FF - The Desperate Kingdom Of Love

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Feb 9, 2017

Chapter 16 - Moving On..- 9/02/2017 - New!! (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 20 times)

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Chapter 16 - Moving On.

London - Noon

Khushi stood in the shower as she held the wall for support,as she let the hot water calm her nerves. Her injury was much better, or maybe it was just that the pain of her heartbreak was surpassing the physical pain, she had brought upon herself.Shivers went down her spine, as she realised what could have happened, if the accident would have been worse, if something would have happened to her, what would her mother and brother do?.And she had been so careless, she always was,infact that was how she had met him, for the first time, he had saved her hadn't he?.She fought back tears as she reminded herself, how deeply he regretted it.She shoved his thought aside bitterly, as she fought her emotions.She would not think of him, she commanded herself not too, ever think of Arnav Singh Raizada ever again.She knew she had lied, she knew she had hidden the truth, but under no circumstances did she deserve what he had given her.One heartbreak after another.And now she really couldn't feel anything at all, because nothing was left of her heart in the first place.But she had no one to blame but herself, because she had handed him her heart again and again, and he had trampled over it again and again.How could she hold on anymore?? She couldnt, she didn't have it in her, she had for the sake of he rlove, put aside her self respect, only to be insulted in the most brutal way.She quickly wiped her tears, she had pined over him enough, she had held on enough, but not anymore.

She loved him, and maybe that part of her heart should just be happy, that it could get to live in is dreamland, atlas for a few days, but now, everything was over.So it was just, she locked that part of her heart, along with the pain she felt.She couldn't do this to herself anymore.She loved herself,her family did,Zoya did,her friends did.She owed herself this one, big time.She would not cry again, she decided strongly. Tears never resulted in any gain, it only brought misery, and she was done being miserable.She had to forget everything, no matter what, she had to move on, she had to forget his memories, she had to smile, and she had to stop punishing herself.She had to forget him.Because her mind logically told her one thing very clearly - he really didn't deserve her love.He didn’t,what had she been thinking?? She really had been so stupid, to think that he would have fallen in love with her.She should have better known, his track record of relationships proved everything she didn't want to believe before.She had wanted to believe he was different,but she had been so so wrong. Just maybe it was good this happened, maybe she really needed this blow, to come out of her fantasy land and grow up.

Her life was her’s not anyone else’s to toy with, to play with and  just dump aside. And its not that just because of him, she would stop believing the the wonderful institution of love.She knew, one day she would find someone, worthy of her love, who loved her back, no matter what, and as much as her heart had wanted that person to be Arnav Singh raizada , she knew, her heart had now finally understood, that it would never be him. She wouldn’t give him any more power over her, she wouldn't cry, she wouldn't punish herself over him a minute longer, she couldn't shed a tear extra, anymore.She had pitied herself way too much, and she couldn't believe she had,but she wouldn't anymore, after all she wasn't the first one on this planet to have their heart broken.She just had to believe in herself, that she had the strength to mend herself,and she knew she did.

She shut the shower, and got out, walked out draping her robe, and she stared at her reflection in the mirror,she had never seen herself so pale. And she never would,because now she would change everything.Because the one he had loved had put her love on the shelf, and he never cared.She had been stupid enough to live a lie with him, but not anymore.She had to be honest to herself and live the truth now, the reality of her Life. She knew, she deserved so much better, and she was sure, it would come her way. Her love had been blind, so blind, and it was time to wake up.Somewhere deep down, she did fear, would she ever be able to love again, she didn't know, but she would try,she surely would.She owed it to herself.There had to be someone out there, for sure, someone who would love her, and treasure her like she had dreamed off.

It was time to break away.

It was time to let him go.

It was time to, move on.

And, move on, she would.

She dressed herself, and smiled, one bad experience with a dark knight, shouldn't let her give up her hopes for her prince charming.She knew he was out there,somewhere.


Asad drank his coffee, as he worked on his laptop, and it was then his phone rang.He instantly picked up hoping it was Zoya,but when he heard his assistant’s voice, he felt disappointed, but he listened what he had to say, and as he put down the call, he felt more worried and disturbed.He needed to go back, he had been out almost a month, and a lot of work was on hold.But he couldn’t leave Khushi, all alone, he was trying to figure a way out , when he saw Khushi step out, all ready.

He got up in an instant as he asked - “ where do you think, you are going Khushi??”

Khushi smiled, her bhaijaan, had always been so loving.

“Bhaijaan, i feel strangled in here, iv never stayed in for so long , come intact we are going out for lunch, Aadi and Riya will be joining too.I want you to meet my other friends too…”

Asad looked at his sister, skeptical - “ but your injury, you should rest, Khushi…”

Khushi rolled her eyes - “ Oh bhaijaan, you worry way too much,i know what i need for my recovery, i need fresh air, i need change.And i can walk now too, cmon, are you coming?”

Asad grinned - “ You know what, i guess you are right, and when have i said no to you anyway, come lets go…”, and he helped her on the way out.

Khushi looked at his face, he seemed little worried - “ whats up? spoken to Zoya yet? you seem worried”

Asad sighed - “ well not yet, i mean i called her, but she cut my call…”

“yeah, maybe she's surrounded with everyone, you know how it is, she has returned after so so long,and maybe she didn't want to risk anyone listening, im sure, she will call…dont worry”, she said to her friends defence.

Asad smiled - “ Yeah, thats exactly what she messaged me, anyway thats not what worries me…”, he added getting into the cab.

Khushi - “ oh then, what is it?”

Asad - “ well you know, iv been out almost a month, and…”

Khushi smiled - “ And your work needs you, bhaijaan, obviously, its been so so long, you know what you should go back….”

Asad - “ yeah i know, it was on my mind, but I want you to recover first, i mean I dont want you to travel…”

Khushi straightened - “ what about me bhaijaan, im not going anywhere…atleast for now”

Asad now looked shocked - “what do you mean Khushi? It was decided that you would come back with me for good wasn't it? Then, I mean, cmon, why do you want to stay back anyway??”

Khushi said reassuringly - “ so you know, iv been thinking,although i wanted to go back with you, i miss home, but just want to push it by a few months, you know i want to travel around here for a while, maybe with friends, maybe alone for sometime, and then after a month or so, I want to work a little bit, I know of a marketing firm, they have a few openings, maybe ill apply, i mean i just want to experience new things, meet new people, you know what I mean, dont you bhaijaan?”

Asad nodded,his little Khushi had grown.She was smart, intelligent and very wise, and she made perfect sense right now, there was nothing wrong about what she was saying.He finally said - “ well, i think ammi will be pissed, you know she wants you back so bad, but you know what ill handle her, I'm ok with this arrangement, if its what you want, are you sure??”

Khushi beamed in happiness - “ oh you are the best, of course thats what I want, bhaijaan, it would just be perfect.now you don't worry, ok? you get your tickets done, ill be fine, and maybe next week on, ill start holidaying, the last year has been stressfull, haven't got any time out for myself…”

Asad smiled as the car pulled over to the restaurant - “ alright fine, i will get it done, happy??”

Khushi grinned - “ very much….”, and she stepped out, and as she smelled the fresh air, and took a deep breath, she knew this was the perfect fresh start that she needed.


Asad grinned, as he listened to Riya ,Aditya and Khushi chatter away, as they ate.Her friends were really nice, and he smiled to himself, as he told himself, of course they were, hadn't he fallen deeply in love with one of them. And right then he remembered about Zoya, he had been missing her terribly and not having her around was making him really uneasy. It was right then, his phone beeped, and he took it out in an instant and relief was what he felt, as he saw Zoya’s message -

“Mr.Khan,iv been missing you so much. Im sorry I couldn't call yet, surrounded by everyone,infact just sitting with everyone for tea..”

Asad smiled to himself, his little miss sunshine, was indeed the apple of everyone’s eye. He quickly wrote -

“Zoya as much as i hate not having you around, and iv been missing you too, I understand”

“You are the best you know that, no wonder i love you so much, Asad…”

“Just like you have me all head over heels too , Zoya, anyways, when can we talk? I miss your voice way too much..”

His reply came in a jiffy -

“Im sorry Asad, but i dont think before i retire for the night, lot is happening,and bhai came early too, so…”

“ok ,I understand”, he wrote, feeling a tad bit disappointed, she wasn't making a much of a effort here.

“You are mad at me, Asad?

“Ofcourse not Zoya”

“I guess you are, look we’ll talk asap ok.anyways whats up?”

“all good, out with Khushi and aditya and riya for lunch..nice people, they are”

“I know, oh and on that note, is Khushi ok? i havent spoken to her too…”

Asad looked at her question puzzled and he wrote - “ yeah, she is absolutely fine, much better actually, you are talking about her injury aren't you?”

“Yes of course, what else.I gtg now.I love you”

Asad sighed, god he missed her so much.

“I love you, Zoya”

Khushi saw her brother put his phone aside, and she gestured to ask if it were Zoya, and he nodded, and she gave him a small smile.He was so much in love, and she couldn't have been happier for the two most important people of her life.

Right then as they finished their meal, Riya had to rush, and so Asad got up as well - “ Come, Khushi lets go…”

KHushi smiled - “ yeah, bhaijaan why dont you carry on, I will join you later, theres something i need to talk to, with Aditya”

Aditya looked at Khushi puzzled - “ you do…?”

Khushi reassured Asad as she replied - “ yeah, aadi…”

Aditya smiled - “ alright,im all ears, i have all the time in the world for you, actually there was something i needed to talk to you too…”

Khushi smiled at her brother as she gestured to him, that she will fill him in later, and as she saw Riya and him leave, she turned her attention to Aditya, as he ordered some coffee, for them.It was time to have the conversation, that she knew had been long due.


Shantivan - 830 PM

Zoya had this nagging feeling that Asad was really mad at her, for she hadn't spoken to him all day.And she knew it had been so difficult not to, but she had been surrounded by someone or the other all the time.And she wasn't feeling very hungry,she needed to talk to him now,and so she excused herself from the table, and walked towards her room.

Arnav had been noticing Zoya,she seemed lost deep in thought.They had never fought, and maybe their heated argument this morning, was something he needed to sort out with her, as soon as possible, and so before his di, could call out to Zoya, he said - “ Di, wait, i will just check on her…you all continue with dinner…”

Anjali smiled.And as she looked at her chotte walk, she hoped, that he and Zoya sort things out.She knew what this was about, Khushi was her best friend, and what had happened had obviously upset her too.As she continued to eat, she knew she needed to talk to Zoya too, when the time was right, she would.

Zoya had just entered her room, and was about the shut the door, when she saw her brother, stop the door, as he asked - “ May, i come in?”

Zoya looked at his pained face, they had never fought, ever, until now, until he had screwed around with her best friend’s heart. But she knew, this couldn't go on like this.

She nodded and gave him a small smile - “ of course bhai, since when do you need my permission, come on in…”

Arnav - “ Since, you started fighting with me ,Zoya…”

Zoya groaned, how could she get him to understand anything, damm right he was a difficult person, perhaps the most difficult one on this planet, but she shut the door behind him, and said - “ I dont want to fight with you, i just want you to..”

Arnav chipped in, keeping a check on his tone and anger - “ you want me to listen and understand, dont you Zoya?”

Zoya nodded.

“ok go ahead, im listening, but once you are finished, you promise to listen to me , alright?

Zoya - “ ok, i promise…”and she looked at him as he had his arms folded, and she knew by that expression, that he was listening, so she started - “ look firstly, i dont like to fight bhai, and i should start with apologising , i am sorry, i hid the fact that i was friends with Khushi, and im sorry to have built a lie, you and Khushi both had to suffer for.Its all my fault.I thought you’d be so angry, when you found out, that me and Khushi had reconnected, and then the inevitable happened, like i explained before ,you turned up, and i didn't know what to do.Khushi never would have  lied, i know she wouldn't have, if it wasn't for me.I asked her to play along, i didn't ever think your paths would cross again, but then it did.You know, what has happened, but you are hating on her for something which wasn't even her fault to begin with, if its anyone you should be mad at , its me, not her.You got to understand, you got to give her one chance, she loves you…bhai…”

Arnav listened every word, the explanation once again, and he refused to allow himself to feel any emotion, as he replied curtly - “But i don’t Zoya”

Zoya asked puzzled - “ You don’t what?”

Arnav - “ Not that it matters but just so you know I don’t love her. Even when she was all in her Khushi Gupta acting mode, I may have liked her, but I didn't love her.You know I dont believe in Love, you know what relationship’s mean to me.And even the mere liking that i had, has been converted into sheer hatred, and you want to know why?”

Zoya -“ why?”

Arnav - “ Because i hate liar’s, firstly you know that.I hate lie’s. If she were so sure, of what she felt, she should have never played along with the lie. A lie is a lie, and i would have stayed iles away if i knew from the very beginning who she was. I will not deny that i really did like her, but I cannot deny the fact, that firstly i found it from elsewhere,the truth, she never told me, and all i felt was betrayal,once again.Once again, betrayal, at the hands of a Ahemed Khan.I had never felt so betrayed Zoya. Only once before, I had and it was at the hands of her brother”

Zoya asked confused, sure her voice was trembling - “ Asad Ahemed Khan, what about him?”

Arnav sighed, but he spoke - “ The day everything changed, the day we lost everything,the day dad died, me and Asad went back to the farmhouse, to see the CCTV footage, we had to know, what had happened,we saw a shot leave dad’s gun, that hit Najma, and then shots leave Uncle’s gun,and then everything was blank.But i couldn’t believe what i saw still.Our families were bonded, our fathers were, they couldn't have just killed each other. Asad was angry , he was furious, he wouldn’t listen to even once doubt, what we had seen.All he felt was rage, pure rage, he accused me, of wanting to cover up to save Dad’s crimes, when all i wanted was to him to see the fact, that maybe just maybe what we saw, wasn't the whole picture.But he didn't listen.He betrayed the very trust, that had been the foundation of our family bond.He was a brother to me, and i felt betrayed and broken, Zoya.We lost Dad, and Maa, as you can see, is in coma ever since.Still, i thought ill get the investigation done, to find out the real truth, but when the team reached uncles farmhouse, everything had been cleared. Asad had got the entire crime scene cleared,it was uncle’s farmhouse so it was easy for him to do so,because he didn't want to investigate further.He believed that a investigation would bring a bad name to our families.We had all lost so much, we couldn't lose what our dad’s had built. I agreed, because i felt he was right. But i still couldn't believe that Dad had killed Najma, he couldn't he loved her, just like he loved you and di,and i tried to make him see that, but he just wouldn't listen to a word I had to say. I hated him for that, i hated him for not discussing before getting the crime venue emptied, i hated him for not listening to me, i hated him for the filth he blamed our family off.And it was only then the hatred for the Khan’s was born, if he could swear by to just believe what he saw in the footage, then I should too right.His father killed Dad too. I just hate them, Zoya.The first time i was ever betrayed was by a brother, by Asad Ahemed Khan.And then i vowed to myself no one would have the power to make me feel even an ounce of betrayal .And then I met Khushi, i genuinely liked her, and then when i find out the truth, i only felt betrayal once more,and once again at the hands of a Ahemed Khan.His sister.Look Zoya, i need you to understand, why I dont want you to ever talk about Khushi in front of me ever again, its like it makes me burn in anger, all over again”, he finally finished, feeling tired and exhausted by re living the moments he had just narrated.

Zoya had never seen her brother so exhausted, so pained, and she was sure she was trembling as she asked - “ bhai, are you ok?”

Arnav - “ yeah I am, now are we clear on this.Can we put Fiasco Khushi behind us.”

Zoya - “ But bhai, she is my friend, my best friend…”

Arnav - “ Look , i cannot force you Zoya, so i will not stop you from talking to her, or from being her friend, you can do whatever you want as long as you keep me out of the picture.Khushi doesn't exist.lets just pretend in my world, she never did.”

Zoya almost spotted the hurt in his eyes as he said those words, but she knew this wasn't the time to talk further, so she asked cautiously - “ this is what you really want?”

Arnav felt his hearts tart to protest, but he managed to say - “ yeah, thats exactly what i want, and i expect you to respect my wishes, just like I respect your’s t still be her friend…”

Zoya - “ Fine, bhai, if thats what you want, maybe one day, you will see, that the past is indeed cruel, the situation made it even worse,but sometimes the circumstances are such, im not defending anyone bhai, but i still have hope that maybe one day, you will see that you punished Khushi for no fault of her’s”

Arnav didn't reply to that, and he asked - “ you joining back for dinner?”

Zoya - “ No bhai, im tired, im just going to sleep soon…”

Arnav - “ ok ill see you tomorrow…goodnight Zoya…”

Zoya walked up and hugged her brother, she knew he was hurting too, as stubborn as he was to admit it, she knew he was hurting.She held on to him for a while as she said - “ Im sorry for this to have happened bhai, you forgive me, dont you?”

Arnav sighed, he couldn't be mad at his little Zoya any longer - “ yeah, i do…”

Zoya hugged him again - “ thanks bhai…”

As she watched Arnav walk out, she shut the door, she had never thought of things from his perspective, and she had never known, that it was Asad who had shut the door on their family first. Things had been so so messed up, she needed to find out from Asad as to why he did so, maybe when she would meet him, and then maybe slowly with time, things would be ok, she would have to get him to see this other side, only then things could get better,they had to start getting  better , for her and Asad’s future depended on it. A life without Asad she couldn't imagine, and hurting her brother, was something she couldn't do. It would kill her to hurt him further.She had to get them, the two most important men in her life to patch up, before her and Asad’s relationship came to light. She knew she would, and as her heart raced, with worry, she knew what exactly would calm her nerves, and so she did exactly that.She called Asad.


London - 6.00 PM

Asad had just got his tickets done for two days later, and was finishing replying to few emails, when his phone rang, and he immediately picked up -

“Zoya, if I had known, that id have to wait 24 hours before even listening to your voice, i wouldn't have let you go”

“Asad, about that, Im so sorry, you know how it is…you understand don’t you? iv come home after really long…”

Asad sighed - “ yeah, i understand, its ok..”

“So you aren't mad anymore??”

“who said I was, Zoya?”

“well  i know you way too well, i could figure that you were from the way you were messaging”

Asad grinned, this woman knew him way to well. “ yeah ok, i was, but not anymore…”

“So whats up? Im finally all by myself, how was lunch? wheres khushi?”

“Well ,lunch was great, and i came back by myself, khushi stayed back with aditya, she said they had to talk about something…”

He heard Zoya’s confused voice on the other end - “ oh really? any idea what?”

“no, not yet, she did gesture, that she would fill me in, once she was back”

“Oh, ok, hows she holding up, i mean her injury?”

Asad - “ actually much better, she's recovering, you know ever since we were back, i had this feeling that something was bothering her, but not anymore, she’s fine, my little baby sister,absolutely fine, and on that note, i want you to know, ill be back to India, in the next wo days”

He heard her squeal happily, as she gushed in excitement - “ oh my god, what????? finally ill get to see you two, but wait, Khushi, how will she…?”

Asad - “ Yeah, that, well, she's not coming, Zoya…I am…”

He couldn't understand the stunned silence, so he asked - “ Zoya, you there?”

“yeah, I am, just wondering why is Khushi not coming,i thought that was the plan….”

“Yeah it was, until she changed her mind, and i have work, you know iv been out almost a month now…”

He heard her vice now full of worry - “ But, are you sure, Asad she hasn't recovered fully yet…”

Asad sighed - “ Yeah, i know, i was thinking the same, but Khushi you know how she is, she’s forcing me into it, she says doesn't want my work to suffer coz of her, and she's actually much better, maybe by the time i leave, she will have almost recovered, so…”

“Oh alright, you know what ill just call her too, shall i call you after, is that ok?”

Asad - “ Sure, ill wait. I love you, Zoya..”

“Me too”


Zoya couldn't believe what shed just heard as she put the phone down.Khushi wasn't coming back, what the hell did this mean, if she was running away, she couldn't let this thing with her brother, keep her away from her family. She needed to talk to her asap, and she dialled her number.

After a few rings, Khushi picked up, and the minute she heard her voice, she knew something had changed in her voice.

“Khushi, Hi, im so sorry, couldn't speak earlier, how are you?? are you ok??”

“Zoyaa, ofcourse, I am, how are you? must be great to be home after forever, and im fine, honestly doing much better…”, came her reply.

Zoya asked confused - “ Khushi whats this about?? I know, if your trying to put up an act in front of me, not going to work…”

“No, Zoya, why would i put up an act in front of you, you know everything….”

Zoya - “ exactly, so what is this about”

She heard Khushi sigh as she replied - “ So, you know earlier today, i saw arnav’s picture with lavanya…in the news…”

“yeah, Khushi about that…I…listen…”, she interrupted.

“Zoya, shhh, listen, so when i saw those pictures, i dont know, how to explain it ,let me put it like something in me sort of flipped, you know, i mean yes, I loved him, your brother, but i was so blinded by it, to see the truth, look this doesn't have anything to do with me being khushi ahemed khan, its about just me and him, he doesn't love me, he never did,even before he made it perfectly clear…so whats the point? i cant force him..”

“He did?? what , wait when???”, asked Zoya now shocked,she couldn't believe her brother had the audacity to say all this to Khushi, directly.He told her, but she could never think he would tell her too, she’d thought of dropping a hint to Khushi herself, but gently, this was brutal.

“Doesnt matter anymore Zoya, so anyway, like i said, when i saw those pictures, i just felt, that i had cried enough,yeah, i loved him, he doesn't love me back, yeah my heart broke, but i cant punish myself over it for the rest of my life, i cherished what we had, maybe deep down i always will, but i guess its time for me to brake away Zoya, to let him go, to move on, i owe it to myself, i tried not giving up, but how long can i hold on to something alone, theres no one at the other end…you understand, don’t you?”

Zoya tried to comprehend everything - “ Yeah, i do, but Khushi are you sure? i mean will you be able to forget everything??”

“Maybe Zoya, maybe i will, i have to try, i have to move on,he doesn't want me to be a part of his life, I cant force myself upon anyone, you know i would never ever do that, and especially not to the man i loved, i just want him to be happy in his life, and i will be in mine, its better to just pretend none of this ever happened”

Zoya - “  But Then why aren't you coming back? You cant let this keep you away from your family, and also i know how excited you were about coming back home, then what is stopping you??”

“Zoya, you know, I just want some time out for myself, thats all, i want to travel for a while, have convinced Riya for the same, and then probably work here for a while, have a different experience, you know meet new people, its for the best…will be the fresh start that i need…”

Zoya’s eyes filled with tears, and all she wanted was to hug her best friend, she had to be supportive here - “ Oh, Khushi, I'm sorry, so sorry this is all my fault, all mine, if I hadn’t…”

“Cmon Zoya, stop blaming yourself, really, what had to happen has happened,theres no point in you blaming yourself, me and him, aren't just meant to be…lets just accept it and move on, its for the best you know, don't you think so too…??”

Zoya - “ I dont know yet Khushi, maybe you are right, maybe not but if thats what you want, wait Asad told me you were with Aadi, what did you guys talk about??”


Khushi felt so much better talking to Zoya and when she asked her about Aadi, she replied honestly - “ Zoya i had to talk to him, it was long due, so i know, how he feels for me, and now that i know how painful it is you know, to love someone and not have them love you back, and i had to tell him, that he had every right to move on too.I just thought how difficult it must be for him to be just friends with me , so i told him, that if he never wanted to see me again, i was ok with it, im his friend, and the least I can give him some space to think about moving on, and how will he if he sees me around him all the time.”

Zoya - “ what?? i thought you would give him a chance atleast, what did he say??”

Khushi - “ No Zoya, i couldn't lead him on, i dont feel that way for him, you know so, i cant do that to him, i can't pretend otherwise, its really sad though, he fell for me, but I….anyways so you know he was really kool about it, infact, before i told him any of this, he told me that he and Nikhil are moving back to US. You know how Nikhil is already in Boston, their parents finally want the two of them to join the family business, and be back home for good. So i guess its good for him you know…we will still be friends, for sure, but atlas this distance will help him move on, i know, i mean i now understand ho important it is….”

“wow, thats a lot to happen in a day, but you know, im so so proud of you , Khushi, everything will be ok, im sure it will be….”

Khushi smiled - “ I know…now quit worrying about me ok, im in the cab, going to be home in the next few minutes, talk to bhaijaan, he's been missing you like crazy…”

She thought she almost felt Zoya smile, as her voice beamed - “ Yeah, me too…ok bye Khushi…”

“Bye Zoya, take care but promise me one thing, will you please?”

“yeah anything Khushi…tell me…”

“Promise me, you won’t bring up Arnav in front of me, i mean atlas in the sense of you know what I mean, hes your family,but for me thats what i want it to just be now, i hope you understand…” 

“yeah, Khushi, i obviously do…..chalo now ill hang up…”

Khushi smiled - “ yeah you must, someone is very eagerly waiting for your call…”

She hung up, and took a deep breath, she had never felt better in a few days, it felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off her chest.The weight and pain of her one sided love, for the man that could never be her’s. It was so much easier to just accept it than to fight the truth, and now that she had accepted it, it gave her a lot of strength and courage to start afresh.

And start afresh she knew she would.For once she had made a decision for herself,that would mark a new beginning, that she knew she deserved.


Two Days Later 


Zoya switched the channels on her tv, as she tried to find something interesting to watch, she was a bundle of nerves, because Asad was returning the next morning, and she had to find a way out to meet him, and she didn't know how she would do the same.Also she had a few other things to worry about.

In the last two days, she had finally come to accept the fact that her brother didn't want to talk about Khushi, just like Khushi didn't want to talk about Arnav.Apart from that everything had almost returned to normal. Her brother had returned to being all normal just like Khushi had returned to being all normal.They both were totally behaving like whatever had happened, had’t happened. They both were moving on.She knew Khushi had loved him, and her brother didn’t, but maybe because her brother didn't know that he was in love with her too. Because that was how he was, he didn't believe in love, so he would have been the last person to know or understand that love had happened to him.What if , he was and he didn't know it? 

She had to do something, she couldn't give up on them yet, maybe atlas she could try to pull a few strings here and there, even if she could get a hint about what he felt.But how??

And thats when an idea struck her, and she almost patted herself, first she messaged Andy, her friend from AR London and then she finally made her way to her elder sister’s room. There wasn't a thing that Anjali di,couldnt help with.


Anjali listened carefully, as Zoya filled her in about Khushi and Arnav.It wasn't the first time she was hearing about Khushi from her, only this time she knew she was Khushi Ahemed Khan.And as far as Zoya’s version of things went, and from what she had personally spotted in her brother’s voice,she knew deep down that he had really liked her, that was precisely the one reason why he was so hurt.She listened and then she straightened up and looked at Zoya and held her hand - 

“ Zoya, as much as i understand, but you know you shouldn’t have lied…”

Zoya nodded - “ I know di, but whats done is done…”

Anjali sighed - “ exactly, whats done is done Zoya, just let it go, what you want, i dont see it happening, and from what you just told me Khushi is moving on too, so whats the point…”

Zoya rolled her eyes - “ exactly di, thats the point, I know her way to well, its good she is moving on, but what if its just a facade to deal with rejection bhai gave her, just what if? I need to try just once, and if its not, if this is what Khushi really wants, i wont talk about anything to her, but in the future, if we can make bhai realise what hes thrown away, maybe he would woo her back, and they could be together, di, i know she truly loved him, and well i dont know for bhai, but trust me the sparks were definitely there, trust me, how can i let them give up on each other, when this all my fault in the first, i feel so so guilty…”, and right then her phone beeped, and she opened it, and just what she wanted, she mentally made a note to thank Andy, and she said, showing her phone to her sister - “ here look di, these are a few pictures of them i asked Andy to send me from the event at AR, you have to see for yourself, you can see…”

Curosity got the better of her, and she took the phone from Zoya and looked at the pictures.There were a few of them, but enough to make her see the point Zoya was making.

There was a picture of them dancing together, and they were smiling at each other.

Another one of them dancing together, but this time they were looking into each other’s eyes.

Then there was one of them , in which Arnav had been holding Khushi’s hand as they had entered, the event.

And then there was one, in which he had his hand on her waist, as he whispered something in her ear, and she was smiling.

And then , the last one, was of him, stealing a glance at her, as she spoke to a few other’s at AR.

She browsed through them again and again.She had never seen her chotte, smiling the way he was.She had never seen this look on his face, with any of the women hed been with.She had never ever seen him steal a glance at anyone.Maybe Zoya was right.Maybe, he did feel for Khushi more than he thought off, he just didn't know it, and even if he did, he was too obnoxious to admit it.

Anjali smiled - “ alright, i get the point, Zoya, and khushi is beautiful…”

Zoya grinned - “ and not just that she is a beautiful person…”

Anjali - “ so what do you want me to do??”

Zoya - “ well i know bhai, but you know him better than me, and he will never get it if we try to show him what we want, directly…”

Anjali smiled - “ reverse psychology, always works well on  him.Zoya, what do you have on your mind??”

Zoya grinned - “ A simple trick up my sleeve di, which will tell me, if i have to take this further…”

Anjali nodded, she felt a little guilty for scheming behind Chotte’s back, but she had never approved of this enemity, ever. Just maybe, this was destiny’s way of making her brother see the light.


Arnav loosened his tie, as he made his way up to his room, he was exhausted,well not because of just the long day at work.He had been bored to death, over dinner with lavanya. Nothing that woman said, was of any interest to him.Unlike Khushi - she had caught his attention in every way, even a giggle, a frown,her constant jabber could make him listen and look at her all day,his heart argued,and he immediately shut that thought out.

He was walking to his room, when he heard Zoya talking in the corridor,as she exclaimed - 

“what do you mean, you are not coming back, Khushi, you can’t do this and why??”

He immediately hid behind the pillar, she was talking to Khushi, and he didn't know why but he wanted to hear.he heard Zoya exclaim again - “ this is ridiculous Khushi, how will ever see you again….ohk fine, ill call you later, and we will talk…”

He saw her cut the call, and was about to go to his room, when he heard his di ’s voice as she walked up to Zoya - “ Zoya whats wrong?? all alright??”

Zoya groaned - “ No di, nothing is, that was Khushi, my best friend, you know she was supposed to be back here, i mean to India by this week end but guess what, she's not coming…”

Anjali - “ what do you mean, not coming?”

Zoya sighed - “ I dont know if she is ever coming back…”

He heard his sister sigh - “you know what Zoya, for all that happened, i guess its for the best, if Khushi and chotte’s path never crossed again…”

He herad Zoya sigh as she admitted - “maybe you are right Di,maybe it is for the best…ok goodnight di, ill see you in the morning…”

Arnav watched his sisters leave, and he didn't know why he stood frozen to the spot.Want it what he had wanted,to never see her again? then why did he feel as if some one had thrown a bucket of ice cold water on him.Why couldn't he get himself to move? Why did the thought of actually never seeing her again,affect him the way it was.


Arnav paced around his room, impatiently.He was feeling restless,very restless.The last two days had been disturbing too, somehow he couldn't sleep well, and he was being harsh on himself for he didn't know what the hell was wrong with him.And right now, he was feeling even more restless, and impatient, and it had everything to do with the fact that he had eavesdropped  over his sister’s conversation with Khushi.

He didn't know, he felt his insides churn, and he he had to know what Zoya and Khushi had spoken about,and so as much as his mind told him not to, his legs on their own made their way to Zoya’s room.


Zoya listened to music, waiting for her brother to come.If she knew him well, he would surely come.And it was right then she saw him enter her room, and she hid her smile, and plucked out her earphones and asked with a serious tone - “ bhai, whats up? how was dinner with lavanya?”

Arnav - “ Yeah, it was good, anyways, i wanted to talk about something..”

Zoya felt her insides jump in happiness, she knew he would ask about Khushi - “ yeah what is it?”

Arnav - “ Its about you obviously.You are starting work tonorrow, aren't you? iv got your cabin ready at AR.Infact tomorrow, once you are there, I will talk you through everything that i am handing you over, is that ok with you?”

Zoya groaned, so this was what it was about work.She hid her disappointment as she said - “ yeah, bhai for sure, just ill be a little late tomorrow, maybe by 10 ill be there, i just have something to do before”, she finished.(She had to make sure she met Asad at the airport first, he would land at 830 am)

Arnav nodded - “ Fine, no issues, ill see you there…”, and he started walking out.

Zoya felt so disappointed,her plan had failed, but it was right then she saw him turn as he stated in a curt voice - “ And Zoya, just in case , that friend of your’s is back here, i just want you to tell her to keep out of my way, she better not show me her face…”

Zoya hid her grin, what would she do about him, he was so so arrogant.She stated in a normal tone - “ oh about that, yeah you dont need to worry anymore…”

Arnav turned and watched his sisters expression as he stated - “ of course it is, i dont wish to see her…”

“And see her, you won’t…probably ever…”, Zoya chipped in.

Arnav didn't want to ask, but the words left his mouth before he could control them - “ what do you mean, Zoya?”

Zoya stated blatently - “ well i guess its good news for you, she's not coming back to India, not now, maybe not even for the next six months, or a year, maybe even ever…”

Arnav - “ thats good…”

Zoya - “ Yeah ofcourse it is, intact now that you brought her up, when i spoke to her today on the phone, she sounded so different, she's decided to move on too, you kno from whatever happened,and i totally understand and support her, because hey you rejected her, how much rejection can a girl take, so im happy she's decided to travel around for a while, then work on her own in London, meet new people, i think its for the best…”

She saw her brother flinch.It was working , he really cared still, but he was an excellent actor, as he said curtly - “ Yeah its for the best..”

Zoya was somewhat enjoying it, and she stated further - “ good, im glad we are all past this, me, you and her, finally and just so you know, you both are now on the same page now, you asked me to never talk about her in front of you, and she asked me to not even mention your name in front of her, which is good, i think i can handle that…”, she finished now greatly enjoying the misery in her brother’s eyes.If this was the only way she had to adopt, then she would.

She thought she almost heard hurt in his voice as he asked - “ she said that?”

Zoya - “ ofcourse, what else did you expect?anyways bhai, please shut the door as you leave, goodnight…”, and with that she walked to her bathroom, and she hid and watched her stunned brother leave her room.


Arnav entered his room, and immediately rushed to the poolside, he felt angry, very angry, he was furious over what he had just heard.He kicked the table in front of him,and sat on his recliner, with his hand in his hair, why was he hurting? His eyes fell on the scar, on his hand, when he had injured himself before he had left. His mind immediately went back, to how tenderly Khushi had tended to his wound, even when he had been so cruel to her.She had told him, she loved him.He immediately opened his eyes, and instructed himself to not think of her.

But he did, again and again.

He could only think of her.

He opened his phone to browse the few pictures he still had of them,as much as his mind told him to delete them, he couldn't get himself too.

Wrath filled him, as he saw them.The look on her face, she was a brilliant actor, she never loved him, he was sure she never did.

He'd wanted this, never to see her again to forget her, to move on, but he felt his heart question if she really did love him, or else how could she move on, so soon? How could she ask Zoya to never mention his name to her? How could she just forget everything, and how could she never be coming back, how could she snatch the opportunity of seeing him again?

He was furious, because he was in a conflict of emotions, and also in a conflict of his mind.

He had never felt so miserable in his Life.And ironically, this was the first time in his life, he wanted and didn’t want something at the same time.The something being - Khushi Ahemed Khan.


London - 500 PM - Heathrow International Airport

Khushi hugged her brother, as she said - “ dont worry bhai, i will be alright, call as you land, ok!! And i will update you on my travel plans, me and riya will leave after Aadi leaves tomorrow”

Asad kissed his sister’s forehead - “ yeah, do that, and about that Khushi, you know you did the right thing with aditya, im proud of you…you are not so little anymore…”

Khushi grinned - “oh bhaijaan, for you i always will be, and thank you, now cmon go, or you will get late, hurry, go and catch the flight that will take you to the love of your life…”

Asad grinned - “ Yeah sure…i dont know when will i see her though..”

KHushi assured him - “ She will , dont worry, she will sneak out if she has too, but im sure she will come to see you, no matter what…”

Asad smiled - “ I just hope so…”

Khushi smiled - “ Bhaijaan, never give up on this belief you have in each other. Never give up on your love.You are lucky, to have th one you love, love you back…”

Asad - “ again, you are being all cryptic, Khushi….”

Khushi rolled her eyes - “ Oh cmon, its just a metaphor, got nothing to do with me, alright…now go….”

Asad hugged her, one last time as he said - “ alright fine, you have fun ok.love you Khushi…”

Khushi - “ Love you too Bhaijaan…”,and she saw him walk into the terminal.

Khushi made her way out , and she felt slight shiver, it was not cold, but the wind was there.She decided to get herself some Hot Chocolate.She spotted, Starbucks, and she made her way in, and She waited patiently for her order.


Arhaan Khan, had just landed in from Germany, and he was exhausted, he saw his chauffeur put his luggage in, and he waited for him to sit in.

Arhaan - “ hey , just wait, ill get some water, i dont see any in the car..you wait right here…”

And he spotted Starbucks and walked in.

And it was right then, he bumped into someone, and before he knew it he had hot chocolate spilled all over him.For a second he was mad, and was about to yell, but the minute he heard the girl in front of him rant an immediate apology, he was taken aback, because he had just bumped into someone very very beautiful.


Khushi felt like an idiot, where was she looking.She quickly said - “ Im so so sorry, i didn't know where was I looking, why dont you come in, ill help you clean up…”

She saw him nod, as he got in, and she immediately sat on the chair opposite and grabbed some napkins from the table and gave him, and tried to help him clean up. She started to get up, to get more tissues, when she hit her knee on the table, from her injured leg and she exclaimed - “ ouch and she sat back immediately…rubbing her knee…”

Arhaan saw the girl hurt herself and he asked instantly - “ hey, you alright?”

“Yeah, was in an accident last week, hit the same knee…but should be fine, anyways im sorry, for the spill, i think ill go now…”and she got up.

Arhaan watched the girl limp a little and he got up - “hey, why don’t you let me help you to the taxi stand…”

Khushi shot him a confused look - “ no thats very kind of you, but ill be fine…” but her leg hurt, and she knew it was on her face.

Khushi gave him a small smile - “ maybe i will need your help”, and he smiled, she held on to his hand, as he helped her walk.


Arhaan watched this beautiful girl, from the corner of his eye, in silence as he helped her walk.They reached the stand, but there wasn't any taxi there.He signalled his chauffeur to bring in his car, as he said - “ Look you are hurt, i dont think you should wait for the taxi…let me drop you off…”

He looked at her fluster as she said - “ No, no i possibly cant , ill wait, but thank you…”

Arhaan insisted - “ Look its a busy day, who knows how long will you have to wait…”

He saw he nod, and he smiled and he helped her get into his car, and then he got in himself from the other side.

he asked smilingly - “ so where are we off too??”

He heard her give her address to the chauffeur, but he couldn't get his eyes off her face, and he smiled as he offered his hand for a shake - “ Hi, my name is Arhaan”

He saw her smile as she shook his hand, and replied - “ Hi arhaan, im khushi…”


IGI - 830 am 

Asad walked out into the arrival terminal, and he checked his phone again, to see if Zoya had called or messaged.He scanned the group of people, standing with placards, some ready to receive strangers, and some waiting to receive their loved ones.He only wished, if the one he loved, had been there too.But he nudged the thought aside, of course it was not possible, it was way too early in the day, and Zoya obviously couldn't come, what excuse would she make.

It was right then his phone rang, and he picked it up, and listened to his driver tell him where he had parked the car.He made his way towards it.

As he reached his car, he couldn't spot his driver, but the lights were on, and he checked the drivers door, it was open, he made a note to scold his driver for leaving the car open.He called him and he heard him say - “woh bhaiya, i just came to have tea, shall i, ok ill come…”

Asad - “ no issues, its ok, ill wait in the car ok, but why did you leave the car open?

“Woh bhaiya, thats because…”

“whatever,ok leave it…”

He shoved his phone in his pocket, then kept his luggage in the boot and opened the door to the backseat and sat inside , and the minute he sat, he heard her voice -“Mr.Khan,welcome back…”


Zoya had been so excited, as she waited in his car in the backseat, it hadn't been easy to trick his driver into leaving.She was glad, he bought the story of how she was Khushi’s friend, and khushi had sent something for her, with her brother, and she was waiting to get it.She made a note to thank Khushi, for her help on this.She spotted him talk on the phone, and she smiled, he was scolding his driver she thought, she ducked down, so he wouldn't see her yet.She felt so excited, as she waited for him to finally get in, she had never surprised anyone like this.

It was right then she saw him open the door, he wasn't paying attention, and she waited until he sat, and she finally spoke - “ Mr.Khan, welcome back….”

He was stunned,was an understatement, the look on his face, Zoya knew she wouldn’t even exchange it for a million dollars, as she said smilingly - “ what you look you seen a ghost? oh god, and i thought i would surprise you…”, but she couldn't complete her sentence as she was pulled into a crushing hug, as she heard him say - “ Zoya, its you, its really you…”.She hugged him back, and then finally broke away and kissed him tenderly on his cheek - “ yes its me, Asad…”

Asad couldn't have been happier , he kept his forehead on hers as he whispered - “ the best surprise ever, i didn't know how long id have to wait to see you, but how did you??”

Zoya grinned - “ well, i have some tricks up my sleeve, also i had help from Khushi….”, and she hugged him again.

Asad kissed her on her neck softly and held on to her, hed missed her so much.

Zoya realised that his driver would be back any minute so she said, breaking the hug - “ ok so now, i need to go, ok , your driver will be back…”

Asad held her hand - “ but, wait, don’t go, just yet…”

Zoya smiled at him ,and cupped his face - “ i know, i missed you so much too, but you know, i have to, my car is parked right there, ill see you later…”

Asad nodded.He kissed her hand tenderly as he said - “ thank you, Zoya, for this wonderful surprise…”

Zoya - “ oh cmon on , you know i couldn't wait myself…anyways so ill call you ok, we probably have to sneak around and meet in hiding , you know the given circumstances…”

Asad sighed - “ yeah, the circumstances…”

Zoya looked back to see his driver from afar making his way to the car , she said hurriedly - “ hes here, gota go now, i love you Asad”, she gave him a small peck on his lips, and opened the door to leave, but right then she felt him catch her hand, kiss it as he whispered - “ I love you too…”

She finally shut the door behind and walked towards her car, she had never felt so happy.Asad was back.

Asad saw his driver get in, and he tried to control his smile and straighten his face ,as he leaned back and closed his eyes, he was irrevocably in love with Zoya Singh raizada, and he couldn't help, but fall deeper day by day.


Destiny smiled as she stated - “ some people need to be messed around with, you know, only then do they see what we want them to see….”

Fate grinned - “ oh yeah, thats true, that was just a small dose of the sadistic pleasure, I want more, I know, i will get it…”, he winked.

Destiny - “ also, i want Asad to see something he's been blind too, all these years, and perhaps this is the only way…”

Fate nodded - “ Yeah, i know what you mean, to reach the point, iv decided for them, you written it down just perfectly…”

Love fiddled with all the books on her table, as she whispered - “ hmmm, have you guys seen my diary, theres something i wish too write about…”

Right then hate stomped towards her, and banged his fist on the table, startling everyone , as love spoke - “ whats wrong with you? Calm down, will you?”

Hate controlled his temper as he said - “ what the hell? you want me to calm down?? you always do this, you just always do this, you and your sneaky ways, let me tell you, i am not going to let you get away with this easily…”

Love smiled - “ then don’t….”

Fate intervened - “ hey buddy, i think you need to relax…”

hate glared at fate - “ relax my foot…im warning the three of you, i will find a way out…”

Destiny - “ we know you will”, and hate started to stomp out.

Right then Fate looked at Love, and the smile on her face, hinted something too, and so he challenged hate , as he said - “ and we will fight you, Game on, my friend…”

Love grinned - “ Oh yeah,big time…”


 P.s - There is going to be a small leap, by a couple of months, after this update!!

Feb 15, 2017

Chapter 17 - Stealing Time - 15/02/2017 - New!! (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 21 times)

Chapter 17 - Stealing Time

Five Months Later

Raizada Constructions 

6.00 PM - Monday

Zoya shut her laptop, and packed her bag for the day.It had been a long day, Monday’s always were.However, there was one thing that kept her very excited about her day, which was her weekly date with the love of her life. It had been five months, since she had returned to India, and then Asad had too.Five months, they had been meeting in hiding,mostly only once a week, and that too Monday nights.That was so because, Monday’s were superbusy days for the rest of her family members, specially her brother.He worked overtime on Monday for sure. It was easier , also because just no one she knew,her family or friends went out on Monday nights, so the risk of being spotted with Asad was really low. It was frustrating for sure, because obviously, meeting once a week, that too for a few hours,wasnt just ever enough.They hadn't got much time, with each other, no matter how much they had tried to steal time for each other, something or the other always came up.And to top it all, three months ago, just when shed completed two months at AR Designs, her brother had handed her, the reigns of Raizada Constructions, he supervised over her, for sure but he had handed over the operations,and the execution bit of it all.She had tried to fight his decision, because she didn't want to work in a company that was directly in competition with Asad, but he hadn't left her with much choice, he had explained how he had too much on his hands, and he really could use her help.She had to agree reluctantlyShe smiled as she remembered the shocked look on Asad’s face, when shed told him, that she was taking over the management of Raizada Constructions.It had complicated things a little, but all settled soon, as they made a pact to keep their professional and personal lives, miles apart from each other. And things had been working out, expect for the fact, that amongst Khan- Raizada, personal and professional rivalry, they weren't getting as much time, as they had thought, for each other.They literally had to steal time to even talk, and the meetings, were possible only once a week.She knew, Asad was disappointed too, just like she was, but he also knew this was the best that could be done, given the circumstances.


She was ready to leave, when her phone rang, and she picked it up as she smiled -“ Khushi , how are you??

“Great Zoya, just busy with work, you know how Monday’s are…but just stepping out for lunch with Arhaan…oh do you know, he's going to Bombay this friday, for a conference, and few meetings with the real estate group, he's invested in,and i found out, its the same conference you and bhaijaan will be attending too….”, she replied.

Zoya - “ thats great Khushi, so finally i guess, ill get to meet this mystery man, Arhaan…”

“Oh cmon Zoya, hes not a mystery, you know everything…hes been a very good friend, amongst all this change…”, she heard Khushi.

Zoya smiled - “ ofcourse, i know, he's been a great support to you, and i cannot thank him enough for that, but you know what,i really feel,by looking at the pictures of the two of you together, he's really into you, I'm sure he is, but don't you think this will mess up, incase you don't clear out…I mean, you know what I mean?”

“yeah, i do, but i cannot clear it yet, because, im trying to figure out if I feel something too, you know he's different, i can trust him, if anything he's been there for me, always, and theres no harm in giving this a chance….”

Zoya asked worriedly - “ are you sure? you know, i dont want you to hurry into anything…”

“Oh Zoya, you know I am not hurrying into anything, its been five months, and i think i know him well enough..look i know you are worried for me, but trust me, you dont  have to be, i got this, anyways what are you doing??”

Zoya sighed,so Khushi was indeed over her brother. Not even once, in the last five months, had she once asked about Arnav, and even if his name came up, she ignored it and didn't ever talk about him, or about what had happened.She really had found a way to get her brother out of her system.And deep down she knew, Khushi had every right too move on.She replied - “ ohk,so i was just leaving for…”

“For your date in hiding, oh yes, its Monday…ok bye ill catch you later…enjoy dinner, Zoya, ill speak to bhaijaan later then…”, chipped in Khushi.

“Ok bye, Khushi..”, and she cut the phone.

She walked towards her car, and got in behind the wheel, and she started to drive, as her thoughts went to her brother. He had buried himself in work, even more than what was humanly possible,over these past five months.She knew, he missed Khushi.She was sure, he did, and she was also sure he hadn't forgotten anything, because there had been numerous times, she had spotted him checking out Khushi’s Facebook profile on her laptop, but she had never acknowledged it in front of him, that she had seen him.She was sure, she had seen jealousy and hurt, everytime, Khushi had been tagged in a post, by Arhaan, with their pictures,and every time he had seen them, some wrath and fury took him over, due to which he would just bury himself in work and if anyone in Shantivan spoke to him, on that fateful day, then they’d meet the fury of the devil himself.Only she and anjali di knew what this was about, and where was this coming from, but she couldn't do a thing about it.Because her brother could burn in hell of jealousy but he could not admit to himself that he missed Khushi,his pride didn't allow him to bend down in front of the girl he wanted so bad.Not once in these last five months, had he made any effort to get in touch with Khushi. Infact, Lavanya Kashyap was become more of a regular feature in his complicated life.And as much as shed wanted to help him, she couldn't because he didn't want to help himself,and so she had just let him be, just like her di had advised.Whereas, on the other hand, Khushi had been moving on, in the right spirit, and this Arhaan, seemed like a nice guy, from whatever Khushi told her.Maybe, now she would finally have a chance to meet him,in the coming weekend,at the upcoming conference.She knew, her worry for her best friend, wouldn't wash away until,she met this guy in person.She raised the volume on the radio, as she continued to drive, a few more minutes until she finally met Asad,the only thing that kept her going for the next whole tiresome week.


7.00 PM

Asad looked at his watch, he was right on time, and mostly Zoya was on time too, maybe she was just stuck in traffic, this place was quite from her office.He took the time he had on her hand, to drink some water, and think.The last five months, hadn't been easy for them,they couldn't meet as often as they had wanted too.Only once a week, and that too in this not very popular resturant.He smiled to himself, Zoya had found this Chinese place,he didn't how, but she felt it suited their situation, for no one they would know, ever came here,but the food wasn't that bad.They had been coming here, every week,every Monday night, for the last five months.That was the only time, he would get to see her, and god that frustrated him greatly, but things weren't in their favour, and so they had to steal as much time as they could, to be with each other.Steal time to meet, steal time to talk,steal time to keep their relationship going.And she was now managing Raizada Constructions,that had been a complication for a while.She was sitting on the seat which made her a direct work rival, but they had decided to keep things apart, had been conflicting earlier, but with time, they had managed too,get past it.And he had so much faith in them, he knew, just believed that they could get past anything.Right then his phone rang, and it was his assistant, he immediately said - “ Ruhi, i told you, I am in an important meeting, what was so important, that you had to disturb me, when i asked you not too..”

“Sir, im sorry, Jeevan here from the finance department, wants to talk to you importantly…”

Asad looked at his watch , Zoya wasn't here yet - “ ok, give him the phone..”

He heard his employee say - “ Sir, i have some tip, about that tender tomorrow, i know what the Raizada’s have bid, if we change ours at the last minute, we might get this one, in our favour…”

If it was Arnav Singh raizada, who would have bid for this, Asad wouldn't have thought even a minute and gone ahead with this scheme.But it was Arnav, it was Zoya, and he couldn't cheat her, in any way.Everything had to be fair and square, and so he said sternly - “ No jeevan, thats not what I want, our bids will remain what they were this morning, when i finalised it, no no more discussions…”

“Ohk sir, im sorry, i just thought, it would benefit us greatly, i thought you would be interested…”

Asad replied sternly - “ no, i am not, and i dont want you spying like this ever again, or else you will loose your jb, which i guess is very important to you…”

“No, sir, i didnt, someone from within Ra c˜izada Constructions gave me this tip…”

Right then he spotted Zoya walk in, and he said - “ ill talk to you tomorrow, but remember, something like this shouldn't ever happen, again…”

Asad grinned, as he hugged Zoya - “ For a minute I thought, you weren’t coming,now that would break my heart…”

Zoya hugged him back as she grinned , and kissed him on his cheek - “ oh cmon, as if i would miss this one opportunity i get of seeing you, was stuck in traffic, its terrible…”, and she saw him pull the chair for her, and she sat.

Zoya smiled,as she felt his hand cover hers,and she laced her fingers in his as she asked - “Sorry, did i make you wait long??”

Asad - “ well, not much…but you do know, for you i can wait forever…”

Zoya blushed - “ Oh god, Six months into our relationship, and you still make me blush, Mr.Khan…”

Asad grinned - “ Just like you my heart race, even now…”

Zoya heard her stomach rumble - “ oh im so hungry, can we order”

Asad raised his eyebrows - “ do you think you have too, we been coming here, every week, for the last five months, they already know what we eat, in fact the waiter asked me if he could serve our usual, once you arrived, and i said yes,i hope thats ok…”

Zoya grinned - “ obviously, it is…”

“You know, when you chose this place five months ago, i had no idea why you did, but as discreet it is, i kind of now understand why you did, and to your credit, the food isn't so bad..Zoya…”

Zoya rolled her eyes - “ Oh please, its just bearable, but i guess its ok, because the company makes it wonderful…”

Asad grinned - “oh yes, i didn't think of that..”

“Very funny…anyways i missed lunch today, thats why so so hungry”

Asad - “ but you know you shouldn’t no matter how busy you are…and on that note, i wanted to tell you something…” 

Zoya saw the waiter get their soups, and starters ,and Asad waited for them to place it and leave,and she saw him serve them as he said - “ why don't you start eating, and fill you in…”

Zoya smiled.This man was the most thoughtful one, on this planet.

“what would i do without you Asad, so what is it? everything ok??”

Asad - “ yeah, actually i dont know, but you know, whilst i was waiting for you…so you know that tender right, which we both have bid for, i mean, khan and raizada constructions have been bidding for…the result comes out tomorrow morning…”

Zoya sipped her soup as she said - “ yeah, i know what about it?”

“Well, so my assistant called me, some guy in my finance department had a tip about what you guys bid, and he was suggesting we alter ours…”

Zoya looked at him in shock - “ what?? how is this even possible, only I and a few very trusted team members knew about this”

Asad - “ look at first i thought my team was spying in , without my knowledge, but when i told my employee to stop doing so, he said that someone from within Raizada Constructions, called and tipped him off”

Zoya looked at him - “ so you didn't alter your bid?”

Asad gave her a small smile - “ no way, are you crazy? i told him, i didn't even want to know, what your’s was, you know what Zoya, if it was your brother, i would have probably given it a thought, but its you, the woman i love, i want you to know that ill never cheat on you, in any way, personally or professionally.Its gotta be fair and square,you win some, you loose some.Thats all, but i guess you should find out who this person is, i mean if they tipped us, they could tip off others too.I mean there are two other companies bidding for the same.”

Zoya held his hand - “ thank you so much Asad,for telling me…”

Asad smiled - “ ofcourse i would, we made some rules to avoid conflicts, remember…”

“Ofcourse…”, replied Zoya, as she started to wipe the corners of her mouth, but she saw him bend forward, and do the same, with his thumb, and she felt his thumb caress her lips for a few seconds, and she felt her entire body jolt up, with a simple touch as that.

