Arniee Angel

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Sep 15

Arniee Angel (By Kpoonam) (Thanked: 59 times)

Hey guys,

This is kpoonam here. I'm a reader at MeD and after reading so many stories now I'm trying to put my own imagination in words. 

Guys its my first ever try so please support me. 

So here goes the 1st chapter. Hope you all will enjoy. 


                            DARK CLOUDS

In the dark night of thunders and storm  there stood a helpless mother who at this moment want only one thing from God to give her enough strength to save her only child from those dark shadows who are roaming in her house to kill her and her child. Those shadows already killed her husband in front of her eyes now she can't let them to kill her baby. She has to do something fast to save her little world. She is hiding in the storeroom which is at the back most side of the house, for a outsider it is little difficult to find this storeroom... only bcoz of this she is safe  here with her child for some time. She is pacing in the room with her child in her arms thinking to find a way to save her child...when she heard a voice...she looked here and there but can't find anyone but voice can be heard...when voice become little clear she move towards the source of voice and saw her most loyal servent Mohan peeping through a small window and seeing him here tears of relief and happiness started flow from her eyes by thinking that now her baby will be saved...that now her little world will be able to live...

Mohan: "Malkin you don't worry I will get some help soon and then you will be saved...nothing will happen to you both." 

"I'm not worried about my life Mohan I just want my child's safety" she said. 

She hurridly wrote something on a old newspaper piece which was laying there and handed it to Mohan.

Mohan looked at her confusingly and asked "what is this Malkin."

She after gulping a lump formed in her throat said " Mohan you always say that you can do anything for your Malik and Malkin so today  I'm trusting you with my baby's safety. Take my child from here to the address written in that paper safely. Everything is written in that just hand over this paper and my baby to the people there."

"But malkin how can I go leaving you here knowing that those monsters will be here soon to kill you. I can't go." Said Mohan.

"Mohan I don't have much time  just do what I'm saying and from this small window only my baby can pass. Nothing is more important than my baby's life for me. Please just do as I say." She pleaded.

Mohan just nodded helplesslely at his Malkin.

When she tried to give the baby to Mohan baby started crying and it alerted the killers outside. She hurridely removed her chain and put it around the child's neck and after kissing her child one last time she gave the child to Mohan and said "Go mohan fast."

Mohan ran from there to save his Malik and Malkin's child. 

After sending her baby she turned towards the door and wiping her tears she stood straight to face those monsters. 

Few minutes later Mohan heard a gunshot. He flinched but seeing a innocent life in his arms he again started running to save his malik's baby.

When he was near to cross the Mansions gate he heard a thundering voice from behind.


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Sep 17

New Parents (By Kpoonam) (Thanked: 80 times)

Hey guys!

First of all thank you so much for your response guys. Honsetly before posting the 1st part I thought that if 10 votes come on my first effort then it will be a huge achievement for me. But votes are more than what I expected...I'm sooooooo happyyyy

Thank you for all those who voted and commented on my story and thanks to all those also who spare some time to read my story. 

Special thanks to @Nandhini @Noordina @Aditi252525 @Medsuper @Miga_Arshi @Jelebigirl @Ahitilal @Londoner @Suvvi for your precious comments.

Here goes the next chapter...hope you all will enjoy.



After sending her baby she turned towards the door and wiping her tears she stood straight to face those monsters. Few minutes later Mohan heard a gunshot. He flinched but seeing a innocent life in his arms he again started running to save his malik's baby.

When he was near to cross the Mansions gate he heard a thundering voice from behind.



Mohan froze in his feet. Gathering all his courage he turned and saw that one of the  looking more strong than others is shouting on one of the goon as may be he was not doing his work properly. Mohan sighed  in relief and ran away from there.

Here that goon is shouting "What you think you are doing here you ****? Here we all are trying to find that child and here you are drinking. If Boss got to know that we failed to finish the whole family he will not think twice before killing all of us. Go and find where that child vanish." 

When after searching whole house they couldn't find out the child they burn the whole house so that it look like a accident and went from there.

Mohan reached outside a big mansion and told the gaurds to let him inside but gaurds were not ready to let him in at this hour. 

But after seeing the innocent child in his arms they let him in gaurd's shelter area to save the child from storm outside. Then they called inside to ask from their employers for permission and getting the permission they sent mohan in. 

In the mansion after getting call from the security at this late, a man and a women in their late 30's came in the living room to see the late night visitor.

Mohan came inside with a crying baby in his arms. After seeing Mohan the man asked "who are you and what are you doing here with a child?"

After seeing the baby crying the lady move forward and take the baby in  her arms from Mohan.

