My Queen

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Nov 9

My Queen (By Vanimyeworld) (Thanked: 17 times)

Khushi need to become powerful..For the man who she loves??.. Man ....Who is her man...Make a guess... This is going to be an entirely different story...This story start from middle of the original serial..But it has many changes... Characteristics of old characters are going to be different...New entries... Since it is a ff . I hope you guys be patient and read it..This is my first ever attempt...I liked the series very much with my heart... I hope I won't offend any fan..

Nov 9

character sketch (By Vanimyeworld) (Thanked: 27 times)

Khushi 23

Orphan. Lives with her Maternal uncle and his family.  

Shashi Guptha50

Payals father…Khushis maternal uncle.

Garima Guptha43

She does not love khushi.. Shashi’s wife .Payals biological mother.

Payal Guptha25

Likes Khushi. But fears Garima. She does not have her own opinions. Garima guides her.

Madhumathi Guptha57

Older sister of Shashi. Hate khushi because her own son in jail because of khushi.


 Madhumathi’s son. In jail cause he tried to molest Khushi’s friend. Khushi made him confess his crime and stand with her childhood friend.

These are the characters i want to primarily introduce ..Other will be introduced later in story  ..

      Khushi was a bright girl who does her best in both academic and personal life. She has strong desire to become a fashion designer. Her aunt Garima was against her plan. All Garima wanted was her own daughter Payal to reach height.  But all payal wanted was to stay home, cook food etc.  Garima claimed the by letting khushi continue study will be a burden as they already spend big amount to brought up khushi.  Her Uncle who always cared about khushi also cannot do much as his wife and older sister force him. Because of the strong disapproval of Garima and Madhumathi khushi discontinued her graduation study. And started to help her uncle in their shop.  And Khushi’s carrier dreams are came in to a dead end. Garima and Madhumathi, who occasionally visit Gupthas, torcher khushi mentally. Payal was neutral about all these.

     Madhumathi hates Khushi because her only son, Shekhar, is in jail because khushi testified against him in court. Because he tried to molest Khushi’s friend. Khushi made him confess his crime and stand with her childhood friend. Madhumathi cannot do anything directly as all villagers know about that and shashi also stand with Khushi. Madhu mathi used each and every act of khushi against her and continuously tried to blame her and torture her. 

       Khushi cannot do anything because of her respect to Shashi because he was the one who also helped her mother. Shashi was a kind man who supported Khushi’s sick mother till the end as her father had died before khushi’s birth.Slowly Khushi Started to loss her self in the middle of these struggles and forgot her dream.

Then payals marriage fixed to well-settled family. But unfortunately the marriage was call off because of the incident that happened at sheesh mahal.( Like in original serial)

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Nov 9

1. She must suffer (By Vanimyeworld) (Thanked: 30 times)

“Slap,Slap”…Garima slapped khushi on her both cheeks.  Khushi’s eyes filled with tears. Her cheeks turned to red. Shashi cannot hold his emotions any more. He stopped Garima by pulling khushi back.

            “Stop  ...Grima it’s not her fault. Poor thing only tried to help us by meeting him. But .. all turned out to be a mess..  ” Shashi tried to calm down Garima. By hearing this Madhumathi came forward and scold Shashi. “Shashi I know that she is your pet. But it does not mean that she can do all that she wand and ruin our payals life .. I think all she wanted to do is ruin our happiness... ” . Shashi wanted to tell his sister that although the marriage is call-off. It’s okay as the groom side will torcher his daughter for rest of her life for dowry. But he cannot say so. He signed deeply. “jiji, It’s already happened and we cannot do anything about it now...”  He looked at payal and said “You two .. Go to your rooms and take rest and … whatever happened is not good but don’t take it to the heart even if your marriage is call-off … I am sure that I  will find you a good husband … who will love and respect you .. ” Payal node and both of them went to their room.

            Shashi went outside as he has to deal with the relatives and neighbors. Garima and Madhumathi left alone in the room. Garima cannot hold her anger any more.. She break the picture frame of little khushi and her mother... Madhumathi thought this is the chance to push khushi to the bottom.  She said “Garima look what that evil girl has done to your daughter.. She first ruin my son’s life and now your daughter’s …. We cannot leave her as she is … She must suffer to her end …”

            Garima clenched her teeth and said “All I want to do know is to strangle her to death … but I cannot do it … But I want to see her suffering … My poor daughter … you know na jiji how much it was difficult to arrange this alliance  ... When everything was perfect that orphan girl made my effort in to ashes..”

