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Oct 7

ISHQ - ARSHI (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 19 times)

ISHQ – Intro

Arnav – son of business man and lives with his nani and di (Anjali not married) after death of his parents in the accident. He took care of their business as he is only the heir and Aman is his PA. His business is related to fashion industry and have some more businesses.

Khushi – (orphan) owns a firm related to real estate and have a small sweet shop which is just to fulfill her hobby of cooking. Lisa is her PA.

Akash – (business man) business is related to real estate & construction projects. He lives with his parents and brother (Nk still studying MBA to help his brother). Manohar is retired IPS officer.

Payal – (dentist) she lives with her parents and sister (Lavanya still studying MBA).

Stay tuned to check their love story. How their lives are connected?  How they meet each other? And how it lead to love? Did their love journey ended happily or not?

Thank you for sparing your time for reading!! 

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Oct 7

ISHQ - one (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 26 times)

Please ignore the typing/grammatical mistakes

Chapter one 

A man in his late twenties seen walking to and fro and searching something seriously shouts di where is my Bluetooth

Di - it's there only

Yes I have got it he leaves from his room he reaches down and see his Di and Nani are praying he shakes his head and starts moving

Di - chote

Arnav is shown ha di

Anjali - Going for jogging?

Arnav - haa di

Anjali - Come fast, you said you have some meeting and asked me to remind you

Arnav – thanks di I forgot it totally it is really important one

Anjali – get going or else you will get late

Arnav – bye di

He leaves from their

another man is sleeping and suddenly he feels someone is hugging him and about to kiss him 

Image result for akash and nk in ipkknd

he wakes up and shouts Nk again you had been doing this since a while and quickly grabs the water jug from side table and throws on the another guy (Nk) he shouts Bhai what are you doing and wakes up with shock

Akash – or else what let you kiss me  

Image result for nani and di praying  in ipkknd

Nk – smiles and about to touch Akash

Akash – shouts don’t try it

Manorama Image result for nani and di praying  in ipkkndcomes from down and so you people daily fight started

Akash – maa see he was kissing me

Nk – maa I was doing that in sleep

Akash – nahi maa I don’t want him in my room

Nk – bhai please I won’t do it again please bhai (actually Nk have problem with darkness)

Manorama – Akash wo sab ****o you said you have some meeting

Akash – haa maa I will get ready and he goes towards bathroom

Manorama leaves from there and goes towards kitchen to see the preparations

Akash quickly come back to Nk and say tek hai but asks whom were you imaging while kissing

Nk gets shy and gets thinking Akash leave to bathroom to get ready


A lovely lady sleeping and alarm rings and she keeps a pillow on her face moving her hand (as if searching) and find the clock and shuts it

And after 10 mins the lady who shut the cloak has got up

She is Khushi and slowly goes to kitchen and asks maid where the coffee is and grabs the coffee and start her day


A lady was sleeping with smiling face someone enters the room and goes near to that lady and blends and goes near to her ear and about to shout but seeing her smiling she could not shout she murmurs something and lady sleeping with smiley face gets up and her smile vanished and says sister why didn’t you woke me up early saying this she gets down from the bed. She is Lavanya

Lavanya - you are almost ready

Payal - it not my fault dear you did not get up.

Lavanya – this is not fair sister

Payal – now don’t get late, get ready!!!!


Raizada mansion:

Arnav is back from his jog and gets ready and come down

Anjali says great I was about to call you

Arnav - why?

Anjali – what why for breakfast

Arnav – di I don’t have time serve me fast I have to go for the meeting

Anjali serve him bread toast and juice

He finish them fast and calls Hari Prakash (HP)

He comes running and hands over the briefcase


Arnav leaves in his car

In Arnav car:

Arnav calls Aman and all ready for the meeting

Aman – yes sir

Arnav – when will the other party reach?