Mohan with shievering hand give his Malkin's letter to the man.

After reading the content of the letter the man's eyes become teary and he turn to see the baby in his wife's arms.

In the mean time all the family members gathered in the hall. 

A lady in her late 60's asked " what happen beta(son)? What is it in the paper and who is he?" 

Man turned towards his mother and  said " Maa, Shashi.. Shashi more." With it his eyes started pouring tears. Whole family gasped at this news.

His wife asked " What are you saying Anuj ji? Please say something what is written in this letter."

With lot of difficulty Anuj started narrating what is written in the letter. "Maa some goons entered in Shashi's house an...and....they...they killed them." 

Listening this all gasped in horror.

Anuj again started facing his wife "Garima in her last few minutes handle her daughter's responsiblity in our hands Ratna."

Ratna saw the innocent baby in her arms and asked "Anuj ji she...she is ..she is our Shashi's and Garima's daughter....our KHUSHI." Anuj just nodded his head. Ratna started crying loudly for her best friend. Seeing it whole family have tears in their eyes.

But after listening to the baby's cries Anuj's mother said "Bahu calmed down and see the baby I think she is hungry first feed her something." Ratna nodded and handing Khushi to her mother-in-law ran towards the kitchen. 

Anuj then move towards Mohan and said "come inside and tell us everything you know about this."

After settling  on sofa Anuj signaled Mohan to start. 

Mohan after gulping water placed in front of him started saying "Malik and Malkin lived in Lucknow as you know this but Malik decided to move to Delhi as Delhi will be a better place for choti malkin's future."

"But Shashi never told me about this we talk regularly on phone." Intrupted Anuj.

"Malik wanted to surprise you thats why he never told you. We came here yesterday only and at night some men came inside and without any warning shot Malik in his head. To save choti malkin, Malkin hide in the house and I reach there she handled me that letter and said to give choti malkin to you people."

After listening all this Anuj stood up and went towards Ratna who is now feeding Khushi milk and silently crying for the lose. Seeing her husband Ratna said "Don't worry Anuj ji this little doll is now our Happiness. She is now our daughter Khushi and we are her new Parents." With a proud look Anuj nodded at Ratna and said to whole family "Its late now we will talk about everything in morning. Mohan you take rest. HP will show you your room." With this everyone went in their rooms with heavy heart.

NOTE: Charactersketch will be up soon.

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Sep 17

Character Sketch (By Kpoonam) (Thanked: 96 times)

Hii MeDians,

I'm soo happy with your support guys. Thanks to all who pressed "Thank you"

@Medsuper- Thank you so much dear 

@Neagera- Yeah you are right dear.                 @Noordina- Dear there are many people in this cruel world for whom money and power is everything and they don't understand any relation or emotion beyond their profit and greed. Thanks for the comment dear.

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                        RAIZADA FAMILY

Devyani Singh Raizada

She is the Head of Raizada family. A widow and have 2 sons Anuj R. and Manohar R. One of the board member of Raizada constructions. Now her world revolve around her grandchildren.

Anuj Singh Raizada

Elder son of DSR. Ideal son, amazing brother, lovely husband and best father of ARNAV R. and ANJALI R. CEO and MD of Raizada Constructions.

Ratna Singh Raizada

Elder DIL of DSR. Wife of Anuj R. and super mom of her children ARNAV and ANJALI. Also help his husband in business sometimes.

Manohar Singh Raizada

Yonger son and brother of DSR and Anuj. Father of twins Akash R. and Nandkis**** R. Follow his brother blindly as Anuj is his ideal. Silent and kind person. Co-CEO of Raizada Constructions.

Manorma Singh Raizada

Younger DIL of Raizada family. Wife of MSR. Akash and NK's mother. Well educated and was working with his husband but after twins left everything to focus on her kids.

Akash & Nandkish ore Singh Raizada

2 year old non-identical twins of Manohar and Manorma.

Akash is 9 min elder than NK. He is silent and obedient child and NK is just opposite. He is the naughtiest kid of Raizada family.

Anjali Singh Raizada

7 year old daughter of Anuj and Ratna. Eldest among her siblings and princess of Raizada family. Responsible and caring Di of her brothers.

Now our Hero Arnav Singh Raizada

5 year old younger son of Anuj and Ratna. Intelligent and smart kid but naughty too. Ofcourse stubborn and possesive Chote of Raizada family


                         GUPTA FAMILY

Shashi Gupta

Best friend of Anuj from childhood. And know Ratna from college. Owner of many hotels and restaurants. He is orphan so consider Anuj's family as his own. Lovely husband and have a daughter Khushi.

