The Bumpy Start

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Oct 2

The Bumpy Start (By Telly_News) (Thanked: 3 times)

Shekhar almost jumped off his bed when his alarm clock rang on his phone. This is nothing new that happened. Shekhar has been doing this every day. Shekhar has been living in Mumbai for quite a few years and by this time he should have adjusted with the rushing life of a metro city like Mumbai. Shekhar always enjoyed the serene ambiance of his hometown, a small town of UP. He sometimes realized that this is not the life he wanted, he wanted to have a peaceful life with family and friends around. With the death of his parents in a very early age, he had no one to look up to as a family. Shekhar stretched a bit and went to the kitchen to prepare a cup of tea. The small town people are fond of tea early in the morning. Shekhar made a lot of changes to his life but not the life style. While sipping tea, Shekhar went to his balcony to enjoy the morning beauty. Bumpy was as lazy as Shekhar was. He looked at Shekhar like a father. Bumpy was the dog Shekhar had after his parent’s sad demise.

Shekhar, as usual was running late for work. He started his car and tried to drive a little faster than he usually does. He wanted to calm himself before reaching workplace so he played his favourite song,” Somebody’s me” sung by Enrique. It reminded him of Tanvi. Shekhar fell in love with Tanvi the first day he saw her in his MBA College. He was too shy to speak his heart out to Tanvi. Tanvi was a very famous girl of the college because of her cute looks and flirting nature.

The day Tanvi realized that Shekhar was keeping an eye on her, she started stalking Shekhar. In a few days, they started a relationship. Shekhar was deeply in love with her without any expectations. It was College Sports Day, Shekhar was in college football team and that day he played extremely well to get a special prize. He looked for Tanvi everywhere just to share his achievement with her. He was rushing towards hostel and while passing through the old library, he saw Tanvi hugging Sarthak, Captain of the college Cricket team.

Shekhar kneeled down there with a choked heart. Guys don’t normally cry but that day, he soaked his pillow with tears. Next day, he went to Tanvi and asked her about that hugging scene. Tanvi rudely told him that she was just playing around with him and he doesn’t deserve her at all. Shekhar knew last night that this was about to happen but he was prepared.

Shekhar reached office; it was 11am in the morning. First love always leaves a spot in the heart but Shekhar moved on with that spot as he had a long life to live. After that incident, he lost trust in everyone. Shekhar was working as the zonal head of Patanjali products. He was busy with his work when his phone rang. Shekhar never enjoys interruptions while working so he disconnected the call. The phone rang again in another 10 minutes. He picked up the call and it was a girl on the other end. With her lively tone, she said “Hi! I am Keisha and this call is regarding your house loan you applied for.” Shekhar was too busy to discuss his house loan but this was important. He discussed with Keisha and she was working as a relationship manager for HDFC. Keisha advised Shekhar to visit the branch and meet for further discussion. They settled the day for Saturday afternoon.

Shekhar almost forgot about his meeting with Keisha regarding house loan that day. It was 11:30am when he received a call from Keisha. He didn’t save her number but that lively tone in his heart. Keisha asked him if he is free by 3pm as it was second Saturday of the month and the branch would be closed by 4pm.

Shekhar entered the branch office of HDFC and asked for Keisha Tripathy. The glass door had her name printed in bold and capital. He knocked the door and upon approval entered in the cabin. Keisha was a young girl cute dimple in her cheeks and small brown hair with cheerful eyes. Shekhar loved her way of interaction and friendliness. She confirmed to Shekhar that it would take a few days to process his request but she will try to make it ASAP. Shekhar got up from his seat and was leaving when he turned back. He smiled and asked Keisha if she would like to join him for lunch as it was afternoon and he was hungry. Keisha said, “That’s so sweet of you Mr. Shekhar but I already have my lunch box. I don’t mind coming out with you provided you can share my lunchbox.” Shekhar smiled and agreed. They went to a nearby café and ordered for juice. Keisha was born and raised in Allahabad. She shared some information about her and Shekhar returned the same set of information about him. Keisha felt bad when she came to know that Shekhar has lost his parents. Like most of the kind hearted people in the society, Keisha developed a feeling for Shekhar.

That night, Shekhar searched Keisha on Facebook and added her. They chatted for some time when Keisha asked, “So you are buying a house for your girlfriend?” Shekhar smiled and said, “Yes, for my would be girlfriend.” Shekhar told her about Tanvi and it was a sad moment for Keisha thinking about what happened with Shekhar. Keisha told him about her broken engagement.

Shekhar felt good about Keisha and so did her. Keisha wanted to meet Shekhar and talk more every day. It was first day of Ganesh Chaturthi which is celebrated best in Maharashtra. Keisha called Shekhar and asked if they can meet. They decided to meet at 7pm.

Shekhar was ready with his royal blue t-shirt and denim. He looked cool in that attire. They sat in a restaurant and exchanged some talks. Keisha wasn’t in her same old mood that day, she was quite and stretches in her forehead said a lot of things. Something was disturbing her. Shekhar asked her if they can take a walk in the beach.

While walking in the beach, Keisha cried and said, “For what happened in your life, I know you would not trust anyone ever; but unknowingly I have developed some deep feelings for you. I don’t know whether or not you have the same feelings for me but I can assure I will be with you forever. I don’t want you to support me emotionally; I want to do it for you. I want to love you and care for you for the entire life.” Shekhar didn’t know what to say. She tried to make her understand that he doesn’t have enough love in his heart to give. Keisha was quite but smiled back in a moment. She said, “No problem, Shekhar. I am glad that you at least respected my feelings towards you. Let’s be friends and forget I told you just now. I know I won’t be able to stop loving you but I assure you that it will never affect our friendship.”

They smiled and went back home. Shekhar could not sleep that night thinking that he did not do any good to that girl. They did not meet each other after that night and shared some chats at times. Shekhar was as usual sleeping when his phone rang and Bumpy jumped on him. Shekhar hurriedly got up and received the call.

Someone from the other end said, “Hi Shekhar! It’s me, Tanvi. I hope you remember me. I found your number from an old common friend. I miss you Shekhar and I realized that you are best person for me after Sarthak dumped me for another girl.”

Shekhar kept silent. He gathered his senses and replied, “Thanks for calling me Tanvi. I have no grudges for you and no regrets for why you left me. I am happy that you did because now I realize that you were right that day when you said I don’t deserve you. Yes, I don’t deserve you because someone else deserves me better now. Please don’t call me again as I have now found the love of my life.” And, Shekhar ended the call.

He dropped a message to his boss that he would not be able to come to office that day and called Keisha. When Keisha picked up the call, Shekhar said, “Keisha! Would you be able to take a leave for today and come to my place? I really need to talk to you urgently.”

Keisha was worried as to what might have happened to Shekhar as she never heard such a straight tone from him. When Shekhar opened his door for Keisha, Bumpy jumped on her. She was over delighted to see Bumpy and started playing with him in the balcony. She almost forgot as to why she has come running to Shekhar’s place. Shekhar kept staring at her innocent and silently moved towards her. He held Keisha and kept his palm on her cheek. Shekhar, a shy guy kissed Keisha deeply and said, “Now if I ask you to be the owner of my house, would you deny that?”

Keisha hugged him tightly and said, “I won’t deny but you will have to serve me with the same kiss every morning.” Shekhar replied, “I can do that every minute and not just morning my love.”

It starts unknowingly and completes with a beautiful feeling. That’s love and relationship for a lifetime.


By Rimi

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