Fated to be Yours!

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Oct 16

Fated to be Yours! (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 49 times)

The ambiene was full of happiness and excitement, and why not? It’s first day of college, and first year students as well their senior were excited, but the reason for the excitement was different for each one or each group, some were excited to study and learn new things, others to eat fast food from canteen with their friends, others to meet with their friends, others to show off their things, others to finally fulfill their parent’s dream, others to fulfill their own, others to flirt, others to gossip around, others to run away from their family or person problems, and others to even just play pranks on their teachers!

But one girl was very excited because it was her first year, she was nervous as well but her will to become an architect brought her here and removed all fear from her mind.

She was walking through the corridor and capturing every part of the college with her eyes, she was staring curiously at how students behave and how the atmosphere of this place was. As she was going to spend a good time of her life in this place. She should like it in first days only otherwise college will be like burden to her.

Her mind full of thoughts and ideas was interrupted when she bumped with something hard.. opps.. not something.. but someone!

“Ya Allah..” she gasped, and lifted her eyes to meet the person she bumped with, it’s a tall boy with dark brown eyes.. after that she quickly looked down, knowing it’s not good to stare at non-mahram (a man who can get married to her).

“I’m sorry..  I didn’t see you!” she replied gulping, she felt scared that it’s her first day and she already did a mistake.

“Sorry isn’t enough!” came a reply in a husky and kind of dangerous voice. Her heart skipped a beat, “Kya matlab? (What do you mean?)”

“He means you will have to do something to get his sorry.. Sweet heart!” another boy came in front of her and smirked.

She stepped back not liking being close to men she didn’t know, she was already frightened because she they already show to her, they didn’t have any good intentions with her.

“What.. will..  I .. ha..ve to do?” she asked with broken voice.

He looked at her intensely and moved his face near her. Khushi looked away disgusted, her eyes moistened, “Please.. let.. me go!”

“Take off your headscarf (hijab)!” his husky voice reached her ears, she widened her eyes and looked into his eyes shocked, “What?”

“Are you deaf? Didn’t you listen to what Arnav said? Take off your scarf girl..” the other boy spoke more like shouting at her.

“I won’t..” she nodded sideways.

“I’m not the kind of boy who takes no as answer..” he said staring intensely and deeply into her hazel eyes.

“I won’t take off my scarf.. do.. whatever.. you want to..” she spoke, although nervous and frightened she gained some courage to fight for herself as she silently prayed to the Almighty to save her.

“Looks like she won’t listen like this.. we’re speaking softly to you but that doesn’t mean you will disobey us ok.. we’re your senior and just for your kind information.. you’re being ragged!” the other boy spoke angrily.

But the owner of the dark brown eyes was just staring at the girl in front of him.

“Now listen to Arnav’s words otherwise you’ll never be able to enter in this college!” he shouted at her.

Khushi jumped back in fear, tears made their way to her cheeks and she looked at them with her big hazel eyes shocked, shivering, frightened and what not.

“Shut up Rehan!” Arnav finally spoke to his friend, but his eyes were glued to Khushi’s eyes. Rehan looked at him shocked, “Arn..”

Arnav showed him his palm indicating him to stop talking. Rehan looked away frustated and walked away from there.

“What’s your name?” he asked to Khushi who clutching her books nervously.

She looked away, not wanting any type of conversation with this scary “Bad boy”.

“I asked you something.. What’s your name?” he asked again. She could feel he gritted his teeth irritated with her this time.

Still she didn’t reply to him, and tried to walk but his words made her stop, “If you let me ask you for the third time, I swear I will see your hair today itself!”

She widened her eyes, she knew he was capable of doing so, giving up she whispered, “Kh..Khushi..”

“Full name!” he demanded.

“Khushi Siddiqui..” she replied looking down at the floor.

“You can go now..” he signaled her to leave with his eyes. She grabbed this moment to escape from there as soon as possible.




“What? What was her punishment? I even buy popcorn to watch the fun.. but all I saw was you talking with her!” Zayn, one of his friends spoke disappointedly.

“I don’t understand why he suddenly felt pity for that girl..” Rehan rolled his eyes.

“I feel it’s good only.. What exactly do you get by teasing people like this? Didn’t you saw how much scared that poor girl was? What is the need to do all this?” Aahil, the only “good guy” of the group said.

Arnav smirked hearing him, “You felt it’s good?..”

“No.. no Arnav no.. what is cooking in your mind?” Aahil asked getting scared of that evil smirk of his friend.

“Then you don’t know what’s coming yet for her..” Arnav smirked, he took his car keys from his pocket and played with it lazily walking away.

“Arnav aren’t you going to watch classes on first day?” Zayn shouted asking him.

“Maybe on last day I will make an entry..” he shouted back chuckling.




“Ya Allah please help me find my classroom.. I can’t miss my first day class.. it’s only because of that bad boy..” she muttered while going through all the corridor confused.

“Are you lost?” someone patted her shoulder.

“Yes.. woh main.. I’m doing architecture course.. it’s my first day.. and I don’t know..” she stammered nervously.

“We’re doing same course.. come, let’s go .. I will show you the way..” the girl smiled and guide her to the classroom.

Oct 19

Chapter 1 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 49 times)

Khushi finally reached home after her college classes ended. 

She smiled opening the door, and greeted her aunty with a smile, "As Salam Alaikum Phuppi.."

"Walaikum As Salam.. How was your first day at college?" Salma, Khushi's Phuppi smiled. 

"It was good Phuppi.." Khushi smiled hiding Arnav's chapter from her Phuppi not wanting her Phuppi to stay worried for her. 

"Good.. Now go and freshen up, then we will have lunch together.." Salma said and head towards the kitchen.

Khushi went upstairs to the first floor to her room. On the way, her phone rang. She quickly picked it up smiling, she knows who it is, someone who is very excited to know how her first day went on. Her best friend, her Abba!

"As Salam Walaikum Abba!" her eyes twinkled in happiness.

"Walaikum As Salam my Princess.. Jaldi se batao (Tell me quickly).. How was your first day? What did you do? Did you made new friends? And most importantly.. Did anyone tease my daughter? Just say it to me,  and I will beat this person a lot!" her father smiled.

"Abba!! Calm down.. My first day was good but something bad happened with me Abba.." she said sadly reminding of Arnav.

"What happened Khushi?" her father asked with worried tone, he left his laptop and put his all attention on her. 

"Woh Abba.. Today a boy teased me.. He asked me to take off my hijab.. And I refused.. Still I got scared of him Abba.. After asking me my name, he let me go!" Khushi asked with tears in her eyes, she also reached her room by now and sat on her bed. 

"Khushi there is no need to be scared of this boy OK.. And you did the right only.. In your life, you will find many boys like this, who will hurt you, tease you and do everything to put you down.. It's important to not give up my dear, if there is someone whom we should be scared then it's only our creator, our Allah.. and no one else, you can't be scared of one of Allah's creation.. because he's a human like you! Never bow down in front of anyone, got that?" her father said. 

"Ji Abba.." Khushi smiled wiping her tears.

"And? Apart from this boy, what else happened?" her father asked trying to change the topic to lift up her mood. 

"I found a new friend.. Her name is Zoya!" Khushi smiled chirpily.

"Good.. But just one friend Khushi, I think this time I beat you, in my first day I had some four friends I think.." he joked.

"Haha Abba.. They were already your friends from school times! It happens you went to same college together.." she laughed softly.

"Right.. I wonder how you remember my things better than me myself!" he chuckled.

"Just how you remember my things more than I do Abba.." she smiled.

"So how are your patients Abba?" she asked and laid on the bed.

"They're improving.. You know today a little kid like you Aleena was sick, you know what she said to me?..  Doctor can you give me chocolate instead of injection?" Siddiqui laughed remember the cute patient he had this morning.

Khushi giggled remembering how she used to run away from injections but unfortunately she couldn't run for long time because her own father is a doctor!

Their talks went on and on, both father and daughter love to share what happens to them daily. As they're not living together now, this is only way to keep in touch with each other. As one of the best pediatrician of his hospital, Siddiqui was invited to work in London's hospital. But at that time Khushi was still studying in her school in Mumbai, and if he went to London with her, he wouldn't give her time because of his hectic schedule. She would feel lonely and he didn't want that, so he left her in his sister's house till she completes her studies.  In this way, she would receive mother's love and attention from her Phuppi. Khushi grew up away from him, but still they're the closest. She shares everything with him, and he with her. She will not tell everything to her Phuppi, but will surely tell him.  For example in Arnav's matter, he knows she didn't say anything to her Phuppi but didn't hesitate to share with him.  Because she knows only her father will understand her.  And he gets happy that she feels comfortable to share her feelings with him, this is what he always wanted to.  He wanted his daughter to feel that he is her father, her protector, her best friend unlike others father who only want to be father! For him parents that have children who don't respect them, don't listen to their words, take drugs, don't give attention to study, etc are those who never tried to be friends with their children, they just want to be father, who impose their rules on their kids without understanding what they kids are or what they want.  It's important to be your kid's friend, so that they can see you as their role model, so that they can share their problems with you, so that they feel protected with you, so that they listen and understand why you refuse them to do certain things and agree for others, so that they respect you as you respect them. And if even then they disobey you, then give them space to learn from their mistakes alone. They will surely come back to you and understand why they parents said or refused them to do this or that. 


He was very patient in Khushi's up bringing, he was always her friend from her first days of life when her mother was still alive. Her mother always admired the bond between both, Khushi loved her father's company more than her mother.  She used to wait for her Abba to return from hospital till late night just to play with him, hug him,  listen to stories from him,  laugh with him, or sometimes just look at his face and say "Good night". And after Siddiqui got to know she used to wait for him till late at night, he started making effort to reach home early to play with his Princess and not make her wait and affect her sleeping time.  As she started growing up, he was always with her in every stage of her life. When she joined the kindergarten, he was the one who went to leave her and pick her up everyday. She would proudly show her Abba to all her friends. 

Then she joined school, he knew his responsibilities towards her were growing also, he had not only be her friend but guide her towards the right path. She needed to understand that studies are very important to build her future, because life after school is harder, he needed to prepare his daughter to be strong and ready to face every hardship of life. And successfully he passed his first test with his daughter, she was always the top student of her school and that's not what impressed him, it was the fact that one day she came running to hug him and said, "Abba I will study a lot to take care of you like you do for me now.. I will buy chocolate for you like you buy for me now..", this brought tears in his eyes that day, that day he got that Khushi is an understanding kid.

She had her mother's heart, both were clean, pure and good by heart. They had only love to give and never liked to fight with anyone. 

And then she joined her college, one day before he called her and gave her some advices, suggestions and warnings to her new stage in life.  As he knows his kid is an understanding one, his words are enough now, she would surely listen to his words and come out successfully of this test. 




Arnav's mansion..

Arnav came late at night chatting on his phone.

"Arnav beta.. Why did you came so late at night? I was so worried.." his Ammi, Ayesha came running to him.

"Ammi please.." Arnav frowned, "I'm not any baby that you have to ask me why did I came late.. I know what I do!"

"But.." her eyes turned moist, but her son didn't even paid attention to it. 

He went to his room and locked his room, jumped on his bed and took a packet of cigarette from his pocket. He started smoking thinking about Khushi, the first girl who had courage to say no to him. 

"She will pay hard for this.. No one messes up with me.." he thought smirking. 

His phone rang and he picked it up rolling his eyes, "What?"

"Arniee.. Why didn't came to college on first day itself? I missed you so much!" said Aliyah.

"I didn't want to see your face that's why.." he replied mockingly.

She pouted, "Have you forgotten about me? Don't you like me anymore?"

"I never liked you Aliyah.. Can't you get it in your mind? Arnav Malik doesn't belong to anyone.." he chuckled mockingly.

"So you don't love me right? Don't lie, I know you only love me..What happened Arnie? Have I done something wrong? Are you jealous that I talked with Zayn that day? Don't get jealous Arniee I was just asking about you only.." she asked hurt.

Arnav laughed out loud, "What? Why would I be jealous of you? I can get many girls like you.. That's no big deal for me Aliyah..  Let me be clear to you once and for all, I just USED you Aliyah.. I don't Love you neither I will in future!"

"How could you?" she cried.

"Hmm.. Listen I don't want to hear boring lecture of yours.. So bye!" he cut the call rolling his eyes. 

His father knocked the door, "Arnav open the door.. Right now!"

Arnav sighed hard, "Not again!" he got up lazily and opened the door. 

"Is this a way to talk with your mother? Do you even know she's crying in living room? Do you have an idea that she's kept waiting for you and didn't sleep all this while? She kept warming up food for you in hope that her son will return and eat her handmade food.." his father gritted his teeth. 

"So? What should I do? It's not my fault.. She wants to do that.. I never told her to wait for me.." Arnav replied. 

"Do you have any feelings in your stone like heart?" his father asked disgusted.

"I don't know.. check karke bataunga (I will tell you after checking).." he replied.

"Don't you have shame? You're replying like this to your father.." he asked hurt. 

"Are you done?" Arnav asked. 

"No! I'm not done.. You were smoking here?" his father frowned smelling it. 

"It's my room! I didn't disturb any of you.." Arnav replied angrily.

"Do you know smoking at this age will bring you problems in future? Don't you study this in your school? Or you don't even attend classes?" his father asked, "By the way, today was your first day at college right? My son is finally in his final year.. Can you tell me something about your course? What have you learned till now? What are your plans for you future? Have you ever thought about it? Or you're busy in enjoying your life till now with your father's money?" his father crossed his arms. 

Arnav looked at him angrily, "Are you done? Can I go and sleep now?"

Malik shook his head and went from there. No matter what he does, Arnav is never going to mend his ways. 

"What did he say? Does he want to eat?" Ayesha came running to her husband. 

"Stop hurting yourself for him.. He doesn't even care!" Malik spoke little angry with his wife extra care for her son who doesn't even acknowledge it, "And he must have eaten something with his friends.."

"Eat? Or just drink all night.." Ayesha whispered with moist eyes.

"I don't know.. Don't take stress all the time for him.. Now he's a man, he will learn from his mistakes.." Malik kissed his wife's forehead to calm her down. 

