FF - The Desperate Kingdom Of Love

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May 19

Chapter 36 - THE THOUGHTS THAT CROSS MY HEART- (19 MAY,2017) - New (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 32 times)

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Chapter 36 - The Thoughts That Cross My Heart

Very Often

Im sure we all wonder

At Some Point in Our Lives

If this tiny little fist shaped organ

Whose Core Job is to Pump Blood into our body

Has a Mind of Its Own

For The Heart Can Feel

It’s the Emperor of Our emotions

And the Heart Surely Can Think

For how else can we explain the thoughts, it often slamdunks into our Brains

How else could there be an explaination for those, Thoughts that Cross Our Hearts??

And only the Heart knows Where,

And in which corner of its Chambers, is That mastermind, that operates the software that rules our beings

And only the Heart knows Why, this Mastermind has the Power that it has, that power that makes us mere puppets in its hands

And only the Heart Knows How, does it Mangae to work overtime, for probably every second of our Lives,

Pumping Blood and Igniting emotions

And Processing and Controlling those Million Thoughts

Those Zillion Thoughts That Cross Our Hearts.


The Hospital - Zoya’s Suite

Zoya heard the Nurse say - “ ill be right outside on my station, just ring the bell if you need anything….”

Zoya nodded,and she watched her leave, and she shut the room to her door.

Asad looked at Zoya, they were finally alone, not for long he knew, because Anjali di would call him soon to get Zoya, to her mother’s suite which was on this floor,and he knew this was what Zoya wanted and probably needed too, right now, in this moment, to be with her mother.

He noticed her wiping a tear out of her eye, as she looked away from him , breaking the eye lock, the intensity of the moment was driving him insane, for now that he was finally alone with her, he didn't know how to find the right words to say to her, even though a zillion thoughts were crossing his heart in that one moment.

He saw her wipe another tear of her other eye, as she stared at her hands, looking down at them,and he knew it, for he could sense the pain and the agony that was giving rise to those tears.

Some thoughts told him, to bury himself in her arms, and never let go, and shelter himself back in the shadow of her Love

Some thoughts told him, not to worry about how they had broken each others hearts, and just love her insane,just like he did,before he had let the darkness over take him.

Some thoughts told him to just listen to his emotions, and go back to the dream of a life,they had built.

But at the same time,

Some thoughts told him, that something was different about her silence right now

Some thoughts told him, that he desperately needed to know what was on her mind.

Some thoughts told him,that reality had struck and those dreams had been broken

That he was the one who had burned all bridges

And now, he just didn't know how to walk towards her

And lessen the distance

That stood marked in between of them.

He Closed his eyes for a brief second, and decided to follow his gut instinct as he walked up to her ,and sat next to her, and held her hand, catching her by surprise as she looked at him and their eyes Locked,and he whispered softly - “ we have so much to talk about Zoya…”

Zoya looked at him, as she fought her own battle of emotions and she looked away as she whispered - “ do we?? do we really??”

Asad looked at her in worry, and he asked softly - “ of course….don’t you think so??”

Zoya said honestly - “ i dont know, I mean, i dont know what to say, i dont know if theres anything else left to say….”

Asad knew where this was coming from, but he took a deep breathe, as he put a hand in his pocket and took out the ring and he held it in front of her as he whispered - “ they handed it to me yesterday, but this isn't where it belongs….”, and he picked up her hand,as he started to make her wear it, and she pulled her hand back to his shock, and took the ring from his hand, as she rubbed her fingers over it, and looked at it ,and she was sure the raw emotion was evident in her voice as she said - “ theres a small blood stain on it, its my blood, I know….”

Asad nodded,and he took it from her and he rubbed it clean,wondering how a stain was still left, he had cleaned it earlier,and just as he was about to make her wear it again, she pulled her hand away again, and he looked at her as he asked, sure the pained emotion was visible in his voice too - “ Zoya??”

Zoya took a deep breathe as she said - “ I wish, I wish it were so easy to wipe the stains,that Life has thrown our way Asad,and go back in time, i wish it were that easy, but it isnt, for some stains always remain, infact the harder you try to rub them off, the more visible they get….”

