The Unwanted Guest

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Dec 23

The Unwanted Guest (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 112 times)



Raizada Mansion, New Delhi

3.40 am


The main door of the huge mansion was opened and a girl in her early twenties tiptoed to the living hall. The entire house was in darkness and she lit her torch light.

Sighing in relief she walked forward but froze on her steps when the lights were turned on.

Closing her eyes tightly she turned and bend her head down. “Sorry uncle” she whispered.

“What’s the time now?” a very angry Akash Singh Raizada asked crossing his arms.

She looked at her mobile and said, “3.40”

“Is this the time you walk into a house Aisha?” Akash shouted.

“Woh…my car broke down and I got a mechanic to fix it…then…” Aisha mumbled.

“And this shirt you’re wearing must be of that mechanic, I assume” Akash scoffed looking at the oversized shirt she was wearing.

Aisha gulped and Akash said, “I’ll have to talk to your parents”

“Woh main…” Aisha cried.

Akash showed his palm and said, “We allowed you in this house just because of your mother Lavanya. Lavanya is dear to us all and she wanted us to look after you till you complete your studies! It’s just three months that you’re here and you’ve already started to stay out during nights….with mechanics!”

“He is my boyfriend” Aisha said in tears.

“Go to your room!” Akash said sternly.


“Aisha go” Akash said pointing to the stairs.




8.45 am


“I don’t like that girl!” Anjali said disgusted, “I’m just tolerating her for Lavanya!”

“How on earth did Lavanya have such a spoilt daughter?” Mami asked shaking her head.

“Aur nahi to kya” Anjali said, “Out at late night and that too with a boy!”

“She said it’s her boyfriend” Akash said biting his toast.

“Chiiii….girls these days…have no culture at all!” Mami cried.

“Dadi, even I go for parties!” Ayush, Akash and Payal’s son said.

“You’re a boy Ayush” Anjali said, “She is a girl!”

“Why are you all getting hyper on that?” Payal said sighing, “It’s her life. Let her live it on her terms”

“What?” Akash cried, “Lavanya has trusted her daughter with us Payal. It’s our responsibility to keep her safe!”

Payal said, “When she said keep her safe, she meant giving her shelter and providing her care. She didn’t ask you to be her father and ban her from going to parties with her boyfriend!”

“But…” Anjali began to say something but stopped seeing Aisha walking to the living room.

“Good morning everyone” she said slowly.

“Good morning Aisha, sit” Payal said smiling. Aisha smiled and sat next to Ayush. “Good morning” Ayush said smiling. “Good morning Ayush” Aisha smiled.

“Aisha, HP was telling me that your car isn’t there outside” Payal said.

“Ha ma, woh it broke down. I have taken it to garage!” Aisha said.

“Ma? Again?” Akash said shaking his head, “I’ve asked you to stop calling her that didn’t I?”

“Akash” Payal hissed, “It’s fine Aisha. You can call me that!” she said caressing her hair. Aisha smiled faintly and looked at Akash, Anjali and Mami who were glaring at her.

Ayush cleared his throat and asked, “So Aisha how are you going to reach college?”

“I’ll catch an auto” Aisha said.

“I can drop you. It’s on the way” Ayush said.

“Nahi it’s fine I’ll….” Aisha began when Payal said, “Go na…he’ll drop you!”

Aisha sighed and nodded.

“Let’s go” Ayush said standing up and Aisha nodded. She stood up and Payal said, “But you didn’t eat anything”

She grabbed a sandwich and said, “I’ll eat on my way. Bye ma!” she hugged Payal.

“Bye ma…bye everyone” Ayush said and walked out with Aisha.

“Akash, keep your son away from that girl” Anjali said crunching her face.

“Ha Ayush seems to be very lovely dovey with her” Mami said.

“They are just friends” Payal said sighing. This family will surely drive her to nuts. She walked to the kitchen to help HP.

She looked back to find Anjali and mami feeding bad about Aisha to Akash. She shook her head and said aloud, “What did that girl even do to you guys that you hate her so much? Just because she comes home late and spends time with her boyfriend, she is a ****! And when Ayush does the same, you don’t find anything wrong! It shows how low you are, not her!” and she stormed inside angrily.

Dec 24

Call Me Ma (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 112 times)

Chapter 1


AR Headquarters, New Delhi

11.30 am


“How are the new interns?” Akash asked not taking his eyes from the files.

“Average” Aman Mathur, his PA, said, “But a few are very good. It’s not very hard to pick students who have natural interest in fashion designing from a batch of idiots!” he forwarded few papers to Akash and said, “The designer head gave me this. These are the ones she selected from the group!”

Akash went through the designs and said, “These are designed by the interns?” Akash asked surprised.

“Yeah, two of them. Others are just failures!” Aman said shaking his head.

Akash nodded and said, “So Aman, my plan is…since we had promised the National Fashion Institution, Delhi, that we would give their students certified internship, we should definitely give them that, no matter if the students are poor or not. But I would like the best of those students to work for AR as an extended internship!”

Aman nodded and asked, “So this one week internship?”

“Every student can attend that” Akash said, “But the selected ones can work for AR for our upcoming show, after this one week internship. Go and inform them about the same!”

“So we’re selecting those two who made these designs?” Aman asked pointing to the papers.

Akash nodded and said surprised, “I’ve never seen such beautiful designs for so long. Exceptionally well, especially this lehenga….beautiful. Who designed this? I’ve only seen such designs from…” he stopped himself.

“From ASR” Aman whispered completing him.

Akash took a deep breath and nodded, “ASR” he whispered.

“I’ll inform the students” Aman said and Akash looked up at him. “What are their names?”

Aman looked down to his file and said, “Ayan Sharma and Aisha Shrivastav”

“Aisha Shrivastav” Akash asked shocked.

Aman looked up from the file and asked surprised of his face, “Yeah, you know her?”

“Yeah, she is Lavanya’s daughter, staying at my home. Remember I told you?”

“Ah, the girl who stays out late at night and the one whom your family hates for the very same reason?” Aman asked chuckling.

Akash sighed and said, “Yeah”

Aman shook his head and was about to walk out when Akash asked, “Any news about them?”

Aman looked at him and nodded no. Akash sighed and Aman said, “It’s been 23 years Akash. I think they don’t want to be found. If otherwise our detectives would have tracked them down. ASR was the best businessman of his times. It would’ve been an easy task to hunt him down…if only he was willing to be found.”

Akash nodded and Aman walked out.




Raizada Mansion, New Delhi

8.30 pm


“You should take rest dear. HP is here to help me” Payal said smiling. “Nahi it’s fine. I like helping” Aisha said smiling and continued peeling potatoes.

“How was your day at college?”

“They took us to AR” she said. “AR?” Payal asked surprised.

Aisha smiled and said, “AR is offering us one week internship. So our college took us there and internship starts tomorrow!”

“That’s great” Payal said.

“There’s more” Aisha said smiling widely, “We were all asked to design a lehenga. And they selected two from our batch to work for the upcoming show!”

“And lemme guess, you’re in the two!” Payal said chuckling.

“Ha” Aisha squealed and Payal hugged her, “Congratulations”

“Thank you Ma!” Aisha said happily.

“It’s a great opportunity. A certificate of AR Fashions will guarantee you a job at any fashion house!” Payal said smiling.

“Even mamma said the same” Aisha said smiling.

“Waise you returned early today. Didn’t go out with Ayan?” Payal asked.

Aisha smiled sheepishly and said, “Yesterday it was a birthday party. That’s why I was late.”

“When did I ask that?” Payal asked laughing. Aisha bit her lip and giggled. “He has to visit a friend of his”

“Waise….” Aisha asked, “Why does Anjali aunty ask Ayush to call her ma?”

Payal froze and looked at her. “When did you hear that?” she asked.

Aisha stopped peeling the potatoes and looked at her. “Woh, I was passing by his room and heard her…what happened ma? Is everything okay?”

“Yeah…it’s…nothing” Payal shook her head and continued stirring the curry.

Aisha hummed and continued peeling potatoes but her eyes fixed on Payal. “Woh” she said, “I thought…since I call you ma…she thought why not Ayush call her….”

“Stop talking Aisha” Payal mumbled, “I’m not in a good mood and I definitely don’t want to hear about that woman”

Aisha was taken aback and she looked down to the potatoes.

“Ma” Ayush said cheerfully walking into the kitchen, “Oh hello Aisha!”

“Hello” Aisha said smiling.

“How was college?” he asked sitting on the kitchen slab and peeping to what Payal was cooking.

