FF - The Desperate Kingdom Of Love

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Apr 3

Chapter 26 - GAME TIME - (3 APRIL,2017) - New (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 21 times)

helllo my beautiful readers,

Here i am as promised with an update on Monday!!

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Much Love




Just sometimes, love does that to you, it plays hide and seeks with your emotions, between the mind and the heart, sometimes it takes you on a rollercoaster of high’s and low’s of feelings, and sometimes, as strongly as it exists, it silently does indulge in a little game in between the hearts that are bonded by the string of its existense.


Saturday - 7 PM - Barkat

Asad watched Khushi feed their mother soup,as she said - “ ammi, you are going to finish this, no matter what, i hear from Rukssar that you havent been eating properly at all…”

Ruksaar smiled as she said - “ well she does, on and off…”

Khushi retorted - “ and thats the worst ammi, hope you know that, anyway now that im here, ill take care of that…”

Dilshaad smiled at her daughter - “ oh, im fine, absolutely fine, ok and after i finish eating, you and me have a lot to talk…”

Khushi smiled - “ofcourse ammi,im here with you…”

Asad had been watching within hands folded from the door to his mother’s room,and he couldn't help but smile at the two woman that were a part of his world, ofcourseif Zoya was here, it would be like his whole world in one frame, but since she wasn’t, he would have to wait for that moment for some more time, but right now he wanted to talk to Khushi, so he said - “ Khushi, why dont you freshen up, you’v been by ammi’s side ever since you arrived, cmon you need to rest too, its been a long day for you…”

Dilshaad nodded - “oh yes, please Khushi…”

Khushi smiled - “yes, bhaijaan, i could use a nice long shower…ammi, ill be back soon…”, and she kissed her mother on the head and walked out.

Asad closed the door to their mothers room,as he said to Khushi - “ ok , so you need to freshen up quickly, and i know you are tired, but Zoya insists that you meet her at the Cafe around the corner in 40 minutes, she messaged me its really important..”

Khushi looked at him confused - “ really? what is it?? aren't you coming??”

Asad - “ as much as i want to, but i can’t because firstly she clearly mentioned that she wanted to see just you, some best friend code talks i guess, and secondly, i won’t leave ammi,alone, one of us have to be here…”

Khushi - “ yeah, you are right, fine ill just freshen up quick…”

Asad brushed his sisters hair with love and he kissed her on the head as he said - “ khushi, im so happy you are home, and maybe tomorrow you can tell me about why you broke up with Arhaan, you should have told me, you know i didn't know, and i talked to ammi,about it…”

Khushi looked at him shocked - “ what???? oh bhaijaan, now i know what she meant with, you and i , have a lot to talk about Khushi, anyway ill explain tomorrow, i promise…”

Asad nodded - “ ok, now go, be quick…and please tell me if Zoya talks ill of me…”, he winked with a naughty smirk.

Khushi grinned - “ oh, so now you want me to be your secret agent or what??”

Asad nodded and he grinned back - “ you could say that…”

Khushi hugged her brother as she said - “ i love what she's done to you, Zoya, you are the different person,the one ammi, always believed you could be, and look at the cherry on the cake, you learnt to joke too…”

Asad nodded as he hugged his sister - “ oh yes, that i have to agree with, its all in the name of love after all…”

Khushi nodded - “ yes, all in the name of love…”, and then she quickly made her way to her room.


Ruksaar handed over the magazine to Dilshaad Khala that shed wanted to read, but she knew this was the right time, to talk both Asad and Khushi weren't around,and so she said - “ oh khala, leave the magazine, theres something you need to know…”

Dilshaad shut the magazine as she asked confused - “ what is it?”

Ruksaar smiled - “ ok, so when you were in the hospital last night, Asad bhaijaan brought someone to see you, as in a girl, she came late at night, saw you from afar, and then left, bhaijaan thought i was sleeping, but i got a glimpse of her from the side, and i think iv seen her in Khushi’s pictures…”

Dilshaad smiled - “ whattttt??? are you sure?? Asad??”

Ruksaar grinned - “ yes khala, im sure, id bet you for it,im so sure hes met someone…”

Dilshaad grinned - “ sure, i am, if this girl came to see me, then i bet its serious…”

Ruksaar nodded - “ exactly…so what are you going to do…”

Dilshaad smiled as she picked up the book - “ as much as i want to spy, but il wait for my kids to talk to me, in th meanwhile i can just bask in the happiness that my children have met their someone special, its a thing we aren’t all blessed with in our lives Ruksaar…”

Ruksaar smiled - “ i know what you mean, anyway why dont you rest while i prepare dinner…ok?”

Dilshaad smiled - “ ok…”

She watched her leave, and she resumed her attention to the magazine, and she grinned to herself, it looked like her kids had finally come face to face with the game of Love.


Khushi got out of her shower, and put on her tracksuit, and she quickly dried her hair, and just left it like that, there was no time to dress further, and she picked up her phone, and quickly made her way down the stairs, and right then she saw Zoya’s message that read - “ im waiting for you outside…a little away from your gate..”

Khushi looked for her brother, but she couldn't find him, maybe he had gone to freshen himself up,and so she walked out,and then she got out the gate and she spotted Zoya and she got in next to her as she said - “ Zoya, just so you know, im exhausted, but only for you…”

Zoya grinned - “ well, you do look tired, but you know id be a dead meat if i didn't get you out…”

Khushi looked at her confused, as she drove - “ what do you mean? dead meat??”

Zoya rolled her eyes - “ god seriously how can you be so clueless sometimes, bhai ofcourse, he isn't a very patient man anyway, and when it comes to you, looks like he isn't even a tad bit patient he used to be….”

Khushi - “ oh, i was with ammi,and bhaijaan all the time, i couldn't call or message…”

Zoya nodded - “ exactly, and he was so restless, imagine the wrath the Raizada clan had to go through, so i thought it would be the best if i got the two of you to meet…”

Khushi - “ watt??are you crazy?? im so not meeting him right now…”

Zoya - “why?? whats the problem??”

Khushi - “ well, we do have a lot to talk about, but i have no idea what to say…”

Zoya held her hand as she said - “ look for what you guys have been through, i understand, but you guys have to start somewhere…”

Khushi nodded - “ yeah, i know, but look at me, im such a mess, and im in my tracksuit Zoya…”

Zoya winked - “oh and just so you know, you look good…all fresh and relaxed…”

Khushi - “ yeah right when im feeling anything but that…”

Zoya winked - “ i always believed looks can be deceptive…”

Khushi - “ very funny…btw where are you taking me…”


Zoya - “well we are almost there, bhai wants to take you for a small drive…”

Khushi - “ ok, and what are you going to do…??you could have been with bhai but since you are supposed to be with me…”

Zoya - “exactly, so i will just use this time for myself,am getting into this cafe, and am going to eat what i want, and then i have some thinking to do…”

Khushi - “ thinking?? what?? all ok?? bhaijaan??”

Zoya nodded - “ yeah all ok, dont worry, i’ll fill you in on the way back…ask bhai to drop you back here itself ok?”, finished Zoya as she pulled into the Cafe’s parking lot.

Khushi nodded - “ are you sure??”

Zoya - “ cmon , khushi for once, stop worrying and go, just go….look hes waiting…”

Khushi spotted his car on the other end, and she walked out and made her way to his car, god there was so much to talk about, so much to say, and she really didn't know where could she begin.


Arnav tapped his fingers on the wheel impatiently, as he waited, he was really glad Zoya had come up with a plan to get Khushi to meet her, because she hadn't called or messaged all day, he had reminded himself that she would have been with her mother and brother all day, afterall, she did come for her, but none of that was helping him.He had never felt so restless in all his life, Khushi was here, in India, but still out of his reach, and it frustrated the hell out of him.

Right then he a knock on the window of the frontdoor window,and he spotted Khushi, he gave her a small smile and unlocked his door, and she got in instantly, and sat next to him for a minute all he could do was look, she was dressed simply, in a tracksuit, her hair were messy and slightly wet, it seemed like she had just steeped out of a shower,and she looked so simple and mesmerizing at the same time?? Was it possible to fall in love all over again?? But he did, in that one simple moment as she gave him a small smile, and she said nervously - “ im sorry,i couldn't call or message, i was with bhaijaan and ammi,all day…”

She was nervous, that was a good sign because so was he, and he immediately said, as he started to drive - “ you dont have to explain Khushi, i understand, and i hope you understand, that i wasn't very patient, because all i want is to talk to you, i hope you aren't mad at me for this…”

Khushi took a deep breath as she said - “ no, im not mad…”

Arnav gave her a small smile - “ good, so are you hungry??”

Khushi - “ yes, very much…”

Arnav smiled - “ so theres this nice, roll place nearby, we could eat in the car and that would give us some time to talk…”

Khushi nodded - “ yes, alright….”

Arnav watched her turn on the radio, and she looked out the window,and he drove, and he tried to understand her silence, she probably had a lot on her mind, just like him,but he knew it was time they got past this silence.


Twenty Minutes Later 

Khushi took a bite of her roll, and she watched Arnav eat his, and she continued to steal a glance at him out of a corner of her eye, there was so much she wanted to say, but she had no idea how to start, and thats why she had been silent all this while,and she figured that was what was on his mind too, since he had been silent too, but they had to start somewhere so she finally said - “Arnav…” at the same time as he said “Khushi…”

And with that, moment they both looked at each other, and he finally burst into giggles,and she couldn't help but smile as she said - “ go ahead, you talk first…”

Arnav gave her a small smile as he said - “ im just so happy that you are here, in front of me right now, theres so much i want to say, so much we need to talk, but, iv been thinking…”

Khushi - “ where to start??”

Arnav nodded - “ exactly….”

Khushi - “ i know, me too….”

Arnav - “ so when Zoya told me last night, that you were in the flight ,i swear, i couldn't sleep all night, in my excitement to see you…”

Their eyes locked,and her insides flipped as usual,and she instructed herself too calm down as she said - “ it just happened so suddenly, i was on the phone with bhaijaan,when i heard him get all worried for ammi,the next thing i knew was that he was taking her to the hospital, and then, i knew i had to leave and come, you know for months now, ammi, has asked me to come home, but i didn’t, and if anything would have happened,how would i ever forgive myself….but thank god she's fine…”

Arnav acted on impulse as he held her hand, and she didn't pull away as he said - “ and i know, im the reason, you didn't want to come back and im sorry Khushi for what all has happened, in between us, i really am, very sorry…”

Khushi pressed his hand gently as she said - “ i know, you are…and on that note when i think about it, looks like we both have done things to hurt each other in the past, well to be fair, i did lie to you…in the first place, it did begin with my mistake…”

Arnav took a deep breathe as he finally said - “ well to be honest, iv been thinking, in the sense iv been thinking a lot about you and me, us, and now when i look back im glad you did do what you did, in the first place…”

Khushi - “ what do you mean??”

Arnav - “ i mean, that im glad you lied about being Khushi Gupta, in the first place, we did get to know each other in the process, and as annoyed as i was at that time, i wouldn't exchange what happened for anything, because i did fall in love with you, and when i realised that, nothing else mattered…”

Khushi had no idea what to say to that, but she had to say something and so she said , looking out the window- “ you know, arnav , so much has happened, i mean, so much time has passed, when you left, there were times i used to question that why did this ever happen to me in the first place, why did we have to be torn apart in the first place and then with time i thought i had moved on, but who was i kidding, i hadn't got you out of my system, and all you had to do was turn up in front of me once, and everything i had built for my defence came crashing down…im tired, because i cant run away from what i feel anymore,and i dont want to run away from you too,its not helping me even though i thought it would but i also need some time to think about this….”

Arnav heard everything she said, and it made sense, time, it was what they both needed and so he said - “ i know, Khushi, and take your time, ok? i dont want to push you at all, all i want for us to start afresh, and if we both make an effort, i do think we will be able to get past, the past…”

Khushi smiled, she was happy he understood what she wanted - “ maybe you are right, Arnav, i mean we can try…”

Arnav smiled as he clutched her hand - “ exactly, the least we can do is try, lets see where it takes us…”

Khushi nodded - “ yeah, im ok with that….”

Arnav nodded - “ good, and you are here right until your mother gets better right?? i mean you aren't going to leave soon??”,he asked feeling uneasy at that thought of her leaving.

Khushi smiled, so Zoya hadn't told him yet that she wasn't going anywhere as of now, and so she said - “ well, i did quit my job, so I'm here for good, as of now….”

Arnav felt his insides jump up in happiness - “ you what???”

Khushi smiled - “ yeah, so i have to reapply for a fresh work visa anyway, and then ammi,wasnt well, she wants me around so i just thought, it would good to be here for a while…”

Arnav felt like an idiot, he couldn't stop grinning - “ yes, thats great Khushi….”

And right then Khushi’s phone beeped, and she checked it to be a message from Arhaan on her Facebook messenger which read - “ Khushi, im back, i came to see you, why is your door locked? where are you??”

Arnav asked as he saw concern arise on her face - “ who is it??”

Khushi - “ its Arhaan , hes back from germany, but he did say, he wouldn't be back until later, and i just left…hes at my door, look i need to make a call, do you mind??”

Arnav groaned, Arhaan dammit, trust him to prop up at the wrong time always, what did he want now? but he couldn't just say that, so he nodded, as he said - “ yeah, no issues…”,and he returned to finish eating his roll,as he watched Khushi call him.

Khushi heard him pick up in an instant as she said - “ arhaan, I'm so sorry, I'm in India, ammi, wasn't well, so i just came suddenly…”

“what??you are in India??” - came his worried reply.

Khushi - “ yeah, Arhaan,and ill be here for a while, have some issue with the work visa too, i quit my job….”

She heard his worried reply - “ what?? you quit your job?? are you saying you left for good????”

Khushi sighed, and she watched Arnav look out the window out of the corner of her eye, she knew he was getting very uncomfortable, but she continued as she said - “ yes arhaan, for now….”, she watched Arnav settle the bill,and he had turned his attention to her, and his gaze on her was making her really conscious.

“are you saying that im never going to see you again , Khushi??”, asked Arhaan , and his voice disturbed Khushi.

Khushi took a deep breathe as she said - “ i thought, you didn't want to see me Arhaan…”

“Thats for me to deceide Khushi, dont just assume things, please…”, he stated.

Khushi - “ look, I'm sorry, but i had to come, for ammi,..”

She heard him sigh as he asked - “ hows she now??”

Khushi - “ much better…look can i call you later??”

“yeah, ok, do that….”, and he hung up.

Khushi closed her eyes as she put her phone aside as she said - “ god,arnav, iv hurt him so much…and i hate myself…”

Arnav knew she was feeling guilty and he said - “ its ok, give him time…”

Khushi nodded and she stated - “ and i have to explain to both ammi,and bhaijaan tomorrow, about why i broke up with him…”

Arnav asked shocked - “ whatttttt????”

Khushi - “ exactly, i have no clue why did bhaijaan tell ammi, in the first place, and he's worried too, he likes Arhaan…”

Arnav flinched at that, as his insides burned - “ and he obviously hates me…and not just for the past, i know what he feels about my flings and meaningless relationships that iv always been, even back then , he didn’t approve of it,and now that,its his sister that iv actually fallen madly in love with,this is …I don’t know , crazy maybe”

Khushi looked at him, and she had no idea what could she say to make it better, so she said - “ maybe, but ill handle it, i mean ill figure out what to say…”

Arnav nodded, she looked exhausted and tired, of course from both the journey and the turn of events, and right then his phone rang, it was Zoya and he put it on the speaker as he heard his sisters voice - “ oh if you guys are done, come already, i have finished eating and im done with listening to my favorite playlist too…”

Khushi - “ yeah, we are coming, will be ther in ten minutes….”

Arnav - “ yes Zoya…”, and he hung up.

She watched him start to drive,and she said - “ I'm sorry, but I'm tired….”

Arnav gave her a small smile - “ i understand khushi….”, and he watched her look out the window again.

For now, he was happy that they had come to some common ground atlas, it was good news for sure.He just had to take it slow and easy.

He pulled into the cafe’s parking lot ten minutes later, and he saw Zoya waiting in her car, and he watched as Khushi was about to leave, and he held her hand just in time, as he asked - “ when will i see you next, Khushi??”

Khushi gave him a smile as she said - “ soon…ill figure something out…”

Arnav kissed her hand ,and he felt her shiver and that felt good and he whispered - “ goodnight Khushi…”

Khushi smiled as she said - “ goodnight Arnav…”


Zoya pulled in a little aside of Khushi’s maingate and she said - “ there you are, now cmon go in, i wouldn't want Asad to get angry at me for keeping you out longer…”

Khushi - “yeah right as if bhaijaan could ever get mad at you, impossible,anyway whats up??”

Zoya - “ khushi what do you mean??”

Khushi - “ i know you well ok, you been worried about something tell me what is it??”

Zoya sighed as she said - “ ok, yes there is something…”

Khushi - “ what about??”

Zoya - “ so theres this guy rahul, as in his family and him are coming to see me tomorrow at Noon, as in for as a prospective bride, and i have no idea how am i going to tell Asad that…”

Khushi asked shocked - “whatttttttttttt????????? no wayyyyyy, bhaijaan will kill this guy if he ever lays his eyes on you…does he know nothing at all??”

Zoya shrugged - “ no he has a hint i mean, i did tell him about when initially the topic came up, and then we decided that Asad would dig up something on this guy and we would get that info leaked to bhai…”

Khushi - “ woww, bhaijaan is wicked…”

Zoya - “very funny isn't the time to joke, Khushi, anyway but we couldn't follow that up, because i convinced bhai and got out of it, until di turned up to him yesterday and convinced him to talk to me, and then all the emotional blackmail etc etc, you know the issue is this guy Rahul is Shyam jiju’s family friend…so its tricky for bhai…you know he really respects jiju…and it happened so suddenly last night, i wanted to tell Asad but then ammi,wasnt well and i just couldn't i didn't want to worry him further”

Khushi nodded - “ i understand, anyway, but he has to know ok? why dont you come in with me now and talk to him???cmon dont you want to see him??”

Zoya - “ofcourse i want to but i cant Khushi, are u crazy??”

Khushi winked - “ well we do have a backdoor at Barkat too,cmon ill help you sneak in with me, and ill help you out…and you need to tell him this anyway”

Zoya - “but bhai, he will be home and hell wonder where i was…”

Khushi - “dont worry,just say, we went back to the cafe for tea or something, he left before us anyway, he wouldn't know…cmon now…im so excited you'll be coming home after so so long…”

Zoya really wanted to tell Khushi the truth that she had already been there, and that her bhaijaan and her had also gotten married secretly, but she knew she couldn't yet, so she just kept quiet and followed Khushi.


Asad got out his washroom,and he lied down in bed, he was tired, and he felt his eyes get heavy from sleep, he hadn't slept well in the hospital as well.Khushi hadn't returned yet, and he knew Zoya was with her, as much as he wanted to speak to Zoya, he knew he had to give the two best friends some privacy,and thats why he hadn't called or messaged. It was right then his phone beeped and he opened - It was Khushi, why was she messaging him, he opened it nonetheless - Bhaijaan open your damm door, i dont want to knock and wake up ammi, or ruksaar.

Asad quickly walked to the door and opened it in a jiffy, and there was pin drop silence outside, and right then he saw Khushi come in front of him as she whispered - “ thank me later, ok…”

Asad whispered back - “ for what?? and why are we whispering…??”

And before he knew it, he saw Khushi push Zoya into him,as she shut the door of his room from outside, and he blinked a couple of times, to register, it really was Zoya in front of him ,and he saw Zoya go back to the door as she said - “ khushi, are you insane…”

Asad smiled, he couldn't believe his baby sister had helped Zoya sneak into their home, into his room at this time of the night, he checked the watch on his wall, it was 1030 PM.He walked towards Zoya in a few strides, and shoved her back into the wall,and put his hand on her mouth as he said - “ are you insane?? my sister comes up with the perfect plan,and you want to ruin it…”

Zoya looked into his eyes, and as usual she felt everything else come to s standstill, how did this guy manage to give her goosbumps like this all the freaking time.She felt him hold her by the waist,as he pulled her closer,and his hand was off her mouth,as he brushed her hair aside, and buried his face in the crook of her neck,and kissed her softly there as he whispered in her ears - “ god, iv missed you…its crazy you know sometimes i think i miss you even when you are with me, is that possible??”

Zoya hugged him, as she shivered,as she felt him place soft kisses on her shoulder blade,and she said - “ asad, i wanted to talk to you…”

Asad kissed her on the both her eyes as he said - “ go ahead, talk im listening…”

Zoya - “ how am i going to talk if you look at me like that and do th things that you are doing?”

Asad asked innocently as he shrugged the sleeve of her dress aside,down her shoulders,and started to place kissees everywhere - “ what am i doing??”

Zoya felt herself being cast under his spell,and as much as she didn't want him to stop, she had to talk to him, and so she finally cupped his face as she said - “ look at me, im serious, we need to talk…”

Asad finally let go as he said taking her by the hand and he made her sit on his bed next to him as he said - “ ok , im sorry, i was distracted, tell me what is it??”

Zoya mentally fought for words, she didn't know how was she going to tell him that in the next 14 hours she would be sitting across of Rahul,and right then she saw him run his temple and she asked - “ Asad are you ok??”

Asad gave her a small smile as he said - “ yes, im fine, i was about to sleep, i mean im tired thats all…”

Zoya looked at him - “ you didn't sleep well in the hospital ofcourse, last night…”

Asad held her hand- “yeah…anyway…you tell me, what is it you wanted to say??”

Zoya changed her decision, she would tell him later maybe in the morning,because if she did tel him now he wouldn't be able to sleep peacefully, and he needed that right now more than anything and so she said - “ Asad, shut up, we will talk later, you need to sleep ok, cmon lie down…and get some sleep”

Asad felt her push him into his bed,and before he knew it, she had covered him with the blanket,and turned on the ac, and then switched off the lights and only the bedside lamp was on, and he held her by the hand,as he pulled her next to him,as she lay on his bed, and he turned halfway towards her,as he cupped her face slowly and rubbed her cheek tenderly - “all i want is you to be here with me forever…Zoya…”

Zoya smiled,and she rubbed his cheek tenderly - “ i know, id like that you know, but, right now you need to sleep…”,and she was up in an instant, and she had pushed him back to lie down,and she sat next to him as she said - “ and i need to go now, bhai will wonder where I am…”

And right then she felt her phone vibrate in her clutch and she said - “ great, im sure its bhai calling..”

Asad groaned - “ he really is my enemy , your brother, his timing is always so freaking wrong…”

Zoya smiled - “ very funny, atlas i got to see you even if it was for a few minutes…i really needed to see you tonight, thanks to Khushi…”

Asad smiled - “ yes, i will thank her…”

Zoya bent forward, and kissed him softly on his lips, and she was about to break away soon, when he caught her by the hair, and pulled her closer, as he turned the kiss into a deep passionate one, and she finally let go a few heated minutes later as she whispered - “ goodnight, now can i go??”

Asad nodded, and he was about to get up and she said - “ relax, ill just message Khushi…”

Asad watched her as she quickly took out her phone and she said - “ oh i was right bhai called twice, and khushi also messaged a minute before she is outside, im leaving ok now, see you later…”

Asad walked her to the door as she said - “ you wont ever listen to me?? i asked you to sleep…”

Asad - “and i will, i promise…”, he opened the door, and he saw Khushi in front and she held Zoya’s hand, as she said - “cmon, lets go…bhaijaan dont worry, she's have her sneak out safely…”

Asad grinned - “ i know….”, and he watched Zoya smile at him as she finally waved at him and left with Khushi.

he closed the door, and went back to his bed, and lied down, usually he wouldn't sleep until he knew Zoya was safe in her home, but today he was tired and very exhausted, and so in the next few seconds, as he thought of Zoya, a deep slumber took over.


Khushi watched Zoya get into her car and she asked - “ did you tell him??”

Zoya - “ oh he was exhausted and tired, he hadn't slept well, i couldn’t,ill tell him in the morning…”

Khushi smiled - “ yeah ok, do that, dont worry, ill handle him here, hell will surely break loose, but ill handle him…”

Zoya nodded - “ i know, you will, anyway, ill leave now…”

Khushi smiled - “ message me once you are home ok?”

Zoya - “ i will…”


30 Minutes Later

Khushi got out he washroom,as she changed into her night suit,and she lied down in bed, and it was only then did she let his thoughts flood back into her mind.Maybe, there really was hope here, for the two of them, maybe they really could start afresh,she knew he loved her , it was in his eyes, on his face, and he knew she loved him, because she was sure it was in her eyes too.Could they really forgive and forget and move past it all??

She took out her phone and he wondered if he was asleep, and she finally messaged him on whtsapp -

“hey Arnav, its me Khushi…are you awake?”

She got a instant reply -

“ofcourse i have your number Khushi, Zoya gave it to me in the evening itself,and im awake…”

She quickly wrote - “ im sorry i kept Zoya a little late, she would be reaching any minute…”

She got a quick message - 

“yeah, she's back,just met her…whats up??”

Khushi typed - “ nothing much, just about to sleep,im tired…whats up with you?”


Arnav smiled as he typed - “ nothing much, thinking about you…”

He got a quick reply - “ about me??”

He typed - “ I do have you on my mind all the time Khushi, even though you think i dont…”

He got a quick reply - “ Arnav, do you really think we can get past it all and start afresh?? is it possible??”

He  wrote - “ I believe we can, don’t you think so??”

“I want to beleive, but as of now, i dont know…Arnav…”

He took a deep breathe as he wrote - “ Relax khushi,like i said all we need is time, im counting on it…”

“ok, anyways i guess ill sleep now…btw why didn't you say anything about this guy coming to see Zoya” came her reply.

he quickly wrote - “ well, i just assumed you knew Khushi, i know she isn't very interested, and i wont force her into anything…but all we want is for her to atlas meet this guy..”

he got a quick reply - “ I know, you wont force her into anything, you are a good brother Arnav…”

He smiled as he wrote - “ you think so??”

“I dont just think so, i know that you are Arnav, goodnight….”

he quickly wrote - “ goodnight Khushi, ill be a little busy tomorrow, but ill message you as im free…”

“ok yes i understand, do that…”came her reply.

He smiled as he kept his phone aside, he knew he had been right, all they needed was time, and he was sure very soon things would be more than normal.He closed his eyes ,and he let sleep take over.



11.45 AM - Shantivan

Zoya finally applied her lipstick,and she looked at her reflection in the mirror, she was happy, she had convinced her sister that was not going to wear what she had wanted, a red saree, and the threat that if she made her wear it, she wouldn't come out of her room,had worked.She had picked out this simple yet elegant black suit, that she had picked out for herself not a while ago,and she left her hair open,although when she had first bought this she had thought that she was going to make a loose braided side bun,to go with the look, but that was all for Asad.Today, as she met some other guy, she didn't want to dress to impress,and so she had kept it simple.She looked at her phone a zillionth time, she couldn't beleive, that Asad and her had been missing each others call since morning, and even Khushi had missed her calls, maybe she was sleeping in late after all the travel,she could believe the craziness that had come ver the Raizada Clan, since morning , the kitchen had been put to overuse, under the able guidance of her nani, mami and di, and everyone was so freaking excited as if it was her wedding day already.She just had fifteen minutes until they arrived, they were on their way already, her di had sent the message from HP.She closed the door to her room, and quickly called Asad again, hoping he would pick up, she could not possibly not tell him, and she cursed herself for not telling him last night.

She heard a few rings go by, and it was right then he picked up as he said - “ Zoya, im so sorry, we been missing each others call since morning, actually i had called a doctor to check on ammi, she's absolutely fine now, was just seeing the doctor out,im free now, you tell me whats up??”

Zoya took a deep breathe as she said - “ Asad, I'm happy that ammi,is fine now, ok remember that i told you that we had to talk last night??”

Asad - “ yeah, i remember, what is it??”

Zoya took a deep breathe as she said, letting it all out - “ ok, so in now the next ten minutes, ill be seeing Rahul and his family, i mean they will be home…”

“Whatttttttttttttt????? Whattt did you just say??” - came his shocked question.

Zoya explained quickly - “ ok im so sorry i didn't tell you earlier, friday evening somehow di convinced bhai to talk to me, and all the emotional blackmail began, i couldn't say anything, i wanted to tell you then itself, but i couldn't because ammi,wasnt well, and you were so worried already, and last night also i wanted to tell you, but i knew you wouldn't get any sleep if i told you and you were looking so exhausted, look im sorry ok??”


Asad stood stunned, as he heard what she had to say, and he was standing in front of his mirror in the room,so he could easily watch the play of expressions on his face due to the reflection in the mirror and he said in disbelief - “ sorry?? you are sorry?? Zoya, what did i say to you?? i will not have any man lay his eyes on you with even a fraction of a thought that you could be his…and you are telling me now, when in the next few minutes you will be doing the exact same thing…”

Zoya replied in a hurry - “ look, im sorry i really am, the situations were such, you know that, or else i would have…”

Asad felt his anger rise, but he kept a check on his voice as he said - “ fine, do something now, don't get out of your room, sneak out the back door, come see me, ill leave now…”

he heard Zoya’s urgent voice - “ what?? are you even listening to yourself Asad?? I cant do this to my family, the humiliation bhai and jiju would have to face…look relax trust me, ill deal with this matter… ill talk to this guy ok? and ill ask him to say no, outright, ill figure something out, just trust me??”

Asad felt his anger rise as he spat - “ or maybe, you are really loving this way of torturing me Zoya…maybe you are doing all of this on purpose…”


“whatttt???? I cant believe you just said that Asad…you know i would never…look you need to understand me right now”, said Zoya in a desperate attempt to make him see her point.

“and im unable to understand, any of this Zoya, i will not have you meet this guy, thats final…”, he stated in anger.

Zoya was getting really worked up as she said - “ Asad, theres nothing i can do right now, ok? just trust me , ill handle it…”

“and what if that guy actually ends up liking you, and says yes, and your family emotionally blackmails you again, what are you going to do?? send me an invitation card to your freaking wedding???????then let me remind you, you already are married..”, he spat in anger and frustration.

Zoya - “ yes, Asad, i know that i am…but you are being really unreasonable right now….how many times do you want me to say that i will handle it…”

 “look, i know your family, this can lead to that, thats why i want to stop it in the first place, look listen to me, just sneak out, don't meet this guy, please Zoya…”

Zoya heard a knock on her door, and she quickly opened it as she put her phone behind her back , it was di, and she said - “ oh Zoya, come, they are already here, they came ten minutes early, looks like Rahul couldn't wait to see you, and Zoya i have a feeling you might just find yourself being smitten, he is freaking handsome, i didn't remember him being that goodlooking, but anyway, come, lets go….”

Zoya nodded - “ yes di, ill just come, give me two minutes, i want to use the washroom, you go, ill come soon…”

Anjali nodded - “ ok fine, make it fast…”

Zoya immediately shut the door, and she took the phone as she said, knowing Asad would be fuming even more, as he had listened to every word her sister had said , and she spoke - “ look Asad, right now, i need to go, i will call you later…once this is over…”

“yeah damm over, fine, go have it your way, do whatever the hell you freaking want Zoya…”, he yelled,and hung up.

Zoya took a deep breathe, as she composed herself, she had no idea what rage had come over Asad, but she knew he would cool down, and right now she had to go down, and face this mess, once and for all.


Asad threw his phone aside in anger, and frustration,he couldn't believe Zoya hadn't told him about this until now, he could have found out something , anything, and now he could do nothing, but sit in his house, while his wife was meeting another man.

He closed his eyes, various thoughts filled in his mind, how would this guy react when he laid his eyes on his Zoya, for his Zoya was gorgeous,one of a kind, what would he feel? what if he actually did end up being smitten by her, of course he would be, he already is interested in Zoya for sure,thats why his family even arrived earlier.

God why was this so difficult?? Why couldn't he just proclaim to the world that Zoya was his, his legally wedded wife, and that she belonged by his side.

Because of the past, ofcourse, her family,and his promise to her - his mind answered.

Dammit, he felt like breaking every damm thing in his room, because he knew her family,even if Zoya got herself out of this right now,he could very well forsee, that her family wouldn't stop now, they would make her meet prospective grooms,until she finally was married.

Well, married, she already was, to him.They didn't just know that.

Damm it, there had to be a freaking way out of this for sure.


30 Minutes later

And that is when it clicked him, the only way to get out of this situation permanently was to let his family know the truth, that Zoya was his wife.Yes, that was the only way out. He did know he had thought of this on an impulse, but he was done sitting back and taking it easy in this case, for Zoya he had kept silent until now, but he knew, she was probably in a mess as well,there was only one to get them both out of this misery and that was to finally bring the truth to light.

He knew Zoya would be angry at his impulsiveness, but it was the only way out,because if he had learnt anything with time and experience was that Life was anything but a spectator sport,because if waiting and watching was all that he was going to do, then he would watch his life go by without him.And in this case, he would be dammed if he let any other man even dream even for a second about his wife.

He quickly drank a glass of water, sure of his decision,he took out his legal wedding papers from his safe and he made his way out of his room , down the stairs and he picked up his car keys and quickly got in behind the wheel and made his way To Shantivan.


Khushi got out of her room,and she couldn't believe she had slept in so late.She really did feel good though, the happiness something as simple as a good sleep could bring.And she made her way down to her ammi’s room and on the way she saw that her bhaijaan wasn't in his room,maybe he was with ammi,she thought.

She walked towards her ammi’s room and entered it, and saw Ruksaar and ammi, watching TV and she hugged her mother briefly as she asked - “ why didn't any of you wake me up??”

Dilshaad smiled,as she saw her daughter prop herself on the bed next to her and she said - “ well, of course we wanted you to rest well,anyway Ruksaar bring khushi her breakfast here only…”

Ruksaar smiled - “ yes khala….”

Khushi asked - “ wheres bhaijaan??”

Dilshaad - “ well the last i saw him was when he led the doctor out, and then i saw him go to his room…”

Khushi asked alarmed - “ the doctor??? are you ok??”

Dilshaad - “ yes, i am , thats what Asad had called the doctor to check, I'm absolutely fine now Khushi…”

Khushi hugged her mother, and she wondered where her brother was, she was sure, he would know of that guy Rahul by now, god she had been so stupid, she should have set an alarm to get up early, and now she had no idea where he was, and she had to find him, hed be fuming in anger for sure.

She quickly excused herself,and walked out to the main gate, and checked the porch, his car was missing, and she wondered maybe he had gone out for a drive to calm himself down.She called him, but he didn't pick up, which was very weird and she felt herself say out loud - “ bhaijaan where are you??”


An Hour Later 

Zoya took a deep breathe as she finally watched everyone leave, and she saw Rahul turn to her as he said - “ ill pick you up at 8 then??”

Zoya gave him a small smile as she nodded - “ yes, sure…”

So his family was really nice, both uncle and aunty and even his sister, and the first thirty minutes had flown as her fam-dom was busy with their hospitality, and then just when Rahul had mentioned that he had wanted to talk to Zoya alone, they had been taken by her sister to her brother’s poolside, and they had spoken generally for a few minutes, and she could clearly see that he was interested, really interested, just as she was about to tell him to say no, and explain him that she liked someone else, but couldn't tell her family yet, they were interupted by her sister yet again.

Rahul had sensed that she had wanted to talk something important, so he suggested that he would take her out to dinner, where they could be alone for a while.She had agreed, only because she knew they needed privacy to talk what she wanted to say.

Anjali and Arnav greeted everyone as they left and she said - “ its a pity they had to leave so eary, nice people no Chotte? and Rahul what do you think of him, hes nice na??”

Shyam smiled as he put his hand on his wife shoulder - “ oh cmon, you do know they are here for a wedding affair, the last function ends this evening, im just happy they could squeeze in time on such short notice,and see the good thing Rahul is taking Zoya out tonight…”

Anjali winked at her sister - “ and since you agreed Zoya, I'm sure you did like him didn't you?? im sure he likes you…”

Payal grinned - “ you bet, he couldn't take his eyes off her…”

Akash smiled - “ yes, but its better if they get to know each other , you know…”

Arnav finally spoke as his family walked back into the house - “ yes, its better, and the final decision lies with Zoya ofcourse…”, and he touched her sisters shoulder for some reason she seemed disturbed, very disturbed and he asked - “ you ok?? Zoya??”

Zoya gave him a fake smile as she said - “ yeah, I'm ok bhai…”, when all she wanted was to bury herself in the ground.

Mami grinned - “ oh cmon , she's nervous and excited, it happens….”

Arnav smiled at his mami and nani, as he saw them all get together on the round sofa, all set to disect and analyse,every minute spent with the Khurana’s.Gosh they were insane, and crazy, but he did love his family to bits.He joined everyone,as he watched his jiju ask Zoya of what she thought of Rahul.


Asad watched the car leave the gates of Shantivan,and he finally steered his wheel to their main gate, it had been ages, a long long time, since he would be entering these gates.

He had wanted to barge in straight on as he had reached ten minutes earlier, but he had stopped,because he decided it would be better if this guy and his family left first.He didn't want to have a face off with Raizada’s in front of anyone else, because he knew for sure, the situation was going to get ugly.

He finally got his car to the gates, and the guard came to ask - “ who is it??”

Asad said curtly - “ im here to see Arnav Singh raizada…”

Guard - “ ok, ill just call in, may i know your name??”

Asad took a deep breath as he said - “ Asad Ahemed Khan..”


Fate grinned - “ oh man, seriosuly, i didn't actually think he'd go there for real, oh the scene, mind you, I'm over the edge of my seat…”

Destiny smiled - “ you see, love does that to you, makes you do crazy things, and he’s loves Zoya insanely, but you do see, its the only permanent solution, we all know he would go through fire for her, and this isn't that bad…”

Fate smirked - “ oh cmon, its as good as fire…hes going to create one helluva scene…”

Love smiled - “One helluva scene indeed….”

Hate smirked as he said - “ one helluva scene indeed…”

fate watched Hate smile and he asked suspicious - “ what are you going to do?? you have something planned up your sleeve…”

Hate grinned as he said - “ nothing much, one helluva scene is about to unfold, why dont we all just wait and watch…”

Love looked at him suspicious, but she nodded - “ cmon , lets all see where this goes…”


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Apr 7

Chapter 27 -QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH MY HEART- (7 APRIL,2017) - New (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 28 times)

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And just like every game, in the game of Love,some moves or rather all of them are like weapons, that can lead to some serious injury, but in the end, its all about who lives to fight and play another day.

However, some injuries can last for a long long time,so do you stand up to play and fight another day?? Or do you just quit playing at all??



Shantivan - 130 PM

Arnav sat with his family and they were interrogating Zoya one by one, and he almost felt bad because she had agreed to do this because he had asked her too, but he hadn't imagined the craze that had come over his entire family, specially mami, nani , di and payal, jiju and akash were equally as active the rest, it seemed he was the only one who was keeping calm here.

Right then the intercom rang next to him, and he quickly picked it up,and he asked the guard - “ someone is here to see me?? i dont remember calling anyone, anyway who is it?”

Guard - “ his name is Asad Ahemed Khan, should I let him in??”

The minute he heard the guard say that name, he felt shock go through his brain, was it really Asad?? Why was he here?? and what was he doing here?? the first thought that came to his mind was, did he find out about him and Khushi?? But he really couldn't believe it was Asad at his door, wanting to see him, and so he gestured his family to be quiet and everyone looked at him confused and he asked , he wanted to be sure - “ Asad Ahemed Khan is here to see me??”

The Guard - “ yes sir, should i let him in??”

Arnav saw shock on all his family member’s face, and he thought he saw Zoya go as pale as a white sheet, and he said to the guard - “ ok let him in…”

He put down the phone and he heard his jiju ask - “ whose name did you just take?? im sure did it hear right?? Asad Ahemed Khan is here to see you??”

Arnav nodded - “ yeah, and im confused, after all these years of silence, we never spoken ever since, and why does he want to see me? what does he want??”

Zoya felt as if the ground had been pulled from underneath her feet as she heard her brother.No way, this couldn't be happening, Asad couldn't be here.God Asad, no, no , no, she desperately hoped this wasn't about her,she desperately hoped he wouldn't do anything stupid.Fear clutched her heart, and she saw her sister come next to her, and so did her brother as he took her a little aside and asked - “ Zoya, have you spoken to Khushi?? does he know about us?? I mean me and Khushi??”

Zoya was zapped, she didn't know what to say , but she stammered - “ no, no , bhai, i havent spoken to khushi, and theres no way he can possibly know…”

Anjali breathed a sigh of relief as she looked at her brother and asked - “ what could be the reason then?? what does he want??”

Arnav looked back at his family members as he said - “ i don't know, well just have to find that out from him…”


Asad stood out right in front of the main door of Shantivan, he was sure everyone inside would be in a state of shock,as the guard had informed them that he was here.Ofcourse, he hadn't ever dreamt, that in all his life, he would be standing at the door of Shantivan ever again, but he had come, and all for his love.He reminded himself that, and finally opened the door, and stepped in.This place, this house, had a zillion memories , and he felt various flashbacks come to his mind, as he walked in further, but this wasn't the time to bask in the good memories of the past, this was about the present and how he was going to take his wife with him, no matter what.

He walked a little further, and he finally came face to face with Arnav.

Silence was what followed for a few minutes, as Asad looked around, all the family members were present, including his maternal side, he remembered that they had moved in to Shantivan after that fateful day, and he knew that they had been the emotional pillar of strength for Arnav all through the time.

Anjali clutched her husbands hand, she had no idea why Asad was here, but she was literally seeing him after a decade, right in front of her, he had been like a very own brother to her too, just like Chotte, and she felt her eyes brim up with tears as she whispered to her husband - “ i have no idea what this is about, but Shyam…”

Shyam pressed her hand as he said - “ i know,i understand what you feel,…”

Zoya stood like a statue, as her eyes locked with Asad’s and she gestured him to not to anything stupid, but something was off in his eyes, as if he was adamant about something , and she didn't know what the hell it was.

No one was saying anything, there was just stunned silence, and she had to do something and so she finally said walking a little ahead - “ ok, everyone, i mean di and bhai already know, that me and Khushi,are best friends,Dilshaad aunty’s daughter, i don't know if you remember, but we were very close even back as kids, anyway we met in london and reconnected…and since he is her elder brother, im sure you have something to tell me, that Khushi has conveyed, or probably she has sent something for me…right Asad??”, and she finally stood in between Asad and her brother,as she gestured to Asad to play along with her.

The minute he had played his eyes on Zoya, and how she was gesturing him to not do anything stupid,he knew she was going to be really mad at him for this, but he knew he could deal with her later, right now he had a bigger thing to handle.He saw her gesture him again, and she looked beautiful in that black outfit,that all a part of him wanted to do was pull her in his arms,but he reminded himself that he couldn't because he was In Shantivan ,and not just Arnav Singh Raizada, but her every other family member was around.She looked so exquisite, he loved black on her, and his blood boiled as he recalled that , that freak Rahul had met her like this. He closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breathe, he could see that Arnav was waiting for him to say something and so he finally said - “ Zoya, i clearly mentioned , im here to see your brother, and if Khushi would have sent anything for you, i would have asked for you, not him…”

Arnav watched the exchange of gestures between Zoya and Asad, and it made him very uncomfortable, why were they gesturing and signalling each other ,as if they knew each other well???

Nani walked to Anjali as she asked - “ any idea beta, whats going on??”

Anjali - “ no nani,not at all…”

Arnav finally spoke - “ ok, i get it, you wanted to see me, tell me what is it??, and he took Zoya’s hand, and got her out of in between of them and shifted her aside.

Payal nudged Aakash , and he understood what she meant, the atmosphere was tense very tense, and he finally walked up to the two men who were glaring at each other and he said - “ why don’t we all just sit down, bhai…Asad, come on in..”

The way Arnav had held Zoya’s hand and shifted her aside, out of in between them , had really irritated him,and now he was even more sure of what he wanted to do, but he nodded at Akash,and walked in as everybody slowly took their seats,and he watched Arnav sit across of him, and Zoya stood behind him, and she was as pale as a sheet,she was really fearing what he was going to say, and seeing her like that made him finally take a deep breath as he finally decided to end the suspense as he said - “ Arnav, i think we should talk somewhere more discreet..”

Arnav glared at him ,still unable to figure out what this man wanted,and as to why was he at his door after all these years, what made him come here, last he remembered,he was the one who had vowed to never step a foot in this very house ever again , and he said in a curt voice, keeping a check on his tone,only because his heart reminded him that he was Khushi’s bhaijaan, his khushi’s brother - “ whatever you have to say to me, you can say in front of my family..”.

Asad took a deep breathe as he said - “ fine, if you want it that way, I'm here to talk to you, or rather to let you know a few things,which i think no longer can be kept under cover…”

Arnav asked confused - “ what do you mean?? under cover??”

Zoya felt as if her greatest fear had come true, Asad was here, to talk about them.God, could the earth just open then and there, and she be buried deep inside, she looked at him distraught,, pleading him with her eyes, to not say a word further.

But he looked away in an instant, as he disregarded her request, and said - “ im not here for anything of the past, but the present…”

Arnav - “ can you get to the point??”

Asad - “ fine, to the point i will, i never knew how to beat around the bush anyway, im here for the woman i love…”

Thats it, Zoya was officially going to have an heart attack, what was this man doing!!!!!!!Zoya clutched her heart as her greatest fear unfolded in front of her eye.

Arnav looked at Asad as he smirked - “ is this some kind of a joke?? why are you here for the woman you love..this is Shantivan,no one here has anything to do with you…”

Asad kept a check on his anger as he said curtly - “ im here for your sister,Arnav… I love Zoya…”

Zoya couldn't believe her ears, did he just say that aloud, in front of all her family??She was standing behind her brother so she couldn't see him,but the expression on her sisters face and the rest of her family’s only made her imagine the one of shock on her brothers face.

Arnav asked in disbelief as he stood up and so did Asad and he walked in front to him,as he spoke - “ are you insane?? you only met my sister for like two minutes, on the flight to Bombay, and you are in love with her??well,looks like you lost your head, you need a doctor…”

Asad looked at Zoya as she came to stand beside her brother holding her hand, and her face, he searched whether she was going to be off any help or not, or whether she was going to let him get hauled out of her house with security, because obviously he could see she was clearly very mad at him for doing this in the first place, he heard her say - “ bhai, relax…”

Arnav looked at Zoya in disbelief as he said, his anger now getting to him - “ are you listening to what he is saying??”

Anjali intervened as she said - “chotte, Zoya is right, you need to relax…”

Arnav - “ relax my foot, di, you stay out of it, Zoya you need to go to your room now…ill handle this…Akash call the security, i want this man out of my house, now…”

Zoya took a deep breathe, she had never wanted it like this, but she was in the situation now, she was mad at Asad really mad at him, but she would deal with him later, right now she had to stand up for her love,and stand up she would,and she said - “bhai, im not going anywhere…”

Arnav glared at his sister as he said angrily - “ i said, up to your room, now , dammit…”

Asad had had it,as he said - “ watch your tone Raizada,i will not have you speak to Zoya like that in front of me…”

Arnav felt his anger take over as he said, taking Asad’s collar in his one hand as he spat - “ this is my freaking house, you have the audacity to walk in here and claim that you love my sister, and then you are asking me to watch my tone…how dare you….”

Zoya had imagined this scene in her head a lot of times,she knew her brother would react like this, but she knew what she had to do, and so she finally said getting in between the two, freeing his hand off Asad’s collar, she knew Asad could get physical too, he was boiling in anger, but he was controlling himself for her and she freed her brothers hand, it took a lot of strength as she stood in front of Asad and looked at her brother as she said - “ bhai, you need to calm down first, and listen to me, ok…I will explain everything…”

Anjali, Shyam,Akash,Payal, mami, mama and nani all stood stunned as they watched Zoya, Asad and Arnav. None of them knew what to say, or how to intervene, Anjali tried to get in, but Shyam held her hand to stop her, this was a confrontation, none of them were required to meddle with he figured.

Arnav looked at his sister in shock, did she just stand in front of him to protect Asad Ahemed Khan??

And that is when it started to click in , was it a possibility???No, no , no it wasn’t.Zoya wouldn't even give him the time of the day, she was only protecting him because of Khushi,she didn't want him to anything he would regret later.He asked - “ Zoya???

Zoya looked into her brothers eyes as she held Asads hand, shocking the living daylights out of everyone in the room as she said - “ I love him , bhai….we’v been together since the last six months….”

Asad felt Zoya’s hand in his, and he got the confirmation he needed, she was with him.

Arnav looked at their hands co-joined and he felt betrayed, so betrayed, as much as he had felt that day on the hands of Khushi and he asked in shock - “ how is this even possible??

Asad was about to say something but Zoya gestured him to stay silent as she said to him - “ thanks, but i think ill handle it from here on…”

Asad could sense that she was really mad at him, but he heard her say - “ bhai, i first met Asad, i mean when he came to visit Khushi a couple of times, and then when i went for summer school to Harvard, i mean he was in Boston too at that time…and we just fell in love”

Anjali listened in shock as she heard Zoya explain,and she asked looking at Asad, knowing that it was a question that was on her brothers mind - “ you knew who Zoya was??when you first met her”

Asad said in a curt voice- “ of course not, i mean i didn't know she was Zoya Singh Raizada, Khushi had introduced me to her as zoya farooqui, because she was too scared about how would i react knowing that the two had reconnected in London,without any of us knowing anything,she didn't know Zoya and me would ever see each other again, but our paths crossed,and like she said, we fell in love…”

Arnav was too shocked to say anything, but he asked, sure his voice was shaking - “ so you mean to say, all this while, you didn't know who Zoya was??”

Asad looked at him in the eye as he said - “ no ofcourse, Zoya told me back in London itself, about who she really was,I was angry ofcourse, but i loved her way too much to hold anything against her, i mean i clearly understood why she did what she did….and like she said we been together since the last six months”

Zoya looked rather brother in despair - “bhai , wont you even look at me??”

Arnav finally looked at her as he asked - “ so you mean , in Bombay, all that stranger act you both were putting up, it was just an act, while you both have really been together all this while??

