Love is it so?

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Nov 4

Love is it so? (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 36 times)

Arnav Singh Raizada the one whom I hate most why shouldn't I he is the reason why I lost everything and now standing alone at this hour of night at railway station not knowing where to go

24 hours back if someone said me I will be alone than I would have laughed so much till my stomach hurt but now I am alone

From some where I can faintly hear

Jeena Yahan

Marna Yahan,

Iske Siva

Jaana Kahan

Jee chaahe jab humko awaaz do

Hum hain wahin hum the jahan

Apne yahin dono jahan

Iske siwa jaana kahan


You live here, you die here

Where else can one go but here?

Call out for me whenever you wish

I'm still at the place I was before

These two worlds are here for me

Where else can I go but here?)

Is God guiding me through that song or what as if my problems are not finished it started drizzling

I stand their lost in what transpired in last 24 hours and turned my life upside down

Flashback starts

24 hours ago

12.00 am

Today my happiness knew no bond  I was so lucky to have my family my father, mother, lovely sister and aunt and today is the day my family was waiting form so many days

marriage day of my sister I couldn't sleep with happiness and sadness I don't know which has great impact my sister is getting married or my sister is going far away from me

soon sun rised I started teasing my sister she was smiling and asking me no no I better say glaring me to stop it

Exactly at 10 am

I was dancing in hall enjoying the whole wedding teasing and playing prank on every one

My father came running towards me hugged me tight in his embrace uttering I love you

I was numb

Followed by father mother comes repeat same while I was still in their embrace

I came back to my senses and said mom I love you too but I didn't get any reply I shooked them only to realise they are no more they collapsed

Then comes my aunt and stood shocked seeing her brother and sister in law is no more

My sister come running from her room and starts crying bitterly I was not in a position to even think anything I just sat in one corner of the room and looking relatives who came to bless my sister consoling my aunt and sister

Some how their last rituals are done

10 pm

My aunt and sister comes back home every one left as its already late

I was in same position

My sister and aunt are arguing over something

I tried to focus on what they were talking all I could here was Arnav Singh Raizada was the one responsible for whole thing and groom doesn't want to get married to her if I was with them

Quickly I decided I have to run from their and glancing them once I run from their as fast as possible

Flashback ends

No here I am drenching not knowing where to go and who is this Arnav Singh Raizada

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