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Oct 3

PYAAR HAI TUMSE (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 54 times)


Arnav singh raizada looked at his phone frowning. He was in the middle of a meeting when his lady love's, his wife's name flashed on the phone. He immediately walked out of the cabin. He was hell worried for her.

When he called her yesterday she just cut the call with the excuse of head ache. He knew that was a clear lie. Because his Khushi is not like that. She never cuts the call of him and she was complaining about his overseas trip just two days ago.

He picked the call concernedly as soon as he walks out of the cabin."Haan khushi"

But his mother's strained voice comes from the other end." Chote.."

Arnav's heart beat in panic." Maa..what happend maa...where is Khushi.".He  asked holding a breath.

"Chote..woo Khushi bitiya".. Ratna cried harder increasing the worry of Arnav in each passing second.

" are scaring me..what happend to my Khushi.".Arnav asked desperately while his insides churns with fear.

"Chote..khushi bitiya tried to commit suicide.. She is in hospital now.". Ratna wailed helplessly.

The phone slipped from his hand.  He choked for breath while tears of helplessness runs through his eyes. His Khushi, his love tried to commit suicide...he palmed his face. What makes her to take such a step. It was only one week he comes to London. What happend there within this one week. Thousand questions runs through his mind.

He immediately booked the next flight tickets and runs out of the office. He needs to see his Khushi.. His eyes was still moist. But there is also anger in them. He promised in the name of his love that he will never leave the person who is responsible for this.

His hands were shaking and he mumbled a silent plea to the almighty to save her. He don't want anything else. He just needs to be with her. His Khushi.  

Oct 4

Chapter One (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 83 times)

Arnav runs through the hospital corridor like a mad man. His eyes were puffy and red. He feels like a dead man after hearing this news. His khushi is the reason for his existence. He can't live without her. his eyes once again clogged with tears thinking about her. 

He finds both of their families at the door of ICU. He runs to them and hugged his maa tightly. "Maa khushi..."..he whispered broken.

"Doctors are trying chote. We can't see her now". She said praying for her daughter in law. Arnav closed his eyes in pain and withdraws from the hug. "Why did my Khushi take such a step maa. What happend." He asked like a lost child.

Ratna replied controlling her sob. "I don't know chote. She went to her home before 4 days. She said she is missing them. She was all ok then. Infact my bitiya was really happy. But...yesterday...s..she.".Arnav hold his mother in a hug.

She is not ok from the past 2 days chote. I can sense that from her calls. But.. yesterday night Garimaji said that they found khushi unconscious and her vein was cut. Pata nahi what happend to my bitiya within these two days that she took such a step". She weep badly hugging Arnav.

Arnav sat on the bench dejected. He feels that he failed his Khushi. if he didn't go for that damn meeting his Khushi would be safe. He cursed himself. 

Arnav knows that Garima and Sashi is aware of this matter as their eyes contained the guilt and shame. He will find out soon and he will never leave the one who hurt his Khushi.

 suddenly he feels a hand on his shoulder. He jerks off it see Lavanya, Khushi's sister. Lavanya is sitting beside him with a smile. He feels a rage build up  on him. There his Khushi is suffering for life and here she is all smiling. He looked away clenching his fist.

Lavanya leaned close to him. "Arnav you don't need to be alone. I will be there for you".

 He gives her a deadly glare and walked towards the ICU. On seeing the doctor comes out of it he runs to them. "Doctor how is my Khushi.".

Doctor sighed. "We can't say anything now. even though she is not bleeding now she is still in danger. We can hope that she will be able to gain consciousness by tomorrow". he patted his shoulder and left.

Arnav enters the ICU  taking baby steps. His heart bleed to see his love like that. his Khushi is not smiling now. the smile which makes him fall for her was completely vanished now. There was a huge band aid on her hand. he sat on the nearby chair and gently stroked her hair. "Please Khushi..look at me. your Arnav will die without you. comeback Khushi". he whispered in a chocked voice. He holds her hand and closed his eyes thinking about their first meet.