Zoya had never felt so embarrased, but she nodded - “ yes bhai…”

Arnav picked his hands in air in shock as he said looking at his di and nani - “ wow, look at this di, nani, iv been a freaking fool, fooled at the hands of my very own sister….”

Zoya held her brothers hand as she said - “ bhai, cmon, please, you have to understand, you out of all can understand, right?? I love him, you know how it is..please listen to me…”

Arnav ignored what his sister was saying and he looked at Asad again as he said - “ i want the truth, i will ask you, and you will answer me, you will give me the truth now…”

Asad nodded , he had expected this, and so he said - “ yes,ok , thats why I'm here anyway…”

Arnav asked curtly - “ why are you here today?? why now?? what did you mean it cant be kept under cover any longer…??”

Asad - “ well, of course i know, a guy was here to see Zoya today, whats his name..Rahul and i know he is your jiju’s family friend, look the situation is complicated anyway,Im here today, so that you all know, that I love Zoya and she loves me and we are together, so its better if no one else came in the picture…”

Arnav folded his arms as he asked his voice raising - “ are you threatening me, under my roof…”

Asad folded his arms,as he stepped further - “ well not yet, i am keeping all my courtesy for Zoya’s sake, but if you cant respect that, then ill forget every bit of the courtsey on my mind…”

Arnav felt his anger boil as he asked - “ oh so you just think you are going to walk in and tell me what to do, when it comes to my sister, and all im going to do is listen??”

Asad almost laughed at that, and he held Zoya’s hand as he said - “ i told you, i know him way too well…”

Zoya held his hand - “Asad, don’t , please not now…”

Asad looked at her as he said - “ this has to be now, dont you get it…”

Zoya knew he was right, for if they didn't tell him, her brother would probably have her locked up in Shantivan forever, he was that angry right now.

Arnav looked from Zoya to Asad, and back again, clearly their bond was strong, they could understand each others body language too.And all this while, under his freaking nose.Damit!!He asked Asad - “ so what do you think am i going to do now?? you are staying away from my sister, Asad Ahemed Khan…and Zoya you need to go up to your room now…”

Asad held Zoyas hand as he said - “ she isn't going anywhere, and like i said before, watch your tone, i will not have you talk to Zoya like that…”

Arnav raised his voice further as he asked - “ oh yeah, and who are you to tell me that?? she is my sister, i will talk to her in the way i want…”

Asad said, getting straight to the point- “ no you will not, I will not allow anyone, anyone on this planet , to talk to my wife like that…”

Arnav felt like as if the ground had been pulled underneath his feet as he asked in shock - “ what ?? what did you just say??your wife?? are you crazy?? in your dreams, will she ever be your wife…”

Asad quickly took out the paper from his pocket and unfolded it in front of Arnav and shoved it in his hand as he said - “ well, news for you, she already is, my legally wedded wife, we got married two weeks ago…”

Arnav looked at the paper in hand, in shock ,and he realised he was looking at the legal stamp paper, which stated that they were indeed man and wife, and that Zoya was now Mrs Asad Ahemed Khan, and he looked below and he saw Zoya’s signature there, also along with the signature of two witnesses.His sister was married,she had secretly married Asad Ahemed Khan, who was Zoya?? 

This wasn't his little Zoya.

He saw his jiju walk next to him,as he took out the paper from his hand and read it,and he handed it to Anjali as he said - “ its a legal, by law they are husband and wife, Arnav…”

Asad looked at Arnav as he said - “ this is a copy, i can get the original paper if you want to see…”

Anjali passed the paper on to her nani and she looked at Zoya in shock and she heard her chotte ask - “ Zoya, you did this?? you married him, you went behind all our backs….i cant believe you betrayed me like this, that you betrayed all of us like this…”

Anjali said in shock - “ i cant believe it too….where is my little Zoya, who always told me everything….”

Zoya stood still, she didn't know what to say, right now the hurt, the shock, on each of her family members face, as they all looked at her as if she had betrayed every ounce of their trust, but it was the look on the face of her brother that tore her the most,and he finally looked away as he turned around and said - “ Zoya….looks like i didn't know you at all..”

Zoya turned her brother around - “ bhai, im sorry, i really am, i love him, please understand…”

Arnav - “ I can’t, i cant even look at you right now…”and he turned around as he closed his eyes, he had never felt so betrayed in all his life, and he said in a curt voice - “ out, Zoya…”

Zoya stood still as she asked in a shaken voice - “ bhai, what do you mean…”

Arnav - “ you don't belong in Shantivan anymore, you are someone’s wife now,thats where you should be living now…”

Zoya looked at him shcked and hurt - “ look i know , i hurt you, but bhai, are you literally like throwing me out??”

Arnav looked at her as he said - “ no, I'm just following the law…Mrs Khan…”

Asad looked at Zoya’s tear stricken face, and he held her hand, he knew this was going to happen one day or the other,and he said - “cmon Zoya, i think its the best to leave right now, ill wait for you in the car….”, and with that he walked out , because he knew, she would want to talk to her family alone for a few minutes without his presence.

Zoya looked at her family,and no one said anything to her, they were all so hurt , she had broken their trust and their hearts,she watched her brother stomp to his room,and she watched everyone leave one by one to their rooms,and the last person that stood in front of her was her sister and she walked in front of her as she said - “ di, you understand dont you??”

Anjali wiped her tears as she said - “ i understand that you were in love, but no, i dont understand that this was the only way, you got married, for gods sake Zoya, its no joke….”

Zoya nodded as she said in a desperate attempt - “ i know di…”

Anjali - “ look for now, i think its the best, if you just left…give us some time, to let this all sink in…”

Zoya nodded - “ ok, but my stuff.”

Anjali nodded - “ ill have it sent over to you, later in the day…or tomorrow”

Zoya nodded and she finally said, hugging her sister - “ di, do something for me please, talk to bhai, ok? i know he feels betrayed, and its all my fault, but no one just no one knew that me and Asad had married secretly, i mean, khushi didn't know any of this….we promised to keep it a secret, his family i mean nor does khushi or dilshaad aunty know any of this, they will only know, now, once im there”

Anjali looked at her sister and she could see it in her eyes that she was stating the truth, and she said - “ ill tell him that, but i dont know if he’ll believe me Zoya…”

Zoya hugged her sister - “ di, please, you have to make him believe this, i dont want Khushi to suffer again because of me….i hate that this always happens because of me…”

Anjali nodded - “ i understand, but she's your best friend, and his sister, some collateral damage will follow, you know him, ill try but i cant promise anything…”

Zoya nodded, and she quickly made her way to her mothers room, kissed her on the forehead, and then ran back downstairs, and out of Shantivan, her home, and got into Asad’s car, as tears wouldn't stop,and she said getting in - “ lets go…”

Asad kept a hand on hers as he said - “ Zoya….”

Zoya yanked her hand away from his, she was in no mood to talk to him,and she looked out the window, and he understood  that she was so mad at him, he knew he needed to let her take it all out right now,and so he kept silent and drove to his home.


Barkat - 3.00 PM

Khushi looked at her phone restlessly, she didn't know why , something inside was making her really uneasy, something want right, no message from Zoya, no message from Arnav, and her bhaijaan was no where to be seen.She asked her mother as they sat waiting on the diningtable - “ are you sure bhaijaan didn't tell you where he went??”

Dilshaad nodded - “ look i really dont know, and now im starting to worry…”

Khushi - “ oho ammi,relax,hell be here soon….”

Right then the door bell rang and she said - “ammi, ill just see who it is….”

Dilshaad nodded, and she watched Khushi run towards the main door.

Khushi opened the door, and the minute she saw her brother hand in hand with Zoya, and Zoya couldn't stop crying,she asked in an instant hugging Zoya - “Zoya, what happened??? is everything alright???”

Zoya hugged Khushi as she said breaking down - “they hate me, they all hate me, bhai literally threw me out…”

Khushi looked at her brother and she asked in shock - “ bhaijaan, what did you do??”

Asad looked at Khushi as he said - “ i had to Khushi, or her family would have had her married as good as tomorrow…”

Khushi asked in shock - “ what?? don't tell me you went to Shantivan….”

Asad nodded - “ I did, and i told everyone the truth…”

Zoya spat angrily - “ he freaking barged into Shantivan and dropped the bomb on everyone, just like that…”

Khushi hugged Zoya as she said - “ oh goddd, bhaijaan you didn’t…”

Dilshaad heard voices from the door, and she finally walked to the door, and she saw her son and daughter, and a very pretty girl, who was hugging Khushi, and she was crying as if the world came to an end.

Dilshaad looked at her kids as she asked - “Asad, Khushi….who is this??”

Zoya quickly wiped her tears,she hadn't planned to meet her like this but all thanks to Asad, she folded her hands and greeted her and she heard Khushi say - “ ammi, this is Zoya, chasm aunty’s youngest daughter, you remember??”

Dilshaad asked - “ Kkusum Raizada??”

Khushi nodded - “ yes ammi, me and Zoya met in London, i mean we were almost living together….”

It all started to sink in as Dilshaad asked - “ so you mean Zoya farooqui,was actually Zoya Singh raizada…??”

Khushi nodded - “ yes ammi, i lied to bhaijaan because i was afraid hed be mad…”

Dilshaad looked at Asad, and she said - “ why don't we all sit down…come in….”

Khushi took Zoya’s hand, and she took her in and Asad asked Ruksaar to get a glass of water, and he kneeled down in front of Zoya and he said - “ here, drink this…”

Zoya looked away, and she didn't take the water from him and he looked at Khushi for help and she took the glass and made Zoya drink it.

Dilshaad looked at the three of them, a lot of unsaid things were happening, but she understood one thing if Zoya was Zoya Singh raizada, it meant that Asad had been interested in her, she finally asked - “ will any of you tell me whats going on??”

Asad took a deep breathe as he said - “ well, ammi, Zoya is here, because we are in love, and we have been together since the last six months, and her family didn't know any of that, ofcourse, we kept it undercover, khushi knew ofcourse, but anyway, the Raizada’s were looking for her to get married, and   a lot of alliances had been coming for her, so it was time, i thought they knew the truth…”

Dilshaad asked shocked - “ you went to Shantivan??”

Asad nodded - “ I did,ammi…”

Dilshhad asked - “ and you told them that you love Zoya, and took her by the hand and brought her here??god, do you even know the trouble you created for the girl you love??

Khushi nodded - “ exactly bhaijaan, this surely wasn't the way, what you did was totally uncalled for…”

Asad asked shocked - “ why is everyone blaming me?? what was i supposed to do?? sit back and watch men look at my wife, as their prospective bride??seriously????

Khushi and Dilshaad asked in equal shock - “wife???? what did you just say??”

Asad sighed as he started to explain , and he showed his mother and sister the legal paper - “well i had a feeling that her family would want to tear us apart if they found out,and i love Zoya, i wanted us to be together forever, i wanted to marry her, and we did get married…im sorry, i hid this from you two, but i couldn't say it, because Zoya was keeping it from everyone in her family too, it was only fair…”

Khushi asked shocked - “ you’v been married for two weeks??”

Asad nodded, and he started to explain everything to them, one by one, and also told them about whatever happened at Shantivan.

Dilshaad watched Zoya weep her heart out, and she knew, as of now it was her sons fault, of course she was upset, but not because of the choice of his son, but because she had had so many plans for her sons wedding, and he had gone ahead, and done a simple court marriage, but she understood it was the need of the hour, but the scene he had created at Shantivan, had really put Zoya in a mess and she finally said sitting next to Zoya as she kissed on her forehead - “ you know, when you were born, i chose your name, you were no less than khushi to me then, and somewhere deep down all those years ago, i always prayed for you, for Asad, strange how some wishes do come true, but you need to stop crying now, Zoya, cmon, calm down, everything will be fine, give it time…you are welcome here, its your home now, you are my Asad’s wife, just like my daughter….”

Zoya hugged Dilshaad, and she felt better, immediately and she heard her ask - “ you came to see me didn't you?? that night at the hospital???

Asad asked shocked - “ how did you know ammi?”

Ruksaar finally spoke - “ i saw her with you, bhaijaan, you thought i was sleeping, didn't you??”

Zoya nodded - “ yes, i did, i hope you feel better now ammi,..”

Dilshaad smiled - “ i do, and im even better now that i know, that my crazy son has given me the one thing i always dreamed off, you as his bride…even though i do wish it would have happened diffrently, but its ok, that doesn't matter, what matters is…that you are here now…”

Khushi hugged her ammi,as she said - “ seriously i love you, i had no idea you were so kool…”

Dilshaad smiled - “ really???now anyway cmon lets all eat…”

Zoya - “ammi,im not very hungry..”

Dilshaad - “ i understand, khushi take Zoya up, show her , her room…i mean Asad’s room…let her rest for a while, too much has happened, and ill send lunch up for you…and i want to talk to Asad anyway”

Khushi nodded, as she took Zoya up, and the minute they had entered the room, Zoya immediately hugged Khushi as she said - “ Khushi, i cant believe Asad did this to me….how could he?? the look on bhai’s face, god he was so mad…”

Khushi nodded - “ i agree, it wasn't the best way, I'm mad at bhaijaan too, but Zoya, it had to happen one day right??how long could we run??”

Zoya nodded - “ yes….”, and right then she remembered as she said hugging Khushi - “ Khushi, I'm so sorry, again all because of me, i did ask di to tell bhai that you didn't know we were married,he was so mad, I'm so afraid that…”

Khushi sighed - “ that hed lash out on me??”

Zoya nodded - “ exactly….godddddd….Asad, what have you done….”

Khushi held her hand as she said - “ ill only know that, once i talk to him….ill handle it , you dont worry about me ok??”

Zoya - “ you will talk to him??”

Khushi - “ ofcourse, im sure he has broken everything in his room by now, he does that you know, when anger takes over…ill call him in a while…now you relax, ill just get you something to eat…”

She walked out when she saw her brother walk up with a plate of food, and she looked at him and she said - “ she's a mess, what have you done bhai?? didn't have to be so sudden, she had no warning , no time to think at all…”

Asad sighed - “ i know, i just acted on impulse, i know iv created a mess for her, but was going to happen anyway right…”

Khushi sighed - “ i dont know, she’s really mad at you…”

Asad nodded - “ I know…wish me luck…”

Khushi rolled her eyes - “ no way, im mad at you too…”, and then she walked down to her mother, to make sure she ate well.


Asad entered the room, and he closed the door, and he saw that Zoya had buried her face in her knees, as she wept and he kept the food of plate aside, and he sat next to her and touched her head - “Zoya….”

Zoya yanked her hand away as she got up in an instant as she spat - “ i didn't want to create a scene in front of ammi, but i want you to stay away from me, Asad, what have you freaking done….”, and she pushed him in anger, with all her might.

Asad knew she was angry and he held her hands as he said - “ Zoya , it was going to happen sooner or later…”

Zoya pushed him further, as she yelled angrily - “ thats no freaking excuse Asad, its not just about what you did, actually it is, how could you be so freaking reckless and impulsive…how could you barge in like that, and do what you did…i told you to trust me, i told you will handle it, but no, you couldn't believe me, you didn't trust me on this….”

Asad held her hands again as he said - “ its not that i didn't trust you, i didn't trust your family more so, your brother…”

Zoya spat in anger - “ fine, you are happy now, he kicked me out, no one even looked at me as i left, they all hate me, this is what you wanted right??? there you have it, happy, are you happy now dammit???”

Asad hugged her, she tried to fight his embrace, but he didn't let go, as she finally broke down in his arms, yet again.

Zoya cried, she cried her heart out,and he just held her in his arms, but she couldn't forgive him yet, for making her world crash down like that, and so she finally let go as she said - “ I'm going to freshen up now, Asad, i just want to be alone right now…pleasee…”

Asad understood and he nodded - “ fine, ill leave you alone, but you will talk to me right??soon??cmon Zoya, forgive me already??”

Zoya looked at him as she said - “ i dont know, if i do…and i dont know if i want to talk to you or anyone right now Asad…”

Asad watched her walk into the bathroom,as she shut the door, and he heard that she had switched on the shower, his ammi, had asked him to give her some space and be understanding and supportive, her family had shut the door on her and it was his fault, because he did know she loved them greatly too.He felt guilty, really guilty, but he knew it was a price he had to pay one day or the other.


6.00 PM


Arnav woke up, and he looked around his room, he had broken every damm thing that was made of glass, in his room,he had been angry, so angry,he had never felt more betrayed.He closed his eyes,as he recalled everything.

Zoya was in love with Asad Ahemed Khan.

They had been together since the last six months.

He hadn't left her when he had found out the truth about being who she was, because he loved her too much,that was what he had said.

They had been sneaking around under his nose, all this while

They were Married.

His Little Zoya,he couldn't even call her that anymore.

He couldn't even look at her anymore.

Right then his phone beeped, and he opened it - It was a whatsapp message from Khushi, he read it -

“If you are in a mood to talk, i can come wherever you want to meet…”

That is when it struck him,Khushi, ofcourse, she was involved in this, she knew everything, probably she knew everything from day one.She was his sister, and Zoya’s best friend.How could she not know, just like Zoya had known about him and Khushi.

But he needed to hear it from her, to be sure of what he wanted to do, and so he quickly typed in the time and place, and he went to his washroom to get ready.

A Few Minutes Later

Arnav stepped out the bathroom,and he saw his sister sitting on his bed as he asked - “ di?? are you ok??”

Anjali gave him a sad smile - “ i dont know, i dont know i should be happy or sad, happy that my little Zoya is married, or sad at the turn of events…”

Arnav looked at her for a second as he asked - “ and what do you have to say about her choice??”

Anjali gestured him to sit next to her and he did and she said slowly - “ Asad is a good man, Arnav who could know him better than you, for me he always had a special place,you do know that, anyway, none of the hate, none of what has happened in the past can change the fact, that deep down he is a good man,a man of principles, and he loves Zoya,and she loves him, look love happens like that, you know that don't you?? the past didn't stop you from falling for Khushi, nor did it stop her from falling in love with you…it happens….”

Arnav sighed - “ i dont know anything di, all i can feel is betrayal, i cant believe Zoya did this…”

Anjali - “ difficult, i know, but she made her choice, we have to live with that, anyway, where are you going??”

Arnav - “ to meet Khushi….”

Anjali - “ before Zoya left, she told me to tell you that Khushi had no clue that they were married…”

Arnav sighed - “ i want to believe it, but somehow i can’t…i cant believe it…”

Anjali sighed, she knew Chotte was thinking from the mind again - “ use your heart ok?? not your mind this time around, dont do anything you will regret….ok??”

Arnav nodded, and he said walking out - “di, ill talk to jiju later, this is so embarrassing, we have to say something to Khurana’s…”

Anjali - “ dont worry, he handled it already…”

Arnav - “ he did??”

Anjali - “ yes, now cmon go…and let me see from where do i start getting your room cleaned up…send HP , will you pplease…??”

Arnav nodded and made his way down.


630 PM

Khushi waited outside in the parking lot of the cafe, they had met in just yesterday,and she knew she had walked right into the lions den again for sure, because obviously the scene that her brother had created in Shantivan today, would have enraged the devil inside of him.And she couldn't blame him for being angry, it came as a big surprise to her that the two had married secretly,as much as she understood, but Zoya had never kept a secret from her,and she was upset that it had to happen like this secretly,because she had so many plans so many dreams of their wedding.And ofcourse, not just an atom but a nuclear bomb had been dropped on Arnav today, he had not just found out that his enemy and his sister had been together since the last six months and that they were very much in love, he had also found out that they had gotten married,and of course not to forget how it had happened, she could only imagine his face when her brother had barged inside Shantivan like he had.A part of her mind told her that she should maybe not talk to him, but she knew she wanted to see him too, to see how he was doing, he had almost kicked Zoya out, that must have hurt him greatly too.It was right then she saw him pull into the driveway, and she quickly walked across, and got into the front seat, and she hadn't even said a word, and he had raced the car at the speed of light.

Khushi fell back in the seat and she held on to the dashboard as she as she said - “ Arnav, whats with you, can you slow down, please????”

He didn’t, infact he increased the speed further,and she said, desperate to get him to listen - “ ok you are going to get us killed for sure, calm down…and where are we going???

He didn't answer, but to her releif, he slowed down a little, and she kept a hand on his on the gear as she said - “ fine, ill just stay silent for now….” and he didn't pull his hand away.

Arnav felt her touch instantly soothe him,and that was the only reason why he didn't pull away, he really had a lot to say,a lot to listen and a lot to understand, and for that he needed complete privacy, so he drove as fast as he could to AR.


Khushi watched him pull into AR Designs,and she had never really been here, but she knew since it was Sunday , no one would be here.He didn't say a word as he got out, and so she simply followed him,as he got into the elevator, and he pressed the button for the top floor,and the door closed.

Khushi watched him from the corner of her eye, God that face, his face was twitched in anger,he was really pissed off, the last she had seen him like this was on that day , when he had found out the truth about her,actually no, he was even more mad right now for sure, and she suddenly felt scared, very scared,and all her bravery vanished in a second,as she saw the elevator door open,and he stepped out andshe immediately said - “ look i think this is a bad idea, we shouldn't talk right now…ill just go back…”,and she pressed the ground floor button,but he kept his hand on the elevator door as he looked at her, and held her hand,and pulled her out towards him.

Khushi felt him pull her towards him with a jerk, as he held her by both her amrs,and she closed her eyes in fear, god right now, in that very moment she felt so so scared of him.


Arnav watched the play of fear on her face,as she had her eyes closed,and he knew his touch was harsh, and he knew he was scaring the hell out of her right now, but that was only because he was scared himself, he was scared about what his mind was instructing him to do, and all that had happened today, he was really scared as to where it could take them. He took a deep breath and finally asked her - “ open your eyes Khushi….”

Khushi didn't listen to him,she just stood still.

Arnav asked in a softer tone, sure his voice reflected his pain - “ you are scared of me??”

Some part of that tone , that pain in his voice made her open her eyes as she finally looked into his eyes, and he let go of her,and she said looking into his eyes - “ yes, I am,right now…”

He looked away, and she took a deep breathe, she couldn't be scared right now, she had to handle this situation and she stepped in front of him and she gathered all her guts,as she cupped his face and she said gently - “ look at me….”

Arnav did, he looked at her, and he pulled her into a hug,and he just held on to her like that,for as hurt as he was, she was the only one who could be the balm to his shaking nerves,and she finally let go,and then before she could say anything, he took her by surprise ,as he in an instant just like that, closed the distance between their lips, as he kissed her, and the minute his lips touched hers,Khushi felt him pull her further into him almost harshly,he was in pain right now, so much pain,she felt his lips move over hers almost harshly, and she found herself acting in an instant, on reflex,as she finally started to kiss him back, only much more softly , and gently, she felt her hands go in his hair, as she brushed them tenderly, so as to calm him down, and then she rubbed his cheek with her hand tenderly,as she continued to kiss him, and it was only after a while, did she finally feel him soften against her lips,and she didn't know what was she sensing in that one moment, they had kissed before, so so many times, so many times out of liking,attraction,and then love,and also with pain of goodbyes, but right now,as she felt his arms crush into him as he continued to kiss her, driving a part of her insane, she didn't know what it really was he was pouring into it, what emotion was it?? It wasn't just pain, and love, it was fear.She felt her own heart clutch in fear once again,at the thought of things falling apart, no no, it couldn't be, but then why was he holding her, touching her, kissing her as if, this was the last time ever.She instructed her mind to calm down,as she instructed her heart to relax,and for the moment, she kissed him again and again, it was the moment, it was the pain, it was love and it really was a lot of fear.

Khushi finally let go, a few minutes later, only because she needed to breathe, and the minute she saw him open his eyes, and she looked into them,she didn't know what to make of the emotion in his eyes, there was so much on his mind for sure, but she couldn't read him at all right now.

Arnav looked at her silently,as he composed himself he had no idea as to what emotion had ruled him right now, but he had held her and the kissed her in a way that was so harsh, as if his mind was wanting to punish her, for what had happened,but then as she had responded with her gentleness,and her touch had soothed his nerves, he had only wanted to make this moment last longer, for in his mind, he was really fearing what was going to happen next, he had no clue, for a lot depended on what Khushi was going to say, a lot on the answers she would be answering his questions with.He finally felt her hold his hand, and she walked ahead, and sat on the bench on the terrace and he sat next to her, and she looked out into the skyline,and so did he, it was starting to get dark.

Khushi had felt something so different in the way he had hugged her,touched her, kissed her ,there was something that was scaring him too,and she touched his hand gently as she saw him look out and she finally spoke - “you did it didn't you??”

Arnav asked confused - “ what??”

Khushi- “ you did break every damm thing in your room, didn't you??

Arnav nodded, she did know him well.

Khushi took a deep breathe as she said - “im sorry for the way things happened, today, i didn't know bhaijaan was going to do what he did, if i had known, i would have stopped him….”

She waited for him to say something, but he didn’t, she continued - “ i mean, it could have happened differently, you had to know one day ofcourse, but not like this, anyway you know bhaijaan and Zoya,they met when he came to visit me a couple of times, but it happened after when we first met, i mean after you thought I was Khushi gupta, so i just assumed that the same thing woud work so when bhaijaan arrived , i just introduced her as Zoya Farooqui,and Zoya played along,because back then we didn't have any other option, anyway, but you know, Zoya always had this crush on him, since when she was what 13, i mean you both were best friends back then, he was the only one she had been crushing on i guess most of her teenage, but of course all on the inside,and then when they met In london, they hit it off, but nothing happened in between them then, it was onlyy when they bumped into each other in Boston,that things happened,you know bhaijaan, i know you hate him now, but you did know him back then, hes a good man,and i dont just say so because he is my brother, he fell in love with Zoya first you know,and of course Zoya felt very much the same, they came back to London,the next day after my accident,and of course you had left by then,and I was of course very miserable,and i knew that they both loved each other, i could see it, so Zoya finally came out clean to him about being your sister, before she left London,bhaijaan was mad, so mad, probably as angry as ever, but I talked to him,i knew what it felt to have your love walk out on you,without even once giving you the benefit of doubt, i  spoke to him, made him see things from Zoya’s point of view,i didn't want her to go through what I was, and in the end, Bhaijaan did listen to his heart, after all Zoya is the only woman he had ever loved in all of his life, and good for them, that they bared the storm of the truth,and they came out stronger,their love had survived that phase,over time, thing got deeper ofcourse, and then as you know, that we all found out today, that they married secretly two weeks before, actually 18 days before to be exact…i don't know if it was the right thing to do, i will not defend them exactly, but you have to understand Arnav,they are in love, they belong together…”

Arnav listened carefully to every word she said, every word etching in his mind and he finally asked - “ and can anyone understand what I am going through right now??”

Khushi nodded as she said - “ I do understand, Arnav, i know you feel betrayed and hurt that Zoya lied to you,but no one wants to hurt their family for no reason, there always has to be a reason, and you know that reason…”

Arnav nodded - “ and the reason is love…”

Khushi nodded - “ ofcourse….”

Arnav - “ but how could she be so selfish?? how could she think only about herself?? do you have any idea what i or my family is going through right now??

Khushi sighed-“ look, i understand, but it happens, why dont you look at it like this, dont you think i was selfish when it came to you, I was, wasn't i? how do you think bhaijaan is going to react if he ever found out whats between us…and I didn't tell you about bhaijaan and Zoya, because it wasn't for me to say, it wasn't  my story to tell,and of course also by th time i got to know everything that they were in love, you had already left and cut all ties with me, look all I want to say is that me and Zoya go way back before in any of this, we are loyal to each other, we stick by each other no matter what, just like she hasn't told bhaijaan anything about you and me, i mean what happened, but our thing is different,it wasn't like we were together or anything, intact we didn't even talk for like five months, so although Zoya felt guilty so many times imagining bhaijaan’s reaction,but i always told her there was no point because unlike her and bhaijaan, we didn't have anything happening, nothing to tell…anyway,and guess what you did find out one thing before me anyway, that they got married, I didn't know until They came home…..and she isn't doing good Arnav, Zoya is a mess, do you really think you aren't hurting yourself by doing this, she is your sister afterall….”

Arnav heard everything, but right now first he wanted some answers so he asked - “what’s between us Khushi??”

Khushi asked confused - “ where did that come from?? what do you mean??”

Arnav stated - “ i mean, if your brother were to find out now,about what happened between you and me in the past,and right now in the present moment how would you explain whats between us,i means what are we to each other??”

Khushi shrugged, she had no idea from where was that coming,and she asked - “ whats wrong with you??”

Arnav - “ ok answer that later, answer this first, if I hadn't left that day knowing the truth,if we would have been together, would you have married me behind your brothers back, if i would have asked you too??”

Khushi took a deep breathe and she said - “if you hadn't left,that is, if we shared even 10 percent of the relationship bhaijaan and Zoya have built, to answer you honestly, yes maybe I would have, i would have done exactly what Zoya did,and my reason would be exactly what hers is - Love..but fro m where does this come in right now??”

Arnav felt his mind and heart go into some sort of overdrive and he said - “ that is, if I wouldn't have left ofcourse, now answer the first question, what are you going to say to your brother, lets say if today he asked you what I was to you??”

Khushi sighed as she tried to touch his cheek - “ Arnav…”, but he moved away and he said - “ im serious, I want to know…”

Khushi sighed - “ well, right now, as in today, you know between us, its still vague, we have so much to get past…we need time…i mean didn't you just say that to me yesterday…”

Arnav looked into her eyes as he asked - “ and how do you think we are going to get past this??”

Khushi - “ past what?? damm, you are confusing me now, i guess, i will go, i dont think we should be talking right now…you are not in the right frame of mind…”and she started to get up.

Arnav felt his anger rise as he held her by the hand and turned her around and pulled her as he said - “ im in the exact frame of mind Khushi, how do you think we are going to get past all of this, especially all of what has happened today…”

Khushi looked at him confused as she said - “ i dont know, look i honestly dont freaking know…”

Arnav let go of her hand and he folded his hands as he said - “ ok, for starters ill make it easy for you, prove it to me that you didn't know for real that Asad and Zoya were married…convince me, and zoyas statement isn't going to work,convince me that you didn't know…”

Khushi stood stunned, as it dawned on her, he didn't believe her, he thought she was lying.And that look of doubt on his face butchered her heart,how could she be such a fool,ofcourse he didn't trust her,but she wanted to hear it from him, so that her mind finally got the brutal blow once again,and her heart would finally believe that she had been nothing but a fool once again,and she asked in disbeleif, desperately hoping him to say otherwise - “ I told you clearly, i didn't know, dont you trust me??”

Arnav looked at her and the tears in her eyes,he wanted to believe her, he wanted to say something,but after all that he had faced today, he kept quiet,and he shrugged - “ i dont know…”

Khushi was sure that her voice was shaking,as she asked - “ you dont trust me?? you think im lying to you, because i have lied to in the past about who i was, i lied to you once Arnav,thats all,and i beared its consequences enough,how could you even think im not telling your the truth…”

Arnav said curtly - “ well you did hide about your brother and Zoya all this while, and since you’v been like playing cupid in between, who knows if this was your idea in the first place,bhaijaan marry Zoya, thats the only way her brother wont be able to tear you apart, is that what you said Khushi??answer me, and if you are so sure that you didn't know, then prove it to me, that you didn't know”

Khushi stood shocked,and stunned,she couldn't believe what she was hearing,and just like that she felt her heart break all over again,she had been an idiot to think that the two of them could get past and actually move on.He said he loved her,yeah right, he couldn't even trust her,he couldn't even get himself to believe for a second that she really didn't know, his body language from the very beginning, the way he had kissed her, with harshness and fear dominating it,the way he had started interrogating her from the beginning, he had already decided in his head,that she was going to be lying to him.

She moved backwards,as she fought tears, this was the last straw, she would never let him give her the joy of making her cry again, she just looked at him silently,and she continued to move backwards,away from him as she finally whispered - “ I can’t believe you just said that, i cant believe you just said that Arnav…”

Arnav watched the broken look on her face and in her eyes,and he immediately felt maybe he had assumed wrongly,as he watched her step backwards,he stepped forward as he asked nonetheless  - “ why cant you??i made myself pretty clear, if we need to get past this, i need proof….”

Khushi spoke, sure her voice was shaking - “ and i will not justify myself to you Arnav, i will not prove anything to you,because i dont want to…”,and she turned around, desperately wanting to run away.

Arnav watched her turn around, he couldn't let her leave as he said, taking her hand - “ you cant walk away dammit…Khushi,look I cannot be with someone who continues to lie to me even today, say the truth tell me that you knew, and ill forgive you, but give me the damm truth….dont you get it, if you walk away right now without giving me the truth, it would just make me break everything between us again, I cant be with you, if you aren't going to give me the truth….”

Khushi felt as if her heart was going to burst in pain and she finally turned around and she spat angrily - “ i will not say a word further, to explain myself to you, since you already believe the worse, because you know what i freaking realised right now, no matter what happens, you will never trust me, and you know what Arnav Singh Raizada, i can't even think about being with someone, who cant even get himself to trust me for a minute….”

Arnav knew everything was falling apart and he felt his own anger rise as he asked - “ and can you blame me for that Khushi??your record speaks for itself….”

Khushi looked at him in shock, how did have that power to butcher her heart again and again, oh yes because she like a idiot had handed him that power again and again.

She didn't want to cry but tears finally left her eyes,because the pain she was feeling as if her heart had been trampled over again and again, and by none other than him, she finally spoke - “ you are right, theres no one to blame but myself and you know for what?? for being such a fool, just when i thought that we had a chance, just when i thought that things could change,just when i thought that whatever kind of love this is between us, would help us get past it all,you showed me yet again, why we can’t ever be together,yoou cant trust me, you know that why this happens to us again and again, because theres no foundation of trust in between of us, the minute some hurdle comes in the way, everything comes falling apart, and its really all my freaking fault to even think for a minute that there was hope for us…looks like there never was…we were over a long time ago, who were we kidding…Arnav,and im leaving now,and I swear i never wish to speak to you ever again, over my freaking dead body…”, she finally yelled,and made her way to the elevator and pressed the button,all she wanted to do was run far far away.

Arnav groaned, things had gone way out of control all he had wanted was for her to say the truth,thats all,he quickly walked and got into the elevator behind her, and pushed the stop button as he shoved her into the wall as he said - “ where are you going with this…all i said, all i want is the truth…”

Khushi looked at him desperately - “ and even now, not even for a second,you can believe that what i told you was the truth….tell me yes or no, do you believe me when i say that i really didn't know about Zoya and bhaijaan being married??”

Arnav groaned - “ Khushi…”

Khushi - “ yes, or no??”

Arnav sighed - “ no, i don't believe you when you say you didn't know….”

Khushi looked into his eyes,as she asked broken - “ and you said that you can't be with somone who lies to you all the time…you cant be me if i don't give you the truth you seek, or rather the answer your mind wants to hear,you will walk away from me again????is that what you mean by all of this??”

Arnav nodded -“ exactly, thats why im asking you, tell me that you knew and get it over with…becuase i just know, you knew…”

Khushi took a deep breath as she said - “ then ill just make it easier for you,because im walking away from this mess for good,whatever this mess is between us, is over….its not some game going on,but you seriously think it is, stop it Arnav, just quit it,just quit playing games with my heart dammit, get out of my Life”

Arnav finally stepped back and he looked at her, she wasn't going to budge and maybe it was for the best, he couldn't be with her if she was going to hide things from him and he nodded - “ Fine, you know what, maybe its better this way, we’d only hurt each other with the things we want to say…”

Khushi nodded,and she pressed the start button on the lift and all she wanted to do was to bury herself somewhere and never see him again.

Arnav watched Khushi sprint out fast as she went towards the road,looking for a taxi and he walked next to her as he said - “ look, let me just drop you atlas,its getting late..”

Khushi looked around the road,shed be dammed if she shared a space with him and she turned  to him as she spat - “ no thank you, lease, I know how to find my way,afterall it isn't the first time, you’v left me standing in the middle of nowhere….”

Arnav watched her signal for an auto and he said stopping her - “ no way, am i letting you take an auto at this hour…”

Khushi watched the auto come in front of her and she started to get in , and she turned for a second as she said,as she saw him step closer -“ stay away…”, she gestured with her hand, and then she said - “ you know what?? if bhaijaan ever found out what was between you and me,and asked me about it, i now exactly know what i will say….”

Arnav felt his own heart breaking,he was sure his voice was shaking as he asked - “ what will you say??”

Khushi -“ I will tell him the truth , that it was the worst freaking nightmare of all my life,and that i curse the day with all my heart, i really do curse the day, i fell in love with you….”, and with that she got in the auto and left.

Arnav watched her leave, probably out of his life forever,and he couldn't do anything but watch,he couldn't do anything to stop her, because the shackles of betrayal, doubtt and pain had chained both his mind and heart.


10.00 PM

Asad called Khushi for the thousandth time and he looked at Zoya as he asked - “ did she take your call??”

Zoya nodded as she heard Khushi pick up , and she asked - “ Khushi where are you????”

“Zoya, im sorry, i came to see priyanka, rhea’s cousin, you remember her??anyway I’ll be on my way back soon, don't worry…tell bhaijaan and ammi,to relax, you guys go to sleep,she will drop me home….”

Zoya nodded -“ ok, fine, but come soon…”, and she hung up, of course priyanka lived here, she was Rhea’s cousin,infact she had used her as an excuse a number of times,but maybe khushi did go to see her for a change, because if she was going to see her brother, she would have told her,and of course her brother had disowned her , so she couldn't ask him anymore.

She sighed as she told Asad - “ relax, she's with priyanka…shell be late dont worry…”,and she started to walk out the door.

Asad caught her hand as he asked - “ where do you think you are going?? this is your room, our room….”

Zoya looked at him, she was still so angry at him - “ im going to sleep with Khushi….”

Asad looked at her in disbeleif as he said - “ what???? are you still mad at me??? you havent spoken a word to me all day, apart from acting as if everything is ok in front of ammi,over dinner…”

Zoya freed her hand away from him as she said - “ thats because i don't want to talk to you Asad, i acted normal in front of ammi,because i don't want her to worry, thats all, but between you and me, you know it isn't ok, what you did, broke me Asad, you know how much it hurts to think that they don't even want to look at me, that bhai has literally disowned me,and all because you acted on impulse, you didn't discuss it with me, took a decision for us,and look at the consequences that i have to bear because of that, why couldn't you trust me to handle this my way??”

Asad sighed as he caged her in between his hands,as he explained - “Zoya, just the thought that this guy was around you, drove me insane, i couldn't think,i told you i didn't know what would come over me, if he would come around you, any other man for that matter…this really was the only permanent way out…”

Zoya said desperately - “ thats what, im trying to tell you, Asad, dammit, all this while, all you are thinking about is what you went through, what did you think i was enjoying it, no dammit….”

Asad - “ exactly, i put us both out of misery then right? why are you so mad??”

Zoya clapped her hands as she said - “ what an excellent idea, get Zoya’s family to throw her out, i chose you, always, over the, i married you secretly , i chose us, i stood up for our love even today in front of everyone,even though they would probably hate me for it, i chose you over my family and my brother, and all this freaking while you can only think of yourself, what you went through because some guy i was meeting, i was just meeting someone dammit, i was not marrying him, but no you had to be impulsive, do you even realise what have you done to me in the process???”

Asad was desperate to explain but he didn't know what to say so he said - “ Zoya tell me what to do?? ill fix it, i don't know what to say or do….”

Zoya - “ exactly, i don't know what you can say or do right now to make it better, or fix anything…you damaged a part of me in a way that even you can’t fix right now…this wasn't a game of chess Asad, it was my family, my love for them,they were a part of my heart that you played with,now if you’ll excuse me…”, and she walked out their room.

Asad banged his fist into the wall in anger, and frustration, he had to find a way out he had to fix it for sure, but maybe it was the best if he let her be right now,give her some space, maybe if they both slept over it,the morning would be better.

He sighed, Zoya was in his house, as his wife, but the distance she had marked in between them right now tore his heart apart, he hadn't imagined it being like this, he had imagined anything but this.



Zoya twisted in bed, as she heard the shower being on…and she didn't realise she had slept waiting for Khushi.

She quickly walked to the bathroom and knocked on the door - “ Khushi….???”

The door was open and she quickly peeped inside , worried at getting no reply ,and when she saw Khushi sit under the shower with all of her clothes on, and she was sobbing, she walked in instantly and shut the door as she asked shocked - “ Khushi, whats wrong????? what happened???? answer me dammit, you are scaring the hell out of me….”

Khushi saw Zoya shut the shower,as she took the towel and started to dry and she could only say - “ where was I? wondering around the streets of Delhi, with my broken heart, Zoya…”

Zoya watched her put her bathrobe on as she asked - “ what do you mean?? i thought you were with Priyanka…”

Khushi lenaed against the wall of the shower cabinet as she sat down,and Zoya sat next to her as she said - “ no i went to see Arnav first i was with him for an hour or so, and after that, iv been wandering around alone on the streets of Delhi, trying to figure out what am i going to do yet again with my broken heart….”

Zoya asked, sure her voice was shaking - “ what happened???”

Khushi sighed, she knew she would feel better when she shared it and so she told Zoya everything, every bit of what happened, every bit of what was said between her and Arnav.

Zoya listened in shock and as Khushi finished, she hugged her as she brushed her hair tenderly - “ Khushi, im so sorry, ill talk to him….”

Khushi said in an instant - “ No, Zoya, you won’t…promise me you won’t, this isn't about you or bhaijaan or anyone else, its always been about him and me and our staunch differences, he can never trust me because of what happened in the past, no matter what i say, what i do, he wont trust me, and im tired Zoya, im tired of having to justify myself to him all the time, who was i kidding, there was no hope, no hope a all, Arnav and Khushi were over a long time ago, now i need to just compose myself, it'll take some time, but ill fix myself, have done it before remember??anyway you tell me how did it go with bhaijaan? talking yet??”

Zoya filled in Khushi about everything that happened,and she heard Khushi say - “ i understand, and I'm with you, i hope you know that….”

Zoya said with pure guilt - “ how can you love me like this so unconditionally when clearly your life always messes up because of me…”

Khushi wiped her tears as she tried to sound normal - “ shut up, it isn't because of you ok, you and me go way back before my brother and your brother came into the picture, its not your fault, like i said, i will fix myself, it isn't the first time hes broken my heart remember??”

Zoya cried, her heart out hugging her, as she asked - “ does that make it any easier Khushi?? quit playing with yourself trying to be so brave all the time…”

Khushi looked at her best friend,as she broke down in her arms as she sobbed - “ no Zoya, its strange it hurts even more the second time around,but its all my fault, i give him my heart so that he can break it all over again, I'm sorry to say this, but I do curse the day i fell in love with him, i really do, for i have no freaking idea, how to get out of it, how to fall out of love with him,take me out of this misery Zoya, help me get your brother out of my system, please…..”

Zoya hugged her best friend,she knew right now nothing she could say would make her feel better, and so she just held her to herself,as she cried,along with her, letting her own pain also flow out in tears.They both were in such a mess right now, and they knew that they were the only support for each other right now.


Fate scowled - “ Oh The Pain, god, just when i thought i had had enough of it, why did you change your mind??” - he asked Destiny.

Destiny said seriously - “well, i just figured, there are somethings i need to take care off, I hate it, when they all take  Love for granted, and start to play around with it, they dont understand, just because you are lucky to be blessed with it, doesn't mean you take it for granted, and for sure, play with it as if it were a board game…I changed the script, looks like some lessons need to be given the hard way…”

Fate - “ouch, i understand,but as much as i understand, you gotta have some soft corner for this guy, Arnav i mean, he always gets the hardest blow…”

Destiny scowled - “ no, i dont have any soft corner for him right now, he gets it because he asks for it, and im sorry as much as i did enjoy the chaos,now that i think about it, Asad acted on impulse,he does often take Zoya for granted, and sometimes so does she, they need to learn it that they cant,and they both really need to pay….”

Fate scowled ,as he said gesturing towards Hate- “ well, i understand but don't be too harsh,dont you think we are falling for a trap, he may have set up…”

Destiny folded her hands - “ no,i don't fall for his ****…”,and she finally asked Love who was sitting quietly - “ you aren't mad are you??”

Love gave her a sad smile as she said - “ no, not really, I'm tired of being played with,for a while, i want you to take the reign…and lead on this…its time they understand, that sometimes words spoken cant ever be taken back,and sometimes the words left unspoken are the most important ones that should have been said…”

Hate finally filled in a glass of scotch as he walked up to the rest and he said, raising a toast to Love - “ Now, you know what i mean, when I say I dont believe in your forever…”

Love scowled , hate loved his sadistic pleasure , and before she could say anything she heard Fate asked scowling - “ what do you mean???”

Hate grinned as he sipped his scotch - “ what I mean is that, my friend, Forever is a long long time, and in case you havent noticed, Time has its way of changing things…”


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Apr 12

Chapter 28 -FALLING APART- (12 APRIL,2017) - New (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 28 times)

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Anjali walked in her brother’s room,as she watched him put on his coat and she closed the door to his room as she said - “ iv got Zoya’s things packed, ill be sending it to her…”

Arnav nodded - “ yes, do that di…she would be needing them…”

Anjali - “ yeah, she did leave empty handed…”, her heart wasn’t able to take this mess.

Arnav - “ im sure, she has all that she needs anyway, im leaving now, i have a meeting…”

Anjali held her brothers hand as she said - “ not before you tell me what happened with Khushi, that look on your face says it wasn't good, but i want to know from you…”

Arnav sighed, he knew his sister wasn't going to give up until he spilled it all out and so he sat on his bed,and she sat next to him and he started telling her everything that happened,every word of what was said between him and her and when he finished , he finally sighed as he said - “ maybe its for the best di, we are just going to hurt each other with the things we do, your definition of Love is so over-rated Di,because all i have been feeling ever since I fell into its trap, is misery…”

Anjali asked - “ tell me honestly, were you never happy??”

Arnav said curtly - “ yeah whatever, maybe I was for a fraction of a time in my Life, and what after??? it felt good for a while it lasted, and now what, its freaking just another way to bleed,and it hurts,and it really hurts a lot, just like being hit by a car would, and if you consider what im feeling right now, id prefer being hit by a car…”

Anjali sighed - “ are you even listening to yourself??”

Arnav - “ i sound what?? crazy??”

Anjali - “exactly, so now what, are you both going to go back to being strangers?? pretend the other doesn't exist?? you know deep down this isn't the way this is supposed to end, Chotte, seriously for once, from what you told me, i really think Khushi didn't know, that they were married,what if she really was telling you the truth?? and if she really didn't know, you do realise you committed a blunder by blaming her and not trusting her, you know if you find out the truth later on, maybe this time around, she wont ever forgive you Chotte…”

Arnav discarded the thought as he said - “ how is it even possible di? she is his sister, and Zoya’s best friend, and she herself told me everything, she's always been this cupid in between them even when the truth of Zoya being my sister came out, she never let them give up, how could she not know, im so sure, maybe this was her idea in the first place , she knows me well, she's seen my wrath, maybe she told her brother that the best way to get Zoya, would be like this….and i swear i would have forgiven her, if she gave me the truth , but i cannot live with all these lies anymore, I'm telling you di, its for the best….”

Anjali sighed , theres was no point in arguing with her brother right now, but she asked - “ what about Zoya??”

Arnav shrugged - “ what about her??”

Anjali looked at him shocked, as she asked - “ everyone in the house is so freaking upset and you are shrugging this off as if its nothing, she is your sister, how can you just throw her out of your life….”

Arnav said, sure the hurt was evident in his voice - “ i didn't throw her out, di, i asked her to leave so that she can be with her husband, thats what the law say doesn't it?? like you said, she made her choice, and she should have thought about the consequences,before she went behind our backs in the first place, and di its not just about the fact that she married Asad Ahemed Khan, its that and also that she took the biggest decision of her life in a zap, without thinking what we felt about it, without including us in it…”

Anjali sighed - “ I know, alright, i know all of this, but it surely wasn't easy for her too right??”

Arnav shrugged - “ looked pretty easy to me, she didn't have to think much before she made her choice….”

Anjali - “ aren't you ever going to speak to her??”

Arnav sighed - “ for now i don't know…”

Anjali gave up, there was no point in reasoning with him anymore and she said - “ fine, i know you need time , let it be right now,but Chotte i know you are in pain but i want you to know that one should never underestimate the pain of a person, in all honesty, everyone is struggling with something all the other, some people are just better in hiding it, masking it differently, implies both to Zoya and khushi here…”

Arnav nodded,as he said sure sarcasm was tipping gin his voice - “ oh yes, sure, i agree on one thing di, both Zoya and Khushi deserve a medal, or give them a oscar for being excellent at hiding things…”

Anjali glared at her brother - “ Chotte….”

Arnav - “ di, seriously, cant you see, im the only one who is standing alone in all of this, my sister went behind my back and married secretly, and not to forget in all of this whole wide world she had to fall in love with Asad Ahemed Khan,and then not just that, my heart is broken all over again, because i fell in love with a girl who has an excellent knack of lying to me, what do you expect me to do??”

Anjali - “ god you are difficult, fine, sulk all you want, i have a feeling you will regret it one day, and this time, it will be surely no turning around for you, dont tell me i didn't warn you…and dont blame Zoya for falling in love with an enemny, for you cant plan these things ok, it just happens, and from where i see it, you couldn't plan it too right, in all of this whole wide world, you only found Khushi Ahemed Khan to love,and not just that, only her whose heart you’v been breaking again and again,along with your own, you know what, you think Love is a joke, you atlas made it one, with all this juggling,you are lucky to have the one you love, love you back,why cant you just focus on that for once?? how is it that everytime you can focus on everything else but that…??”

Arnav looked at his elder sister and he had no idea where was all this pain coming from in her voice and he asked  - “ di, theres something else in here, you cant be just hinting towards this mess…what don't i know??”

Anjali felt her tears fall,as she said , stating the truth that she head never thought would see the light of the day - “ six years ago, i was in love with someone,we were so much in love in love,infact when things started to get serious, we thought of taking it to the next level,as in get married, he was on a holiday in france with his parents that summer, after which he was going to come talk to you,and Nani and ask for my hand, I was the happiest i had ever been….”