Asad grinned - “ well, if you are going to meet me just once a week, you know im going to find excuses to touch you.God, you have no idea, just no idea, how this arrangement is starting to get to me, its been so long,since i felt you melt in my arms…and then all i get is to kiss you once a week, what do you expect”

Zoya threw the napkin at him,as she gaped at him in fake shock - “ Asad, your shameless, you know that, we are in a public place, how could you possibly talk…”

Asad winked at her - “ alright, fine, i won’t go on, that is, you promise to take out some good time for us soon, by good i mean, i want to be with you for just sometime, without worrying about you having to leave already…”

Zoya nodded - “ ok ill see what i can do…”, and right then a thought came to her mind as she said - “ oh you remember, theres a conference this weekend, in Bombay…”

Asad rolled his eyes - “ what the hell Zoya, that doesn't count ok, its just some stupid conference, where we have to pretend to be strangers, which sucks, so…”

Zoya - “ oh will you listen to me please, so i was speaking Khushi earlier, she said Arhaan would be there too…”

Asad - “ what? why??…”

Zoya - “ some work, i guess, anyways we will finally get to meet him, i mean…”

“yeah, i know what you mean, Khushi has been spending quite some time with this guy, i guess now would be the time to meet him…”, he said.

Zoya - “yeah…thats what i meant…”, she didn't know how to tell him, that no matter who it was, he wasn't khushi’s first love.

They chatted for some more time, as they ate, and soon it was time to leave.

Asad held her hand, as they walked out towards their cars.

Zoya kissed his hand - “ so bye then, ill see you in Bombay, then but bhai will be there so…”

Asad stiffened - “ so yes, strangers we will be…”, and he saw confused look on Zoya’s face.

He cupped her face tenderly - “ hey, why do i feel since quite sometime, that you want to ask me something, but then you don't , whats it about??”

Zoya - “ Yeah, i want to, but when we have a lot of time, not in a hurry…anyway ill go now…”, and with that she turned to walk to her car.

Asad pulled her back, into the side, against the wall, right beside where he had parked his car, his vehicle blocking the front view - “ not before you kiss me goodbye, Zoya…”, and before she knew it, his lips were on her’s, and she felt herself kiss him back,there was so much emotion, so much passion,and so much love.


11.00 PM - Shantivan

Arnav walked in, exhausted.He knew, everyone would be asleep.he went to the kitchen first, drank some water, and then made his way to his room.He had a dinner meeting, which was very important for the expansion, he had in mind for AR Designs.He was glad, the meeting had gone well.

He got into his room, freshened, and changed.And a few minutes later, he lied down on his bed, and checked his phone. He didn't know,this part of the day, he hated or loved.For this was the one part , his heart had stolen from him.Everyday, as he had retired for the night, his traitor of a heart that it was, would start thinking of Khushi.Every night, for the past five months, she was the last thing on his mind, as he slept.And he didn't know, he hated it or loved it. He didn't know why this stupid heart of his that was responsible for all these complicated emotions, wouldn't let go of her. Of Khushi Ahemed Khan.He knew, she didn't remember him anymore,for she never talked about him to Zoya,she never mentioned him to his sister, even once, in these last five months.She had let him go, then why had it hurt him so much, and it still was hurting. Arnav Singh Raizada, had never bent in front of anyone, so how could he in front of a girl, his pride wouldn't allow him, and thats what he had thought for the first two months.There were so many times, he had almost messaged her, or called her, almost, but his mind had won, for he had always ended up deleting the messages, always ended up staring at her number on his phone screen, but could never get himself to dial it.he had thought it was pride, at first, but it wasn't just that, he didn't know, what to say to her, he had no clue, as to what could he have said, to started a conversation.He was the one, who had thrown her out of his life, she had begged him,he now realised, she had, not once, not twice, but thrice, she had tried her best.And he had just plucked her out, like a fly.The truth was, he didn't know, she mattered this much to him then, and he didn't know even how it was so possible, even now.Somehow, he couldn't just let her go, he couldn't get her out of his system. And then ever since those pictures, of that guy Arhaan and her started popping up on Facebook , which he had spotted on Zoya’a laptop, he didn't know why rage and fury was all he felt.And even though his mind warned him, he found himself often stalking Khushi, from Zoya’s laptop, to see what she was upto, good for him, his sister was always logged in.And the way that guy, looked at Khushi in a few of them, well it was almost similar to how that friend of hers aAdi looked at her, and it made him burn.he just wanted to break everything, and anything that came his away.The day he would spot a new picture, he just felt himself go beserk, and he had no idea what the hell was happening to him, and he had no idea how to handle it, and so work came to his rescue, and then he would distract himself with dates, with lavanya,hoping that his restless heart would find find some solace.But he had failed, not one thing lavanya said or did, was of any interest. It was like, as if he had still held on to Khushi, in the form of hate, jealousy, and pain.It was all about her.And the fact that she wasn't interested in even acknowledging his existence anymore, made him want to back off, and he would give anything to get her out of his system, but he had tried a numerous times, and failed.She was the still the last thing on his mind, every night as he slept. It was like as if his heart had made this regular routine of stealing this time, to torture him, with her memories.

He told himself a numerous times, that he could control, all of this, should not be happening to him, but it was. He had found himself thinking about how Khushi met this new guy, of what would they been doing?were they close? had he touched her? had she let him kiss her yet?

he quickly drank a glass of water, he needed it to calm the fire that rose within, because of a picture, that came along with that thought. What was happening to him?? he had thought , initially that if he had given himself time, everything would change, but nothing had, it had been five months, but her every memory still had the similar affect on him.

There were times, when his heart had almost instructed him to catch the first flight out to London, and meet her, just see her.But his mind would win again, because it was not ready to look beyond the fact, that she was the enemy’s sister.

And so as he switched off his night lamp, he twisted and turned in bed, in complete misery, torn between the battle of the heart and mind, until sleep took over.


10.00 am - Shantivan

Anjali and Zoya ate breakfast, as they saw Arnav join them.

He smiled at his sister’s - “ goodmorning…”

Anjali smiled - “ goodmorning Chotte..”

“Goodmorning Bhai…come ill serve you breakfast…”, and she started to serve him, and then she said - “ Can you put your phone down, please…not on the table bhai…”

Anjali took the phone out of his hands - “yes, Zoya is right, you been working hard Chotte, the least you can do is eat properly, and i don't even think you been sleeping well, is everything ok?”

Arnav shrugged - “ yeah all ok, and di, i sleep well…”

Anjali looked at Zoya who raised her eyebrow - “ oh really? anyways when do you guys leave for Bombay?

Arnav - “ Friday Morning, di, should be back on Monday…”

Zoya - “ oh bhai, i wanted to tell you, we got that tender, for Raizada Constructions…”

Arnav - “ good work Zoya, that was a close call, im just glad we got it…could have lost out to anyone, but im just happy we didn't loose to Asad Ahemed Khan…that would have given me a headache, as if it weren’t enough that one of the Khan siblings has given me a migraine that seems to last a lifetime”

Zoya gulped down her emotions to that sentence and continued to eat.And right then she heard her sister speak - “ Oh, cmon Chotte, you have never learnt to let grudges go, get over it already, its been months,and some breaking news from what i know off, none of the Khan siblings care about what you think, so just stop it…”

Zoya saw his brother flinch,she knew this was another opportunity to add fuel to the fire,maybe the volcano that was building up would finally erupt one day, and she said - “ yeah bhai, di is right….like i told you Khushi doesn't even bother, she's moved on, intact wait, di i wanted you to see this picture, of Arhaan and her…they look so good together, and yesterday when i spoke to her, she did tell me, that they might get together soon, you know like a couple…”

Anjali knew what Zoya was doing, so she played along, and saw the picture, it was indeed a nice one, and she shoved it in Arnav’s face and she saw him glance at it and flinch, but didn't say a word , so she said - “ whatever, anyways Zoya its a nice picture…”, and she handed her phone back to her sister.

Zoya - “ yeah and guess what, Arhaan is coming to this conference too, in Bombay, Khushi told me yesterday, honestly i want to meet him already, you know as a best friend, gotta watch out for Khushi, dont want her to get hurt again…”

Anjali watched her brother stomp out, angrily and Zoya and she high - fived.

Anjali rolled her eyes - “ Five Months, and he still hast made any effort….”

Zoya - “ Di i guess, hes like this dormant volcano, all the fire is building up, will erupt soon…”

Anjali - “ on a serious note, Zoya, by the picture, and if what you say is true, if Khushi has really moved on, i dont think if its fair if we should continue to rile up Chotte like this, i dont want him to hurt himself, somewhere where there is no hope..”

Zoya - “ maybe you are right di, but you know what, no matter what, alls fair in love and war, I'm sure you’v heard of that, i want them to atlas make a conversation, for once, if they have to move on, they should face each other,and get past this amicably…thats what i feel, but i dont see that happening anytime soon, you see, she's not coming back and he's not going there….”

Anjali - “ things will be ok if they have to Zoya, atlas you know you tried your best…”

Zoya - “ yeah, i know, anyway, now i gotta go di…late for work…”

Anjali nodded - “ im getting late myself…see you later…”

Zoya kissed her on the cheek - “ yeah, later di…”

As she stepped in  her car and started to drive, she heard her phone ring.It was Asad.She picked up instantly , as she heard his voice - “ Now thats a first Zoya, you dont usually pick up my phone in one go…”

“Thats coz for a change your timing is right, I'm by myself, in the car, leaving for work….”

“Ok, then you drive, i dont like it when you talk while you drive….”

“Mr.Khan, you know you are sweet, when you get into all your I care for you Mode…anyways i havent started yet…”

“ok, anyways i have to rush too, have a meeting, you know, and Congratulations Zoya, for the tender, now since you beat me to it, i gotta figure some other way out, to win the next one….”.Zoya could almost sense the smile in his voice.

“Thanks Asad for that, for not changing your bid,honestly, I really appreciate it…”

“Oh and i appreciate a challenge, and this just challenges me to beat you next time, anyway have you found out who the traitor was, yet??”

Zoya sighed - “ not yet, but will soon do so…”

“Ok, now i gotta go, speak later, my love…”

“Later, my love…”, replied Zoya, as she finally started to drive.



Wednesday - 830 am

Khushi got ready for work, she had to be there by 10.00, for apparently there was this new assignment, her boss wanted her and Mark to get started on from today itself.

She quickly picked up her bag, and made her way out, just when her phone rang.She picked it up, as she smiled to herself - “ Arhaan, good morning, im on my way…yeah ill see you right there, in about 20 mins…”.

And she started walking, towards her favorite waffle place, which was right outside the Bond Street Tube station.It had been a ritual for almost a month now, since Arhaan and her were both tied up with work, and weren't getting as much time to hang out, Arhaan had suggested they meet in the morning and then go to work together.Before this, Arhaan used to drive to work,but then he decided this way he would also get to see Khushi, and also avoid the traffic.He was much happier with the tube, it made him reach on time.So every morning since the last month, they would meet outside the bond street tube station, which was walking distance of 20 mins from her place.She would walk down, they would grab a coffee and quick breakfast from cafe’s around, and then make their way to work.Both their offices, were around the Picaddily Circus.Over the last five months, they had really become very good friends.She recalled how she bumped into him, all those months ago, and then how he'd taken her number, and then they'd met a couple of times, and completely hit it off.And then slowly, she had been comfortable to share with him, about her heartbreak,she didn't tell him who the person was,but apart from that, she was honest to tell him, that she had loved someone, and whoever he was didn't love her back, and had literally thrown her out of his life. She smiled to herself, she was lucky to have found him.He was a great friend, a great support system, that had helped her in probably one of the most toughest phases of her life.He was a nice person, he really was, he was smart, intelligent, and very kind, and not to forget understanding, and very funny too, he would crack her up, very often. She fellt like she could be herself around him, all the time, no pretenses, no lies, just herself. 

In the past few months, first she had travelled with Riya, around the country, and then she had found this job at this Marketing and PR firm, and was working as an assistant to the PR & Communications Manager, and she was loving it.She had made sure she stole out time,to do the things she she liked, and she had finally started putting herself first, and she hadn't realised that make one’s self a priority could bring so much happiness. Loving herself, had given her the light, to be herself again.And she couldn't be happier.

It wasn’t as if she had forgotten what had happened.She probably couldn’t, she couldn't wipe the memories,of her first love, but she had learned to live with it , in content, cherishing the fact that it had happened, and wasn't a thing that could last a lifetime,but for some reason, it was with her for a season, and she had accepted its fate. She would be lying to herself, if she said, that she hadn't looked at their pictures, in her stolen time for herself, she had ofcourse,and she had missed him, she had missed what he made her feel, but with time, she had been able to look at the pictures and smile, and not cry, and then with time, she had been able to just browse through, normally, and then also with time every picture she had seen of him and lavanya, had helped as well.She remembered her last words to him, she had wanted him to be happy,and she was really glad, now that he was happy too. It was indeed for the best if they stayed out of each other lives, and she knew that if she ever met him again, she would be able to look at him as her best friends brother and nothing else.She had changed,as a person,and for the better ,the tornado called Arnav Singh raizada, had finally passed.

She spotted Arhaan,and then increased the pace in her steps and when she reached she grinned - “ Goodmorning, Im sorry, 5 mins late today…”

Arhaan grinned - “ thats alright, and here…iv got this for you”, he handed her , her favourite belgian waffle and coffee.

Khushi smiled - “ Thanks, what would i do without you?”

She saw him wink, as he said - “ well, you know, you don't have to do without me, Khushi, I'm with you, always…”

Khushi smiled, as she started to eat, and then sipped her coffee, and watched him take his from the counter,as they stood right there and ate,amongst various other regulars, who had an excellent appetite, for waffles,and she heard Arhaan say - “ So, you know, like i told you, about going to India on friday, well i have to leave tomorrow…”

“Tomorrow, how come??”

“Well, the meetings have pre poned, but i should be back a day early too…”

Khushi - “ great, so i told Zoya, that you’ll be there…”

Arhaan smiled - “ oh yes, I'm waiting to meet your best friend, and also your brother, what do you think, will I be able to make the impression that i want to make…” he finished and winked.

Khushi hit his shoulder ,and rolled her eyes - “ oh cmon, just stop with your outrageous flirting, Arhaan…and yes, they will like you, dont worry…”, and she straightened the flap of his coat.

She felt him, touch her hand there as he spoke - “ well, what can i do, its like the minute I see you, something just happens to me, something that i don’t have any control over…”

Khushi smiled.

They had just finished with their coffee and waffles, when she gestured their way into the station.

Arhaan walked in silence, watching her out of the corner of his eye, Khushi Ahemed Khan, had bumped into him, one fine day, five months ago, and smitten him.He had never liked anyone the way he liked her. And he knew, she knew that, he hand hinted her enough over the last two months.But he didn't want to push her, with his emotions, he knew what she had been through.Shed been in love, and whoever that someone one was was stupid enough to not feel the same.Well, bad luck to him.All he knew, this girl in front of him was precious, and he wanted to make her feel so, at every step.

He smiled, at her as she watched him, offer him a seat in the tube, and he stood next to her.He wanted to know, what was going on her mind, so badly,but he couldn't figure out,and so he just focused his attention to his phone, to distract himself from staring shamelessly.

Finally, they reached Piccadilly Circus, and they both walked out, and Khushi looked at him, out of the corner of her eye, as they walked up the stairs, out of the station, and it was then she finally spoke, about what shed been thinking , on the entire way, and the thats why she had been silent.

She stopped him from rushing ahead as she said , holding his arm - “ Arhaan, in the last few months, you know you have been so supportive, like my pillar of strength, and i know how you …”

Arhaan smiled, as he looked at her - “ you know how I feel for you, Khushi, you know I really Like you, i really do,but i know after all that you ‘v been through, look i just want you take your time, and think about this, about a possibility, if we could be “us..”, and im ready to wait…as long as you want…”

Khushi felt him tuck a strand of her hair, behind her ear, and she smiled at him, they both deserved this chance,and she said - “ thats right, and about us, is what iv been thinking about Lately…”

“You have?? well, then i already like where this conversation is heading…” he grinned.

Khushi grinned back, as she laced her arm in his, and they started to walk, as she said - “ let me just say, i may have an answer to give you, when you are back…from India…”

Arhaan winked - “ hey, i can cancel i hope you know that…”

Khushi rolled her eyes - “ very funny…”

And before she knew it, he had pulled her into a hug as he said - “ you know, if your answer is positive, then i want to thank you in advance, i promise, just so you know, i wont let you down…ever…”

Khushi hugged him back briefly - “ yeah, i know, now go to work, and let me go to mine…”

Arhaan grinned, he had never felt happier,as he started to walk towards his office - “ Later, Khushi…”

“later, Arhaan…”, she smiled,and waved him bye.


Wednesday - 3.00 PM - AR

Arnav saw his phone ring, and he picked it up instantly - “ Zoya, whats up?”

“Bhai, calling to let you know, I just fired Shukla,from the finance, department…”

“ok, but you dont need to tell me Zoya, you have all the rights…”

“yeah bhai, but i just want you to know, why I fired him, he tipped of Khan Constructions, about our bid, for the tender…”

Arnav was now shocked, and stated angrily - “ what?? how?? and why?? im sure, that he was a spy for Asad Ahemed Khan…”

“Bhai cmon, if that were so, we wouldn't have got the tender”, he heard his sister point out.

He sighed - “ yes, you are right, Zoya, but I wonder why didn't he change his bid..if he knew about ours, i know him, hes way too competitive…”

“Bhai, maybe they want to play fair and square,hope you can see something right in this…anyways i gotta go, i have a meeting, bye, see you at home…”

“yeah, ok bye…”

And he put the phone down, a little confused about what he had just heard, why would Asad let him get away with this win? He was still trying to comprehend the reason for the same, as he saw Lavanya enter his cabin,and she asked him smilingly - “ ASR, is this a good time…?”

Arnav faked a smile as he said - “ yeah, come in…”

He saw her take a seat in front of him as she said - “ so, i gotta go to London tonite, apparently theres this new marketing campaign, that AR London is starting with on friday, lasts for about ten days, and Andy wants me to be there, also, he wants me to model for the new collection, and we need the photoshoot to be done, as soon as possible…so I leave tonight…”

Arnav - “ well, thats good…now if you'll excuse me,i have work to finish…”

Lavanya walked to him,as she sat on the arm of chair, and put her hands around his neck - “ you’v been working too hard ASR, also why dont you come with me? i know, you like London, you were there for almost a month,some time ago….”

Arnav felt his insides churn, as the memories of his last visit to London, flooded in, but he stated curtly - “ no, i can’t, i have this conference in Bombay, over the weekend, its important…”, and got her hands off his neck - “ and this isn't the place to show your affection for me Lavanya, im working…”

He saw her roll her eyes as she stated getting up, her hands on her waist - “ well dont blame me, you hardly have time for me, these days…”

Arnav stated curtly  - “Lavanya, you can complain later, dont you have to go home and pack,  or im sure, you will be late…”

Lavanya grinned,and she bent forward and kissed him briefly on his lips,and then his cheek and neck - “ oh yes, ill be late, ok so then ill see you once, im back…good luck for the conference…”

Arnav watched her leave, and it was then those memories came flooded back in again, and then came along the recent developments.He closed his eyes, and leaned back in his chair, as he recalled Zoya telling him two days before, how that Arhaan fellow would be there too.Obviously this conference was important, but he was more inclined, in seeing this Arhaan for himself.Zoya had stated, how he and Khushi were thinking of being together.He felt his insides churn again, he knew somewhere deep down, one look at him, and he’d have to fight a severe urge to punch him in the face, and probably beat the hell out of him, black and blue.And maybe he would have to find some valid reason, to satisfy that itch of his hand, it had been really long, since he had punched someone hard.


Fate rolled his eyes , and he asked Destiny - “ could i just get up and punch him already? or you know what, maybe I will, one day, i really will…”

Destiny said reassuringly - “ relax my friend, thats just how he works, it isn't his pride talking, hes confused and torn between his emotions, and logic that his arrogant mind gives him, you cant blame him, he doesn't know the way out yet…”

Love nodded - “ yeah, destiny is right Fate, you gotta take it easy…relax, why dont you drink some water…”

Fate nodded and drank the glass in front of him - “ yeah, i know guys, but its been five months…”

Destiny smiled- “ you gotta have some faith , fate…”

“yeah…”, fate sighed, and then he said - “ well, on the other side, im quite satisfied with my love birds Asad-Zoya, Asad is cooling down, isn't he you know with the revenge?”

Love replied - “ well i dont know that just yet…”

Destiny smiled - “ its ironical isn't it? how the maze of both love and hate has to be solved by one themselves, just no one can do it for them, even if they wanted too…”

Love smiled - “ Yeah, ironical it is…”

Hate looked at the three of his counterparts,love,destiny and faith.He scowled first by default of his emotions, and then he smiled to himself, as he continued to write away,he still had to get his dose of fun.

Fate glanced at Hate across and he stated - “hes got something up his sleeve again, i tell you, by the look on his face…when will he change?”

Love smiled - “ he never will Fate, something aren't just subject to change,and no matter how much you wish for it, Hate is one of them…”


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Chapter 18 - Stealing Chances - 20/02/2017 - New!! (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 20 times)

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Chapter 18

Stealing Chances

Friday Morning - 8.00 AM

Zoya looked around,the lounge, as she waited along with her brother to board.Boarding would be announced, in another five minutes.Where the hell was Asad?? She could not beleive, he was late.She had been planning to spend some good time, with him,yes she would have to sneak around, but it would be so much easier to sneak out in Bombay, than it was here in Delhi.She was sure her thoughts were on her face, as she heard her brother ask - “Zoya whats up? finish your meal, now will you already? boarding will be announced shortly, hey whats wrong??”, she saw him wave his hand in front of her face.

Zoya looked at him and faked a smile - “nothing Bhai, you know its a early day, i was just thinking, nothing actually leave it, i see you have finished, ill hurry, dont worry..”, and she started to gulp down her sandwich.

Arnav looked at his sister starting to gulp down her food and he couldn't help but smile, Zoya was still such a kid, he said - “ ill be back from the washroom, you take your time, we still have ten minutes…dont want you to choke…”

And with that he walked to the men room.

It was right then Zoya heard her phone beep, and she saw Asad’s message - “ how do you do this, Zoya??”

Zoya typed fast - “ do what?hey where are you? you aren't going to miss the flight?”

her phone beeped -

“ how do you mange to look so beautiful, even when trying to gulp down food…it amazes me…”

She looked around,in the front of the lounge,scanning the room for him, she couldn't see him.She typed back -

“what the hell? you are here??where are you?? i was so worried you'd miss the flight!!”

“ofcourse Zoya, i am here, i want to live you see, i knew you'd kill me, if i missed this flight…”

“Then why cant i see you??”, she typed back.

“because you aren't looking in the right place, im right behind you, look across…at the back, im right where i can watch you from…”

Zoya looked back in an instant and she spotted him, in an instant, and their eyes locked across the room, and she smiled,and watched him smile ,as he resumed his attention to his phone,he was typing something, and she waited for his message,and it came within a few seconds - “you have no idea, how am i fighting the urge to come pull you in my arms….”

Zoya saw him get up, and she shot him a horrified look , and she typed fast- “ very funny, you know bhai…would be here any minute so…Asad , don't even think about….”

Her phone beeped in a second 

“ and here he is, you think im scared of him?”

She couldn't reply to his message, as she saw her brother walk up and sit in front of her, and she just hoped, Asad wasn't going to do something stupid.

She watched her brother stiffen, and she spotted Asad walk right past them,and the cold look, they both shared, gave her shivers.

She watched Asad leave the lounge, as she heard her brother state angrily- “ what a terrible start to my day, what the hell is he doing here, anyway?

Zoya drank her water as she said - “ oh bhai, cmon, maybe he is attending the conference too…you can’t do anything about it, now lets go….”, and with that she pulled him with her.

They boarded, and she spotted Asad sitting, and she saw him give her a look, and she looked at him briefly and then looked away immediately, because her brother was behind her.She checked her seat no, and she said to her brother - “ bhai, what’s this? didn't you ask them to give us seats together at check in?

She heard him answer - “ yeah, i did, but the business class is full already, you know these morning flights are jam packed..whats your seat number??

Arnav saw Zoya speak carefully - “ iv got a seat next to him…”

Arnav checked her seat no, and he realised what she just said, these damm Vistara attendants, had given his sister a seat, right next to Asad Ahemed Khan.

He found himself glaring at his enemy, who gave him a cold look, and resumed his attention to the newspaper, and he stated angrily- “ what the hell?? no way are you sitting next to him, no way, i will not allow it…under no circumstances…will i…allow this nonsense…ill just ask the crew to

People were gathering behind them, to get in, and she said - “oh bhai, stop creating a scene, how about this, next time, we send a disclaimer to Vistara or maybe all airlines stating Khan -Raizada rivalry…how dare they give us a seat beside each other, but for now, i dont want to create a scene…pls…”

People were lining up, behind them, and Arnav reluctantly got into his seat, which was right in the second row, his blood boiled as he watched his sister walk right at the back,and she gave him a small reassuring smile, as she sat next to Asad Ahemed Khan.


Asad continued reading the newspaper and he tried to hide his smile, as he saw Zoya next to him , and he saw Zoya see his smile, and he stopped,as he heard her whisper - “ no no, go on smile all you want, i am sure you are enjoying it…”

He couldn't help but smile - “ yeah, i am obviously, i am thoroughly enjoying your brother’s discomfort…”

Zoya rolled her eyes as she gently touched his hand - “ Asad, will you exchange your seat with him, please?? he will be…”

Asad winked - “ he will be boiling for next couple of hours, just like he is now, no way am i exchanging this for anything, and miss the opportunity to sit next to you, and have Raizada sulk at the same time,im loving it…”

Zoya couldn't help but give a small smile, his dimpled grin, was way too contagious, but she said in a soft voice - “ Asad, please, hes my brother, for me, i dont want him to get uncomfortable, you know it can affect my opportunity to sneak out to meet you in Bombay, now you decide…”

Asad rolled his eyes, this woman knew how to handle him.Hewhispered softly - “blackmailing with a point, i can't fight, alright fine, go tell him ill change the seat…”

Zoya smiled - “ thanks, you get some extra points for that…but hey, it makes no sense, if i go tell him ,and then we come back here, and then you go to ur seat, why dont you just go tell him, and he will come here…easy…”

Asad looked at her shocked - “ what?? you want me to speak to your brother, i haven’t spoken to him since…”

“ten years , i know, god Asad, quit it now is not the time, almost ready for take off, please, for me….for your Zoya??”, she said in the voice he couldn't say no to.

Asad groaned - “ Fine.Doesnt matter, its only about exchanging seats, shouldn't be a big deal, but do i get some brownie points for that?”

Zoya grinned - “ yeah maybe you do…”

Asad winked - “ just so you know when i redeem these so called points,you will be in no state to think anything else, other than me”,he finished with a naughty smirk, which made her blush.And he got up in an instant, and made his way front.

Zoya watched Asad walk, and she made the mental note to thank him again for this.

Arnav looked at his watch, it had been 7 minutes, since Zoya had been sitting next to Asad Ahemed Khan,and it made him very uncomfortable, he didn't want his sister to ever be in a situation, that could lead to a conversation with Asad Ahemed Khan, and right now, she was in the exact scenario, sitting right next to him , for the next couple of hours. It was right then he spotted Asad, standing in front of him.He watched him straighten his coat,but he continued to stand, in silence.

He finally asked - “ what is it ?? why are you standing here?”

He heard a curt reply - “ well, your sister was kind enough to request me to exchange seats,she knew it was making you uncomfortable…”

Arnav looked back at Zoya, and she smiled at him gesturing to come back to sit next to her , and he asked - “ you agreed?”

He heard another curt reply - “ Like i mentioned, she was kind enough to request…now if you will excuse me..”

Arnav immediately shot up from his seat and started to make his way back , but before that he muttered in a cold tone - 

“ thanks..”

He saw him acknowledge it with a nod, as he sat in the seat.Arnav walked and sat next to Zoya, and he said - “ so he told me that you were kind enough to request him to change seats”

Zoya smiled - “ yeah bhai, and you know what he agreed in an instant…”

Arnav - “ yeah whatever, but Zoya, thats i hope the first time and the last time, that i will have you speaking to him?”

Zoya - “ what? it was just a sentence, oh bhai, cmon…”

Arnav - “ yeah, you heard me, dont want you speaking to him, even if its through or in reference , of that best friends of your’s, you get it?”

He saw her nod as she said - “ yeah, i get it…”.

Zoya felt her insides churn, how was she going to get the situation to improve.Maybe it never would.She put her phone on flight mode,and then started to listen to the music on her phone, and then closed her eyes,and she decided to get some sleep, which she knew would calm her nerves.


The Trident - Nariman Point - 5 30 PM


Asad stole another look at Zoya. who was sitting at the round table, two tables in front of him, with her brother,and few others associates from AR. Ever since, Noon, she had barely even looked at him, even at lunch, she had avoided meeting his eye, and for obvious reasons, Arnav was around her, all the time, but he didn't know why he felt that something was bothering her,and as much as he hated this pretending to be strangers arrangement, he knew there was nothing he could do about it,and so he just texted, her there were still 30 minutes, until the conference finished,and the speaker at the stage, wasn't of much interest to him.

“Zoya, whats wrong?? you’v barely looked at me all day…”

He got  a quick reply -

“Yeah, i know, but what can i do, bhai is around…”

“yeah, but he wasn't looking all the time, is something on your mind…Zoya?”

“no Asad, its not that, its just that its weird, you know its the first time, you , me and bhai are in the same venue, I'm just nervous, don't want to give myself away…”

“oh cmon, Zoya, the woman i love, isn't scared of anyone…”

“Yeah, im not, but right now i cant help but think of how much im hurting him, already…”

He felt her words had just whipped him,as he typed -

“Hurt him, by being with me? Is that what you mean?”

“Yes, and No, Asad, dont take me wrong, ill explain, when we talk…”

he hadn't felt angry with Zoya in a long time, but right now, he felt angry, and so he wrote - “ yeah, i dont see that happening, anytime soon,you know what, why dont you go back to enjoying your family time…”

“Asad, dont be mad, please understand, please??”, came her quick reply.

But he was angry, and he was so so pissed at her.And so he didn't reply.


30 Minutes later

The conference finished,and everyone started to leave, and it was right then he spotted Asad Ahemed Khan.

Arhaan, straightened his tie, and brushed his hand through his hair, it had been a long day, his other meetings had kept him preoccupied, and he had only been able to join the conference, after lunch,and then even at the high tea, he had been busy networking with his old business associates, and he had spotted Khushi’s brother too, but he had been surrounded by many people too.He had also seen Khushi’s best friend, Zoya, but he hadn't spoken to her , yet, and he didn't know if the two of them had seen him yet,khushi did say, they would recognise him , from the pictures, just like he had recognised them too.For some weird reason, as Khushi had explined, some old family feud’s apparently, her best friend Zoya was from the family, her brother despised,so as that complicated things a little,she had specially told him, to meet the two of them separately.So maybe, he would take out some time to meet her brother now, and maybe over at the dinner, which was organised for all conference participants,he would take out time to meet Zoya. He didn't have much time, anyway, as he had his return fight tomorrow morning.He instructed himself to ease up, he was getting nervous like a school boy, as if he was going to be meeting the Principal, who was incharge of his admission process, of a school he wanted to get in so badly.He almost smiled to himself,at that comparison, well it was somewhat similar, afterall, he was meeting the brother of the woman he really liked for the first time.She was a precious girl, Khushi, it was easy to fall for her, and he had fallen in a way, that he had no control over.

He finally walked upto him, and he spoke - “ Asad Ahemed Khan,hi, Im Arhaan…”

He saw him turn around ,and he looked at him from head to toe, scrutinizing him,and Arhaan couldn't help but smile, the brother in him had surfaced, for he had definitely recognised him,and he finally saw him give him a small smile, as he shook hands with him - “ hey Arhaan, iv heard a lot about you…”

Arhaan smiled - “i hope all good, bhaijaan, i hope you don't me calling you that, its just have always heard Khushi calling you that…”

Asad - “ yeah its ok, so how are you here?? i mean what do you do?”

Arhaan smiled - “ why dont you going me for a coffee and you can ask me all the questions, the brother in you wants to know…”


Asad sat opposite him, he seemed like a decent fellow.He took out his checklist and started to observe the man in front of him,he had to scrutinize,this man was spending too much time with his baby sister, his Khushi, he had to be sure,if he should let him pursue,and for that he had to observe his intentions.It was right then he heard him say - 

“So bhaijaan, to start with, i want to make it perfectly clear, i really like your sister, i really do, she's precious,and i would never do anything to hurt her,ever…”

Asad nodded - “ well, I'm glad, you made your intentions clear, because if you think of hurting my sister, you will have to face me first…anyways so what do you do? and what about your family?”

Arhaan stiffened a little , and admitted honestly - “ I lost my mother, at the age of 5, and my father when i was 19, i was the only child, after my parents death, i moved to germany, with my maternal uncle and aunt, they took me in, and then i knew, if i had to make a world for myself, i had to fight my way in, the struggle began..and i’v just worked really hard, to be where I am today,so obviously, i started my business in Germany, my base is there, but have expanded into the UK,and a few other European countries,and have invested in a few real estate groups in India, as well, and I come a couple of times, a year,to oversee all of that…”

Asad - “ so thats why you are here, i mean for work…”

Arhaan smiled - “ yes, and also you know, if i manage to make a good impression with you, maybe Khushi will finally give me the chance, to be with her, I want to make her happy, and i promise you i will try my best too…if she agrees to be with me, that is…”

Asad mentally tick marked his checklist he had for the man he wanted for Khushi.

Decent - yes.

goodlooking -Yes

Self Made- yes

family background - hmm,something he probably had to probe into.

Honest - yes

Intelligent - yes

prioritizing Khushi - yes.

Not bad, he thought to himself.

Asad smiled at the man in front of him- “well, Arhaan,that decision lies with Khushi, however, if you want me to put in a good word, lets just say, ill think about it…”

Arhaan smiled - “ i guess, thats a good thing…”


Zoya was in the lobby, waiting for her bhai, to come.She wanted to go to her room, asap, and then find a way out to talk to Asad,he was mad at her, for sure.And it was right then she spotted Arhaan with Asad, as they walked towards the coffee shop.

Right then, she heard her brothers voice - “ Zoya, come lets go…”

Zoya - “ wait, bhai…”, and she continued to look, the two seemed busy talking.

Arnav asked puzzled - “ what are you looking at?”

Zoya pointed - “ look, there…”

Arnav follwed where Zoya was pointing and he felt his anger rising and he asked his sister in a curt voice - “ why are you asking me to look at Asad Ahemed Khan…Zoya, and wait, why are you looking at him?”

Zoya rolled her eyes - “ oh bhai, look closely, its him, Arhaan, he's with him, and the two seem busy talking, was just wondering what it’s about…”

Arnav looked closely, and he finally laid his eyes, on the man, from Khushi’s pictures, for real, he felt his blood boil, at a heating point, he didn't know it was capable of boiling at, and before he could control himself, the words left his mouth - “ what the hell do you think hes trying to do?”

Zoya sensed the anger in her brothers voice, and the look on his face, ahh the things jealousy could do,she hid her grin, as she decided to add fuel to the fire - “ why? what do you think bhai, probably hes just trying to impress Khushi’s bhaijaan…you know thats what guys do, impress the family f the girls they are into, and anyway i know hes so into Khushi, actually look at him, he looks even better in person, doesn't her?”

She saw her brother scowl, as he said - “ what the hell is wrong with Zoya? if thats your defition of good looks, then i guess its time i need to get you checked…by a doctor…”

Zoya really had to control her laugh this time, her brother was totally unmanageable, but she said - “ oh please bhai, and honestly its good, that he wants to get into Khushi’s brothers good books, i think she's kind of into him too…”

She heard his curt question - “ She is?”

Zoya laced her arm in his, as she they got into the lift , enjoying her brothers misery - “ obviously, or why else, would they be hanging out together all the time, you know from Khushi tells me, they even have breakfast together, go to work together, then meet for lunch, and…well i could go on, but good for her no?”

Arnav didn't know what the hell was happening to him,but he really wanted to break something, but he dismissed his emotions,and said curtly - “ yeah, good for her…”

Zoya watched him stomp out the lift on their floor, and she caught upto him - “ ok so bhai, ill see you at the dinner party, I'm planning to take a long shower, and relax a little, before dinner….”

Arnav nodded - “ yeah alright, ill see you at 8…”, and he watched his sister get into her room.

He walked a little ahead, and then entered his room, and threw coat on the bed,and he lied down on the bed,trying to understand the anger and the frustration, he was feeling.Only if he could really punch that Arhaan in the face, that would give him immense pleasure.


Friday - Noon - London

Khushi heard Mark say - “ So, this is great isn't it? I mean we get to work for this amazing campaign with AR, and now I just need to make sure,i impress the boss…so we gotta follow his plan to the T, pass it on to me once your are done reading Khushi”

Khushi gave him a small smile - “ yeah, its great…and yeah i will”, and she resumed reading the rest of the plan, her boss had sketched out for AR, and she and Mark had been given the responsibility of execution.

Two days ago, she and Mark had been assigned to work on the behalf of their firm, for this new campaign AR was doing. She had tried to talk to her boss,she had tried to make an excuse to get out of this,but it hadn't worked,and so she had no option other than to comply.Ever since,she had stepped into AR yesterday morning, she couldn't help but remember old memories that came attached with this place, her working here all those months ago, for her dissertation ,and then the party,all the times spent with Arnav Singh Raizada, came flashing back.It didn't pain to remember anything anymore, but now that with time, she had gained her srtength, she knew, if she had one option to go back in time, and undo it all, she probably wouldn’t.She would still opt for everything that had happened,because it was an important chapter of her life, complete or incomplete it was the chapter of her first love, which shaped her into stronger person today.And because she had felt herself change and become stronger with time, she knew acceptance was the key here.And it was that acceptance that made her see and live with the fact that,no matter how much you wish to erase it, the past will always be a part of the older you,and how memories of true love never could be erased,because they had nailed themselves to the walls of your heart and soul,but they could still be dealt with in a way, that could make you smile,and move on,and still give you strength to make new memories.She had accepted the fact,and it had helped greatly, and so she had decided to keep her personal and professional lives separate, and moreover, it was just a coincidence that her firm was assigned this campaign to oversee.

She finished reading the campaign brief, and then she handed it to Mark,and said - “ here you go, iv gone through it…and..”

Right then she saw, Andy enter the meeting room as he exclaimed happily - “ so i just got the news that you are here to work with us for this campaign , Khushi, why didn't you come see me earlier, or yesterday??”

Mark looked on as Andy pulled her into a hug , and he asked - “ So you guys know each other?”

Khushi - “ yeah, AR the brand was an important part of my dissertation,so i was here, for a while you know researching and stuff…”

Andy grinned - “ and we were so happy to help, anyway, you still didn't tell me, why you didn't come to see me yesterday…”

Khushi - “ oh, they told me you were busy with the photoshoot, and i know its a immediate pre-requisite to our campaign plan, so didn't want to disturb you…”

Andy grinned - “ not changed at all Khushi, still the same, anyways, why don't you and Mark join me up in the studio, we are almost done…”

Khushi - “ are you sure??”

Mark - “ yeah, that'll be so kool…”



Khushi entered the studio, and she saw the immediate flash of cameras, and she walked a little inside,and she found herself looking at the gorgeous Lavanya Kashyap. lavanya, ofcourse, she was also one of the top models for AR, apart from being Arnav Singh Raizada’s girlfriend.She looked amazed, as the photoshoot went on, it was fascinating.She spotted Mark, get into a conversation with one of the other models, immediately .She was still looking, at Lavanya,trying to comprehend what she was feeling looking at her,six months ago, a picture of her would make her burn in jealousy, but right now she was not feeling jealousy, she felt nothing at all.Infact  the only thing she could see now, was how this woman was really good at her job, and really really gorgeous.She had been insecure of her in the past, for various reasons,she had been insecure about how she could never be Lavanya or like the other’s Arnav had been with, but not anymore.She had learned to love her self for who she was, and she felt very safe and secure within herself, now. 

Right then she heard Andy next to her - “ so, how’v you been, Khushi, long time, why didn't you keep in touch, i thought we were friends…”

Khushi smiled - “ sorry, was caught up with Life,so hows things been?”, and she continued looking at Lavanya.

Andy smiled - “ great…”

Khushi - “ she's gorgeous, Lavanya, and i must say really good at her job, iv seen her the first time ever, and i must say, she's a natural….”

Andy - “ yeah, the camera loves her, and i guess she loves it even more, but hey are you ok ? i mean with?”

“With?? what??”, she asked puzzled.

Andy sighed - “ so you know, back when you were here, all thos months ago, i dont know why i could sense, like something, between you and ASR,and…you do know, Lavanya is his girlfriend…”

Khushi - “ yeah ofcourse I know Andy, and why would i not be ok, we were just acquaintances you know me and Arnav,and  because of Zoya, he was being just kind,you know helping me out, thats all…”

Andy looked at her skeptical - “ thats all…? are you sure?”

Khushi gave him a reassuring smile - “ yeah, so chill…”


Right then the photographer, stopped the shoot for a while,and she saw lavanya walk upto Andy as she asked - “ so did you get what you wanted, Andy?”

Andy - exactly, just what i wanted…lav..and i want you to meet someone, this is Khushi,she had researched on AR earlier for her project, she's best friends with Zoya….”

Khushi saw lavanya smile as she offered a hand shake - “ hey, khushi…”

Khushi shook hands and smiled - “ hi Lavanya, have heard so much about you, nice to meet you, and that was fabulous, your shots…”

lavanya - “ if you heard about me from Zoya, I don't know what you heard, she doesn't like me much, and thanks , nice to meet you too…”

Khushi immeditaely replied - “ no, it isn't so, Zoya has told me good things, you know, maybe you guys haven't got much time to know each other personally, but its not that she doesn't like you….”

lavanya smiled - “ well thats good to know…”

Right then Lavanya had to go to change for another shot, and so she said - “ ill see you in a while,Khushi…glad to have you helping us…”

Khushi watched her leave,she wasn't as bad,shed thought her to be.Maybe she would have to let Zoya know that.



Delhi -700 PM

Arnav woke up,and he looked at his watch, it was 7pm.He didn't know how when had he fallen asleep.He had been tired, and then all the turmoil he had been feeling hadn't been helping much. The last few months had been terrible, it was like he had this weird weight on him, which he didn't know how to remove in anyway whatsoever. He drank some water, and then sat in the chair, at the study, and took out his phone to check his emails. It was right then he saw - 5 missed calls from Lavanya.

He dialled her number,he needed an update how things were going there.

She didn't pick up.He dialled again, and after a number of rings,he heard someone pick up, and say - “ hello…”

It wasn't lavanya.


He recognised it in an instant, and as shocked as he was to hear her voice, he felt his insides jump,as he finally said - “ Hi Khushi…”


Lavanya’s phone was ringing, and she was giving a shot, and so she had gestured to Andy to pick it up, but someone came to Andy, so he just handed Khushi her phone and said - “ hey khushi, Lav’s phone, someone has been calling , whoever it is, pls tell them she is in the middle of the shoot, and will call back…”

Khushi - “ ok…”, and then there was noise, so she moved outside the studio, and picked the phone , without looking at who it was - “ hello…”

No one answered.She spoke again - “ Hello, hello…”

And right then, she heard her name, in the voice,that had sent shivers down her spine - “ Hi Khushi….”

She finally looked at the screen, and the minute she saw ASR, she didn't know what to say, but she had to say something, now that she had already picked up the call,he had recognised her voice, she took a deep breath as she finally said - “Hi Arnav…”


“Hi Arnav….”

The minute he heard his name,in her voice, he felt his nerves calm down, like they never had in all these months.It was strange,he found it very very stranger.How could Khushi’s voice calm him down.

He thought of what to say,he was thinking of what to say,but no words came, and she spoke nothing too, a silence followed.

A few seconds later, he finally heard her speak - “ hey, im sorry, i didn't know it was you, or I wouldn't have answered, anyways, Lavanya is in the shoot, she asked to say, shell call back…”

That felt like a whip, those words.I wouldn't have answered, if I knew it was you.

He fought his emotion,as he asked, curiosity getting the better of him - “ thats ok, but hey, whats her phone doing with you? and how do you know, the shoot?

“Arnav, im here at AR, thats why, look the firm i work for, we'v been assigned to oversee this new campaign at AR, my boss wanted me to do this, so i couldn't argue its work afterall,anyways dont worry, its just ten days, ill…”, she replied.Her tone was casual, very normal, and casual, as if she weren't feeling a thing talking to him after all these months, and here he couldn't get his emotions to simmer down, at any cost.

And before he knew it the words left his mouth - “ ok, i get it,how’v you been, Khushi??”


Khushi felt herself clutch Lavanya’s phone hard, did he just ask her how she was?? how’d she been??

She didn't know what to say.She had never imagined or thought off what to say, if they ever spoke again.What was there to say?

She replied - “ I’v been great Arnav,hope you are doing well, anyways so ill ask Lavanya call you back…ok…bye…”

But before she could hang up, she heard his deep voice, which seemed full of emotion reply - “ bye, Khushi…”

And then she cut the call, and walked back into the studio.


Arnav put his phone aside, and he couldn't help but smile.He hadn't heard her voice in months, and all of a sudden two sentences is all she says, and he felt his nerves calm down, like they hadn't in the longest time now.

He didn't know, how was it still possible,to still like the sound of his name in her beautiful voice.

he didn't know how it was still possible, to want to talk to her even more, now that he had heard her after months.

He didn't know how was it still possible, to think of Khushi.

He immediately walked to the shower, dazed,and confused,maybe, just maybe the hot water would give him some relaxation.


Asad heard a knock on his door, and he flung his phone on the bed, and walked to open it, wondering who it would be,and the minute he saw Zoya, he felt so many emotions at the same time, he wanted to hug her, but he was angry at her too.

Zoya immediately steeped in and shut the door behind her, she didn't want to risk being seen,lucky for her Asad’s room was on another floor.She watched him walk back into his room, with his back to her, without saying a word,so he was mad at her.

She smiled as she walked up, and sat on the bed - “ so, what is it you were talking to Arhaan? i saw you two, hows he?? is he nice??”

Asad heard her talk about Arhaan,great so now she was avoiding, talking about, them.

But he answered, because this was about his baby, khushi - “ yeah hes nice, you know,maybe i wouldn't mind, if thats what Khushi wants…”

Zoya gestured for him to come sit next to her, and he did, as he heard her - “ thats good, i hope to talk to him, over dinner…”

Asad - “thats good…”

Zoya finally shot straight to the point - “ so you are mad at me? so mad , that you wont even look at me??”

Asad finally looked into her, eyes, sure she could hear the hurt in his voice,as he said - “ you know what,im not mad, I'm hurt, I'm hurt that all you could think about for avoiding me all day is, that you would be hurting your brother by being with me.It did not like the sound of that Zoya, you knew this from the very beginning, its not a new news,and then you’v been acting so weird today, just makes me wonder, if you could walk out on me, on us, if your brother asked you too, then just  what do you expect, i should just sit and watch?”, and got up and walked towards the balcony of the room.

Zoya immediately said , walking next to him, and took his hand - “ look, I'm sorry, i really am, i didn't want to hurt you, and you are right, i knew, this was coming,but when it finally happened,like i was so fuzzled, im torn between my love for you and him, you know this morning, in the flight after you changed seats, bhai told me clearly, how he hoped that me asking you to exchange seats would be the first and the last time hed want me talking to you…”

Asad felt his anger jolt up, and he held Zoya by both her arms, taking her by surprise - “ so is that what you come to tell me here, your brother doesn't want you talking to me, obviously Zoya, he hates me,just like I hate him,why would he want us talking ever, you'd be insane to think otherwise, and you know what you are mad, for getting us into this mess, and I'm mad to love you, as much as I do…”, and he tightened his hold on  her.

Zoya looked at his pained face, and his grip was hurting her, but she said - “ no, it isn't like that Asad, look it just made me wonder, how hurt he would be, when he will find out about us, thats all, im just torn between the two most important men in my lives, i love him, hes my brother, you know after dad passed, i was so little, i looked upto him as that, and i love you so much, i cannot even think about my life without you…you are right Asad, im insane to have gotten us into this mess, for I walked into it, knowing it all, you didnt….”

Asad couldn't believe what he was hearing, he tightened his hold on her further as he spat angrily - “ so what the hell are you saying now?? are you saying, that you regret being with me?? that you regret, us??”

Zoya squirmed,under his harsh touch and she said - “ Asad, you are hurting me…”

Asad finally let go of her arm as he spat - “ oh yeah, well’s here’s some news, Zoya, so are you?”

Zoya looked at him, now tears rolling down her cheeks - “ Asad, no please you are angry, stop assuming things, you know, i could never regret any of this,i love you, all im doing, is talking about what i feel,if im not going to be open about it you, its not going to be fair to us,dont misunderstand any of this, please…”

Asad didnt want to look at her, and hurt her further by his words, and so he said - “ you know what, i dont want to talk right now…”

Zoya ,felt hurt, he wasn't being understanding here,she didn't know what was wrong with him,and she said - “ if thats what you want, ill leave…”

And he heard her footsteps, and he didn't know what took over him, he didn't want her to go,he wanted to hold her, he wanted her to assure him, that nothing just nothing could and would ever come in between them.He caught hold of her hand,and spun her around, and he caught her hair in a fist, pulling her closer - “ you want to know, what I really want?”

Zoya felt him pull her closer and she could see the fear in his eyes, he feared being apart from her, and that is when she understood what all this anger was about, and she could only say - “ Asad, I….”, and before she knew it, his lips were on hers,and he started to kiss her, a little harshly, as if to punish her,but she kissed him back nontheless, gently,she brushed her hands, in his hair, gently and softly, and he softened a little and then she broke apart a little and whispered softly, looking into his eyes - “ Asad Ahemed Khan, I cannot live without you, and i want you to know, id rather chose to die, than to be apart from you, i love you…please…don’t misunderstand what i feel, what we share, its too important…”

Asad heard her, and he felt his rage simmer down, and he said , cupping her face- “ im sorry Zoya, its just that, this constant worry, the fear,what if I loose you?”

“You won’t, Asad….”

Asad finally smiled,at that, and he whispered - “ great, for i dont know if ill ever be able to handle that…”, and before she could say anything further, he started to kiss her again,he held on to her waist and pulled her body closer to his, it had been so long since they had some privacy to themselves,and now that she was finally here in his arms,all he wanted was to make love to her, he picked her up , a little, and he felt her wrap her legs around his waist, as she started to kiss him back,as passionately.He finally played her down on the bed, and started to trail a chain of kisses down her throat, and right then her phone rang.

Zoya’s eyes opened in a flash, it was her brother calling, she had a distinct ringtone for him, and she shot up immediately much to her disappointment and Asad’s,as she said - “ its bhai…”

Asad snatched the phone out of her hands - “ bad timing always, how about if you dont pick up? cmon Zoya, you can miss one call…”

Zoya tried to reach for her phone - “ Asad, stop it….please….give me the phone…”, and she snatched it from him, and picked up, gesturing him to be silent.

“Yeah, bhai…”, he heard her say.She was listening keenly, and he took that time, to trail, a line of kisses at the back of her neck, and she shivered,and obviously she couldn't react.He was loving it.

“ok, yeah, what is it 730 already? ok ill see you down at 8, straight at dinner, yeah…bye…”, and she hung up,and then looked at Asad in fake anger.

And they both burst into laughter.

Zoya controlled herself - “ ok, so now, i gotta hurry and get ready, bhai is already ready, hes meeting some associate, before dinner, so, i must hurry…later…Asad?”

Asad kissed her hand tenderly - “ yeah, later, ok…”and she was about to get up from the bed, but he held her hand and asked - “ but wait, before you go, i want you to tell me, whats been on your mind? like you said, you will ask me, when we have time…”

Zoya looked back at him - “ yeah, but i have to hurry now, i can’t…”, and she got up to sit in bed.

Asad sat next to her holding her hand,and he insisted - “ we have time, Zoya, just get done with it already…”

Zoya sighed and spoke cautiously - “ so over the past couple of months, iv finally got to know, bhai’s version of whatever happened that day, he told me, he had wanted to investigate further,that he couldn't believe that our fathers would just kill each other, or dad could just shoot Najma,you know he loved her, just like he loved me or di…but why didn't you want to investigate further Asad? why did you get the crime scene cleared before any investigation could happen?I mean, what if you had investigated like bhai wanted, maybe it wasn't what it seemed, then all this enimity, this rivalry, what if it was all for nothing, Asad? just have you ever given that a thought”

Asad felt himself harden as he heard her question, and the anger rose again, and he let go of her hand,and got up , and replied curtly - “No, i haven’t given it a thought, because i know what i saw, and you are exactly speaking your brother’s language,so convenient ,you know, trying to cover up…”

Zoya - “ No, Asad, not trying to cover up, just a question, i just wanted to know…”

Asad looked back at her and spat angrily - “ i just want you to stop inquiring and being so pushy over this Zoya…and now I want you to leave…”

Zoya walked to him, trying to touch his face, but he threw her hand away violently - “ didn't you get what I said, just leave, get out Zoya…”

Zoya looked at him shock as she couldn't believe her ears - “you are throwing me out of your room…?”

Asad took her by the arm and opened the door and pushed her out as he said in a cold tone - “ damm right, I am…”, and with that he shut the door on her face.


 9.00 PM

Zoya sipped her drink and pretended to be an active participant in the conversation her brother was having with one of the industry associates,but she was busy in her own thoughts and turmoil.She couldn’t believe Asad had just thrown her out of his room, like that.When all she had asked was a genuine question. Yes, they had made a rule ,to never discuss the past, but how long could it go on like that, not forever, as it as, she had abided by the rule for five long months,but somehow deep down, she knew that one day, they would have to face the past, they would have to face it all, with all the anguish and the pain, that would be the real test of their love, and she believed deep down that they could get pass it,but she didn't know how.How would it happen, if Asad was going to go on a rage fit, like this,everytime,she questioned.And this was the first time, she had asked him anything in five months,and well, he had thrown her out.She was so mad at him, and angry too. It was right then she saw the associate leave, and her brother turned to her as he said - “ Zoya, where are you lost?”

Zoya faked a smile - “ no, nowhere, bhai…”, and then she saw his forehead line up, and she said - “ go ahead, say it, i know you want to tell me something…”

Arnav looked at her - “ no, i don’t…”

“yes, you do, your forehead is lining up, it always does, when you want to talk something to me and di, but are in two minds about it, and since di isn't here, im guessing its me…now cmon, spit it…”, she said,and sipped her drink.

Arnav sighed - “ well, i just thought you should know, i spoke to Khushi today…”

Zoya almost spat out her drink in shock as she asked - “ what?? when??how??what did you guys talk?”