Aman – sharp 11 sir

Arnav – okay

Ends the call


Arnav office A&A group of industries

Arnav waits for the client and checks his watch and says Aman where is he? This is important project for us

Just then someone enters the cabin and says sorry for the delay of 5 mins actually Delhi traffic you know Na?

Arnav see him and stares at him and says with surprising face u?

Person looks at Arnav with same expression just then

Aman says sir he is Mr. Akash MD of Manorama group of companies

And Arnav with amu****t hugs Akash and says Akash I could not recognize you and Akash also hugs him back

Image result for akash and arnav in ipkknd

Aman looks confused

Akash – ASR u changed a lot and u look somewhat different?

Arnav and Akash break their hug and say we were best friends in 4th class

Aman gives a smile

Arnav says to Aman cancel today’s all appointments we met after so many years lot to share and give look to Akash

Akash - yaa even I was going to do same and call someone and says cancel all appointments

Aman – sir but what about model audition

Arnav – you take care of it you finalize someone I trust your choice

Aman with glowing face thank you sir and leave

Arnav and Akash get into talks

Akash says we go to sweet shop I am hungry it is very near only

Arnav with sad face I can’t have them yar I am diabetic

Akash with shocked face see’s at him and says but how u got this?

Arnav says all his past to Akash how his parents died and how he faced all difficulties and do to stress he got diabetics

Akash says just come with me and drag him out of his cabin Arnav is shocked to that act and followed him

Arnav and Akash leave in Akash’s car

In ten mins Akash stops his car and asks Arnav to get down

Arnav get down and see around and stops by looking at the board Khushi’s sweet shop and gives a serious look to Akash

Akash says just come with me

Arnav and Akash enter the sweet shop

Akash search for seats and finds them near to kitchen

Arnav and Akash take their seats

Akash offers the menu card to Arnav

Arnav controls his anger and grabs it and see it

After 2 mins of staring he gives a happy look to Akash and says you’re really nice I don’t even know that these type of sweet shop exists thanks

Akash gives a smile and says leave all that order something I am dam hungry

Thank you for sparing your time for reading!!  

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Oct 9

ISHQ - Two (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 28 times)

Please ignore the typing/grammatical mistakes

Chapter two

Arnav - moong daal ka halwa and gives card to Akash

Akash – hmmm gulab jamun, and jalebi. He looks arounds and goes near to Khushi

Akash orders the sweets

Khushi – Akash ji you after so many days

Akash – ha I was busy but now I am hungry serve me fast

Khushi – ok wait for 5 mins and gives a stare to order and says out moong ki daal ka halwa

Akash - ha yes

Khushi – but you never order this and give a pause

This is especially for diabetic

Akash says I know I will tell later please serve me fast I am hungry

Khushi – 10 mins will you stand here?

Akash shows her the table and says bring them there and please make it fast

Khushi nods yes and Akash goes to Arnav and takes his seat

Arnav says why it took long time

Akash cook was busy

They continue their talks

Khushi interrupt them and serves them

Arnav gives a look and grabs his order and taste it

(In his mind wow it’s so delicious)

Khushi was staring at him (In her mind what kind of person he can’t wait till get served such a)

Akash - thanks Khushi

Khushi smiles and leaves from there

Khushi was leaving to kitchen

just then someone enter from entrance and pushes her

She falls down

Image result for khushi falls  down ipkknd

Arnav doesn’t bother

Akash shouts Khushi and makes her get up and asks are you fine?