Asad closed his eyes as he fought his emotions,and he looked at her as he said - “ im sorry…Zoya, i wasn't thinking straight, it was as if some darkness had consumed me…I am sorry I forced you into signing those damm annulment papers, i cant explain what came over me, but I cant tell you how sorry I am…please tell me where are the papers, ill tear them apart and burn them first thing….”

Zoya looked at him, the emotion was there on his face and the regret was genuine and she said - “ I know that you are…i know that you are sorry, but its too late….”

Asad - “ what do you mean??”

Zoya looked at him as she said - “ I had Aman file the papers in court, i has asked him to come see me early morning at the Hotel, and I went to see Khushi after…”,and she paused, because of the broken expression on his face and she said looking away - “ you wanted me out of your house, out of your Life, you didn't want anything to do, you were so sure,and I knew there was probably nothing that would change your mind, so there was no point in delaying it anyway,so i filed them,and in a way its for the best, I'm sure our file is already in process….you should be happy Asad, isn't it what you wanted??”

Asad fought for words,he didn't know what to say, but he said - “ Zoya, I…”

Zoya interupted him as she asked softly - “ you didn't want me in your Life then, and i guess thats how it should remain Asad, I know I hurt you, I broke your heart…and like you had said, i probably deserve it, or probably do deserve much worse, and maybe just maybe my life thinks so too, thats why probably all of this happened to me, and to us….”

Asad didnt know what emotion took him over as he pulled her into a crushing hug , as he said - “ no, Zoya, please say anything but that, I know I screwed up big time, but no we didn't deserve this, we didn't deserve to loose our child, and you definitely dont deserve what happened….”

Zoya pulled out of his hug as she felt him a wipe a tear out of her eye and she said honestly, holding his hand -“ I screwed up too, we both screwed up big time, and i dont want to go back and think about it, for we cant change what happened,and like i said,its too late i already filed the annulment…its over…we are over….”

Asad cupped her face as he said - “and i dont care about whether you filed it, no Zoya, we aren't over,you and me are not over….I won't allow this to happen…i will not”

Zoya looked at him broken as she felt tears fall her eyes - “ why??? what do you want from me??? why?? you wanted me out of your Life, you wanted to leave me…you said you could never look at me the same way again,or probably feel the same  way again, then what has changed now?? what has changed?? is it my accident…?? I know it is that, and the aftermath of it, and you are feeling guilty and regret, but no, I don't want your sympathy, or your pity…”

Asad look at her and gaped at her in shock, but he controlled his emotions as he understood that it was natural for her to feel this way and he cupped her face as he made her look at him - “ look at me Zoya, i said, im sorry, i said, i screwed up, big time, but you have to know, that im not talking out of regret or guilt or sympathy or pity right now, im talking out of love, the love that I feel for you, because i have realised that I was wrong, i was so wrong, i should have known, i should have seen and found that light in my heart to forgive you, for whats one or two mistakes when it comes to Love…but I know, you have it in you , for your heart is bigger than mine, i know you have it in your heart to forgive me, Zoya the past is out and me and Arnav have sorted things out, hes forgiven me too, please just find that light in your heart to forgive me,and i promise ill make it all ok, theres no obstacle in our way this time around Zoya, no haunting past, no ememity, nothing….we can start afresh….I know we can….”

Zoya looked at him straight in the eye as she said softly,and honestly everything inside of her was breaking, tears falling off her eyes - “ a obstacle exists, the obstacle is that my heart is shattered, its butchered, it lies all scattered in peices, wounded, hurt and bruised,all that anger you unleashed on me and the annulment came as a brutal blow to my heart, and of course then the accident, the miscarriage, and this condition with my leg,it came and swept everything off me like a storm,of whatever was left off me,and now I just feel lost, like iv never felt before, i dont know how am i going to start moving on, I know i have too, i cant stand still, i have to get up, i have to fight, i have to find myself again, but its a battle that i will fight alone Asad…..look don't make it more hard for me than it already is…please….”

