Will we cross again ?

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Sep 16

Will we cross again ? (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 16 times)


Chennai is said to be a beautiful city set out near the coastal area . The marina beach just adds the beauty to the city as The waves that strikes the city are very beautiful to watch . One can find peace in watching just the waves ..

Situated in this beautiful city is KSR group of companies  main branch . It was dream for many of them to work  with them ..

A girl of just age 18 years was waiting for the interview for the role of Personal Assistant of the MD. She was said to be nerd by the people unknown to her . The known people just have a word that is crazy . She has the same eyes of her mother . Hazel nut eyes where anyone could go mad in looking into her eyes.

Nivitha mathur called the receptionist .

Mam that's me said nivitha with a cute smile .

Sir is calling In said the receptionist.

Nivitha Mathur praying god by closing for a second stepped on to the MD room . It was Designed Beautifully with great interior and the whole cabin was made of glass. In the middle of the cabin was a desk provided for the MD with his name plate " Arnav Singh Raizada"

Good day sir said nivitha confidently .

Good day Miss Nivitha Mathur , Take your seat please said Arnav looking on to Her file she submitted in the reception .

Arnav looks up at her to look her and smiles at her . He gets attracted seeing her eyes . The same eyes of her . He just wanted to see her eyes for eternity . He averted his thoughts back to the interview

Your profile is too good Miss Mathur . But You are too young said arnav.

Will my age determine my ability I possess Sir asked Nivitha .

No age and ability do not depend upon each other . You are going to college too and that is my concern . How could you cope up both asked Arnav .

I can sir . I would manage . My college finishes 12 am and I would be here by sharp 12.15 and work till 7 pm in the evening said Nivitha .

I am impressed by your confidence Miss Nivitha Mathur so the job is your's. Be sharp By 12.15 tomorrow , collect the Appointment letter  from my Manager said Arnav .

Thank you sir said Nivitha with a smile.

Can I ask a question to You Miss Nivitha Mathur , If you dont mind asked arnav .

Yes sir said Nivitha .

Why do you want to work despite your college  asked Arnav .

To achieve your seat sir  said Nivitha .

What asked arnav shocked a little.

I want to Own a company like you . I need to earn for that , It should have to be my hardwork and not anyone's said Nivitha

Good thoughts Miss Nivitha Mathur . All the best said Arnav smiling . Nivitha nods  and leaves .She had a huge smile when she came  out of the cabin . She  collected Her appointment letter from The manager " Aman Sinha" and then Left the company ..

Arnav leaned on the Chair which he was seated. His eyes went into her picture kept on his table in a small frame . He took the frame and kept close to his heart .

" You are keeping me in hell since 18 years khushi.  I am repenting each and every second for the things that have happened . I should have trusted you . I did a grave mistake .A mistake which cannot be forgiven , But I wait for that day , You forgive me . I hope you would forgive me.  You were pregnant and I did too wrong . How is our child . Is he or she like me or you . I want you both in my life khushi. I am searching for you but I never get any track of you . I am dying each and every second In guilt. I destroyed the happy family I had . I am too bad . Come back soon khushi . You know seeing this girl nivi , I remembered your eyes . She has the same eyes of your's. I feel some how connected to her as it remembers me of you. I hope  if she would be the angel to reach you .."

He kissed the frame and kept it in his draw carefully ..

Nivitha  took Her Royal Enfield bike and started driving back to college as she needs to submit few of her documents  . She is actually a Men in women. She loves to do all the things anyone forbid her to do. Her mom knows about her and gives her the most  support. The next  one is Her devil .  He irritates her to the core but she loves him a lot . Her day begins by fighting with him and ends by fighting with him . She missed him for 2 days now as he went for a Basket ball match . He is a state level player ..

She stops her bike immediately to send a message ..

" Yepppieee. I got the job  you moron aarav  . I am now an employee and see you . Just a player in the ground ????????"

She smiles widely at her phone and keeps it back on her bag . She proceeds on the journey back to her college .

On the other side ...

Ak school is said to be the best school on Chennai .  Getting an admission in that school is a very difficult task and mainly many people say that the principal is very rude . Yeah his school goes on the  basis of just students . They select students on the basis of their attitude and not on the marks or score .  This is why the school used to top in all the years and the principal never makes that much appearance . She just sticks on to the school and never turns up even on success meet .

There waits a man along his daughter. He was tall and masculine. He wore a suite and was perfectly dressed .

Sir you can wait in Mam's cabin , she would come in 5 mins after her classes are over , I would lead you the way said the receptionist .

Thank you muttered the person and took his daughter along with him. They both sat in the  sofa waiting for the Principal . There was the board of the principal given  "Khushi Mathur ".

Khushi entered her cabin slowly . 

Good evening muttered khushi in a polite manner where the person and the girl both tured their head towards her . That person was hell shocked by seeing her .

Khushi the person said happily..

Khushi for once second forgot that she was at school. She had the urge to go and hug him tightly . She wont change Her Ethics for anyone .This is school and she should maintain its dignity .

If you could Please take down the sear Mr Nanda Kis**** Gupta said khushi controlling all her emotions. She is very great in hiding the emotions as she is doing that since 18 years.

Nk sit dumb folded. He couldnt speak anything .Aaliya also sits down in her seat .

Khushi sat in her seat and viewed the application. Her eyes got a teary eye little seeing the name of the girl. It was Aliya gupta . The name she planned to keep for his child . He remembered his promise...

So Aliya , Tell me Do you like this school asked khushi.

Yeah said Aliya smiling  a little

You are admitted in this school. Congrats . You have cleared the Admission test with a excellent grades . Your school starts from June 18 th said Khushi smiling a little.

Thank you mam . Do you take any Classes for me asked Aliya .

I am your business studies teacher Aliya , I would be handling for both your 11 th grade as well as 12 th grade said Khushi.

Ok mam said Aliya .

Thank you so much ... Mam  said nk where he stressed out the word Mam .

Your welcome Mr Nanda Kis**** gupta , This is my contact number said khushi  handing over a card to him .

Nk glared at her .

Meet me out of school after 1 hr . Out now said Khushi glaring by the same way he was looking .

Nk sighed and left out along with Aliya ..

Papa , Why mam said to meet her after 1 hr asked Aliya .

Just stay silent Aliya for few minutes said nk Pacing on the ground leaving aliya alone . He dont know what to do . He scratched his head like a maniac. He dont Know how 1 hr passed . The school was totally lonely after that time ..

