OS:6 months

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May 15, 2013

OS:6 months (By Twilight) (Thanked: 24 times)

Arnav Singh Raizada reached home,just as busy as ever,giving directions to Aman.He entered his room only to stop up short.Was it his room?The place was dimly lit,mostly embraced in darkness just like he liked before the arrival of khushi.A strange silence enveloped the room as if it were lifeless,deserted....

Though the breeze was blowing,there was no jingles of wind chimes,no bubbly chattering of khushi.

The piercing loud silence suffocated him,disturbing him to the core.

''Khushi!''he called out tentatively.

She came out of the poolside and even in dim light arnav could make out the immense hurt and pain in her eyes.

''Khushi,What's wrong?''he asked concernedly,taking a step forward.

In response,she immediately took out some papers.

''Here arnavji,I've signed the papers.''Her voice was strangely high-pitched and tranquil.

''Which papers khushi?''he was thoroughly confused.

''Have you forgotten arnavji?Today is the last day of our contract marriage.From now on you won't have to bear with a cheap,middle class girl like me.''she smiled wryly,which didn't touch her eyes.

That brought the world crashing down for Arnav.His khushi was going away from him forever.Waves of torture washed over him,sinking his heart.The prospect of never seeing her mischievous eyes,her breathtaking smile,her antics,her craziness,her blush was unbearable for him.

NO!His heart screamed at him.He couldn't survive a single second without her.As if through a haze he heard her speak.

''I've rearranged all your clothes and shoes in their original place.I have left all the jewellery,including your mother's kangan and dresses that I ever received from this family.You can check it if you want,I've not taken anything.''

She suddenly came forward and thrust a bundle of note in his hand.

''Here is the money that you gave me for expenses.I don't need it.So that's all I hope.''

ASR was dazed,his eyes moist.He looked at the money,not even a single note was touched.His heart ached.What had he done?

Khushi went back and picked up her bag.


''I'm going.''she looked like she was struggling to say something.

''Take care of youself and di.I promise this is the last time you'll ever see me.Bye!''she chocked shattering his heart into pieces.

Why didn't he see this before?The innocence and truth in her eyes.The girl who had taken care of him and his family so selflessly,who had never asked for anything but love and care,who had not so much as touched the riches thrown her way being the wife of great business tycoon,Arnav singh Raizada and who was now leaving all the luxuries and comforts that too without any demands for money,unlike anybody else who had been in her place done.How could she have betrayed him and his di?

For the first time in his life,he listened to his heart and regretted,repented for his mistakes.No!she can't leave him not now not forever.

''Khushi!''he called out in anguish .

He caught her hand and made her turn,facing him.

''Khushi why are you going?''

She looked up at him confused.


He looked at her pale face,not able to pour his heart out.His ego stopping him again so he tried a different tactic.

''Khushi where will you go?Your amma,babuji and buwaji won't accept you.They will.....''

''You don't have to worry about that arnavji.I've already decided everything.I have learnt to take care of myself.'' she said freeing herself from his grip and walking out.

He can't let her go.He can't allow his ego to make him lose her.What worth will his ego have without his life and soul?

ASR rushed to her again.

''Khushi please don't go.I'm sorry,sory for every mistake,my every sin for hurting you.Please khushi punish me but don't leave me.You're my heart ,my soul,my breath,my love,my life.I was a fool to believe that shyam over you,but please forgive me.I can't live without you.Please.''

He kneeled down before her,crying uncontrollably.

''Arnavji...''khushi whispered.She couldn't see her laadgovernor in this condition.No matter how much he hurt her,she couldn't stop loving her arnavji.

She hugged him tightly and he curled up against her,finding solace in her embrace.

''I won't leave you.I'll never leave you.''She soothed him.

Probably that is the beauty of love.You could never stop loving,not even after hurts and heart-breaks.

That was their happily ever after,which began with a glorious end to their shadowy,painful past.

                                                        THE END

Hey guys,I hope you liked this one.Anyways,I've posted the first part of my arshi story on my blog.Please,please,please read it and comment.My blog URL is- dewdropscreations.blogspot.in.


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