She closed her eyes letting the tears made way to her cheek, "Sometimes I think it's our fault.. If we hadn't send him to boarding school, he wouldn't be like this.."

Malik patted her back calming her down.




Next day.. 

"What? This is such great news.. MashaAllah.. I still can't believe.. Me and your father are coming asap to meet you my dear.." Ayesha said with tears of happiness.

She hung up the call, and walked to Arnav and Malik who were having breakfast silently. No one said a word, there was the same usual silence between father and son.

"Zara is pregnant.." Ayesha said happily, her first daughter is going to be mother, and she's going to be Nani!

"What? Such a big news.. I'm going to be Nana.." Malik stood up from his chair unable to contain his excitement.

Arnav just rolled his eyes and continued eating his sandwich.

"Aren't you happy for your sister Arnav?" Ayesha asked.

"I'm.. But what's the need for this drama? She would get pregnant one day or other.. That's no big deal!" Arnav said taking an apple and left from there.

Malik and Ayesha shook their heads.



At college..

Arnav parked his car and walked towards the college gate. 

Khushi was also coming to his way, she was busy chatting with Zoya that she failed to notice that he stopped walking and started smirking as soon as he saw her. 

"As Salam Alaikum.. Khushi!" he greeted her when she was just passing from him. 

Khushi stopped and without looking at him,  she replied "Walaikum As Salam.."

Then she signaled Zoya that they should leave from there quickly. Zoya understood what she meant and nodded her head, both started walking.

"You don't need to run away from me Khushi.. Because very soon you won't be needed in this college!" he smirked evilly.

Khushi stopped wondering why is he talking like that.

That's when she saw passing from her and giving her strange looks, they were gossiping around with each other. 

"What's happening here?" Zoya asked confused, "Why are they looking at you like this Khushi?"

Khushi shrugged her shoulder.

Arnav patted her shoulder, Khushi quickly shoved his hand and stepped back.

"Sorry.." he smiled, "I just wanted to show you this.. Maybe this is why they're giving you strange looks!" he said handling a paper to Khushi. 

Zoya angrily snatched from his hand and saw it, she widened her eyes it was pic of Khushi and Arnav, when he came closer to her face and it was written that both are dating. 

"Wow yaar.. You even win hearts of nerds!!" one of his friends passed from there laughing.

Khushi's eyes turned moist, she took the paper and tore it in pieces. 

"You think it's just one paper.. There's millions copies of this one and by now whole college knows that Arnav Malik won Khushi's heart!" he smirked.

"This is lie.." she cried.

"I know.. And you wouldn't had to suffer like this if you obeyed me.." he shook his head and shrugged, "Now what can we do? These people will only believe in what they see na!"

"What do you think? You will make me weak by doing this.. Then listen, I don't regret a bit for disobeying you.. Even if you ask me now to take off my hijab, then my decision will be same.  I'm not scared of you.." she replied, although her eyes were filled with tears she remembered of her father's words.  She needs to remain strong.

"Oh really.." Arnav smiled but deep inside he was angry that Khushi still didn't give up, "We'll see that Khushi.. Perhaps you still didn't realize with whom you're messing up with.."

He said that and left from there. Now he's going to take a drastic step.

Khushi hugged Zoya crying, "Why is all this happening with me Zoya? I didn't even enjoy my first day properly and now this.. Everyone is looking at me.."

"Shh.. I'm here with you,  I know you didn't do anything.. So don't worry!" Zoya patted her back. 




"So you left me for that girl? Seriously Arnav.." Aliyah came behind him while he took a seat.

"Yeah so!" Arnav rolled his eyes, "I can't believe after I humiliated you, you're still here behind me Aliyah.. Get a life!"

Aliyah went from there crying. 

"Hey.. Aren't you being harsh with her?" Aahil asked him. 

"Kyun? Are you having some feelings for her now?" Arnav smirked.

Zayn and Rehan laughed. 

"It's not that Arnav.. She really loves you!!" Aahil said frowning.

"Right.. The same way she will love another handsome boy in the Next Week!" Arnav replied. 

Zayn and Rehan laughed again, while Aahil rolled his eyes, "You're unbelievable Arnav.. Do you even have feelings for someone in your heart? Please tell me, I need to know!"

Arnav stopped playing with his phone, he remembered his father's words yesterday night. 

"Look behind you.. I have feelings for that person!" he quickly covered up. 

Aahil looked behind him and saw Khushi coming in the canteen.

"Khushi?" Aahil turned back to him.

"Hmm.. My girlfriend!" Arnav nodded his head.

Aahil shook his head, "Go and lie for someone else, not me!"

"My baby what are doing here? Do you want me to buy something for you?" Arnav shouted teasing Khushi.

Khushi ignored him and sat with Zoya in another table far from them.

“Yesterday we started dating and today itself you’re angry with me? Kya Khushi.. this is not fair!” Arnav took his chair and sat on their table.

“Arnav just go away.. stop teasing her otherwise I will tell my brother about you..” Zoya glared at him.


“Shut up..” Arnav rolled his eyes. Zoya took Khushi with her away from that canteen, while Arnav smirked.







Khushi returned home, she greeted her phuppi and directly went to her room, she needed to cry! It was not easy today for her, to ignore those looks, the way her teachers were staring at her thinking she’s a “bad girl” because she’s dating a “bad boy”. Some even came to ask her, what did she saw in him? Do her parents know what kind of boy she chose for herself?

Practically everyone was talking about her in college today, some boys teased her on the way, others looked angrily at her, girl were giving jealous look at her and some were angry thinking she was dating him.


She quickly dialed her Abba’s phone number but before she talk to him, someone snatched her phone. She looked up to see who’s that person and widened her eyes seeing him, “You! What are you doing here now? Please leave from my room..”


“I came to see you!” he smiled and looked around her room, “Nice room!”


“Go away from here Arnav..” Khushi cried.


“I just came to know why are you’re angry with me Jaan!” he said, “And yeah.. I’m non-mahram to you na, so I must talk to your family to ask your hand for marriage right? Let’s do it now!” he said walking towards the door of her room.


“Arnav don’t.. please don’t do this!” Khushi sobbed, “Leave from here.. Do you have any idea of what will people think if they see me with you in this room?”


“That’s why I want to talk with your family Khushi.. we need to fix Nikaah date asap otherwise the news about our dating will reach here in your home.. then it will not be good for you! Till now whole college knows about us, but I can’t let that news reach here in your society and especially your parents na!” he smirked.

Khushi widened her eyes, she stood numb after hearing what he said, she gulped, “You..”


“You thought right Khushi.. maine kaha na (I did say) don’t mess up with me.. You don’t know what I’m capable of doing with you.. go downstairs now.. your phuppi already knows about this as well as every neighbor of yours knows.. and if by any chance, they see me here in your room.. you know their doubts will be confirmed!” he laughed and laid on her bed, “So go.. I’m waiting!”


Khushi gulped, she took baby steps trembling towards the door but her phuppi opened before her. Salma widened her eyes seeing Arnav on Khushi’s bed.


Arnav quickly stood up and acted innocently, “As Salam Alaikum Phuppi!”


Khushi nodded sideways, “It’s not what you’re thinking phuppi.. please believe in me!”

Salma slapped Khushi on her cheek angrily, “I never thought you will bring shame to me Khushi.. How could you do this to me? I gave you a place to stay, loved you like your mother and this is what you bring to me! How could let this boy inside my house? And you’re dating him.. shii.. Today I saw how innocent you act outside but inside.. Ya Allah.. why did I had to see this day?”


“Phuppi I ..” Khushi nodded sideways crying. Salma cut her off, “You don’t need to explain anything.. I already saw everything.. now leave from this house with this boyfriend of yours.. You’re not going to stay in my house anymore.. I can’t let my reputation be tarnished because of you.. and I will send this pictures of yours with this boy to your father, then let’s see what he will do to you.. it’s all his fault, he gave you too much freedom that’s why you end up doing all this..spoil the reputation of our family..”


“Get out..  Out from here now..” Salma shouted at both. Khushi crying ran away from there, while Arnav went smirking, as his plan was successfully done!








Khushi walked on the road crying, not knowing what to do or where to go. Her phuppi just asked her to go out of her house, and now she had no place to go. This time, she badly needed her father, his hug and his consoling words.


“Khushi.. Khushi..” Zoya came running towards her side. Khushi looked at her crying heavily, “Zoya.. he..” she couldn’t complete her sentence as Zoya hugged her tightly, “It’s okay.. I know everything that happened.. My Ammi also received those pictures.. she showed to me and I already knew that this is Arnav’s job only..”


“He just spoiled my life..” Khushi cried in her friend’s hug, “What will I do Zoya? How will I prove my innocence to everyone? Phuppi saw him in my room, she also believes that I.. she asked me to leave her house.. now I’ve no place to go or to stay.. I don’t know what will I do now Zoya.. I just want my Abba!” she sobbed badly.




“Shh.. don’t worry Khushi.. I’m with you, and you can come to my house.. stay with us till the matter is not resolved.. Ammi doesn’t have any problem, she believes in your innocence Khushi..” Zoya said.


“What? Your Ammi trusts me?” Khushi blinked her eyes shocked, she didn’t know there would someone who would believe in her after all this happened.


“Haan.. Ammi is different from others, she follows her heart and not her eyes!” Zoya smiled, “Let’s go home, she’s waiting for us!”






Zoya’s home:


As both reached, Dilshad (Zoya’s Ammi) greeted Khushi and took her in hug, consoling her with sweet words.  Khushi felt she was hugging her mother, she cried her heart out in Dilshad’s embrace.


And Dilshad stayed with her till she calmed down, she took Khushi to the living room and made her sit on sofa, Zoya handled a glass of water in her mother’s hand.

And Dilshad made Khushi drink, patting her back, “Shh.. rona nahin (don’t cry).. it’s not your fault.. and you shouldn’t cry dear.. Allah is watching everything and he knows you’re innocent..”


“Then why didn’t he save me? Why did Allah let that bad boy win?” she asked innocently crying.


“Because he’s testing us!” Dilshad smiled wiping her tears, “Allah test us in every moment of our life, and it’s our duty to pass each test.. this is one of your tests Khushi.. it’s up to you to decide whether you will give up or pass this one! Have faith in Allah, he would never wish something bad to his believers, there is for sure something good ahead in store for you dear..”


Khushi smiled a little, she nodded her head, “Your words remind me of my Abba!” she widened her eyes, “Abba.. I must call him to inform about all this!”


Suddenly her phone started ringing, she smiled seeing his name flashing on her screen, “It’s Abba!”


“What a strong bond you both share.. one wanted to call but the other called before!” Zoya smiled chirpily.






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Oct 23

Chapter 2 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 68 times)

Zayn’s Mansion..

“Arnav do you have an idea of what we did?” Zayn asked him gulping, he knew they are the college ‘Bad boys’ but never thought they could go to this extent. They sure teased girls, but never spoiled their reputation in society.

“She deserved it..” Arnav frowned sipping his beer, “Now she will realize the consequences of messing up with Arnav Malik!”

“How cheap of you Arnav.. How could you ruin her like this? Do you know her phuppi asked her to leave the house?” Sahil shouted as soon as he entered in Zayn’s room where both friends were celebrating their ‘fake victory’.

“I was there..” Arnav rolled his eyes.

“I can’t believe it..” Sahil gasped, “Why didn’t you stop her phuppi then? Why didn’t you told the truth? Arnav are you out of your mind? Where will that girl go now?”

“I WANTED TO PUNISH HER THAT’S WHY..” Arnav shouted at top of his voice and stood up facing Sahil, his face was red in anger and his eyes darkened scaring Sahil, but still Sahil kept his confidence and anger on same level as him.

“And I don’t care a bit where is she or where she will go.. she should have thought that before messing up with Arnav Malik!” Arnav gritted his teeth, “And if you’re so hell worried for her, then you can go to her and take her to your house, marry her and save her so called ‘reputation’.. but let ME celebrate my victory!”

“You’re a beast..” Sahil shook his head in disbelief, “And yeah, right now if I could.. I would marry her and take her with me.. protect her from evil people like you! And if you call this victory.. then it’s not Khushi who messed up with you bro, you’re already messed up!”

Arnav clutched his fist and in the next second, Sahil fell on ground after receiving a hard punch on his cheek by Arnav.

“Go away from here before I do worse with you..” Arnav pointed to the door with a dangerous tone.

“I’m not scared of you Arnav..” Sahil challenged him by standing up and come face to face with him.

Zayn and Rehan looked at them horrified, they knew things would go wrong if these both stayed in the same room.

Arnav was about to beat Sahil again, but luckily his phone rang. He sighed hard and took his phone, seeing an unknown number, he frowned and picked it up, “Hello?”

Meanwhile Zayn and Rehan rushed to Sahil, Rehan  took the first aid box to heal Sahil’s bleeding lips while Zayn was consoling him and asking him to not fight with Arnav.

“As Salam Walaikum Arnav Malik!” came a reply, but he didn’t recognize the voice of the owner, but it surely seemed familiar to him.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“As Salam Walaikum ka jawab Walaikum As Salam hota hai, Arnav (The answer of As Salam Alaikum is Walaikum As Salam).. who are you nahin!” he chuckled.

“Walaikum As Salam..” Arnav found himself replying to the man, he doesn’t know why did he obeyed this man, but he just did, “Can you answer me now?”

“Hmm.. I’m the father of the girl who you just spoiled her reputation not only in college but in her society as well..” Siddiqui replied.

Arnav didn’t reply him, his body got numb and his mind was stuck in only one thing, Khushi’s father name “Siddiqui”. He remembered when he asked Khushi her full name, ‘Khushi Siddiqui’ came her reply. ‘Siddiqui’ Could it be him? Was it possible? No, they were people with the name ‘Siddiqui’.

“So?” he replied rudely brushing off the thoughts in his mind.

“You know.. the father in me wants to beat you up badly till you repent for spoiling my daughter’s life but the friend in me, wants to know what happened to that little boy that once I treated him, I became his friend, I hugged him tightly.. what happened to that innocent boy, what’s going on in his mind that he today he grew up to be this ‘Bad boy’ and could do such a disgusting thing with a girl..” Siddiqui said.

