Love Of My Life

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Jan 12

Love Of My Life (By Happiness827)

Arnav Singh Raizada: Age 25. Handsome, Rude and and Arrogant business man. Loves Khushi alot. Living in London with Khushi. Loves his family alot but not more than his Khushi. Founder of AR Empire. CEO of AR designs. Owns 50% share of Ocean of Happiness which is number one Designing company in the world. Richest man of the world. Winner of best businessman award for three consecutive years. Known as ASR to the world. ? Khushi Singhaniya: Rude and Arrogant business women. Beauty with brain. Founder of AK Empire. CEO of AK designs. Modern yet traditional. Owns 50% share of Ocean of Happiness. Hates her biological family to the core but loves her foster family alot. Known as K to the world. ? Ashish Singh Raizada: Father of Arnav and Anjali. Husband of Asha Singh Raizada. Loves his children alot. Runs family business Raizada Constructions ? Asha Singh Raizada: Mother of Arnav and Anjali. Wife of Ashish Singh Raizada. Loves her son alot. She regrets whatever happened years ago which made her son to become rude. House wife. ? Anjali Manohar Jha: Wife of Shyam Manohar Jha. Very Selfish lady. Want everyone to hear her words without fail. Very dominating person. An attention seeker. Loves her husband alot. Loves to do Pooja for each and everything be it small or big. A big drama queen. ? Shyam Manohar Jha: Husband of Anjali. Loves her alot. An orphan. Stays with Raizada family. Very good person. ? Akash Singh Raizada: Same as show Payal Singh Raizada: married to Akash. Loves him alot. ? Manohar and Manorama Singh Raizada: Same as show. Here they are arnav's chacha and Chachi. ? Subhadra Singh Raizada: Mother of Ashish and Manohar. Loves her grandchild alot. A lovely lady ? Devyani Singh Rat****: Mother of Asha and Manorama. Same as show. Nk : Cousin of Arnav and Akash. A fun loving guy. ? Shashi Gupta: Business man. Searching for his daughter whom he disowned. Loves his daughter Aashi alot. Waiting for Arnav's return to get them married. ? Garima Gupta: Searching for her daughter whom he disowned. Loves her daughter Aashi alot. Waiting for Arnav's return to get them married. ? Madhumathi Gupta: buaji of Payal, Khushi and Aashi. Hates khushi. A widow. ? Aashi Gupta: Twin sister of Khushi. Loves her sister alot. Missing her alot too. Loves Arnav. Dreaming to marry him. ? Raj Singhaniya: Loving father of Khushi Singhaniya. Mentor of Arnav Singh Raizada. Loves him like his own son.Pampers his daughter alot. ? Soniya Singhaniya: Mother of Khushi. Loves her family alot. Loves Arnav more than her own daughter. ? Shivaay Singh Oberoi: Husband of Anika. Best friend and cousin of Arnav. Childhood friend of Khushi and Aashi. Wants Aashi as his bhabhi. Miss Khushi alot. ? Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi: Wife of Shivaay. Loves him and her family alot. ? Omkara Singh Oberoi: Husband of Gauri. Cousin of Arnav and Shivaay. Miss Khushi alot and wants Aashi as his bhabhi. Childhood friend of Khushi and Aashi. Loves to say shayari. ? Gauri Singh Oberoi: Wife of Omkara. Loves him and family alot. ? Rudra Singh Oberoi: Youngest member of the family. Partner in crime with Aashi. Loves her alot. Is in serious relation with Bhavya. Bhavya Singh Randhawa: Loves Rudra alot. Staying with Oberois. An orphan. Tej and Jhanvi Singh Oberoi: Parents of omru. Loves them alot as well as Shivaay. Shakti and Pinky Singh Oberoi: Parents of Shivaay. Loves him and omru alot. Kalyaani Singh Oberoi: Dadi of shivomru. Nani of Arnav. Loves her family alot. Note: Arnav and Khushi love each other alot. He knows Khushi from childhood but due to some reasons Khushi had to be in orphanage from where Raj and Sonia adopted her. Khushi was 7 years then. Arnav met Khushi after years when he went to London for higher secondary studies. Arnav is in London from past 9 years. His parents and brothers used to visit him once in a year. Other than them no one has seen him in this 9 years. Aashi is twin sister of Khushi. It is because of her Khushi had to be in orphanage. Khushi hate Aashi and Gupta family alot.

