Compatability - beyond that Arshiff

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Sep 16

Compatability - beyond that Arshiff (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 15 times)

Plz ignore the typing/grammerical mistakes

Compatability - beyond that Arshiff


ASR/chote/arnav - most powerful, rude, attitude, has so much anger issues , speak very less, reserved, dominant only show emotion to extreme level what ever it is angry/sad/happy/love/hate.

His family consist of nani, mami, mama, own elder sister anjali, her husband shyam, cousins akash and nk (sons of mama & mami)

Kushi - liveliness,cold,clam, mature has so much self respect, speak a lot and clumsy when ever thinking/planning/nervous.

Her family consist of a father, mother, sister and aunt

Each one of the characters has their importance and other characters and characters mentalities will be explained in further updates

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Sep 16

Compatability - beyond that (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 14 times)

Proper character sketch

Please ignore the typing/grammatical mistakes  

ASR/chote/arnav - most powerful, rude, attitude, has so much anger issues , speak very less, reserved, dominant only show emotion to extreme level whatever it is angry/sad/happy/love/hate.

Owns a fashion firm AAAN & CEO of Raizada Group of Companies only from past one year.

AGE 26

Nani – sweetest supports right and strict when it comes to family and wants her family should all ways remain united. She was M.D of Raizada Group of Companies in family matters whatever she decide is ultimate no one can change it.

Mama – Mama always in jovial mood supports his mother and M.D of Raizada Group of Companies.

Mami – Mami good at heart but think money will rule the world and all ways think rule the house.

Akash- support his brother in all the decisions and loves his brother immensely trust his brother blindly.

His nature is clam composed and never ever rises his voice against his brother

Age 24 just done with MBA

NK – Supports his brothers, funny, jovial, kind when it comes his brothers he will not listen any word against them

Age 22 just done with B.Arch

Anjali – eldest of all love her brothers immensely and her husband trust him blindly and can’t tolerate a word against her Chote house wife lives with Raizads every one know her as AR popular

AGE – 28 finished her married for 2 years

Shyam – shyam jha famous as SJ criminal lawyer Married to Anjali

AGE – 30

Raizads live in Delhi


Khushi - liveliness, cold, clam, mature has so much self-respect, speak a lot and clumsy whenever thinking/planning/nervous.

AGE 21 finished her (branch career everything will be known in further updates)

SHASHI Gupta - Father of Payal and Khushi loves them immensely little more to Khushi his day starts with her and end with her caring father and owns a chain of sweet shops.

Garima - Mother of Payal and Khushi loves them immensely and wife of Shashi. Never questions or argue with Shashi when it comes to khushi. Housewife

Payal – loves her parents and sister immensely can’t tolerate a word against her sister has less friends obedient and mature girl

Age 22 just finished her B.Arch

Madhumati – sister of Shashi gupta lives with them helps him with chain of sweet shops and loves her family immensely

Gupta’s live in Lucknow and are famous

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Sep 17

Compatibility - beyond that Chapter one (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 22 times)

Chapter one

Gupta residency

Wedding preparations are going on full swing

All the guest were get ready for wedding which is going to take place in next 4 hours’ time

A lady in early twenties walking to and fro with sweating and tensed face receiving a call just run towards entrance with high speed before anyone can stop or ask here she vanished from the sighted with her bike racing towards outskirts of the city

After 4 hours

KHUSHI…. Where are you? All the members of Gupta Family are pacing to and fro in the hall with no news of Khushi only Gupta Family is present all the guest left already

Just then he receives a call and he switch on news channel and stop on particular channel and now everyone eyes are watching the news footage which is be show with tagline finally love interest of ASR is revealed in his first show in India Lucknow Sheeshmahal we can see how gently and tenderly he catch her before she touch the ground he reached her within a second she is in his arms and how she wounded her arms around his neck and buried her face in his chest the anchor was going on but nothing is getting registered in the mind of Gupta family and all they could see is Khushi is the Girl in the arms of ASR and with shock everyone sat on the sofa.