Khushi after picking some of her stuffs came out of her cabin came to ground . He sees aliya sitting in the stage with a Confused gaze seeing Her papa walking in the ground . Nk sees her and comes towards khushi

May I asked nk with a pleased Look as if he wanted her badly

Khushi nods her head .

Nk took her into a tight embrace.

You have grown your hair more said nk.

Yeah said khushi smiling .

You look aunty by the way said nk

Oh really asked khushi lifting her eye brow.

Yeah. I missed you so so much Khushi . Where were you Bubbly this much time asked nk not ready to leave her from his embrace...

I am here only nk . You all only failed to get me said khushi in a teary tone .

Nk comes out of her embrace and wipes her tears.

No tears in your eyes said nk.

How is everyone nk asked khushi trying to change the environment.

Dont you feel hate for them khushi. Because of me and them only you are in this state today said nk.

You are no way related nk, Why are you taking the  blame on you asked khushi.

Its my mistake , When my sister needs me , I was not there to support her said nk.

Things happened like that and there is no use in you taking the blame nk said khushi.

I learnt you were pregnant . What happened khushi asked Nk.

How do you know asked khushi confused.

That day when shyam played with you and anjali in the terrace. He told he knows it and by that way me and all came to know about it said Nk.

You all asked khushi with a frown.

All including arnav said Nk.

Khushi's heart beat started raising frantically . He knows about their child ..

Khushi said nk cupping her face.

Why you came here nk asked khushi looking at him .

What happened khushi asked Nk.

You are not doing good nk , You are re scratching the scratched wounds said khushi.

What did I do khushi asked nk.

You are with him aren't you asked khushi.

Its not like that khushi said nk .

You all live as a family now, Am I right or wrong asked Khushi.

Yeah said nk .

Its too easy for you right. To forget me and lead a life asked Khushi.

You are getting it wrong khushi said Nk.

I am getting it correct Argued back Khushi.

I married Anjali . She wants to be with her bhai so we are living like a family . I am speaking with him because of anjali . I am not akash to forgive arnav that much easily for what he has done to my sister shouted nk back holding her shoulders ..

You married anjali stammered  khushi while speaking .

Yeah . I married her as I loved her khushi. You never knew about that . I buried it deep inside my heart when she announced she is in love. She got well and then I proposed her. She then accepted . We got married . I kept the same name I promised to You . "Aliya " said nk.

I didnt know nk said khushi.

Its ok leave it . How are you asked Nk.

I am very good. How are you asked Khushi..

I am good. Shall I introduce aliya to you asked Nk.

Khushi nods.

Aliya come here calls nk who was still sitting in the stage wondering about the conversation about these two.

Aliya runs and comes to nk.

Aliya , I told i named your name from a girl very special to me right asked nk.

Yes papa , You told said Aliya.

She is the girl. She is my sister Khushi said Nk.

Aliya looks open eyed. She didnt know what to react.

Khushi hugged Aliya .

I am your Bua said khushi.

Where were you this much years asked aliya .

I  had some personal works said khushi smiling .

Would you come and live with us , you are too lovely exactly like arnav mamu said aliya .

Khushi went numb on her words . "Arnav mamu" ...

Ok aliya , we need to keep a secret now said nk .

What papa asked aliya

You won't telly anyone that we met her ,not anyone , not to your mummy too said nk.

Why papa asked aliya.

It's just for some days aliya said khushi trying to make her understand .

OK maasi said aliya nodding her head.

Leaves us alone for some time aliya ,please said nk and aliya went back to the stage again..

What happened to your child khushi asked nk.

Khushi's eyes get teary a little as she starts remembering an incident ....

Khushi was walking on the road with teary eyes . She remembers how mercilessly she was thrown out . She had her purse only with her now . She didn't know how she is going to raise their child . No it is her child only . He don't deserve her child . They believe shyam over her , fine . She won't ever go to them . But their words are just imprinted in her heart as if the pain will never erase ..

Suddenly out of no where her stomach started paining . She clutched her stomach and sat down in pain ..

Please baccha be safe was the thought revolving around her .. Many people around her seeing her in the pain helped her to the hospital . The same hospital were anjali was admitted  .

With the time passing on the pain was un bearable . The nurse took her to the emergency ward and doctor came out immediately.to check on her ..

Khushi said the doctor .

Doctor the pain is too un bearable said khushi crying .

No worries khushi . Relax said the doctor checking on her..

Call her family from the ICU ward said the doctor instructing the nurse ..

No doctor , don't do that . Me and them are not related now . Please don't  call them or inform about me to them said khushi In a pleading noise . Her voice was too out of pain . First the pain was un bearable . Next was they coming to know about her baby through this. No way . She won't let them near her baby ...

OK relax . Take a breathe said  doctor starting his treatment .

She was into a deep sleep  where the doctor injected a sedative . This was to make her relax but before she went to  her sleep  she could see some blood over her pant which she could realise much of what is happening before her but couldn't voice out as sleep had already took her ..

Khushi came out of her thoughts . She wiped her tears ..

I dont wish to talk about that nk said khushi with a cold heart....

How was the update?

What happened to arshi's child ?.

Who is aarav ?

What do you think about nk . Is he neutral to both or supports arnav or supports khushi?.

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How was the update ?
Nov 6

Part -2 (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 20 times)

Aarav who was travelling back to chennai received her message . He was happy that his nivi got the job . He replied back her

Hey Saithan , Congrats , Love you a lot and wish that you achieve more like this . Let me be the player in ground itself . Wanted to convey, I got the opportunity to play in Nation level .. Soon going to be National level player kiddoo.. Poor you , Stuck in this same chennai itself... Going to meet mumma to surprise her and I am sure going to break your suspense too... Bye...

He sighs outside the bus . He reached almost out of the city . Just 1 hr then he is going to surprise his Mumma in her school. She would be damn happy for his victory .

Aarav finally reached his school( Ak school). Yeah even though it is his mumma's school , He can proudly say that it is his school as he was also a student and just passed out this year. He has joined B sc Mathematics as he loves the subject maths a lot . When he told this to his mumma , She just told to take and read the subject which he loves and not take the subject according to anyone's wish . One is very lucky to get a mumma like her . He is the 2 nd school topper of this school and the very one to get a centum in mathematics . Bechari Nivi got 99 and missed just centum in one mark . Only he and his mumma knows how much she cried over it even though she is the 1 st school topper.

He got in to see the whole school empty . He definitely knows that his mom would be there as she leave almost late only daily .. He sees her in the ground along with a person . He didnt know who was he and he moved towards them . As he moved towards them he could hear some of their conversation .