Arnav rolled his eyes - “ it was a mistake, why are you getting so worked up, relax..i called lavanya,and she picked up, and i know you are wondering how is that even possible, which i did too,so thats what i asked, she explained how the firm she works for has assigned her to oversee the new campaign we are undertaking at AR…so…”

Zoya asked in a rush - “oh my god bhai, you didn't ask anyone  to get her replaced, or worse fire her…off the campaign…”

Arnav - “ what?? you think id do that? “

Zoya - “ well, you are unpredictable, you can do anything bhai..”

Arnav was just about to answer,when he spotted the guy,whose mere sight was making his blood boil, as he patted his sisters shoulder - “ hi Zoya Singh raizada, aren't you? Hi, im Arhaan…”

Zoya turned, and gave him a smile - “ Hi Arhaan, i finally get to meet you, iv heard so much about you, from Khushi, and before you ask me, ill clear ,what iv heard is all good….”

Arhaan smiled - “thanks, and i have heard only good things too, Khushi absolutely loves you,glad to finally meet you too…”

Zoya saw her brother’s face harden and she said - “ Arhaan, thats my brother Arnav…”

Arhaan - “ hey Arnav…”, and he offered a handshake.

Arnav didn't want to shake his hand, instead he wanted to find a way to get this guy kicked out of there, or better haul him up and beat the hell out of him,but his sister nudged him and gestured him to do so, so he muttered a “hello..”, and shook his hand.

Zoya fought her smile, finally some good entertainment, she would have,and so she said , pointing to the chair next to her, at their table- “ hey arhaan, why don't you join us…”

Arhaan smiled and sat down.

Arnav groaned, great,just why did Zoya have to do this.But he gave a small smile, and then returned his attention to his phone,pretending to have no interest in what Arhaan and Zoya were about to talk,even when, his ears were ready to pay extra attention.

Zoya - “ so,you are here for work….Arhaan?”

“yeah, but almost done, going back tomorrow, have the morning 7am flight,and honestly cant wait…”

Zoya teased - “ cant wait to be back to see Khushi?”

Arhaan grinned - “ yeah sort off…”

Arnav flinched.

Zoya - “ so I know from Khushi, that you have been living in Germany for quite sometime, but you only shifted to London a couple of months ago…”

Arhaan - “ yeah, honestly, i moved four months ago,hadnt planned on it, but then I met Khushi, five months ago, and although for a month,i would travel back and forth, and meet her in between, i just felt like I should move, I wanted to be in London, you know, around Khushi…”

Zoya looked at him shocked - “ what?? you moved for Khushi?? im sure she doesn't know that….”

Arhaan - “ yeah, she doesn’t…told her it was because of work, but you know, it was for her, you are her best friend, what can i hide from you, i really like her…”

Arnav felt his insides burn.

Zoya - “ wow, you obviously do,but moving n all….lot of courage when….”

“When I'm not sure, if she will give me a chance, but i cannot stop trying atlas,you know ones gotta follow the heart, after all its not everyday it really finds someone, who really makes it happy,and Khushi does that, you know, she brings me happiness….”, he finished.

Zoya saw her brother hide his emotions, but he was clutching his phone so hard, his knuckles were white.

She said - “ she's like that you know, my best friend, the joy of everyones life…”

Arhaan smiled - “ I agree, no wonder as you can see, im smitten, but you know, im her friend first,and I didn't want to be pushy, I didn't want to rush her into anything she wasn't ready for, obviously you would know, she was in love with someone, and apparently he just threw her out of his life…”

Zoya looked at her brother, he was as pale as a sheet.

She said cautiously - “ yeah, about that…so you know….”

Arhaan - “yeah, khushi told me, well she didn't tell me who it was, but hey who cares,whoever it was, was stupid enough to not see, what I see, or even appreciate what came their way, too bad for him, his loss, my gain, if khushi gives me a chance, i plan to make her really happy, she's precious, and i plan to cherish her…and you know what i think she might be ready now, you know with time,things have changed, she's put it all behind her…so you know I wanted to come here, also so that i could meet her brother, which i already have and her best friend, a guys gotta impress the two most important people of his girl’s life..”

His girl.What the ****?? Arnav wanted to get over that itch of his hand already and punch him so hard, he was talking as if Khushi was his personal property already.

Zoya smiled - “ yeah, you are right, and you know what, i like you already….”

Arhaan - “ thats great, i guess….”

Zoya - “ hey, lets get something to eat,shall we?”

Arhaan nodded, and they started to walk towards the buffet.

Zoya turned to her brother - “ bhai, you coming??”

Arnav snapped- “ No, im not hungry….”

Zoya - “whoa, relax bhai, all i asked you was if you wanted to eat, why are you getting so worked up??”

And with that she walked with Arhaan, and continued to talk.

Arnav didn't know why,he just didn't want to sit there for a minute longer.He immediately got up and made his way to his room.

Zoya was busy talking to Arhaan, as they walked to the buffet,and she saw him, walking in front, returning with food on his plate,and she was so mad at him, and so she gave him a good glare, and then walked right past him,and he ignored her too.Great, so now they were on to royally ignoring each other, could day this get any worse, it wasn't going as she wanted, she had thought that of spending some good time with Asad and amongst all this fighting,there was no good time at all.


Arnav slammed the door to his room.

He felt pure rage,so bad, as if it was like a volcano was heating up his system, and he couldn't handle it anymore, it was as if, something would burst inside of him.

He recalled Arhaan’s words -

She was in love with someone.

Apparently, he just threw her out of his life.

His loss, my gain.

She's precious,I plan to cherish her.

Damm this Arhaan, and Damm his existence.

And somewhere deep inside, a small voice told him, that it really was his loss, if he would just see it for a minute, the beautiful girl who had mesmerised him,who had been in love with him, was Khushi.And he had brutally, thrown her out of his life.He felt his heart question, that amongst all the misery that he was feeling right now, did it really matter who Khushi was, did it really matter anymore,that she was Asad Ahemed Khan’s sister, and even though as much as he wished, he couldn't change who she was,and did it really stop him, from wanting him? Did it really stop him from thinking about her??

No , it never did stop him,and he was tired of trying to pretend to hate her.When all this while, he couldn't get himself to hate her literally, he never could.Yes, he had been angry, furious for the lie, but no matte how hard he tried, he couldn't get himself to hate her for it.

And it was right then it struck him, maybe, just maybe, she had been right,maybe she was as helpless about it, about lying because of what she felt for him, and she had no control over what was happening, because of how she felt for him,just as helpless as he was now,because as much as he wanted to control his emotions, he just couldn’t, hold onto the anger any longer.

He had hurt her so bad.Right then, all the memories, came flashing back, her tear stricken face as he was leaving.Her messages, in an attempt to get him to listen, to her, to understand what she was saying.

He opened his eyes, in an instant, he needed to hear her voice, and he needed to hear it now he didn't know what he would say,but all he knew was that he wanted to talk to her.

He immediately took out his phone, and dialled the number, he had never deleted.

He called once, she didn't pick up.

He took a deep breath, and called again.



5.30 PM - London

Khushi walked back from work, to the Tube Station.She had come by to her office to update her boss, about a few minor changes in the campaign advised by Andy,and since it was her boss’s plan, he needed to know.She heard her phone ring and she ruffled through her bag,and then it stopped.She let it be, but then it rang again, and she quickly picked up, thinking it would be Arhaan,she had been missing him and she instantly said - “Arhaan, so if you are done with your work and impressing bhaijaan and Zoya, then be back already,im walking back from work, just like we do everyday, and you know what, i miss you…”

There was silence on the other end and she said - “ arhaan, you there??”

She was about to ask again, when she finally heard his voice - “ Khushi, its Arnav….”

Khushi halted right in her tracks. Why was he calling her ??

She said casually - “ sorry, i thought it was someone else,maybe just like you did…im sure you dialled by mistake, this is Khushi Ahemed Khan”

She heard him reply - “ No, i didn't dial by mistake, i knew i was calling you…Khushi…”

Khushi was shocked.

“Why are you calling me?”

“well,I know you met Lavanya, so….”, came his reply.

Khushi rolled her eyes, so this was what it was about.

“So,what?? just incase, if you are worried,dont be, im not going to tell any one anything,like i said,nothing ever happened,i told you, i wouldn't acknowledge it to anyone, and specially not to your girlfriend…”

“well, im glad we got that clear, Khushi….”, she heard him say.

Khushi- “ great….”, and without saying a word further, she hung up, and walked into the tube station,as she put on her earphones,to listen music.


Click.She hung up.Just like that.

Obviously, Arnav didn’t know what was he going to say anyway, and then all he could come up with was to bring in Lavanya.

What else was he expecting?

He closed his eyes, and he recalled how he had purposely patched up with lavanya to hurt her, all those months ago, how he had made sure, the pictures reached her. He really had hurt her, in the worst possible way.

He didn't know what else he could do, now, or from here,but he knew what he had to do,and so he called Aman and asked him to get him, booked on the first flight out from Bombay to London.



Zoya walked in to her brother’s room,in her night suit and she asked sleepily - “ whats it about bhai? and you vanished earlier too,and i was sleeping by the way…”, and it was right then she saw his suitcase packed up.

She asked - “what?? where are you going, we still have to attend the second leg of the conference tomorrow….”

Arnav looked at her and he said - “ yeah, i know, you do that, and go back home, after, and i just called you here, to tell you, that I am going to London….”

Zoya felt her sleep vanish in an instant as she rushed to his side and exclaimed - “ what???? London???why???whats with you? i am your sister, but i am now officially giving up on predicting you, bhai…”

Arnav - “ oh cmon Zoya, please, something came up at AR London, about the new campaign, i need to be there…”

Zoya narrowed her eyes, and glared at him - “ Bhai, what are you upto??”

“Nothing Zoya…really…”, he said pulling her in a hug- “ i just wanted you to know,that i was leaving thats all”

Zoya hugged him - “ so your leaving now?”

“yeah, there a flight at 4.00 am…im taking that one…want to be there as the office started tomorrow, so…”

But she knew him way too well,Arhaan’s presence had riled him up, and he knew Khushi would be at AR.

She looked at him straight in the eye, and folded her arms - “ But i have something to say bhai…”

Arnav looked at her - “ what ??”

Zoya said sternly, her anger rising up, just what did he think himself to be, he had walked out just like that all those months ago,and now he was flying back in, and she was sure, it was to disturb Khushi’s perfect life, without him  - “ you open your ears and listen to me bhai, if this is about Khushi, then i have two advices for you, because Arhaan is a nice guy, and he likes her, and she likes him too, and i suggest that, you should please just stay away from her, and him, for if you do anything to hurt her again,you are going to have to face Zoya Singh raizada’s wrath, and im sure you know, where i get that from, and secondly, even if this isn’t about Khushi, which I highly doubt,because i know it is, you just stay away from her even then, because i know, you will never admit to what you have been feeling all this while, you think i dont know? neither am i blind or dumb, but if you can't accept what you feel, then you really shouldn't be talking to her at all,so unless you plan to not hurt her, which again I doubt,because i know anything you will do , or so, will hurt her, so please if you can, stay the hell away from her…”

And with that, she walked out his room, and into her’s.She wanted to call Khushi straight away,but what would she say?? What if her brother was just going for work? What if, he really wasn't planning to talk to Khushi at all? An knowing him, maybe he wouldn't and maybe he would.And so she didn't call her.He was so unpredictable, just no one but his devil of a mind, knew what he did and why he did it,maybe really she should just give up on figuring out.Even though they were united by blood, Arnav Singh Raizada was a puzzle, she hadn't been able to figure out in 24 years of her life.


Fate grinned - “ aha….unpredictable he definetly is…”

Destiny smiled - “ I didn't see that one coming….”

Love grinned - “ Oh i did…”

Fate - “ But another unpredictable thing too, i didn't think Asad could fire up like that…?”

Destiny - “ no matter how strong their bond it,no matter how much they love each other, you know it, they have to face this, she is right, it cannot be avoided forever…although they did an excellent job until now…”

Love smiled - “ yeah they did, but i have faith…”

Hate rolled his eyes, as he finally said, looking up from his book - “ you always do, don’t you? why dont you just give up already?”

Love - “ Well,Thats not who I am. You know, i never give up…”

Hate nodded in agreement - “ yeah, just like I don’t…”

Love smiled - “ well, i know, thats why i dont ask you too,atleast we have something in common…”

Hate almost smiled, love was right, but he saw Fate and Destiny hiding their smiles,looking at him,and he controlled his smile, he didn't believe he was almost about to smile at Love.She was clever, this Love, and he had to stay at a safe distance,he reinstructed himself the same, and returned his attention to his book.


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Chapter 19

Now or Never

There is something common, that has or if it hasn't already it probably will happen in the future,in all our lives. It will be at some point that we all will reach a brink,right on that verge of making the decision, which could no longer be delayed.It would be now or never,and mostly it is when such a situation occurs, its mostly always when we’v pushed ourselves into denial for far too long.


Arnav returned to his seat, after fretting up, and re-adjusted his seat to the flat bed, he needed some sleep, he still had 6 hours to go, until he reached London.He closed his eyes, he had so much to still think about.He had his followed his gut for the first time, and had gotten on this plane to London,and he had finally asked his mind to just shut up, and listen to what he was really feeling, he was tired, just so tired, of playing hide and seek with himself.Actually tired would be an understatement, he was actually exhausted, he didn't have the strength in him, to fight his emotions any more.And finally as he let the gate to his emotions open, it all came flooding in, as if a volcano of feelings and emotions had just erupted.

Khushi Ahemed Khan.

The woman, he had been mesmerised with, the instant he had met her.She had never left his mind, even in the beginning, he had thought of her, even when he hadn't known her.

And then,he had gone to London, and the most surprising thing had happened,he had let himself loose, he had opened to her like he never had, it wasn't just attraction, she was this magnet, he couldn't help but get pulled towards, he had never known he was capable of talking so much, as much as he had talked to Khushi,as much as he had shared with her.One look at her, and his heart would just flip,she had walked into his life and changed everything about it.He had started to believe that he could be different, he could smile, he could laugh, too, he could live, he could be happy.He remembered how, excited he had been to even think of the possibility of her being in love with him, even though he didn't know he loved her then,because he didn't understand what love was, how it functioned, the rules, but he had still wanted to give what they had a chance to explore, to where it was headed, and that itself was a big step for him.But then, the truth had come to surface.The truth, that she was Khushi Ahemed Khan.He knew deep down,had been so hurt, because he had opened up to someone, he had vowed to stay miles away from.He had let himself fall for someone, his mind was trained to hate by default.And he had lashed out at her in the most brutal way, because he was angry for the lie, but more than that he was furious with himself for still wanting her, still thinking about her, still longing for her,and thats why he had channelised all the anger and hatred,towards her.He had shut himself down, in a cage, of misery,for the last five months, and even though he knew it, he didn't want to accept the fact that he was miserable without Khushi in his life.Denial was a fascinating maze, it was really difficult to get one’s self out of it, once fallen into its trap,for it gives you a comfort you seek immediately, but you are unable to see, that the comfort is temporary,and you have to break its shackles, to get through,to finally face the reality.And he had had enough of denial,he had tortured himself enough.And he couldn’t do this to himself any longer.

He now, knew who she was.and He still longed for Khushi,whatever had happened,how much ever time had passed, he still felt the same way, there was only one thing that had changed, he realised her importance in his life,even more now.He also knew he had hurt her so bad, he had broken her, he had been so ruthless.

Khushi seemed so far away,as if she were at this distance, and he had no idea how to walk that path to her, he had no idea what would he say to her, when he finally saw her, he had no idea as to what he would do to make her forgive him.He had to apologise big time, but he had no idea how he was going to do it.He wasn't good at it.

And he had nothing to his favour or credit.

Khushi probably hated him.

So much time had passed,she had moved on, met this new guy, Arhaan.

His guts wrenched as he recalled her words,when she had mistaken him for Arhaan last night on the phone - “ Come back already,Arhaan, I miss you.”

Even Zoya didn't trust him on this,she had asked him to stay the hell away from her best friend,and he couldn't blame her, his record of hurting Khushi was excellent.

But he didn't want to hurt her anymore.And he promised himself, he wouldn’t.

All he wanted was to see her, and apologise first, that was a priority.

The guilt of what he had done, finally started to eat him up,and it pained him,to a great extent too, he had no idea, why had he let that monster part of him take him over.Maybe,Khushi had been right all along,it wasn't her fault, the past wasn't her fault, he was just a kid back then,she had no hand in any of that.The pain of the past had blinded him so much, that he had closed his eyes, his heart, to the only girl,that it had found solace in.

He promised himself, he would try his best to make up for what he did.He had so much to do and he didn't have much time.

He had to do everything he could, for he knew, it would be Now or Never, If he didn't brake the Shackles of Denial, he had tied around himself now, he would never be able to free himself of it. Now or Never, it really was.He didn't like the sound of Never,and so he had to do all he could, to act, Now.


9.00 Am - London

Arnav checked into the Westbury Mayfair Hotel at Bond Street, lucky for him Aman was the most efficient assistant ever,he had done exactly what he had asked him too, get him a reservation at the closest hotel, near Oxford Street.He quickly made his way up to his room,and went in to shower straightaway,he didn't have much time, although Saturday’s were usual holidays at AR , but due to this new campaign, he knew, everyone on the marketing team, would be working today, and he had to be in office before 10.00 am. No one knew, that he was here, yet.

As he refreshed and changed and ate, the eggs and coffee he had ordered for himself for breakfast,he couldn't help but let his mind wander again,now that he had finally let the gates of emotions open, they wouldn't stop flowing, he literally felt as if a tsunami of emotions had broken through.He felt overwhelmed,but he didn't feel miserable,it felt better than fighting himself, accepting that he still felt for Khushi, felt so so much easier to deal with.But pain still pricked, the guilt bore into him, as he recalled Khushi’s tear stricken face.Just what had he done, he had done a lot of damage, that he needed to take care off.

Those moments, the times, spent with Khushi,were always close to his heart, even though he had brought upon this separation,when Khushi had risked everything for him,her family wouldn't be happy about it for sure,but she had gone against all odds, just for him.He had been blinded by rage, the anger , the past, to see it all then, but now he could see it differently, as if he had taken the blindfold off his eyes, he had been stupid enough to believe that if he shut his eyes out, he would stop feeling and seeing what he had been feeling and seeing all along.He was the one who was responsible, for this misery he had brought upon himself, the pain he had given Khushi,and the separation.The memories, her memories, had attached themselves to him, nontheless, like a nail in his heart,and no matter how much he had tried, he couldn't get rid of them, and so he just had to face it all now. For it would be Now or Never.

He quickly finished his coffe, and made his way to AR London, he knew he was in for a long and a hard day, but despite all that, he was nervous and excited to finally see Khushi.Five months had passed,and he would finally be seeing her again.


10.15 AM - London

Khushi walked out of the meeting room, with Andy and Mark, and she spotted lavanya and the others from the marketing team,and she saw Andy and Mark walk to the rest as they explained the promotional activities, that had been planned,and she saw lavanya smile at her - “ Hi Khushi…”

Khushi smiled back - “ Hi lavanya,you know i dont usually work on Saturdays, but…”

Lavanya grinned - “ yeah, i understand, welcome to overtime at AR…thats just how we roll…”

Khushi nodded - “ yeah, anyways the pictures are amazing from yesterdays photoshoot, you look gorgeous,and we have the perfect plan,to have your collection launched in the bestest way possible…”

Lavanya smiled - “ im sure about that…hey you wanna catch up for lunch or something, i have a feeling we will hit it off, and then maybe you can put in a good word for me to your best friend…you know it will help a little, if your boyfriend’s sister actually likes you…”

Khushi gave her a small smile - “ but like i said Zoya likes you, and yes for lunch…”

Lavanya - “ so obviously you already know, im dating ASR, but tell me about you, is there anyone??”

Khushi smiled - “ well not yet,but maybe yes,you know there is someone, in fact he isn't here right now, hes returning tonight from India, so…”

Lavanya winked - “ so, you are waiting for the time to just pass already,you know I can help you kill time in a real good way…”

Khushi smiled - “ Im sure….you can, you are nice you know, don't know why they portrayed otherwise, you know the media…”

lavanya grinned - “ you know, its a big bad world out there, you really want to judge all the time, so cant help it, but those who know me, just know me…”

Khushi smiled,Lavanya was right, she had been one of them too.She had misjudged her too.She saw Lavanya check her phone, and she asked - “ whats up?”

Lavanya sighed - “ nothing actually you know, was just checking if ASR messaged or call, you know what sometimes, i just wonder what the hell am i doing with him, we’v had our ups and downs,you know, we broke up about seven months ago,nothing was working out, but then when we got back five months ago,i thought things would change for the better, but nothing has changed, worsened actually, theres something missing,his heart isn't in it, and you know what to be honest, i dont know if mine is anymore too,im tired of this pretentious facade…”

Last thing Khushi had expected Lavanya Kashyap to talk to her, was about Arnav Singh Raizada,but here she was opening to her, and she didn't know what to say.Maybe she should just tell her, that Arnav Singh Raizada,had an excellent record of breaking hearts, in the most brutal of ways possible,he was really good at that. But she didn't say it out,she didn't want to think of him,she hadn't still been able to figure out what she was feeling after his call yesterday.

She finally said - “ hey , you know it happens, relax,every relationship has ups and downs, and like you said,you and him have this history,dont worry…”.

Lavanya smiled - “ now when you put it like that, i kind of feel better ,you are right maybe its just a phase…”, and it was right then she saw someone enter AR, and she rubbed her eyes, and opened them again, and she turned to Khushi - “ pinch me, iv been thinking way too much about him, now im seeing him…”

Khushi asked confused - “ what?? who??”

Lavanya - “ ASR ofcourse…he cant possibly be here…then why am i seeing him….”

Khushi rolled her eyes - “ yeah you are right, he cant possibly be here…”

And it was right then she heard his voice from behind her - “Or just maybe, I possibly can…”

Khushi turned immediately,and the minute she registered in his sight,she didn't know how to react, she didn't know what she felt, and so she just stood stunned and shocked,as she watched Lavanya rush and hug him, as she exclaimed - “ ASR what the hell?? what a suprise, i cant believe you are here…”


Arnav had walked into his office , no one had noticed him yet, he had noticed Lavanya deep in conversation with Khushi, last thing he had expected to see, and when he had walked up close, he had figured out that he was the topic of discussion, and he had heard Lavanya exclaim,that he couldn't possibly be there, and then he had heard Khushi who had her back to him agree to her, he had finally announced that he really was there.

He felt Lavanya almost crush him into a hug,but he couldn't take his off her.Off Khushi.She stood right across of him, looking as mesmerising as always,she hadn't changed at all.One look at her had already started to calm his nerves,and by the look on her face, he was sure, his presence there had shocked the daylights out of her.Maybe she never had expected to see him again.

He hugged lavanya lightly as he finally heard himself say - “ Lavanya,I can’t believe, I am here too…”


Khushi felt as if someone had pulled the ground from beneath her legs,she couldn't move, she just stood stunned.She had never expected to see him , ever again, in all of her life, that had been the plan.And here he was right in front of her, with lavanya in his arms.She saw him look at her, and their eyes locked for a few seconds, and she finally looked away and turned around, and walked back into the meeting room, and shut the door behind her.

Arnav Singh raizada was here.Why????

Its his office, you idiot she told herself,obviously he could come and go as he wished.And this campaign was important for AR.Maybe he came here to get her kicked out of work, and maybe to keep her away from Lavanya, thats what he was so worried even last night when he had called her.He didn't want her to tell Lavanya about their brief association, during their break up.She took a deep breath, so this was it was about, for sure.She drank a glass of water,she needed it to calm her nerves,she hadn't expected to see him in front of her, and although she had moved on and buried him behind her in her head,she still felt thrown off balance from this sudden situation.One look at him, and she couldn't help, but feel the flashback of every emotion , he had made her feel, the love, the pain.The anguish,the heartbreak of the past she had been through pierced in her eyes, it pricked so bad that she felt tears well up.She composed herself and wiped the tears, out of the corner of her eye,she could not do this to herself, yes she had been thrown off guard, atlas she hadn't expected to see him, she didn't want to be harsh on herself, she was only human, it was natural to go into flashback mode,she was seeing him for the first time, ever since.She composed herself,she was over him, and she had nothing to fear anymore.She had finally settled down, and she knew she had the strength to finally face,Arnav Tornado Singh Raizada, once again.


Noon - AR London

Arnav sat in his cabin, as he heard Andy and Lavanya summarise him about how this campaign was designed,and it seemed pretty apt to him, except he wanted a few changes,he wanted to so something like a social interaction with the target audience this time around, he knew it would have the impact he wanted to make. He then spoke - “ everything sounds good, i just want to include something, so I want to meet, the marketing team, and two associated from the PR and Advertising team, in 15 minutes, right here, Andy?”

Andy nodded - “ sure, ASR ill just call everyone…”, and he made his way out.


Lavanya saw him walk out, and she grinned - “ ASR i cant believe you are finally here…this was the best surprise ever, i missed you, did you miss me much?”

Arnav straightened up,in his chair, and he said - “ yeah, about that, i think we need to talk, Lavanya….”, he wanted to be honest now, to himself and more so to her too.he needed to end this between them,and she deserved honesty, he knew, he had led her on too, unnecessarily, but he wouldn't do it any longer.

Lavanya smiled - “ yeah obviously, we have so much to catch up, how about dinner?”

Arnav nodded - “ yeah, dinner sounds good”, he knew he had to explain,and for that he needed privacy.

lavanya smiled - “ so you know, this girl Khushi,who is there in this PR campaign, she's friends with Zoya, she's nice, i kind of asked her if she would put in a good word to her best friend,for me it would help if your sister, actually liked me…”

Arnav was surprised to hear this, last thing he had expected was Lavanya and Khushi being friendly.Last he remembered, Khushi was jealous,and insecure of Lavanya,and so he asked out of curosity - “ oh, you did, what did she say…?”

Lavanya - “ i think, she will, we sort of hit it off…”

“You did?”, he asked, now shocked.

lavanya - “yeah, why are you so shocked?”

Arnav sipped the glass of water,as he said - “ its nothing…”

And right then he saw his cabin door open, and Andy walked in with the heads of marketing team,and right behind them was Khushi,and the other fellow who was from her firm too.All, he wanted was to get her to look at him, but she looked everywhere, but at him.He wanted to look into her eyes, they had been expressive, always very expressive, and maybe he would be able to figure out what she had been thinking, or feeling about him being here.

But she didn't look at him,it was then he saw the other fellow with her,walk upto him before sitting down as he said introducing himself,and offered him to shake hands - “ Hi ASR, im Mark Scott..we are here,to help in the best way we can…”, and then he walked back to Khushi,and nudged her to do the same. He heard Khushi whisper something to him, but he nudged her again, and so she finally walked upto him, and said - “ Hi, im Khushi…”, and she offered him a handshake, and as he nodded, in acknowledgemnt, and then finally shake her hand,he felt a thousand emotions jolt him up,and it was right then she finally looked at him into the eye as she said - “ Khushi Ahemed Khan…”.

Finally he got a glimpse into her eyes, but what he saw really bothered him.She was indifferent,and very distant.He wanted to take her alone somewhere, and just talk to her, but he knew he couldn't d so, in his workplace, and so he straightened and said - “ Welcome Mark and Khushi to the team…im sure you will give us a successful campaign”.


Khushi noted down, everything, Arnav was saying and pointing out, to be taken care of during the campaign.His idea, about the social interaction with the target audience, was really good,and she immediately said - “ so, we will figure this out, we should have something or some plan to tell you, by 5pm , wont we Mark?”

Mark nodded - “yeah, for sure…if theres anything else please let us know…”

Arnav nodded - “yeah i will…but for now, thats all…”

Andy - “great, so why dont we all just  get back to work…”, and everybody dispersed.

He wanted to call out to Khushi,she had walked out, without even a glance at him.But he didn't want to make a scene in front of his employee’s,and so he just kept quiet, and watched her leave.

The indifference, the distant look that he had seen in her eyes, had start to prick him again,and it pricked really bad.



Khushi walked back with Mark, towards AR. They only had had 30 minutes for lunch, so that had just grabbed a quick subway, for the earlier plan of lunch with lavanya had changed,because obviously Arnav was here, and they were now having lunch together.She closed her eyes, for a split a second, as they got into the elevator, as she remembered, the look on his face, when Mark had forced her to formally introduce herself,and she made sure, she had used that opportunity to introduce herself to him, as to who she really was.But there was something in the way he looked at her, into her eyes, as if, he wanted to look past the indifference her eyes were reflecting.She brushed his thought out, and walked into the office right when she saw Lavanya,as she said smilingly - “ Khushi sorry about lunch,but hey ASR is calling you…to his office….”

Khushi looked at her and tried to control her shock - “ he is, why??”

Lavanya smiled - “ he said he wanted to discuss something about the campaign,and meanwhile i want Mark to show me, what he’s finally thought of about how our photoshoot, will be used…”

Mark smiled - “ sure, follow me…”, and he asked Lavanya to join him.

Lavanya - “ cmon, go Khushi, ASR doesn't like to be kept waiting…”

Khushi nodded - “ yeah, ill just go…”, and she took the deep breath, and walked towards his cabin, and she got the feeling as if she were walking to the devil’s den itself.


Arnav waited in anticipation,he didn't know if Khushi would come, if he had called her directly, thats why he had asked Lavanya to call her, he knew she couldn't make any excuse to her, and so he waited, and he hadn't realised until now, he really was nervous,he didn't know how to start a conversation,for the personal front. He heard a knock on his glass door, and he saw her, he gestured her to come in, and he returned his focus to his laptop,stealing a look at her, out of the corner of his eye.

Khushi saw him, with his attention to his laptop,nothing just nothing in his appearance had changed,since she last remembered looking at him, and probably nothing about her appearance had changed as well but yet, everything had changed, everything now was different, the situation was,the time was.She now knew, why he had the rakish handsome looks that he had, he was the devil himself, he used his persona,his enigma,as his charm,it had attracted her in the past,she had fallen for it, but she wouldn't anymore,she wasn't stupid anymore.She now very well was aware of the distance between them, the distance she had dared to walk across once, only to be slapped with the reality,that she had dared to tread the impossible,and she had only deserved what she had got.She saw him gesture her to sit, in front of him, and she did ,in silence.

Just what was this about?

Couldn't he just get over with it?

Arnav finally shifted his attention from his screen to her, now that she was seated in front of him, looking as mesmerising as always. Infact the formal office wear look, really did suit her, he took a few seconds to admire her, he couldn't believe the calm he was feeling, at finally having her in front of his eyes,the calm, the solace that he hadn't felt in forever.Then again, she wasn't looking at him, she was looking everywhere but him,and he took a deep breath as he said - “ Khushi….”, and the minute her name left his lips, she looked at  him,and for a second just a second,he thought he spotted some sort of emotion in her eyes,but before he could figure it out, the same mask of indifference , was back on.

He heard her say - “ ok,Mr Raizada, why don't you just say it, its ok, i know you want me fired off this campaign,you dont want me here, just do it, because like i told you, my boss wouldn't let me off this,and actually it'll be good, if you ask him for a replacement,it will save me the trouble…”

Arnav looked at her ,and asked - “ you think id do that?”

Khushi felt off guard again, what was with him, and his questions.

She said in a stern tone - “ of course i think so, you know from experience, i have learnt to see the worse,from situations…and specially the situations that include you…”

Arnav felt her words whip him, but he knew he deserved it,and so he said - “ well you are wrong, i haven't called you so that i can fire you”

Khushi stared at him - “ you aren't firing me?”

“No, why would I? you are good at your job, Khushi…”, he stated.This was getting very awkward.

Khushi - “ ok so if this is about Lavanya, so like I have said earlier, i will not tell anyone anything,and honestly as far as Im concerned,nothing ever happened…”

Arnav didn't know, what to say, and before he could control anything he heard himself ask - “ nothing ever happened, Khushi?”

Khushi looked at him straight in the eye as she said - “ nothing that mattered,and especially nothing that matters anymore, so like i said…”

Arnav - “ anyways its not about lavanya…khushi…i dont care…”

Khushi felt her anger shoot up,but she controlled herself, as she said - “ oh yes, its obvious you dont, i forgot you dont usually care about anyone else…so anyways, if its not about firing me, or Lavanya, then why have you called me here?

Arnav - “ for work….Khushi, anyways let me just get to the point, apart from the social interactions, i want you to use social media marketing and advertising as well, for our campaign,use instagram, use Facebook, do whatever, create the buzz…itll be good…for us…”

Khushi nodded - “ ok…its a good idea actually,ill get to it, and come to think of it, social media is a very important platform these days…”

Arnav - “ yeah a very important one, people share all about their lives on it…use it to our advantage…”

Khushi - “ alright, anything else…?”

Arnav - “ yes, and im here for until the campaign finishes…and im staying at the Westbury Mayfair…”

Khushi gaped at him in shock and she asked - “ why are you telling me any of that? did i ask you?”

Arnav sighed - “ look, i just want to talk, Khushi,and this cannot be the place…”

Khushi stared at him in shock.Talk, he wanted to talk to her?? Talk what?? What was left to say??There was nothing left to say, anymore.And just who the hell did he think he was, did he just think he could fly in like that after all these months,and expect her to talk to him, just like that.She literally wanted to just run out of there and never come back, and never see him again.She said curtly - “ Mr.Raizada, i think the only thing we have left to talk about, can be discussed here, within the walls of your office, for im here for work,and apart from that, i want to make myself clear, very clear, i dont think we have anything left to talk about,and its a request, lets just be professional, about this unwanted situation…atleast for me it really is, you know unwanted…”

Arnav - “ Khushi…”

Khushi - “ Mr Raizada, now if you'll excuse me,i have some work to finish…”, and with that she got up, and walked straight out of his cabin


Saturday Bombay - 1030 PM

Zoya felt a little relaxed, as the hot water, calmed her nerves.She closed her eyes, it had been a long and a terrible day.She was so mad At Asad and still was,and so she had ignored him the whole day,and he had too, he hadn't also made any effort to even apologize for what he had done,she couldn't believe this was happening, she had been looking forward to this weekend big time, because she had really thought that she and Asad could spend some good time together,and here everything was ruined.She almost felt like preponing her ticket from Monday to tomorrow.She couldn't believe he had made no effort to even talk to her, she didn't have her brother around her today, and he hadn't even messaged once.She closed her eyes, and started to re-enjoy the hot water tub bath,when she heard her phone ring, it was Khushi, and she immediately picked up -

“Khushi , i was waiting, almost all day…”

“Zoya, why didn't you tell me, that your brother was coming here? you know he just appeared out of no where, and…”

Zoya asked cautiously- “ and does it make a difference, Khushi?”

“No, obviously it doesn't make any difference to me, its just that it caught me off guard,anyways, i thought he came here to fire me…”

Zoya - “ yeah, when he told me he was going, i thought so too…you know hes my blood, but iv given up on him, i officially have…”

She heard Khushi on the other end - “ Zoya, he said he wanted to talk?”

Zoya felt her hopes rise - “ And thats good right? why dont you  hear what he has to say atlas, although trust me, i have warned him if he does anything to hurt you, you tell me, he will have to face my wrath, i asked him to stay the hell away from you, you know…”

She heard Khushi , jump straight to the point - “no, its not good Zoya, i don't wish to talk to him ever again, and if it were in my hands, i wouldn't ever see him again,you know iv changed, everything has changed, he cant just waltz in here, after all these months, and want to talk to me, I'm not a toy Zoya…”

Zoya knew Khushi was right,and she said - “ I know…”

“So do me a favour, will you please,actually you already did do it, but will you do it again Zoya?”

“what Khushi?”

“Ask him, to stay the hell away from me…”

Zoya sighed - “yeah, i will…”

“so anyways, whats up?how’s the weekend going?”

Zoya answered - “ horrible…you know i thought Asad and I would get some time,but here I am sulking…all by myself…”

She heard Khushi ask - “ what happened? did you guys fight?”

“Yeah, kind off, you know i asked hims something about the past…and he literally threw me out of the room…”

“he whatttttt???? bhaijaan couldn't have,maybe he was really angry, but that cannot justify, wait till i give him a peace of my mind…”

Zoya said immediately - “ No Khushi, don’t, i want him to understand, we cant run from the past forever, we have to face it sooner or later, intact the sooner the better…”

“yeah , you are right…”, she heard Khushi.

Zoya - “ oh and btw, for the record, i really liked Arhaan, and he really impressed Asad too, i guess he should get some brownie points for that….”

“he is nice no, isn't he? yeah he should,i missed him you know, anyways i was just going to the airport,to receive him…you know only makes sense, thats where we first met, he should know of my decision, there itself….”

Zoya asked - “ so you are going to give him this chance now aren't you?”

“yes Zoya,maybe its finally time, that i pushed myself over this edge, and iv thought a lot about it and im sure….”

Zoya - “ look whatever makes you happy , and i m with you,for you, no matter what…and if Arhaan really does make you happy,…”

“he does Zoya, he makes me smile in the way, i didn't know i was capable of smiling again, and I like him, i genuinely do….”

Zoya - “ then i guess its time, you pushed yourself over the edge too, Khushi….”

“ok bye Zoya, ill call you later, and talk to bhaijaan, i cant have my two fav people fighting…”

Zoya - “ yeah, i will try too…”

Zoya finally put the phone down.The minute she had heard Khushi’s first line on the phone, she knew it from her voice that   her brothers presence made a hell lot of difference to Khushi.It had thrown her off guard for sure, but it had made her also relive everything the pain and the love.She knew Khushi way too well,and she also knew why she was doing it, she was doing this to protect herself,and she couldn't blame her, after all her brother had broken her once already,she didn't want to be hurt again.And now she was just going to date Arhaan,she liked him, but she somehow she felt that, Khushi could or would never love him.But hey that was what her gut told her, and she could be wrong too, what if Arhaan really was the one for Khushi,then who was she to come in between their happiness.

She didn't want to force Khushi into anything,she didn't want.And she just hoped, Khushi knew what she was about to get herself into.


Bombay - Midnight - Asad’s Room

Asad shifted in bed,he twisted yet again, waiting for sleep to come.He couldn't get any sleep, just like how he hadn't slept last night, and knew why it was so, he hated not talking to Zoya, and he hated that they were fighting.Just why, did she have to bring up the past, just why ?? They had made some rules right, to avoid conflict, and he had abided by every rule, then just why did she have to break them and bring up the past.She knew, it would make him angry.He didn’t want to talk about it, he didn't want to re-live the moments, the pain.He was angry at her, and thats why he had avoided her the whole day, even though he hadn't spotted her brother around even for a minute.He wasn't there today,but still he hadn't spoken to her all day, and it was now killing him.All he wanted was to go to her room, and pull her into a hug, ask her to never bring up the past again, and then apologise for being harsh.But he was in two minds, what if she had slept already?

Right then his phone beeped and he opened it to see a whatsapp from Khushi -

“bhaijaan, you up still?”

He quickly replied - “ yes,i am…whats up?”

“nothing bhaijaan, on the way to the airport to pick up Arhaan,and did you like him? he's nice na?”

Asad smiled, his baby sister wanted to know what he thought of Arhaan.He quickly wrote - “ yes, he's nice, if this is what you want Khushi, i guess theres no harm in giving him a chance, he's a nice fellow,he really really likes you, and i always wanted someone for you, you would like you for who you are, whom would see how beautiful you are, and how you only deserve the best,someone for whom you should be the first priority and for him you are,so you know what, im ok with him…”

Her reply came immediately - “ thank you bhaijaan, you are the best…and always remember,bhaijaan, time usually slips away very fast…”

he quickly asked - “ what do you mean?”

“you know what I mean, bhaijaan,you are ruining your time with Zoya, over a stupid thing, how long do you think you can run away from facing the past,one day you have to,then why not now…bhaijaan…”

Asad knew she was right, but he wrote,back, she would understand ,and so he wrote - “because, i dont want to re-live the pain of it all, and everytime i talk about it…it haunts me for a long time…”

He got a quick reply - “ you know what bhaijaan, go tell Zoya that, and no one just no one can be the perfect balm for that pain, other than Zoya, i believe in the two of you, i know you two can face anything,and get past it…with a smile, now go before she sleeps…or even worse leaves for delhi tomorrow…”

Asad asked quickly - “ she's leaving tomorrow?”

“Not yet bhaijaan, but if you don't make it fast, then she maybe will…”

He quickly wrote - “ thanks Khushi, you are the best sister in this whole wide world…”

“I love you bhajaan, bye…”

He closed his eyes, Khushi was right,if there was anyone who could be a balm to his wounds ,it was Zoya, the woman he loved.He got up, and made his way to her room.


Zoya heard a knock on her door, and she hugged her pillow, she had just got some sleep,and who was this, she looked at her phone, it was the middle of the night.The knock came again, and so she finally got up and opened the door,and when she saw Asad standing right in front of her,she heard herself say, as she rubbed her eyes - “ Asad,what are you doing here?its past midnight…”

Asad didnt know how this woman managed to look so gorgeous even as she slept.He finally said - “ I wasn't able to sleep, can i come in?..”

Zoya was still mad,and so she said from the door- “ look i dont know if this is the time…”

Asad immeditaely said - “ ok how about this, i come in now, you can throw me out, so that makes us even,and then maybe i can come in again…and apologise for being an”

The look on his face was too adorable,and she couldn't help but smile,as she said - “ an ass….”

Asad gave her a small smile - “ yeah, an ass,im sorry,Zoya, i shouldn't have…”

Zoya pulled him by the arm,inside and she shut the door,as she said - “ oh come in already,you know I cant be mad at you, with that look on your face…im jut sad we wasted one whole day being angry at each other….”

And before she knew it she was pushed into the wall, as she heard him whisper,as he cupped her face - “ I hate not talking to you, it drives me insane,i hate fighting, make a note we are never fighting again,I love you so much, Zoya….”, and before she could say anything, he kissed her, on her lips,and she finally felt herself calm down, under his touch,and she started to kiss him back,with equal passion.

She felt him trail a line of kisses down her neck, and any sleep that was left, flew away, as she felt herself lean back against the wall, in pleasure, to give him access, and she could only hear herself moan in pleasure.

Asad felt her pull him closer into her,as her hands played with his hair, and he kissed her again as he said - “ god,i missed you so much, you have no freaking idea….”

Zoya looked into his eyes as she whispered - “ maybe i do, because i missed you as much too, Asad…I”

Asad immediately placed a finger on her lips - “ shhhh, Zoya, please….”, and he started to kiss her again, in a wild passionate way, that only ignited her more,it had been ages since they had last made love, and that was all she wanted right now, for Asad to make love to her, and she knew that was what he wanted too.

She wrapped her legs around him, as she started to kiss him back,and tugged on his shirt, as he stripped her off her spagetti, and finally laid her on the bed,as he whispered , looking into her eyes -  “ I can’t live without you, and I cant stop saying it….”

Zoya could only whisper back - “and i don't want you to stop saying it…ever….Asad…”, and before she knew it,he had bent forward and started to love her in the way,touch her in the way that made her forget her name,and as she felt herself, her body respond,and melt into his arms, and merge with his, she knew for sure,she couldn’t live without him too,and as he moved within her gently and caressed her body wit so much love,she could only whisper - “ I love you Asad..”, as she let her own passion take over, and set herself free.


Asad hugged Zoya from behind,and kissed her shoulder,as they laid in bed, content,he saw Zoya turn around as she winked at him and asked - “ did our fighting have anything to do with, how frustrated you were, because we hadn't made love in like forever….”

Asad grinned - “ well, i dont know if my ****ual frustration was getting to me yet..”and then he said seriously - “ but i do know, that our fighting had everything to do with me being an ass, i am sorry, i shouldn't have thrown you out like that…i was angry, taken off balance by your sudden question, and honestly i dont know what came over me….”

Zoya kissed him on the cheek as she said - “ i didn't mean to hurt you, Asad, or cover up, you do know…”

“We cant run away from it forever, even though i wish i could, but you are right we cant, we do have to start facing it, and I understand that maybe i can try by answering your questions…”, he stated.

Zoya looked at him now surprised - “ you want to talk about it?”

Asad - “ yeah, if you aren't sleepy….that is…”

Zoya grinned - “ well,you just rocked my world Asad Ahemed Khan, how can i ever feel even an inch of sleep…wait…”, and she starting getting up, trying to put on her shorts and tank top.

Asad flung her clothes aside ,and she looked back him to see a naughty smirk and she said - “ you can throw my clothes aside, but i still have this cover…”, and she took the extra sheet off the cover on the bed,and wrapped it around herself,and walked to make two cups of coffee,they were both going to need it, for the conversation that was going to happen.


Asad saw Zoya walk back to bed with two cups of coffee, in her hand, and he quickly wore his pyjamas, before she could get a chance to toss it, and grinned as he heard her exclaim - “ now thats unfair…”

Asad grinned - “ well you still have the sheet on…”, and he took the cup of coffee from her hand, and tooh her by the other hand,and walked to the sofa,and made her sit next to him,as he held her hand,and took a deep breath, and said - “ you know five months ago, when we made this rule of never talking about the past, i knew it even then we couldn't run away from it forever,but i wasn't ready to talk more about it, maybe i am not yet, or maybe i never will be Zoya, because it hurts so much, it hurts me so damm much,the pain pricks me so bad,and its like i seem to re-live it all, everytime i talk about it, and i didn't want to talk about it to you specially because, i know its your family in the picture,its going to be difficult and painful,but i also know, that if theres anyone who can understand my wounds it’s you, you are the only one, who can soothe me, by just being with me…”

Zoya held his hand tightly as she whispered - “ and im here, by your side, Asad, please talk to me, i know its going to hurt you, and me both, but….”

Asad nodded - “ go ahead, ask me what you want?”

Zoya nodded - “ so you know already, i asked you, you know bhai told me he couldn't believe for a long time, that you got the crime scene cleared, just like that, that you never discussed, why Asad?”

Asad felt the pain emerge, and he held on to Zoya’s hand,tightly as he said - “ I know,he hates me for it, it was on his face that day too,Zoya did you honestly think when it all happened, that i didn't want to investigate into it…i obviously wanted too , but I didn’t,because of Ammi.”

Zoya -“ Ammi??”

“Zoya, she had two dead bodies in front of her, of Najma,and abbu, i had never seen her cry like that,she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, she didn't want me to look into the matter,at all, this was even before the CCTV footage we saw,she just wanted both me and Arnav to believe it to be an accident,we all were grieving,they had lost uncle too,and your mom was in a very critical condition.She believed that we wouldn't get anything out of looking into the matter, najma wouldn't be back,abbu or uncle wouldn't be back.I asked her why she didn't want this? She feared, she wouldn't be handle it if anything that that shouldn't come up, would come up,as in she knew that abbu and uncle were having differences,and she knew both had tempers,she did suspect that if something could have happened, and she didn't want anyone to know, she wanted it to remain undercover,because she felt, we were all a family ,if not bonded by blood, by love we were.We had already lost so much,she was scared if me and Arnav found something it would destroy our families bond.And she was right.You know i didn't listen to her, your brother had heard gunshots on the phone,and he convinced me that we had to atlas look into the CCTV footage.So we went back to the farmhouse to see the footage,and Zoya it was right in front of my eyes, I saw uncle aim at najma, my little Najma,and then he fired,how could i not believe what I saw, it was right in front of me, and then abbu fired and then some crossfire was all we could hear, when all went blank.I felt something break inside of me, i had always looked upto both abbu and uncle, and even if uncle had taken a aim at Abbu first, i could have seen it differently, but he aimed at a child,my little najma,and that disgusted me to the core,and as much as i wished i hadn't seen the footage and should have stuck to ammi’s intuition,i couldn't erase what i saw, it was as if arnav and me had unleashed a box of pain,and betrayal, the consequences of which had to be born by him and me…”

Zoya saw so much anguish on his face and she couldn't see him like this and she whispered - “ Asad, you dont have to…continue…”

Asad just held her hand as he continued - “ no , let me take it all out today, Zoya, so like I said, Ammi had convinced me to not investigate ,and i wish i had listened to her and not your brother, for when i saw that footage, i was broken,the two men whom i had looked upto all my life,had behaved no less than criminals,my beloved sister had been killed first,what was her fault in all of this, why did uncle have to kill her, he had all the rights to point a gun at abbu, if abbu had hurt him, but he had no rights to kill my sister, my baby sister,and it was right there in my face, theres no way our eyes could have been mistaken,and right then i knew, nothing just nothing could ever be the same, your brother wasn't ready to believe it all in the first place, he couldn't believe his father was capable of such a crime, but in rage,in fury, one has no control over their actions Zoya,and you know what, I hated Arnav for making me watch the CCTV footage in the first place,i was ok with living with not knowing what had actually happened, that day, like ammi wanted, atlas that wouldn't have brought upon this enmity , our families would still have been wounded,but they would have come along with time, and things atlas had a chance of getting back to normal,but no, your brother had to know, and then what we saw, wasn't any of us had expected.But i couldn't just go back to erasing the most disgusting,and horrific scene of my life, Zoya, I just couldn’t.I came back home, that day, i still remember, and i cried, i finally told ammi, what i saw, and i hugged her and i cried all night,and she was so so disturbed about it, but then deep down i knew, Arnav wouldn't stop there, even though that was what i had wanted,i knew he would probe in,and i had no strength in me Zoya,and nor did ammi,i know maybe there was a one percent chance, that what we saw wasn't true, but you know there was 99 percent chances of finding something that would have been more ugly, what if we had uncovered something more brutal that would have happened between our father’s,then what would I have done Zoya, i knew if i ever got to know anything more bad about the two or between the two, i wouldn't be able to control the monster inside of me.I would have destroyed your family, in every way,ammi had never seen me like that, so broken,it was right then , that night that she got her first heart attack, Zoya…”

Zoya looked at him shocked , she didn't know about this, no one just no one knew about this and she spoke sure, that the shock was evident in her voice - “ what????”

Asad continued - “ Yeah,no one knows this Zoya, but me,not even khushi she was too small,but  i can still remember, how i rushed her to the hospital that day for the second time,with dread and the fear that i had felt just a few hours before, she was unconscious, in the back of my car, and i was driving like a maniac,with little khushi in the front seat, i had lost najma,and abbu,i couldn't loose my mother,if something would have happened to her , what would have i done? anyway, lucky for us, it was a minor attack, but the doctors had strictly advised,no stress,as any stress could be fatal for her.I had never felt so alone, in my life,ever, with just no one to turn to.The minute,ammi gained conciousness, you know what was the first thing she told me…?”

Zoya was already crying, but she asked - “ what?”

“she made me promise that i wouldn't probe into this incident,that she had already lost Najma and abbu and that she didnt want to loose her son.She feared she would loose me as in,id somewhat get so absorbed in discovering the truth, that id be lost in the web,and not only that, she greatly feared that even there was one percent chance that we found out anything negative about uncle and abbu,me and arnav would have destroyed each other, for revenge.She was in the hospital bed, and i would have given her my life in that one moment,and all she asked was this,and so i promised her that i would let things be.Right in front of her, i made some calls, and asked the crime scene to be cleared,immediately.”

Zoya - “ Asad, im so sorry….”

Asad sighed - “ no, don't be, it isn't your fault…i had my reasons Zoya, don't you know, there are so many times i have wished, that i hope i hadn't seen what i saw that day, that Arnav hadn't forced me into retrieving the CCTV footage,atleast i would have had still had my best friend, in my life, but like i said, after what i saw, i cant erase the hatred i feel,and all this enemity, this misery, there is a great part of me that blames your brother for it….”

Zoya - “ but Asad, he didn't know…im sure he only wanted to know if there was someone else”

Asad - “ i know, how could anyone know, that two people who were so united, could just kill each other, but still that doesn't change how I feel Zoya…and there was no one else Zoya, abbu had called ammi  about 15 minutes before arnav had received the call,he had mentioned that how it was just them,and if there was someone else, some other enemy dont you think they would have come after us in the last ten years, think about it Zoya….its a brutal disgusting truth as good as a poison but we all have to live with it..”

Zoya held on to his hand - “ i just dont know what to say….”

Asad laced his hand into hers as he whispered -dont say anything, just do one thing…”

Zoya - “ what??”

“Just hold me Zoya…”, and Zoya immediately hugged Asad, and held him to herself, she felt few drops on her bare shoulder, and she realised that he was crying.She hugged him tighter, and she felt her own tears fall, and she knew no words could bring him any comfort right now, and so she didn't say anything , and held on to him,and he held on to her.


30 minutes later 

Zoya stroked Asad’s hair,as he had his head in her lap an he held on to her other free hand and said - “ you know what, I actually feel so much better, Zoya it really is better to share, i guess….”

Zoya smiled - “im glad you feel better, talking to me,it means a lot to me that you can trust me with what you feel, Asad…”

Asad - “yeah,anyways lets not discuss the past anymore,for now…but yes i am open to talk about it in the future, if you want to Zoya…”

Zoya smiled - “ thanks…”, and she bent down and kissed his forehead.

Asad - “ so, i guess Khushi is going to give Arhaan a chance, she was on the way to the airport, to receive him…”

Zoya gave him a small smile- “ yeah, i know…”

Asad - “ im ok with this guy you know,hes nice, and more so i had his entire social media looked into, apparently he has had just one serious relationship before this….”

Zoya looked at him and gaped in surprise - “ what?? are u crazy??”

Asad immediately shot up and sat next to her as he said - “ well a brothers gotta watch out for his sister, i want a decent man for Khushi Zoya, not someone like a player,with a list of girlfriends on his resume…”

Zoya gulped, her brother exactly fit that description, only if he had known khushi had been in love with him.

Zoya - “ yeah, i know what you mean…”

Asad grinned - “ atleast when your brother ever finds out about us, he wouldn't have that to worry about, he knows I'm  a one woman man….and on that note, i didn't see him around all day, where is he?”

Zoya said cautiously - “ some work came up at AR London, so he had to leave immediately…”

Asad nodded - “ok…anyways good for me…”

Zoya rolled her eyes - “ yeah, you did waste our whole day being mad at me though….”

Asad kissed her on the side of her neck as he said - “ yeah, i know i did, but i cant undo that, but i plan to make the most of now….”

Zoya felt herself shiver as she felt him trail kisses, all over her arms and she felt him pick her up in his arms and lay her down on the bed,and he came on top of her and looked deeply in her eyes as he smirked - “ remember how i earned some brownie points yestrday, for exchanging seats with your brother…”

Zoya - “yeah what about those…”, she whispered ,as she felt him loosen the sheet she had draped around herself.