Yes.. It’s him.. there was no doubt in Arnav’s mind now..

“How.. do.. you..” Arnav’s words stuck in his throat, he couldn’t still believe he was talking with the same man who gave him love when everyone else didn’t.

“How do I know it’s you?” Siddiqui asked for Arnav, he could imagine how much shocked Arnav was by hearing his voice, “Some patients are special that you give them space in your heart also.. that little boy was one of them.. You were one of them Arnav.. you’re about to lose that space in my heart!”

The last line was like more a warning to Arnav.

“And it seems you also didn’t forget me.. I thought you wouldn’t remember me!” Siddiqui chuckled.

“You also hold a special place in my heart uncle!” Arnav replied with moist eyes.

“But my daughter doesn’t right?” Siddiqui asked mockingly, “Let’s forget about Khushi now, I’m not her father now.. I’m just talking as your friend.. you’re in your last year, probably right?”

Arnav nodded, “Yes..”

“I don’t know if you even think, but now you should be worried about your future plans, if you intend to study further or set up a business of your own.. then get married and have kids.. think, if Allah blesses you with a girl.. A girl.. a little cute princess for you to take care of.. and you do, but then she grows up and start college.. She finds another ‘Arnav’ who teases her in first day, what would you do?” Siddiqui asked.

“I would beat the hell out of him and make sure he never goes to that college again!” Arnav frowned.

“I didn’t do that when Khushi told me about you.. Believe me Arnav, I wanted.. in your language “beat the hell out of you” but I didn’t.. because if I handle you, another ‘Arnav’ would come and tease her and then the whole thing again, I thought I will teach my daughter how to protect herself and be strong in front of you..” Siddiqui replied.

“Just by teasing your daughter you would make the boy forget his college, and what about what you did to my daughter today? Did you imagine what I’m going through? People are calling her bad names, my own sister asked her to leave the house, I’m not there to console my daughter, she didn’t know where to go but thankfully Allah send good people to help her.. she can’t even step out of the house and those people gaze will be on my daughter passing comments on her character.. when you and I know that she didn’t commit any sin..  What would you do in this situation Arnav? By beating you, it won’t solve anything, people will still think my daughter is wrong. No one is going to blame you.. so what will I do? Tum hi batao mujhe?”

“I’m.. so..sorry uncle..” Arnav look down ashamed of himself, even though Siddiqui wasn’t in front of him, still he looked down as he wasn’t even able to face himself.

“This is what I wanted..” Siddiqui said, “That you realize the sin you did.. and now that you did, let me tell you just one thing.. if you thought you broke my daughter.. then you thought wrong Arnav.. she’s very much strong than what she was.. and let me tell you what will she do, she will continue to be the same Khushi, she will continue to live in same society and she will go to same college and fulfill her dreams.. She will ignore the comments and taunts your society is ready to give to her and she will move on in her life, she will forget about all this and live her life normally because she knows the best and the greater judge is Allah himself, then she needs not to prove her innocence to anyone.. because HE knows what is truth and what is lie.. Remember first question I asked you, what would you do and you replied that you would beat that person.. my answer now is although I feel like beating you, I won’t do it.. because my daughter herself will defeat you in your own game Arnav Malik!”

Siddiqui cut the call unable to control his feelings anymore, the truth is he was a father and he felt anger.

Arnav dropped the phone on the bed, his eyes were teary and his body numb. When Zayn shook him, he came back to reality, “Who was it? Why are you like this now?”

“I have to rubbish all these lies I spread about Khushi..” Arnav said grabbing his phone again and typing something.

“What? Have you lost your mind Arnav? Who was on the phone?” Rehan came to him widening his eyes. He couldn’t believe Arnav Malik just said that! The one who so badly wanted revenge from Khushi, now wanted to clear everything and prove her innocence spoiling his own?

“You do know if Malik uncle and Ayesha aunty come to know you did this then they will be very angry.. They might just punish you badly Arnav.. think about it, if you prove Khushi’s innocence, then it’s our reputation that will be spoiled!” Zayn walked to him and held his shoulder.

“I.don’t.care..” Arnav gritted his teeth, “If you guys are so worried about your reputation, then rest assured as I won’t even disclose your names.. but no one will stop me from proving Khushi’s innocence!”

Sahil blinked his eyes and smiled at Arnav.

“Who made you change your decision?” Zayn asked suspiciously.

“A man I respect more than myself!” he said walked out of the room.




Khushi was walking lonely in an isolated road crying, she was thinking from the first day she met with the man who destroyed her peace, he didn’t even let her enjoy the first days of her college and made her face all this.

How could someone be so cruel like this? Didn’t he felt pity for her once?

But she wasn’t so weak, she would fight now. She would show him that all this he did to spoil her reputation, won’t affect her life and will definitely not stop her from going to college and fulfill her dreams.

No matter how much this society blames her, she knew Allah will protect her always. After all, if he sees everything, then he knows she is innocent hence she doesn’t need to cry or beg this society to believe in her.




While Arnav was sitting at the edge of a cliff thinking deeply of Siddiqui’s words. He felt a huge pain in his heart when Siddiqui said that he was about to lose that special place in his heart.. He didn’t know the man he most respected in his life, still remembered of him! From the day he met with Siddiqui, he never for once in his life forgot the face of that man.. How he wished Siddiqui was his father! What he didn’t know is that Siddiqui also remembered him, he was shocked.. no he is still shocked.



“Just go to sleep Arnav otherwise you will be punished!” the lady scolded him asking him to go and join other kids to sleep.

“I can’t sleep alone.. I want my Ammi!” the little boy Arnav cried hiccupping at same time.

“I see how you will not sleep!” the lady glared at him and raised her hand to slap him, but at the right time she was stopped by someone who held her arms.

Arnav who till now has his eyes closed tightly, opening slowly not feeling the pain on his cheek, there he saw the man who saved him.

“What are you doing? You want to beat a child?” Siddiqui frowned.

“No.. he doesn’t want to sleep doctor.. that’s why.. you don’t know these kids are very stubborn and naughty also.. you have to beat them, only then they will learn good habits..” the lady said smiling.

“Will you beat your child like this also?” Siddiqui asked sarcastically.

“No.. I mean..” the lady looked away embarrassed. Siddiqui shook his head, he lifted a small Arnav in his arms and hugged him tightly caressing his back, “Kya hua mera baccha? Why aren’t you sleeping?”

“I want Ammi..” Arnav whispered as a lone tear escaped his eyes and he rested his head on Siddiqui’s shoulder.

Siddiqui felt a sharp pain in his heart hearing Arnav’s words, he kissed Arnav’s hair many times not knowing what to reply.

Then he placed his hands on Arnav’s forehead and frown, “He’s having high fever.. why didn’t anyone take him to me?”

“Woh..” the lady looked away embarrassed. “You’re very busy in scolding him, that you failed  to notice the kid’s health.. is this how your boarding school function? You are more worried in punishing the kid instead of making him learn good habits! And remember, this child’s health is more important than anything, got that?”

She nodded scared of him and went away. Siddiqui took Arnav to his room, he placed Arnav on the bed and started checking Arnav to see if it was just high fever or something else. After checking, he gave Arnav medicine and patted the boy till he felt asleep.

But Arnav wasn’t sleeping. Siddiqui kissed his forehead, “Kya hua? You need to sleep baccha.. how will get fine then?”

“I want Ammi..” Arnav cried again and sat, he hugged Siddiqui tightly.

“Shh.. it’s okay.. you’re my big boy aren’t you?” Siddiqui hugged him back. Arnav nodded his head crying, “But I’m scared here.. I’m alone.. I don’t have fliends.. I want to go back home..please!”

“Shh.. shh.. aisa nahin rote hain.. let me tell you one thing good about this place..” Siddiqui wiped Arnav’s tears, “You may be alone here, but as time passes by.. You will see you won’t need anyone to do your things.. You will learn how to be independent.. and you’re just alone now, you will have many friends later..”

“Independent?” Arnav asked blinking his eyes and frowning a bit.

“Hmm.. like other kids needs their mother to cook for them, make them bath, wash their clothes, do homework for them, run behind them to do everything.. my baccha won’t do that, he will know how to do these things alone only..” he tickled Arnav’s tummy.

Arnav giggled slowly and rested his head on Siddiqui’s chest.

“And promise me one thing, you will not give a chance to your teachers to scold you.. you will be disciplined here, do good things only and study well..” Siddiqui said.

Arnav looked at him with moist eyes, “Uncle maine kuch nahin kiya.. I’m good boy only!”


Flashback ends..


“Maine kyun aisa kiya.. Why??” Arnav threw a stone frustrated with him, “Why did I do that to your daughter? I swear I could hurt anyone but not you uncle.. not your daughter!”

He stood up to go when he didn’t notice a stone on his way, he slipped and was about to fall but at the right he felt pushed by someone.

“Are you alright?” he felt a familiar voice asking him. His opened his eyes and found her, yes.. it was her! Khushi.. She saved his life!

“You could have fallen off this cliff.. be careful next time!” she said more like scolding him for being careless.

He lifted his eyes to look at her, her cheeks were red and eyes teary. It seemed.. no, he was sure she was crying.. and he was the reason!

“Don’t you hate me?” he asked, “I destroyed your life.. you could have left me to die!”

“I never said that I hate you.. we’re all humans and we make mistakes.. yes, I’m angry with what you did but that doesn’t mean I will leave you to die just because you did wrong with me..” she said not looking at him, then went away from there.

Tears escaped his eyes.

“Like father.. Like daughter..” he thought. 

Now who will remove this guilt in his heart, he was feeling so guilty at this moment that he neither had courage to say sorry to her nor will be able to look at himself!

Oct 28

Chapter 3 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 78 times)

At mosque..

Arnav walked towards the mosque numbly, he was here for the first time after so many years. He almost forgot there’s one place that connects him to the Almighty. But today he felt like visiting the mosque, talking with Allah, asking forgiveness for his behavior towards a girl who did nothing to him.

It’s rightly said when you feel totally broken then no one but Allah can help you. Today he wouldn’t feel peace anywhere, but on this place. The mosque!

Allahu Akbar (Allah is the greatest!)

At hearing Adhan (a call for prayer), all the Muslims joined to pray for Allah at the mosque. Arnav was one of them, surprising his friends from college who spotted him.

“Arnav!” Salman, his friend called him with a surprised smile on his face, “You came here to pray?”

Arnav just nodded his head looking down.

“Come.. let’go and perform wudu (ablution performed using water)!” his friend smiled happily that Arnav visited the mosque today.

Arnav followed him and both performed wudu along with others. Then they head to pray Asr (afternoon prayer) namaaz.

After finishing his prayer, Arnav closed his eyes making dua, tears fell down to his cheek remembering everything he did to Khushi, his talk with Siddiqui, the way he had hurt not only Khushi but many girls before her, how he broke their hearts, how he smoke and drank knowing very well his parents dislike this habit of him, how he goes on partying till late night not even caring for his mother who stays whole night awake for him, how he talks rudely with almost everyone who comes on his way, his past in boarding school, his parents scolding and beating him, how he was such an innocent child but his parents always misunderstood him.





Arnav waited outside his father’s office, he was leaning on the car outside waiting impatiently for his father’s PA to come to him.

“Thank God you came uncle.. you took so much time!” Arnav said, “Is everything set now for the press conference?”

“Sorry beta..” the old man smile apologetically. Arnav side hugged him smiling softly, “It’s okay uncle.. You’re elder to me, don’t say sorry.. acha nahin lagta!”

The old man was shocked to see Arnav behaving like good boy, he only see this boy shouting and replying rudely to his father, then today what happened to him?

“Everything is set beta.. but are you sure you want to do this?” he asked unsure.

“Yes I’m sure.. it’s matter of someone’s life now..” Arnav nodded his head blinking his eyes as he headed towards his father’s office to a room where his father’s PA arranged for the press conference to take place. Today he would surely prove Khushi’s innocence to the world, not only the society she lives in.

As he entered in the room, the reports started coming behind him not letting space for him to walk. Bodyguards had to come and clear his way so that Arnav could walk to his chair on a small stage presented for him.

“As Salam Alaikum..” he cleared his throat taking the mic near his mouth, “Thanks for coming here!”

“Tell us Mr.Malik, is it true you spoiled a girl’s reputation?” a girl reporter asked to him glaring at him, she knew how Malik’s son was, a Play and Bad boy in all senses.

“Yes it is true!” Arnav confirmed blinking his eyes while the entire room filled with gasps and insults towards Arnav.

“Please calm down..” Arnav said, while another woman shouted at him, “It’s because of men like you that women can never be at peace.. and always the blame goes to women, no one will ever blame you! Till then you continue to play with other’s girls life also..”

“From now on the blame will go to me Aunty.. that’s why I called you here to confess what I did!” he replied making her shut.

“What made you do this Mr.Malik?” another reporter asked.

“We met in college in first day. I asked her to take off her hijab to which she refused and it made me angry, no one has ever said no to Arnav Malik, it hurt my ego. So I went on and the next day I published and spread our pictures to entire college lying that she was my girlfriend.. but she isn’t. She didn’t seem to accept defeat and it angered me more, I went on and send those pictures to her society and especially to her phuppi’s house.. then I went to her room so that when her phuppi comes to ask her about the pics, she see us together and her doubt would get confirmed. After that her phuppi asked her to leave the house and my ego was satisfied then..” he said.

Malik and his PA heard everything standing at the door frame of the room. Malik looked angrily at his PA, “Why did you let him do this?”

“He insisted!” his PA said.

“This boy is always getting me in trouble!” Malik held his head in tension and walked away from there.

“And what made you confess to everyone knowing that your reputation will be spoiled?” another question.

“Because someone very special to me made me realize what sin I’ve done!” he replied smiling a little reminding of Siddiqui’s words.

“What do you want to say to that girl? Will she forgive you for doing this with her?”