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Jan 15

Love Of My Life (By Happiness827)


ROM (Raizada Oberoi Mansion)

It is morning and whole family is sitting in living room. Elders are talking random topics. Anjali, Aashi, Anika, Gauri and Bhavya is gossiping. Obros, Akash and Nk is talking about business actually Shivaay, Om and Akash talking about business while nk and rudra is bored.

Rudra: Enough bhayya. Let's do something interesting I'm bored.

Shivaay: Here we are discussing something important and you are saying you are bored.

R: Bhayya business is really boring. Only boring people will become business man.

S: So you meant to say that I'm a boring person.

Now everyone is watching these two.

A: Yes Shivaay. Finally you understood what you really is. Congratulations Shivaay.

S: Wait what do you mean? Am I a boring person?

A: Yes you are. You know mom your son is one unromantic person.

R: No bhabhi you can't say that. My bhayya is the most romantic person one in our family.

A: How do yo know that?

R: Bhabhi the thing is that bhayya never leave a chance to romance with you.

Anika blushed and shivaay smirked. Everyone gave a teasing smile to them.

Kalyaani: Ok jokes apart. Ashish when Arnav is coming?

Subhadra: Haa it's been so long since we have seen him.

Ashish: Ma why you are asking me? Ask to his best friend.

Devyani: Shivaay is Arnav coming?

S: Dadi he said he will come tomorrow.

K: what? Then why didn't you tell this after breakfast. He called me today morning only.

P: After his arrival we should arrange his marriage with our Aashi. Right bhabhi?

Asha: Yes you are right.

Girls started to tease Aashi. In all these they forgot to ask Arnav what he wants. Everyone is chatting random topics but one person is in deep thoughts. Suddenly she asked...

Aashi: What if Arnavji doesn't want this?

Aasha: What you are saying dear?

Aashi: Aunty he don't like me from childhood. So what if he...

Aasha: Dear he like you because I have seen your picture in his room.

Aashi: What my picture?

Aasha: Yes. It was childhood picture.

Ashish: Why didn't you tell me then? And when you saw that?

Aasha: When we went to meet him last time.

Ru: But bua still it is difficult to believe.

Aasha: I know that you won't believe me. That is why I took the photo of that pic in my phone. I will show you now.

(Khushi and Aashi are identical twins. The only difference is Khushi have blue eyes and Aashi have brown eyes.)

Everyone smiled seeing that. They failed to notice the color of her eyes.

Again they all engrossed in their work. After having breakfast men went for work while ladies went for shopping.

Next day

ROM is decorated to welcome their elder son who is coming back after 9 years. Shivaay, Rudra and Om went to receive Arnav from airport. They all waited for his arrival.

K: I can't control my excitement to see him.

D: Same here jiji.

Su: Let him come here I won't let him go anywhere.

An: Dadi why he didn't come for any weddings?

K: Well that time he was expanding ARD his company. When we thought to postpone the wedding he argued with us.

D: That's why he was not here.

Aasha: I can't wait to see his marriage.

G: Bua we heard that he is rude and arrogant. Is he like that towards family also?

Aasha: Well he is rude and arrogant only for world. He is like Shivaay.

Aashi: He is not only rude for world but also towards me and my parents.

B: What? But why?

Aashi: Well I have one sister.

An: What? Sister?

Aashi: Yes. My twin sister who is elder than me for few minutes. My mom and dad used to be more protective towards me. Due to this she used to feel like no one cared for her. She was Arnavji's best friend. Due to my parents partiality they used to give everything to me. Whenever she likes something I also used to like that. As a result I used to get everything. Each and everything including this Raizada family and Oberoi family except Arnavji. He started to hate me when he got to know that I used to snatch everything from her including his family. But he never said anything to anyone.

Then one fine day one fake priest came to our house and said looking at Khushi's horoscope that she is harm to me. Since my family is overprotective towards me they sent her out of the house. That broke the silence of Arnavji. He shouted screamed finally he put one condition in front of his family. That is to choose between him and us. They choosed him and we left Raizada house. As years passed everything came back to normal. Raizada family and Oberoi family built one house and moved here to live together. We also built one house near and moved there. Now only thing left is to make everything between us.