“She got selected to work for AR as intern and get down Ayush!” Payal said smacking her son’s arm.

“Ouch…” Ayush said and jumped down, “Congrats Aisha!”

“Thanks” she said.

“Learn something from her” Payal said smacking his head, “Look at you. The backbencher!”

“Fashion designing is easier than BTech Ma!” Ayush whined. Aisha giggled and Ayush whispered to her, “Save me please. Or else ma will begin her lecture on how every course in this universe is similar and same!”

Aisha hid her laughter and said, “Ha ma, fashion designing is much easier!”

“See” Ayush cried.

Payal rolled her eyes and Aisha said, “Chalo, I’ve completed the potatoes. Ma, let me go and make a call to home!”

“Ha dear” Payal said and Aisha walked out.

Ayush waited for her to leave and said after she left, “Anjali bua is very irritating”

“Aisha told me” Payal said, “She asked you to call her ma?”

“Ha” Ayush said irritated, “She began her usual pep talk on how she is a good mother and looked after me when I was a baby. How she is better than you blah blah blah! Finally I had to fake a non-existent throat infection and run downstairs for an adhrat waali chai!”

Payal chuckled and Ayush said, “You once told me that this was the reason why chachu and maasi left”

Payal’s smile vanished and Ayush said sighing, “I feel so suffocated by this. How would have they felt?”

“That’s why they left” Payal whispered and looked away.

Ayush sighed and wrapped an arm around his mother.

“I wish they were here” she whispered, “I couldn’t even take my sister’s baby in my hands. Hell, I don’t even know whether it’s a boy or girl. They left just like that! All because of that woman!”


Dec 24

Chapter 2 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 100 times)

Chapter 2


Raizada Mansion, New Delhi

12.35 am


“You seem to be a night owl!” Akash commented as he walked into the terrace seeing Aisha there.

Aisha turned and smiled, “Aap bhi!”

Akash chuckled and said, “Work pressure!”

Aisha nodded and Akash said, “Waise…I want to apologize for yesterday. I shouldn’t have talked like that!”

Aisha frowned and Akash said, “When you came back late…”

“Ah it’s fine” Aisha chuckled, “I should’ve come early!”

“Aisha, it’s not like I dislike you. I don’t have any problem with you. But yesterday I was really worried. Your phone was off and I didn’t know what to do. It was 3 in the morning and I even thought of going to police” Akash said sighing.

“Sorry” she said slowly.

“I don’t have any problem with parties and all. I scolded you because it was really late and Delhi isn’t safe for girls. If something happens to you, I won’t be able to forgive myself. Lavanya has trust in me and I cannot break that trust!” Akash said, “I don’t differentiate between you and Ayush”

“Then why do you hate when I call your wife ma?” she asked slowly.

Akash took a deep breath and said, “I know Payal likes it. Even I do. But I lost some very important people of my life because of this ma chakkar. Years back, something similar happened and….” He stopped himself and looked away.

“ASR….Khushi right?” Aisha asked slowly.

“La told you?” Akash asked.

“Not everything but small pieces, here and there….I know that you have a brother and he left the house with his wife and new born baby” Aisha said.

Akash nodded and said, “Me and Payal are the only ones who miss them here. My dadi too….she passed away few years back. And Ayush…he doesn’t know much about them. He has never seen them!”

Aisha smiled faintly and Akash said, “I get busy with office and Ayush is busy with his friends. Payal gets very lonely. She doesn’t talk much with other people here. And then you came. I’ve never seen Payal this happy after they left. And I owe you a huge thank you for that!”

Aisha smiled widely and said, “I like her too. Sometimes I miss mamma and I go down to the kitchen where she will be. And then I feel better. That’s why I call her ma!”

Akash smiled and Aisha asked, “Didn’t they call you? Not even once?”

Akash nodded no, “I tried finding them but they seem to be vanished!” he looked at Aisha and said smiling faintly, “I don’t even know whether they had a son or daughter. He or she would’ve been your age by now! 23!”

“How old is Ayush?” Aisha asked.


“Hawww….he is younger to me! And he calls me Aisha! That boy better call me didi!” Aisha cried.

Akash chuckled and said, “I’ll tell him!”




“Bahot mazaa aya!” Khushi said happily and clapped her hands like a kid. Arnav rolled his eyes and Akash and Payal chuckled. “Ha Khushi ji” NK said cheerfully, “we should often do this. It’s so fun!”

“NK bhai you’re right” Akash said leaning back on the couch, “It’s been a long time right? Remember, before wedding we three used to go out for long drives at night!”

“Ha Akash” NK cried.

“Yeah right!” Arnav scoffed, “More like me being a driver for two drunkards!”

“Drunkards!” Khushi and Payal cried and looked at Akash and NK.

“Err…kabhi kabhi….like very rarely….bhaiiii!!!” Akash cried seeing Payal’s glare.

Arnav chuckled.

It was 11 pm in the night and the five were out in the garden sitting around a small camp fire.

“I like it when we spend time like this!” Payal said smiling, “You guys are busy with office and me and Khushi with our dabba service. We should spend moments like this more often!”

“I wish di also joined us!” Khushi said sighing.

Arnav sighed and looked back at the house.

“What should we do bhai?” Akash asked shaking his head, “Di is….she is so depressed after learning Shyam’s truth!”

“I think we should give her some time” Payal said.

“It’ll be hard for her. She trusted him so much” NK said sighing.

Arnav took a deep breath and said, “She doesn’t talk to anyone. Not even to me. Not even to nani. I don’t know what to do. She just sits in her room, eat what HP takes to her room and walk around like a corpse.”

“I think we should ask di to adopt a child” Khushi said and everyone looked at her, “What hurts her the most is that Shyam, the one whom she loved the most, killed her child. This added to her shock of her child’s death. So adopting a child would make her feel better!”

“I don’t agree” Akash said shaking his head, “Just because we want her to come out of her depression, we cannot let her adopt a child. I mean, it wouldn’t be fair to that child. When he or she grows up, wouldn’t they want someone as a father?”

“Yeah, no matter if the whole family stands by her side, no one can be a father!” NK said.

“But I think…” Khushi began when Arnav cut her off, “When a kid is upset, you show them their favorite toy to make them feel better. That’s what you’re saying here! To bring di back, you are suggesting adopting a child! But Khushi, adopting a child and buying a Barbie doll is different!”

“He is right” Payal said.

“Okay okay” Khushi said chuckling, “It was a suggestion. Now don’t eat me up!”

Everyone chuckled and Arnav said, “You’re a kid and that’s why you have childish suggestions!”

“Hawww” Khushi gasped and smacked his arm.



“What are you thinking?” Payal asked patting his arm. Akash looked at her and then at the opened laptop before him. “Ah nothing, I was….nothing”

Payal smiled faintly and said, “Arnav ji and Khushi…hai na…”

“NK too!” Akash said chuckling, “When is he coming?”

“It’s rakshabandan in two days. He’ll be here!” Payal said smiling.

“Ha, after all he has to get a rakhi tied from you” he said smiling.

Payal smiled and nodded.

“I wish my sister was here too…” Akash said smiling sadly and looked at the rakhi she had tied him, years ago.

Payal looked at him and took a deep breath.

“She loved rakshabandans” Akash said smiling at Payal, “She used to demand strange things from me as gifts. Remember when she made me took all of bhai’s suits and replace it with colourful shirts?”

Payal chuckled and said, “She knows that you won’t agree normally. But on rakshabandan you’re bound to grand her wishes right?”

Akash chuckled and nodded.

“I miss them Akash” Payal whispered.

“Me too” Akash whispered.


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Chapter 3 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 112 times)

Chapter 3


Raizada Mansion, New Delhi

10.30 am


“Di” Akash called as he barged into Anjali’s room.

Anjali and mami looked up from the bed where they were selecting sarees. “What happened Akash?” Anjali asked.

“You asking me what happened?” Akash asked angrily, “Your credit card bill has come. 35 lakhs, di! What the hell did you do with this much money?”

“Why are you shouting for that?” Anjali cried, “It was my friend’s wedding and I bought saree and jewellery for that.”

“For 35 lakhs?” Akash cried.

“Hello hi bye bye, diamond jewellery costs that much bitwa!” mami said.

“What’s the need for jewellery? You already have tons of it” Akash pointed to her wardrobe.

“So I cannot even buy my favorite jewellery now?” Anjali asked in tears, “How can you account your sister’s money Akash?”