“I.. Khushi.. I know.. a sorry isn’t enough but is all I can to say to you now.. I’m really very sorry for doing this with you..” he said, then looked at the reporter, “I’m sure she will forgive me, she has a big heart!”





Dilshad’s house..

Khushi watched the TV with tears in her eyes, she couldn’t believe this Arnav went to this extent; he called media to prove her innocence!

“Wow.. I can’t believe this is Arnav Malik! Talking like this doesn’t even suit him..” Zoya widened her eyes.

“He isn’t that bad boy.. he’s sincerely asking forgiveness to Khushi. That’s what I feel..” Dilshad spoke staring at Arnav in TV.

“Hmm.. woh bure nahin hain (he’s not bad)..” Khushi said sobbing more.

“What happened Khushi? He just cleared your name in front of everyone and you’re still crying? Relax, no one will taunt you more.. but it’s his time to face the society now and pay for playing with a girl’s life!” Zoya patted her cheeks.

“This is what I don’t want.. What was the need for him to do all this? He just spoiled his name now, everyone in college will look badly at him.. they will always taunt him like they did with me.. and his parents.. what will his parents do? They might punish him because of me..” Khushi cried like a baby.

“I can’t believe I heard this from you Khushi..” Zoya hit her forehead, “He deserves it! Don’t you get it? If Siddiqui uncle didn’t talk to him, then tomorrow he could have done worst with you..”

“He wouldn’t Zoya.. if he wanted to, he could have touched me in my room but he didn’t do anything like that..” Khushi shook her head.

“Whatever.. I’m happy that this Bad boy is paying for his sins!” Zoya rolled her eyes. She went to kitchen to take cake so that they three eat it to celebrate their victory!

Khushi sat on sofa lost deeply in her thoughts. Dilshad smiled at her, “Khushi.. you didn’t fall in love with this boy, did you?”

“Huh.. no aunty.. I don’t love him.. I never had such thought..” Khushi shook her head in no.




At night..

Arnav reached home, he searched for keys on his pocket but to his surprise the door was open, and he found his father waiting for him, crossing his arms and sending him a stern look.

“I know..” he said only to be cut by a loud slap on his cheek given by his father. His mother gasped from behind, her eyes moistened and she wanted to stop his father from his eyes but something stopped her, maybe the fact that he knows that he’s wrong this time.

“What do you know?” his father gritted his teeth, “I don’t know what will I do with you now Arnav, as a kid you always beat and misbehaved with your friends, I sent you to boarding school but it seems it made no effect on you.. You continue to be like that.. Where will I send you now? Tell me.. Speak up Arnav.. What is wrong with you? I worked so hard to get you, your sister and your mother and comfortable and luxurious life.. you have everything with you because of me.. then why can’t you make me for once proud of you? Why are you always doing something that makes me ashamed to call you my son? What do you want about your life? I sent you to best college so that you become like me.. but no, just look at yourself.. you look like a goon but not my son for sure.. these party all night, playing with girls, smoking, drinking, this is what you want to do? I’m fed up of you.. I really don’t know how will I face everyone after what you did today.. you’re so shameless that you arranged a press conference in MY OFFICE to share your shameless acts with media.. so that you spoil my name right? Everyone one Ayesha (he looked at his wife) everyone is asking me about him.. they just can’t believe Malik’s Son is a play boy, bad boy, spoiled brat.. they just can’t believe a MAN like ME  could bring to this world a MAN like ARNAV.. and you know what.. even I’m repenting to bring you in this world.. I just wish you were like your sister.. One daughter makes her father proud but one son destroys his father’s life..”

Arnav looked down, he controlled his tears from falling on his cheeks.  

“Enough.. stop it please..” Ayesha pleaded her husband knowing very well that Arnav might not show, but Malik’s words hurt him.

“I’m not done yet..” Malik shouted, he looked at Arnav with a dangerous glare, “Go and pack your bags now.. and leave this house.. you’re not needed here anymore.. I can’t stay with a disgusting person like you in same house..”

Arnav knew this was coming, he just nodded with moist eyes and rushed to his room. Ayesha cried badly, she went to her husband trying to convince him to take back his words, but Malik stick to his position.

Arnav came downstairs holding his bag and walked to go, when his mother’s sobs made him stop. He turned to her, and walked to her. He wiped her tears gently, “I’m sorry.. for everything!”

Saying this he didn’t let her hug him and walked away from the house without saying good bye to his father. He wanted to, but Malik just looked away signaling him to leave asap.




Next day..

Aliyah chocked while drinking her coca cola, she widened her eyes and gasp at the new vision in front of her.

Not only Aliyah, but everyone’s state was same. They just wanted to faint and wake up again to check if it’s true or they were dreaming.

“Ya Allah!” Zoya gasped and her books fell from hand and directly hit the floor. Khushi who was chatting with her normally, frowned seeing a shocked Zoya looking somewhere, she also followed her gaze and stood shocked like Zoya was.

Aahil, Rehan and Zayn held themselves to make sure they wouldn’t faint seeing their best friend unrecognizable.

“Is he Arnav or someone else?” Zayn whispered widening his eyes.

“That’s what I’m thinking!!” Rehan cried, while Aahil rolled his eyes, “What’s his new drama now? What’s cooking on his brain?”

Arnav walked ignoring everyone’s gaze on him, he knew what made them so shocked. His new look, a new Arnav!

 (Arnav before)

 (His new look)

Just one look he couldn’t ignore, Khushi’s look. Even she was shocked, he chuckled mentally and walked away to his classroom.

“You’re changed!” Rehan beat his shoulder, “What happened to our friend????” he cried.

Arnav rolled his eyes, “I didn’t changed.. only my look!”

“This is so not you!” Zayn cried. He looked at his friend with new haircut, his stylish haircut said bye bye to him and a new and ‘good boy’ haircut said hello hi to him. Arnav wore a simple white shirt and blue denim jeans. He shaved leaving light stubble. The ‘bad boy’ said bye bye to him now.

“You look like a good boy!” Rehan pouted, “This is not you!”

Arnav chuckled and smacked Rehan’s shoulder, “Stop it.. You guys gaze is making me uncomfortable!”

“Did you decide to change?” Zayn asked sitting next to him. Arnav nodded his head.

“No party? No smoking? No drinking? No girls?” Rehan sat at the other side gulping.

“Yeah.. no party, no smoking, no drinking and especially no girls!” Arnav said and took his book, “Only books now!”

“Whaaaaaaaaattt?” Rehan whined, “This is all because of Khushi! I wish she hadn’t come to this college!”

“Shut up Rehan.. don’t speak anything against Khushi or I will forget you’re my friend!” Arnav frowned.

“What will we do without you? Bye bye ‘bad boys’ and hello hi to ‘good boys’..” Zayn chuckled and arranged his hair to a ‘good boy’ hairstyle now.

Arnav laughed, he couldn’t believe his friends were following his example, “So that means the day I decide to marry, you will marry also?”

Zayn and Rehan nodded their heads like good boys. While Aahil looked suspiciously at Arnav.

Oct 29

Chapter 4 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 75 times)

Arnav walked looking around with confused face, “Where is it? This is the result of not knowing your own college Arnav!”

“Arnav..” he heard a familiar voice calling him from behind. He turned and saw her hiding behind a pillar, clutching her book nervously, “Shukriya (thank you)..”

He nodded his head, “You don’t have to say it..”

She also nodded looking down and walked to leave, when this time he called her, “Khushi..”

She stopped and turn to him, “Actually.. can you tell me where’s the library here?”

Khushi stopped herself from giggling, he was in the last year and didn’t know where his college’s library was?

Acting normally, she pointed with her index finger, “It’s there!”

“Thanks!” he bit his lips embarrassed for asking her, a ‘first year student’ about this. Arnav walked away welcoming his new life.

And Khushi walked back with a smile on her face, it was just a ‘bad phase’, and now everything is fine again! Truly said, one has to have patience, Allah knows the right time for everything!



At library..

Arnav bumped with Zoya while searching for books for him to study, today he collected some notes with his friends but he needed books as support.

“You did right!” Zoya glared at him.

“Huh?” Arnav looked at her confused.

“You did right only by confessing your sins to the world.. now everyone will know what kind of man are you!” Zoya said, “I’m so happy that Khushi’s innocence got proved and now you will pay for your mistakes.. now you will face what my friend did.. Humiliation.. this what you deserve.. and one more thing, Mr.Malik stay away from my friend now and don’t try to tease her anymore otherwise consequences will not be good for you!”

“Thanks for the advices.. I will surely follow them!” Arnav replied calmly without any expression on his face. That shocked Zoya, who left from there confused with his behavior.

Arnav got a call, he picked it up while his eyes searching for the books, “As Salam Alaikum!”

“Walaikum As Salam beta..” Ayesha smiled with tears in her eyes hearing her son’s voice. She loved hearing him greeting her like this.

“Ammi..” Arnav gulped as he realized with whom he was talking, “Tum theek ho? (Are you fine?)”

“I’m not fine.. how can I be fine not knowing how my son is? Where did you spend the night? Where are you? Are you ok beta? Did you eat something?” she cried terribly making Arnav’s eyes fill with tears.

“I’m fine Ammi.. don’t cry. I spent the night in a hotel and today I’m going to look for a place to stay.. I did eat hotel’s food Ammi.. don’t be worried about me.. I can take care of myself..” he said clearing his throat, he didn’t his mother to realize he was crying!

“But.. do you have money with you?” she asked worried.

“For now I do have credit card.. but I’m going to look for a part time job for the time I’m completing my last year..” he said.

“Then?” she blinked her eyes gulping.

“Then.. only Allah knows Ammi.. but I will be fine.. Don’t get too much worried for me.. take care of yourself..” he said shutting his eyes tightly.

Ayesha cried more, “I will pray for you everyday my son that Allah protects you where you’re and your every wish comes true!”

“Can I tell you something?” he asked wiping the corner of his eyes. His mother nodded and he understood she wasn’t in state to talk.

“I treated you very badly na? I’m sorry for everything I did Ammi.. You didn’t deserve a son like me.. Abba was right.. I shouldn’t be your son.. you deserved better..” he said biting his lips.

“Shut up Arnav! Who are you to say such thing to me? You’re my son and I don’t repent bringing you to this world.. I love you and I’m very happy that Allah blessed me with such a handsome boy like you!” she said.

Arnav chuckled with tears in his eyes at her last line, “Handsome!!”

“Yes.. My son makes girls go crazy about him!” she joked wiping away her tears, “By the way, now it’s Aliyah right?”

Arnav widened his eyes, how does his mother knows about Aliyah!, “No Ammi.. there’s no one now.. You won’t believe but after what I did with Khushi, I realized this is so wrong.. this dating and all.. breaking those girls hearts.. I was really in a wrong path.. now I’m changed!”




At canteen..

“Khushi I need to talk with you!” Aahil rushed towards her, “It’s about Arnav.. it’s important.. you have to listen to me!”

“What is it?” Khushi asked, Zoya also turned her attention towards Aahil.

“Arnav didn’t change at all.. this is just drama done by him.. I don’t know what’s cooking in his mind but all I know is Arnav is just acting.. maybe he’s planning something big with you.. so be careful!” Aahil said.

“Arnav is not someone who will let himself be humiliated like this that too in front of everyone.. not only in college, but whole society is talking bad about him.. do you think he will stay quiet? Something is cooking in his mind.. I’m telling you Khushi..” Aahil said.

“See.. I told you! I don’t trust that boy!” Zoya scolded Khushi rolling her eyes.

Khushi looked at Zoya, then at Aahil’s side, “Aren’t you his friend?”

Aahil nodded his head.

“You don’t look like one, friends don’t speak bad about each other.. And  exactly because of this, I don’t believe in your words.. if you can speak bad about Arnav being his friend, then you’re not trustworthy..” she said calmly.

Aahil looked at her shocked, “I was.. just trying to save you and you’re blaming me!”

“You’re not trying to save me.. you’re just doubting on your friend Aahil..” Khushi said and held Zoya’s hand to leave.

Aahil looked away frustrated, “You believe in Arnav’s words and mine are lies to you.. I never did wrong to you, still you believe in the man who spoiled your image in society..”



Five years later..


 “Hold your hearts everyone.. it’s time to reveal finally who’s the business man of the year? Any guesses?” the host smiled excitedly to present the award to the business man of the year.

The crowd kept on shouting names of their favorites, and eager to hear the man who will be winner of this night!


“And.. it’s none other than ARNAV MALIK..” the host shouted smiling, “Can we have the man of the year here on the stage?”

The spotlight followed the steps of the handsome walking to get another trophy that represents his hard work and dedication towards his profession, he face was usually expressionless as known by everyone but his eyes revealed everything of him, his walk was a confident one and enough to make girls go crazy for him but girls were not in his dictionary anymore! He was dressed in a black suit looking extremely handsome.

He reached the stage and took the award on his hand with a smirk on his face, as he side hugged the host.

“Congratulations Arnav Malik!” the host said smiling, “Feel free to say anything... the stage is all yours!”

“Thanks!” he replied, “I just wanted to say the Arnav Malik standing in front of you guys today is a successful business man only because of Allah, if Allah didn’t send a special person in my life at the right time perhaps I wouldn’t be here and receiving this award.. so I thank Allah, and I thank Siddiqui uncle and my Ammi’s constant prayers for me! Siddiqui uncle, hope I’m still your special patient and Ammi, hope you’re proud of me today!”

 Everyone clapped their hands smiling. Arnav took the award and walked back to his seat, where his friends were waiting for him to pull him into a tight hug!

“You did it man.. once again the business man of the year!” Zayn cried jumping on Arnav happily.

“You’re awesome bro!” Rehan joined the hug, “Congrats.. Where’s our party tonight??”

Arnav glared at him, Rehan whined, “I’m not talking about that kind of party.. What about pizza and coca cola?”

“Fine..but with the kids!” Arnav shook his head at his friend. Rehan nodded his head.

“Congrats Arnav..” Aahil hugged him smiling.  “Shukriya Aahil..” Arnav hugged him back smiling.



Siddiqui watched the TV with a proud smile adorning his face, “You did it my boy!” he almost shouted in happiness.