Arnav looked at his elder sister in shock - “ whatt?????? you were in love with someone before you met Jiju??? why dont i know any of this??you are telling me now?? why??what happened…??”

Anjali sighed - “ im telling you now, because I'm sick and tired off watching you play with your love, you,what happened was, that one fine day, when i get up, i get the news, that the man i loved had been killed,along with both his parents…in a car crash in Paris, just like that in second all my life came crashing down…what could i say?? what could i do??”

Arnav connected the dots as he remembered a similar tragedy that had happened, with one of his business acquaintance all those years ago - “ are you talking about Sameer Khanna??”

Anjali sighed - “ yes, Sameer, was the first one i ever loved, but i lost him forever, he is in a place from where he can never return,anyway it was hard to cope up with the loss, but things changed after i met your jiju, i believed i could be happy again, as i fell in love with him again, but have i forgotten Sameer, no ,there are still days that i do find myself thinking of him….thats what i mean Chotte, you are so lucky to get your shots at love again and again,but you just wont understand,and you are wrong, love isn't a misery,even though i lost my first love and you have no idea the pain that comes with that ,that no matter what, you will never see the one you love in front of you again,but still I would never call love anything but wonderful, because if it wasn't for your jiju’s love and support, i wouldn't be what I am today,or even feel the fraction of happiness, that I feel today…”

Arnav saw that his sister was in tears,and he immediately hugged her as he said - “ why didn't you ever tell me any of this di, when you were going through hell??”

Anjali hugged him as she said - “ thats because,there wasn't anything anyone could do to help me, it was a loss i had to cope up with on my own, anyway, thats what i meant when i told you to never underestimate anyones pain,for everyone has their own share of struggles,some of us are just better at masking it…”

Arnav sighed - “ jiju, does he know??”

Anjali nodded - “ ofcourse, hes helped me heal over the years, i learnt how to fall irrevocably in love again…”

Arnav sighed - “ di, this is just such a mess, i have no clue, what to do…”

Anjali wiped her tears as she said - “ well for starters how about you stop taking the ones you love for granted, think about talking to Khushi and Zoya, you need time, take all you want, but don't be blind to love,dont close the door to that, for you will be shattered if love closed its door on you…”,and with that she finally walked out the door,wanting to see her husband, and she needed to hug him,and thank him for his endless support and love.

Arnav watched his sister leave and he sat back in his recliner in the poolside,her every word ringing in his ears,just maybe, what if maybe, khushi was indeed telling the truth,why couldn't he give her the benefit of doubt,he quickly took out his phone,after what happened last night,he was sure, she didn't want to speak to him , but he had to try,god when would he ever learn to get his anger in control,and he messaged her - “ Khushi,are you awake?? we need to talk…”


Barkat - 1030 AM

Khushi walked out her washroom,and she felt so much better,after a good nights sleep,and a long shower.Zoya was probably with her mother downstairs, she knew she was in no mood to talk to her brother right now, and she couldn't blame her for that,her usually calm and composed brother had behaved very recklessly,and committed a blunder he couldn't undo, no matter what.

She sighed as she picked up her phone and she was shocked as she saw a message from him,and she felt her anger return, how dare he message her?? after everything that happened yesterday,she quickly typed that back - “  Mr.Raizada, the two of us, don't have anything left to say to each other.Please,lets just cut this out,and never speak again.I would appreciate the co-operation.Thanks.”

She took a deep breath as she sent it.

She got a quick reply - 

“Khushi cmon, please you know me, I was angry, i wasn't in the right frame of my mind…please meet me…lets talk this out, ill listen to whatever you have to say, and whats with all this formality?? its me dammit..”

Khushi angrily typed - “ you know what, i have no idea why am i even replying to you.From now, you are only going to get what Is the only thing that I have left to give you - my silence.Have a Nice Life Mr.Raizada,im done trying to be a part of it..”

She sent it to him,and then she switched off her phone.

Never in her Life ever again, would she fall for the **** ever again.


Arnav read her message, and he knew that he had incurred even a greater damage this time around, but he hadn't been happy about it, too.He called her, but her phone was off.God Khushi, she had switched off her phone, and he was so mad at Zoya, he couldn't even call her.

He sighed, maybe all this was really happening too fast,he needed to sit back,and take time, time was all he needed right now, to not just compose himself,but also to figure out what he  really wanted, did he really want to trust Khushi? he didn't know, for he had no answer to give himself right now.


Anjali walked to the porch ,and she called her driver uncle as she said - “ iv got all of Zoya’s stuff in the car, take it to the address, iv sent you on your phone, and no one should know, about this ok??you are the only one i can trust with this kaka”

Sherma nodded,he had been with the Raizada’s for 12 years now, he had seen Arnav and Anjali and Zoya grow up in front of his eyes,and he knew from HP the scene that had happened in Shantivan yesterday - “ yes , don't worry, iv seen the address, ill take it to Barkat in no time…”

Right then he got into the car and drove away.

Shukla had come to Shantivan because Aman had sent him to get some papers signed from Arnav Singh Raizada.He put a straight face as he greeted  Anjali,and made his way in, but he was inquisitive, why was the youngest daughters stuff being sent to Barkat,anyone working with the Raizada’s knew, that was the name of the home, of the arch enemy- Asad Ahemed Khan.


11.00 AM

Khushi watched Zoya pass her bhaijaan the cup of coffe, Ruksaar had placed in front of her and she heard her say - “ Here Asad, have your coffee, you are late today…”

Asad gave Zoya a small smile as he said - “ thanks Zoya…”

Dilshaad teased - “ ofcourse, why would he be on time today, if he was on time, i would have worried, its good that you both can finally be with each other, without worrying about anything…”

Zoya nodded,and her eyes locked with Asad as their hands touched over the cup of coffee.She gestured him to play the act in front of ammi, and thank god he was playing along.

Asad knew zoya was only trying to make small talk in front of his mother, otherwise all this while, since morning , she hadn't spoken to him at all,and it was killing him,and right then the doorbell rang and he walked to the door,and he opened it and he recognised Raizada’a loyal Sherma uncle at the door,and he said - “ Asad, beta , anjali beta has sent zoya’s stuff, I'm here with it, should i have it unloaded…”

Asad nodded , he had a great respect for him, he used to drive Arnav and him around, in the good old times, he knew why Anjali di had trusted him with this job and he said - “ yes please, ill help you….”

Zoya immediately went to the door,and the minute she spotted her driver uncle,she immediately went to him as she asked - “ uncle, di sent you??”

he gave Zoya a small smile - “ yes beta, i hope you are fine, i heard what happened….”

She watched him unload her luggage,and she saw Asad helping ,and he was sure his ears were with her as she asked - “ hows everyone at home?? di, did she say anything at all? bhai??hows he??”

Sherma knew what a mess of a situation this was but he said honestly - “ i dont know , beta…i honestly dont know…now ill leave, take care…”, and then he got in and drove away

Asad sa Zoyas shoulder droop in sadness, and he hated it, he hated that she was so miserable and he waited until Sherma uncle had driven out of the gate,and he caught Zoya’s hand as he said - “ why wont you talk to me?? why wont you look at me Zoya?? say anything, something, anything at all, shout at me, but please talk, this silence is something i cant take, its killing me….look I'm sorry….i really am, what do you want me to do…”

Zoya yanked her hand away - “ even Sherma uncle wouldn't look at me in the eye, even he wouldn't talk to me properly, I'm sure, you are enjoying this…why couldn't you control yourself??”

Asad asked - “do you seriously think, anything else would have happened, did you seriously hope that your family would have reacted otherwise….”

Zoya spat - “ yes, i do, i hoped they will understand, all i needed was time, thats all i asked from you, for time, i believed i could make them see this differently, i could have Asad, i asked you for one thing, one damm thing on our wedding day and that was a promise to keep it a secret until i was ready to reveal it, and look what you did, you broke your promise,no matter what even though you hate him, bhai deserved better, my family deserved to know differently from me, cant you see that….??”

Asad sighed as he took her hand - “ ok lets go inside, i dont want to create a scene here…”

Zoya was sure sarcasm dipped in her voice - “ oh yeah, i thought you love creating scenes, didn't you??”

Asad flinched, now she was being really unreasonable - “ Zoya, stop it, ok why dont you see whatever i did is for us…and now you are going in…”, he held her by the waist, and led her to the door,and he watched her stomp off, as she glared at him,and he asked his guard to take the luggage in,and he got into his car and drove out.He needed to distract himself,and for that he needed to work.


5 PM - Barkat

Khushi heard her mother tell Zoya about some of Asad’s childhood antics and she smiled as she sipped her tea and watched drink hers as she laughed at what her mother had said,Zoya had a wonderful laugh and she felt really sad about the fact that she was really disturbed.

Dilshaad laughed as she saw Zoya smile ,and then she brushed her hair tenderly as she said - “ Zoya, i know, my son he created a scene for you, he put you in a very uncomfortable, and if you want I can go to Shantivan, ill talk to your Nani, Anjali and even Arnav, if thats what it takes….infact, i think I should go and apologize for the scene he created…”

Zoya eyes widened in surprise as she said - “ no ammi, i wouldn't want that at all, no one in that house is going to understand me right now, I dont want them to say anything to you in anger, you shouldn't have to face this,im sure, everything will be ok, i need to give them time…im sure everything will be fine…”

Khushi agreed, she didnt want her mother to face the wrath Zoya’s brother was capable of inflicting with his words and she said - “ ammi,you need to relax why are you worried??”

Dilshaad - “ because even when you were a child, i knew, if that smile of yours didn't reach the eye, it wasn't from the heart…you do remember, i knew as well as Kkusum, on that note, how is she??’

Zoya sighed - “ same as she was…”

Dilshaad sighed - “ you have no idea, how much i pray everyday, for her to come back out of coma, she’s the only one who can end this misery Asad and Arnav have brought upon our families…”

Khushi listened silently, lost deep in her thoughts, no matter what happened about the past, somethings in the present had been ruined forever, she thought of how Arnav had damaged everything in between them.

Zoya nodded - “ maybe, ammi, i guess you are right, i never believed it in the first place, although Asad and bhai clearly believe what they saw…”

Right then they spotted Asad enter through the door and he smiled at his three favourite women,and he heard his ammi, tease - “ look who is home early…”

Asad bent forward greeted his mother and khushi and then bent forward and kissed Zoya on the cheek surprising her as he said, winking at her - “ I had to come early ammi, or else my wife would hold it against me, and we all know the famous Raziada anger gene, i wanted to save myself from the wrath…”

Khushi immediately said - “ oh yes, we all know about that…”

Asad looked at her - “huh??”

Khushi covered up,as Zoya looked at her gesturing to her that she had actually mouthed that out loud and she said - “ ofcourse, i mean, i know how Zoya can be when she's angry…”

Zoya shrugged - “ very funny….”

Asad sat on the sofa next to her as he asked Ruksaar to get him some coffee - “ how about if we go out tonight Zoya??”

Zoya knew that cheeky smile on his face, he was trying to act smart, very smart, asking in front of his mother, knowing that she couldn't outright reject, but she said - “ I'm sorry Asad, i don't know about tonight, i have a slight headache…”

Dilshaad looked at her daughter and they exchanged a worried look, of course Zoya was fine a minute ago.

Asad had thought a lot about the situation at hand, and he knew he had to sort this thing out with her as soon as possible, for not having her talk to him was really making him restless and confused, and so the best way out that he could come up with was to make the situation lighter, and he would keep trying to talk to her even if she didn't want it, that was the only way, nothing would work if they both would be difficult, and he was really feeling a little guilty anyway.But hearing Zoya mention that she wasn't well, made him really worry and he asked immediately holding her arm - “ Zoya, are you ok?? why dont you rest upstairs??”

Zoya looked at the genuine concern on his face , her own resolve melting,it was really very difficult for her to stay angry at him, so she gave him a small smile as she said - “ no its alright, and also Asad, i would have wanted to go out, but i still have to unpack,i mean you room,as in our room is a mess with all my suitcases…”

Asad nodded - “ ofcourse,  i understand….ill help you….cmon lets go…”

Zoya - “ khushi will, Asad, dont worry, you be with ammi,..”

Asad heard his phone ring,and he picked it up, and he asked surprised - “ Arhaan, you?? yeah, she's here, yeah, ill just give her the phone…”, and he looked at Khushi as he said - “ Arhaan, he wants to talk to you…”, and he handed her the phone.

Khushi saw Zoya give her a concerned look,and her ammi, and bhaijaan were looking at her curiously,she took the phone as she said - “ Arhaan, whats up???”

Arhaan - “ whats up is that I want to see you, and i want to see you now, Khushi…iv thought a lot and i think we need to talk…”

Khushi asked confused - “ yeah but how is that posiible, I'm in India remember, and I'm sorry that my phone was off, ill just call you from my phone, then we can talk, ok??”

But she was shocked when she heard him reply - “ its possible because, I just landed in delhi, I'm staying at Taj Palace, am on my way, come see me, or wait give me your address, ill come to see you…”

Khushi looked at the three curious faces in front of her, she couldn't have Arhaan come over right now as she said - “ no, no, ill come, ok im leaving now, ill see you there…”, and she hung up.

She sighed as she explained - “ Arhaan is here, he wants to see me, bhaijaan can i go?? ill be back soon, i have no idea what this is about…”

Dilshaad smiled as she said - “ well, i was thinking to talk about it anyway, go now, and when you come back you have to tell me all about him ok??”

Khushi nodded, she didn't know what else to say, and thank God Zoya covered as she said - “ definetly of course ammi,she will…cmon khushi go now…”

Asad watched Khushi make her way out instantly and he called out - “ take my driver with you…”

Khushi said, looking back - “ ok, i will…”

Dilshaad smiled as she said - “ ok, now I'm going to go to my room, and rest…Asad now that Khushi isn't here, you are going to help Zoya, unpack and settle down,ok??”

Asad smiled - “ ofcourse ammi, i will…”

Dilshaad grinned - “ great, now off you go the two of you, call Ruksaar if you need anything…”

Asad watched his mother leave, and he looked at Zoya,as he said giving her a small smile - “ looks like its just you and me…”

Zoya didn't say anything, and without a word she made her way up to the room.


Asad closed the door of the room,and he stepped in catching Zoya’s hand - “ Zoya, cmon , please, i said, im sorry, how many times do you want me to say it…??”

Zoya looked at him,and she sighed - “ i dont like being mad at you its not fun Asad…”

Asad sighed - “ exactly, its not right?? why dont you understand, whatever i did, was for us…”

Zoya sighed - “ look i know that ok, deep down i know that, and maybe im just so unhappy with how they reacted, that its just all just coming out on you, im sorry…”, and then she sat down on the bed dejected, and broke down into tears again.

Asad took her in his arms as he asked - “ what do you want?? tell me, is there anything I can do??? do you want me to go talk to your brother, I will if that will make you happy…”

Zoya looked at him shocked and wiped his tears - “ you will??”

Asad nodded - “ yes, if that’s what will end your misery…Zoya, i will…”

Zoya hugged him as she said - “ no , no i dont want you too, its ok, i think with time things will get better, maybe…”

Asad - “everything will be fine, as long as you are with me, please talk to me…”

Zoya kissed his forehead as she said - “ yes, ok, im sorry too, ok, i know its for us…in the end, all for us…”

Asad immediately felt himself breathe a sigh of relief as he held her in his arms - “ thank heavens, i couldn't stand you giving me silence any longer…”

Zoya gave him a small smile - “me neither…”

Asad bent forward and closed the remaining distance in between their lips,and he started to kiss her deeply,he felt her arms go around him,and he continued to kiss her, pouring in all the emotions he had been going through since yesterday.

Zoya felt herself go into a smilier trance as she felt Asad’s hand caress her all over, and she reluctantly let go as she whispered against his lips - “ as much I wish, i didn't have to break apart right now, i do have to unpack, i wont be able t sleep tonight amongst the mess in the room, how about we finish that first??”

Asad kissed her on the cheek and rubbed her cheek with his thumb as he whispered - “ sure….”

Zoya smiled,and she reached to open her suitcase,and she asked - “ will you make some space in your wardrobe, please??”

Asad grinned as he walked to the wardrobe and slided the door to reveal the other half already empty - “ i already did, my love, now come on lets get you settled in…”, and he walked over to help Zoya.


Taj Palace - 6.00 PM

Khushi saw the driver pull into the hotel,and she sighed, taking a deep breathe, why was Arhaan here?? all of a sudden?? what did he want to talk about so suddenly that he had literally flown in.She closed her eyes for a minute,everything had been happening so fast, it was as if she was on a emotional roller coaster,but whatever this was, she had to sort it out.She owed that to Arhaan.

She had just stepped into the lobby, and she started to take the stairs up to the reception,and before she knew it she was pulled into a crushing hug, and she realised it was Arhaan,and she heard him say - “ Khushi,thank god, i didn't know when would is see you again…”

Khushi hugged Arhaan briefly and she smiled at him, as she said getting out of his embrace - “ are you alright?? what happened??? i mean is everything ok??”

Arhaan smiled as he said - “ ofcourse, i am, now that iv finally  seen you , everything is going to be fine, we need to talk…”

Khushi asked confused - “ yes, we need to, but about what…??”

Arhaan - “ ill just tell you, ok let me get the key to my room, ok?? we’ll talk it all out…”

Khushi gave him a small smile - “ ok…its good to see you, you know…”

Arhaan hugged her once more, as he said - “ so so good to see you too…ill just be back, you wait here…ok?”,and then he cupped her face briefly and smiled at her, and she gave him a small smile, and then he gestured that hed just be back.

Khushi nodded, and she watched him go to the reception.


Arnav stood shocked, rooted to the spot,as he witnessed Khushi in Arhaan’s arms.He had just finished a business meeting in the coffee shop, and was on his way out, when he had thought he had seen Khushi walk in.And he was about to go up to ask her as to why she was here, when he had seen Arhaan pull he in his embrace.And from afar he could see that they were talking someting,and not just that, Khushi was smiling at him,genuinely smiling at him.What the hell?? She had switched off her phone, all day long he had been calling her, he was sure she would got his missed calls, but no, she didn't have the time to return his call, but she had all the time in the world to see this Arhaan.Why did he always just pop up, out of no where??

What was he doing here anyway?? This Arhaan, wasn't he supposed to be in Germany or no London, of course he was at khushi’s door the other night.God dammit what did he want now?? 

The jealousy raged inside of him again,and he felt his anger rise,as he watched Arhaan embrace Khushi again, and she smiled at him,and he touched her face briefly and she smiled again,and he walked over to the reception.

Arnav felt his jealousy and anger take over,after all that had happened since yesterday , because of her brother his entire life had turned upside down, his family members were upset, and Khushi was busy here re-uniting with her ex- boyfriend.Dammit, this girl.

He finally walked up behind her as he said - “ you surprise me Khushi, you know that? just when i think you cant surprise me anymore, you do…”

Khushi turned around at listening to his voice, and the minute she gathered in his sight, she realised the anger on his face, every inch of his face was taut with anger,but she didn't want to talk to him, nor did she want to see him, so she just gave him a look and started to walk away.

Aranav held her arm tightly,and he pulled her into a corner,and he could see that she was struggling to get out of his grip, but he caged her in between his arms, pushing her into a wall, at the backside of the wall as he spat - “ you walk away from me, when i ask you too ok? you dont just walk away from me like that, dammit, Khushi, look at me…”

Khushi glared at him, she was angry, so angry, but she wasn't going to say anything to him, she was going to give only one thing, her silence, for he wasn't worth even a single word out of her mouth.But she looked at him, nonetheless.

Arnav saw that she looked at him, and the anger was clearly evident in her eyes, but he didn't care about that,and he asked - “ whats he doing here?? Arhaan…?? Why is he here?and why are you with him right now?? i messaged you dammit, in the morning, iv been calling you all day, your phone was off, but clearly you have all the time to come to meet your ex-boyfriend, or wait are you back with him already?? you know what?? it really surprises me how quickly you switch from him to me,wasnt it just yesterday that you were in my arms, holding on to me as if your life depended on it, and now what do i see,voila back to him already,in his arms, what kind of a person are you Khushi?? you lie to me, now what are you doing lying to Arhaan as well, where is he? let me warn him, not that he already doesn't know, you have a knack of breaking hearts, and not just that an excellent actor….. looks like you are the one whose been playing here all along, both with him and me, at the same time,now what are you going to do next, huh??i figure, he is taking you to his room isn't he??? wow Khushi, i didn't see that one coming…” he finished, snapping, hoping to get some sort of a reaction from her.

Khushi heard his words and every word that he said, pierced freshly into her being,she couldn't believe the things he was accusing her off,did he just question her character?? Did he just doubt her character??.Even if, her anger would have subsided and she would have in her heart to look at last night differently, but this, the accusation he just hauled at her again, was something she could never look at differently.She felt everything break inside her all over again, how could he have it in his heart to say all these things to her??.She wanted to give it back to him,she wanted to yell back at him, but she stood frozen in shock over how much her heart was capable of breaking again and again.

Arnav looked at the various play of expressions on her face, and he was angry and furious, at her, so so so angry and furious and he saw that she wasn't saying anything and he spat - “ look at that silence, dont have anything to say to your defence Khushi??”

Khushi didn't know what rage came over her, and lucky for them they were in a secluded corner and they was no one around, because then and there, she felt her own hand work on its accord, as she slapped him with all her might on his face,shocking both the hell out of him and herself.

Arnav touched his cheek in shock, and he couldn't believe Khushi had just slapped him, and he watched her glare at him once more, and without saying a word to him anymore, she walked away,no one had ever had the guts to hit him, and he felt his own anger and rage take over as he spat, behind her - “ looks like you aren't the only one who has some curses to give out Khushi, i curse the freaking day, i met you, i cant believe i actually fell in love with you, i can’t”, and he stomped off, he wanted to get himself out of there, for once an all.

His sister was wrong.Love was the most horrific thing that could happen to anyone.It sucked, big time.And not just that Khushi really was the biggest pain of his Life.


Khushi stood frozen to her spot, as it all sank in what had happened, how was it possible to feel so broken again and again.Right then she felt a hand on her shoulder, and the minute she registered it was Arhaan, and he asked - “ khushi, i was looking for you??”

Arhaan saw that her face was pale and he asked - “ what happened??”

Khushi composed herself as she said - “ nothing, I just bumped into someone, i shouldn't have…”

Arhaan asked confused - “ who??”

Khushi shrugged - “ no one who matters, lets go…you wanted to talk??”

Arhaan nodded, and he walked to the elevator and then they got out, and walked in silence to his room and let her in and closed the door,and he finally asked worried, there was only one reason why Khushi could be so pale - “ Khushi, you didn't bump into him did you?? the one loved in the past??”

Khushi nodded, as she said - “ yeah, i did, bump into him, but anyway doesn't matter, theres a reason why its the past…look ill just use the restroom and be back ok?? then we can talk, ok?”

Arhaan nodded , as he watched her enter the washroom, and he didn't know whether it as the right time to talk to her right now,but he knew for him it was now or never.He had flown all the way here just to see her.Because ever since just the thought of being back here for good along with the thought that he might never see her again, had started to nag the happiness out of his mind and heart, along with any peace that he had in his life,he had come to realise a few things - 

One, that he was truly, and deeply and madly in love with Khushi.Just no one else could ever take that place in his life.

Secondly, he had been apart from her for like ten days and he was sure, he couldn't go on without her, she was the one his heart had found its home in, these days without her had been like a punishment, he belonged with her, next to her, no matter where she was.

Third, he knew that she did care for him, she did like him, it was in her eyes, but she wasn't in love with him, because in the past her heart had been brutally broken , it was really difficult for her to trust again, and go with the flow, or let her feelings flow, she was still on constant guard with her heart.

Fourth, she had broken up with him, because she thought he deserved to be with someone who loved him back immediately,but he had realised, that he didn't want to be with anyone else, although when he had left that had seemed like the best thing to do,but it wasn't the best, he knew Khushi was the one he could wait for , all his Life, and he was going to tell her just that.


Khushi clucthed her heart, as she finally let tears fall, and she kept a hand on her mouth,because she didn't want to let Arhaan hear her sobs.She couldn't believe the things he had accused her off.He thought of her as a liar, as if that wasn't enough, today he accused her off something worse that she could not have dreamed off, he thought she was playing with Arhaan and his heart on purpose.He had just raised a finger on her character right in her face,she couldn't beleive he had done that. How much lower could he think of her?? That was what the problem was, trust was no where in the picture, and he would never ever give a chance to explain, without any judgements he had already assumed and presumed in his head.

Gosh, and the fact that there was still a part of her that had been in love with him, after all this while, she hated it,she hated herself so much right now.

She washed her face quickly as she realised a truth,when the cold water splashed her face, no matter what happened,even if the past between their families ever got sorted, she could never really be with a man who thought so low of her.

Arnav- Khushi were a dream, that could never be.

She washed her face once more, and walked out the washroom.


Arhaan watched Khushi walk out the washroom,and he was standing right out with a glass of water, as he handed it to her - “ looks like you need it….”

Khushi gave him a small smile - “ thanks…”, and she finally sat on the sofa as she said - “ you wanted to talk, tell me what is it??”

Arhaan sat next to her and held her hand, as he said - “ i couldn't stand being apart from you, Khushi, i couldn't take it any longer, just the thought that i might never see you again, drove me crazy, i had to come here, i had to see you, i want you to know that i really do love with you all my heart, i know you dont, but i know you care about me, and i can wait all my life for the day when you can love again without fear, i know it will happen, i just know it will, you just need to give yourself that chance…”

Khushi sighed and she said honestly - “ look, i understand, but no, you are a wonderful person, you deserve better…I cant say anything more, I'm not good enough for you, i don't deserve you…i need to leave…”, and she started to get up.

Arhaan held her hand  gently, and he said - “ please dont leave, Khushi, i know what this is about, look at me..please…”

Khushi turned and she looked at him,and he held both her hands as he said - “ i know what this is, its not the future that you are afraid off,Its the fact that the past will repeat,which makes you anxious….”

Khushi sighed - “ i dont know, anything at all…”, and she sat down dejected against the bed.

Arhaan sat down next to her as he said - “ look at you, you are kind, gentle, the most caring person iv ever met, you always put others first, you have the smile that could put twinkling stars to shame, you are like a sunshine in my life, i don't see you, it seems like the sun hasn't risen that day…I love you Khushi, all i want you to know is that, no matter what you say, I will wait, all my life for you, i dont know if you trust me enough, but khushi im not like whoever that was in your past, i wont ever hurt you, I will never ever leave you Khushi…”

Khushi felt vulnerable, hearing what Arhaan was saying,right now to her, was so much in contrast in what Arnav had just said to her.It was as if Arnav was the beast, who could never be a prince, and Arhaan was that prince,she had dreamt about, just  with a wrong face in mind.

She sighed as she got up - “Arhaan, i need to leave…please don't make this more difficult for me…”

Arhaan held her hand as he said instantly - “ Marry me Khushi, I'm serious about this, I'm serious that i want you to be by my side forever, i dont care if you won't love me, you care for me that is enough, ill love you so damm much,my love will suffice for the two of us….khushi, say something please, anything…will you marry me??”

Khushi turned around shocked, she couldn't believe what he had just said, and the look on his face was so sincere that she knew he meant every bit of what he had said, and she asked - “ you want to marry me???”

Arhaan nodded and he stood in front of her, as he said - “ a life with you is what i want Khushi, and i mean that…look you can take your time, and think about this….”

But in her head, Khushi had already decided what she was going to do as she said - “ Ok, i will…”

Arhaan held her by both her shoulders as he asked - “ what??? you will??? you will marry me Khushi???”

Khushi nodded - “ yes i will, because i know, if theres anyone on this earth i could fall in love with again, its you….you understand me, you know me well, you respect me, you prioritise me,even though i hurt you , you came back for me, the faith that you have in your love, Arhaan,if not for anything else, for that, I know, i could maybe with time give myself the chance, i don't promise, but i know if theres anyone else i could ever fall that deeply for, its you….”

Arhaan felt happiness beat his heart again as he pulled her into a hug - “ Khushi, you made me so happy, right now, i promise ill keep you happy…i will come tomorrow to your house, talk to your brother and mother, ok??”

Khushi nodded - “yes, ok do that, now ill leave…you rest, you must be tired…”

Khushi walked a little out and then she turned, and gave him a small smile - “oh Arhaan , and if you dont mind, id like to get married fast…and start afresh, a new life with you…is the only thing that will make me happy…I know”

Arhaan hugged her immediately as he said - “ sure, trust me, you dont want it more fast than I do,dont worry,ill make it happen quickly, very quickly….thanks for trusting me Khushi, ill make you happy, i promise…”, and he kissed her forehead.

Khushi hugged him back, as she said - “ i know i will,and i promise to make you happy, with all i can…”, she wiped a tear from the corner of her eye as she whispered - “ take me away Arhaan, take me away from here….”

Arhaan hugged her as he promised - “ I will….”


9.00 PM

Khushi walked in to her house, now even more confident of her decision, if there was anyone on this planet who she cared about, other than that devil was Arhaan.She knew he would keep her happy,something that devil never could,and now she was really going to give herself a shot at happiness with someone else, without looking back,she knew she couldn't look back.She would never look back.She had taken some time after she had left the hotel to think of just that.Lucky bhaijaans driver had agreed to drive her around aimlessly.

She walked in as she asked Ruksaar - “ wheres ammi?”

Ruksaar smiled - “ khushi, she went to sleep early, you know the medicines have a drowsy effect anyway…”

Khushi smiled - “ no problem, ill talk to her in the morning, wheres bhaijaan and Zoya??”

Ruksaar - “ everyone just finished dinner, they are in the room…”

Khushi nodded - “ ok, ill just see them then…”

Ruksaar - “dinner??”

Khushi smiled - “send some up, in bhaijaan’s room…ok?”

Ruksaar smiled - “ i will…”


Zoya paced around her room as she asked Asad - “ where is Khushi?? im so worried….”

Asad watched her amused - “ relax, you know sometimes you worry way too much about her, more then me even, shell be here, she's with Arhaan right, he's a nice guy, we dont have to worry…”

Zoya gulped,ofcourse she was worried,because she knew a lot more of the truth than Asad did, and she asked - “ you really like Arhaan , don't you??”

Asad nodded - “ ofcourse,and he came for her, so I'm sure they patched up, ups and downs happen in every relationship….”

Zoya sighed - “ofcourse…”

Right then the door to their room opened, and Khushi walked in as she smiled and sat on the bed - “ ok we need to talk….bhaijaan and Zoya…”

Zoya gestured Khushi silently, as to ask whats up??and Khushi nodded assuringly that everything was fine.

Asad watched the exchange of gestures between the two,and he said - “ you know sometimes i wonder if the two of you have a language of your own…”

Khushi smiled - “maybe we do, bhaijaan…”

Ruksaar walked in with a plate of food as she said - “ here it is…please let me know if you need anything else…”

Zoya smiled - “ thank you Ruksaar, but that'll be all…”

Zoya watched Ruksaar leave, and she watched Khushi adjust herself on the Diwan in their romm,and she started to eat and Asad sat next to her as he ruffled her hair fondly - “ if you would have messaged you weren't having dinner with Arhaan, we would have waited, you know…”

Khushi ate her roll,as she said - “ oh its ok bhaijaan, wait let me finish eating first, then we can talk…”

Asad nodded.

Zoya looked at Khushi, and she could sense that something was totally different in her right now, the Khushi that left,and the Khushi that came,were two different people for sure.

She looked at Khushi eat and she reassured herself, maybe Asad was right, maybe she did worry way too much about her.


A Few Minutes Later -

Khushi finished eating and she kept her plate aside and she wiped her hands with the napkin as she said - “ ok so as you both know, I went to see Arhaan…”

Asad nodded - “ exactly, and what happened?? why did you guys breakup in the first place??”

Khushi shrugged - “ oh bhaijaan its all ok now…dont worry…”

Asad asked in happiness- “ It is??”

Zoya asked in shock - “ It is??”

Khushi eyed Zoya to keep the shock off her face,and she did,and she asked - “ Khushi, can you please elaborate what do you mean by its fine…?”

Khushi looked at her brother as she said - “ he loves me…bhaijaan…”

Asad nodded - “ ofcourse he does, you'd be a fool to not see it, i knew it even when I met him in bombay, hes a nice guy…and i know he loves you…”

Zoya eyed Khushi as she asked - “ and what about you?? do you love him??”

Khushi looked at her and her brother as she said - “ i wont say that i do,i mean i care about him, but i know if theres anyone i  could fall in love with, its him…”

Asad nodded - “ yeah, i understand, it happens, not everyone falls in love at the same time…”

Zoya looked at Khushi with suspicion and she said - “ we did, didn't we?? Khushi if you don't love him…then whats the point??”

Asad - “ yeah, but our case was different…Zoya…”

Khushi nodded as she said - “ exactly, your story is different, Zoya and Asad are meant to be with each other since day one, the relationship that the two of you have is amazing, and i love that it happened for the two of you…”

Zoya knew she couldn't say it outright ,she couldn't mention her brother, she couldn't tell Khushi that although he acted like a royal jackass,he did love Khushi a lot with all his heart in his own twisted way, but she asked - “ what makes you think you will fall in love with him, if you havent already??”

Asad nodded , he wanted to know the answer to that too,and he said - “ yeah, what about that??”

Khushi - “ because of the way he loves me bhaijaan, i can see it in his eyes, so sincere, i know he will keep me happy, and i have all of my life now, im sure, one day it will happen…”

Zoya and Asad asked confused - “ what do you mean?? all of your life??”

Khushi took a deep breath as she said - “ he asked me to marry  him? he knows how i feel, but still he wants to be with me forever, he said that he’ll love me so much that it'll be enough for the both of us,and he is sure, that one day, the care that i feel for him will surely turn into love, he has faith..”

Zoya didn't even hear the rest of it because her brain freeze at that - he asked me to marry him,and she asked sure her voice was shaking - “ and what did you say?? Khushi??”

Asad - “ Khushi, i want you to think about this…ok….”

Khushi looked at the two of them as she said - “ theres nothing to think bhaijaan ,Zoya, iv made my decision, i said yes, I will marry him,i mean i want to be with him, if theres anyone i want to be with right now is him….”

Zoya felt her entire body freeze at that,she knew Khushi was really heartbroken by what had happened, between her and her brother last night but this, surely khushi wasn't in her right frame of mind, the pain had probably ceased her ability to think straight and so she said - “ Khushi, you cant be serious, you said yes?? you told Arhaan that you will marry him??”

Asad looked at his sister, he was surprised too by her decision but he trusted her, his sister never did anything reckless and he asked - “ khushi, are you sure?? this is what you really want??”

Khushi nodded - “ yes in fact, he will be here tomorrow morning bhaijaan to talk to you and ammi,…”

Zoya said in disbelief - “ watt??????”

Khushi - “yes, tomorrow at ten am….bhaijaan will you brief ammi, in the morning??”

Asad nodded and he kissed her forehead - “ yes i will, look Khushi, all i want is for you to be happy, and if you think you will be happy with him, then I'm with you…”

Khushi - “ thanks bhaijaan…i know that, and i know that ill be happy with him…now if you don't mind, id like to go and freshen up…”

Zoya looked at Khushi as she started getting out,and she gestured to her that this conversation was not over yet,and she watched her close the door, and Zoya looked at Asad in disbelief - “ seriously, you are ok with this?? she is your baby sister, cant you see she is being impulsive?? so reckless??”

Asad made Zoya sit on the bed and he said - “ and i know Khushi, thats precisely why im not worried, she's got this, iv trusted her all this while, she's never let me down,and if she wants to be with Arhaan who am i to stand in the way of her happiness, hes a nice guy Zoya, i dont understand why are you so worried,whats the problem??”

Zoya groaned, ofcourse there was big problem, but she couldn't tell him what it was - “ look, i know Arhaan is a nice guy and stuff, but Khushi is really hurrying into this…”

Asad - “ maybe she already is in love with him ,and doesn't know it yet…thats why she is sure about it, she wouldn't take such a big step if she wasn't sure,its her life after all she is not going to play games with it….you need to relax and stop worrying…”, and he kissed Zoya’s forhead briefly.

Zoya nodded , because she knew there was nothing else she could tell Asad anyway,and so she said - “ looks like i need a long shower myself….”

Asad knew he needed to make her feel light and so he teased - “ as much as i wish to join you, i have mails i need to answer…”

Zoya gave him a small smile, trust him to make her feel better,and she said - “ very funny, you go work,and i need to shower…”

Asad watched her run into the bathroom,and he smiled, his crazy wife, really brought this smile to his face.


Zoya wrapped the towel around herself,and she wiped the dew on the mirror, she needed to talk to Khushi, now that she had cleared her head, she had to get Khushi to talk to her and tell her the truth as to why she was doing this.

She turned to put on her clothes and she realised she hadn't got her night suit in , in a hurry,and she felt so stupid, she knew Asad was working outside, she opened the door, meekly as she said - “ Asad, you there…??”

Asad looked up from his laptop,as he heard Zoya - “ yes ofcourse, my love, is everything alright??”

Zoya - “ ok, so you need to pass me my clothes , open the wardrobe, in the drawer…”

Asad nodded -“ yeah yeah, i know, remember i helped you settle in…”

Asad took her nightwear and walked to the bathroom,and thats when he decided to tease her further,as he said - “ I'm here…”

Zoya said behind the door, taking her hand out - “ what do you mean you are here?? give me the clothes…”

Asad - “ no way, not until you let me in…”

Zoya - “ what, are you insane?? Aad stop it, i need my clothes, i need to talk to Khushi, i don't want her to sleep, cmon give them to me…”

Asad folded his hands - “no way, ok then come out and take it…or let me in…”

Zoya groaned - “ Asad, stop it…”

Asad - “ i told you, either let me come in , or you come out and take them…”

Zoya readjusted the wrap of the towel around her body,and she finally walked a little out as she said looking at him - “ here, i am, now give me my clothes…”

Asad had imagined this scene a zillion times in his head, but now that Zoya was really in front of him, fresh out of the shower,wrapped in nothing but a towel, her hair were wet,water was slightly dripping on her shoulders,and she looked out of this world, his imagination could never do justice and the vision that she was, created a havoc on his body as he stepped closer throwing her clothes on the bed - “ take them…”

Zoya stepped a little ahead as she said - “ what?? why did you?? god, you are crazy….”, and she walked forwards to take her clothes from the bed, but before she knew it, she was pulled back by Asad in his arms,as his hands went around her waist,from behind,and he started trailing a line of kisses on her shoulderblade,shoving her hair aside.

She felt herself lean back,into his grip, the things that he was making her feel, it wasn't new, it wasn't the first time he was touching her this way, but, the fact that she was with him now, in their home, without any thing to stop them,she whispered - “ Asad, let me go, please….”

Asad turned around slowly as he bent forward and whispered against her lips - “ id be dammed, if i let you go right now…”, and before she could say anything he closed the remaining distance in between their lips.

Zoya felt his hands grip her hair as his other hand, loosened the grip on the towel that she was wrapped in, and before she knew it , it was off her, and he had picked her up in his arms and laid her down on the bed,and she could only shudder in his arms, as he kissed her, touched her in the places that drove her crazy with raw passion.

Asad stripped off his shirt as he looked into her passion filled eyes a few minutes as he whispered against her lips - “ i really am sorry about the way things happened, i really am…you forgive me dont you??”

Zoya nodded as she cupped his face tenderly - “ when can i be mad at you longer??”, and she pulled him in for a deep kiss, and before she knew it, they started, to make love, and Zoya could only feel herself surrendering in his arms,as raw,unadulterated passion was what ruled the moment.


Thirty Minutes Later

Zoya blsuhed as she stepped out her door, and she was glad Asad still had some work to do, or else they would have made love again and again, and he wouldn't have let her go, and she wouldn't have gotten time to see Khushi.

She knocked on the door, and she heard Khushi’s voice - “come on in, Zoya…”

Zoya walked in and she sat next to Khushi on her bed,and khushi smiled as she said - “ i can sense that everything is ok now?? i mean with bhaijaan, all sorted isn't it??”

Zoya nodded - “ i cant be mad at him longer, i understand his point of view, who was i kidding, maybe everyone would have reacted the same way, no matter what, no matter how much i wanted it to be differently…”

Khushi smiled as she said - “ well im glad, i cant see the two of you like this….”

Zoya locked Khushi’s door as she turned to her and asked - “ exactly and i cant see you like this, whats with you?? you are marrying Arhaan?? Khushi what happend??? i know you are mad, but seriously this is serious Khushi…”

Khushi said - “ and when did i say im joking Zoya, im serious, i want to marry him,and i will…”

Zoya asked skeptical - “ did something happen?? i mean did bhai say something again??”

Khushi was in two minds whether she should tell Zoya the truth,but what was the point that woud make her get more mad at Arnav, and she didn't want that because of her any longer, and so she deceided not to tell her, how badly he had butchered her heart yet again as she said - “ no, no, of course not, iv been thinking a lot since last night, and i mean it Zoya, im happy, i mean i feel happy with Arhaan, and honestly he makes me smile, he makes me laugh, he understands me, he prioritizes me, and most importantly, he trusts me with himself again,even after what i did, he wants to be with me no matter what, he really does love me,and for once,i want to trust someone else’s emotions for me because i cannot trust my emotions any longer….you know that…”

Zoya felt her eyes brim with tears as she said - “ and what about love?? you don't love him??”

Khushi sighed as she felt her tears fall - “and what has love given me Zoya?? what have i got?? where do i stand?? in the middle of nowhere?? in the name of love, iv faced heartbreak, insult, humiliation,what else do i need to face now.I cant, i cant do this to myself anylonger,this is the only way ill be able to move on, and thats what i want, and i know if i really can love again, it can be Arhaan…”

Zoya clutched her hand as she asked - “ and what about Bhai?? will you be able to forget him for real??”

Khushi - “ I have to, theres no choice in that matter anymore, we can never be together, lets just not kid ourselves anymore,Arnav was a dream and a nightmare at the same time, that i have to move on from, and you know what to be honest, i really dont have the patience or the place for any pointless drama in my life anymore Zoya…”

Zoya sighed as she said - “come here, you need a hug…”

Khushi immediatey hugged Zoya and she lied down in her lap and Zoya brushed her forehead tenderly as she asked - “ don’t you think bhai should know about this??”

Khushi said immediately - “ no, no Zoya, promise me you won’t, you wont tell him anything,i dont want any drama right now…”

Zoya nodded, she and Khushi went way back before Asad or her brother came in the picture, Khushi had been loyal to her always, and if that was what she wanted right now, she had to be loyal to her right now, and not just that she knew even she called her brother right now, he wouldn't take her call.



Arnav twisted in bed, he was restless, so restless, he couldn't believe Khushi had slapped him, and the look on her face the anger, revolved in front of his eyes,had he really crossed the line there??

He knew he had raged in anger yet again, and he had said things he didn't really mean, but that was all her fault too, because all day he had tried to get in touch with her, and she had royally ignored him and not just that she had shut her phone and then when he had spotted her with Arhaan,something inside of him had boiled to the power of infinity, and he wasn't able to control any of it.

He recalled all of what happened yesterday, with Zoya and then with Khushi,and then all of what his sister had told him earlier today and then the disaster with Khushi again in the evening.His heart was broken into a trillion little pieces, and even then he couldn't stop thinking about her.

He felt so restless,he quickly got out of bed,and made his way to his mothers room, and he walked in and sat on the stool next to her, as he gestured the nurse to leave.He bent forwards and placed her hand on his head,in the struggle to find some peace.

He felt his eyes get wet,and tears left his eyes,and he whispered feeling as torn as he had never felt before - “ why did i ever grow up maa?? why did i ever grow up??why didn't anyone tell me that bruised knees were so much easier to deal with,how do i deal with my bruised and broken heart maa??”


10.45 AM

Dilshaad grinned as she said - “ I cant believe this, until a week ago, I was so worried for both my children and today, look my son and daughter have both found the one they want to be with the rest of their lives…”

Arhaan smiled - “ thanks aunty, for giving us the permission, thanks bhaijaan…”

Asad smiled as he said - “ you are a good man Arhaan, i trust you to keep Khushi happy….”

Zoya gave him a small smile,as she saw Khushi smile at Arhaan.

Dilshaad got up - “ im going to quickly make us something sweet, Arhaan you will not go without eating it ok??”

Arhaan nodded - “sure aunty…”, and he watched her leave and it was only then he asked Khushi, whispering in her ear - “ your brother and Zoya are married?? when did this happen?? isn't there like a big family rivalry or something, im sure Arnav will be mad, Zoya’s brother, how did he take this??”

Khushi whispered - “ for the time being, he has broken all ties with her, anyway, ill fill you in later, its a long story…”

Arhaan nodded, and he saw Zoya give him a small smile and go to the kitchen, probably to help aunty.

Asad called Khushi to sit next to him on the sofa and she excused herself and went next to her brother.

Arhaan picked up the newspaper from the table,and he started browsing it, and that is when an article on Page 3 caught his eye,and he felt his eyes widen,as he read the headline, and he immediately said - “ Khushi, Asad, you guys need to see this…oh god…”

Asad looked at Arhaans shocked face and he watched Khushi take the newspaper form his hands, and the minute they read what was written,he watched them both look at each other in shock,and he saw Khushi go pale as white as a sheet.


Zoya walked in back into the living room, and the minute she saw Arhaan have a worried look on his face , and Asad and Khushi stood rooted to their spot with shock on their faces,she wondered what it was about,and she quickly walked next to them,and took the newspaper from Asad’s hand as she asked - “ what is it??”

Khushi tried to stop Zoya from taking the paper from her brothers hand, but it was too late,as Zoya had already spotted the article, the damage was done.Khushi looked at her brother in shock,and he looked at her back with the same expression, who could have done this?? No one, knew, apart from both their families,ofcourse The Raizada’s couldn't have caused themselves public humiliation,and no one in her family would stoop so low, then who could it be??

Zoya stood stunned as her eyes registered, there was a article on Delhi Times Page 3, which was titled - 

“Love, War and An Unexpected Scandal”.

Zoya scanned the page,and she saw that for a change it wasn't her brother in the news, it was her.

She spotted a picture, of herself and Asad, he was holding her hand.She recalled the picture was fresh from yesterday,when her driver had come to drop in her stuff,and Asad and her had been talking outside.

There were few other pictures of the same moment taken from different angles,and it looked as if they were into  serious conversation,which of course they were. Asad, had his hand on her arm, in one, on her waist in another, then there was a picture of him leading her inside his house.And then ofcourse,there was a picture of Asad,and her brother giving cold shoulder to each other from some old business conference event.

She looked below,as she finally started reading the article -

“Who isn't aware of the infamous Khan-Raizada rivalry,well all of the capital elite circle is.Asad Ahemed Khan and Arnav Singh Raizada,are rivals at both professional and personal levels, so much so that the two men, have never been spotted greeting each other in any business events,for a decade now, all they share is a cold shoulder and extreme hatred for one another. However, the history reveals that there was a time that the two families were bonded by love and strong friendship. No one exactly knows the real reason as to why the strong family friendship turned into a a strong enemity,a decade ago,although it is widely beleived, that it has a lot to do with the mysterious car accident, that killed both their father’s.

Arnav Singh Raizada, who is a very popular sighting on our circle,is often spotted with some or the other gorgeous models,which he is known to have keen interest for,but for a change it isn't him that we wish to report about.It’s his little sister ,Zoya Singh Raizada who had caught us by surprise this time,she was spotted in the home of Asad Ahemed Khan, her brothers arch enemy,and from what we gather, looks like she is moving into the Khan Mansion.What could be the reason for her to go against, her family, her beloved brother to be allying with an enemy.We think the reason could be good old love,for we have sources that reveal to us that Zoya Singh Raizada married Asad Ahemed Khan secretly,some time ago,and that Asad Ahemed Khan had barged into Raizada’s home a couple of days ago,and revealed the truth about his relationship, with the youngest daughter of the house.As much as we understand love,our hearts go out to the Raizada’s who have been subjected to such embarrassment,at the hands of their very own little girl.Maybe, with time they will realise that all is indeed fair in love and war, but for now we are sure,that the Raizada household has been in a state of shock,just like we are, for we definitely didn't see that one coming.Come to think of it, we deeply regret that we didn't sniff,this great love brewing up in the first place.They say, its never too late, for gossip, but we wouldn't call this that, for theres a stark difference, between gossip and scandal,for anyone can commit a minor indiscretion and generate a days worth of buzz, but in order for gossip to birth a true scandal,it requires the right person to be in the wrong place, just when they thought no one was watching.Thank you Zoya Singh Raizada for being that person,or oops,maybe we should address her as what she is now, Mrs.Asad Ahemed Khan.

We tried to contact Mr Arnav Singh Raizada, but for obvious reasons he remained unavailable for comment.


Zoya flung the newspaper aside, as she sat down on the sofa in shock,too stunned to move, she had never felt so shaken in all of her life,and she looked at Khushi,who was by her side,and she asked - “Khushi, what just happened?? how did this?? oh my god, bhai,if he's going to read this, of course I'm sure everyone at home has already read this,**** ****, the humiliation they must have felt, god who did this….just who would do this, and how did anyone know about us being married, Asad??”

Asad stood stunned,the pain on Zoya’s face, he couldn't believe what just happened, and he mouthed that loud - “ I don't know….i have no clue, but whoever it is, is not going to get away with this….i promise you that, Zoya…”, and he was by her side in a minute as she hugged him, and sobbed.

Arhaan looked at the three pained faces in front of him,and he said - “ hey , you guys could find out, i mean, if any of you know anyone, from the paper, who published this…”

Zoya let go as she wiped her tears as she said - “ ofcourse, i know the editor of the Times, why dont i just call her and ask who gave them the lead on this…”

Asad nodded - “ yes please….”

Khushi nodded, and she watched Zoya get up as she called her and said into the phone - “ Rekha, why did you let this get in the news?? i thought we were friends, you should have called me atlas, no it isn't false, its true, but…..what?? you called me last night??? im sorry, i didn’t, ok i want you tell me from where did you get to know any of this?? how????”