He bent down and kissed her softly on her navel and moved back to kiss her on the lips,as he whispered - “ id like to redeem my points…i hope you don't mind Zoya…”

Zoya felt her body starting to respond to his touched, he knew exactly where to touch, where to caress her, and she whispered, as her arms went around his neck - “ id be crazy to mind,Asad…”

Asad grinned as he bent forward and kissed her nose tenderly and whispered - “ so the bad news is that I plan to take my time, and the good news is that we have all night….”, and then he felt her pull him to her as she started to kiss him ,and he let passion take over.

Zoya felt herself come alive under his touches, as he made love to her for the second time, that night,and he had been right,for she was so lost in their passion, that she had forgotten not just her name, but who she was.


London - 800 PM

Khushi waited for Arhaan to come out into the arrival terminal.She smiled to herself,as she recalled how she had met him here all those months ago.Her brother had liked him, and so did Zoya.He was a nice guy,and she was sure shot about wanting to him give a chance, give herself this chance.She had to push herself over this edge, for it was now or never,if she didn't give this chance to herself now, and take this decision now, it could be never,because she feared being dragged back into the vortex of memories of love and pain, Arnav had given her.

She felt her heart ask herself,if she could ever love anyone else? if she could love Arhaan, and to be honest , she didn't know the answer to it, yet.But she would be an idiot to not try atleast. he had walked in today, and she was shocked to feel the restlessness she was feeling, the constant being thrown off balance feel, the constant loosing of control feeling.She wanted to literally shake herself,she hadn't expected to feel any of this.And she was angry at him, for what did he think himself to be,but more than that she was annoyed with herself,maybe just maybe there still was a percentage of him left in her system,and she knew the only way to get him out completely, that even his presence wouldn't bother her, would be to make new memories for herself. And if she didn't do it now, she feared that she would never be able to.It really was a decision she had to take, it could not be delayed anymore,she didn't want be stuck in a certain past of her life forever, and so she had to act now.

That very minute she spotted Arhaan walk out, and she waved at him, and the minute she saw him notice her, he smiled,and was by her side, as he pulled her into an instant hug - “ now thats a suprise, i really like Khushi…god i missed you , Khushi…”

Khushi smiled and hugged him back - “ guess what, I missed you too…”

Arhaan called his chaueffeur, and got his luggage in, and Khushi said - “ hey, why dont we eat first, im hungry….”

Arhaan smiled - “ ofcourse,Starbucks…?”

Khushi grinned - “ yeah….”

And they started to walk towards it, and Arhaan asked - “ remember, how we met right here, all those months ago…”

Khushi smiled - “ yeah, and thats why i only thought it would make sense, if I….”

Arhaan stopped in his tracks,as he felt khushi catch his hand , and he asked - “khushi, you what??”

“If i tell you right here, that i am ready to now give u a chance, Arhaan, the only person that i can trust right now apart from myself,Zoya and my family, is you,and I have a feeling,maybe its time for us….”, and before she could say anything further, she was pulled into a crushing hug by Arhaan.

Arhaan had never felt happier and he exclaimed - “ khushi thank you, so much, you have no idea what this means to me, i have been waiting for this forever, and i just don't know what to say….”, and he kissed her on the forehead and said holding her hands - “ trust me, i wont ever let you down….”

Khushi smiled - “ I know….”, and she heard her stomach rumble, and she said - “ now can we eat please, iv starved myself waiting for you….”

Arhaan grinned and put an arm around her, and they walked in to eat.


815 PM - AR London

Arnav walked out of his cabin,and he spotted Mark,Andy and Lavanya, still working.He wondered where Khushi was, ever since their conversation this afternoon, she hadn't even come in front of him, all communications were with Mark in the front.He looked around to see where she was, he just assumed she would be here, if Mark was.

And he walked up to them and he said - “ ok guys, lets call it a day…”

Andy - “ almost done, ASR, thank god Khushi gave this outline before she left,now we can get our social media stuff started first thing Monday…”

Arnav flinched.She left already.Why?

He didn't know how to ask, without causing suspicion and so he said - “ if it was her outline, shouldn't she be here too….”

Mark immediately defended his colleague - “ ASR, i asked her to leave, only one of us was required…and more so she had to go somewhere, important…”

Arnav responded curtly - “ more important than work?”

Lavanya grinned as she got up and laced her arm into his and she said - “ oh ASR it is more important, if its about that special someone,she had to go to Heathrow,and reach in time you know its far…”

Right then it struck him.Arhaan. He was coming back.

He really felt like, turning his conference table in front of him upside down.She went to receive him.Clearly, he was important to her.

His Insides churned.He had to fix things fast, and he didn't have much time.He had to get her to talk to him,as soon as possible, and for that he wanted to sorted to things with lavanya first, and so he just nodded, and started to walk out with Lavanya.


1030 PM 

Lavanya hugged Arnav, as she started to leave his room, they had finished dinner, and Arnav had wanted to talk, and so they had come to his room,and she had sensed it from his voice, what this was about,and she said, honestly ,giving him a small smile- “ you know, what,i knew this was coming ASR, for some time now, iv been feeling your heart isn't in it,maybe it never was, and i guess mine wasn’t too,but hey we did have a good time as long as it lasted, right…and its for the better we give up this facade already, it never had a future anyway…”

Arnav hugged her breifly as he said - “ Im sorry….Lavanya…”

“Dont be ASR, im not, you never did give me false hopes, we never made any promises,so stop feeling guilty….and i know, we can still be friends….”, she said.

Arnav nodded - “ yeah…maybe we can…wish you all the best Lavanya, i hope you find your someone special soon…”

Lavanya smiled - “ Oh and i wish the same for you, let me know if you ever want me to set you up with someone i know off, i love playing cupid…”

Arnav smiled - “ thanks, for understanding…”

Lavanya - “obviously, i know, we both dont feel, what we should for this relationship, so its kool, you know,as if emotions are something we can control, you know they just come on their own, and they will, for both of us, when the right one comes along…its just not with each other, so i totally get it…and i dont want you to feel guilty or anything even for a second….”

Arnav smiled - “ and if you ever need anything, im there,as your friend lavanya, always there for you….”

Lavanya grinned and kissed him on his cheek - “ i know, bye ASR, ill see you on Monday then, at work…?”

Arnav nodded - “ yeah at work..”, and he shut the door behind her.

He then quickly picked up his phone, he wanted to talk to Khushi, so he dialled her number.


Arhaan waited for Khushi, in his car, they had come to settle his stuff back in at his place, and then spent some time at the cafe below his apartment, chatting.He wanted to drop her home,and unlike various times, she had taken the cab back home when it was this late in the evening, today she agreed.And they would have been on their way five minutes ago,but Khushi wanted to use the washroom, so shed asked him to wait , for her in the car.He smiled, to himself,he couldn't have been happier,Khushi was his girlfriend now, hadn't he been waiting for this day, since months.He felt like the luckiest guy on the planet.It was right then he heard her phone ring, she had left her bag in the car,and he wondered who could it be , but he didn't pick up first.But then when it rang again, he picked up, and heard a man’s voice say - “ Khushi…”

And he immediately said - “ hi, Khushi isn't here right now, who’s calling?”

He heard the voice on the other end ask - “ who’s this?”

He answered - “ Arhaan, and you are…??”

He quickly heard - “Andy , from work, nothing important,ill talk to her on Monday…”

He said - “ alright, then…bye…”, and he hung up.

Right then he spotted Khushi,and he smiled as she got in the front seat and he said - “ someone from your work called, Andy…”

Khushi looked at her phone , this number wasn't stored in her phone, maybe Andy called from another number , so she said - “ thats ok, ill call him later….was it anything important?”

Arhaan - “ Nah, i dont think so…so shall we…”, he asked, if they were good to go.

Khushi nodded, and smiled,and she looked out the window,as Arhaan drove her home.


Bombay - 5 am

Asad felt his eyes open,and he checked his phone, it was 5 am.He drank a glass of water from the bedside table, and then turned in bed,to see Zoya sleeping next to him.She looked so beautiful,and so serene.It brought him peace, seeing her like that, next to him.She belonged by his side, day or night.He smiled to himself, he didn't know he would be feeling so much better talking to Zoya, about the past, Khushi had been right, she was th only one who could balm him, like no other.He smiled again, as he recalled, how he hadn't let her sleep until 3 am,and he couldn't help it, he couldn't just stop making love to her,he couldn't get himself to stop loving the woman he loved.He had been waiting for her to melt in his arms for months now, and melted she had.He kissed her softly on her forehead,and he wanted the time to freeze in that very moment.He loved her so much,and just the thought of being away from her,scared the hell out of him.The fear began to creep in again, what if her brother separated the two of them, if he found out about them,what if he emotionally blackmailed her? he knew,Zoya loved him, but she also loved her brother equally.The fear of loosing her, began to eat him up,and he knew he had to so something about it, soon, he had to make a decision,now, or it could be never.he shuddered at the thought of not having her in his life. He snuggled into her and he felt her snuggle into him in her sleep,and he just held on to her, calming his heartbeats with the sound of her’s.He loved her way too much, he wanted her in his life now, and forever,and there was only one way that no one could separate them. He knew,what he had to do,he had a way out for his fear and he smiled to himself,and hugged Zoya again.

He was going to ask Zoya Singh Raizada to marry him.He smiled,as sleep started to take over ,just no one, no one on this planet could or would ever have the audacity to even try to keep Asad Ahemed Khan, away from his wife.


Midnight - London

Arnav twisted in his bed, for the millionth time.He couldn't sleep,when the thought of that idiot Arhaan wasn't leaving his mind.He had mentally hit and punched him a zillion times already.He had called Khushi, only to have Arhaan pick up her phone.They were together,and he just couldn't help but have his mind conjure up scenes that were tormenting him.This Arhaan was back,and now the scene was more messed up.He had to find a way to be around Khushi,work could not be the place,what could he do?? And right then a idea struck him,he smiled,and he patted himself on the back,Arnav Singh Raizada was a genius, and now that he was here, he couldn't just not do anything, it was time he took control.Lucky for him, he knew and very well remembered, where Khushi lived.


fate grinned - “sometimes, it really is Now or Never, isn't it?”

destiny smiled - “ oh you know, how it is, thats a card i like to play,i wont say i use it often, but yeah it is one of my favourite moves…”

Love - “and i like it, you know, as we all know, desperate times, desperate measures…”

Fate grinned as he said - “ well, i guess its time, i get my beer out, for i dont know about the two of you,i need some drink to digest all the entertainment now….”

Destiny smiled - “ me too…i’ll have what you are, id like to give you company, you know love will never….”

Fate nodded and winked - “ yeah thats because,she’s already intoxicating in all her glory, destiny…its the likes of you and me, or that Hate there…who need a drink once in a while…”, he said pointing out to Hate,who was busy across, drinking his scotch.

Love smiled - “ well, i wouldn't mind some wine, for a change, its going to be an interesting turn of events, you know…and please get me the flavour of my favourite color, will you Fate…”

Fate grinned - “ Ofcourse,One red wine, coming up, for the Gorgeous Love….”


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Chapter 20

Some Bits and Pieces 

Sunday - Bombay - 9 am

Asad woke up,and he looked at Zoya sleeping next to him, and he smiled,he hadn't slept this peacefully in ages.This woman, was truly the missing piece of the puzzle of his heart.Ever since he had met her, she had slowly picked up all the bits and pieces of his heart that had been scattered in pain,in conflict, in hatred,and she had made him, whole, with her love.She had completed him, in a manner that really amazed him.He loved her so much, so so much.He couldn't be apart from her anymore.She was his,she belonged with him,and it was time he did something about it.It was Zoya, the woman of his dreams, the woman he loved,the woman who deserved to be standing next to him,as his wife. His wife,he grinned,he somehow was already loving the sound of that.

He bent down and kissed her on the nose, he didn't want to disturb her peaceful slumber, and he had to get his plan going.There were a few things that he needed to do, and some arrangements to make, and some calls to make and for that he had to leave.He quickly put on his clothes,and made his way out the room,but not before he left a note for Zoya.


10.30 AM

Zoya woke up ,and she found her hand searching for Asad, but she didn't feel him next to her, and so she shot up in bed,and wondered where could he have gone.She hated the fact that he had left.What could have been so important.She was about to pick up her phone, to call him, right when she spotted a note on the table.She picked it up -

“I know you are mad,because I left, but something really important came up,so I really really had to go,but ill be back by 2.00 PM,and i have the day planned for us.I didn't wake you up, for it would be really cruel of me to not let you sleep in the morning, since i didn't let you have almost any sleep last night.And now, i know you will blush, and I hope i was there to kiss you already.But, i will see you at Two.I love you, Asad.”

She smiled,to herself,and laid back in bed.And the memories of last night,came back gushing to her mind, how he had drove her insane with passion, as they had made love over and over again.She loved him so so much,and she could feel it in her being.She smiled,she never thought she was capable of loving someone like this, this crazy passionate insane strong beautiful love.Sometimes, it just consumed her so strongly, that she didn't know how to handle it.She could not even think of existing without him, and thats precisely why, she had too now do something, for their future.There were times she had mentally literally have to shut her heart because all she wanted to do was, rush to her brother, and tell him about everything,but she knew he wasnt ready to listen,atleast not now.And now she had to do something, for sure, she couldn't just sit back and let the two important men in her life, go on like this, she had to cook up a plan once her brother was back from London,a plan that would make the two of them come face to face, and talk about the past.And face the fact,that they cant change what had happened, they had to put this behind them.She knew it would be really difficult,but she had to take her chances,because her future depended on it.The constant fear that ruled Asad, that he could loose her, would simmer down,if he knew she was making efforts with her family , for him.She knew, he felt as if she didn't put him first,but it was only so,because she felt so torn in between this conflict, that sometimes the reality would really prick her,and make her feel as if she was standing in the middle of nowhere,with Asad on one end,and with her brother on the other.

She quickly got up,and before doing anything else she ordered some breakfast,she was really hungry,and she knew she needed some food in her stomach to make her cook the brilliant plan that could unite her brother and her love, the two long lost best friends.


London Sunday -8 am

Khushi woke up,and she looked at her watch,it was just 8 in the morning,and she wanted to get back to sleep, it was Sunday afterall,and she could use some more sleep.The week had been hectic,and with Tornado Singh raizada’s entry yesterday it had finally turned into a nightmare. Right then her phone rang, and she wondered who could it be, so early in the morning,and she smiled,as she saw Arhaan’s name flashing on the screen and she picked up -

“Goodmorning Khushi….”

“Goodmorning Arhaan, you are up early for a Sunday…”

“yeah lets just say, Khushi I didn't ge much sleep last night, because I was so happy, i swear I couldn't stop smiling even in my sleep,and i want to thank you”

“Oh cmon, Arhaan, stop it now, you know you don't need to, I like you too…so now, if you will stop this formality…”

“Ok yes, so how about i pick you up  in an hour, and we head for a nice breakfast, together??”

Khushi smiled,it did sound like a great plan,something that would refresh her.

“yeah, alright, ill see you in a while…then..” and then she hung up.

She was about to go and get ready,and her phone rang again, it was Zoya,and so she picked it up,she was worried for her,because her brother was here,but she reassured her, that she was absolutely fine,and she told her about her Arhaan’s reaction,last night.


830 AM

Arnav walked into the building that used to be Zoya’s home,what still was Khushi’s home.Lucky for him, Zoya’s service apartment was vacant,and he had been able to get his hands on it,for the next week.For the next few days, he would be living in front of Khushi.The memories, came back to him, all flooding his mind and heart, all the memories, in this very building,and there were so many of them, the ones he had been fighting against all this while.But he knew he didn't have it in him to fight himself anymore.And thats why he had checked out of the hotel at 730 itself,and met the manager of the building on the way and picked up the key, good for him, he had made a good connection with him over the years after all his sister had been living here, for a long time.

And now, he had to find Khushi,and get her to listen to him,he wasn't going to beat around the bush,he was going to tell her the truth,that he hadn't forgotten anything, that he still felt the same, no matter how hard he had tried otherwise, that he was here, for her.That he had missed her everyday,that he had never felt so alone,as he had felt after he had let hatred and the past ruin them. That what she had heard and seen about him and Lavanya had been true,but it wasn't the complete truth,because his heart was not in it, it could never be,because he had left it with Khushi.He knew she was angry, and hurt,and maybe she wouldn't listen to him,but he had to find a way out.

He quickly got into the apartment,and settled in his suitcase in the room,and walked into the kitchen,and opened the fridge,and he smiled as he remembered six months ago, this was where it had all begun.He needed bottled water,and he didn't have any for now,but he knew exactly whom to ask for help.


845 AM

Khushi heard a knock on the door,and she looked at her watch, Arhaan was early.The knock came again,and she walked over qquickly as she said opening the door - “ Arhaan, you are early…”and right as she registered in the sight of who it was,she was sure that the floor had been snatched from beneath her,for she was looking at Arnav Singh raizada, standing right in front of her, at her door.

She was sure, the look of shock was evident on her face,and she couldn't move, she didn't know, how to react,or what to say.

That was when she finally heard him ask - “ Khushi, may i come in…?”

Khushi stepped back a little as she regained her senses as she finally spoke - “ what are you doing here??why are you here?”

Arnav looked at her shocked face,he really had taken her by suprise,which was apart of the plan,and he finally answered - “ you know, i am here for a good ten days or so,and last time i was here, that apartment was quite a comfortable one, i had quite enjoyed my stay, so there was no point in staying in the hotel…id be more comfortable here…”

Khushi couldn't believe her ears,he didn't just say he was going to be living across from her,and she said - “ what? no way?? you cant possibly be living across?and how did you get the keys anyway, its Sunday…”

She saw him smile.That wicked enigmatic smile,god he was the devil himself, just what dod he want from her , now? After all this while??

He answered - “ well, im Arnav Singh Raizada, remember, i can do anything…lets just say, i always have my ways…”

Khushi folded her arms ,as she felt her temper rise - “ yeah, i know , dont need you to remind me alright,but why are you here, knocking on my door…im sure, we can manage to stay out of each others way…”

Arnav- “ look, i need some water, and there isn't any…”

Khushi rolled her eyes - “ obviously there isn't going to be any bottled water, in an apartment that has been locked for five months….”

Arnav smiled to himself, so she remembered that he only had mineral water.That was a good sign, wasn't it?

Arnav - “ so, can i come in?”

Khushi looked at him, she knew what he was trying to do here, and she wouldn't let him affect her anymore, but at the same time, she wasn't a cruel person,and so she said - “ yeah come in….”, and she walked to her kitchenette,and opened an Evian,and poured some water in a glass, and put it across in front of him, on the table and she said curtly- “ here it is…and you can take the bottle,maybe ill just give you all the bottles i have, and then get yourself out of here…”

Arnav drank the glass of water, he was going to need it,for she wasn't going to make this any easier,and so he said - “ Khushi…I…”

But he was interupted in between as he heard her snap - “ don’t you dare, Arnav Singh raizada, dont you dare,speak a word more,not even my name, this building isn't mine, so i cant block you out from living here, but lets make one thing clear,you are going to stay away from my way,and I promise to keep away from your’s, now just leave….”

Arnav immediately said - “ what if I dont want to Khushi?”

Khushi snapped back - “ dont want to what?”

“Stay out of your way, what if I say, that you are precisely the only reason,why i am here….”

Khushi looked at him shocked,she had never felt so angry,just what did he think of himself,and she felt her anger reflect in her tone as she said - “ Ofcourse, you think you can just waltz in here , after all this time, and get your way,ofcourse you are too full of yourself to think, that id even have a minute to listen to what you have to say, well heres news,I don't bloody care about what the hell you want, because I know what i want, and that is to never see or speak to you again and now I want you to get yourself out of here…before I…”

If it had been a normal situation, he would have gotten angry, because just no one had ever spoken to him like that.But he wasn't angry, because he was finally seeing Khushi in front of him,after months,and even though she was yelling at him, he was atlas getting to listen to her voice.She was feisty in her anger, and it made her look even more beautiful,so so so beautiful,and so he just stepped forward, towards her,as he said - “ before, you, what?”

He watched her step back,just like old times.

He stepped forward again,and she stepped back again,and he continued to step forward, until her back hit the wall,and he knew he was intimidating her,but he asked again - “ before, you what Khushi? are you going to kick me out? well then here’s news, I'm still going to find a way out,to see you Khushi,you have to hear me out…”

He looked into her eyes, he wanted to read what was on her mind, but she looked away,and she tried to escape,but he caged her in between his arms,as he put his hands on either side of the wall and he said - “ like i said, you have to hear me out…”

Khushi closed her eyes, she felt her anger rise.Why did he have to come here after all this while,what the ****ing hell did he think of himself.She had never planned on seeing him again,she had never thought this could ever happen,and now all she could feel was anger,all the anger that had been buried inside rose to the surface,as she pushed him away, with both her hands,and with all her might, taking him by shock as she spat out - “ i have to? what the hell do you mean, I have to?? I don't have to listen to anything you have to say , i don't want to, because there is nothing to say, or hear, theres nothing left to be said, in between you and me, now get the hell out…”

Arnav was caught off guard,and he immediately said, holding her hand - “ Khushi, please, i know you are mad,but please hear me out….”

Khushi spat back - “oh just shut up, i dont want to ….”

Arnav - “ Khushi….”

Khushi snapped, her anger reaching its peak - “ did you hear me out? when i literally begged you too? did you??? all those months ago, did you??? No, you didn’t,and I am not going to either,because like i said, there is nothing left to say…”

Arnav pulled her hand,and pulled her closer to him,and she squirmed underneath his touch as she said - “ let go of me now….”

He didn’t.She was making this very difficult.

She squirmed again - “ Arnav, i said let go of me, now, you are hurting me….”

And he loosened his hold,and finally let go of her as he said - “ fine, i know you are angry,but…”

She looked at him in the eye as she said - “ No you are wrong, i am not mad or angry,because those kind of emotions can be felt between two people,who have some kind of a bond, and last I checked , you and me , don't have any….so now, if you will get yourself out of my house….”

Her words felt like whip, they really hurt.

He was at a loss of words - “ Khushi….”

Khushi finally said - “ look, if you plan to keep getting in my way, then i am going to have no choice but leave…”

Arnav now felt his anger rise,and he folded his arms - “ oh yeah, where are you going to go??”

Khushi looked at him,she really wanted to punch him so damm hard,and she spoke - “ I will move in with my boyfriend if thats what it takes to not see you…”

Arnav felt his insides burn,as he asked - “boyfriend? what the ****??”

Khushi spat angrily - “ oh so you thought im going to sit and pine after you all my Life,his name is Arhaan..and he will be here any minute,and i don't want to create a scene in front of him…so like iv been saying get the hell out of here…”

Arnav felt as if someone had stabbed him right in the heart.

And he asked stepping in front of her - “ when did the two of you….”

Khushi said under her breath- “ not that its any of your business,but last night,and who are you to question me, anyway??did i ask you anything ever, about Lavanya..?? you have no right….”

Arnav spoke in an instant , she had to know and so he said - “ we broke up,me and Lavanya,last night, i ended it…”

Khushi folded her arms as she said , tapping her feet impatiently - “ whatever, i don't care, its none of my business…”

And right then she heard a knock on the door, and she knew this time, it would be Arhaan and she said, walking to open it - “ He is here, please don't do anything to ruin this for me…”,and she opened the door,and gave him a smile,as she said - “ you are late…iv been waiting”

Arhaan grinned - “ sorry khushi…”,and pulled her into a hug.She gestured him to come in.

Arnav clutched his fist, the sight of that man hugging Khushi burned into his soul.

Khushi laced her hand into his,as she said - “ Arhaan, this is Arnav…”

Arnav flinched,he so badly wanted to yank Khushi’s arm away from this man’s hold.

Arhaan recognised him as he said - “ Singh raizada,Zoya’s brother, i know….”

Khushi was shocked - “ you know….?”

Arhaan nodded, giving her a smile - “ i just met him two days ago, at the conference in Bombay…”, and he looked at Arnav and he asked - “ so, how come you are here?”

Arnav watched Khushi as he said - “ got in yesterday,for work,just staying in the appt across, Zoya had sent some stuff, for Khushi, so….”

Khushi - “ yeah,anyways, he was leaving, lets go…”

Arhaan smiled - “ ok…”, and he watched Arnav leave and walk across to his door, and Khushi closed the door of her appt behind her,and he asked instantly - “ hey , we were headed out for breakfast?wanna join us?”

Arnav turned ,he knew it was the last thing he wanted,but he saw Khushi give him a nudge,and he heard him say - “ oh cmon, he's your best friends brother, Zoya was very kind to me…”

Khushi looked at him, and gestured him to say No straight away,and that was precisely the reason why he said - “ yes, why not? Id love to Arhaan…”


Bombay - 230 PM

Asad held Zoya’s hand,as he heard her ask for the hundredth time - “ Asad, please tell me, where are we going…??”

Asad grinned - “ oh cmon, be patient now , please…”

Zoya looked out and she saw the car pull into the Gateway of India,and she got off,and so did Asad, and he said taking her by the waist, gesturing her further - “ we are taking the ferry to Alibaug…”

Zoya looked at him surprised - “ what?? Alibaug?? why??”

Asad - “ really Zoya, so many questions, dont you want to see for yourself…”

Zoya smiled at him - “ ok, fine,but why do you this, you know Raizada’s have no patient bone in the body…”

Asad grinned - “ oh yes, that I know…”

He watched her walk in and he gestured the ferry guy to start and she looked at him surprised again - “ what?? is no one else coming, i mean this is a tourist thing, a public transport…”

Asad grinned - “ and what makes you think, i would like to have our privacy comprised, when all i have is the next 24 hours, before we get back to Delhi…”

Zoya smiled and laced her arm around his neck - “ its a pity isn't it, cant we just find a way to pause time…”,and then she walked towards the railing as she started to enjoy the view,and she felt Asad walk up behind her,as he put his hands on her’s and she leaned back,as she whispered, tilting her head back - “I love you so much….”, and she leaned in to receive his kiss.


An Hour Later -

Asad looked at Zoya’s surprised face,as the car pulled into the gates,and he gave her a reassuring smile and stepped out,and she followed and she looked at the house in front of her as she asked - “ why does this place look so familiar, I feel, I have…”

Asad smiled - “seen it before, because you may have, when you were very little….”

Zoya tried to remember but she heard him say - “ this is like a holiday home, abbu had built, for us, we would come here, as kids, both our families would, mostly in winters…”

Zoya smiled - “ when the weather got extreme in Delhi,I somewhat remember, it…”

Asad took her by the hand and he saw his house manager waiting for him, at the front door - “ It was a long time ago…i haven't come here in forever…but always had it maintained well,and staffed well so that it was looked after, it was a special place for abbu and ammi…”

Zoya stepped in and she could get some faded memories as she said - “ i remember visiting, i mean we were on a holiday here, i was what, ten years old…”

Asad grinned - “ yeah, i guess, but now when you put it like that, you make me feel really old…”

Zoya smiled,as she heard him give instructions to his staff to get lunch ready,and she asked holding his hand - “ Asad, why are we here….??”

Asad smiled - “lets eat first, Zoya, and you will have all your answers…soon…”


Zoya finished and she looked at Asad as he held her hand, and led her upstairs,as he showed her around, and memories started to flood back in, the good old days, when both their families were bonded by love. She watched him step into a room,and she followed ,and she watched up close the door behind them,and he walked straight into the balcony , the view was spectacular,and she hugged him from behind as she asked - “ you ok?”

Asad smiled,as he pulled her in front,and hugged her by the waist as he said - “ never been better, this is one place, where only good memories remain,you know what Zoya, I just knew, I had to get you here, i wanted to….”

Zoya kissed him on the cheek - “ you know, id go anywhere with you,blindly…”

Asad kissed her hand - “ thank you for your trust in me, Zoya…i promise to never let you down…”

Zoya cupped his face tenderly - “ whats wrong? talk to me, whats been bothering you…??”

Asad looked into her eyes as he said - “ you know what, Zoya, each day, i fall in love with you ,even more than what i already do,and each day i think how is it even possible to love someone as much as I love you, i really had no idea, that I was capable of feeling what I do, for you,and this just consumes me in a way that i love, but it also scares me,I have this constant fear, of loosing you, because of our families twisted path,and no matter what you say, to make me feel better, it just eats me up,and i cant imagine what would I do, if your brother forced you away from me….what if he put in a situation in which you would have to choose, i know you’v been torn in between us, but our equation is not going to change Zoya, and i …”

Zoya pulled him into an instant hug as she whispered - “ I'm sorry, you feel this fear,and you know what, honestly, i fear that too, i fear the day when bhai will find out, what if, he puts me in a situation i cannot handle, oh god Asad, you have no idea, how many nights have i twisted in bed, not being able to sleep thinking the same, i love my family, but god knows, that I love you so much, with all i have, truly madly, deeply,I cannot imagine being apart too, the fear rules me too sometimes, but i only cover it, because i know one of us have to have faith, that things will get better….”

Asad pulled her apart as he touched her face - “ they won’t Zoya, they can’t you know its too twisted,too painful…”

Zoya looked into his eyes - “ I know, but Asad…we love each other so much, we can face this,and our love will remain no matter what, nothing can change that, you know nothing can change the way I feel about you”

Asad immeditely hugged her, as he said - “ nothing can change the way, i feel about you Zoya…”

Zoya kissed him tenderly on his eyes - “ nothing in this world matters to me,more than being with you, you have to know, if im trying to see how to make things better, it is for us….”

Asad nodded - “ I know….”

Zoya looked into his eyes - “ you trust me, dont you?”

Asad nodded - “ more than , i trust myself….”

Zoya felt her emotions take over, as she instantly leaned in and pulled him closer for a kiss,he kissed her back, with all the love and the emotion he was feeling.She felt him pick her in his arms, as he lead her back to the room,and laid her on the bed,and he said looking into her eyes - “ you trust me, don't you?”

Zoya - “ more than , i trust myself….”

He immediately bent forward and took her lips in another passionate kiss, he had planned to pop the question over the lavish candlelight arrangement he had planned over dinner,but he couldn’t wait, he knew this was the moment.

He kissed her tenderly on her neck and she moaned under him, as she whispered his name - “ Asad….”

He looked into her eyes,as he pulled her closer to him, by the waist, their body’s moulded into each other - “I need you in my life, now and forever, and theres only one way, we can put the fear of loosing each other to rest….”

Zoya looked into his eyes, as she asked - “ is there a way?? just say it, id do anything….”

Asad took a deep breathe as he whispered - “ Zoya Singh raizada, will you marry me??”

Asad saw her eyes widen in suprise, he was sure, she hadn't expected any of this,and he waited for her to say something,and he asked again - “ Zoya,will you do me the honour of being my wife??”


Zoya couldn't believe what she had just heard.She had dreamed of this day in her head a zillion times, but after a different scenario,shed only thought hed ask, after things of the past got sorted out, and she somewhat feared deep down, what if he never asked,because of the past, what if he never wanted to marry her, and be with her forever, because of the family feud.She felt like a fool, to ever doubt this man’s love for her,and she was happy,and ecstatic,and he had taken her by suprise, for sure,and she knew he was waiting for her to say something,but she seemed to have lost her voice somewhere,in between all the happiness she felt.Right in her arms, was the man who loved her, who wanted her to be with him forever, by his side, as his wife.She heard him ask again - “ Zoya, will you do me the honour of being my wife??”

She finally found her voice as tears of happiness rolled down her eyes,and she heard him ask in worry - “ Zoya, why are you crying….??”

She felt him wipe her tears and she instantly shot up,and shifted him down on the bed,as she said, kissing him in the middle of his chest as she looked into his eyes - “because, I'm so happy, you idiot, so happy that i think my heart will burst, i feared you would never ask….”

Asad felt relief wash through every cell of his body as he brushed her hair softly, and tugged it behind her ear - “ I take that as a yes, then…?”

Zoya grinned wiping her tears - “ ofcourse, its a yes, a big fat yes, I will marry you, Asad Ahemed Khan, but are you sure you are ready to handle me for all your life, you dont know it yet, Zoya Singh Raizada can be a big pain in the ass…too”,she winked.

Asad immediately pulled her by the hair,closer to him and he kissed her passionately,and shifted her back underneath him - “ i know exactly, what I am getting into…now if you dont mind, id like to make love to you…”

Zoya smiled as she put her hands around his neck - “ id like that too…”,and she felt him seal her lips,and their passion took over.



Khushi splashed some water on her face,in the washroom,and she looked at her reflection.The encounter with him,had shaken her,because she felt so so angry, she didn't know she had so much anger buried deep inside of her.

She wasn't going to let him fly back like this, and get away with it.

Just what the hell was he trying to do? Intimidating her like that, then telling that he was here for her, and then telling her about his breakup,what did he expect? That he would just spread his arms, and shed come running back into it, like a stupid idiotic fool.Oh, he was so wrong, she may have loved him in the past, but he had thrown her out, he was the one who had brutally butchered her heart.She wasn't a toy,that he could just toss around like that in and out of his life. The only person she believed in giving second chances was herself,and she had given herself a chance with Arhaan,and she wasn't going to let him ruin it.

She walked back into the restaurant,and slipped in next to Arhaan on the sofa,and watched Arnav flinch in front of her.

Good, he was the one who had wanted to come along, it wasn't her fault, she had gestured him to say no,but no he had to act smart,and so it was better he had a sip of his own medicine

She resumed her meal,and she heard Arhaan ask - “ so, Khushi have you told your bhaijaan and what about Zoya?”

Khushi took a sip of her tea,as she asked - “ about what?”

Arhaan touched her hand gently - “ us, what else…?”

Khushi smiled and pressed his hand gently - “ ofcourse Arhaan, told them on my way to the airport…and thank you it meant a lot that you made some effort to know the two most important people in my life…”

Arnav wanted to throw his plate,away in rage,and he wanted to beat Arhaan so bad,but he couldn't because something was burning so bad inside, as he saw Khushi and Arhaans hand intertwined,and he felt his insides groan as he heard him exclaim - “US”

Arhaan pushed his plate aside as he finished and winked at Khushi - “ oh so do i get extra points for that…??”

Khushi smiled - “ yes, you obviously do, bhaijaan liked you and so did Zoya….”

Arhaan smiled,and he pushed the hair out of her eyes as he said looking into her gorgeous eyes - “ that was the plan,Khushi….”

Arhaan turned to Arnav in front of him,as he watched Khushi sip her tea and he asked - “ so khushi tells me that, her brother and your family, dont see eye to eye”

Arnav flinched, he happened to know a great deal more, than what he had thought.

Arnav nodded - “ yeah…you are right we don’t…”, and he asked out of curiosity - “ so what about your family, Arhaan?”

Khushi immediately touched Arhaans hand as she said - “ Arhaan you dont have too…”

Arhaan smiled at her - “its ok Khushi, doesn't hurt to talk about it anymore, my parents are dead,Arnav,im all by myself,i lived with my uncle and aunt in Germany after my dad passed away…”

That look on Khushi’s face,she really did care about this man,he judged,and it made him burn to the power of infinity.

He finally said - “ I'm sorry..”

Arhaan smiled - “ its alright,and so Khushi tells me,about this campaign at AR,a personal request, don't load my girlfriend with too much work, so that she does have some time for me…”

Khushi sipped her tea,and she looked at Arnav as she spoke - “ Arhaan, relax, i get free by 5 everyday,we have all the time after…its just a matter of time anyway…”

Arnav sat in silence, what the hell did she mean? a matter of time?

Arhaan saw that she finished her meal,and so had Arnav and he asked for the cheque,and he saw Arnav look at his phone,and so he stole the moment to clutch Khushi’s hand and lace his fingers through it,taking her by suprise,and she looked at him,and smiled as she asked - “ you ok…”

Arhaan kissed her hand gently and he said - “ never been better….”


Arnav stepped out of Arhaan’s car,and he watched Khushi get out of the front seat,and Arhaan got out of his,and closed the door,and Khushi was about to walk in but Arhaan had pulled her by the hand,closer to himself,making Arnav feel like unleashing the hell on him.He walked in, he couldn't take it any more,he couldn't see this.He thought his being there, would make Khushi uncomfortable, but she was more than comfortable to be in the scenario, that was creating a havoc on his mind , heart and soul.He turned back just once to look out the door, and what he saw made him want to break the glass down,for Arhaan was not only just holding Khushi’s hand, he was holding her face,and then he leaned in to kiss her on both her cheeks and forehead,and he found himself clutching the wall so hard, he thought it would break under his pressure. He saw Khushi turn waving him bye,and she walked in.

he quickly walked towards the elevator,and acted as if he had been waiting for it.

He watched Khushi enter the elevator with him,and she went and stood on the other corner,and took out her phone,and started to look into it.He had ,had enough of the indifference.He suddenly pushed the StOP button on the elevator, taking her by suprise,and he pushed her into the wall as he caged her in between as he asked ,sure the hurt was evident in his voice - “ Khushi, what are you doing?”

Khushi snapped back - “ what the hell do you think, you are doing? Let me go…”, and she tried to get away under him, and reached for the buttons on the lift.

he instantly held her back and she stomped on his feet,and she pushed him back with all her might against the wall as she glared at him - “ I may not be as physically strong as you are, but I am not going to let you mishandle me, like that…”and she walked ahead, and stomped over his foot again,and he looked at her in anger , but only if she didn't look so damm beautiful,like some angry goddess,and he held his foot as he said - “ Khushi, are you crazy…??”

Khushi glared at him, he had the freaking guts,and she snapped back - “ you bet I am, go ahead and note that too…in your Little Black Book of Khushi’s mistakes..”

Arnav felt himself almost smile, how the hell did she come up with something like that,and he said looking at her - “ what the ****, are you stupid or something,i don't have anything like a little black book of Khushi’s mistakes…”

Khushi looked at him,and it angered her, further that he was about to smile, she knew he was and she spat out - “ I'm sure, you do, atlas in your mind…now if we are done here, i need to get out of this elevator, I'm suffocating in your presence…”

Her words were whipping him, right,left and center,and he watched her reach out for the buttons on the lift,and

He caught her by the arm instantly and shoved her back into the wall as he said - “ I meant,what do you think you are doing with Arhaan?why are you letting him touch you like that,hold your hands?”

Khushi looked at him in shock as she said - “ excuse me? thats none of your business”,and he spoke - “ you are my business, Khushi look at me…”

Khushi didn't look at him.

He pulled her by the waist, closer to him,and now she looked at him with shock in her eyes as she said - “Arnav,please, now you are really misbehaving…and you are hurting me”

The jealousy had been fuming him,and he pulled her hair in a fist as he said under his breath - “ oh trust me , i haven't even started misbehaving…”,and her lips were quivering,and they were so close to his lips, that all he wanted was to kiss her, already,and feel her in his arms, and he did lean forward,and he saw fear in her eyes,as a tear rolled down,and he let go of her, hating himself, for loosing control,and he stepped back.

Khushi looked away,and restarted the lift,trying to fight her tears.No she couldn't cry in front of him, she wouldn't cry.

The elevator opened,and she walked out at the speed of light,towards her door,but he caught her by the arm just in time as he said - “ so you think running away is going to help, Khushi, fine doo it, run away,just like i did, all those months ago…”, and the minute he spotted her crying,he instantly cupped her face as he wiped her tears - “ don’t cry, god, im so sorry, im so sorry, Khushi, I….”,and she looked at him tears were rolling down her cheeks and he felt like slapping himself,Zoya had been right,anything he would do, would hurt her,and he didn't want to hurt her,but he couldn't help the situation.

She removed his hands from her face,and without saying a word,she opened the door to her apartment,and was trying to close the door, in a hurry,and right then she heard him call her name,and she shut the door,and only when she heard a cry of pain, she realised that she had slammed the door on his hand.

Arnav felt the door hit him hard,and he groaned in pain,as he snatched his hand away,in reflex,but he had been hit.He saw her open the door in an instant,and she said , taking his injured hand into her hand - “ oh my god, this is my fault, i didn't see your hand there, i swear i didn’t, or i would have never…”

Arnav didn't say a word, he just watched silently as she led him inside her appt,and made him sit on the sofa,and she went hurriedly into the room,and was back in a jiffy with her first aid kit.

Khushi knew he was hurt physically,and it was her fault.She had just banged the door, right on his hand,and his wound was bleeding profusely.She quickly got an ice pack,and put it on his wound to stop the bleeding and she said- “ sorry,this will hurt…”

He watched her tend to his wound,and the scene reminded him off how she had tended to his cut on this very hand,just before he had walked out on them, all those months ago.But that time, all she had was love for him,and now it was anything but love.He flinched a little in pain,and she asked - “ is it hurting very much?”

Arnav spoke - “not more than what is hurting on the inside Khushi…”, and he was sure that every emotion that he had been feeling was in his voice,raw and deep,because it made her look at him,into his eyes.

And for the first time, he thought he felt the indifference slip away from her eyes, but she looked away before he could read her emotion further,and he watched in silence,as she finished bandaging his wound.

Khushi sighed,as she finished bandaging his wound,this was such a mess.She hadn't planned on hurting him physically,and she had very badly, but only because he had pushed her to it, over the edge,and she knew he wouldn't give up until she heard him out,Raizada’s had a stubborn blood.

She looked at him and she said honestly - “ look, i didn't mean to hurt you, I'm sorry…”

Arnav nodded - “ its ok, wasn't your fault,but like i said, it isn't even a inch closer to what I'm feeling on the inside…”

Again, the raw pain,and emotion was there in voice and it finally made her look into him as she asked - “ why are you here?? after all this while?? what do you want from me Arnav…”

ARnav looked at her,as he said - “ all, i want is for you to listen to me…”

Khushi folded her hands,she knew he wouldn't give up until she did,and it was time she made it clear,to him that there really was no place for him, in her life, anymore,and she knew she could only do so,when he would be in a state of mind to listen, which could only happen, if she heard him out and so she finally spoke - “ fine..”

Arnav looked at her in surprise - “ you will listen to me?”

Khushi nodded - “ yeah, I will,go on…Im listening…”



6 PM

Zoya snuggled closer into him,and she couldn't beleive, he had asked her to marry him,and just so it didn't feel like a dream ,she pinched him, on his arm.

Asad was sleeping peacefully, until he felt a strong pinch on his arm,and he woke up,and turned to face Zoya - “ ouch, Zoya, what the hell is wrong with you? is that how you are going to wake me up, for the rest of my Life…”

Zoya grinned - “ maybe,you never know…i just needed to know, i wasn't dreaming…”

Asad pulled her closer,as they lied next to each other,and he gently touched her face and he said grinning - “ then you should have pinched yourself,Zoya,why me??”

Zoya winked - “oh yeah, i could have thought of that,but you see my hand was on your arm, it was a reflex…”

Asad grinned , this woman really did bring him true happiness and he said - “ so, you know, this wasn't a dream…”

Zoya smiled -“good, for just in case it was, i was officially never waking up…”

Asad rubbed his thumb on her cheek tenderly as he admitted - “ you know, I hadn't planned on asking you like this, I had something else planned,but when it comes to you, none of my plans  ever seem to work,because i just end up acting on the moment…”

Zoya kissed his hand as she said - “ which, is perfect, trust me, and i love that…”

Asad smiled - “ ok, so as everything didn't go according to the plan, theres something I still need to do, you know to seal the deal…”, and he immediately shot up in bed,and bent forwards to pick out something.

Zoya straightened up in bed,and she missed his feel next to her as she said - “ oh come back…”

And she saw him turn,and he had a box in his hand,and she felt her breath stop.

And she watched up, flip it open,and she found herself staring  at the most gorgeous heart shaped, solitare diamond ring,and she looked at him in shock and he was grinning as he took

it out and offered to take her hand as he asked again - “ so, are you ready to become, Zoya Ahemed Khan?”

Zoya felt tears of happiness roll down her cheeks,as and just nodded and handed him her hand, and he slipped the ring on,and kissed her finger - “ there it is,you are mine, forever…Zoya…”

Zoya pulled him into a hug instantly and she whispered - “ Always, i already was…”, and then she let go and asked him - “ but hey, when did you?”

Asad propped himself on her lap,and he felt her caress his head, god he had never felt so content and at peace, ever in his whole Life,and he said - “ well, what do you think, i was upto this morning…I had some arrangements to make, you know a man’s gotta take care of how he asks the woman he loves to be his wife….”

Zoya kissed him on the forehead as she said - “ you know, i would have said a yes anyway,i didn't need any of this…”

Asad smiled - “ I know, but i wanted to….”

Zoya - “ thank you….Asad…”

Asad finally shot up in bed and he said - “ as much i want to spend all the time here, in bed, with you, I can’t…”

Zoya winked - “ oh really, and why cant you?”

Asad smiled and he got up,and handed her a packet - “ because i want you to put that on, and meet me in an hour…for dinner….”

Zoya looked at the packet and she asked - “ whats this?”

Asad smiled - “ you will know,when you open it…come soon ok, because we need to talk about how we are going to go about this…”

Zoya - “ go about?”

Asad smacked her lips - “ getting married…”

Zoya gave him a small smile, and she felt a nervous smile,ofcourse, they had to figure out a way to make it happen,and she said looking into his eyes - “ yeah,about that,we need to figure this out…”

Asad nodded - “ yes,now i will get ready as well,I won’t be long, so i hope you don't make me wait, long, Zoya…”

Zoya smiled as she watched him leave the room, and she called out - “ I won’t”,and she watched him close the door, behind him,and a smile came on her lips, a smile that warmed her heart.


Fate grinned - “ i like it you know, when all the bits and pieces just fit into place…”

Destiny smiled - “ it feels good, you know, to have a puzzle in its place…but thats a catch, its all about the timing,if one takes to long to find the pieces,its as good as never being able to complete it…”

Love smiled, almost sadly - “ It makes me sad, you know,because i know…”

And Hate walked in as he said proudly - “ because, you know, that I am just going to smash everything,back to its scattered state no matter what…”

For the first time, Love glared at hate as she said - “ and,id like to see you try….”

hate rolled his eyes - “ watch out for me then….”

Fate scowled as he said watching hate leave - “ did i ever tell you guys, i really do hate him,with utmost sincerity…”

Destiny asked love - “ you ok??”

Love smiled - “ yeah, he can try all he wants, but this is my game,and my rules, he just doesn't know that he is very much a part of those rules, of my game…”

Fate grinned - “ I almost forgot, you are good, Love and wicked too, you really are very good at this…”

Destiny saw Love deep in thought,as she asked - “ what you think, about?”

Love gave her a small smile as she said - “ Just about, how people make me look like the most complicated emotion in the world, when I am anything but that,i exist its so simple as that, only if they looked at it differently,”

Fate looked at Destiny confused ,and he asked - “and i didn't understand any of that code language, what does that mean, please explain…”

Destiny smiled sadly as she said - “ It really is true, people dont realise that in between what is said and not meant,and what is meant and not said,only love is lost…”


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Chapter 21 - The Distant Road- (6 March,2017) - New (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 22 times)

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Chapter 21 

The Distant Road

Just sometimes, in Life, there are a few paths that the heart may want to tread,but reality stands in like a speed breaker,making us face the fact, that,sometimes the roads that the hearts want to tread, are really very distant.


 Arnav watched Khushi out of the corner of his eye as he asked again - “ you will listen to me??”

Khushi folded her arms as she nodded - “ yes,and its not because I have to, its because i know, you will not let it go until I do,and I don't want to play games with you,no hide and seek,for a change, let us both be honest, you wanted to me to hear you out, go ahead,…”

Arnav looked at her face,she meant it, he could sense it,and she didn't look angry anymore, she looked exhausted.He saw her sit on the sofa across,and she finally looked at me in the eye,as she said - “ Im listening…”

Arnav took a deep breath,he felt nervous, for he didn't know where to begin,he wanted to go right across and pull her into his arms,but he couldn’t,because even though they were both in front of each other, there was a stark distance, that she had marked in between them.

He took a deep breath,aand walked across,and sat next to her,and he said in a slow voice - “ Khushi, will you look at me please?”

And she did,and the confusion in her eyes, was evident and she asked - “ what??”

He looked into her eyes,as he finally started to speak - “ Khushi, you know, the past,between our families, its too complicated, its twisted,and its painful,the hatred has been a direct result of the fateful day, that changed everything.I have been living with it, feeling it, for the last ten years, its been driving me, my mind has been trained to hate,by default.When I found out, about who you really were,something really just flipped,its like my mind went into the hate mode,straightway,the anger, the hurt, because of your lie, just blinded me so damm much…”

Khushi spoke cautiously - “ so you are here to tell me, that? that you hate me by default of my name, my family?I already know that,Arnav….”

She saw him look at her in the eye again and she thought she saw so many different emotions, it was really difficult to understand what was on his mind,but she waited in silence , waiting for him to continue.

Arnav took a deep breath as he answered - “ no, I am not here, to tell you that, I am here to tell you, that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't hate you Khushi,I was angry at you, so angry, and I was furious with myself, for still thinking about you,for still wanting you,and so all the anger,every bit of it,drove me insane,and I lashed it all out on you,even though deep down, i knew it, that I could be making a mistake, but i didn't care that time, all I wanted was to, hurt you,because of your lie,that had put me in the conflicting position in the first place, I held you responsible for all of that,but at the same time, the emotions that I had for you,what I felt would surface,and I didn't know how to face any of it,and so i did the one thing my mind is accustomed to do, in such situations,It runs away from reality far into denial,and i just end up shutting down my emotions.But Khushi….”, and he searched her eyes,and all he could see was anguish but he continued - “ but, none of that could change what I felt for you,I thought of you every single day,I missed you every minute, there were a zillion times,that I wrote you messages, i never sent, I couldn't get myself to let go of you,and it angered me further,because that never happened to me, ever before,and so I went a step further,and brought Lavanya back into my life, thinking that maybe I found get some peace,some solace, that i could get my feelings and my mind in sync, so that I could get you out of my systerm,but I failed, I failed so damm miserably,Khushi,Im here because im tired of running away from myself, from what I feel for you,and in all these months iv realised that you being Khushi Ahemed Khan,doesnt even matter anymore, all that matters is, what I feel…Khushi,will you forgive me, please?? I know iv hurt you real bad,but will you please believe that whatever I'm saying is the truth, I know I screwed up big time,but I …”,and he searched her face,and he couldn't take her silence anymore as he said - “ Khushi, please say something, talk to me, please, just tell me whats on your mind…”

Khushi sat in shock,as she heard what he was saying,he was telling her that he was back for her,that he still felt the same.She felt her turmoil rise, she had never thought that she would be in such a situation in her life.The memories, all came back flooding in,and she felt her heart wrench in pain,and tears finally left her eyes ,as she looked at him and said - “ I bared my heart out to you, I told you I loved you, I literally like literally begged you to listen to me , to understand, to see things from my shoes,all I wanted was for you to just look at me for who I am, other than my name,look into my eyes, and see, the love that I felt for you, I loved you with all my heart, I risked everything,I was up against my bhaijaan,in being with you, but I didn't care, because what I felt about you,was so strong, so pure….but…you….”

He heard speak,as tears continuously poured down her face,and the sight killed him,and he acted on instant,and rubbed her tears as he said cupping her face - “But i screwed it up, I know Khushi , I hurt you…”,and he looked into her eyes, they were finally bare in front of him, reflecting her every emotion,but all he could see was pain,he couldn't see any love in them,and she didn't pull away from his hold and she looked into his eyes as she said - “ but, you trampled over my heart just like that, in a second,you have no idea,how I felt, how broken I was, and when I figured, that you were back with lavanya, it was like as if you had just stabbed in so deep, and it was then it hit me, it wasn't just about me being Khushi Ahemed Khan, it was just about me, as a woman, who could never be…”,and she feltt him wipe her tears away again, but he didn't interrupt her ,and she took a deep breath - “ you just threw me out of your life, like a fly,and you have no idea, how that felt, but I came to terms with it, because i loved you,I wanted you to be happy,and if you didn't want me in your life, it was a decision I had to live with…”, she finally got up,and walked across of him, with her back to him, as tears continued to flow,she didn't want him to see her like this,as she relived every bit of pain and emotion as she continued - “ Arnav,I will be lying, if i say, that I wasn't a mess,after you left,I was a wreck,There were times, I cried all night, because I couldn't get myself to stop thinking of you, of what we had, all your memories and i would cry until sleep would come, you know thats what is so crazy about a heartbreak,the anguish,and the pain,it burns you so bad, until one day it finally stops hurting anymore,and you start healing then…”

Arnav saw the anguish the pain on her face, in her eyes, he really had hurt her beyond repair,and the guilt pricked him so bad and he walked to her and slowly made her turn around to look at him as he said - “ Im sorry, Khushi, I really am, I cant change what I did, but i am here now,please tell me how to make this better, what can i do?”

Khushi looked into his eyes as she asked - “ you think its so easy, Arnav, that you could just fly in and out like that,you do realise this isn't just about you anymore,I am not a toy, you can just toss around when you decide you are done,and want it back when you feel you still yearn for the toy, Im sorry, but it doesn't work like that, because I am a human being,and guess what I come with feelings and emotions,and a mind of my own,I am not just a robot, you can program according to your whims and fancies…”

Arnav held her by her arms - “ Khushi, no, i didn't mean it like that….gosh no, I know I hurt you,and I know its my mistake, but all I want is one chance…”

Khushi looked at him straight in the eye as she said - “ Arnav, I I'm sorry, I can’t….”

Arnav felt something break inside of him,as he heard her and he asked, his own voice trembling as he asked - “ Khushi…??”

Khushi sighed as she said - “ look the only reason why we are having this conversation is because  I feel we have this history,and its time,we both come to terms with it, but whatever we had was in the past, after all this time, nothing is the same anymore,everything has changed…and I have to be honest to you,I don't want to lie to you ever again,the truth is that I have moved on Arnav, i really have,and I have met someone else, that I really like…”

Arnav felt himself stiffen as he said - “ Arhaan, so this is about him?”

Khushi said looking at him - “ no,please, why cant you understand,its not about you or him, its about what I feel,what I want, Arnav…look there was a time you didn't want me in your life, and i accepted your decision,and after all that has happened, i think the least you can do is, accept mine, and respect it, you and me are over Arnav, for good….”

Arnav felt as if he had been whipped right , left and center,and he said cupping her face - “ Look, i know you are angry,and i messed up, but dont do this to us, Khushi…please…”

For a flash, she was taken back to the moment, all those months ago,when she had asked him the very same thing.

But so much had changed, nothing was the same anymore,she didn't have the strength in her, to go back into that vortex, because she couldn't trust him ever again, what if one day he again changed his mind.She loved him,a part of maybe always would, but she couldn't trust him anymore,she didn't have it in her.