“Excuse me” Akash scoffed, “The need for checking accounts arise when your sister spends like a maniac. And what did you say, YOUR money? Please di, we all knows who is earning here!”

“Dekha mami” Anjali said in tears, “Look how he’s talking. So I don’t have any right in your money?”

“It’s not about rights” Akash cried in irritation, “Stop spending like this. Money doesn’t grow on trees. If you had spent on some needful situation I would have never questioned. But this, saree and accessories for 35 lakhs! What the ****!”

“Akash stop” Mami said, “She is your sister. It’s her money too!”

Akash groaned, “You guys won’t change. Whatever it is, I’m blocking your credit card and I won’t be depositing huge amount in your account”

“What?” Anjali cried.

“I should’ve done this earlier” Akash said shaking his head, “Money is hard earned di. Learn to respect it! If not respecting, at least, don’t insult my hardwork!”

“Akash” Mami shouted.

“Now don’t make me wash out her account completely” Akash shouted angrily and walked out.

“Akash has changed a lot” Anjali said sadly.

“Ha” mami said, “He is no more our Akash bitwa. Now he’s Payal’s husband and Ayush’s father!”

“They don’t even care for Ayush” Anjali said scoffing, “Right from his childhood I was the one who looked after him. Payal was always busy with her stupid dabba business and Akash handling AR. No one cared for the boy. And now, they are pampering him!”




AR Fashions, New Delhi

11.00 am


“Why were you late?” Aman asked as Akash sat in his cabin.

“Had a row with di” Akash muttered and said, “Block her credit card and yes, withdraw amount from her account. Only 3000INR should remain in that!”

Aman nodded and said, “Those two students are here. The one week internship is over so their extended internship starts today. I was waiting for you to come so that you can meet them!”

“Oh yes, send them in!” Akash nodded.

Few minutes later, Aman walked in with Aisha and a boy.

“Hey Aisha” Akash said smiling. “Hello unc…sir” Aisha said smiling sheepishly. Akash smiled and stood up. He extended his hand to the boy who smiled and shook it. “Ayan Sharma, sir”

“Akash Singh Raizada. Sit down both of you” he said and both of them sat down.

“So, I liked your designs very much. You guys are extremely talented and I’m glad that you accepted our proposal to work for us for one month! If you prove to be good as I think you are, I’m gonna offer you job here, which you can join after graduation”

“Thank you sir” Ayan said and Aisha nodded, “We’ll work hard”

Akash smiled and nodded. “We’ve an upcoming show based on traditional wear. Half of the designs are complete. First I want you to help our designers in finishing up the designed ones. You would get to know more about the theme and our company through this. And then you’ll be asked to submit your own designs!”

Both of them nodded and Akash dialed for Aman.

“Aman will take you to the head designer. She will assign you to her subordinates. They’ll explain your works better” he said.

They both nodded and stood up. “Thank you sir!”

They were about to turn when Akash called Aisha. Ayan walked out of the cabin and Aisha turned to Akash.

“Payal has sent you tiffin” Akash said smiling and forwarded her tiffin.

“Awww” Aisha cried and grabbed the tiffin.

“Is he the one?” Akash asked raising his eyebrow.

“Who?” she asked frowning.

“Ayan. The one with whom you go out. I’ve heard you and Payal talking about him!”

Aisha blushed and bit her tongue. “Ha…”

“Aww look at your face!” Akash chuckled, “Go…Aman must be waiting”




“So yummy” Ayan said tasting Aisha’s food.

“Ma cooked it” Aisha said smiling.

Ayan hummed and said pouting “All I have here is a pizza”

“Aww…I’ll ask ma to pack you a tiffin as well!” Aisha said chuckling.

“Will she?” he asked happily.

“Let me ask. She owns a dabba service so packing another tiffin won’t be a huge task for her”

“Haa” Ayan said, “Waise I don’t like you staying there. Why don’t you stay in a hostel?”

“Why? I like it there” she said smiling.

“But do you have freedom there?” he asked chuckling.

“As far as I ignore Anjali aunty and Manorama aunty, I’ve enough freedom there!” she said.

“Aur Ayush?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

She stopped eating and said smirking, “So that’s it? Freedom and all was just an excuse. You’re jealous of Ayush!”

“What! Jealous and me? No way!” he scoffed.

“Ayan is jealous” Aisha sang, “Don’t worry. Ayush is younger to me. Chota bhai he!”

Ayan hid his smile and looked away.

“Waise do you have enough facilities at your PG?” she asked.

“Ha…” he said, “I do find it a bit difficult but…PG is affordable. I mean, fee at NIFT is huge and I don’t want to burden papa and mamma with hostel dues. Here it’s fine. Low rent and food is free too.”



Aman walked into his cabin and Akash looked up.

He forwarded few files and said, “Needed your signatures!”

Akash nodded and took his pen.

“Those kids are amazing” Aman said and Akash smiled.

“I mean…totally amazing. Aisha is good but that boy…man….he is rocking! I saw him helping Rashid to finish a saree. Brilliant ideas and perfect color combinations! The saree looked magnificent by the end!”

“Achaa” Akash said and looked at him.

“Ha yaar….and…I don’t if I feel coz I miss him a lot…but that boy reminds me a lot of ASR. That look he has when he concentrates and…trust me, when you see him from back, you see ASR!” Aman cried.

Akash nodded and Aman looked out of the glass window. “Ah there he is in the cafeteria. Facing us backwards. Look look!”

Akash stood up and looked down through the glass door. The boy dressed up in a blue jeans and maroon shirt was facing them backwards.

Aman was indeed right.

If Aman hadn’t told him that it’s Ayan, Akash would’ve definitely mistaken him for his brother.



Dec 25

Chapter 4 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 132 times)

Chapter 4


Raizada Mansion, New Delhi

4.30 pm


Aisha chuckled and Ayush groaned as NK chachu went on exposing his childhood secrets.

“Chachu please” Ayush cried.

Payal smiled as she walked into the living room with chai and pakodas.

“Hello hi bye bye…pakodas!” mami cried as she penguin-walked to the living room with Anjali following her.

They sat on the couch opposite to NK and Ayush.

“How was your college Ayush?” Anjali asked smiling.

“As usual bua!” Ayush said and took a bite on the pakoda.

Payal sat next to Aisha on the adjacent couch and handed her the tea.

“How was your day?” she asked to her.

“Great. AR is awesome!” Aisha said happily.

“What are you doing at AR?” Anjali asked sharply.

“She works as an intern there” NK answered for her, “You live in this house na? And you didn’t know. Even I, the one who came today, knows this!”

“Who considers me as a member of this family?” Anjali said sadly and looked down.

Ayush looked at Payal who rolled her eyes. NK hid his laughter and shook his head. Some people never change.

“It’s been a year that you’re here chachu. You’re staying for a month right?” Ayush asked.

“Nahi yaar, just a few days!” NK said apologetically.

“And you’ll be coming next year only? For rakshabandan!” Ayush said.

NK nodded and Ayush groaned.

“NK bhai” Payal cried, “Why don’t you visit us often!”

NK shrugged and said, “You know I don’t like coming here”

“Ouch that hurts!” Ayush muttered.

“I didn’t mean you champ. You know what I meant” NK patted his arm and looked at Anjali and mami.

Payal looked at Aisha and said, “Tomorrow we’ll be having a small pooja here as its rakshabandan. You can invite your friends if you want!”

“Pooja he party nahi” Anjali scoffed.

“So?” Payal raised an eyebrow, “You called all of your kitty party friends for nani’s barsi. So keep quiet!”

Aisha smiled and said, “I’ll call Ayan”

“Ha I wanna meet him” Ayush said smiling.

“Ayan who?” mami asked sharpening her ears.

“Her boyfriend dadi” Ayush said.

“Acha…he is in your class?” Anjali asked.

Aisha nodded her head.

“College romance” NK sang, “Not bad”

She smiled and Anjali asked, “Does your mother know about this?”

“No” Aisha mumbled.

“Hello hi bye bye, we should inform Lavanya that her daughter is roaming around with boys instead of studying!”

Payal rolled her eyes and said, “Not with boys but with one boy. And it’s her boyfriend. So why don’t you concentrate on your make up and stay quiet?”

Ayush and NK hid their laughter and looked at Payal. You go ma/Payal bhabhi.

“Invite him” NK said, “Even I want to meet this beautiful girl’s boyfriend”

“Advance main warning: Ayush, he is jealous of you!” Aisha said chuckling.

“Me? Why?” Ayush frowned.

“Arrey” Anjali said, “Of course he would be jealous of you beta. You’re the Raizada heir! How can anyone not wish to be like you?”