What happened to your child asked nk ...

I didnt want to speak about that said khushi with a cold heart .

Aarav went towards them and nk was confused to see a boy coming towards them .

Who are you , what do you want asked nk . Khushi still now didnt see aarav as she was facing the opposite side .

Mumma , What is happening over here asked aarav .

Nk was shocked to hear this boy calling his khushi as mumma . He looks questioningly to khushi.

Meet my son Aarav and aarav this is your mamu Nandakis**** said khushi.

Hello said Aarav awkward .

I cant believe this khushi said nk happily . He took aarav into his embrace .

He is too height than me khushi said nk .

Yeah , He is a basket ball player said khushi.

Aarav comes out of nk's embrace.

Mumma , I got selected for nation level said aarav . Khushi's face brighten like anything . She hugged him tightly .

I am proud of you soo much aarav . You are really very great said Khushi.

You are great mumma. With your support only I could achieve this said aarav .

Khushi smiles and comes out of his embrace ..

So why not we go for a treat asked nk .

No said aarav and khushi together .

Why asked nk.

Have some works in home , so said khushi.

Ok , Aliya he shouts and aliya comes again there .

Meet your cousin Aarav and this is Aliya , Aarav said Nk.

Hello aarav bhaiya said Aliya .

Hi aliya said aarav smiling a little .

Ok we are leaving khushi , We will stay in touch said nk .

Sure nk said khushi smiling a little. Nk leaves ..

Mumma who was that asked aarav as he didnt like to interrupt in the middle of conversation .

He is my brother Aarav said khushi.

What you didnt tell us about this at all said Aarav .

As I told before , I came out of every relation I had Aarav said khushi.

Doesnt he have any relation with that man who did this to you asked Aarav .

Nk married his sister said Khushi.

You are never going to talk to him mumma . Is it clear asked aarav .

Who told I am going to keep contacts with him aarav said khushi.

Dont tell nivi about this mumma , I am not ready to see her maha kali avatar said Aarav.

So this would be a secret between us . You would never tell about nk 's visit or about that man living over here said Khushi.

Pakka . Tell me at least the name of that person na mumma said aarav.

Past is past aarav so leave it . Come we would go to our home in my car said Khushi.

Sure , Mumma said Aarav and they together left in their car .

At khushi's home .

Nivitha was sitting hugging her bag . She was hell angry today and it reflected very well in her face .

Khushi and aarav looked at each other .

Dont you both have sense to keep the spare key near the box said Nivi in a anger tone .

It was there only said khushi .She leaves to check the box and the key was there .

Whats this nivi asked aarav where khushi showed the keys . She opens the door . Nivitha turns her face , goes and sits in the sofa of the house switching on the AC and threw her bag near her in the sofa.

What happened Mahranji asked aarav .

How the hell could that professor behave like that spitted out Nivitha angrily . Khushi knelt down in front of her .

Tell what happened clearly Nivi said Khushi.

I went to submit my documents . That professor called me and told to fill the Father's name as it is compulsory to fill It seems said nivi.

What you did said aarav sitting beside her .

I wrote I am nachaiz in the form and threw it in his face said nivi .

Khushi laughs a little closing her mouth .

This is not funny khushi said nivi scolding her .

Sorry said khushi holding her ears .

I dont understand why father is necessary everywhere . That man who abandon you and me , why his name is needed in every moment of my life mumma . Why people blame us and not him. This society framed me Nachaiz and I dont give a damn about this but do we both really deserve this mumma asked Nivitha .

By shouting at him or scolding will everything be all right asked Khushi .

I am not able to tolerate like this at all mumma , This society , this people , I feel too irritated said Nivitha .

All are the same Nivi , When they threw me out no one was there for me . Just you only who was in my womb and I was verge on loosing you . But god was good . Even though he destroyed my life or say tore my life into pieces he gave you . He gave you my princess to move on in my life leaving everything. So never leave your trust on god . He would help you out and this is just for a period . When you go in high position this whole society will be in your foot . You can rule them . Just aim for that position Khushi.

Yes mumma , I would aim for that position and that meet that man with my pride. I will make him realize his mistake made and make him beg in front of you for forgiveness said nivitha .

I never want to meet him in my life nivi , Let us live our small world by our self and that is very good . By making him repent you are again going to lead him in our life which I never want said khushi .

No mumma he deserves to be punished . We are not that weak to let him that much easily to lead in our life said nivitha..

Leave this topic for now said aarav.

Yeah he is right , we would speak later said khushi.

I forgot to Inform you , I got a job as PA said nivitha .

You should have informed this first Nivi instead of your anger said khushi .

Sorry mumma , here is my appointment letter said nivi handing over the letter from her bag .

Khushi read the appointment letter .

KSR , This is a very big company Nivi said Khushi.

Yeah mumma said Nivi.

Very good , Keep it up said Khushi smiling . She fails to Notice the MD sign . If she would have seen then she could have stopped the storm going to take place in their life . But no.. Now they have to Face the storm for sure in the form of Arnav singh raizada...

Mumma Too hungry said Nivi.

I brought some snacks already , We would have them said Aarav

Together All had the samosas and chatting .

Nivi said Aarav .

What asked Nivitha .

I got the tickets said Aarav.

You got , Only for yourself . This is not fair Aarav . How can I miss Vijay's movies . That too Mersal . No . If you dont get for me then you are not going . Mumma tell him right asked Nivi .

He got ticket for you too bhuddhu said Khushi.

Really asked Nivitha with a twittering eyes .

Aarav nods . She hugs aarav tightly and kisses his cheeks .

Love you bhai so so much said nivi icing him .

Enough of this ice , So Since i got ticket for you in the first day night show , You are going to cook me your hand made pasta said Aarav ,

Of course . I will prepare the supper today said Nivitha.

Ok , I am leaving to rest then I have some Papers to correct said Khushi leaving to her room . Nivitha went into the kitchen to prepare the dinner and Aarav too helped her as he never leaves her to do any work Alone . He helped her by cutting the necessary veggies ..

At raizada mansion . It was a lavish mansion with all the necessities one would like to have . Inside was the picture of the great Devayani Malik . She was the dearest nani to Arnav and Anjali. But she was wrong in one decision made . She didnt stop the un justice happened with khushi . If she would have spoken on support of her then today the situation would have been very different . When she came to know the truth she was demolished . She died out of guilt and never got a chance to earn forgiveness . May be this was the punishment given to her ..