Khushi descended the stairs and walked towards her father, “What happened Abba? Why are you so much happy?”

“Arnav won business man of the year award!” Siddiqui exclaimed still smiling.

Khushi looked towards the TV and smiled softly, “Masha’Allah! He deserved it, his company is very famous in New York, this is all because of his hard work and dedication..  and of course, Allah’s blessings!”

“Will you make my favorite toast today?” Siddiqui asked her smiling.

Khushi nodded her head smiling, “Yes Abba, why not?.. looks like this news made your day!”

“Khushi.. Khushi…” Zoya came in running, Khushi held her before she would fall, “Careful Zoya.. What happened?”

“Arnav won the business man of the year award.. we already know it!” Siddiqui said walking towards the breakfast table.

Zoya pouted, “Aww.. how you do always get to know things first than me uncle!?”

“I’m smarter!” Siddiqui chuckled, while Khushi giggled, “It’s a good news, no?”

“What? It’s not good ok.. This will give him more confidence to break girl’s hearts.. he will think he’s the best so he can do anything he wants.. I’m sure he will party a lot tonight in some club!” Zoya sat on her chair.

“Don’t talk about him Zoya!” Siddiqui’s face turned serious, “Without knowing someone, how can you point finger at their character?”

“I know him uncle.. his friend..” Zoya argued.

“Zoya no..” Khushi scolded her, “Abba is right.. we shouldn’t talk bad about him, what happened years back doesn’t matter now..”

Zoya pouted, “Alright.. I will keep quiet now!”

“Good for you.. don’t you know using your mouth to do other things other than talking all the time?” Siddiqui mocked her.

Khushi laughed at Zoya while Zoya whined, “Uncle.. this is not fair!!!”

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Chapter 5 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 81 times)

“We’ve reached home..” Arnav said staring at his friends sleeping in the car, though this is a NGO filled with cute kids that were abandoned or they parents aren’t in this world anymore, this is nothing less than a home for Arnav. He feels more peace and comfortable in this place, rather than his own mansion. The people here make him feel like family, while in his home, he’s always surrounded with silence and memories of his parents!

“I’m going.. You guys will stay here and sleep in the car itself.. Tomorrow don’t complain about your body aches..” he said in warning tone shifting his attention to his sleepy friends and opened the car door to leave.

In no time, he saw his friends jumping down the car whining at him and he smirked at them.

They entered in the beautiful mansion that Arnav bought for the kids, earlier they were staying in a simple house that the owner was having financial problems and the space wasn’t sufficient for all the kids. Arnav decided to help them and took the responsibility of the kids along with the owner, his sweet aunty, Fatima aunty.

“Plince.. Plince.. Plince (Prince)..” a little kid shouting running towards Arnav.

“This baby is so obsessed with you!” Rehan widened his eyes, “I can’t believe she’s awake till this hour waiting for you!”

Ignoring his friend’s talks, Arnav knelt down ready to receive his baby in his arms, her tiny body crashed on his chest as she giggled and cupped Arnav’s face with her tiny palms, “Conglatu.. uhh..” she pouted as she realized she forgot that long word used appreciate her Prince.

“Congratulations!” Arnav completed for her, stroking her hair lovingly as his lips curved into a smile.

“Yesh!” she smiled, “Conglatu..  uff (she hit her forehead cutely) wahi word (that word) Plince!”

“Shukriya my Princess..” Arnav kissed her forehead, while Aahil, Rehan and Zayn giggled at her cuteness.

 “Why aren’t you sleeping baby? It’s sleeping hour..” Arnav asked with worried tone as he picked her up in his arms kissing her cheeks, the little girl screamed giggling feeling ticklish with Arnav’s multiple kisses on her face.

She held his face with her tiny hands stopping him from kissing her so that she could reply him without feeling ticklish, “Aleena watching Plince on TV..”

“Hmm..” he saw the TV on with his news in the channel and understood his baby wouldn’t dare to miss him on TV.

“Whele is youl tlopy (trophy) Plince?” she asked peeking behind Arnav to see his trophy. Zayn lifted the trophy on his hand, “Here it is Aleena!”


“Yaaaaaaaay..” Aleena squealed excitedly in Arnav’s arms. Arnav smiled and walked near Zayn, so that he could handle his trophy to Aleena.

Aleena held the heavy trophy with her both hands, still she couldn’t hold it properly. Arnav helped her with his free hand, “Did you like it?”

“Yesh.. I leally (really) prayed to Allah fol you to win Plince..” she said blinking her eyes cutely at him.

Arnav kissed her nose, “Allah heard your prayers!”

She smiled and asked excitedly, “Can I show youl tlopy to evelyone?”

“Yesh!” Arnav replied mimicking her and left her to walk on herself. As soon as her feet touch the floor, she ran like a butterfly holding his award with her both hands.

“Arnav beta..” Fatima came downstairs with a smile adorning her face, she walked towards him and patted his cheek, “Masha’Allah.. may Allah bless you always like this! I will always pray for your success!”

“Shukriya Aunty..” Arnav smiled softly.

“Did you have food? I prepared your favorite halwa today..” Fatima smiled, “Because I knew it you would win Business man of the year award only..”

“Actually aunty we brought pizza to eat with the kids!” Rehan said showing his hand full of pizza boxes along with Aahil’s.

“Ya Allah! Fast food is not good for you neither for the kids!” she scolded them.

“I told them aunty.. but they insisted!” Arnav bit his lip controlling his smile.

“It’s just for one day Fatima aunty!” Rehan smiled sheepishly. Fatima shook her head smiling, “Only because my son won this award.. otherwise I wouldn’t let you eat this fast food of yours!”

“Thanks Fatima aunty!” Rehan and Zayn giggled and went upstairs to have pizza with the kids in the terrace, their favorite spot to play, eat and chat with each other.

“But I will have your handmade halwa!” Arnav said walking with Fatima towards the kitchen, Fatima ruffled his hair smiling, “It’s okay beta.. go and have pizza with them if you want.. I won’t feel bad if you don’t eat my food!”

“No, how can I miss my favorite halwa?” Arnav argued, “Serve me aunty.. I really want to have it!”

Aahil stood staring at both, it was so strange for him to see everyone giving love and attention for Arnav here in New York and ignoring him, it was completely opposite how he was treated in Mumbai, there no one cared for him and always talking bad about him, especially his parents and he was always praised as he was different from the group, he was well behaved and a good boy, Arnav’s father always used to praise him in front of Arnav, telling Arnav to become like him. And now, he was the center of attention, everyone just loved him a lot, they were always finding ways to make Arnav happy for example Fatima aunty just cooked halwa for him! He is always praised and that somehow hurt him, he’s not used to hear praises for Arnav and people ignoring him. He’s not used to see Arnav winning and he losing! He’s not used to see Arnav succeeding in his life, and he, who was the most intelligent of their group, just as a mere employee of Arnav Malik’s company!

“Aahil why are you standing there? Come and have halwa with me!” Arnav called him as he saw Aahil lost in his thoughts.

“No, I will go and pizza with the kids!” Aahil shook his head and walked away.

“Did you Ammi called? She must be so happy for you..” Fatima asked placing halwa on the dining table. Arnav sat on his chair, “Not yet.. I’m eagerly waiting for her call..”

“She will surely call you!” Fatima smiled and sat to see if Arnav finish his food or not, she knows how her son is a workaholic and sometime he ignores his health for his work.

“You can go and sleep Fatima aunty.. I will finish this halwa!” he smirked knowing why she sat.

“Are you sure?” she looked at him suspiciously. He nodded his head, “Sure..”

She smiled and kissed his forehead, “Good night.. don’t forget to pray when you sleep!”

He nodded his head smiling, “Yes aunty.. I won’t forget!”




 “Can I know why are you so happy that you feel like having jalebis?” Zoya jumped on Khushi’s bed looking at Khushi suspiciously.

“I don’t know..Seeing Abba happy today made me also happy..” she said smilingly.

“And you know uncle was happy because of Arnav!” Zoya said in warning tone.

“Yes I know!” Khushi rolled her eyes, “And what is the problem Zoya? Arnav changed himself; didn’t you saw how he was so engrossed in his studies in the last year? He was top student of his class in the last year.. do you think if he was the ‘Bad boy’ Arnav, he would have done that just for drama?”

“You remember each and everything of him!” Zoya raised her one eyebrow, “Five years later and you still remember that Arnav was top student in his last year!”

“Come on Zoya.. this was the news of the collage if you don’t remember!” Khushi shook her head munching her jalebis.


“AM!” Arnav rolled his eyes hearing the owner of the voice, “How many times do I have to say don’t call me AM??”

“AM suits you sir.. I don’t need an alarm now to wake up, because you’re always there to wake me up every day with your calls when I’m sleeping.. so you’re my AM alarm!” Aman said smiling sheepishly.

“If you were in front of me now Aman, I would fire you right away!” Arnav said shaking his head while heading towards the terrace, “And by the way, who’s your PM alarm now?”

“No one AM.. it’s just you and you.. I’m faithful okay..” Aman chuckled at his own words.

“Bolo.. Why did you calm me??” Arnav asked.

“Oh, actually I found an amazing architect to design and renovate the kid’s room..” Aman said.

“That’s great..” Arnav smirked, “Good job Aman!”

“Thanks AM..” Aman almost blushed hearing Arnav’s compliment, but he composed himself, “Her name is KHUSHI SIDDIQUI and she lives in London, but don’t worry I will contact her asap, I got to know her works are amazing!”

Arnav’s heart skipped a beat hearing the name Khushi Siddiqui, the rest Aman talked he didn’t even hear as he was lost in his thoughts of past.

“Tell me Sir, should I go ahead with it?” Aman asked after finishing giving details about Khushi.

“I DON'T WANT HER..” Arnav said shocking Aman, “But why? She’s really amazing at her work, I’ve checked myself sir..”

“Aman didn’t you hear what I said? Find another architect from here only, you don’t need to go and search in London for that..” Arnav gritted his teeth.

“Okay..” Aman gulped, “I will search for another architect.. but I will send her works on your mail, do check it once AM, she’s amazing! If her magic hands touch this project of yours, then believe me your kids will be very happy!”

Arnav shut his eyes tightly, “It’s better you start searching for another, because I don’t think I’m going to change my decision!”

He hang up the call and walked in the terrace lost in his thoughts, that’s when a breaking-thing sound grabbed his attention and he looked down only to see his award broke into two pieces, he looked up to see who did it, when he saw Aleena standing meekly in front of the broken pieces of his award, her cheeks were turning red and her eyes were brimming with tears, her hands were hiding on her back.


He widened his eyes and smiled a little to her, with ‘Ohhh you broke the tloply’ expression.

“What did you do Aleena?  You just broke this award.. What was the need to play carelessly like this?” Aahil scolded her.

Aleena blinked her eyes and started crying, Arnav rushed to her and knelt down to reach her level, he pulled her into a tight hug caressing her back, “Shh baby.. it’s okay.. It’s just a trophy.. it means nothing to me.. stop crying..”

“What? Arnav are you serious? Don’t spoil her like this..” Aahil looked at him with unbelievable look.

“This is just an award Aahil, see today it broke only.. the biggest award for me are everyone’s dua (prayer) for me, are the smile of these kids when they see me winning, is the proud look Fatima aunty just gave me now, is having you guys with me, is making my parents proud of me, is being among the special persons in Siddiqui uncle’s life.. this is my award Aahil, and it will never break like this trophy that just broke now..” he said.

“I didn’t do it pulposely (purposely).. I didn’t want to bleak (break) youl tlopy Plince..” Aleena cried hiding her small face that fitted perfectly on Arnav’s neck.

“I know Princess.. Prince is not angry with you!” he said and kissed her hair, patting her back to calm her down.

Aahil looked away, once again Arnav beat him and he felt defeated. Yes, this is what he doesn’t like to feel, no matter what he knows Arnav is always winning and he’s always losing!

The kids rushed to hug Arnav and congratulate him; all of them hugged Arnav at the same time. Arnav smiled and tried to hug them all but it was quite impossible!

“Ahh.. you’le suffocating Aleena..” Aleena shouted, she was the youngest baby and the shortest also, after the group hug, she wasn’t even noticed by her friends. And she was also seeing everything dark only, the only thing she knew that she was safe in her Prince’s arms.

Arnav had held her tightly when the kids rushed to him, so that she doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

After the hug, Arnav made all of them sat in a hug circle and Rehan was serving the pizzas while Zayn served the soft drinks and juice to the kids.

“Aleena will drink juice, right?” Arnav asked making her sit on his lap. Aleena nodded sideways, whining, “Noo.. I want spalbelly (sparberry)..”

“But I will drink juice..” he shrugged. Aleena thought for a while, “I will also dlink juice with you Plince!”

Arnav smiled, and took juice for her. He cut pizza in small pieces for her, "Say Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim (I begin in Allah’s name who is the most Kind and the most Merciful)"

Aleena repeated after him, "Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim" then Arnav feed her pizza and she happily eat it. 

When she finished eating, before Arnav could teach her what to say, she said herself smiling, "Alhamdulillah (All praise is for Allah or Thank You to Allah)". Arnav kissed her cheek as reward for being a good girl, and he took chocolate from his pocket for her. 


Arnav’s room:

After having pizza and playing for a while, Arnav accompanied the kids to their respective room to sleep, then Zayn, Rehan and Aahil also went to their rooms. Apart from the kids room, there are rooms reserved for them.

He took a sleeping Aleena in his arms, she was sleeping hanging her arms around his neck and her head resting on his shoulder.

They reached in his room, and he placed her carefully on the bed and took a blanket to cover her and prayed for her, he blow air on her forehead and kissed on it softly.

He went to the bathroom to freshen up and after changing into his night suit, he laid beside Aleena and took his phone to check his mails.

One mail grabbed his attention, of course.. Khushi!

He looked at her every design and projects with attention, indeed she’s an amazing architect. Her work impressed him so much, that he really wanted to choose her to design his kid’s room. But the past! Would she be comfortable in meeting him again? The ‘Bad boy’ in her life!

