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Oct 17

Compatibility - beyond that Chapter nine (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 50 times)

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Chapter nine

Raizada guest house

Arnav and Khushi room

Arnav let her cry for some time

Arnav - shh Khushi now I am here don't panic nothing will happen to you till I am with you

Khushi just nods her head within hug

Arnav tries to come out of hug but Khushi doesn't allow

Arnav - Khushi you have to take your medicines let me get it

Khushi reluctantly move from him he gets up

Arnav - will be back in a minute Khushi let me get something to eat

But Khushi quickly holds his hand and nods her head not to go Arnav tries to free himself but sees Khushi face which has expression like she would cry any moment

Arnav quickly says okay let me call Aman

On call

Aman - ASR

Arnav - Aman get something to eat for Khushi she has to take medicines

Aman - okay ASR

Arnav and Khushi stayed silent one tired other making him believe she is fine

After 10 mins Aman enters in with a glass of milk and fruits which he brought while returning from medical store

Khushi doesn't even look Aman she hides herself and visibly shiver

Arnav notice change in Khushi

Arnav - okay Aman good night

Khushi didn't even pay attention what Arnav was saying just kept shivering by closing her eyes tightly

Aman just look Khushi once silently leaves from there

As soon as Aman left

Arnav - Khushi tum theek ho (are you fine)

But still Khushi was shivering

Arnav sits beside her and takes her hand which was holding him tightly in his hands and caresses gently trying to make her feel better

After some time

Khushi becomes normal

Arnav decides not to probe about it more he would discuss with doctor and makes a mental note to talk with doctor tomorrow morning as it is really late

Arnav fed her fruits she ate without commenting and then he made her drink milk she silently drank by pouting but did play any tricks

Making Arnav worry with her unusual behavior

Arnav gave her medicines she just gulped them quickly again making Arnav shocked

He make her lay down on bed and started stroking with lots of love making her slip into peaceful stumble (effect of medicine) and he plants a promising kiss on her forehead that nothing would touch her and he will be there for her always

And continued stroking her and staring her with content that she is with him safe and sound and doses off in the same position


Aman could not be able to handle himself after seeing Khushi he started blaming himself and thought this all happened because of his foolish idea and here she was suffering for that and thinks no matter whatever happens he will always be there for her

He double checked everything inside and gets out to check outside security and instruct them and gets in carefully and locks the door from inside and leave to his room but he could not get a wink extremely worried about Khushi's safety

Midnight Raizada mansion

A person restless moves in sleep and gets up by shouting chote with sweat all over the body it takes few minutes to realize it was just a nightmare but still it has a great impact on the thoughts

chote this is not going to happen I will take care that they would never reach to reach you they have to cross me still I am alive they could never touch you

Person clams and drink some water and thinks I have to discuss everything or else they would get successful and I won't let that happen at any cost

Decides tomorrow morning first thing I should discuss

And lays down trying to get some sleep

Raizada guest house

Arnav and Khushi room

Arnav's sleep gets disturbed feeling someone was shouting his name still with closed eyes he try to stroke Khushi but he did not feel anything gets panicked not finding Khushi and searches here and there only to see Khushi was about to fall down he quickly climbs the bed and reaches her before she touches ground

He saves her from falling but with impact he falls on bed by taking her along which make the bed to break down with shrill sound as it was midnight the sound had double impact making Aman to run towards their room

Aman enters they only to witness Khushi unconscious in awkward position with Arnav struck in bed

Aman wanted to know what happened there but kept quite as they were alright which was important at this moment

Aman helps Arnav to get up and come of the bed

Aman - ASR shift to downstairs it would be best

Arnav quickly lifts Khushi carefully and carry her down stairs with Aman directing

Arnav places Khushi carefully on bed and covers her with blanket

Aman gets a glass of water

Meanwhile Arnav pats Khushi's cheeks but Khushi doesn't move

Then Arnav sprinkle water Khushi gets conscious slowly but as soon as she notice new surroundings she panics and shivers

Arnav - shouts Khushi

Then only she see Arnav and tries to get up to hug him but could not as she was still week by seeing this Arnav moves towards her Khushi hugs him feeling safe

Aman as soon as Khushi got consciousness leaves from their as he still remembers what had happened little while back by seeing him

Arnav makes her sleep without asking anything and slides besides her patting and drifts back into sleep

Next day early hours

Raizada mansion

Nani wake up and refresh herself moves towards Pooja room and quickly offers prayer and heads towards kitchen  and witness HP was about to start his daily routine and ask him to make a strong coffee and left to sitting area (living room)

After some time HP hands Naniji her coffee along with news papers

While sipping coffee she was going through the newspapers one by one as soon as she picks up the last one she shouts loudly CHOTE

By her shout everyone in mansion who were sleeping runs towards the living room even all servants reach their in no time

Everyone relaxes seeing their Naniji was fine

Anjali was first one to speak

Anjali - Naniji what happened why are you shouting

Nani just scans everyone and utters - chote

Now everyone notices that Arnav was not present in living room

Nk - Naniji I will check him and come and rush to his Bhai’s room

Akash now curses himself how could he sleep till now and whether to say that Arnav is not here he thinks it better if he says anyways they will get to know

Akash - Naniji Arnav before he finishes Nk comes running

Nk Naniji nrnav room may nahi hai (he is not present in his room)

Nani panics and worried lines form on her face

Manohar see this and reaches her sits beside her and grabs her hands and silently ensure her with his eyes