Zoya felt the ground beneath her shake,as she sat down on the sofa as she heard what she said , and she asked, not wanting to believe what was being told to her and she put the phone on the speaker as she asked again - “ who did you say it was?? who gave you the lead??”

They heard the editors voice echo in the room as she said - “ well, like i said, i already caught hold of my reporter to ask her the same, she said, it was your husband,i mean Mr Asad Ahemed Khan, he sent someone who gave the information to my reporter, look Zoya, I'm sorry, but looks like this isn't our fault…”, and before she could say anything further, Zoya cut the call.

Asad stood stunned,as to what he had heard, of course he didn't do any of this ****, and he had no idea as to why he was being blamed for this,and he was just about to say that loud,but the way Zoya was looking at him right now, with accusation and hurt in her eyes,he felt his heart break, something in his mind told him that Zoya had already believed what the lady on the phone had said,without even listening to him.


Fate scowled - “ what the freaking hell?? he didn't do it…”

Love said, deep in thought - “ of course he didn’t…”

Destiny - “ ofcourse,he isn't someone who would do something like that,but thats not the point, the point is whether Zoya will believe him or not…”

Hate grinned as he said - “ of course she won’t, you see someone just shoved a valid proof in her face that her husband, the love of her life was indeed behind all of it…oh poor girl if i wasn't enjoying the falling apart so much, my heart would actually go out to her…”

Fate scowled at Hate - “ you acted smart hate, you are taking undue advantage of her obstinate Raizada gene here,thats surely going to surface…any minute now…”

Hate winked - “ and dont blame me, for using my resources well, i told you, you were going to get your way this easily,and oh we all know the wrath Raizada’s are capable off,looks like she is his sister after all, somethings are just in the blood and the dNA, you cant help it….now if you'll excuse me, i have things to do”

Fate asked destiny - “shes going to do it isn't she??and oh god,from where did our angel agree for marriage,how am i going to handle this mess??”

Destiny nodded - “ Yup, my friend, saddens me, but is required…lets see..”

Hate looked at the three glum faces as he said looking at Love - “cmon smile now, please, its you who taught me that all is fair in love and war, isn't it??”

Love nodded ,she was a litte taken aback,but she woud be dammed if she admitted that to Hate and so she said - “ yup, i did and you are a good student Hate, what else can i say??”

Hate grinned - “ I like that how for the first time ever probably you really dont have anything to say…”

Fate scowled - “ you bet, give it back to him Love, now, or ill just punch him…”

Love held her friends hand,as she said - “ No, hes right, as of now, i have nothing left to say…”

Fate sat back dejected, but destiny hadn't missed, the as of now in her friends voice,she looked at the script in hand that she had steered, she smiled sadly, this as of now, was going to last for a while.




Apr 17

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Asad stood stunned,as he realised that his mind was signalling something that his heart didn't want to beleive, the way Zoya was looking at him right now, with doubt and accusation in her eyes,really shook him to the core.

Khushi looked from Zoya to her bhaijaan,and back again, the look of doubt Zoya had on her face wasn't a good sign and she knew she had to intervene as she said - “ no way, bhaijaan would never…”

In that moment, Zoya felt all of her world come crashing down,Asad had done this?? Rekha, did say Asad’s name, he was behind all of this?? Why would she lie to her, what reason she had to lie about this all?? She knew the doubt that she had in her mind was showing on her face, and she knew Asad could see it in her eyes, he knew her way too well.

Right then Dilshaad walked out the kitchen and she said - “ what happened?? why is there so much silence all of a sudden??

Khushi watched the worried look on her mothers face, and the first thing she did was hid the newspaper, as she gestured to Arhaan for help,as she said - “ammi, its nothing…”

Arhaan understood what Khushi wanted , and of course her mother had just recovered, she didn't want to worry her, and so he said - “ aunty, how about if i take you out?? i mean i would love to get to know you…”

Dilshaad looked at Arhaan and she smiled - “ are you sure??”

Arhaan - “ ofcourse, i know of this excellent dessert place near by, found it online, why don't i take you there, it'll be a change for you…”

Khushi immediately jumped in - “ yes ammi, an excellent idea, isn't it??”

Dilshad nodded - “Well, i couldn't not agree…come lets go…khushi you aren't coming??”

Khushi wanted to be with Zoya and her brother, because she wanted to handle the situation from going out of proportion,but she knew it was also important to distract her mother right now, as she said - “ of course im coming…come on lets go…”

Khushi thanked Arhaan,silently,and the three followed out, Khushi looked at her brother and gestured him to relax and handle this up in his room, so that Ruksaar couldn't hear, she was kind of ammi’s own spy.

Asad nodded, and he watched them leave and she took Zoya’s hand, and he could see that she was stunned and shocked,and he led her to their room as he finally shut the door.

It was only when the door shut, did Zoya finally whisper in shock - “ Asad, you did hear your name on the phone right?? Rekha, i know her ever since I came back, we at AR had a good relationship with the Times,she had no reason to lie, Asad, say something, you did this??why?? why did you do this to me”

Asad felt as if in that one moment all his world came crashing down, the accusation in her voice, and he felt betrayed, so betrayed that she didn't trust him , that she could even for a minute think so low of him and he walked upto her, and looked at her in the eye,as he caged her in between his arms - “ what did you just say?? Zoya?? is that what you think off me?? do you really think i could stoop so low?? so low?? dammit, its you who has been written about, do you possibly think i could do anything to harm you, you are the one i love, do you possibly think i would have my wife, the love of my life publicly humiliated like that?? is that really what you think of me??”

Zoya,saw the look on his face ,and it broke her, but it was as if her mind had a mind of its own right now, it went on a overdrive as she said curtly,her own anger rising as her mind started to connect a few dots - “ well, i know that you hate my family,yes this is humiliation to me, but thats collateral damage, its more like public humiliation my family and my brother have been subjected too, as good as if they were made into a laughing stock, and what about the pictures?? they were off here, just yesterday??did you have someone take them?? did you really do this to hurt my brother??? answer me now, dammit???? as if the way you barged in to my house,wasnt enough, that hurt me too, dont you see, hurting them will hurt me too, why did you have to do something like this??just whyyy??? just answer me dammit, now…….”, she yelled at him.

Asad took his hands away from the wall, and he looked at the anger, the wrath on her face, and he couldn't believe she was saying these things to him, to him, she knew him didn't she?? atlas he thought she did, he was hurt , so hurt, so brutally hurt in that moment but he finally spoke, defending himself - “Zoya, I'm telling you, I didn't do it….i don't want to hurt you or your family,as much as what the past was, i would never stoop so low…”

Zoya looked at him in disbelief - “ why would she take your name?? what would she get out of it?? you are saying, you dint do it??”

Asad nodded - “ yes, i didn't do it dammit…”, and he punched his fist in the wall , next to her.

Zoya looked at him - “ you know, you did behave extremely reckless and impulsive just two days ago….and maybe you wanted to get back at bhai,for the way he behaved with you at Shantivan, just tell me is that what it is?? is that what made you do this??i mean he did threaten you, he did yell at you, he did physically get to you, and your remained silent then”, she was sure the doubt was in her voice.

Asad felt as if she had stabbed him with a knife and he asked - “ you dont believe me??you really don't believe me when i say, that i don't have anything to do with this Zoya”

Zoya looked at him desperate - “ i want to, i really want to, but after what happened, i dont know if i do, no im sure, i don’t, Asad, i dont believe you, you did this,didnt you?? after all this while, after all that we had, i cant believe what you did….and why did you?? I chose you didn't i?? I came with you, then why dammit, why???”, and she held his collar as she asked in anger, tears spilling her  eyes - “say it dammit, whyyyyyy????????whyyyyyy did you do this???

Asad looked at he in shock,and he felt his own anger rise to the peak, he couldn't believe she wasn't even giving him the benefit of doubt, he held her by her shoulders, knowing his hold was harsh - “ are you crazy?? are you insane?? what are you saying?? are you even listening to yourself?? Its me Asad….dammit,have i ever done anything in all of my life to hurt you???

Zoya looked at him in the eye, as she said - “ no , you havent, but youv started recently with two days ago, fine if you are so sure of this, so sure that you didn't do it, prove it to me…”

Asad looked at her in disbelief - “Zoya, why cant you believe me?? is it so difficult for you to trust my words?? you seem completely ok with believing a total strangers words out here, someone just mentioned my name and you believe them?? when im standing right here in front of you,and telling you that i didn't do it, what do you want me to do?? beg you to believe me??”

Zoya looked at the broken look on his face and she said keeping a check on her emotions - “ no, i dont want any of that, for the longest time now, i mean for months iv been listening to my heart, but right now, i need to listen to my mind….”

Asad - “ and what does your mind say??”

Zoya looked at him as she said slowly - “ my mind needs proof…”

Asad didnt know how to react, he didn't know what to say, of course he could gather up the proof and show it to her, but did he really want to gather proof to prove his innocence to her, shouldn't she be having that trust in him? After all this while, wasn't there no trust in her heart at all?? And thats why he stood silent.

Zoya watched him stand in silence, and that angered her further, why the hell wasn't he saying anything?? Shouldn't he do something, say something to prove that he really didn't do this?? And that is when a thought started to enter her mind, and she stood numb in shock, no it couldn't be, it couldn't be.She walked upto him ,and pushed him a little further, not knowing what sort of fury took over her as she said - “ why are you silent?? why don't you say anything?? maybe you reallyy don't have anything to say to your defence anymore?? just makes me wonder , Asad, if this was all your plan in the first place?? why didn't i ever think of this earlier?? oh yes because i was blinded, so blinded by love..”

Asad felt him push her, and he asked confused - “ what plan?? what nonsense??”

Zoya spat in anger - “ you never forgave me for real,i always did think deep down that you let me off easily for lying to you, about being Zoya Singh Raizada,now that i think of this, what if you planned this all in the first place?? Lead Zoya on with Love, then ask her to secretly marry you,then barge in on her family so that they break all ties with her, and lastly, leak it all out to the media, so that the Raizadas and especially my brother face public humiliation…answer me dammittttt, was this all a plan to get to my brother?? Asad, did you use me to get to him??Because right now, he is hurt in the most brutal way possible, nothing else you could have done would have affected him as this, did you just really use my love for you to your advantage, to avenge my brother,you used my love for the hate you felt for my brother?? Asad Ahemed Khan,you answer me now, dammit…..”

Thats it, this was the last straw,out of everything she was blaming him for, the things she had said, were downright disgusting, he knew she was angry right now, but these things had to be buried deep in side of her mind somewhere, to be coming out like this, and he felt broken, so so broken in that moment, after all that they had,was this really what she thought of him?? That he could use her, to get to her brother, in a way that was so outright disgusting and cheap,and as much as he felt she had broken his heart, he felt as if she had unleashed the devil inside of him, the one that had changed under her love, but slowly, those words, her every word was butchering him so bad and he yanked her by her hair, and he pulled her to himself and he asked, sure the fury was dipping in his voice - “ what the ****,did you just say?? what kind of a ****ing theory did your mind come up with right now?? are you ****ing out of your mind, is that what you think of me??after all that we had, after all that we shared, after all the love, and only love that i gave you, i forgave you, i honestly did for your lie only because I loved you, and i had absolutely no ulterior motive dammit, and watch your words Zoya, the things you are accusing me off are disgusting and cheap, is that what you really think I am capable of doing??”

Zoya felt his hold tighten on her hair, and she hissed in pain, the rage was in his eyes, and she was sure it matched the fury in her eyes, and she said , pulling away - “ just stop it ok?you are hurting me…. stop  shoving our relationship in my face to make me emotional right now, i want the truth, if you really didn't to it, then prove it, and ill honestly forget that i ever thought that you used me to get to my brother in the process of revenge….”

Hurting?? He was hurting her?? Where as right now, he felt as if someone had stabbed him a zillion times, and that someone was none other than the woman he loved, his wife.

He yanked her by the hand and he twisted it behind her back as he spat - “ im not going to prove anything to you, dammit, you want to believe me or not is up to you, and i dont ****ing care about these absurd theories in your head anymore….”

Zoya saw him leave her harshly, as he started to walk out of his room, and she spat in anger - “ run away fine dammit, run away thats maybe coz whatever i have just said is the truth, which is bitter for you to stick up to Asad Ahemed Khan…because you know what, right now I'm just downright disgusted with you…”

Asad stopped dead in his tracks and he turned slowly as he said - “ I acted on impulse that day, yes i did, I admit it, and i told you it was for us, in the end all for us, and in the name of love.And I’m running away not because i don't have anything to say, but because you just broke my heart along with the illusion that our bond was strong enough to bear any storm, looks like i was so so wrong, you know whats really disgusting,is that after everything that happened, after everything that was between us,you could still have it in your heart and mind to accuse me with the things that you have accused me off, thats what is downright disgusting Zoya thats what is ****ing disgusting….”, and with that he stomped out his room, and out of his house.


Khushi got off the car, ad she gestured to Arhaan that she will call him later and he nodded and she got in with her mother, as she said - “ Khushi, such a lovely guy Arhaan is,you are lucky, almost reminds me of a good old friend of mine…”

Khushi gave her a small smile , as she asked - “ really??”

Dilshaad nodded, getting inside their home - “ yes, really, anyway, we have so much to do, so much to take care off, i cant believe he wants to get engaged in a week, we have no time , i must fine Asad and Zoya..god, i cant believe you will be engaged in a week, and judging from the rush he is in, probably married in no time, its so unfair, you just got back to me, but this is something i cannot delay, i want you to be happy,Khushi, my love, thats all i want , Asad is settled now and  you too will be, God has blessed me indeed…”

Ruksaar came in to the door as she said - “ well bhaijaan just left, and Zoya is in her room, why don't you tell me, we can get started khala…”

Dilshaad nodded - “ yes, lets start with making the guest list for the engagement, and also his uncle and aunt will be here soon, we need to make arrangements for their stay, and oh god, theres so much to do…”

Khushi watched her mother and Ruksaar get into the room, and Khushi finally climbed the stairs up,at the speed of light as she barged in her brothers room and closed it ,and the minute she saw that Zoya was packing her bags, she walked up to her, and she stopped her as she said - “ what happened?? are you crazy?? what do you think you are doing??”

Zoya looked at Khushi, as she pulled her into a hug, and sobbed as she said - “ i have to leave….i have to leave now, i cant believe iv been such a fool, i cant believe it was a ploy all along…”

Khushi brushed her hair aside as she said, holding her face - “ Zoya calm down, whats wrong with you, iv never seen you like this, talk to me, tell me what happened, what do you mean, what ploy…??”

Zoya wiped her tears as she placed her hand on her head - “ Asad, you know what maybe, no im so sure, i just realised, he was using me all along to get to my brother, he's really the one behind it all…”

Khushi looked at her in shock - “ what?? are you mad?? what are you saying?? bhaijaan would never, did he say that?? did he say that he did all of this??”

Zoya - “ no, of course he didnt, he said , he didn't do any of this, but then why would Rekha take his name, what motive would a stranger have?? Khushi, don't you see this??”

Khushi held Zoya by the arms as she said - “ firstly, stop this insane rage attack that you got, this is not you Zoya….”, and she quickly handed her a glass of water.

Zoya gulped it down,she felt dehydrated of both mental and physical energy, and she heard Khushi say - “ ok, why dont you just tell me one by one, what exactly happened…”

Zoya nodded, and she started to tell Khushi everything.

Khushi listened in shock and she couldn't believe what she was hearing, the rage, the fit of fury that had taken over Zoya,and she knew in that exact moment what her brother must have felt, because she was sure, he wouldn't have hurt in that way, he wouldn't have ever done the things he had been accused off, because he loved her way too much,and she knew how it felt ,being accused of the things you didn't do, and specially by the one you love, its brutal,she had faced it not very long ago, but her case was different, and after all this while, after all that her brother and Zoya had gone through, she couldn't believe that Zoya was capable of saying such things, and she took a deep breathe as she said holding Zoya’s hands - “ look at me, listen to me, i love you , i will never lie to you, but right now , you need to understand, that you are sounding exactly like a mirror image of your brother, Zoya, this is not you, wheres the Zoya who trusts?? and this is bhaijaan, remember, Asad, your Asad, he loves you insane, he would never do such a thing as low as this, you know us Zoya, cmon, why are you blinded by rage right now, open your eyes a little bit…”

Zoya took a deep breathe and she knew Khushi was always fair, even though she was caught up in between her best friend and her brother right now, she was going to be fair and she sighed - “ maybe, ok look maybe you are right, but after the scene at my house, i need proof, i really need to know that Asad wasn't behind all of this…Khushi this isn't easy for me, cant you see, im broken, why cant he prove it to me,im so ****ing broken right now….”, she got up and kicked her suitcase, as she said - “ and where am i packing for?? i have no home…”

Khushi pulled her by the hand as she said - “ shut up, calm down, ok?? please?? this is your home, Zoya, and you are not going anywhere, look i understand, your point but i know what bhaijaan was silent, hes so broken by the things you said too, god i cant believe this is happening…ok relax, why dont you do one thing, sleep over it, ill go see bhaijaan,and ammi, she must not know any of this, you know we cant stress her out ok, please, she just got fine…”

Zoya nodded - “ fine, i will, i dont have anywhere to go right now anyway, but Khushi, im going to your room…”

Khushi groaned in despair, she literally did curse Zoya’s obstinate Raizada gene right now, but she said - “ ok, fine, go to my room, ill be back , but until then, you will not do anything stupid…”

Zoya nodded and she walked out into Khushi’s room, and she closed it behind her, as she finally kneeled against it and sobbed her heart out,for in a few moments, everything in her world had come crashing down,along with her illusions and beliefs about Love.


AR Designs - 2 PM

Arnav closed his eyes shut, as he looked at the newspaper again,and re-read the article again.He had read it for the hundredth time in the past few hours.

His family and him, had woken up to this brutal piece of publicity, this morning,Mami was the one who had spotted the article first.And the scene that had unfolded in his household, wasn't a funny one.He had for the first time seen a look of pure embarrassment,on his mama,and nani’s and jiju’s face.Akash was fuming with rage, if only Payal hadn't controlled him,he was sure, he would have turned their dining table upside down.

And not to forget the rage that he had felt himself, if it wasn't for di, he would have brought the hell down,she was the one who had stopped him just in time from barging into the newspaper’s office, and hauling the reporter who had written this piece of ****.

Well , ****, it definitely wasn’t.Maybe it was.It was the truth, but it was also a mess.But what could he say, whom could he blame,when his own sister, his little Zoya had stabbed him in the back.Whom could he lash out at?? No one, it was a humilation, that he had to face, and he knew that everyone in his office was gossiping about it too,and he banged his fist on the table in anger and then he called Aman,and said - “ have everyone collect at the studio, in fifteen minutes…”

He knew what had happened, was ugly, but hed be dammed if he let his sister become the topic of scandal,in his office.


A Few Minutes Later

Arnav walked into the studio at AR, and he noticed that all of his employees, were gathered, he finally walked ahead, and he cleared his throat as he said - “ I am not deaf, so I am completely aware of the murmuring and the gossiping that has been happening here, Zoya is my sister, no matter what she chooses to do in her personal life, i will not have any of you discuss this matter in my place of work, she is a part of this organisation, and you will respect that, she may not come to work anymore, but she was your boss once, and i expect each one of you to respect that.We all have a personal life, as we step out of here, let us all respect those boundaries, for there are some lines that shouldn't be crossed, i hope iv made myself clear….i hear one word, and the person will be carefully shown his/her way out of AR for good….”

He saw his staff and associates nod at him, and he was happy that he had got his point across.No one spoke as he made his way to his office and he sat back in his chair and closed his eyes, he may have defended Zoya in his office, but deep down he knew, he had never felt so let down in all of his Life.And all at the hands of his baby sister.

He was sure, that Asad Ahemed Khan would be grinning in victory right now, no matter who did this, the public humiliation he and his family had been subjected to would have brought him great happiness.

And that is when her thought came back to him.Khushi.

Khushi - where did she really stand amongst all of this?? Was she really an innocent getting crushed around in the shackles of pain and betrayal?? What did she feel about all of this??

Her face revolved in front of his eyes, and the innocence on her face, the purity in her eyes, was that all a lie too?? He recalled their conversation in his car, not very long before, just before her brother had barged in and turned their lives upside down.But he knew he couldn't just blame Asad on this, Zoya was as much as a part of this.

They had come to a common ground, that time was what they both needed.

She had messaged him - “ Arnav do you really think we can get past this??”

He had believed they could.He really had believed then.

But then reality struck,and woke him up from the dream he was seeing.

How could they get past something as ugly as what was happening between their families, both in the past and the present.

And then of course that Arhaan,the fool who always popped into the air, as if he had stationed himself permanently in between him and Khushi.

And damm Khushi, for being a silent spectator.He couldn't understand, why was she just silent? wasn't her brother responsible for all this mess.

That is when his heart finally signalled him - In the past, it was their fathers who had messed up, in the present it was his sister and her brother who had betrayed like none other.But she had been a part of it too, hadn't she??

He brushed his hands over his face he didn't know what to think anymore.Khushi, dammit, he cursed the fact that he couldn't get her out of his system.Why didn't anyone ever tell him that killing a real feeling was so difficult, almost impossible,and in this case he had lot of real feelings which needed tending too.

He looked at his phone,and he finally picked it up as he wrote her a message -

“Your father killed mine.

Your brother ruined our family bond, in the first place.

All those years ago, he didn't believe us, he never gave us the benefit of doubt.

You lied to me.

Your brother married my sister secretly.

He barged in, into my house and turned our lives upside down.

Im sure , the article today made him really happy.

And that Arhaan,is just always around you,as if you are a magnet he cant help being attached too.

All your family does is bring me misery Khushi,and you are very much a part of it, then why cant i still stop thinking off you??”


Khushi was deep in her thought, she had to meet her brother as soon as possible, she knew , she exactly knew what he would be going through right now.She instructed the driver to drive faster and right then her phone beeped,and she opened it and the minute she read his message , she felt her blood boiled,and her heart yearned at the same time, it trembled in pain,how was that freaking possible?? But she had an answer to that ,to what he had written, but was she going to reply to him??

Ofcourse not.Arnav Singh Raizada deserved nothing but her silence.


Asad had just shut his laptop, he couldn't work at all, he couldn't concentrate at all.He couldn't believe Zoya had said those things to him, and he could believe how miserable and broken he was feeling.He had only given her love, pure love, he had changed for her, he had fought his inner demons, the past, and taken her in , in his heart his very own, he had never thought she could blame him off the things she had.It hurt, it hurt so damm bad.

He got up, and turned and placed his hand on the glass wall of his cabin,unaware from where to start composing himself.Right then he saw that his cabin door opened, and he saw Khushi rush in to him , as she pulled him for a hug, and he hugged her back , a comfort that he could really use right now, as he heard her ask - “ Bhaijaan, are you ok??”

Asad kissed her forehead as he asked - “ do i look ok??”

Khushi looked at his face, it was wrenched in pain and she said - “ no of course not, you look horrible, and in a mess, just like a mess, that i saw Zoya in…”

His traitor of a heart jumped at her name, and he asked in an instantly - “ how is she???”

Khushi sighed as she took his hand and sat with him on the sofa as she said - “ how is she??? how do you think she is, miserable,when i came in, she was as hysterical as i had never seen,she was packing her bags….”

Asad asked in shock - “ whatttttt?????”

Khushi said - “ don't worry, i didn't let her leave, actually she realised, where could she go??she said she didn't have anywhere to go as in she had no home…”

Asad rolled his eyes - “ well she is in her home, did you tell her that??”

Khushi nodded - “ yes, i did, she didn't leave, but she is moving to my room for sure…bhaijaan this is a big misunderstanding between the two of you,and why aren't you doing anything about it?? you are going to do something right?? find out who did this, and why did they blame you, i know you can find out and by the end of the day it will all be over, put yourself and Zoya out of this misery”

Asad asked - “ you dont think i did it?? what do you have to say , Khushi??”

Khushi said in an instant - “ofcourse i know you didn't do it, i believe you, i know, you couldn't ever do something so low, i believe that, i really do, i know you, you would never hurt Zoya like that, and i know for sure, you would never do the things she has accused you off, i know the truth, it was all for love, all because you loved her truly and deeply, you never would think of using her to get to her brother….”

Asad said - “ so you know, the things she said?? Khushi, the things she accused me off, i could not believe what i was hearing, i told her again and again, that i didn't do it, but how could she think so low of me, after all this while, is this what she thinks of me?? She wants proof, really?? wheres the trust??I know i can prove it in a jiffy, but I won’t, i wont do anything, Khushi, i will not justify myself for the cheap and disgusting thing i have been accused off…why cant she trust me?? why cant she give me the benefit of doubt…you know what hurts the most Khushi, i fought with my very own darkness for her, i love her, all i ever gave her was that, and for the first time ever, i m feeling so broken, it would be better if she took a knife and killed me already, but the pain I'm feeling right now, its insane,why cant she trust me?? and i thought if anyone knew me well enough after ammi,and you, was her, i was living in an illusion Khushi, all this while, had to come crashing down one day or the other,can you answer me as to why she cant trust me?”

Khushi listened to her brother, the pain  in his voice, ofcourse, she understood every bit of it, she had gone through the same thing and so she said - “She is a Raizada afterall, you know how they are obstinate, and stubborn, and when their mind gets into an overdrive, all they seek is proof and logic….”

Good for her that her brother was too disturbed to notice any other point of reference and he just asked her helplessly - “ even if, she breaks my heart in the process, what does she want?? she wants me to get her proof, fine, i can, but i wont , because she is ready to believe a stranger over me already and if she believes a freaking testimony that will prove me innocent over my words, it will break my heart further, and so i won’t, because it will only make me feel as if my love wasn't enough for her to trust me, actually it already isn’t…”

Khushi held his hand and she said - “ bhaijaan i understand, i really do, but whats more important here your ego, or your relationship?? its Zoya, remember??”

Asad nodded - “ yes, i know its Zoya,my Zoya , thats what makes it more heartbreaking, you think im being egoistic, no Khushi , ego has nothing to do with it, if i were anything like that, i wouldn't have gone to Shantivan and beard the insult, i could get physical with her brother too, but i didn’t…and all for her, I'm not being egoistic, but i have certain beliefs that i live with and i strongly believe that in love, you gotta either leap in blindly and never question the leap,or either you don't jump at all…thats just who I am…Khushi, if she cant trust me, then its her problem, but I'm not going to hunt for proofs to prove myself innocent…”

Khushi sighed, her brother was just like her and she said - “ I'm just like you , you know, right now all i can say is that, I'm your exact mirror image, so i can clearly understand what you are going through, but i do understand Zoya too, after what has happened in her house, and what has been told i wouldn't blame her if she doesn't want to trust her emotions, bhaijaan cmon now what?? are you guys not going to talk??”

Asad sighed - “ i dont know, ok, right now i dont know anything at all, im sorry for you to be torn in between us like this, you dont deserve this….”

Khushi sighed - “ none of us deserve this, especially not you and Zoya, fine…ill just let you be right now, but be calm ok, we will figure something out, its you and her, Asad and Zoya can get past anything remember??”

Asad sighed as he said - “ at least that was what i thought, Khushi….why does it hurt so damm much….??”

Khushi hugged her brother as she said - “ I know it does, but it'll be ok…trust me…lets not be pessimistic here…maybe Zoya will come around”

Asad nodded as he hugged her - “and i can only hope…”


Khushi stepped out of her brothers office, and she took a deep breathe, god what a freaking mess this was.

Zoya was being stubborn right now,her Raizada genes were in extreme active mode.

Asad , her bhaijaan was being stubborn, because he was sticking to his values of trust, that he held in such high regard.

They both were probably right in their own minds, but that made them stand miles apart from each other.

And she couldn't see that.

She knew she had to find out this for herself,she had to dig in, and figure out who did this is the first place, and for that she needed help,she couldn't do it alone, and so she knew just who could help her,lucky she had Zoya give her , her number all those months ago, for emergency reasons, and so she took a deep breathe and called the only person she knew who could be of any help right now - Anjali di.


6.00 PM

Anjali got out the car , and she made her way to Starbucks.She had been surprised, greatly surprised when she had received Khushi’s call, and when she had asked to meet to discuss something important, she had let curiosity get the better of her, and agreed,and not just because she knew they had to discuss a matter at hand, but also because she really wanted to see Khushi for herself,in real,she almost smiled as she recalled that this was the girl, who had made her Chotte fall head over heels in love.Then she felt sadness take over her heart , because she released that this was also the girl, whose heart her brother had broken again and again.

She walked in to the coffee shop,and she spotted Khushi instantly,she recognised her from the various pictures she had seen both with Zoya and Arnav, but now that she finally saw her,she was sure no picture did justice to how innocent and beautiful, she was,so so different,and she finally walked upto her as she said - “ Khushi….hi…”

Khushi was lost in her thoughts and she hadn't spotted Anjali di, walking in, the minute she heard her voice, she got up in an instant as she said - “ Hi…im so sorry, i was just thinking…why dont you sit down…”, and she gestured her to sit.

Anjali smiled as she sat down in front of her - “ofcourse, im sure you have a lot on your mind…”

Khushi gave her a small smile as she asked - “ what would you like to have??”

Anjali - “ nothing,Khushi, im fine…”

Khushi - “please, i insist, coffee?? do you like it the way Zoya likes it?? for then i know exactly what you want??”, she asked, with a small smile.

Anjali nodded - “ yes thats exactly how i like it…”

Khushi - “ ok, then ill be back in a jiffy…”, and she quickly walked over to the counter.

Anjali looked at her, again, she had been deep in thought, maybe she wanted to talk about Arnav,maybe she had been thinking of him,she really hoped she was.


Few Minutes Later

Khushi walked to the table, with the order in hand, and she placed the coffee in front of her as she sat down and said - “ here you are…”

Anjali smiled - “ thanks….”

Khushi took a deep breathe, she had to start the conversation and so she said - “ firstly, i want to thank you, for coming, I mean, i didn't know you would when i called, but i had to take my chances, and honestly i did wish to meet you under different circumstances, but…”

Anjali smiled as she said - “ I know, i wish the same, but anyway you said, its something important, what is it??”, and she hoped that Khushi would talk to her about chotte.

Khushi - “yes, very important di, can i call you that?? i hope you don't mind??”

Anjali smiled - “ofcourse not, id love that, you called me that even when you were younger, you have changed Khushi, i mean all grown up, just like my Zoya…”

Khushi gave her a small smile,she really was nice, she thought and so was Zoya, then from where did that devil come in between , she finally said - “di,im here for Zoya…i know you all are hurt, really hurt about how things happened, and of course bhaijaan barged into Shantivan that day and created one helluva scene, im sure you all feel betrayed and let down, but they love each other……and I'm sorry really am for the way things happened, but bhaijaan just went berserk at the thought of some other guy meeting his Zoya,he is like that you know,possesive, and when it comes to Zoya,its little more obvious”

Anjali nodded,and she said - “ i know, i understand that they love each other, but things could have happened differently,we didn't deserve this….”

Khushi - “ ofcourse, ammi and me were equally taken aback,when we got to know that they were married, i mean not by bhaijaans choice, ofcourse, i love Zoya to bits and ammi,always dreamed of her for bhaijaan anyway ever since we were little…but because we both had so many dreams for their wedding…just like you all….”

Anjali nodded - “ ofcourse, a lot of dreams that were shattered….”

Khushi - “ i understand that you are hurt,i mean Zoya never reallyy hid anything from you, and honestly she never did hide anything from me too, but even i didn't see this one coming anyway, what has happened, has happened,i am not here to talk about that,actually, i wanted to discuss about the article that came in the Times today…”

Anjali stiffened,as she recalled the scene at her house earlier in the morning and she said - “ we weren't expecting any of this Khushi, honestly, its too much a shock,we’v never felt more let down in all our lives…”

Khushi nodded - “ I understand, but i need your help, i desperately need your help”

Anjali - “ my help??”

Khushi took a deep breathe - “ yes, i need your help to find out who exactly did this, i mean the article, look its only our families who knew this, of course no one from your family could have done something like this, and I know for sure that no one from mine did it….even though Zoya thinks bhaijaan is behind all of this…”

Anjali was now shocked and she asked concerned - “ watt???? what did you just say????”

Khushi sighed,but she started to fill in Anjali about what happened slowly,and then she also told her the crux of her conversation with both Zoya and her brother respectively,and she saw that she was listening carefully,and she waited for her to say something.

Anjali heard what Khushi explained, and she couldn't believe she was hearing what she was, Zoya had acted just like her brother right now,and she finally said taking a deep breathe - “ Zoya, she's different in her own way, but she has staunch similarities with her brother….”

Khushi stiffened at his reference, the look on Anjali di’s face reflected that she knew almost everything of what had happened between her and Arnav, but that was not the topic she wanted to tread to,but she said softly - “ you know when i spoke to Zoya this afternoon, i couldn't help but think the same, she looked like an exact mirror image of her brother,seeking proofs and logic,and when i spoke to bhaijaan,i couldn't help but see a mirror image of myself,hes right in his own ground di, and im not just saying so because he is my brother, i love them both equally i do not wish to take sides, for im on one side which is them for me they are one, i dont see Asad-Zoya differently, but it really breaks you,when you are accused for the things you didn't do,and especiallyy when it comes from the one you love, but this is a misunderstanding,and i need to clear this,for i know they are both being extremely stubborn right now, i cannot see them like this, and for that i need your help,will you help me??”

Anjali looked at her face, emotion, the selflessness with which she was talking, until now, she hadn’t even for once tried to talk about herself,even though Anjali knew the truth that she was probably as broken as Asad, Zoya or Arnav, in that very moment,and that is when it struck her, the thing that was so different about Khushi, the selfless-ness the purity of her heart radiated on her face, that is what made her so beautiful, this girl was beautiful inside out, and she couldn't believe this selfless and pure girl was the one, his brother had always misunderstood, back then and even now.She broke her chain of thought as she finally asked - “ i don't understand, how can i be off any help, i mean, and Zoya also has a point, what motive would the editor of Times have in taking Asad’s name…”

Khushi nodded - “ exactly, i understand, but theres more than what the meets the eye here for sure…”

Anjali looked at her in the eye as she said - “ there always is, anyway what do you mean…??”

Khushi - “ can you please think of if anyone, anybody at all , any outsider who visited Shantivan that day, someone who had an ulterior motive??”

Anjali - “no , not at all, intact i trusted Sherma kaka with th job of sending Zoyas stuff..”

Khushi - “ yeah, i know he is trustworthy, but anyone from office??”

Anjali - “ what are you saying?? what do you mean??”

Khushi sighed - “ Look, i know from Zoya, bhaijaan had helped her discover a mole in the company, as in someone from AR was leaking information to us,and other competitors, bhaijaan warned Zoya about it, and Zoya had the guy fired, i mean of course this guy hates Zoya, just maybe, i was wondering…”

Anjali - “ watt??? Asad warned Zoya??”

Khushi said, almost with pride in her voice - “ of course bhaijaan always plays fair..thats what di, i know him, he is a man of priciples, he would never do what Zoya is misunderstanding here, and she is too blinded by rage to think clearly, will you help me please, i cant get into AR…for Zoya and bhaijaan please…??”

Anjali nodded - “ ofcourse, ill help you….let me see if i find something, ill be in touch…”

Khushi smiled - “ thank you, thank you so so much…di, i just hope things get sorted between them…come lets go…”

Anjali watched her starting to get up and she held her hand as she said - “ sit khushiii..”

Khushi sat back as she asked puzzled - “ what happened??”

Anjali - “ are you really not going to talking about him, are you not even going to take his name?? i am his sister, i know everything…or is it that you are so hurt, so broken that you stopped looking inside off you, i know Chotte has done things to hurt you…but he does love you Khushi with all his heart, in his own twisted way…”

Khushi sighed as she looked at her and she said honestly, almost smiling at the memory - “ you know when i first met him,he saved me from an accident,i didn't know who he was back then,but his face would keep haunting me, and then Zoya finally introduced us,he was Arnav Singh raizada, the one i knew my brother despised, our family past is twisted so so twisted,but did that help me, of course not, i couldn't get him out of my mind and then when we met again,when he came to london, i fell in love with him, so so deeply in love, and even when the truth came out, and he left, i didn't want to give up on him, because i know i always believed that you don't just give up on the people you love, or just because its hard,who said love was going to be easy anyway, i used to try to get him to talk to me nonetheless,but when i got to know that he was back with lavanya, i had to back off, because i really did feel insecure back then , i always thought i wasn't enough for him, his interests were different, the girls he's been with are so so glamorous, and I'm anything but that, but it wasn't just that, it was also that i couldn't go on holding on longer, because i was all alone in it, standing in the middle of nowhere, he wouldn't talk to me, he had cut all ties with me, and then he was back with lavanya, Zoya was in India, i had no one, whom could i go to, no one, it took me months to even start eating properly, months before i could sleep peacefully, months before i woke up without puffy eyes, from crying al night, but i nursed my heart, i did and Arhaan was there ofcourse, he helped me through, and then just when i thought i was going to move on, and that i had rebuilt myself, my heart, in a zap, he was back in front of me and everything, every bit of the defence that i had built for myself came crashing down, he does that to me you know, im so vulnerable around him, but then it was too much for me to take in, he said he loved me, and then i asked him to leave,I was so confused,but then when i came back, we talked, and i felt that flicker of hope, that maybe we really could forgive and forget and move on, get past it , i mean as twisted as it was, there was love, although i had no idea what kind of love tied us anyway, but then after what happened……”, and she paused, to take a sip of water, and it did feel good to  vent it all out and right then she heard Anjali di  say - “ after what happened that day after Asad took Zoya , at AR terrace…i know he's hurt you so much again, you really didn't know that they were married,did you??

Khushi nodded - “ i really didn't know, i don't know if you believe me…”

Anjali looked at her in the eye - “ i believe you…”

Khushi - “ you do??”

Anjali - “ yes,i do…unlike Chotte, Khushi, i know how to read people well, from experience ofcourse, and i can see that you are one of the most pure and selfless person that i have ever met, the likes of you don't exist anymore, and thats why its so difficult for Chotte to see…he really is blind and stupid to ignore that honesty in your eyes…”

Khushi gave her a small smile as she said - “ well the that day ofcourse,at AR, and after that at the hotel…”

Anjali intervened - “ Hotel?? what about?? i dont know…i mean he didn't tell me this…what did he do again??”

Khushi sighed - “ i dont know, if i should…look you wont tell him anything would you??”

Anjali nodded - “what happened??”

Khushi - “ well Arhaan came suddenly to India, he wanted to see him, and after what had happened, i owed him that, and i went to see him at Taj,and Arnav was there, he misunderstood things and he….”, and she choked as a tear threatened to fall her eye, but she wiped it as she told Anjali di what had happened and then she continued - “ how could he say those things to me?? how could he think of me in way so low and cheap,i couldn't help it, i was furious, i slapped him…and i realised di, that sometimes they say, love really is never enough, and i realised it was bad enough that he didn't trust me, he thought of me as a liar but the things he said about me that day, just broke me completely,and you know what was the irony, i didn't know i was capable of breaking down even more…but i did, it really was as if he killed something inside of me that day for good,and please even Zoya doesn't know any of this, i didn't tell her because i didn't want her to have differences with Arnav because of me any longer…even in the name of love, i couldn't even think about being with a man, who thought so low of me…”, and she stopped as her phone rang and she gestured to Anjali that she needs to take this, it was Arhaan.

Khushi - “ yeah, Arhaan its alright,yeah no issues, see you tomorrow…” and she hung up an she watched that Anjali di was looking at her , probably waiting for her to finish - “I was broken in a way that if i looked inside or even thought of what it all was for a second, id die with pain, a part of me is dead di,as much as i hate to say it, Arnav killed a part of me for good, a part of me that i don't will ever come alive….anyway doesn't matter now anyway, in a few days ill be out of here, forever…”

Anjali was listening carefully, oh the brutal damage her brother had caused, there was surely no turning back for him now, and she questioned - “ what do you mean??”

Khushi sighed as she said - “ after Arnav left that day at the hotel, Arhaan wanted to talk, i somehow had composed myself and the things he said, in short, he asked me to marry him…”

Anjali felt her heartbeat stop as she asked - “ whatttttttttt?????? and what did you say??”, she asked,with fear in her voice.

Khushi looked into her eyes as she whispered - “ i said yes, we are getting engaged in six days from now, and married soon after….”

Anjali asked shocked - “ whatttttttt????????? Khushiiiiii, dont you think this is being reckless and impulsive, you believee in love, you know the heart doesn't understand logic or reason, what makes you give up on you and Chotte, when you are ready to fight for Asad and Zoya…”

Khushi smiled at her almost sadly as she said - “ Bhaijaan and Zoya, are different di, they have a love, a story that runs way too deep, they belong with each other, me and him, are different, its weird and twisted, we couldn't even build even a fraction of what a normal relationship can be,and after all that has happened, i didn't give up because it was hard, i gave up, because i realised that all along, i was the only one who was willing to take that leap of faith, I risked everything again with all my heart, and i jumped,and it wasn't until I drowned that i realised, that i don't have anything to put on stake anymore,because that part of me really is dead. I love swimming so i will give you a reference of context, it really does feel that i jumped off the diving board, without realising that there was no water in the pool, and it wasn't until crashed and had everything broken , did i realise that iv been such a fool, somethings aren't just meant to me, and my love for Arnav is amongst one of them. Iv accepted it di…it isn't the first time you know”

Anjali felt her own eyes well up, as she could clearly sense the pain this girl had been subjected too,and she had been brave, so brave all this while , and she asked - “ but Arhaan?? love??”

Khushi - “ A dream that isn't in my fate, maybe….for now, i dont know, but i do know, if i can fall in love with anyone ever again, it can be Arhaan, and thats why im marrying him di i hope you understand….”

Anjali’s heart went out to her and silently to her brother because that idiot was surely going to be heartbroken when he found this out and she ssaid - “ I do….but…”

Khushi wiped her tears as she said - “ All this while, i believed in love, i followed my heart, and look at where it brought me, its time i learnt how to follow my mind for good,I have had my self broken, insulted,humilitaed, made a joke of, played with too much in the name of love, I just dont have it in me anymore, i don’t….”

Anjali nodded as she said - “ take care….i understand, anyway, no wi should get going….”

Khushi - ‘ mee too….you will call me if you find something wont you??”

Anjali bent forward and kissed her on the forehead - “ofcourse, i will….lets just hope we find what we need…”

Khushi smiled - “ ofcourse we will, theres always hope isn't there??”

Anjali raised her eyebrow as she asked - “ is there Khushi?? is there always hope??”

Khushi understood, what she was implying and so she said - “ yeah most of the times there is, until you realise that in some cases ,hope is just something that hooks you fast and kills you hard….”, hoping she understood what she was wanting to say, that for her and Arnav, there was no hope.


AR - 7 PM

Arnav looked at his phone for the millionth time, why hadn't Khushi answered him yet.There was no reply,no reaction at all.

It made him so uneasy,why was she just silent?? Did she really have nothing to say to him anymore??

He remembered their encounter at the hotel,ofcourse he had been so furious and his mind had been driving with fury, he knew deep down that he did say things that were way below the belt.He had no clue, that how could his mind be capable of saying something like that, and that to Khushi.He had known that even though she had been with Arhaan, she hadn't even let Arhaan kiss her.And god, the things he had implied in anger that day,he threw his coffee mug aside, in anger, and frustration.

Just why couldn't she give the truth that she knew about Asad-Zoya being married and put it all behind them.Why couldn't she  just throw that irritating Arhaan out of her life.

She had slapped him,in anger and he had even put that aside,and messaged her this morning,and she had done what, again give him silence.

He couldn't take it anymore.

He finally took his phone and he called her.She cut his call.

He called again.She cut his call.

He called three more times.She cut his call again.

He took a deep breathe,as he called again,and now her phone was switched off.

Great, he almost threw his phone in anger. Dammit.

She knew how he was, she knew him didn't she? She knew anger did this to him, it did get the better of him, and could she blame him right now?? Her brother and his sister had turned his life upside down, what did she expect, him to be all silent and quiet over it.

Ofcourse, the wrath inside of him would have unleashed,and she was the only one, who had seen it in all its fury before.Then why was she being so damm difficult.

He felt broken, so broken, in that one moment.

Right then he saw Aman enter his cabin,and he asked - “ ASR, you still here?? lucky i checked…”

Arnav shrugged khushi’s thought out as he asked - “ what happened??”

Aman - “ well, you know the company we are collaborating with in Sri-Lanka, they have an urgent financial issue at hand regarding our venture, and its important for we just started venturing into the South east Asian market, so i just wanted to tell you that ill be leaving tonight, for Colombo, alright??infact im just leaving now”

Arnav asked - “ you gave me this project brief a few days ago, didn't you??

Aman nodded - “ yes exactly…”

Arnav said in an instant - “ ill go…get my ticket done…”

Aman looked at his boss, even though their was this formal line in between of them, he did see him as a friend,and so he said - “ ASR, are you sure??actually that would be the best professional for us, but i mean with all that is happening, are you sure about this?? you want to go…your family?”

Arnav looked at his assistant, he was his right hand, for the longest time now,they were on cordial terms, and formal too, and he rarely discussed his personal issues with him,but he knew right now, what Aman was hinting at, of course he knew nothing about his complicated love life, but he was hinting towards the mess with Zoya and Asad Ahemed Khan, and he took a deep breathe as he said - “ thats exactly, why i need to go right now, i need to be away from all of this mess…for a while…”

Aman nodded - “ well, you have four days then,sounds good??”

Arnav nodded - “ sounds excellent….ill just go up to my studio on top,and pack, good for me i keep things here, in case for emergency business travel…”

Aman nodded curtly but he spoke - “ but, this isn't just that isn't it ASR, ?”

Arnav looked at him as he asked - “ what do you mean??”

Aman - “well, you want to escape right now, am i right??”

Arnav nodded curtly - “ i didn't know, you knew me so well Aman, anyway that'll be all, just message di, that ill be gone for four days, i dont wish to talk to anyone for a while, ill just work,and be on my own, it'll bring me some peace…”

Aman nodded,and he watched his boss leave, he almost smiled sadly, when will his boss ever realise, that running away never helped,and especially not in search of peace, for that was one thing to be found within, and if you didn't have it in there, you would never find it anywhere else in this world.


800 PM

Anjali paced around her room, restless,after her conversation with Khushi, she had been feeling this way,so restless,so nervous, she couldn't believe her chottte,had ruined everything for himself again,she couldn't believe the things he had said, how could his heart allow him to be so brutal to Khushi, after all this while, after what all had happened.Hadnt he lost her and been in so much pain before, then why did he have to do this all over again, and that too much worse , this time around.

And could she blame Khushi?? Ofcourse not, after what all her brother had done to that beautiful girl, she was really convinced in her head, as a woman that was Khushi was doing was the right thing to do, any woman would have done the same, maybe even she would have done the same thing.In the name of love, how much rejection, humiliation and insult can anyone take?? and specially when they aren't even at fault.

Poor Khushi, she was never really at fault expect for just once.She was just being pushed around and crushed, for no logical reason, for no fault of hers.

She wiped her tear that was threatening to leave her eye,as she recalled the pain , the wrenched pain in Khushi’s eyes,as she spoke of him, and the longing in her voice as she spoke about the brutal realisation that her first love, for Arnav was maybe never meant to be.

No, someone had to fight for Arnav and Khushi too, she knew Khushi was fighting for her brother and Zoya, and so she had to do something for this angel, who had won her heart in the first go.She had to see her brother now, knock some serious sense into his head,and make him talk to Khushi right now, for he was the only one who could talk her out of this marriage.He was the only one, who could undo this mess, for he was the one who had created it.

Right then her phone rang and she picked it up as she said - “Aman, where’s Chotte, iv been calling him, he isn't taking my calls…”

Aman - “ he asked me to tell you that he left di…”

Anjali asked shocked - “ what do you mean he left??”

Aman - “ some work came up in Colombo,Sri Lanka, i was going initially, but he offered to go instead…”

Anjali groaned - “ ok, when does he return??”

Aman - “ Four days from now…”

Anjali sighed - “ ok, no issues, ill speak to him, thanks Aman…”

Aman - “ anytime di…”

Anjali hung up,and she called her brother immediately,and he cut her call, she was furious, she called again and again, and he cut her calls again and then he messaged - “ di, i just want to be alone for a while,i dont want to talk to anyone right now,we will talk as you are back…”

She groaned, she wanted to message him, ask him to stop him from leaving,but something inside of her stopped her, could she really help him, when he didn't want to help himself here, at all??

She quickly typed - “ Fine…”,and she threw her phone on her bed,and she touched her hand on her forehead taking a deep breathe for this time she knew,that once he was back, nothing could ever be the same.He was going to be back fifth day from now,just a day before Khushi’s engagement.Nothing could be done then.She sighed as she whispered to herself - “ all you do is run Chotte, but this time its going to be too late for you, and as much as I want to, just no one could help you…”

She recalled Khushi’s words - “ there always is hope di, until in some cases, hope is just something that hooks you fast, and kills you hard.Maybe there really wasn't any hope here at all, for her brother had killed every last bit of it, with his own hands.


Barkat - 10.00 PM

Zoya sat with ammi,and khushi as her eyes went to the door, Asad, wasn't home yet, and she wondered where he was,yes she was angry and so so annoyed and hurt and broken, but her treacherous heart still thought of him, had he eaten anything at all?? Where was he??

Dilshaad looked at her watch - “ where is he?? Khushi, Asad is never this late, call him, will you, im worried….”

Khushi sighed - “ i did, iv been calling him ,but he isn't taking my call…”

Zoya felt worry rise inside of her, but she shrugged it aside, fine, if he wanted to stay away, then it was his choice.