            Madhumathi pour more oil into fire “First it was her mother that make your life difficult now this Khusi also walking in the same path… I can’t believe Shashi pamper her more than his own daughter... ” ..Madhumathi paused for a second and observed Garima’s face… By seeing the anger piled up on her face she continue … “Garima .. If you stand by me I will make her life hell and put an end to all her actions…  And also remember that her Grandfather gave her the property of her father’s share.. We cannot let her have that as Shashi spend money for her mother and her self…  ” Madhumathies eyes show an evil aura.. She continued “If we stand together we can have that property and make our payal daughter-in- low of a well settled family”.

            Garimas face show that she fallen for the trap.. She quickly garbed Madhumathis hand and said “Jiji I will do anything you say… all I want is to get my daughter in to a high class family and through that bloody orphan in to pit of fire”

                Mdhumathi placed her hand on Garima’s hand as a gesture of assurance  ...”Then send her to my place.. to Delhi.. Shashi won’t send her alone.. So you have to force him to send both payal and Khushi..  ” 


Payal’s Room

            Payal stand by the window and look at the moon.. Although it was an arrange marriage she already started to love Abhishek. She was sad.. That dream of her to have a happy life with Abhishek is shattered. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. Without looking back she know who was it. Her little sister Khushi. In heart Payal know that all Khushi wanted was her family’s happiness.

            Khushi rested her head on payals back. Tears started to flow from eyes. “jiji.. Forgave me. All i want is your happiness. Babuji’s happiness. But my behavior crash your heart. I don’t mean to do this…plz jiji.. look at me once… scold me.. or hit me.. your  silence killing me.”

            Payal slowly turnd.. Her eyes are empty.. She says “Khushi I know all you wanted was my happiness but.. it turn out like this… I can fore gave you.. All I wanted is some more time to calm myself down ..Please will you allow me alone?” She continued.. “I know it was hard for you like me.. go and rest we will talk later”. Khushi stay back and lokk payal.. she under stood even if payal is not her own sister.. even if she was raised by Garima ,payal cared about her. It makes Khushi’s heart more in pain. She silently go bak to the bed, then she pick up her mother’s photo. “Ma.. Why am I like this.. Why everything that I done turn out to be a disaster for our family… ”She silently cried her heart out…

Precap::First step.

Enjoy Reading..

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Nov 10

2.Opportunity (By Vanimyeworld) (Thanked: 31 times)

Khushi felt a hand brushing through her hair. She slowly open her eye. All she could see is the bright sun light. She look up to see the owner of the hand that touch her hair.  It was her mother .Khushi’s eyes filled with tears “Ma, you are here is it real..”.”Shhhh..” Her mother placed her finger at Khushi’s lips. “I know it’s been hard for you, without me in your side. But daughter I am always in your heart. The only thing that you have to remember is, Listen to your heart and heart never lie. I Am always with you” . Khushi wanted to hold her mother but suddenly the whole seen become filled with light... Her mother disappear in to the light.

            Khushi open her eyes and realize it was a dream..” was a dream. ”.She noticed the picture frame lying beside her. She picked up the frame and hold closer to the heart. Suddenly she remember all the things that happened previous night. Her heart started to feel heavy. She look around. Payal is no ware to found. Khushi thought herself “May be payal already get up.”. Khushi get up from the bed and walk to the door. She noticed her reflection in the mirror. Her cheeks ate all redden. And the slap marks are clearly visible. She thought, “Amma has all rights to punish me. I should have told babuji about my decision to go sheesh mahal. Everything is my fault ”..All these thought run through Khushi’s mind. Suddenly she here some arguments coming from the living room. She walk to the living room.

            Garima is fuming in anger. She is arguing with Shasi. “Shashiji . why are you saying that you cannot sent them to Delhi. Whats wrong with that ?”. Shashi cannot accept the fact that he have to send his beloved daughters to an unknown city.”I cannot do that, Even if they will be staying at jiji’s house . My daughter are my eyes. How can I send them at a situation like this? ”.

