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Sep 26

DIL KA RISHTA (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 58 times)

Hii guyzz. as sath hoon tere is ended I thought to start a new story. this plot was eating my brain from the past two months. I hope you guyzz like the story. 


"KHUSHII..get out of my house now..........".Abhay shouts.

"Bhai....please listen to me. where will I go. That was a trap Bhai..I didn’t do anything..please Bhai." She begged in front of him folding her hand. Abay didn’t hear her words and drags her out of the house.

"I too have a daughter and I don’t want her to turn like you." he closed the door on her face. Ignoring her pleas. 

"I HATE YOU SHYAAMM......."...She screamed in the rain.


"Bhai". Akash called him. He looked at to see a girl who looks devastated and drenched in rain.

"Bhai woh khushi needs a place to stay. So I just thought that why can’t she stay here". He said.

Arnav glared at him. "I’m not running a brothel here so that she can live here." He said sharply.

Everyone gasped and Khushi looked at him with moist eyes.

"We are not asking you chote. I’m informing you that Khushi will stay here from now on". Anjali declared and drags khushi to the guest room followed by her husband Karan and Akash. While Payal looked there and feels happy that there is someone who supports her in this world.

Arnav gritted his teeth. "You don't know her true face Di. One day you will regret this decision of yours"

Oct 3

Chapter One (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 77 times)

Anjali led Khushi to their guest room. Khushi was walking like a statue as Arnav’s words ring on her ear each time.

Anjali opened the door." Khushiji you can stay here as long as you want". She said making khushi comes out of her thoughts.

Ratna came there at the same time with payal. Ratna looked at the face of khushi which lost all it’s colour. "How much my khushi suffered". She thought. She cupped her chheks. Khushi looked at her and her eyes turn moist. Ratna nodded her head as no.

"Don’t cry beta. Please don’t take Arnav’s words seriously. He saying like that because of his pain. You know him naa. Hamesha gussa aatha hai. I know that my khushi can’t be wrong and there is something behind all this". She said.

Khushi hugged her tightly. Ratna caresses her back and kissed her forehead. "Now take some rest. We will talk later". She said and left with anjali.

Khushi then looked at her sister payal who is looking at her with teary eyes." payaldi..."Khushi said in a chocked voice.

Payal rushed to her and hugged her tightly. "Sshh......bacha...don’t cry. Everything will be fine soon. We will find the bottom of it. Ok". She said consoling khushi.

Khushi nodded her head. Payal makes her lie on bed." Now as a good girl just sleep for sometime. I know you didn’t sleep for two days". Payal  too left the room after closing the door.

Khushi looked at seeling thinking about her past life and her Arnav.


Khushi and Arnav was in same college. Arnav was her senior.

He loved Khushi from a long time. But Khushi was not interested in love. Arnav followed her every where and she misjudged him as a stalker. Her best friend Lavanya already advised her to stay away from Arnav as he is a womanizer and stalks every girl.

Khushi has some soft corner for him. But on hearing Lavanya’s words she starts to get afraid of him. Suddenly one day Arnav proposes her.

Arnav "Khushi I really loves you and wants to marry you". Arnav extend a ring before her standing on his knees. The whole college gasped at the scene of the great ASR proposing a girl for the first time.

Khushi looked at him angrily." How dare you . what do you think you can play with me also like you tricked every other girl. I don’t want any relation with a cheap person like you. I hate you Mr Arnav..".Khushi screamed and walked away.

Arnav looked at her retreating figure with confused and moist eyes. from that day he didn’t followed her in college.

Flashback ends.

Khushi closed her eyes letting tears fall from her eyes." I’m sorry Arnav. I didn’t respect your love at that time and believed Lavanya’s lie. May be that’s why god punished me like this". She whispered.

In Arnav’s room

Arnav was punching the punching bag really angry.

He finally sat on the ground tired. "Why did you come back khushi. you are the only girl I loved and you accused me as a womanizer." He whispered brokenly.

But the words he used for Khushi just a while ago starts stabbing his broken heart. The word prostitute ringed in his ears. He closed his eyes. "I’m sorry Khushi for calling you that. I know you can do anything but not this. But what I heard from Aman and police was also true. I don’t know what to do and what to believe." He said.

His mind drifted to their first meeting. It was during her first year of college.

Khushi was running through the premises as she was late for her class. Suddenly she collided with Arnav and falls down. What the. He said.

Khushi stand up and looked Arnav furiously. But Arnav was lost in her. he can feel his heart beating faster. "Why can’t you watch before you walk.".khushi screamed. But Arnav didn’t hear a single word. Finally she mumbled some curse for him under her breath and walked away.

Khushi sat on her seat still furious as she misses an important class. Suddenly one sir comes there with Arnav. Khushi’s eyes turn wide seeing him. "Heyy Devimayya he is my senior and I  shouted on him". She mumbled and looked down at her fingers unable to face him.

Sir started. "Students he is Arnav Singh Raizada your super senior here. Listen to his words".

All students listened to him keenly. But his eyes was only on khushi who was looking down all the time. "Hii guys I came here to invite you all for the cultural events organised by our department on the coming Friday. If you have any suggestion regarding the event just contact me OK." He said.

Khushi doesn’t spared a look at him and all the while looking down. He left the class in disappointment. From there on wards he starts following her. each time seeing her face his heart filed with joy. He was head over heels love with her and that’s why he proposed her in front of the whole college. But...he sighed.


Sorry friends. for being late. but what can I do today only I become free. Last some days was really emotional for me and I was really upset. So my mind went blank. my friend's mom is in ventilator because of kidney failure. today only she starts to respond to medicines. she lost her father at the age of 1. Now her mother and sister is her everything. we all are really sad and disappointed with the news. That's why I'm unable to update until now.