Right then she saw him enter through the door, and the look on his face, she had never seen him so exhausted, and before she could say anything, she heard Khushi say - “ bhaijaan, are you insane or what?? who comes this late….we were so worried, come eat dinner…”

Asad looked at Zoya, but she looked away from him, and he looked at Khushi as he said - “ no, I'm not hungry, ok, and i was working, i had a lot to do…”

Khushi looked at Zoya,as she gestured her to say something, but Zoya just looked away, she being so so stubborn right now,and that is when she heard her mother say - “ Asad, ok atlas sit with us for a while…”

Asad looked at his mother, and he didn't want her to worry,she would catch it in his eyes, so he said - “ammi,im just so tired, can i rest please??”

Dilshaad nodded - “ ok, fine rest all you want tonight, but from tomorrow on i need both you and Zoya first hand ok, i mean Khushi’s engagement is in six days from now, we have so much to do…”

Asad gave her a small smile - “ of course ammi,ill take care of everything, dont worry…”

Dilshaad got up and kissed her son on the head - “ ofcourse, i know with you here, i have nothing to worry,and Zoya, you are taking Khushi out for shopping tomorrow, i want the perfect outfit, meanwhile i have a meeting at the hotel with the decorators and i have to decide the menu,send out the invitations, thank god, they will be ready by tomorrow…”

Asad held his mothers shoulders - “ ammi,relax,everything will be perfect, ok, i promise you…”

Dilshaad nodded - “ ok, now go and rest, freshen up…”, and she watched her son leave.

She turned to Zoya as she said - “ Zoya, come on , up you go, he's so tired, and i know his wife is the only thing he needs right now…”

Zoya gave her a small smile, as Khushi eyed her to play along and she said - “ yes,ammi,sure…”, and she walked up in a jiffy.

She turned down to see that she was still looking, so she slowly opened the door to their room, and she entered and shut it behind her.

Dilshaad looked at the door as she said to Khushi - “ i know somethings up between the two,isnt there Khushi? there is a problem, what is it??”

Khushi walked as she hugged her mother - “ nothing that they cant sort out ammi,nothing to worry about, im telling you ok, no you go to sleep ok…ill go to my room too…goodnight…”

Dilshaad teased as she said - “ oh ofcourse, Arhaan would be waiting for your call…”

Khushi gave her a small smile - “ of course….now stop it ok…”, and she made her way up to her room as well.


Zoya stepped inside the room,and she sat on the bed, he was in the washroom probably,she thought of leaving immediately she was in no mood of talking to him, until he gave her the proof that he wasn't the one behind all of this, but then she wondered  if ammi,was still down and so she stayed backk longer.

Asad stepped out of the bath, and wrapped the towel around his waist, he had gotten straight into the shower,to calm his nerves, and it had helped,and he stepped out into the room, and that is when he spotted Zoya sitting on the bed. She looked up the instant, he had stepped out, and their eyes locked,and he could see that for a second, her eyes had looked at him from top to bottom,and the fact he was standing in front of her in a towel, just like she had been just yesterday,made her flush.

Their eyes locked, and he knew she was remembering what had happened yesterday,just like his mind was replaying their love making in his head, they had made up,hadnt they?? Ofcourse until the sunrise this morning, that changed everything.

How could everything change so much in one freaking day???

And he knew that was what was on her mind too.

Zoya broke the eye lock,as she saw him walk to the wardrobe, as he put on his t-shirt, and she cleared her throat - “ I'm only here, because ammi,asked me, and she was watching, otherwise, I don't have anything to say to you, Asad, not until you give me proof that you are innocent…”

She saw his shoulders tense from behind and he turned and said folding his arms - “ i don't have anything to say to you Zoya, you don't believe me its your choice, but I'm not going to  prove anything to you…”

Zoya nodded - “ then theres nothing left to say anymore…”,and she looked into his eyes, there was so much pain.

Asad nodded,and he could see pain in her eyes too, it was tearing them apart and he said - “maybe , there isn’t…”

Zoya started to walk out as she said - “ ill be in Khushi’s room…”

She walked to the door, and she heard his voice - “Zoya…”, and she turned to him, god a part of her wanted to just run into his arms,he was Asad, her Asad wasn't he?? No, she reminded herself,to not get emotional.

Asad knew she was fighting the urge to run into his arms,just like he was fighting the urge to pull her in his arms already and put an end to their misery, but he didn’t, because he was hurt and broken, and he finally said - “ be back in the morning, i mean i dont want ammi,to suspect anything…”

Ofcourse, and Zoya felt like an idiot thinking he was actually going to say anything else and so she said - “ ofcourse…”, and then she walked out and closed the door, as she wiped a tear out of her eye.

Asad rubbed a corner of his eye, as he changed and lied down on bed,how did all this freaking happen at all?? he wondered?? how did everything so from being so complete and content to being so broken in just a few hours.


1.00 am 

Khushi turned in bed,and she looked at Zoya, she was fast asleep, good for her, she needed it, and she sat in bed and drank a glass of water, and right then her phone beeped and she wondered who could it be so late, she knew Arhaan was sleeping.

To her surprise, it was Anjali di, and she read her message -

“Khushi im so sorry to message you this late , i couldn't sleep until i had this off my chest, Chotte, i mean Arnav he left the country,hes in Sri Lanka right now, for work….he wont be back until a day before your engagement…i just thought i had to tell you…”

Khushi took a deep breathe as she typed - “ you shouldn't be awake this late di, get some sleep, and as far as what you said, why am i not surprised,not surprised at all, actually maybe deep down i could see that coming…”

She got a quick reply - “ you could??”

Khushi typed quickly - “ yes, i know him, hes so predictable sometimes, it isn't the first time hes chosen to run from it all, remember,anyway doesn't matter di,goodnight…”

“Goodnight Khushi…but you are ok?? aren't you??”, came her reply

Khushi typed - “ ofcourse, i am..:)”, she purposely sent the smiley along and then kept her phone aside and closed her eyes.

Arnav Singh Raizada had taught her one very good thing for sure, glad there was something she had learnt, and that was how to run,and this time, shed beat him to it, for sure, he had once again fled from the situation,as usual what was new in that, the only new thing here was, that this time, she had put her running shoes on, and she was already sprinting away at the speed of light, and very soon, she would be out of his reach forever.

A lone tear fell her eye,and she wiped it ,she had finished her stock of tears for sure,even they were falling down in drops now.She deserved it didn't she?? She had been a glass doll, who had fallen in love with a stone, that had crashed into her so bad,that she had shattered so badly,and even in her heart deep down, the truth stood in her face, that he really had left her stranded,this time around,and that made everything else seem like such a lie right now.Everything he said,nad no meaning, no meaning at all, it was a meaningless ****,that had messed with her head again,why did he have to walk in to her life again , if all he wanted was to break her again.Ofcourse,maybe because it was lifes way of punishing her for being so stupid, again,because the blow given by him once wasn't enough.She closed her eyes,as she realised, that maybe among all the false promises he had made,and made her dream about, and among all the lies he had said in the process, I love you, was her favourite one.


Fate sighed, he felt so sad in that moment - “ dammit, how did all of this happen, so suddenly just like that…somebody tell me that??

Destiny and Love looked at each other, and right then they heard Hate say - “well you just forgot, how well i play my cards…fate…”

Fate clutched his hands in a fist - “damm you, but you know what, right now if there is anyone i want to punch more than you, is that Ass Raizada, did he just run away again?? seriously?????”

Destiny nodded - “ he did, and can you believe the things Zoya has been saying, well its true maybe, you cant change DNA after all…but my heart goes out to the other two,they are a rare set of siblings…”

Love sighed - “ and after all the pain they are being subjected to right now, i wouldn't blame them, if they unleashed the darkness that hides deep inside of them…”

fate shrugged - “ oh please, our Khushi has no darkness inside of her….but you are right, her brother does…and i fear that the things Zoya is doing, will unlock that devil inside him sooner or later…”

Destiny - “ofcourse, theres only a limit to what, ones heart can take…”

Hate grinned in victory, the three of them looked so distraught as he said - “ exactly….you see one move, and all you had built came crashing down, such is my power Love, you do a thousand things, and no one will remember it, and i do just one, and im all that these humans will think of , seriously, why do you even try, give up already there is no hope for these humans after all….”, and he walked away.

Destiny looked at Love deep in thought and she heard fate ask - “ how did everything just break like that??in so little time??”

Destiny sighed as she said - “ in the world of emotions, even a minute is enough to change it all, and you my friend are talking about hours, here, it happened, accept it….and it has to be this way…relax…”

Fate scowled - “ you want me to relax?? like seriously???”

Love gave her friend a small smile as she said - “you do know, sometimes, it takes whats completely broken, to become whole again….”

fate - “ it does???”

Destiny and Love looked at him as they said in unison - “ofcourse….”



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Apr 21

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Is love just another way to bleed??

For my wounds, just wouldn't heal..

I tried to stay, I tried to run,

But there was no aid i could give to my aching heart,

And I am no where at Peace.

When did i really hand over everything that I had?

When did i fall in love, so bad?

Is Love really just another way to bleed??

For that deep wounds in my heart, just wouldn't heal.


Four Days Later 

Colombo, Sri Lanka - 9 PM

Arnav sat in the balcony of his room,and sipped his coffe,as he looked out into the skyline,and he took a deep breathe.Tomorrow,he would be returning home, returning back to the mess, he had run from.

Somewhere deep down in his heart he knew, that he had just let his mind win ,and that had led him to run away from it all again.He wasn't proud of it, but it was his defence mechanism,everyone had their own way of dealing with things, and his was this.Shutting himself away from it all.

His work here was done, and he had succeeded ofcourse, somehow, he was able to concentrate and give it all that he could in getting this problem solved,and he was glad that he had.Although in the condition that he had left, he was really doubting whether he would be able to get any work done at all, but then ofcourse, his work flew to him naturally.

Unlike all these emotions and feelings.

Until Khushi had walked into his life and turned it upside down, he had had,no first hand experience with these emotions of the heart.Ofcourse, he had no experience when it came to Love, because Khushi was the first one he had fallen in love with,and with the things that had happened, the emotions, the turmoil,the pain, the gut wrenching feelings that wrenched his heart were too much to deal with.It really was to much to digest in so little time.

He sighed,and he took a deep breathe,four days out by himself, had given him time to realise a few things.

Even though he was feeling broken when he had left, he had realised that even with every broken piece of his heart, he could only think of Khushi.After it all, she was still inside of him, so damm deep.

Yes,Zoya and Asad were now married,as much as he hated te fact that his sister had done this to him, what could he really do now?? None of that changed the fact that this was Zoya, his little Zoya.

Love did things to you, for sure,it had blinded her as well,and could he really blame her for falling in Love??He was sure, she had no control over it,he was mad, really mad at her still,but maybe with time, he could comes to term to it,he was willing to try.She was his family,no matter what, he really couldn't close his heart out to her.

Asad Ahemed Khan had fallen in love with his baby sister.Ironic,wasnt it?? Hadn't he fallen in love with his sister too??For a second, if he put everything that had happened in the past aside,he knew Asad was a good one,infact he was the one who had teased Asad in the good old days, that he was too conservative at the matters of relationships,even though girls would literally throw themselves at him, he would always keep his distance.And even though a lot had changed, Asad was still that same man when it came to the matters of the heart,and he had fallen in love with Zoya,and now that he had time to think of it, what Asad did, barging into his house like that,required a lot of conviction in his love.As much as he hated to admit the fact, deep down he had realised that Zoya was lucky to have Asad love her.


His Khushi.He had done things, said things way below the belt.He had been like a mad man in fury and rage,and once again, she was the one he had unleashed his wrath on.

Now, that he had time to think, he blamed her for not telling him about Zoya and Asad being married, but he had asked himself,had he really given her that comfort level, that she could come out to him?? Maybe,she hid it because she feared he'd lash out at her,like he had in the past,and he had done just that.And for a second, if he shut his mind down, and believed that what if she indeed was telling the truth, what if she really hadn't known ?? Then how was he going to redeem himself for saying and doing the things he had done.

He stood up,and put his hand on the railing and closed his eyes,as he recalled, that , that day she had come to him, knowing that he was enraged, she had tried to soothe him with her gentleness,she had begged him to believe her,almost, and what had he done again, shut his heart and listened to his mind that seeked proof and logic instead,and thrashed everything again,god, god, just could he ever learn??

He deeply regretted,that he hadn't even given her the benefit of doubt,that he couldn't even once see that him and her, did not have that kind of relationship, that would make her diss her loyalty for her brother and her best friend.

And his heart broke as he remembered her reply - “ if we even had 10 percent of the fraction of the relationship that bhaijaan and Zoya have built, yes, i would have done exactly what Zoya did,and my reason would be the same…”

In the name of Love.

He recalled her tear stricken face in London as she had said - “ i just dont have it in me anymore,i cant trust you…”

But then again, she had set aside her fears for him, and what had he done, just proved to her again that her every fear was indeed true.

He remembered her words again - “ you know thats why this happens to us, one hurdle,and everything comes falling apart,because there is no trust…in between of us…”

And he remembered his very own words,and actions at that evening at AR and then of course at the hotel.God, he really had sinned.In his mind, he could still have some justification for what he had said in anger, on the terrace, but what he had implied to her at the Hotel, was downright low and disgusting,and he knew,as he recalled the shock and pain in her eyes, that, that was what had broken her completely.

God, he had no idea, what happened to him when anger took over, it was as if some deep darkness would take him over,the darkness that consumed him so much, that it took him days to get out of it,atleast this time, it was days,and not months,but what was the point,in had ruined everything in the process once again,and he had no idea how to even face Khushi right now.

But he would, he would talk to her, as soon as he was back.

He didn't know, if he wanted to talk to Zoya yet.

But he desperately needed to talk to Khushi,for she was the only one, who could stich up this wound he had inflicted on his heart and her’s.

She would forgive him, wouldn't she?? He would make it up to her, he would tell her that, he understood why she had hidden everything from him, because they weren't at a stage in the relationship, to be even called committed, then how had he expected her to diss her loyalty to Zoya and Asad.

That he understood, that Zoya and her, were thick,they went way back before him or Asad stepped into the picture.And in fact, his sister hadn't given up on her loyalty to Khushi, even though they had been so serious,and are now married.Khushi never wanted her to reveal anything to Asad, so Zoya had kept mum.

He recalled her words - “our thing is different, i mean we weren't even talking for five months, we didn't have anything happeneing, nothing was there to say anyway…”

Ofcourse, and the minute the time had come to construct a bond in between of them,he had ruined it again.

He closed his eyes,God, he had hurt her so much.

Everytime, she had only offered Love,and what had he given her return - Pain,only pain.

God,he felt like hitting himself.

He remembered her words - “ I know how to find my way,afterall it isn't the first time you left me standing in the middle of nowhere…”

She was right,he had left her stranded before,and he had done it again.He was the one who had brought it up saying, that he didn't want to be with her, and stated conditions of proofs, and logic.

He had hurt himself too in the process, deeply,and he knew probably she was as wounded as he was.

But he would talk to her once he was back, and convince her to forgive him.

These wounds ran deep, and only they could heal each other up.



Barkat - 9.00 PM

Khushi felt her mother brush,her hair as she said - “ I cannot beleive, the time is here,day after tomorrow, is your engagement Khushi…”

Khushi kissed her mothers hand - “ ammi,time flies, when did i grow up so fast??”

Dilshaad smiled - “ ofcourse, thats a question i ask myself everyday,that when did both my kids grow up so fast?? anyway, i cant fight with time now can i??”

Khushi nodded as she adjusted herself back in her ammi’s lap - “ who can??time slips away, the harder we try to grip it, the faster it flies…”

Dilshhad kissed her daughters forhead as she asked - “ you are happy aren't you Khushi??”

Khushi got up as she looked at her mother - “ ofcourse,ammi, i am happy, didn't you say yourself Arhaan is a nice guy,and so are his uncle and aunt…”

Dilshaad nodded - “ ofcourse, but i can see it in his eyes, he loves you, and although i want to believe that you do so too, i cant see it in your eyes,why is that Khushi?? are you sure, you aren't hurrying into anything you will regret later??”

Khushi gave her a smile as she said - “ammi,relax, i will answer you honestly ok, i know so, i strongly believe, that i will fall in love with him…and maybe its just that im waiting for the violins to ring in my ears, and lighting to struck my head…”, she winked.

Dilshaad hugged her daughter as she said - “ come here you fool….you will sleep with me tonight wont you??”

Khushi nodded, she had been sleeping with her mother for the last four nights, hugging her and holding her hand brought some peace to her mind and heart and it definitely helped fight the nightmares of him,- “ofcourse,ammi,now cmon lets go for dinner…”

Dilshaad nodded - “ Asad and Zoya are still not talking right?? I just know that they aren’t…they try to act normal in front of me, but i can see it in both their eyes…”

Khushi sighed - “ammi,like i said, dont worry,itll be fine…”

Khushi watched her mother nod,as she walked out the room,and she quickly walked to the washroom and messaged Anjali di - ‘ di, hi, is there no heads up at all??”

She got a quick reply - “ Khushi, i have no lead at all, Zoya had Rajeev fired,and after that no one just no one has heard of him….hes vanished into thin air, he couldn't be behind it, i guess, Asad and Zoya still not talking??”

Dammit, it had been four days,and she hadn't got any proof to prove to Zoya that her brother was innocent.

She quickly typed - “ No di,its getting worse, i have no idea whats gotten into them…”

She got a quick reply - “ Oh god,anyway, im still looking..ill let you know if i have something…”

Khushi - “ ok di….”, and then she made her way out of the bathroom,towards the dinner table.


Asad closed his laptop, in frustration and anger, that darkness inside of him was beginning to resurface,because of the hurt he had been feeling.

It had been four days since Zoya spoke to him, four days since he said a word to her, of course in front of his mother they pretended to be normal,but alone, none of them said anything to each other.They were both in pain,in so much pain,he knew that for sure.

Was it just so easy for Zoya to choose this kind of pain,rather than believing his words??

He couldn't believe that in four days, they had come to this,that they weren't talking at all,he had never in his life thought a day would come that he wouldn't talk to Zoya,and it wasn't just a day here, it had been four long torturing days,and it seemed like forever, his heart longed for her,it really did.

And the fact that she had officialy moved into Khushi’s room, was just angering him further,she had even taken her clothes and adjusted them into Khushi’s wardrobe, god this girl, she was being unbelievable.

He heard Khushi’s voice calling calling him and Zoya to dinner, and he finally walked out.


Zoya stepped out the door,and she saw Asad step out of what was supposed to be their room,and she closed Khushi’s door behind her, as their eyes locked.

Four days.Freaking 96 hours, had passed, since Asad spoke to her, and she couldn't understand, why was he being so ****ing difficult right now?? What really was his problem?? Why couldn't he just say that Zoya, i will prove my self innocent to you, and we can put this behind us.But no, he was doing absolutely nothing at all, just nothing at all ,making no effort either in proving himself innocent or making any effort towards talking to her.

This was insane, she had never thought they were capable of being silent around each other.She had thought anything but that.But looks like she had been so wrong, and just maybe the theory her mind had come up with was indeed true, thats why he had nothing to say to his defence.

She saw that he was looking at her,and if he thought that she was going to say something,anythhing at all,he was wrong,and she broke the eyelock,and in silence made her way down to the dinner table.


Khushi finished eating as she looked up from her phone and she said - “ ok everyone, Arhaan says hi…”

Dilshaad teased - “ im sure, hes sorry that he couldn't be here…”

Asad said - “ of course ammi, his family and friends just arrived in today, hes gotta take care of that now, doesn't he??”

Zoya chipped in - “ yes ammi,anyway i checked everything this evening, its all sorted….”

Asad put his plate aside as he finished eating and said - “ yes ammi, me too, everything that you assigned to me, has been taken care off, we are all set to get Khushi engaged…”

Khushi returned her attention to the phone as she heard her family talk,in less than 48 hours, she was going to be officially engaged to Arhaan.Time was flying at the speed of light and not that she complained, she wanted it too.

Dilshaad smiled - “ ofcourse, I knew you both could pull it off, and I couldn't be happier, i know this day is important to Khushi, every girl has dreams for these days in her life…”

Asad felt his heart skip a beat as his heart reminded him, that Zoya had given up these dreams for him,for his sake, she had given up every dream she had been seeing ever since she was little,and married him in the court.

He looked at her, just when he saw that she looked at him, and he saw a flash of pain in her eyes and he knew the same thought had crossed her mind right now.

Dilshaad saw that Zoya’s shoulders had dropped a little and she said - “ you know what, i had so many dreams for your wedding too Asad, and I'm sure that Zoya and her family had their dreams too,and i know that you both are married already, but i would love it, if the two of you would let me fulfil these dreams….”

Zoya knew what she was hinting at ,and she heard Asad say - “ammi, i know what you mean, honestly i didn't have any such aspirations but I know Zoya…”

Zoya intervened immediately - “ ammi, no, i mean it doesn't matter, i mean, you know my family wouldn't even be a part of it, so whats the point?? they dont even want to see my face…”

Khushi had been listening silently and she finally chipped in ,wanting to lighten the atmosphere - “ oh please ok Zoya, im sure they will come around with time, and then you see, the wedding that I plan for the two of you, you both are my favourite people on this planet,ammi, we will have the wedding that no one could stop talking about for decades,im telling you….”

Dilshhad nodded - “ofcourse, Zoya have faith , they will come around….”,and she clutched Zoya’s hand tenderly as she said - “ ok, im going to sleep now, since im so tired, and i have so much to do tomorrow as well…”

Zoya nodded,and she saw that Asad had already stomped away to his room,and she heard Khushi say,as they helped Ruksaar clean up - “ seriously Zoya, i cant see the two of you like this, one of you has to make a move….”

Zoya looked at Khushi as she said - “ you think this is easy for me Khushi?? I'm so miserable, but he wouldn't budge, he wouldn't budge an inch, you know theres no point…”

Khushi held her hand,and she heard Zoya ask - “ what are you doing??”

Khushi held Zoya’s hand, and she held it firmly as she made her way to her brothers room,and threw the door open, which made her brother turn around from the wall he was staring at,and she took a deep breathe as she said - “ now, I'm tired of the two of you playing hide and seek with each other, since the last four days, all you do is look at each other,none of you are ready to budge or say a word….weren’t you dying for this?? to live with each other, to be happy?? then why cant the two of you understand, that there is a big misunderstanding here,and if you aren't going to talk, its going to get bigger and bigger.”

Zoya looked at Asad, and he looked at her, and then they looked away which made Khushi roll her eyes as she put her dramatic mode on and said - “ i love you both, for my sake god dammit talk to each other, in less than 48 hours ,im getting engaged, i dont want the two of you to sulk at my party,im supposed to be happy remember, how am i going to be happy if you two are going to go on like this, please for my sake, talk to each other, talk, yell, shout, do whatever you want, but talk…”,and with that she said walking to the door - “ im locking you two from outside, i will only open it once the two of you have sorted things out….”, and with that she walked out and locked her brothers door,and she desperately hoped that they found the right words to say to each other right now.


Asad and Zoya both looked at each other,and Asad took a deep breathe and took a step further towards her, the thought that she had given up so much for him, was making him emotional, so emotional right now, and having her so near and yet so far wasn't helping much and he saw that she was frozen to the spot as he was walking towards her,and he finally said - “ are you really never going to talk to me ever again??”

That pain in his voice made her look into his eyes,and she finally spoke - “honestly, i never thought a day would come that we wouldn't be talking to each other…Asad,and…”

Asad looked at her ,and he said - “yeah, i didn't think so too, Zoya…”

Something inside of her flipped as she finally held his hand as she said - “ then why dont you just put us out of this misery, if you are so sure, that you didn't do it, then why can't you make me believe it??”

Asad looked at her in disbelief,did she just go back to it all as he said - “ and aren't my words enough Zoya?? really?? im asking you for the millionth time, aren't my words enough to make you believe me?? you are choosing this misery over believing me??”

Zoya shrugged as she said - “ and you are choosing this misery, over your ego, why cant you just shove that big fat ego of yours aside, and do what I want for once??”

Asad looked at her in despair - “ this is not you, this is not my Zoya talking, i cant believe whats gotten into you…”

Zoya looked at him in the eye - “for once, why cant you understand, my mind is coming up with theories i need to shut out with proof and logic and not emotions,Asad, why is it so difficult for you to understand??”

Asad held her by the shoulders harshly as he said - “and why is it so difficult for you to understand, that its breaking my ****ing heart again and again, to see that doubt in your eyes, i didn't do it Zoya, i didn't do it, believe me dammit, look into my eyes, for once…”

Zoya looked at him, into his eyes, and in her heart maybe deep down she knew, that he was probably stating the truth but this time she couldn't get her mind to listen for its theory was a competitive one and she said , desperately - “ and why can you see, this, all your silence and stubborness is breaking my heart too  Asad, just the thoughts that are coming to my mind….i dont know what to do with them. ok??”

Asad cupped her face as he said - “ then shut your mind, please, and listen to your heart, do you really believe in your heart that i was capable of something like this?? Zoya, please say something….”

Zoya looked at him in pain,as much as her heart was screaming to just say that she believed him, she didn't say anything at all,as she looked at him in silence.

Silence,that silence, that look in her eyes, that doubt on her face,was slowly killing everything inside of him and he heard her finally whisper - “ tell me Asad, honestly, did you never think of this?? did you never think of using me to hurt bhai??”

Asad looked at her, of course the thought had come to him once, all of once in the beginning, but still not in this sense, even then he had only thought that Arnav would be more hurt thinking that they were together rather than anything else,but right now he didn't know how to answer her, so he looked away.

His silence hurt her,as she asked - “ you did think about it didn't you??”

Asad took a deep breathe as he said - “ not in the sense you are implying dammit, i did only think for once that our being together,and whenever the truth would come to light would hurt your brother, thats all, and what was wrong if i thought that,didnt you think the same too?? didn't you know that it would?? it was a truth we both knew from the beginning,then why are we at this crossroads Zoya??”

Zoya took a deep breathe as she asked - “ Asad, did you ask me to marry you secretly, so that you could hurt my brother by dropping the bomb on him the way you did??”

Asad backed off as he asked her in shock - “ i cant believe you just asked me that Zoya, i asked you to marry me because I love you dammit, i barged in like that because you met that guy, if i had wanted to do what you are accusing me for why would i even wait for two weeks…”

Zoya folded her arms as she shrugged - “maybe because you didn't want to make things obvious??”

Asad felt as if she had just undone everything right now as he said hurt and broken - “ I cant believe the things you are saying Zoya, and at that rate, i dont know what will you ask me next…just leave dammit just leave dammit….get out of my sight right now…”

Zoya felt her own anger rise as she spat - “ i wouldn't be here if Khushi hadn't locked us in, i have no interest in talking to you anyway…”

Asad looked at her in anger as he said - “ you are a Raizada after all,and to think i thought you were different…”

Zoya felt her blood boil as she yanked his arm - “ what the hell did you just say??”

Asad spat in fury - “ the truth, that you are no different, your family has an excellent record of hurting us…and I'm sure you don't need me to get into gory details to give you reminders…”

Zoya rolled her eyes as she spat - “ oh yeah, and guess what who taught us to go with the mind rather than emotions, you did it didn't you, all those years ago, you did the same thing to my brother, you went with what you saw, not with what his emotions asked you to see otheriwse,so in the end we learnt it all from you,didnt we?? my brother did, and i grew up watching him, so maybe it did come in me after all, but you are responsible dammit…”

Asad yanked her by the arm as he spat, furious - “ dont you ****ing dare bring in the past right now, Zoya, or i swear, i will forget that you are the woman i love…”

Zoya pushed him a little back as she asked - “ i didn't bring it up, you started it,and wait….am i??am i really the woman you love?? your maybe even all that was all a plot to trap me,maybe all that love was a lie too??”

Thats it.He had had enough,and he still controlled his anger as he spat - “ Zoya, this is getting ugly, dont say things you'll regret later…”

But the anger had driven her insane with fury,and Zoya looked at him as she said - “ oh no no, not at all I'm not saying anything that i will regret, because i only regret the thing’s iv done….”

Asad asked , sure his voice was shaking - “ what do you mean??”

Zoya - “ i regret that i married you in the way i did, i regret that i trusted you so much, i regret that i loved you so damm much, that i was so blind,that i didn't realise that all the while,i was letting down the people who brought me up, i regret being such a fool, in the name of your love…”

Asad stood shocked, too stunned to move,too broken to breathe,it felt as if everything inside of him had broken,and he knew that rage was consuming him, and so he just took his phone and called Khushi and just as she had picked up he said, in a tone that was reflecting pure rage as he said - “ Khushi, open the damm door now, and take your best friend out of sight,before i do something, or break every damm thing in here or bring this house down….”

The rage, the pure rage in his voice, the anguish on his face, made Zoya immediately regret what she had just said , and she said ,walking to him - “ look, i didn't mean it like that…”

Asad immediately twisted her arm as he spat - “ oh really?? what you meant was pretty clear to me Zoya, you are getting out of here, the minute this door opens….”

Zoya tried to touch his face,but he yanked her hand away - “ you broke me Zoya, you broke me today….and i cant believe i let you do that to me….”,and the anguish was in his face,and before she could say anything, Khushi was inside as she was by their side, as she got Zoya’s hand out of her brothers grip - “bhaijaan leave her hand, what are you doing…??fine, ill take her away…”

Asad left her hand with such force as he spat - “And leave, i will…”

Khushi had never seen her brother like this,and he almost looked as if a monster had possessed him,and she looked at Zoya’s tear stricken face,and she just held her hand, and took her away to her room.

Asad watched Khushi take Zoya, and it was only then did, he let his fury loose,as he started to break everything one by one in anger, he couldn't believe what all he had just heard.

After all this while, of being so honest, and giving Zoya only love , this was what he had got.

She had broken everything inside of him today,and she couldn't mend it.Even if he wanted , her words would never stop ringing in his ears,and he would never forget how she made him feel right now.

How was this wound ever going to heal??

She broke him, and he'd be dammed if he let her get away with it.She had only seen his love till now, it was time to talk to her in a language , the only language she was capable of understanding right now.


Zoya sobbed into Khushi’s arms as she said - “ god, Khushi, i cant believee the things iv said, i don't know what came over me….”

Khushi hugged her as she said - “shhhhh, relax, it happens ok, you were angry, I'm sure you didn't mean it right? I'm sure he understands, bhaijaan will understand, just stop crying, please…”

Zoya wiped her tears as she said - “ I'm going to talk to him, I'm going to apologise…”

Khushi held her hand as she said - “ Zoya, not now, hes in a fury iv never seen him in, i don't want you to get hurt, and i have a feeling his rage knows no boundaries right now, thats why he asked me to come take you…”

They heard noises of things crashing and breaking in the other room and Zoya flinched and she hugged Khushi - “ what have i done Khushi?? just what have i done??”

Khushi hugged her and sighed, she had locked them in so that they came to a solution, but everything had just turned into a worse direction,for sure, and she was fearing to even ask what had happened in between those walls, because the broken look on her brothers face, spoke volumes,she was afraid that Zoya had unleashed the darkness inside of him,the darkness her love had dimmed in the first place.



Anjali walked towards the kitchen dejected, and she poured herself a glass of water, it had been four days, since Chotte had vanished, four days since she had been trying to find something to help Khushi, four days since she knew Zoya and Asad were at odds.And what could she do, just nothing.

Right then she saw her husband walk in the kitchen and he asked, hugging her from behind - “why are you here??i missed you when i realised you had left my arms”

Anjali smiled at him,as she pecked his cheek - “ I'm sorry, i just wanted to have tea, why don't you go back to sleep, i know you have a long day tomorrow, ill be back soon…”

Shyam kissed her on the side of her neck, his wife was his world,and he asked - “ worried about maa?? she's fine..you know that, she's just been shifted to the hospital for routine examinations, you know it happens every month…”

Anjali nodded - “yeah, i know, and im not worried, nani is with her tonight, how can i worry…”

Shyam kissed her forehead - “ ok be back soon…”

Anjali nodded as she watched him leave,and smiled,she was really lucky to have him.

She started to make tea for herself, when she saw HP enter in from the back door as he said - “ didi, i saw the kitchen lights on fromm my room, why dont you let me make you tea…??”

Anjali nodded, and she stood next to him as she watched him work as she muttered to herself - “god help me , please, give me a clue, any clue at all…”

HP looked at Anjali, she really was his favourite,and he said - “ dont worry didi, i know bhaiya will forgive Zoya, its just a matter of time…”

Anjali looked at HP, he was family and she nodded - “ I hope so, anyway ill just finish this, i have a lot of work tomorrow…”

HP smiled as he handed her tea - “ why don't you relax didi, you have started working too much like bhaiya, why don't you have people come over home…itll make it easier, just like how people from office come home all the time to get bhaiya’s signature….”

Anjali- “ they do?? i didn't think it happened on a daily basis…”

HP smiled - “ it does didi, whats his name, Shukla comes in all the time, he was here just that day even after Zoya didi left the house,i specially asked Neena to not talk anything in front of him about what happened,i don't like him you know didi….but i wonder why that other fellow with him doesn't come anymore…anyway, ill go to sleep…”

But his words had already alarmed Anjali and she said - “ wait wait, HP, what did you say??

HP turned - “ Didi, somehow i dont get right vibes from that fellow, hes very smart, his ears are always looking for gossip,and also his friend that used to come with him, but thank god doesn't come anymore, whats his name, i think Rajiv…”

Anjali stood still she couldn't believe she was getting a clue here, and she asked - “ are you sure???HP?? Shukla was here that day??and his friend,are you sure his name was Rajiv??”

HP nodded - “ ofcourse didi, i always keep an eye on who comes and goes,infact,didnt you see him for yourself, he had entered just behind you, after you sent Zoya’s stuff through Sherma kaka??”

Anjali - “ no, no, i didnt, maybe i was so preoccupied in my thoughts , it didn't register in my mind…but are you sure??”

HP said reassuring her - “ of course didi, and Shukla i never liked, he always makes me make tea two times,before he leaves,he likes to lurk around the corridors of the house for no reason…and his friend was also like that, i tell you, maybe you should tell bhaiya to be careful of who he is hiring, i know he keeps busy, but still…those two are like born spy’s,if you allow me , i will forbid him from entering the gates of Shantivan myself”

Anjali grinned, she couldn't believe the dots had finally connected, it was obviously Shukla, who would have heard her talk to Sherma kaka, and maybe he had immediately called Rajiv,and he had done the rest to avenge Zoya,yes of course,she quickly sipped her tea, as she patted her HP shoulders - “ thank you HP, you have no idea,youv been of so much help…”

HP smiled - “ thank you didi, but what did i do??”

Anjali grinned - “ oh you have no idea…”, and she walked out of the kitchen to her room,and she mentally told herself, that next time in the face of any information crisis about what was happening in her house, she would turn to her her loyal HP, for sure.


Khushi brushed Zoya’s hair tenderly,as she finally slept,and right then her phone beeped, and she opened it.It was Anjali di  -

“Khushi, i cant believe this,i cant wait for tomorrow morning, i have a lead, lets just say i will have the culprits in front of you, tomorrow, for that i need to be in office early, and you were so right ,you read was correct, im sure it was Rajiv,anyway can you figure out a way to get both Asad and Zoya together to the place, ill text you tomorrow morning…”

Khushi smiled as she wrote - “ yes, fingers crossed,well done di…”

“couldnt have done it without your help, Khushi…”

Khushi kept her phone aside, as she looked at Zoya, and she desperately hoped,that tomorrow morning would be different for them,once the truth was out, Zoya and her bhaijaan would work things out, they would wouldn't they?? of course, they would, they were Asad-Zoya, afterall.


AR - 10.00 AM

Akash listened in shock, as his sister filled him in about what had happened between Asad-Zoya after the article had been published,  and he asked - “ di, and how do you know this?? any of this??have you been talking to Zoya??”

Anjali sighed - “ no no, i mean im still mad at her, i havent been talking to her, i know all of this from Khushi,she is Zoya’s best friend, and Asad’s sister,she contacted me after this happened, she's worried for them…”

Akash asked, trying to understand the situation - “ and you agreed to help her di?? why?? its their mess, lets just not interfere…”

Anjali groaned as she said - “ ok i came to you because you aren't like Chotte, shut that anger aside for a while, and think about this, no matter how things happened, what is happening is wrong, its our Zoya who is getting hurt in all of this, our Zoya Akash, our little Zoya…”

Akash knew she was saying the right thing and so he said - “ ok, fine, fine i understand, so are you saying, you have a clue?? i mean about who did this??”

Anjali nodded - “ofcourse, I do…”

Akash nodded - “ ok lets hear what you have to say then, di…”


30 Minutes Later 

Shukla sat in his small cabin,and he saw his phone ringing.It was Rajiv, he smirked, his friend was happy that he had got the revenge on Zoya Singh Raizada, after all she had insulted him and kicked him out,and he was happy that he had overheard what he had the other day at Shantivan, even though that HP was always silent around him, the other members of the staff had been talking and he had heard enough to know that it would surely be of help to his friend,and he had called Rajiv immediately,and the next thing he knew that Rajeev had followed driver Sherma all the way to Barkat,(Khan Mansion), snapped the pictures of Zoya and Asad Ahemed Khan, and then leaked it to someone in the media, and if that wasn't enough damage already, the cherry on the cake had been, that he had called the reporter saying that he was Asad Ahemed Khan,and that he was sending news to them, that he wanted published, the next day.

Their trap had worked,and he was sure Zoya Singh Raizada,was now in a mess,even though Rajiv had been more at AR Constructions facility, he was his best friend.

He was just about to pick up the phone, right when Akash barged into his office with Anjali behind him as he held Shukla by the collar and he spat, he was furious - “ 30 minutes, i give you 30 minutes, i have enough proof that the two of you are behind the defamation you brought to my sister, in the next 30 minutes, i want you and your filth of a friend Rajiv apologising to both Zoya and Asad, for this, and if you don’t, I'm one minute away from having the two of you arrested for fraud,and i swear to god,the minute Bhai is back, you are going to be facing his wrath….”

Fear,clutched him,as Shukla stammered - “ no, no sir,dont get me arrested, ok, ill do as you say, it ism my fault, fine ill call him….”,and he immediately called Rajiv.

Anjali hid her smile,as her insides jumped in happiness,and right then she heard Akash say - “ di, your work is done, i hope, now take them wherever you want…”

Anjali nodded - “sure, you aren't coming??”

Akash said politely - “ no di…”

Anjali smiled - “ i know, you are fiercely loyal to Chotte…but thanks…”

Akash nodded - “and bhai will know of this, once he is back, i will tell him…he returns this evening”

Anjali smiled - “ ofcourse, why would i tell you all of this, if i didn't want you to tell him in the first place…”

Akash - “ huh?? anyway but i dont know if he will understand why you agreed to help whats her name, Khushi in the first place??she is his sister after all…he will be really mad at you”

Anjali gave her cousin a look as she said - “ maybe he won’t understand, or you know what maybe he will…”

Akash - “ whats with all the riddles??”

Anjali smiled - “ nothing, now why don't you go to work…I have a important issue to take care off…”, and with that she turned and walked out ,and she spotted a sweating and nervous Shukla follow her,quietly.


1.00 PM

Khushi looked at her watch ,they should be here, any minute, of course,she had called both Zoya and her bhaijaan separately claiming that she had been stranded in the middle of the road,not very far away from their home,and also that she had sprained her ankle, the distress in her voice had surely worked,for the worry in their voice surely had them on their toes.

Her phone rang and it was Zoya ,and she said - “ oh, i somehow walked , i mean limped to the cafe,come get me…please, ahh Zoya, im in so much pain…”

She shut her phone and she smiled,god she was a brilliant actor, maybe she should get into an acting school,she made a mental note to check for good acting schools in Germany, she was sure Arhaan wouldn't mind.

Right then her phone rang again it was her brother, as she said in a voice mirroring even more distress - “bhaijaan, somehow i limped my way to this cafe, come get me, i was so dehydrated,i had to sit…its so hot here, why is it so hot??”

And she hung up,and smiled to herself,and tapped her fingers on the table,as she waited in anticipation,even Anjali di would be here any minute now,and she was right,as she spotted Anjali di walk in, and behind her were two very worried men, which she just assumed were Shukla and Rajiv, the traitors.


Anjali sat with Khushi as she asked - “ are you sure, they will come??”

Khushi smiled at her - “ ofcourse, they love me, di…trust me no matter how angry they are at each other, when it comes to me,Asad and Zoya think alike…”

Anjali smiled, god this girl was so priceless,and she felt like really wanting to whack the hell out of her Chotte,and she asked - “so, you are getting engaged tomorrow…all ready??”

Khushi gave her a small smile - “yes di, all set,and you know what i would love for you to come, but…”

Anjali nodded - “ ofcourse, i understand…Khushi…”

And right then she saw Asad walk in to the cafe, and Khushi put on her best distressed face,and she saw that his face hardened,as he registered in her presence, but he walked upto them nonetheless as he cupped his sister’s face tenderly - “Khushi, are you ok?? where are you hurt?? and why did you get out alone in the first place, and that too walking, seriously this is not London…”

Anjali smiled at the protectiveness in Asad’s voice, he was a good brother and she finally spoke - “ Asad, hello…”

Asad looked at her and he nodded briefly - “Hi Anjali di…”, no matter what happened, she knew he would never be disrespectful towards her.

And right then she saw Zoya walk in to the cafe, and she was by their side, in a jiffy as she asked Khushi - “ what happened to you Khushi?? why didn't you tell me you were leaving home?? i would have come with you…”, and then she looked at her as she said - “di, what are you doing here??”, and then she looked at Asad as she asked - “ why are we all here??”

Asad didnt look at Zoya, as he asked Khushi, narrowing his eyes - “ wait a minute, you aren't hurt, are you Khushi??”

Khushi shot them both a guilty look as she stood up - “ofcourse not, but we are here because theres something the two of you need to know….”

Anjali nodded -  “exactly, and the two of you need to speak up…now…”, she said gesturing to the two men who were sitting on the table behind them.


Zoya listened in shock,as to what was being told to her and she in an instant realised the blunder she had committed,god,she had blamed Asad so wrongly,and the things she had said, the brutal things she had said,she looked at him, his face was taut ,and his eyes were masked with indifference, and she tried to look at him in the eye, but he wouldn't look at her and she finally turned to Rajiv in anger as she said - “ I didn't get you arrested for the fraud you committed, earlier but i guess, now i will…”

Rajiv stammered - “ no no, ma’am, please, we are sorry…we are very sorry, for everything…”

Anjali finally intervened as she said - “ get going the two of you now, I will have Chotte take care of you once he is back…”

Khushi flinched at the mention of his name.

Zoya watched the two men sprint away out of the cafe and she asked her sister - “ di, what do you mean, when bhai is back?? where is he??”

Anjali wanted to hug Zoya, but she refrained - “ he left for Colombo, four days ago, he will be back this evening, and he will know of this, i guess he was so angry after the article came, he wanted to sort himself out…maybe…”

Zoya looked at Khushi,who was looking on the floor,and she realised Khushi knew this, then why hadn't she said anything?

Asad cleared his throat, finally, of course he hadn't done any of this ****, and in one way he was glad, that Zoya had gotten the proof she had seeked, standing in her face,and he looked at Anjali di and Khushi as he said - “ so the two of planned this thing??”

Khushi nodded - “ofcourse bhaijaan, i knew you didn't do anything, and Zoya was so messed up herself,she couldn't see anything clearly, i had to do something to clear the misundrstanding,and im glad, everything is settled…”

Asad looked at Anjali as he said softly - “ you helped, thank you di..i didn't see that one coming…”

After all those years, he had spoken to her,Anjali felt herself tear up as she said softly - “ you were always as dear to me as Chotte, Asad you know that, the past couldn't change that…”

Asad nodded curtly as he said - “ ok, now, i will take your leave, i have a lot to do…”

Zoya stood silently,she didn't know what to say, how could she undo the blunder she had committed,but she looked at Khushi and Khushi held her brothers hand as she said - “ bhaijaan where do you think you are going?? you and Zoya have so much to talk…”

Asad took his hand out of his sisters hand and he kissed her briefly on her forehead as he said - “ i love you for your compassion, Khushi, but no, you are wrong , me and Zoya have nothing left to say to each other…”, and with that he walked out of the cafe.

Zoya watched him leave, and her shoulders slumped in sadness,as she sat on the chair, dejected as she felt tears roll down her cheeks - “ god, what have i done?? he didn't even look at me once, god, how could i be so so so stupid….”

Anjali looked at Khushi, and they both sat down next to Zoya and she said softly, brushing her hair - “ so different and yet so much like your brother,Zoya, you wronged Asad greatly, i also know him, he wouldn't have ever done anything like this, you should have believed him, you love him don't you?? i mean you went behind all our backs for him, then where was that conviction in your love Zoya?? where was the belief when it was most needed??anyway whats done is done,but i know that you will make amends, immediately..”

Zoya kissed her sisters hand - “ thank you di, you helped, after all that i did,you still helped Khushi….”

Anjali sighed - ‘ofcourse, im mad at you, but i do love you, the minute Khushi called me and told me what had happened, i knew i had to help, im glad the misunderstanding is cleared…”

Zoya cried - “ but he wont even listen to me, he wont even look at me, how will i make amends di…”

Khushi finally spoke - “ oh you will, of course you will, its bhaijaan remember, he is insanely in love with you, im sure you will find a way, he will forgive you…Zoya…he loves you….”

And Anjali couldn't help it as she asked in an instant on impulse - “and what about you khushi?? will you forgive Chotte, you know he loves you….i know both Zoya and Arnav have wronged Asad and you, but if they seek to make amends??lets say If he comes to you to seek forgiveness for what he's done..”

Zoya held Khushis hand,and she heard herself say, putting everything aside - “ Khushi, are you sure about this?? i mean engagement, this is really serious Khushi…you havent been listening to me, di say something to her, convince her, its not too late yet, but it will be tomorrow”

Khushi saw the love that was shining in both his sister’s eyes ,and also the worry, and she answered softly - “ It already is too late Zoya….now if you'll excuse me, i have to meet Arhaan and his friends for lunch…ill see you later Zoya, bye Anjali di…”, and she walked out the cafe.

Anjali watched Khushi rush out at the speed of light and she sighed as she said - “ its too late, i know it is, its too late for him this time around, and Zoya, you will make amends, ok?? you will talk to Asad, and fix this…i dont want you to ruin things for yourself like Chotte did..”

Zoya nodded as she said softly - “ i dont know, if he will talk to me, but i will try di…and bhai does he know about Khushi’s engagement ??”

Anjali sighed - “ no, he doesn’t, he left before i could tell him, and he hasn't spoken to me ever since he left,but i do plan to tell him once i see him…”

Zoya nodded - “i called him, so many times, he didn't take my calls, but do tell him di, maybe hes the only one who can stop her…”

Anjali held her sisters hand as she said - “ I really hope, he can…”

Zoya nodded - “ I hope so too, sometimes all we can do is hope, isn't it di??”

Anjali knew what Zoya was implying, she was desperately hoping that Asad would forgive her too,and she nodded,as she said - “ yup, i always beleive, pain is real, but so is hope…”.

But deep down somewhere, she knew, her siblings had hurt the ones they loved, way beyond repair.She had known Asad, that look on his face, he was no less than a wounded lion right now,and forgiveness never came that easily to men , anyway.And Khushi, had really had enough of the nonsense her brother had given her anyway.

Its really right when they say, that you can forget everything, but you cant forget what a person made you feel.And her gut intuition told her that Asad and Khushi, were in no mood to forget the torture and the pain her siblings had subjected them too.


IGI - 6 PM

Arnav walked into the arrivals terminal,and he spotted Akash,and he wondered how come Akash was here, he had planned to call Khushi,and meet her as soon as possible,to sort things out,but he put his phone back in his pocket as he reached up to his brother - “ Akash, how come??”

Akash smiled - “ hello bhai…”,and he hugged his brother, and then he spoke - “ok, so i need you to come with me, we have a immediate meeting at 7 pm,at ITC Maurya, i kept it near home, so that we could head home soon after, but you cant miss this, its for AR Constructions,and since Zoya isn't there…”,he watched his brother flinch,but he continued - “ anyway its something we need to take care off, and also we have to talk about what has happened,after you left…”

Arnav nodded as they started to walk out - “ what happened now?? wasn't the chaos that i left from enough already??”

Akash sighed as he said - “ i understand, you wanted to escape from it all…”

Arnav nodded, as the two of them got in, into the backseat, and Sherma Kaka started to drive and he sighed as he finally said - “ well i wanted to escape, but did i find any peace?? of course not Akash, as much as i cant believe Zoya did this to me, to us, I cant hate her for falling in love…”

Akash nodded - “ yes, i know, we can’t , i mean i know how love is, remember the time, I fell in Love with payal,and we had to convince maa big time,because she had chosen what was her name Alisha for me…”

Arnav almost smiled at the memory - “ofcourse, i remember, you couldn't eat or drink in peace until it was sorted…”

Akash smiled - “exactly, anyway, as mad as I am at Zoya too, for not even trusting us with the truth, i do understand, i have had some time to think, everyone at home has been thinking about just that, we understand why she hid this, it wasn't just anyone she was in love with, it was Asad Ahemed Khan,its strange though isn't it, out of all the men in the world, she had to fall for him, anyway, the heart wants what the hear wants…maybe with some more time, things should come around, they will no bhai?? we havent shut our doors to Zoya forever, have we??”

Arnav sighed as he put his head back - “ time, maybe with time, yes, and no we havent shut our doors to her forever, she is my little Zoya, no matter what, my little baby, i cannot shut her out of my life…”

Akash gave him a small smile - “ good, these four days out gave you tim to sort things out , didn't they bhai??”

Arnav nodded - “yes, ofcourse…like you said, the heart wants what the heart wants…anyway i hope Maa has been shifted to the hospital for her routine examinations..”

Akash nodded - “ofcourse, on schedule, in fact maa is at the hospital with her, plans to stay tonight, don't worry…”

Arnav gave him a small smile - “ she has you all, how can i worry…”

Akash nodded - “ ok, so theres something else that you need to know, you remember the guy Zoya fired from AR Constructions a while ago,Rajeev…”

Arnav nodded - “yes, he was leaking our corporate information out…what about him?”