An: Don't worry everything will be back to normal.

Aashi: I hope so.

Obahus took Aashi into a comfortable hug. Suddenly they heard sound of car horn.

B: Seems like your prince arrived.

Aashi blushed while girls teased her.

Everyone rushed towards the door. There stood Arnav Singh Raizada in all his glory wearing black T-shirt with black jacket and blue jeans.


Aasha did aarati for her son with tears in her son. He entered inside the house for the first time. He took blessings from his Dadi and both Nanis then hugged his parents, Shanky, Tejvi and Chacha and Chachi. Then hugged his brothers.

Ar: Shivomru introduve me your partners.

Shivomru: Sure Arnav/ Bhayya

S: This is Anika. My wife and Anika this is Arnav my Best friend and cousin.

An: Hi. Heard alot about you.

S: Same here. Must say that you changed this Stone Singh Oberoi Into Sweet Singh Oberoi.

Everyone smiled hearing it.

An: So what should I call you?

Ar: You can call me Arnav itself. What about me?

An: You can call me Anika itself.

O: My wife Gauri and Gauri this is Arnav.

G: Hi Bhayya.

Ar: Hi Gauri.

R: This is Bhavya my fiancee. Bhavya this is my Bhayya.

B: Hi Bhayya.

Ar: Hi Bhavya.

Arnav then turned around and shocked to see the people whom he hate the most in his life.

Ashish: Dear you remember them?

Ar: Of course how can I forget them (sarcastically)

Everyone smiled without noticing the sarcasm in his tone.

Shashi: It is nice to meet you Arnav.

Ar: But I can't say the same.

Ashish: Beta what happened?

Arnav: You are asking what happened dad? It is because of them that day I lost my...

Aasha: Beta forget her. We agree we did mistake but...

Ar: Enough. I want to know what they are doing here.

Aasha: Beta they will be here itself from now on.

Ar: What do you mean?

K: Beta we fixed your marriage with Aashi.

Ar: You did what?

D: Beta we fixed...

Ar: Did you asked me before doing that?

Sh: Arnav we know that you like her.

Ar: Who told you all these ****s? Why should I like her when she is the reason because of whom I lost my best friend? I just hate her. Also I love someone.

Aasha: I saw her photo in your room. So stop making up stories.

Ar: Oh so that is the matter. Then let me tell you that is not your dear Aashi.

Aasha: I have seen the picture Arnav.

Ar: Well why should I explain you when you are not ready to believe me. I will call her here then you will believe me. Wait for the shock my dear family. Ru can you show me my room. I want to take rest.

Ru: Sure bhayya come.

Arnav came to have his lunch and then said.

Ar: Tomorrow morning the girl whom I love will be here.

Everyone looked at him but he had his lunch chatting with someone in his mobile. There is a small smile on his face. They know they won't get any answer from Arnav now. They have to wait till tomorrow morning to get the answers for their questions.

Arnav went to his office after having lunch and returned at night. After having dinner he sat with his brothers and SILS. After talking with them for sometime he retired to his room. He slept thinking about His Love. His Life. His Mahi.

Jan 15

Chapter 1 (By Happiness827) (Thanked: 56 times)

Next day,


Everyone is sitting in living room waiting for Arnav's guest. They are so curious to see the duplicate of their Aashi while Arnav is so excited to see his Mahi after two days.

They heard the sound of bell. Arnav excitedly ran to open the door while others say there with wide eyes seeing another side of their Arnav. When he opened the door he saw his Mahi whom he missed alot in these two days. Khushi hugged him back with a huge smile.

Raizadas, Oberois and Guptas are trying to see the person's face but they couldn't. So subhadra said....

Su: Arnav move we also want to see her.

Ar: Sure Dadi.

Arnav moved and everyone rooted to their spot seeing Khushi in front of them. They never thought to see her again in their life not even in their dreams. But here she is in front of them as the love of Arnav.

Khushi's dress:












Gar(stuttering): Kh...Khu...Khushi...

