The path Unknown

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May 16, 2013

The path Unknown (By Twilight) (Thanked: 60 times)

Hey guys,

Thank you so much for giving me so much of love.Here is my first arshi novel.I'm posing it on my blog and will repost here.I hope you all like it.

Thanks and lots of love!


ACP Arnav singh raizada entered his cabin,slamming the door shut.He kept his bag on the table of his immaculately arranged room and burried himself in the case file,the gears of his shrewd brain revving.              He was tall and powerfully built with deep brown eyes and firm jaw.He was  and police -known in masses and police department for his honesty,brilliance and shrewdness.He was the name of terror for goons and other low lives of the society.Invincible and potent.......                                                         But that wasn't the only facet of his dynamic personality.A.C.P Arnav singh raizada was renowned for his terrible temper.His day began and ended with shouting on people,nowhere one can find a more cynical man.An obsessed workaholic who never so much cracked a single smile and for all everyone knew it was a mere myth.Many,in fact, were firm in their believes that he didn't have even the slightest bout of emotions in him,which made a person humans.Yet the same ASR felt so wierd,nothing like the usual tediousness a strange anticipation filled him,making him thoroughly confused and irritated.

'Get a grip man.There's nothing new about today.'he berated himself ang again indulged himself in his work. He was soon about to find how very wrong he was!

 There was a brisk knock on the door.

 ''Come in!''he ordered .

The door opened and a sweet,floral smell enveloped him.He looked up only to keep on gaping at the girl. She was willowy and graceful with waist length lustrous hairs.Her pale face was adorned with brown eyes,brimming with mischiefs, a cute,sharp nose and supple,pink lips which were curled in a breath taking smile.She had the most innocent face with child-like charm.ASR stared at her unblinkingly, drinking her beauty.

 ''Hello sir,I'm khushi kumari gupta,the new officer who was supposed to join today.''she chirped offering her small hand.

 His trance was broken and he immediately manoeuvered to put on his hard facade.He immediately disliked her for breaking through his barriers,making him vulnerable and he lashed out belligerently at her.

 ''Ms.Gupta you are ten minutes late.Today is your first day so I'm letting it go,but this shouldn't repeat next time.Now here take this file of the case  that we're currently handling.Read it thoroughly.You may go now!''he dismissed her ignoring her outstretched hand.

 Khushi was stunned and miffed.The ego of this man!

 ''I'll certainly do that sir!''she said equally curtly and turned on her heels.

 ''Manner less laadgovernor!''she muttered irritably.

 ''What the!''

 She whimpered and turned back to face a very furious  ASR.


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May 22, 2013

The path unknown Part 2 (By Twilight) (Thanked: 47 times)

''What did you call me?''ASR asked in a dangerously soft voice.

Though khushi shook in every limb,she vouched to steady her voice.

''You heard me besides its not like I said something wrong!''she shrugged.

 ''You.....!'' But to khushi's luck,the door opened at that precise moment and Akash walked in. ''Bhai...we've got a lead on.....Khushi!!''


''Khushi was ecstatic on seeing her best friend after a long time.She ran and flung herself in his arms. ASR was shocked.He couldn't understand his own reactions.Why was he so annoyed to see them in an embrace?Or was angry closer to the truth?

 ''Wow!Its so nice to see you Ms Happy!I missed you so much!''Akash grinned.

''Same here!''

What the!!ASR fumed.

''Khushi what are you doing here?''

 ''I've joined as the new junior officer.''she said gleefully,nearly jumping with joy.

 ''Superb!It will be so much fun working with you.'' That was the end of ASR's patience.

 ''Do you guys know each other?''he asked in a barely controlled voice.

 ''Of course bhai!Khushi was my junior in the college and we were best of friends.By the way khushi,he's my elder brother,Arnav Singh Raizada .''Akash's voice was laced with respect and reverence.

 ''This laadgovernor is your brother!!!''Khushi looked insultingly shocked.

 ''What the....How dare you?''

 ''B...bhai leave it please.She's my friend.''

Akash pleaded sensing the brewing storm,then he turned to khushi.

 ''Lets go.I'll introduce you to everyone in the office.''He grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the office.