Akash nodded - “ exactly, so basically he hates Zoya for obvious reasons, this whole article thing , the media mess, he was the one behind it, apparently his friend Shukla was over at home that day when Sherma kaka left with Zoya’s things, he heard stuff….and he wanted to avenge Zoya”, and then he filled in his brother about what all had happened.

Arnav listened carefully ,and waited for Akash to finish.

And he felt his anger boil, these two men had brought his family and Zoya public humiliation and he asked - “ where are they??”

Akash - “hiding somewhere in fear i guess, i have called them to office tomorrow, whatever you decide bhai…”

Arnav nooded and then he asked out of confusion - “ hey wait, how did you know all of this??”

Akash took a deep breathe, now was the difficult part,and so he said - “ ok bhai, so di came to me, apparently Khushi, you know Asad’s sister, she contacted di, because there was this misunderstanding between Zoya-Asad after the article,as in Zoya thought Asad was behind this,I dont know much, but di told me that Khushi was worried because they were at odds,so she got in touch with di, to help her look into AR and dig information, i mean for obvious reasons she couldn't get information from AR,and it was Khushi’s lead actually,she told di about Rajeev…did you know it was Asad who had warned Zoya about rajiv in the first place, i mean i was shocked to know, but the man does play fair”

Arnav felt his heartbeat fasten at the mention of her name.Khushi, god this girl, she was a constant cupid between her brother and Zoya, of course she was worried,for them,and she had contacted di, it means his sister would have met Khushi,and so he asked - “ so are you saying that di met Khushi??”

Akash nodded - “ yes, she did, and i did tell di that you will be mad at her for this, but you know di, she loves Zoya to bits, she was really worried,but you know what its strange, from how she was talking about Asad’s sister, i have no idea why, but she does seem to have a soft corner for Khushi…”

Arnav nodded,ofcourse he knew why that soft corner existed,and he said - “ so its sorted?? I mean the misunderstanding…??”

Akash nodded - “ yes, ofcourse, di and Khushi wouldn't leave it  unsettled ofcourse, they had it sorted this afternoon…”

Arnav nodded - “ well, iv been away for what four days, and i come back to something new,anyway good di has settled it, no matter what happened in the past, i know Asad, he isn't capable of this kind of **** anyway, hes a man of principles and ethics, and lot of belief in trust, he’s like that,always playing fair and square,and I'm sure he’d be mad at Zoya for this…”

Akash listened in awe, this was the first time his brother was talking to him openly about Asad Ahemed Khan and he said - “ well you both practically grew up together,he was the  bestest friend you ever had, wasn't he??”

Arnav nodded - “yes, he was…”

Akash nodded - “ then who could know it better than you, anyway, I'm just happy that things are settled for now, and I'm sure his sister would fix things between them,afterall she did go through all this trouble for them”

Arnav nodded,and he looked out the window, Akash was right he didn't have to worry about Zoya, he knew Khushi would fix it,and he recalled his own words - “ he is a man of principles and ethics, and a lot of belief in trust”

Khushi was his sister after all,so different yet a lot like him, and he had given her anything but trust.

But he would make everything ok, as soon as this meeting was over, he would call Khushi and he would meet her, and sort things out.


ITC Maurya - 830 PM

Arnav and Akash walked out of the coffee shop,and right then Arnav felt someone bump into him and he said - “hey watch it…”, but the minute he realised who he he had bumped into he stood still for a second.

For, He had bumped into Arhaan.

What the hell was this Arhaan doing here, he thought.

Arhaan looked at Arnav and he said in an instant - “ Arnav, hey man….im sorry…”

Arnav nodded - “ its ok…what are you doing here??”, he asked in an instant.

Arhaan held his hand out to Akash as he said - “ hi, im Arhaan, Arhaan Khan….”

Akash shook his hand, and he looked at his brother - “ Hi, Im Akash…”

Arhaan smiled - “ hi Akash, i guess you are Zoya’s cousin, aren't you??”

Akash nodded and he asked confused, while his brother stood still - “you know Zoya..??”

Arhaan smiled - “ yes ofcourse, i know Zoya, how can anyone who knows Khushi, not know Zoya,they are like soul sisters…”

Akash asked - “ ok so you are a friend of Khushi then??”

Arhaan gave him a small smile as he said - “ yeah, you could say that…anyway why dont you guys join me for a drink??”

Akash looked at his brother, and for some reason his face was hardened, and his hands were in a fist but he heard his brother answer - “ sure….”

Arnav had only said yes, because he really wanted to know, what this man was still doing here, and he seriously or rather desperately hoped, that his stay had nothing to do with Khushi.

They headed to the Library bar, and they all sat,as Arhaan ordered wine for them.

Arhaan saw that Arnav was looking at him, and so he said taking a deep breathe - “ im so sorry, i mean about what happened, the article and everything, it shouldn't have happened,but im glad Khushi had it sorted, and of course your sister helped,i mean your elder sister, and im glad, over time Asad and Zoya have become important to me…since they are so important to Khushi…”

Akash nodded and he heard his brother ask in a cold voice - “and how do you know any of this??”

Arhaan sipped his wine as he said - “well, of course from Khushi, she tells me everything,but i did spot the article first you know, i mean i was at Khan Mansion,that time..”

Arnav now asked shocked - “you were??”

Arhaan nodded -“ of course i was, anyway I'm just happy that everything is setlled, and Dilshaad aunty is so happy now, i mean no matter what happened, and they love Zoya to bits, they both were a little upset that they didn't know Asad-Zoya had married secretly, you know they had dreams for their wedding, but im glad she will be able to fulfil some dreams now…”

Akash had no idea what Arhaan was hinting at , and he heard his brother ask - “ what do you mean?? No one knew?? Khushi didn't know about Asad-Zoya being married…??”

Arhaan - “ ofcourse she didn't know, seems impossible i know,since Zoya and Khushi are so thick and so are Khushi and Asad, but i know from Asad, as in he told me about this, he didn’t tell khushi or his mother because he guessed it was only fair, i mean Zoya was hiding it all from you guys, so…thats why i respect that man, no matter what, he always plays fair…look guys hes a friend of mine, and i know you guys have this family rivalry and stuff going on, but Asad is a good guy, your sister has made a good choice, she's in safe hands, i just wanted to tell you both that….”

Arnav felt his entire body shake with realisation, that, that day Khushi was indeed telling the truth,she really hadn't known about it. God, he needed to speak to her as soon as possible.

Akash noticed his brother stiffened, and he wondered what was up, and as to why was he so pale,and he said - “ thanks Arhaan,and wait how do the two of you know each other??”, he asked looking from Arhaan to Arnav

Arhaan looked at Arnav whose face was taut, this man always confused him, but he answered - “ of course i know Arnav, we’v met in London, through Khushi actually, i mean just a while ago whilst he was there, he was living across of her,and me and Khushi were together..”

Akash listened in shock , ok so this was news, his brother also knew Khushi, and something about that look on his face, told him that there was probably a lot more here than what meets the eye and he said - “ oh, ok…”, and he sipped his wine, trying to read his brother.

Arnav gave Akash the look that he would fill him in later,and he nodded, and he finally asked - “ wait, why are you here??last i knew, the two of you had broken up,right, i mean i heard from Zoya…”

Arhaan nodded - “yes,thats true, ofcourse, but seriosuly, ten days without her, and i knew i couldn't live without her,no way was i letting it happen, and i knew she was back here, so i took the flight here, asked her to come see me, a few days ago…because i had to talk to her…”

Arnav realised, ok so that was what that meeting at the other day was about.This Arhaan had landed suddenly and asked Khushi to meet him, and obviously knowing khushi was already feeling guilty, she would have agreed.God Dammit,he had greatly sinned.

Arhaan continued - “anyway, love does that to you know, makes you do crazy stuff, made me do it surely, i mean i left Germany for Khushi to settle in London, and just when i knew she was here, i had to come, i cant stay away from her, have any of you ever been in love??then you would understand, what i mean..”

Akash gave him a small smile as he said - “ ofcourse, aren't we all the victims of love…”

Arnav spoke curtly - “ofcourse, but why are you still here??”

Arhaan looked at the two of them as he answered - “ well , for my engagement ofcourse, im getting engaged tomorrow, my uncle and aunt are here from Germany, and so are a couple of my friends,Arnav, man, i know we aren't like great friends or something, but id like it if you could come, tomorrow, its right here, in the banquet of this hotel, tomorrow at 8.00 Pm…you too Akash??”

Arnav looked at him confused , didn't he just say he cant stay away from Khushi, and announce that he was getting engaged in two sentences, he was weird this guy, maybe he'd have to tell Khushi that, and he heard his brother say - “ hey, congratulations, man, but since you are such good friends with Khushi and Asad, wed give it a pass, i mean they'll be there…”

Arhaan smiled - “ofcourse they would be,how am i going to get engaged without Khushi??”

Arnav looked at him confused - “ what do you mean??”

Arhaan - “ Arnav, man, you know i love khushi, wait wait, did you honestly think id be spending my life with anyone else, no way man, its our engagement tomorrow, i mean we, as in me and Khushi are getting engaged tomorrow…”

Arnav felt his heart stop in , like literally stop in that very moment as he asked - “ what????? what did you just say??? you and Khushi are getting engaged tomorrow…”

Arhaan grinned - “ unbeleivable i know, so that day when she came to see me, i told her how i felt and that i couldn't live without her, and i asked her to marry me…”

Arnav clutched the glass in his hand so hard that he was sure it would break under the pressure - “ whatttttt??????????? you asked her to marry you??”

Arhaan grinned - “and she said yes, im the happiest man on this planet, anyway i went over to her house the next day to meet her mother and brother to ask for her hand,and of course they agreed,thats why i was there, i mean at Khan mansion, when the news appeared, i mean the article…”

Akash saw his brother go pale, like he had never seen him before,and he heard himself ask - “ so you mean, you are getting engaged to Khushi Ahemed Khan…”

Arhaan nodded - “yes engaged tomorrow,and married in the next five days, and I'm happy Khushi wanted it like that,as in as soon as possible,for i anyway cant wait to start my life with her…”

Arnav felt as if everything had just come to a standstill in that one moment,as it sank in.

Arhaan had asked Khushi to marry him.

And she had agreed.

She was getting engaged tomorrow.

And she would be married by the end of the week.

Was this really happening?? Why hadn't he known any of this, yes of course because he had run away.

But, no, this couldn't be happening, he knew he had hurt Khushi, but what she was doing was a blunder.

Right then Arhaan heard his phone ring and he said - “ its my aunt, im sure she’s looking for me, i had her take Khushi shopping this evening…”,and he picked up as he said into the phone - “great, yeah, ill be there in a few minutes, and did you get the ring??yes, ok thats great…yeah see you…”

Akash saw that his brother was in a state of shock,and he heard Arhaan say - “ ok, i have to go now, but nice meeting you Akash, bye Arnav…”

Arnav just gave him a brief nod,and he watched Arhaan leave.

It was only after Arhaan was out of sight,did Akash ask his brother - “ bhai, whats the matter with you??? iv never seen you so pale, why are you so affected by the news of Asad’s sister’s engagement??”

Arnav looked at his brother as he took a deep breathe as he said - “because, I'm in love with her dammit….”

Akash asked in shock - “whatttttt???? what did you just say?? you are in love with Khushi Ahemed Khan?? you are in love?? you?? you don't believe in love…”

Arnav sighed as he said - “ i didn’t, until i met her, its a long story, Akash…”

Akash held his brothers hand, because he had never seen him so shaken and broken as he said - “we’v got time Bhai…tell me what happened, i mean how did this even happen??and di knows?? of course she knows, thats why she has this soft corner for Khushi, she knows how you feel doesn't she?? and what about Asad??”

Arnav sighed - “ yes di knows, but no Asad doesn't know, because there was never anything concrete to tell him about, i mean, i ruined everything not just once, but twice…”

Akash asked softly - “ what did you do bhai??”

Arnav looked at his brother, he knew the cat was out of the bag,and he started to tell him everything one by one.


Akash listened in shock and surprise,as to what his brother was telling him and he took a deep breathe as he looked at him, he was waiting for him to react, say anything at all, and so he said - “ im sorry to say this, bhai you did ruin everything, and looks like theres no hope anymore, i mean she's getting engaged tomorrow…”

Arnav was too broken to say anything, but he said - “and if only i hadn't gone away, i would have known, now i know why Zoya was calling me a like that, a million times, but i didn't take it….goddammit,Akash, does di know about Khushi’s engagement??”

Akash shrugged - “ i dont know, she didn't mention, but maybe she did know…i don't know…”

Arnav nodded - “lets go home, i need to speak to di…”

Akash - “ofcourse, lets go bhai…”

Arnav - “and Akash,i don’t…”

Akash gave him a small smile - “ of course bhai, your secret is safe with me, no one , just no one will hear it from me, not even Payal, i promise…”

Arnav nodded,and he started to walk out, he had to meet his sister as soon as possible.She would guide him, she would tell him what to do, she always had a way out.



9.30 PM 

Arnav looked at the water in the pool, and it was crystal clear, almost as crystal as that he could see his pained reflection in the waters.He couldn't believe, whatever he had just heard, but it didn't matter whether he wanted to believe it or not. It was happening nonetheless.

Khushi, the only one he had ever loved, was marrying somebody else.She was going to get officially engaged tomorrow to Arhaan.

The realisation, the pain, that came along with that thought, shook him completely because he didn't know he was capable of feeling any more pain anyway.But apparently  he was, because what he was feeling in this very moment was insane.And he had no one else to blame but himself.He couldn't believe himself, the wrath that he had unleashed on Khushi, his words, his anger, his fury, he never for once thought about the disastrous affect it would have on the heart of the girl he loved. The heart he had crushed again , with his very own hands,and obviously the affect was disastrous.He knew why she was doing this, she wanted to run away out of his reach , forever this time, and he knew this was her way out, because she was clearly laying down a boundary around her, a wall, that he could never cross.

He cursed himself, he really did,and he was happy that she had slapped him that day, he knew now, that he had deserved it.

She obviously didn't want anything to do with him, but this, whole jumping into marriage was being extremely impulsive and reckless,and not just that, she was so young, so so so young.

His mind reminded him , that she was just a year younger to Zoya,and his sister was also married.

But Zoya’s reason for marriage was Love.And Khushi’s reason for marriage was anything but Love, in fact she was jumping into it, because of the things he had said, because his words had caused a great greta damage, he hadn't thought of how disastrous his anger could be, but right now he knew it , that he had let it rule him, and it had destroyed him.

Because the girl he loved was going to be engaged to someone else tomorrow,and the pain that erupted in his mind, and heart  couldn't be explained in words, or quantified into anything.It felt as if he had ripped a part of his soul, himself.

And he knew, he had ripped Khushi’s too. She didn't deserve this, she really didn’t.

And he would stop her, from doing something reckless, atlas he would try.And not because he wanted her for himself , because he knew that was far a dream that could ever become a reality now, he would promise her that he would stay away from her, but he had to stop her from doing something she might regret later,because the guilt, the guilt, that Khushi was doing this because of him, was tearing him apart.

God, what had he done?? Just what had he done??

He knew, this time there was no turning back.

He had killed every last bit of hope with his own hands.

And now, he had to live with this pain, for all his life.

He had ripped apart his heart,forever.


Anjali heard a knock on her door, and she opened it,and she saw Akash standing in front of her,and he gestured her to step out, she turned to give her husband a reassuring smile,and he smiled back at her, and she finally stepped out as she asked - “why did you take Chotte out for a meeting, i had to talk to him, and did you tell him about Rajeev and Shukla??”

Akash nodded - “yes ofcourse, and good that i took him, i mean, we bumped into Arhaan, di, i now exactlyy know, why that soft corner for Khushi…”

Anjali closed her eyes for a second as she said -“ so you know??”

Akash - “yes, bhai told me everything, look bhai messed up big time, but tell me one thing, did you know i mean did you know khushi was getting engaged???”

Anjali nodded - “yes, i knew, i knew it before he left, but he wouldn't talk to me or Zoya we both tried, how can we help him if he doesn't want to help himself, anyway hows he?? I mean obviously Arhaan told you guys about the engagement…”

Akash nodded - “also that they are set to get married soon after as soon as five days after the engagement, di, go talk to him, hes in a mess, iv never seen him like this ever before…”

Anjali nodded,and she started to make her way towards Chotte room,and she heard Akash say - “di, this stays between you and me…right??”

Anjali nodded - “ i know, you wouldn't say a word to anyone…”

Akash gave her a small smile - “ofcourse i won’t…”


Anjali stepped into her brothers room, and she shut the door,and she was surprised that everything in the room was intact, as in nothing was broke,she had expected it to be,she walked a little ahead, and she saw him standing in the poolside,and she walked upto him, and placed her hand on his shoulder - “Chotte…”

The minute he felt his sisters touch, he hugged her,and he hugged her hard.

Anjali knew that her brother was so much in pain right now, so she just hugged him back, hoping it gave him some comfort even though she knew that nothing, just nothing in that moment could give him any comfort,and she pulled apart as she said - “ look at me…”, and she was surprised to see raw anguish and tears in her brothers eyes.She had never seen tears un his eyes, not since that fateful day and that was ten years ago.

She gestured him to sit in front of him on the lounge chairs on his poolside and he sat,and he wiped a tear from a corner of his eye as he said - “di,Akash told me everything about what happened, in a way im glad you settled it..”

Anjali asked surprised - “ you aren't mad at me??”

Arnav sighed - “no, I'm not, Asad and Zoya love each other, it was the right thing to do…”

Anjali nodded - “ couldn't have done it without Khushi’s help…”

Arnav looked at her in the eye as he asked - “ you met Khushi, didn't you??”

Anjali nodded - “ yes, i met her…”

Arnav was sure the emotion was full in his voice as he asked - “ and ??”

Anjali understood what he wanted to know, and so she said - “ you want to know, what i think of her don't you??

Arnav nodded.

Anjali spoke softly - “well, for starters, she's wonderful, a rare peice, she won my heart in the first go,i mean when she contacted me to meet her, i thought she would talk about you, as in maybe something about herself and you, but no, i was wrong, she was so concerned about Asad and Zoya, so much compassion, it moved me,even though i knew from you what had happened, and probably she was as broken as any of you in that moment, she wasn't thinking about herself, even for a minute, so selfless,so pure, and it dawned on me you know, that , that was what was so different about her ,she’s beautiful inside out,shes rare,so priceless,and also she is the only one on this planet who could make you fall in love..how could you doubt her Chotte?? how could you not see that honesty and innocence in her eyes, or on her face?? her eyes talk, they give her away all the time…how could you not believe her then , as in the past or now even??what have you done chotte, what have you done??”

Arnav felt his shoulders drop in distress and he literally choked as he said - “ i dont know, i dont know di, i have no clue what came over me, and not just that, iv said things i deeply regret….i know now that she didn't know it for real…”

Anjali - “ what do you mean?? you mean you believe her??”

Arnav sighed - “ i believed that i never gave her any comfort to come out clean with me ,and i couldn't blame her as in i didn't give her anything that could make her diss her loyalty for Asad or Zoya, but also i know for sure from Arhaan, we met him at the hotel…somehow the topic came up, he knew about it from Asad…”

Anjali sighed - “ ironic, isn't it?? how its easier to believe what the others say rather than the ones we love, i mean Zoya did the same thing…so different,yet so much like you, i saw Asad this afternoon,hes hurt,so hurt…”

Arnav asked - “didnt khushi talk about me at all?? didn't she not say my name at all??and you knew she was getting engaged??”

Anjali nodded - “ofcourse she talked about you, only when i forced her too…and you left Chotte, you wouldn't talk to me or take my calls, it wasn't a thing i could just message you”

Arnav asked - “what did she say??”

Anjali sighed - “ im not sure, you want to know…chotte…”

Arnav felt pain wrench him, but he said - “ no, i want to know everything…”

Anjali nodded and she started to fill him in about everything.

Arnav felt so much pain grip him, as if someone was breaking every damm bone in his body as he heard his sister,and he asked broken - “ she's marrying him, di,i cant believe she is doing this…shes so young , and this is so impulsive, so reckless, she's lost her mind….”

Anjali sighed - “ you broke her Chotte, what do you expect?? and Arhaan loves her, he always gave her happiness…”

Arnav - “and all i gave her was pain…”

Anjali - “sad, but its true…as as much as i understand what she's going through, deep down i do feel she's jumping into this..Zoya has been trying to get her to listen, and i did try too, but she wouldn't budge…”

Arnav ran his hand over his face as he stood up - “ i need to see her, i need to see her now…”

Anjali stood up and she said - “ its time you did, but be discreet, after all that you done, don't mess things up for her, it is her engagement tomorrow…and Chotte promise me one thing??”

Arnav asked - “ what di??”

Anjali said, pain breaking her own heart - “ if she wont budge from her decision,you wont force her or do anything stupid, after all that you done, the least you can do is let her go, and you will do so gracefully, its sad i know,and painfull, but you are my brother, you will accept things respectfully,and accept her decision with grace….”

Arnav nodded,he wiped the tear from his eyes and he made his way out.


Destiny said sadly - “ Some wounds take a long time to heal…”

Fate smiled sadly - “ sometimes, just no one can really stich you up,and although im glad that the Raizada siblings have realised the blunders they have committed,but why do i feel like these wounds they have inflicted, just wouldn't heal…look at what Khushi is doing, and look at what Asad has done…”

Hate sipped his lemonade as he said - “ then like i always say, Love is just another way to bleed…love is too over rated, she gets all this importance for no reason whatsoever..”

Fate scowled as he said - “ watch you words, just because you have a upper hand right now, doesn't mean you get to say **** to my friend…”

Hate rolled his eyes - “ ahaaa look whos always so defensive for love, sometimes i wonder if you are like her very own bodyguard..”

Fate glared at him as he said - “maybe, i am, you just watch your words…”

Destiny intervened as she said - “calm down, what are you guys doing??and wheres love??”

Hate smirked - “probably hiding somewhere and crying…”

Love walked in right then as she said - “ oh no, I'm right here, i don't hide Hate, incase you haven't forgotten…how about you just relax a little,dont go too crazy in happiness, for incase you haven't heard, I'm the crazy one around here…”

Hate scowled at Love as he said - “ oh ofcourse, crazy you really are, you still have hope?? then maybe i should up my ante here…”

Love smiled - “then whats stopping you?? do what you want…”

Hate raised his eyebrow - “is that a challenge in your tone??”

Love nodded - “maybe it is…”

Hate rolled his eyes - “ then you wait and watch…”, and he stomped off.

Fate and Destiny looked at Love and they smiled - “ we quite liked that, now take control here, cmon..”

Love smiled - “no, not yet, but i will when the time is right…until then i just needed to remind Hate that im not just any stop along the way, I am the destination…”


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Apr 27

Chapter 31 - THE TRILLION BROKEN PEICES OF MY HEART - (27 APRIL,2017) - New (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 29 times)

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I broke your heart,

I broke Mine too.

I know, I tore everything apart.

Everything that tied us.

We have a wound,a scar that runs so deep,

Only you can fix it,

Only you can help me heal.

For I have no clue what to do or say anymore

I have no idea how to fix this.

You will help me will you??

You will give another chance wont you??

Or will I be left with just the Trillion Broken pieces of My heart??


Barkat - 11.00 PM

Khushi stepped out of the washroom,and she saw her mother adjusting herself in the bed,and she heard her say- “ Khushi, cmon in, lets go to sleep…”

Khushi smiled as she said picking up her medical file from the side table- “ yes ammi, just let me put your file away, why did you take it out anyway??”

Dilshaad smiled - “well, just to recheck foe how many days am i to continue with the medicines, anyway you can put it back in that cabinet, all  my files are there…”

Khushi nodded, and she opened the cabinet and put the file inside, and while she was adjusting it she dropped, a few other files, she quickly started picking up the files when she saw that one file was names - “ Ammi’s Cardio Records”, of course the name suggested that her bhaijaan had all their mothers media records filed systematically, but what caught her eye was the name of this one, Cardio Records, she didn't know that her mother had any heart problems, maybe this file had some general check up details from time to time, and she started to put it away, but the curiosity got the better of her as she opened it, and as she scanned the pages, and the papers and the discharge summaries, she was in shock, because she realised there was a lot she hadn't known,and she closed the file, as her mind started to get jitters and she walked back to the bed and sat next to her mother and held her hand as she asked softly - “ why didn't you or bhaijaan ever tell me that you’v had an heart attack in the past ammi???”

Dilshaad looked at her daughter surprised and the hurt in her eyes was evident and she brushed her hair softly as she asked - “ did you spot my file??”

Khushi nodded,as tears filled her eyes.

Dilshaas asked softly - “ did you notice the date and the year, Khushi??”

Khushi nodded,and she heard her mother say - “ you were so small back then, Khushi, and so much had happened already, your little mind had , had too much to cope up with already, and then over years i took really good care, you know Asad made sure of that, and look at me, I'm as fit as anyone else…”

Khushi rolled her eyes as she said - “ yeah right…you do remember you spent a night at the hospital not very long ago…”

Dilshaad gave her a small smile as she said - “ well thats just a minor issue, doesn't matter….ok…come lets go to sleep…”

Khushi didn't move as she asked - “ what happened??i mean, how did you???”

Dilshaad sighed, maybe it was time to share these deep hidden feelings with her daughter and she saw that Khushi had hugged her and she started to speak softly - “ Khushi, i had always heard all of my life,that all it took was minute for your world to come crashing down, and i experienced the very same emotion, on that day, that fateful day, when everything happened.Your abbu, i knew him from my college days, we were all friends, so so close, me , your father, Zoya’s father, and we had Fatima and Firoz..”

Khushi asked confused - “ Fatima and Firoz, why have i never heard their names before??”

Dilshhad brushed her hair tenderly as she said - “ well, because they both had left the country to get settled in the US, even before we finished college…anyway,we were all so close, me and your abbu had been together ever since high school, you could call us childhood sweethearts, in one way, but apart from your fathers and Zoya’s fathers unbrekable friendship, i was always very very good friends too with Zoya’s father, and then he met KKusum,and we became a part of happy family,we were so happy, all of us, together, they did everything together, built the business empires together, both your father and Zoya’s father were different yet so similar, Kkusum was very special to me, we had bond just like you and Zoya,and in one second, in all of few seconds, I lost everything, your father, najma, and my besets friends too, i mean the three of them wouldn't return, they were in a place from where they couldn't return,and Kkusum was so injured, that she slipped into Coma,at first when i got to know, I couldn't believe it, i couldn't believe it at all, when Asad called,and asked me to rush to the hospital,his voice sounded as if a tragedy had struck, he hadn't informed me anything over the phone, and i had rushed to the hospital,and when I reached, I had realised that a tragedy had indeed struck ,because both your father, Zoya’s father and najma, had been declared dead on arrival, and KKusum had slipped into coma,I had reached before the Raizada’s, and the broken look on Asad and Arnav’s face was something i could never forget maybe even till today, because they were the ones who had brought the dead bodies in their arms to the hospital, they were what, all of just 18….we all had lost so so much that day, anyway, I knew from Arnav, that he had heard gunshots on the phone when his mother had called, and i knew he wanted to investigate and probe in to the matter, and although a part of me wanted to know too, my heart warned me otherwise…”

Khushi was listening carefully, and her heart went out to the 18 year old Asad and also Arnav, and she asked softly - “ what do you mean ammi?

Dilshaad let out a long breathe as she spoke - “ well, you know,  i knew they were having differences for over some time,your father and Zoy’as father, mostly involving the business matters, but i still never interfered because i thought their friendship went way back before any business was ever there in the picture, then remember i mentioned Firoz and Fatima earlier,so Fatima had already settled down, and Firoz wanted to return back to India for good, and he wanted your father to help him, but Alok didn't want that, i mean your father did tell me that Zoyas father had some serious trust issues with Firoz,and that was news to me, because back in college days we were all good friends, and i had tried to ask Alok myself that what was the issue that bothered him greatly but he wouldn't tell me,he would just tell me that Firoz wasn't to be trusted, and he wanted me to convince your father for the same,because they were having fights over this and some business deal Firoz had brought,so all i knew was that your father wouldn't budge from his point and Alok wouldn't budge from his.Rashid had always been like this you know,wanting to trust, value his friendship,and even Alok was like that ,so i had no idea why the rift was happening.Anyway, in the end Firoz left the country again because Alok wouldn't let Rashid go ahead with the deal or help Firoz in any way.And then they had been fighting, fighting a lot after that incident,I knew Rashid was still mad at Alok for having his way, and Alok was mad at him because he knew that Rashid wasn't letting this go,and their fighting and differences had reached a point where they wanted to separate the businesses even,when finally me and Kkusum stepped in,and we counselled them that nothing was worth,destroying their bond over,finally things started to get a little better,and that was when the tragedy struck.I didn't want Asad or Arnav to probe into the matter and let all of us just think of it as an accident, we all had lost so so so much that day,and also because i was aware that Alok and rashid had been having so many fights and differences, and each had been doing thing sto hurt the other, they both were short tempered too, i was so scared, that if they probed in, and discovered anything ugly, everything would be destroyed…”

Khushi wiped her mothers tears as she finally said - “ but…they retrieved the CCTV footage nonetheless…”

Dilshaad nodded,as she continued - “ exactly, and when Asad told me about what he saw,and the news that Alok and Rashid had actually taken shots at each other, and that my Najma was killed in the process,it broke me Khushi, it broke me completey,and not just that the deep anguish i had seen on Asad’s face as he wept in my lap,that was when i had the attack….and the first thing i asked of your brother as i woke up in the hospital, was to make me a promise, that he wouldn't probe into the matter any further, because Khushi i was so scared, I know him and Arnav, if they had discovered anything more ugly in the process, they would destroy each other completely for revenge,and the hatred would consume them, they'd both loose themselves in the process,and they were so young,had their entire life in front of them,lucky Asad agreed, and i know he got the crime scene as in the farmhouse cleared ,before Arnav could probe in further, and i know thats also one of the reasons why Arnav hates Asad, because he didn't support him when he wanted him too, Arnav wanted to trust his gut, he couldn't believe that Rashid and Alok could actually kill each other, and deep down, even i didn’t, but still I asked Asad for this, because even if there was one percent chance of discovering anything else, it was a chance i didn't want to take, too much damage had been done already,and actually Asad agreed also because, he couldn't undo what he saw, it broke him deeply. I do feel guilty so many times, Khushi, because i know i am responsible for Asad backing out of wanting to investigate the tragedy further,and that was strongly  a part of a reason, he lost his best friend too,ofcourse the tragedy too, but Arnav was ready to look past it, for the sake of our family bond, but Asad wouldn't budge, he couldn't forget what he saw,and the accusations the two hauled at each other after, it was insane Khushi, and finally it was me who suggested Asad to just silently separate everything for the sake of the name and word both Alok and Rashid had built over the years and move on.And thats what happened, during the separation, the design facility went to Arnav and the Constructions facility came to us, and Arnav and Asad were successful in framing their death and Najmas as a car accident to the world, that was the idea they both had come up with together,and the rest as you know off already.But Khushi, I know Asad thats what happens to him, when the darkness inside of him surfaces, the darkness consumed him that day, and he refused to look at any other emotion that day,and i know that was what hurt Arnav the most,but its ironic isn't it, it did take a raizada after all, to dim that darkness inside of him, i love that Zoya’s love has turned him into the man i always believed he could be, i just hope nothing ever happens that unleashes his darkness and anger ever again, for i know he will destroy himself all over again…..its funny you know, deep down I still cant believe that they could just shoot each other, and nor do the rest of the Raizada’s,but that doesn't matter, because our sons strongly beleive,and Asad and Arnav have laid certain boundaries for us all,that although none of us believe in our hearts, none of us have ever spoken since, because of Arnav and Asad obviously, but the heart still believes Khushi, i still hope that maybe one day they can forget the past , let it go ,and truly move on,because the heart can see and fee beyond what the mind can read Khushi, thats just always how it is…”

Khushi wiped the tears out of her mothers eyes as she said - “ ammi,im so sorry, i made you revisit, it all….you are exhausted…”, and she bent forward and kissed her forehead and she said - “ammi, why dont you sleep now…”

Dilshaad nodded - “ yes, Khushi…i will, come…”

Khushi nodded - “ammi, i feel like having tea, ill be back soon, you sleep…”, and she tucked her mother in, and walked out the room, deep in thought, desperately praying that Zoya’s actions hadn't unleashed the darkness inside of her brother,the darkness that her mother just told her about,didnt deserve to see the light of the day ever again.


Barkat - 11.30 PM

Arnav pulled his car outside Barkat, it had been forever, since he had last been here, in front of these gates, in front of the house, that held so many memories.He closed his eyes for a second as good old memories started to flood back in,but he brushed everything aside, and drove towards the road end,and stopped the engine, and finally he took out his phone, he knew he had killed everything this time, but he seriously hoped, Khushi agreed to see him, right now. 

He took a deep breathe,and finally texted her -



Khushi was sipping her tea, sitting on the stool of the island in the kitchen,and she was deep in thought,everything that her mother had just told her,was ringing in her ears,and she didn't know why she found herself thinking off him,again.Something didn't feel right,she felt uncomfortable and nervous, and maybe because of the engagement, every girl got jitters she was sure, it was just that.

Or maybe, it was the fact,that she had just realised.That Arnav had no clue,as to why her brother didn't support him all those years ago.And a part of her wanted him to know this, because it could probably make things better for Asad and Zoya, if Arnav knew this and made an effort to talk to her brother.

But then,she reminded herself, she was thinking of the devil, himself,ofcourse she couldn't expect anything from him.

And right then her phone beeped, and she checked it, and she felt her heartbeats stop,as she realised it was from him,and she re-read what he had written-


What did that even mean?? 

She sipped her tea,as she finally wrote -

“I know my name, thank you Mr.Raizada…”

She got a quick reply -

“Khushi,I want to see you, and it has to be now, im outside your house towards that dead end bend in the road,please come…”

Khushi felt her breathe shorten as she re-read,he wanted to see her?? Why?????

She quickly wrote -

“Welcome back, Mr Raizada, i hope you had a successful business trip,and im sorry, but i dont think we have anything left to say to each other…”

Her phone beeped in a second -

“You may not have anything to say to me anymore, Khushi, but I do, I have a lot to say,please meet me probably for one last time, you are getting engaged tomorrow, im probably never going to see you again…please just this once…”

So he knew, well good he knew,but as she re-read that message again,something in her heart told her that she should see him, and then her mind told her that maybe she could tell him about the past too,and so she took a deep breathe as she typed -

“Fine, ill see you in five minutes…”


Arnav leaned back against the headrest,and a various thoughts ran through his mind, he had so much to say, so much to convey,and he really was confused about where to begin,and he instructed himself to calm down,he had this one chance to atlas make sure that the woman he loved wouldn't hate him for the rest of her life,and he had to listen to everything his heart was telling him right now.

Right then he heard a knock on the window, and he looked to see Khushi standing there,and she gestured him to roll down the window,and he did,and she didn't look at him in the face as she said looking backward - “the guard had probably left to freshen up, anyway, what do you want??”

Arnav’s heart burst with so many emotions in that one second, as he realised that he had lost this beautiful girl once again,and he spoke softly - “ get in, Khushi, I promise, im not going to eat you up, and i promise to not take much of your time,its risky for you to be standing out anyway…”

Khushi finally looked at him , in the eye,and just like that everything flipped in her mind,because his eyes were filled with so much anguish, regret, and pain,and his face was taut,not with anger this time,but with heartbreak,and she recognised the look because she had seen it on her face in the mirror so many times,this wasn't Arnav-the devil in front of her, this was a face of Arnav,she had never seen, not even when he had come to her in London, not even when she had asked him to leave,this was a different,because he had heartbreak written all over him,and the anguish was very much evident in his eyes.

She took a deep breathe,and opened the door,and got in,and he  started to drive,and he drove to that cafe near their house again, then walked out,without saying anything,and she could only wonder what was up with him, even his silence was heartbreaking,she instructed her freaking heart to just shut up,and she shut down the guilt her heart was shoving in her face, she had done this to him,and she reminded herself that he hadn't left her with another choice.She was still in that thought, when she spotted him come back,and he got in, and handed her a take away cup as he said - “ here, its your tea, the way you like it, i just thought, it would be better to talk here, no one is inside too, its quite late, do you want to go in??”

Khushi looked at the cup he had handed her , and then she looked at him, what the hell was up with him?? She didn't feel angry anymore, because she had been over-exploited that emotion in her being, she was just plain exhausted, and she took a deep breath as she said, looking around the deserted parking lot - “ no, its fine here…look i have to be back, before anyone figures im not there…what do you want Arnav??why are we here??”

Arnav finally looked at her in the eye,and he spoke softly - “ Khushi, i will not make any excuses or try to justify or cover up for the blunder i have committed, i mean, i do not want to ruin this apology with an excuse, because what i did, was totally uncalled for, and no anger, no situation can be used to justify it, because I have wronged you again,and probably in way even worse than before, and I truly am sorry Khushi, i’m sorry for i didn't trust you,when you told me that you didn't know about Asad and Zoya’s marriage, I'm sorry for shoving conditions in your face, for us to be together,Im sorry for I brought up the talk of walking out on you again, even though i promised not to, I'm sorry to shatter the hopes i gave you, I'm sorry for everything,and most of all, I'm sorry for the way I treated you at the Hotel,the thing I said, were horrible and way below the belt,and no matter how angry i was, i was shocked myself for the words that left my mouth, it was jealousy, it was anger, it was frustration,t was wrath,all build up,and once again , I unleashed it all out on you…..Khushi, i met Arhaan by chance this evening,he told me everything as in about what happened,and he knew from Asad that you really didn't know about the marriage,and even about how he asked you to marry him….Khushi, i know I hurt you so much all over again,and I promise to stay out of your way, but dont do this Khushi, you are being reckless,and impulsive, and you are so so young,dont punish yourself for the mistakes and blunders i have committed Khushi,you do deserve better, you really do deserve better, dont do this to yourself, please….”

Khushi listened carefully,his every word etching in her brain,and the heartbreaking anguish in his voice, on his face, in his voice, reflected everything,and she knew it was the truth,and she sighed as she finally spoke - “ Just so you know, Im not angry with you anymore Arnav…and im not doing this because i want to punish myself or you, for any of what has happened, I'm marrying Arhaan because, for once i want to trust someone else emotions for me, and also because i know, that in the future, if i can fall in love with anyone ever again, it can only be him….and im being completely honest with you right now, i mean it when i say, im not angry, Arnav….i can clearly see, i mean deep down i knew it that you would realise, but Arnav, you had no idea what your words did to me that day, everything inside of me that you had promised to build again, you ripped apart with your hands,it was as if you scarred my soul forever,and honestly, i did agree to marry Arhaan for a reason that was to run away from your reach,but over a few days iv been thinking a lot,and it isn't just about that anymore,Arnav, you do see what has happened, you and me have such staunch differences, such different beliefs, I can never be with anyone, to whom i have to keep proving things to make him believe I'm innocent, i cant be with someone who trusts everything else over me, believes everyone else’s words over me, I mean it was easy for you to believe Arhaan, but not me, you do realise, we are not good for each other,and thats what the base issue is, its like we are injurious to each others mental health,and you broke me once, you broke me again, and now my decision to move on, is breaking you,look iv thought a lot about this and I'm sure its the most sensible thing I'm doing,for myself, and even for you, the only way we both can truly move on Arnav,so incase just incase if theres any guilt you are feeling, don’t, get rid of it, it isn't about you, or because of you, its just something i want for myself….”

Arnav listened carefully,and he knew she meant everything from the heart,her eyes conveyed every emotion right now and he asked softly - “ you really aren't angry?? not mad at me at all??will you forgive me Khushi?? I know its too much to ask, after all that iv done, but i cant live with the thought that you'll be out there hating me forever, you really are the only one i have ever loved, in my own disastrous way maybe, but I have only loved you,and I will always love you, i know you are laying this boundary around yourself, which i will never cross, and after all that iv done to you, i have lost every right to even question your decision,do you have it in your heart Khushi to forgive me?? your forgiveness will lessen the burden and guilt in my heart…”

Khushi looked at him straight in the eye,as she said - “ I was mad at you ofcourse, i really was,but not anymore,because i know holding a grudge isn't going to help me in anyway Arnav, its only going to make me weak,and im starting afresh tomorrow,a new chapter of my life, i dont want to walk into with , with any more emotional baggage,thats also why i came to see you, it was important for me,maybe for both of us, will give us both the final closure on this,and honestly i know what you are saying is the truth,there was love,but it couldn't work, it wasn't enough the sooner we accept that the better, and also, to answer to honestly, holding grudges against you is only going to make me bitter Arnav, and forgiving you will set me free,so yes, to answer you honestly, i do forgive you, I forgive you for everything in the past,and everything now,and not just for you,i forgive you for its important for my peace mind…and also just so you know, i dont think i have it in my heart to hate you,even after everything that happened, i did feel that way when i was angry, but now I'm just calmer,and you should know, that I don't hate you Arnav, i know there were reasons that drove you to behave the way you did,even though those reasons were unacceptable to me,i now see them clearly, maybe understand them even, however this is for the best Arnav, trust me, maybe its just how its meant to be,I do forgive you,and i don't hate you ”, she finally finished taking it all out, and she felt so so light,she felt Free.

Arnav couldn't believe what he was hearing,he hadn't expected any of this at all, anything but this,and he was taken aback by that kindness inside of her, even after he been nothing but a beast to her when he should have treated her like his very own princess,she still was forgiving him,and he said softly - “ thank you Khushi, i have no words, i just don't know what to say anymore,but now, I'm going to spend the rest of my life cursing myself for the things i have done,cursing myself for not listening to my heart, cursing myself for what i did ,for my anger ,my mind cost me the most precious thing to my heart this time around,and i did end up loosing the only girl i have ever loved…”

Khushi looked away, because the pain in his eyes was boring into her soul and she spoke softly - “ im sure, you will move on, give yourself time….you’ll meet someone…im sure you will…”

Arnav - “ I dont know about that, i can never move on from you Khushi, because Love was just a meaningless word for me until you came along and gave it meaning, I will always love you,in my own twisted disastrous way maybe but i will and know that, i want you to be truly happy, because i couldn't give you any of that Khushi,i don't even trust myself to make you smile,and you truly deserve better, so so sso much better,Arhaan,maybe you are right, he will really keep you happy…its heartbreaking for me, but i do wish you all the best Khushi,”

Khushi looked back at him as she whispered - “ thanks….”

Arnav - “ also Khushi, im glad that you asked di for help for sorting out the misunderstanding between Asad and Zoya…”

Khushi - “ you are??”

Arnav nodded - “ yes, i am,i can't deny it for the rest of my life that Asad and Zoya have found love in each other, and that they want to spend the rest of their life together,i am still mad at Zoya for how things happened, but I'm not mad at her for finding love, and nor am i mad about her choice, it just was too much off a shock for me, but it all has sunk in now…no matter what has happened in the past, or between him and me, all those years ago, does not change the fact that your brother, is a good man Khushi,and Im happy that Zoya has him in her life…”

Khushi looked at him in surprise,she hadn't expected him to say any of this,but the fact that he was, did reflect that the days and the time out to himself,had helped him realise a lot of things, maybe he had been doing a lot of thinking on his own,and although in her heart she knew it was too late for them,she was happy for Asad-Zoya, this development could really help them cross the bump that had come in their way and she answered softly - “ Im happy to hear that Arnav…and anything for bhaijaan and Zoya, i love them both to bits…”

Arnav asked softly,although every bit inside of him was breaking - “ so engaged tomorrow for real huh??”

Khushi nodded - “ yes, and married by the end of the week…”

Arnav nodded - “ so, I guess back to London after??”

Khushi spoke softly - “ no,not London, we will be settling down in Germany, i mean he did move to London temprorily..”

Arnav - “ yes i know, he did move to be with you…”

Khushi asked surprised - “ what??”

Arnav - “ yeah, he told me he did, he does love you Khushi,he really is the better man for you….”

Khushi nodded,but she stayed silent,and she thought of what to say,because right now in this very moment she was experiencing the most heart wrenching and heartbreaking and soul shakening moment of her life,and she finally spoke softly - “ can i ask you something??”

Arnav looked at her - “yes sure ,anything….”

Khushi - “ I always thought why are you like this?? i mean trusting your mind, seeking proofs and logics and reason,and neglecting your emotions letting darkness take over you,and your heart and letting it destroy you , rip you apart, why do you do this to yourself again and again?? and something in my mind started to click,and i need to ask you,were you like this even before that fateful day??”

Arnav knew what she was referring too, and he took a deep breathe as he said honestly - “ no, i wasn’t, i wasn't like this before that, that day and its after affects changed everything inside of me Khushi, in way so strong thats its drilled in my subconscious and my consciousness…”

Khushi asked softly - “ is it also because, your best friend,as in bhaijaan didn't support you when you asked him too, when he didn't trust your emotions,and only went with what he saw??”

Arnav looked at her surprised,but he asked softly - “ Asad?? why are you ?? I mean, did Zoya tell you any of this..??”

Khushi looked at him as she asked - “ yes, or no??? is it because you felt so betrayed at the hands of my brother, that its so difficult for you to trust again??”

Arnav looked at her in the eye and he said honestly - “ well to be honest, yes, that and also a lot of what had happened that day between our fathers….there are times i wished I hadn't asked Asad to retrieve the CCTV Footage…but anyway…why are you bringing this up…”

Khushi sighed - “ because i want you to know what bhaijaan never told you, something you dont know, he only didn't support you for th investigation further, because of ammi,because ammi,asked him too, she had a heart attack that night Arnav,and the only thing she asked bhaijaan was for a promise, that he would just not support you for looking into the matter…”

Arnav asked shocked - “ what????? what did you just say????”

Khushi sighed,and she started to tell him everything,about her conversation with her mother, a while ago.And once she had finished, she saw the stunned look on his face and she said softly - “ pplease dont judge bhaijaan,he had his reasons Arnav…”

Arnav asked ,sure the sudden shock was evident in his voice- “ why didn't he tell me??”

Khushi - “ could he really?? maybe yes he could and maybe not Arnav, i mean after everything that happened, thats only a answer he has to give…for i don't know why he didn’t…anyway i just thought you should know,i mean, i know you do feel he betrayed you by not supporting you for the investigation all those years ago,and even for clearing the crime scene before you could go ahead with anything on your own,maybe now that you know why he did it, it will help in bring down the hatred you feel for him,you have held on to that hate for too long inside of you….also itll be good for him and Zoya too,are you planning to talk Zoya now that you are back?? I'm sorry if you mind me asking, just that,she has been miserable…”

Arnav looked at her in awe, his sister was right,Khushi really was the most selfless person he had ever come across,and he had been an idiot of the highest order to not see it ever before and be blinded by rage,and his distrust and he asked - “ I need time Khushi,but why are you telling me any of this now,as in about Asad,??”

Khushi looked at him in the eye as she said - “ for two reasons to be honest, like i said for bhaijaan and Zoya ,and second, i know you,you do miss bhaijaan,he was an important part of your life, just like you were a part of his, if this can maybe help you look at things differently, it can help you heal over that wound,and maybe also because iv loved you so much, that i do really wish for your problems to get sorted Arnav…”

Arnav didn't miss the - “ Iv loved you”,ofcourse it was past sentence now,and he asked softly - “ just what have i done?? i can't believe im loosing you all over again, and i dont have anyone to blame but myself…”

Khushi - “ will you do something, if i say its for your own good??”

Arnav nodded.

Khushi - “ talk to bhaijaan if you can Arnav,maybe ask him what you want,get your answers, theres no point in living with the pain of the past,you both have punished yourself for a decade now, for no fault of yours….”

Arnav replied softly - “ ill think about it, Khushi…”

Khushi - “ thanks, now if you can please drive me back…”

Arnav nodded,and he started to drive, and within a few minutes, he was at the spot he had picked her up and he stopped the engine as he said - “so this is it then,Khushi??”

Khushi - “ yes….”,and she started to get out.

Arnav watched her step out and he said instantly - “ Khushi….”

Khushi had gotten off, but she looked at him as she turned - “ huh??”

Arnav spoke softly - “ I want you to know, im only letting you go,because i love you way too muchhhh,and i cant trust myself to keep you happy,and somehow i feel Arhaan probably can,its only for your happiness,and only because i love you so damm much, that im letting you go….”

Khushi looked at him straight in the eye as she whispered - “ goodbye Arnav….”

He watched her shut the door, and he closed his eyes and wiped a tear off his eye,he knew he had done the right thing,but he had also ripped apart his heart and soul in the process all over again.

When he had left his home,he had thought off doing things differently, he had thought off doing everything to talk her out of this, but then he had realised that over time, he had given Khushi only pain,and she deserved so much better, he didn't deserve to be with her when he couldn't even trust himself to make her smile,and so he had decided in his head, that he would apologise, seek forgiveness,and then let her go, as much as it ripped him apart,he would let go of the only one he had ever loved, only because he loved her,it was twisted,it was heartbreaking,maybe it was his fate. But in his heart he knew,he would always, always love only Khushi, no one could take her place ever.He felt few more tears leave his eyes,as every moment he had spent with Khushi started to flash in front of his eyes,he almost smiled through the tears as he recalled how he met her, then about the time the three weeks of pure bliss that he had spent with her in London, before he had destroyed everything,he had been happy, so so happy, for the first time his heart had dared to dream for love,and he would now focus on these memories, for these memories off her were all that was left with him,and they were enough to last him for this lifetime.He wasn't a part of her life anymore,yes, but he had been in the most beautiful way,the things that he had felt,and probably made her feel too, were beautiful in their own way,they had been close,and the memories of this very closeness would now be the balm to his heart,and he knew he would be spending his ever night basking in these memories.He had lost her even before, he had spent months without her,but even then she was the only one he had thought off,and she would still be the only when inside his heart,she wasn't with him but that wouldn't stop him from loving her, nothing could ever stop him from loving her.Arhaan was lucky,lucky very lucky,and he envied him for sure, but this time around he had let him win, only because he knew probably he could give Khushi the happiness she deserved. 