Arnav Singh Raizada enters the flight. He got admission in Harvard. He is really an introvert and really uncomfortable with girls. He sighed defeated after finding that his companion is a young lady. He didn't bothered to have a conversation with her while she is all busy in blabbering to herself. After some time he feels someone tapping his shoulder.

He looked up to see the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. "Can I hold your hand". She asked cutely.

What the. He exclaimed. What the hell is she talking. He was about to retort when suddenly she said in a pleading voice. "Please it's my first flight and I'm really afraid. Please just for some time".  Arnav feels his head nodding at her without any time. Khushi smiled brightly holding his hand with hers and closed her eyes praying. Arnav looked at the adorable girl beside him. He was lost in her suddenly he feels Khushi withdraws her hand from his. That makes him comes out of his dreamy state.

Khushi extended her hand towards him. "Thank you. I'm khushi gupta."

"Arnav Singh Raizada". Both introduced formally. And Khushi comes back to her chirpy self. "You know finally my dream comes true. I got admission in Harvard". Arnav looked at her surprised. "Me too". He replied to her for the first time.

"Really". She exclaimed with a smile which churns something in his heart. Throughout  the journey Khushi kept talking and Arnav listens to her with a smile. The ever so silent boy started to fall in love with the chirpiest one.

Flashback ends

A tear ran through his cheek. "Please open you eyes Khushi. I need to hear your voice. I can't leave without you". He cried holding her hand.  He knows that Lavanya has something to do with hurting his Khushi to this extend. From her behaviour that was crystal clear. 

He dropped a kiss on her forehead and walks out of the room. It's the time to confront her family.


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Oct 10

Chapter Two: Happiness and shock!!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 86 times)

Arnav walked out of the room with moist and red eyes. he looked at the guptas who is looking devastated. He walked near them." What happend to my khushi." he asked sternly.

"We don’t know beta. Suddenly..she.".Garima said in a chocked voice..

Arnav closed his controlling his rage. "I don’t want to hear your lies. My khushi was really happy until she come to your house..what did you guys do this with her..".he shouted.

Tears starts to flow from Garima’s eyes. she is unable to talk. Sashi hold Garima and started talking. "We really don’t know beta. Two days before there was a fight between khushi and Lavanya. We don’t know the reason. But after the fight khushi was really upset and she needs to leave immedietly. But we consoled her and she agreed to stay two more days. and garima went to hospital for my regular checkup. But........"..his voice cracked. He closed his eyes to gain the courage. "When we returned our khushi was struggling for life....i’m sorry beta..if we didn’t urge her to stay with lavanya this wouldn’t happen". He cried.

Arnav didn’t say anything. He knows that there is more to the story. His khushi won’t commit suicide just because she is upset. Only lavanya can spill the beans now. but she won’t..he sighed dejectedly and sat down on a chair.

Suddenly doctor comes out of the room." Excuse me is there anyone related to Mrs. Raizada.".he asked.

Arnav runs to him without waiting a second. Yes doctor...he said anxiously.

"She is out of danger now". he announced. Arnav’s face lit with happiness...his khushi is out of danger." Thank you so much doctor". He said with full gratitude.

He hugged Ratna tightly." Maa my khushi.....".his voice chocked. Ratna smiled through her tears. "Haa chote..our khushi bitiya will be fine".

Guptas were also happy. Garima and sashi folded their hands to the doctor for saving their Khushi. but Lavanya’s face paled as a ghost. She began to sweat. "Oh GOD. What will I do if she comes to consciousness."..she mumbled scared. She knows that Arnav will definitely make Khushi confess. She gulped imagining the consequences.

Doctor looked at Arnav with a smile. His face shows as he just got back his life.

"Your relation with patient.".doctor asked clearing his throat.

"She is my wife". Arnav said.

Doctor nodded. "I need to talk to you in private. Comes to my cabin".