 Khushi shot a victorious smile at Arnav,showing she got off,which added further to his temper. ACP Arnav singh raizada for the first time in his life,couldn't concenterate on his work.His heart and mind was occupied by khushi kumari gupta. -

 Half an hour later when ASR stepped out of his cabin to attend a meeting with Home minister,he was greeted by an appalling sight and only two words escaped his mouth, ''What the!'' For the first time since its establishment,the imposing office of Special Task Force was on a stand still and the sole reason was khushi around whom everyone was gravitating around,admiring her affable mannerism. Even as ASR looked on bereft of words, he saw another officer,Rohan,laughing with her which again,for some unknown reason ticked him off.

 ''What the hell is going on here?''he snarled louder than he intended.

 Everyone immediately stood up and ran helter-skelter to escape ASR's wrath,who was glowering around murderously.

 ''Ms.Gupta,This is the office of Special task force and not your living room.You've got to maintain that decorum.Make sure that I should never find you indulged in nonsense like this,otherwise consequences won't be good.Ensuring the safety of citizens is not a joke,we don't have time or right to loll around like fools.I hope I have made myself clear!'' He growled and walked off,leaving a tearful khushi.

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May 24, 2013

The path unknown Part 3 (By Twilight) (Thanked: 37 times)

Thank you Arshi fan_12 for your comments and of course all other silent readers for appreciating my story.I've posted PART 4 on my blog,which is fully action-packed and has tinges of mystery that ASR'S past poses.You can check it out.

Please read and comment if you like it.

                                                     BTW guys can you please help me to find the stories-Desire for the fifth season,The great escape of Mr.and Mrs.Raizada and My imagination about the new promo,please.I so very badly wanna read them.Pleae help me!



 Damn you Arnav!You should really learn how to keep your temper in check! ASR was berating himself,khushi's tearful eyes flashing before him.Howsoever hard he tried,he couldn't push her off his mind.                                                                             

   The sudden shrill ring of the phone broke his reverie. ''Hello!''he answered the phone and the news on the other end was enough to kick the ACP in him,snapping everything in perspective. ''Are you sure?You very well know the consequences of messing with ASR!''he growled. ''Good!''he added after a pause and snapped the phone shut,smirking smugly.He was on a hunt..... -

 ''Oh god its so dark here.Please let this be over soon!''Khushi was incessantly mumbling prayers which obviously got on ASR's nerves.

 ''Can't you keep your mouth shut for a single second?''he whispered furiously.

 There were hidden behind thick bushes,facing a ruined building.E arlier that morning ASR had received information from one of his spies that a huge consignment of drugs was going to change hands on that very spot and accordingly he had laid down the trap to catch the wrong-doers.Every S.T.F officer was now positioned in the surrounding area and inadverently khushi and ASR had ended up hiding at the same place.That guaranteed clash of the titans!

 ''If you were just as afraid of darkness as I am you wouldn't be saying this.''she said petulantly, her childish rebuke brought a faint smile on ASR's face-something which he hadn't done for years.But immediately he pulled on his antagonistic mask,grateful that it was dark.

 ''There is no place of fear in a S.T.F. officer's life Ms.gupta.The sooner you understand this the better!''he whispered curtly,turning his back on her.

Khushi gaped at him.The man was impossible!

 ''Well you have to have a bit of human in you to feel emotions which you apparently lack.''she snapped.

 ''You....''But ASR's irate reply was drowned in the revving of an engine as a truck rolled to stop in the deserted clearing in front of them.

 Their prey has arrived.......

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May 25, 2013

The path unknown Part 4 (By Twilight) (Thanked: 44 times)

Arshi_fan 12 di,Arshika di and Rriya di,thanks for commenting and liking my story.A big thanks to silent readers for appreciating my story.I hope you like this part too.Please read and comment.I've updated PART 5 on my blog guys.You can check it out.




As ASR watched the truck rolling to stop a sense of de javu coursed through him,filling him with a deep loathing.His past swirled once again in his mind in angry vortex,causing him the same anguish.He fought with it desperately.He couldn't fall weak,not when he had the chance to yet again fulfill the vow that he had taken on that dreadful night 14 years ago......... 

                                                                                     The truck was shortly followed by another one.

''Take the position and be vigilant.....Not a single man should escape!''he hissed on the bluetooth,his muscles flinching to clamp down on those criminals neck.

 Several men alighted from the trucks,oblivious to the lurking doom.A tall,well-built man came striding down and as the flash lights of the goons illuminated his scarred,ugly face.khushi gasped loudly.

 ''This is Chhota Mayappa,one of the most notorious and deadly drug dealer!''she said hushedly.

 S.T.F. officers stealthily closed in,tightening the noose.