But he prayed, silently prayed, that if there was some other world out there,some other life after this,maybe then he and Khushi would be together,because he knew he would love her forever , till the end of time.She was a part of his soul,and he couldn't get her apart from his being,from his his heart ever.

He knew he had done the right thing by letting her go, but the way everything inside of him was breaking over and over again,it gave him such mental agony, that he hadn't known he was capable of feeling.

He finally started the engine and drove to the hospital,where his mother was admitted monthly for routine follow ups,and he decided to send his mami/nani back home, even though it was late,he would stay tonight instead,because all he wanted to do right now, was cry , he wanted to cry it all out, and he knew he needed his mothers hand on his head,as he wept in the pain of his heartbreak.


Khushi walked back inside, and she knew in her mind, that what had just happened was the right thing.She had done the right thing but what she hadn't even expected in her dreams had just happened.She had known for sure that he would know off her engagement once he was back,and she had also known that he would get in touch with her about it,because deep down in her heart somewhere, some part of her had still known, that he would realise everything on his own and that he would come around,and that was exactly what had happened.She had taken this step not just because of the heat of the moment, but because she had known in her head, that it was best for the two of them to stay out of each others lives, the constant misunderstandings, and the constant heartache,the constant pain that bound them was getting too much too handle for her, and a part of her believed that for him too for he was probably miserable too,because he had destroyed everything again.And after all that happened, she strongly believed that the two of them were strongly injurious to each others mental health,so the best way to give them both a closure would be if one of them marked a boundary the other would never cross.

But what had happened just now, she hadn't expected at all,she had thought he was going lash out at her again for doing so, say hurtful things,misunderstand again,but she hadn’t thought of coming face to face with a calmer and yet heartbroken him.

She remembered his words - “ just so you know Khushi, I'm only letting you go because i love you so damm much and i don't trust myself to keep you happy Khushi…”

“He really is the better man for you, Khushi…”

“i wish you all the best…”

She closed her eyes,after she finished gulping down a glass of water, she hadn't ever thought that Arnav would have been capable of doing what he had just done.

Right then she heard footsteps,and she  walked out of the kitchen to see Zoya climbing up the stairs, and she followed her silently as she entered her room behind her and she asked closing the door - “ Zoya, why are you up?? at this time, shouldn't you be sleeping??”

Zoya looked back in surprise as she said - “ why didn't i see you coming behind me??”

Khushi rolled her eyes - “because you are so lost…youv been crying your heart out, Zoya, why dont you just go and talk to bhaijaan…”

Zoya sat down dejected on the bed - “as if I havent tried Khushi, he wont even look at me, or even say a word to me, talking is like a dream which will never happen, im sure, that look on this face, that taut pain, hurt on his face and eyes, i know he isn't going to be forgiving me Khushi, and i dont blame him, ok, i really dont, for the things iv blamed him off, the things that i said, maybe they were buried deep inside of me to come out in the way they did , but in all my anger, in all my logic hunting, i forgot that there was a heavy price to pay in return, because i shattered everything in between us, and  now i must pay for it…”, she finished as she wiped her tears.

Khushi pulled her in a hug as she brushed her hair - “ relax, it will be ok, give him time ok, just give him that, were you in the back garden??”

Zoya nodded - “ yes, i needed fresh air…khushi, i cant sleep, im feeling so guilty,i just wont get any sleep…but why are you up?? i saw you go to the room with ammi,..?”

Khushi nodded - “yes,i did, but…”

Zoya asked - “but what??

Khushi sighed as she said- “ Arnav was here…i mean i just saw him for a while…was important, the closure was needed”

Zoya asked in shock - “ bhai came to see you?? what did he say?? what did you say????Khushi?? tell me, please….”

Khushi slowly filled her in about whatever happened,and once she finished, Zoya had pulled her in an instant hug and then she asked - “ Khushi are you sure?? i mean, you still want to get engaged to Arhaan..?? you know he is really sorry…”

Khushi sighed - “ yes i do Zoya, i mean i will get engaged tomorrow, i understand he is sorry and i get his point, but what has happened, is still not acceptable to my heart, i cannot function like this, every time having to prove things,accompalish his terms and conditions, its just the best this way Zoya, we have nothing more to give each other, other than pain, its sad, its heartbreaking but its true…anyway apart from this, i got to know something else too tonight…”

Zoya asked - “ what??”

Khushi started to tell her about her mothers heart attack,and everything that her mother had shared with her in the room,and once she had finished she said - “ i told Arnav about it, i mean not everything but the reason why bhaijaan didn't support him all those years ago…”

Zoya asked in surprise - “ you did?? Khushi to be honest, Asad had confided in me about this a while ago, but he made me promise, he didn't want me to tell you about ammi’s condition,and i couldn't tell bhai, because he would only wonder from where did i know any of this, so…but did he say anything??whats on his mind??”

Khushi - “ well, i did tell him to talk to bhaijaan for his own good,and although he accepts that you and bhaijaan have found love in each other,he did say he will take some more time, i mean, i dont know what’s on his mind clearly, wasn't able to look past the pain in his eyes…i feel sorry Zoya for this to have happened, but maybe just this is how its meant to be…anyway im going to seep now,ok, why don't you go talk to bhaijaan, im sure he will be awake twisting and turning in bed…”

Zoya- “ i was thinking the same….”

Khushi gave her a small smile - “good…”, and she walked down the stairs, and saw Zoya walking towards her brothers room,and she silently prayed,that her brother would break the ice and talk to Zoya now.


Asad bent back on his chair of his study, in his room,he had dimmed every other light in the room expect for his study lamp,and he stared at the papers he had asked his lawyers to prepare,he re-read the title - Annulment of Marriage

Ever since those words , had left her mouth, those haunting words, about how deeply she regretted everything.He recalled her hurtful brutal words that had broken everything inside of him -

“ i regret that i married you in the way i did, i regret that i trusted you so much, i regret that i loved you so damm much, that i was so blind,that i didn't realise that all the while,i was letting down the people who brought me up, i regret being such a fool, in the name of your love…”

And everything that she had done and said had whipped his soul right, left and centre.Never in his wildest dreams, he had ever imagined that Zoya, his Zoya could hurt him the way she had, after all that had happened,and after only love he had given her.She had broken everything inside of him, it was as if she had ripped apart his soul, he was that hurt.

If she had deeply regretted everything so badly, then he would give her what she had wanted,he would set her free, he would break apart,because he couldn't be with someone who didn't trust him, he couldn't be.Love and trust went hand in hand in his mind, in his beliefs, and she had broken every bit of the trust,and rocked the foundation of everything,and not just that he now greatly doubted that whether deep in her heart , did she ever trust him in the first place?? maybe not,maybe she never really completely did,because that was the only way she could doubt him the way she had.

This morning, he had read the literature on annulment of marriage,he was aware of the law a little, thanks to his love for reading, he knew that the law in India, did allow two legal ways of terminating marriages, Divorce and Annulment. Divorce was out of question because they hadn't even been married for like more than a month, the law wouldn't be in their favour,and so he had looked up at annulment.Although a unusual remedy, annulment was a legal procedure for declaring the marriage null and void,and there were various loopholes through which one could declare a marriage null and void,like if certain legal requirements were not met , then the marriage is considered to have never existed in the eyes of the law, this process was different from divorce because while divorce dissolves a marriage that has existed,a marriage that is annulled never existed at all, thus unlike divorce it is retroactive: an annulled marriage is considered to have never existed.

He had spoken to his lawyers this morning,and they had explained to him that the grounds for a marriage annulment may vary according to different legal instructions,but maybe there was a loophole in their case, that if both him and Zoya, gave written consent that they were both not in the right frame of mind, when they entered into marriage,by agreeing that they were both under the influence of alcohol,and that their capacity to think had been compromised, it could serve as the grounds for annulment.It was a long shot, but just as annulment was an unusual remedy on its own, if sought by both parties, his lawyer was confident that they would succeed.

He closed his eyes, as tears threatened to fall,never in his worst of a nightmare had he thought that he would be seeking ,cancellation of his marriage with Zoya.But after all the pain he had been subjected too, with a broken and a ripped soul,that had unleashed the darkness inside of him, he knew this was  a decision he was going to take.

Zoya regretted everything so deeply,she even doubted his love for her,then what were they really doing together??

And all this was before he had been called by Khushi, and the truth had come out, and Rajeev and Shukla had confessed that they were behind it all.And the look on Zoya’s face as she tried to get him to look at her and talk to her,did shake him, for he knew she was feeling really guilty, but he couldn't help it, because the damage had been done,the fact that she had believed a strangers testimony over his words, had only broken him further, in a way he was glad that she got a proof of his innocence,but he was also broken, because in his eyes,everything had been shattered,already. It really was too late.

He couldn't go back to erasing what he had heard,what she had said, and it was ironical in a way because a decade ago, because he couldn't go back to erasing what he had witnessed in the CCTV footage, he had cut all ties with her brother,and now history was just repeating itself,because that broken soul of his,  and the trillion broken pieces of his heart,were going to make him cut all ties with Zoya.

He had genuinely evolved through it all and he couldn't beehive that he had slipped back into that dark abyss, but he knew he had.

He could never forgive Zoya, for breaking him, he could never forgive her for ripping apart his soul,and he would be dammed if he let her get away with this,he would break her for sure, he would hurt her, he would torture her, just like she had done to him,and he knew this would do that to her.Annuling their marriage would break her in every accord,for it would mean that their marriage never existed in the first place.

The pain, the anger, and the darkness took over him,as he finally took his pen and signed the papers,and now there was only one thing left to do, get Zoya to sign them,and then he would file this first thing,but he would wait until after Khushi’s engagement to get Zoya’s signature and to tell her about what he wanted,and he would only revealthr truth to his family after Khushi’s wedding,because he didn't want to ruin things for Khushi, even though his own life was now ruined.

He finally put the papers back in the drawer,and drank a glass of water, and it was right then he heard constant knocks on his door, and he walked over to see who it was.


Zoya waited for him to open the door,and she knocked again,and she was about to turn back, right when she saw him open the door,and the minute he registered in the sight of her,he was about to shut it back, but she stepped in the middle blocking his way,and she said, knowing that her face was already tear stricken - “Asad, please, just let me in, please…..”

Her tear stricken face, still managed to pull a string at his broken heart and soul,and it was only because of that,did he allow her in,and she stepped in and shut the door behind him and she watched him sit on the bed,as he stared into nowhere.

Zoya took small steps,as she walked and sat in front of him,as she asked softly - “ will you never look at me again??”

Something about that voice, pained him again,and he found himself looking at her, and the guilt, the pain, the anguish on her face was evident and he heard her speak - “ I am sorry, Asad, i am so so so sorry, for everything i have said, and for all the hurt iv caused you, i really am, Asad, i have no idea what came over me, although a part of my heart was wanting to stop me, from saying those things the rage, the anger,got the better of me, i dont know what happened, what fury blinded me….im sorry…i really am…”

Asad felt his anger rise as he caught her hair in a fist as he spat - “ you are sorry?? for what?? for breaking me?? for breaking every bit of this love, the trust, between us?? what are you sorry for dammit huh?? for breaking Asad Ahemed Khan, for sending him back into the darkness i had come over with so much difficulty, well here is some news, Zoya, i dont want your sorry, its not acceptable to me, and I dont want it because no matter what you say or do, can ever undo what you done to me, that you broken me, after all i gave you was pure love,i feel like a fool, i feel like a freaking idiot Zoya,and you'v done that to me, I begged you, to listen to me, to trust me, to believe me, but you didn’t,and it was so easy to believe someone else testimony over the words of the man you claim to love, over your husbands words….so easy wasn't it?? well congratulations you had your way,but you broke everything inside of me in the process…and now just makes me wonder if  you ever did really love me Zoya?? did you ever from your heart like did?? did you ever trust me?? like i did??? of course not,and i have been fooled enough, but not anymore, i want you to get out of here, get out of my room Zoya, i don't want you here, and im only keeping silent because of Khushi’s engagemnt, i do not want her to suffer because of her, i don't want to ruin things for her,even though you have ruined me and my life….”,and with that he finally let go of her, as she fell back.

Zoya got up immediately as she said walking up to him and she held his hand and made him turn around as she said, crying - “ Asad, please , i know , i ruined everything, i know i hurt you so bad, i broke you, but i hurt myself too, in the process, im hurting too, cant you see it, i was as miserable as you, Asad, please just look at me, pleaseee…..look into my eyes, im Zoya, your Zoya, please cant you forgive me just this once?? give me one chance, tell me how can i fix this, and i will, i will do everything that i can, i promise…you know, i love you, i love you so so damm much”

Those words, and the emotion that it was riling inside of him,made him turn as he finally looked at her his own tears threatening to leave his eye as he asked, sure his voice was loaded with wrenched pain and emotion - “ what kind of love is this Zoya??what kind of love that couldn't even make you trust me for a second, or even give me the benefit of doubt, i can’t do this Zoya, i cant ,trust and love are hand in hand in my belief systen,why did you have to break it all….just why dammit????? I cant undo anything, i cant undo what i felt, what i heard, how you made me feel, i can’t….Zoya…I can’t….”

Zoya knew he was vulnerable right now, just like she was, she had this one emotional window for a few minutes maybe,and she cupped his face tenderly as she asked stepping closer into him - “ why cant you?? i know you love me, i know you have it in your heart to forgive me, i know you do…”, and she kissed his cheeks and eyes as she whispered - “ im sorry, im so so so sorry….im sorry Asad, please….please forgive me”,and then she pulled him towards her as she started to kiss him.

Asad felt her kiss his cheeks and eyes and the minute he felt her lips on his and her kiss,he was shaken and frozen at the same time, he wanted to pull away,for a part of him he didn't want to touch her,or be touched by her, but a part of him wanted it to bad, probably one last time, his heart wanted to store in the memories of her forvever, because he knew once he would reveal about the annulment, he would be finishing everything, calling it all off,and the realisation that came along with it was immense,and extremely overwhelming,and it was only out of that little emotion that was left in his broken soul,did he finally get himself to start kissing her back.

Zoya finally felt his lips move on hers as he started to kiss her back,and she felt his hands go around her waist,and soon the kiss turned intense, very intense, for she was pouring all the love, the pain, the guilt, of how sorry she really was into it, and he was poring a lot of pain into it too, the pain she had caused him,and she finally broke apart as she looked into his eyes as she whispered - “ i just want you to know , that i truly am sorry Asad, i regret everything that i said, i do, i know i cant go back and undo it, because those words did leave my mouth and cause all this damage between us, and iv broken myself too, but still i know we can get past this, i know we can, remember all that we been through, we can get past this, if you are willing to give me one chance…thats all, one chance,and ill make everything ok…”

Asad listened to her, and every word,she was saying and with the conviction and the emotion,every bit of it, he wanted to believe her, he did want to beleive, but his mind wouldn't allow him,it wouldn’t, she was a beautiful trap he had fallen so badly for, and he had been blinded by love, so blinded, that it wasn't until he had everything inside of him had broken had he realised that probably falling in love with her ironically was at the same time the best and the worst to have happened to him.

It was strange, very strange because there was something extremely uniquely heartbreaking about this moment in his life.He wanted to still hold her,make love to her for one last time, before he shut himself out to her forever,and a part of him argued that he shouldn't just make any move and ask her to leave, because of he made love to her right now, he would give her a hope, a hope that would shatter very soon,because in his mind he was still sure that he wanted to go ahead with the annullment,and so he stool silent torn between his mind,and whatever was left of his emotion.He closed his eyes for a second, and let the emotion over rule him as she stepped towards her,and she stepped back,and he continued to do so, until her legs hit his bed.

Zoya looked at him, and that intensity in his eyes, on his face was something she had never seen before,but she couldn't read it, she couldn't understand as to what it was,and she asked - “ Asad, will you give me one chance?? are you willing to??”, but he kept a finger on her lips and gestured her to stay silent and she felt him pull her by the waist,as he bent forward and started to trail a line of kisses on the side of her neck,and before she could say anything,he had pulled her for a deep kiss.

She wanted to talk, she wanted to understand what was on his mind, but as she felt him caress her , touch her, and hold her close,she understood that he didn't want to talk right now,he had something else on his mind totally,as she felt him starting to undress her.

She didn't know what to make of this, was he doing this because he was willing to give her a chance but didn't know how to say it, maybe yes, that was what this was about,and because of that emotion that came over her at the thought the happiness, the hope that everything would be alright with time, made her heart finally beat again,and she finally gave in as she found herself started to respond to his touches.

He picked up her in his arms,as he lay her on the bed,and she finally opened her eyes and that same intensity in his eyes shook her being, because she couldn't read him, something was different in the way he had started to kiss her everywhere, caress her in the most intimate of places,but the affect his touches were having on her was the same,and she was sure she was going to loose every ability to think further,as she felt him enter her.She wrapped her legs around him,as she felt him move inside of her,in a way that was similar, yet so different,but she couldn't comprehend further,because she found herself getting lost,as Asad made love to her.


7 am

Asad woke up,and he turned to see Zoya next to him, and reality came crashing back into him.She was next to him, in his room, in his bed,yet he had never felt so apart from her ever,he knew she was guilty and sorry, but he couldn't help it, she had inflicted a wound that just wouldn't heal, a damage that she couldn't repair, just no one could.

He had made love to her last night over and over again,until the wee hours of the morning because that traitor of his broken heart and soul had wanted to store up everything it could collect,because he knew very soon, very very soon, everything would be over.He hadn't let her talk,or speak anything,even though she had tried,he had just silenced her everytime,because he knew there was nothing left to say.There was nothing she could say anymore,because no matter what,he couldn't forgive her, he couldn't be with her in the way same as before ever again and now very soon they were both going to be left with a trillion broken pieces of their hearts.

He walked to his washroom,and dressed up in his tracks, and he knew he wanted to go out and run.He need the air,he needed it greatly.

He stepped out the bathroom,and cast one last look at Zoya in his bed, he knew he would be seeing her like this, for one last time.He stayed back for a few minutes, watching her asleep ,and the emotion, the heartbreaking emotion made him finally tear away his eyes,as he made his way out.


8.30 AM

Dilshaad sipped her tea,and she smiled, today was a big day, a very big day, her daughter was getting engaged.

Ruksaar had told her that Asad had gone out for a run,and she thought that Khushi and Zoya would be still sleeping and she thought she would vile time by reading the newspaper,and she said- “ Ruksaar, where are the newspapers?? iv been so busy over the past couple days, i haven't had anytime to read the paper…”

Ruksaar smiled - “ khala, its right there, i just kept it in the stack along with the old ones, who reads the paper now anyway khala…its all on the phone…”

Dilshaad nodded as she walked over to the cabinet where they kept the stack of newspapers - “ but you cant get over the charm a newspaper has, ruksaar…”,and while picking up the papers,she dropped a few others,and she picked up to put them back,right when she thought a picture caught her eye, and it looked like Asad and Zoya.

She quickly picked up the paper,and started to read, and she felt shock, go through her,as she read what was written, why hadn't she known any of this, did her children know??

Right then Khushi walked in yawning in the kitchen - “ Ruksaar, my tea, please….”, but the minute she saw the expression on her mothers face ,she knew something was wrong ,and so she was by her side in a jiff, and she saw what she as reading, and she groaned, she should have thrown the paper out that day itself.

Dilshaad finally put the paper aside on the table,and she noticed Khushi and she asked - “ you all knew about this??”

Khushi nodded silently, and right then she saw her brother enter the kitchen and their mother picked up the paper and put it front of him surprising him as she asked - “ Asad, why didn't you tell me?? Khushi?? my poor Zoya….thats why the two of you have been so edgy, you think i wouldn't notice, oh god….”

Asad picked up the paper and threw it in the dustbin, after all ot was the piece of paper that had caused such great damage,and he said - “ ammi, relax, its all ok…we didn't want to tell you, because we dont want to cause you any stress…”

Khushi finally spoke - “ammi,bhaijaan is right, we didn't tell you because we didn't want you to stress, and its all sorted, i mean we  do know someone who hated Zoya was behind this, its really all sorted, relax…”, and she gestured her brother to keep silent about the rest that had happened in between.

Asad understood what Khushi wanted,and he nodded,because obviously he knew the truth about what had happened between him and Zoya,was going to disturb her greatly.

Dilshaad looked at her kids as she said - “ ok, fine, now i want the truth,khushi tell me,what exactly happened, how did you figure out who did this??”

Asad nodded as he gave Khushi the consent to filter the happenings to her mother,and he just sat silently as he heard his sister fill in his mother.


Zoya woke up, and she felt her hand reach out for Asad, and she didn't find him next to her and so she finally shot up in bed, and looked around the room, the washroom for him, but he wasn't there.

She looked at the time, he was probably downstairs,and so she quickly made her way to Khushi’s room,because thats where she had shifted her things, and went into the shower,and started to get ready,as she smiled to herself,as the thoughts of last night came back to her, Asad had made love to her over and over again, until wee hours of the morning,and although he hadn't let her talk, she did have hope, that things would get better with time, because if he didn't want to give her another chance,he wouldn't even have touched her.She still didn't understand what was on his mind, but atlas what had happened was enough to ignite that flicker of hope inside of her, that he did have it in his heart to forgive her.

She quickly got ready and made her way down, today was Khushi’s engagement and they all had to be at the Hotel, by Noon.For she wanted to be there,in the hall to oversee the decorations, she knew Khushi had to be at lunch with Arhaan’s uncle and aunt.And then at 4, the make up artist would be at the Hotel to get Khushi ready for the evening.God there was so so so much to do, and so little time.


As soon as she stepped down the last stair, and she saw Asad, Khushi’s serious expression as they spoke to ammi,and she heard what Khushi was telling her, she realised that she had seen the paper.God,just why was this happening??

Dilshaad saw Zoya and she walked over and she pulled her into a hug,and she was suprised, because if she had known the complete truth wouldn't she be mad at her for doubting Asad, and she looked at Khushi confused and both Khushi and Asad gestured to her that she didn't know the complete truth.She thanked them silently and she heard her say -“ Zoya, i am so sorry, for this to have happened, no matter what, the public humiliation that you and your family have been subjected too,was totally uncalled for, im so sorry, and if only Asad hadn't behaved recklessly that day, this wouldn't have happened….”,and Zoya saw her give her son a glare as he turned to him as she said -“ Asad you do realise,that no matter what the past, no matter what happened, the Raizada’s didn't deserve this, this humiliation, and im sure they have known this from the day it happened, unlike me, and i can obviously sense that they have kept silent and dealt with this humiliation because they didn't see any other way out,they are mad at Zoya obviously, but i will not stay silent, I will have no daughter of mine humiliated like this,and Zoya is your wife and my daughter, and that by default makes the Raizada’s family…and I'm going to make amends…”

Asad looked at his mother in disbelief - “ what the hell ammi?? did i just hear you right?? raizada’s family?? make amends, what are you saying?????you’v got to be kidding me.”

Khushi and Zoya stood silent as they watched Dilshaad walk up to Asad and she took him by the arm as she said - “ Asad, my son, don't let the hatred of the past ruin your present, do you think Zoya deserves this kind of humiliation,she and her family have been made into a laughing stock,she chose you, she  came with you no matter what, cant you see, how much she loves you??”

Asad looked at Zoya,and their eyes locked for a few seconds and he looked away how could he tell his mother that everything was ruined in the present and so he just stood silent and he heard her speak - “ for ten years iv abided by the boundary you laid for me for not talking to anyone from their family, but you do realise that you went ahead and tresspassed that boundaryy yourself, by falling in love and marrying Zoya, and no matter what you say, you cant always have your way,and now, i wont let you have your way…”

Asad started to speak - “ Ammi,…”

Dilshaad raised her hand to stop him ,and in a voice she knew her son couldn't argue with- “ enough, now you will listen to me,we are going to Shantivan right now,you and Zoya will come with me, You dont want to say anything, dont but i will apologise for this mess, and i will seek to make amends, I am going to respectfully invite them for Khushi’s engagement tonight,and request them to come, for Zoya’s sake,and you will call the media, and this shall be covered, and known that our families have reconciled for the two of your’s sake, it cannot undo the damage that has been done, but atlas thats the only way i can see us covering up for it….”

Asad looked at his mother in disbelief - “ammi, no way…and what makes you think they will listen to you anyway??”

Dilshaad looked at him in the eye as she said - “ i know they will, no one expect for you and Arnav, live with this hatred in their hearts….not even me, not even them, because we all know, that we all lost so so so much that day,what face am i going to show to Kkusum if she woke up one day and asked me, that her daughter had been subjected to this kind of humiliation,Asad, imagine if anyone did this to Khushi….”

Asad felt his blood boil as he spat - “ then i would have brought the hell down ammi,…”

Dilshaad nodded - “ i know, you would have, now im giving you thirty minutes, get ready and see me here, Zoya already is ready…and Khushiyou have Anjali’s number right? inform her that we would be coming….”

Khushi nodded,as she watched her brother stomp up the stairs and her mother made her way to the room and she finally looked at Zoya, who stood stunned and shocked and she walked over to her as she said hugging her - “ itl be ok, dont worry…”

Zoya - “ god, hes so angry again, Asad, and what am i going to say at home?? i don't even know if they want to see me…”

Khushi hugged her, she had her own worry creeping up, she didn't know how was Arnav going to react,she desperately hoped he didn't say anything to her mother in anger,god this was crazy,it was as if their life had become like a roller coaster,too much happening, too much adrenaline rush, too fast,or rather at the speed of light,she instructed herself to relax as she told Zoya - “ relax, im sure,ammi will handle it, ill just message Anjali di….”

Zoya nodded,and she waited silently for the two of them.


A few Minutes Later -

Khushi watched them leave, as her brothers car left the gates, and she sent a silent prayer ,that everything should be in control.

Right then her phone rang,and she saw Arhaans name flashing on the screen and she picked it up as she heard him - “ khushi good morning….”

Khushi walked in as she sighed - “ it should be Arhaan , since its the day we are getting engaged but i wish i could say that…”

She heard Arhaan’s worried voice on the other end - “what happened Khushi??”

Khushi sighed as she filled him about the events of what had just happened and she said - “ and i dont even know if bhaijaan spoke to Zoya and if they had sorted things out, just pray things dont get worse…”

Arhaan - “ they won’t Khushi relax, do you want me to come over right now?? i don't want you to be alone when you are so worried, and you were going to be here by Noon anyway, we can come together…”

Khushi - “ yes, i would like that Arhaan, you are the best…”

Arhaan - “ ok, ill be there soon, you dont worry much ok…”

Khushi - “ yeah, i won’t….”,and she hung up,and she tried to calm her nerves,but her heartbeat wouldn't come in control,and she found her thoughts wandering to Arnav and his reaction, at seeing her family in his house again.

She didn't know, what would happen, a part of her told her that hell would break loose, whereas a part of her told her that everything would be in control. 


Hate grinned as he said - “ well who cares what happens, atlas i dont, because i finally got what i wanted anyway, i just broke all your lovebirds apart…”

Fate scowled at Hate as he said - “ i officialy Hate you…”

Hate grinned - “ tell me something i dont already know…aha im so proud of myself…”

Fate - “ you plotted this sick idea in his idea in his head didn't you?? annulment of marriage….seriously Zoya is going to be heart beyond repair,because this is bad really, Zoya is going to be broken….so broken”

Hate grinned - “ if you ask me she deserves it ,thats why i did it, she broke him, he will break her…perfect recipe for the perfect revenge…and Arnav deserves it too,although Khushi didn't operate out of Hate, she's strange that girl, no matter how hard i try, i cannot enter her head,but iv succeeded in entering her brother’s and once Zoya knows of what he has done, i will rule her as well…..ahaaa i couldn't be more proud”,and he walked away putting on his earphones.

Fate finally looked at Destiny and Love who had been sitting silently and listening to him and Hate and he asked - “ seriously?? just going to sit silently you two?? none of you have anything to say?? Destiny, you tell me what kind of love is this??because i know if I'm going to Love, she's going to be cryptic…”

Destiny sighed as she said - “ all i can say, its the people who love with that intensity,can actually hate with the same intensity too, and hurt with an intensity even higher too, and thats just how it will turn out, i guess…its my script, but I'm pained as well….”

Fate looked at Love and he asked - “ what about the other two??”

Love finally spoke - “ well, you know what to be honest, im kind of proud of what Arnav did, he did take me by suprise, but letting her go, for her happiness,was the most selfless thing he has ever done, i didn't think he was capable of it at all, but he surprised me, looks like he has finally evolved and reached the point i wanted him too…”

Fate - “ but whats the point?? i know she is going to get engaged for sure…right??”

Destiny nodded - “ yes she will….”

Fate groaned - “ then??? such a mess , such a mess…”

Love nodded - “and a mess it shall remain,until they all realise, that they aren't on different stands, that people who love each other,often fall for this trap of differences, and they have to realise that they are on the same side, they always were…”


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Coming to Khushi first - She has forgiven Arnav for real, yes there is a part of her that will always be in love with him, always, but after all that has happened,she strongly feels that this kind of platonic ,intense,love is only capable of giving pain to each other,that its not right for the two of them, to be in Constant pain,hence the leap into marking a boundary,and being with Arhaan,because she knows even though Arnav doesn't believe in marriages, the sacredness of a matrimony is a line,a boundary he will never cross.She wants to save both herself and him from the constant pain,but she doesn't realise for now is that the only way they can do that, is by being with each other.

Zoya - She is deeply guilty about what happened, and it tears her apart to know that she was the one is responsible for the wedge in between of her and Asad,so right now she is in a very very vulnerable state of both in her mind and heart,due to both  family and personal problems.So she is trying to do her best to make up for the blunder,and also letting herself go with the flow of how things are happening.

Coming to Arnav - Arnav Singh Raizada,has finally evolved into the person he could be, that he was in his heart before the tragedy struck,but with a very very heavy price to pay. Like explained before he only let Khushi go because he believes he cant make her happy and Arhaan can.He had wished something else for himself and Khushi, but for the first time, he deceided to let destiny overrule his decision only because he loves Khushi so deeply.It happens like that ,the people who dont believe in love, end up falling in it , in the most deepest way, and its just one way into it, there is no turning back,and so no matter what, Arnav will always love only Khushi.

Coming to Asad - Like Dilshaad mentioned, that darkness is inside of him,and when he it takes over, he will destroy himself and everything round him, and its unfortunate but Zoya has kind of pushed him over the cliff back into it.He is heartbroken and shattered,because he did from his heart forgive her from his heart for the Lie of her name,and even after that the accusations that were hurled at him, broke him deeply,and although he loves Zoya intesly , he also hates her now and wishes to hurt her and break her too.Also the reason why he made love to her, was actually due to his emotions overruling him because in his heart he knew that that would be the last time he had Zoya with him,and the true emotion was that he wanted to store every memory of that expression of their beautiful love, which was now broken.However, yes, it is a point of concern,though if you see from the other side.He is taken over by darkness completely and no light can reach him now, its sad but as Khushi worst fear that her brother’s darkness never deserved to see the light of the day again, has finally come true.

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Chapter 32 - RIPPED

Its Unfortunate

Its Heartbreaking 

Its A Pain

That Shakes the Soul

The Pain That Seers through My Being

When the Realisation Struck

That I was The One

Who brought this Upon Us

The Soul Shattering Pain As I Realise

That I Ripped Your Heart

That I Ripped Your Soul

The Soul Shattering Pain As I Realise

That I Ripped My Heart

That I ripped My Soul



Anjali listened carefully as Arnav filled her in about everything that had happened with Khushi last night, and about how he had gone to the hospital to be with their mother,and by that look on his face,she knew that something deep inside of him, in his heart, and in his mind and probably in his soul, had changed completely,good because, he had finally evolved in his love, bad,because he had paid a very heavy price in return.

A very high price indeed. 

She sighed as she sat next to him as she touched his shoulder - “ You did the right thing, Chotte, but im sorry, i am so sorry, that this happened…”

Arnav nodded and held his sisters hand for some comfort - “ and i dont have anyone else to blame but myself, di, and thats really what hurts the most….anyway theres something else that i want to do now…”

Anjali looked at his pained yet taut face and she asked cautiously - “ what??”

Arnav - “ I need to see Asad, and i need to talk to him…”

Anjali was now shell shocked as she asked - “ what?????? what did you just say??”

Arnav sighed - “ Theres something you should know di…”, and he started telling her about everything Khushi had told him, in regards to why Asad hadn't supported him for investigation all those years ago.

Anjali felt tears welling up as she whispered - “ I knew there had to be a strong reason Chotte, deep down in my heart i always believed there had to be something more to that, or else Asad wouldn't have turned his back to you on the investigation,and now we know….”

Arnav brushed his hand in his hair as he said - “ di, i don't know why he didn't tell me any of this then…and thats a question i need to ask him,because we were best friends weren't we, we grew up together, why couldn't he come to us, and tell us about what happened to Dilshaad aunty, why did he have to take it in all alone, from what i heard and know from Khushi, it was the darkest night of his life, probably just like how it is for all of us…”

Anjali looked at him as she asked - “ does this information help you see him in a different light Chotte??”

Arnav sighed - “ well to be honest, i am still hurt very hurt over the fact that he didn't give us the benefit of doubt, us as in to dad,that he didn't believe me when I asked him to see that there was more than what met the eye here, but yes, the hatred that immense hatred, that i felt for all these years,has vanished di, all of a sudden just like that, i don't hate him anymore, now that i know,his reason.You know i hated him more ,thinking that my best friend, betrayed me like none other and went behind my back and without even taking to me once, took the decision,the decision to halt the investigation,to clear up the mess,that he took the decision in a jiffy ,the decision that changed everything between him and me,and did the damage that our fathers couldn't do.And now that I know, all i want to know is why couldn't he come to me, and tell me just once, maybe just maybe I would have understood back then, i was a different person, wasn't i, di…??”

Anjali sighed - “ Yes, and like Khushi said, that , thats a question only he has the answer too,but im glad she told you about this Arnav, after everything that happened between you two, i know she loves Asad and Zoya, but somewhere i know she did tell you,this for you…because she loved you truly,and maybe probably always will, i have seen it in her eyes, she may move on, but she will never stop loving you, but only silently maybe like in a dream,because in reality that dream just broke the two of you in different ways maybe, but it did break you both…”

Arnav nodded - “ I know, I know di, and thats why for her, as in I know,she wants me to do this, and for once i will do what Khushi wants, and i will put everything aside, and talk to Asad….”

Anjali looked at her brother in shock and in sadness, something had really happened overnight and she asked - “ you changed overnight, Chotte??”

Arnav looked at her solemnly as he said - “ Maybe yes, maybe not, I am still who I am, but you know as I sat with maa last night with her hand on my head and the silence,the pain i was feeling the tears that left my eyes, i just realised that I had finally evolved to Maa’s Chotte at the matters of the heart, something she always believed  I could become, something that had been shadowed by hatred, pain of betrayal…by the pain of loss….but why did i have to pay such a heavy price for it di?? Why did I have to loose the only girl  I have ever truly loved,and this pain just shakes me, as i realise that i was the one who ripped everything apart, that I ripped her heart and soul,that i ripped my heart and soul in the process….why di….why????”

Anjali kissed his forehead,and she spoke - “  I wish i could answer you chotte, i wish i had an answer to your question….”,and with that she pulled her broken brother into a hug, she knew he needed it.

And right then her phone beeped,and she pulled aside and looked at it,and she she said - “ Chotte, Khushi, just messaged me…”

Arnav looked surprised - “Khushi??? what happened??”

Anjali showed him her phone and he read her message :

“Di, ammi saw the newspaper article this morning, we had been hiding it,but somehow she just saw it, she is so mad over what happened, i told her everything expect for the misunderstanding between bhaijaan and Zoya, and she wanted to see you all, and apologise for the humiliation in person,Zoya is like me to her, her daughter, and she loves her so much. They are on their way to come see you all, bhaijaan , Zoya and Ammi. She asked me to let you know, di please handle the situation, i have no idea how will he react, he as in Arnav, will you please stop him from doing anything more destructive?? I dont want Zoya to be hurt in the process, and if he hurts her further, he will hurt himself even more, you know thats how he is,please just handle everything,and if possible keep me informed…thanks…”

Arnav shut his eyes and he opened them again as he read again - “will you stop him from doing anything more destructive?? If he hurts her further, he will hurt himself even more,you know thats how he is…”

Arnav straightened up as he looked at his sister - “ di, why dont you go and inform everybody, ill just come down…ask the guard to let them in….”

Anjali asked cautiously - “ you aren't angry are you??”

Arnav felt his muscles twitch in his throat as he fought back emotion that wasn't anger, it was everything but anger - “ No, im not di…for once im going to handle it calmly…if not for myself, for Zoya i will, she is a part of that family now…”, and for Khushi he added silently.

Anjali nodded,and she made her way out.

Arnav watched her leave, and he walked to his washroom and washed his face with cold water again and again,as he recalled Khushi’s text message, he felt it, he could feel that care in her words despite everything he knew she still cared,and he was truly undeserving of her in every sense.

And he knew he had ripped them apart, he had ripped everything with his own hands,and no matter how much it pained him, he couldn't blame Khushi for doing what she was, even though he knew that deep down she would be ripping herself apart even more.

It was strange ,so so strange that the two had loved each other with so much intensity ,and yet ripped each others heart and soul.

He wiped his face with a towel,and looked at his reflection in the mirror, he had lost Khushi, he had lost everything, now there was nothing to loose,it for her he would handle this calmly, for her he would look at things differently.For her, he wouldn't do anything more self-destructive.

For Khushi, it was time to make ammends, he couldn't  have her back,but he knew this would make her happy,and after everything he had done, this was the least he could do.

And he would.


Asad pulled into the gates of Shantivan,and he was suprised, when the guard opened the gates without any questions,and he finally brought the car to a halt in front of the main door.He had agreed to this, only for his mother, because she had used a tone, she hadn't used with him in years, and he knew it that this time around, she wouldn't let him have his way, and a part of him that trecherous heart did tell him that maybe he had agreed to this for Zoya’s sake too.But he brushed that thought aside,and he knew Zoya had been looking at him,but he didn't want to look at her and so he stepped out, without giving her a glance.

Zoya looked at Asad from the corner of her eye, something was different so so different, his silence was stony and very scary at the same time,and she couldn't read him at all, it was as if he had locked himself up somewhere far from her ,emotionally. She wanted to get him to look at her, but he didn’t,and he got out the car and finally opened the door,as Dilshaad stepped out,with the beautiful packet in which Khushis engagement card and a box of sweets was enclosed and when she saw the two of them waiting for her,she finally stepped out ,she didn't know what to feel or say and so she just followed them silently.


Nani,Mami,Mama, Payal and Akash, Shyam and Anjali had all gathered in the living room,and they all were equally shocked to see Arnav sitting in the wing chair in front of them, in way that was very calm and composed,and it was completely impossible to believe that he was waiting with that kind of calm for the moment, that was making everyone else very nervous.

For they were all waiting for Dilshaad, Asad and Zoya.

Akash walked upto his sister and he whispered - “ di, is that really bhai, i mean how can be so calm and composed…??”

Anjali whispered back to him - “ sometimes, the things you cant change end up changing us, Akash….”

Akash understood what she meant and he looked at his pained brother and asked - “ he's in so much pain, isn't he di??”

Anjali nodded.

And right then she saw HP open the main door,and the minute she saw Dilshaad, she felt her tears well up, she had been like a mother to her,and she couldn't believe she was seeing her waking through these doors again, after all these years,she had never thought of this day being possible,but then lately a lot of things had been happening that she had never expected, so she gestured her Nani and they both started to walk to the main door, to greet them.

Nani looked at Dilshaad,and the minute she stood in front of her, she instantly pulled her into a hug, she was her daughters best friend after all, infact she smiled at the distinct memory of how Dilshaad had promised her that she would always watch out for Kkusum at the day of the wedding, to console a weeping mother and she had been secured with a knowledge that her daughter was surrounded by a lot of people who genuinely loved her.

Dilshaad hugged Devyani and she finally let go as she whispered - “ maa, its been so many years….”

Nani smiled as she said - “and i never thought id hear those words from you ever again…”

Dilshaad wiped a tear from her eye as she said - “its so so good to see you…”

And with that she turned to Anjali and gestured her to come to her, and she did, and hugged Dilshaad and she brushed her hair tenderly as she said - “ you changed so so much Anjali…but in a good way….”

Anjali smiled and she gestured everyone to come in,and Dilshaad greeted everyone one by one.

It had been a decade, since he had last seen her.He had never thought he would be facing her ever again,no matter what happened in the past,and no matter how much he had hated her son, Arnav could never in his heart feel any kind of disrespect for this woman, who had played an equal important role in his life, before the tragedy had struck.

Arnav watched her silently, a figure who had been no less than a mother to him, she was also Khushi’s mother,and the minute she came face to face with him, the raw emotion inside of him made him get up from his chair in an instant and he hugged her briefly surprising the living daylights out of everyone in the room and probably even her,and he watched her touch his cheek gently as she said - “ Arnav, iv seen a thousand pictures of you, in the paper or in the TV, and god only knows how much i wanted to see you for real, myself….”

Arnav knew where all this was coming from, he had always been so close to her in the good old days,she was the one who had saved him so many times from his mothers anger and wrath at his mischief whilst he grew up, and his mother had been the same for Asad,and he just touched her hand on his face and nodded in acknoledgement of the emotion that had been exchanged between the two of them and spoke softly - “ why dont you sit down, please??”

Dilshaad nodded and she finally took the chair.

Asad stood stunned and shocked, and probably he knew he was as shocked as Zoya who stood silently looking at the re-union between his mother and Zoya’s family.And he realised in that one moment, that all this while his mother had only refrained from this family, because of him,because in her heart she still had the same affection and love as she had all this years ago.

Zoya stood stunned,too stunned, she didn't know whether to feel happy or sad,because she had wanted this hadn't she?? a moment like this for their families, for the sake of their love, and as it was happening, it broke her as she realised that, that energy of love and affection was missing between Asad and her,because of course Asad was still so mad at her.

Anjali looked at the stunned Zoya and Asad and she called back - “Zoya and Asad?? Come on in…”

Asad was shocked,at the atmosphere he was seeing in front of him, it was everything different from what it was when he had last been here, when he had claimed Zoya was his wife and taken her with him. That day everything was tense and electrically unwelcoming, and today even though he had expected it to be like that, it wasn’t. No one had said a word to him or Zoya yet, and still as they walked towards everyone they nodded in acknowledgement of their presence to the two of them,Asad realised that even in this silence, they were welcomed in Shantivan,something he had never expected to happen ever again.

Zoya sat down in silence and Payal came and sat next to her and hugged her briefly as she said in her ear - “ smile a little will you?? dont worry, everything will be fine…”

Zoya gave her a small smile and she saw her Jiju, Akash and Nani and mama, mama, smile at her warmly and she just walked upto them one by one, and hugged them,she had so much to say,but in that moment she knew that her silence was being understood.

She felt Anjali pulling her into a hug as she said with tears in her eyes,as she hugged her - “ my little baby…”

Zoya came face to face with her brother and she thought he would look away ,and not say a word and she was shocked as she felt him touch her hair briefly and he kissed her forehead  as he said softly - “ good to see you, Zoya, really good to see you….”

Zoya looked at him in shock and she felt tears strain her cheeks as she asked through the tears - “ bhai, im so so so sorry, will you ever forgive me??”,and then she hugged him and wept some more.

Arnav hugged her for a while and he pulled back and he said - “ i wont say that I have Zoya, but i can say that I will try….I cant be mad at you for falling in love, although i am still a little mad at you for how you went about it…but maybe i am ready to give you a window and understand that the two of you didn't have any other way out at that time…and just so you know, I dont disapprove of your choice Zoya, Asad is a good man,and you are lucky to have him…”

Everyone went silent ,as those words left his mouth but not more shocked and stunned as Asad Ahemed Khan.

Asad couldn't believe his ears, did he just hear what he had heard??

This was Arnav telling Zoya that she was lucky to have him.

He looked at Arnav in disbeleif, sure that the sun had probably risen from the west today, for such a thing to have happened.

But he didn't say anything, he just maintained his stony silence,and sat down on the sofa and Zoya sat next to him, and they all took their seat an sat in silence for a while, each thinking of how to break the ice that had suddenly taken over the air.

How do you break a silence that had lasted for a decade??

Dilshaad finally took a deep breathe as she spoke - “ I saw that newspaper this morning, my children, Asad , Khushi and Zoya, had been successful in hiding it from me until this morning, or i would have come here before, I am sorry for th humiliation that you all have faced, even though it wasn't the intention of my son to humiliate or insult you all..in anyway….but it happened nonetheless, and for that I would like to apologize, for i know whatever happened in the past for bitter and ugly for all of us, but no, you all didn't deserve this, and especially not Zoya, she's like my daughter,she is as dear to me as my little Khushi, how am i ever going to show my face to my god, or to Kkusum if she woke up one day, if i didn't come here to seek amends and apologize”

Mami,Mama, Akash,Payal and Shyam and Anjali sat silently because they were all very overwhelmed with the situation and they all looked at Nani in anticipation as she was the head of the family and it was right then as they heard Nani clear her throat as she looked at her grandson who then silently gestured her to handle the matter through his eyes and she spoke - “Dilshaad, beta, we know the truth, Anjali bitiya told us everything, it wasn't any of your’s fault, not yours too Asad…unfortunate to have happened,and yes humilating too, but ita alright, we have come to terms with it…”,she said looking at Asad.

Asad looked at Nani and he finally spoke softly - “Thank you, but ammi, is right, it did happen unintentionally through me anyway,and for that I am sorry, I truly am…”,and then he looked at all the family members one by one and finally at Arnav, hi long lost best friend as he spoke in a calm and composed voice - “I maybe shouldn't have dropped the bomb on all of you like I did,and i truly mean it when i say that this humiliation came your way in the way it did…and to be honest,i wasn't thinking straight, took a reckless decision..and obviously paid a very price for it”, he finished looking at Zoya referring to the price being his broken heart and soul.

Zoya looked at him and their eyes locked for a few seconds and she knew what he meant,and she felt her very own heart break,as she heard him cover up as he said - “ in the sense that Zoya had to face all this nonsense being written…”

Arnav nodded in return as he finally spoke - “ I understand….its alright Asad…”

Asad looked at him suprised, why was Arnav so calm and composed and he asked in shock - “ you do??”

Dilshaad took the opportunity as she took tha packet from aside of her and she handed it to Nani and she heard her ask - “ Dilshaad, whats this??”

Dilshaad gave her a small smile as she said - “ I dont know if you know, that tonight is Khushi’s engagement,this is the invitation card, i truly wish for all of you to come, we were all family once until Asad and Arnav marked these walls around us, but now since Asad and Zoya are married which makes us all a family again,for Zoya’s sake, please?? will you accept my invitation??”

Arnav felt his insides go still has he realised what Dilshaad was saying, and right then he heard his Nani speak ,as she smiled at took the packet from her - “ we will be there, from what Anjali told me, i know Khushi has always been so kind and loving for our Zoya,why wont we be a part of her celebration, of course we will be,after all what am i going to answer Kkusum if she were to wake up one day, you do know she loved Khushi just like her own….she gave her , her name didn't she??”

Dilshaad wiped a tear from the corner of her eye as she said - “ Ofcourse, and also i have asked Asad to let the party be covered by the media,so that they will know we have taken steps to reconcile for Asad and Zoyas sake, i know it wont change what happened, but atlas in some way it will cover up for the humiliation that Zoya and you all had to face…”

Zoya watched her sister and her brother and she knew the gestures that were being exchanged between the two of them,she knew Anjali knew, the gravity of what was being said to her brother.

Anjali was about to say that she would come but was going to make a excuse for her Chotte knowing that it was going to be so so hard for him , but before she could say anything, she heard him say looking at Dilshaad and Asad - “ we will be there, like Nani said, and actually its good idea aunty from the media coverage point of view, all of us will be there…”

Asad looked at Arnav skeptically,something was seriously wrong with him today, sun had seriously risen from the west today and he asked in shock - “ you will come to my sisters engagement??”

Arnav looked at Asad and replied curtly - “ of course, i will, Khushi has been a great friend to Zoya and I respect that, we will all be there…have you called for the media coverage?? if you haven’t, i can…”

Asad was baffled and very taken aback by his reply but he said - “ no, thats alright, i haven't yet, because i didn't know whether you all would agree,anyway now i will ,but thanks….ammi should we go now?? we do have a lot to do today…”

Dilshaad nodded - “yes, we should get going now, but we shall see you tonight…”

Anjali nodded as she said - “ yes, for sure…”

Arnav wanted to stop Asad because he wanted to talk to him, but he refrained, maybe another day,today and especially this moment wasn't the right time.

Zoya got up as she started to follow Asad out and she said - “ im sorry di, bhai, i have to go now, i mean theres a lot i need to oversee…”,and she thought she saw her brothers flinch in pain at the reference of Khushi’s engagement,but she couldn't say anything to him at that moment so she just stayed silent.

Anjali hugged Zoya and kissed her on the forehead as she said - “ go now, we will see you in the evening…”

Zoya nodded, and giving one last smile to her family,she followed Asad and Dilshaad out.

Dilshaad sat down in the car and she smiled,and she looked at Asad who had started to drive as she smiled at Zoya - “ now see, that went well didn't it?? although i didn't expect it to…but it did, sometimes life surprises us…cmon Zoya, give me a smile now atlas…”

Zoya turned back and smiled at her as she said - “ yes ammi, that went well, im sure they will forgive me now….”

Dilshaad -“ofcourse sooner or later they would have Zoya, they love you….people who love you, do forgive…”

Zoya looked at Asad and she hoped he would look at her or give her some gesture, his tony silence towards her was now worrying the hell out of her and a chill went down her spine as she heard him ask her mother in a ice cold voice- “ammi, do people who love forgive, even if their heart and soul has been ripped apart??”