Garima Gupta

Wife of Shashi and mother of Khushi. She was a House Maker.

Now owner of Hazel eyes Khushi Gupta

1 year old daughter of Shashi and Garima. Apple of her parents eyes. Always smiling kid. (Youngest character of the story)


Now little back story of Raizada's and Gupta's -

Shashi and Anuj are childhood friends. They were neighbours in Lucknow. When shashi was 18 he lost his parents in an accident. From then Raizada's treat him like their son. Shashi and Anuj went to same school then same college where Anuj met his love Ratna and three of them become friends. 

When Anuj was 21 his father died due to cardaic arrest. As a responsible elder son of the family he took responsiblity of his father's company in his hand. When Anuj offered partnership in his company to Shashi he denied saying he want to be something on his own. Soon both friends started becoming stable in their works. For company's betterment Raizada family shifted to Delhi but Shashi didn't went with them. 

In the opening ceremony of his 1st 5 star hotel he met Garima. They fall in love and got married. 


So guys hope you got some view of Raizada and Gupta family.

Waiting for your views and don't forget to press"Thank you"

Sep 19

Raizada's Kids (By Kpoonam) (Thanked: 80 times)

Hey guys,

Thank you so much for pressing "Thank you" and special thanks to @Avni @Prayag1992 @Noordina @Suvvi @Khushichaudhari @Medsuper @Muga_Arshi @Londoner @n @Jalebigirl @Angelinarshi for your comments dear. I felt so good after reading your comments.

Here is the next update guys.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           Next morning,

RM was mourning over the death of their loved ones. Anuj and Manohar have gone to Gupta Mansion. All the ladies are sitted in living room thinking how suddenly in one night they lost their son(Shashi) and Garima. They came out from their thoughts hearing a cry of baby. Ratna instantly ran towards her room to see that her little khushi is crying. She lifted her and went to living room. She ordered HP "Bring milk for khushi."

She then turned to her MIL and said "Maa, she is missing her mother warmth. She cried whole night and only sleep in early hours of morning. I can't see my little doll like this Maa. What should I do." And started crying.

Devyani with teary eyes said "Bitiya calm down. You have to control yourself. You have to be strong for our Khushi. She need us."

"Shashi bhaisaheb(brother) and Garima bhabhi(SIL) are not with us that doesn't mean Khushi is alone in this world. She have us. Infact she is more lucky she have 2-2 father and mother." Manorma said.

Ratna looked at her with confusion while DSR looked at her DIL with proud.

After realising Ratna didn't get her point Manorma again said "I'm talking about you and bhaisaheb, me and Manohar ji. We are her parents, isn't it?"

Ratna smiled hearing that and shifted her attention to Khushi who is now drinking milk with her feeding bottle then said "You are right Manu. We will never let her feel that she is orp...(not able to complete the word) alone in this world. We will raise her like our princess."

"You are right Ratna." Came a voice of Anuj from the door who with Manohar heard the conversation of ladies. He continued "Khushi is not less than Anju, chote, akash and NK. She is our daughter." Others nodded at him agreeing with him.

DSR asked "what happend their Anuj?"

"Maa, GM is burned fully. Police found 4 bodies from their. They will hand over the bodies of Shashi and Garima after postmortem." Replied Anuj controlling his tears. He knew how he controlled himself before police from breakdown after seeing the half burnt bodies of his friend-cum-brother and bhabhi.

Again all of them went into chain of thoughts and memories. Suddenly they hear giggling sound from  upstairs. They move and witness the most beautiful scene of their day.

There in the center of the room stood their princess surrounded by her 3 little brothers who are laughing and giggling seeing her face. Instantly they know that today also as always these 3 brothers not actually three 2 of them (our Akash is innocent guys but his brothers always drag him in their plans)  played a prank on Anju and now laughing at her. Anju looked at them with confusion and moved towards mirror and gasp seeing her face covered with painting colours. She turned towards her devil brothers with anger and said "youuuuuuu, I will not leave you today." And started moving towards them seeing her Di angery Arnav and NK ran to save themselves but our Bholu Akash didn't move. Seeing him still standing there NK said "Ale budhhu run ni to Di boht malegi."(Fool run otherwise Di will beat us)

"Pal mene to kuch ni kiya to Di muje kyu malegi" Replied innocent Akash.

"Becauch you ale(are) our brother" NK said pulling his hand to run.

But he was late as Anjali reached near them. Seeing her angry face NK gulped and whispered to Akash "Becauch of you I got caught." Akash look at him apologeticaly.