Khushi - I am fine but Akash see her and take her to their table

Arnav was shocked for all that happened and how Akash was concerned about her

Akash makes Khushi to sit and he takes his seat

Akash see Arnav who was staring and says Khushi is my best friend

Arnav was still Staring

Akash says she is the owner of this shop and single cook

Akash and Khushi were talking

Arnav says oh (in mind I can’t believe she is so young and she cooks so delicious)

Aranv was staring Khushi all the time he was keenly observing her she was wearing light green colour suit with bandini chunni (stole) tied side wards and her hair was clipped up and some hair was on her face

He was lost in her

Akash see him and kick him from under table taking care that Khushi doesn’t notice it

Arnav comes to his senses

And makes an excuse and leave to bathroom

On his way to bathroom (in his mind think what I was doing? Why I was doing? What’s is special in her

Huh she don’t have any sense of dressing? Stop thinking about her she doesn’t match to your level)

Arnav joins Akash and Khushi

Arnav - finished

Khushi feels hurt and leaves while leaving to kitchen (in her mind he didn’t even say hello and bothered about me and at the end he asked me to leave indirectly such aa?? arrogant what he feels about himself that he so big and behave as he wishes Khushi leave him why to bother about him

Akash says what was that ASR?

Arnav tries to change the topic but Akash interrupt him

Sometime time back u were staring at her and now so rude

Arnav - leave that she is not my type

Akash – k (in mind something is fishy)

Arnav – aunty uncle and you have bro right how are they?

Akash – all are super fine and haa Nk he is also fine currently doing MBA and how di and Nani is?

Arnav – they are also fine ok let’s go from here

They both leave

Faculty of Management Studies College

A car enters with full speed and drifts

A lady get down and says thanks sister bye will meet in the evening

Image result for lavanya ipkknd

Payal smiles and with same speed the car goes back to gate and soon vanish from the sight

As soon as car vanish the guy who was hiding behind the pillar come out and says yar why will you bring your di daily 

Lady with smiling face sees him

Arey NK don’t say that again she likes to drop me and I love to have ride with her

Nk with pale face see her and lost in her

Image result for nk ipkknd

City hospital

Payal rushes to her cabin calls to receptionist and asks her to send the patients in

And she was busy in them

At lunch time someone knocks and Payal checks time and says come in as Payal knows who it was

A man comes in and says ah hectic day ah so many patients

Payal says yes Rohan

And they both have lunch together

(Payal and Rohan were friends from college)

Arnav office A&A group of industries

Aman is taking interviews and auditions for their fashion show

30 models were called for interview

All models were sitting in room and waiting for their turn

Aman calls them one by one and interviews them

5 members were selected for final additions

Aman says to them you people get ready for additions tomorrow

Faculty of Management Studies College

Lavanya beats Nk with book

Nk come back to his senses

They both leave to their class

Raizada mansion:

Arnav and Akash enter

Arnav shouts di and Nani come fast and see who came

Akash was excited to see them

Nani and Anjali comes and asks why are you shouting who came

With confused face they try to recognize him but they couldn’t recognize him

Akash takes blessing from Nani and she gives him blessings and says I don’t remember beta

Arnav who was silently watching this says my friend Akash Nani

Nani and di says your childhood friend na

Arnav nods yes

Thank you for sparing your time for reading!!  

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Oct 10

ISHQ - Three (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 24 times)

Please ignore the typing/grammatical mistakes

Chapter three

Raizada mansion:

Akash, Arnav, Nani and Anjali have their lunch

Arnav says I have some urgent work to finish it will take half an hour

Akash says ok you carry on I will talk with Nani

Arnav – good idea and leaves to his room

Anjali leaves

Akash and Nani start their conversation

Akash asks what happened Nani I see lot of change in Arnav

Nani gets emotional

Nani says after his parent’s death in accident

He could not come out of that for 6 months he didn’t have any one to share his sorrow

He kept all things inside his heart

And he managed all the things alone and to develop business he lost all his friends

Now no one dare to speak to him he is left alone

Akash was shocked to listen all that

Akash - Nani now I am here so I will take care him don’t worry

Nani gets happy

Akash - where is Arnav Room?

Nani tells him directions

Akash enters Arnav room - you said half an hour it’s more than one hour

Arnav – I was wind up and thought to come down but you only came up

Akash – Smiles now shall we talk about work now

Arnav – nods yes (with confused face what he what to ask)

Akash – what was the purpose of meeting (morning at Arnav’s office?)