K: Arnav do I know her? I never knew I'm so famous here.

Ar: Even I thought like that but seems like they can never forget you.

Ar: Anyway I will introduce them to you for the sake of formality.

K: Sure.

Ar: Well this is Dadi, Nani, Kalyaani Nani who is Nani's sister. Then dad and mom.....

Like that he introduced everyone to Khushi.

Ar: So yeah that's it.

Chachi who is noticing the dress style of Khushi from the beginning finally spoke...

C: Jiji look at her dressing style. She is not suitable for our family.

Ar: There is nothing wrong with her dressing style. A person's character is not related with her dressing style or outer beauty but with her inner beauty. Don't judge the book by it's cover.

K: To whom you are saying arnie. To these orthodox people who believed some priest and threw their daughter out of the house for another daughter.

Ar: Leave it Mahi. Don't stress yourself. Now come I'll show your room you go and take rest.

K: Ok. Bye guys will catch you all later.

Arnav and Khushi leaves to their respective rooms while others settled themselves in living room.

An: Shivaay who is she? Is she the sister of Aashi?

Sh: Yes Anni. She is the one.

Om: She changed alot right?

Shas: She always took my daughter's happiness away. Now also she came here to do that.

Ashish: Don't worry man we won't let her do that.

An: I have one doubt.

Om: What is it bhabhi?

An: You only told right that khushi always used to take Aashi's happiness away?

Aasha: Yes.

An: But yesterday Aashi told us that she only used to get everything while Khushi always felt left out from the family.

Shashi, Garima and buaji fumbled with words. This is what they told to everyone so all looked at them with same question. But to their luck HP came to call them for their lunch. Then only they realized that it is lunch time. Arnav and Khushi had their lunch from room itself. Khushi didn't felt to come out as she is very tired so they both had lunch from there. In evening Khushi and Arnav came out of the room and joined others.

Khushi's dress:


Khushi's hairstyle:


Khushi's watch:




Arnav's dress:


Arnav's watch:


Everyone is watching Khushi and Arnav while they both are talking about the places they are going to visit tomorrow.

Ar: Are you sure Mahi that you have to visit all these places tomorrow?

K: Of course Arnav.

Ar: But how Mahi? It is not possible to visit all these places in one day.

K: I don't know anything but I want to see all these places tomorrow and I will go to office day after tomorrow.

Ar: But Mahi...

K: I told you right I won't hear anything.

Ar: Ok fine.

Anj: It's been only few hours she arrived and she started showing her tauntrums.

Chachi: Ikr.

Ar: She is showing her tauntrums to me only. What is your problem with her.  I know that you don't like her that doesn't mean you will hurt her.

K: come on Arnav stop it. I don't want to have anymore fights today.

Ar: But Mahi she is talking ill about you and you...

K: Arnav enough. Now tell me how was your day here without me.

Ar: Well it was so peaceful.

K: Really? So you didn't miss me?

Ar: No. Not at all. Why should I miss you? I didn't miss you.

K: Really Mr Arnav Singh Raizada?

Ar: Yes would be Mrs Raizada.

K: You know what I didn't missed you too. There many handsome men were there. You know one Mr Williams who had crush on me called me for a cup of coffee. You Know he was so funny as well as flirty.

Ar: Who the hell is he Mahi? How dare he to flirt with you.

K: Oh you look so cute Mr Jealous Singh Raizada.

Ar: What do you.... Wait that means you were lying to me?

K: Then what you thought?

Ar: You... I won't leave you now Mahi.

Arnav started chasing Khushi. Everyone except Gupta family adored them. They can see how happy Arnav is with Khushi.

Aasha: Look how happy he is with her. I have never seen him before like this.

Ashish: Ikr.

Aasha: Why don't we fix his marriage with Khushi.

D: I agree.

Su: But we should do background check on her right?

K: She is right Ashish we have to do that before proceeding with it.

They all nodded and looked at Arnav and Khushi who is now laughing their heart out sitting on the couch.

Chachu: I think before doing anything we should get to know her personally.

Aasha: But how is that possible Bhai sahib?

Ashish: Well we can ask that directly to her. And from today onwards she is going to be our would be bahu. Right maa.

Subhadra nodded her head in agreement.

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