Dilshaad shrugged as she said - “ whats with you?? huh??anyway i cant say,for family yes, but otherwise, i dont know, love and forgiveness is subjective Asad…”

Asad just nodded and continued to drive and he knew Zoya was desperately looking at him trying to get some sort of a reaction out of him but he wouldn't give her any reaction,and he instructed his mind to concentrate on his sisters engagement for now.

Zoya looked at him,and she had never seen him like this, something was seriously off, very very off,and she realised she had done this to him hadn't she?? Like he had said - she had ripped his heart and soul, but did he knew that she had ripped her very own heart and soul too??

She just stared out of the window in silence, and she didn't know why she felt her heart grip in fear because that stony and steely calmness that was coming out of Asad was indicating,that a storm was indeed about to come her way.


Arnav stared at the invitation card in his hand,after they had left,everyone had dispersed to their respective rooms, in the hope to let it all sink in, that the silence that had almost lasted a decade had been broken today,and it wasn't broken because his mother had woken up from Coma, but for Zoya’s sake,and he had broken it also for Khushi’s sake.

As soon everyone had left, he had picked up the engagement card out of the packet and taken it with him and brought it to his room, and only when he had reached his poolside he had opened it,and the minute he had looked at the card, his eyes could only read the specific lines which read :

Khushi Ahemed Khan


Arhaan Khan.

He stared at it continuously and the pain that seemed through his being was as if everything inside of him had just been ripped again and again.

Khushi & Arhaan.

Dammit, just when he thought he wouldn't be capable of feeling any more pain, he felt it even more, and now that he was going to be there, how would he bear it?? Could he really see Khushi getting engaged to someone else with his own eyes??

Yes, he could,and it was as if life and fate’s way of punishing him for being so cruel to Khushi, then now it was a punishment he was willing to accept at any cost,and not just that he had to see for himself, that Khushi stepped into a new phase of her life with a smile on her face.She deserved every bit of the happiness, he couldn't give her.

Right then he heard Akash’s voice behind him - “ you dont have to Bhai, i mean we all will go,you dont have to do this…”

He turned and he saw his sister and brother stand and watch him worriedly and he heard his sister say - “ Chotte, dont, you dont please dont do this to yourself…you know it will ripp you apart, ill come up with some excuse….”

Arnav turned at handed the card to Anjali as he said - “ No, di, please don’t, i have to be there, for Zoya’s sake,aunty is right the only way the media will stop inspecting into my sisters love life,we have to give the impression that we have taken steps to reconcile, it wont matter if you all are there and i am not, everyone knows me and Asad are the root cause of the enemity…I have to be there…”

Akash - “but bhai…”

Anjali protested - “ but Chotte…”

Arnav looked at his sister - “ get some gifts arranged di, for Khushi, from our side, ok??”

Anjali looked at him baffled but she just nodded as she watched him leave his room,and she looked at the card in her hands,and she heard Akash ask - “ di, im so worried for him, why does he want to do this to himself, like you said, i can sense it'll rip him apart…”

Anjali sighed as she wiped a tear from her eye - “ for Zoya’s sake too and also because he wants to punish himself Akash, but i know he wont be able to take it, in his heart he is sensitive,my chotttee…”

Akash looked at her helplessly as he asked - “ can we stop him??”

Anjali said, with sadness loaded in her voice - “ no we can’t…i just know, we can’t….”


ITC Maurya - 830 PM

Khushi looked at her reflection in the mirror,as she saw the artists leave, and she smiled at a little,because she couldn't believe this was her, for once ,she knew as in she agreed to what the artist had told her before she had left, that she was looking gorgeous and radiant.

Zoya shut the door,as she walked towards Khushi,and she smiled.

Khushi was looking gorgeous, so so so gorgeous,and mesmerising,and she was so happy that they had bought her this  subtle gold sequential sharara,and the best part was that it wasn't too heavy for the occasion, it was just perfect,and the artist had done her job well,for Khushi’s makeup was light,natural and yet captivating and flawless, and the deep red colour lip colour that she had used, just highlighted Khushi’s angelic beauty even more.She smiled as she kissed Khushi on the head,and said - “ seriosuly, you do know you look gorgeous Khushi, even i cant take my eyes off you….”

Khushi pressed Zoya’s hand on her shoulder and she smiled - “ Zoya, i could say the same, im sure one look at you and bhaijaan is surely going to forget all his anger…”,for Zoya looked no less than an angel herself, in the delicate yet heavy intricated pink anarkali.

Zoya stiffened,a little, because of course she had just come up to get Khushi down to the hall,and Asad hadn't even looked at her in the eye , but she didn't want Khushi to worry so she lied - “ yes im sure, but lets not talk about your bhaijaan and me right now ok?? everything will be fine, i dont want you to worry for us right now…iv come to take you down…the guests have arrived, Khushi,its time…”

Khushi looked at her reflection one last time,she touched the dupatta which was neatly tucked in and pinned on her shoulder and she saw Zoya look at her with a little worry in her eyes,and she turned as she asked - “ whats wrong??”

Zoya looked at her and she asked - “ Khushi, you do know once you go down,you will be engaged for real, there will be no looking back, are you sure this is what you want?? are you really really sure?? look im just worried for you Khushi, I really am….are you sure Arhaan is the one and not…”,and she felt her voice trail away.

Khushi spoke softly - “and not Arnav…thats what you want to know right??”

Zoya nodded - “ look between you and me nothing is hidden,Khushi, no prettiness , no judgements, then please somewhere in my heart something just doesn't feel right, it doesn't feel right to me…”

Khushi gave her a small smile as she said - “ just because a story isn't complete doesn't mean that its of less significance Zoya, I know why you are feeling this ok, because you love your brother and me equally, but just because we couldn't make it work,does not mean I will ever belittle what I felt for him,I did love him,and maybe a part of me always will, even today,even right now, but you do realise thats precisely one of the reasons why i have to do this, i cant make him happy Zoya,no matter what i do I can’t, in that case we both can't ,its complicated to mess with Zoya,and you know trying to make it work has taxed us both, drained us both, its the kinda of love that hurts, just hurts so damm much,be it through love, distrust, or pain or even manipulation, we both thought we were going to be different this time, but no, its like a cycle we were stuck in,we thought that somehow this time around it would be different,and yet when we tried,it somehow ends up being worse than before and you have no idea, how painful that is Zoya, for me and even for him, I know it is, its injurious to our mental health and well being,its unbalanced, its crazy and its insane,so dramatic, so addictive,because its like in between us there is a roller coaster of highs and lows, Its the love i wished it were right, that i know he wished it were right, but it isn't right Zoya, I cant keep up with this, so its the best to do what I am doing, i need to move on, and i know he will too with time, Arhaan does love me, and its the love i never saw coming,and who knows maybe it will come to me with time so easily and it wont seem possible right now, but who knows,right???”, she finished and she instantly felt better saying it all loud to Zoya.

Zoya looked at her with concern as she said - “ you do know, all this sounds pretty convincing but to the mind Khushi, what does your heart say??”

Khushi sighed, Zoya knew her way too well, could she tell her that somewhere in her heart it wasn't feeling right too,but she refrained as she lied - “ my heart Zoya, for the first time is in sync with my mind….”

Zoya looked at her in the eye as she said  holding her hand ans she kissed it - “ if thats what you want, then im with you, but just so you know, he is here, i mean my family arrived a couple of minutes ago, bhai is here too…”

Khushi felt her eyes widen on its own as she asked softly - “ he came??? i thought he wouldn't come…i mean when you all came back and told me that your family would be coming, i thought everyone else would come, but not him”

Zoya nodded - “ yeah me too, but by that look on his face, i know why he came…”

Khushi felt herself ask softly - “ why??”

Zoya touched Khushis hair which had been set to soft curls,as she shifted a stand behind her shoulder and she looked at Khushi in the eye - “ he wants to punish himself, i guess…”

Khushi closed her eyes for a second,was he really here??? Why??? She fought a sudden ruff of emotions that burst in her heart, she couldn't believe she would have to see Arnav in front of her, on her engagement with Arhaan.

But maybe, it was something they both needed to do,she had to get engaged in front of him, and he had to be a witness to it, some cruel twist of destiny perhaps.

Right then Zoya’s phone rang and she picked it up as she said - “ yes, ammi, we will be down in a minute….”

Khushi composed herself as she gave Zoya a small smile - “cmon Zoya, lets go…”

Zoya sighed, there was nothing more she could do and so she just nodded and led Khushi out of the door.


Meanwhile Simultaneously 

Dilshaad greeted a few guests and she walked and stood next to Anjali and Nani as she said - “ i have to thank you all so much for coming again, thank you so much, this means a lot to me….”, and she took Nani’s hand,and kissed it.

Devyani Malik looked at the woman in front of her,she had been like a daughter to her and she smiled - “ you dont need to thank me again, i have faith that a small step today,can be a beginning to bridging the gap our sons had marked in between of us….”

Anjali smiled at Dilshaad - “ aunty, im sure, it will be, nani is right, i can already see the few of your friends, whispering around as to how, we all have reconciled,and thats the only reason why we could be here, it was a good idea…”

Dilshaad looked around,and she saw a few of the guests look at Asad, who was standing with Akash, Arnav, and Shyam across, and he was saying something,and then she saw the guests talk amongst themselves ,and she obviously knew what the topic of discussion was and she said - “ yes i agree Anjali, anyway, ill just be back…i need to see Arhaan’s aunt for a minute…”

Anjali and Nani nodded,and they watched Dilshhad leave and right then Anjali looked at her brothers taut face as she caught him scanning the crowd,ofcourse he ws wanting to see Khushi.And she knew everything inside of him was breaking,and if this idea was good for Zoya, she knew it was the worst possible idea for her Chotte. Right then Payal walked up to them as she said - “ so maa has met a friend of hers,and im glad, i could escape from there, oh the outrageous stories of their college days, di…anyway wheres Zoya and you know what, i really want to see Khushi for real, i mean from what Zoya tells me, she is really pretty isn't she di?? you’v met her havent you??and iv just seen Arhaan, hes handsome, probably a good match,good for them isn't it??”

Anjali - “yeah, maybe…good for Khushi”

 Payal smiled - “im just so happy that we came, for Zoya , i knew we would, just like i know we all have forgiven her in our hearts…”

Anjali nodded as she whispered softly - “ oh yes, that we have….”


Asad had greeted a few of his associated from the industry and then ammi’s guests, and the minute he had seen the Raizada’s arrive, he had been suprised, he didn't think for real that they would actually come, but then he remembered what his mother had conveyed, and he knew that no matter how annoyed they were with Zoya,they did love her,and thats why they were here, for their daughter.They had probably forgiven her in their hearts.

His eyes had scanned the room for Zoya, she had welcomed a few guests standing along side of him and then gone to get Khushi.

She was looking out of this world, one look at her and he had been bowled over, but then reality struck, and he did feel that it was so much better to continue living in the dreamland, in the dreamland in which everything was rosy in his head, in between of him and Zoya where he believed that they had a love that could bear any storm,because now that the reality had struck,and he had open his eyes to the brutal truth that fate had thrown on his face,it had just ripped his heart,ofcourse he should have known,he wouldn't be that lucky ,life wouldn't ever be that kind to him.In his dreams yes, but in real never.

Because he knew in his heart that he could never forgive Zoya,he could never forgive nor could he forget how she had made him feel.He had forgiven her once before, for lying to him about who she was, he had forgiven her hadn't he, really from the heart,and what had he got in return?? He had been a fool to think that his act of love had been acknowledged and appreciated,but no, she had doubted everything about him,all the accusations that she had hurled at him had to be buried deep down in her head and mind.

He had fooled himself once before, he had let his heart win,but now he just couldn't stop his mind from ruling over because it had shut himself in that known shackles of darkness once again.

And he was sure about his decision,and he knew that as this party was over, he would be telling her about his decision.About his decision to annul their marriage.

He had seen Arnav introduce Shyam and Akash to few of the common business associates,and he had to be courteous and so he walked up to them as he said - “ i didn't think you all would come for real, but thank you…”

Akash looked at Asad and he said - “ we would of course, for Zoya….shes our little sister….we cant be mad at her forever…”

Shyam gave him a small smile as he said - “ My wife speaks highly of you Asad and also of Khushi,we didn't have to think twice on this decision, and honestly it can be for the best…”

Asad gave him a small smile - “ Anjali di, always been very kind to me…thank you…”

Asad looked at the camera flashing at all of them and he said dryly - “ thats why i dont allow the media, there they go, im sure this will be all over news tomorrow, but unlike the rest, thats what we want in this case, of course…”

Arnav watched his jiju and Akash give them a nod as they walked a little afar, probably leaving the two of them in one frame for the media to spot and he spoke,looking at Asad - “ I know you are hurt, Zoya shouldn't have doubted you…”

Asad looked at Arnav shocked,but he smiled because he knew he was under the scanner right now - “ How do you know??”

Arnav said dryly - “ from di ofcourse, and i also remember, that forgiveness doesn't come easily to you, Asad…”

Asad gave him a small nod as he said - “ thats between Zoya and me…and i know you are her brother…but…”

Arnav nodded as he sipped his drink - “ but that doesn't give me any right to interfere, and I won’t, i agree its between you and Zoya to sort out and cope up with, I know she has hurt you a lot,…but i would still like you to know that she really is sorry,i can see it on her face…”

Asad replied dryly - “and sometimes it isn't enough….”

Arnav knew,ofcourse he had experienced it himself,sometimes no apology could ever be enough and he looked at Asad and his taut face again,he had known him well,and he knew his sister had messed up big time, just like him because unlike Khushi,forgiveness didn't come easily to Asad Ahemed Khan.

Arnav jumped straight to the point - “ why didn't you tell me??”

Asad - “excuse me??tell what??”

Arnav - “ tell me that aunty got a heart attack that night,and she was the reason why you didn't support me for the investigation?? we were family weren't we?? if not for that sake, atlas we were friends Asad,best of friends, we grew up together, why didn't you tell me??why couldn't you come to me, or any of us in the family, like for example di, you were always so close to her too weren't you, then why didn’t you??????”

Asad asked shocked - “ you know?? how????..”,and then it dawned on him and he said - “ofcourse Zoya told you…”

Arnav was now shocked - “ Zoya??”.Zoya knew about this?? then why didn't she ever tell him?? Maybe ofcourse, she didn't have any way of explaining him how she had got to know such a personal piece of information

Asad looked at him surprised - “ if she didn't tell you then who did…??”

Arnav immediately covered up - “ I mean of course Zoya did…but why??”

Asad shrugged his shoulders - “as if it were going to make any difference…”

Arnav shrugged - “maybe it would Asad, just maybe it would, maybe i wouldn't have spent the last decade hating you like i did, if you had just told me the real reason behind it all,the only reason i let you break all ties with us was because i felt so betrayed by what you did, you do know, although i know you believe what you saw, i still dont, in my heart just like the rest of my family, I dont believe that my father was capable of….the hatred was born inside of me only because you believed what you saw so blindly and then even more because i felt so betrayed by what you did with regards to the investigation, it really would have made a lot of difference Asad, from where I see it, it would have made a lot of difference…”

Asad stood stunned and shocked,he had never expected Arnav to ever question him like this,and he thought of what to say,what could he say right now to him,when he could only see confusion on the face of the man who he had grown up with,who had been his besets friend,his brother in a way,he was about to say something, but right then he saw his mother gesture him as she spoke to Arhaan and his uncle and aunt.

Asad - “ if you'll excuse me right now, I have to go ,ammi, is calling”

Arnav nodded - “ ofcourse…”

Asad gave him a small nod and then looked at him briefly,something in Arnav had changed, he wasn't the same anymore,that hatred on his face wasn't visible anymore,and he knew that their conversation was far from over,but he walked to his mother, it was his sisters engagement today,he had to concentrate on that, he could deal with the Raizada siblings later.


Arnav sipped his drink,as he stood next to Akash and his jiju,and he heard his jiju say - “This idea is working, im sure,its funny how everyone cant stop looking at us, and then start their murmuring…”

Akash nodded - “ofcourse jiju, thats just how it is…”,and he looked at his brother on the side he looked deep in thought,and he wondered if he was ok,and out of curiosity he really wanted to see Khushi too, this was the girl who had made Arnav Singh Raizada fall in love.

Arnav felt everything go still in the air, and his heartbeats fasten,and he knew Khushi was around, and right then as he saw the hustle bustle in the crowd, he knew she had arrived.

His eyes followed and the minute he registered her sight, his heartbeats stopped, in that one moment, he knew he fell in love with her all over again.

And he felt as if there was no one else in this room, but her.

She wore this amazing dull gold embellished outfit,and she glowed in it, as if she were like this halo light,and the minimal yet captivating and flawless make up,only enhanced her gorgeous features,and that gorgeous deep red lip colour snug so perfectly to her lips,that it bowled him over completely.

He saw her walk in with Zoya next to her, but he couldn't take his eyes off her.

He had never seen anyone as beautiful and gorgeous as her.

It was as if her beauty had bewitched his gaze.

She was as alluring as the golden sun and also as calming and scintillating as the moonlight

So exquisite, so pure,so delicate,

And he was only feeling Mesmerised once again.

He looked at her face again,the face he had never seen before, the only face that captivated him.

She was as fresh as a flower,

She looked like a princess of a magical tale

Splendidly Luminous and Dazzingly Radiant

Just like in his dreams.

God,she was exquisite and mesmerising, she looked like someone you could just fall in love with in a second, all over again.

And he knew, he did, in that one moment,he did fall in love with her all over again.

And right then as he noticed her walk pass from where he was towards the stage,and she stood next to Arhaan, the reality and realisation struck and his heart broke all over again,as he realised the happenings around him,he was a guest at Khushi’s engagement to Arhaan.

The Pain seemed through his being again, and it ripped everything inside of him slowly and steadily,and he felt everything that he had never felt before, the pain that he had never felt before,as he saw Arhaan whisper something in her ear,and she smiled,and then as he stood dazed and broken,statued to the spot,he noticed Zoya and Dilshaad aunty hand Khushi a ring, just as Arhaan’s aunt handed him one.

Arhaan took her hand in his,and he made her wear the ring,and kissed her on the hand,everyone hooted and cheered,and then he noticed Khushi,and just as she was about to make Arhaan wear the ring, she finally spotted him in the crowd,as their eyes locked for a brief very excruciating and heartbreaking painful second, before she looked away ,and smiled at Arhaan and made him wear the ring.

And he stood just rooted to the spot, as he realised that he really had punished himself in the worst way possible, for this was the sight he would never forget in all of his life,and nor would he forget the pain,but he knew he had deserved it.

Right then he felt his sisters hand on his shoulder as she asked softly - “ choottee?? you ok??”

And right then he heard Akash ask him - “Bhai…we can leave if you want…”

Arnav fought the tear that was threating to leave his eye but he composed himself as he said to his concerned sister and brother - “ I am alright, and no we cant leave soon, not before we congratulate the couple…”

Anjali looked at her brother in shock, she knew he was broken right now so so so broken,but she saw him mask his emotions,and she felt her own heart break, because Arnav Singh Raizada could mask his heart to the world but not to her,and she clearly knew it took every bit of his strength to fight that tear that had been threatening to leave his eye.


45 Minutes Later

Khushi smiled at her brother as he pulled her and Arhaan briefly into a hug and she heard Arhaan say - “ bhaijaan, there you go, your little sister is now officialy mine…”

Asad pulled apart and he cupped khushi’s face gently as he spoke - “ and you will take care of her, wont you??”

Khushi rolled her eyes and she said to her brother - “ oh cmon I'm not married yet,theres still a few days to that…”

Asad nodded - “ yeah but you are still going to leaving us very soon, Khushi…”, and before he could complete his sentence ,Khushi had hugged him.

Afreen (Arhaan’s aunt) walked over as she said - “ cmon, i guess most of the photography is done, why don't the two of you come off the stage…”

Arhaan smiled - “ ofcourse khala, it would be great to mix around everyone being off the stage, its so formal, i wont complain though, did get Khushi exclusively by my side…”, he finished with a wink.

Khushi - “ god you are shameless, you know that…”

Arhaan held her hand and kissed it - “ what, now do i need permission to flirt with my fiancee ,no way….”

Afreen smiled as she said - “ ok Asad, i wanted to ask you something,if you wont mind, I would like to spend some more time with Khushi,as in is it ok if she stays in the hotel tonight, i will send her back by Noon tomorrow, as I m leaving for Hyderabad tomorrow afternoon to visit my cousin, i will be back in a day, but still, are you ok with it??”

Asad nodded - “ yeah its ok…no worries…”

Khushi gave Afreen a small smile ,she was really nice and right then she felt Arhaan hold her hand again as he said looking at someone in the crowd - “ hey cmon I want you to meet someone…”

Khushi gave her brother a small smile and she followed Arhaan.

Asad watched the two of them walk ahead,and he turned to find his mother and he noticed that Zoya was busy talking and smiling with some of her mothers friends,and he knew she was masking everything inside of her ,her turmoil ,just like him for Khushi’s sake.

He looked away refusing to feel any emotion whatsoever,and walked towards a few guests.


Khushi finished greeting a few people,right when she felt Zoya behind her as she asked softly - “ all ok??”

Khushi nodded - “ ofcourse….”

Arhaan looked at Zoya - “ so i know your family is here, cmon introduce me, I mean i have met your brothers but now that i can sense that this family feud may be over soon, i want to meet the rest of them….”

Zoya looked at Khushi,and she nodded at her, meaning that she was ok with this, and so she just followed Arhaan and Zoya,right when she saw that the Raizada’s were coming up to them,just then she heard what she assumed would be Naniji speak - “ Khushi, bitiya, so nice to finally see you, congratulations, to you too Arhaan beta…”

Khushi gave her a small smile as she and Arhaan greeted Nani, Mama, mamiji, Shyam,Payal and Akash one by one,as Zoya introduced them

Just as she came face to face with Anjali, she felt her pull her into a hug as she said - “ congratulations Khushi, you look so so so gorgeous…”

Khushi smiled as she pulled back - “and i always wanted you to be a part of this, I'm so glad you all came, all of you…thank you so much….”

Anjali cupped Khushi’s face fondly as she said, hoping that no one caught the sadness of her heart in her voice - “ I do want to bless you with all the happiness Khushi, you deserve nothing less…”

Khushi nodded - “ Thank you di…”

Arhaan - “ have you all eaten something?? the dinner is served…”

Zoya immediately said - “ yes, ofcourse, ill take care Arhaan, dont worry…”, and with that she saw her family give Khushi a small smile as she led them towards the buffet.

Zoya looked at her jiju as she whispered - “ angry much jiju??”

Shyam gave her a small smile as he said - “ Can i really be mad at my favourite saali,any longer?? of course not Zoya, its ok, i understand…”

Zoya felt him hug her from the side, just as Akash ruffled her hair tenderly and she glared at him - “ Akash, my hair…please…”

Payal laced her hand in Zoya’s as she said - “ your brother is hopeless, didn't i always tell you…”

Zoya grinned at Payal and she knew it in her heart they were all ready to forgive her for what had happened.She took a deep breathe as she turned to look at Asad longingly, only if he could forgive her too.


Arnav had been sipping his drink casually standing with a business associate ,when he had seen his family greet Khushi and Arhaan,and just as he saw Zoya leading everyone for dinner perhaps, he finally walked towards them, no matter how much it pained him, the two of them had their back to him,he put a hand on Arhaan’s shoulder as he said - “ Congratulations Arhaan…”

Arhaan turned in an instant and he smiled as he side hugged Arnav - “ thanks Man, im so glad you came, but out of curiosity did you accept my invitation or the Khan’s??”

Khushi felt her insides stir up a turmoil,she had never felt before, she knew he had been gazing at her through out the evening ever since she had stepped in,and she hadn't acknowledged it expect for the brief second that their eyes had met before she made Arhaan wear the ring, and in that second, that one heartbreaking second,as she had looked in his eyes,and the anguish and the pain she had seen had pulled someone unknown string of her hearts,and thats why she had looked away as immediately because she knew what she had done, had ripped him apart.She had probably ripped apart his heart and soul,forever.

Arnav looked at Arhaan for a second, when all he wanted to do, that part inside him that was breaking so badly,all it wanted to do was take Khushi in his arms,and take her away with him forever, to a place to the world, where it would be just him and her.

But did that world exist?? Ofcourse not.

Existence of that world was a dream,and this reality was a nightmare of the worst category.

He replied - “ probably both, Arhaan, congratulations Khushi…”

And the way he had emphasised on her name in the end, finally made her look at him in the eye, and the minute she did she knew it was a mistake, because she had never expected to see that level of anguish and dejection that she was seeing right now ,and it shook her , it shook her being,and the guilt that she had done this to him started to resurface, but she had never expected him to come in the first place,and within the next second he masked his emotion and she replied softly - “ thank you Arnav…”

Right then one of Arhaan’s friend pulled him to meet someone,and Arhaan excused himself giving them both a smile ,leaving the two of them standing in front of each other,and Khushi looked at him and again that emotion that heartbreak, soul shattering pain was back in his eyes and she spoke softly - “ I didn't think you would come, for real, why did you??I know its…”,and she couldn't get herself to say it.

Arnav looked at her, the guilt that she had hurt him like this was in her eyes too and he didn't want her to feel guilty at all and so he controlled the heartbreaking emotion in his voice as he said - “ heartbreaking??”

Khushi nodded,and she said softly - “ yes….you shouldn't have come…why are you doing this to yourself…im sorry Arnav, I just dont know what else to say…”

Arnav fought that tear again in his eye as he said - “ dont be sorry Khushi, trust me i dont want you to be anything but happy today,and anyway you cant possibly more sorry than I am…”

Khushi didn't know what emotion passed between the two of them but it was electric and very intense,and she looked into his eyes,she couldn't look at him anymore, not like this ,knowing that she had done this to him,and she stepped back a little as she whispered - “ I'm sorry, i need to go…”,and with that she walked to the crowd,and went and stood next to Arhaan,as he spoke to his friends.

Arnav watched Arhaan lace his fingers into Khushi’s,and he couldn't look anymore so he turned and walked to join his family.In that flash of a second of look in her eye ,and he knew, that Khushi hadn't just only ripped apart his heart and soul,she had also ripped apart her heart and her soul.



Zoya watched Asad enter the washroom,and she sat dejected on the bed, ever since they had got back from the hotel, 30 minutes ago,she had tried to get him to talk to her, but he wasn't even looking at her, she had quickly changed and then as she had stepped back into the room,he had gone to the washroom,and now she was just waiting for him to come back,and she decided now he would have to talk to her, no matter what.

 He hadn't looked at her all day,varely spoken to her even,expect for what as necessary for Khushi’s sake and at the party,and this was what was confusing her, what was last night about then?? All the love making till the wee hours of the morning, and for the first time she felt a little sick,as a thought came to her mind, that maybe last night it was just **** for him,and that it wasn't love that had made him touch her.

She instructed her mind to just shut up,she was not going to jump to any presumptions in her head, nor was she going to let her mind come up with any absurd theory before she spoke to him, she had committed a huge blunder due to her mind.

She walked over to the study and poured herself a glass of water, and gulped it down,she needed it for sure and she waited for him patiently, and she picked up her phone and it was right then she saw that her battery was low, so she opened the drawer to take out her charger, when a transparent file caught her eye,and she put her charger aside,as curiosity got the better of her, and she opened it,and the minute she read what it was,she felt as if she had died in that one moment.


These were the legal papers, that were drafted for the Annulment of their Marriage.

Ofcourse she knew what it meant, annulment meant that the marriage never existed in the eyes of the law in the first place, that it was null and void.

She quickly looked at the papers ,and turned the pages,and she  gaped in shock as the declartion stated, that Asad wasn't in the right frame of mind when the wedding happened, i.e he was intoxicated under the influence of alcohol.

And she read the similar thing being written under her name.

What the **** was this ****ing nonsense..??

And then her eyes fell at the end,and she felt fear and pain break everything inside of her as she realised that Asad had signed these papers already.

Tears started to fall her eyes,and she clutched her heart in a soul shattering pain, Asad had signed these papers??

He wanted to Annul their marriage??

Claim that it never existed??

Claim that she was never his wife??

Claim that this was a mistake??

That she was the biggest mistake of his life??

And the pain , the insult, the humiliation that had started to surface in her being was heartbreaking and she just sat in shock, right when she saw the door of the washroom open and he stepped out,and the minute he looked at her he realised what she had seen,and she just looked at him dazed, tears brimming and pouring out her eyes as she asked - “ you want to annul our marriage??”

Asad saw the distraught look on her face and the broken pain in her eyes,and he walked over and took the papers out of her hand,as he browsed through it and he said, sure his voice was devoid of any emotion - “ since you regret everything that happened, and especially the way in which you married me, i thought it would be for the best,you know divorce isn't legally an option for us, since we haven't been together as in legally married for long,annulment is the other way out, long shot i know, but can be granted, all you need to do is sign the papers Zoya, and you are free, from me…”

Zoya looked at him shocked and stunned , how could he say these things, how could he even get himself to think of this and she said helplessly as she clutched his shoulders getting up making him face her - “ look, im sorry, i really am, i know you are mad, really mad, at me, anything but how can you even think of such a thing Asad, didn't it break you, how is it so easy for you to even say such a thing, the mere thought of which has ripped me apart….Asad, look at me…look at me, answer me, you do know what this means, right??”

Asad looked at her in the eye as he said - “ yes i know what this means, I had the papers drafted , didn't i?? im just saying what i think i should right now, just like it was so easy for you Zoya to doubt my love, and throw distrust on my face,even though the mere thought of which you knew was ripping me apart…”

Zoya looked at him in despair - “ I know i hurt you dammit, i know, and i cant tell you how sorry I am, I made one mistake Asad, driven by the situation, one mistake, i will not justify it by making excuses, but why do you want to do this?? you want to hurt me, you want to punish me?? aren't you hurting yourself too, because i know i hurt myself when i hurt you…”

Asad felt his anger rise a little as that pain he had been subjected too came back to his mind and he pulled her hair in a fist and spat back - “ the only thing i care about right now , is about you signing these damm papers, and getting over with this mess, i listened to my heart once before, and i really did forgive you for lying to me about who you were, and look what that got me in return, you didn't just break me Zoya, you ripped me apart, and id be dammed if i let you get away with this, and I'm not hurting myself, because i don't ****ing care anymore, you get it….I can never forgive you for this…”

Zoya squirmed in pain,and she struggled to get herself free and he let her go the next second and turned away and she walked and stood in front of him as she asked in a voice so desperate that she didn't know it was her’s - “ so you want to rip me apart too?? is that what you want??”

Asad glared at her in anger, and he spat - “ i didn't know you were deaf…i think i made myself pretty clear…i dont want anything to do with you anymore, i cant be with you Zoya….I want you freaking out of my life, and out of my house, once Khushi’s wedding is over…”

Zoya felt her heart shatter as she stammered tearfully - “ do you really think in your heart that this is what i deserve for making one mistake Asad??”

Asad spat back - “ one mistake?? only you can be so obstinate and stubborn to not see what a monumental mistake it was, you freaking broke everything inside of me, pushed me back into that darkness, that i had fought with for you, you pushed me over the cliff Zoya, you freaking broke everything ,ripped everything inside of me…and honestly speaking im letting you get away easy, just simply asking you to leave…you probably deserve worse…”

He looked at her shocked and stunned and broken face, and he knew that he was ripping her apart,good she deserved it, but that part inside of him ,that part also knew that he was doing this because he didn't want to hurt her everyday for the rest of his freaking life….and he knew he will…if he saw her in front of her everyday, he would do things to torture her everyday…for she had unleashed that darkness inside of him ,that he didn't have any control over, it really was the best if he got her to sign these papers ,because he knew he was in a dark space right now.

Zoya felt everything go numb one by one inside of her as she asked - “ when did you get these papers drafted??”

Asad folded his hands on his arms - “ yesterday morning…”

Zoya - “ you mean before you got to know the truth…i mean we…before khushi and di…”

Asad spat angrily - “ the truth didn't make any difference for i knew of my innocence all along,and honestly it just made it worse, because so easy to believe strangers over me right….what kind of a useless marriage is that anyway??

Zoya asked broken - “ so you are going to give up?? just like that, is it so easy?? i was a mess too right, but did i leave?? did i give up??? we got married, for heavens sake, its no joke…”

Asad spat angrily - “ oh, i thought for you it is, for you surely made a joke out of it ,a joke of our marriage…and I'm not giving up, you see theres a small difference between giving up,and knowing when you have had enough, and Zoya, trust me i have had enough….”

Zoya desperately held his hand - “ Asad, i know you are angry and so so hurt, but don't do this to me,please i beg you, i love you….i love you so much, don't push me away, don't tear us apart, please….”, and she fell down crying against his feet.

Asad had never seen her like this, never in his whole life had he imagined he would be hurting her like this and right then he felt emotions start to stir up inside of him and he pulled her up as he sighed - “Zoya, I'm tired, and exhausted alright, i want you to sign these papers,and you will stay here until Khushi is married off,and then you can leave…”

Zoya wept ,her shoulders shaking, as she realised a truth, she couldn't go back to her family, to her home,she had left everything for him, with what face was she going to face her family and she said it all out loud - “ and how can i face my family, go back to the house, i left for you?? I walked out with you remember???”

Asad shrugged - “ you can go wherever you want, for all i care, and i think your family has forgiven you, they will take you in…”

Take you in.What was she?? A freaking commodity or what?? He sure made it sound like that,and she asked curtly, for she really needed to know - “ if you were so sure that you wanted this yesterday itself, what was last night about?? what were you thinking making love to me over and over again, giving me hopes that you might be ready to forgive me…or atlas be thinking about it, if you clearly had this disaster on your mind, then what were you freaking thinking??”

Asad looked at her, for a second he wanted to tell her the truth that he did so, because last night the emotions those freaking emotions had got the better of him, and he had used the moment to store in her memories in his heart before he shut her out forever but he refrained and he asked pointing at her heart - “ hurts right there doesn't it?? when hopes shatter, hen dreams shatter?? Doesn't it Zoya??? i just thought you should experience the taste of your own medicine…there was a time when i would put my arms around you and I felt that I was home, but no that was not what last night was about, it was about how I wanted to remind myself once and for all, how you were the biggest bruise to the heart,the one who tore me apart,and how i had been such a fool to forgive you once and fall for this trap of a joke in the name of your love, that was what it freaking was, it was anything but Love, and thats what i want you to know it was,anything but love…”

As if the insult that he wanted to snatch away the fact that they had ever been married, that she was never his wife, wasn't enough to butcher her being, then the humiliation over what he had just said had done just that,ripped her apart, she cooudnt believe that he had used their expression of love in a way so demeaning as a method of using it as some sort of a mind game which had been designed to destroy her hopes,and in that one minute she felt disgusted,so so disgusted.

She felt used.

She felt insulted.

She felt humiliated.

She felt shattered.

She felt as if someone had stabbed inside of her soul.

She felt…Ripped.

She asked trembling - “ you made love to me because you hate me now?? i always heard that theres this very thin line between love and hate, have you really crossed that line for real???”

Asad looked at her face and yes he had succedded, he had ripped her apart and he said his voice devoid of any emotion - “ oh yeah iv heard that too,and yes, iv crossed it, and please like i already said, don't even think for a second that last night was even for a second out of that emotion of love that i used to feel for you, for you butchered it with your own hands, and lets get it clear once and for all, I didn't make love to you last night, I slept with you, i don't think i need to get into more significant details to make you understand, you are mature enough to understand what I mean…”

Zoya felt as if she had Been Whipped all over her body,a million times,before she had been ripped apart as the meaning of those words dawned on her,and yes, the pain that she was starting to feel,shattered her completely,every bit of her heart and soul was now shattered. She knew then and there, that these words that had left his mouth, would always haunt her,until she closed her eyes to death.

She knew she had done a mistake a blunder and probably pushed him over the edge back into the darkness,and if this was what he thought she deserved after all this while,then she honestly didn't have anything more to say to him and she said sure that her voice was shaking - “ I am willing to put my self respect aside for a small emotional window Asad, even though what you just said is downright degrading,you just degraded me in my very own eyes,but still I am willing to ask you for one last time, this annulment,you really want this??are you sure?? say it now,because that part of me that loves you insanely is giving you this one chance to think over this again,for if I sign this,there wouldn't be any looking back for me, for you will be pushing me into something, into the hollow space that i couldn't return from,Asad, is this what you really want??????? i m asking is this what you really want?? you want me out of your life forever?? do you really understand the gravity of what you are wanting me to do here…think about it, im going to Khushi’s room to sleep, you can answer me in the morning….”, and she turned to walk out,desperately wanting to run away from his room,she couldn't stand being near him right now.

Asad caught hold of her hand,as he pulled her back instantly - “no drama, no room for any emotional window Zoya, i want this…im not going to change my decision”, and he picked up the pen from the table and he handed it to her - “ sign the damm papers and sign them now….”

Zoya looked at him, his taut features, this man in front of her wasn't Asad, wasn't her Asad at all, he had locked him up somewhere deep inside of him where she couldn’t even reach,but she felt her treacherous heart asking again - “Asad,don’t, please don’t, this is…”

Asad spat back - “ Insulting?? are you feeling that insulted and humiliated at the thought of annulment??and the thought of last night?? then good,because like i said, you deserve it…”

Zoya flinched, and then she felt her own hand rise on its accord as she took the pen from him ,and opened the file, and turned the paper and signed them,and she felt fresh tears ooze her eyes as she closed the file as she took it in her hands - “congratulations Asad, you just succeeded in what you wanted to do, this annulment means that this marriage never exited, that this was a cruel joke,just like everything between us probably was,and you very successfully broke me apart….im taking the papers with me, ill have them filed in the court tomorrow,but dont worry no one will know about this until Khushi’s wedding,I will continue to put up the act until then,I hope that makes you happy,and i hope that you are also happy in the knowledge that you ripped my heart and soul apart….”

Asad looked at her as he said - “ Only returning the favour, Miss Raizada…”

Zoya looked at him in the eye as she said painfully, as the soul shattering pain started taking over - “ Thank you for the punishment that I will never forget, Mr Khan…”

Asad folded his arms - “ thats the point,close the door behind you,as you leave…”

Zoya nodded - “ i will…”, and she walked out ,and closed the door,and in that one similar moment she had also closed the door of her heart to him, forever.


Zoya washed her face with cold water, she quickly put on a jeans and a top,and shoved a night change in her bag along with the file in her hand,and then made her way out, she needed to get away for tonight, she wanted to be alone, and so she quickly walked out of her door, and then out of the main door as she ordered herself a Uber,and she waited at the gate as she told the guard that she was going to be with Khushi,and then hopped in as the cab came,and then asked him to drive to ITC Maurya,she still had the keys to her room,and so she would just go in and be on her own for a while, Khushi couldn't know any of this for sure,and so she knew she had to fight this battle of heartbreak,she felt tears fall continuously ,and she knew she would be probably crying out all night,crying herself to sleep for probably the rest of her life.


Hospital - 6.30 AM

Kkusum Raizada had been listening to her son’s constant sobbing all night again, for the second time in the row,and she had felt him keep her hand on his head as he wept,and as helpless as she was in this coma, she couldn't do anything about it, and it pained her greatly.She wanted to move , she wanted to come back to Life.

Right then she felt him keep her hand on his head and he sat silent,but she could sense that he was shattered and broken completely,and she wanted to move,she really wanted to brush his hair tenderly and she closed her eyes for a second,and gathered every bot of strength of her mind ,as she instructed her body to move, to just make some moment,and she felt shocked and surprised as she felt her own fingers move over his head, and she felt her heartbeats fasten.

Arnav was sure he felt it, he felt her fingers move on his head, and he shot up instantly as he said - “ maa, Maa, did you just move, maa tell me…”,and right then he felt the monitors around him beep loudly,and he quickly walked to the door, and called out to the nurse and the doctor.

The next few minutes went by in a rush as he saw a team of nurses and doctors rush inside,and they instructed him to wait out,and he tried to talk to the doctors,but theyjust instructed him to wait,and so he did.

He had come here to his mother after the engagement party ,heartbroken and shattered,and spent most of the time crying under her touch,like a kid, who had just realised that broken knees had been so much easier to deal with than broken hearts, for atlas those bruises healed, for he knew this bruise of the heart would never heal,and then he had slept n the sofa, his sleep had opened a while ago,and after he had freshened up,he had returned to her wanting to feel her hand on him, and that was when he had felt her fingers move on his head.

He waited in anticipation,and then he took out his phone and called his sister.


Two Hours Later 

Anjali paced around nervously as she looked at Arnav and Shyam and asked - “ why aren't they telling us…anything…what is this, she is our mother….”

Shyam held her hand - “ you need to relax ok?? the nurse did say theres nothing to worry, its all under control…”

Anjali - “ yeah but they aren't giving us the exact picture…”

Arnav walked witha  few bottles of water and handed it to his family members, as they all waited in anticipation for the doctors to come and talk to them, it had been two hours since his mother had shown the movement.

And right then they saw the doctors come out the ICU ,to where she had been shifted urgently and he walked fast towards the doctors and he asked - “ My mother, how is she?? please tell us something….anything…at all…”

Dr.Arvind Roy gave the scared family in front of him a small smile ,as he spoke, breaking the news to them that he had been waiting to say for a decade now, ever since Kkusum Raizada had been brought here, and had been under his care - “ A miracle, a miracle, that I knew would happen one day indeed,she is awake….Arnav, Anjali, your mother is conscious….and out of coma….”

Arnav felt the ground shake beneath him but out of happiness,as he heard his sister ask - “ what??? what did you say???”

Arvind touched her shoulder - “ I said, she is awake,but in a delicate situation, out of danger ofcourse, but we need to keep her here for a while…”

Arnav asked, sure his voice was shaking - “ can we see her?? I mean will she be able to talk??”

Dr gave him a smile - “ Arnav, thats why we took so much time to stablize her, to see if all her parameters were in control, she just got back to consciousness after a decade, a lot of things needed to be taken care off,and examined, which we did, and yes she will talk to you, but her voice is very meek,barely an audible whisper, but it will be ok with time, will improve,and its the ICU, only one at a time, but since a special case, I will allow both you and Anjali,she asked for you both and Zoya, but i cant see her…anyway why dont the two of you go in…”

Anjali looked at her husband and she heard him say - “ dont worry, ill just call Zoya…you go…”

devyani stood too stunned in happiness, her daughter was awake finally awake,for a second she had wanted to be the first to see her, but she had refrained, she knew her grandchildren had been waiting for this.And so as the rest of her family members hugged her one by one in happiness,she finally thanked the gods above,for listening to that one prayer she had been sending out every day.


KKusum moved her eyes as she felt the doors open,and she was surrounded by so many machines still, so many IV’s but the minute she saw her son and daughter step inside,she felt herself give them a small smile,she could smile, she could move, after all these years of torture, she could finally move,and she wanted to speak,but her voice was weak,and so she just moved her hand a little,and before she knew it both her Chotte and Anjali had hugged her from either of the sides,and she felt them cry into her arms,and she just held onto them for a while.

And right then she remembered the events of the fateful day , that fateful day,when everything happened, of how both her husband and Rashid and Najma had been mudered, and the trauma,the flashes,and in an instant she felt anxious and right then the machines beeped again.

Arnav shot up at the same time as Anjali and she asked worried - “ maa, maa, are you ok…??

Kkusum felt so anxious, as the memories came back and the only thing she could mange to mutter,she knew her kids were near her,and they could hear her for sure ,and she said - “ Chotte, Anjali….”

Arnav instantly held his mothers hand - “Maa, im here, di is here, Zoya is on her way…dont worry, you are fine, you will be fine….”

And right then they heard her speak in a tone that was meek and yet very anxious - “ Firoz, and Farhaan…Firoz,and Farhaan, Firoz and farhaan…”

Arnav looked at his sister in shock and confusion - “why is she taking Firoz uncles name?? hes dead isn't he?? long back…”

Anjali nodded - “ yes, two years after dad’s passing, and who is Farhaan??”

Arnav looked at his mother - “ maa, you want to say something??why are you taking these names…”

And right then the doctor and the nurse came back,and they asked them to leave,as they injected their mother with an injection as dr Arvind said - “something has worked her up,made her so anxious, her BP shot up, look lets just let her relax for a while, we have injected her for sleep, she needs it…”

Anjali looked at her mother who was now sound asleep,and the nurse put on an oxygen mask and she heard her brother ask longingly - “didnt she just wake up??”

Dr smiled at him - “relax, this sleep is different, she will be better , up and awake in a few hours….ok…”

Arnav and Anjali nodded,as they walked back.

Shyam watched them come and he said - “Zoya’s no is switched off, i dont have Asad’s no…”

Arnav - “ its ok jiju, i have, i will call him…”


Barkat - 9.00 Am

Asad ate his breakfast and he watched his mother as she asked worriedy- “ what was the need for Zoya to go see Khushi so early??”

Asad shrugged - “ i dont know, these two ammi, they have a little world of their own…relax they will be here by Noon…”, he said covering up, ever since the guard had told him this morning that Zoya had left last night itself,he had lied to his mother saying that she had left a while ago, to see if everything as ok with Khushi and to greet Arhaans family over breakfast.

Right then his phone rang and he was shocked to see the munger flashing on his screen and he heard his mother ask - “ who is it??”

Asad shrugged - “ i remember his number, its Arnav,why is he calling me?? oh maybe,he wants to talk…”

Dilshaad looked at him surprised - “what??”

Asad - “Zoya told him about your heart attack that night, and everything else too, he questioned me about it last night at the party…”

Dilshaad eyes widened - “ pick it up, what are you waiting for, put it on the speaker, i want to hear what this is about…”

Asad - “ammi…seriously>??”

Dilshaad glared at her son and she watched him put his phone on speaker as he answered - “ hello….”

And they both heard Arnav’s hurried voice on the phone - “Asad, where is Zoya?? her phone is off, look just get her here, at the hospital , Maa is awake….”

Before he could say anything, Asad felt his mother ask in shock - “whattttt?????? how???? when?????”

They Heard Arnav explain about the events of this morning ,and   Asad and Dilshaad said at the same time - “ we are coming….”

They heard Arnav’s voice on the speaker - “ also aunty, while we were with her me and di, she just took two names, and got so anxious that the doctors had to put her back to sleep…”

Dilshaad - “what names??”

Asad heard him say - “ Firoz and Farhaan…ofcourse i know she referred to Firoz uncle but why…. he is dead,and who is Farhaan?? do you have any idea who is Farhaan??Asad, do you remember any reference ever from uncle?? i dont remember any fromDad…”

Asad tried to remember - “ No i don’t….anyway we are coming…ok?”

Dilshaad - “yes i don’t recall anyone too….dont worry, are you all there??”

They heard his voice full of emotion - “ Yes, we all are aunty…”


Meanwhile Simultaneously

Khushi sat in Arhaan’s room,as she waited for him to come out of the shower,they had decided to go down for breakfast together so that they could greet his family and friends,and thats why she had come to take him,but he had been answering some mails since morning,so he had asked her to wait and he had promised hed be quick.

She looked in her bag for her phone to wile away time, and she realised that she had left it in the room,and so she just walked to the study and picked up a few magazines,and right then she knocked over his business bag,and a few things fell out.

She bent forward ,and she started to pick things up, while her eyes landed on his passport and she smiled,out of curiosity she opened it to see what kind of photograph he had on his passport because hers was of course very funny,and she knew his would be too,wasnt everyone’s.

And right then she felt her self feel shock,as she read his name.

Farhaan Khan.

Why did his passport name say Farhaan Khan, when his name was Arhaan Khan.

This was funny,she scanned the rest of the pages to see the visa stampings of various countires,and then her eyes fell on that column on the last page.

Father’s Name - Firoz Khan.

What?? how was this possible?? She clearly remembered, that Arhaan had told her that his fathers name was Abdul. Abdul Khan.

Why would he lie????

She flipped back the pages,as she read again

Farhaan Khan.- the picture was his.

Fathers name - Firoz Khan.

And right then thought came to her mind, a thought that shook her completely,making a chill go down her spine her mother had mentioned a friend of her’s to her a while ago, a common friend who had caused a rift between her father and Zoya’s father,and his name was Firoz wasn't it??

But she didn't know if his name was Firoz Khan,ofcourse there were a lot of Firoz’s in the world.

But still why would Arhaan lie about his name?? His fathers name??

She clutched his passport in her hand, and she waited for him to step out of the shower.

He was going to have to answer a few very important questions.


Fate reached out for a drink - “seriosuly, i need some scotch,after that heavy duty roller coaster turn of events….”

Destiny - “ofcourse, and i agree, Arhaan, as in farhaan is going to have to answer a lot of questions…”

Fate nodded - “ the answers which i want to hear…”

Love sighed - “dont we all just want to hear?? we’v been waiting to hear it out,even though we know it is, still different impact when you actually hear it our for real…”

Destiny nodded - “ofcourse, and that moment is finally here, when the past would see the light of the day….”

Hate walked in as he did a victory dance - “ ahhaaa, seriously just when i was starting to think i couldn't ever rip apart Asad and Zoya, good for me, and you know what the best part is, it has nothing to do with the past…”

Fate scowled - “the best?? thats the worst…”

Hate rolled his eyes - “ its subjective, best for me, worst for you, anyway like i care, and also id like you to watch out for your other princess Khushi, she's walked into deep ****,and with all that questioning she has on her mind, id advice her to be careful,for i can smell some deep trouble around here…”and then he walked away breezily


Fate watched him leave and he sweared under his breath - ‘what the?? is he serious?? Khushi, god, why do you always land up in the middle of all the mess….but this Arhaan oh Farhaan,he really does love her,he does, doesn't he??”

Destiny nodded - “he does, yes, he does….”

Fate - “he wouldn't harm her right?? no no he can’t…”,and he looked at Love - “say something, why are you quiet…??”

Love looked at the two seriously as she said - “ looking into his heart, like destiny said yes he loves her, but….”

Fate asked worriedly - “ but what???”

Love sighed - “ But nothing can change the fact that Farhaan Khan, is a lot of mixed shades of black and white, a lot of complex shades of  grey….”,and she saw her friends look at her solenmly,as they returned to their desks, deep in thought.


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