All were too numb to consume the news after what felt eternity 

Shashi voiced his thoughts “Now how is she going reach home I will go and get her which would be safe.”

All just nodded and Shashi left to Sheeshmahal with all kinds of thoughts running in his minds

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Sep 18

Compatibility - beyond that Chapter two (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 18 times)

Please ignore the typing/grammatical mistakes

Chapter two

A man in his early twenties run into the house and shouts Nani and runs to switch on the T.V and he keep switching the channels until he find that particular one.

By hearing his shout everyone present in the house reaches there and gives a confused looks to each other’s by seeing his actions.

Before they could ask him the footage is running on the screen everyone eyes are glued to it.

Nani has just reached their only to witness channel showing the footage of a lady in the arms of her grandson with tag line finally love interest of ASR is revealed in his first show in India Lucknow Sheeshmahal

By now everyone in the house to saw the footage and every one worried about Nani’s reaction with different thought running in their mind.

Nani just switch off the T.V and sits in one of sofa lost in thoughts

Akash – Nani

Nani comes out of her thoughts and ask NK who you knew about the news

NK – I received call from one of my friends who called me to know is it true and said me that it was being telecasted past one and half hour as soon as I got to know I reached here to the footage myself and let u all know what has happened

Nani just listen to his side of the story and analyze the gravity of the situation. And says call Arnav immediately. By listening Arnav only others got to know she is really hell angry with Arnav as she always address him as chote only.

Anjali – Nani don’t jump into any conclusion listen to chote once

Nani didn’t say anything just shouted call him immediately

Akash was trying to reach Arnav by mobile but it not connecting he conveyed same to Nani

By listening this Nani shouted call Aman

Akash and NK are trying to reach Arnav but they couldn’t

Anjali was worried and praying to god

Shyam was thinking what have you done Arnav and where are you?

Gupta residency

Shashi reach home without Kushi everyone are worried by seeing Shashi everyone rushed to him and showered him with questions he didn’t replay any of them just came and sat on sofa and starts to cry by shouting I have lost her and he turns hysteretic

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Sep 19

Compatibility - beyond that Chapter three (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 15 times)

Gupta residency

All Gupta’s somehow cool Shashi and encourage him to say what happened what he mean by lost Khushi he again get teary eye but controls and says that he was half way to Sheeshmahal and roads were blocked due to show resulted traffic jam then he spotted Khushi who was running with tears then he saw someone caught here and showed her to black car and left immediately Shashi lost the black car he couldn’t trace it due traffic jam and again he started to cry and now every member also started cry their minds were to numb to think anything

Raizada Mansion

Akash receive a call from Aman stating ASR is not with him and he doesn’t have any idea about him he sounded worried

Now everyone in family are worried

Akash was trying and trying to get to him but it was switch off

Half an hour later

A car stops in front of Mansion everyone get alert and Akash and NK run to doorway only to get shocked to see Arnav walking towards them in lost thoughts

Arnav didn’t notice them walk past them and got into hall everyone were shocked he walk past everyone reach stairs to reach his room

Akash and NK runs back to the hall and everyone get out their shocked state

Nani shouts – ARNAV…… everyone are worried for Arnav

Arnav still and turns back and reply in clam tone – Ha nani

Nani was fuming Care to explain what the hell was it? Is it true?

Arnav - It was my show nani what is there to explain? What is true I didn’t get you? (Clam tone)

Nani – don’t act smart with me I know it’s your show I am asking about her

Arnav – HER who?