“Wooooooooow..” Aleena admired Khushi’s works, as she hugged Arnav sideways and rubbed her eyes in sleep, “I want loom (room) like this!!!!” she pointed to one pic.

Arnav looked towards her, Aleena smiled, “Plince is this alchi..”

“Architect..” he corrected her pinching her nose.

“Light (right)..  Is this wahi word (Architect) you wele talking? They will change oul house!” she widened her eyes.

“Hmm.. do you like it?” he asked nodding his head. “Yes .. I want a Plincess room!!!!!!! Like this one..” she giggled and pointed to Arnav’s phone.

Arnav nodded, after making her sleep again. He dialed Aman’s number, “AM.. is it morning already?” he heard Aman’s sleepy voice.

“Go ahead with the London’s architect..” Arnav said.

“She has a name! London’s architect.. like seriously AM???” Aman laughed rubbing his eyes.

“Yeah.. whatever!” Arnav rolled his eyes.

“Can I know why the sudden change of decision? You liked her work, didn’t you?” Aman said teasing him.

“It was Aleena’s decision, not mine!” Arnav curtly replied, “And yes, I do like her work.. She’s amazing.. She always was!” he whispered the last line.

“Plince..” Aleena woke up again and patted his back. Arnav thought he disturbed her while talking on the phone with Aman, “See you tomorrow Aman!” he hang up the call and turned to her.

Taking Aleena to his tummy, he made rest her head on his chest and cover them with blanket, “Sorry.. did I disturb my baby’s sleep?”

“Nahin.. Aleena wake up alone!” she nodded sideways and sat again on his tummy staring at him, “Plince today once Uncle came to give invitation cald (card) of his malliage!”

“Really? Who is he?” Arnav asked.

“I folgot his name!” Aleena smiled sheepishly, “He knows Ammi (Fatima).. I want to ask.. When will you get mallied Prince??”

Arnav chuckled, he made Aleena rest her head on his chest and hugged her tightly, “Soo jayo meri maa (sleep my mother).. It’s 1 am, don’t you get sleep?”

Aleena giggled and closed her eyes spreading her small arms to hug Arnav by his shoulder.



After praying Fajr namaaz, Khushi took off her hijab and went downstairs to clean the kitchen and wash the utensils she left yesterday night.

While she was busy in work, a phone call disturbed her, she rushed outside the kitchen and took her phone, “As Salam Walaikum..”

“Walaikum As Salam Khushi..” her ma’am on the other side replied smiling.

“Ma’am app? Is everything ok?” she asked.

“Yes, I’ve a great news for you.. Pack your bags and prepare yourself to go to New York, you won’t believe which client wants you to do a work for him!”

“Who?” Khushi asked with unsure smile.

ARNAV MALIK..” her ma’am replied with exciting smile, “I just can’t still believe this.. I mean.. THE ARNAV MALIK called our company.. and his PA told me that he loved your work Khushi!”

Khushi was shocked and numb, “Wh..What? Ma’am..Arnav?”

“Haan.. Arnav Malik! The one and only.. You still can’t believe it na?” she asked smiling.

“Yes..” Khushi nodded her head smiling still shocked.

“What happened Khushi?” Siddiqui asked as he saw his daughter shocked face, when he returned from the mosque.

“Abba..  You won’t believe who’s my next client..” Khushi widened her eyes smiling.

“Who?” Siddiqui asked curiously seeing his daughter’s smile.

“Abba.. Arnav Malik!” she said.

“What???” now it was time for Siddiqui to be shocked.

“And you won’t go there!” came reply from Zoya who came downstairs after hearing this.

“Why??” Khushi turned to her with confused face.

“I don’t trust this man.. What if he wants to play with you again Khushi? You in New York alone with him.. no.. I won’t let you go!” Zoya nodded sideways.

“Khushi knows her limits Zoya.. she’s just going for work reasons, besides it such a great thing for her career to have Arnav Malik as her client..Now her work is going to expand in New York too..” Siddiqui said.

“Haan.. I’m not going there for him, but for my work only..” Khushi said.

“Okay then I will go with you!” Zoya said stubbornly.

“I will also go with you both.. I want to meet him personally and congratulate him for his amazing work!” Siddiqui smiled.

“And I’m going there to break his face if he plays with my sister..” Zoya pouted.







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Chapter 6 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 82 times)


Two days later..

“As Salam Alaikum Annav uncle!” a four year boy ran towards Arnav and held his long leg giggling.

“Walaikum As Salam champ!” Arnav lifted him in his arms, kissing the boy’s cheek he asked, “Did you have breakfast?”

“Yes!” the boy nodded his head, “Now let’s play Annav uncle!”

“Annav uncle is little busy now Rayan.. We’ll play in the evening Insha’Allah (if Allah wills) ok?” Arnav said in sorry tone ruffling the boy’s hair lovingly.

“Okay!”  Rayan nodded his head cutely smiling.


“Arnav beta..” Fatima walked towards him with tension look, “Come and check with me if the arrangements are good or not, I don’t know if she will like it or not..”

“I trust you Fatima aunty.. I don’t need to check!” he blinked his eyes and handled Rayan to her.

“I’m going to office now.. When she reach here, give me a call aunty..” Arnav said, he hugged her once and left from there.




Outside the NGO, Arnav went to Aahil’s car and peeked through the window to see his Princess sat at the backseat of the car.

“Plince!” Aleena exclaimed happily seeing him, she moved near the window and kissed Arnav’s nose.

Arnav smiled, “Are you ready to do your job? Tell me what do you have to do?”

“Yes!!!!!” she clapped her hands happily, “I have to take Koosi flom ailpolt (airport) to oul house.. Make Koosi happy! Make Koosi eat and lest (rest)! Show Koosi hel loom (room)..”

“Khushi!” he pinched her nose.

“Koosi!” Aleena replied innocently.

“Khushi!” Arnav smiled at her innocent mistake.

“Koosi..” Aleena repeated unable to correct herself.

“Okay.. Koosi!” Arnav accept defeat smiling, “Now go with Aahil uncle and pick KOOSI!”

“Aahil keep me updated with everything ok!” Arnav looked at Aahil, who nodded his head, “Don’t worry Arnav.. Khushi will reach here safe and fine!”



At the aiport…

Aahil and Aleena were waiting for Khushi outside the airport. Aleena looked up to Aahil, “When will Koosi come? I’m tiled (tired) now..”

“Wait a little baby..” Aahil smiled, “She will come soon!”

Khushi, Siddiqui and Zoya walked outside the airport and look around to spot Aahil. Aman already informed Khushi that Aahil would come to pick her up.

“He’s there..” Zoya said and the three walked towards Aahil.

Aahil smiled and hugged Siddiqui, “As Salam Alaikum uncle!”

“Walaikum As Salam!” Siddiqui hugged him back smiling softly. Aahil greeted Khushi and Zoya.

Aleena was still in awe with Khushi, she took baby steps towards Khushi and smiled, “Masha’Allah!!!”

Khushi looked down and knelt down smiling, she pulled Aleena near her and asked, “What did you say?”

“Plince teach Aleena when you praise someone.. you should say Masha’Allah.. You’le vely beautiful.. that is why Aleena says Masha’Allah!” Aleena replied shyly.

“Shukriya baby..” Khushi blushed at the compliment, then kissed Aleena’s cheek, “You’re also very beautiful.. Masha’Allah!”

Aleena smiled shyly. “Who’s your Prince? He taught you very good thing!” Khushi smiled pinching this cute baby’s pink cheeks.

“Annav uncle!” Aleena smiled with her eyes twinkling in happiness. Khushi smiled softly after hearing his name.

“You’re Koosi na!?” Aleena asked as they were two girls in front of her, she didn’t know who’s Khushi.

“Yes, I’m Koosi..” Khushi smiled at the way Aleena addressed her as ‘Koosi’, she didn’t feel bad, in fact she found it so cute!

Siddiqui and Zoya smiled at their conversation.

“Shall we go?” Aahil asked smiling.

At the car..

Zoya and Khushi sat with Aleena at the backseat, while Siddiqui sat at the front seat with Aahil.

“Why didn’t Arnav came to pick us?” Siddiqui asked. 

Aahil clutched his fist forcing a smile on his face, why does Siddiqui have to ask about Arnav when he’s there? Isn’t He enough?

“Woh.. actually Arnav is very busy with his meetings.. he doesn’t have time for anyone other than his work!” Aahil explained purposely spoiling Arnav’s name in front of Siddiqui uncle talking in a way which he knew would create misunderstandings.

“Alright.. I can understand, to reach his position a lot of hard work is required.. May Allah bless him always!” Siddiqui smiled.

“Koosi..” Aleena patted Khushi’s shoulder, “Plince said he’s solly fol not coming to meet you.. he send me to take you home and make you happy, make you eat and lest (rest).. he said he will come to meet you when his wolk (work) finish.”

Khushi smiled and nodded her head, “It’s alright!”

Siddiqui smiled hearing the explanation, even if he hadn’t come with his daughter, she would be in safe hands!

“Plince only told me you will come Koosi..who are them?” Aleena smiled sheepishly staring at Siddiqui and Zoya.

“Hmm.. He’s my father and she’s my friend Zoya!” Khushi introduced them to Aleena. After that they kept talking non-stop with Aleena!

“Aahil uncle!” Aleena screamed pointing the ice cream parlor, “Please one ice cleam!”

“Aleena later..” Aahil nodded sideways. Aleena pouted and sat back, “Plince nevel say no fol food to Aleena!”

“You can park here.. I will go and buy for her..” Siddiqui said smiling at the upset Aleena for not getting ice cream.

“No, it’s okay uncle.. I will go and buy for her, I was just saying no because she might get sick!” Aahil quickly refused, he took Aleena with him to the ice cream parlor.




At the ice cream parlor..

Aahil picked up Arnav’s call while entering in the shop with Aleena, “Yes Arnav..”

“Did she reach safely?” Arnav asked.

“Yes.. we’re with them!” Aahil replied.

“Them? Khushi and who else?” Arnav asked confused.

“Khushi came with Siddiqui uncle and her friend Zoya!” Aahil replied.

“What? I just arranged one room for Khushi in NGO..” Arnav spoke worriedly.

“It’s okay Arnav.. Siddiqui uncle said that they can stay in a hotel but I said no because they can stay at NGO with the kids and it would be easy for Khushi to work, but since there aren’t space for them, I can say for them to shift to hotel..” Aahil said, he was feeling happy that Arnav was in a dilemma now.

“Are you mad Aahil? Siddiqui uncle won’t stay in hotel as long as I’m here!” Arnav frowned not liking Aahil’s tone, “Do one thing, bring them to my office to meet me.. I will arrange room for Siddiqui uncle and Zoya till then..”

“Okay..” Aahil said.



At Arnav’s office..

Aahil guided them towards Arnav’s cabin. Siddiqui, Zoya and Khushi were busy admiring this building, it was a beautiful place, stylish and everyone seemed comfortable and concentrated on their work.

Aleena hit her head with a wall on the way, she hissed in pain, “Ouch!”

Khushi looked back and turned to her, she knelt down, “Aww.. kya hua? Did you got hurt?”

Khushi caressed Aleena’s forehead with her fingers, Aleena nodded her head pouting, “Wall hit Aleena! Plince hit wall too when wall hit Aleena.. Koosi hit this wall too!”

Khushi nodded and hit the wall with her palm, “See I hit the wall now.. but wall is crying now, she’s saying sorry to Aleena!”

Aleena smiled, “I’m not angly (angry) with wall.. Koosi you talk like my Prince!”

Khushi held her hand and got up to leave when she realized Siddiqui, Zoya and Aahil were much ahead of them.

Suddenly a man came in front of her with a creepy smile on his face, “New here??”

Khushi looked away and held Aleena hand’s tightly taking her away from this man.

But the man caught Khushi by her arm, Khushi widened her eyes, she quickly shoved his hands away from here, “Don’t touch me!”

Aleena looked at both, she left Khushi and went running upstairs. Khushi gulped realizing she was alone now with this man in first floor corridor.

“Wow.. I like your attitude.. but you don’t need to fake innocence in front of me!” the man said walking near Khushi.

Khushi took steps back, “Look.. I’m telling you don’t come near me or else I will shout!”

“Shout.. no one is here, only you and me baby.. Stop acting.. I know you already have crush on me and dying to touch me.. Don’t worry, Arnav Malik will not fire you because he won’t even know what we will do here alone.. I won’t let him know promise.. I know it’s your first day here, so you’re scared what if someone caught us.. but relax, it’s just you and me.. by the way, which department are you from? Did you joined today itself??” the man said.

Khushi looked away feeling disgusted with his words, “What do you think? I want you.. Not even in my dreams.. Just go away before I shout!”

“Oh, you’re not that types of girl?” he smirked realizing Khushi is not like other who will easily fall in his traps, but he wouldn’t let her go since she’s really a beautiful girl and now he won’t rest in peace till he gets her.

Khushi walked to leave angrily, he came in her way not letting her pass. Khushi started shouting for help, but no one was hearing her.

She gulped and took baby steps backwards. The man smirked, “Maine kaha na.. no one is going to listen to us.. and what I will do with you here, no one will know also!”

“You won’t do anything!” Khushi shouted with moist eyes, “Abbaaaaaa… Zoyaaaaaaaaaaa…” she screamed seeking help from this scary man.

Khushi reached the wall now, she knew she doesn’t have any way out now. The man moved near her eying to her lips.

He pinned his both hands to the wall not letting space for her to escape. Khushi shut her eyes tightly crying as he was about to kiss her.


She heard a tight slap sound that echoed around the corridor. She gasped seeing Arnav slapping the man.

“What were you trying to do with her?” Arnav gritted his teeth grabbing the man by his collars.

“Sir.. sorry .. sir..” the man stammered gulping.


Shyam caressed his cheek, “I’m.. sorry.. I ..”

Arnav’s eyes turned darker, he clutched his fist and a punch directly landed to Shyam’s face, who was still trying to compose himself after receiving two hard slaps.

After that punch, Arnav didn’t stop himself, he kept beating Shyam until he bleed, “I won’t spare you today.. for her every tear, every scream.. you will pay for that Shyam.. I will make sure of that!”