She caught his hands on her face and she said - “ I wish, i could say otherwise, ARnav, but I can’t there is no us, i just don't feel the same way , anymore…”

Arnav felt some sort of pain erupt inside of him,that was so sharp,that it shocked him, but he asked - “ you said you loved me,and that maybe one day i could be able to see that,just that, that maybe one day it would be enough,Khushi, I am here, right in front of you bearing my heart out to you, for I am so sorry for what I did,but all i want is one chance,one chance,to make up for it, please…”

Khushi held onto his hand as she said - “ I know, but Arnav, I cant lie to you about what I feel, I wish I had something else to say to you, but I don't have anything else to say,I loved you, I truly did,but I just don't have it in me anymore, I cant just flip my emotions like that, there isn't a switch, just from where do I get back a part of me that is dead? You have to understand and accept,that I loved you,and maybe that part of me always will, but right now, as of present,no I am not in love with you,and like I said, i just dont have it in me anymore,nor do i have the strength to trust you again…Im sorry, I can’t…”

As much as it hurt him to listen to her, it was right on her face, she meant everything she had just said,and he said - “ Khushi, I know you have no reason to trust me, but…I meant everything that I said,today, could you atlas believe me”

Khushi looked at him straight in the eye as she said - “ I do believe you, Arnav, and I am sorry,for i can't give you what you want….please dont say anything more, don’t make it more difficult for me, I dont want to hurt you”

And then she walked to her door and opened the door,gesturing that their conversation was now over ,and she wanted him to leave,and she saw him look her in the eye,and the pain and the emotion was so evident in his eyes, something that she had never seen before,and she whispered - “ I am sorry, Arnav…”

Arnav knew he had to leave, for the storm of emotions that was building inside him,was going to reach a breakpoint,and he didn't trust himself to be around Khushi,he didn't want to hurt her any further,and so he could only whisper - “ I am sorry too, Khushi,maybe one day that could be enough…”,and he walked out her door,into his apartment.

Khushi shut the door behind her,and she finally sat down against it,and she cried,her heart out,because she had never ever felt so emotionally drained in her life.She knew she had done the right thing,but in the process, she had drained herself completely.She walked back to her room,and lied down in bed,she needed to sleep over what had just happened.She needed to sleep over, the heart to heart conversation that had just happened,between her and the man she had once loved,so deeply.


Arnav closed the door behind him,and sat down against the door,and he closed his eyes.The storm of emotions,raged within him,the pain that he was feeling stabbed in his heart,so bad. It hurt so much ,to accept that she did feel the same anymore,he had just taken everything for granted.He had just thought,that Khushi, would just always be there, whenever, he was ready to turn to her, but he had never thought that she wouldn't be there on the other end.he had lost her, he knew he had,and it was all his fault ,and the pain pricked into his heart,and he banged his injured hand into the wall, but no, the physical pain could not out do the pain he was feeling inside.And right then,he felt his eyes wet,and he touched them to see tears rolling down his cheeks.He was crying.He didn't know he could cry, he hadn't cried ever after he had lost his father.But today, the pain he was feeling at the thought of actually loosing Khushi,was making him cry.And just like that in the moment so deep,so vulnerable, and so full of pain he realised, that the pain stabbed in his heart so deep,because he has just realised that he had just lost, the only girl he had ever loved.

He loved Khushi.

That is when it struck him,as all the memories flushed back into his his heart and mind,he was in love with her, he probably had been for a long time now, but he had been so so stupid,to not see it,he hadn't realised until now, when it was probably too late.

he had been an idiot, to not realise that he was in Love.

He, Arnav Singh Raizada, was in Love.

And he had been nothing but an arrogant ass, to her,he had been the jerk of the highest order,he had been nothing but a beast, to the beauty who had been in love with him, who he was in love with too,but because of his own blunders,he had lost her.

He quickly got up,and walked to the bathroom and washed his face,and he looked at his reflection and as Khushis memories came back to him, he saw himself smile,he had been happy, so happy with her,those moments were a bliss,and then he had brought on this pain and separation ,and loneliness upon them,and now the reason he had done so seemed so little to him, so so insignificant.And he hadn't stopped thinking of her day or night,her memories never left him, because he had always been in love with her.

He couldn't beleive, this was happening to him, he couldn't believe, that he was only realising it now,after he had been so brutal,to Khushi,after he had punished her for daring to love him,after he had thrown her out,because she had dared to trespass the boundaries of his heart.

But she had been in his heart then,and she was in his heart, now,there was no way, he could get her out of his system.he didn't want to.he couldn't let her go, he couldn't loose the only woman he had ever loved.

And the pain came stabbing back,as he realised, that it was too late, it really was,because he had lost her.She wasn't in love with him anymore,she didn't feel the same way, like he did.He was happy , that she wasn't in pain anymore,because the magnitude of the pain he was feeling right now was so immense,and he couldn't believe that he had inflicted that same pain upon the  only woman he had ever loved.She had brought his deserted heart to life,and he had butchered not just his heart,but her’s too.God, was there any way , just any way out of this mess, he had created for himself??

He recalled the conversation he had just had with Khushi,and what she had just said.

“You have to understand and accept,that I loved you,and maybe that part of me always will, but right now, as of present,no I am not in love with you,and like I said, i just dont have it in me anymore,nor do i have the strength to trust you again…Im sorry, I can’t…”

He closed his eyes, those words rang in his ears again.

“Im sorry, Arnav, I just don’t have it in me, anymore…”

“nor do I have the strength to trust you,again”

Dammit. He hated himself for doing this to her.

He hated himself for breaking her heart.

She had moved on.

She had met someone else.

And he had no one else but himself to blame,for the blunder he had committed.

She was right, the least he could do was accept her decision, after all that he had done.

But he would damm himself,if he lived with it,and didn't do anything to win the love of his life back.

She did say, that maybe a part of her would always love him,and he knew,now ,today in the present he had to make her fall in love with him, all over again.he had to swoon her off her feet, but before all of that,he had to gain her trust.

He felt drained, and exhausted, for these emotions had just caused a tsunami inside of him.But now there was just silence, and the deep realisation of how deeply he loved Khushi.

He closed his eyes,and lied down on the bed, he needed to get some sleep, to refresh himself, so that he could finally start acting on winning her back.Arnav Singh Raizada was in love with Khushi Ahemed Khan,and he would be dammed, if he just sat back,and watched someone else woo his princess.


Alibag - 7 PM

Asad stood deep in thought,as he waited for Zoya to come.He smiled,he was content now,at peace.She said yes.And now they needed to figure out how to go about this.He was in two minds, he really did want to do it the right way,with the permission of her family and their enthusiastic involvement, but he knew Arnav Singh raizada, would be a obstacle in that, because the minute he would find out,he was sure he would do anything to snatch Zoya away from him,and so he had no other way out,but to be more inclined towards the second option, of a secret court marriage,but before saying anything he wanted to know, what was on Zoya’s mind.

He turned,as he heard some footsteps,and he found himself looking at the woman of his dreams, as she walked towards him , looking like a angel or a goddess in the white long dress, he had picked out for her,it enhanced her curves,and the vision was so alluring,and so attractive, that he already wanted to haul her up in his arms, and take her back to his room,but he controlled that emotion,as he postponed it for later.

Zoya watched Asad look her from head to toe,and she felt herself shiver.How did he do that? how did he make her heat up,with just his gaze on her.She looked around,they were in the back lawn ,and it had all bin lit with lighting,and there was a table,underneatha gazebo,for the two of them,and he was standing right in front of the gazebo,while leaning on it,and looking at her,with the grin that gave her goosebumps.

She smiled,as she stepped closer to him, putting her hands on his shoulder,and she felt his hands go around her waist,as she said - “seriosuly stop looking at me like that, after all this while,i still get goosebumps,look…”and she gestured him to look at her arms.

Asad grinned as he said - “ and after all this while,you still make my heart flip,everytime i see you walk you towards me,and even after all this while,my imagination can never do you justice…you look gorgeous…”

Zoya grinned as she said - “ and please tell me,how can you pick dresses for me,when i am never around,and they just happen to be a perfect fit…”

Asad winked - “looks like I know your body, Zoya…”

Zoya flushed,as she whispered - “ oh, that you surely do..”

And she looked around - “ Asad, this is beautiful, you didn't need to…”

Asad took her by the hand and made her sit on the chair,and he sat across,and he said - “ so, like I said, the plan was, to pop the question now,right under the moonlight,but thanks to my impulsiveness…”

Zoya immediately held his hand as she said - “ didn't make it any less important,or beautiful, Asad…”

Asad smiled ,as he gestured for his staff, to start bringing in the first course - “well you always know what to say, Zoya..”

They started eating and Zoya heard him ask - “ so have you thought about…how are we going to go about this..??”

Zoya gave him a small smile - “as happy as I am, Asad, i cant help but feel a little nervous, too, I am so excited for us,I really want to marry you straightaway,and I had always dreamed off…”,and she let her voice wander.

Asad held her hand - “ I know what you dreamed off, off your family being a very much part of it, Zoya i swear to god, if that situation was in our favour, i would have done everything…”

Zoya smiled - “ I know , you would have done everything,and anything to give me my dream wedding…but, I know,thats not happening,because I am not sure, how will Bhai react, when you ask him for my hand?”

Asad - “ oh yes, i though about that, Im sure, he will have me hauled and thrown out of Shantivan,by the security guards , or wait, I'm sure, hell give me a punch first…”, he finished with a smirk.

Zoya - “ and i would come and stand in front of you ,as your shield ,just so, you know, if that ever happened…”

Asad looked at her surprised - “ you would??”

Zoya grinned- “for sure,I love you, I would never allow anyone harm you even if it was my blood,you have no idea, the wrath Zoya Singh Raizada, is capable off…maybe, i do love you more than you think I do, Asad…”

Asad winked- “ it felt good to hear that for sure…”

Zoya resumed eating,as their second course was laid,and she said - “ but on a serious note, I thought about it, we cannot go the traditional route,without spilling some blood,so i guess, we would have to do it secretly…dont you think so too?”

Asad immeditaely caught her hand across,as he said - “ Yeah,thats the only way out, i guess so too,Im so sorry , Zoya, i know, you are risking everything here,for me…”

Zoya intertwined er fingers into his as she said - “ not for you, for US…maybe our families will be in a situation to accept it, with time, but that time ,isnt anytime soon…and i know that…”

Asad nodded - “ yes,but im sure, my mother will be more than happy,and khushi already loves you to bits,so technically, you will be more than welcome at the Khan Mansion..i hope that makes you feel better…”

Zoya smiled - “ yeah it does…so what are we going to do now? what have you thought?”

Asad explained his thought - “ so i was thinking, we are going back to delhi tomorrow, i need a day to get the court formalities…then maybe wednesday,we meet in the court, ill arrange two witnesses,and…”

Zoya smiled - “ and well be married, a secret court marriage,you know it is exciting…”

Asad - “ thank you, Zoya…”

He saw her forehead line up,and he said instantly - “ say it…”

Zoya looked at him - “say what?”

“your forehead lines up, overtime you want to say something but are in two minds about it, cmon go ahead,you have made me the happiest man on this planet today,id do anything for you, you know that…”, he finished.

Zoya took a deep breath - “ Look, i love you,and I really want to get married as soon as possible, but I just want you to promise me one thing…”

Asad - “ anything, just say it…”

Zoya - “ I love my family too, and i do not wish to give them a heart attack, so I just want us to still keep our marriage a secret, until I feel the time is right to reveal about it to my family,like no one apart from me and you…and probably Khushi , just no one can know, i wish to continue to stay in Shantivan, until…”

Asad smiled - “ until the time you are ready to reveal about us,I understand, I am ok with it…”

Zoya - “ you are…??”

Asad - “ I knew that was coming,Zoya, i know you way too well,however, i would just like to make one change, if no one from your family is going to know, its only fair if no one from my family knows,not even Khushi, as much as I know we both are going to hate it,keeping a secret from her,but this one,is just for us to guard, for now…”

Zoya nodded - “ yeah id hate it too, iv never kept a secret from Khushi,but i know she will be so happy whenever she finds out…”

Asad smiled - “ yeah, she will understand and be the first one to jump on our side,but, i want to be fair to you…if you ready to risk it all for me,the least i can do is, keep my part of the deal, I promise, to not say a word to anyone, about any of this until you want me too….”

Zoya kissed his hand as she said - “ thank you, for understanding Asad…”

Asad caressed her hand,and his eyes went on the ring,and he asked her to get up,and walk beside him,as he led her to a spot, right under the moonlight as he said - “ although as much as id like you to never take that ring off, your finger, I know with our promise to keep it a secret, you would have too…”

Zoya looked at the ring on her hand as she said - “ yeah, id hate to take it off too…”

Asad - “ but just coz you cant have it on your finger, doesn't mean, its not going to be with you…”

Zoya looked at him confused,and she just watched in silence,as he took a platinum chain out of his pocket and took the ring off her hand,and put it like a pendant in the chain,and held it front of her,and he asked - “ May, I…??”

Zoya understood,and she happily nodded,and turned to him,putting her hair on one side,as she felt him, tie the chain around her neck,and she felt him kiss her tenderly on the spot.

He turned her around and kept her forehead on hers as he whispered - “ I love you, Zoya…”

Zoya cupped his face tenderly as she leaned in to receive his kiss,and she whispered against his lips - “ And I love you…”

Asad kissed her mindlessly and then a few heated minutes later he immediately picked her up in his arms as he said - “ I hope, you ate properly Zoya, for you are going to need all your energy,for I dont plan to let you have any sleep whatsoever….”

Zoya grinned as she brushed her hand in his hair tenderly - “ who wants to sleep anyway?and guess what, I dont plan to let you have any too…”

Asad grinned as he walked with her in his arms to his room,tomorrow,they would have to go back to being strangers,tonight was all he had,he wanted to make love to her all night and he knew he would, for he had to store in memories to last him a long long time.


6.00 AM

Zoya got up,and walked to the washroom,every freaking bone in her body was aching,but she didn't mind.She felt a blush creep up her cheek,as she recalled the events,from last night their crazy heated,raw passionate love for each other,had driven them insane with want.They had made love, again and again till wee hours of the morning,because they both knew that tonight was all they had, had until a long long time.She smiled,as she walked back after freshning up,and just lied down next to the man she loved,and looked at him sleep, in a peaceful slumber,there was look of contentment on his face,and she fought the urge to kiss him.For some time, she just wanted to look at him, and store these moments in her mind.She loved him so much, that it consumed her being, she never knew she could love someone as much she loved him, she had risked everything,in the past,and now, she was going a step further, she was going to marry him secretly,as much as she loved her family,and she knew she would be hurting her brother beyond repair if he were to ever find out, before things improved between their families,but in her heart, for her love for him, it still felt so right.They belonged together,she was his already, just like he was her’s.She looked at him, and she wished the time to just stop right there, she really wished to take him to somewhere,in the world where it would be just him and her and their love, without the shadows of the ugly past,the fear,and the hatred.But she knew she couldn’t,there was a big bad world of reality they both had to return to, in a few hours,she snuggled into him,to feel his warmth next to her,and he sleepily hugged her,and she felt his heartbeats calm hers,and she felt so overwhelmed with all the love she felt for this man,who was soon going to be her husband.She smiled,her entire existence was now all about him, because she would be nothing,without Asad Ahemed Khan in her life.


11.00 AM

Asad watched Zoya as she walked to other security check in line,and she have him a small smile,and he smiled back,as he headed to the other line.So they were now officially back to formal mode,until they reached Delhi, where they would officially go back to Stranger Mode.He smiled,to himself,he had so much to do today,he had to get all the arrangements done,in two days,Zoya, would be Mrs Asad Ahemed Khan.Mrs Khan,he already was loving the sound of that , in his head.

He was still in thought, when he saw Zoya walk upto him,as he picked up his bag from the security belt ,and she asked - “ whats the smile about?”

Asad picked up his bag,and as much as he wanted to touch her, hold her hand, he knew he couldn't so he just said, walking next to her towards the lounge - “ you know,the sound of Mrs.Khan does that to me ,brings this smile on my face…”

Zoya grinned - “ yeah,me too…and oh i am so so hungry…lets eat already, we really had to hurry to get here in time…”

Asad - “sorry,about all the rush…”

Zoya - “ oh please, you do know, it was like the best two days of my life,minus our fighting in the middle part…”

Asad smiled - “well, i have the same feeling…”

They quickly picked up something to eat from the buffet,and he said, sitting down opposite to her - “ so, sometimes i really do wonder how do we manage to flip to all these different modes..”

Zoya took a bite of her sandwich,as she said - “ seriosuly, i wonder that too,a lot of times, but hey have you heard from Khushi??”

Asad - “ actually, i didn’t…did you talk to her??”

Zoya immediately felt like an idiot,she hadn’t checked on Khushi all day yesterday,and she just hoped that her brother hadn't done anything stupid,and that Khushi was fine.She checked her watch a she said - “ its early in London,shed probably be asleep now, will talk to her,as we reach Delhi…”

Asad nodded - “ yeah, ok, but is everything ok? you look somewhat worried…?”

Zoya smiled - “ no no, nothing like that,ill miss you thats all…”

Asad smiled - “ yeah me too,but glad we do have seats next to each other,good for me, your brother left in between,on that note, when does he return from London?”

Zoya - “ Maybe a week or so, I dont know…”

Asad - “ok, so just out of curiosity, you know like I came to visit Khushi while she was there,didnt he come to visit you?? I mean, does he know that you are best friends with Khushi?

Zoya looked at him nervously, ok so she didn't know how to answer that,but she said carefully - “ yeah, he did come to visit me a couple of times…”

Asad - “ he did?”

Zoya - “ yeah,but he only met Khushi a couple of times here and there, for he was there for really short visits,but I didn't tell him, who she really was,until about when i returned back home for good…”

Asad - “ oh, so he does know that you are best friends,with Khushi? what was his reaction…?”

Zoya felt her insides churn,why did Asad have to bring up this topic,she didn't want to lie to him, but she didn't have any other option - “well he was a little furious,but i told him,he doesn't get to choose who I can be friends with and with whom I cannot be, and i did remind him,that Khushi and me were very close, until,and then we found each other,and we needed each other in London, we were both away from families,so…”

Asad asked curious - “ he bought that? i thought hed bring the hell down knowing of any of your associations with us,strange, but I guess, i dont know him anymore, so..”

Zoya - “ hes ok with that,me being friends with Khushi, but…”

Asad rolled his eyes - “ my baby sister gets the benefit of doubt,but I know I won’t…”,and then he just wanted to know so he asked further - “ so he has met Khushi a couple of times, like you said, I hope they havent had any conversations or anything,im sorry to say so Zoya,but i dont say this just because he's my enemy, I really dont want your brother, to ever be in an arms distance of Khushi, let alone be talking to her…its also because I know him,hes always been a player,and you know Khushi,shes naive and so so innocent…so tell me did they ever have any sort of conversations?”

Zoya’s inside wrenched, what could she say? Could she just tell him that ,Khushi and her brother had more than just many conversations,that his baby sister used to be in love with him.She knew , she couldn't and so she covered up as she said - “ no, i dont think they ever talked….”

Asad said relieved - “ thats really good….thank God Zoya, you have no idea, how that had me worried…”

Zoya gave him a small smile as she said - “ yeah you have nothing to worry…”,and she was glad that right then the boarding was announced,and they walked towards their flight.


2 PM

Zoya got her baggage from the belt and she watched Asad on the other side as he waited for his.The Stranger mode was back on,and she quickly texted him, walking on her way out -

“leaving now, Asad, my driver is here, apparently some urgent meeting,have to be at work in 30 minutes…speak to you later,bye for now, thank you for the best weekend ever…”,and she got out the terminal,and went to sit in her car,and right then her phone beeped - “ I miss you already,and its ok, i gotta be at work too,later my love…”

Zoya took a deep breath as she leaned her head back on the rest,she was tired from lack of sleep,and she had some 30 minutes to catch a nap,but she looked at her watch,it would be around 830 am in London,and Khushi hadn't called her yet ,despite her message.So she decided to nap later,and called her, she was worried,and she heard her pick up after a few rings,and she said instantly -

“Khushi, Im so sorry,are you ok? is everything ok? i mean…and why didn't you call me yet, i messaged you …”

She got a quick reply - “ Zoya, im fine, trust me, just got out the shower, was thinking of calling you, but you did…all ok, why are you so worried…”

Zoya sighed and she whispered slowly so that her driver couldn't hear - “ because of my brother…”

“Oh yeah, he is now living in the apartment across, he came in yesterday…’

Zoya was now shocked as she said - “ what???????????????? you’v gotta be freaking kidding me? what does he want?? did you guys talk???”

She heard Khushi sigh on the other end as she said - “ yeah sort off,Zoya he wants a chance to make everything ok…as in he said he still feels the same…”

Zoya asked cautiously - “ and what did you say??khushi,do you think..you can forgive him??”

“Maybe i have forgiven him already Zoya, but no i cant give him another chance, i just dont have it in me anymore, and i definitely do not have the strength to trust him again,and moreover, i dont feel the same way anymore…and i told him that very clearly”,said Khushi

“what, you did??”

“yeah, im tired of playing games, it was time we were both honest with each other, and with all this history, i think we owed ourselves that,anyway you dont worry ok…?iv handled it…”

Zoya sighed - “ok, if you say so, and guess what, today Asad questioned me for the first time, if you ever met my brother??”

“what??? how come?? what happened?? what did you say??”,asked Khushi.

Zoya quickly filled Khushi in about it all,and then she said - “ i didn't want to lie to him,Khushi…but i couldn't tell him either,its not for me to say”

“Its ok Zoya, you did the right thing,because there is nothing to tell anyway, its over, for good,and theres no point talking about it anyway,its just better that bhaijaan should never know…”

Zoya - “if thats what you want, Khushi…but are you happy khushi? with all of this??”

“ofcourse Zoya, ok now i gotta go, gotta meet Arhaan…bye…ill call you later…”

Zoya kept the phone,and she took a deep breath,and she realised that amongst this complicated scenario,she really was keeping secrets from three most important people in her life.

She was hiding about,herself and Asad from her brother.

She was hiding about her brother and Khushi, from Asad

And lastly

She was keeping a secret about her marriage, from Khushi.

She really wished, that it could just be all out in the open,only if it were that easy,things were really so complex,and why just why did they have to be? She wished for some magic wand, that she could just swish,and make it all ok, but there was no magic and from where she could see right now that road of transparency ,was really very distant.

She composed her thoughts and took a deep breathe,she had a very important call to make.


Monday morning - 845 am - London

Arnav straigtened his tie,and then picked up his coat,and walked out into the small kitchenette,and started to make himself coffee.He had used the rest of the day, yesterday for himself, thinking,about his feelings , his emotions, his love for Khushi,that he had only just realised.And then he had also gone out,and stocked up his kitchen,because for obvious reasons he couldn't live without food, for the next ten days. He quickly fixed himself a sandwich,and sat down to ate it.

He hadn't seen Khushi since after their conversation yesterday,for he had so so much to think about what he could do to win her back.He felt his thoughts wonder, to the past, he had been so so stupid,to see that even though the world was moving next to him, he had felt so lonely, without Khushi,and it was only her memories, that would come to his rescue,at the end of the day.It was a little strange,his situation, even though his heart had been filled with Khushi’s memories,he had only realised now about his love, but he didn't know whether to be happy or sad,he was happy because he realised he loved her, but sad, because he felt like he had lost her,that she was so so distant,she said,she had moved on,met someone else, that she really liked,but he had been stuck,in the same time and place,because he hadn't known that the roots of her love were so deep inside of him, until he had felt the ground shake beneath under him,at the thought of loosing her,and now it just felt like as if everything had been scattered,as if that string that attached them,had broken down into a thousand pieces,and he had only himself to blame.She had found a way to move on ,and have a place for someone else,new people, new things, but he couldn’t,he knew he couldnt, because everything that was, and its memories were as fresh in his eyes,as if it were just yesterday,and thats why he knew, he couldn't give up,he wouldn't let her go, just like that.She was his,and now he just had to make her see that.

He finished his meal,and got up to leave back for work,and right then his phone rang,and he saw Zoya’s and flashing on the screen and he picked it up in an instant and he asked - “Zoya, have you reached Delhi?”

He heard his sisters angry voice as she spat - “ what the freaking hell is wrong with you Bhai??”

He was taken off guard as he said - “ excuse me?? whats wrong with me??”

He got an urgent reply - “ Just what the hell are you thinking, going back to living across Khushi, why??? Look she's moved on, just let her be na, just let it go…”

He sighed,as he sat back in the chair and he said it out loud - “ I can’t Zoya, I can’t let go of the only one I have ever loved…”

There was a stunned silence,he knew he had dropped a bomb on his sister,and he asked - “ Zoya, you there??”

“yeah, what did you just say?? the only one you have ever loved??bhai you love Khushi….?? are you like seriously, in love with Khushi???”

He sighed - “ yeah,and i know its stupid and crazy, but i only realised it after she told me that me and her are over for good,its so strange, because i dont know whether i should be happy that i have actually fallen in love with someone for the first time in my life, or be sad, because i have lost her, by being such a beast…”

He heard Zoya’s concerned voice as she said - “ oh Bhai, this is such a mess..I spoke to Khushi, she is no mood to give this a second shot,and then there is Arhaan….you ok?what are you going to do now? ”

Arnav - “yeah, i am ok, and as much as it hurts to see that man around her…”

“yeah, and imagine you shoved Lavanya right in her face…”, replied his sister.

“yeah, i know what I did, Zoya, wont help reminding me, makes me feel worse, but just so you know, i ended things with Lavanya, before i spoke to Khushi…”

“You did? what was her reaction?”

Arnav sighed -“ well, she doesn't care…”

he heard his sister sigh - “ Now what??”

Arnav - “ look dont tell her anything,ok, but im not just going to sit back and watch,im going to win her back,make her fall in love with me again…shes mine, i just need to remind her that…”

“so you aren't going to give up??”

Arnav - “ I have fallen in love,for the first time in my entire life, i am so not going to let it go,when did you see a Raizada ever give up??”

He thought he almost heard a smile in her voice as she said - ‘ oh yes, we dont, we have a stubborn streak in every cell of our body,but good luck, bhai, its not going to be easy,and i will call you later, reached work…bye…”

Arnav sighed - “ yeah, thanks, for I'm going to need truck loads of luck..”, and he hung up,and then made his way out the door,and it was right then he spotted Khushi step out her front door,and he felt his heart stop. 

He had laughed at this earlier, but now that he was in it, there really was something about this moment, when you first lay the eyes on the one you love, after you have just realised  that you are in love.He was feeling so so drawn to her,more than what he had ever felt before,and he knew that the realisation that he loved her, had everything to do with it,for a second he just wanted to say it to her straight away,but he knew he couldnt,the situation wasn't in his favour.

He watched her give him a look,and she walked to the elevator and he took a deep breathe,and stood next to her as he asked -“ tum theek ho?”

Khushi looked at him with confusion,but she nodded as she said stepping into the elevator - “yeah, im ok…”

He stepped in ,and he watched the doors close,and he then he said - “ look, you were right, whatever has happened is all in the past, but for now,in the present, the least we can do is, be courteous to each other,you know For Zoya??”

Khushi looked at him,with narrowed eyes, but she realised he meant it and she heard him say - “look you are her best friend, and…”

Khushi nodded - “and you are her brother…”, she said in a tone that would make him see, that to her he was only that,now.

Arnav nodded - “ exactly, and i think Zoya has already been feeling torn in between because of this situation…”

Khushi knew he was making an excellent point,because she knew Zoya had been in a very conflicting position,for a long time now and for her she could do that and so she said - “ yeah ok…i guess you are right, for Zoya…”

Arnav smiled - “Yup, For Zoya…”and right then he watched her step out,and he followed as they got out on the road,and he asked,as she stated to walk - “ we need to be at AR,was just taking the cab, you wana join?”

Khushi gave him a small smile - “ no, thanks, I'm on my way to see Arhaan, we go to work together,and don't worry i will be on time…”, and then she turned and started walking.

Arnav watched her walk away from him, and he felt his guts wrench,he hated the sight of it, just how much had he hurt her.He sat in the cab and he quickly texted his sister -

“I used, ‘I am your brother’ card , to atlas get her to start talking to me”

He got a quick reply - “ And did It work??”

Arnav - “ yeah, i guess so…”

he got a quick reply and he smiled,as he read it, Zoya always had an answer - “you know after all that has happened, i did think a couple of times about how could you be so bluntly dumb towards your emotions,but good, you do have my Smart Raizada gene after all….”


Destiny smiled - “looks like someone’s smart gene has finally resurfaced…”

Love grinned - “ and believe me, i couldn't be happier about it…”

Fate grinned - “ and not just The Raizada gene, Khan has got his clever gene in activation mode too, he's working on it at the speed of light”

Destiny winked - “ oh for sure, he cant wait to make her, his wife…its just how its meant to be..”

Love smiled - “ its just always is like that…”

Fate nodded - “ always, just how its meant to be…”



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Chapter 22 - Go the Distance

Two Days Later


Wednesday - 9.00 AM

Zoya looked at her watch,as she got ready.She took a deep breath, today was the day.Her wedding Day.She was going to become, Asad Ahemed Khan’s legally wedded wife.She looked at her reflection in the mirror,she had never thought that she would be getting married like this, all secretively. No ceremonies,no family banter.But she knew it was indeed the only way out.

Right then her phone beeped - It was Asad.

She opened the text message -

“Zoya, excited much? I am, I couldn't sleep last night, cant believe you are going to be officialy mine in two hours..”

She smiled.She immediately wrote -

“ I am already yours, but yes officially it is…”

She got a quick reply 

“Zoya, are you ok? I know you didn't dream it like this,but for me…”

She wrote back instantly -

“And for you, id jump through fire Asad, if I have to, to be with you,i’d do anything,and everything, im ok, just nervous, I guess, it is my wedding day after all…relax, i am fine…”

She got a quick reply -

“I love you, Zoya…”

She quickly typed - “ I love you too…”

“See you in court at 11.00 am, sharp,ill be waiting Zoya…”

Asad really was her life, her everything.And it was strange,because thats what love had done to her, made her go behind her family’s back,made her choose him over everything else,and she had really given it all.They loved each other too much, and this indeed was the only way out, once her family found out they would be angry, but they would never separate husband and wife,no one would, everyone believed too much in the sacred institution of marriage.Even her brother wouldn’t do anything to separate them,because, deep down she knew, his heart wouldn't let him.He loved her way too much for that,and she felt really guilty for that,but there wasn't any other way out.

She finally picked up her business bag,and looked at her reflection in the mirror finally,before stepping out.Life was full of suprises, it made you do things you had never expected.She always knew, Asad was at this distance, the distance they had both equally to meet each other, and now it was time, she finally took the leap of faith.

She smiled at herself, out of all the things Zoya Singh Raizada had ever thought off, she had never thought of getting married in a business suit.


Zoya walked in to her mother’s room,and she asked the nurse, about if her vitals were fine.She asked her to leave the room for a few minutes,and she walked and sat on the stool next to her bed,and put her head down on the bed,and took her mothers hand and put it on her head, as if to seek her blessings.She felt tears fill up her eyes, if she were here today present physically and emotionally,she would have been the happiest,her daughter was getting married after all. She felt her emotions rise, at that thought,for the last ten years, all she had had, was memories of her mother,to live with, she had been small,but not too small to not remember her,she had a lot of memories,which were close to her heart.She knew, if her mother were here today out of coma, then probably the situation would have been very different.

She stayed like that for a few more minutes as she spoke - “ Maa, I really wish you were here, I am going to do something that is against Bhai, but i have no other way out, bhai wouldn't understand, atlas not now…but i know if you were here, you would understand, I love you maa…”

She wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes,and walked out her mother’s room,and instructed the nurse to go back in.


Kkusum Raizada had been in the vegetative state for the longest time,but her mind was alive, even though her body wasn’t.She could mostly hear and understand everything that was being said around her.Expect the times she was sleeping,and when she was awake, she could see, hear,and understand everything.She could open her eyes,and close them,that was the only movement her body had been able to make, the only one she could control.

There were so many times, she had heard her elder daughter Anjali cry in front of her, so many times,she had wanted to react, say something,reach out to her daughter and love her, but she couldn't move,she couldn't say, she felt helpless being caught in this coma.Her son would come see her everyday, he had grown and something in him had changed over the years, she could see that her Chotte had hardened,there were so many times, he would just next to her holding her hand,just like that in silence,but he never said anything,he just sat in silence.And right now, her youngest daughter had just spoken to her,she could sense her turmoil,something about going against her brother she had said.She loved all her children so so much,and she really hoped, this torture ended soon.She prayed silently, for the day she would be back with her family.She noticed the nurse come in, and she guessed they were going to start with the physiotherapy again,and she was glad, she didn't want her body to give up on her, when she finally could get herself to move, one day.


Asad parked his car in the parking lot,and he was glad, his trusted lawyer had reached before time.He had been able to arrange two witnesses,one his lawyer and second his assistant, because he knew , he couldn't trust anybody else with this.He took a deep breath, for a second he felt himself thinking of Zoya’s turmoil.He knew she loved him way too much, but getting married this way he knew was the last thing she would have dreamed off.And just for her, he for the first time hated the fact that the situation was not in their favour, maybe if fate permitted,maybe one day he could give the woman he loved, her dream wedding,maybe, but he knew it was a dream ,that was far beyond his reach,because Khan- Raizada reunion wasn't happening in his Life.But he knew, this was worth it, because he would be right where he belonged,with Zoya, officialky and forever, no one on this planet could keep him away from his wife, he would always find a way, no matter who tried what.He had walked the distance for her, because he loved her, and now,as much as he hated her family, he embraced his hate,and but it on the backseat, for the love of his woman,and he couldn't look back,because he loved her so much,and he couldn't let his love accept defeat no matter how uphill the road was. Zoya was his destination,and it was finally time to take that leap of faith, for only then his journey of love, would be deemed complete.

Right then he saw Zoya pull in next to her and he got off,and he saw her getting off,and he smiled as he asked - “ I know it wasn't something you must have dreamt off, but im quite loving the fact of getting married, to you dressed like that, in your business suit….”

She smiled - “ yeah, actually not bad no, you see, you and me do things differently, just nothing is normal about us…”

Asad grinned - “ you mean, how we go on switching in between all our modes,strangers, to lovers, to business rivals…”

Zoya winked - “ thats exactly what I meant, you know me well…”

Asad finally let out his hand to her as he asked - “ so are you ready to add, another mode to this….Mrs Khan to be…”

Zoya gave him her hand, and she smiled,and they walked in.It was 11.00 am,and in a few minutes they would be husband and wife.


An Hour Later -

Zoya looked at Asad as he drove ,and she asked - “ oh cmon, tell me, why did you make me cancel my meetings…??”

Asad held her hand and kissed it briefly - “ it is our wedding day, Zoya , so what if it is a secret one, there is something that I have planned, now if you dont mind , please sit back and wait patiently, Mrs Khan…”

Zoya grinned,she was loving the sound of that ,she was now Mrs Asad Ahemed Khan, his legally wedded wife.

She smiled - “ alright Mr.Khan, you know im not very good with patience…”

Asad smiled - “ Its time, you started Mrs Khan…”

Zoya grinned - “ can’t stop saying it, can you?”

Asad grinned - “Nope, never…”

Zoya smiled - “ id like that too….ok now drive…and take me to whatever surprise you have planned….”

Asad nodded,and he drove,towards his home, he knew Zoya was in for the biggest surprise of her Life.

Zoya watched, looking out the window,and suddenly,she felt Asad stop the car on the side, and she looked at him as she asked - “ what?? why did you stop ?? we are in the middle of nowhere..”

Asad quickly bent back,and took a cloth,as he said bending towards Zoya, and putting the blindfold, on her eyes.

Zoya felt him blindfold her, and she groaned - “ Asad, what are you doing…”, and she felt him briefly kiss her lips,as he said - “ trust me, Zoya…”

Zoya smiled and she sat back in the seat as she said - “ oh you know that i do, ok fine, ill just try to be patient,altho you know its killing me….”

Asad grinned - “ oh, that I know…”, and he started to drive again.


A Few Minutes Later

Asad pulled in to his home,and he was glad he had given all his staff a day off.Ammi was in jaipur, visiting Amreen Khala,so he had ,had the exact scenario he had wanted.He had wanted to bring Zoya, to his home, since forever, and what could have been a better moment than today.She was his wife, Mrs Asad Ahemed Khan, it was now their home.

He finally got off, and opened the door to Zoya, and helped her step to as he heard her ask - “ Asad, please, tell me where are we??”

Asad held her hand,and made her walk a little in the front

towards the porch, so that she was now right in front of the door of his house,and he finally opened her blindfold,as he whispered in her ear - “ Welcome Home, Zoya….”

The minute he took the blindfold off, and Zoya registered in the sight in front of her, she was standing right in the premises of Barkat,(Khan Mansion).He had brought her to his home.She had never expected any of this,this man surprised her at every turn, she should now officially never doubt his ability to surprise the living daylights out of her.

She looked at him with tears in her eyes as she asked - “ Asad…??”

He held her hand, and kissed it briefly as he said - “ welcome home Zoya, our home….”, and he started to walk in,and as much as she wanted to go in, she halted in her tracks, which made him look back at her and she said - “ Asad, how can we, i mean, this is a secret remember…??”

Asad understood what it was about and so he said - “ And like i promised a secret it indeed is, ammi, isn't home, she is in Jaipur,and i gave all my staff a day off, its just us…”

Zoya felt releived,and she smiled,and walked behind him, as he finally let the door to his house open,and she stood there for a second,as memories of the last time she had been here, came back flooding to her mind,she was so young back then only 13,she had been here just a day before that fated day,she and Khushi had been playing in the gardens, in the tree house in the backyard, which uncle had got built for them.

So many memories, this house held,so many of them.

Asad watched a play of emotions on her face, as she stood next to him and he knew she was getting a flashback of her memories, of when she had last been there,and today,she was standing here, after all these years,as his wife.He knew if he let her stand there for a second longer the pain of the past would come to surface and he didn't want any of that to ruin their moment,and so he immediately picked her up in his arms,and she looked at him in surprise - “ Asad….”

Asad smiled as he stepped in with his wife in his arms,and immediately took the stairs to take her to his room and he opened the door,and finally put her down,as he said - “Mrs.Khan, I thought you'd like to see your room…”

Zoya looked around, this was the first time she was in his room,it suited him, everything about it reflected him.She smiled,as she felt him hold her hand,as he made her sit on the bed,and he whispered - “Mrs Khan, why dont you say something?? anything??”

Zoya smiled as she cupped his face tenderly,and made him next to her,and she leaned her head on his shoulder - “ Asad, I love you so so much, thank you, this feels wonderful,it truly does….”

Asad held her hand as he finally said - “ its our home now, Zoya,and I know when the time comes, you will be here, living with me by my side, every day, every night….”

Zoya kissed him on the cheek as she said - “ I desperately wish the time is soon Asad, I love you so so much….”

Asad smiled - “ You know what I had always heard, that when the times are easy, there are a lot of people who will always be by your side, but when its the tough times, the dark ones, there are few, very few who walk with you, but you Zoya, as dark as the past maybe , today in the present, you have not only held my hand, but also guided me through it all, with the light of your love, Zoya , I cant believe how I happy i am,today, you are here, with me as my wife,I don't have the words to thank you for this….I love you so so much…”

Zoya looked into his eyes, so much emotion, so much love and she was sure her eyes reflected the same as she said - “ Its for us, Asad,and Mr.Khan just so you know, for all those promises we made for our love, for our future, I would do anything, you know I love you so so much,and you know sometimes i think, this was how destiny had written this, you and me,go way long back in time, im sure…”

Asad grinned - “ Im sure…wifey….”

Zoya grinned - “ Oh , i love the sound of that, husband…say it again…will you please…”

Asad felt so much emotion take over him,as he pushed her back into his bed instantly,and was on top of her in an instant,as he said looking into her eyes - “my wife….”,and he bent forward and kissed on the base of her throat.

He flung his coat apart and she helped him unbutton his shirt,and he stripped her off her clothing, throwing it all over his room,for he knew his passion was started to take over and all he wanted was,to make love to his wife, right now.

In his house, in his room,and in his bed, where she rightly belonged.

He felt her pull him closer as she kissed him on his shoulder,and now there was no clothing in between them,and he quickly pulled her by her hair, and she leaned up on her elbows,as he claimed her lips with his.He had made love to her before,but just the knowledge that now he was making love to his wife, his Zoya, the woman whom he loved with all his heart, was now finally his wife, and she was here in his arms,heightened every emotion,he had never wanted her so badly as he’d wanted her in that one moment,and he broke the kiss, and he pushed her back into his pillow,as he whispered - “ Zoya….I…”

Zoya felt as if she was drowning in that moment, Asad was now her husband, hers to love forever, and that knowledge made her want to love him,in every way she could,and she bit a smile,as he trailed a chain of kisses down her neck, her shoulders,and she finally flipped him back and got onto him as she said, looking deeply into his eyes, as she asked him the one question he always did - “ Mr.Khan, if you dont mind, id like to make love to my husband, now…”,and she claimed his lip for a deep kiss,and the electricity in between of them heightened greatly, as they kissed each other, each fighting for dominance, desperate to pour in all th love they felt for each other.Before she knew it, Asad had taken control,as he held both her hands captive, in his grip,and he spoke huskily - “ as much I love that you want to be in control here, but sorry, not today, not now,because as much as you might want, you cant possibily be as desperate as I am, to make love to my wife….”,and right then she felt his one hand go around her waist,as he tilted her a little,and she wrapped her legs around him,giving him access, she heard herself moan his name,as he finally entered her,and the minute he started moving within her, ,she opened her eyes, and looked into his,as she said - “ I love you so so much Husband….”

Asad burried his face, in the crook of her neck,and she started to move along with him, he felt himself loose every thought of being gentle with her,and he started to make wild passionate love to his wife.


One Hour Later 

Asad watched Zoya put on her clothes, and he said, from his bed - “ oh cmon, can’t you cancel??”

Zoya put on her skirt and then started to button her shirt,and she walked across and sat next to him , he looked so amazing in that very moment,he was finally Her husband,and she said - “ i wish I could, as much as I want to stay, I can’t cancel this board meeting, you know bhai isnt there,and so di will be coming too, i cant be missing…”and she kissed him softly on his lips, as she said - “ but thank you,for getting me here, to your home…”

Asad gave her a small smile as he said - “ our home…”

Zoya smiled - “ yeah…our home…”,and she watched him put on his trousers,as he took out the legal papers of their marriage, and placed them safely in his locker, in the cupboard,and he pulled her immediately to himself,by her hand and he said - “ now that iv seen you in my room, i never want you to leave, im not going to get any sleep in here,…”, he watched her blush,and he smirked as he said - “ and specially not in my bed…you know after…”

Zoya immediately hit him on his arm playfully - “ shut up, now, im getting late…”, and right then her phone rang,and she saw her brothers name flashing on the screen,and she immediately signalled Asad to be quiet as she took the call and she heard what her brother had to say ,and she said - “ yeah, bhai, I’v got everything ready for the meeting, yeah di will be there, filling in for you, and ill let you know after, for sure…ok bye….”

Asad watched her put the phone down,and he saw a various emotions flash through her eyes, which she immediately hid from him, because she didn't want to probably hurt him, by telling him that as much as she loved him, she was guilty about  going behind her family’s back.He watched her give him a small smil,as she turned to leave, but he caught her hand, and made her sit on the sofa, and he filled her a glass of water, and sat next to her, handing it to her, as he said - “ you are my wife Zoya, i know this hasn't been easy for you, and th last thing i want is for you to hide your emotions from me, please talk to me…”

Zoya took the glass of water, and she drank it,and she just held hid hand,and she said - “ Bhai loves me and he has absolutely no clue,and I…I feel so…torn and as much as i dont want to feel guilty, because its all for love, our love, but the fact that hes going to be so hurt, gets to me sometimes…you aren't angry are you??”, she asked watching his expressions.

Asad - “ no, im not Zoya, I understand…”

Zoya looked at him - “ you do??”

“Yes, as much as I understand that all you want to do right now is cry, you know you can…in my arms….im here to hold you…”, he said, and before he could say anything further, Zoya had immediately leaned into his arms,and she placed her hand over his heart,as she sobbed her heart out. He didn't know, what to say, or what to do, for the first time, he wasn't angry with her, for thinking about her family,because he knew, that when the time had come, she had taken the leap of faith, with him, and for him,and now it was just his turn to be as supportive as he could be.And so he just held on to her,for a while longer and then she let go a few minutes later as she said - “ thanks, i feel so much better…”, and she started to leave.

Asad smiled - “ anything for you Mrs.khan…”, and he started to walk her to the door.

Zoya turned to him at the door as she said - “ ok now, I'm going to go, get a cab to the court, pick up my car,and head straight to work, ill call you later, ok at night…”,and she kissed him on his cheek.

“yeah…ok….”, he said.

He smiled, to himself as he watched her walk out his gate,Zoya was finally Mrs.Khan, his wife, and he couldn't stop smiling,because it really made him very happy to think that the woman he loved, now totally belonged to him, in every possible way, no one , just no one could now ever come in between them.No one could ever come inn between husband and wife.



AR - London 


Khushi walked into the boardroom,for the meeting,she looked at Mark, who seems a little lost to her,and so she asked - “ hey is everything alright??”

Mark smiled - “ yes, just that i was up all night,working on this, I cant wait for it to be Saturday and we are finally done with this campaign…”

Khushi smiled - “yeah just three more days to go after today, so relax….”,and she mentally reminded herself the same that just three more days and she wouldn't have to see Tornado Singh raizada again. Ever since their conversation on Sunday,and after him stating that its best they be cordial,for Zoya, on Monday morning, all she had done was that. They were working together,and so she had been courteous to him,and they were talking but only for work.It was making her really uneasy, because he was being nice, like really nice to her, as he had been in the beginning, all those months ago, and as much as she knew it was because they had decided to be cordial with each other, it still really bugged the hell out of her, because she had absolutely no idea, what the hell was on his mind.Just why did he have to come here in the first place.

It had been so much easier to not have him around, in all these months,and especially now that they had finally had the confrontation that had been long due, and he had gone back to being nice,she had no idea, how that made her feel,definetly uneasy and restless.She hadn't spoken to him much in the last two days,because she didn't want to,oh he had tried,but she had been curt and too the point and then simply walked away.No one , ever talked about this.Why? Why didn't they ever talk about how uneasy all this was,of having the one who broke your heart,in your face all the time,their very presence pricking up old memories in your head.And this is specially more uneasy, after you have actually moved on.She took a deep breath, she wanted to scold herself,but she knew she would just be being harsh, she had to cut herself some slack,she had truly loved him,once upon a time, in the past.All she wanted was him to leave, as soon as possible, so that she could go back to living her life, as she had been before he showed up, four days ago.

Right then her phone beeped,and she smiled.It was Arhaan, he was just confirming their lunch plans,and she quickly confirmed,that she would meet him as planned.

Right then the door opened, and lavanya ,Andy and Arnav entered, along with their marketing team,this meeting was to discuss the final leg of the campaign.She gave Lavanya a smile,as she took a seat next to her, and Andy sat across of her, next to Mark,and everyone took their seats,and Arnav walked and sat on the chair,and said - “ ok, so im ready to see the presentation….”

Khushi gestured to Mark to begin,and so he did.


Arnav watched Khushi, as she finished the presentation,and he was really impressed,bu both her and Mark.They were really good at their job,and he made a mental note to give a letter of appreciation on his companies letterhead for the same,to the two of them.Only three more days after this, and Khushi would not be at AR London anymore.Things weren't going according to his plan, and he had thought that he had finally gotten her to speak to him, and speak to him she did, but only for work,and overtime she did so, there was so much indifference, so much casualness in her voice, that it butchered his heart greatly, and every single time in the past two days, when he had tried to get her alone to speak to him, she had just walked away.He didn't want to do anything to hurt her more, so he was taking this easy and slow, as much as it annoyed him, he knew he had to be patient this time around.

He finally said - “ ok, this is good work guys, I hope everyone’s clear about what they have to do…”

His marketing team, slowly left the room,and then he turned to Andy as he said - “ I want a small photoshoot, again,with the latest outfits that have come in today, Lavanya is here,she will shoot,and I guess Lisa would do to, she did our last campaign well, and then I want you Mark to use them on social media , we are getting a good response, people are interested to know when will our collection finally hit the stores,so i like the buzz,and with another good shoot to show off, we will hit the mark,i want everything to be perfect…and when the collection hits the stores on saturday, we should have an immediate result…ok so i guess this meeting is over…” , and he started to leave,right when Andy mentioned, that he wanted to discuss about the photoshoot,and Lavanya immediately went out to get ready for the same.

Khushi listened carefully,she was happy about how this was going, and she was more happy that once this was finished, she wouldn't have to see him anymore,and that uneasy feeling that was creeping up when he was being nice to her would finally vanish too.It felt good to think , she just few hours to go until that.Right then she looked up,and she caught him looking at her, their eyes locked briefly and she looked away immediately  and focused her attention to what Andy was saying.


1.00 PM

Khushi saw Mark deep in thought , and she finally shut her laptop,as she said - “ ok, something is seriously up with you, you aren't here….”

Mark looked at her - “ what do you mean, i am….”

Khushi - “ I mean physically yes, mentally no, whats wrong with you….”

Mark finally sighed - “ we just broke up last night, and now I just cant stop thinking about her….”

Arnav needed to discuss something with Mark and Khushi and so he was just about to go into the meeting room that had been assigned to them, for the campaign, when he heard Khushi’s voice - “ oh Im sorry, you want to talk about it, you will feel better…”

He smiled,trust Khushi to always want to make others feel better, she always wanted to put a smile on everyone’s face.She had put it on his too, all those months ago.He didn't immediately enter,and as much as he knew it was really bad manners to eavesdrop, he just stood there, wanting to listen to listen to her voice, because other than that, she wasn't talking to him much.He took out his phone, and pretended to be busy in it, and right then he heard Mark say - “ well, she broke up with me,last night, just like that, i mean who does that? I loved her,and she just threw me out of her life like that…and guess what to top it all, just found out, she's already met someone else, not even 24 hours khushi,and snap, she’s with someone else,and here, i have nothing left but my broken heart, I cant concentrate on anything….”

Right then he heard Khushi say - “ Mark, im sorry, i truly am, I understand….”

Mark - “ you can’t, no one can , until they have been in it,and i know you are with this amazing man, Arhaan ,its his name, he would never hurt you….”

Arnav flinched.This Arhaan, he just always came up, but he listened up, waiting to see what Khushi was going to say.

Khushi immeditaely said - “ yeah, i know Arhaan wouldn't ever hurt me, but I understand, because guess what I was in the exact similar situation like you are in now, I was in love with someone, trust me iv been there done that, had my heart shattered into a million or make it zillion peices, but trust me it'll get better, with time it will…”

Arnav felt his insides churn.he had broken her heart into a zillion peices,he wanted to slap himself for being the jerk of the highest order.

he heard mark ask - “ does it? get better with time? did it get better for you….?”

Khushi - “ yeah, it did, it took time, a lot of it, but you see I'm with Arhaan now, you'll find someone too, who appreciates who you are,someone who will prioritise you….”

mark - “ but it hurts so much, she just said, its over like that, so easy, no emotion nothing…”

Khushi - “ oh trust me , iv heard worse…”

“You have….”

Khushi sighed as she said - “ yeah, although i was at fault, but then I realised that it wasn't just that…”

Mark - “ oh really what could be more worse than, i don’t love you , its over…”

Khushi - “ how about something like you disgust me, everything  that happened between us disgusts me,I wish I hadn't ever met you, in all of my Life, you were the biggest mistake of my life,get yourself out of my life….”

Arnav felt guilt pierce him through.

Mark asked in a shocked voice - “ someone said that too you?”

Khushi - “ yeah, the one i loved did,and believe it or not,was also back with his ex girlfriend, in a jiffy…and made sure he shoved it in my face, that there was no place for me in his life…but like I said, its ok…itll get better…”

Mark - “ so how did you deal with it…?”

Khushi - “ Honestly, initially it will be difficult, it pains so much as good as being burned,but then one fine day it'll just stop,and thats because your defence mechanism will come up with the strength to deal with it,and it wont hurt anymore, you will be able to move on, cmon we aren't the only ones to have our hearts broken, there all loads like us…”

Mark - “ ok so out of curiosity, have you forgiven him?”

Khushi sighed - “ like i said, doesn't matter anymore, but yes i may have forgiven him, but I havent forgotten the pain…”

Mark - “exactly, how will i forget, thats the point…”

Khushi - “ you can’t no matter how hard you try, so its better to accept it as a part of you , easier to deal with…”

Mark - “ so , you mean, if you had an opportunity to go back in time, and undo all of that, your love for that guy, your heartbreak, you wouldn't change it??”

Khushi smiled,almost sadly - “ honestly, might sound crazy,but I wouldn’t, I wouldn't change a thing, I mean i do cherish what I had with him, it was special to me, maybe always will be, i did love him, can’t just erase that out ,you know when i was with him, i was happy really happy and in love, how can i regret something that ever once made me so happy, so i dont regret it, have accepted it as apart of me, a part of life, and moved on,like i said, forgiven…but not forgotten…”

Arnav felt something break inside of him, as he realised he really had damaged their bond, beyond repair.he had ruined, everything, what did he think, he could just walk in like that, and khushi would listen to him? it wasn't easy,and after what he had just heard,he knew it was next to impossible.But how could she not regret any of it, if he had hurt her so so much,had she really loved him like that so selflessly, so truly??

He remembered her last message to him - Arnav, all i want is for you to be happy,even if its with someone else,i truly wish happiness for you.He closed his eyes, as the pain started to seep in ,torturing his mind, heart and soul.

Mark - “wow…thats deep, you make it sound so so easy…”

Khushi - “ oh trust me it isn't easy, but time is all you need give yourself that, you’ll be fine….just relax, ill see you after lunch”

And right then he heard footsteps,and he immediately hid behind the pillar and he watched Khushi,he almost reached out her, he longed for her so damm much.Right then her phone rang,and she picked it up and smiled as she said - “ Arhaan, yeah, you there already, ok see you in five, just leaving…”, and she walked out.

He finally made his way to his cabin, deep in thought, he felt disturbed,and guilty,and he felt really really miserable.


AR Studio - 7.30 PM

Khushi watched Lavanya and Lisa finish their last shot and she smiled as she saw lavanya wave at her, and she did,and right then she heard a voice behind her,his voice - “ I didn't think the two of you , would ever get along, Khushi….but i guess i was wrong…”

Khushi looked at him, standing right behind her with his arms folded, only if he could stop looking at her like that, making her uneasy, she said - “ excuse me??”

Arnav said - “ you and Lavanya, i mean last i remembered, you  weren’t even fond of her name…”

Khushi looked ahead as she said - “ yeah, things change with time Arnav, its only wise, to move on with time, theres no point in being stuck….”

And before he could say anything, she walked away, to help everyone pack up.

Arnav watched her, his heart pained,all he wanted to do was pull her in his arms,and never let go, and tell her atlas that he loved her, and then the ball was in her court.