Inside the Puja mandir were two women readying for the evening Aarthi .

Bhabi , please pass on the thali right asked Anjali .

Here have this anju said payal smiling a little .

I pray that Aliya gets her admission done said Anjali .

She is a very excellent student Anju , she would bang on the admission or else we would ask arnavji to have a word with the principal said Payal.

That principal hates recommendation Bhabi and this is a very new place to us as we just shifted few months ago even though arnav bhai stays here for setting up the business over here said Anjali .

Dont worry anju , Everything would be all right said Payal.

Nk and Aliya enters the house and Aliya came running inside the mandir like hell . She hug anjali tightly .

Got admissions mumma said Aliya .

Woow , congrats Aliya said anjali happily .

Mumma and the principal is too sweet . She asked whether I liked this school. Everyone speaks hell wrong about her outside but she is very sweet to her students said Aliya.

Thats good said anjali.

Congrats Aliya said Payal.

Thank you chachi . Where is sameer asked Aliya .

Went to hangout with his friends after college time , Would be back soon said Payal.

Every procedure over asked anjali to nk who was watching all the conversation .

Yeah , No problem. Her school starts from Day after tomorrow said Nk.

Would you have a cup of tea nk asked Payal.

No thanks said nk in a little different tone . Payal could analyse the different tone as She knows he is still angry with her for what happened in the past . She knows she did wrong but she is repenting for that . He couldnt see that .

Arnav came inside the mansion after finishing all the works .

Bhabi , can I have a coffee asked Arnav .

Sure arnav said payal leaving inside in kitchen and arnav sat in the sofa. Nk too comes and sits in the Sofa .

How was your day today bhai asked anjali coming with the puja thaal to hand over prashad to everyone .

Good , I appointed a New PA for me . Her name is Nivitha said Arnav .

Nivitha asked Nk with a little shock .

Why any problem asked arnav .

Khushi took a promise from me that she would name her Girl daughter as Nivitha as how I kept aliya as my daughter's name said Nk.

Arnav choked his saliva in pain . His pain was re treating again . The pain of separating from his wife and child .

If you have realized for one second that your wife would have done this then this might have never come Arnav said Nk.

Arnav closed his eyes .

You destroyed your life which was beautiful arnav said Nk.

Please dont make me remind more begged arnav .

What would she feel in that state arnav , You had everyone here . But she .. No one would have been there for her Arnav . No one . You had the Blind trust on the person who you know just because of anjali for some days , Why not your wife then Asked Nk.

Tears rolled from his eyes .

Nk please said anjali .

You dont take the support of your bhai as always said nk angrily and anjali closed her mouth as she knows whatever nk was speaking was right .

Meanwhile Aliya came out from her room running to her Mamu . She is studying in 11 th std but she is her mamu's child always . She comes and sits in his laps as if like a kid . Nk stops his speaking seeing aliya . He never wanted the kids to no anything about the past . So they hide all the photos of khushi as they would pester a lot seeing her ..

Mamu , I got my admission said Aliya cheerfully . Aliya looks at Arnav .

Are you crying Mamu asked Aliya .

No aliya said arnav wiping his tears .

Dont lie said Aliya .

Really Aliya , I am speaking truth said Arnav .

You know the school is really great mamu , Day after tomorrow , school starts . You have to drop and pick me up in the school said Aliya .

Sure dear said Arnav .

For arnav aliya is the only one who could make him laugh . She was an angel exactly like his khushi . He would spend lot of time with her in the evening by helping her in the studies as he loves to do so . He cannot even deny her as he pampers her to that extent ..

Meanwhile Payal comes with the coffee and gives it to arnav . Aliya sits beside her mamu getting up from his laps ..

Where is akash bhabi asked arnav .

He went to Coimbatore for meeting and would be back tomorrow arnavji said payal.

Oh ok said Arnav .

Mamu , I got admission , so I need my kindle for sure said Aliya .

As promised your kindle would reach you tomorrow said Arnav .

Dont pamper her this much Chote said Anjali.

I can never deny her by the way Where is sumer asked Arnav .

Hanging out said payal.

I think so we need to bring him under control bhabi . You know the girl I met nivitha is nearly 18 years , She has just now joined for BBA. She scored 490 on 500 and is the school topper. She has qualified herself a first rank in various exams which adds a very good value to her profile . When I asked her why she wants to work at this small age she just answered me that she wants to reach my position . I felt very impressed and great of her . I think she would learn a lot being my PA said Arnav .

It is very difficult to meet girls like her in this generation said Nk.

Yeah said Arnav .

I will look after sumer said payal.

I am leaving inside my room said Arnav standing up keeping the Coffee mug on the table . He proceeds Up stairs to his room ....

Khushi who came inside her room lay down on her bed flatly . She didnt hell expect to meet her nk. It was an un expected meeting . This means he is also here . She wont let him reach her at all. Not this time for sure. She got reminded of what happened in the hospital when Nk asked that question to her . The fact is her baby never wanted to leave her . Nivi gave her entire support to her . She remembers what happened that day when she got conscious.

Khushi wakes up and finds herself in the Hospital dress. Fear took her completely and she kept her hand in the stomach in fear . Is her baby fine was the thought revolving on her .

Doctor came inside after the nurse informs about her Waking up.

Doctor said Khushi in a scary tone .

Nothing to worry khushi said Doctor

Is the baby fine asked Khushi.

Yeah khushi , He /she is safe in your womb . It happens sometimes to certain people where they feel stomach pain and a little of bleeding . This is not to worry at all . The scan reports are clear . Baby has a good growth and the heart beat is also good . So no problem at all said the doctor who tried to Assure as he can sense she was Scared.

Khushi sighed a huge relief. It was as if her life had come back to her .

I didnt inform anyone of them as per your say but I feel it is better to inform Khushi said the doctor.

No Doctor . I would be fine alone . When would be my discharge asked Khushi.

May be tomorrow. You should take the vitamins properly as It is very must said Doctor.

Sure Doctor said Khushi smiling a little . Doctor left to see his routine work.

Thank you baby , Thank you so much for not leaving me alone like others . I love you a lot baby . I love you too much as you are my world and the only relation I have now said Khushi who was still now holding her stomach in Protectiveness.