Nani was irritated so just switch on the T.V their still footage was running with same tagline now

Arnav was shocked and was boiling in anger

Everyone were observing his expressions

Nani – now care to explain

Arnav – I don’t know her


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Sep 22

Compatibility - beyond that Chapter four (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 12 times)

Please ignore the typing/grammatical mistakes

Chapter four

Raizada Mansion

Nani signed (cools down) – details Chote

Arnav – I don’t know anything about her she is showstopper of my Fashion show arranged by Aman

Nani – okay then what made you to carry her in your arms

Arnav – nothing

Nani – chote media

Arnav – I don’t even know what media was telecasting and I don’t give any dam to them

Nani – chote it’s not about you it about her

Arnav – Nani I already said you I don’t know her

Nani – it effect’s her family also chote

Arnav already left

Nani turns to face everyone now everyone one was worried for that unknown girl

Everyone settle in hall gets into thinking

Gupta residency

Shashi recovers and say to everyone he will go to police station Garima and Madhumathi accompanies him

They left Payal in case if Khushi gets back to home

One road

Aman worried calls ASR not reachable and he decide something and he places a lady in early twenties at back seat of his car and starts his car towards Delhi thinking what would be reaction of ASR

Raizada Mansion

Nani – I think we have to take care of thinking chote is not understanding reality of this things

Everyone just nods

Manohar – yes amma it about the safety of the girl

Mami – ha sasuma the girl in the video seems innocent

Anjali - ha Nani we have to do something

Nani – Akash call Ayaan and had over it to me

Akash – ha Nani

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Oct 6

Compatibility - beyond that Chapter five (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 23 times)

Please ignore the typing/grammatical mistakes

Chapter five

Raizada Mansion

Nani - Ayaan

Ayaan - Yes mam

Nani - it's about AAAN

Ayaan - orders mam

Nani - I don't want any channels showing videos or taglines

Ayaan - anything else mam

Nani - trace her

Ayaan - okay mam

Nani - Ayaan only particulars of her should be wiped not about the show and its success

Ayaan - okay mam

Nani - report to me or Manohar

Ayaan - okay mam

Nani cuts the call and hands over the phone to Akash

Nani says she will handle the matter and tells everyone to return to their rooms as it's already late

Nani - Akash go straight to your room don't bother him we will see tomorrow let him sleep

Akash - okay Nani

Everyone return to their rooms

Nani's room

Nani was pacing to and fro Manohar walks in and makes her sit with him on bed

Manohar - amma why are you so tensed

Nani - I think she is she

Manohar - amma how can you say so

Nani - I have a strong feeling

Manohar - then it's great amma

Nani - Manohar it not easy we know what she brings along

Manohar - amma whatever it maybe we know that now we are strong enough to survive anything

Nani - Manohar if he finds it

Manohar - amma leave all that u just sleep we will talk tomorrow about it make her lay down and leave to his room to find a sleeping Manorama he also join her with thoughts related to past and future

Akash though ordered by Nani peep into Arnav's room only to find him lost in thoughts and left to his room as he felt it is wrong time to but in and trouble his brother as he seemed lost and tired

Nk's room

Nk thinks it’s best he rest for now tomorrow he can question Akash about his big brother girlfriend as he fears about Arnav

Anjali's room

Anjali sits in bed and lost in thoughts related to her chote

Shyam - Anjali let's take rest we will comfort him we will leave him only when he will confess every single detail to us okay

Anjali - okay let's sleep

They lay down with different thoughts running around and tries to get sleep

Arnav's room

Unaware of all the things around him he is lost in thoughts of her the one who is responsible for all the things happening to him

Aman reaches Delhi again he tries ASR no. Same response as he don't know what to do calls Akash for help

On call

Akash - hello Aman

Aman - Akash any news regarding ASR

Akash - Aman he reached 3 hours back

Aman - what thank god

Akash - all okay Aman you seemed tensed

Aman - Akash could you please pass phone to ASR it's really urgent Akash and I was trying his phone from past three hours

Akash - what's the matter?

Aman - I can't share it with you

Akash - okay wait I will try what all I can do

Akash rushes to Arnav’s room

Akash – Bhai

Arnav is still lost didn’t listen to Akash

Akash now says little loudly nearing Arnav

Arnav comes back to his senses – What the Akash

Akash –Bhai Aman has some urgent issue to discuss with you he is online

Arnav nods and grabs phone from Akash and move to poolside

Arnav – Aman what is it?