He looked at her longingly,She seemed so far away, so distant, she was in front of him, yet so far out of his reach,and he idea how was he going to close this distance between them,he knew he didn't have much time but he didn't know what to do, for the first time in his life, Arnav Singh Raizada had no clue about what to do.He gave her a last look and then made his way out the studio,it had been a long long day.


9.00 PM

AR STudio - Green ROOM

Khushi finally shut her laptop,and put it in her bag, she had to use the photos from the photoshoot immediately,and edit them with some wordings because they had to put it first thing on social media tomorrow, morning, and so she had started to work in the green room, itself, not wanting to waste time, by going to the meeting room, actually she didn't want to run into Arnav again.And so she had stayed her to finish her work.She finally walked to the studio door, it had been a long day, and Arhaan had a dinner meeting with a a client,but she had messaged him that she would get late working.She tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge, it wouldn't budge at all. Panic started to set in,and she tried again and again, and she realised that she had been locked out.

She felt like kicking herself, how could she be so so stupid, this was all his fault.Tornado Singh raizada, only if he hadn't been getting in her way, she wouldn't have hidden in the green room to work.And now, she was locked out.She checked her phone, it was 9.00 PM.No one worked that late at AR London, and she knew there was no point in yelling because this studio was sound proof.She took out her phone, and there was no signal,at all, she just sat down in despair, and figuring out what to do , right when the lights went out, ofcourse, they would switch off the mains,off the studio, when not in use, otherwise the studio, utilised too much power.She instructed her self to be strong, but panic started to set in, she had always been scared of darkness.She clutched her knees to herself,and she looked at her phone, there was no signal,and her battery was very low.Dammit.

She took a deep breath,and waited for some signal to come,as she shot up and roamed around the studio, with her phone, there had to be someplace that a signal came.

And right then she saw a some signal come in,and she immediately dialled his number.


Arnav was in the cab, deep in thought, he was almost reaching his flat, and he was planing to get Khushi to talk to him, he hadn't seen her as he had left, and so he had just assumed, maybe she had already left for home.He had to tell her how he felt, he couldn't keep it inside of him any longer. Right then he heard his phone ring,and he saw her name flashing on the screen and he picked it up instantly to hear her panicked voice on the other end - “ Arnav, can you hear me, its me Khushi…Arnav, hello, hello….”

He felt panic rise as he heard her voice, something wasn't right, and he said - “ khushi, hello, hello, yeah, i can, can you hear me…”

“Arnav, iv been locked in,hello, can u hear me??”

Locked in? he felt himself panic, as he asked - “ where are you? Khushi? tell me where are you….im coming…”

He heard her panicked voice on the other end - “ Arnav, im so scared, i am at AR…”, and before she could say anything the line went blank.

He quickly instructed the cab driver to take him to AR immediately. He tried to call Khushi, but he couldn't get through,he called her again and again , but he didn't get through.But it would still take him 25 minutes to reach.Dammit!! he hit the seat in distress,how could Khushi get locked in? He was the last one to leave, and he quickly called the security , so that he could unlock the office, but he didn't pick up.he called again, but he didn't pick up.


Arnav reached AR,and he entered the building, and quickly took the elevator,up to the floor,and he looked for the security,but he wasn't there,and he immediately started to kick the door, It had taken him 30 minutes,to reach here.30 minutes since Khushi had been locked,and where the freaking hell was the security ,he couldn't wait anymore,and he continued to kick the door, right when he saw James,the guard step out the elevator,and he rushed to him and spat in anger - “ where the hell do you think you were? I called you, someone has been locked inside…now hurry open the freaking door…”

james said immediately - “ sorry sir, i just went out for dinner, but how is it possible, i checked….before I locked…there was no one in there..”

Arnav - “ open the door dammit….fast…”, and he watched as James quickly flashed his card and he said - “ i had the card too, unlock the lock at the bottom, dammit…”, and he saw James finally unlock the lock at the bottom of the door,and he walked in worried, as he yelled - “ Khushi….khushiiii”

He looked every where , every room, his cabin,boardroom, washroom, but he couldn't find her anywhere, he brushed his hand through his hair, in panic, she did say she was at AR, didn't she?

James - “ sir like i said, i checked everywhere, no one was here, I wouldn't do such a mistake….”

Arnav - “ are you sure??”

James - “ yes sir, you looked for yourself, no one is here…”

Right then it struck him, and he had last seen Khushi in the studio,and he asked - “ did you check the studio??”

James - “ yes sir, i didn't see anyone…”

Arnav banged his fist in the wall as he said - “ dammit,where are you Khushi??”

And right then he heard James - “ sir, wait, I didn't check the green rooms,in the studio…”

Arnav - “ what the ?? lets go, cmon…”,and they made their way up towards the studio,and he desperately hoped, Khushi was there.


Khushi clutched her knees,as she sat in the corner, she wiped her tears, her stupid phone had died out at the last moment,beofre she could tell him that she was in the studio,how was he going to find her now.She looked at her watch it had been more than 40 minutes,maybe she would have to spend the night here,until the morning came,and she was starting to feel really dizzy, because she hadn't eaten anything after lunch,and hadn't had water, in a long time, and the stress of being locked in was finally starting to get to her.And right then she heard a click on the door,and some light from the outside flashed in and she finally heard his voice calling out to her - “ Khushi….are you here….why did you have to off the freaking mains, on the light James….”, he yelled.

She heard James say - “sir, we do so everyday….wait…”, but she could see him , the light from the outside was enough, and she heard his voice again - “ Khushi…..khushi…..dammit,she isn't here….”

He had come for her.

Khushi acted on impulse,as she finally got up from where she had been sitting, and started to walk towards him, she had been so scared ,she finally called out - “Arnav…….”

She heard his voice - “ Khushi,..”

And right then the lights came on and she finally saw him and the look of relief that flashed through his face as he finally saw her, and he said walking towards her - “ Khushi, thank God….tum theek ho??”

She didn't know what came over her, and she ran towards him and hugged him in an instant,and the minute she felt his arms go around her,she knew she was safe now.

She just held on to him tightly as she heard him whisper - “ Khushi…its ok…im here….”

She felt dizzy but she whispered - “ it was so dark, i was so scared….”, and right then she blanked out.


Hate scowled at Fate as he asked - “ seriously , you think thats going to work??”

Fate grinned - “ as much as i was getting a lot of sadistic pleasure,watching him suffer, I wanted to get some more, watching your reaction,as I spoilt your move…in your face dammit”

hate rolled his eyes - “ its still not going to work…”,and he stomped off, glaring at Love and Destiny.

Destiny smiled - “ would still give them a vulnerable moment, wouldn't it?”

Love - “ and thats all i need, thank you fate…”

fate grinned - “ anytime, Love…and I need to thank you too, for letting me make it happen for my lovebirds Asad- Zoya…”

Love smiled - “ Anytime, Fate..”

Destiny smiled - “just like he wished, maybe if you would have it your way one day he would be able to give Zoya her dream wedding…”

fate said deep in thought - “ maybe, but thats not anytime soon, you both know that, don’t you?”

Destiny and Love nodded as they said in unison - “ yeah, we do….”


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Chapter 23 - Risking it All

Delhi - Midnight

Asad twisted in bed, and he looked at his phone, it was midnight and somehow he was unable to sleep, and it had everything to do with the fact that his wife, wasn't there with him,next to him.He smiled at that,at that very thought and word - His Wife.He closed his eyes, and he remembered their time here, in his room, this very afternoon.She really was the best to have happened to him,and now he was really missing her next to him.They had just hung up over the phone, half an hour back,but he couldn't get any sleep,and he knew his mother was fats asleep,he really wanted to see her now,he just had too. He looked at his watch, it was past midnight, what if Zoya would have slept?? 

Well, then he would wake her up,because he needed to see her once more, so that he could really believe what all had happened wasn't a dream.He quickly went to the washroom,and dressed up in his tracks and shirt,and made his way out of the house.


12.30 PM

Zoya heard her phone ring, and she groaned, she had just fallen asleep,she was tired, really tired, she picked up her phone, and the minute she saw Asad’s name flashing on the screen she picked it up in an instant as she said - “ Asad, whats up?? all ok…?

She heard his voice - “ no, not ok Zoya..”

Zoya rubbed her eyes as she asked - “whats wrong..??”

“Whats wrong is, that i couldn't sleep,because i missed you, I want to see you…”, came his quick reply.

Zoya - “ i miss you too, but how can we, you know its not possible, why don't we just talk until you sleep??”

“No way, Zoya, I'm reaching your house, in five minutes…”

All sleep vanished, as Zoya exclaimed in shock - “ Asad, are you freaking insane,my house?? at this time of the night…”

She heard his laugh as he said - “ oh silly, i mean, ill wait for you at the bend, at the end of your road…come fast, i cant be very patient right now…”

Zoya almost smiled, she really did want to see him too,but she said - “ Asad, ok how do I sneak out at this time, you know the security…at my house is crazy, you are going to get me killed…”

“Thats the last thing i want, but right now, Zoya i need to see you, pls think of something,im already here….come fast…”

Zoya shot up in bed as she said - “ ok fine, wait for me, let me see around if everyone is asleep, ill sneak out from the backgate, i have caught the guard sleeping a couple of times…good that i haven't fired him yet, maybe i can use his dream time to my advantage…”

“Great, i knew there isn't a thing my wife cant take care off…”

Zoya smiled- My Wife.She loved the sound of that so so so much. “ok, now bye…”

Zoya quickly put on her jacket over her pjs,and she stepped out her room,there was pin drop silence.Thank God,she started to make her way slowly towards the backgate,and then she saw the guard fast asleep, and so she tip toed silently across him, opened the small door in the side of the main gate,and stepped out,and heaved a sigh of relief.She had just successfully sneaked out of her house past midnight -gosh what more would the love of this man make her do,she had no freaking idea.


Asad tapped his fingers impatiently on the wheel,and it was right then he spotted Zoya,and he smiled,she was walking towards him,and she had this sort off a look of confusion on her face that he loved,and he grinned as he watched her open the door to his car,and get in,and she looked at him confused as she said - “ really Asad??at this hour, what could be so important??lucky for us,that this are gets silent around this time, or id have been dead…”

Asad immediately pulled her by the hand,and he leaned forward towards her, and kissed her on the side of her lips as he said - “ well, good for me…”,and then he reversed his car,and pulled into another dead end area, two streets parallel,and Zoya looked at him shocked - “ seriously?? how do you know??”

Asad shut down the engine and he smirked - “ well, i do know the streets around your area better than you Zoya…”

Zoya smiled as she sat back in her chair - “ ofcourse, you do…ok now tell me, i need to get back,fast Asad, you have no idea, how nervous…”

And before she knew it, he had placed a finger on her lips, and she heard him say - “ like i said, there isn't a thing that my wife cant handle…this was just sneaking out…”

His grin was infectious and she grinned back as she said - “ yeah right, in the middle of the night,iv sneaked out,and im here with you, around the empty streets of Chanakyapuri,this is crazy…”

Asad smiled,and he held her hand - “ yeah maybe, but like i said, i just had to see you, because firstly i was missing you so much, and i wasn't getting any sleep in my bed after…”,and he watched her blush as he hinted about the afternoon,he smiled and he continued - “second,also because, i had a feeling what if it was all a dream and then i started to get uneasy, so…”

Zoya immediately hugged him as she said - “ oh its ok, i understand,lucky i picked up, and i wasn't deep asleep, you know its really difficult to wake me from my slumber otherwise….”

Asad pulled back and he kissed her softly on her lips as he said - “ thank you…”

Zoya kissed him back softly as she whispered - “ now that i think of it, i was missing my husband too…”

Asad cupped her face tenderly and he said - “ look into my eyes…”

She did.

Asad - “ now say it again…”

Zoya - “ what??”

“What you just said…”

Zoya understood,and so she happily agreed as she whispered - “my husband…”

Asad immediately hugged her as he said brushing her hair - “ you have no idea how much i love the sound of that…”

Zoya pulled back as she kept her forehead on his as she said - “ say it…”

Asad understood and so he whispered - “ my wife…”

Zoya brushed her fingers on his cheek tenderly as she whispered - “ seriously, i have no idea, how i just sneaked out like that, and I'm scared, but i am so happy i did, gosh i love you so much…”,and before he could say anything, this time, she kissed him,and he started to kiss her even more so deeply,and she let go a few very heated moments later as she said - “ as much as i wish, i didn't have to, but you do know, i have to go now….i cant risk being caught…”

Asad nodded - “ yeah, i know, ok, when will i see you next??”

Zoya kissed his nose tenderly as she said - “ i dont know, let me see, ill mesaage you…”

Asad nodded - “ ok…”,and he laced his hand in hers,as he drove back to the end of their road,and right when she started to get out of his car and he held her hand gently and she looked back confused and he said - “ i guess you could spare a few seconds more…that wouldn't harm”

Zoya - “ Asad??”

Asad smiled - “ wont you kiss your husband goodnight, Zoya??”

Zoya smiled,and he leaned in forward and she leaned in towards him, and kissed him softly and briefly,and she broke apart before he could kiss her deeply and she winked - “ you can dream about the rest, my love…”,and with that she quickly got off,and walked away.

Asad smiled to himself, well dream he definitely would.He was head over heels, in love, truly ,madly and deeply, with his wife.


Zoya entered her room,and closed her room,and she sighed in releif,this felt crazy but so good at the same time.Right then her phone beeped - it was him.

“All ok??”

She lied on her bed as she wrote - “ yeah, I'm in, safely…you reached?”

She got a quick reply - “ no way, i couldn't leave until i knew you were back in safe, I'm starting now, sleep well Zoya, i love you…”

Zoya smiled,he really did love her more than she could ever imagine and she wrote - “ I love you too…message me when you reach ok?”

She got a quick reply - “ yeah, i will, but you don't wait up, sleep, i already disturbed you…enough…”

Zoya typed - “ you can never disturb me, husband..”

Her phone beeped - “ Glad to hear that, wife…”

She smiled,and she closed her eyes, as she waited for his message,she was happy and content with her life,and before she knew it, sleep took over.


London - AR

Arnav held on to her tightly in his arms, god, it felt so good , so so good, to feel her in his arms,the minute she had ran into his arms,he had just hugged her to himself,and he felt himself soothe her, with his hands, and he felt his own heartbeats soothen,due to her warmth in his arms and he said - “ Khushi, its ok, im here…”

She held on to him tightly,and he brushed her hair tenderly as he heard her say - “ It was so dark, i was so scared….”and before he could say anything,he felt her heavy weight in his arms,and he realised, she had fainted ,and he immediately picked her up in his arms,and started to make his way to his cabin,and he spotted James,on the way out, as he said - “ its alright, now, you get back to your duty….oh wait, get me a subway or something maybe some sandwich,as soon as you can..”

He heard James - “ Sir is there anything else?”

Arnav held on to her tightly in his arms as he said - “ No, thats alright…”, and he walked with Khushi as he held her securely in his arms,and entered his cabin, and finally  made her lie down on the sofa,and he immediately got water from his table,and splashed some on her face,as he said - “Khushi….can you hear me??Khushi??”

Khushi felt drops of water on her face and she opened her eyes, as she registered in his worried face,and she nodded briefly, he helped her get up,and she watched him fill her a glass of water and he handed it to her - “ will you please drink this…?”

Khushi drank the water,and he took it from her hand,and put the glass aside as he asked - “feel better now??”

Khushi nodded - “yeah, thank you….”

Arnav looked at her for a brief second,and she looked into his eyes as she said - “also thank you, for coming for me…”

She had so much emotion on her face,and it made him want to pull her in his arms,and for an instant he acted on impulse without thinking as he pulled her into a hug and he held on to her, and she didn't let go,or snatch herself out of his embrace and that felt really good,and so he said - “ i would have come Khushi..no matter what”

Khushi felt his heartbeats calm her, and the minute he had pulled he into his arms, her mind instantly told her to pull away, but she didn't because as strange as it was, she felt safe and secure, in his embrace,and so she just felt his heartbeats calm her as she said, holding onto him - “ I never told anyone,ever before, Im scared of complete darkness, even when I sleep i leave a light on, I cant stand being alone in the dark…”

She felt him brush her hair tenderly - “ shhh, Khushi, its alright, you are safe now…”, and she just clutched his shirt in her hand,as she closed her eyes, what the hell was happening to her, she had no freaking idea,but she didn't want to let go,and she whispered slowly - “ I know, thank you for coming Arnav, for a minute i thought you wouldnt, the last time i was in trouble, you didn't care….”

Arnav hugged her tightly to him,as he realised what she was saying, she was talking about the time, when she had been in a accident after he had left, he recalled how brutally he had shut her out, but she had still tried talking to him, even after that,gosh she was nothing but his very own angel,and he had shattered her so so much.He didn't know what to say,he had no words,because it hurt him so much,because he knew it would be really difficult for her to trust him now, and he couldn't blame her,and because he didn't know what to say, he just continued to hold her like that, in silence, when he finally heard her whisper - “ that day, when everything changed,when abbu and najma…”, and he heard her choke,and he realised she was crying , he was about to say something, when he heard her continue - “ i was so small, just 12 years, i couldn't understand everything, but i knew, that something terrible had happened,and when bhaijaan sent me back from the hospital at night with my caretaker, because he had to stay with ammi, in the hospital, I was scared and all alone, I had so many questions, so many questions, so much going on in my little mind, i wanted to know, i wanted to understand, but just no one would tell me anything, not even my caretaker, she told me that bhaijaan had strictly asked her to not talk about it, I had lost abbu,my abbu , my little najma,and ammi, was in the hospital, bhaijaan was with her, but i was all alone, there was a storm in delhi that night…i dont know if you remember…”

He just held on to her and heard her in silence, and he didn't let her go,and she held on to him,and then he got a little confused, he very well remembered that he and Asad had returned from the hospital together on that fateful day, and then gone to see the CCTV footage, and he absolutely had no idea what khushi was talking about, Dilshaad aunty wasn't well after that?? he wanted to ask her, but he knew this wasn't the time, because she was letting out something from deep within her, and he made a mental note to question her later ,and then he said slowly - “ ofcourse, i remember, i havent forgotten a inch of what happened that night,that fateful night, when everything changed….”,and he only hugged her tighter, fearing she would let go.

Khushi clutched his shirt tighter as she spoke, tears rolling down her cheeks - “ the storm, knocked out our power supply,and I was all alone,by myself, in my room, when it happened, i had sent dolly di, to the kitchen as i was so hungry, and all of a sudden everything was dark,and i had absolutely no idea,how in the rush to get out, i ended up getting locked in my room,dolly di had no idea where the master keys were, and as scared as i was, i requested her not to call bhaijaan because he was in the hospital,he already had ammi, to worry about , so i just reassured her that i was ok, and she was sitting right outside the door, trying to tell me stories, to divert my mind, but I remember lying down on the floor, sobbing all night, I had never felt so alone, and even though i was small, something inside of me, told me that , that night was the darkest night of all our lives…I could only get out when bhaijaan and ammi, returned the next morning, and I swear I smiled,and I put the bravest face in front of them, that I had been absolutely fine, that i thought of it as a dark room adventure, because i didn't want them to worry for me,but only I knew, how scared I had been,and till today darkness does that to me, brings out the 12 year scared and vulnerable khushi, who had also lost everything that day, her abbu, her sister,and ammi’s and bhaijaan’s happiness,and her childhood….”

Arnav felt his heart wrench in pain, as he heard her, of course she had been so little back them , just a kid and he had never ever for once thought, what she would have gone through on that night, he had never asked, he had never known,because he had been too absorbed in his own anger and pain,and he just kissed her softly on her head as he said - “ Khushi, I'm so sorry, I had no idea…”

She finally let go of his shirt and wiped her tears, breaking away from his embrace ,as she said looking at him - “ so thank you,for coming for me because you saved me from a major panic attack in there, and I'm sorry, i didn't mean too…look i should just go….”, and she started to get up,already feeling stupid, for running into his arms.

Right then Arnav spotted James out his cabin, and he gestured him to come in and hand the packet of food to him, and then gestured him to leave, and he held Khushi’s hand firmly as he made her sit on the sofa, and sat in front of her on his knees as he said - “ not before , you eat something, Khushi, you just fainted….”

Khushi looked at him, something was so different on his face, in his eyes, and she didn't know what it was,and she started to get up - “ no, im fine….”,and the minute she did, she felt dizzy again, and he caught her just in time,as he said, pushing her back into the sofa - “ just shut up dammit, you can go all into your run away from me mode later, right now you are going to eat this…”,and before she could say anything,he had shoved the sandwich in her mouth.

Khushi didn't argue, and that was only because she was so so hungry,and she carefully wanted to avoid being dizzy around him, because the way his arms around her had made her feel, wasn't a good news to her mind and heart both,and so she just ate, and then she said - “ look why dont you eat, as well, he did get two, and its my fault that you are here, in the first place….”,she watched him nod,as he reached out for a sandwich.



He nodded,and he sat next to her and they both ate in silence,and once they had finished, he poured her a glass of water, and she drank it, and watched him drink a glass too,and then she saw him look at her, and there was so so much emotion on his face,and she felt him rub his thumb against her lips, brushing away few breadcrumbs, and she feltt her entire body feel that jolt of electricity again, the one she had always felt when he had touched her,and she instantly took his hand away as she asked honestly - “ why are you doing this…?”

Arnav watched her expression as he asked - “ doing what??”

Khushi - “ why are you being so nice to me?? Arnav, why did you have to come back here, please just stop this….”, she said, really uneasy about what she was feeling.She couldn't allow herself to be vulnerable in front of him, and yet she felt the exact same thing in that moment.

Khushi shot up immediately from her seat - “ look, i cant be here right now, im leaving…”,and she started walking out the door,but he had caught hold of her hand, just in time, and he held her by her arm, but very gently this time,as he said - “ Khushi, please….why dont you just stop this??stop doing this to yourself,and me….give me a chance, one chance, i know i have screwed up so so bad….”

Khushi fought her own turmoil,as she said - “ Arnav, please, dont say anything more, please, I can’t…and moreover none of this means anything more….”

Arnav looked at her ,and clearly she was miserable just like him and he asked - “ Khushi what do you mean none of this means anything more…”,and he asked in a curt voice - “ is this because of Arhaan…?”

Khushi looked at him in despair - “ no, and like i said its not about him, its about me, and you, there is no us, Arnav, there was a time when we were, and could have continued to be, but that time is gone, I can't i dont have the courage, to go back to it, i dont have the courage to be so vulnerable ever again, and you do that to me, you make me feel all vulnerable you have no freaking idea, how i got through the time, when you threw me out of your life, as if I never ever for a minute freaking mattered to you….”

Arnav immediately walked to her, and cupped her face as he said, despearte to make her understand - “you always mattered to me Khushi, always, i was a fool, i let the anger, the hate get the better of me….”

Khushi held his hand,and stepped back - “ I'm still Khushi Ahemed Khan, Arnav, that has not changed, it never will…”

Arnav took a step further to her as he said - “ i know, but it doesn't matter to me anymore, I'm here, for you, Khushi,for you,for what we had, no matter what the past…”

Khushi groaned - “ why are you doing this to me…Arnav, please I can’t, look just let me go….”, and she started to go out,wiping her tears, this was so not good for her, but once again,he held her by her hand,and this time he locked his cabin door,as he said, pushing her to the wall, and caging her in between as he said - “ I can’t Khushi….”

She looked at him - “ can’t what…??”

Arnav felt his heart chain in so many emotions as he said looking into her eyes - “ Khushi, I can’t, I cant let you go, if you run away….i will come after you again and again…”

Khushi looked at him, her own resolve weakening now - “ Arnav…”

He spoke, sure his voice was raw and deep with all the emotion and the love - “ you have no idea, what iv been through without you in my life, I have been in pain too Khushi, iv been suffering too being apart, do you have any idea, even though you stopped talking about me to Zoya, i never did, never, indirectly or directly i always had to know about you, and i would even look at your Facebook through her desktop, to just see you, to feel somewhat connected,and every picture, of you and Arhaan, it burned into my soul, you know I fought a real hard urge to punch him when i met him in Bombay,and even more so, that day,when we went out together for brekfast, Khushi its driving me insane,it burns me, freaking burns my heart out, to see you with him,and when i saw him hold you, hold your hand, your waist,and kiss you on the cheeks…i swear I was so freaking upset, i thought i could break the wall,hence the misbehaviour in the elevator that day,because I was so so jealous, and I still am….”

He watched her gape at him in shock,because he was baring it all now, and she absolutely had no idea how to react, but she was as vulnerable as him,and he was sure about that….and he acted on impulse,and held her hand and kissed her softly there, and he heard her say - “ please, Arnav….”

But he would be dammed if he let her go now, and so he said - “ Khushi, you have no idea, how much I missed you, i missed you every freaking moment,I was going insane, it was like as if a volcano was simmering inside of me, and i took the first flight to you, the minute, I realised, that I couldn't fight my emotions anymore, i didn't have it in me anymore….”,and he saw tears fall her eyes,and he slowly kissed her tears away as he whispered - “ don’t cry, please don’t…i swear all i want is one chance, to make up for every tear you have shed because of me….”

Khushi felt her body jolt up,as he kissed her tears away,and she wanted to pull away straight away, but she stood frozen to the spot, and she had no idea what to say but she whispered - “ Arnav….I…”

The minute he heard his name,he didn't know what came over him, but he closed the remaining distance between their lips,and started to kiss her, the storm of emotions now raging inside of him,and he felt her resist a little,but he knew her way to well,and he felt his hands go around her waist, and he pulled her closer into him,and continued to kiss her,and right then he felt her defence weaken,and he felt her starting to respond to him.

Khushi had no freaking idea, what had happened to her, but the minute she had felt his lips touch her, it was as if something had been lit again in her, and she felt like a prisoner of her heart, in that moment, she had tried to resist him, but he knew her way too well, he had been the first one to touch her,to kiss her, and the only one to kiss her like this,even though Arhaan had tried to kiss her, in the last two days, she couldn't get herself to kiss him,and had always pulled away,and right now, just has his lips moved over her’s,she knew the moment was getting the better of her, and she didn't know how to fight it anymore, and everything he had just said, was the truth,she knew it was, and it wasn't helping her either, and right then she felt her emotions starting to create a havoc on her mind,and before she knew it, she felt her arms go around his neck,and she felt herself starting to kiss him, she had no freaking idea, what emotion made her do so, but she did.

Arnav immediately picked her up, in his arms,and he felt her wrap her legs around his waist,and he picked her up, all the while continuing to kiss her, not wanting let go, fearing the moment would break,and he immediately made her lie on the sofa,as he continued to kiss her deeply,and his hands went around her wait, pulling her closer,and just the realisation that Khushi was in his arms right now, and how much he loved her, drove him insane,and so he didn't brake the kiss, nor did her let her, as he kissed her again , again,and again.

Khushi felt his hands caress her,as he continued to kiss her, it was if he had cast a spell on her, a spell she could not break away from it, because her traitor of a both body and heart were acting like a happy prisoners,basking in this feeling that had just sparked inside of her,and she knew maybe she shouldn't kiss him like this, and just break away and then just run away far away from him, but just as she felt him place a trail of kisses down her neck,and then on the other side of her neck,and then before she could say again , he had claimed her lips again.They had this exact heated moment before, all those months ago, many times,and even one here, in this very office,but right now, the way he was holding her, touching here, kissing her, was different, something was very different in here, the passion, the urgency was the same, but their was a different emotion that he was trying to pour in here,and she felt really confused,and thats why she finally broke her lips away as she whispered - “ Arnav….”

Arnav opened his eyes to look into her beautiful ones,and he whispered - “ Khushi, you are mine, all mine….”, and then the thought of that Arhaan holding her hand came to his mind, of the way he had touched her, and he felt his jealousy return as he said kissing her on her cheeks, her eyes, her face, everywhere, the sides of her neck,and he nudged her shirt aside and trailed a line of kisses on her shoulders,and he knew she was as affected as he was,and he finally looked into her eyes as he said - “ tell me Khushi, do you feel anything just anything at all when he touches you, i just know you don’t….only I can touch you this way, Khushi, please don't ever let him touch you ever again…”

Khushi understood what he had asked her and right then her mind snapped,as his thought came to her mind.Arhaan,she was technically his girlfriend now, and she was cheating on him, in this very moment.Dammit, she immediately shoved him aside,as she shot up,she quickly buttoned her shirt,which had flipped open,when he had urgently pushed it aside,in all the vulnerability, in the emotion,and in the heat of the moment she had forgotten about the man, who had been there for her, when no one had,in the toughest of the times.

Arnav watched her ,and he held her by the hand - “ Khushi…..?”

Khushi felt like slapping herself,she should have known,she couldn't trust her self ever when he was around, she had let the moment, get the better of her, and she felt so angry at herself in that moment,as she spat back ,throwing his hand away - “ don’t touch me Arnav, just don’t…”

Arnav got up instantly and he asked — “ whats wrong??”

Khushi spat back - “ whats wrong is this, what just freaking happened, I cant believe i let myself….god im disgusted with myself,i cant do this to him, he was there for me when no one was, I care about him dammit, i really do,and this is all your ****ing fault, you just had to waltz in here after all this time, trying to ruin my life,because it was perfect without you in it…just go away Arnav, please, get yourself freaking out of my sight, and out of my life”

Arnav felt her words whip him hard,what the hell was wrong with her , just a minute ago everything was fine, he felt his anger rise as he shot up - “ are you out of mind, Khushi you are mine…”

Khushi spat back angrily - “No, i am not, dammit, i have moved on, and i am with someone else now, just respect that, and get out of my life…”

Arnav had never felt so hurt, what had been the most few beautiful moments of his life, was making her feel disgusted,and it was all because of that ARhaan,and he held her by the arm - “ Arhaan, you have to break up with him Khushi, you know you dont feel for him the way…”

Khushi yanked her hand away - “ just because im not in love with him, doesn't mean i dont feel for him, dammit, I do care about him deeply…”, she sighed - “ look whatever happened, was a mistake, a big big mistake,it was all in the moment, thats all, it didn't mean anything to me Arnav, please…and im leaving now,and i dont wish for us to talk ever again…”,and she tried to opened his cabin door,and Arnav stood there, her words had butchered his heart ,he hadn't wanted it like this but she had to know now, he had to let it out and so he said, knowing it would be the only thing to stop her - “ But i am Khushi….”, he said, slamming the door back close, with his arm on it

Khushi stopped in her tracks,because the door was in her face, she turned and she asked irritated,and deeply annoyed with herself - “ But I am what??just why the **** cant you let me go Arnav….”

Arnav caught her by both her arms,and pulled her closer as he finally said, looking into her eyes, hurt evident in his voice - “ because, I am in love with you dammit….i always was,even back then,and even all the while we were apart, I was in love with you, and I still am,and I always will be in love with you Khushi….”

Khushi looked at him , the anguish, the pain in his eyes,and she asked shocked - “ what???? what did you just say???”

Arnav wanted to touch her again, but he refrained and he just said looking into her eyes - “ I love you, Khushi, i only realised that I always was, a little while ago,but i do, with all my heart, I do love you,i always have, i always will….”

Khushi stood frozen to the spot,she didn't know what to say to that,she had never thought of this moment to ever happen in her life,but it was, five months ago, she would have died to hear those words leave his mouth but today,she only felt her mind telling her that it was too late ,and she closed her eyes as she asked honestly - “ Why did you have to do all of this to us Arnav? Why did you have to tear us apart, in the first place, now its too late….Im sorry….”

Arnav looked at her, his heart breaking as he said - “ Khushi i love you,cant you forgive me just once….i can’t be apart from you any longer”

Khushi knew very strongly, in that very moment that, a part of her would always , just always be in love with him, but she her mind strictly in control now got the better of her as she said, her own heartbreaking - “ Im sorry for this to have happened to you and me, but all that time is lost, and i dont see that time coming close anytime soon, im sorry…you will be able to forget me, you will move on, give yourself the time”

Arnav asked ,he was sure his voice was shaking - “ what do you mean?”

Khushi gave him a look as she said - “ the time is lost, that moment, when we would both be in love with each other at the same time, is never coming back….its unfortunate to have happened to us Arnav, that we both happened to be in love with each other,but not at the same time” ,and with that, she bent forward and kissed him next to his lips softly, because she knew she was breaking his heart and maybe hers too all over again, but she couldn't trust him with her heart yet,and she could not break Arhaan’s heart and she whispered - “im sorry….i hope you can forgive me….”,and she bent forward and kissed him softly on his lips, for one last time, and she felt his  lips move on hers,there was so much pain in that moment,she knew there was , but she broke apart a few seconds later as she said - “goodbye, Arnav….”

Arnav watched her turn as she opened the cabin door,and he didn't know why his heart screamed to stop her, but he didn't as he watched her walk away from him,and he just knew it, like in that moment all those months ago,that the way she had said goodbye,she would probably never speak to him again,and he felt his heart break just like that into a thousand pieces,zillion pieces.


Khushi clutched her heart,as she sat in the taxi,and cried her heart out.She couldn't believe he'd just bared his heart to her like that,he was in love with her??

Wasn't that what she had always wanted??, her heart argues, and her mind reminded her that was five months ago.

She wiped her tears, what had happened, had been a terrible mistake,the vulnerable moment had got the better off her,and she knew it had.What had she done?? His one touch, one kiss, had sent her straight back to where she had been all those months ago, the way he had bared it all out to her, just like she had all those months ago,required a lot of courage,and it really was unfortunate, that she didn't have the strength in her to be with him.All those months ago,she had risked everything,gone against her bhaijaan,she had had the strength then,but she really didn't have the strength in her anymore,because even though there was love in the picture, there was no trust,and there was no point in building something without the foundation of trust, because it would only come breaking down sooner or later, and she knew a second time, she could not deal with it.

And not only that, there was Arhaan, the one who had been there for her, when no one had,and she knew he genuinely felt for her,and she did care about him, and she was feeling very guilty already, it was the strangest thing ever, but it was a crazy truth,that a part of her would always just love Arnav,even though every other part of her wanted to move on.It was crazy.It was really unfortunate to have happened,but she couldn't look back and just the fact that he loved her,made her smile a little,she wished she had had the strength to bear it all out again,but she didn't and she maybe never would have it, because that part of her was dead,and so she closed her eyes, and let the memories flood back in,the memories that were so deep in her soul, ironical as it was the memories that were so important ones,were the same ones, that reminded of the reality,of why they couldn't be together. She felt exhausted, like she hadn't felt in all of her life.She saw her taxi pull in front of her apartment,and she finally got off,she needed to just take a long shower,and get herself straight,too many emotions of the past and the present had shaken her being.Right then she spotted, a taxi pull in behind her,and she watched Arnav step out, and their eyes locked for a second,and she quickly wiped her tears,and looked away, hoping he hadn't noticed her face, because it would greatly give away the fact that she had been crying, her eyes were swollen.


Arnav got out of the taxi, he had been too stunned to feel anything,and so he had just hopped into the cab and come here,and all on the way he could only think of Khushi and her words, that were haunting him,butchering his heart again and again.He saw the cab pull in, and he got out, just at the time, he spotted her get out of the taxi in front, and although she had looked away, he had realised she had been crying all through out.He didn't understand, why she was doing any of this making them both so miserable.He knew she was still very much in love with him, she always would be, because if she wasn't ,the way she had responded to his touches, the way she had held on to him, they way she had kiss him, wouldn't have happened.He wouldn't give up just yet, he would make her realise that she loves him, and only him, he could sense her pain when she had kissed him goodbye.She had broken not just his heart but hers too.

He watched her enter the building and he entered silently behind, he knew this was not the time to say anything.It was right then he spotted Arhaan sitting in the reception lobby, and the minute he spotted Khushi, he rushed to her in an instant,as he pulled her into a hug - “ Khushi, are you insane? iv been so worried, i was calling you, your phone was coming off, and then i thought ill come see you , but your door was locked, iv been waiting almost an hour, and iv been freaking worried the hell out of my mind,please dont do this to me ever again….”

Khushi felt Arhaan hug her, and she could sense Arnav’s eyes on them and she hugged him briefly as she said - “Im sorry, my battery died , and i got locked in at AR…but i called Arnav,and he helped….”

Arhaan looked at Arnav and he said - “ thanks man….”,and Arnav just nodded,in acknowledgment ,and pressed the button on the elevator and then he saw Arhaan look at Khushi and he asked - “ you ok???”

Khushi nodded - “ yeah….dont worry i just need to rest”,and as they waited for the elevator, she didn't know why she felt something burn inside of her so  deep,as she stood between Arnav and Arhaan.

Right then they entered the elevator, and Khushi walked in when she heard Arhaan ask ,as he cupped her face gently ignoring Arnav’s presence, he had his back to Arnav, but she could see him clearly,and he had fisted his hands so bad, his knuckles were white,and she heard him ask - “ why didn't you call me Khushi??”

And just like that as he questioned her,she on an impulse,looked at ARnav,and he looked at her,and their eyes locked,and she fought for answers? Why had she called him and not Arhaan? he would have rushed to help her too, then why in a moment of panic, she had only thought of him.Arhaan’s thought never came to her even once.Arnav didn't break his eye lock with her, and she knew he was as interested in her answer as Arhaan was,she no answer to give him yet so she just covered up ,which she knew was a lie- “ my battery was dying, i just redialled the last contact i had spoken too, and before i could call you, my battery died…”

Arnav looked at her,and he knew she was lying,because until Khushi’s frantic call,they hadn't spoken on phone all day,and he had no freaking idea why she was doing this, to the three of them.

The Lift opened, and she watched Arnav step out,and Arhaan followed,as he said - “ Arnav, man, thanks so much for helping Khushi…”

Arnav looked at him as he said - “no problem, it was my employees fault that she was locked in anyway…”

Khushi watched the two of them,and it had been a long long day,and she hadn't felt so so drained in a long time.And the minute she tried to step out the lift, she felt her head spin again,and before she could call out to either of them,she fell down with a thud.

Arhaan and Arnav both turned immediately as they heard a thud behind them,and they saw Khushi fallen in the elevator to the floor,and right then the doors closed.The both ran at the speed of light,and Arnav immediately pressed the button, and the elevators door opened,and right then Arhaan walked in and he picked up Khushi in his arms,and he walked out to her door.

Arnav quickly picked up her things and he stepped out,and he watched Arhaan hold Khushi in his arms,and it hurt him so bad to see them,like that,but he heard Arhaan say - “ Arnav, will you please pass me her keys from her bag….and open the door, will you please??”

Arnav nodded,and he acted instantly,and they walked in and he watched Arhaan place khushi on her bed,and he immediately got some water and handed it to him,and he watched Arhaan splash some water on her, just like he had a while ago in his office,and it butchered his heart, but he could just stand and watch ,as he saw Khushi open his eyes,and he felt releived,thank god she was fine,and he watched ,as Arhaan kissed her on her forehead and touched her cheek - “ you, ok?? Khushi have you eaten something??”

Khushi sat up in bed,as she held her head- “ yeah, im tired,just exhausted, it has been a long day….im just having this headache…”

Arhaan kissed her on the cheek as he said - “ ok why dont you leave it to me, ill make you your tea the way you like it, you remember the one you make me when my head hurts…ok??”

Khushi nodded , and she gave him a small smile - “ yeah….”

This was the most awkwardest moment of her life, for sure.

Arnav watched the two of them,and he just couldn't stay on any longer,and so he said - “ ok, ill leave you two now, I'm tired myself….”,and he gave Khushi one last look as he finally walked out.


Arnav slammed the door shut to his room,and he immediately got into the shower,and opened the hot water spray on him,and he tried to let everything sink in,everything that had happened.He closed his eyes, he had never ever felt so broken like he felt in that moment,he had no freaking idea how to handle his heart that was burning in fire, watching Arhaan with Khushi.He couldn't give up, because until now he hadn't realised how much exactly he loved Khushi, but he knew, one thing for sure, he couldn't live without her for sure.He had no idea how did people bear this pain of heartbreak and being separate from the one they loved,he had no idea how did Khushi handled it,but he knew he would wait forever, to get her to see that she still clearly was in love with him.All he wanted to do was take Khushi to a far off world, where there would be just him and her,and no one else.He had to get her back,there still had to be a way, because he couldn't live without her anymore,he just wanted to take her somewhere far away,and then he felt his tears roll down again as the pain came back,Khushi was his heartbeat,there was no way he could go on without her,and thats when he felt his eyes wet with tears,again.He had no idea how was this going to work now, but he knew he was not going to let her push him away, because deep down he knew she loved him, she wasn't admitting it, because she couldn't trust him yet, and second because of Arhaan,and on that thought he recalled how Arhaan had asked her why hadn't she called him,and the shock that had come on Khushi’s face when it dawned on her that in a moment of panic she had reached out to him and Arhaan. For now,the fact that she had trusted him in a moment like that made him smile and that was the only string of hope he had,and he'd be dammed if he didn't clung to it, with all his life.


Two Days Later - Saturday

Asad leaned back in his chair,and he closed his eyes.He was irritated,because it had been two days, 48 hours since he last saw Zoya.They couldn't meet on thursday because they both were occupied with truck loads of work,and then yesterday although he had been a little free in the evening, Zoya wasn't because,her brother wasn't here, she also had to oversee AR Designs.And she hadn't been able to sneak out again in the night, because her mamiji and naniji had held a pooja overnight,because her brother wasn't in town,and since he wasn't very fond of all these things, they had thought it was the perfect opportunity to hold the Jagrata,he remembered as Zoya had termed it.And so he had to just wait and sulk.And that is when his phone beeped -

“I have a meeting until 3 pm, Husband, meet me after…?? if you are free, that is, im going crazy here because i miss you so so much…”

He smiled.

He quickly wrote - “As much as i want to, but i will be free by 5 pm, how about after that? is it possible?? good to know I'm not the only one who is going crazy…”

He got a quick reply -

“Ok, call me when you are free, we will plan something…but we will meet today for sure? ok?”

Asad grinned , now that sounded so good. “yes, sure…”

All he wanted was, to have Zoya by his side 24*7,a part of him wished that all the haunting pain from the past would just vanish and then everything would be so so easy.But he knew that wasn't happening anytime soon,so he nudged the thought aside, but he knew he was in too deep,and sometimes he did feel like he had lost his mind, but he didn't care, because he was so much in love.He checked his watch, and started to mentally count the hours, until he would finally see her.


6 PM

Zoya drank her tea, as she sat with Anjali di, and her jiju,nani and Mami,and right then her phone beeped -

“Zoya, im so sorry, are you free now??”

Zoya smiled at her Nani as she typed quickly - “ so sorry, Asad,  i just got back home, and now everyone is here, jiju just came in from Singapore, i cant just leave like that…maybe tomorrow??”

She got a quick reply -

“What the hell?? are you saying we cant meet today??”

“yeah, I'm sorry, don't be mad…please…ill make it upto you, i promise you…”

She got a reply and she could sense his anger and disappointment - “ Zoya ?? tomorrow is Sunday, which is never free for you,fine you know what, let it be….”

Right then she heard her Nani say - “ Zoya, beta, put your phone away, this is what i have a problem with both of you, as if your brother wasn't enough, now you joint him, in never taking a part in our conversations…”

Zoya smiled - “ No nani, it was work, was just replying to an email,its nothing like that…relax…”

Right then she heard her sister chip in - “ oh yes pls Zoya, chat is enough for this, ok, and its the weekend now, why dont you relax…”

Zoya smiled - “ ok di..and jiju how was your trip??.

Shyam smiled - “ well my favourite saali, the trip was fabulous, quite fruitful,and not just professional this time…”

Right then Akash and Payal, her cousins joined in, and she got up and hugged Payal,she really did love her, she was like the best bhabhi ,they always got along very well.

Right then she heard her di joke- “ jaan, what do you mean?? not only professional, pls tell me you met someone else to torture…ahhaaa i shall be free soon, the dream…”

Zoya playfully hit her sister as she said - “ di stop it, i dont like it when you tease jiju like that…”

Anjali grinned - “ and whose side are you on? let me remind you, you are my sister…”

Zoya grinned - “ always, but forever on my juju’s side…”and with that she gave her jiju a High Five.

Akash grinned, the sight of his happy family ,made him really happy - “ ok, so jiju, what is it then??”

Payal chipped in - “ oh yes, we are so excited to know…”

Shyam smiled - “ ok so , you remember Anjali, our family friend, Roohi aunty’s son,Rahul??”

Anjali nodded - “ yeah, what about him??”

Shyam smiled, as he broke the news - “ ok, so basically, aunty wants Zoya, for Rahul….”

Zoya choked on her tea, as soon as she heard her jiju, and her di patted her on the back as she said, looking at Shyam - “ omg, wow, that’s wonderful…”,and then she turned to nani and mami as she said - “ they are a wonderful family, nani, they have been settled in Singapore for decades, very well respected, and i have met Rahul,he is a gem, honestly would be a perfect match for Zoya…”

Zoya felt as if the ground had been pulled beneath her feet.Perfect Match.She wished to get buried in the ground then and there.

Nani smiled - “ oh is it??thats nice, then i guess we just have to wait for Chotte…to return…”

Shyam smiled - “ exactly , thats what i told them, id get in touch with them once he was, and then they can be here, and the two can meet, obviously the final decision is with my saali, but i have a feeling, the two will hit it off…”

payal grinned - “ oh yes, I'm excited, when is bhai getting back??”

Akash smiled - “ well i don't know, ill ask him…”

Zoya finally got some courage to speak as she said, hoping that her emotions were kept under cover and were not reflected in her voice - “ ohk guys, jiju i love you, but seriously, this is about me, and i am not interested in getting married…”

Nani intervened - “ oh please, we have heard that before, but now you are back here for good, we have to start looking Zoya,and no one is forcing you, but you have to atlas start meeting the boys…”

Anjali nodded - “ exactly, Zoya, i know love, but now is the time, you start listening to us on this…like you know, no one is going to force you, when have we ever, the least you can do is atleast start listening to us on this, you know maa would want that too…”

Zoya narrowed her eyes at her sister ,as she said - “ oh di, pls no emotional blackmail,please…”

Mamiji - “ ok Zoya, no one is blackmailing here, its the truth, if Kkusum were here, she…”

Zoya groaned as she looked at Akash and Payal for help,and she heard Payal say - “ sweetie, you do know, im always with you, but this time, i see no harm ,and moreover jiju knows this guy…”

Akash - “ and if jiju likes him, im sure bhai will like him too…”

Zoya groaned her family was stubborn and she said - “oh i need to think about this, ok? and please you all promise, not a word to bhai, until i think about this, ok, promise everyone??”

Anjali nodded - “ yes, we could do that….”

Zoya finally shot up as she smiled - “ ok, so now, i need to leave, meeting my school friend Priya for dinner, she got married when i was in US, over summer…”

Anjali - “ Ok, but be back soon…ok?”

Zoya - “ ok di…”,and with that, she walked out at the speed of light,and got into her car,and it was only then she took a deep breath,they wanted to get her married,and with what face could she tell them , that she couldn't because she already was married,and not to a family friend, but a enemy.

She opened the bottle of water,and gulped it down,and started to drive,she needed to meet Asad as soon as possible, for they needed to talk about this,and for that she needed to arrange everything first.


730 PM

Asad drove back home and he was so freaking annoyed, about the situation yet again,and on top of that, Zoya hadn't even replied to his message.He pulled into his driveway, right when his phone rang, it was Zoya ,he took a deep breath as he said,keeping a check on his anger - “oh look someone has the time to call…”

He heard her voice on the other end - “ Asad, i need to see you now, its important…”

Something was off, in her voice and he asked, his anger washing away- “ Zoya,  is everything ok??”

“yeah, look can you please come, I'm at Taj Palace, room no 402, I'm waiting…”

Asad was confused,but he already started to reverse his car as he said - “ ok, ill be there as soon as you can…”

“Great, I'm waiting…”and before he could say anything further,she hung up.

Ok, so now he was really getting worried,and so he just quickly messaged his mother that he would be late this evening,and then drove to Taj Palace.


Zoya waited impatiently,now she was starting to get worked up,as it all sink.

Her Jiju had just talked about a marriage proposal for her.

And to make things worse, they were his family friends.

Everyone, at home was super excited about this.

And they were waiting for her brother to return from London.

She really couldn't think of a way out of it, at all.She had never felt so jittery in a long time, because everything had been at peace, for the last six months.

She paced around eagerly in the room,she knew she needed privacy with Asad, so the first thing she had done was to drive here, and take a room for the night,although she wasn't going to stay here, the plan was to meet Asad here and then go back home,and come back to check out tomorrow.God, just when she was starting to be really happy at it finally sinking in that she was Mrs Khan now, this just had to happen.She knew, once her brother was back, her family would do some emotional blackmail or the other,and she had learned everything in all of her 24 years,but she hadn't learnt how to escape from emotional blackmail from the Raizada Clan,and here even her jijaji was involved.God, she really was confused.

Right then she heard a knock on the door and she quickly opened it, and relief washed over her as she saw Asad, and before he could say anything, she pulled him by the hand inside, and shut the door behind them,and quickly pulled him to a hug.

She felt him brush her hair tenderly as he teased - “ ok, ok, i get the point, you were as eager as me…”

Zoya held on to him tightly and she didn't say anything , because she didn't know where to start and so she just clutched onto him, tightly,and she said - “ shhh, dont say anything , please, will you just hold me for a while…”

Asad tightened his arms around her ,ok something was really up with her and he asked - “ but Zoya whats the matter…”

Zoya tightened her arms around him as she said - “ shhhh, no more questions for now, I just want you to hold me…”

Asad held her like that,and then he finally picked her in his arms,and he walked over to the sofa, and sat and then placed her gently on his lap,and she continued to hug him , and he finally pulled her arms out as he spoke - “ ok, so as much as i want to hold you, but you need to talk to me, whats wrong…”

Zoya looked at him for a second and then hugged him again ,she had no idea how to tell him about a marriage proposal for his wife but she knew he had too.

Asad tipped her chin as he said - “ look at me Zoya…”

She finally did,and she heard him ask softly - “ talk to me , you know you can tell me anything…”

Zoya nodded - “ yeah, but…”

Asad - “ ok now I'm really starting to freak out, whats this about Zoya??”

Zoya took a deep breath as she finally said - “ so this evening, i was with everyone,and Shyam Jiju,well he just returned from Singapore…”

Asad nodded - “ yeah, so you told me…what about it…??”

Zoya let it all out at once - “ ok so he was really excited because his family friends are interested in me,as in for their son Rahul, they want to come to meet my family, formally, its a marriage proposal for me Asad,and now everybody is just waiting for Bhai to return…**** yaa, what are we going to do now,Asad…?”

For a minute, he was shocked, so so shocked because this was really unexpected,he looked at Zoya and she looked at him in anticipation, he knew she wanted him to say something , to react to that, but he didn't know how to react to the news of a marriage proposal for his wife.


Ten Minutes Later

Zoya rubbed her hands, she was so so nervous,as soon as she had told Asad, it was as if he had gone into a zombie silence mode, and he had stood up, and walked across, and he stood with his arms folded looking out the window of the room,and she had no idea what was on his mind.She couldn’t take his silence anymore, as she finally stood up,and walked over to him as she said - “ ohk, so now you really have to say something, this silence is driving me insane, say anything, anything at all…”

Asad turned around,and looked at her distraught face,and he finally acted on his thoughts and pulled her in his arms,and he brushed her hair tenderly and he said - “ ok so just so you know, im not angry…”

Zoya stepped back and looked at him shocked - “ you aren’t??”

Asad - “ no, im not, its just a situation we both have to deal with,and i didn't say anything, because honestly i have no idea how to react to a proposal for my wife….”,and he gave her a small smile.

Zoya smiled, with relief - “ yeah, i know right, i have no idea how would I react if a proposal came for you…but just so you know, i would find that girl somewhere, and poke both my fingers in her eyes, before she even laid eyes on you,because you are mine…”,she finished and laced her arms around his neck.

Asad - “ you would do that….??”

Zoya nodded - “ oh yes, dont underestimate me on that, like i always told you, my Raizada gene has it all…”

Asad put his arms around her waist as he said - “ and so you know, my Khan gene isn't any less, i am so not letting you meet this guy, no matter what, no one can look at my wife, that way,and get away with it, so we just have to find a way out for you to escape meeting this person…”

Zoya broke away from his grip,and sat down against the wall ,and he sat next to her and she said - “ I wish, i could escape, but i don't know, i mean its jiju’s family friends,how can i say no, without it affecting his relationship with them,and you had to see my family, everybody was ready to play the brides family already, so so excited,and i just wanted to throw up,but i couldn’t, all i could do was smile,and then i knew i had to see you, so i called you, gosh this is crazy….Asad, help your wife, please….”

Asad knew the situation was serious, but the look on her face, was adorable,and so he burst into laughter.

Zoya stared at him in disbelief as she rolled her eyes - “ ok, you have lost it, your going crazy,Asad, yeah you are finding it funny,laugh at my misery…laugh all you want…”and she got up immediately,but he pulled her back with his hand just in time as he said - “ oh im sorry, i know its a serious matter, but i couldn't help it, that look on your face was adorable, i know i could eat you up, you are that adorable…”

Zoya looked at him in disbelief yet again - “ and i was so nervous, that you'd be so angry,and here, you are all relaxed…”

Asad immediately said - “ oh you were right, that i would be really angry if I saw this man anywhere around you, no one dares to tread towards whats mine….”

Zoya sighed - “ yeah but no one knows that remember…”

Asad nodded - “ yeah, so you just have to get me on all the information about this guy, or better, tell me his name, thats all, and ill put my investigators to work,there has to be something which would be unfavourable,maybe his past,and then ill find a way out to leak that information to your family,or better your brother first, and woosh, there you go, before we know it, this man would vanish faster than he had propped up….”

Zoya almost smiled as she heard him and she said - “ wow, your good, Asad, really good, and i guess we could do that, just so you know, next time, I'm coming to you with all my problems…i know you’ll have a solution to everything…”,and she hugged him.

Asad hugged her and he said - “ well i have to watch out for my wife now, dont i, and Zoya just so you know, i would always want that, to know off your problems before anyone else…and this one is not yours anyway, its mine,because i will have no one else looking at you as a prospective bride…”,and he softly struck a strand of hair behind her ear,as he said looking into her eyes - “you are mine, my love, my wife, I cant live without you, and you know that, and I swear i don't know what will come over me, if i see anyone else around you..so i have to do everything that i can to stop this situation from happening in the first place…”

Zoya looked into his eyes as she said - “ i hope you know by now, how much I love you, i know this , our situation,isnt the best one, but as long as you are with me, i know it will pass, and everything will be ok….”

Asad bent forward and kissed her on her forehead, and he said - “ ok so i know you did make an excuse for dinner, lets order something, i messaged ammi, that ill be late, so we can eat together…”

Zoya nodded and she got up and he held her hand and winked as he said - “ oh and i hope, you do know what id like for dessert…”

Zoya blushed,and she just smiled,and picked up the room service menu,as she watched him walk to the washroom,this man had a constant habit of giving her goosebumps.