Payal glared at her and NK said rolling his eyes, “Are you this stupid or are you acting?” he turned to Aisha and asked, “Why is he jealous of our Ayush beta!”

“Coz I stay here and he’s scared whether I’ll fall in love with you!” Aisha said.

Ayush burst out laughing and so did Payal and NK. “You and me! Arrey we’re bhai behen!”




“Nanhe ji” Khushi whispered as she peeked into NK’s room. NK looked up from his laptop and found Khushi near the door.

“Kya huva Khushi ji?” he asked stepping out of the bed. Khushi entered the room and closed the door.

“Listen to me” she whispered.

He frowned and nodded.

“Woh I want to surprise Arnav ji. Help me!” she whispered.

“Okay, we’ll hide behind the door and jump out screaming when he comes” he said.

“Uffo” Khushi said, “I said surprise not scare him to death!”

“What is surprise for? It’s his birthday?” NK frowned.


“Your birthday?”


“Then? Are you pregnant?”

Not getting an answer he looked at her with widened eyes. “Khushi ji! You’re….”

“Sshhhhh” Khushi hushed and said, “No one knows. I wanted to tell Arnav ji first! And you spoiled it!”

“Nahi nahi nahi…I don’t know I don’t know….I’ve forgotten it. Erase it” NK said and wiped his hands in air as if he’s erasing his memory.

Khushi giggled and NK hugged her, “Congratulations bhabhi!”

Khushi looked at him surprised, “You’ve never called me bhabhi!”

“Now I did! Oh my god….I’m gonna be an uncle! What! NO way! I’m not that old…forget it…you’re gonna have a baby! Chotte’s chotte is on the way! WOW! I mean….oh my god….”

“Nanhe ji relax” Khushi said giggling.

“Arrey how can I relax! We’ve to plan the surprise. We’ve to reveal it like a dhamaka! Nannav should be shocked and frozen and dumbstruck and….whatever…come LET’S PLAN!”


NK took a deep breath. Sitting on the green recliner, he took a look of the room. Payal made sure that the room remains intact, just as they left it. Not a spot of dust to be spotted, not a thing moved from its place, no one would say that the owners of this room had left it for 23 years. He smiled at the wardrobe full of their clothes, the dressing table with her accessories, the cupboard full of files….everything reminded of them. His eyes fell on the wooden crib and a faint smile appeared on his face.


“What are you doing? Where are you taking us?” Arnav cried as Akash covered his eyes and made him walk while NK had Khushi’s eyes covered.

“Be careful with her dammit” Arnav shouted.

“Bhai, NK bhai and Payal are with her” Akash said rolling his eyes.

“Ha Nannav you just walk” NK said chuckling.

They entered the room and took their hands off.

“Why is it dark here?” Khushi asked looking around the dark room.

“Switch on the lights idiots” Arnav said.

“Shoo relax” Payal said giggling and switched on the lights.

“Okay, now tell us why you have brought us here and…” Arnav stopped his rant when his eyes spotted on something. Khushi followed his gaze and gasped. She covered her mouth with her palm and looked at the three who were smiling.

Arnav held Khushi’s hand and both of them walked to the wooden crib decorated with flowers.

“Yeh…this…” Arnav stammered and looked at the trio.

“This is for our nannav’s and Khushi ji’s chottu!” NK said smiling and wrapped an arm around Akash.

“It’s our selection. Did you like it?” Akash asked smiling.

“Like it? It’s amazing” Khushi whispered and ran her fingers through the crib.

“It’s so beautiful” Arnav said smiling widely.

“Ha it’ll be more beautiful when someone lies in there” Payal said caressing Khushi’s 7 months belly.

Suddenly Khushi gasped and Payal chuckled, “Ah see…the baby likes it!”

“He’s playing football in there I guess” Akash said chuckling.

“How do you know it’s a he?” NK asked raising his eyebrow.

“It’ll be a he” Akash said stubbornly.

“It’ll be a girl. A princess” NK said.





“Why don’t you ask the doctor to reveal the gender?” Payal asked.

“Nahi” Khushi said, “I don’t want to know it now. I want to know it after his or her birth!”

“Ha” Arnav said nodding.

“Let’s bet” Akash said.

“Fine. 1000 bucks!” NK said and shook hands with Akash.


NK wiped his eyes and walked to the bedside table. Taking the frame he looked at the pic taken at their wedding. Smiling sadly he whispered, “Where are you guys? I miss you so much!”


He turned hearing a voice. “Ma is calling you for dinner” Aisha said.

NK nodded and Aisha frowned, “Are you okay?”

NK hummed and kept the frame back.

“Is this your room? From the day I came here it’s been locked” Aisha said entering the room and looking around.

“No, it’s my brother’s room” NK said slowly.

Aisha nodded and her eyes fell on the photoframe. “This…” she whispered.

NK took the frame and said, “This is my brother and his wife. Nannav…I mean Arnav and Khushi….”

“But uncle this….this is Ayan’s parents” Aisha whispered.

NK looked at her shocked.


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Chapter 5 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 143 times)

Chapter 5


Raizada Mansion, New Delhi

9.30 am


“So this is Ayan huh?” Payal asked smiling. Aisha nodded and Ayan bend down to take her blessings.

“Hey jeeju” Ayush said hugging him.

“Jeeju?” Ayan asked surprised.

“Ha, Aisha is my di so you’re my jeeju” Ayush said laughing, “Now stop being jealous of me. I won’t steal your girl!”

Ayan gaped and looked at Aisha who looked at the ceiling. “I’m not jealous of you….why would I be jealous” Ayan cried shrugging.

“Don’t play Ayan, Aisha told us everything” Payal said chuckling. Ayan smiled sheepishly and looked away.

“Ayan this is NK” Aisha said slowly as NK walked into the hall.

NK looked at Aisha and then at Ayan. NK smiled and hugged him tight.

Ayan was taken aback but hugged him back.

“I’m NK” NK said slowly.

“Hello uncle” Ayan said smiling.

“Ah no uncle….I told Aisha too…makes me feel old. Call me NK!”

“Okay…NK” Ayan said smiling.

“Hello hi bye bye, is this your boyfriend?” mami asked walking into the hall.

“Namaste” Ayan folded his hands. Mami said, “I’m Manorama, eldest in the house!”

“Hello, I’m Anjali. I’m Ayush’s…”

“Bua” Ayush completed.

Ayan smiled and folded his hands.

“Chalo pooja karthe he” Payal called out and Ayan looked around, “Where is Akash sir?”

“He’ll come now. He has to make an important call” NK said. Ayan nodded and followed” Payal while Aisha stayed behind.

“Did you tell him anything?” NK whispered.

“No” she whispered, “And you? Ma and Akash uncle?”

“Nahi…I haven’t told anyone. I have to confirm” NK whispered and Aisha nodded.



“Where are you from Ayan?” NK asked as the whole family sat in the living room couch after the pooja and rakhi tying.


“Do you have any siblings?” Payal asked.

“Ha…choti behen. Amara” Ayan said.

“Then why didn’t you go home for rakshabandan?” Anjali asked surprised.

“Woh she is having her board exams and papa has banished me from entering the house” Ayan said smiling, “If I’m home then she would spend the whole day following me everywhere!”

Everyone chuckled and mami said, “Hello hi bye bye, but it’s rakshabandan. She has to tie you rakhi!”

“Rakhi isn’t important than her exams, right?” Ayan said smiling, “I just want her to perform well in exams. Papa and ma too”

“Ha that’s true” Payal said smiling.

“But still” Anjali said shaking her head, “Rakhi is important. A sister ties it to her brother and the brother promises her to take care of her for a lifetime. To be with her for every sadness. Rakhi is a symbol of love between brother and sister!”

Akash coughed and NK rolled his eyes. Payal looked at the ceiling. “Look who is talking” she muttered under her breath.

Ayan chuckled and said, “I don’t need a rakhi to know how much sister loves me! And promises…why should I even promise that I will take care of her? I will be there for her and she knows that!”

“Ayan, what does your parents do?” Payal asked changing the topic.

“Papa has a tailoring shop. He is a very good designer and people in our village get their clothes done from him. And we’ve converted a section of our house as a restaurant. So mamma looks after that” Ayan said.

Anjali chuckled and said, “You know that Aisha’s mother Lavanya is a fashion designer and her father Karan owns a financial company, right?”

Ayan looked at Aisha and then at Anjali. “Ha yes” he said slowly.