She did good in introducing Aarav as her son and not nivi. Aarav is also her son who she adopted when his parents died in a accident . She took his responsibility when he was 10 years . He and Nivi is her world now . Aarav knows exactly about nivi than her . She told Aarav to keep the meet with nk as secret as She knows how much worst will nivi react. Introducing aarav to nk is good as they came to know she was pregnant . If nk tells anyhow to them too , They would come to know about aarav and Not nivi. She knows even though if they comes to know about nivi she wont give a head to them too but she dont want them to meet at all . Nivi dont need to even meet a family who abandon her when she was just in my womb .....


Leave me inside, I need to pick up my child said Arnav to the watchman .

Sorry sir , No parents are allowed until the school Hours are finished said Watchman . Arnav stood outside waiting for Aliya . Meanwhile Aarav parks his bike outside and comes to the gate .

Aarav , How are you said the watchman .

Good . Mom is there right asked Aarav.

Yeah in her room said Watchman where aarav goes inside .

You are leaving only him asked aarav.

He is also a student sir. He holds the second rank in this school said the watchman . Arnav heaved a sigh and continues waiting outside. After some time the school bell rings and then Parents are allowed inside .Arnav was about to enter . His heart beat started Beating like hell. It gave him the feeling that she was there . Very near to him ..

Will they meet???

How was the update ?

Nov 9

Part - 3 (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 21 times)

Mumma , Dinner is ready shouted Nivi from the kitchen .

Coming said khushi coming to the dinning table

Nivi served the pasta for three of them . All relishes the food and has it .

What a pastha you have made Nivi . Too tasty said Aarav .

Yeah , Very tasty Nivi the pastha is said Khushi.

Thank you said nivi smiling .

All finishes their dinner and heads towards their respective room ..

The next day at college..

Ragging was going on all first year students by sumer and his gang . Nivi walks fastly into the college as she was a little late .

Hey you girl called sumer .

Nivi stops and turns to him .

What's your name asked Sumer.

Nivitha said nivi.

Oh you are the girl right who threw the paper on professor's face writing as your father's name Nachaiz asked sumer.

Yeah said nivi boldly .

Aren't you ashamed asked sumer .

Why will she not . She would be for sure sumer said a boy .

Dont know whose daughter she is muttered a girl .

Anger raised through Nivi and she clutched her fingers tightly trying to control it .

See how she is fisting her hands said Sumer .

Nivi , No shouted aarav coming to her .

Who are you said that boy .

Her brother . Nivi chalo said Aarav .

Oh you are also a nachaiz then said sumer laughing a little .

Nivi came towards sumer and punched his nose with all her might .

Dont say him like that . I may accept that name but he doesnt have any necessity to accept that name said nivi angrily . All the gang comes towards to fight and aarav drags nivi away . Sumer face bleed a lot . His friends kept a kerchief in to control the blood.

You wont escape , get that in your mind shouted Sumer .

Let's see said Nivi confidently where Aarav took her away .

Is it your way to behave nivi asked aarav .

How the hell he could call you like that said Nivi angrily .

Ok baba , What he said is wrong but is it right to beat him asked Aarav .

He misbehaved so he deserves that said Nivi .

Why you get this much anger asked Aarav .

Why you beat the person in that bus that day when he tried to touch me aarav . This is same like that said Nivitha .

Aarav hugs her .

Try to control your anger nivi please said aarav .

I am trying a lot aarav . I am doing meditations , yoga but i am not able to control at all said Nivi .

Mumma is too polite and you very harsh and you get anger very easily said aarav .

May be I am like that man . He too gets angry I think said Nivitha.

No . You are not like that man. You are different . Dont ever compare yourself like that man . I dont know anything about that man but i knew my nivi is different. She is not that man said Aarav cupping her face. Nivi smiles .

I will leave to the class said Nivi.

Take care nivi and text me once you reach office after class said Aarav .

Will put it in our family group . Bye devil said nivi leaving to her classroom. Aarav then leaves to his class room .

The lecture started on and Nivi started Concentrating by taking necessary notes . Meanwhile a peon comes and call her name .

Nivitha Mathur called the peon.

Yes its me said Nivi.

Principal mam have called you immediately into her cabin said Peon.

Mam , May I asked Nivi.

Sure said the lecturer.

Nivi leaves to principal room .

Cool down nivi tried nivi to pacify herself as she knows why the principal is calling .

Sir , May I come in in asked Nivi .

Come in said the principal where sumer and his gang were standing already . The principal looked at Nivitha keenly . For one reason or the other He feels like he is seeing her daughter .His daughter whom he lost . He slides off the thought to concentrate on this issue now/

So what answer are you going to give for this Nivitha said Principal showing sumer's Nose which was bandaged now .

If my father or mamu or chachu came to know , they would screw you warned sumer .

I am speaking right Sumer said principal.

Sir , tell me if ragging is allowed in the college or not said Nivitha .

Ragging is illegal in the college said Principal.

They were ragging me and others. They called my name and I went . With yesterday incident they teased me . If they have teased me I would have been silent . They teased my brother Aarav Mathur who studies Bsc Mathematics in the very same college said Nivi .

Is beating one is the option Nivitha asked principal.

He called my brother a nachaiz. If anyone would have told your brother or sister like that , would you stay silent sir asked nivitha boldly . Principal was dumb by her boldness. How this girl had this much guts .

I would ask students if ragging was taking place or else strict action would be taken against you said Principal.

No need to ask students sir . The ragging took place in the place of seating area near the tree . The tree has a camera . You can check through it . I guess you are not checking properly of what is happening around the college said Nivi.

I would check in that immediately said Principal .

Principal checks out and finds her words true .

The mistake in your name sumer . You cant blame on her . Why didnt Meena intimate me of this happenings when she is having a check in CCTV said Principal.

Because sumer is a son of the trustee of this college . Principal's grand son . So he is dancing on the college as if he owns it . Meena mam agreed just like that. Why this treatment for him and not for others sir Asked Nivitha .

Sumer got shocked as she is breaking all the things which he has control . Damn this girl

I am sorry Nivitha . This wont happen hereafter . You cannot be blamed for this issue when the mistake is on Sumer . I suspend sumer and his gang for 1 week said Principal

Daadu said sumer in defense .

No change in my decision . Get out you all said Principal.

Sumer and his gang leaves out ...

I am sorry . He is my grand son , But too punishment is for all right. By the way I am proud of you nivi. How you noted this much of this college asked Principal.

I see much things beyond sir said Nivitha .

I would like you to be head girl without any elections . Would you be asked Principal.

No sir , I am working in a company now itself . I have work from 12.15 said nivi

Great nivi .No wonders your school is top in the list . Your mother is truly great said Principal.

Yes she is . Have you met her asked Nivitha .