Aman – ASR its Khushi….

Arnav - what happened to her?

Aman - I can't explain in phone

Arnav - Okay why did you call Akash? 

Aman - ASR your phone is not reached I had been trying since you left

Arnav - Okay i will call you from my mobile 

Aman - Okay ASR it's really urgent waiting for your instructions

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Oct 10

Compatibility - beyond that Chapter six (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 35 times)

Please ignore the typing/grammatical mistakes

Chapter six

Raizada Mansion

Arnav's room

Arnav returns to room and hands Akash his phone and says ok Akash good night though

Arnav tries to mask his worried look Akash notices his worry but chooses to keep quiet and thinks to speak tomorrow and nods his head to Arnav and leaves to his room

Arnav searches everywhere to find his phone lastly he finds it in his coat pocket and he realize it was switch off he quickly switch it on and dials to Aman 

Aman picks it up in first ring

Arnav - Aman what happened to her don't beat around the bush come to the point

Aman - she is unconscious

Arnav - what the where are you where is she

Aman - we are on the way to Delhi she is with me

Arnav - ok take her to my farmhouse I will reach there with doctor

Aman - ok ASR

Arnav grab his car keys and heads towards farmhouse while driving he calls his family doctor and inform her about the situation and orders her to reach farmhouse as soon as possible and he races his car in the direction of farm house


Police station

Shashi along with Garima and Madhumati reaches police station and explain everything what he saw on the road and request police to register the case and police files a kidnap case and inquires Shashi about his Rivals and who could kidnap Khushi Shashi blames Siddharth Khurana is responsible

Police inspector - why do you think Siddharth is responsible?

Shashi - because she knows something about him and said to us that she will explain once we meet and made us cancel the wedding

Police inspector - which wedding

Shashi - we were supposed to marry our elder daughter Payal to Siddharth in two hours but Khushi called me and said to cancel the wedding as she got some strong evidence related to Siddharth

Police inspector - ok we will look into this matter and let you know please be available on and don't leave this town and let us know if any ransom call has come anyways we would tap your calls for our enquiry

Shashi - ok

Police inspector - you may leave will contact you if we get any information regarding her

Shashi along with Madhumati and Garima leave to Gupta residence


Raizada farmhouse

Aman along with Khushi reaches farmhouse and wait for Arnav or doctor to reach within few minutes Arnav reach there and see Khushi lying unconscious in backseat of Aman car Arnav quickly lifts Khushi and goes inside the farmhouse with the help of Aman Arnav places Khushi on bed

Arnav - Aman how did this happen

Before Aman could open his mouth doctor reaches there

Doctor - I need to check her

Aman and Arnav leave to living room while doctor checking Khushi

Aman - ASR while you left from there media surrounded Khushi and spoke some rubbish regarding you both and ask some personal questions regarding your relationship with her Khushi couldn't handle them I was sorting them out she walked out of it with tears and was walking aimlessly I followed her I saw someone  dragging her into the car and escaped I followed them and fought with them rescued her she was unconscious from then I tried reaching you but your phone was not reachable so I thought its best to bring her here Delhi that's all I know ASR


Doctor comes out and says she was drugged that’s why she was unconscious and will come to consciousness in two hours.

Arnav - okay doctor any other issues.

Doctor - by her condition I would suggest make sure she has something and I have prescribed a couple of medicines for her strength as drug they used is really dangerous for her

(By seeing worried look on ASR face) nothing to worry about just make sure she has everything timely and fruits should be included she will recover soon she will take time to walk so take care of her and make her rest

Arnav - okay doctor I will make sure of it

Aman sends her off

Arnav thinks who could have done this and what was their motive behind this and think I have to protect her at any cost and thinks to discuss with Aman

Arnav - Aman who do you think attacked her did you get any clue regarding them

Aman - I don't know who they were and at that time Khushi was my priority so didn't look for clues

Arnav - okay we have to safeguard her

What about the mess created by the media and her family would be worried about her?