“Hello hi bye bye you think her parents would agree to marry off their daughter to a village boy?” Mami asked laughing.

“Exactly” Anjali said shaking her head, “Her father owns a financial company and yours….a tailor?”

“Stop it bua” Ayush whispered.

“What does your father do?” Akash asked sharply at Anjali.

Anjali gulped and said, “My matter is different”

“Why? Just because….” Payal began when Ayan cut her off, “It’s okay aunty…it’s fine…please stop”

“Anjali aunty” Aisha said calmly, “You don’t have to worry about me. I don’t know what decision my parents will take regarding Ayan but I’m sure that they won’t reject him because of his parents’ occupation. And plus what’s wrong in being a tailor? When a tailor sits in a well maintained cabin, under AC, in a huge building, you call him a fashion designer. That’s all!”

Akash chuckled and nodded, “Remember di, bhai started AR like that. He used to stitch clothes of his own before we hired employees!”

“Whatever” Anjali muttered and walked away. Mami followed her.

“I’m so sorry Ayan” Akash said with a fallen face, “I….I never thought she would…”

“It’s fine” Ayan said slowly.

Aisha looked at NK who was not taking his eyes off Ayan.

“Aisha you take him around. I’ll come now” Akash said and stood up when his phone rang.

Payal and Ayush too left for some work, leaving Aisha, Ayan and NK in the living room.

Aisha looked at NK who asked, “So Ayan, you’re from Shimla? I mean, your parents are also from Shimla?”

“Yeah, we’ve been at Shimla for a very long time. And yes they are also from Shimla” Ayan said.

“What are their names?” NK asked.

“My parents?”

NK nodded.

“It’s Ar…sorry my phone…” Ayan said and grabbed his ringing phone from his pocket. “It’s my sister. Excuse me” he stood up and walked away.

“So?” Aisha whispered.

“It’s him” NK whispered, “I’m sure. Are you sure that you have seen Nannav and Khushi ji in his family photo”

“Yes, damn sure. It’s them”

NK nodded and whispered smilingly, “Akash won the bet. It’s a boy!”

Aisha smiled faintly.

“But as far as you have told me, ASR is a powerful person. Born to be a boss. Why is he staying a low life?” Aisha whispered.

“Whatever he does, he makes sure that he reaches the peak of success” NK whispered, “But….I don’t know why he chose a low life. Have Ayan ever told you about any financial difficulties?”

“He is studying under educational loan. And he stays in PG because hostel fee is huge” Aisha said.

NK nodded and Ayan came back. “Ah so, my parents name is Arnav and Khushi”

“Oh” NK said calmly, while he was dancing inside, “So Sharma? Dad’s surname?”

“Nahi…dad’s surname is Raizada. I think Sharma is…ah I don’t know. I never asked”

“Raizada?” NK asked, “Even this a Raizada family!”

“Yeah I know. There are so many families with same name na? Actually there are three Ayan Sharmas in my class” Ayan said chuckling.

“So you dad’s and mom’s family doesn’t stay with you?”

“Dad’s family used to stay with us. Dadu and dadi. But they passed away few years ago” Ayan said smiling.

NK frowned but nodded smiling.




“Thank you inviting me” Ayan said smiling, “I had a great time”

Payal and Akash nodded smiling and Anjali rolled her eyes.

“I should take lea….” He couldn’t complete when a voice rang in the house, “SURPRISE!”

Everyone turned and Aisha squealed, “Mamma?” she ran and hugged Lavanya tight. “Aap yahan?” she cried.

“Well I thought to visit you. How are you dear?” Lavanya asked cupping her face. “Great” Aisha said smiling.

“Hey Lavanya” Payal said and hugged her. Akash too hugged her.

“NK? When did you…ah it’s rakshabandan” Lavanya said and hugged NK.

“Hello di, hello mami ji” Lavanya said and turned to Ayush. “Hey Ayush” “Hello aunty”

“Who is this? Your friend?” she asked looking at Ayan.

“Err…” Ayush stammered when mami said, “Hello hi bye bye, why don’t you ask your daughter who he is!”

Lavanya frowned and looked at Aisha who stood pale.

“Mamma…he is my friend” she said slowly.

“Why are you sweating for that?” Lavanya asked chuckling and turned to Ayan. “What’s your name?”

“Ayan” he said slowly.

“Friend?” Anjali scoffed, “Yeah right. The friend whom she introduced to us as her boyfriend. The friend with whom she stays out at night! Aisha, do you do this with all your friends? I wonder how many friends you have.”


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Chapter 6 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 119 times)

Chapter 6


“Friend?” Anjali scoffed, “Yeah right. The friend whom she introduced to us as her boyfriend. The friend with whom she stays out at night! Aisha, do you do this with all your friends? I wonder how many friends you have.”

“Stop it” Ayan shouted, “Aap kuch bhi bolti ja rahi ho!”

“Lavanya” Mami said, “you better control your daughter. She walks into the house at 3 am in the morning after partying with this boy!”

“Ha and on top of that….” Anjali began when Lavanya said calmly, “Enough”

Everyone looked at her. Lavanya took a deep breath and said sternly, “You cannot call my daughter characterless…and that too in front of me? Not happening”

“Arrey nahi Lavanya” Anjali said hurriedly, “We didn’t say that!”

“But you meant that” Lavanya said sharply and looked at Aisha who was in tears. Then she looked at Ayan who stood not knowing what to do.

“Ayan right?” she asked and he nodded.

“I’ve taken a long flight to here and am very tired. We’ll meet you later!” she said and extended her palm. Ayan shook hands with her and Lavanya looked at Ayush, “Ayush walk him out”

Ayush nodded and Ayan followed him out.

Lavanya looked at Aisha and said, “We’ll talk later. Let me freshen up”

“You’re accepting them?” Anjali cried.

“That’s my decision to take, not yours” Lavanya said angrily, “And why are you getting hyper? What’s wrong if she has a boyfriend? Bacche he…it’s their age to fall in love. When I was of her age, your brother was my boyfriend. Remember?”

Anjali began to say something when Lavanya said, “She is my daughter. I know how to talk to her and what decisions to make regarding her. And on this matter, I will talk to her, not you. She doesn’t have to clear her stand before you di”

“Well she lives here!” Anjali said crossing her arms.

“That doesn’t make her your daughter” Lavanya said angrily, “Fine then,” she looked at Aisha, “Pack your bags. I’ll get you admitted to college hostel”

“La no” Payal cried.

“I’m sorry Payal” Lavanya said shaking her head, “I thought she would be happy here and won’t miss her family. But this…I cannot let my daughter stay at a place where people question her character”

“La please” Payal said in tears, “I promise you, nothing of this sort will happen again. But please don’t take her away. Please.”

Lavanya sighed and said, “I need to take rest. I’m having a splitting headache”





“I don’t know NK” Lavanya said sighing, “I’ve to talk to Karan as well. We don’t know anything about that boy. Just his name. Ayan Sharma”

NK smiled and said, “I know more about him”

Lavanya looked at him and NK asked, “Do you know who his parents are?”

She nodded no and NK took out his mobile showing her the pic Aisha forwarded him in whataspp.

“Oh my god” she whispered and snatched his mobile. Gazing at the phone she looked at him in tears. NK smiled and nodded.

“ASR and chamkili…” Lavanya whispered, “Ayan is their son?”

He nodded and said, “Ayan doesn’t know that this is his father’s family. They are in Shimla right from his childhood and he believes his family hails from there.”

“Did you meet them?” she asked.

“No. I came to know this yesterday. I haven’t told Akash and Payal bhabhi. But how will we meet them? We don’t know where they are in Shimla and we cannot go and ask the boy where his parents live. I mean what will we answer him?” NK said.

“So what are you planning to do?”

“I will bring them here. In this house” NK said determined, “I’m not leaving without meeting nannav and Khushi ji” he looked at Lavanya and said, “And for that, I need your help”

Lavanya looked at him and asked, “What help?”

“You see your daughter is in relationship with their son. Ask Ayan to bring his parents to Delhi so that you can meet them” he said.

Lavanya thought for a second and nodded, “I’ll do that”

NK smiled and said, “Thanks”

Lavanya smiled and said, “A part of my tension is cleared” NK looked at her and she said, “Ayan is their son. ASR and chamkili…I can always trust my daughter with them. And Ayan…I just need to know more about the boy and then I’ll be perfectly okay with this relationship”

 “Destiny right?” NK said smiling, “Out of all boys in her college Aisha fell in love with our nannav’s and Khushi ji’s son!”

Lavanya chuckled and nodded.

