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Aug 11, 2013

OS:Regret! (By Twilight) (Thanked: 67 times)

ASR shut the door fiercely.

''Khushi,you can't leave RM.6 months aren't over yet!You're bound by our contract.''He said quitely.

Khushi stared at the man she loved agape.She couldn't believe what she heard.Even after doing so much to her,knowing her innocence,he had the audacity to remind her of that damned contract!Khushi was benumbed with anguish.It was worst than purgatory!She wondered what heinous wrong she ever did to receive such grave punishment!

ASR stared at her hurt expression and his heart ached.Khushi had nearly given her life to save him and here he was inflicting more pain on her!But he had no other choice.He couldn't let her leave him.She was his life,his only love!

''If you leave the house now,then I'll break your jiji's marriage.Now choice is yours!''He said harshly,trying to put on a poker face.

Unknown as they were that ASR's statement was the final nail in the coffin and catalyst of a deadly, brewing storm,the couple was startled as the door banged open and Payal barged in,blackest of fury rolling on her face.

''What the!''ASR yelled in shock.

Payal was just in front of Arnav and khushi's room trying to pacify an angry Akash when they heard their conversation.It was enough to tear every shred apart.Payal was infuriated beyond words.Her little sister had married that monster for her happiness and all she had done was to blame and berate her!

''So this is why you married my sister all of a sudden!''Payal screeched,her voice reverberating in entire RM.

''Jiji,please calm down!What...?''Khushi tried to reason out with Payal,but was stopped short by the latter.

''No,khushi,you destroyed your entire life for my sake,suffered so much pain!Then how can I calm down?What does he think of himself to ruin your life like this?''She growled,shaking with fury.

Raizadas came running in the room hearing the racket.

''Hello hi bye bye,khoon bhari taang why are you scremingj?''A miffed mami demanded.

''Payal bitiya what's wrong?''Nani asked concerned.

''Yes payal bhabhi tell us!''Nk coaxed.

Payal narrated the entire conversation to flabbergasted Raizadas and then she rounded on ASR.

''How dare you ruin my sister's life?How dare you do this to her?Do you even realize the gravity of what you've done?You've made a joke of a sacred bond!''She yelled.

ASR hung his head feeling guilty.

''Payal,I know what I did is unpardonable.But,when I saw Shaym hugging khushi and confessing his love,I was worried for my sister.Di,loved that man!I know I should have trusted khushi,instead of that scumbag,but I wasn't in a position to think coherently!Marriage was the only....''

''So,you decided to marry my sister and damn her to hell,haan?I don't need you to tell me how you would've tormented her for these past six months!''Payal screamed.

To be continued.....

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Aug 15, 2013

Part 2 Repentence (By Twilight) (Thanked: 61 times)

''You trusted that filth Shyam over my sister!Couldn't you've asked any of us just once before blindly crushing all dreams and aspirations of my sister and pushing her in a dark abyss?Do you've even slightest of idea about the magnitude of hurt you inflicted on her?Do you know how much anguished Amma,babuji and buwaji will be if they came to know the reality?''Payal demanded.

''Jiji please!''Khushi pleaded,holding her elder sister's hand,but there was no stopping Payal.

''No khushi,not any more!You had to face so  much humiliation.Your own family deserted you,your life was worse than fiery pits of hades all these months and all because of this man and his blind faith in his so called jijaji!''Payal spat,her muscles flinching.

ASR and other Raizadas were nonplussed seeing Payal's ire.It was as if they had never known her,as if she were a complete stranger!She had always maintained her equanimity,her mildness no matter what,yet here she stood, her eyes spitting fire.

''Akash,just a few minutes before,you accused me and my sister of being the cause of the troubles and pains of your family.What should I say now?Your brother destroyed my sister,shattering her!Despite the fact that he's the one who's responsible for entrance of that scum Shyam in our life!...Maa ji,you were scolding my sister for wrecking your dearest Anjali bitiya's life na!Calling her all sorts of name.Now,why aren't you speaking anything?Won't you accuse your Arnav bitua of destroying my khushi's life?...What was my sister's fault haan?Only that she loved all of you,cared for you,thought of Di..no Anjaliji even dearer than me?''Payal growled.

''My sister never told that Shyam to cheat on his wife.In fact she didn't even know that he was married! He influnced buwaji in his cloyish demeanor,taking advantage of our helplessness!Even then my khushi broke the engagement when she came to know about his true face.She even came to tell Anjaliji the truth,but seeing her love for that sick man she kept mum!You all never left a single chance to insult her,especially Arnavji,still she never held any grudge and forgave you all!Despite the fact that Arnavji put her through so much,she put her own life at stake to save his!Yet,you guys never bothered for her sufferings!''

''Its not khushi's fault that Anjaliji couldn't handle her husband'd debauchery and infidelity.Its not my sister's fault that she went to murder her child!''Payal screamed,her voice reverberating in the sweeping expanse of Raizada Mansion.

Raizadas hung their heads in guilt and Anjali leaned on Akash,unable to accept the bitter reality.

''You're not the only one who has a sister whom you love!There are other people too!And nothing gives you the right to obliterate every single shred of happiness in their lives to fill colors in that of your sister Mr.Raizada!But.enough of this.I won't allow my sister to become your scapegoat time and again!...You were threatening khushi of breaking my marriage if she stepped out of your house before those damned six months na?I,myself ditch your brother and your family.I don't need such uncouth people!Khushi lets go!''Payal rubbed her tears away and clutched khushi's hand tightly in hers.

''Jiji,listen to me.Don't do this to yourself!What about your happiness?You love jijaji and...''