An Hour Later -

Asad leaned against the door of the bathroom,as he watched Zoya wash her hands,and then he washed his,and joint her back in the room,and he saw her pick up her bag,and she said looking at her phone - “ ok Asad, now i gotta go, its getting late…”

Asad walked over,and hugged her from behind, as he threw her bag aside and kissed her on the neck softly,as he whispered - “ oh you cant, theres always time for dessert, isn't there Zoya…”

Zoya leaned back into the comfort of his arms,and she closed her eyes, enjoying his embrace but she said - “I wish, you know everyone is at home, and it is getting late…”

Asad slowly tucked out her shirt from her skirt,as he said, rubbing his hand on her stomach,and then he pushed her hair to one side from the back,and buried his face in the crook of her neck,and started to trail a line of kisses,as he whispered - “ oh cmon, because of this idiot guy, i did get a chance to see you afterall, id be dammed if i didn't make the most of it…”,and before she could say anything he picked her up in his arms,and then she blushed looking into his eyes as she said - “ ok,i do think a few more minutes wont hurt…”

Asad placed her slowly on the bed,and he unbuttoned his shirt and stripped it off,and then laid down beside her,and propped up on a elbow,as he slowly started to unbutton her shirt,and he said looking into her eyes - “ I love you…”,and then he threw her shirt away,and then leaned forward as he claimed her lips, for a passionate kiss.

He felt her turn into him,as her hands brushed his face,and then went into his hair, as she pulled him closer,as she whispered - “ i know….”,and no further words were required anymore, as they made love.


An Hour Later -

Zoya made her way to her room,and she couldn't stop smiling, trust Asad, to make what was the most tensed situation of her life, into another memorable one.She was just about to enter as she heard her sisters voice in the hallway - “ Zoya…”

She smiled,and she said - “ di, cmon in, sorry i got a little late,we met after a long time…”

Anjali smiled ,and walked in her room- “ no thats ok, i wanted to talk to you about something…”

Zoya kept her bag aside and she watched her sister sit on her bed and she asked - “ have you spoken to Chotte lately? I havent heard much from him ever since hes gone, I was starting to worry, how is everything on Khushi’s front?”

Zoya smiled as she sat - “ how could i not know, that you would know that he went to London for her…”

Anjali smiled - “ I do know, ofcourse, know him better than himself, just like i know, that he is in love, but is too arrogant to admit it…”

Zoya smiled - “ ohk , he did admit it, i mean to himself…”

Anjali - “ what????”

Zoya - “ yeah, hes finally realised that he loves her, but…”

Anjali jumped in happiness - “ thats great, but…but what??”

Zoya sighed - “ But I spoke to Khushi, she is no mood to give this a second shot, they did have a conversation, she made it clear to him, and di, i cant blame her, after all that has happened, its only natural, that Khushi doesn't have the strength…”

Anjali nodded, deep in thought - “ she said that…??”

Zoya nodded - “ yeah, she said she doesn't have that strength anymore to trust him again, and she cannot give him this chance…”

Anjali - “ hmmmm, has he told her that he loves her??”

Zoya - “ dont know that yet, but he has realised for himself, that itself is a big deal,but hes not going to give up,he said hes going to make Khushi fall in love with him again..”

Anjali grinned - “ thank god for our Stubborn Raizada gene…”

Zoya grinned - “yeah di,thank god for that…”

Anjali - “ ok update me as and when you know further….”

Zoya - “yeah di…”

Anjali brushed her sisters hair as she said - “ And yes, although i know you haven't thought of marriage yet, but Shyam is really positive about this family and the guy especially, I would really like it if you gave this a thought Zoya….”

Zoya gave her sister a small smile and then she remembered - “ ok di, ill think about it, on that note, he's Rahul…??”

Anjali - “ rahul khurana, his family has been in Singapore for decades…anything else you want to know…”

Zoya - “just a few more questions di…”,and she started to ask her sister that.

A few minutes Later, Anjali said - “ ok, now ill go , your jiju is waiting, have a good night…”

Zoya smiled - “ yeah goodnight Di…”

Zoya closed the door to her room,and she didn't know how could she ever tell her sister that it wasn't that she didn't believe in marriages, because she had known when it was with the One, everything would flow naturally,and for her The Right one was Asad Ahemed Khan,and thats why she had believed in her gut and in her love, and married the love of her life,already.


Asad lay in bed,and right then his phone beeped - It was Zoya.

Name - Rahul Khurana

Age -28

Lives In Singapore

Education - graduation from Singapore Management University

MBA - Stanford

MD - Khurana Group of Companies, Singapore

P.S - Do you need Anything more?? Could only ask Di this much, didn't want to show too much interest or my family would have him fly in as immediately as tomorrow in their excitement.

Asad quickly wrote - “ No thats ok, that was quick work Zoya,anyway what else is up??”

he got a quick reply-

“Nothing, just about to take a shower and sleep, tired, tomorrow is full on family day as you know…”

He wrote - “ yeah me too, but because you mentioned, i cant believe i haven’t yet, its one of the things iv always wanted, but from now, its my priority…”

He got a quick reply - “ what??? you havent what??”

he smiled as he wrote, he knew shed blush - “that i havent joint you in the shower yet, but very soon, my love…”

His phone beeped a few second slater - “ god, your shameless, ok im going now, talk to you in the morning,ok?…”

He smiled as he wrote - “ goodnight,Mrs.Khan…”

His phone beeped - “Goodnight,Mr Khan…”

He scrolled up then , and looked again at the details of this man Zoya had just sent in,it made him uneasy because he did have a impressive education.First thing tomorrow, he was going to get his investigator, to contact someone in Singapore, to dig information on this guy.It was a priority, he was sure, he would find something.And he hoped he would, because there was no way he was going to let any man lay his eyes on his wife, on his Zoya.Zoya was his, only his - yesterday, today and forever.


Fate grinned - “oh what fun…im really enjoying here, you know the sadistic pleasure out of Arnav’s pain,and the hidden romance between my lovebirds…”

Destiny rolled her eyes - “ oh cmon, poor guy, he is really suffering,he is miserable without her…”

Fate scowled - “ Knock your head Raizada, you are late…”

Love smiled - “ you know, timing is very important in the matter between the hearts…you know what, theres nothing longer than the distance between two hearts, and i dont blame my girl for being distant…”

Destiny - “ yeah, but you gotta do something, atlas…you know they are meant to be….”

Love - “ yeah, buts its going to be an interesting turn of events until that…and as for my other lovebirds,an interesting road ahead too”

fate grinned - “  In both the cases, it is going to be an interesting turn of events…”

Hate walked in and at that moment he watched his three counterparts go all silent,he scowled, he knew they were upto acting all fishy again, he walked over to his desk,and opened his iPad and smiled, they had no idea about what he was upto.


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Mar 24, 2017

Chapter 24 - Longing - (24 March,2017) - New (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 21 times)

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Chapter 24 - Longing

Saturday - 7 PM - London

Khushi looked at her reflection in the mirror,as she brushed her hair,and then fixed her hair,she smiled, she was really liking  this dress, she should wear green more often, she decided. She picked up her lipstick,and applied it,and she grinned at herself.She loved her look.Right then her phone rang,and she picked it up, as she said - “ yes, im ready Arhaan, im coming down…”

Arhaan - “ no, im coming to get you…”

Khushi smiled - “ ok…”

So the reason for this happiness was, that finally the campaign at AR was over,and it had been a huge success,and that was the reason for the party tonight at AR.Not just that, she and Mark had been greatly appreciated by everyone,who didn't like appreciation.She walked to her kitchen as she drank a glass of water, she was so happy, that her work at AR was finally over, and she wouldn't have to see him again,and all the uneasiness she had been feeling would finally wash away,she was sure.Ever since he had told her, that he wa sin love with her, there was a part of her, that stupid idiotic one,that was still in love with him, couldn't stop shoving his memories in her face,but she had been strong , strong enough to avoid him nonetheless.She knew she had to keep her guard on,she couldn't fall into the trap of his love once again, she feared about being trampled over again,and she would be dammed if she let Arnav Singh Raizada have that power over her again,maybe sometimes Love wasn't enough,and in their case, it certainly hadn't been enough then, it certainly wasn't enough now.

She took a deep breath,and instructed herself to not think of him, and right then she heard the knock on the door,and she opened,and she smiled as she saw Arhaan,and she said - “ i would have come down, you didn't need to…”

Arhaan looked at her ,she was gorgeous, this woman, so so pretty,he smiled as he walked in taking her hand as he said - “ i had to, because i need to talk to you, before we get to the party…”

Khushi walked with him, and sat on her sofa as she asked - “ ok, so , what is it??”

Arhaan looked at her and he kissed her hand as he said - “ ok, i have to leave at Midnight, for Germany, have the 4 am flight, something at work came up, i will be back in a week or so…”

Khushi touched his arm as she said - “ oh thats ok, i understand…relax…”

Arhaan looked at her as he said - “ will you come with me??”

Khushi was now shocked - “ what???me???”

Arhaan held her hand - “ yeah, i mean my uncle and aunt really want to meet you…”

Khushi gave him a small smile as she said - “ Arhaan, but iv got work,and i cant take such a long leave, you know that I can’t…”

Arhaan - “ yeah, i know, but couldn't stop myself from trying my luck….anyways maybe later…lets go…”

Khushi got up and walked with him out and just as they were about to step in the elevator Arhaan held her hand as he said - “did i tell you , how beautiful you look tonight…”

Khushi smiled as she said - “ no you didn’t…”

Arhaan grinned as he stepped in, taking her hand - “ oh what i fool, iv been, but isn't my fault, im not in my state of mind when im around you…”

Khushi rolled her eyes - “ very funny…”,and they stepped out and got into his car,and she started to drive to AR.


AR London - 730 PM

Arnav put on his coat,and he looked at himself in the mirror.The campaign had been a success,and that was very good for AR.Usually at these moments he would feel really good and would want to celebrate, but today he didn't feel like it at all.Khushi had gone on her - Ignore Arnav Singh Raizada mode,after that night,and he hadn't been able to get her alone at all,firstly also because work had kept them both tied up,and second every time he tried she would find one excuse or the other to run away,he had no idea, why she was doing this.He closed his eyes, and his heart immediately took him back to the their tim in his office two days ago.He had told her everything, he had bared his heart out.He recalled her words -

“Im sorry for this to have happened to us, that we both were in love with each other, but not at the same time…”

“Im sorry , but that time is long lost…”

“I care about Arhaan dammit….”

“Why did you have to come back,at all??”

He ran his hand through his hair, she was being very difficult,and he knew he had hurt her so bad, but why was she being completely blind to the part of her that still had feelings for him.He knew, there was, surely.Because the way, in that one vulnerable moment, they way she had held on to him, and the way she had responded to his kiss,he knew that there was something still there, even though she had dug it deep inside of her.In the last two days, he had wanted to ask her as to why had she called him and not Arhaan that day, but he hadn't got the chance to.And now the campaign was over, she wouldn't be coming to AR anymore, after this party, and like an idiot all he could was watch, and do anything about it.

He hadn't gone back to the apartment to get ready,infact he had brought his change here itself.he finished getting ready,and stepped out his washroom,and as much as he was in pain,and his heart was broken, he still was very excited to Khushi tonight.

How Ironic it was, he was crazily in love with someone,who had loved him the same way too, but in the past.In the present, she was totally acting like a distant stranger,and here he couldn't think of anything else other than her.It was as if they had been brought together by fate only to be torn apart,first by him and now by her.But he had remembered her every minute hadn't it? He hadn't let her go in his memories,infact he had been lost in them, he had lived in them all these months, in every moment, he had only loved her, and wanted her, his heart had made his journey to love, only to be left broken,and now as much as he wished to hide the pain, he was feeling he couldn't and only he knew, how he had been handling himself.

He had wanted to ask Zoya for help, but he had refrained, because he knew this was something he had to mend himself,because he was the one who had done the damage, in the first place.But he had thrown the ball in her court,and she wasn't interested anymore, as much he wished, he knew he couldn't force her into feeling for him,he knew he couldn’t,and so maybe he really did deserve this, he had lost out big time, his loss indeed had been somebody’s gain. He knew Khushi would bring Arhaan with her, and he prepared himself for the torture it would make him go through, and he finally stepped out of his cabin,and walked towards the hall, right when he spotted Khushi enter with him,and he was holding her hand.The sight was burning into him so bad,but the vision of Khushi dressed in that olive green halter dress,which went down till her knees,distracted him greatly,and he knew then and there, in his heart, she would be the only one he would ever love,whether she gave him a chance now or never, he knew, in his heart, he wouldn't be able to love anyone ever again,because Khushi had occupied that place in his heart, and even though she wanted to, he couldn't take her out of it, he wouldn't be able to , even if the sky down.


Khushi walked in,and it was right then she spotted him coming down the stairs from his cabin, and their eyes locked for a brief second,and she looked away, because there was so much pain in his eyes, and it made her feel really restless,very restless,and she didn't know why,and so she looked away and walked in with Arhaan and greeted everyone.And right then she saw him walk upto them as he greeted Arhaan, and they shook hands.She gave him a small smile,and then she excused herself to go to the washroom ,because she had no idea, what the hell was happening to her.

Arhaan watched her leave and he said - “ god, i love her…”

Arnav stiffened,what the hell did this man just say,and he controlled his emotion to hit him,as he asked - “ what?? what did you just say??”

Arhaan picked up a drink for himself as he said - “ I said, I love her, khushi, my khushi…”

My Khushi, what the bloody ****. His insides boiled so bad.

But he knew he couldn't express his real emotions so he covered up as he asked - “ really? have you told her?? and i heard from Andy , you guys havent been together long…”

Arhaan sipped his drink - “ yeah, i know, its been just a week or so, but that has got nothing to do with this, you know iv been in love with her ever since i met her, all my life i had never believed in love at first sight, until it had happened to me,and to answer you, no i havent told her, i plan to , before i leave tonight…”

Arnav - “ you are leaving…??”

Arhaan - “yeah for a week, off to germany for work, i asked her to come with me…you know my uncle and aunt have heard so much they really want to meet her…”

Arnav choked on his drink ,and Arhaan patted him on the back as he asked - “ you ok ??”

Arnav nodded.He couldn't beleive this guys audacity, how dare he ask Khushi to go with him.Well you idot, he is her boyfriend, instructed his mind.

He had to know what Khushi had said, but he didn't want to sound so curious so he said - “ well the work is over here, so good for you two…”

Arhaan - “ yeah would have been, if she had agreed, you see work here is over, but not at her company she cant take a long leave…”

Arnav felt his insides jump up in happiness,and right then he saw Khushi walk back towards them,and Arhaan kept his drink on the table as he said - “ i dont have much time, now if you'll excuse me, id like to dance with my lady love…”, and he walked ahead,and offered Khushi his hand, as he pulled her to the dance floor,and she looked at him briefly as she gave ARhaan her hand, and then quickly looked away.


Arnav had been watching Khushi for about ten minutes now, and he knew it was making her nervous, very nervous.Right then a slow song began and he saw Arhaan pull her close by the waist,and she put her arms around his neck,and they started to dance.

Oh God, only he knew he controlled himself, all he wanted to do was break every glass in front of him.

He looked away, why the hell was he torturing himself like this he had no freaking idea,but he found himself looking again,and right then he saw Arhaan lean in towards her to kiss her, and he seared his heart stopped,this man was a few cms away from her lips,and just as he thought he would actually kiss her, Khushi turned her cheek a little,and he kissed her on the side of her lips.

He breathed a sigh of releif, and he had had enough and he walked ahead to the dance floor,and patted Arhaan shoulder as he asked - “ do you mind? if i steal my sisters best friend for a dance…??”

Khushi glared at him,no way was she going to dance with him, but right then she heard Arhaan speak - “ sure, Arnav…”,and right then Lavanya popped up and asked Arhaan to dance with her, and he smiled at Khushi,and accompanied Lavanya.

Arnav knew, Khushi had to dance with him, for she couldn't make a scene in his office party.He held his hand ,and she gave him her hand,and he felt so good, he was officially crazy in love for sure.He held her one hand, and put his other one on her waist,and she placed her hands on his shoulder as he said looking into her eyes - “ this colour suits you Khushi, you should wear it more often, you look gorgeous…”

Khushi looked at him as she asked - “ why are you doing this??”

Arnav looked at her - “ what am i doing?? is it a crime to dance with a woman i love..??”

Khushi didn't know what to say and so she looked away.She controlled her heartbeats to not feel what his touch  was making her feel.Just few minutes before, she had been dancing with Arhaan,and he had almost kissed her, and she just in time had turned, so that his lips touched the side of her lips,she had no freaking idea, as to why hadn't she let him kiss her until  now,he was her boyfriend,and this man was nothing to her, and she had kissed him just two days ago.It was a vulnerable moment,she reminded herself, it just got carried away.

Arnav watched her look everywhere but at him and so he asked - “ why aren't you looking at me??”

Khushi - “because, i don't want to”,and she still didn't look at him.

He pulled her closer to him,as he asked again softly in her ears - “ why didn’t you let him kiss you Khushi…??”

Khushi now looked at him in surprise,and she didn't want her eyes to give away as she said - “ oh thats because i dont like to make a display of my affection, its not like we havent kissed…”

Arnav - “ look into my eyes when you say that…i dare you, look into my eyes, Khushi…”

There was something in his voice,that made her look at him finally and she looked into his eyes, as they bore into her,and as much as she wanted to she couldn't get herself to lie,and she asked - “ i will not say anything anymore, its my personal life, stay out of it…”

But he had got his answer.He was sure,she hadn't let him kiss her.

Arnav watched her ,he wanted to read her mind, but she was blocking her eyes again and he asked - “ ok, so why dont you answer me something that isn't personal..”

Khushi nodded.

Arnav took a deep breath as he held her hand and brushed his thumb on the back of it softly - “ why did you call me that day? and not Arhaan?? And please I'm not buying the reason you gave him, i want to know the truth…”

Khushi felt emotions stir up inside of her,and she had no idea to that question,she had been trying to figure it out ,but her mind had stopped her, overtime she tried to explore the answer because it rekindled her old emotions,and so she looked into his eyes and whispered - “ i don't know.I honestly don’t know why the first person that came to mind was you…”

Arnav saw her eyes fill up with tears,and before he could say anything,she stepped out as she said - “ i gotta go….”, and before he could catch her, she had walked out of the dance floor.

Arhaan watched Khushi leave, and he excused himself from lavanya, and walked towards her as he asked holding her arm - “ hey is everything ok…??”

Khushi gave him a small smile - “ yeah, im hungry, thats all…”

Arhaan held her hand as he said - “ oh then come lets get you something to eat…”

Khushi looked at him - “ yeah, and after that can we leave??”

Arhaan - “are you sure??”

Khushi nodded - “yeah, i dont wish to stay longer, please…”

Arhaan - “ alright, i was going to ask Arnav to take you home, since he lives across of you,because i have to leave for the airport, but looks like ill drop you myself…”

Khushi smiled - “ that’ll be great…”


Arhaan stepped out the elevator,and walked with Khushi to her door,and he looked at his watch, it was 10.30, he had to leave for Heathrow by Midnight, so he still had about 30 minutes more to be with Khushi, and he really wanted that, because he knew he would miss her so so much.He looked at her as she opened her door,and he asked - “ hey is everything alright?? you had been so silent all the way up here…”

Khushi gave him a small smile - “ no, just tired, you know it has been a long long week, im just exhausted,if it hadn't been for my boss, i wouldn't even gone to the party,anyways i know you have to leave, but you have time for some coffee?? ill make us some…”

Arhaan nodded - “ yeah, sure….”

he stepped in, and watched Khushi as she put the kettle on boil,and he sat on the stool in her kitchenette,and just watched her,a few minutes later, she placed a mug in front of him,and he smiled - “ thanks…you do know, im going to miss you like crazy, only if you would come with me…”

Khushi sipped her coffe,as she sat on the stool across of him - “Arhaan, you know, i can’t…”

Arhaan nodded - “ yes yes, i know, relax….”

Khushi - “and its just a week….right??”

Arhaan - “yeah…”,and he slowly placed a hand on hers on the table as he said - “ theres something i need you to know, before I leave, i cant keep it in any longer…”

Khushi looked at him confused - “ yeah cmon, tell me…”

Arhaan placed his mug on the table, walked around to her and made her turn around,and he held both her hand in his as he said - “ Khushi you are the best to have happened to me in the longest time…”

Khushi looked at him,as he continued - “and with you everything is perfect, just perfect, i need you to know, that what may seem like for the longest time now, i have been in love with you…”

Khushi looked him shocked,she hadn't expected any of this,she had known he cared deeply about her,and she cared for him too, but love?? he was in love with her???? She felt uneasy and it was because it didn't feel right,because she didn't love him,and someone as special as him deserved someone who would be able to say those beautiful gorgeous words back to him in a jiffy,but she just stood stunned,and silent because it didn't seem right,she looked at him,and she suddenly felt like a big fool,she knew amidst all her emotional turmoil these days, it would be really long until she fell in love again,and did he deserve that?? No, he didn’t.She knew he was waiting for her to say something,and when she just looked at him in silence she heard him say - “ look you dont have to say anything, its just that i had to get it out of my system, and i wanted you to know before I left, so….”

Arhaan had expected her to atlas say something he knew, i love you back was a big shot, but atlas something anything,and thats when he saw her hold his arm tenderly as she said - “ you just took me by suprise, i wasn't expecting….”

Arhaan smiled, for he felt a glitter of hope - “ofcourse…”

Khushi held his hand as she said - “ arhaan, you have been there for me, in some of my toughest phases of my life,and i really do like you and I care about you, but to be honest , this doesn't feel right, to me, because i know you deserve to be with someone who would be able to say those beautiful words back to you in a jiffy, but I….I..”

Arhaan didn't like the sound of what she was saying and so he just said cupping her face gently - “ look you don't have to say  anything at all, I know, it’s difficult for you love again….”

Khushi held both his hands - “ exactly, what if I'm never able to love again, for something which is a question mark for me, i can't do this to you, i care about you,and i will not hurt you this way, because i know how it feels when you love someone,but you know what its even worse, if i keep this going because deep down i really doubt if ill be ever to fall in love again,and it'll be really much worse, if i lead you on falsely, arhaan, im sorry, i really am, but i hope you can forgive me for this…”

Arhaan looked at her stunned,he couldn't move,he felt like such a idiot,he had scared her with all his heavy duty emotions,and he asked - “ what do you mean??”

Khushi looked away as she said - “ i hate to do this, im hating myself right now,but i can't do this to you Arhaan, I’m sorry…”

Arhaan asked - “ are we breaking up??”

Khushi nodded - “yes we are, but its got nothing to do with you, you are perfect, its got everything to do with me, and my incapability of being able to love again..”,and she silently added,to herself,her incapability to get that part of her that loved Tornado Singh raizada to shut up.She was doing the right thing, he deserved a person who loved him, not someone who had got into a vulnerable moment with her ex and kissed him.

Arhaan held her hand - “Khushi don't do this cmon, we only just got together, it hasn't even been ten days…give yourself a chance maybe…”

Khushi fought her tears as she said - “exactly, maybe,what if it never happens,its all so uncertain,and what if I am unable to,id hate myself even more… I'm sorry, I can’t Arhaan…”

Khushi hugged him as she said - “ you deserve better, you really do…”

Arhaan knew, that she really meant everything she had just said,and as much as he was hurt in this moment, he knew she was right,he would be more hurt later ,so he just nodded - “ I understand….guess i should leave….im running late for my flight anyway”

Khushi looked at him as she asked - “ i hope you dont hate me Arhaan, im sorry…”

Arhaan bent forward and kissed her on her forehead - “ no, i don’t, relax, ok, take care, i will let you know once i reach…”

Khushi - “ you will??”

Arhaan gave her a sad smile - “ yeah, i will…”,and then he walked out, he knew it was the best thing for now, he needed some space to figure out what he felt about what had just happened.


30 Minutes Later

Khushi changed into her night suit,and she felt so terrible to hurt Arhaan like this, but she knew deep down that she had been right,because she didn't believe if she could love again anytime soon,and not just that,that freaking part of her, that was still in love with that devil,angered her greatly,dammit,and here she had thought she had moved on completely,and all he had to do was turn up in front of her, and her perfect life had been turned upside down.What the hell,she was so mad,she hadn't felt so angry in the longest time,because, she had hurt Arhaan badly,she knew she had broken his heart,and she hated herself so so much,and she also knew she may have lost out on a good friend too,and this was all his freaking fault.Arnav Singh Raizada.

Aghhhhh, the felt so so annoyed,and she felt herself loose control,and she literally wanted to scream her lungs out,she couldn't believe this was happening to her.She picked up her plates from the table,and she threw them in anger,and then the very next minute she realised what she had done,and she bent down to pick up the peices,and right then she stepped on a broken glass,and she screamed in pain.


Arnav had just entered the building,and he was feeling really dejected, Khushi had left early. He was in such a mess,he stepped out the elevator,and had almost entered his appartment, when he heard a sound of something crashing on the floor, again and again,from Khushi’s apartment,and then he heard her scream,what the hell was happening??

He walked over immediately and lucky for him, the door wasn't completely shut,and he immediately stepped in - “ Khushi….”

And the minute he registered in the sight around him, he felt shocked, there were pieces of broken crockery lying on the floor,and Khushi was sitting on the floor,as she was trying to take out a piece of glass, that had pierced in her foot.

What the **** had just happened here??

He was by her side in a jiffy as he flung his coat on her sofa as he said - “ Khushi what happened???”

Khushi hadn't realised he had entered her appartment,and the minute she heard his voice her anger snapped as she said - “ you, get the hell out of here, I don't want to see you, just leave….” and she started to get up, but because she had injured her foot,she immediately fell,and he caught her just in time,and he said - “ what the hell is wrong with you Khushi?? you are hurt, very hurt…”,and he looked at glass piece and he said - “ yell at me later, but not stay still , i need to take this out…”

Khushi agreed only because she was in so much pain and she flinched,as he slowly took the piece of glass out of her leg.He looked at her, something was terribly wrong here,he quickly picked her up in his arms and she protested,as she hit him on his chest - “ what the hell are you doing, i said put me down….”

Arnav immediately placed her on the sofa and then he walked over to the drawer and took out her first aid kit,and walked over to her in an instance his own anger rising as he spat - “ just shut up, will you, please???”

Khushi spat back - “ and i dont need your help, i can manage on my own, get out…”

Arnav had no clue where was all this anger coming from and he controlled his anger as he said - “ and i hope, you heard, i asked you to shut up…and now let me take care of this…”

Khushi immediately pulled her foot back - “ i won’t…”and if you don't hand over the medicine and the bandage to me i will let it bleed, but i will not have you tend to me…”

Arnav looked at her in disbelief ,and he watched the blood continue to ooze out, god was she stubborn and he handed her the kit as he said - “ fine, do it yourself…”

He watched her clean her wound and she flinched in pain,but thank god the blood stopped and then thats it he couldn't take it any longer, as he snatched the bandage from her hand, and started to wrap it around her foot,and he glared at her in anger, so that she couldn't stop him anymore.

He slowly wrapped her wound,and then he kept it back on the sofa,and before he could say anything she threw a cushion on him,and he caught it just in time before it hit his face and he looked at her in disbelief ,something was really wrong with her,and he said - “ ok , you need to calm down , seriously…”

Khushi spat back - “ and you need to leave, right now…”

Arnav - “ not before you tell me what happened here??”

Khushi scowled - “ this is my house, i can do whatever i want, i will break everything if i want,now leave…none of your business Mr.Raizada..”,and she started to get up from the sofa,and he immediately said - “ what do you think you are doing??”

Khushi put her foot down, it pained a little, but right now she needed him to leave and so she said - “ showing you the door, since you cant apparently see it…”

 He watched her walk as she limped, and wore her slippers and started to walk towards where her crockery was still shattered,and she bent down as she started to pick it up.

Thats it,he had reached his brink.

He went to her side, and started to pick up along with her, and when they were done, he saw her sit on the kitchen floor,as she finally burst into tears.

He had no idea what to say, because he had no clue what was the reason for all of this,but he couldn't see her like this,and so he sat next to her, and just held her hand and he asked softly - “ talk to me, please, what happened??”

Khushi controlled her sobs as she finally spoke, taking a deep breath - “ i was just angry…and…”

Arnav - “ but i havent seen you like this before, Khushi…”

Khushi nodded - “ yes, because i have never felt so angry ever before, and this is all your fault…”

Arnav looked at her in shock - “ what did i do??”

Khushi - “ what you did was come back here,everything was perfect until you turned up,and my perfect life turned upside down,i was happy without you in my life, dammit….”

Arnav felt really hurt and he said - “ khushi, you already know everything, look i know i messed up back then , but you are really hurting me now…”

Khushi wiped her tears,she had never felt so distraught and confused in all her life,as she spoke - “exactly, thats all i can do now, hurt people, i hurt him, and now you….look just leave,before i say anything more that I shudn’t, you are right, it isn't your fault, its mine,its all my freaking fault…”

Arnav - “ oh shut up, and what do you mean, i hurt him?? who??”

Khushi sighed ,as she said- “ Arhaan, i hurt him, god…i hate myself…”

Arnav - “what do you mean…??”

Khushi - “ He told me he was in love with me, and what did i do,I broke up with him,because i don't think I'm capabale of loving again,and he deserved someone who reciprocated what he felt, he is a gem of a person, he deserves better….the look on his face, god I hate myself…”,and then she buried her head in her knees and started to cry again.

In any other scenario, if he had heard of Khushi’s break up with Arhaan, his heart would have jumped up in happiness,but right now seeing her like this, crying and in so much misery, he felt anything but happy,and maybe she was right this was all his fault, because his return had messed up with her head,and then she wouldn't be in this situation ,he slowly kept a hand on her arm,as he said - “ khushi, look at me…please…?”

Khushi finally looked at him into his eyes as she heard him say - “ im sorry, maybe this is all my fault…”

Khushi hated herself even more, the look on his face, she felt like such a mess,and she sighed - “ it isn’t, its mine, because i wasn't prepared to see you yet, i  had never thought id ever see you again,and i tried to fight what i was feeling and look at all the mess i have created….”

Arnav really wanted to ask what she meant by that, was there a possibility?? but maybe now wasn't the time,and so he just held her hand in silence,and she didn't break away and right then he heard her say - “ you really love me, dont you??”

Arnav looked at her into her eyes as he said cupping her face - “ I do, i love you Khushi, with all my heart…”

Khushi looked into his eyes - “ will you do something for me??please??”

Arnav rubbed her cheek softly - “ yeah ofcourse, anything just say it…”

Khushi looked straight into his eyes,she felt like such a mess and all she wanted was to be alone, she didn't want anyone around her, and so she whispered - “ i want you to leave….”

Arnav - “ yeah i will go back to my apartment,once we finish talking…”

Khushi - “ no thats not what i meant, i want you to leave as in, i want you to go back to India, now, as soon as possible…”

Arnav had expected anything but that, and he felt his heart break all over again and he looked at her in shock and he pulled his hands in reflex as he asked - “ whatttttt???why????”

Khushi sighed as she finally spoke - “ because a part of me, is still very strongly in love with you, I love you, maybe i always will….i cant lie to myself any longer”

Those words, he had been dying to hear it, but the way she was saying them,he didn't know whether to feel happy or sad, so he just said - “ and i love you, i always will…then whats the problem…”

Khushi closed her eyes as she said - “ i love you, but that doesn't change the fact that i dont want to be with you….”

Arnav looked at in disbeleif - “ are you even listening to yourself, you are making absolutely no sense here….”

Khushi nodded - “ I know, but thats what I want, I want you to leave, take the next flight back,if possible…are you going to do it or not….”

And with that, Khushi got up,and walked to her door,and opened it,and he walked behind her and he looked at her face,and he asked - “ you mean this, don't you? this is what you really want??”

Khushi nodded - “ yes…”

Arnav folded his arms as he nodded - “ ok fine, i will, if thats what you want, i just want you to be happy, even if its without me….”

And he started to walk out,and he looked at his watch ,it was midnight, if he left in an hour,he would be able to take the 530 am flight back,and now he couldn't take the pain anymore, he really did want to get out of there too,and so he said - “ i will take the 530 am flight back…”

Khushi nodded.

He waited for her to say something to atleast stop him, but when she didn't he knew this was what she had really wanted,and so he just turned and asked - “ can i ask you for something??one last time?”

Khushi looked into his eyes, she knew she was breaking his heart all over again,but she had no choice, because she had no freaking idea about what she wanted anymore,but she nodded - “ yes….”

Arnav caged her in between his arms, against the wall of her house and he looked into her eyes as he said - “ I want to kiss you goodbye, Khushi, will you let me, for this one last time??”

One last time, the sound of that hurt real bad,and she felt as if she had been hypnotised by the moment as she nodded,and just as she saw him lean in,she leaned in forward, and their lips met,she felt him kiss her with so much emotion as if he was pouring all the love and the pain into it,and she felt herself respond with equal love, and pain.

Arnav continued to kiss her, because he knew he had to store this memory in his head for the longest time, because he had no idea,when would he see her again,he had no idea what was on her mind ,and as to why she was doing any of this,and he needed this moment to last as long as it possible could,he felt her rub his cheek softly,as she finally let go,and opened her eyes and looked into his as she whispered - “ goodbye Arnav….”, and before he could say anything further, she stepped back into her apartment and closed the door.

He just stood there for a second, too shaken to move and he just touched her door with his hand, because he knew she would be behind it,and he said - “ goodbye Khushi….”,and he got no reply,and so he turned to walk to his appartment, he had to pack and get out of here, for he couldn't bear the pain anymore,he felt as if his heart would burst and break into a zillion pieces all over again, just like it had been breaking every day, for which seemed like the longest time now.


Sunday - Shantivan

1.00 PM

Zoya paced around her sister’s room nervously and she looked at her and asked - “ are you sure bhai is on his way di??”

Anjali - “ yup, he messagedme he took the 530 am flight which means ours 11.am,and its a eight hour flight,he should be home by 830pm max…but why are you so nervous??”

Zoya looked at her sister as she said - “ im nervous, because why so suddenly, oh god, im so worried, something happened with Khushi, im sure….or else…”

Anjali - “yeah, i thought so too, i asked him, but he didn't say anything, look why dont you call Khushi??”

Zoya - “ yeah i would have already di, if it weren't so early in London,its Sunday its just 730 am…shell be asleep…i will call in a while…”

Anjali nodded - “ ok update me, just as you know anything..”

Zoya nodded - “yup…for sure…”

Anjali took her arm - “ok now calm down, lets go down for lunch , the Raizada clan awaits…”

Zoya smiled - “ yeah di, sure….”,and they walked out,and Zoya instructed herself to stop worrying,nothing bad would have happened for sure, maybe he was coming back because of work.


Zoya ate a bite of her paratha as she said - “ oh nani, i love these, cmon give me your hands…”,and she kissed her grandmother’s hand, she really did make the best paratha’s in the whole wide world.

She heard her Nani speak - “ Zoya, you know you can ask me to make for you whenever you want…”

Mami teased - “ exactly , have as much as you want beta, for very soon you'll be married, and you wont get to eat your beloved nani’s cooking…”

Zoya groaned , oh they had started again - “ very funny mami, and like i said, im not going anywhere, anytime soon…”

Mami grinned - “ as much as we love you, we do wish to see you married, you are our princess after all…”

Akash ruffled her hair lovingly - “ exactly, our little Zoya, not so little anymore, and since Bhai will be here tonight, maybe we can arrange for a meeting as soon as tuesday? can we jiju??”

Shyam smiled - “ yes why not?? they are waiting for our call, the minute i tell them that Chotte is back, they will be here…and I must say, i showed Rahul a picture of Zoya, he was smitten, i could see it…”

Anjali nudged Zoya as she said - “ ofcourse, anyone would be, our Zoya is one of a kind….”

Zoya continued to eat her paratha in silence,and she just gave small smiles to her family,god she hadn't thought of this until now,her brother would be here tonight,and what if they call this rahul and his family as early as tomorrow, no no, she was sure Asad’s investigator wouldn't have found anything yet,she only gave him details last night.

She couldn't even message him because she was sitting in the middle of everyone,and now she just had to wait until after lunch.


2.00 PM - Barkat

Asad finished his meal,and he smiled at his mother - “ ammi, you do know the best part of Sundays is your biryani…”

Dilshaad smiled -“the best part for me is that i get to spend time with you….”

Asad smiled - “always you know Sunday is family day, so what do you want to do today? should we go for a movie at 4 and then we have a early dinner out, hows the idea…?”

Dilshaad smiled - “ a good idea…ill get ready..”,and she had a sad smile on her face and Asad asked - “ ammi, is everythign alright??”

Dilshaad smiled - “ yeah ofcourse, i was just missing Khushi, you know its been so long, i have no idea why this girl wouldn't come back, why is she working there, when here Khan Designs waits for her to takeover,Asad, you convinced me months ago, but i guess now would be the time to ask her to return…”

Asad smiled - “ i miss Khushi too,but ammi, i will not force her into anything, let her take her time…”

Dilshaad - “ easy for you to say, because you just met her, i havent seen her in the longest time…”

Asad - “ ok fine, ill speak to her, ok, now cmon go get ready, im just booking us the tickets…”

Dilshaad nodded,and walked to her room , she did love Sundays a lot.

Asad quickly booked the tickets, and as much as he didn't like the thought of this movie, he knew his mother wanted to see it, so, he wanted to take her.Right then his phone rang and he smiled, it was Zoya, they had been missing each other’s call since morning.

He walked to his room quickly and shut the door as he picked up - “ hey wifey, whats up, i was just wondering when would i get to hear your lovely voice…”

“yeah, so sorry , i know we’v been missing each other’s call since morning…”

Asad smiled - “whats up? me just finished lunch, taking ammi, out for a movie, then early dinner…”

Zoya - “ awww, aren't you the bestest son ever, and yes i just finished lunch, but listen theres something important…”

Asad - “ yeah what is it??”

Zoya - “ Oh my usual crazy Raizada clan, went insane over lunch, no one could stop talking about me getting married…”

Asad grinned - “ oh yeah, lets just tell them then, that you already are…”

“very funny, you think its funny , its no joke, fine laugh all you want, but you dont tell me anything when this guy Rahul comes to see me on Tuesday or maybe tomorrow…”

Asad’s smile vanished as he asked in shock - “whattt???what are you saying??”

“yup, exactly, so bhai is on his way back, he will be home tonight, and then i know first thing nani is going to do is talk about this, what are we going to do now?? have you found anything yet??”

Asad ruffled his hair in worry - “ well no, the investigator in Singapore will need some time at least, look you have to convince your brother, somehow and get me some time here, like a week or something…”

“Whattt??? a week, asad are you crazy thats like a year of wait for my nani and di, they aren't going to listen…”, replied Zoya worriedly.

Asad - “ they will , if you convince your brother…”

“as if that will be easy, Asad, you do know he gave me a free pass from tis marriage issue even before, but then it was easy because there was no family , no guy in the picture, and now there is, and shyam jiju’s friends, dude if jiju talks to him, im sure even bhai wouldn't listen…”

Asad - “ there has to be a way…Zoya, cmon…”

“ill try to talk to Bhai tonight…”

“ok, do that…”,replied Asad.

“hey , have you spoken to Khushi today?or last night after you got home??”

Asad - “ no, i didnt call , i thought shed be sleeping , its still early in london, and since its Sunday, altho i do have to talk t her….”

Zoya - “ yeah, exactly, i didn't call thats why too, but what happened ??”

Asad - “ nothing much,ammi, wants her to come back now, but i don't want to force her…”

Zoya - “ hmmmm , its ok, relax, just talk to her and see what she wants…”

Asad smiled - “yeah, thats the plan…”

Right then he heard his mothers voice calling him and he said - “ ok, so now i gotta go, ok, you please fill me in on this, after you talk to him, ok??”

Zoya - “ yes sir, now cmon go and have a nice time, dont worry…”

Asad - “ but ill miss you…”

“yeah me tooo….”replied Zoya.

Asad finally hung up and made his way down,he was sure Zoya would figure something out,for there had to be a way out of this.


9.00 PM Shantivan

Arnav stepped in , in house, he was exhausted, not from the journey but the pain in his heart.He walked in towards the hall,and saw his family sitting together, for dinner, and everyone started to greet him one by one, and then he heard his di say - “ chotte, come join in , wont you??”

Arnav - “ di, im just tired, could you send some dinner up to my room, ill eat quickly and rest, I'm sorry everyone, but …”

Shyam - “ oh we understand, Arnav, its ok , relax…”

Zoya looked at her brother and she gestured him , to ask if everything was ok, but when he just sighed and walked to his room,she gestured to Anjali di, that something wasn't right,and then she said - “ ok why don't you all continue, ill take dinner up to bhai…”

And then she filled a plate of food for him, and made her way up.

She entered his room,and the she saw him stand with his hand to the wall,as he looked out to his poolside,and she kept the plate aside and walked upto him,and rubbed his arm tenderly - “ bhai , are you ok?? i was surprised  to know from di of your sudden return, and i called Khushi she wouldn't tell me anything, saying she didn't want to talk about it as of now, and then i get to know from her that her family really wants her to come back here but she isn't going to come,i have no clue of whats happening, can you fill me in here??”

Arnav folded his arms and he leaned back against the wall,he was tired and exhausted from the pain he had been feeling,maybe it would help if he shared it so he spoke - “ i messed up,as usual…”

Zoya looked at him confused - “what do you mean??”

Arnav - “ I mean, things didn't go as id thought they would…”

Zoya - “ but you said you'd win her back, bhai??”

Arnav - “ yeah, i took so much for granted, i took Khushi for granted, i just always thought shed be there…”

Zoya - “ oh so guess she really likes Arhaan??…oh I'm so sorry bhai…”

Arnav sighed - “ yes, she likes him , but he loves her…”

Zoya - “ whatttttt??”

Arnav sighed - “yes, and when he told her that, she broke up with him, because she thinks he deserves someone who should be able to feel the same in an instant, which she doesn’t, as in she doesn't love him,and she knew she hurt him badly,and i guess its all my fault, because i went back,and it messed up with her head…and now she's so miserable,and once again i only have myself to blame…because my return made her realise that there was still a part of her that was still very strongly in love with me, no matter how hard she tried to fight it…”

Zoya exclaimed in shock- “ wait wait wait, what?????? she broke up with arhaan, she doesn't love him, she is still in love with you??oh god Khushiiii, i have no idea whats on her mind, she wouldn't talk to me…but if she does love you, why are you here?”

Arnav - “ i love her, and she loves me, but that doesn't change the fact that she doesn't want to be with me…”

Zoya - “ what?? are you even listening to yourself, you are making no sense at all…”

Arnav - “ yeahhh, i said the exact same thing to her, but for once she asked me something, i had to do it, my being there was making her miserable,ad after all that iv done and put her through…i guess it’s the best for now…”

Zoya - “ what did she want??”

Arnav - “ she wanted me to leave…”

Zoya - “ so thats why, you came??”

Arnav nodded - “ yup, i had to also not because she wanted it, but i couldn't handle the pain anymore, its so difficult Zoya, to be away from the one you love, but theres too much distance in between us, i don't think she will ever forget what happened, she cannot trust me,she fears being hurt again and i dont have much to my credit here do i??”

Zoya had never heard so much pain in her brothers voice,and her heart went out for him and Khushi,she really had to talk to her, but for now, she didn't know what could she say to her brother to make him feel better, so she just walked over to him , and hugged him,and she said - “ bhai, it'll be ok…just give it some time…”

Arnav hugged his sister, it gave him a lot of comfort - “ all i can do is hope….”

Zoya stepped back as she said - “ bhai you need to sleep over it, and ill talk to khushi, and figure out whats on her mind, ok? dont worry…”

Arnav - “yes, i will just do that, also wait do you have any idea what did di want to talk to me about, she messaged me it was important…”

Zoya nodded - “ yeah, but i don't think this is the time…”

Arnav - “ enough about me, tell me what is it??”

Zoya - “ well what else can it be, a marriage proposal for me, shyam jiju’s family friends…”

Arnav looked at his sisters distraught face - “and from that look on your face, i can see you aren't very interested…”

Zoya nodded - “exactly…but we will talk tomorrow, about it, you need to eat first then sleep…ok?”,and she started to walk out his room as she looked back and she said - “ I love you, bhai…”

Arnav smiled - “ i love you too…”


11.20 PM

Asad called Zoya for the fourth time,and for the fourth time, she cut his call,and he checked his whatsapp, if she had replied to his messages, but she hadn’t,and he wondered what was wrong.He hadn't been able to speak to her since afternoon, because he had been busy with his mother, and ever since they had got back at 9, he had been trying to get in touch with her, and she hadn't been responding,and he couldn't handle it anymore,because he really wanted to know what the update was on that Rahul khurana matter,he decided the best way would be to meet her as soon as possible, and he couldn't wait till tomorrow, maybe another ten minutes, and he would drive to her house,and ask her to sneak out and meet him,yes that would be great.

Because he knew, the only way he would feel better would be, by seeing her.

He finally made his way down,and got into his car, and started to drive, he was going crazy, for sure, but he couldn't help it, Zoya’s love had done that to him.


11.50 PM

Zoya finally entered her room,and she closed the door, and she took out her phone immediately,Asad had been calling, and messaging and because she was surrounded with everyone, she could not respond at all.She knew he would be getting restless,and so she called him first thing,and the minute she heard him pick up and say - “ Zoya, finally, i was wondering if some aliens had abducted you, where were you??”

Zoya smiled - “ seriously? aliens, you are crazy, no i was with everyone, first with bhai and then with jiju, di , aakash and payal, so sorry about that, but im free now, we can talk…”

“yes, definetly, talk we will, but once you meet me…”

Zoya asked confused - “ what do you mean??”

“I mean, that in five minutes ill be there at the end of your road,and you are sneaking out and seeing me like that day…”

Zoya asked shocked - “ I am what???? no , no , no way at all today, bhai is back, i cannot risk anything with him around, you know that…”

“he’s awake??”, asked Asad.

Zoya - “ no no, he slept early, but still, Asad, you are crazy or what??? you are going to get me killed…”

“Oh cmon Zoya, please, just come, I'm here, and I'm waiting, and if you aren't here in 15 minutes, you know i will come to get you…”

Zoya laughed - “ haha, as if, i know you would never…”

“is that a dare??? try me Zoya”

Zoya didn't want to take a chance, so she said - “ ok ok, fine, wait, I'm coming, you seriously do act like a jahapana sometimes…”

“maybe, but only for you, my begum, now come soon…”

Zoya smiled,as she hung up , god this man could make her do anything,and she got out and closed the door behind her softly, there was pin drop silence in her house at this time,she made her way towards the backgate, seriously praying, that the guard was asleep again.The minute she saw that he was, she sighed of releif, and then made tiptoed, out,and then she spotted Asad’s car, and she walked fast, towards it.

She quickly opened the door, and got in, as she said - “ seriously you love me? if the fear wouldn't have killed me, this  restlesness from all this sneaking out in the middle of the night would, Asad, you are crazy…”

Asad smiled as he held her hand, and turned his car,towards the backlane to that spot again - “ yup, i know, but not my fault, this is all your fault…”

Zoya - “mine???”

Asad grinned - “yup,because you made me fall in love with you in the first place, didn't you??”

Zoya blushed - “ very funny…”

Asad pulled into the spot and he looked at her and he asked - “ so as you weren't answering, i was really nervous, about this Rahul thing, whats the update, did you talk to your brother??”

Zoya - “ no, i didn't get a chance, he was tired, ill talk to him first thing tomorrow…”

Asad - “ you gotta be kidding me? why didn't you? what if they come at your house tomorrow??”

Zoya touched his hand gently - “ relax, don't worry, i will talk to him, he did understand that I'm not interested,but he was exhausted Asad, it wasn't the right time, i want this to go in our favour remember, you gotta wait for the right time”

Asad - “ fine….”

“oh cmon, dont be annoyed with me…”

“Im not Zoya, im just annoyed with myself, im telling you, i will not have you meet anyone, over my dead body…”,and before he could say anything further, Zoya covered his mouth with her hand as she glared at him - “are you insane?? stop this  nonsense, you will never say such a thing ever again…”

Asad sighed as he took her hand and kissed it - “ fine, i won’t…”

Zoya knew she needed to distract him, and she said - “ oh god, im hungry, amongst all the nervousness, i didn't eat properly…”

Asad looked at her - “ theres this dhaba i know off, not very far…but serves good food, wanna go??”

Zoya knew exactly off the place he was talking about, because she knew her brother and him, had always gone to this place back in the good old days.And even after all this while, it was still there, because it really did serve good stuff, and she felt her mouth watering - “ i know, this is that one na? the one you and bhai…??”

Asad stiffened as she mentioned an old memory, but he nodded - “ yup…that one…”

Zoya nodded - “ yup, id really like to eat something , they have the most amazing paratha’s…”

Asad smiled as he saw her get excited, and he started the engine - “ I know…”,and he started to drive, Zoya was really a drama queen sometimes, and he totally loved that about her too.


Asad watched Zoya as she ate and he took a bite of his paratha and then he heard her ask - “ why are you smiling like that??”

Asad grinned - “ nothing, i was just wondering , how is it possible for you to look so gorgeous even in the middle of the night, like that, eating a paratha and sipping your chai…”

Zoya blushed - “ oh god, you are crazy, you really are , insane…stop it ok, and let me eat, please dont look at me like that…”

Asad raised an eyebrow - “ oh yeah, and who do you think can stop me from looking at my wife?? mind you, even my wife can’t, i will look all i want, and however i want…”

Zoya rolled her eyes - “ yeah actually , why do i even try, after all this while i know i cant win from you Mr.Khan..”

Asad smiled - “oh yes , you can’t…”

Zoya watched him eat as she asked - “ so khushi called, she mentioned, about how she doesn't want to come back…”

Asad - “ yup, honestly i was wanting to talk to you, about  her, i mean i don't want to force her, but something was off, really off with her today, and i really do not understand why she doesn't even want to come visit for sometime, she must understand ammi’s point of view on this, the least she can do is take a holiday from work and come visit even if its for a few days…dont you think??”

Zoya nodded - “hmmm, yeah maybe, but…”

Asad - “ but what?? is there something you are not telling me??”

Zoya ate as she said - “ no , no , not like that, but honestly, i told her the same thing, about atlas coming to visit, and she did say she will think about it…”

Asad - “ she did??”

Zoya - “ yeah…”, she lied, because she desperately wanted to make Asad feel better, and obviously she couldn't tell him the reason why his baby sister was off.

Asad - “ ok that feels better…anyway you please talk as soon as possible to your brother, and get us out of this…”

Zoya gave him a small smile - “ yeah, i will try…”

Asad folded his hands as he sipped his tea and asked - “ cmon say it…”

Zoya - “ say what??”

Asad - “ whats on ur mind, cmon your forehead is lining up like that again…”

Zoya immediately touched her forehead - “ its nothing, relax…”

Asad - “ oh say it…”

Zoya said nervously - “well, you know he does have a name…”

Asad - “ who??”

Zoya - “ my brother…Arnav, why dont you ever say it, you always just say , your brother, when it comes to reference ever…”

Asad stiffened, but he answered nonetheless - “ well, thats because, to me, he is just that by default…”

Zoya nodded - “ i understand, ofcourse, but if i ask you one thing , will you answer me truly??”

Asad nodded as he sipped his tea - “ yeah, go ahead..”

Zoya - “ dont you ever miss him?? like ever all these years, you both were inseparable, best of friends, and i know you, you are an emotional man…”

Asad stiffened, ofcourse there was a part of him that missed his best friend, but he wasn't going to tell Zoya that, because he didn't want to get  her hopes high and she would start brimming up a plan in her head,for their re-union, he knew her way too well,so he just said - “ well, lets just say, my emotions died for all Raizada’s, except you ofcourse, you are the only Raizada i have any emotions for, and technically , not anymore, because now, you are Mrs Khan…”

Zoya nodded,as she watched him call for the bill, she knew him way too well, of course he missed his best friend, but he wouldn't admit it yet,but one day she was sure, he would.She watched him pay and right then she said - “ i want another round of tea, you in??”

Asad smiled - “ well no, but yes if you want, ill just order one for you…”, and he ordered her tea.

Asad asked as she looked deep in thought - “ whats up??”

Zoya - “nothing, i was just thinking of how am i going to convince bhai tomorrow…”

Asad - “ im sure you will come up with something…”

Zoya grinned - “ oh yes, i do, i just got it, ill convince him…i know i will…”

Asad watched the boy sever Zoya tea, and she sipped it and he asked - “ oh yeah, how??”

Zoya - “ oh in the name of love ofcourse, ill tell him i dont want this arranged marriage stuff, i want to meet someone, fall in love, and marry the one i love…ahaaa its easy…”

Asad nodded - “ a good arguement, but seriously i dont think he will buy that, i mean hes the last person who would buy an argument on the basis of love…”

Zoya said instantly - “ and why do you say that??”

Asad rolled his eyes - “ oh please, your brother and love?? seriously, i know he doesn't believe, he never did even back then and have you seen the list of his affairs,anyone can say love is the last thing on his mind…”

Zoya immediately said to her brothers defence - “ oh thats because, it never happened to him,and now he will buy it because…”,and she stopped mid sentence.

but too late, Asad had understood the point of reference ,and he said- “ what are you saying?? Arnav Singh Raizada is in love??no wayyyy….”

Zoya rolled her eyes - “ yes way, ok, yes he believes in love, because yes, he is very much in love, and not the kinds you think but that truly , madly deeply kind of love, like our kinda love…”

Asad shrugged - “maybe, things change, although its very difficult to buy, but since you say it with that much conviction…”

Zoya folded her arms - “ ofcourse, hes my brother, i would obviously know right…”

Asad - “ yeah, good for him and Lavanya, anyway if it works in my favor, thats all i care about…”

Zoya immediately said - “ wait wait,who said he loves Lavanya, they are over,he is in love with someone else, who also loves him,but because he has hurt her in the past, she doesn't want to be with him…”

Asad rolled his eyes - “ really?? its always just complicated for him…”

Zoya - “ hey, cmon, don't be so judgemental on this, my poor brother, hes hurting so bad,and he is truly in love, and…”

Asad - “ what??? im not getting any sadistic pleasure here, ok but just making a point, maybe its a payback for all the hurt he's caused to the girls he's been with it, thats all…”

Zoya - “ fine, whatever…lets go…”

Asad held her hand - “ hey don't be mad, all I'm saying is that he does end up complicating things for him all the time, thats all…and i don't blame the girl, its difficult to feel secure, around someone who has that kinda list of girls in his life and also with a track record of hurting them often…its the truth, and you know that…”

Zoya looked at him,how could she tell him that the girl in reference was none other than his baby sister, who her brother was madly in love with,so she just said - “ maybe, but hes my brother, i love him ,and it hurts to hear anything like that ,from anyone…”

Asad - “ ok ok, calm down, im sorry, its none of my business, i promise, i shall not comment on your brother’s love life from now on…is that ok??”