Aman - I will find out ASR

Arnav - okay destroy evidences regarding you and Khushi no one should know she is here it best for her safety

Aman - okay ASR

Arnav - hire professional detectives and find out who are behind this

Aman - Okay ASR I will get the medicines 

Arnav – Okay

Aman leaves to medical shop and returns only to witness Arnav was caressing Khushi's hair with love and affection

Arnav – (sees Aman) keep it there you may leave now it’s quite late

Aman – ASR will you come out

Arnav walks to Aman

Aman - it not safe so I would stay here till morning and once everything taken care off I will return

Arnav – okay Aman use the other room downstairs

Aman - Okay ASR good night see you tomorrow morning and leaves to downstairs


Gupta residency

Shashi along with Garima and Madhumati reaches home with hope Khushi would comeback

Payal by seeing them rushes to Shashi and ask babuji did you get to know about Khushi

As soon as they saw Payal their hopes were scattered and Garima hugs Payal and explain what all happened in police station and ask do you suspect any other than Siddharth Payal was lost in thoughts Garima shakes her asks her again do you suspect any other are they any one teasing Khushi who we don’t know

Payal - no one I don’t know any such things amma Khushi would definitely would have told me if they were any such things

All with different thoughts retires to their rooms.


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Oct 11

Compatibility - beyond that Chapter seven (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 29 times)

Please ignore the typing/grammatical mistakes

*italics flashback

Chapter seven

Raizada farmhouse

Arnav’s room

After Aman left I resumed caressing Khushi and lost in her thoughts

How everything was perfect before the show how happy she was how her Eyes beamed with happiness

Flashback starts

Three months ago

Aman knocked on the door

Arnav - come in (shouts)

Aman hesitatingly with worried face walks into the cabin

Aman - ASR we have to leave to Lucknow immediately for Minister meeting

Arnav what the AMAN

Aman - I tried my best ASR they are not ready to compromise they want to meet you and finalize the deal

Arnav thinks for few seconds

Arnav - Aman you gonna accompany me will start in half an hour by chopper get it ready and study the details and mail me the details and prepare for the presentation you get only 30 minutes for everything

Aman - okay ASR

Arnav and Aman lands at Lucknow airport

Aman - ASR the car is waiting at pick up point

Arnav walks towards exit followed by Aman Aman and Arnav are stuck in traffic near the meeting spot so driver advices to walk as it is one way and if they go by other vehicle it takes longer time

Arnav starts to walk towards the meeting spot followed by Aman and bodyguards

A lady in her early twenties bumps into Arnav and without even sparing a glance towards him rushes to the other side where there were old people struggling to cross the road she helps them to cross the road.

Arnav who was shocked with bump stumbles and somehow manage to stable only to get angry that his suit was completely wet with the sticky liquid and tries to spot the lady responsible for it but could not as there was traffic jam

Aman see this and rushes to Arnav

Aman - ASR we are getting late I will trace her

Arnav - do that Aman arrange a room and suit immediately

Aman - sure ASR

This way sir we reached the places and points towards the hotel where the meeting was planned and Aman rushes to arrange the room and suit and before Arnav reaches Aman showed him a room and hands him a towel.

Aman - ASR suit is on the way it takes 5 mins

Arnav (his mood is totally spoiled) - trace her Aman by the end of the meeting I want to see her face.

Aman - okay sir

Arnav heads towards the meeting

There the lady realizes her mistake and tries to rectify it but she could not find them by asking others she reaches hotel knows he left for a meet as she has to live somewhere urgently hands a bouquet with a note stating handover only to him personally  

But Aman who was busy with phone misses her

Arnav quickly finishes meeting stating that he is more than interested to sponsor the old age home renovation project and once he would life to visit and check the site then final agreement would be done

Arnav reaches his room in hotel just then Aman walk in (scared)

Arnav was in good mood as deal got done and happy that what he was trying to do for his mother is in last step.