NK with innocent face said to anjali "Di....Di wo bhai ne...mene ni."(Di...Di Bhai did....not me)

"Achha I will see chote later but now I will give you punishment." Said Anjali and started tickling them whole room filled with their laughters.

Elders have faint smile on their faces seeing them.

Manohar said "Atleast our kids are happy in their world of innocense. God, keep them happy always."

All nodded and went back to living room as they know soon kids will be there with their list of complains and mischiefs.

Here after tickling few more times Anjali left NK and started searching for her Chote.

"Chote I know you are under the bed. Come out from there." Ordered Anjali.

Arnav slowly came out and with slow steps reach near Anjali. Making most innocent face and holding her ears said "Solly Di, I will nevel(never) repeat it...solly."

Anjali melted and said "Chote this is last time I'm lefting you with no punishment ok. You and NK both should learn something from my Akash. He is my best brother."

Arnav move towards Anjali and pulling her pony tail ran from their laughing and screaming "I'm your best brother Di not that Akki."(After all he is his Di's possesive Chote )

Anjali ran behind him to chase him and NK and Akash ran after her all the way laughing and giggling making RM lively.


How is the update guys? Waiting for your views and don't forget to press "Thank you"

Sep 22

My Angel (By Kpoonam) (Thanked: 104 times)

Thank you for pressing 'Thank you' guys and @Londoner @Khushichaudhari @Valli @Suvvi @Noordina @Muga_Arshi @n @Medsuper @Ahitilal @Gudiya_Iyaani thank you for your comments. Keep commenting guys it motivates me to write more.


Arnav move towards Anjali and pulling her pony tail ran from their laughing and screaming "I'm your best brother Di not that Akki."(After all our possesive Chote)

Anjali ran behind him to chase him and NK and Akash ran after her all the way laughing and giggling making RM lively.


Arnav reached in living room where elders were waiting for the kids.

Arnav ran to his mother to save himself from his Di but frown seeing someone in HIS mother's arms.

Anjali also came their and about to scold Arnav when her eyes fell on the baby in her nother's arms. She squeled in happiness seeing the cute baby and asked her mother "Maa, who is this chotu(small) baby. She is soooooo cuteeeeeee Maa."

"Yes yesss she is choooo cuteeeee and soft." Said an overexcited NK. Who is now playing with Khushi's hands. He was soo happy to see someone smaller than him.

Smiling Ratna said "She is Khushi. Your new friend kids"

"Sachhiii she will be my fliend."Asked NK whose joy know no bound after seeing a little cute baby.

"Yes beta (son) she will be your friend."replied Manorma smiling.

"Maa is she bade papa's Khushi. You told we are going to meet her. She is Khushi, haina Maa(isn't it Mom)." Asked Anjali.

(All Raizada kids call Shashi and Garima bade papa and badi maa as their parents told them.)

Ratna become emotional hearing it so Anuj take the charge to introduce Khushi to kids. He said "Yes Anju she is your bade papa's Khushi. From now onwards she will live with us. You want her with you, right princess so here she is. Anju, NK, Akki and Chote won't you welcome your new friend."

Anjali,NK and Akash ran towards Khushi and said in unison "Yes yesssss, Our new fliend/friend."

Seeing no reaction from Arnav DSR put her hand on his head and asked "What happen Chote. Won't you become Khushi's friend?"

Arnav was thinking "why she is in my Maa's arms. She is only my Maa. I will not let her be with my Maa and never be her friend."

Just then Khushi started crying due to fear as NK and Anju literally dragging her soft hands towards each other to play with her. Listening Khushi's cry our hero ran towards her without giving damn to his thinking and in no time he pulled Anjali and NK away from Khushi and started cooing her "Aww my Angel stop crying...don't cry...see your Arnav is here. We will play together...don't worry Angel I'll not let them touch you again. They are bad, haina Angel...but your Arnav is not bad. I will never let bad people around you. I will be with you always. Ok Angel." Khushi just stopped crying and was listening to Arnav with so much interest as she understand everything. Seeing this all got their answer that from now there is one more person added in their Chote's only Mine list after his mother and Di.

Arnav while making funny faces started playing with her hands and Khushi this time instead of crying started laughing.

Seeing Khushi laughing for the first time after coming here all the elders  have happy tears in their eyes.

"When we played with hel(her) she started clying(crying) and when bhai is playing she is laughing." NK said pouting.

Anjali also complained "Maa she become friend with Chote but not with us why?"

Manorma taking his son on her lap said "Beta(son) she is small na and you all new to her so seeing you together she become afraid. Don't worry she will become your friend also soon."