            Madhimathi interfere between the couple and said. “Shashi.. That’s why we have to send them to the unkown town . If them stay here everyone will make fun of your daugter’s. Do you want that.”After a little pause she continued...”villager’s will say One of your daughter slept outside before marriage and other’s marriage broken knowing the deeds of younger one. At least by sending them away will shut the mouth of our villager’s and when they forget about that we will bring back our daughters”.

            Shashi looked on to the faces of his beloved daughters. He thought about what Madhumathi told him. “It’s right .. A change is necessary for my daughters. ”. With this thought Shahi told them ”jiji. I thing you are right they need a change. ”. Then he turned to payal ”Bitiya .. I know whate ever happened is not good. You have to forget about that . Go and stay with your aunt. Khushi you also.. ”. Khushi and payal nodded to him.  Madumathi turend to Garima and an evil smile appeared on her face.  

Few days later….


            “Areay… Khushi .. What are you doing? ” Madhumathi shouted on top of her lungs. “If you take an hour for each simple job. How can you complete all the tasks. I am not doing any charity by giving food and shelter for you? If you want food you have to earn it..”. By hearing this khushi immediately stared to clean the dining table. Payal came with a broom to clean the room. But madhumathi stopped her and send her to rest.

            Suddenly some adverti****t of a job interview is caught up on Khushi’s eye.  She carefully read that advertizment. It was an interview for an assistant in ‘LM Fashions’. Khushi immediately show that adverti****t to Madhumathi. And said in an excitement..”Look aunty. I will go to this interview . If I got this job then I can earn and support you.” She paused for a second and continue “I know that it was hard for you to take care of us with your pension”.

            By hearing the commotion Payal also came out of her room. She also supported khushi since payal knew that as long as khushi has the job madhumathi cannot hurt her.  

            Madumathi also said yes. She thought that as long as khushi earn she can live with peace and enjoy Khushi’s salary.

Next day

            Khushi had to wake up early to complete household c****s and get ready for job interview. She rushes to the venue. There was many applicants. She patiently waited for her turn. At last her name called. Interview panel consisted of two members. They ask her about her work experience, basic academic, most importantly about her knowledge in current fashion trends. Khushi replied them. Their faces shown that they are satisfied with her reply.  Later Khushi was informed that she was selected for the job.

            A women apparently in her late 20’s approached khushi. The lady was wearing a formal dress. “Hello. I am Nancy. As a senior member of this company I welcome you to LM fashions. Your name is Khushi. Right??” Khushi shake her hand with Nancy. Nancy continued. “Khushi you have to complete some formalities before joining the office. Here take a look? ”

            Khushi saw a file with some legal papers. She read the file. It was a will written contract. Nancy instructed khushi to go through the contract carefully and sign it. Khushi sat down on nearby sofa and carefully go through each and every clause and sign it. She was sure that as long as she don’t breach the contract nothing going to happen.

After signing the contract Khushi leave the office. She was very happy. She first went to the temple to thank the goddess. Then she take the first but to home. On the way she take a look a back her life .Her mother.. Her life.. Her dreams everything flashed in her mind. Even if her study was discontinued she cannot   ignore this opportunity to learn more from experienced people. She was happy…

            After 15 min. Khushi reached her home. She was about to knock the door. She suddenly here voce of a man. And she saw him. He was talking with Madhumadhi. By seeing Khushi payal came to her ”Khushi. How was your interview? ” . Khushi was very happy and she replied”jiji . I got the job. But who is he ? ”

Payal replied “He is our paying guest , Shyam ji. Come I will introduce you”. By saing that payal dragged Khushi to inside.

Happy reading..

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Nov 14

3. UNEXPECTED (By Vanimyeworld) (Thanked: 7 times)

Khushi observed the man in front of her , he was in his mid-30’s and well build. They exchange greetings. Madhumathi told Payal to show the house and pulled Khushi to the corner. “Khushi. Listen.. I think Shyam is good match of our Payaliya..”.

Khushi cannot hide her surprise “What are you saying aunty. You didn’t know him well. Then how can you say that He is good for jiji..??”.

