What magic is this?

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Jan 30

What magic is this? (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 70 times)

"Everyone has arrived and he is still only missing" a man said looking into his wristwatch.

" hey... cool man, He will come." One of them said

" He has still not married also. If he is married then, he would have been responsibly." Said a girl

" what are you kidding, His wedding?. It does not happen in this birth" said one of them.

" Why NK? Why are you saying like this?" Said another girl.

Nk: Payal You know how would he be in college. Many women are behind him and he will not look back anyone. If we ask why he doing like this he will say he is waiting for her love. If we ask who it is he will say do not know. How many years he crossed still his love did not yet come to him.

Payal: Ya that's true...

Another girl said," We will pray to God for get his love soon"

Everyone said," of course lavanya"

Payal: Akash, call him and ask where he is

Akash: Ok and he took his phone out and called. The ring went and suddenly the line went death.

NK: what happened?

Akash: Don't know he is cutting my call.

Suddenly they hear a voice room behind him. They looks back and saw the most handsome man standing there with a smirk on his lip.

They shouted," ARNAV..."

He close his eyes tightly," Sss... are you all plan to make me deaf"

Everyone: Arnav....

Arnav: hay... cool guys.

Akash: why are you late, Everybody has come and you are coming here later. Your coming to my wedding reception to like this. This is so bad

Yes they in Akash payal wedding reception. Akash, payal, nk, lavanya and Arnav theirs college friends. Theirs so good friends. Lavanya and Nk they were married a year ago. Now Akash and payal. Arnav waits for his love. He doesn't know who she or how she look still he didn't see her. Now their in Akash payal wedding reception.

Arnav: sorry guys suddenly I got important work that only I get late. Again I am sorry.

They're said," It's Ok" like this their start to chat happily forget everything.

Suddenly their hearing sweet and melodious voice. They looked back and saw a most beautiful girl is running towards them. She is chasing a ten year old boy.

She is wearing like a red pink colour choli. She is looking so beautiful. She in her open hair and her's hair fly in the wind. She looks like an angel.

Arnav, He has mesmerism in her beauty. He couldn't take off eye from her. His heart beating very fast. He thought finally he found his love.

She is lifting up her skirt little bit and running towards them. The boy runs towards them, pushed them aside and run out laughing. When she goes to crossing them suddenly she pulled back.

She look at her with little cute angry on her face and said," leave me "

Payal: hey, what happened, why are you chasing him like this?

She said," didi leave me. Today I will not leave him"

Her nose turn to red in angry. She looks cute with red nose. See this arnav feeling urge to pinch her cute nose.

Akash: But khushi suddenly what happened?

Khushi didn't say anything. Payal asked," ha khushi what happened suddenly and why are you angry with him and what did he do to you?

Khushi took a deep breath and pouted ," Didi Do you know I was talking with the guest and suddenly he come to me and call me and said," Didi today you're looking so beautiful and I said thank you. He is telling me that I do not want your, thank you and can we marry? How dare he? What an audacity, how can he ask like that? I will not leave him"

Hearing this their laughed. Khushi look at them with angry.

Akash: sorry khushi...

Payal: khushi he is just kidding you. Khushi pouted.

That time she saw others and she looks at payal. Payal sees this and said," Khushi, their mine and Akash college friends. And she look at her friends and said," this is khushi my sweet and cute little sister "

Arnav whispered to himself," Khushi...., a beautiful name like her"

Payal was starting to introduce them.

Payal point lavanya and Nk and said this is lavanya and nk. They married.

Nk and lavanya," Hi..."

Khushi: hi

And payal point arnav and said," This is Arnav, the great ASR"

Khushi look at him with wide eyes and asked with unbelievable," Really your ASR"

Arnav nodded his head, hiding his smile. See her wide eyes, he feels like to laugh. But he controls his self.

Khushi said with a beautiful smile on her lip," Hi "

See the smile on her lip. His heart starts to beat very fast. Like, now his hear going to blast. Without knowing himself, he said with a husky voice," you're looking so beautiful"

Hearing this khushi get blush and said," Thank you" Her both cheek and nose turn to red colour. Others looked him with shock.

They were wondering what happened to him suddenly. He never be behave like this, then what happened to him suddenly. But their doubts cleared in that second. It gave them a heart attack

Arnav: Can we get married? He asked with so most romantic tone

Hearing this they put their hand in their hearts and they gasped in shock.

Hearing this khushi dropping her jaw. Her blushing vanished. She looks at him with open mouth and wide eyes.

Jan 31

What magic is this? ( part 02) (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 64 times)

Khushi look at him without blinking and with open mouth. 

Arnav: Where did my answer?