Payal walked to them with a tray of kheer and both of them ended their conversation.

“Why are you sad?” Lavanya asked, “Listen Payal, I’m not taking Aisha anywhere. Don’t be sad”

“Nahi it’s…” Payal said sitting next to them, “Seeing Ayan, I don’t know why, but he reminded a lot of Arnav ji and Khushi”

Lavanya looked at NK.

“He looks a lot like Arnav ji. And his smile is exactly like Khushi!” Payal said sadly, “God I’m thinking too much about them that I see them in every person I meet!”

Don’t worry Payal bhabhi, NK said to himself, soon you’re gonna meet them. I promise you that.




“Everything became alright na?” Khushi asked smiling and leaned on Arnav’s shoulder. Arnav wrapped his arm around her shoulder and hummed.

“Di has come out of her shell” NK said smiling.

“She treats me like a queen” Khushi said giggling, “Takes care of me and my baby”

Arnav cleared his throat and said, “Our baby”

“Ha wahi” Khushi said chuckling.

Payal nodded and said, “Di is so happy now. Dekho na, just the mention of a child brought happiness in this house. Now imagine how Shantivan will be when he or she comes.”

“I’m so excited” Akash said happily, “I’m gonna be a chachu”

“And I’ll make sure that the baby calls you Akki” NK said smirking.

“What?” Akash said his eyes widening.

“Akki” everyone giggled.

“No way. NK NOOOO” Akash cried.

“I don’t know about Akash but I’m not gonna let my child call you NK” Arnav said smirking, “My baby will take revenge on you for calling me nannav”

NK sat mortified and Akash laughed at his face.

“Bhai, we should make the baby call him nandkis****” Akash said.

“Nahi nandu chachu” Payal said.

“Nanhe chachu” Khushi said.

“STOP IT” NK shouted, “Your child better call me NK”

“NO WAY” everyone shouted.

“Arrey why are you shouting?” Anjali asked coming to the living room, “Don’t you know that it’s harmful for the baby. Khushi ji come here”

“Sorry” everyone said slowly. Anjali helped Khushi stand up and said, “Khushi ji you have to take care of yourself. You have a life growing inside you! Arrey you still act like a kid”

Khushi pouted and said, “Sorry di”

“She is a kid” Arnav commented and Khushi glared at him.

“Chalo, let me take you upstairs. Do you need something? Juice or anything?”

“Nahi di, I’m fine” Khushi said and Anjali held her shoulders helping her to walk.

Akash took a deep breath and looked to the dining room where Anjali was hovering around Ayush to eat.

“Bas bua, I’m full” Ayush whined.

“Arrey aise kaise…have one more paratha” she said.

“Nahi….” Ayush said.

“Come I’ll feed you”

“Nahi nahi, I’ll eat myself” Ayush said and tore the paratha.

Anjali smiled and caressed his hair.

Akash shook his head and looked away. You really need counseling di. Your obsession to be a mother made us lose bhai and Khushi. He said to himself.


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Chapter 7 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 153 times)

Chapter 7


“Uffo di” Akash said shaking his head, “Relax. Bhai is with Khushi na”

“But Akash…” Anjali said worriedly.

“Di, concentrate on the movie” NK whispered his eyes fixed on the action movie playing on the screen.

Akash, Payal, NK and Anjali had gone out for a movie. Khushi who was in her 8 and half month of pregnancy was ordered to take rest and Arnav stayed by her side.

“I’m so worried” Anjali whispered.

“Nothing will happen to Khushi” Payal said.

“Not about her. About the baby” Anjali said shaking her head.

Payal looked at her and hummed.

“I hope the baby is fine” Anjali muttered, “Khushi ji doesn’t know how to take care. She never takes rest and….”

“Di, Khushi is a mother. She loves and takes care of her child more than anyone” Payal whispered, “We don’t have to worry about it”

Anjali was about to say something when Payal’s phone rang.

Arnav ji calling.

“Ha Arnav ji” Payal said, “What? Oh okay…okay relax….we’re coming. I have packed her bag and kept it under your bed. Take it and take her to city hospital. I’ll inform the doctor.”

Everyone looked at her. “Khushi ji started to have pain?” Anjali gasped.

“Arnav ji…Arnav ji relax” Payal said standing up. She looked at others and said, “Let’s go”

“Arnav ji relax….take care of her…don’t worry. It’s gonna be alright. We’re here na…” she said and everyone rushed to the car.

“Akash drive fast. Arnav ji is so worried. It seems like he’s having the labour pain not Khushi” Payal said shaking her head.




“Congratulations. Baby and mother are perfectly fine. The nurse have taken the baby to take weight” doctor said and walked away.

“Arrey…doctor….doctor saab….” Everyone called out but he walked away to another operation room.

“He seems busy” NK said chuckling.

“Idiot. He didn’t tell the gender” Arnav cried.

“Ha yaar” Akash face palmed.

“Chalo we’ll wait for the nurse” Payal said shaking her head.

“What the” Arnav muttered irritated, “My baby is born. Nurse took the baby for taking weight and I don’t even know whether it’s a boy or girl!”

“You waited 8 months right? Now wait for just 8 minutes” NK said patting his shoulder.

“Chotte” Anjali called out and Arnav looked at her smiling.

He hugged her and said, “Di, I’m a father now!” he withdrew the hug and smiled through tears, “I have a baby…”

Anjali looked down and nodded.

“Kya hua di?” he asked.


“Di you want to ask me something?” Arnav asked frowning. Everyone looked at them and Anjali nodded.

“Ask me na”

“Whatever I ask, will you give me?” Anjali asked cupping his face.

“Is that even a question? Aap poocho” Arnav asked smiling, “You want to name my baby na? Of course you can!”



“Can you give me your baby?” Anjali asked smiling.

 And that’s where the hell and heaven broke loose.


NK sat up on his chair and rubbed his face with his palm. No matter how much years pass by, he can never forget his brother’s face when his sister asked him that question.

Can you give me your baby?

How easily did she ask that question! A whole family waiting eagerly for the baby’s arrival, Arnav and Khushi’s happiness that tripled by her pregnancy, how they cared and loved their unborn child…she didn’t even think about anything. With no tinge of regret or shame, with a smiling face, she asked it on his face.

NK gulped down a glass of water.

Only he knows how much he, Akash and Payal suffered without them. After revealing Shyam’s truth, they five had become so close. So close that every day they used to spend time together. That masti, those heart-to-heart talks, the late night drives….everything was gone.

They were gone. Without even telling them. Without even revealing whether they had a son or a daughter.

Well now he knows.

It’s a son.

Actually it’s a son and a daughter! NK smiled.

“Akash, we both won the bet” he whispered.

He did feel guilty for hiding it from Akash and Payal but that was needed. If he tell them then Payal would demand to see Khushi right away. That would mean revealing everything to Ayan.

‘If Nannav chose to hid his life from his children, then it’s not our place to reveal it. Nannav should do it himself’ NK said to himself.

He took out his mobile and started gazing at the pic Aisha sent him. From the moment she sent him, he couldn’t take his eyes off it.

There was his nannav standing next to Khushi ji. Nannav’s one arm hugging a beautiful young girl by her shoulder and other arm around Khushi’s shoulder and Khushi ji leaning her head to meet her son’s who was hugging her sideways.

“Your little world” NK whispered, “I’m happy that you’re happy”

His eyes fell on the girl and said, “Amara…matlab beloved…” he smiled and said, “The princess of the family”

“NK” Lavanya said entering the room.

NK looked at her and Lavanya sat before him.

“I met him. Ayan” La said.


“Gosh that boy was so nervous” Lavanya chuckled, “Even Aisha was. I was enjoying seeing their faces. I literally acted like those wicked mother-in-laws in saas-bahu serials and Ayan’s face was worth watching. He was like…oh **** where have I landed myself!”

NK chuckled and Lavanya said, “Ek baat tho hai…that facial reactions. Exactly like ASR. You know that clueless face of ASR whenever Khushi used to do her nautanki before him? The same face!”

“Did you tell him?”

“Yeah I asked him to make me meet his parents. Bring them to Marriot restaurant before I leave, that’s in two days!” Lavanya said.

“Marriot? But why not here?” NK frowned.

“Oh duffer, you think they’ll come here?” Lavanya asked smacking his arm.

NK nodded and said, “Ha you’re right”

“I can’t wait!” Lavanya squealed, “Ayan said he’ll call me tonight after he informs his parents. I think he is nervous about it. Telling his parents!”