No , I havent . I wanted to really met your mother said the principal.

Ok sir , I will ask her to meet you one day for sure . May I leave asked nivitha

No. I want to have a word with you .our behavior towards Professor is not justified said the principal.

Sir change the rules of the compulsory father's column . The professor compelled me to fill it compulsory . So i wrote like that. Its not my mistake said Nivitha .

Why your brother aarav wrote your mother name in that . You could have done the same too right asked the principal.

It rages me to the hell hearing the word Father Sir . Its from my childhood and cannot be justified said Nivitha .

Ok cool down . Will you come for a cup of tea to my house asked Principal.

Sir ? asked nivi .

Tomorrow 8 pm , tea at my house and probably dinner too said Principal.

But said nivi.

Take it as request nivi . You remind me of some one too close to me . I feel connected to you . Please asked Principal.

Sure sir . But tomorrow I am going outside with my family. I would be there day after tomorrow said Nivi.

Your wish nivi said the principal.

Thank you sir said Nivi leaving out to her class room .

The principal looked at her leaving figure. Why i see you khushi in her . Why you are doing this to me . I never did any wrong and you left without saying anything . Your papa still loves you and would always stand by you. I know you would never do anything like that khushi but I wasnt there to support you . All happened in a haste . Dont you miss me princess. This Kiren Gupta is nothing without you khushi . I distanced from akash and came living alone with your mother Aisha . Unfortunately Aisha died in heart attack and now I stay alone in a small flat . Even though I was running a company , I gave up everything and came to this business. Please come soon princess your papa is waiting for you .....

Nivi comes out of the room and finds Sumer standing waiting for her .

Got enough today from your dadu asked Nivi.

You Cheap girl said Sumer pointing hands at her.

So, You have one week holiday so Enjoy sitting in your home said nivi.

Its waste to talk to you said Sumer.

Thank you , Bye , I have class saying this nivi leaves to her classes..

Sumer leaves frustratingly to raizada mansion . He enters the mansion and throws his bags angrily .

What happened sumer asked Anjali seeing the bandage on his nose .

Sumer , who did this to you asked payal worried .

That idiotic girl said Sumer .

Whom bhaiya asked Aliya .

Nivitha Mathur . She hit me hard infront of all said Sumer.

How the hell she can raise hands on my son . Did you tell daadu asked Payal .

He Suspended me mumma said sumer .

What . What you did sumer , Papa wont do that without any reason said anjali.

I didnt do anything said Sumer innocently .

Liar. Tell the truth said Payal.

I called that girl and her brother nachaiz and she beat me said sumer .

Payal gets angry .

From when did you start speaking like this sumer . Who asked you to speak like this asked Payal .

What fault is in that . Society speaks like that about her said sumer.

Sumer , this is very bad . Very bad. You dont know how much it hurts one if you said Like that said anjali .

She is a monster and she wont fee anything like that said sumer arrogantly .

Dont turn out to be your mom and dad sumer. This behavior is not good said anjali warning .

What are you saying chachi asked sumer .

Yes sumer . Dont bring this attitude of your's ever again said Payal .

But mumma what happened , Why chachi is saying like this asked sumer .

Sumer , In past me , your papa , your mamu did a grave mistake . That mistake has teared a Wife from her husband . A child from his father . Dont ever hurt other's in your life said payal.

Who was that asked Aliya .

We cant tell you that said Anjali .

Why this house holds lot of secrets asked Sumer .

We decide to hide it for your good only said Payal.

Do whatever you want . I am leaving to my room Come aliya . We would play carrom board said Sumer leaving along with aliya .

He told the girl name is Nivitha mathur right , This is the same name arnav told yesterday said anjali .

Hmm may be said payal .

Her name is cute right , Nivitha said anjali .

Yeah different said payal smiling ........

The day flies on where nivitha as usual completed her work and came back to home . Arnav was very impressed with nivitha and loved her work . Khushi as usual her routine life was there .Aarav went to his basket ball practice after his college hours . Sumer sat in his room playing with aliya . Arnav as usual inside his room . They didnt know that was the last routine day of all as from tomorrow the routine is going to be change . Some change is going to happen ...

The next day at evening at 3. 55 pm .

Arnav was waiting for aliya . As promised he drops her on her first day and is waiting to pick her .

Leave me inside said Arnav .

Sorry sir , Parents are not allowed until school hours are finished said Watch man

He was irritated to hell that they were not leaving inside .. Meanwhile aarav comes in his Bike and stops it outside the school.

Uncle muttered aarav . Watchman immediately opened the gates .

How are you aarav asked watchman .

I am good uncle , Mom is inside only right asked Aarav .

May be in her room. It is free period only for her now said Watchman . Aarav smiles and leaves inside the School.

You are leaving him only , Rules apply to all right asked Arnav .

Sir , He is also a student . He just passed out of this school this year . He came to meet his mumma who is apparently the principal of the school . Students dont have any restriction in entering the premises said Watchman .

Oh okay ! whispered arnav and continued waiting ...

Mumma , Come with me immediately said aarav .

Why aarav , I have works said Khushi.

No mumma , You need to sign the form by today for me to enter in National level Said aarav .

You are informing this much late . Come said Khushi picking her Hand bag . She informs the reception she is leaving for emergency .

At the same time bell rings and Students starts descending down the stairs to reach their parents who were entering the school.

Arnav felt relieved as at last the school bell rings. When he walks inside the Premises along with various parents . His heart started beating faster like hell . He feels her presence around him . Is she really around him ? Where is she thought arnav .

Khushi and aarav walks through the crowd of parents entering the school . Aarav was little nervous and was walking fast as he needs to be in time in the center to sign the form . With fast pace he hits someone and falls down .

Aarav sambhalke shouted khushi out of the crowd where she was behind a little of aarav . Arnav stood shocked hearing her voice . It was really her . He was much ahead on to the way of reception.. It was her . He immediately turned backside to view her

Khushi helped aarav to stand .

Got any hurt asked Khushi worried.

No mumma said aarav stumbling a little . Aarav's bag was fallen on other side and khushi turned backside towards the reception where arnav got to see her . His heart beat more rapidly seeing her after many years. She was still the same . His khushi..

Khushi didnt see him and turned towards aarav where she helped him to reach outside the gate .Arnav was standing as if like a statue not to know what to do . The watchman told that the boy is principal's son . Is he is son ?

Meanwhile aliya comes out of the reception and sees Arnav .

Mamu said aliya hugging Arnav .