So he totally forgot about that incident

Arnav – Aman we have to check the site tomorrow early morning without any one knowing that we are the sponsors who came for checking and arrange everything for the visit.

Aman – Okay ASR

Aman was in thoughts whether to say that he was unable to trace her or not

Arnav notices he was still there says you may leave now Aman

Aman quickly leaves from there thinking it’s best to shut his mouth now not to ruin his mood and thinks I have to trace her.

After Aman left hotel staff knocks the door thinking its Aman

Arnav – Come in

Hotel staff enters the room with bouquet and note

Hotel staff – it’s from visitor sir she has ordered to personally hand over it to you and she left a note for you sir and hand over it to Arnav

Arnav accepts it and dismisses staff stating no one should disturb him and locks his room

Arnav decides to fresh up and quickly go for a shower and returns to bed as he has to attend early morning conference and visit also so he quickly calls his Nani stating he is in Lucknow for a urgent meeting and return once it’s done though Naniji doesn’t like his staying Lucknow stats come fast and ends the call so Arnav mood was to good has Nani doesn’t make any fuss about his visit to Lucknow.

He was about to switch off the lights he notice the bouquet and note

He quickly pics the note with little curiosity who it could be

To gentleman whom I bumped into

Sorry I am really sorry I was really scared about my grandparents who were at the other end trying to cross the road so without thinking anything I turned only to bump into you but you were gentleman and such a kind person left from their without shouting and making a scene their thank you for understanding and I am extremely sorry for ruining your suit but believe me I really don’t know you were behind me thankyou nobleman. I know I have to personally apologies to you for my act but I have to leave my grandparents are waiting for me. As you are already such an amazing person you would forgive me by accepting these flowers please, please, pretty please  

Your bumper


As Arnav was really in his best mood he chuckles reading note loudly rereading gentleman and nobleman again and again

And sleeps with smile on his face

Flashback ends

Slight smile plays on his lips by remembering their first meet

Raizada farmhouse

Aman was rechecking every way to enter into farmhouse and calls for extra security ensuring safety and he also order his men to destroys his trail and evidences that he was there in Lucknow and inquire about the news and media he was informed that news was take care of Ayaan

Aman was thinking who could be doing it and what could be the possible reason to kidnap Khushi and he orders to find the top class sophisticated and professional and low key detectives by morning 

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Oct 12

Compatibility - beyond that Chapter eight (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 41 times)

Please ignore the typing/grammatical mistakes

Chapter eight

At same time when Arnav was Lost in thoughts of his first meeting

Gupta residence

Shashi and Garima room

Shashi - I am really worried about her

Garima - don't worry nothing will happen to her she will be safe police will definitely catch them though Garima was trying to sound strong her voiced failed

Shashi - you are poor at acting so don't even try say me what is worrying you more than her safety

Garima about to say something but Shashi cuts her saying now don't say nothing I know you better than anyone when worry is shared pain subsidies

By listening to it Garima lost in thoughts whether to share her inner turmoil or not

Shashi shakes her and frowns looking straight into her eyes after few seconds of silence Garima decides to break the silence

Garima - I am afraid it’s them they found her

Shashi shakes with the mere thought itself imagining them knowing the truth - GARIMA (loudly) that chapter closed for ever why did you think its them there is no possibility stop your ridiculous thinking and check on payal it was long day for her we were so much into Khushi that we forgot her marriage broke down she was so into that good for nothing Siddharth so you be with her I will check on jiji though Garima notice his shivering form decides to leave the matter for now and leaves to payal's room think whatever Shashi said do had a point she should not neglect her one daughter for other daughter left a visibly shaken Shashi behind after while thinking about the possibility Shashi mutters to himself - no the is no possibility for them to find her after all it was years ago and rules out it could be them and leaves to check on madhumati