“Nannav and Khushi ji aren’t the types who would disagree to their son’s relationship” NK said.

“I don’t know about ASR but Khushi would surely never disagree. She would be jumping around for getting a bahu!”

NK laughed and said, “Did you talk to Karan?”

“Yeah, he was like okay. He said, know more about Ayan. His family is okay for him but you know ladka bhi tho acha honi chahiye” Lavanya said, “But I loved the boy. Gosh I enjoyed it today. You should’ve been there. It was hilarious. I asked him “Why do you love my daughter?” in such a sharp and steel voice that both Ayan and Aisha got pale. He was sweating and said, “woh…I…like her…I love her…” oh my god! At beginning he was really nervous but later he melted and started talking from his heart. I am so impressed!”

Suddenly La’s phone rang and she took it, “Ha Ayan tell me”

NK sat up hearing Ayan’s name.

“Oh is it? Thank you, yeah I’ll be there. Okay…I’ll make reservation at the restaurant. Call me when you reach!” she kept the phone and NK looked at her eagerly.

“Tomorrow! Evening! 4.30 pm” Lavanya whispered excitedly.

“YES!” NK cried punching his hand in air.

“What about Akash and Payal?” NK asked.

“We should take them too” La said, “Me, you, Aisha, Akash and Payal”

“Call at Marriot and make a reservation. A secluded corner” NK said and La nodded.

“Wait” NK said, “Make the reservation in your husband’s name. Karan Shrivastav” La nodded and took out her phone.

NK looked at the clock that read the time as 11.35 pm.

“18 hours to go! I wish time flew” NK whispered and leaned back on his chair.




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Chapter 8 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 128 times)

Chapter 8



“Have you gone mad di?” Arnav shouted, “You want me to give you my child?”

“Chotte” Anjali said in tears, “I want my baccha chotte. I cannot live without…”

“It’s not your baccha…it’s my child” Arnav cried, “Mine and Khushi’s child. Have you lost it di?”

“You promised to give me anything that I ask”

“My child is not a thing” Arnav shouted, “It’s not a toy that I can give you to make you feel better. What made you think that I would do this for you? I never expected this from you di”

“I’m your di. Can’t you do such a small thing for me?” she cried.

“Small thing?” Arnav cried, “Is this a small thing? You’re asking me to give you MY LIFE! My family! Di, it’s my baby you’re asking for. Mine and Khushi’s symbol of love. You think you can take that away from me?”

“What’s happening here?” Nani and mami asked as they walked to them, “Chotte how is Khushi bitiya?”

“She is fine and the baby is also fine. But nani, let’s fix the issue that’s here” Arnav said angrily.

“What issue?”

“Ask your beloved Anjali bitiya” Arnav said and looked away.

“What wrong did I ask?” Anjali asked angrily. She turned to nani and mami and said, “Nani, mami, I lost my rajkumari because of Khushi ji. So I asked chotte to give me their child. What wrong did I do?”

“Woah woah stop there” Arnav cried, “What do you mean by you lost your rajkumari because of Khushi? What did Khushi do?”

“Di, you lost your princess because of your husband, not because of Khushi ji” NK said angrily.

“If Khushi ji hadn’t come into our lives then Shyam ji wouldn’t have betrayed me. He would have still loved me. We would have been a happy family. My rajkumari would have been alive!” Anjali cried.

“Anjali bitiya have you gone mad?” Nani cried in disbelief.

“She is right sasumma” mami said shaking her head, “Anjali bitiya is saying the truth. If the Gupta sisters hadn’t come into our lives then our family would’ve been happier. Woh phatti sadi destroyed Anjali bitiya’s happiness. So she should give her child to Anjali bitiya”

“Mami aap bhi” Arnav whispered.

“Manorama” Nani shouted, “You’ve gone mad. And Anjali bitiya, this topic must end NOW!”

“Nahi” Anjali cried, “Woh baccha….Khushi ji won’t keep the child safe. She doesn’t know how to care and love a baby. Only I know. During her pregnancy I was the one who took care of the baby. The baby loves me not her!”

“So this was why you were taking care of her” Arnav said shaking his head angrily, “Not because you care for her, but because you wanted the child”

“And what did you say, only you know how to take care of a child?” Payal scoffed, “Says the woman who wanted to abort her child. Remember? Arnav ji had to rush in to stop you!”

“You khoon bhari tang shut up” mami shouted.

“No, today I won’t” Payal said angrily, “And you better call me Payal hereafter. I’m not your doormat. And you” she turned to Anjali, “Don’t even think about coming closer to my sister or her baby. I’ll skin you alive!”

“I want that child! It’s my baby! My rajkumari!” Anjali cried.

“Fine then” Arnav said crossing his arms, “You’re saying it for so long. My baby! My child! Tell me whether it’s a boy or girl”

Anjali looked at him and Arnav said scoffing, “We don’t even know the gender of the child. You lost your rajkumari? My baby could be a boy. Ab kya rajkumar chahiye?”

“It’s my child chotte” Anjali said in tears, “During pregnancy I felt the kick, the movements…”

“You felt it by placing a hand on my wife’s stomach” Arnav cried.

“I can feel my baby” Anjali cried.

“What’s happening here?” A nurse came and said angrily, “It’s labor ward. Keep quiet”

“Sorry” they apologized and the nurse walked away.

Arnav rubbed his face and looked at nani. “Nani you all go home. Akash, take them home. I’ll come with Khushi and the baby”

“Nahi I’ll stay here” Anjali said stubbornly, “I want to be the one taking my baby home”

“NK” Arnav called out and said, “Take her home”

“Nahi leave me” Anjali cried as NK and Akash dragged her out of the hospital with nani and mami following them.

“You too go” he said to Payal.

“Nahi, I’ll be here” Payal said shaking her head.

“Jao Payal” he said.

“Woh Khushi might need me na and….”

“Payal please….go” he said looking down.

“What happened Arnav ji?” Payal asked worriedly, “Listen don’t think over di’s words. We won’t let her do that to you and Khushi. This baby is yours and no one can snatch him or her from you both”

Arnav nodded and Payal walked away patting his back.


She turned and he said, “Thank you for everything”

She frowned and he said, “Tell this to Akash and NK too. And nani too. That I love you all!”

“Why are you saying me this?”

Arnav shrugged and turned away. Payal frowned and walked away to the car.

Everyone returned home and waited for Arnav and Khushi to return home with the baby. Decorating the whole house and arshi’s room, they sat in the living room waiting for their arrival.

But they never came.



Raizada Mansion, New Delhi

1.30 pm


“What should I wear Ayan?” Aisha asked over the phone looking at the heaps of dresses on the bed.


“Very funny” she muttered, “You’re in a safe zone now. Mamma liked you. Now it’s my turn to impress your parents. How will I do that? What should I say them?”

“Just answer honestly to everything they ask” Ayan said, “And wear anything. Your usual clothes!”

“Nahi nahi nahi, if your parents see me in frocks or gowns then…no I’ll wear churidar!”

“Aisha” Ayan said sternly, “Be yourself. Wear what you usually wear! I love you the way you are. You don’t have to someone else just to impress my parents”

“Aww love you” Aisha cooed.


“Okay? Say it back”

“Mood nahi he”

“What? Ayan tu bhi na” Aisha cried and Ayan laughed, “Listen let me hang up. I’ve reached the hotel where papa and mama are”

“Ha okay…wait…is Amara here?” Aisha asked.

“Ha and she is very excited to meet you. Acha chal rakthe he…bye”

“Bye and you still didn’t say it back” she shouted.

“Love you tooooooo” Ayan sang and hung up.

“Duffer” Aisha whispered smiling.

“Wear this” Payal said walking in with a pale pink ankle length gown.

Aisha looked at her gaping and Payal said smiling, “I got it for you. Did you like it?”

“It’s amazing. But ma, kya aap bhi…it wasn’t needed…”

“Chup. It’s an important day” Payal said smiling, “Wear this!” Lavanya walked in and said, “Arrey wah, great selection Payal”

Payal nodded smiling and then said, “Waise Lavanya what is the need of all us going? I mean just you and Aisha are enough na. It’s your family matter!”

“Arrey you guys are also family” Lavanya said.

“But still…me Akash and NK…it would be so crowded and Ayan’s parents won’t like it”

“Of course they will like it. They have to like it. Ma I need your approval as well regarding Ayan and his family” Aisha said, “You better come”

“Exactly. I cannot deal with this alone. I need you guys” Lavanya said, “Karan bhi yaha nahi he…he specifically asked me to take you guys!”