Hmm said arnav . Aliya watched at the re treating figure of Aarav and khushi. She could identify khushi using her costume .

She is khushi ma Mamu , Too sweet and that is her son aarav going along with her said Aliya . Arnav was cent percent sure as he knows that was his son . His and khushi's son . Tears rolled from his eyes .

Mamu called aliya.

Haan said arnav wiping his tears .

What happened mamu asked Aliya .

Nothing , Lets go said arnav where he and aliya left . Khushi and aarav already left by bike.

So , What's next?

Will arnav knew nivi his daughter sooner or when the situation leaves out of his hand again ?

What do your think about kiren gupta? How will the evening meet of Him and nivitha go the next day ?

Do answer this question and very very sorry for one day delay . Next update on Saturday 

Nov 13

Part- 4 (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 24 times)

Hi guys . Here is your udate and sorry for the delay ...

His heart paced fastly while he drove the car . He saw her after a very long time . Damn 18 years . Yeah she has just grown old but just the same . It was his son who went along with her . He was happy as at least he came to know he had a son where he didn't know if it was a girl or a boy . His name is aarav as Aliya said him .

Mamu , you know them asked Aliya .

Whom Aliya asked arnav .

My principal and his son . You were glaring at them asked Aliya .

Nothing said. Arnav .

Mamu ,I wanted to tell you one thing said Aliya .

What asked arnav.

Papa told not to tell anyone but I cannot stop myself from telling you said Aliya

Tell Aliya said arnav.

Papa met the principal and he told she is my bua said aliya

Yeah she is your bua said arnav .

Why didn't you tell me before I had a bua . You all hid it from me said Aliya .

No , it is not like that Aliya said arnav .

Did I ever hide anything from you mamu , tell me the truth right asked Aliya.

I would tell you but said arnav .

I won't tell anyone Mamu said Aliya .

You told same to your papa and broke promises said arnav .

I am promising to you right, I would keep it, tell me said Aliya .

Your bua was my wife said arnav .

Wife ,then she is my maami asked Aliya

Yeah said arnav .

Then aarav is your son asked Aliya .

Yeah , I didn't know at all said arnav .

Why Mami is not with you asked Aliya .

I did a mistake with your mami. I didnt trust her and threw her out of the house said arnav .

Why mamu , She was your wife right , You should have trust her right asked Aliya .

I didnt realize it at that time . I realized too late said Arnav sadly .

You are feeling sorry till now asked Aliya .

More than anything said arnav .

What we are going to do now asked Aliya .

Aren't you angry or sad at me for this deeds said arnav .

When you are repenting then definitely one should forgive them said Aliya .

You are same like her . Same selflessness said arnav

Yeah , my Mami was the one who set my name right asked Aliya lifting her invisible collars .

Arnav smiles ..

Vaise Mamu , you love me only because Mami had named me asked Aliya .

Yeah. That's true said arnav

Then you would have not loved me as your sister's daughter asked Aliya with a pout

Hey , I am just kidding said Arnav .

You are always like this said Aliya punching him a little in his shoulders friendly too which arnav smiles..

Meanwhile his phone beeps with Nivitha calling .

Tell me Miss Nivitha asked arnav stopping the car side ways .

Sir , I need your signs in few of the documents said Nivi.

Fine , Come to my house , Ask Aman my address he would guide you said Arnav .

Ok sir said Nivitha where she cut the call . She takes the address from Aman sir and proceeds to his house .

At raizada mansion

Nivitha rings the bell of the raizada mansion where arnav and Aliya both have already Reached .

Her luck was bad that day as sumer had came to open the door

You asked sumer shocked .

Arnav sir is here asked nivi straightly avoiding his shocked expression .

How the hell do you know my Mamu asked sumer .

Listen , dont behave childish. I am arnav sir PA and I need to get these documents signed .

Who is that sumer asked Anjali coming to the door .

Ji namasthey , I am Nivitha . Can I meet arnav sir , he asked me to come here said Nivitha .

Yeah arnav is inside come in said Anjali smiling.

Chachi she is the witch said Sumer complaining .

This is too bad aarav . We have explained you already . Apologize to her said Anjali .

No way said Sumer leaving inside to his room .

I apologize on his behalf said Anjali .

No problem aunty said nivitha .

Come Said Anjali leading them to the hall .

Go upstairs second room , that is your boss room said Anjali .

Ji , thank you said Nivitha smiling .

Must say you have a beautiful smile. Your eyes reminds me of some one too close of ours said Anjali .

Thank you aunty , who is the one asked nivitha .

Leave that , go and meet arnav said Anjali

Nivitha levaes up to arnav's room .

She knows the door .

May I come in sir asked Nivitha

Yeah said arnav .

Nivitha enters his room . It was of dark grey color and curtain closed not letting light to enter . He had switched on his tube light.

Nivi wondered if it was really a room or a jail .

Sir , these are the files said nivi .

Arnav took out the file and signed it .

Wondering is it a room or jail right nivitha asked arnav .

Nivi's eyes widen .

Sir said Nivitha .

I know but I like dark colors only said arnav smiling a little .

Nivitha smiles .

So then , any works pending asked arnav .

Nothing sir said Nivitha .

So you may leave to house today said arnav .

Sir but the time is just 6 pm and office gets over by 7 pm said Nivitha .

You are really weird Miss nivitha . When your boss itself tells you to leave you are being too work headed said arnav .

That's what many say sir . I want to be perfect and that is my principle said Nivitha .

Ok so you want work for an hour right asked arnav .

Yeah said Nivitha .

Do one thing , have a tea with my family for 20 mins and then help me out with a presentation said arnav.

Ok sir said Nivitha smiling .

Come , join me down said arnav and nivitha goes with him .

All was gathered at the dinning place and Sumer was hell angry seeing nivitha sitting beside Aliya and Anjali .

So Nivitha , what's up then asked payal .

Nothing to tell said nivitha.

Meanwhile nivi's phone beeps 

Excuse me please she said taking the call .

Hey madam , today night show movie said aarav .

Pick me up at the park aarav , I would be there by 7.30 . Need to buy some stuffs before , bring your debit card by the way said Nivitha .

Oh madam , you are earning already . Can't you use your card asked aarav .

Excuse me ,you have borrowed my pocket money for urgency and never returned off . I am asking for that only said Nivitha .

Fine , fine , I would be at the park , bye nivi said aarav cutting the call.

Nivitha , Would you have tea or coffee asked anjali

Tea without sugar said Nivitha .

Why are you dieting asked nk .

