If This Is Love

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If This Is Love... Part 21 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 45 times)

All the boys had started shivering, they looked more than nervous, the confidence they had while they were harassing me disappeared in a matter of few seconds.

He turned to look at me, his eyes had turned red with anger, he was ready to beat the **** out of the boys, all I had to do was to give him the signal.

“What happened?” He asked as he looked at me seriously, it wasn’t the usual flirty look he gave me, it was look full of anger.

“I was in the class sited alone, they came inside and when I tried to leave, they started harassing me, one of them even wanted me to kiss him.” I said it all in one breath.

“Which one?” Arnav asked as I pointed towards the one who had forcefully pinned me on the wall, I wasn’t going to act like I cared, because guys like this dint deserve forgiveness, if they managed to forcefully keep me in the classroom one day they might even turn rapists, so they deserved punishment and I wasn’t going to stop Arnav from punishing them.

Arnav gave the guy a tight slap and then jumped on him suddenly as he started punching him while the others begged him to let him go, he stopped punching him and started beating the rest of them, all of them at least got a punch or two and a few slaps to teach them the lesson.

“If you like a girl, show her your feelings for her to like you back, don’t you ever dare to force any girl ever again, I wouldn’t care if it’s Khushi or someone else, next time I find any of you doing something like this, I swear that will be your last day on earth now buzz off!” he shouted at them as they all ran away and disappeared in a matter of few moments.

It wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be, and I was glad it wasn’t that terrible, they just needed a lesson, they got it.

“Thank you.” I said to Arnav who just nodded and then I walked away as I headed to the parking, it had been a long day, I just needed to go home and sleep.

Oh wait, who said I was going to get a goodnight sleep? There was a fight happening tonight which I had to stop, and I dint know how.

I unlocked my car and got inside and just then the door on the other side opened as Arnav hoped in, he settled down like it was his own car or maybe he was thinking I was running cab business and I was a cab driver.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Making sure you reach home safe, now drive!” he ordered.

“Do you have some sort of split personality or what Arnav? As far as I remember, earlier today you told me I’m nothing to you and all that rubbish and now you suddenly care for me.”

“Well if it would have been another girl in the same situation, I would have done the same, now drive!”

I shrugged as I switched on the engine and drove, we both sat silently in the car, neither did he say a word nor did I, maybe being strangers to each other was actually going to work out.

I parked the car outside my house, he walked out and so did I, he waited out there until I opened the door and entered inside the house, I peeped through the window and he had already disappeared. It was difficult to understand men seriously.


“Khushi! Stella’s here hurry up.” Mom shouted from downstairs.

Stella and I had decided to go watch the fight tonight together, plus try our best to stop the boys from fighting if that was possible, although I was a hundred percent sure it was impossible, but hey, what’s the harm in trying.

I rushed downstairs grabbing my sweater and I put it on, Stella was standing with mom talking about school.

“I’ll be home late, please don’t wait for me and sleep early.” I kissed mom on the cheek as I rushed outside followed by Stella.

“What’s the plan now?” Stella asked as we got inside the car.

“I don’t know, but if it gets worse I don’t mind calling the cops, it’s still better than anyone getting killed isn’t it?”

“Wow what a plan.” Stella said sarcastically as she started laughing at me.

“What’s so funny about the plan, I’m just trying to stop two people from killing each other.”

“Khushi, they are the bad boys I mean don’t you think they already have it all figured out? Calling the police isn’t going to help, they’ll escape and plan another fight, it’s not a big deal for them, so think of a way of ending this for once and for all.”

“How about I call Arnav’s brother and ask him to talk to them? Arnav listens to him, he does what he says.”

“Not going to work either, his brother also belongs to a gang, he would support him instead.”

“Then what am I supposed to do?” I asked angrily, I was tired of thinking, everything I thought of wasn’t going to work anyway and there was no way I was going to let Ryle get killed.

Stella said nothing, it looked like she was also thinking of a way to stop this, obviously there was something brewing between her and Ryle, she was not going to let her maybe would be boyfriend in future die before that.

The parking lot was full of cars, we were lucky to find a spot to park our car, neither Stella nor I was able to manage to think of a way to stop the fight tonight so we figured if it would get worse we were just going to tip the cops, if the fight wouldn’t stop at least it was going to be postponed and maybe then we’ll have enough time to figure out how to stop it for once and for all.

“Here to watch your friend die?” I heard Arnav’s voice, I turned around and saw him with the boys, they all were smirking proudly like they were doing something good.

I got hold of Stella’s hand and pulled her along ignoring Arnav and his gang, we headed inside where a huge crowd had gathered already waiting for the fight to begin.

Ryle was standing with some boys talking, he walked towards us as soon as he saw us.

“Is it a must to do this?” I asked him worriedly.

“I want to end this for once and for all Khushi, please don’t try to make me rethink my decision because it’s not going to happen.” Ryle said.

“Fine then go die!” I said angrily as I walked away from him, I was seriously pissed on him, fine Arnav meant nothing to me so it was understandable that he wouldn’t stop the fight for me, but Ryle was my friend, why wouldn’t he just listen to me?

I stood in a corner as he talked with Stella for a while and then he walked towards me once again, I looked away from him.

“Stop being angry Khushi.” He said.

“Oh I forgot I was supposed to be clapping happily when a friend of mine is committing suicide that too for some stupid reason, I mean fine Arnav was talking to Stella, so what? What’s the big deal?”

Ryle stared at me in confusion for a moment and then smiled and that smile was irritating the hell out of me!

“You never understood it did you? This fight has nothing to do with Stella Khushi, this is something else about the past, something terrible.” Ryle said as he looked lost in thoughts and just then Arnav and his gang walked in and everyone started cheering.

“I need to go, I know you are against it but I hope you’ll pray that I win this.” He said as he walked away leaving me in confusion, if it wasn’t about Stella, what was it about?

Stella walked towards me and stood next to me as we looked in front of us, Arnav and Ryle were standing in front of each other ready to kill each other and honestly right now I dint know what to do, I dint want Ryle to get hurt but I also dint want Arnav to get hurt either.

Arnav punched Ryle’s face and the crowd screamed while Ryle gave the next blow on Arnav’s face and the other half of the crowd screamed.

At first it was okay, they were just a few punches but then it started getting worse, they had started bleeding and all I could see was blood and nothing else, both Arnav and Ryle were terribly hurt, but one thing was for sure, Ryle wasn’t as weak as I was expecting him to be, I dint even think he was going to last this long.

Stella and I clutched each other’s hands as the fight kept on getting worse, they were literally kicking each other, banging heads and what not, I had never ever seen something like this in real life, it was torturing my mind and where Stella was standing strong and still, I was already feeling weak seeing all that blood.

Tears started rolling down my eyes, the sight was too painful, there were two schoolboys fighting to kill each other and instead of people stopping them, they were cheering them, what kind of people were they?

I knew it was getting worse and I kept on feeling terrible that even though I had planned on calling the cops, the idea somehow just slipped off my mind and I was there like a lifeless statue, not being able to do a thing.

Ryle got punched twice more and he fell down on his knees so did I, he was terribly hurt I knew it was only a few moments until I’d lose him, and I dint think I was going to be able to stop it, I was going to watch a human being die in front of me and I was so damn weak that I couldn’t even stop it.

Arnav kicked him once as he fell down on the floor, he jumped on him and punched him severally and all I could do is watch as tears rolled down my eyes.

Arnav stood up once again preparing to jump on him and give him the last blow that was definitely going to kill him and all I could do at the moment was wonder how did I even think that he was a good person? If he was, he wouldn’t be here ready to kill someone.

I saw him jump and I was so terrified, I don’t even know how but I let out a loud scream as I completely broke down, I dint have the strength to see someone die in front of my eyes, I dint care if people thought I was weak, there was no way I could watch this silently.

Arnav’s hand stopped just an inch away from Ryle’s face, he was looking at me with anger on his face, he stared at me for a moment and then looked back at Ryle, he prepared to punch him again and tried once more but his hand stopped right where it had last time, his eyes were looking at me painfully this time, he clenched his fists tight and inhaled a deep breath as he gave it a last try but it looked like something was stopping him, he stood up and walked away angrily leaving the whole crowd disappointed.

Stella rushed towards Ryle while I sat there, tears still running down my eyes, I was shocked to an extent where my whole body felt numb, the only thing that worked were my eyes shedding the tears.

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If This Is Love... Part 22 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 36 times)

I headed back to my car after taking a few minutes to recover from all that had happened a while back, Stella had called for an ambulance and she headed to the hospital with Ryle, I couldn’t leave my car here so I decided to drive myself to the hospital, I just hoped Ryle was going to heal.

I unlocked my car and I was just about to get inside when I heard some noise, it was like someone was arguing, I shut my door and looked a bit further towards the direction where it was coming from, I saw Arnav sited on the bonnet of the car, Aaron was sited next to him and Rohan and Ree were standing opposite him looking at him like they were going to murder him.

“You know we don’t do that Arnav, we don’t let anyone get out alive!” I heard Ree say.

“I tried, it’s not my fault that it dint work!” Arnav shouted more looking angrier than ever, he even scared me for a moment.

“It’s all because of her isn’t it?” Rohan asked as he stared at Arnav who was looking everywhere else but not at him.

“Answer me damn it!” Rohan said as he punched the car angrily and I flinched, seriously he dint even feel hurt because he acted so normal about it.

“Yes it’s because of her so what? I don’t know what happened to me but it was like those tears in her eyes made me weak, I just couldn’t do it and I don’t want to talk about it anymore just let me be!” Arnav said angrily.