Madhimathi replied with confidence “He is a lawyer. And his is from a distant city. Do you Know how much a lawyer earn.. By seeing him I am also sure that he is from a good family?? And you if you dare to make a mess like last time I will …… ” Khushi cannot do anything as her Aunty is very determined.

Later Khushi told Madhumathi about her job interview.. and all she wants to know is about the salary. After some time shyam left the house. Khushi confronted payal about what madhumathi told her. Payal replied her “I don’t know khushi.. He is someone I just met. No wonder Aunty constantly tried to make me interact with him. ” Payal assured Khushi “You don’t have to worry. when babuji learn about this he will make this stop.”

Next day       

Khushi wake up early and left for her office. Khushi was really excited as it was her first day.

Office building was a tow story one. She entered through the main door. Then firs thing she done was find Nancy. Nancy greeted her politely, then she introduced khushi to some of the staff and she showed her table. Nancy give some papers to khushi and told her to sort those papers.  First thing khushi done was put her mother’s photo and devi mayya on table. Then she take he the papers to sort out.

Suddenly the office become more silent.  Khushi look up to see what is happening. The main door opened. Some well-dressed men entered the office. Khushi cannot believe her eyes. “Hey devi mayyaye that …that person… How can he be hear ?”


Nov 14

4: UNEXPECTED (Part 2) (By Vanimyeworld) (Thanked: 34 times)

From here on wards i am going to wright from Khushi's Point of view...

I can’t believe my eyes. How can he be here ?Out of all places .My mind brought me back to the incident that happened in Sheesh mahal not too long ago . I hide my face behind the pillar that was near my table. As I peeked from there they walk past me .I let out gasp of relief. After ensuring that he was out of my sight, I ran to Nancy. She was talking with two girls.

            I here there chatting as I reach them. One girl with shortcut hair and less fancy jewelry clapped her hands with excitement. “I can’t believe what did I just saw? The mighty A.S.R. …Here with us. Waa”. “I Know. What an eye Candy? ”With the same excitement the other said.

  For them he is an eye candy? What about me?

            Those to girls are really happy with presence of ASR. And I guess almost everyone here is like that. I grabbed Nancy by hand Pull her to the corner “Nancyji .Why ASR here? Is he here with some work? Do you know anything?” .Nancy was surprised by actions. She looked amused. “Khushi , take a deep breadth. Why are you so hype about that? I Know ASR is very handsome! But, It does not meant that you…”. “Nancy ji, please answer me?”I cut her off. “OK. Ok. Our company is basically sold off to AR fashions and you can see his face every day from now on as he will work from this office.”

            What? I can’t believe my ears. I felt like the ground beneath me was fallen. Nancy breack my trance. I return to my table. Facing ASR again is something that I cannot even imagine. At any cost I have to avoid facing him. And probability of a mere assistant like me run into the ceo is very less. All I have to do is keep a low-profile.

            “Khushi” I heard someone calling my name. I looked up. It was Lavanya ji. She was one of the best designers of LM fashions. I stand up from my spot. She came close. “Your name is Khushi right ?” I nodded. She scanned me top to bottom. Her face show some kind of dissatisfaction. I just ignored it.

“Khushi, Is everything complete? The paperwork that I given to you?” I nodded. “Is that an yes?”. “Yes lavanya ji, everything is complete? ”. I replied in most polite manner. “What did you just call me , Lavanya ji.Seriously. Call me Madam”. I was a little taken aback. But I composed my self and repeated after her “Yes. madam”

Her mouth curved a little. “Now don’t waste time and Take these papers and follow me NOW”. I immediately take all the papers and silently followed Lavanya ji. Umm.. No Lavanya MADAM.

            We were going to the second floor,. She entered into office room. That’s when I noticed the name plate that hung in to the door. “CEO ASR”

            Is this a dream? Before I could think of anything lavanya ji pulled me in side.

            My fears are coming true. But as I ented I notice ASR was looking into some files in his hand. He did not glace to us. Lavanya ji explained some office matters. Still he did not look up. I was little relived. Lavanyan ji signaled me to go outside.   May be I have a chance to escape…. for now?

            I was about to exit. Suddenly lavanya ji called me out “Khushi.. Make some black coffee and bring to ASR”. With so much horror I looked at ASR.


Happy reading...

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