“Arnav..” Aahil shouted reaching there, “What are you doing? Leave him.. he’s bleeding man!”

“Aahil.. please.. tell him.. to spare me..” Shyam sighed in relief that someone came to save his life.

“Arnav leave him..” Aahil shouted, “He might die if you keep beating him like this!”

“I WON’T LEAVE HIM THIS MAN..” Arnav shouted on top of his voice and pushed Shyam away angrily, “If he tried to force himself on Khushi today, then I wonder what the women here have to face with him..”

“It’s my responsibility to keep the women here safe and work in a comfortable place and I kept this man thinking he’s responsible and professional, little did I know he will turn out to be like this.. If I spare men like this, then in every office women will always be raped or molested, will be forced to do with what they want.. it’s because of men like him that women have to stay at home in fear, it’s because of him that women don’t want to work and progress in life, in fear that men like him will take advantage of them and spoil their reputation and dignity.. it’s because of you that women lose their confidence on themselves.. And everyone will taunt and blame the women only, no one will punish the one behind this disgusting act.. the punishment will always be for women and men like him will be spared and continue to be on high position, earn well, marry a good woman and betray her also with other women.. while that women will be forced to stay in her house for the rest of her life, will be forced to give up on her dreams, on her career ONLY BECAUSE OF MEN LIKE HIM..” Arnav shouted angrily.

“And you want me to LEAVE HIM AAHIL? It's my duty to protect the women's dignity and honour Aahil..” Arnav turned to his friend with unbelievable look. Aahil look down.

“YOU’RE FIRED MR.SHYAM MANOHAR JHA..” Arnav said gritting his teeth glaring at Shyam, “NOW GET OUT OF HERE..”

“No, please Sir.. don’t fire me.. please I badly need this job.. I can’t lose my job!” Shyam cried, he knows the consequences of messing up with Arnav Malik. He couldn’t afford to lose such a job in Arnav Malik’s company, this is a dream of many people to work in this company and if Arnav fired him, means he wouldn’t find job anywhere in New York.

“Are you leaving or should I call the guards to take you?” Arnav asked in dangerous tone.

Aahil signaled Shyam to leave.

Khushi wiped her tears composing herself, she felt overwhelmed seeing Arnav’s care towards the women who work for in his company. Not many do what he did, losing a great employee (Shyam) to protect the women that work in his company.

Arnav wanted to ask her if she was alright, but before that Aahil asked, “Tum theek ho Khushi??”

“Yes, I’m fine..” she nodded looking down.

“Koosi..” Aleena came running towards Khushi, she hugged Khushi’s legs, “Are you okay? Did my Plince save you?.. Solly I didn’t leave you alone.. I went to call Plince to save you!”

Khushi smiled and shook her head, “Thank you for saving me!”

“Thank Plince.. I know he beat that monster badly .. Hain na? That’s why Plince asked me to stay in his loom (cabin).. so that I won’t cly (cry) because Aleena don’t like fights!” Aleena smiled.

Now Khushi was about to say thank you, but Zoya suddenly pulled her towards her, and glared at Arnav, “You still didn’t mend your ways.. What exactly did you do with my friend? I knew it.. You didn’t change at all.. YOU’RE SAME BAD BOY ONLY.. tell me Khushi, what he did with you? Why are you crying?”

Aleena didn’t like Zoya called her Plince a ‘Bad boy’. She went running towards Arnav.

“Nothing..” Khushi shook her head trying to explain that Zoya took it wrong, the one who misbehaved with her was no longer there and Zoya misunderstood the situation.

“What nothing? Don’t be scared Khushi.. today uncle is also here.. he will teach this Arnav a lesson, you don’t worry.. and this deal is canceled do you get that? You can’t work with a man like him.. I already warned you, but you didn’t listen to me.. now see..” Zoya scolded her.

Khushi was trying to explain, but Zoya didn’t listen to her and went to Arnav shouting, “What did you do with my friend? Batao (say it) or else I will tell everything to Siddiqui uncle and he won’t spare you!”

“Go..” Arnav replied calmly.

“Huh!” Zoya looked at him confused.

“I said go and tell him what I did with Khushi!” Arnav shrugged, “You know everything right? Then go and say what happened!”

Arnav took Aleena in his arms and left from there.

“Why that aunty called you Bad boy Plince?” Aleena pouted.

“Her brain doesn’t function well!” Arnav replied making Aleena giggle.

“I will go and bring water for you Khushi..” Aahil said and went from there.

“Zoya are you mad or what? Why don’t you listen to me first then talk? Arnav didn’t do anything with me, in fact he saved me from a man who tried to misbehave with me.. he even fired his employee for me..and you shouted at him!” Khushi cried.

“WHAT?” Zoya widened her eyes.




“This is for you baby..” Arnav gave one chocolate to Aleena kissing her cheek, “You did a great thing by calling me to save Khushi..  my good girl, I’m proud of you!”

He looked at Aleena receiving the chocolate in her hand excitedly, he smiled reminding when he was with his clients in conference room. Aleena entered in hurry and ran towards him explaining that a man was teasing Khushi. He left his meeting and rushed to the first floor to save Khushi asking her to stay in the cabin, as he himself didn’t know what he would do to that man who dared to tease Khushi.

“Big uncle is waiting for you in youl loom Plince..” Aleena said.

Arnav left her on the floor and opened the door of his cabin, his eyes turned moist seeing the man who treated him when he was just a kid, and now is in front of him after many years.

“Siddiqui uncle..” Arnav almost whispered. Siddiqui turned to Arnav and smiled, he couldn’t believe that small innocent boy he held in his arms was now a big and successful man!

“Arnav..” Siddiqui walked to him smiling, he pulled Arnav in a hug, “I’m so happy to meet you in real!”

Arnav hugged him back and closed his eyes, “I’m too uncle.. I still can’t believe you’re in front of me!”

Aleena stood watching them smiling, Khushi and Zoya entered in the cabin and stood near Aleena.

Siddiqui wiped the corner of his eyes smiling and broke the hug, “You’re and will always be my boy!” he patted Arnav’s cheek, “I’m proud of you Arnav.. the way you changed your life and made everyone shut their mouths.. I believed you would change, that’s why I forgave you when you did that with Khushi.. I knew my boy wasn’t bad at heart, circumstances made you like that!”

Arnav smiled and looked away hiding the tears in his eyes, how badly he wanted to hear these words from his Father, but never got a chance to. Even when he changed, his father taunted him!

“Have a seat..  I will go and bring some snacks and juice..” Arnav said and pointing to the chairs and went to his office’s canteen.

“Koosi sit..” Aleena turned the chair to Khushi smiling. 

At canteen.. 

"What happened? You fired Shyam suddenly why.." Rehan and Zayn rushed to him as they got the news. 

"Long story.. will tell you guys later.." Arnav said holding the tray on his hands, "Come, I will introduce you guys to Siddiqui uncle!"

"Wow.. Is uncle here? Wasn't only Khushi that was coming here?" Rehan asked confused. 

"I don't know.. but Zoya and Siddiqui uncle also came.. and I'm very happy that I got the chance to meet with Uncle after such a long time, I really prayed that once I should get to meet him again and my prayer was answered today!"

"You're so cute yaar!" Zayn pinched Arnav's cheek, "What do you think of the idea of making Siddiqui uncle your father-in-law? This way you will meet him again and again.."

Arnav looked at Zayn confused, then he got what was Zayn's meaning, and rolled his eyes, "Shut up Zayn.. don't you dare start again!"


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Chapter 7 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 75 times)

In car, Arnav was driving back home with Siddiqui, Zoya, Khushi and Aleena.

“Uncle you’re coming with me to my house while Zoya and Khushi will stay at the NGO, is that okay for you?” he asked.

“Yes, no problem at all..” Siddiqui smiled shaking his head.

“Koosi will stay with me ..Yaay!” Aleena jumped in happiness clapping her hands.

Khushi made Aleena sit on her lap and showered the baby with kisses on her cheeks, Aleena giggled, “I feel ticklish Koosi!”

Khushi giggled and stopped kissing her, “Okay.. I will stop! What can I do when you’re so cute? I can’t resist myself!”

“Plince Koosi talks same like you, hain na?” Aleena asked smiling, for her Arnav and Khushi had same manner to behave with her.

Arnav awkwardly replied, “Hmm..”



At NGO..

Arnav guided Siddiqui and Zoya to the NGO, while Khushi was with Aleena in the garden. Aleena was showing excitedly her huge garden to her.

Khushi was amazed at the way Aleena spoke, her every sentence starts or ends with Arnav. She praised Arnav so much! It was evident that Aleena and Arnav share a beautiful bond.

“Boooo..” a little boy screamed from behind, and Khushi also screamed scared  as she was lost in her thoughts.

“Rayan!” Aleena pouted, “Don’t scale (scare) Koosi!”

Khushi turned to see a cute little boy giggling mischievously but his smile faded when he saw Arnav coming to them.

He quickly ran and hides behind Khushi hugging her legs. Khushi smiled confused with his actions.

“What happened Khushi? Why did you shout?” Arnav asked worriedly, “Is everything alright? Aleena.. say something!”

“Rayan scale Koosi when I was showing Galden to Koosi..” Aleena replied.

Rayan buried his little face on Khushi’s leg scared of Arnav. Khushi understood why he hide behind her now, “He was just playing.. it’s ok! It was my fault, I overreacted.. I shouldn’t have screamed like that..”

“Rayan..” Arnav called him as he already noticed the tiny figure behind Khushi, “Come in front of me Rayan..”

Rayan peeked to see him, “Will you scold me Annav uncle?” he asked with innocent face.

“Come here first..” Arnav said with serious yet calm tone.

Rayan took baby steps to reach him, Khushi was feeling bad for the boy, she didn’t want him to be scolded because of her. She mentally scolded herself for shouting like that.

Arnav knelt down to reach his level, “What I told you to do when guests come home?”

“Behave well with them.. Treat them with respect!” Rayan replied looking down with low voice.

“And what you did?” Arnav asked.

“I scared her..” he said in broken tone and immediately started sobbing.

Now Khushi and Aleena felt bad, they looked with sad face to Rayan.

Arnav quickly lifted Rayan in his arms, “Mera bachha why are you crying? .. Baby stop crying.. Annav uncle doesn’t like to see you crying.. shh..”

He took Rayan in his arms and sat on bench, he made Rayan sit on his lap and wiped the boy’s tears with his palms, “Shh.. don’t cry.. Uncle isn’t scolding you.. Did I shout on you?”

Rayan nodded sideways sobbing. He kissed Rayan’s little cute nose, “I’m sorry if I scared you champ..”

“Don’t say solly Annav uncle.. I did wlong (wrong)..” Rayan replied and kissed Arnav’s nose too.

“No, uncle made Rayan cry.. Uncle is sorry!” he kissed Rayan’s cheek. Rayan kissed his cheek too, “I disobeyed your words uncle.. I’m solly!”

“I’m sorry..” Arnav kissed his forehead. Rayan giggled and kissed his forehead too, “I’m solly..”

Arnav smiled seeing his Rayan smiling again, he stroke Rayan’s hair and said, “You can play pranks that don’t hurt or scare others Rayan.. See today you scared Aunty, what if she got scared and fell while walking? What if she fainted? She would get hurt na.. just because of a small prank.. So it’s not good to play pranks like that..”

Rayan nodded his head understand what Arnav taught him, “I won’t play planks like this again.. especially with this aunty..”

“Why?” Arnav asked confused with ‘especially this aunty’.

“Because she’s very beautiful..” Rayan giggled and jumped down Arnav’s lap running away from there.

Khushi blushed and Arnav smiled shaking his head.



At Khushi’s room:

“Koosi this is youl loom!” Aleena said showing the room to Khushi. Khushi nodded smiling, “Thank you little girl!”

“Khushi bitiya.. if you need anything, then do call me..” Fatima patted Khushi’s cheek smiling.

“Yes aunty.. I loved your food, Masha’Allah.. you cook so well! It was delicious!” Khushi said praising Fatima.

“Really? Shukriya finally someone praised me..” Fatima said dramatically making Khushi and Aleena giggle.

Arnav came in the room and cleared his throat, “Woh.. I came to keep the bag!” he said eying to the bag on his hand that belonged to Khushi.

Khushi nodded her head looking down, giving him permission to keep the bag on her room. He placed it in a corner and informed Fatima that he was going back home with Siddiqui.

Aleena went to give him good bye kiss and he went from there.

Sometime later Zoya came to Khushi’s room and found Khushi and arranging her clothes and placing it on the closet.

“Khushi..” Zoya got in and sat on the bed smiling

“Did you finish unpacking your clothes?” Khushi asked to her, while arranging hers.

“Yes..” Zoya nodded, “Arnav carried my bag till my room! He’s not that bad!”

“He has changed completely Zoya.. the Arnav I saw today is not that Arnav in the past..” Khushi said reminding herself when he saved her from Shyam, his behavior with the kids, especially to the youngest Aleena, his way of talking with Fatima.

“Yeah.. maybe he’s changed!” Zoya said nodding her head in an ‘I know you’re right but I won’t accept’ look.

Rayan knocked the door and peeked to see Khushi, he smiled cutely after seeing her, “Koosi???”

Zoya signaled her to look at him. Khushi turned to him and saw that cute boy who played prank on her, she asked him to come in.

Rayan came running to her and hugged her legs, “Are you going to stay hele?”

“Hmm.. I’m your guest for few days!” Khushi lifted him and made him stand on her bed.

“Solly for scaring you!” he kissed her cheek, “Can we be fliends?”

“If you ask me like this, then how can I deny you?” Khushi smiled ruffling his soft hair, “Of course we can be friends!”

Rayan’s eyes twinkled in happiness, he squealed, “Yaaay!!!! I’m Cinderella fliend!!!!!”

Khushi giggled and pulled him into a tight hug, “Thank you but I’m not beautiful as Cinderella!”

“You’le.. you’le more beautiful than Cinderella Koosi!” Rayan said wrapping his arms around her neck smilingly.