“You know this isn’t going to last don’t you? It will ruin everything like before damn it!” Ree said as he turned away from him.

“Let it be guys, we can discuss this later, it wasn’t like he forced himself for this now is it?” Aaron asked as he looked at both the guys who yet looked pretty pissed on Arnav.

Aaron jumped down from the bonnet and looked at Ree and Rohan who were yet angry, they shrugged and headed to their car and drove off in seconds.

“Come I’ll drop you home.” Aaron said to Arnav who dint even react, he was just sited there lost in his own world.

“Arnav!” Aaron shook him, he looked at him and said something but by that time my concentration was diverted to my phone that was vibrating in my pocket, I pulled it out of the pocket and looked at the screen, Stella was calling me.

I turned around and rushed back to my car, I had to head to the hospital. I got inside my car and drove off but everything I had seen a while back kept on repeating itself in my mind.

Things weren’t as casual as I had taken them to be in the beginning, this place wasn’t like where I used to be, there were bad boys here who were none less that some gangsters I usually used to watch in movies, there were secrets so deep I never thought I’d be able to figure out, this place was totally messed up and somewhere I was stuck in between this mess and unknowingly I had become a reason for this mess, how messed up was that now?


I rushed inside the hospital, found out about Ryle and headed where he had been admitted, I found Stella sited outside a room on a bench, she looked sad plus she was crying and I felt terrible for her.

“Hey, what did the doctors say?” I asked as I rushed towards her, she looked at me and then stoop up as she pulled me into a hug and completely broke down.

“Don’t worry Stella, he’s going to be fine, I’m sure he will be.” I tried to console her even though at the moment I was also worried about him.

“The doctor has been inside since we arrived, I don’t know if he’s going to be okay or not, I don’t even know why I am so worried.” She said as she broke the hug and looked at me.

“He will be okay don’t worry” I assured her.

“I’m not going to spare Arnav, how dare he? I’ll go and talk to him right away, he has to stay away from Ryle or…”

“Calm down Stella, it’s okay! We’ll deal with Arnav later, right now Ryle is important so please stay here, just be calm please.” I tried to hold her but she was so angry I couldn’t stop her, she pushed me away and rushed outside and I had no option but to follow her.

I reached to the parking lot and looked around trying to find her when I spotted her in a corner, she was standing with Arnav there as both of them were arguing about something, I walked a bit closer, today I felt like I was some sort of a private investigator, following people and listening to talks I wasn’t supposed to.

I saw Stella pushing him angrily and slapping his arms and chest while he stood the still, and here I was thinking that Arnav was going to hurt her or just push her away but he dint do anything of such sort and just tried to calm her down and when she did, they both walked inside a car and talked and I stood here like a confused element having no idea what was happening.

Why was Arnav even here, he wanted to kill Ryle and he tried to now was he trying to show he cared by coming here or something? Seriously how was I ever going to understand this guy?

I headed back to Ryle’s room and settled down on the bench yet waiting for the doctor to finish checking on him and inform us about him.

A few minutes later, he walked out and then looked at me.

“You don’t have to worry, he’s out of danger currently but make him understand if he gets into such kinds of fights he would soon be dead, I don’t know what’s wrong with kids nowadays.” The doctor shrugged and walked away as I rushed inside Ryle’s room.

I sat next to his bed as he was asleep, I kept on staring at him wondering what was it that had him and Arnav wanting to kill each other.

I swear if I wasn’t going to get any answers, my head was going to bust up making different kind of scenarios to answer the questions I had.


“Khushi!” I heard some shout my name, I blinked my eyes open and looked at Stella who was standing in front of me.

“What happened? Is Ryle okay?” I jumped out of my seat and looked around, he was sited on the bed looking at me and smiling.

“I dint know you were that worried for me, I’m impressed.” Ryle giggled.

“When did you wake up? And when did you come back? When did I even fall asleep?” I asked as I looked at both Ryle and Stella.

“Calm down, you were asleep by the time I came back, Ryle woke up pretty early in the morning, the doctor already checked up on him and said he would be discharged by evening and now you need to get going home because your mom has been worried for you, she’s been calling you where’s your phone by the way? She called me I told her you were sleeping at my place.” Stella said it all in one breath.

“****, mom would be so worried, I’ll rush right away, see you at school and Ryle, I’ll deal with you later.” I looked at him angrily and rushed out of the room, I had left my phone in my car last night and then I fell asleep here, I had a lot of explanations to do.

And Ryle had a lot of explanations to do to me, I needed answers to all my questions and I knew I wasn’t going to get them from Arnav so maybe Ryle could do the honors.

I stepped out of the room and headed downstairs where I had parked my tiny beetle, I got inside and drove home directly wondering what I was going to say to mom, I was sure she was more than worried because last night before we left I had told her I would be back home.

I parked my car in my usual spot and walked out nervously, I shuffled through my stuff and finally found the keys, I unlocked the door and walked inside hoping and praying all was going to be okay.

I found mom sited in the hall but she wasn’t alone, Krystle was sited opposite her as they were busy engrossed in a conversation.

“Krystle?” I looked at her in surprise, she was dressed just like the fashionista she was when I met her the first time, she looked like she belonged to a Royal family, although the Raizada’s weren’t royal, they were still rich.

“Khushi!” she stood up as she looked at me with a huge smile on her face, she ran towards me and hugged me while mom just stared at the both of us.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you here, I hope you dint wait too long.”

“Not really I just came a while back, I thought I’d take you home with me because my dear brother and your lovely boyfriend has been throwing some major tantrums since last night and we thought only you might help, did you guys fight or something?” Krystle asked.

“What, no! We dint fight or anything, he must have had his own issues.” I shrugged, honestly right now I had a lot going on in my mind and now all this was just pissing me off terribly.

“Khushi, what kind of a girlfriend are you? I mean Arnav has some issues and you don’t even know and you’re acting like you don’t bother about it.” mom said.

“It’s not that mom, I just don’t know what’s wrong with him.” I tried to act normal when in real I wanted to go and punch him on the face.

“And that’s why I am here, to take you home, he’s been locked in his room since last night, he doesn’t want to come out or talk to anyone, at times he’s such a baby I tell you.” Krystle giggled, seriously it was difficult to believe that a bad boy like Arnav could even behave that way.

“But how would I help in that?” I asked.

“It’s obvious, because you’re his girlfriend, I know he will listen to you, remember that day you came home, the way he was looking at you just said how much he loved you, I am one hundred percent sure he will listen to you, now come on lets go.” Krystle got hold of my hand and started pulling me along, I turned to look at mom who was very okay with this and here I thought that maybe she was going to stop Krystle from taking me to the Raizada mansion.

I tried to think of all the excuses possible to avoid going there, for once I even wanted to shouted that I wasn’t his girlfriend but I knew it wasn’t the right time to do so because right now I couldn’t even explain the whole fake girlfriend and boyfriend scenario, here I was thinking that it all was over.

“You know I need to go to school Krystle, I have an important class to attend.” I said trying to escape.

“No class is more important than your boyfriend my love.” Krystle said as she continued pulling me along, we both got inside her car as we headed to the Raizada mansion.

“How did you know where I live by the way?” I asked as I looked at her curiously.

“I am a Raizada darling, you should have known this things are so easy for us.” She smirked proudly.

Well yeah, if the Raizada boys could get away after killing someone why wouldn’t the Raizada girls find someone’s address? Like all this was so normal for them all, how did they even do it?

Krystle parked the car outside the mansion and I started feeling nervous suddenly, I dint want to go inside moreover I dint want to meet Arnav or even come face to face with him.

Honestly I had never thought of so much excuses to avoid meeting someone as much as I was thinking of today, I just dint want to face Arnav after last night, I don’t know why but I felt like it was going to be awkward.

“Come on now.” Krystle called out as she rushed inside and unwillingly I had to follow her.

“Khushi, you’re here!” Arnav’s mom looked at me excitedly as she rushed to hug me happily.

“Yeah, no one can say no to Krystle.” I smiled at her.

“Mom! Let her finish with what I’ve brought her here for then you can talk to her for the rest of your life I don’t mind, now Khushi, let’s go upstairs.” Krystle said as she pulled me upstairs making me more and more nervous as we got closer to Arnav’s room.

She knocked at the door and then looked at me waiting for me to say something so that he could open the door.

I knocked at the door nervously while Krystle kept on staring at me, I felt like I was being forced to do something I dint want to with a gun held to my head.

“Arnav.” I called him out, I was literally shaking, I dint even know why I was feeling this way.

We heard the sound of the door being unlocked and Krystle looked at me with a smirk and then she winked at me and walked away just when Arnav opened the door, he looked at me and I looked back at him and this was the most awkward moment of my life, I dint even know why I was here or what I was supposed to do next.

We stood there face to face staring at each other having nothing to say, neither did he speak a word nor did I.

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If This Is Love... Part 23 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 47 times)

“Why are you here?” He looked at me angrily and then turned around and headed back inside his room as if I had come here willingly, hell no!

“What’s with the grumpiness? For your kind information, I dint come here on my own, Krystle came at my place and dragged me here because apparently her bad boy brother was throwing tantrums like a baby.” I followed him inside, he turned to look at me angrily as if he would punch me right away and for a moment I was scared, I was scared since the moment I witnessed the fight between him in Ryle.

“You weren’t opening the door, and she was so sure you wouldn’t listen to any of them but me, and it turned out to be true, so tell me why Arnav?” I looked at him curiously.

“What why?”

