OS: Being an orphan!

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May 21, 2013

OS: Being an orphan! (By Pebbel_x) (Thanked: 85 times)

OS: Being an orphan

Growing up as an orphan all your life, surrounded by people just like you who don’t have anyone other than each other. Being good at studies cox of which you get sponsored to a rich boarding school and have to stay there for five years.

Adjusting with some really rich people is not as tough as you think. Some of them are really down to earth, they don’t mind if your poor or rich all they want is a good friend but not all.  

Looking at others parents on every PT meeting since you don’t have anyone to come and see how well you’re doing as yours will be sent to one who’s sponsored you.

The food you get there is big difference it’s the same expect the fact the quality was good.

I kushi gupta! Don’t ask me being an orphan where did I get a surname from. From warden told me that I was picked up from the hospital where my mother died due to cancer it seems she did have anyone else who can look after me after she was gone so I was giving to the orphanage from the hospital authorities and from there they had got to know the name.

Being an orphan is not always easy, people look at you as if you’re from another planet when you say you’re an orphan but there was this one guy in school who didn’t look at weirdly or feel pity for me. Oh I hate it when people pity on me, I don’t understand what’s their point of doing that. Anyway So ya this guy he was in the same class as me but different section, we had English and history class combined. They had more than two teachers for all the other subjects but not for English and history that’s the reason we had it combined maybe cox they thought it saves time and energy. Well I would care less even if they didn’t think like that. So my point is we used to sit adjacent to each other in both the class, I hadn’t noticed him till the time I was pared up with him and one more guy our history project. I so wanted to ask my teacher to change my partners I mean two guys and me? Not that I thought talking to guys was a sin but I would have been happy if there was a girl at least, I didn’t want the guys to look at me feeling pity. One of the reasons I hated group projects. We had a week to complete it. We got introduce our self. I was a very silent gurl, initiating to talk to someone was not really my thing so I had not much friends.

My friends in boarding(the good ones) told me he was being extra nice to me which was quiet obvious to everyone expect me and I didn’t care. I was there to study and that’s all which was in my mind. Two days after the other guy well very sick so was taken home and out of our project and that left just two of us. He chose the children’s park to sit and do since he said he’ll have many doubts as he’s not good at history. When I had told him that I was sponsored here to study all he said was ‘oh’ nothing else. Until now all the people I’ve told this were like ‘why’, so you’re not rich enough’, some even had said ‘you’re an orphan’. And this guy all he came up with was a simple ‘oh’ and didn’t ask anything further, that’s what I really liked about him I guess and he talks too much. He just keeps talking, I mean doesn’t even bother to see if im listening to him. he had told me all about his family, his parents died when he was 8, he lives with his grandma, elder sister, uncle, aunt and their son, obviously he’s rich. I didn’t talk much about myself. We finished our projects and we had got an A too.

Ever since after that he started talking to me during the combined classes. We literally didn’t talk talk we passed chits in the class, I wasn’t comfortable at first but slowly got used to it. In the beginning I didn’t bother to reply but he didn’t give up he kept passing it. Later I found a really good friend in him. we got along well. We had interest in the same game that is basketball. Our school wasn’t a narrow minded school. Girls and guys could play together so during games we played together. I was scared being sponsored here everyone will think im trying to trap a rich boy not that everyone knew I was sponsored yet I was scared.

Days passed to weeks, weeks rolled to months, months flew by to years. We finally finished our 12th. We had become really close friends by then. I left after that to my orphanage to get my remaining stuff. I was 18th I could stay there only for few months till I got a job and a place to stay. Being busy with higher studies and part time job I lost in touch with him.

As days passed somewhere in the corner of my heart I missed him, missed talking to him. it felt weird, something different and strange.

I wasn’t quite sure what it was so I pushed the thought away concentrated on my career I successfully finished my masters in fashion designing not that I was very much interested in it but I wanted to do something in which ill get paid well once finished studying and my consoler advised me to do designing and I did. I got job through campus selection during my second year while doing bachelors degree. I took up the job and continued studying.

Now that I have finished my masters I wanted to apply to a bigger companies. I applied to three companies together out of which two rejected and only hope was the last one it was called the AR designs and I was lucky enough to get through, I was called for the personal interview. It was one of the top ten companies and I was very happy but again not satisfied I missed him, I wished he was there to see me like this.

He had once told me that it doesn’t matter if you’re an orphan if you have the passion to do something you’ll do even if you’re all by your own. And I guess he was right it was my hard work and passion which got me here and im proud of myself.

The extra saving I get after my expenses and rent I donate it to the orphaned where I grew up and maybe in future I might even sponsor someone.

Even after doing all these I missed him so much. I tried finding him on fb but in vain, his old numbers weren’t working anymore. Disappointed I sat and thought about what one of my old collogue had told me when I told her that his thoughts were disturbing me very much. She said it was called love. I wondered, can it be? I wasn’t sure. After lot a thinking I concluded maybe I was in love you never know.

And today is my personal interview in AR designs and im nervous like never before. The receptionist smiled at me and I felt relaxed but not for long I was called in. great!

I walked into the cabin to see bosses sitting on his chair his back facing me and a guy to his right probably his P.a. before I could sit down the boss turned around and I was shocked would be an understatement, it was him! he was freaking him sitting in front of me. He’s grown to a perfect man. Tall, lean, wearing three piece suit with hair perfectly done. Than my thoughts wondered did he recognize me? Probably not! So I composed myself and sat for what I was here and as I guessed he didn’t recognize me we started the interview.

“name kushi gupta, age 24, orphan, lives alone in delhi city, masters in fashion designing” he said looking at my file and god damn his voice. It had become more manly and I dunno it felt good hearing.

“miss gupta” he called seeing me lost

“umm.. yes sir”

“so you’re here for the managing director post at the designing section”

“yes sir. That is what was vacant and of course im a designer so..”

After another couple of question he said “so your selected! You can join tomorrow, my p.a aman will show you your cabin”

Thanking him I got disappointed that once my close friend didn’t even remember me. Well who would at the end of the day im an orphan. I reached the door when I heard him ask “how about lunch at my place kushi?” surprise I turned to look at him, I don’t know when tears formed in my eyes. I looked at him he was smiling at me “you remember me?” I didn’t know what else to ask.

“well that’s not the answer to my question but still yes ofcourse you’re the only close and special friend till date kushi how can I possibly forget you?”

I couldn’t control my emotions I ran and hugged and he whispered in my ears “after all im arnav singh raizada” after a pause “I missed you” he said

“Then why didn’t say anything before”

“your are the who sat down acting like you didn’t know me, so being a boss I did my job”

“I missed you, I tried contacting you but couldn’t” I said

“but I did just two days back and I also came to know you applied for a job here I thought it’ll be surprise for you to find me as your boss”

“it indeed was”

“kushi” he said cupping my face. I looked into his eyes he continued “I don’t from when or how but im in love with you”

I bend my head removing his hand from my face “im an orphan arnav and I don’t think any family could appreciate getting their son married to an orphan”

“well that’s any family and that’s were my family stands out. Mine isn’t like others” he said and his whole family walked in saying he’s right. I was overwhelmed. I got a family.

I looked at arnav and said “I love you too” and he kissed my forehead.


And all of us sat down to have lunch like a family.


okay soi know what all of you must be thinking! 'oh great pebbel wrote another **** os' and i say you have all right to say that cox i know it was a ****!

well i was sitting in my boring language class having nothing to and was thinking about my high school days(which i do every often) when this idea popped into my head. so when i reached back home typed it up!so...

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