Ronit Roy in supernatural thriller on TV

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Jun 23, 2013

Ronit Roy in supernatural thriller on TV (By IANS) (Thanked: 2 times)

A new series "Khauff Ki Adalat" goes on air on Sony TV this weekend. This series is based on the supernatural but actor Ronit Roy, who plays lawyer KD in the show, says it is not about spirits and ghosts.

"It is a court room drama but its a special month so to say supernatural plots with in a court room its not about ghost it is about the myth that is there in people's mind and how people use all these stories to fool other people for money and for land or whatever so it is like can we call the exposy of supernatural elements," Ronit said at the launch of the show.

"Adalat" went on air 2010 where Ronit plays alweyer KD Pathak. He says kids love his show and are even learning Hindi watching him speak pure Hindi.


"My use of Hindi bhasha in the show which lot of mothers have written in saying that because of the show children have started using hindi words nowadays they using hinglish which is not a language really officially so Hindi is our language the kids should have atleast the basic of hindi and they are enjoying it," the actor said.

KD is known for solving even the toughest cases. In the new series, he will be seen with two new assistants - Samar and Sunaina. Shraman Jain and Prerna Vanvari will portray the two characters.

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