''All right guys,be ready!''ASR ordered and stood up determinedly from his hideout.

''Throw away your weapons and don't try to escape,lest you want to die!You're surrounded from all the sides.''he yelled,levelling his gun as the clearing buzzed with S.T.F. officers.

The goons stood petrified,frozen in the middle of the clearing as officers pounced in them from all the sides.

 ''Seize the drugs and take all of them in custody!''ASR barked order,grabbing Chhota Mayyappa by his collar and punching him.

 ''Don't you feel ashamed of betraying your own Country just for the sake of money!''he asked thrashing him badly,the ghost of his painful past completely over-powering him,robbing him off his senses.

 ''Bhai!''Akash struggled to loosen his hand off Chhota Mayyappa,but ASR was beyond reasons.

This was the moment Akash had been fearing since morning and now the worst came true.It seemed that nothing could hold his brother back.

''Do you know how many lives you destroy?How many families you tear apart?''he growled.

''Arnavji!''khushi shrieked,as if to wake him from his painful memories.She could clearly hear and feel his pain as if it was his,twisting her insides.

 ASR looked up to see her standing a feet away,her eyes mellowed voicing compassion as if she understood him.The sight knocked sense in his befuddled brain and he pushed the man away in disgust,not tearing his eyes away from her's.

 Chhota Mayappa,endeavoured to steady himself and taking advantage of their lack of attention,grabbed khushi by her neck,aiming his gun at her.

 ''Your game is finished ASR!You can't catch me!Now drop off your gun otherwise I'll kill this pretty-head.''he leered.

 ASR was torn.He could neither let the man escape,nor loose khushi.Just as he was thinking a way out,he saw khushi raising her leg.

 Khushi aimed a firm kick on the man's groin,fully using her heels,causing him to howl in pain.She took advantage of his loosened grip to give a tight punch on his nose,that got him on the ground bleeding.

 ''I am not a fool to join S.T.F without knowing how to protect myself!''She spitted,her nose flaring.

 She looked up to see several jaws dropped to ground except one's.ASR stared at her, an inexplicable sense of pride flooded him.

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May 28, 2013

The path unknown Part 5 (By Twilight) (Thanked: 37 times)

High atop a nearby cliff,lurked a creepy shadow seething in fury.

''Rejoice in your victory Raizada because it won't last long!You'll be doomed!''

he snarled,clenching his fists. Moments later a black SUV raced away,leaving behind a gloomy trail...... - ''That was quite neat khush!''

Lavanya said patting her back. All the S.T.F. officers were huddled in the parking lot,ready for going home after an extremely hectic day.

 ''Yeah.....who could say that you can aptly flatten a man at least twice your size by looking at you.''Rohan quipped,looking awed.

 ''Well...I'd suggest you to remember it then Rohan because these kind of anatomical factors never registered in her mind.''

Akash said grinning.

 ''Stop it guys!''Khushi flushed,looking sheepish.

 ''Akash!''a voice cracked and they looked around to see ASR emerging from the lift.

 ''OK guys, see you tommorrow!''

 Akash murmered and rushed off.

 Khushi turned to her scooty only to find flattened tires. ''Awww ****!''

She groaned.

 ''What's wrong?''

 ''I've got a flat tire!Stupid thing!''

she said kicking the tire hard.

''No worries,you can leave it here and get it repaired tomorrow.I'll drop you home.''Rohan offered already seated on his bike.

''Thanks!I...'' Suddenly a white SUV rplled to stop.

 ''Get in,we'll drop you.''ASR ordered,rolling the window down.

A stunned silence followed.Khushi looked uncertainly at Akash to find other's shocked expression reflected on his face.Thoroughly confused she got in and the car raced away.

 Akash was taken aback.There was definitely something fishy going on!It was surreal! First his bhai,-who never paid heed to anyone and was practically uncontrollable,except by di,when he had fits of ire,like in the clearing earlier,-had listened to khushi and stopped thrashing the goon and now he actually volunteered to drop off,that too to a girl! Two miracles in a day,that too concerened with his obstinate brother were difficult to stomach.He looked away to hide his ear to ear grin.He'll have to report the matter to his di!

After dropping khushi at her home,ASR and Akash reached the Raizada Mansion.ASR was lost in thoughts and Akash was excited,keenly working to keep his face straight.

 ''Chote!Akash!You both came.''Anjali came limping towards them with a soft smile on her kind face. ''Go and change.I'll lay the dinner for you.''