Zoya nodded - “ yea…”and then she took a sip of her tea as she said - “ ok its  getting late,really late, lets go back…”

Asad nodded, and payed the bill,and they made their way to the car.


A Few Minutes Later 

Asad pulled into the end of the road as he asked - “ still mad at me??”

Zoya gave him a small smile - “ no, why would you say that??”

Asad - “ well because, you were awfully quiet all the way here…”

Zoya - “ oh it isn't because i was mad, it was because, i was figuring how to sneak back in without being caught, you do know, I'm going to be so dead, if anyone finds me, its what 2.00 am, i cant believe myself, the things you make me do, Asad…”,and she bent forward and pecked his lips - “goodnight…”

Asad caught her hand just in time and he kissed it softly - “ and the things you make me do Zoya, i sneaked out too remember??”

Zoya rolled her eyes - “ yeahh, but you know what i mean…”

Asad nodded and he watched her walk,and he put his head on his headrest and closed his eyes,how had he ever fallen in love like that? So madly?? Zoya was right the things it was making them both do.

He was still deep in thought, when his phone beeped -

“ok, im in, safe and sound in my room, phew!!”

He smiled, as he wrote -

“ok, im leaving now, ill message you once i reach but don't wait up, sleep…”

He got a quick reply - “ you know i will, i love you…”

He quickly wrote - “ i love you too…”

And he started to drive back to his home.


Monday - 4.00 PM

Zoya walked out of her brother’s cabin,and she couldn't believe she had been able to convince him, of course the love card had worked,because he now obviously believed very much in love,she needed to call Asad,and let him know , but she knew she had to wait until she got in the car.

The minute she sat in the car, she called him , hoping he would pick up, and he did, and she immediately said - “ thank god, you picked up…so theres something you need to know…”

She heard him say  - “please tell me you talked to him??”

Zoya - ‘ yes, i did, it worked, i told you , it will, so now you can stop all this investigation, an all, bhai is going to talk to di and everyone, and get me out of this…”

Asad - “ he will??”

Zoya - “ yeahhhh, i told you , he understood when i told him, i want to fall in love, marry for love…like told you, he knows what it means…”

Asad - “ yeahhh, im just glad it worked for us,anyway when can is see you next??”

Zoya - “ what yaaa?? we were together just last night, cmon now, ok not today for sure, ill let you know…promise…”

Asad - “ ok, fine, but you know I'm not a very patient man when it comes to you…ill be waiting…”

Zoya - “awww, me too, you know that right??”

Asad - “ yeah i do…”

Zoya - “ ok, now let me drive ok, ill call you later…”

Asad - “ ok , and i will get back to work, and thanks now with the news ill actually be able to get work done…”

Zoya kept the phone down and she smiled and started to drive, it was going to be a nice day.


Fate smiled - “ just sometimes, i do really love how they have no clue, about what we have planned, about how they have no freaking idea, thats its us pulling the strings all along…”

Destiny smiled - “ oh yeah, i like that too…”

Hate walked in as he said - “ me too…”

Fate rolled his eyes - “ and who invited you to this conversation…??”

Hate grinned - “ well, incase you haven't noticed, i dont need an invitation, i can come and go as i please…”

Fate - “ oh yes, i have, now if you dont mind, will you excuse us…”

hate pciked up a few popcorns from Love’s tub as he said - “ sure, i was just passing by…”,and he walked away.

Love looked at him smilingly and Destiny asked - “ what are you smiling about?hes starting to get on my nerves too…”

Love smiled - “ well, take it easy..”,and she offered the two some popcorn

fate - “ ok, but tell us what was that smile about…”

Love smiled - “ well, i lik how he simply forgets that just like him, i don't need any invitations, i can very much do as I please, and unlike him theres one very strong attribute that i have, that unlike him, i never leave…”

Fate grinned - “ wicked…”

Love winked at the two as she said - “ if thats what it takes…”

Love was right ,Destiny nodded as she said- “ if thats what it takes, you just gotta do what you gotta do …”


P.S - the next update will come early next week, for this and my other SS too.

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Chapter 25 - As Long As You Love Me - (29 March,2017) - New (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 22 times)

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Chapter 25 - As Long as You Love Me

Four Days later

Friday - Noon -Germany 

Arhaan sipped his coffee,and he glanced out the glass window of his office into the streets,he smiled,as he spotted a couple hug,and another couple embrace and kiss.


He had always believed in it,he had always wanted it to happen to him,and it had hadn’t it? He had met the most beautiful woman,he had given her his heart,he loved her with all his heart,and he knew she cared for him, but now that he had time to rethink everything,he didn't know, if she had been in love with him himself.And maybe just maybe, what she had done was the right thing,but then why did it hurt so much.He had only messaged her once informing her that he had reached,and as much as he missed her, he didn't call her or message her, because he needed this time to think and sort himself in his  head.

Just if there was anyone in this world, who could make him feel better right now?? No one could, he only knew, that there was only one person that could,and that was Khushi.He couldn't blame her at all, he had known everything, and yet he couldn't control himself from falling for her the way he had,she had never lead him on falsely, and the minute she thought she was going too, she broke up with him,she was righteous, she always did the right thing.But the only thing, he didn't know how to handle was himself,he had no idea, how to get her out of his system,and maybe deep down he didn't even want too.Maybe it was all his fault to dream too big.It pained him greatly, but it was a pain he wanted to embrace.He took a deep breath,as he sat back in his chair,and finally what’sapped her -

“Hi Khushi…”

He got a reply within the next two minutes, as she was online.

Khushi : “Hi Arhaan, thank god you messaged,i didn't because maybe i thought you didn't want to hear from me…”

Arhaan quickly wrote - “No, nothing like that Khushi, just needed some time out,some space to think about what had happened.

Khushi : Oh Arhaan im so sorry, i know i hurt you,but i didn't want to hurt you further later on, i had a feeling I would,please dont  hate me.

He smiled,almost sadly,god how was he going to keep away from her?? but he knew he had too, for some more time,and so he wrote -

“No, i dont khushi, relax,and also i wanted you to know, i wouldn't be coming back as planned, a few more days here, some work has come up.

Khushi : Oh, i understand, its alright.Just take care ok?”

Arhaan: yeah, you too, take care Khushi.

He sighed,as he leaned back in his chair, he really needed to take care of both his heart and mind.


Friday - 5PM - AR Desingns

Arnav finished his meeting and he watched Akash and Aman, walk out his cabin, and it was right then he spotted his elder sister, as she asked from the door - “Can i come in chotte??”

He smiled as he said - “ oh di, since when do you need permission, please come…”

Anjali smiled and walked in - “ ofcourse, i need to its office hours, anyway, i just finished the meeting regarding our CSR activities, this month, went well…”

Arnav smiled - “ happy to hear that di, thats why i leave that to you, and you excel wonderfully…so whats up?? want to have tea??”

Anjali smiled - “ yeah please…”

Arnav quickly ordered his sister tea, and a coffee for himself.

Anjali finally spoke - “ok, i know this isn't the place, but i wanted to talk to you, on  personal matter…”

Arnav nodded - “ yeah tell me??all ok with jiju?? i know he is upset over this Rahul thing…”

Anjali - “ yeah all ok, no he is not upset, but he really doesn't understand why Zoya wont even meet this guy once,and honestly i do agree with him on this Chotte,i understand that Zoya wants to fall in love, and marry for love, but look at it like this, didn't i want the very same thing?? But i did agree to Nani and met your jiju four years ago, and altho our meeting was arranged, we did fall in love before we decided to tie the knot, sometimes it happens like that, and look how happy we are, and look how he has been so supportive because of maa’s condition, although his house is in delhi, his parents and him both let us live in Shantivan,because,they understand that i want to be near mom,and then even on the work front, they support me always, i couldn't have asked for a better partner or in laws,what if Rahul is the one for Zoya??and maybe not, but how will she know either if she doesn't even meet him. look i dont want to force Zoya, but all i want is that she should meet him atleast once, get to know him and even then if she thinks its not going work, then so be it…”

Arnav listened in silnce and he knew his sister made complete sense and so he said - “di, i understand but…”

Anjali sighed - “ look if mom was here, she would have wanted this too, and in her absence, that duty comes to me, his family is coming to delhi today, for a wedding function tomorrow, i want you to talk to Zoya,and then maybe i can arrange them to come home on Sunday…”

Arnav sighed, his di had finally made a point he couldn't argue with and so he said - “ fine di, i think ill convince her to meet  atleast…”

Anjali smiled - “ great….”, and right then the office boy walked in and placed her tea and her brothers coffe on the table,and she sipped her tea slowly and watched her brother sip his coffe,as she finally said - “ ok so now that Zoya’s matter is discussed, i want to talk to you…”

Arnav sipped his coffee as he asked - “ me?? what do you want to talk to me about??”

Anjali rolled her eyes - “ for five days you haven't spoken to me on this topic, but i know from Zoya, and i need you to talk to me, about what you are going through Chotte.have you spoken to Khushi? ever since you came back?”

Arnav knew what his sister was hinting, it the pain started to sear again but he answered - “ no, i haven’t, di, she wanted me to leave her alone…”

Anjali - “ and how are you feeling about that??”

Arnav sighed - “ obviously miserable di, and i have no idea why she is doing any of this in the first place, but for the first time, she asked me to do something for her…i had to…”

Anjali could see the pain and love in her brothers eyes, he really did love Khushi with all his heart and she gave him a small smile as she said - “ you know what Chotte, i knew one day this day would come, the day when i would see true love in your eyes for someone, because as much as you ran away from it, i knew the day, the one would come along, you wouldn't be able to control what you feel , love is like that you know, you can't control what you feel, no matter how hard you try…”

Arnav nodded - “as strange as it sounded before, but now, i clearly understand what you mean by that di, its like theres this void, this deep void inside of me, every moment without her is like a freaking torture,and i cant do anything about it, because even though she loves me, i know she does,she doesn't want to be with me,and her memories wont stop haunting me di,i cant get her out of my system,and i don't want to,even though all i feel is pain,im ready to embrace it too,because i cant blame her di, i was the one who threw her out of my life, i was the one who got back with lavanya to hurt her, i was the one who butchered her heart, i was the one who caused her pain,maybe i deserve all of this to happen to me…”, he finished.

Anjali gave him a small smile and she held her brothers hand and she said - “ no chotte, you dont deserve this, and nor did Khushi deserve what you did to her, but you both still love each other, you need to make amends Chotte, you need to make her trust you again,and i know you can…it will take time, but building trust amongst each other is the most important thing for now…”

Arnav sipped his coffe - “ yeah di, i know, but what if she never trusts me again,what if my love is not enough…”

Anjali smiled - “ then make it enough, Chotte, and thats only going to happen if you keep talking…”

Arnav - “ yeah, but what if, she wouldn't talk to me??”

Anjali smiled - “you will never know until you call, Chotte?? and what if she is wondering that you confessed a lot of things, but just went all silent all again, you gotta fight for your love, even if the object of your affection has given up”

Arnav gave his sister a small smile - “ so you mean?? i should call her??”

Anjali nodded as she finished her tea - “ yes, the minute i walk out of here….”

Arnav - “ thanks di, you are the best…”

Anjali - “anything for my chotte…”

Arnav watched his sister leave,maybe she was right,he couldn't give up yet even though Khushi wanted him too, because even if she wanted she couldn't break this string of love in between of them,she loved him, he loved her, they both just needed to start afresh,and he believed they could,because today he was a different person, a better person, and all because of Khushi.He looked at the time, it was 530 pm here which meant it was almost Noon in London, and she would be at work,so he thought it would be the best to message her first.


Noon - London 

Khushi walked back to her workstation,and she couldn't believe she had been so so stupid, obviously she needed to renew her work visa,only a month was left for it to expire, and it wasn’t until the HR manager had called her in ten minutes ago,and reminded her the same,she wouldn't have realised it, it was now to late to file for extension from the Indian Embassy here, she had to go back to India, and file in for a fresh work visa,the work permit she had got along with her Student visa, was expiring in the next 30 days. But she didn't know if she wanted to go back yet, just five days ago, she had managed to convince her brother for the same,but now,she had no other option.She sighed as she closed her eyes,she had to go back to India.She told herself, that she could do it, she could go back, get her formalities finished, be with her family,and then come back here, without seeing him,she knew she could do it, but did she really want to do it?? She didn't know.Did she really not want to see him again?? She didn't know.

She recalled his words -

“I love you Khushi…”

“I love you with all my heart…”

“Can you not give me one chance to make up for every tear you have shed because of me??”

“I want to kiss you Goodbye, khushi, will you let me??”

And the memories of that last kiss started to flood in her mind, and her heart,there was so much pain and love in that moment when he had held her, kissed her, as if he wanted to store in that moment in his mind forever.

She quickly drank a glass of water,as she rememebred, he had left because she had asked him too.That look on his face, when she had said, that she loved him, but that didn't change the fact that she didn't want to be with him.

She was a tired and exhausted, because as much effort as she made, she knew she could never break that string of love in between of them,that invisible strong pull still very strongly existed,she had sent him away, but there wasn't a moment she hadn't thought of him.She had thought of it a zillion times,if she had done the right thing?? Although her mind said that she had, but she still was feeling very restless,and in some what way miserable too.

But then he hadn't called or messaged or made any effort to get in touch with her in the last five days too, so she had no idea what to make of this situation,maybe this was for the best,she had done the right thing,and she had sent him away,then why was she expecting any hope of conversation here, hadn't she asked him to leave her alone. But she had tried to get in touch with him nonetheless, when he had asked the very same thing all those months ago.Oh god, she was officially going crazy,the only good thing that had happened today was, that Arhaan had messaged her, maybe in time he would be able to forgive her,and in time, they would be able to go back to being friends again.

She looked at her phone, and she picked it up as she wanted to talk to her bhaijaan about the visa issue, and about her flight back,right when her phone beeped,and she opened her whatsapp,only to feel shocked as she read a message from Arnav which read - “ Khushi , seriously?? are we never going to speak again?”

She blinked her eyes twice and rubbed it once to make sure what she was reading was right and more than that to make sure, from whom the message was.

It really was him.Arnav.

Her mind told her strictly to ignore his message,but somewhere deep down that stupid idiotic heart of hers that was so much in love with him, argued,and it won,and so she nervously wrote back, the truth - “ I don’t know…”


Arnav read her message and he was glad she had replied,lucky for him, she was online, which meant he could start a conversation,and so he typed -

“Look Khushi, i only left because you wanted me to,and i didn't message earlier because, i thought you didn't want to hear from me, but none of that changes the fact that i love you,and im miserable without you,please can we talk about this??”

He waited for a reply ,and he had to wait a few minutes until she messaged - 

Khushi : “I dont know Arnav, the reason i asked you to leave, was because Im confused,like iv never been before, i dont know what i want anymore, i have no idea what’s going on with me anymore…”

Arnav quickly typed - “ look whatever has happened, we cant change that,as much as i want to, i cannot go back in time,we need to figure things out,but thats only going to happen, if we talk…”

He got a quick reply - “ I know,a lot of things need to be figured out, but not right now, im at work and i have some stuff that i need to take care off, how about later?”

Arnav smiled, this sounded like some progress and he quickly typed - “ yeah later sounds good, how about you message me whenever you are free, and we will talk?”

Khushi : “yeah, ok, ill message you…”

Arnav smiled as he saw her message as he wrote - “ great, ill be waiting…”


Shantivan - 8.00 PM

Zoya walked in towards her brothers room,and she was about to enter, right when her phone beeped, was a message from Asad, she quickly messaged him that she will talk later, and entered her brothers room and joined him in the poolside and she asked - “ so bhai, what is it?? you said you wanted to talk?”

Arnav nodded,and he gestured Zoya to sit and she did and he said - “ Zoya, di spoke to me this evening, and Im sorry, but i do agree with her on this…”

Zoya rolled her eyes - “ oh bhai, is this about that Rahul guy? please i thought the matter was over…”

Arnav - “ yeah, but will you atlas listen to what point she's trying to make, she's our sister Zoya, she has been no less than a mother to us, all these years…”

Emotional point, that Zoya couldn't disagree with,and so she nodded as she said - “ ok bhai, explain, what does di want??”

Arnav held her hand as he explained her , their di’s viewpoint,and he watched a display of various emotions, on her face,and once he had finished he heard her say - “ bhai, i know what she wants is right,but…”

Arnav sighed - “cmon Zoya, you gotta understand, im torn in between the two of you, and jiju has been so understanding all this while, all these years, we owe him this much atlas,all we want is for you to just meet this guy once,and with a open mind….”

Zoya looked at her brother helplessly,she had no clue how did this come up again,she had thought this was over, and thats why even Asad hadn't dug up anything on this guy and right then she heard her brother ask - “ is there anything you aren't telling me Zoya?? is there anyone else in your life already??”

Zoya looked at the expression of doubt on her brothers face, and that was the last thing she wanted, she didn't want him to get suspicious, and so she said - “ no , no bhai, not that, ok fine, ill do it, i mean, ill meet this guy, you can tell di that I'm ready to meet him…”

Arnav smiled - “ thats like my little sister, and his family is in town for a wedding function,di wants them to come over on Sunday…”

Zoya looked at him in shock - “ Sunday, you mean this sunday??”

Arnav - “ yeah, day after tomorrow, that is, is there a problem Zoya??”

Zoya groaned, she had only said yes, so that she could ask Asad to get back on this thing,but day after tomorrow, was too soon,and she was now in a deep fix, she couldn't say anything,because she had already said yes,and so she just said - “ no, no problem at all, bhai…”

Right then he watched his elder sister enter the room,and he smiled and said - “di, you just came in at the right time, just finished talking to Zoya and she is ready to meet Rahul, please invite them on Sunday for brunch…”

Anjali grinned,as she hugged her baby sister, she had never felt happier as she exclaimed - “ oh my god, im so happy Zoya, and trust him, you wont regret it, he is a really nice guy…”

Zoya faked a smile,even though her insides burned, she knew Asad was going to kill her, she had to talk to him as soon as possible.

Right then her di dragged her by the hand as she said - “ oh cmon, for dinner, everyone will be so excited to hear this…chotte come join us fast”

Zoya gave her a small smile,as she followed her sister, she knew she couldn't get any privacy until later, god she had no idea how was she going to get out of this.

Arnav smiled,as he watched his sisters leave, and he looked at his phone, Khushi hadn't messaged yet, and he knew he had said he would wait, but right now, he wasn't feeling very patient,and he quickly called her,and she picked up a few rings later and she said - “ Hi Arnav…”

God, the sound of his name, in her voice.He thought he wouldn't hear it again.

He took a deep breathe as he said - “ Khushi, Hi…im sorry, i was trying my best to be patient…”

He heard her reply - “ its alright, i was going to message you in a few minutes anyway, just heading home…”

He asked - “ home, so soon?? its what 3 pm there?? all ok ?i mean with work??”

Khushi - “ yeah, all ok, actually some issue…”

Arnav asked - “ what happened??”, and before she could reply he heard Marks voice as he said - “ Khushi, the boss wants to see you, before you leave”

Khushi - “ Arnav, i gotta go now, ill message you once im home ok?”

Arnav - “ yeah, ok, do that, ill wait…”

Khushi - “ ok bye…”, and she hung up.

Arnav smiled,as he put the phone in his pocket , the good sign was, atlas there was no sign of indifference anymore in her voice , which was good news to him.Right then he heard his stomach rumble with hunger and he quickly made his way down towards the dining table to join the Raizada Clan for dinner, he was sure they were going gaga, over Zoya’s decision to meet this guy on Sunday.


Barkat - 9.00 PM

Asad joined his mother on the sofa, and he asked - “ are you watching anything that interests me??

Dilshaad smiled - “ no, not at all, you are never interested in the series i watch, anyway i was just about to ask Ruksaar to make coffe, you want some??”, and then she switched off the television.

Asad smiled - “ ofcourse, now I know where i get the habit from,thanks to your genes, you already do know, i need to have one after every meal..”

Dilshaad rolled her eyes - “ very funny, it isn't my gene of caffeine addiction that you have, or you see Khushi would have got it too, and she despises it,its a addiction you picked up with your best friend…”

Asad stiffened at the reference and he saw his mother watch him and she said - “ ok sorry, it was a reflex point of reference thats all, forgive me…”

Asad nodded - “ its ok ammi, relax…”

Dilshaad said - “ you know what, even Zaara is fixed now, as in engaged, all of my friends daughters of Khushi’s age are settling down, and my daughter wouldn't even come visit me, Asad is there anything i dont know?? what could be the reason??”

Asad sighed - “ i dont know, but yes could be him…”

Dilshaad was now inquisitive - “ him?? who him??”

Asad took a deep breathe - “ ok ammi, forgive me, i didn't want to hide this from you, i thought Khushi would tell you herself, but, she's met someone, as in a guy, his name is Arhaan, intact iv met him, hes a nice guy, really priorities Khushi,and they just got together, maybe Khushi doesn't want to come right now, because you know the distance can be a issue in a new relationship…”

Dilshaad asked shocked - “ what?? what?? what??? my khushi, my little khushi has met someone????”

Asad gave her a small smile - “ yeah ammi, our little khushi isn't little anymore…”

Dilshaad smiled,she was liking this news,good that Khushi found someone, now she would stop worrying,and she asked her son - “ so you are saying tat you met this guy??”

Asad - “yeah in bombay, nice guy…”

Dilshaad - “ ok, so fill me in, about all you know, and show me a picture…if you have one…”

Asad quickly filled in his mother about everything, and then showed him a picture of Arhaan and Khushi, from Facebook,and he watched his ammi, smile,as she said happily - “ my little Khushi, Asad, he looks like a nice guy, and they look good together…ok if thats the case, we must meet Arhaan as soon as possible ok??”

Asad - “ ok ammi, you need to calm down ok?? we will meet, although i know you already planned the Nikaah in your head by now, but lets just wait ok??”

Dilshaad nodded - “ ok ok, yes yes, im getting way too excited…call Khushi will you?? I want to talk to her…”

Asad nodded - “ on one condition, you aren't telling her any of this ok?? you dont know this from me, i broke our code of secrecy,but now you have to pretend i didn't tell you, ok, promise??”

Dilshaad groaned - “ oh please forstly, im the last one to know, fine, i wont, on that note you will tell me atlas Asad, when you meet someone??”

Asad felt his insides churn, of course he wanted to tell his mother all about Zoya, she would love her, but he couldn't because he had promised Zoya, and so he kept mum as he said - “ yes ammi,i will…”

Dilshaad - “ you dont talk about Khushis friend anymore, whats her name Zoya Farroqui??last i remember you guys hit it off well…”

Asad- “ ok ammi, we were talking about Khushi right now rite??can we discuss me later??”

Dilshaad smiled,and she watched her son dial Khushi’s no, and she watched her kids talk for a while, and it was right then she felt a shooting pain in her head, and it wasn't a normal headache, it was a pain, that seeped so bad, and she felt herself murmur - “ Asad, somethings happening…my head pains…”

Asad watched his mother go pale on the sofa, and he was by her side in a jiffy as he asked - “ammi, whats happening to you?? rukssar get some water, quick, now…”

He heard Khushi’s voice on the phone - “ bhaijaan, what happened, is everything alright??”

Asad quickly took the phone as he said - “ khushi, let me just handle ammi, ill call you back as soon as i can ok??”

He quickly hung up, and he splashed water on his mother face, but she went numb, she wasn't responding, not even blinking, her eyes were open,he quickly picked her up with ruksaar’s help,and got her in the car and he drove at the speed of light to the hospital,and he asked Ruksaar to hold her tight he instructed himself not to panic, nothing would happen  to her, she was fine absolutely fine a few minutes ago.



Khushi walked around her room, in panic, god she desperately hoped her mother was fine, although her brother didn't want to scare her but an hour had passed already and he hadn't called, nor had he picked up any of her calls, and now she was really panicking.What if something happened to her?? No No, nothing could.

She felt like slapping herself, it had been ages since she had last met  her mother, and as many times her mother had requested her to return, she hadn't listened, because she had been so so so selfish,she had been so surrounded, by her very own emotions, and she took everything else for granted.She immediately walked to her room, took out a suitcase, and packed at a speed of light, and then she quickly called her travel agent in India, and asked him to get her a ticket on the first possible flight she could catch out from London,for all she knew was that right now, she wanted to see her mother, and nothing else mattered.She had taken her mother for granted,she would never forgive herself if anything ever happened to her.

She wiped her tears, and she started to get ready, and right then she got her agents call, that he had booked her on the 800 Pm flight out, she looked at her watch it was 5 pm, if she left in the next fifteen minutes, she would make it in time, she got ready at the speed of light, and called a cab for herself, and rushed out her door, locking it.


Hospital - 11.00 PM

Asad breathed a sigh of relief, as he heard the radiologist say - “ Mr.Khan, your mothers MRI is clear, no clot or anything, so nothing to worry, why dont you go back to the ER, meanwhile i will update the doctor on this…”

Asad nodded as he watched his mother being pulled out of the MRI room, she had had an acute migraine attack, so much as it had numbed her, she had gained consciousness once they had injected her in the ER and was responding and the good sign was that she remembered what all had happened as she was numb,if she hadn't remembered then that would be a major concern,he knew his mother had this migraine issue but he had never seen an attack as severe as this, maybe she hadn't been sleeping properly or stressing too much over something the doctor had said,but they still had wanted to do an MRI to rule out any clots, and thank god everything was fine now, even though he had been scared the hell out of his guts.

He heard his mother whisper - “ Asad, im sorry, i got you worried…”

Asad brushed her hair tenderly and kissed her on the forehead - “ oh please ammi, keep quiet and rest for now, everything is fine, but im still going to keep you here tonight ok?? for observation, and then we can go back home tomorrow, if you feel better that is…”

Dilshaad gave her son a small smile,and she nodded, and she closed her eyes, she hadn't been sleeping well lately worrying too much about Khushi, and even though she had known that it would aggravate her migraine situation, she hadn't thought it could get this worse,she wanted to rest right now,and she could here faint voices as she heard Asad talk to the doctor ,and then the nurse came and injected her with another medicine, and she felt sleep take over.


Asad finally sat on the sofa of the suite room he had arranged for his mother for the night as he heard Ruksaar say - “ bhaijaan, why dont you call Khushi didi, khala is fine now…”

Asad took a deep breathe, amongst all this rush, he had totally forgotten to call Khushi, he immediately dialled her number ,and she picked up in an instant as he heard her worried voice - “ bhaijaan , thank god, i was going crazy, hows  ammi??”

Asad - “ calm down Khushi, she's fine, was just a acute migraine attack, the doctors have handled it, but im keeping her here tonight, will take her home tomorrow…”

“yes bhaijaan, please keep her there, anyway ill see for myself and decide if she's good to be taken home…”

Asad - “ wait? what??”

Khushi - “ Bhaijaan, im just about to board, i need to see ammi, i cannot tell you the thoughts that iv been having, if anything would have happened to her, god i would have never forgiven myself, she’s been wanting to see me for forever now, and iv been so selfish…anyway, ill just text you my details, i should land 830 am india time ok? and ill come straight to the hospital…ill cab it, you don't come ok?”

Asad - “ oh cmon khushi, how were you to know any of this anyway ok, fine, we’ll see, ammi, will be really happy to know you are coming, and i will tell her once she's awake, she's sleeping for now…”

Khushi - “ ok, you don't wake her up, ok? let her rest, im coming bhaijaan..see you soon…”

Asad - “ yeah, see you soon…”, and he hung up, and he finally smiled,as he thought about how happy his mother would be, when she would meet kHushi, maybe he wouldn't tell her anything and let it be a suprise.If anything of her migraine was still left, it would vanish at the speed of light.



Zoya got in her room and she shut the door, and she finally took out her phone,and she was surprised as she saw no message and no phonetical from Asad, usually by now, Asad would have messaged her numerous times, asking her if she was free.

Ever since di had taken her down and announced to everyone that she was ready to meet this Rahul guy, her family had completely lost it, as they started planning the perspective groom’s family welcome, and the ideas, gosh, she was sure she had even seen her brother hide his laugh at their family’s unique plans.Whereas, inside she had been feeling only miserable, because all she wanted to do was escape and talk to her husband and tell him all about this, she knew he could take her out of this mess.And she wondered why hadn't he messaged or called yet , and so she finally called him ,and he picked up a few rings later and she said instantly - “ and i was wondering why hadn't you messaged yet, i missed you…”

“Zoya…hi….”, came his reply, but something was really off in his voice and she asked - “ asad, whats wrong you seem off, and exhausted, is everything alright??”

Asad - “ Zoya, im at the hospital…”

Zoya asked shocked and worried - “ watt?? hospital?? why?? are you alright???? why didn't call me??? why didn't you tell me??? wait first tell me are you ok???? what happened??”

“calm down Zoya, im fine,ammi, had an acute migraine attack, it was bad really bad, she went numb, and i had to rush her here, but she's fine now…well be here tonight…”, he said in a voice that was exhausted.

Zoya took a deep breathe as she said - “ thank god, she's fine, tell me where are you?? im coming…”

“what??? now??? how will you?? its the middle of the night, thats another reason why i wasn't calling you…”, said Asad.

Zoya - “ are you crazy?? i want to see you now, and you cant stop me, im coming and how is my problem , not yours ok? now if you dont want to see me ofcourse, its another issue…”she finished

“ofcourse i want to see you, you are the only one who can make me feel better, and calm down my jitters, but…”, said Asad.

Zoya - “ exactly, just message me the location, and im coming ok?

“Ok, fine, but dont get into trouble…”, he said.

Zoya - “ i won’t, i promise…”


Arnav paced around his poolside, as he checked his phone for the millionth time, Khushi had said, she would message once she was free, but she hadn't until now, and so he finally decided to call her once, and he dialled her number, and it came switched off.Why was her phone coming off?? 

Was it another trick of hers to avoid him??

No, it couldn't be, because he could sense that she had wanted to talk to,then what could be the reason?? He was still deep in thought, when he heard a knock on his door, and he opened it to see Zoya walk in, all dressed up as if she was going somewhere, and he asked - “ where do you think you are going Zoya in the middle of the night??”

Zoya turned to her brother as she lied- “ ok so my friend priyanka, has met with an accident, and i need to go see her now, bhai ill be back in an hour…”

Arnav - “ what?? priyanka who??”

Zoya - “ bhai cmon, i have a lot of friends you down know off, she's a good friend…”

Arnav - “ go in the morning….why now??”

Zoya rolled her eyes, she knew she had to put on her best drama mode on - “ fine , fine, first you convince me to get into the wedding mess, and now don't let me be a good friend, what kind of a friend it makes me, if I'm not going to be there for my friends when they need me, like seriously what sense does it make, if i go when she is discharged from the hospital??and you remember my friend Nikhil from university? I'm friends with her through Nikhil,and if i don't go now, ill even feel let down in front of him, cmon bhai,understand please…??”

Arnav sighed - “ fine, ok , go, wait , ill take you…its late…i dont want you to drive this late…”

Zoya - “ and i dont want you to spoil your schedule because of me, ill be fine, i promise, ill come see you when im back if you want, wont be long, i promise…”

Arnav sighed - “ seriously, you are getting more and more difficult to win from Zoya, go, but be back soon…”

Zoya gave him a side hug as she said - “ thanks bhai, yes i wont be long…”

Arnav watched her leave, and he lied down on his bed, but he knew, he wasn't going to get any sleep for two reasons, one being because the woman he loved had vanished again, and second because his sister was out in the middle of the night, and so he picked up his laptop, and decided to get some work done, he had some mails to respond to,and it would keep him occupied for an hour or so atleast.


12.25 AM

Asad watched his mother sleep peacefully, and he knew Zoya would be here in the next five minutes, this hospital was just ten minutes distance from Shantivan and obviosuly there was less traffic at this time, and he saw Ruksaar settling in on the other sofa, and he said - “ Ruksaar, ill be back in 20 minutes or so ok?just going to the cafe below to have coffe”

Ruksaar smiled - “ sure bhaijaan, I'm here dont worry, she's sleeping anyway, you please take your time,ill call you if the need arises…”

Asad walked out quietly and made his way to the cafe on the 2nd floor, and he messaged Zoya that he was there waiting for her, and he sighed, he was actually glad that she was coming, he knew he would feel better once he saw her,he had been scared when he had seen his mother go pale, and that sight wasn't leaving his mind, because it brought back haunting memories, from many years ago, of that fateful night.

He reached the cafe,and he ordered two coffes, one for himself,and one for Zoya,but asked the boy to serve it in five minutes,and he was about to take his seat, when he saw Zoya rush in towards him,and before he knew it she had hugged him,and he hugged her back,and he already felt better,he kissed her on her forehead briefly and then she stepped back,and took the seat in front of him as she asked - “hows she now??and what happened all of a sudden Asad??

Asad -“shes fine now,sleeping,ruksaar is with her in the room…”,and then he filled her in about everything and he continued - “ i was scared,i didn't want to panic,but Zoya i was scared, really worried,the thoughts that came to my mind as i was driving….i cant just get it out of my mind you know, it brings back…”

Zoya held his hand as she said - “ brings back memories of that day when you drove her when she got the heart attack…”

Asad - “ how did you know, i was going to say that??”

Zoya smiled - “ why do you think i had see you…i knew this would be haunting you…but Asad relax, close your eyes, and take a deep breathe, and tell yourself that, that she is absolutely fine,infact you will be taking her home tomorrow right??”

Asad did exactly as she said, and he did it a couple of times and then he opened his eyes, and let out a sigh of releif as he said - “ and how did you know, i would feel better like that??”

Zoya gave him a small smile - “ i know my husband well..”

Asad clutched her hand tightly, all he wanted to do was pull her in a hug but he couldn't because they were in the hospital cafe, and so he kissed her hands as he said - “ thank you for coming…”

Zoya rolled her eyes - “yeah right, fine thank me…next time i will do the same…oh cmon Asad, you know im always going to be there for you no matter what…”, and she rubbed his hands gently

Asad gave her a small smile, and he watched the boy serve them coffee’s and he said - “ i ordered for you as well…”

Zoya smiled - “ thanks….”,and she sipped her coffee.

Asad asked - “ oh and by the way how did you manage to come??”

Zoya grinned - “ you know i should have never given up on drama in university,im really good, i put up a real good act in front of bhai, told him a friend of mine is an an accident, a common friend of me and Nikhil, blah blah, seriously even he admitted that it was getting difficult for him to win from me these days….and voila, I'm here…”

Asad - “ as much as I'm impressed Zoya, but from does that Nikhil prop up? your brother knows him??”

Zoya - “ obviously Asad, he met him when he visited me in college…”

Asad - “ oh …”

Zoya kissed his hand as she said - “ your adorable, when you are jealous…”,and she fought her inner turmoil, because Asad got uncomfortable even at the mention of any other guy, how was he going to react when he would know that she would be meeting Rahul,she wanted to tell him, but she couldn't right now, he had already had a tough night,she didn't want to worry him further, and so she said - “anyway, i have to be back soon, im sure bhai is awake, waiting for me, i just had to see you, and i also wish to see ammi..”

Asad felt a zillion emotions rush through him, as he heard her address his mother as that, this was the first time she had called his mother like he did, like her very own and he just looked at her and he was sure she knew the emotion he was going through as she said - “ oh cmon Asad, she's always been no less than maa to me and you know that, and i want to call her that, i hope you dont mind…”

Asad smiled - “ mind?? are you crazy?? you have no idea how good it felt to hear that…Zoya how do you do this??”

Zoya asked him confused - “ do what??”

Asad - “ how can you make me feel so much better, in every situation…i mean, its insane you know your affect on me, what hav you done to me Mrs Khan…”

Zoya smiled - “ glad and just so you know its common…Mr Khan, now cmon, let me see ammi, atlest from far, i promise i wont wake her up…”

Asad nodded, and then he took her hand and walked with her to the room.

He quitely opened the door, and he saw that the lights were dim as Ruksaar was asleep too, and so was his mother, he gestured Zoya to step in next to him so that she could see his mother.

Zoya quitely tip toed as she stood next to Asad, and she saw that ammi, was deep asleep,and she looked stable,and so she just gave her a flying kiss, and she whispered in Asad’s ear - “ ok, im good to go now….”

Asad closed the door, behind him, and he walked her to the lift, and she said holding his hand - “cmon why dont you go and rest, you had a long day too…”

Asad smiled - “ i will, after i see you off..”

Zoya - “ oh cmon, you dont need to…”

Asad - “ you know, i will..”

Zoya - “ and i cant win from you, no matter what…”, and she stepped into the elevator.

Asad rememebred something so he said - “ Zoya, i told ammi, about Arhaan, you know she was worried about why khushi didn't want to come, and so i told her about him you know maybe coz distance would be an issue in the new relationship…”

Zoya looked at him in shock - “ what?? you did?? when ?? what did she say??”

Asad - “ well before she got the attack, and she was happy, of course i filled her in about how i liked Arhaan, and she knows theres nothing to worry, if i approve…and trust me she was so happy, I'm sure she already visualised the Nikaah in her head…”, and he stopped because of the look on Zoya’s face and he asked - “ what?? what happened?? what aren't you telling me??”

They stepped out of the elevator,and Zoya got to the side, and pulled him with her.

Zoya sighed - “ god, i shuld have earlier, Khushi broke up with Arhaan…i just forgot to tell you, i thought khushi would have…i assumed you knew…”

Asad asked in shock - “ what?? why???and when??”

Zoya - “ a week back, and Arhaan is in Germany…for now…”

Asad brushed his hand in his hair - “hes a nice guy, Arhaan, ill talk to her, once i see her…”

Zoya asked confused - “ see her??”

Asad - “ yeah, oh i forgot to tell you, well Khushi was on the phone with me when ammi had the episode,and obviously she was so worried, and i couldn't call her because of all the rush, so basically all the mention made her take the first flight here, i spoke to her a while back , to tell her that ammi, was fine, thats when i get to know, she is coming, because she was boarding…”

Zoya asked surprised - “ you mean, khushi is on the flight right now??”

Asad - “ yup, she will land at 830 in the morning, and Zoya she told me shell cab it here, was she wants me to be with ammi, and i don't just want to send the driver you know, she's returning after forever, i want to go myself, but i need to be here too….”

Zoya immediately said - “and leave that to me, i have it covered, ill pick her up ok?? and drop her here, dont worry??”

Asad smiled and he pecked her cheek - “ thats perfect Zoya, you are the best…”

Zoya kissed him on the cheek as she said - “ and now i will leave, ok, you are the best too husband…”

She turned to go, right when he caught her hand and pulled her back as he whispered looking into her eyes - “ as long as you love me, as long as you are with me, just so you know Zoya, i can handle anything…”

Zoya felt overwhelmed with a a lot of emotion, and she wanted to say more, but she was getting late, so she quickly kissed his forehead and she whispered in his ear - “ as long as you love me, and are with me Asad, i can handle anything too…”

And then she turned and walked out, towards the parking lot.


1.30 AM

Arnav shut his laptop, and kept it aside and he rubbed his hands over his eyes, he was tired.He looked at the time, Zoya wasn't home yet and even Khushi hadn't messaged or called, and now he was really being forced by his mind to think if she would go all silent on him again, this was khushi, sometimes she was unexpected, and sometimes just so predictable, and that was what was driving him insane, just when he would think he had figured her out, he was made to believe otherwise, maybe Khushi was a mystery he wouldn't be able to figure out completely all his life, he almost smiled as her mesmerising face revolved in front of his eyes, and he sighed as he said  to himself - “ god, where are you Khushi?” 

He picked up his phone and called her again, but again her phone was switched off, and he felt his insides twich again in worry.

And then he remembered that Zoya hadn't returned yet, and so he decided to call her to ask if everything was ok, maybe he shouldn't have let her go alone in the first place, but she had convinced him somehow, she was getting very smart these days this little Zoya Singh Raizada wasn't so little anymore, in every sense.Right as the phone rang on the other end, he watched her enter his room as she said closing the door - “ oh bhai, im back….relax….i knew you'd be up waiting, so i came to see you first….”

Arnav nodded, and he asked - “ hows your friend…”

Zoya walked and sat on his bed as she said - “ getting better, she should be home by tomorrow, thanks bhai for letting me go…”

Arnav raised his eyebrow - “ well you are getting cleverer day by day Zoya…i dont know how you convinced me…”

Zoya grinned - “ oh that I am…bhai…anyway i wanted to ask you for one more thing…”

Arnav - “ what is it now??”

Zoya - “ well, its saturday anyway tomorrow, but i was wondering if we can postpone the morning 9.00 am meeting tomorrow for AR desings…”

Arnav raised his eyebrow - “ you want me to postpone the board meeting at the last minute…”

Zoya nodded - “ yes, i want you to do that…”

Arnav - “ and what makes you think i will??

Zoya hid her smile as she said - “ well ,firstly, its way too early ,and its so late in the night already, secondly, if you dont, then ok, upto you, but count me out, for i have to meet a friend…”

Arnav asked confused - “ what friends?? Zoya i must say, a lot of your friends i dont know off are popping into the air…”

Zoya hid her smile as she said - “ well this one you do know bhai…”

Arnav - “ look i dont care, if its Nikhil or anyone, ok, im not postponing the board meeting…and nor are you getting excused…i want you there sharp at 9 am, infact, you will leave with me ok?”

Zoya continued innocently as she got up from the bed and she said - “ fine, then ill just message Khushi that i wont be able to pick her up…”

The minute he heard Khushi’s name, he was by sisters side in a jiff, as he pulled her by the arm as he asked - “ what?? what did you just say?? Khushi??”

Zoya smiled as she said, the look on her brothers face was adorable , god he was so much in love - “ exactly we will leave together, but not for the meeting, but to pick up Khushi from the airport at 9 am , i mean her flight lands at 830 but you know immigration luggage etc etc, she would be out by 9…”

Arnav stood zapped as he asked - “ you mean Khushi?? my khushi?? she's coming??she will be here tomorrow morning??”

Zoya nodded - “ yes, your khushi, bhai…”

Arnav - “ why dont i know this?? no wonder her phone is off, but why didn't she message me?? and when i spoke to her she didn't mention…any of this…”

Zoya asked surprised - “ what what? you guys are talking?? i thought…”

Arnav sighed - “ yeah, i was going to give her more space and time, but di convinced me otherwise earlier today, so i message her, and she did agree that we needed to figure a lot of things out, but we spoke for just a minute, and then she said she would message as she was free, which she didn’t…”

Zoya - “ thats great bhai, but maybe because, she forgot in all the rush, you know, she is coming immediately because her mother isn't well…..she took the first flight out, the minute she found out…”

Arnav asked concerned - “dilshaad aunty?? what happened to her?? and how did you know?? and when did you speak to Khushi?? why didn't you tell me earlier….”

Zoya put on her dramatic mode on as she said - “ calm down, will you stop shoving your Raizada rapid fire questions in my face bhai, look she messaged me alright, but i only read it while i was at the hospital, and i don't know what exactly happened, we can ask her tomorrow, when we met her, ok, now if you dont mind, i need to sleep for i need to be on time to pick up my best friend…”

Arnav felt his insides flip in happiness and he nodded as he watched Zoya walk out, and she turned to ask - “ oh bhai, the board meeting??

Arnav smiled as he said - “ stands postponed of course….”

He watched his sister smile as she left him alone.

He closed the door to his room, and walked to his poolside, and he looked at the stars, he couldn't believe he would be seeing Khushi tomorrow, he felt so excited that he was sure he wouldn't get any sleep at all.Until Khushi happened to him, he had no idea he was capable of loving like this, this truly madly deeply kind of love, he knew it had existed for some, but he was only experiencing it now, it was true, that Khushi and him hadn't been together for long just a couple of weeks, and infant they had been apart longer, but that didn't matter, because the moments of their closeness and their togetherness,that they had lived together were deep enough,the time they had spent together, the hours getting to know each other, the hours of sheer happiness and bliss had been enough to build this soul-shakening kind of bond in between of them. Hadn't he spent days and nights only basking in her memories, and he knew somewhere deep down that so had she.

He lied down on his bed,and closed his eyes in hope for another chance, a fresh start with Khushi, he was counting on a new beginning, because he knew deep down, as long as they loved each other, they could get pass the past and start afresh, they just had to hang in there, and give each other time, and believe in them again, he knew he did, and he knew he would make her see that too.


IGI - New Delhi - 9.00 AM

Arnav paced around impatiently in the arrivals lounge and he looked at his watch again, it was 9 am, khushi would be walking out into the arrivals lounge any minute now, and he couldn't wait for these few minutes seemed like ages, god if someone would have earlier told him that hed be literally dying like this to get one glimpse of the woman he loved, he would laughed,but now that it was really happening to him, he couldn't believe it, it was like every moment he was realising how deeply he loved Khushi, and all he wanted was to pull her in his arms tell her that, and never let go.

Zoya watched her brother pace around like a impatient man in love, and she couldn't help but smile, love did that to you, she thought, it made you go crazy and it definitely made you do crazy things, she knew that from first hand experience, she smiled at that thought.She finally spoke - “ bhai , seriously, you could have missed out on ur morning run today, you been pacing around like crazy for the past fifteen minutes…”

Arnav gave her a look as he said - “ yeah right, go ahead, tease me all you want…”, and he finally took a seat next to her as he said - “ Zoya, what am i going to say to her?? i mean i have so so much to say, and I don't know where to start…youa re good with words you tell me”

Zoya looked at her brother in shock as she asked - “ and since when is Arnav Singh raizada at a loss of words??

Arnav sighed - “ since i fell in love, and screwed it big time…”

Zoya could almost laugh at that look on his face as she said - “ oh bhai, you are adorable, relax, just trust your gut and go with what you feel, everything will be ok, its just Khushi remember…”

Arnav nodded - “ yeah, i guess you are right…”, and it was right then he spotted Khushi walk out into the terminal, and just like that in a moment as he played his eyes on her, and registered her presence in his mind, the fact that she really was here in front of him, his world came to a standstill.


Khushi was tired, and exhausted, from both the journey and the emotions she had been feeling throughout, she was gad, really glad, that her mother had been fine, because if anything would have happened, she would have died with guilt.And all she had wanted was to be with her mother for a long time now, and thats why she had emailed her resignation to her boss, from the airport explaining the sudden scenario, and also of course she had to figure out her visa issue as well, and so she had decided she couldn't be selfish anymore, she had to think about her mother and her brother too.She was going to be here in India, as long as her mother wanted, she owed her that atlas.And then of course she had tried to sleep on the flight but she couldn't because his thoughts had come haunting to her again and she had literally been running away from her emotions for him for way too long and now it was all catching up with her.No matter what had happened,she still was very much in love with him,very deeply,and it was crazy because she had thought she had moved on, but she didn't know that shutting a part of her out didn't change the fact that it existed.Yes she had hurt him with the lie,and he had hurt her by walking away.They had both done that to each other, she didn't know if he trusted her,and she didn't know if she trusted him yet,but none of that could change the fact, the one truth that stood in her face - Arnav Singh Raizada had been the love of her life,and he still very much was.

And that was the thing about the Truth, when it stood with all its might in your face, it made everything else seem like a Lie.

She finally got her baggage off the belt and put it on her trolley,and made her way out into the arrivals lounge,and it was right then she spotted Zoya, of course bhaijaan would have asked her to come pick her up, since he was with ammi,.And right then she saw him.He was here, with Zoya, why??? Obviously he came to see you, you idiot, her mind said.

She really felt happy at that thought.Maybe they could start afresh?

Their eyes locked, and she walked towards them,and she felt her heart race at the speed of light again,and all the while, she didn't look away, because it was as if his gaze had hypnotised her,she had almost reached them , and she was pulled into  crushing hug by Zoya,and she hugged her,but all the while her eyes were locked with him, and none of them looked away, because it was as if, there eyes were conveying so much they both wanted to say to each other, for which the words they could not find.

Arnav felt as if  he had been hypnotised by her, as he continued to look at her, all he wanted was to pull her into a hug just like his sister had, but he knew he couldnt, because this was a public place, and people recognised him, he didn't want to cause a scene for Khushi, and so he finally spoke - “Hi Khushi…”

Khushi let go of Zoya as she finally spoke to him - “ Hi Arnav…”

Zoya looked at her best friend and her brother, and honestly, this was the first time she was seeing them both together, in one frame, in front of her, and the way they were looking at each other, god there was so much electricity in the air, she felt  herself get goosebumps, she smiled, these two belonged together, and now that she had finally had the luck to see them together in front of each other, she was sure she could almost feel their unsaid love, mirroring in the air, god it was so freaking obvious.She finally smiled as she said - “ ok , although i dont mind the two of you looking at each other like that, but excuse me hi arnav, hi khushi, is that all you are going to say to each other, cmon??”

Khushi finally got herself to brake away from the moment as she gave her a small smile and looked at Arnav as she explained - “ im sorry, i couldn't call you or message you yesterday, amidst all the rush…ammi,isnt well, i was on the phone with bhaijaan when it happened, so i just had to rush…shes fine now, but i just have to see her for myself”

Arnav gave her a reassuring smile - “ its alright, i understand, good you messaged Zoya atlas…”

Khushi asked confused, she hadn't messaged Zoya - “ i did??”

Zoya immediately gestured Khushi to cover up as she said - “ you did remember???”

Khushi understood, ofcourse Zoya knew from her brother, and she couldn't say that in front of Arnav so she said - “ oh yes, right before i boarded, god im so tired…”

Zoya immediately laced her arm into Khushi’s as she asked - “ did you sleep on the flight??”

Khushi walked with her, as Arnav took her trolley as she said - “ no i couldn’t, i just had a lot on my mind…”, and she said that last bit looking at him , hoping he understood what she meant by that.

Zoya - “ gosh, you are exhausted…”

Khushi - “ yeah, but will you take me to the hospital first…??”

Zoya - “yes , sure…lets get you in the car…”

Arnav quickly put her lugagge in Zoya’s car and he opened the front door for Khushi to get in ,as he saw Zoya get in the drivers seat and he said - “ dont worry, shell be fine, i wanted to be with you, but…”

Khushi nodded as she got in and she said - “ but bhaijaan would be there…anyway thank you for coming….ill call you…”

Arnav gave her a small smile - “ yes do that…please…ill wait…”

Zoya tapped her fingers on the wheel as she said - “ ok bhai, ill just drop khushi off at the hospital,and see you at office ok??..”

Arnav nodded - “ the board meeting is at Noon…Zoya be on time ok?”

Zoya nodded - “ yes sir…”, and then she quickly drove away.

Khushi took a deep breathe as she asked - “ hows bhaijaan??”

Zoya smiled - “relax, hes fine, i went to see him last night, and ammi, is fine too, i saw here from afar, she was sleeping, she is stable but was an acute migraine attack…”

Khushi - “ ok, i cant wait to see her…iv been so selfish Zoya, she wanted me to be here, she wanted to see me and I…”

Zoya rolled her eyes - “ seriously stop feeling guilty, it happens ok, sometimes it does…just spend some good time with her now that you are here…”

Khushi - “i will, i will be here as long as she wants, i quit my job…”

Zoya - “ what????”

Khushi - “ yeah, have to get a new work visa anyway…”

Zoya smiled at that - “ well both my brother and your brother are going to be really happy listening to that news…”

Khushi gave her a small smile as she said - “ you always know what to say, dont you??”

Zoya grinned - “always….oh and open my bag no, in the zip theres a sim card , Asad gave it to me, for you”

Khushi smiled, as she took the sim card and placed in her phone, trust her bhaijaan to have everything being taken care off.


10.00 AM - The hospital

Khushi made her way up to the room, she knew her bhaijaan would have really liked the fact if Zoya would have come along, but her mother would be awake, and since they couldn't explain anything for now, they had to be careful.And so Zoya had dropped her at the hospital,and then she had called her brothers driver, to have her luggage placed in the car.She walked fast, lucky Zoya had told her that her bhaijaan hadn't told ammi, that she was coming yet, so she knew her mother was in for a big big suprise.

Dilshaad finished her breakfast, and she looked at her son as she said - “ oh see, i ate the whole thing, and im fine, absolutely, call the doctor, take me home already….”

Asad looked at his mother as he said - “ we will ammi, why are you getting so restless….relax i dont want you to stress and get another migraine attack…”

Dilshaad - “ oh you worry too much, i won’t…”

Asad held her hand, as he sat next to her on the bed - “ ofcourse, i will worry ammi, and you cant stop me…”

Dilshaad - “ ok fine, atleast give me your phone ,make me talk to Khushi, im sure shell be going crazy with worry…”

Asad covered up as he said - “ i can’t…”

Dilshaad asked confused - “ what do you mean you can’t??”

And right then she heard her daughter voice from the door as she said - “ what he means is ammi, that you dont need the phone to talk to me anymore…”

Dilshaad felt her heart skip a thousand beats in happiness, as she realised it really was Khushi in front of her, as she was pulled into a crushing hug by her daughter - “ ammi,thank god, your fine, im so sorry, im so so so sorry, look im here ok, im not going anywhere, until you want me to, ok??”

Dilshaad hugged her daughter, and she felt at peace, it had been so so long, she kissed her hair as she said - “well that’ll be never then…”

Khushi smiled as she kissed her mother’s cheek - “ well, then im glad i quit my job…”

She heard her bhaijaans surprised voice - “ you did??”

Khushi hugged her brother as she said - “ yes i did…”

Dilshaad watched her kids hug and she asked - “so you mean you are back for good…??”

Khushi smiled - “ yes, i mean for now, ammi, i am back…”

Dilshaad had waited for this day too long ,and she finally said as she gestured for both her kids to come in her arms, and she hugged both of them as she said - “ take me home, now will you, I'm absolutely fine….”

Asad hugged his mother as he said - “ofcourse…ill just speak to the doctor…”,and then he got up as he said - “ khushi, ill just be back…”

Khushi hugged her mother from the side, as she said - “ yes bhaijaan, im here, dont worry…”

He watched the smile on his mother face, and he felt really happy and content in that moment.


Fate smied - “ aww, a teary reunion, you know, but I’m glad she's back…”

Destiny grinned - “ had to be my way, after all…”

Love smiled - “ your way indeed, im not wrong when i say that you are the thing that happens silently everyday.Destiny , you are that delicate…”

Fate smiled - “ ok, so we have a lot to do guys, a lot to be said, a lot to be done…”

Hate smirked as he continued to read his book, he really loved the fact that they thought that the plot was totally in their hands, and that they could just continue to plan everything, it gave him a good laugh once in a while.


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