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SIT - ONE SHOT (By Aadhya) (Thanked: 69 times)

This is a one-shot which I have written on the context of my on-going story (SIT) about the secret agents. This is not part of the story, just the idea, concept and the characters were taken from there. Hope you guys like it.

SIT - One Shot

She was not expecting to see him in this condition. She had never assumed that a day would come when she would see him lifeless and in a state of unconsciousness. He was alive but he couldn’t be awakened by any stimulations, including pain. There were numerous needles injected into him, and a nasal cannula was plugged into his nostrils for the supply of oxygen. He had a few broken ribs, in total he was in a bad condition. She tried to tell herself that it was all a bad dream and he would be back to his playful self the next day she walks into the office. But she didn’t find him in the office the next day, she was never a caffeine person but that day she drank seven glasses of coffee. She saw the jolly Arjun shed a tear, Anjali was not informed about this as she was six months pregnant and don’t know what she would do, Jaskaran advised them to hide the news from her. She was told he had gone on a secret mission.

Coming to an office where he wasn’t there was sickening to her. The mere thought of him lying in a state of coma in the ICU of Vasantkunj hospital made her morose. She often complained to God that why this happened with him. Yes, they had caught the chief of the Lucifers but it wasn’t meaningful now as he had hurt Arnav. She had wanted to kill him without a second thought but was stopped by Dev sir. He had seen this happen infront of his eyes, he had seen his son collapse with his eyes. She wondered how he was dealing with this.

She had revisited that day a hundred times since it happened. They had cornered him in an old abandoned factory. They had entered with the usual precision, splitting in the pair of two. She was paired with the group alpha agents while he was with the other gang of agents. He was moving with great accuracy, hiding behind the stack of containers. The chief of the Lucifers hit him on his head with a sharp object but he had managed to push the chief away with all his might. But he attacked him with a knife and they had a fight. Dev Sir had seen him fall, and he shot the chief on his leg which resulted him in falling from the container.

Arnav had lost a lot of blood, and the fluid has pushed against the skull which damaged the reticular activating system. He was taken quickly to the hospital but he had already slipped into medically induced coma.

The doctors had immediately taken him to the operation theatre and the operation continued for hours. Still they said he had a chance of only fifty percent of survival. They had advised to inform his family.

As she came back to the present, she wished she could go back in time and do something to save him from slipping into coma. She hoped if it would have been her in his place, he would have been safely standing here. But she couldn’t do anything now apart from staying by his side until they pushed her out saying the visitors’ hours are over. She didn’t bother anymore about what others thought about her and Arnav. She regretted to even think about the time she had ruined keeping him away from her.

When he had asked her out to a date, she had been happy but she had to tell him with a icy heart that there could be nothing but friendship between them. She could never go against the organization’s policy. She knew it must have hurt him, but it was tough for her too. She had always loved him, and seeing him in this condition today, it broke her heart. She was always saying to herself it is better this way – they can only be friends but today she felt it would have been better if she had got a chance to express how much she loved him. She pondered around the ICU, hoping to be around just in case he wakes up. She stayed with him till the hospital in charge allowed and when they asked her to leave she waited outside his room.

That is where Devraj Raizada found her. She felt a hand on her shoulder, she turned to and found Dev looking at her. Her eyes brimmed with tears. She hugged him crying her heart out. It was his son who lay inside unconscious. He had to be strong at this point of time.

Khushi, ab bas bhi karo. You couldn’t have done anything. Stop crying or when he wakes up he is going to be real mad at me for letting you cry so much.”

“I don’t want him to go, not yet Uncle.”

Have you confessed your feelings yet?” He asked her.

It didn’t bother her now, he had years of practice so he ought to know about her feelings for him. She didn’t wanted to lie, “I haven’t. I wanted to but he won’t know now.”

“You can tell him, even if he is unconscious. It might bring him back.”

Mujhe laga aap iss rishte se khush nahi honge. What about the rule of not letting two agents to fall in love?”

“I can’t stop someone from falling in love, can I?” He said looking down at her, “I fell in love with Nitara. I persuaded her. Your father fell in love with your mother. It was tough to face the consequences but we still managed to stick with eachother. My son fell for Ruksar, it was one hell of a period. They gave me a tough time. That’s why I didn’t torture Anjali and Jaskaran much. It was quite easy for them to convince us. I understand that this is the heart matter. No one can control whom they fall in love with,” He reassured her, “And my Chhote is a warrior, I am sure he won’t be gone any time soon.”

He wanted her to leave but she wanted to stay. He didn’t argue knowing she would not listen. She sat in the waiting area of the floor, and fell asleep. Her father, Sankalp Gupta,  found her there and took her to the tea room. He was concerned, her eyes were swollen and she looked tired. He asked her if she would want to go home and rest for few hours, which she refused to do. She sat next to Arnav in the visiting hour, talking to him about anything and everything. She again slept in the waiting area, her neck sprained from sleeping like that but she didn’t bothered the pain.