“Why weren’t you opening the door for them, why did you open it for me? I still remember what you had told me, I wasn’t that important that for me you wouldn’t kill Ryle, so why dint you kill him when you were so sure you would?” I folded my arms and looked at him seriously.

“Stop asking me stupid questions, you were the one who wanted us to be strangers dint you, so I’m doing that so stop showing me your face and leave!” He turned around angrily.

“I am not leaving this place without answers Arnav, what is it that has you and Ryle wanting to kill each other?” I shouted at him angrily.

“Do you really want to know Khushi? Do you want me to give you a reason to hate your so called friend?” Arnav asked as he looked at me.

“I don’t care what it makes me feel towards either of you, I just want to know.” I said, he looked at me for a moment and I stared back at him trying to maintain the seriousness on my face so that for once, he would at least take me seriously.

He turned away from me and walked out of his room but before he did that, I noticed his moist eyes and it made me wonder, what could it be that made the bad boy feel so hurt?

“You can’t ignore me like that Arnav” I said as I ran behind him, he stopped at the staircase and got hold of me as he pushed me towards the nearest wall and looked me into the eyes with his bloodshot eyes.

I was so scared that I was literally shivering at that moment, and I guess he noticed that because the next moment he moved behind letting me go as his eyes slowly turned back to normal, he looked defeated, he looked like he was holding himself back from crying.

We stood there for another few minutes staring at each other silently trying to understand the unsaid words, he walked back towards me slowly as he got hold of my hand and pulled me along with him, we headed downstairs where his mom and Krystle and Ashi were standing, they all looked at us in confusion.

“Arnav!” his mom called him out but he just ignored her and headed outside pulling me along, he unlocked one of the cars that was in the parking lot and threw the keys at me, I sat inside as he sat beside me and told me to drive.

I obeyed him as I continued following the direction he gave me, I kept on driving for over half an hour until we arrived at another mansion, we stopped at the gate, Arnav did something with the keys and the gate opened so I drove inside and finally parked the car.

“What place is this and why are we here?” I asked as I looked around, there was a beautiful garden outside with so many different kind of flowers.

“It’s our farmhouse, come on.” He said as he got some keys from the car and headed towards the door of the mansion, I stood behind him while he unlocked the door and then pushed it open.

The sight in front of me had left me in awe once again, although it wasn’t as huge as the mansion they lived it, it was still pretty huge and it had interiors in white and gold, it looked like some sort of a royal palace.

He stood at the door as he shut his eyes, it looked like he dint want to go inside but he was trying to convince himself, he looked at me and then got hold of my hand and pulled me inside, I could feel his hands trembling, it was like he was walking inside some sort of a haunted house.

“Arnav, Are you okay?” I looked at him nervously, he nodded without looking at me, he was looking around the house like he was coming here after a long time.

He headed upstairs and with every step we took, I felt his hand turning colder and colder, I was so confused, I dint even know why he had brought me here and why he was feeling this way about this place, what was the secret related to it?

We stopped in front of a room, Arnav shuffled through the keys he had once again as he looked for the one that could unlock this door, he tried a couple of them until her managed to find the one that unlocked the door.

He pushed the door opened as we both walked inside the room, I was left in awe as I looked around the room, it was a huge room but that’s not what left me in awe, the pictures that were all around the room did.

The whole room was covered with different photographs of a girl, she looked young, a bit younger than me and so pretty, if I was going to speak the truth, I felt like she was the prettiest girl I had ever come across.

Arnav walked towards one of the pictures as he placed a hand on it and looked at it as a tear dropped down from his eyes, and although it was a big deal for a bad boy to cry like this, I wasn’t surprised, since the time I met him and then got to know him a bit, I knew he had so many sides that he hid from the world.

He closed his eyes as he clenched his fists tight, he stood there in that position for a few moments but it seemed like forever because I knew he was battling with something inside his head and I felt so sad for him.

He walked towards the bed and sat down on it as he gestured to me to sit there, I walked towards him and settled down next to him as I stared at him.

“You must be wondering why I brought you here and what this place is or why you are sited in a room full of pictures of a girl you don’t know right?” he looked at me, his voice was so soft and soothing at the moment.

I nodded positively as I continued looking at me, he looked back at me and tried to smile but it dint touch his eyes.

“Her name was Jiya, we were friends since childhood.” Arnav said as he looked around the room once again, he pointed at a picture straight in front of me.

“You see that picture, it was the first picture I ever took of hers and then I came into my room and stuck it on the wall, I was a kid that time, I dint know why I was doing it but I did it because I liked seeing her.

Oh by the way, we used to live here before but then dad got the mansion we live in right now made and we shifted there and converted this to be our farmhouse, I used to come here a lot before, but for the past few years I haven’t.”

“Why?” I looked at him curiously.

“I am sure you’ll have many why’s to ask me today.” He giggled and I just kept on staring at him, I don’t know what to say or what to do.

“So Jiya and I grew up as friends and just like every cliché childhood friends story, we both ended up falling in love with each other, I was pretty young then, I think I was either thirteen or fourteen years old when I told her I loved her.” He smiled as he reminisced the memory in his mind.

“I couldn’t contain my happiness when she told me she felt the same towards me and you know the first thing I did was to rush home and tell my whole family about it, you’ve already met them, they are so supportive of everything and they were so happy about it.

You see all this pictures around the room, they were all taken by me, whenever we were together I made sure to take a picture of her and then I got it printed and stuck it in my room, I was that much in love with her.” he said as he continued staring at the pictures.

“Have you ever been in love Khushi?” he asked as he looked at me, I nodded negatively as I giggled, although I dint know much about his story yet but from what he told me, love sounded so beautiful and I really wanted to feel that way for someone, I just dint know when love was going to happen to me.

“You know love makes you do a lot of things and makes you a person you wouldn’t thought you’d be, I had never thought that I was capable of giving someone else so much importance, it was my room but there was not even one picture of mine, maybe I was even a little bit obsessed with her.” he giggled.

“But I loved her so much, she was the only girl I ever loved, truly and deeply.”

“What happened to her?” I looked at him curiously, and suddenly the expressions on his face changed.

“Remember that day I took you to the garage and showed you that car? She was inside that car when she left me.” Arnav said sadly.

“Was she the one driving it? or wait, was it Ryle?” Khushi asked as she looked at him with more and more curiosity.

“I was the one driving it, I thought you’d figure that out because I don’t drive anymore, anyway so we met with an accident and she lost her life but I survived.” Arnav said and maybe those were the last words he spoke because after that he dint say anything, he just sat the silently staring at the floor.

I felt bad for him, although maybe I couldn’t understand his pain but I understood how terrible it must have felt to lose her, being together in the car and then only him surviving, it must have felt like a punishment.

But then so many of my questions were still unanswered, I dint know what Ryle had to do with all this, he wasn’t related to the girl at all so maybe it wasn’t because of the girl, maybe there was something else that made them hate each other, but what? And I was standing in the same place I was last time, not knowing why they both wanted to kill each other, but yet having a bit more knowledge of Arnav’s past life.

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If This Is Love... Part 24 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 48 times)

He looked at me once again after what seemed like forever, he smiled a bit and then spoke to me.

“You still look confused.” He said

“I am, I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on in your mind.” I looked at him, he nodded as he looked at the photographs all over the room.

“You know when I lost her it felt so terrible, it’s difficult to explain what it felt like, I mean no one would understand unless they’ve lost someone, it was so sudden so shocking, I mean there we were spending time with each other happily who knew that the next moment she would be gone?

I sat in the hospital room for days wondering why life was so unpredictable, you know I had so many questions, like if we had to die one day why we even had this life. What was the purpose of it? What if I was saved today but maybe tomorrow I was going to die in another accident?

I felt scared, I lost her and it hurt me but I was also scared knowing that one day I was going to die just like she did, maybe that day could be tomorrow, and that thing scared the hell out of me Khushi.

Every time I think about death I wonder when I’m going to die, I fear doing anything, making commitments because who knows if I die tomorrow, I’ll leave someone else crying behind for me like Jiya did.

I still remember that moment very well, the day when our car met with an accident and even today it scares me, I feel like I might die, this moment, the next minute or maybe tomorrow and that way I haven’t been able to live my life at all.

I tried getting in the car and driving but my hands shook every time I touched the steering, all I could see was death in front of me. I can’t even explain how terrible that feeling is like.

I can’t sleep at night because I’m scared, what if I never woke up again? Or what if this is my last day? There are a lot of thoughts that I can’t explain and it’s just terrible, it had changed my entire life.” He said.

I kept on staring at him wondering how he managed to do so, having all this fears inside his head yet showing up strong and bold to the world.

“Why does Ryle hate you so much?” I asked him, he looked me for a moment and then looked at Jiya’s photographs once again.

“Because she was his sister.” He said leaving me shocked.

Firstly it was unbelievable because she had an Indian name and she also looked pretty much Indian, while Ryle wasn’t an Indian, so how were they even brother and sister?

“She was adopted.” Arnav said noticing the confusion on my face.

“But they loved each other more than anything else, Ryle always took her as his real sister and vice versa.” Arnav said.

I inhaled a deep breath trying to understand everything, all my questions were getting answered one by one, I almost knew everything now, apart from one thing, maybe Ryle hated Arnav because he was driving the car when they met with the accident and Jiya died, but why did Arnav hate Ryle?

Why was he so much up to killing the brother of the girl he loved?

“Did you hear that?” I heard Arnav ask as he stood up suddenly looking worried.

“Hear what?” I asked as I also stood up and looked around.

“That sound? It sounded like someone opened the door.” Arnav said worriedly.