''Di,you're awake!How many times will I've to tell you to not to wait for us.Its not good for your health!''ASR said frustratedly.

 ''Oho chote,no sooner you enter the house you start bossing me around!Who would say I'm older than you!''she said fondly.

 ''Bhai is right di.You should take rest.Come I'll take you to your room by the time bhai can go and change!''Akash said grabbing the opportunity.He really can;t wait to tell his di till morning.

Anjali raised an eyebrow at the shining,excited eyes if her younger brother and got the clue.

 ''Ok Akash!Chote you go and change.''she walked with Akash to her room and no sooner that they reached there she had the blow-by-blow account of the entire happening in one breath.

 ''Akash pinch me,I can't believe this!Are you sure this is our chote?''she asked dazedly,looking ecstatic.

''Yes di,I think bhai has developed liking for khushi!'' Anjali had tears of joy in her eyes.

 ''I hope its true Akash.My chote has suffered so much.I wish he gets all the happiness in the world!.....Akash from now on,keep an eye on chote and report every single incident to me.This khushiji must really be something!She managed to steal my brother's heart.''

 ''Yeah di...she's very sweet,bubly and kind.Always spreads happiness just like her name.''

Anjali smiled. ''I hope chote gets 'his khushi'!''

That night Anjali went to peaceful sleep in the hope of a glorious dawn in her chote's life.

Hey guys,thank you so much for your comments and apologies for late update.I was a bit caught.Anyways,I hope you like this part.I've posted PART 6 on my blog.You can check it out.

                                                                                                                                     Guys,my CBSE 10th results are coming today or maybe tomorrow and I'm damn nervous.Hope it'll be great.


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May 31, 2013

The path unknown Part 6 (By Twilight) (Thanked: 36 times)

He was in a horribly familiar place.He very well knew these moonlit grounds,acquainted with every nook and crevice.Yet he hated it,loathed from the core of his heart.It was this place!                                                         

Suddenly a terrified scream pierced the looming silence,a voice he could recognize anywhere,even in sleep.Today again it was filled with same dread,that same desperation as it was years ago.He heard it clearly,the pleading seemed to be  ensuing from the very bowel of Earth,richocheting off the surroundings.

 '' can't do this dewarji,I'm your elder brother's wife,your bhabhi!How can you do this to me?I always thought of you as my younger brother.Please let me go!''she grovelled.

 ''How can I do that Ratna?Its not my fault that you're so beautiful,I've been waiting for this moment for ages.Besides bhai has been sent to jail for smuggling drugs.He'll get imprisonment for at least 10-20 years.By the time what use will your beauty come to ?It'll be such a waste!''The man said sickly.

 ''Dewarji please!At least think about Anjali and Arnav!They are like your own kids!Please don't do this!''she cried desperately.

''Ah bhabhi.Don't worry about them.They will never know,in fact for that matter nobody else will.Now don't be so difficult.''

He ran like a maniac.He'll save his mother from that womaniser,characterless fiend.Yet,howsoever hard he ran,he couldn't seem to reach.It was just as unreachable as his mother was.

 ''Come here Ratna!Let me claim your beauty!''The monster whispered,ignoring her sobs.

 ''NO!Don't you dare!''he yelled,but his voice was lost.

 A gunshot echoed in ,bringing his world crashing down. He saw Anjali,sitting beside their mother's body which was drenched in blood,crying.Her mother had committed suicide to save herself.

 ''Maaaa!''he yelled.

 He heard that monster,who was his very own uncle,laughing callously at despair,eyeing his sister lustfully.

 ''So what if mother is gone,daughter is just as beautiful to suffice.''he smirked.

''Don't you dare you scoundrel!''he snarled,dashing down the corridor,yet his legs somehow didn't seem to carry him.He was loosing.

 ''No!'' He tried as hard as he could,but the corridor seemed to stretch on and on.He couldn't save his di,like he did that night.He was sucked away,into darkness,into nothingness.

 ''Di!''he yelled panic-stricken,but there was no one around.He was drowning in his own anguish.Suffocating!

 ''Arnavji!''a sweet voice called.

''Khushi!''he saw her.She was standing there,glowing with a faint shimmer,looking angelic.Her eyes tender,voicing her compassion,radiating warmth. She came and took his rough hands in her soft,warm ones.

''Arnavji,come with me!''she chirped,taking him.Where?he neither knew nor cared.