Arnav followed the doctor he was hell nervous. Once they took the seats. Doctor started

"Look mr raizada. I need to inform you something regarding the patient".

Arnav looked at him worried. "What happend doctor". His heart beat began to rise thinking about it.

Doctor sighed." Look I will tell the point straight. Her wrist was cut deeply and along with veins her paranobes were also cut. So her right hand will be paralyzed for a while. That’s a sure thing." Arnav’s face turn pale.".but" stopped.

"But what doctor" he asked in a strained voice.

 Doctor sighed. "I don’t know how did this happen but when her medical reports came at today morning it stated that her brain didn’t get oxygen for one minute because of that her brain cells were injured. Thank to the almighty that it was only for one minute if she didn’t get oxygen for two or more minutes it will cause a brain death."

Arnav was shaking in horror." But doctor how did this happen". He asked

"That is what confusing me. there is no marks on her neck and face which means it is not by pillow, rope or anyone’s hand. there was no water in her lungs also. We can’t predict how did this happen. This might affect her body. We can only know about the extend when she comes to consciousness". Doctor said.

Arnav nodes his head and walked out of the cabin with shaking steps. He don’t know what happend to his khushi. why did she tried to leave him. Or someone forced her to do so. He walked inside the ICU and sat near her. he gently took her hand in his and caressed the bandage.

"Please open your eyes khushi........please jaan..look at me. I can’t see you like this." He put his head on the bed near her hand and wept. It’s killing him to see his khushi like this. He don’t know how many time he stayed like that. his tears is drenching her hand.

Suddenly he feels her hand moved. He jerked and raised his head. he looked at her face to see her slowily opening her eyes.

"Khushi....".he whispered happily and cups her cheek. Khushi finally opened her eyes and looked at him. She blinked her eyes several time for a proper vision. Once she sees him her eyes brimmed with tears.

"Shhh jaan...don’t cry......I’m with you....."..Arnav wiped her tears when his own eyes turn moist. He pecked her lips suddenly. "You made me scared out of my life jaan..".he whispered.

khushi looked at him with teary eyes. she opened her mouth to talk but no voice was coming out.....she tried to talk once again but this time also she failed. Tears starts to flow like pool from her eyes.

Arnav hugged her. "sshh.......don’t be tensed jaan.....I will call doctor right now...nothing will happen. I’m with you na.....".

"Doctor."..he screamed for doctor. Doctor rushed to the ICU.

Doctor smiled at khushi. "How are you feeling now mrs. Raizada ..." she asked.

Khushi tried to talk once again. But failed miserably.......her eyes were downcast and she sat there dejectedly.

Arnav was holding her other hand all the time. He looked at khushi worried. What if she lost her can he live without hearing her.

He turns to the doctor anxiously." What happend doctor."

"I will explain. But first let me check her. mrs. Raizada try to move your hands and legs one by one".

Khushi nodded her head slowly. she gently moved both of her legs. Doctor smiled.."Great. now just move your hands".

Khushi moved her left hand easily. But she wasn’t able to move her right hand. she didn’t feel anything while trying to move it. Khushi looked at Arnav panicked.

Doctor shaked her head disappointed. "Don’t worry mrs. Raiada it’s just the after effects. After the speech and physiotherapy your voice and hand will be perfectly alright". Doctor assured them and left.

After doctor left Arnav hugs khushi. "sshh.......jaan you don’t need to take tension now. I will make everything alright". He whispered thinking to find the bottom of what happend to his khushi.


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Dec 6

Chapter Three : Taking Care of His Jaan (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 70 times)

Here is the second update for today guys..thank you

khushi looked at her hand and her eyes pooled with tears. "Will I ever be able to talk again.".she thought to her self. Tears makes way from her eyes to her cheeks.

At the same time Arnav enters the room with soup for khushi. he got panicked seeing her teary eyes. he rushed to her after placing the soup bowl on the table.

"Jaan..what happend..why are you crying....are you feeling any pain....".he asked worriedly cupping her cheeks. But as a reply more tears flowed from her eyes as she see him.