Khushi with shock,"  Hua? "

Arnav: I don't want your hua. Give me your answer

Slowly, slowly her face change from shock to angry. She gave him an angry look. Like I will kill you now.

Arnav chuckled and he said without thinking anything,"  If you want to stare at me for long, then stare at me. I will not say anything. Because I am yours. You have all the right. But now give me your answer. After that if you want to stare at me then stare at me,  I will not stop you. Now tell me"

Hearing this khushi breathing heavily in angry. Her chest moving up, down. She clenched her fists in angry and gritted the teeth," You... You..."

He was eager to listen," Ha, me... Don't stop come on say yes. Let's get married and live happily and have cute kids. Yes cute kids like you. First, I want my angel like you. Look so pretty and after baby boy like me so handsome and smart. Ok, I do not have any problem if you want to have a lot of children. We will have. Your happiness is my happiness" 

Hearing this his friends look at him with open mouth. Their thoughts today what happened to him. They did not understand what he was talking and what he was doing. But one thing they know very well. He finally found his love.

Khushi now totally turned to red in angry. She looks here and there. See this Arnav asked khushi with confusion,"  what are you looking for " 

She sees here and there without ear to his talk. Suddenly a devil smile bloomed on her lip. She saw a waiter coming towards them. He has water glasses in his hand. See this khushi turn to arnav and asked with smile on her lip.

Khushi: You want my answer na

Arnav eagerly,"  Yes... yes..."

Others are watching it quietly and wondering what khushi going to give an answer to him. They are also eager to hear her answer. But somewhere payal feeling like her pagal sister going to do something. Before she stops her khushi took the water glass and  she poured on arnav head. 

Others gasped in shock. They did not expect this. Arnav feeling chill inside his body. He also did not expect this.

Payal comes from her shock and asked," Why are did like this?"

Khushi look at her and said with a cute angry on her nose," What is your friend is thinking about me? Do I look like a joker for all of yous? First that boy now He" and she points arnav with cute angry on her face.

Arnav shrugged his shoulder," What can I do, you look so beautiful. You came at a speed of light and snatched my heart. Now my heart is not with me"

Hearing this khushi feeling something inside her. Feeling like butterflies is flying inside her stomach and her heart skipped in beat. She controls her heartbeat and asked, hiding her blushing face  with fake angry and said," You.... you..."

Arnav raised his eyebrows like," What me.."

Without khushi saying anything she slammed her foot on the floor and turn to go. When she turns back her smooth hair touched his face. He smelled her hair closing his eyes with a smile on his face. When he opened his eyes and saw khushi going. He called her," Baby"

But she did not look back. Without giving any ear to his shout and without looking back, she starts to walk away from there. This time she stops hearing arnav word.

Arnav called her," Khushi baby"

Khushi turn and look back and gave a sharp glare and went from there slammed her food on the floor.

See this arnav giggled. Akash and his friends come near to him and asked,"  What's this "

With a smile on his face, he put his elbow on Akash  shoulder and he looked at her direction where she went and he said," she is looking so cute in angry" and he looks at payal with fake angry and said,"  Payal I am angry with you" 

Payal gets a shock and others looking at him with confusion.

Payal asked Shockley,"  What? What I did now"

Arnav: Why did you hide this from me?

Lavanya: Arnav what are you talking?

Payal: ha arnav what did I hide from you? I do not understand anything

Nk: ha buddy, what are you blabbering 

Arnav: you all are asking me why I am blubbering like this?

Everyone nodded their head," Yes"

Arnav like a baby he asked pouted his lip," Then ask her first why she hides that she have a beautiful and cute sister for me"

They shouted,"  What " and open their mouth in big "O" shapes.

Arnav: Ha, If she had said in the beginning, I would be married now, and now I will be a father to a cute baby

They Shockley," WHAT THE!!! " 

Their never thought their silent arnav talk like this. He did not go behind any women. But today he talks like this and behaving like this. They know he finally found his love. They so happy for him. Now they are ready to tie both of them. They ready to help arnav and payal also so happy finally her friend found his love and the love no one her own cute baby sister.


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Feb 6

read this note friends (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 26 times)

Hlw friends...

 I know you all are waiting for my stories. But I couldn't update dear. you all are very well know how life is. How busy, having problems, heart broken,  tears. Now my life also in same situation. I hope soon all my problems come an end  and get peace of mind and heart and in my life...

Maximum I will try dear... try to update my stories 

Thank you all

Feb 21

part 3.... What magic is this? (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 41 times)

Thank you so much for your all support. My problems still did not come to any end. But I hoping that soon all my problems come to an end. I thought to update the stor.  I don't want to make you all wai.  

Here the story..........

A man sleeping on the bed peaceful and suddenly his sleep broke by hearing the washroom door getting open.  He opened his eyes and he saw his most beautiful wife coming out wearing his favourite red colour sari after taking morning bath. She looks so beautiful in his favourite colour. His wife saw him and  she comes near to him. 