“I dint hear anything, it might just be your imagination, anyway leave that tell me one thing, I understand why Ryle hates you but I don’t understand why you hate him.” I asked.

He looked at me and stared at me for a moment, he opened his mouth to speak when we heard the sound of something breaking once again.

“There’s something definitely wrong!” Arnav said as he rushed towards the door and peeped outside, he stood there for a moment and then came rushing inside, he got hold of my hand and pulled me along.

“We have to leave, right now!” he said in a serious tone.

“Why? Who is it downstairs? Why do you look so worried?”

“It’s not a good time for questions Khushi, just know this that we have to run away from here, I don’t want you to get hurt so come on hurry up.” He said.

“But where would we get out from?” I asked as I looked around the room.

“Open the window, there’s a pipe attached, just holding it and go down slowly, I’ll keep an eye here meanwhile, hurry up!” He panicked.

I nodded as I rushed towards the window and did as he said while he kept on peeping outside the door, as soon as I got hold of the pipe, he locked the door and followed me behind, we both landed on the ground slowly as he looked around for a moment making sure all was clear.

“Now we have to run to the car as fast as we can, as soon as you get into the car, switch it on and drive it fast, do you get me?” He asked seriously.

I nodded at what he said but I was also scared, he looked scared too and he was scaring me, making me wonder who he was so scared of.

“Go!” he pushed me as I ran towards the car as fast as my feeble legs could take me, I quickly got inside and switched the car on, he joined me in a moment and I sped off.

He turned to look behind and his eyes were stuck there for more than five minutes while I kept on driving not knowing where I was heading to, I just did what he told me.

He settled down and relaxed himself as he told me to turn left, I did as he said and kept on driving, I was stupid to think that all my questions were answered wasn’t I? Because now I had new ones in my mind!

How could I forget the time when I was followed and kidnapped? Although I dint know who had done it, I had a feeling that whoever followed us here was the same person who kidnapped me.

There was so much happening in Arnav’s life I wondered how I even became a part of it, when he peeped outside the door he looked so worried and he wasn’t worried for himself, he was worried for me, I could clearly see it on his face, why else would he let me run away first and stand by the door ready to face whoever it was?

I just dint understand yet, why was anyone after me? I had never done anything wrong to anyone.


I parked the car outside Raizada mansion, we both stepped out and leaned on it as we looked at the huge mansion in front of us.

“I am so sorry for risking your life, I dint know they would come there.” He said as he looked at me worriedly.

He cupped my face and looked me into the eyes, his eyes were red and moist, they clearly showed how terrible he was feeling at the moment.

“Arnav.” I said his name in a whisper.

He placed his finger on my lips and nodded negatively.

“Please don’t say anything love.” He looked at me intensely.

I looked back at him and I swear, we shared the longest eye lock in history, I kept on looking at him wondering what was going to happen next, was I going to get all the answers or not?

“You should come inside, it’s not safe to go home right now, just be here for some time then I’ll come to drop you myself.” He said.

I nodded positively, he smiled at me and started walking towards the mansion, he pulled out his phone, did something on it and then pinned it on his ears.

I rushed behind him in a hurry wondering what he was up to.

“I don’t care Ree, find out, I need answers!” he barked over the phone, and that’s all I could hear by the time I caught up with him, he disconnected the call and turned to look at me, I had stopped just behind him.

“Come on.” He got hold of my hand and pulled me along.

We both settled down on the couch in the hall, he sat beside me as he took in a few deep breaths and then turned to look at me.

“You okay love?” he asked as he cupped my face and looked at me keenly.

I nodded positively, he smiled at me but he dint take his hands off my face, only if he knew how he was making me feel, I was so nervous I dint even know why.

His eyes moved from my eyes slowly towards my lips, he stared at them for a moment and brushed his thumb on my lips making me shiver, I closed my eyes as he started moving closer to me, the intensity between us was almost unbearable.

My breaths became heavier suddenly and then the next moment, I felt his lips against mine, he slowly parted my lips with his and kissed me slowly, at the moment I felt so many feelings at once, the butterflies in my stomach, he happiness, the giddiness and then I also felt surprised that I had actually allowed him to kiss me!

We heard someone cough and the both of us quickly pulled apart and looked in front of us, Mrs. Raizada was standing there staring at the both of us, I mean what could get worse than this? Firstly me allowing Arnav to kiss me, secondly being caught by his mom, it was just terrible.

Arnav looked at me in shock and I couldn’t understand if he was shocked because his mom saw us or if he was shocked because he actually kissed me and I let him!

Feb 6

If This Is Love... Part 25 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 46 times)

Arnav and I kept on staring at each other awkwardly while his mom kept on staring at us seriously and it was scaring the hell out of me.

“I know it’s difficult to control your emotions but that’s why you have a bedroom Arnav, remember we have a kid in this house yet, what if Ashi had been here instead of me?” Manasi asked as her expressions changed from serious to normal and then she smiled.

“Seriously mom! You’re giving me the permission to take my girlfriend to my room?” Arnav asked in surprise.

“I meant for what you were doing here, you’re not allowed to do everything.” She giggled and just then Ashi joined us, the three if us looked at each other and then busted out laughing.

“Khushi, you came back? I’m so happy to see you.” She walked towards me holding her Barbie doll in her hand, she smiled at me brightly as I bent on my knees and hugged her.

“Yes I came to see you, I missed you so much!” I smiled as I pulled her cheeks.

“Liar, you came because Arnav wasn’t coming out of the room, nowadays he listens to you only, he doesn’t listen to me also, even when I’m such a cute baby doll.” She pouted.

“That’s so rude of him, we’ll both teach him a lesson okay?”

“Okay.” She smiled brightly as she rushed to her mom, I stood up and found Arnav staring at me, I looked away from him but he wouldn’t stop staring at me!

“Khushi are you staying for lunch?” Arnav’s mom asked, I was just about to refuse when Arnav replied on my behalf.

“Of course she’s staying.” Arnav said as he got hold of my hand and looked at me, I had no option than to agree for it.

“Great, I’ll get something good cooked for you both, you can have your small date here because I’m taking Ashi out and your dad is at work plus Krystle and Ahaan wouldn’t be back by evening, but remember what I said.” His mom smiled as she headed away and Ashi followed her.

Arnav and I stood there feeling awkward, I couldn’t even look at him, all that kept on going on in my mind was the kiss we shared a while back, it was more than awkward, no matter how good it felt.

Arnav pulled me along with him upstairs and I don’t know why I dint object, I just kept on following him until we were in his room, we both settled down on the bed and then he excused himself for a moment as he headed to the washroom.

He left his phone on the bed and just a moment later it beeped, I looked at the screen and I was surprised to see a text message, although I dint open it but it was readable.

“Hope you aren’t backing out tonight, I can’t wait to experience it like last time, can’t wait to scream your name!”

The text message came from a name that was saved as Britney. I stood up in shock, honestly I hadn’t ever thought of something like this, I had always heard people talk about how he slept around with different girls but I never gave it much thought, not until today when I read the text message.

“What happened?” Arnav asked as he walked out of the washroom.

“I don’t know why I was stupid enough to think that a bad boy like you could be different, you’re still the Casanova Arnav I heard about in school right?” I looked at him angrily, and seriously I don’t even know why I was feeling this way, I mean it was his life, he could sleep with whoever he wanted to, so why did it even matter to me?

“What are you talking about Love?” Arnav looked at me a bit worriedly, I could see the worry on his face but I dint want to believe it was real, nothing about him felt real anymore.

“Stop calling me Love! Why am I even here talking to you, tell your mom not to cook lunch for me because I’m definitely not staying back.” I said as I threw his phone at him which he caught immediately.

I headed towards the door to leave as I stopped and looked at him one last time before I left.

“All the best for tonight, I hope you’ll have fun.” I said sarcastically as I rushed out of his room, for now I dint even want any explanations from him, but I needed some from myself, like why the hell was I even letting anything about him affect me this way?

This wasn’t me, I had decided to stay away from the bad boy, I had decided to be strangers with him because that was the best thing to do but then I don’t know why I was feeling this way about him planning to sleep with a random girl, it was his life, his decision, why was I supposed to feel bad about it?


I headed straight to my room as soon as I arrived home, I was glad that mom wasn’t home yet because then she would have asked me hundreds of questions and I couldn’t answer any.

I heard a knock at the door as I headed to open it wondering who it could be, I found Stella standing outside.

“What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at school or something?” I asked her.

“Yeah I was at school but then I decided to come here and visit you, I was worried about you after last night, are you okay?” She asked.

“Yes I am okay, and not to be rude but I really want to be alone, so can you please let me be?” I asked her.

“Oh I’m sorry I dint know I’d be disturbing you, I’ll leave but anyway don’t get out of the house alone okay? If you need to go anywhere just give me a call and I’ll come right away.”

“Okay.” I nodded in agreement as I closed the door and then it clicked my mind, why did Stella tell me not to go out alone?

I was halfway up the stairs when the doorbell rang again, seriously what was wrong with Stella? I told her I wanted to be alone but she dint want to let me be!

I unlocked the door angrily and started shouting at her.

“What is it now, can’t you let me be for a while?” I shouted angrily but then I was left shocked as I realized it wasn’t Stella.

“I’m sorry but do I know you?” I asked as I looked at the two guys standing in front of me, one of them looked almost my age while the other one looked a bit elder, they both were of the same height, I think 5 feet 8 inches, and they both were hot as hell.

“No you don’t know us but we know you.” One of them smirked.

“And how may I help you?” I asked as I looked at them strangely, there was something about them that dint feel right. I wanted to slam the door on their face and lock it and call someone for help but before I could do anything, one of them walked inside and got hold of my hand suddenly scaring me.