He felt healed,human,not a beast like he had become.A strange longing for her gripped him.He could go wherever she would take.She has to be with him anyway.She made him-tamed,whole.

 ''Come.''she whispered,smiling,taking his breath away.........

 ''Khushi!''ASR woke up dazed,still groping around for her in dark,trying to bring her near him.

''Khushi!''he looked around,unable to locate her,dim light from pool side,illuminated his room,gleaming subtly.That made him catch up with his bearings.It was a mere dream.She wasn't here,near him,comforting him.

The knowledge strangely disappointed him. He laid down,staring at the ceiling,a sleepless night awaited him......


''Chote,you should look after yourself.Working 12-14 hours a day is not a joke.It will take a toll on your health!''

Devyani singh Raizada was lovingly chiding her eldest and stubbornest grandson.She was a woman in her mid sixties and well-known in the society for her benevolence. The Raizadas were having their breakfast together on the affable morning. Arnav opened his mouth to reply but Akash cut in.

 ''Don't worry dadi.Bhai has found 'his khushi'.''he teased,his eyes dancing.

 ''What the!''ASR blurted looking at him questioningly.

''Akash meant to say that you have found happiness ,your khushi in your work.''Anjali came to his rescue.

 ''Oh!''ASR raised his eyebrow,not looking convinced in the least.

 ''Ummm chote try this kheer.I've made this specially for you!''Anjali tried to distract him.If he came to know the actual reason,he'll gobble Akash alive!

 Devyani Raizada's experienced eyes were not to be fooled.She sensed something fishy between brother and sister duo and determined to find it out.


Arshi_fan12 di,thanks for your comments and well wishes.

Rriya di,thanks for being such a wonderful reader.

I wanna thank all the silent readers too!Please read and comment guys.Your comments are my strength.

I hope you enjoy this part too.

BTW,I am SUPER DUPER HAPPY guys!My results are out and I've scored A1 in all the subjects and got 10.0 CGPA.I wanna dance right now!

Anyways,I've updated PART 7 with lots of arshi fun on my blog.You can check it out.


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Jun 1, 2013

The path unknown Part 7 (By Twilight) (Thanked: 34 times)

The imposing building of S.T.F. was currently seized in pandemonium.Rota of media persons raked the place,shouting questions all at once.

''Please stand back!!....Don't crowd the place!''a very irritated looking Aman was trying to handle the uncontrollable rush.

 ''Sir,is Chota Mayappa really arrested?''

 ''Did he reveal anything?''

 ''Who is the mastermind behind this drug racket?''

 ''What the HELL is going on here?''a voice cracked in wild frenzy,silencing everyone.

They turned to see a very annoyed ASR standing at the entrance.At once the crowd surrounded him to immense relief of a harassed Aman.

 ''Sir is it true that you've arrested Chota Mayappa?''one of the female journalist asked rather coyishly,batting her eyelashes.

 Though one can really couldn't blame them.Tall,dark and powerfully built ASR was much too sauve and possessor of an impressive personality to not to grab attention,although he never cared about it whatsoever!

 ''Yes we've arrested several drug dealers including the notorious Mayappa last night.We've also seized a huge hoard of drugs and will be probing the matter further.I assure you that all the wrong doers who are involved in this felony will soon be behind bars....This much information will suffice for now.So,you all may leave!''

He said solemnly,dismissing them effectively.The media filed out without a word. Nobody dared to mess with ASR! Just as they turned around to enter the building,a presence stopped them.

 ''Good morning guys!''It was khushi,standing in all her glory,a cheerful smile playing on her lips.

She wore black jeans and matched it with an elegant white T-shirt and a wrist watch.Her attire perfectly assentuated her beauty.

ASR was smitten,entranced,gawking at her.

 ''Hi Ms.Happy!''Akash replied equally enthusiasticaly and immediately gauged his brother's reaction from the corner of his eyes.

ASR frowned.

''Ms.Gupta,you're late again,despite my warning yesterday you didn't have the brains to.....''

''Our working hours start at 8 and I am 10 minutes early!Its not my fault that you are freaking well before time sir!''she replied curtly and stormed inside leaving a thunderstruck ASR.

 ''What the!''

Unknown to S.T.F. ,there were some people who were facing the brunt of their bravado. The news channels were full of the tales of success of ACP ASR and his team,heaping praises.

 A man sat in the dark,glaring at the screen.

''Boss,we didn't know that that damned ASR was going to be there.We....''

