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Oct 2

Direction for the Society (By Telly_News) (Thanked: 2 times)

Priya was a working lady who was living in her matrimonial house with her Husband, Mother-in-law and daughter. All the people in her family were happy with girl child. Nobody wanted Baby boy in her family.

But it is said that ” Situation never remains same and it can be changed at anytime”.One day, Asha Aunt(Cousin of Priya’s mother-in-law) came at Home who was very dominating in nature.

When Asha Aunt reached at home to meet her sister, Priya was in the Office that time. Her mother-in-law welcomed Asha Aunt.After sometime, Asha Aunt began to talk to her cousin(Priya’s mother-in-law). When Priya reached at home, Asha Aunt asked,” Priya, when will be you going to take our grandson for your family.”

Priya replied, ” Aunt, we have decided that we should be happy with only one child (either boy or girl). All of us love our daughter so much.”

Asha asked , ” What are you saying? Why don’t you want to extend the family tree? You are not respecting the feeling of your elders. Do you think that your daughter can do your care-take after her marriage or you want to stay at old-age home after retirement?”

Priya said, ” What type of respect? It’s our decision that we will take-care of only one child(whether boy or girl). If I will conceive for next child, can you give me the guarantee of only male child? It’s your old-age mentality which is responsible for population explosion. ”

Aunt began to say , ” It’s your child-bearing age. You can think about the golden period of old-age. A son can give you the safety for old-age.”

Priya replied, ” Can you give me the guarantee for old-age period? Our children are not bounded labours . Can you take care of the baby boy till his adulthood. We have no right to expect these things from our children.”

Priya’s mother-in-law smiled and said , ” You have opened my eyes. My parents had given birth to 6 girls due to the preference of male child and we got married at very early age because of my brother’s marriage. Your thinking is modern in real-sense”.


By Ruchikakhanna

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