“You’re the only one who can help us.” He said as he tied my hand with something from behind.

“What the hell are you doing? Leave me!” I shouted angrily as I tried to free myself from them but it dint help, they were the two of them and I was all alone and it was the first time I regretted Arnav not being around me.

It would have been better if I hadn’t sent Stella away, at least she could have been here to help me but now she wasn’t and I had to fight this two monsters on my own.

“Let me go!” I shouted once again as I kicked one of them really hard he couldn’t stop screaming and for that tiny moment I felt so proud of myself.

I struggled to get rid of the other guy behind me who had tied my hands but I couldn’t and then the other one walked back towards me and slapped me on the cheeks.

“Get her out of the house before I lose my calm and murder her right here!” he said angrily as he looked at me with hatred.

“Let me go! Where the hell are you taking me to?” I started screaming and shouting for help hoping someone would come to my rescue but maybe today wasn’t my lucky day.

“And first shut her up.” He ordered as he headed outside and got inside a white jaguar, the same white jaguar that had followed me some time back and I remember waking up in hospital and when I asked Arnav about it, he dint tell me a thing.

So there were a lot of secrets this bad boy was hiding and maybe I just knew the five percent of it, all I had running in my mind was why anyone was after me?

Even if it was something related to Arnav, why would the drag me in between? It was terrible and I couldn’t stop wondering how I was going to come out of it.

The other guy who had been holding me pushed me at the backseat and he followed me inside and tied a piece of cloth on my eyes, I couldn’t even struggle much because my hands were already tied and now I couldn’t even see, I dint know where they were talking me or anything.

“Let me go! Somebody help!” I kept on shouting and screaming for help but no one came to my rescue and the next moment I was hit with something on the back of my head and without me realizing, I felt unconscious unknown to what was going to happen to me ahead.

Feb 7

If This Is Love... Part 26 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 39 times)

Arnav’s POV

“We’ve been sited like this for over an hour now Arnav.” Britney complained as she sat beside me dressed in some very revealing clothes, it was even difficult to describe them.

“Fine then I’ll leave.” I said as I stood up and headed towards the door but before I could exit, she got hold of my hand and pulled me back.

“Don’t be so boring Arnav, it’s not like we’re doing this for the first time, come on.” She trailed her fingers on my face and licked her lips sensuously.

She cupped my face and pulled me closer, brushing my lips with her thumb and then with every passing moment, she kept on moving closer and closer to me, her lips almost touching mine.

I pushed her away and turned around feeling angry and guilty, like why the hell was I even feeling guilty? Wasn’t this who I was? The Casanova bad boy that slept around with almost every girl and today I was feeling guilty kissing one?

Britney was right, it wasn’t my first time then why was it so difficult?

“Who’s she?” I heard Britney’s voice, I turned to look at her and she was staring at me like she could murder me.

“What do you mean?” I raised an eyebrow as I looked at her in confusion, what was she even trying to ask?

“The one that had made the bad boy feel this way, I mean have you seen yourself Arnav? You used to come here before, jump on me straight away and within half an hour we were done and today you’ve just been sited silently and when I tried to initiate things, you pushed me away, it has to mean something.” She said.

“Not everything has to mean something, get over yourself Britney, maybe it’s just that I got bored of you.” I shrugged as I walked towards the door to leave as she kept on calling out my name, trying to stop me but I dint pay heed to her.

I got inside the car parked outside and told the driver to drive home straight as Britney’s words kept on ringing in my mind, there had to be something, why else wouldn’t I do what I was here for actually?


I stared at her blankly when she broke the news to me, I arrived home at almost midnight and found Stella waiting for me in my bedroom, maybe mom must have sent her there and she looked so worried  but that wasn’t the point, when she told me about it, I dint know how to react, I wanted to punch her on the face but then I couldn’t forget all she had done for me for such a long time, she was the only one I had ever trusted and she ended up failing me miserably.

“I told you to stay with her!” I shouted at her angrily.

“I tried all I could Arnav, but she dint allow me inside the house, she said she wanted to be alone so I just left!” Stella tried to explain.

“Then you could have waited outside or at least informed me, I could have gone there myself, do you realize what time it is right now? It’s almost midnight, her mother could be worried, she must be looking for her.” I said as I walked around angrily, dialing Ahaan’s number on my phone but he wouldn’t pick up.

Stella kept on staring at me nervously and for a moment I felt bad for her but then I also felt angry, Khushi had been kidnapped and it was all because she couldn’t stay around her!

I remembered the time when I decided to stay away from Khushi and it took me ages to convince Stella to do me this favor, obviously it was difficult she had to change school and come here just for me and she did that to help me out.

And here I was now not knowing what to do, be grateful that she helped me or be angry because of her tiny fault, Khushi wasn’t here with us now.

“I called her mom and told her she’s staying over at my place, I am so sorry Arnav, I dint mean to…” Stella almost cried.

“Those people are ruthless Stella, they could kill her you know that! They killed Jiya, do you think they could think twice before doing the same to Khushi?” I shouted.

I was so angry I dint even know what to do plus I was worried too, I dint know how Khushi was, if she was okay or not and on top of it the only person that could help me was Ahaan but he wasn’t picking up my calls.

I walked from one corner of the room to the other trying to figure things out, trying to think of a place where they might have kept her or something so that I could at least help her but there was nothing much that could help.

“Why don’t you ask Ryle for help?” Stella suggested and at that moment I wanted to seriously punch her on the face, that was one of the stupidest suggestion she ever gave.

“I can never trust that guy, I don’t care whether you like him or whatever that has been between you both but that guy, I’m sure I’ll kill him some day!” I said as I headed out of my room angrily as I dialed Aaron’s number on my phone.

“What did he do to you that you hate him so much?” Stella asked as she followed me downstairs.

“If I tell you, you’ll hate him more than whatever you feel for him right now, so let it be.” I shrugged as I gave her a look and then walked away from her, all I wanted to concentrate on at the moment was finding Khushi.


“What happened? Why did you call us here so urgently?” Aaron asked as soon as he arrived at my place with Ree and Rohan, I had been waiting for them outside in the parking lot for a while now.

“They have Khushi, we have to find out where they’ve taken her.” I said worriedly as the guys looked at me is shock, we all jumped inside one car as Aaron drove off, neither of us knew what we were going to do or where we were going but we had to start from somewhere and maybe we could start by finding Ahaan.

“When did it happen?” Rohan asked.

“Wasn’t Stella always supposed to be around her?” Ree asked.

“She came my place and then left angrily so I told Stella to go and be with her at home because I had taken her to the farmhouse and someone was following us, so to be on the safe side I wanted Stella to be with her but she left because Khushi told her to leave her alone and the stupidest thing, she dint even inform me.

I mean dint she know how serious this was? Why did she inform me, I am so damn pissed, today wherever Khushi is, it’s all because of Stella.” I said feeling angry and irritated.

“It’s not her fault Arnav, calm down, she tried her best.” Aaron said.

“And don’t worry we’re here with you and we’ll make sure we find Khushi as soon as possible, she is going to be fine trust me.” Rohan tried to smile.

“I can’t think positive Rohan, not after what happened to Jiya.” I almost cried out, I remember the last time I cried was when I lost her and then I changed to be the bad boy I was, and I was so heartless and ruthless I made other people cry but never shed a tear myself but today as I remembered everything that happened in the past, it made me worry about the future and I felt trapped, I dint know what was going to happen and maybe for the first time in a very long time, I was scared.

We drove to so many places where Ahaan used to be but we couldn’t find him anywhere, I kept on calling him every few minutes but he wouldn’t receive my calls yet.

“Are you sure they are the ones who took Khushi?” Aaron asked.

“Who else could it be? I’m so sure it’s them.”

“It’s not like we don’t have other enemies, come on Arnav.” Ree said.

“I saw them follow us Ree, and just after then Khushi got kidnapped now all that isn’t just a coincidence, Ahaan had warned me so many times but I dint listen to him, now I wish I could have then maybe today Khushi could be at home and not where they have kept her.” I said worriedly hoping they weren’t torturing her, I swear if I saw any kind of wound on her or anything, I was going to kill all of them.

“Do you think we should pass by the office? Maybe your dad might know where he is.” Aaron suggested.

“Holy ****! I remember now, he told me he had a meeting at the office today, I guess that’s why he isn’t receiving my calls, his phone must be on silent, drive to the office I’m sure we’ll find him there.” I said finally feeling like there was a ray of hope left somewhere.

“Aaron parked the car outside while I rushed out in a hurry as the boys followed me, I pressed the button for the lift but it seemed like it was taking forever to come so I used the staircase instead and rushed upstairs.

I headed for the board room direct as I opened the door and walked inside panting for breaths but I was more than glad to see Ahaan there, standing right in front of me and now I knew that everything was going to be okay.

Feb 8

If This Is Love... Part 27 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 52 times)

Everything felt cold, the floor beneath me was so cold I felt like I was lying on ice instead, I tried to open my eyes and look around but I couldn’t, there was something tied on my eyes and all I could see was darkness.

I struggled to sit up but I really couldn’t manage with my hands tied, so I continued lying on the floor as everything came flashing back in my mind and I realized that I was kidnapped.

Holy ****!

I wanted to scream out so loud and ask for help but I knew it was of no use, obviously whoever kidnapped me must have ensured that my voice dint go out of this place.

I felt like crying, I felt scared for my life, it was all terrible, I felt like this people were going to kill me and I was scared as hell.