Shyam, Nk, Mami, Akash were confused about the behavior of Manohar and Nani

Anjali panics but composes quickly and says he would have left for jogging


To be continued

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Dec 12

Compatibility - beyond that Chapter ten (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 41 times)

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Chapter ten

Raizada mansion

living room

By seeing the condition of nani Aakash decides not to disclose that Arnav was not in Raizada mansion

While everyone were busy in consoling naniji Akash slips and calls Arnav

Raizada guest house

Arnav and Khushi room

Arnav sleep gets disturbed with continuous sound made by the phone he quickly picks up the phone not to disturb Khushi's sleep and glance at her she was sleeping peacefully in his arms fisting lapels of his shirt near his chest he heard someone was shouting and quietly frees himself and walked little away from her

On call

Akash - bhai bhai where are you

Arnav - Akash (with frustration) why are you shouting

Akash - bhai nani

Arnav - now what happened?

Akash - I don't know anything bhai but naniji is worried she is asking about you

Arnav - handle it Akash (glancing Khushi) it's really important needs my attention and presence

Akash - bhai it is out of anyone's hand we have never seen her like this before

Arnav - where are you?

Akash - bhai come fast until she see you she wouldn't be clam she was shouting for you and everyone are at living room they got to know you were not in your room and Di was trying to console naniji that you went jogging (without waiting for Arnav to speak he was just go on speaking)

Arnav - Akash (little loudly) by glancing at Khushi I would be there in 20 mins until that manage

Akash - okay

Arnav - keep me updated what all happening there

Akash - yes bhai

And ends call

Raizada mansion

Living room

Akash goes back into living room

Where everyone sat down waiting for Arnav to get back from jogging that's what everyone believes apart from two one was Akash who somewhat cool that Arnav would be back in 20 mins as promised and other one was praying that Arnav would be safe and get back soon where ever he might be

Mami and mama were either side of Nani calming her down

Mama was silently giving her strength

Akash joined anjali, NK and shyam who were trying to understand what was it making Nani restless

Raizada guest house

Arnav and Khushi room

Arnav walks towards Khushi

She was still in deep sleep in her typical style he admire her and quickly place a kiss on her forehead covering her with quilt and grabbing his keys carefully walks out of the room only to find Aman was sitting and thinking something deeply he was so lost that he did not notice Arnav

Arnav walks towards Aman and shook him

Aman gets back into senses and panics before Aman ask him anything

Arnav - Khushi is fine she is sleeping

Aman calms himself then again with confusion watch Arnav and again before he could question

Arnav - Akash has called I have to go to Raizada mansion apparently nani condition is not good

Aman assures Arnav he would take care of Khushi - Khushi is my responsibility but try to get back here as soon as possible with hesitation you would have noticed yesterday night how she reacted

Arnav know exactly what Aman was trying to say

Cuts him in middle - I have to go it's really important or else you know what Khushi is for me out of all I trust you the most with her no other if anything happens just call me I would be back as soon as possible without waiting for Aman's reply Arnav dashed towards his car and racked his car towards Raizada mansion leaving Aman puzzled

Raizada mansion

living room

Anjali - naniji chote would be back in minutes

Trying to console not knowing why she was behaving weirdly from yesterday

Shyam - haa naniji clam down he can take care of himself

Seeing nani was not paying any attention they sat silently watching each other faces

Knock disturbs the silence

Akash thinking it would be Arnav rushes towards door stating that he would see indeed it was Arnav

Arnav assures Akash with his eyes and walk past him and see everyone sitting in living room and nani was panting mama and mama were claiming her

He rushes towards nani and asusual shouts what happened to you nani you should take care of your self

Everyone calms down Akash signs in relief and shyam was glad he was back (it was shyam who saw Arnav dashing out)

Nani instantly calms down as he see him fit and fine and gets backs to her normal self

Nani - where were you?

Arnav - where would I be?

Nani - that's not answer to what I asked you stop being smart answer me chote with curt tone

Nk, anjali, shyam and Akash were shocked with transformation of nani in seconds

Arnav - where else I would be normally (still not wanting to lie)

Nani - chote

Arnav - jogging

Nani - In this attair

That's when everyone saw what he was wearing Akash started panicking Nk notice it but keep quiet and thinks will talk to him personally then only Arnav realized he was in one of his suits cursing himself for getting caught but he was ASR wasn't he

Arnav - ha tho I have an early morning conference to attend that's why I was early to home than normal time

He replied casually

Though Nani wasn't convinced but wanted to talk more important matter than this

Others were just spectators watching and listening to exchanges between these two

Arnav smartly glancing everyone - what all are doing here this early morning even Nk giving surprising expression

That silence everyone and everyone thought how nani shouted for chote that made everyone think why did nani shout for Arnav like that so

Anjali - Nani why did you shout for chote

Nani - see yourself with that she forwarded some newspaper

Anjali quickly grabs it opens it with so much anxiety everyone apart from Arnav and nani surround Anjali as nani already know what it was but though Arnav wants to he doesn't want everyone to know even he was curious which is not so ASR thing masking his anxiety stands in his place

Everyone peeps into newspaper and stills unable to believe what was written and surprised of the photographs

Seeing them still Arnav gets impatient as he have to get back to Khushi

Arnav - Shouts would anyone tell me what's going on

Anjali like parrot read paper stammering with unusual pauses - ASR Arnav *pause Singh *pause Raizada *pause ki prem *pause kahani *pause lucknow *pause ki galiyo mein


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