I have diabetics said Nivitha .

All eyes grew wider .

Diabetics at this age asked payal .

I am having since I was at the age of 6 said Nivitha .

You know even Arnav has diabetics said Anjali .

Yeah , Its in his schedule , Black coffee with no sugar said Nivitha smiling .

So you wont touch any sweets asked aliya .

My mom makes sugar free sweets specially for me and I would have that . Nothing is comparable to that said Nivitha...

With the specification of Sugar free sweets , Arnav's mind went into the thoughts of his khushi who used to make him her hand made Sweets lovingly just for him and the way she used to feed him made the sweet taste out of the world .

Anjali gave tea to nivi . Sumer was angrily staring at her . Whatever anjali and Payal warned his heart cannot digest the fact that she made him suspended ...

Arnav sips his tea silently where as usual anjali , payal were speaking some stuffs.

Whats your plan next ? Shall I call you dhi asked Aliya .

Sure dear , Whats your name by the way asked Nivitha .

My name is aliya said Aliya with a smile .

Beautiful name said Nivitha .

Aliya come to my room said Sumer getting up .

Bhai , I am talking with nivi dhi , would come after some time said Aliya . Sumer gets frustrated . Nivitha sees his expression and smiles with a smirk which is noticed by sumer . He goes to his room angrily ..

Nivitha come to my room ordered arnav getting up .

Yes sir replied nivitha excusing herself from all and leaving to the room ...

At arnav's room .

Nivi take the file from my cupboard 1 st drawer said arnav . Nivitha took the file where her eyes went into a photo of a cute small girl framed .

Nivitha , fast said Arnav . Nivitha closes the drawer and the cupboard and sits opposite to him in the chair and begins helping him in the presentation . After 1 hr of work .

Leave Nivitha , Its already time said Arnav .

No sir , If you want , I would help you said Nivitha .

No , I can handle it said arnav .

Ok sir , Then I would take your leave said Nivitha .

Arnav smiles . Nivitha leaves the home bidding bye to everyone . Sumer sees her leaving from standing by the balcony/

I would see how you would retain in this company for more time thought sumer.

After Nivitha left arnav immediately closed his laptop and leaned on his bed . His mind refreshed  with seeing her . His son aarav . How much he craved to know his name . He didnt have the exact time to think or relish the moments which he saw as he was occupied by work . Now he is free. Whats his son doing now ? How is his character . Sweet like her or arrogant like him ? He wanted badly to meet them . Wanted to embrace his wife and scold her for leaving him . But he dont have the rights now to scold her . Because its his mistake completely . He threw her out . All his destiny . But he wont leave them now .. Enough of this 18 years of hell . He needs to find every thing about them two ....

He takes his phone and calls Aman

Aman said arnav

Tell me ASR said aman.

I need full information about the principle of ak school said arnav .

Give me 2 days time arnav , it would be on your table said aman.

It is about khushi aman , please said arnav .

Khushiji asked aman shocked

Yeah , she is the principal of the AK school which aliya is studying said arnav .

I would try my best to submit it before ASR said Aman.

Thank you Aman said arnav cutting the call.

Arnav was at his peace finally . Few days every information about her would be in his hand . He would know the missing figures of her life . He wanted to badly need a fresh air alone so he decided to move out for few hours in a long drive ..

He informs anjali and then proceeds taking his car .

Nivitha was waiting outside the park for aarav . Where he comes few mins late .

Don't you have time sense Mr aarav mathur asked nivitha.

I don't have lady , what are the stuffs you need to buy asked aarav .

I need a bag , will go to roshan for it then have dinner in saravana bhavan and then proceed to escape said nivitha .

Ji madamji , your word is honor said Aarav.

Nivitha sits on the bike .

Hold tightly ladies and gentlemen , the pulser is going to take off said aarav .

Hello sir , I have total Enfield and this is zero compared to that . Stop this build ups and start said nivitha .

Aarav starts the bike and leaves as per the schedule Planned by them . They both enjoyed the night show and left escape by 12 pm . They were on their way back to Their house where they were blocked by few traffic people at the same time they stopped a car too .

Sir asked aarav .

License and Insurance please asked Police .

Aarav takes it from the pouch of his bike and shows where nivitha was sleeping hugging him tightly .

What happened to her asked Police .

Sleeping, Nivi said aarav .

What aarav asked Nivitha snuggling to other side sleep

Girl friend asked the police .

Yeah said aarav as if he argues to police that she is his sister they will think they are lying .

At the other side the car owner was Arnav where he was hell shocked with the happenings . First he was confused to see a girl with his son and when she turned he could see her face clearly . It was his PA nivtha . Nivitha was his girl friend that was the most shocking news a he got..

Your parents knew asked the police .

Yeah both our parents know said Aarav as he was hell irritated now with the police .

You can leave , Thank you said the police where He starts his bike.

Sir , Your license asked another police . Arnav shows all his papers and then leaves in a totally mixed state of mind . Khushi knows it already about their relationship and she is permitting this? He drove his back to home in a faster speed and when he enters he gets shocked to see sumer wide awake ..

What are you doing sumer asked arnav .

Mamu , I need to speak to you something important said Sumer .

Cant it hold upto tomorrow asked arnav as he was tired of driving on a long ride .

No mamu , Its about Nivitha your PA said Sumer .

What asked arnav eagerly as he wanted to know about her .

I dont think she holds the Image to be your PA said sumer .

Excuse me asked arnav confused .

She is a nachaiz mamu and her character in the college is not good said Sumer.

Nachaiz asked arnav shocked .

Yeah said Sumer .

Everyone in the college keeps distance with her like that. Because of I ragged her using that she hit me in the nose and got me suspended from the college said Sumer .

Didnt You tell to daadu , He is the principal right asked Arnav .

He is on her side , I dont know what is in her such that she pulled Daddu said Sumer.

Today I saw her with a boy just now said arnav .

What asked sumer shocked .

I dont know what to do said arnav confused .

Get her terminated Mamu . She doesnt have a character to Be in that role said Sumer .

Ok you go , I will see to it what I can do said Arnav . Sumer leaves with a winning smile . Now I have hit the ball towards you nivi . Will see how you Handle it thought sumer with a smirk smile...

Arnav went to his room and walks fast . Nivitha has this name and Khushi just like that allowed Aarav 's relationship . How can she agree for the girl who is nachaiz . He wont let this to happen . He will confront Nivitha tomorrow about this for sure . He wont let this to happen. She dont have the character of any status to get on pa with his son...............

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