Arnav – wo I forgot it completely actually

For building hospital in the memory of my parents and project should be completed before November 11th

Akash - okay

Arnav says I know it shouldn’t discussed in this way but as a friend you will do this for me

Akash – okay just say me one thing you have any site ready?

Arnav gets sad 

Image result for ipkknd akash

and says no

Akash leave it to me bro I will take care of it after all you are my friend I will do it for you

Arnav gets emotional and hugs him

Akash – okay yar we will meet in my office tomorrow morning at 11

Arnav – okay

Akash bids bye to Nani and Anjali Arnav accompany him till gate

Akash left in his car

Akash in his car while going to home

Akash thinks of Nani’s words and Arnav’s behavior

He could really feel his pain

And thinks do Arnav have any feeling about Khushi

If yes I should make it happen as they both are perfect match

Being friend of both I should do something and get thinking

On road car stop suddenly

He gives ignition twice and thrice and get down to check it

Another car comes there with speed and Akash just gives a look and continue to check the car

Another car stops and a lady get down and at the same time Akash face and dress get spoiled do to oil

Lady comes near him and ask any help he turns to see who she was (in mind such a sweet voice)

Related image

He see her and was lost in her beauty he admire the way her hair moving do to wind

She asks again do u need any help

He doesn’t reply

Faculty of Management Studies College

Nk and Lavanya comes out the classroom

Nk – where is your sister?

Lavanya – she will not come today

Nk – why (with confused looks)

Lavanya – I said her that I have some important work to finish and I will get it done and will come by myself

Nk – what is that important work you did not tell me?

Lavanya - arey stupid it’s you I thought to spend time with you

Nk – oh that’s the matter

Lavanya – now shall we go?

Nk - where and how?

Lavanya - to canteen

Nk with smile follows her

Payal and Akash on road

Akash comes back to his senses and says ya my car break down and I need lift could you help me?

Payal – okay till where you want the lift

Akash with hesitation tell Janakpur

 Payal – okay (with shock)

Akash looks carefully and calls for toll truck

They both leave in Payal’s car

Payal offers tissues to Akash

Akash thanks and take them and start to clean his face

Payal sees him from side while driving

She observes how he is cleaning and she like the way he was cleaning

Payal – in Janakpur where?

Akash finished cleaning his face.

Akash – block C1

Payal – okay (shock) which lane

Akash – do you know Shani mandir their if yes can you please drop me there if you don’t have any problem

Payal – okay (shocked but doesn’t show in her face)

She again see him to get his looks and she sees him and gets lost in his sizzling looks

Horn blows and she comes into senses

Akash was trying his best see her face but could not see her as Payal was trying to avoid him

Payal (in mind) what happened to me why I want to see his face and what power is there in his eyes why I can’t take off my eyes from his face

Payal is driving fast to reach the area

Akash loves driving fast so he is again impressed and he was about to say it

Just then his phone rings he says all that happened and he will be coming and end the call

Car stops Payal see him Akash also see her they are both are lost now

They here temple bells and come to senses

Akash thanks and get down and want to ask something

Just Payal phone rings and she was busy with that call

Akash waited for few minutes to talk but Payal was busy in phone call so he waved bye as his phone was ringing continuously

Faculty of Management Studies College


Nk – Lavanya in deep eye lock

Lavanya’s phone rings they come out of it and she takes the call and ends it by saying coming

Nk gives a look and Lavanya says sister called as it got late

Lavanya stands and says we will leave

They catch an auto and they continue their talks in auto with hand in hand

Akash residence

Akash comes in and greet Manorama who was worried and calling him continuously and gives him a hug Akash - nothing happened maa I am fine

Manorama says I know u r fine I was calling u because Nk didn’t reach till now and his phone is not reachable

He is fine maa he would be on his way don’t take tension he tries to calm here down

Just then Nk gets in

Manorama rush to him and hug him

Nk ask what happened maa

Thank you for sparing your time for reading!!  

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