''I loved a caring,considerate Akash who reciprocated my feelings.Not this man,who doesn't even trust me!''

Payal pulled khushi out of the Raizada Mansion into gloomy night,before guilt-ridden,penitent Raizadas could find themselves to so much as to move a muscle!

Hi guys,

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Anyways,I hope you'll like this part too!


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Aug 19, 2013

Repentence (By Twilight) (Thanked: 56 times)

Dawn broke,clearing the blemishes of the dark.It was the mark of hope-a new beginning.

A firm knock sounded in Gupta House and buwaji opened the door.The entire Raizada house was standing in the doorway.

''Hai rey Nand kis****,you all!That too so early in the morning?Please come in!''Buwaji flushed.

''Buwaji,who's .....''Payal trailed off,looking at the Raizadas.She stood there staring at them,wondering what new melodrama they had in store.

''Hai rey nandkis****!Why are you standing there like a statue?Got Sankadevi's bug,have you?'' She asked,chiding her.

Payal glanced once at buwaji and turned on her heels to march of huffily.

''Payal bitiya,please wait!At least listen to what we're here for!''Naniji pleaded.

Buwaji gazed around,agape,unable to comprehend anything.Garima too came in the living room hearing the commotion.

''Namaste!You all are here so early in the morning.Is everything OK?''Garima asked,looking at tensed faces.

''Garimaji,we've got to confess something.''Naniji said and taking a deep breath narrated the ignominy, not sparing any detail.

Buwaji and Garima were shocked.Tears brimmed in Garima's eyes and she swayed on the spot.

''How dare you do this to my child?Who gave you the liberty to do it?We may not be equivalent to you in riches,but we love our daughter!Then why did you do it?You could've at least asked!My poor khushi! We behaved so harshly with her,called her bad blood,when she had put her entire life,her happiness at stake for our honor!''Buwaji thundered.

''Buwaji,I know what I've done is unforgivable.But,please,I was blinded by my anger and jealousy.I could neither have let my sister's life get shred into pieces,nor could've lost my khushi!''ASR said glibly, looking penitent.

''But that doesn't lessen....''Buwaji began but was cut short by khushi who arrived just then.

''Jiji what's happening?''She stopped in her tracks,her eyes wide.

Anjali moved forward and folded her hands.

''Khushiji,please forgive me.I'm the reason of all your sorrow and misery.Maybe,I wasn't a good wife, that's why he betrayed me.I'm really sorry!''Anjali sobbed.

''Please Di,it is not your fault.That man didn't deserve you.You're way to good for him!You don't have to apologise!I'm glad you saw her his true face.''Khushi consoled her,hugging her fiercely.

Raizadas apologized through and through and it made Gupta's heart melt.

''Payal please forgive me.I'm truly sorry for behaving so harshly with you.I promise to trust you always! Please come back to me.I can't live without you!''Akash tried to mollify Payal.

''Jiji,jijaji is right.Please forgive him.You can't ruin your relationship for me.Please go with him!''Khushi persuaded her elder sister.

''Khushi bitiya,aren't you coming?''Naniji asked,noticing her not mentioning her inclusion.

''No naniji,that 6 months contract is soon going to get over and in the light of present circumstances,I will stay here.All the misunderstandings are cleared,so there's really no pint in me coming back to RM.'' Khushi replied calmly.

ASR was thunderstruck.His life without khushi was beyong worst of nightmares.He couldn't survive a single second without looking at her beautiful,cherubic face and here she was talking about staying away from him for life time!He couldn't let that happen.Nebulously he heard khushi say.

''Come jiji,I'll help you pack your bag!''She said,turning around.

Though everyone was disappointed at her decision,they didn't have the courage to dissuade her,not after what all she had endured.

Khushi was walking towards her room when she felt someone yank her back.She turned around to see Arnav standing before her.

''Khushi,please I'm sorry.I know I hurt you,I wronged you gravely,conjuring up travesty and then trusting that Shyam over you.But,I love you a lot and I didn't want to loose you.Everytime I hurt you, my soul bled.Whenever I was hostile to you,my heart was mangled.I can't live without you for you're my very being.I may not know how to express my feelings,but I know I love you unconditionally and irrevocably.If you'll abandon me,then my life will be a gloomy abyss.You're my sun who balanced the darkest of clouds in my life.If you left me,I lose myself forever.Please khushi,just once.Give a chance to our love.I promise to not to break your trust ever.Please!''ASR's last words were a melancholy whisper, an expression of greatest repentence on his face.

Khshi and others stared at him baffled.ASR was the last person one could expect to express emotions, yet he stood there proclaiming his love.

Khushi's eyes glazed.She had forgiven him long back.No matter what he did with her,she could never be away from him.That was the glory of love.

ASR tentatively moved forward and embraced her,while khushi reciprocated slowly.

''Khushi,I love you!''He whispered,burying his face in her hair.

''I love you too!''Khushi choked and there couldn't have been a happier man than ASR.

Their love had triumphed,overcoming all obstacles!They had suffered and endured together and now it was time for their happily ever after!

                                                        THE END

                                 To err is human,forgive encapsulates divinity.......

Here's the end of my another OS.I hope you'll like it!


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Aug 20, 2013

Note of thanks! (By Twilight) (Thanked: 32 times)

Hey guys,

I don't have words to express my gratitude for all your appreciations that you showered on my humble attempt.Ilovearshi di,Anjaliann,Arshi_fan12 di,Sarun_123Sa_arshi di,Starshinelight di,Arshi_loveMahiluvarshi di,Lucky_arshi di,and Lovegodsgrace di,thank you so much guys! I'll definitely write more OS,but after my exams.Thanks again!

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