"Bhai is also new but she become his friend"said Akash. Elders also stared at their Chote amused that who never play with any small kid. Always complained saying small children always cry and their crying sound is so irritating  is playing with Khushi himself and talking with her and on other hand Khushi who was crying or sleeping from the time she came here is now happily playing with Arnav. They felt happy seeing their bond.

After promising 100's of things to his Angel Arnav turned towards his Maa and said "Maa see my Angel. She is soo cute...she is so soft and small. Maa she will be with me always,haina. My Angel." Ratna nodded happily.

Leaving her mother's lap NK move towards arshi and said "Yes Angel will be with us al..."

"She is only MY ANGEL"screamed Arnav in anger not letting NK complete.

"Why she is only yours? She will be our friend also" asked Anjali.

"I don't know but she is my Angel only. Please Maa tell them na she is my Angel" said Arnav making puppy face.

"Haa beta she is only your Angel but she can also play with Anju, Nk and Akki haina. They are also only your brother and Di then how can you stop them and moreover your Angel will be so happy to see more friends" replied Ratna trying to make her Chote understand as she is well aware of what her chote's "Only His" statement mean. She remembered how he made a big issue at the time of Akash-Nk's birth after seeing them in her arms saying she is only his mother so she should only take him in her arms and after lot of requesting he agreed to let her take them in her arms. She came back from her thoughts listenin Arnav's voice.

Arnav after thinking said "If my Angel will be happy with them then they can be her friends but they should promise me that they will never make her cry like today. I will not leave them if my Angel cried because of them."

Seeing so much possesiveness of Arnav towards Khushi all the elders shaked their head in amu ****t.

Moving slowly towards Arnav Akash politly requested "Bhai I plomise I will nevel make youl Angel cly. Can I be hel fleind."

"We also promise"said Anjali and NK.

After thinking Arnav said "Ok you can be her friends." Listening Arnav's approval all three ran towards Khushi and started playing with her but this time taking care that they don't make her afraid. Arnav all the time sat their holding khushi's little hand with a smile on his face.


So guys how is it? Eagerly waiting for your reviews and my dear readers don't forget to press "Thank you"

Sep 24

Note about next update (By Kpoonam) (Thanked: 62 times)

Hello guys,

This small note is to inform you all that there will be no update of Arniee Angel for next 7-8 days as tomorrow is my chotuu si surgery for Adnexal cyst. I will be back soon with updates.

BTW thank you guys for your lovely response on last chapter. Hope you will shower same love throughout the Arniee Angel's journey.



Oct 6

Arshi's first day (By Kpoonam) (Thanked: 160 times)

Thank you so much for pressing "thank you" and @Muga_Arshi @Ahitilal @vinny@Arshi @Medsuper @n @Nupur @Noordina @Jalebigirl @khushichaudhari @Poojatweety @suvvi @londoner @piyupious @juliesrinivasan @lily30 @arshigeet @Monika @Arshiworld13 thank you for your lovely comments. Please shower your love like this on every update.

Sorry and thank you to @Ranisha Rambaran & @Sania Rameez. Sorry dear may be there was some problem I didn't saw your comment. Thank you for your valuable comments dearies.

Here's the next update.


In kitchen,

"Didi (Sister), today is sunday but still there is silence in our house how...where are all devils?" asked Manorma to Ratna.

"All devils are busy with there new friend today. All are in Maa ji's room from morning with khushi. Khushi get afraid by loud voices therefore our great chote gave warning to all to play quietly with his Angel" replied Ratna smiling.

Manorma:"Apne chote ko dekha tha didi (did you see Arnav) how much he become possesive of Khushi in just one meet. Don't know what will happen in future."

Ratna: "I'm also surprised to see this side of chote for Khushi Manu. But its good that he is accepting Khushi. I was afraid about chote that how will he take this news as I have to give little more attention on Khushi what if Chote got angry and all. But now looking at his behaviour with khushi I'm sure he will do anything for his Angel's happiness."

Manorma: "Didi you are right. And now you take this milk for Khushi and I'll take snacks for kids. They didn't had anything from the time they woke up. In excitement of playing with khushi all kids forget their breakfast."

Ratna nodded and both went to DSR's room. Reaching there they smiled seeing their kids.

Arnav was lying on his stomach with khushi beside him and both are looking damn cute. Akash and NK was trying to gain khushi's attention by their toys. Anjali was taking Arshi's pic from her mother's phone.


"Why are you both standing there? Where you both lost?" asked DSR.

It successfully brought Ratna and Manorma back from their staring session and they came inside.