''You didn't know!''The man yelled,throwing the remote away.

 ''You worthless slimes!Its my fault that I've taken mutts like you.'' He spat at them.

 ''This is what I think of you!......Now nobody will do anything!I'll bring ASR down!I'll avenge for this!''he snarled,his voice reverberating in the macabre room.  


Rriya di,thanks for congratulating me and comments on my blog too.Even I wanna kill their beast of an uncle.

Shaalu di,thanks for liking my story.

Sc12345 di,thank you very much for such lovely comments.I owe you for that.

Arshi_fan12 di,thanks for encouraging me so much and commenting both here and on my blog.

And a huge thanks to all my silent readers for liking my story.I hope you like this part too.Please read and comment guys.I'll try to give longer updates as soon as I finish the other story that I'm currently penning down along with this one.

                                               BTW,PART 8 with lots of action and dark stuff is on my blog.You can check it.


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Jun 2, 2013

The path unknown Part 8 (By Twilight) (Thanked: 37 times)

The rest of the morning passed in an unsettling blur.The arrested men were thoroughly interrogated,rankled for every nuance of information though without any considerable success.

Apparently the men were just puppets in the hands of their boss,a man whom nobody had ever seen except his close compatriots.They were just goons for carrying out orders much like servants.

ASR's frustration mounted as the time flew by.He was in his worst avataar,a ruthless monster.

 Many men nearly passed out in a state of nervous collapse by his brutal interrogations.The man gave Hitler a run for his money.

At last Chota Mayappa was called in.

ASR stared at him coldly as he entered.

 '' you too are here Raizada!''he leered evilly.

''Of course!I've to here to give a taste of hell to a nutter like you!''he said through gritted teeth.The browns of his eyes blazing.

 ''Still the same arrogance....the same ego!....You haven't improved a bit.....Basking in the glory of your momentary success,are you?Because it won't last long.He'll clip down your wings!''Mayappa laughed maniacally.

Akash inched closer to his brother,eyeing the duo apprehensively  as they both glared at each other as if wishing nothing but ill health for the other.

''Bark as much as you can mongrel.I don't care!''ASR growled,shifting forward in his chair.

 Mayappa's smile changed into a cruel sneer.

 ''You've very high opinion of yourself,don't you?But you know what,you are a looser just like that prying,good-for-nothing father of yours Mallick!!''he spat through his teeth.

Nobody really saw or rather anticipated it coming.Suddenly a chair crashed on the floor as Akash stood up clenching his fist,looking murderous.

''Enough!''he yelled and strode forward to grab Mayappa by a fistful of his hair .

 ''Enough of your nonsense,you sick man!Now if you know what's good for you,them you better tell us all about your boss.''Akash growled,holding Mayappa by his hair.

 Akash had unmistakably noticed the momentary flicker of anguish in his brother's eyes at Mayappa's words.He had always seen him suffer,battle with his horrible past.He couldn't bear to see him hurt and that filled him with ire.

 ASR and others were shocked.Despite being ASR's brother,Akash was known for his equanimity and patience even while deealing with criminals,yet now his stood shaking with anger. Akash took out his gun and aimed it at Mayappa.

 ''Now you better spill the beans old man!''he spat.

 Two hours later Mayappa was locked in his cell.Though theu still hadn't got much of a lead on the mastermind of the racket,they had gotten enough information on godowns that were used to store drugs and prominent members of the notorious nexus.

The game had begun........

 The dark world of criminals was taken by a storm.Never before had so many arrests been made on a single day. Media nearly went wild,flashing the news with increased frenzy. -

''Several arrests were made and two were shot .......''

''Huge consignment of drugs recovered from.....''

''ACP ASR and his team have taken........'' His ire mounted with every passing second.

''TO HELL WITH YOU ASR!''he yelled,his voice reverberating eerily in the dark. He threw his gun on the TV screen,shattering it into hundreds of pieces.

''I'll have to do something!''he resolved solemnly.

ACP Arnav singh raizada has become a pain in the neck.....

Hi guys,

First of all sorry for closing the vote.I did it accidently.I'm vey clunsy.


Rriya di,thanks for being a constant reader and appreciating my story both here and on my blog.

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A big thanks to all my silent readers.


Arshi_fan12 di,you're welcome to ask your doubts.Anyways here is a brief summary.ASR had a hideous past which still haunts him.His childhood was destroyed due to a drug racket,that's why he had all those memories and lost control.How he's related to it will be revealed ion future.