Madhumathi's room

Madhumathi was in her own land failed to notice the horror expression on Shashi's face

Police station

Inspector orders his staff to look into the case with seriousness as Shashi was reputed and well known person for Lucknow and splits his team into three different sub team consisting three each and assigns them different tasks such as collecting background information, lifestyle details and lastly phone records and disperse them

Raizada mansion

Akash accidentally happens to see Arnav rushing out of the mansion with car keys

And extremely worried about Arnav behavior and what would be Naniji reaction for it with these thoughts he twist and toss trying to get some sleep as it gone be a long day tomorrow and should support his bhai at any cost

And some other person also see Arnav rushing or to say plunge towards the entrance with car keys followed by the noise made by the car zooming out of the gates of the mansion with high speed

Hoping should not get into any other deep trouble where even he cannot save him left from their to his room without drawing any attention from onlookers if there were any


Gupta residence

Madhumathi's room

Shashi loudly signs making madhumati come out of her thoughts and looks hopefully - any news about the titaliya

Shashi - no jiji

Madhumathi - then why are you here you must be with Garima na

Shashi - she is taking care of payal

Madhumathi nods her head thinking about Khushi she was really unfair with payal and left her deal all alone and then notices Shashi clearly that he was really stressed about something - Shashi nothing will happen to our titaliya

Shashi - I worried about what Garima said

Madhumathi - what did she say?

Shashi - she suspects it could be them behind our Khushi

Madhumathi - No it can't be don't even let that thought cross your minds though she herself share same thoughts similar to Garima dismiss the possibility for it as she have noticed how shaken her brother from inside

Shashi - even I told her same jiji feeling relieved

Madhumathi - now you have to sleep we have to go police station tomorrow morning

Shashi - Haa jiji and leaves from their light hearted to his room

Though worried about his Khushi decides to sleep as tomorrow gonna be a long day

Madhumathi's room

Madhumathi also lays down thinking about the possibility of them finding their Khushi and what would be the reason after such a long term

Payal's room

Garima enters into payal room only to witness her daughter break down sitting on the bed resting her head on the knees and crying sound barely audible

Garima cursing herself for not standing with her rushes to payal

Payal gets startled by the intrusion but seeing her mother holding her cries more hiccupping in between and mumble why it has to be her what did she lack that Siddharth went behind my back and no if he is responsible for Khushi state then I would never ever forgive him mumma Khushi

Garima has tears in her eyes has nothing to say but she have to calm her down it's not good for her health and even her condition is not good either so she tightly hugs trying to smooth en her by mumbling sweet nothing to her let her cry for some time and make her lay down and slips beside her and by patting her makes her sleep with great difficulty

Raizada farm house

Arnav who was caressing her feel some movements in her like she was trying to get conscious

Arnav quickly shifts little away from her not to freak her out

Khushi weakly opens her eyes and blinks several times to adjust to surroundings

Arnav patiently waits her be normal

Khushi while adjusting with environment relive that moment where she was shouting for help and someone placed a kerchief than everything blank she panics that it could be them and try to get up but fails miserably

By seeing her struggle Arnav decides to intervine

And holds her hand to make her get up that's it Khushi freaks out shouting loudly LEAVE ME LEAVE ME LEAVE ME

Arnav instantly leaves her hand backs off with shock

By hearing her shout Aman rushes there

Aman - ASR are you safe and Khushi what happened to her

Arnav comes out of shock and says with composed tone Khushi may Arnav your Arnavji

Khushi clams little and see it was indeed Arnav and finally after 8 long hours utters Arnavji and forwards her hands towards him indicating him to come near her

Aman sensing no harm returns down stairs

Arnav quickly catch her arms and Khushi drag him towards her making him fall on her but Arnav quickly manage his weight not to burden her

Spurs himself making Khushi above him

Khushi hugs him cries her heart out.


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