Ratna said "Maa ji see na our kids are looking so happy. I was so worried looking at crying Khushi that how she will live without her mother's warmth but now looking at chote and khushi I'm so happy. Chote will take care of his Angel well Maa ji."

"Haa Ratna bahu(SIL) I'm also happy. May god our children always stay happy and together like this" said DSR.

"Maa...maa this is fol me" asked Akash looking at snacks in his mother's hand.

"Yess my dear son its for you only. Now come here I'll make you eat" replied Manorma taking both her sons in her lap and started feeding them their snacks.

Anjali took her plate and sat beside her Dadi(grandmother). DSR started feeding her. Ratna came forward to take khushi in her arms but our hero jumped in between??

"Where are you taking my Angel Maa" asked annoyed Arnav. 

"I'm not taking Your Angel anywhere chote. Its her feeding time son therefore I'm taking her to feed her milk" replied Ratna taking feeding bottle in her hand.

Arnav snatched the bottle from Ratna's hand and said "Maa she is My Angel so I will feed her na. Why you will feed her?"

Ratna looked at her son shocked and said "Maa ji see chote is saying he will feed Khushi. He himself ate from my hands and saying he will feed. Ask him how he will do that."

"Just like he is doing now" replied DSR guesturing towards Arnav who is now feeding khushi taking her in his small arms.

(Guys imagine the doll as Khushi.I didn't get any better pic then this)

Ratna looked at her son shocked and whispered "He himself need his mother to feed him but look now he is feeding his Angel."

"Didi I'm telling you our chote is not our chote when he is with his Angel. Look only in 2 hours he become so responsible for his Angel. I'm sure our  chote is going to give us surprises like this everyday from now" said Manorma smiling.

Ratna just shaked her head at his son.

"Angel you like this milk...umm..say na did you like it" asked Arnav to Khushi when her milk is finished. Khushi replied by giving him a big smile. (A/N: she just smiled our hero took it as yes??)


Arnav then turn towards his mother and asked "Maa where is my milk. Why don't you brought my Milk."

"Chote you are asking for don't like milk na...I have to run behind you to make you finish your milk" said Ratna unbeliveingly. 

"Maa my Angel like milk and if Angel like something then I also like it. Now go and bring my milk" replied Arnav smiling towards Khushi.

Ratna left from there saying "Manu you were right our chote is going to give us shock after shock. He is asking for milk. Great god milk hater become milk lover in a blink. Its only possible with chote."

Manorma and DSR laughed listening to Ratna.


Whole day went playing with kids. In between this Anuj and Manohar informed the ladies that police gave them permission to take Shashi's and Garima's bodies tomorrow. Listening this elders again went back in sad memories. 

But our Raizada kids enjoyed there sunday without any worries. 

At night (In Anuj& Ratna's room),

Arnav was lying beside khushi and NK was playing with her when Manorma came there.


"NK beta(son) come here its late now you have to sleep now" said Manorma.

"Maa please thodi der ol khelna do na" requested NK. 

Manorma taking him in her arms said "You are saying this from past 1 hour. Now lets go. Akash already slept now you also sleep ok." 

NK turn towards khushi and said "Bye Angel (seeing arnav's angry glare) mela matlb (I mean) Bye khuchi, bye Annav." With that Manorma left with NK.

Arnav taking khushi in his arms started talking with her.

?(Guys again imagine the doll as khushi)

"Angel you know I have a lots of toys. When you will grow up I will bring lots of toys for you also ok. We will play all day with them. You just become big like me soon ok Angel." Khushi make some sound and then laughed. Arnav also smiled seeing his Angel. 

"What my chote is doing with his Angel" asked Anuj entering in the room.

"Your chote is talking with his Angel like she is understading everything which he is saying. And you know Anuj ji our chote also started drinking milk. (Anuj raised his brows asking really) Haa sach m (yes really). And you know why because his Angel like milk so he also like milk from now" said Ratna taking files from Anuj's hand. 

"Very good my boy. I know you will take care of you Angel well" said Anuj taking place beside Arshi.

"Yes Dad I will take care of Angel always" replied Arnav smilingly.

Ratna: "Chote come now I will make you sleep in your room. See your Angel is also sleepy now."

Arnav: "Ok lets go but where will Angel sleep. In room there is only mine and di's bed."

Ratna: "Chote khushi will not sleep in your and Anju's room. She will sleep with me here."

Arnav: "Why she will sleep with you here. Me and di sleep in our room she will also sleep there with me."

Ratna: "Chote she is small na. She can't sleep alone. You and Anju are big therefore you sleep in your room. But just like NK & Akash are small therefore they sleep with there parents so khushi will also sleep with us."