He lives with his family which is same as in the serial.Khushi's family is same too.

Please ask questions if you've doubt di.I'll be happy to clear it.


BTW I've updated PART 9 on my blog with lots of ASR stuff.You can check it out.

Please read and comment.


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Jun 3, 2013

The path unknown Part 9 (By Twilight) (Thanked: 32 times)

Khushi was staring up at the frothy canopy of her bed,lost in thoughts. She had once again seen the ghost of his past,the hurt,the pain that haunts him and strangely-though she knew him barely more than two days-she felt his anguish.It disturbed her,unsettling her to the core. She badly wished to comfort him,but how?She did not know.

''Khushi,Ma and papa are coming day after tomorrow.I'm so excited.Finally the entire family will be together after such a long time.You know what,I already.....Khushi are you even listening?''Payal asked on noticing her sister's unusual behavior.

 Usually khushi nearly went crazy with happiness on the prospect of arrival of their parents,yet now she was lying silently,lost in her thoughts.

''Khushi!''Payal asked uncertainly,looking positively alarmed. The silence of her chatterbox for a sister was quite literally equivalent to the eighth wonder of the world!

She went by her side and shook her,stopping her chain of thoughts.

''Huh?''Khushi murmered dazed.

''What's wrong jiji?''she asked.

''I should ask the same question to you khushi!Ever since you came from office you've been so silent.Is everything Ok?''Payal asked concernedly.''

 ''Of course jiji!I was just thinking about a case that we're currently dealing with.Nothing much!''Khushi replied trying to sound off-hand.

 ''Are you sure?If there is any problem,you can share it with me.''Payal patted her head lovingly,still looking dubious.

 ''Oho jiji,there is nothing fishy.Honestly you should stop watching James Bond movies.You are turning into one!''Khushi said playfully,ducking in time to avoid being hit by the pillow that Payal threw at her.

She didn't want to involve her jiji in this.At least not for the time being! -

 ASR was standing near the french windows,lost in thoughts.

Moonlight sifted in his room,playing on the oriental carpets. Poolside held an inexplicable attraction,an aura for him.No matter howsoever worked up he was,he always felt at peace in this place,yet now even it didn't sooth his frayed nerves.

He glared at the calm water of pool that reflected the clear night sky in all its glory.It was a stark contrast of the turmoils raging inside him.

''I'm not weak!I can't be weak!''he growled,punching the wall.

 He drew the curtains close,shunning rays of light,making his room bath in omnipresent,depressing dark.He retreated in black,shutting and barricading himself firmly in a shell,determined to never to let go. The world was still the same cold,cruel place where trifle sentiments such as love,empathy,compassion was a myth,a big lie.People only mocked at other's anguish,chafing their wounds raw.

Though howsoever he hated to admit it,he knew he had allowed himself to be vulnerable,to forget this harsh,vital truth due to khushi and he loathed her for that.She had made him to go weak!

 But Mayappa's cold words had snapped everything in perspective.

 Nobody can have an influence on him.He was the writer of his own destiny.

ASR had risen again,more powerful and resentful than before.......


Arshi_fan 12 di,thanks for your comments and that man who shattered the TV screen was not ASR's uncle.Don't get offended,but I'll reveal his identity later.He's the villain of the story.And yeah...arshi are gonna fall in love .But it'll take a bit of time as you know the egoistic nature of ASR!I've added a bit of romance in Part 10 and there's more on the way.Now,as you asked me about Mayappa on my blog,well..he's the same Chota Mayappa that S.T.F. arrested.You asked me how khushi made ASR weak,well he's definitely vulnerable since she came.I mean he often gets lost in her which is quite unruly and differnt on ASR's part.I hope I've cleared your doubts.Please ask me if you've more.BTW,I don't know how to get a diary.Actually the Administration awarded me this one after I registered and started posting.Sorry,I'm unable to help you.

Sparkle di,thanks for such lovely comments.I'm overwhelmed that you liked my idea..I hope you like this part too.Thanks.

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Sc12345 di,thank you for encouraging me so much.I owe you for that.I too loved writing that brotherly part and thought of giving a new shade to Akash.I'm glad you liked it.

Finally,thanks to all the silent readers.

BTW,I've updated PART 10 on my blog with some arshi moment.You can check it out.



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Jun 6, 2013

The path unknown Part 10 (By Twilight) (Thanked: 37 times)

Dawn touched the horizon with another tedious day.