Payal sighed and nodded, “Okay then!”

“4.30 pm! Just few more hours to go” Lavanya whispered to herself.



Dec 27

Chapter 9 . (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 151 times)

Chapter 9


Marriot Restaurant, New Delhi

4.50 pm


“I’m so nervous” NK said.

“Why are you nervous?” Akash asked frowning.

“Ha Aisha has to be nervous na?” Payal said and looked at Aisha and Lavanya.

“No I meant…” NK stammered and gulped down a glass of water.

“What happened to you guys?” Payal asked looking at NK and Lavanya who kept on looking at the main door.

“Nahi it’s 4.50 and they aren’t still here” Aisha said looking at her watch.

“Who comes on right time? Other than us?” Akash groaned, “I cancelled a meeting to be here. They better come!”

“Don’t worry Akash. This meeting will be much better than your meeting at AR” Lavanya said smiling.

“Hey you guys are here?”

Everyone looked to their left and saw Ayush.

“Ayush? What are you doing here?” Payal asked frowning.

“I came with my friends. We’re about to leave” Ayush said pointing to a group of students, “Ah you guys are here to meet Ayan’s parents. Nice”

They nodded and Ayush said, “Waise dad, I’ll be late tonight. Party hai!”

“Don’t get drunk” Akash warned.

Ayush nodded and Payal said, “And call karthe rahna”

He nodded and NK said, “Enjoy”

Ayush chuckled and said, “Okay sure. Bye” he turned but froze on his tracks. “Chachu and maasi” he whispered, but audible to the people sitting on their chairs.

Everyone heard his whisper and turned their heads to the main door.

Ayan walked to them with a girl next to him looking at the huge restaurant with awe. “Sorry we’re late. Wo we got stuck in traffic” Ayan said apologetically.

But no one heard his apology. Their eyes were fixed on the two people who walked into the restaurant looking around the luxurious interiors.

“Papa…here” Ayan called out and they turned to him.

Amara ran to them and dragged them to Ayan, “Chalo na papa…mamma kya kar rahe ho….”

“Bhai” Akash whispered and looked at Payal who sat white as a paper. NK looked at both of them and then at his brother and bhabhi.

“Papa, mamma this is Aisha” Ayan said and Aisha stood up smiling.

“Papa” Ayan called out again patting his father’s arm.

Arnav and Khushi heard nothing. They were looking at the people sitting on the table, looking shocked at them.

“Papa” Ayan patted his arm and he jerked. “Aisha”

Aisha bend down to take his and Khushi’s blessings. Khushi kept her hand on her head. Aisha smiled at both of them and turned to Lavanya, “This is my mamma”

“Hello ASR” Lavanya said smiling and ran to hug Khushi, “Hello chamkili”

“You guys know each other?” Ayan asked surprised.

“Ha” Lavanya said smiling, “Aisha,” she turned to her daughter, “Why don’t you take Ayan and Amara to another table. You guys talk!”

“Main bhi” Ayush said and Aisha looked at him, “So party?”

“Not important” Ayush whispered looking at Arnav and Khushi who stood still as poles not knowing how to react.

Ayan looked to and fro between the people frowning and Amara clutched his arm sensing something wrong.

“Ayan chalo” Aisha said pulling his arm. “Hello” she said to Amara, “I’m Aisha”

“I know” Amara said cheekily, “Bhabhi”

“Bhabhi! Not bad” Aisha said chuckling and the four walked to another table over a few distance.

Lavanya looked at Arnav and Khushi and said, “Sit”

Akash jumped from his chair and hugged Arnav tight. “Bhai…” he whispered not able to believe that his brother was right before him. A smiled formed on Arnav’s face and he wrapped his arm around his little brother.

“Jiji” Khushi whispered through tears seeing Payal who sat frozen in her sit. “Khushi tum….tum sach main yaha….” Payal whispered and Khushi bend down and hugged her tight.

NK cleared his throat and said, “Just for your information nannav and Khushi ji, even I’m here!”

Arnav and Khushi withdrew from the hugs and chuckled. “Come here you monkey” Arnav said chuckling and NK laughed. He hugged him tight and said, “Missed you so much nannav”

He hugged Khushi and said, “You’re grown fat!”

“What?” she cried.

“Fatty” NK said chuckling.

“Nanhe ji” Khushi cried and smacked his arm.

“Chalo let’s sit” Lavanya said and made Arnav and Khushi sit.

“Waise, you guys can say a thank you to me and Lavanya for our excellent plan to bring Nannav and Khushi ji here!” NK said lifting his collar.

“Plan?” Payal asked.

“Aisha saw your pictures in NK’s room” La said looking at Arshi, “And she told us that this is Ayan’s parents. So I asked Ayan to bring his parents here so that I can meet them and discuss about their relationship”

“So Aisha is your daughter?” Khushi asked and Lavanya nodded.

“And Aisha and Ayan….” Arnav said and Lavanya nodded and said chuckling, “We’re soon to be in-laws!”

Arnav said, “Wo ladka…what’s his name?”

“Ayush?” Akash asked.

“Ha…your son?” Khushi asked looking over to the table where Ayush and Ayan were laughing at Amara over something and Aisha cocooning the girl.

“Yes” Payal whispered. Khushi smiled faintly and looked at the kids.

“You have changed a lot” NK said slowly.

“Ha” Lavany said looking at Arnav’s pale blue shirt and black pants and Khushi’s grey sari with a black blouse, “So simple and…where’s the ASR who wore nothing except suits”

“I’m not ASR now Lavanya. I’m just Arnav” Arnav said smiling.

“Where were you guys for all these years?” Akash asked, with a tinge of anger, “We searched and searched but…not sign of you guys at all. Why didn’t you guys come back? I know di hurt you a lot but what about us? Didn’t you, even for a second, think about us? Just one word bhai and we all would’ve walked out of RM with you. But…”

Arnav looked down and Payal rubbed Akash’s arm, “Calm down”

“Arrey how can I calm down?” Akash shouted.

“Akash, please” NK whispered seeing people looking at them.


“Is anything wrong there?” Ayan asked worriedly looking over to the table, “Akash sir looks so angry. What did papa do?”

“Elders talk, we shouldn’t care” Ayush said and looked at Aisha.

Aisha took a forkful of pasta and forwarded it to Amara, “try this Ami”

Amara opened her mouth and tasted the pasta. “Hmm….this is so tasty!”

“You need more?” she asked and the girl nodded her head vigorously.

“Bhaiyya taste this” Amara called out to her brother who was looking at the elders worriedly. He looked at her and nodded smiling.

“What’s this?” Amara asked pointing to Ayan’s plate.

“Garlic bread and tuna bake” Ayan said and took the entire plate placing in front of her, “eat”

Amara smiled cheekily but pouted, “But I don’t…I haven’t eaten all this before”

Aisha tore the garlic bread and dipped it into the tuna bake. She scooped the tuna and forwarded it to Amara who ate from her hands.

“So yummy” Amara cooed, “Wow, all this food is amazing!”


“I know you’re angry with us, but I didn’t have an option Akash” Arnav said slowly, “How would you feel when someone wants to take Ayush away from you!”

Akash smiled and said, “I’m living 23 years of my life with that fear bhai. Right from the moment Ayush was born di wanted to take him away as her own child. Payal fought back, dadi too. But during his childhood he was highly influenced by di. He loved to spend time with her and even called her ma. He was 5 years old when I explained everything to him, literally everything, like how you guys left and how di wanted to take your baby everything…and that’s how Ayush stopped going to her and started spending time with his real mother.” Payal looked down and Akash said, “You could’ve fought her back bhai. You had us, the whole family but you left…”

“Jeeju” Khushi said slowly, “At that point, we didn’t know what to do. Even if Arnav ji hadn’t decided to leave, I would’ve left. Because when I came to know that she wanted my baby as her, I didn’t want to stay there for even a minute. I just wanted to run away with my baby. So that NO ONE can take him away from me!”

Akash took a deep breath and sighed. Payal asked slowly “Why didn’t you guys call us? Didn’t visit us? Not even once? Forgot us?”

“What the. How can we forget you all” Arnav said.

“Then why?”

“Because…” Arnav sighed and said, “I love the life we’re living now Payal. The low life, the peaceful one. The tension-free life. I love this and I don’t want to be back as the great ASR living in his great Raizada Mansion”

“Where are you living now?” Lavanya asked, “Ayan said Shimla, but where in Shimla? And how did you reach there? Tell us everything.”

Arnav looked at Khushi who nodded her head.




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