Arnav: "I don't know anything I'm not going anywhere leaving my Angel. She will sleep with me only."

Ratna looked at Anuj for help. Anuj blinked his eyes assuringly and said "chote you want your Angel with you right?(Arnav nodded) ok then Ratna let arnav and khushi sleep with us."

Ratna nodded and said "Now happy chote."

Arnav nodded happily and kissing his Angel's forhead slept beside his Angel.


Ratna and Anuj also slept on either side of bed looking at the cute little friends.


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Oct 11

Arnav's Angel (By Kpoonam) (Thanked: 102 times)

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Ratna looked at Anuj for help. Anuj blinked his eyes assuringly and said "chote you want your Angel with you right?(Arnav nodded) ok then Ratna let arnav and khushi sleep with us."

Ratna nodded and said "Now happy chote."

Arnav nodded happily and kissing his Angel's forhead slept beside his Angel.

Ratna and Anuj also slept on either side of bed looking at the cute little friends.


Next morning,

Ratna and Anuj woke up early and saw their children sleeping looking so cute.


Placing pillow beside khushi Ratna and Anuj left for their morning routine.

After sometime Ratna came in room to make Arnav ready for his school.(Our hero is 1st standerd guys and Anjali is in 3rd standard)

Ratna saw Arnav and khushi are already awake and Arnav is playing with khushi who is lying on his tummy.

Ratna smiled seeing them and said "Chote good you wake up early now get up I will make you ready then I also have to see your Anju di."

"Ready but for what? We are going anywhere?" asked confused Arnav.

Ratna looked at him amused thinking "No he can't be my Chote. My chote wait for Monday because he love to go to school and today he didn't even remember his school."

Hearing a cute giggle she came back from her thinking land and said "Chote today is monday you have your school today. Now hurry up."

Arnav looked at Khushi hearing it and become upset. He doesn't want to go leaving Khushi here so he said making most innocent face in the world "Mom please I don't want to go to school today. Please Mom."

"Now its confirm he is not my son. My chote is saying no to school. No he is not my son" thought Ratna.

"Chote you have to go school beta(son). You can play with your after school also. She will be here only" Ratna said.

"No Mom I'm not going leaving my Angel here. What if she need something or what if that monkey again make my Angel cry. No no no...I will not go anywhere leaving my angel" said Arnav.

"Look who is saying what if my angel need something. He himself need his mother all the time for everything. Great Mata Rani (god)" Ratna thought.

"Chote we all are here for your Angel, you don't worry we will take care of her till you come back from school ok" Ratna tried to convince him.

"Mom I have am idea. I will take Angel with me to school then in this way I don't have to leave Angel here. She will be with me" Arnav said smilingly thinking he gave the best idea

Ratna's jaw dropped listening her Chote's idea.

"Ratna give me that blue file I gave you last night" Anuj said coming inside the room. Seeing Arnav in bed Anuj asked "Hey champ you are not ready yet why?"

"Your son don't want to go school leaving his Angel here and want to go taking her with him to school" said Ratna in compain tone.

"For this small thing you are wasting time here. Chote you want to take khushi with you to school right. (Arnav nodded) ok your Angel will come with you to school. (he blinked to Ratna assuring her who was going to protest) But Chote khushi is so small now how you will handle her there. You will be studing there and she can't sit with you also and there are no beds in school so where you will put khushi you can't carry her in your arms all day right? Your Angel will get afraid there seeing so many children together you remember na how she started crying seeing NK Akki amd Anju together that day (arnav nodded). So it will be good if you leave you Angel here. Your mom, dadi and chachi(aunt) will take care of her then after coming from school you can play with your Angel what say champ?" Anuj explained his stubborn Chote.

After thinking about his father's words Arnav agreed to go to school.

Ratna sighed in relief and thanked Anuj. After getting ready for school Arnav came to Khushi and kissed her cheeks then left for school with Anjali.



Arnav came running inside RM and asked seeing her mother "Mom where is Angel?"

Ratna shaked her head and said " Your Angel is in your Chachi's room. She is playing with nandu(NK) and Akki."

Arnav frowned hearing this "why Angel is playing with that monkey and Akki. She is My Angel she should play with me." He ran from there and entered in his Chachi & Chacha's (Aunt &Uncle) room.

"Chote you came back from school. Why you didn't change your uniform" said Manorma.

"Chachi My Angel" said Arnav ignoring Manorma's question.