She said - good morning hubby 

He nods his head negatively and he pulled her into the bed and he comes top of her. She starts to breathe heavily.

He said in a husky voice," I don't want your morning wishes like this" and he is eyeing her lip

She confusedly - Hua?

Without saying anything he looks  at her eyes and lip and he closes his eyes and slowly, slowly he bends down to capture her lip with him. When his lip going to touch her lip suddenly the room door get open wide and the door bang on the wall and voices came," ARNAV...."

He immediately open his eyes and jerked forward and sit on the bed," What the "

His friends standing around his bed and look at him confused and asked," What the? What? "

Arnav angrily,"  Don't you all have any manners?  This way, you all enter the room, Where are the couples inside the room alone? 

Everyone,"  WHAT THE!!! "

Akash: Arnav what are you talking, are you Ok na? Is your health good? Do you have a fever? No na? Is your head get hurt.

 He come and touch his forehead 

Arnav with threw his hand from him and burst out,"  What the"

Nk: Eerrr... Buddy stops your what the and say what did you dream

Arnav made his face in confusion," dream"

Lavanya folds her hands in her chest," Yes dream. Who was in your dreams? Your saying couples? Ahh... are you dreaming your angry baby? 

Then he realized that he is dreaming.

He muttering confusedly - Is this a dream? And he made a sad face and said - It was just like real 

His friends saw this and asked - What are you murmuring

Arnav jerked back and said - hua?

Lavanya - what are you murmuring?

Arnav comes to his senses and said - Nothing. You all say what made you all come here and where Payal

Akash - We came to take you with us and Payal staying with your BABY 

arnav asked warmly - hay what happened to khushi she ok na?

NK - no she not ok buddy. Yesterday night she got a fever  

Arnav worriedly - how? She was fine yesterday, then how suddenly did the fever come?

Lavanya - It's seems like she's had ate many ice cream last night.

Arnav Shockley - What? She is  a baby? 

NK - Of course your baby 

Without saying anything arnav get up from bed and ran into the bathroom. He has quickly come out after getting ready  and went near to the table and took his car key and he runs out. His friends followed him throwing questions on him. Without giving any answer to them, he gets into his car and drive away 


Arnav entered the house urgently. He saw one servant and call him near to him and asked," Where Khushi room?"

The servant showed her room where. Arnav comes  into the room and saw Payal sitting beside her on the bed and her parents standing other side bed worriedly.

Arnav : Khushi... and he rush to her.

See this Payal get up from her place and move aside giving space to him. Arnav come and sit beside her and took her hand in.

Arnav caresses her cheek and called her name," Khushi... Khushi  open your eyes... What happened to you"

He turns  to Payal and asked worriedly," Payal what happened to her suddenly"

Payla - Arnav yesterday night she had lots of ice cream. When she goes to bed, she was Ok. Today morning she didn't come down. So me come to see why she didn't wake yet. I tried to wake her up and she did not wake up. Then I realized that she had having a fever.

Arnav looks at khushi and still caressing her hair," Did you call the doctor?"

Payal: Yes, we called, he will come now

Arnav didn't say anything and he keeps his eyes on her without blinking and gently caressing her hair.


After the doctor went. His friends also arrived there

Arnav said," I'm going to take care of her"

Akash: But Arnav...

Arnav: No... I will not change my decision, I'm going to take care of her.... He turns to her parents and said," uncle, Aunty, I do not want to hide anything from you"

They nod their heads.

Akash: Arnav what are you going to do.

Arnav look at him and said," I am doing the right thing now" and he turns to her parents and said," uncle, aunty I love your daughter"

They looks at him with wide eyes

Arnav: I want to live my life with her. She was my love. For a long time I waited for my love. Finally, I found my love. I'm not ready to lose my love. I want her in my life. Please uncle, aunty I want your help and I can not do anything without your help. Will you help me" He asked with hope

They stood there like a statue while sometime and slowly... Slowly they nodded their heads with a smile on their lips.

See this arnav and his friends get so happy and their hugged each others.

Arnav slowly comes near to khushi and others went out giving privacy to them.

He sits beside her and caressing her hair and bends down and kiss her forehead. When his lip touches her forehead, he remembers the dream which he saw in the morning.

He whispered,"  I love you, I want that dream come to become real. I will make you accept in your life and made you fall in love with you. I will shower you with my love sweetheart"  and he kisses her forehead and khushi hold his hand under a cheek and sleep peacefully.

Arnav sits there and without making any noise he admiring his sleeping beauty  


Hw is it?

?? How Arnav is going to make her fall in love with him?

?? Will she understands his love?

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