : papa why arnavji behaving strangely with his family ? why he not well with he angry with them for something.i know there something wrong.what's that?

Shashi:(sigh) ha beta..there big reason for his cold side to his family..he is not mohini malik son..she is his stepmother !!

she wide her eyes hearing his she was right about it..there indeed big reason behind his cold nature towards them..she look at shashi and waiting for him to speak further..

Shashi: it's all happened nineteen years ago..that time arnav ten years old..his mother renuka very beautiful woman with golden heart..she and abhishek very happily married day they arranged their anniversary party on malik mansion grandly..she was very happy that time..but it's turn out to be very horrible day..renuka come to know about abhishek have affair with some bar dancer and already have twins with her,who was five years old..that's was arjun and his brother atharv..renuka totally devastated that day..she never expected abhishek will do something like this to her..not only she the whole malik and raizada family not expect that..without able disgust the truth she committed suicide.everything completely shattered after that..abhishek got married to mohini after that..all became normal to outsider..but no one know arnav really effected by all..he totally changed his personality..when he want to go away from his father.his late dadaji asked him to live in malik mansion as his last wish.and he even transferred whole family property to arnav's name..he living in malik mansion with his dadi just for his dadaji..when abhishek realised his wrong everything already damaged..after that arnav's life totally changed..past nineteen years he living his life alone without including they all.he is really ruthless,arrogant to outside..he won't show his emotions openly.people know his as business monster..but working with him such a long time.i know he still have the innocent boy inside him,,he locked his all emotions nineteen years ago..but his inner soul still that ten years old boy khushi..I just hope he'll open up his emotions in future...

long lonely tears fallen from khushi's eyes after shashi finished speaking..she totally broken after hearing arnav's past..she never know arnav holding such big past inside him..and she don't know how he faced that ugly one can be so strong in such a fatal past..her heart paining in so much pain thinking about he must be faced that past in such young age..he lost most important person in his life..then his father betrayal..she blink her eyes feeling shashi wiping her tears..then she realised without her knowledge she silently crying..shashi silently cares her hair and told her softly..

shashi: do you know why I agreed to his proposal soon..because I know him too well must be think I accepted quickly because of his status or beta..I know him from birth..he is not like other guys on his age..he is someone who we can't find soon..he faced many challenges in young age..he must be rude and arrogant to others..but he is a great man to his loved once..I witnessed his soft side many times..and about his personal life..he is pure bachelor..being single and gentlemen in fashion industry very touch thing..but as far I know him,he won't even shake hands with his company maybe written fake scandal news about him.but he is totally pure to won't get someone like him even if you search everywhere..he loves you truly beta..I saw deep love on his eyes for you..never hurt him anyway..first time in life he deeply fall in love with someone.and that's you..don't lose him beta..he is a gem...

she smile softly hearing her papa giving compliments to her hubby..she hold his and and silently promised him.he smile seeing her unsaid promise..he whole heartily blessed her..after hugging and wishing her papa goodnight she left to her room..

khushi come and land on her bed..she recall her talk with shashi regarding arnav..she determinedly promised herself to never ever hurt arnav anyway..she will give him the life he deserve..she will make him forget his bitter past and give him the beautiful life he deserve to live..small smile appear on her face thinking about his handsome angry face..he is really a man in million.she hugged her pillow thinking about him..his thoughts creating butterflies rush on her stomach.."arnav singh raizada what are you doing to me"..she fall to sleep with full face smile thinking about him..tomorrow he going to come with his dadi..she need good sleep to prepare herself to meet her....


Next day..arnav waiting for his dadi to come down..he informed her about today going to dadi..obviously she is damn happy and eagerly waiting to see khushi today..last night itself she arranged shagun things for her and now getting ready to go Gupta house..after sometime she come downstairs..she asked workers to load shagun trays to car..then both come out and board to car..when they try to move..they saw mohini coming inside with her children..arnav made hard face seeing arjun punched..dadi glare them angrily and asked arnav to take the car from there soon..they all saw they both going.and well know where they going now..arjun angrily went inside the house..others went behind him to comfort him..


Dadi and arnav sitting on living room with shashi and Nani..they both welcomed they both respectively..dadi really impressed by they two..and she liked the way they keeping the house..after chatting few words dadi eagerly asked them to call khushi..