Manorma understood that he is here for his Angel so she picked Arnav in her arms and pit him on the bed where NK and Akash were playing with Khushi. Seeing his Angel a smile appeared on Arnav's face and Khushi also laughed throwing her hands towards Arnav.

Arnav taking her hand said "Awww My Angel missed me. Your Arnav also missed you. Now don't worry I will play with you ok." Khushi giggled in response seeing her favourite person after many hours.

Ratna came with Arnav's food and said "Chote come have your lunch then play with your Angel and this is your Angel's milk time also. I have to make drink also."

Arnav taking feeding bottle from tray started feeding khushi and said "Mom I'm feeding my Angel you feed me."

Ratna looked at her son amused then started feeding him.

All day Arnav spent his time with his Angel and at night slept beside her with his parents after kissing her forehead.


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Oct 18

Angel's first word (By Kpoonam) (Thanked: 126 times)

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"Angel say Arnav....say na angel I want to here your beautiful voice. Please say na" requested Arnav to his angel. But his stubborn Angel is only laughing looking at his face. 

"Babies say maa first chote then they learn other words. Khushi's first word also will be maa just like you" said Ratna smiling.

Arnav frowned listening this and said "Maa you don't know anything. She is my Angel so she will take my name first then other words. My first word was Maa because I was your Chote. But she is My Angel so she will take my name." (Wahh what an explanation)

Ratna looked at her son wide eyed and others laughed at their chote's BIG explanation.

"BTW Chote is not wrong Ratna. His expalantion is right. You should think about it. My business man beta(son)" Anuj said laughing. 

Ratna glared at Anuj and he laughed more teasing her.

Then a cute little girl and a boy of 4-5 years came running in the hall screaming "Arniee Arniee where are you?"

Arnav turned towards the voice and saw his classmate Riya and Rohan. He got excited seeing his friends and in excitement ran towards his friends leaving poor khushi behind.

"Riya..Rohan you came early I thought you will come tomorrow" Said arnav in very excited voice. 

All the elders look towards the children then DSR asked "Chote won't you introduce your friends to us. Who are they?"

Arnav smiled sheepishly and said "Dadi he is Rohan my friend and she is...."

"Arniee's friend Riya" Riya said holding Arnav's arm cutting him.

"Are budhu let me introduce ok" Arnav said to her and continued "Rohan Riya she is my Dadi...she is my Mom and she is Chachi and he is my Dad and he is Chachu."

Riya & Rohan said Namste to all in unison. Then Riya said clapping her hands "Actually we came here today and now we are neighbours. Now we can play all day Arniee."  Arnav nodded happily and become busy with his friends but nobody thought about a poor soul who was watching this scene from starting and boiling in anger by seeing her Arnav not giving her attention.

None other than our poor Khushi was thinking sitting alone on sofa "why My Arnav is not looking at me. He always kept saying he is My Arnav then why is he with them. He is My Arnav he should give attention to me. And why that girl is saying My Arnav as her Arniee. He is mine. I have to do something but what can I do with these small hands and legs. Wait I should use my super weapon."

Then Raizada Mansion heard a cry not a cry Khushi's cry(she have only this as her weapon guys).

Listening her cries our hero ran towards her and taking her in his arms started pacifying her "Awww my Angel don't cry. Please don't cry. You know na I can't see you crying. Please stop crying. I'm here na then why are you crying." 

(khushi in mind- " You left me na. See now I will not stop crying. You have to see me crying all day") 

As if listening to her thoughts Arnav said " I left you here seeing my friends therefore you are angry on me right my Angel? I'm sorry Angel I'm sorry I promise I will never leave you for anyone or anything but please stop crying. I'm your Arnav na for me don't cry." Saying this he also had tears in his eyes. 

Seeing Arnav's tears khushi stopped crying and moved her hands towards his eyes indicating to wipe his tears.

And said something shocking "Anhhiee"

Arnav looked towards his Angel shocked and said "What? What you said Angel. Sorry I didn't heared it clearly please say one more time please."

"Anhhiee" Khushi said laughing moving her hands in air. "Aww once again my Angel say it again" Arnav requested.

"Anhhiee" Khushi again said making Arnav dance on cloud 9.

Arnav turned towards his family and said "Mom Dad Dadi my Angel spoke my name for first time." He had happy tears in his eyes. He kissed his Angel many times and khushi giggled everytime he kissed her.

All the elders looked at them in aww. Manorma said "Our chote was right indeed Khushi is only His Angel. She spoke her first word Arniee."

All smiled and blessed them in their hearts. And our Arshi forgot everything around them lost in their ocean of happiness.


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Nov 29

Sorry friends (By Kpoonam) (Thanked: 39 times)

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