I was just in high school, I hadn’t even lived half my life and I was going to die, even the thought of it made me shiver, I had so many plans, I had so much to do in life yet, and I dint want to die, of course no one wanted to.

I heard the sound of a door opening and I knew someone was coming and that just got me more scared.

“So you’re awake finally.” I heard a male voice, and then I heard footsteps heading towards me, I dint even know what to do!

I was so scared and so nervous thinking that whoever this person was, he was going to kill me and I dint want to die!

“So she’s the one, let me have a look at the girl who managed to melt the bad boy.” Another voice came and then suddenly someone grabbed me and pulled off the piece of cloth that had been tied on my eyes.

I opened my eyes immediately and I looked around, I saw two boys standing in front of me, I remembered one of them because he was the one who came at my house and kidnapped me, the other one looked a bit bigger in age and he looked like he was the boss or something.

He smirked as he started at me and I stared back into his eyes angrily, well if he was planning to kill me, I wasn’t surely going to look at him like I was scared and beg him for my life.

He got hold of my chin and looked at me and then smiled.

“No wonder.” He said as he walked around the room and I kept on staring at him wondering what he meant by that.

“Let me go!” I said angrily.

“Now why is it that everyone we kidnap always tells us to let them go, if we had to let them go, why would we kidnap them at the first place?” he giggled.

“What do you want from me?” I asked as if I was really going to get an answer, it was crazy how anyone could think of asking such questions in a situation like this.

“You know in our world, having a weakness is the most terrible thing, I thought Arnav would have learnt that since whatever that happened last time but he dint, well it’s his loss.”

I looked at them both silently not knowing what to say or what to do, now that I could see maybe I could try to escape the door was open too and the two guys were busy engrossed in a conversation but then I dint even know where I was, I dint even know this place or where the exit was.

What if there were more people outside? I couldn’t see the guy I had kicked so maybe he was outside and if I tried to escape they would just get hold of me.

I was trying to plot and plan everything possible in my mind but nothing really looked like it was going to help so I thought maybe sitting here silently was the only option until someone came to my rescue before this people killed me.

“I’ll be back in a few hours, keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t escape.” The older guy said.

“Don’t worry about that, there’s no chance for her to escape.” The other one said as he followed him outside and they locked the door behind.

I stood up as I walked around the room hoping that maybe I could find a window through which I could jump out and escape but there were none, it was a strange room with no windows, I mean who the hell even lived here?

Or maybe they had this place rented or something so they could bring people they kidnapped over here and they wouldn’t have any chance to escape.

I walked around the room checking each and every corner hoping to find something to help me escape but there was nothing.

I sat down and looked at the ceiling wondering why this people had kidnapped me, what were they going to do to me? What did they want? I had so many questions whose answers I dint know if I was ever going to get.


I dint even know how long I had been kept here or how long it had been since I fell asleep, but I was woken up by sudden noise, I sat up immediately and looked directly at the door wondering what was happening.

In a few seconds the door opened and I couldn’t even tell how glad I was to see Arnav standing right in front of me, he was in a mess, his hair was all messed up, not the perfectly gelled I usually saw him with, he was covered in sweat and he was panting when he opened the door.

He rushed towards me immediately and got hold of me as he helped me stand up, I was left completely speechless, everything happened so quickly, I dint even know what to do or say.

He untied my hands in a hurry and looked at me worriedly.

“We need to run, run as fast as you can okay?” He said.

I nodded in agreement as he held my hand tighter and we rushed out of the room, Ree was busy punching and kicking some guy out there as we headed downstairs and I saw Aaron and Rohan fighting with a few more men, we continued running and outside I found Ahaan, as soon as he saw us, he gestured something to Arnav who nodded and pulled me along as we both ran as fast as our feeble legs could take us.

We kept on running for what seemed like forever, I felt like if I ran anymore I was going to faint, I was too tired and gladly Arnav stopped, he unlocked a car that was parked at the end, he held the door open for me and told me to get in quickly, I did that as he rushed to the other side and got inside in a hurry.

He switched on the engine and got hold of the steering wheel ready to drive but then he sat the like a statue, I could see his hands trembling and shivering, he tried to get hold of the steering wheel but he was too scared too and that was when I remember that he dint drive.

“I can drive, just tell me where to go.” I suggested.

“No, right now everything is so dangerous, we can’t risk anything.” He said in a shaky voice.

He closed his eyes, inhaled a few deep breaths and then he finally got hold of the steering wheel and drove off while I was left staring at him in surprise.

The guy who hadn’t driven for so long because he was scared to drive actually drove today, that too to keep me safe, I dint know what this could mean to anyone else but it meant so much for me, he fought with his fears for me and that was a big thing.

He sped off in a moment and I was left staring at him, there was a lot going on in my mind at the moment but the most important one was that I made it out of that place alive, I dint even think I was going to get out soon.

I thought that maybe the guys were going to keep me for long and blackmail Arnav or something but I forgot that Arnav was there and he was going to get me out of this.

His eyes were just stuck on the road, he was driving the fastest he could, he dint even say a word, neither did he even ask how I was or anything.

He looked worried and scared and angry, I really couldn’t figure out what he was feeling, it was hard to decide based on his expressions only.

“Where are we going?” I asked after what seemed like forever, just to break the awkward silence that had built up.

“Somewhere safe.” He said, his eyes yet stuck on the road.

“You mean we aren’t going home?” I asked him with my eyes wide open.

“If I have to remind you then that’s where you got kidnapped from so obviously it’s not safe, so no we aren’t going home.”

“Then where the hell are we going?” I looked at him worriedly but he just shrugged and concentrated on driving, completely ignoring me.

Feb 9

If This Is Love... Part 28 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 44 times)

After a silent drive for about an hour, we finally arrived wherever he was taking me, as for me I had fallen asleep in the car until he woke me up.

“Khushi.” He shook me a bit, I blinked my eyes open and looked around, all over me I could see greenery and more greenery and in between this greenery was a huge mansion.

I stepped out of the car immediately and looked a bit further, there was a beach a bit further from the mansion.

“Does this mansion also belong to you?” I turned to look at Arnav in awe.

“No, it belongs to my dad, now come on, let’s get in.” He shrugged as he headed inside the mansion while I stood outside admiring the beauty of this place.

I felt like I was in some sort of movie, or maybe I was somewhere in Disneyland where everything seemed like a fairytale.

I wondered how rich Arnav was, they already had a huge mansion in which they lived, they had another farmhouse and now this one, how many did they have in total? What did they do with so much money?

I walked towards the mansion having lots of questions on my mind, it was quite strange for Arnav to be studying in our school, I mean he was so rich he could have gone to a better school.

I also wondered why despite having all this money, all this luxury and what not, he was a bad boy, he was the leader of some street gang. In my entire lifetime, I hadn’t met, or even heard of someone from such a rich family be a bad boy, I mean surely they were the rich spoilt brats, but it wasn’t the case with Arnav, he wasn’t the spoilt brat but instead he was a bad boy.

I walked inside as I looked around the interiors of the house, it wasn’t much decorated, from inside it was simple but beautiful, it was all white, you couldn’t see any other color apart from white.

“Why did we come here Arnav? You said we’re going to a safe place, surely this looks like one but it isn’t, remember how someone tried to attack us in your farmhouse?” I asked him curiously as I settled down opposite him on the sofa.

“Don’t worry about that, no one has an idea that this mansion belongs to us, so no one will know we are here.” He said.

“Okay, now let’s come to the main point, why was I kidnapped by people I had no connection with, people I dint even know? And how did you know that I was kidnapped? How did you find out where I was?” I asked as I looked at him with serious expressions on my face, I was tired with all the mystery, I just wanted to know everything.

“You were kidnapped because they want something and it was a chance for them to get it from me through you.” Arnav said in a calm voice.

Today he looked really serious, but he was worried too, just that he tried to hide his worry but he failed miserably, because I could notice it, I could feel it in the words he spoke.

Since I met Arnav, I had never seen him look this serious, I had seen so many sides of him, the angry one, the flirty one, the irritating one and even the one that was hurt, but today it was another side added to the list.

“Why would you give them anything in exchange of me? I mean were they stupid or what?”

“You know Love, in our world there’s one rule if you always want the game to be in your hands then you shouldn’t have any weaknesses, once you get a weakness, everything is ruined.

We all have some rules, like family isn’t supposed to be involved in this so we are lucky that way but it gets dangerous when someone out of the family gets involved because they become your weakness.”

“I am confused, I don’t understand this.” I said as I looked at him in confusion, seriously this was a bit hard to understand.

“In simple terms, I don’t know how but you’re my weakness Khushi, and they know that, that’s why they kidnapped you because they knew they could get anything from me in exchange of you, I ended up doing the one thing I had promised myself not to do, I dragged you in between all this mess, I am so sorry.

Once everything gets calm I’ll take you back home and sort everything and I promise no one will ever dare to touch you again, but for now just be patient please.” He stood up and turned away from me, he rushed upstairs leaving me behind wondering how I was supposed to feel about what he had just said.

Was I really that important to him? He could give out anything for me?

He returned back after a few minutes and I was still sited where I was when he left, I was still thinking about what he had just said and just like before not all my questions were fully answered but yet, there was so weird kind of satisfaction I felt.

“Here, change into this, it will be more comfortable for you to sleep.” He said as he handed me some pajama, they looked exactly my size.

“How do you have my size of girl’s pajamas in your house?” I asked.

“They are Krystle’s, if you haven’t noticed your body, you are really thin, I mean Krystle is younger than you in age yet you share the same size of clothes, wow.”