 ASR was burried in his case files,chasing his thoughts.

''Good morning sir!''Khushi greeted him cheerfully in her gentle cadence.

 He looked at her subtle reflection on the polished,glassy surface of the table and got his breath stuck.An enchanting smile adorned her beautiful face,lighting up her soft eyes. He so badly wanted to look up,to drown himself in those expressive pools brimming with some unfathomable mystery,but his manly ego stopped him

.He gave a surly grunt in response,not even bothering to look up.His heart sank while his mind was jubilant.

 At that precise moment,the door of the conference room opened and in came other S.T.F. officers.

 ''Hi guys!What's u.....''Khushi began but was cut short by ASR.

 ''Ms.Gupta,if you're done with your greeting so shall we begin?''He asked through gritted teeth,slamming the file he was reading on the table hard.

 Khushi and others jumped.It seemed that ASR was in a particularly foul mood.

Without uttering a word,which was a first,khushi went and sat down quitely.

 ''So,since Ms.Gupta was kind enough to agree to act according to the responsibility we shoulder,let's get back to the agenda.Let me reinforce on you all the vitality of the need and haste to accomplish this mission.We've got to remove this social evil from its root,which is poisoning the youths of our nation.We've got to give it our best shot and not even slightest of lackadaisical attitude will be tolerated.I hope I've made myself clear?''he paused,glaring at them.

 Everyone nodded in sync,looking vigilant and earnest.

 ''Good!So,hence begins the mission.....Rohan,I want you to take out the call details of all those goons we've arrested.Lavanya,check out their financial statements and bank balances.Aman,you've to go through the older records and give me a list of all those who were charged of this felony.Akash activate all our informers.I want a list of all those places where drugs are sold.....and Ms.Gupta,you'll help lavanya to....''

''Umm Bhai,I may need khushi's help and besides it'll be better if she is assigned field jobs.She will gain experience you know!''Akash interjected appraising his brother.

 What the!Akash and khushi.....but why do I care!I don't own her,she isn't mine! She wasn't his!and the thought pained him.

 But once again in his big headedness,he heard his brain over his reluctant heart.

 ''Whatever!''he muttered belligerently much to the contentment of his mind. - In the evening,Akash and khushi entered ASR's cabin.

''Bhai,I've got the information that drugs is sold in 'Hang out'nightclub near Lajpat Nagar.In fact,the place is one of the main hubs of this business as several spoiled rich brats go over there.''

''We're raiding there tonight.But first we'll have to catch that drug dealer red-handed.Akash,we're going there in disguise and...''

But an enlightening bolt had already struck Akash's mind,giving him a fool proof idea to give some time alone to his brother and khushi.

''Umm actually bhai,I can't come.I've got to go and meet one of the informers.''

 ''Ok !I'll ask somebody else to accompany me.''

 ''No!..I..I mean everyone else is busy too...why don't you take khusji?''he suggested innocently.

''Yeah...that would be so cool!I'm free now!''khushi jumped in excitement.

 ''What?Oh...Ok!''ASR spluttered glowering at Akash. - ASR was waiting for khushi in the conference room,glancing impatiently at his watch every now and then.

 ''What the!What's taking her so long?''he muttered irritably and turned around,pacing to stop up short.

 He felt his breath knocked out of him.He was entranced,captivated as if he had lost his senses.

Khushi came wearing a knee-length red coloured gown with matching stilettoes.She had her hair loose,her tresses adding on to her beauty.Despite applying any make-up,she looked lovely,angelic.The color suited her skin,bringing an unearthly radiance,while her dress accentuated her curves. Unknowingly,She had worn his favourite color and it teased him,stirring some deep-burried emotions which he thought he wasn't capable to feel.

 Khushi saw him staring and a blush crept up her cheeks,making her more tempting. Hell!Does the girl know what she is doing to me?ASR groaned.

 ''Sir shall we go?''she asked shyly.

 W..what?Oh yeah we've to go.''he muttered dazedly,still not completely out of his trance.

They were on a mission......

SORRY for making you all wait guys.But I was a bit busy with projects since my school is opening.


Arshisweet thanks for your lovely comments and sorry for making you wait dear.

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A big thanks to all my silent readers too.I hope you like this part too.

I've updated PART 11 on my blog with lots of fun.You can check it out.

 BTW guys I need a help.Due to some technical glitch I'm unable yo post my story on another page and its becoming a perfect hotch- potch on this one!Please help me to solve the problem.


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