"Jaan you are scaring you feel any pain"..he asked once again. His heart beat skips a beat because of fear seeing her crying.

Khushi just nodes her head as 'no' making him sigh in relief. He sat beside her. "then why are you crying jaan." Khushi looked at him with a painful expression.

He wiped her face once again."sshhh.....don’t cry jaan. Please don’t think about anything. I’m here naa. I will make everything alright. Just trust me."

Khushi just nodes her head but that sad expression doesn’t leave her.

Arnav sighed. He knows that how much difficult it will be for khushi. she is such a chatterbox and being silent is killing her. she is the girl who always stay happy and make others too. The sound of her anklets is his smoothing music. He just closed his eyes and opened it smiling at khushi.

"Now just leave all this. And eat this soup." He said.

He slipped her hand through her waist and neck and helped her to sit.

He took the bowl in his hand and brought the spoon in front of her lips. Khushi is just staring at him blankly.

"Open your mouth khushi why are you looking at me". she nodes her head in denial and opens her mouth slowly. Arnav put one spoon in her mouth. She swallowed it.

"Do you like it". He asked. Khushi nodes her head with a slight smile.

Arnav smiled widely. "maa makes it specially for you. she knows that you don’t like the tasteless food in hospitals". He rolled his eyes." Everyone knows that you are a foodie."..he chuckled.

Khushi looked at him wide eyes and then pouted for calling her foodie. She turns her face away with an angry pout. Arnav chuckled at her antics and pinched her cheek. "But I love this foodie.....and everyone does".

Khushi looked at him and smiled. Arnav too smiled at her and started feeding her.

Suddenly lavanya enters the room followed by garima. Arnav see that khushi’s body become stiff and her face is blank. He frowned and turned back to see lavanya and garima.

Lavanya is shooting daggers at khushi standing there. Garima walked near khushi. "I just bought food for her" she said extending the Tiffin.

"No need. I know how to take care of my life". he said in a curt tone.

Khushi looked at him shocked and that made him realise that khushi don’t know about his fight with them. He doesn’t want to make her upset.

"I said because I had already bought her soup. You don’t need to take strain aunty. I’m her husband naa I will do the necessities." He said in a soft tone.

Khushi felt relieved hearing the later but garima knows the reason. She knows that she is at fault. She can very well understand the silent warning in Arnav’s words. But she can’t oppose either. It’s because of their carelessness that their khushi is in this state.

"Ok beta. You feed her. me and lavanya are going home. it’s really late night. We will come tomorrow morning". Garima said. She knows that Arnav won’t let them stay here as only one person is allowed to stay with khushi.

She bent and kissed khushi’s forehead and said." Please take care bitiya".

Khushi nodes her head. looking khushi for one last time garima walked out of the room dragging a fuming lavanya along with her.

Arnav sees khushi sighs as them walked out. Arnav wipes her face with wet cloth and makes her lie down as she finishes the soup.

He holds her left hand in his." Jaan did lavanya has something to do with your state". He asked straightly looking at her eyes.

For a moment khushi was shocked. But she just looked down and shakes her head in denial. Arnav sighed. His khushi won’t spell the beans easily. He kissed her forehead. "Sleep jaan".

He tried to remove his hand but khushi held it tightly. He looked at her confused. She gestured to him to lie beside through her eyes.

"No jaan. You are hurt. I’m fine here." he cupped her cheek with the other hand. khushi looked at him pleadingly while her eyes welled up.

Arnav immediately wipe the tears." Sshh’t cry". He whispered.

Khushi tried to move to the right side to make space for him. But she was unable to do so because of her legs. Seeing her eyes getting teary once again, Arnav gently moves her to the right side by lifting her a little. Then he lie down on the left side and gently hugged her. he circled his hand around her waist carefully not to touch the wound on the right hand. khushi tilted her head a little so that her head laid on his shoulder.

He pecked her lips gently." Good night jaan."

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