“What that a compliment or an insult?” I asked as I stood up and looked at him angrily, well for a while I had even forgotten that I had been kidnapped and almost killed, his presence always brought some positive energy into me, like right now I felt so normal and relaxed, it was like I knew that as long as he’s with me, no one could harm me.

“Both, by the way, you can change in that room.” He said as he pointed on my left, I nodded positively and headed to the room to change.


I walked back to the hall after changing but Arnav wasn’t in the hall anymore, I wondered where he might have gone so I started roaming around the house hoping I’d find him somewhere.

I headed upstairs and checked a few rooms, all of them were empty apart from one which had lots of stuff kept in.

I then headed back downstairs as I checked on the other rooms, surely this mansion was bigger than the farmhouse he had taken me too, but it dint feel like home.

The farmhouse was beautiful, even though no one lived there, the rooms weren’t as empty as this, it was just lively, but this mansion felt so empty.

I walked into the room that was next to the one where I had gone to change, there was a bed in the middle and a cupboard, nothing else, I left from there and checked the other rooms but all of them were empty.

I walked outside and headed to the kitchen, it was also empty apart from a few jars that had a couple of items that dint usually rot.

“You hungry?” I heard a voice behind me, I turned around and found Arnav standing there with lots of bags in his hands.

“You went grocery shopping?” I giggled as I looked at him carrying almost ten shopping bags in his hands, for a moment I even wondered why he bought so much stuff, it wasn’t like we were going to stay here forever.

The mansion was so big that by the time I was done checking it out, Arnav actually managed to finish all that shopping.

“Yeah I did, so what’s the big deal? But for today I’m not cooking so I’ve already ordered some food, they’ll deliver it here soon, till then be a bit patient okay?”

“As you say.” I nodded as I walked towards him and helped him with the bags, we placed all of them on the kitchen counter and then looked at each other and suddenly everything was awkward.

He stepped backwards and then walked out of the kitchen and headed to the hall, he settled down on the sofa as he switched on the TV.

“Come, we’ll watch some movie meanwhile.” He said as he tapped on the space next to him, I smiled lightly as I walked towards him and settled down next to him.

He played some random movie and while I tried to concentrate, he stared at me making it difficult for me to concentrate, it was like he wanted to say something to me but he couldn’t, like he was fighting a battle in his mind whether to tell me or not.

“Is everything okay?” I asked as I looked at him worriedly, he looked really tensed.

“I am just glad you are fine, I don’t know what I could have done if something happened to you, I was scared as hell Khushi, I’m just glad I arrived there on time, and I want you to know that I am so sorry all this happened because of me, I never wanted to risk your life, I am so sorry.” He said as he got hold of me and pulled me into a tight hug, and that hug made me realize how terrible he had been feeling all this while, he was literally blaming himself for whatever that had happened to me.

Feb 12

If This Is Love... Part 29 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 44 times)

After dinner, Arnav and I sat together and finished watching a movie together and when it was finally time to go to bed, I dint feel like, I felt scared and I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep being scared.

I had just been kidnapped, obviously there were lots of thoughts going on in my mind, and I was just scared about getting kidnapped again.

“Do you want to sleep?” Arnav asked as he looked at me, I nodded negatively as I kept on staring at the screen.

“Are you scared?” He asked and this time I nodded positively, he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer.

“Don’t be, I’m here with you now and trust me when I say this, I’ll not let anything happen to you.” He tried to smile but no matter what, I knew it wasn’t going to be that easy so I just kept silent because I dint know how to explain whatever that was going on in my mind.

We both sat there silently for about five minutes, neither of us saying anything but it felt better, having his arm wrapped around me, it felt safe.

“Okay come, I’ll sleep with you.” He said as he stood up suddenly and got hold of my hand pulling me up also.

“I mean just sleep with you so that you can sleep well, nothing else I promise.” He smirked.

“Shut up.” I giggled as I slapped on his arm, he smiled at me and then pulled me along to the bedroom, I stood in one place as he set the bed and got the blankets and everything.

“Come on now, don’t be awkward, we’re just sleeping.” He winked at me.

I shrugged as I walked towards the bed and lied down immediately covering myself with a blanket, he sat there doing something on his phone, maybe texting his gang members or something.

I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself as I tried to fall asleep but it dint really work, because I was just lying there with my eyes closed but getting no sleep.

I turned around and looked at Arnav who was now lying beside me, staring at the ceiling, it looked like, just like me he wasn’t also getting any sleep yet.

I moved closer to him and placed my arm around him, he looked at me and smiled a bit as he held me back tighter and we both closed our eyes once again trying to get sleep.


I woke up to Arnav staring at me with a huge smile on his face and his arm yet wrapped around me, I kept on staring at him for a while and he kept on smirking like the bad boy he was and I don’t know why but suddenly I remembered the text I had read on his phone and it irritated the hell out of me.

I pushed him away as I stood up and adjusted my clothes, I walked towards the window and pulled off the curtains as the bright sunrays fell in.

“Do you want to get a shower or something?” He asked.

“I do want to shower but I have nothing to wear so I guess I’ll not shower.” I said as I kept on staring outside, suddenly everything between us felt awkward.

I felt angry, on myself and on him and on everything else, I don’t know even why I allowed him to get so close to me, was I stupid or what? How could I just sleep with him on the same bed knowing that there was never going to be anything between us because no matter what, he would still keep on going to sleep with random girls and that just made me feel like one of those.

“I’ll get something for you from Krystle’s room.” He stood up and headed outside, I dint even turn around to look at him.

Why was all this even bothering me? I mean he was a bad boy and I was supposed to stay away from him and I don’t know why but while trying to stay away from him, I ended up getting closer to him.

I was feeling just so irritated and angry and I knew I wasn’t supposed to, it was his life, he could sleep with whoever he wanted to and I was supposed not to give a damn about it but well things weren’t like I had planned for them to be, because I was angry, honestly I was behaving like some sort of jealous girlfriend and the irony here was, I wasn’t his girlfriend.

The door to my room opened and I still dint turn around, I knew it must be him, we were the only ones in the house anyway.

“Here are a few dresses, you can choose whichever you like, I’ll take my shower upstairs, you can get ready and then join me in the kitchen, and maybe we’ll cook some breakfast.” He said.

“Okay.” I replied still not wanting to turn around and look at him, I waited until I heard his footsteps leaving the room and when the door was shut, that’s when I turned around and looked at the few dresses he had left on the bed.

I stared at them all for a moment until I chose one, I picked it up and headed to the bathroom to shower.


“Breakfast is ready.” Arnav smiled at me brightly as I walked out of my room, honestly I dint even want to face him so I kept on sitting in my room just deciding whether I should go out and help him with breakfast or not.

By the time I came up to a decision and decided to go out, he had finished cooking and I felt like an idiot, obviously we both were going to eat so instead of overthinking, I should have just come out and helped him cook!

“It’s a sunny day, if you’re bored we can go out on the beach and just sit or do something.” He suggested as he settled down on the dining table.

“Sure.” I nodded as I settled down and served myself, I avoided looking at him or even making an eye contact with him completely, I just concentrated on my food and kept on eating.

“Is everything okay Khushi? I don’t know if it’s just me or you seem a bit off today, if you’re worried about your mom then don’t worry, I’ve got it handled, Stella has told her you’re staying at her place for a while so it’s sorted.” Arnav said.

“I wasn’t worried about that.”

“Then what’s wrong?” He looked at me keenly but I ignored his question and concentrated on eating, after I was done, I picked up my plate and headed to the kitchen, I washed it when Arnav joined me, he washed his plate as I walked away and headed outside.

I stood outside the gate staring at the beach that I could see from here, it was a pretty day, all sunny, I liked sunny days compared to rainy ones.

Arnav followed me outside as he locked the house and then walked towards me, he stood beside me staring at the same direction I was, we both stood there for a moment silently.

“Should we go?” He asked.

I nodded positively as he got hold of my hand and pulled me along, I stared at him in surprise, like hey dude, why are you even holding my hand?

I just kept on staring at him as he kept on walking, looking ahead and I wondered what to do, well today according to the mood swings I was having, I seriously could understand why guys always said that it was impossible to understand girls, today I was unable to understand myself.

Since morning I was avoiding looking at him and now I was staring at him like I was going to eat him up, since morning I was just angry on him and now that he had held my hand, I dint even feel like pulling it off or anything, oh God! Why was everything so complicated?

Well according to the research by me, the great Khushi Gupta, I think it wasn’t impossible to understand girls or boys, it was impossible to understand feelings, those were the main problems weren’t they?

“You know we used to come here a lot as kids, the whole family, and Ahaan and I would spend the whole day at the beach until mom would have to come and drag us back to the house literally. It was good to be a kid, I mean just sit and build sand castles and play with the water and everything, I miss those days.” Arnav smiled as he looked at me.

“What’s your favorite childhood memory Love?”

“Will you ever stop calling me Love? I don’t even understand why you call me that, I mean I have a good name, Khushi, call me that, why Love?” I looked at him angrily, well my mood swings had just began.

“What’s wrong? I’ve been noticing since morning, you were avoiding me and now you sound like you’re angry on me, at first I just thought that maybe it’s because of all this, you getting kidnapped and all, it might have stressed you up but now I feel that’s not the thing, so tell me Khushi, what is it? What have I done to make you so angry?” He stopped walking and looked at me seriously.

“Nothing.” I shrugged as I tried to walk away but he pulled me back and pressed my hand behind me, he looked at me very seriously.

“Then why the hell are you behaving like this with me?” He shouted at the top of his voice.

