OS:I am sorry

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May 13, 2013

OS:I am sorry (By Twilight) (Thanked: 23 times)

Arnav saw khushi drinking bhaang.

''What the!khushi why are you drinking this thing.You are crazy enough without this too.''

Arnav snatched the glass from her hand.

''Hey Mr.why are you saying 'what the' like that laadgovernor?and how dare you try to boss me around?''

Khushi said angrily pouting her lips and then looked at him closely.She smacked her head and started giggling.

''Khushi kumari gupta singh raizada,you have gone mad.Are...you are my laadgovernor...the one who was left here by the british...........Do you know why?because they also couldn't tolerate your 'What the'.''

''Shut up khushi ang get inside.You need to take rest otherwise you will drive every sane person insane.''

But khushi snatched the glass from Arnav's hand and ran away,yelling 'what the!' at the top of her lungs.

''What the!Khushi!!''he ran after her.Even after searching her everywhere,he couldn't find her.

''Where did she go?This girl will surely drive me crazy!''Arnav was genuinely starting to get worried.

Suddenly he spotted Shyam embracing her in a secluded corner.He blew his head off in rage and started advancing towards them.But he saw khushi pushing shyam away.

''How dare you touch me shyamji?I am a married woman and no one has the right to touch me except my husband!''

That ticked shyam off.He grabbed her shoulders and shook her violently.

''You are refusing my love for that Arnav khushiji who has never loved you,never respected you,always gave you so much of pain?''

''Don't talk about him like that!You don't know a thing about his love.He loves me a lot and same goes with me.Just stop lusting over me.I'll never be yours.You are a cheap womaniser and I'll prefer to dioe a thousand times than be with you!''

That brought ASR crashing down.He burnt in repentence.How could he hurt her so much when she had never shown anything but whole hearted trust on him?His heart ached for her -his khushi who had suffered so much just because of his ego.

He saw Shyam hurting her,bruise formed on her soft flesh and she winced cin pain.That was enough to make ASR's blood boil.He rushed to khushi and pulled her out of that scoundrel,shyam's grip,cradling her as if she were the most delicate of petals.

''Arnavji.''she whispered tears pouring down her eyes.

''Shhh khushi I'm here.I'll always be there with you.''

Then he left her and caught shyam by collar and started beating him,not leaving even a single inch of his body.

''How dare you?How dare you touch her?How dare you hurt her damn it?''

''Arnavji leave him.He'll die.''khushi tried to free shyam but all in vain.Arnav seemed beyond his senses.

''She was,is and will always be mine and mine only.''

''Arnavji please.''Khushi tried to pull him back.

''Just leave him for my sake.''she pleaded and that worked.Arnav let go of shyam who ran away as fast as his legs would carry him.

''Khushi,I'm so sorry.I know I hurt you but I'll repent for my every sin that I committed bu hurting you.I love you and will keep loving you even after I di...''

''Please don't talk like this.You can't leave me.I love you too arnavji.''

Arnav's heart beat buoyantly like never before.She loved him,she was his now and forever.No one could seperate them.

He pulled her in a tight hug and burried his face in her hairs.

From that day,everyday was the festival of colors for them which they celebrated by dousing themselves in most purest and vibrant of colors-the color if love.

                                                            THE  END

Hey guys this is Dewdrop.I have made my account on this sight under the name twilight.Thanks for giving such enthusiastic support to my previous OS New year.I hope you like this one too.

                                                                                                                              Anyways,as I told you before I'm starting an arshi SS on my blog.So,I invite your suggestions except that sheetal track as I hate it.If you want me to write something different from the tracks that the serial followed then tell me.Waiting for your suggestions.



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May 14, 2013

Hey chinnu17,here is the help and thanks Ipkknd-Gbdfan (By Twilight) (Thanked: 8 times)

Hey chinnu17.The URL of my blog is- mylaandreas.blogspot.in.Just type the URL in the search box for website and you can access it easily.I hope you'll like my story.

                                                                                        Ipkknd-Gbdfan thank you so much for your suggestions.I'll definitely think about it and I'll give you the link as soon as I start posting.



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