“Koosi.. my fliends want to meet you!” he whispered in her ear. Khushi nodded and whispered back, “Where are them? Why don’t you call them here?”

Rayan pointed towards the door, “Thele!” he whispered back.

Khushi and Zoya looked towards the door and saw many kids peeking to get a glimpse of her.

“They’le ale (are) scaled (scared) to come hele.. I’m the only one who had coulage (courage) to come hele!” he spoke.

Khushi kissed his forehead, “My Superman!” smilingly, she went and opened the door completely, “As Salam Walaikum Kids!”

“Walaikum As Salam!” the kids replied smiling. They were kind of relieved that Khushi didn’t scold them, she wasn’t a Bad aunty.

“Why are you scared of me? Do I look scary for you?” she pouted.

“No.. you’le beautiful!” Rayan pouted.

“Noooo..” the kids replied in unison, “We didn’t know if you will get angry or not.. Arnav uncle told us to not disturb you!”

“Still we wanted to meet you!” another kid replied.

“You did good by coming here.. I also wanted to meet with you all. And you didn’t disturb me at all..” she smiled and asked them to come inside her room.

After that, they kept playing with her and Zoya till late in night.

Arnav’s mansion..

The boys were sitting in living room having casual chats while having a hot coffee, when Siddiqui suddenly asked, “Arnav, you didn’t get married still?”

“No..” Arnav nodded sideways.

“Why? I mean a man like you would get many good proposals!” Siddiqui complimented him.

Arnav smiled a little and continued having his coffee.

“What qualities are you looking in a woman? Tell me, I can find a good girl to marry you!” Siddiqui said.

“I will find Khushi’s qualities in any woman but definitely not a heart like hers Uncle!” Arnav spoke in flow.

Zayn, Rehan and Aahil spilled the coffee from their mouths and looked at Arnav with shocked evident on their faces.

Arnav realized what he said, he bit his lips and murmured, “You’re gone Arnav Malik!”

But Siddiqui remained calm and composed with a little smile playing on his lips, “I think it’s late.. I should go and sleep!”

Siddiqui left the coffee cup on the table and walked to his room.

“Are you mad? You took my words so seriously..” Zayn jumped on him with wide eyes.

“Are you serious you spoke to uncle about his daughter?” Rehan jumped from the other side attacking Arnav.

“I just went with the flow.. I didn’t even realized what I blurted..” Arnav said.

“Do you love Khushi, Arnav?” Aahil asked.

“Guys relax.. I just meant to say I would like to marry a girl that has Khushi’s heart..” Arnav rolled his eyes.

“Khushi’s heart belongs to her only.. You will not find anyone with her heart Arnav.. stop fooling us ok!” Zayn smacked Arnav’s arm.

“Can we stop discussing this topic now?” Arnav said irritated. Zayn and Rehan looked at each other smiling mischievously, “Tujhe pyaar hua hai Khushi se!”

“Nahin hua hai!” Arnav beat both of them and went upstairs to his room to escape from his friend’s teasing.

Aahil gulped looking down, he wasn’t happy with this news at all. Why is it Arnav snatching everything that he dreams to be his? Khushi, he liked Khushi from college days, he always admire how she wasn’t like those girls who fell for THE ARNAV MALIK, he liked how she refused to take off her hijab for Arnav, how she was a God-fearing girl, she was simple, respectful and intelligent girl. He kept in mind, that after she finish her course, he would ask her hand in marriage to Siddiqui uncle and he thanked the chance that Siddiqui and Khushi came to New York, he thought things would be easy for him. He would win her father’s heart and then talk about marriage but once again, Arnav came in between his dreams!

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Chapter 8 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 97 times)

Early in morning..

Arnav was making coffee for the boys in his mansion and toast. He hoped Siddiqui would like his handmade breakfast, life made him learn even how to cook to survive! Initially he cooked very badly but having no option he had to eat his sometime badly cooked or half-cooked food because there was no Ammi there to cook delicious dishes for him, gradually he started getting better but he knows his food isn’t that special one!

“As Salam Walaikum..” Siddiqui smiled walking in the kitchen. Arnav greeted him back, and smiled nervously, “I hope you like toast uncle!”

“It’s my favorite!” Siddiqui giggled and Arnav sighed in relief.

“Waise .. I see my girl isn’t going to suffer after marriage! She will have a husband who knows how to cook!” Siddiqui said teasingly and sat on a chair.

“Uncle yesterday.. I didn’t mean what..” Arnav stammered not having courage to look into Siddiqui’s eyes. It’s so easy in his office, he’s the one who talks confidently and look straight into everyone’s eyes but Siddiqui it’s vice-versa!

“You didn’t mean what you said?” Siddiqui raised his brows and crossed his arms.

Arnav gulped, “Woh.. no.. I mean.. yes.. hmm..”

Siddiqui stood up and walked to him, patting his shoulder, “Soch lo (think).. And think well before you speak, because you won’t get this opportunity again!”

 “Next time I ask you I want you to be sure of your decision!” Siddiqui said and smile a little, “So I’m giving you time to think about it!”

Arnav nodded understanding what he meant.

“Khushi makes delicious toast.. let’s see if like yours today or she will win from you!” Siddiqui said making Arnav nervous again. He was so happy to know he made Siddiqui’s favorite thinking he won this challenge, but another challenge came up, win to Khushi??

Siddiqui took one of his toast along with coffee cup and went to sit, while Arnav took his and joined him.

“Masha’Allah it’s delicious!” Siddiqui widened his eyes surprised with Arnav cooking skills, “Should I tell you one secret? It’s better than Khushi’s!”

Arnav and Siddiqui chuckled at the last sentence. 

But there was one person burning in jealous by seeing Arnav and Siddiqui’s bonding well with each other.



At NGO..

“Ya Allah.. kids don’t make me run anymore.. come here and have your breakfast quickly!” Fatima tried to run tiredly behind the full energy kids.

“Haha.. Ammi catch us first..” the kids shouted running around the huge garden making Fatima sigh!

“Ya Allah give me strength to bear to these naughty kids!” she pleaded pouting.

Khushi and Zoya giggled seeing her state. Khushi walked to her, “Aunty you go and rest for a while, I will bring the kids to have breakfast!”

Fatima nodded sideways, “No it’s okay bitiya.. You won’t be able to handle these naughty kids! If there’s one person who they obey then it’s only Arnav.. It’s becoming so difficult to me to handle them without Arnav beta now..”

“Aunty trust me.. I will bring them to have their breakfast..” Khushi said confidently. Fatima nodded still unsure but went inside the NGO.

“Kids..” Khushi shouted gaining their attention, “Who wants to play hide and seek with me?”

“MEEEEEE…” the kids replied screaming happily.

“But I will only play with kids who are good kids.. those who have breakfast in time!” Khushi pouted, then looked at Zoya, “Don’t you think so Zoya?”

“Hmm.. but Khushi kids didn’t had their breakfast yet, how are they going to play with you then?” Zoya asked.

“We’ll go and have breakfast now..” the kids screamed and went running inside the NGO. Khushi and Zoya chuckled.

Only baby Aleena stood there staring outside with her beautiful big brown eyes. Khushi knelt down and pulled Aleena towards her, “Why are you looking outside Aleena? Don’t you want to go and have breakfast?”

“I want to but with Plince.. he always come to have breakfast with me!” Aleena replied.

“Oh!” Khushi nodded understanding, “But today you can have with me na? Will you let me have breakfast alone?”

“What if Plince feel bad that I didn’t wait fol him?” Aleena asked innocently not wanting to hurt her Prince.

“He will not feel bad! How can he get angry with such a cute Princess?” Khushi cupped her cheeks and kissed her forehead softly. Aleena smiled, “Then it’s okish!”


Sometime later, Arnav arrived with his friends and Siddiqui uncle at the NGO.

“Yeh Khushi bhi na.. if she stays with the kids, then she becomes  like them!” Siddiqui chuckled seeing his daughter playing hide and seek with the kids.

“If you’re playing with kids, then I wonder who’s going to do the architect’s job here!” Arnav said walking towards them.

The boys chuckled while Khushi widened her eyes and her mouth formed a big “O” shape facing her back to Arnav, “I’m going to do the work!”

“Good.. then can we discuss about it now?” he asked.

“Sure!” Khushi replied in stern tone, and walked to his side. Siddiqui walked with them chatting with Arnav, while Khushi was murmuring, “Just because I was playing with the kids, doesn’t mean I forgot about my job..”

Arnav heard what she said, he just smirked and continued to talk with Siddiqui acting like he didn’t hear her.

They reached in each room and Arnav and Fatima were explaining to Khushi what kind of room the kids want, how they wanted to designs to be.

“I hope I was clear Miss Siddiqui about the designs!” he said in formal tone. Khushi nodded taking notes of the details.

“Yes, be assured Mr.Malik your work will be done as per your likes!” she replied and finished taking notes. Fatima and Siddiqui looked at them weirdly, was it necessary to address each other like that when they’re talking about work?

“Good, then I need to leave for my office.. I will send my PA Aman here, you can tell him anything you need for this project and he will bring it to you!” Arnav said and went from there, then came back reminding something, “And yeah.. you can play now with the kids!”

Fatima and Siddiqui giggled while Khushi pouted not staring at him. Fatima went behind Arnav.

Siddiqui walked to Khushi, “Don’t feel bad about his words, he was just joking!”

“Do you know Arnav today said a thing that touched my heart?! He brought me here to stay with you, because he said you’re not comfortable with non-mahram (men who can marry you) so to avoid that situation, he brought me here.. now you will feel secure that you’re with your Abba!” Siddiqui smiled.

Khushi looked at Siddiqui amused, “Did he really said that Abba?”

“Hmm..” Siddiqui nodded. Khushi went to past, she remember when he came close to her in first day, she was nervous and disgusted to stay near a man like him and he didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable with HIM alone, that’s why he brought her Abba to stay with them.

“Khushi this is my wish, you’re not forced to do what I want.. but I really wish Arnav becomes mahram for you.. Do you want that too?”

“Abba..” Khushi looked at him numb.

“It’s okay Khushi.. take your time, I’m not forcing you.. I just find Arnav to be a good man, but he might not be in your eyes, so it’s ok!” Siddiqui cupped her face smiling.

Khushi looked down, she started remembering how Arnav clear her image and proved her innocence five years back, how he never approached her and never teased her again, how he protected her from Shyam, how he was caring with the kids of NGO, how he like a gentleman brought her bag to her room, how he told Aleena to make her feel comfortable in NGO, to make her happy, eat and rest! How he brought her father to stay with them knowing well that she doesn’t feel comfortable with non-mahram, how he treated her father and even Zoya who misbehaved with him with respect, how he is changed now, how he turned into a Good boy now.

Khushi nodded her head with shy smile.

“Are you sure?” Siddiqui smiled in excitement, he couldn’t believe Khushi agreed for it. He thought somewhere Khushi doesn’t like Arnav for doing that to her in past, she only forgave him.

Khushi nodded with her cheeks turning red, she went running away from the room to escape from Siddiqui’s teasing.



At night..

Arnav was having dinner in kitchen while Fatima was watching him till he finish his food.

“What is the need to work till this late at night?” she scolded him with worried tone, “It will affect your health beta.. you don’t eat properly in time!”

“Don’t worry about me Fatima aunty.. I’m fine!” he assured her.

“Ya Allah..” she shook her head, “I need to find a wife for you who will make you return home early!”

“Aunty!” Arnav whined. 

“Aur nahin toh kya, tell me what kind of girl you want? I will search her for you, I just can’t see you like this anymore.. so lonely.. I’m sure this girl will fill your life with happiness!” Fatima said with moist eyes, she knows what happened in Arnav’s past life, even though he smile for everyone, she knows how lonely he feels from inside.


“You will not be able to find someone to erase my pain Aunty..” Arnav said in low tone, “Tell me, can you find a girl who my kids will love her as much they love me? Can you find a girl who can make my kids obey her like they obey me?”

Fatima was about to say no, when she remembered that Khushi made the kids have breakfast today without Arnav’s help, they obeyed her word!

“Khushi!” she widened her eyes smiling.

“Aunty what are you saying? You know what I did to Khushi in past still you talk like this.. She will choose any other man to marry but definitely not me.. I will never be her choice.. I can’t have her!”

“Why not? Look beta.. I know you feel something for this girl, and what happened in the past already happened.. You already have been punished by your parents for your mistakes and you repented too.. You seek forgiveness from Allah, and I believe Allah has forgiven you, because those who repent sincerely from their mistakes are always forgiven and given a second chance to mend their mistakes.. This is your second chance baccha, make Khushi yours in a way that is acceptable to Allah, ask her hand in marriage to her father Arnav.. if Allah can forgive you, then she also can.. after all we’re all humans, we make mistakes, it’s important to realize we’re wrong and take a right step to correct our mistakes..” Fatima said patting his cheek.

“You’re right Aunty..” Arnav’s lips broke into a smile. A smile of hope!

He walked with realization smile outside the kitchen making Fatima smile happily and took his plate to wash it.

Arnav reached the living room with his heart jumping in happiness, he saw Siddiqui uncle chatting with Khushi and Zoya, while Zayn, Aahil and Rehan were playing with Aleena. Aleena was still waiting as usual to see her Prince, then she would sleep.

“Siddiqui uncle.. I’m ready to cook for your daughter every morning!” he said with nervous smile.

Khushi shyly looked down, she didn’t know her Abba had already talked with Arnav about this also, means he was the first one to know what’s cooking in her Abba’s mind.

Zayn, Rehan, Aahil and Zoya looked at them shocked.

“Just morning?” Siddiqui teased him.

“No, when’s she tired, angry with me, in Sundays it will be her rest time and I will serve her the entire day..” Arnav said, this seems like he was taking exams.

“But..” Siddiqui was about to continue when Khushi buried her face on his chest hugging him smiling shyly, “Abba please stop it!”

Siddiqui smiled, “I guess you got your answer my boy!”

Arnav smiled, if Khushi smiled then it means it’s a Yes from her side too!


“Khushi and Arnav can’t marry each other!” Aahil and Zoya spoke at same time with shocked expressions.





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