To my writers,

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Jan 23

To my writers, (By Lazydoll)

Hello everyone. Lazydoll here.. I hope you guys remember, anyways let me tell you about me, I am MED reader for around 3 years now, and I followed almost all Arshis stories. And I used to comment and thank the writers but, since recent I am unable to comment as my PC had crashed, and it's very tough to comment from a phone, so I was unable to thank my authors. To Angel23- thank you Di for the updates,I read all as soon as you had updated. Loved the ending of Meri brother ki Dulhan and I read Aap mujhe too. Just now saw your new story, I loaded the page but didn't read yet.. I am just so in love with Jab We Met.. Awesome.. I laugh like crazy.. It's so nice. Thank you so very much. But alittle sad at the turn of events in Aap mujhe, Khushi is very wrong to say that to Arnav he has done so much for her and I am really afraid of Sashi Gupta's planning.. can't wait for next update. Di although I won't comment, I will be reading all updates.. and advanced Thank yous for the future updates till I am able to comment or post like this. To Archansuresh- thank you for the lovely ending in Faraway from you. And thank you for the last few updates on Family 01 and also the 1st two updates on Family season 02. I feel so sad for Arnav, yes what Arnav did is very unforgivable but I can't bear the pain Arnav specially is living in. And Aarav I am glad he did go and confess to Shreya,hope her family will understand them. I wonder why Anjali wanted ishaans address. Very eager to read more.. I did not like the concept but season 02 seems fine. Thank you for the updates. Waiting for next update.. To Rupakku- indeed a long update and I am hoping for the next update after a long month to be even longer!!!!! Loved it, anyways I am great fan of your works, Wait For Dawn is awesome.. you had left two questions too I will try to drop me in and leave my guesses too. Thank you for the updates.. To Anjaana- I read junoon.. nice concept.. very interesting. thank you very much.. I don't get time to read much like I use to earlier, what to do life changes but I do not miss my favourite stories.. My dear writers, I am very thankful for the updates please do remember that if I don't comment, it's not that I don't read I do but I am having trouble in commenting.. Thank you very much. Signing off Lazydoll. Wishing all my fellow Arshians a good night and good luck till we meet next BA bye

Jan 25

To; Angel23 (By Lazydoll)

Aww Di.. thank you so very much...It's such a nice surprise. Thank you so much. I wanted to comment so tried to, but my comment box isn't working. It's so terrible to not be able to comment.. I loved Aap mujhe, at 1st I was so sad, but the ending was superb.. and I want to thank you for your frequent updates of all three stories and also the OS that u had posted.. I love your short story Do Dil Mil Rage Hair, it's awesome, it's a very unique concept.. Thank you.. And please can u tell me the meaning of the title.. Thank you Di, for the updates and also for today's Jab We Met. And I want to tell you that I will be going out station for three days, so I will not be able to read, here are my advance thank yous for the upcoming updates.. I hope I will have alot to read,fingers crossed!! Bye, Yours Ever loving and forever crazy reader, Lazydoll

Jan 30

To; Angel23 (By Lazydoll)

Di, you did not break only Khushi's heart but mine too.. I am crying.. This was so so unexpected. How on earth is Arnav ever gonna rectify himself, those words, how will he erase? He has messed up big. It won't be long now, before the real face of the Raizadas will be revealed and Arnav will get kicked out. More than his family's betrayal at that moment, what he said and did to Khushi will haunt him, it will be very painful. Oh I am so so sad. Please di update next soon. I had to post this, I couldn't wait to comment, I read it now and tried commenting but couldn't so had to post. Till my comments box start working I will have to do this I guess. Di I wanted to tell about the OS-"coco cola tu'- it's so funny. I loved it. I have a request for you, can you after finishing the current SS-Dil Mil.... continue this OS into a SS. I would love to read more about Mr Coca Cola and his drunkard Khushi.. please Di if possible.. Thank you for the OS's you had posted. Waiting for next updates. Thank you, Always crazy fan, Lazydoll..

Jan 31

To; Angel23 (By Lazydoll)

Seriously ASR is so dumb.. idiot..fool... Urgh what a stupid misunderstanding. Seriously. I was so excited, that they are gonna meet,but.... Now what will happen? How will they figure out. It's a really mess nah. Arnav did unnecessary homework by trying to get a background check on Khushi. Now he will probably go back to being the old ASR. Maybe something will happen at that trip Nk planned. Fingers crossed, waiting for next update. And Di thank you for accepting my request. Your the best!!!!??????. I can't wait to read it. Thank you for the updates ????

Feb 1

Comment on Jan We Met 3. (By Lazydoll)

This update is even more sad Di. Even Payal doesn't trust Khushi. I thought Akash would leave Payal alone after Arshis seperation but no!!! Gosh! How could people be so evil? Even Nani? Isn't Arnav her blood grandson? She is so terrible. At least Akash n Mamiji is acceptable. But this old woman. Chi! I had light feeling that Arnav could be acting but NO.. He seriously is gonna suffer. You know something Di, I can't wait for the Raizadas to kick him out, then only his senses will kick in,?????? "The Harvard Fool"!! He is raining insults on Khushi, watch out your Fathead- reality is gonna hit you and knock you off your feet and right onto the ground, then you crawl towards this same woman!!!?????? And she should NOT forgive. Di I am telling you now itself Don't make Khushi forgive him easily!!????. And Di a request why don't you get this Payal married to Akash, I want her to experience and then realize what her sister did for her sake. And it will also teach that big mouth Buaji and Garima a good lesson ??. Di waiting for next update. Plz update Jab We Met itself, no need other stories for now, I can't wait.. plz plz. Thanks for the update??

Feb 5

To; Angel23 (By Lazydoll)

No seperation plz but a happy ending.. Yes this is better that them kicking him out. I actually had only one thought that ASR learn the truth after then kick him out. But this way is better Di.. Thank you.. I was waiting for update Di, where were you?? I cant wait to read next part. And Di I am alittle confused, where does Arnav and Raizadas live Shantivan or Sheesh Mahal? Plz Di waiting eagerly, update ASAP

Feb 7

To; Angel23 (By Lazydoll)

Thank you, thank you sooo much Di for the quick and awesome update. Your the best!!!!!! . So Raizadas, ''wish you all the very best"!!!!!!. Can't wait to see what Arnav's gonna do to them. Loved Arnav and Aman's convo at the end. Although I was sooo angry at Arnav, I feel so sad for him now.... Di, thanks for clearing my doubt. And ADD style is, Arnav blackmailing,like in in the serial? Or something new? I would love to see him as a lovesick puppy but with a touch of ASR style too if possible Di. Not completely love sick, but his ASR stunts time to time would be awesome per me, but whatever you right it's just superb. Waiting eagerly.. Thank you so much. Update soon

Feb 8

To; Angel23 (By Lazydoll)

Awesome!!!!!! So this is the true story behind Raizadas hatred.. Poor Anjali.. she is a Fool, to get manipulated by what people say. She lost her brother and husband both... Di I can't wait for next part because it's I am sure gonna be completely on Arshi!! Yay!!!. Thank you for the update.. please update next part ASAP.. Aap mujhe- thank you for the update.. it was nice. Arshi is so sweet..... Eager for their marriage.. and then shocks for those Gupta's n mother daughter duo, hope they suffer heart attacks!!!!!. Thanks alot.. update soon.

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