Upstair in room.kumud making khushi ready to meet raizadas..khushi little nervous to meet per her papa saying.she is strict lady with high expectations..what is she failed to impress her..she nervously biting her nails thinking about that..kumud sigh seeing her bestie nervous state..she told her cheerfully..

kumud: come on ya getting nervous like you going to first night..they just come to see you,,and she is not going to reject you anyway..her grandson already fallen head over heels for you..come on cheer them happily.not with you're half bitten nails..come on..

khushi glare her for sarcastic lines..kumud hugged her from behind and gives her the supporting zone..she feel really relax after that..then one of servant called them downstair..kumud excitingly took khushi downstair..

arnav restlessly looking the staircase..he just can't wait to meet her..dadi who sitting behind him hide her smile seeing her grandson restlessness to meet his love lady..even shashi and Nani notice that..soon he hear his white dove thick payal sound..he eagerly look at staircase ..and next moment totally lost on the view front of him..khushi coming towards him wearing rose red colour saree with full sleeve..she made her hair curly and just wearing long and thin earrings..her face glowing with her natural glowing.eyes shinning with long kajal..she looking dead drop gorgeous..he first time seeing her on saree..and he completely lost on her ravishing look..he can't take his eyes from her..she shyly look down seeing his heating stare on her..beside her kumud teasing pointing arnav's killer stare..he too not less .he looking dapper on his white and blue combination brand new blazer suit..he combined his hair naturally.his now growing beards giving his ****iest look..soon khushi come towards all..dadi looking her with impressed smile..she met khushi..but never got chance to look her properly..she very happy about khushi's doubt her grandson and khushi going to be beautiful couple..khushi softly greets her with charming smile.arnav still looking her same way..elders try to control their smiles seeing arnav's lost state..dadi pat his arm,he come to sense..he try to hide the embarrassment...then dadi asked khushi smilingly..

dadi: khushi beta come here..sit beside me!!..(khushi come and sit beside her) shashi ji there no future talks..lets not drag this more.our both families know they both love each other and wishing to get married..lets arrange the marriage soon..(cares her hair)I can't wait to take her to my house as my arnav's bride..

Shashi: as you wish subhatraji..I talked to pandit today morning..he told me coming sunday is really good day..lets arrange the engagement sunday.from next day we'll start the other functions..

dadi happily agree with him..arnav smile softly thinking about there just two weeks for their wedding..after that she going to became his one going to separate they both..he saw even khushi have same happiness on her face..his heart feeling satisfied and peace seeing even she happy about their wedding like him..elders continue to talk about functions arrangements...then dadi present all shagun gifts to khushi..she blessed they both happily and feed they both sweets..soon shagun rasam finished..Nani asked kumud to take khushi to room..arnav disappointed seeing her going..he saw elders busy on discussing wedding arrangements..taking this chance he quickly went to upstair to meet khushi..

both kumud and khushi come to room..when khushi try to go washroom to get changed suddenly someone enter to room with bang..both girls starlet by that..and even more surprised seeing arnav front of them..khushi surprised seeing him..kumud smile teasingly seeing they both and slowly went to giving some privacy to the couple..arnav closed the door after kumud went ..soon took fast step towards khushi..she look at him with wonder expression..then he softly cupped her left cheek..she shirk little feeling his hard cold hand touch on her cheek.he slowly pull her towards him closer and asked her huskily..

arnav: are you happy about our marriage fixed soon? do you have any objection?

khushi: (smile) I'm really happy's unexpected but I really love I can't wait to marry you arnavji..

he smile hearing her..and khushi totally fall in love with his charming smile..he slowly kissed her forehead with so much love..she closed eyes and feel his kiss deeply..

Arnav: I waiting for the moment to claim you as mine officially..after two weeks you will become Mrs.khushi arnav singh wife..only mine...

khushi thrilled the way he addressed her..current passed her body feeling his hotness breath on her face..he dangerously get close to her and touched her forehead with his..

arnav : and I can't wait to mark you as mine every way..both by heart and body. I'll mark every inches of you're body..whenever a man try to near you ,he need to feel my aroma on you..and I will make that happend..every damn men in world need to know khushi only belong to arnav..and it's will happend..

shiver passed on her body hearing his killer husky's not out of scared.its out of building pleasure on her body now feeling his hand gripping her bare waist..he really have big effect on her..she can't talk back cause of his dangerously closeness..their lips have just one inch back..his growing growth almost touching her..before it touch clearly.suddenly they hear knocking sound..he move away from her controlling the rising desire..she try to get normal breath..he left the room after giving her last look..and khushi still under his intense spell..he is really doing magic on her..she quickly rushed to washroom to control her highly pumping heart..


Next day..khushi sitting on kumud's cashier..after raizadas left the Gupta house..from the moment kumud not missing single chance to tease her hell out..khushi really can't escape from her trading cluth..but somewhere even she enjoy that..whenever she being alone her mind always filled with arnav's thoughts..and whenever she think about him.she won't miss to get butterflies flying around her whole body..their that two minutes closeness just driving her really crazy..she can't ignore the fact ,she really want to be with him closely..arnav singh raizada truly bringing new emotions on her cells..her Akkudu Prince Charming..she smile thinking about him..when she too busy on her hubby thoughts suddenly someone pat her arms..she snap out from thoughts and shocked to see the person front of her..

khushi: arjun !!


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