She was back on his side, the next day talking to him. The nurses were concerned about her. They would often tell her she will be informed when he wakes up but she still waited. She sat next to him, but due to her irregular interval of sleep she dozed off holding his hand in a tight grasp.

When Arnav’s eyes flickered open, he was unable to recollect where he was. He looked at the person who had held his hand in a tight grasp. He looked at her face which had lost its colours, she had lost weight and had dark circles under her eyes. He tried to call her but couldn’t as there was a tube injected to the side of his mouth. He kept looking at her, he had made his mind this time no matter what he is going to tell her how much he loved her. He didn’t care anymore, he had almost died but was still alive with God’s grace – this time he won’t take no for an answer.

She woke up and looked at him. She saw him blink, she almost cried out. He wanted to smile but it hurt. She leaned close to him and whispered, “If you would have died on me I would have never forgiven you. I am happy you woke up and I am here next to you. Don’t you dare leave me alone to deal everything alone like this ever next time. I am in love with you Arnav Singh Raizada. And I am going to fight for you, even if you don’t love me after all I did to you – I am not going to give up on you.”

He was overjoyed that she finally said she loved him. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her but he couldn’t. He grimaced and she mistook him to be in pain. She ran out to call the doctor. Nurses and doctor came running to the ICU. They asked him if he was okay, they were happy he didn’t need the nasal tube anymore so they removed it. He warned Arnav to rest and not talk much to the visitors. He was moved to the VIP room which could have more than one visitor.

A fleet of agents walked in to meet him. Then came the parents and siblings. They kept filling him all the details he had missed. Khushi stood there, near the door all the time not knowing what she should say or do. He was never left alone for her to talk to him. She didn’t even know how he felt about her anymore as he had never tried to talk to her once he was awake.

And finally it was time to take him back home. He was discharged on one condition that he would not strain and would rest properly. Arjun offered to drive him home and they left even before Khushi could get a chance to meet and talk to him. She was worried as he had not talked much to her in past whole week. She was having weird thoughts now. Did he not love her? Was it too late now?


Once Arjun had dropped him home, he had wanted to stay but Arnav had promised him that he would call him if he needed anything or if he was not feeling well. He sat on the recliner couch and breathed a sigh of relief. He was happy to be back to his den, his home. His thoughts shifted to Khushi, she had confessed her love for him but he had wrecked everything now. She might be thinking what a waste it was to confess as he didn’t even care to reciprocate how he felt. He walked to his bathroom and turned on the geyser. He took his shirt off, and was about to enter the shower when he heard the door bell. He stood there, confused if he should go and open the door. He thought it might be someone from work wanting to ask him how he was doing, so he thought of avoiding whoever it was. But the door bell rang again.

“What the-“ He said walking towards the door and there stood Khushi infront of him.

She had decided to meet him, she didn’t care if she thought her to be desperate but she couldn’t afford to lose him again. She was here but she had been apprehensive to ring the bell at first, what if he refused to meet her? What if he said he doesn’t feel the same way? It is definitely going to  hurt but she couldn’t take silence from him.

When he didn’t answer the second bell, she thought he must have fallen asleep and was about to walk away when he opened the door. He looked mad, she made her mind to return looking at his expression.

Khushi? Tum yaha?”

“Kya hum do minute baat kar sakte hai?” He didn’t say anything. He just stood there, still not knowing what to say to her. He moved aside so she could enter. He closed the door behind him as he followed her in.

Arnav, main tumhe-“

“Khushi, sorry main baat-“

They both said at the same time. They laughed and waited for the other person to start.

Tum kaho!”

“Naah! You came all the way to meet me, I think you deserve the first turn.” He said and sat down on the recliner, she wasn’t bothered that he wasn’t wearing a shirt at present. She sat on the chair, facing him.

“I just wanted to apologize to you for what I said to you when you woke upthe other day. It is pretty clear to me that you don’t feel the same way about me, but I just want to request you to not give up on our friendship.”

Mujhe toh laga tumne kaha you won’t give up on me so easily. You would fight for me. Bas itna sa fight? I am hurt,” he said, pouting.

She looked at him, not understanding what he was telling.

“I have been trying to tell you that I am in love with you since a long time but you are always avoiding me. So I started giving you hints rather. And now when you have confessed, I couldn’t respond because of all the tubes and needles attached to me,” He said standing up, she stood up too. He pulled her close and leaned down to kiss her lips. She had no idea he was such a good kisser, no wonder he was so good at what he does.

Late at night when he woke up to check if it was a dream, he felt solaced to find her hand on his chest – sleeping peacefully next to him.

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