Oct 21

Chapter two : Unknown Hearts (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 69 times)

Next day morning

Arnav is having breakfast. Ratna dragged khushi to the table. "Sit beta. Eat something. You didn’t eat anything from yesterday".

Arnav looked at khushi and clenched his fist. Khushi too see this and said." I will eat later aunty. I’m not hungry now". she starts to go from there. But Ratna hold her hand and made her sit on the chair opposite to Arnav.

Khushi opened her mouth to retort." But.." Ratna sushed her. "sshhhh....eat quietly".

Khushi looked at her with moist eyes feeling the motherly love.

Suddenly Arnav stood up from his seat and starts to walk away from there. Ratna stopped him. "Chote...where are you going. You haven’t finished your breakfast."

Arnav looked at khushi furiously who is looking at him with tears in her eyes. " I don’t want to eat with her maa. It will be better if I stayed hungry". He left from there.

Khushi looked down at her plate as tear drops starts to fall from her eyes. Ratna placed her hand on her shoulder. Khushi looked up. Ratna wiped her tears and caressed her cheek. "Don’t bother about him. You should eat beta". khushi hugs her tightly and cried. Ratna rubbed her back." sshh....it's OK beta. we are with you". she cupped khushi's cheek. "now eat like a good girl". 

she extend one morsel toward khushi. "today I will feed you beta". khushi eat the food from Ratna's hands overwhelmed by the motherly love she had never experienced. 


Arnav stand near his plants and thinks about the morning incident. He can feel that she is deeply hurt. At one moment his heart tells him to stop hurting her and at the same time his mind remind him of the hurt caused by her. he closed his eyes in frustration.

Suddenly he hear the sound of anklets approaching him. He knows that they are khushi’s. He opened his eyes to see a nervous khushi.

He barked at her. "What the hell are you doing here. This is my room. Just GET OUT..."

Khushi closed her eyes fearfully." I need to say something". She said immediately and then looked at him with teary eyes.

Seeing her tears Arnav calm down a little. "I don’t want to listen anything. Just leave from here". He takes the scissor and starts cutting the plants without looking at her.

Khushi didn’t listen and started talking. " I......I know that my presence in this house will hurt you. yesterday night I don’t know what to do. That’s why i come here with payal di. I don’t want to cause you any trouble. So I’m leaving".

he was shocked hearing her. even though he is angry with her he doesn't her to leave the house. he knows that she don't have any other place to stay. absentmindedly he starts to cut the plants but his hand were cut by the scissors. "Oouchh.....".he yelped in pain.

Khushi runs to him. "What hapend....".she tried to take his hand. suddenly Arnav step back. "Don’t touch me". he said.

Khushi feels a thousand needle pricked her heart hearing his words. She looked at him painfully and Arnav averted his eyes.

Anjali who come there to talk Arnav go frightened seeing his wound. "Chote.."she shouted and runs to him. "Kya hua chote..".she takes his hand in hers...

"Nothing di. It’s just a small wound". He tried to take his hand. but Anjali didn’t let him. "Shut up chote. Can’t you see how much blood is losing". She scold him. Arnav stood there quietly. She rushed inside and comes with a first aid box.

She looked at khushi whose face is completely pale seeing this. She called." Khushi..can you hold chote’s hand while I dress this wound".

"No di. I will do it alone. I don’t need her help". Arnav said immediately.

Anjali glared at him. "I didn’t ask you chote. Khushi come here."

Khushi looked at Arnav and find him glaring at her. "woh di..".she starts to refuse.

Anjali said firmly." Both of you don’t test my patience. Khushi come here and hold his hand. and chote don’t you dare to refuse". She ordered.

Khushi reluctantly walked near Arnav. Her hands were trembling while tried to hold him. She gently hold his hand and keep her eyes downcast. She don’t have the courage to look at him. On the other hand Arnav keeps looking at her. he can feel her pain. But he can’t forget his past too.

Anjali’s voice break his trance. "Done chote". She said.

Khushi gently withdraw her hand runs out of the room without waiting for anything." Khushi...."..Anjali tried to call. "Chote let me see Khushi". she whispered hurriedly and rushed behind her.

Arnav stood there sighing deeply. He knows that Khushi is deeply hurt. But what confuse him is her behavior. Why is she affected by his anger. She already said that she hates him, then what happend to her suddenly.

Khushi runs to her room and cried sitting on the recliner. She closed her face with both palms and cried harder.

Anjali rushed to her. "kya hua khushi..why are you crying". She asked worriedly caressing her head. khushi immediately hugged her tightly. "I need to leave from here di". She whispered in a broken voice.

"Kya..".Anjali withdraws from the hug and cupped her face. "What are you saying khushi". she asked shocked.

Khushi gulped." I can never be normal if i live here di. I need to go very far way. To a place where no one knows me. here every one will look at me like a culprit di. I didn’t do any thing". Khushi hugged her tightly and cried.

Anjali rubbed her back to console her. "We know you Khushi. We know that you are pure and you wouldn't stoop that low. please don't worry about chote. he is just angry. you know him naa. anger is on the tip of his nose. bahut akdu hai". khushi smiled through her tears hearing this. Anjali withdraws from the hug and cupped her cheek." You are not going anywhere. that's final. Understand." 

khushi nodded her head gulping her tears. Arnav who stood at the door starts walking towards his room feeling relieved that khushi is not leaving their house. 

THANK YOU ALL. Thank you @Noordina , @Londoner , @Suvvi , @Kpoonam , @Jelebigirl , @Juliesrinivasan for your comments dears. 

my friend's mom is really critical. doctors said that they lost their hope as her brain cells were damaged. my friend is completely shattered by the news. we all need to be with her and give her strength. I was really sad and that's why I didn't update since the last 5 days. 

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