“Why do you care Arnav? I’ll behave whatever way I want to behave with you, it’s my wish so don’t tell me how to talk to you or anything.” I said as I tried to get free of his hold, but well obviously the bad boy was stronger.

“I care because you’re important for me, I said that last night also, do I have to repeat myself every time so that you can understand how important you are for me?” He let me go and looked around angrily, he punched a tree and then turned to look at me.

“Every girl is always important for you Arnav, how else would you manage to sleep with them?” I looked at him angrily and then walked away and a few second later, I heard the sound of him laughing, can you believe it, he was laughing on such a serious thing!

“Are you jealous?” He asked, I stopped and turned to look at him.

Maybe I was, who knew, like I said before, feelings were difficult to understand and they made us do things we never thought of doing.

“Me and jealous? Go sleep with whoever you want to, as if I care.” I shrugged and turned around as I continued walking.

“If you aren’t jealous and you don’t care, why are you so angry about me sleeping with anyone else Khushi? That’s me, I am the bad boy, I sleep around with random girls, I do terrible things and you know that, so if you really don’t care, stop acting like you do.”

“Fine! I shouted back angrily and then ran away, I dint want to have this conversation anymore because seriously it wasn’t Arnav, it was me, I was the confused one because I was caring too much about the things I wasn’t supposed to care about.

Arnav was right, why did it even matter to me if he slept with anyone? He had been doing that since forever!

Feb 13

If This Is Love... Part 30 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 39 times)

We both sat on the sand next to each other as we looked at the water flowing peacefully but we dint even look at each other or talk to each other.

“I am sorry, I shouldn’t have talked to you like that.” Arnav said after we sat there for over an hour just staring at the water silently not saying a word to each other.

“It’s okay.” I said as I finally looked at him and he looked back at me immediately, I could see a small smile curving up on his face.

“Do you like it here? If not, I can take you somewhere else or we can just go back to the house?” He asked.

“No, I like it here, it’s peaceful and it’s even sunny. I love sunny days a lot.” I smiled.

He nodded as he started drawing random stuff on the sand with his fingers while I kept on staring at him wondering what it was about this bad boy that made me feel so much of things I couldn’t understand, why was it that even after trying so hard to stay away from him, I always ended up around him, it was like destiny was pushing me towards him.

“Can I ask you a question, if you promise to answer me honestly?” I asked.

“Well that depends on the question you want to ask.” He giggled.

“Yesterday you told me that this people who kidnapped me wanted something from you, so I don’t what it is but whatever it is must be really important to you right?”

“Right.” He nodded.

“So let’s say for instance you wouldn’t have been able to save me from there, would you have given them whatever they asked for in exchange of me?”

“Of course, nothing is more important than you.” He answered immediately and then went completely silent, his expressions told me that maybe he dint want to say this, but it just came out and he couldn’t take it back.

“Why?” I asked as I looked at him seriously.

“What why? I answered the question you asked, no more questions, come we’ll take a walk around the beach, I’m tired of sitting here.” He stood up and dusted off his clothes then gave me his hand to hold.

I got hold of his hand and stood up but he dint let it go, instead he started walking while holding my hand and I just followed him, staring at him in awe.

I don’t know why but it was like with every passing minute, I felt differently about him, I no more wanted to stay away from the bad boy even though I knew that it was because of him that I was kidnapped, it was just so strange, in the beginning I wanted to stay away because I dint want to get myself involved in anything dangerous and right now I dint care about any danger as long as I knew he was there.

“You know evening walks here are the best and if you stay a bit later, you can even get to watch the stars, I remember Ahaan and I used to come here a lot in the evening, we would lie down on the sand and stare at the stars, it was something so beautiful.” He said as he continued looking ahead and walking.

“Then we should definitely come back here in the evening, I’d love to watch the stars.” I smiled at him.

“You would?” He asked as he looked at me with a huge smile and I just nodded positively, he got so excited about it like a small baby, it just made me smile.


After our short beach walk, Arnav and I headed to roam around, he showed me so many places where he had been with his family and all. After roaming around the place for almost the whole day, Arnav took me to a nearby restaurant for dinner, and all the while he made sure to be close to me and around me, he dint leave me alone even for a moment and that showed how much he was worried for me, he dint want anything wrong happening to me again.

We had just finished ordering our food when his phone rang, he stared at the screen for a moment wondering whether to receive the call or not but then he received it, he pressed the phone close to his ears.

“Tell me everything is sorted already.” He said as he waited for the person on the other side to say something, although I couldn’t hear who it was, I knew it must be either from his brother or either of the three boys from his gang.

“Don’t worry about that, they won’t be able to find us, just let me know when everything is calm so I can bring her back, plus talk to Stella and tell her to visit Khushi’s mom just in case of anything okay?”

“Okay, I’ll let you know.” And with that he disconnected the call and looked at me.

“Why is Stella doing anything you tell her to? Since the fight between you and Ryle, I thought she must be like really angry on you or something.” I asked Arnav.

As far as I knew, Stella really liked Ryle, I was so sure she wasn’t going to forgive Arnav for what he did to Ryle, no matter what enmity they both had.

“Actually I have a confession to make, but promise me you won’t get angry.”

“Okay I promise, now tell me what is it? I’m curious already.” I giggled as I looked at him.

“Actually Stella and I know each other since long, in fact she’s like a member of our gang that nobody knows exists. I was the one who convinced her to join our school and be friends with you.”

“What? Why would you do that now?” I asked in confusion, there was no reason I could think of, I mean he just told one of his gang members to be friends with me, like why?

“Please don’t be angry, I dint do it with a bad intention or something, I was just try to make sure you were safe, I knew you wouldn’t allow anyone from my gang to be close to you so I had to ask Stella to help me, and she did.

Since last time when you were followed and almost kidnapped, I couldn’t take any chances, so I told her to be around you as much as possible so that no one could be able to harm you again, but she failed to do the only job she was given.” He looked really angry like he wanted to shout on Stella while I sat here staring at him in shock.

I couldn’t believe that Stella belonged to a gang, she never even let me get a hint of it, plus now was when I understood why she was trying to be so close to me, it was because Arnav told her to.

“Wow, since I came here I’ve just been surrounded by people I think I know but in real, I don’t really know them.” I said and just then the waiter came with our food, he left it on the table and walked away.

“I am sorry Khushi, I was just trying to keep you safe.” Arnav said.

“It’s okay, I’m not angry about it, just that I don’t like hidden truths, mysteries and all, it’s becoming a too much of it lately, anyway let’s have dinner, remember we have to go back to the beach to watch stars.” I smiled at him.

He nodded as he served himself food and started eating quickly while I just kept on staring at him and smiling for no reason.


After dinner, we headed home first, he got some blankets and then we headed to the beach from there, it was dark outside and I felt excited about spending the night on the beach, lying next to Arnav watching the stars, it just sounded so exciting.

I stood beside him as he got everything set for us to lie down, I just kept on staring at him and admiring how hot he looked under the moonlight.

“Come.” He said bringing me out of the thoughts I was lost it, he was already lying on the blanket comfortably, I nodded as I removed my shoes and joined him, we both lied down and stared at the sky.

“You’re so mean, you got only one pillow on yourself, what am I going to sleep on? You?” I made a face at him.

“I don’t mind.” Winked at me as I slapped him on the arms playfully, he smiled as he let me sleep on his arm, making it a pillow for me, and I swear in this moment I felt a lot of things I hadn’t felt ever before.

Luckily, it was a full moon night and the moon was shining really bright, it was such a beautiful view, nothing I had done until this day in life felt as good as this.

“So am I the only one getting the chance to make your arm my pillow or are there other girls who have had the chance already?” I asked.

He looked at me seriously and then looked back at the sky without answering what I asked, maybe my question offended him, but why would it? It wasn’t that I was asking something stupid, or was it?

“Why do you always think so negative about me? What have I done to make you feel like I’m some sort of a player or something?” he asked still staring at the sky.

“I dint say you’re a player, it was just a question out of curiosity because you’ve slept with so many girls.” I said.

“It’s really bothering you isn’t it? Me sleeping with girls? If it makes you feel any better, that day I dint sleep with Britney, I haven’t slept with anyone since I met you.” He said.

I looked at him speechlessly, his sudden confession and left me speechless and I just stared at him wondering why he hadn’t slept with anyone, that text I read on his phone that day, he was going to meet the girl so does it mean that he dint go or maybe he went but dint do anything?

Well who knew if he was just lying to me, but then why would he lie to me and why did I even care?

“Oh that’s sad, you must miss it, you should get someone here, I mean there are so many girls in this places too.” I suggested.

“So you want me to sleep with other girls?” he asked.

“I don’t want you to do anything, I mean you shouldn’t stop doing whatever you were doing, carry on living your life the way you used to before you met me.”

“So you want to tell me that if tomorrow I brought a girl home it wouldn’t make any difference to you? If I touch her, or hug or her or even kiss her in front of you, it wouldn’t make you feel a thing?” he looked at me like he was angry at me and he wanted to punch me on the face.

“Yes it wouldn’t matter to me, plus it shouldn’t matter to you also, I mean why should you change your style of life because you met me?” I shrugged.

“I changed it because I Love You Khushi, nothing else apart from you felt right anymore, I dint want to kiss other girls anymore, I just wanted to kiss you, so badly because it’s after so long I’ve felt something like this, this attraction, this care, it happened only once, only for Jiya but then you came into my life and everything changed, but you’re here acting like you haven’t noticed even a bit how I feel about you!” He shouted at me angrily, he stared at me for a moment and then stood up and walked away leaving me alone, in shock! Did I just hear him say that he loved me?

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