Asad cupped her face with both his hands as he rubbed her cheek tenderly and he asked softly - “ why do you want to push me away?? I need you Zoya….you know i need you in my Life….please forgive me…please…i wasn't thinking, i don't know what made me think i could go on without you, I can’t, i just can’t…..”

Zoya looked into his eyes, the emotion that it was stirring inside of her, forgiveness, was she doing this because she couldn't forgive him?? of course not.She knew it was only a matter of time, and in her heart she would forgive him, but she was doing this, because what she had said was true, she was lost and numb like she had never felt before,she had no clue what her life had in store for her,not anymore,everything was in a mess, nothing could ever be the same…and how could she subject him to a journey in which she only feared that she would hurt him due to her insecurities and anxiety.

She looked into his eyes deeper, of course the tears that shone inside of them were reflecting the pain of his heart, but he only realised this due to her accident, she really wasn't sure, if this was love talking, and not sympathy or guilt.And just as those memories of their final face off came back to her mind, she only felt that this really was Asad’s guilt talking, and it was natural, if she hadn't miscarried he would have probably wanted her back due to obligation , and now he probably wanted her back out of sympathy.

And they had both hurt each other so much, that , the Love he was talking about, was also probably lying around scattered, bruised, butchered, like their hearts. It was probably in a place, from where there was no turning back.

And because she was sure of that fact ,she couldn’t let it happen, what he wanted wasn't possible for now, for that would break everything inside of her,it would break everything that was left off her spirit.

And not just that, she wasn't the same Zoya he had fallen in love with anymore, she was now broken in every way.

Could she expect him to look at her in the same way really??? When she knew she couldn't even look at her own self in the same way as before??

Ofcourse Not.

And so she knew she had to Lie.

She finally looked away as she took his hands off her face - “ please don’t ask me for something that i cant give you anymore….Asad, I dont have anything to give to you, not love, not forgiveness, probably only pain…and I can’t…”,and she choked on her own words, because of the emotion as she picked up the ring he had kept aside on the table, and handed it back to him as she said - “ I cant do this anymore….its over, soon legally too, everything will be over, our marriage will be annulled,and it would be like as if it never happened…so its better if we both just go with the flow, and erase it all off too….nothing is the same anymore, nothing can ever be the same anymore…i am not going to change my decision,forget us Asad, because we both have burned every bridge that could connect us in anyway, and that love, that once used to be is probably lying out there, as butchered and bruised, like our hearts right now…and its probably lost and hidden itself in a place we cannot seek it from…..its too late for us Asad…it is…its better if you accept this truth, the sooner the better it will be for you…”

Asad clutched the ring in his hand, as he fought his emotions, and fought for words, he didn't know what to say right now, when everything inside of him was breaking.

Was it true??

Had they really burned all the bridges??

Was their love really Lost??

Could she never forgive him??

Could nothing ever really be the same??

He didn't know, he didn't know anything right now, and before he could say anything further, his phone rang, and he picked it up to hear Anjali di,asking him to get Zoya to her mothers room and he said, composing himself - “ ok di, yes, ill just get her….”, and he hung up as he looked at Zoya and he said, putting the ring back in his pocket - “ its time to see your mother Zoya…”

Zoya rang the bell and right then the Nurse came in, and she said - “ i dont have a crutch right now, and I cant walk on both my feet, could you please bring me a wheelchair, id like to go see my mother….shes in the other suite on this floor”

The Nurse gave her a small smile and she said - “ ofcourse, give me 5 minutes, ill just be back…”

Asad watched Zoya shift in bed, as she looked away, and he could see the effort she was making as she touched her left thigh and was probably trying to make it move.

He didn't know what thought that had crossed his heart in that one moment made him act on impulse,as he immediately bent forward and scooped Zoya in his arms,and he was shocked as he realised that she felt so light ,and she looked at him in shock as she tried to fight his arms and she said with irritation in her voice - “ what are you doing?? put me back on the bed…she will be here in five minutes….put me down, you can't possibly carry me like this in front of my family, don't you get it, nothing that you do, or you say, can ever make anything alright in between of us, its over Asad, for good…what part of I don't want anything to do with you, you don't understand….”

Asad closed his eyes for a brief second fighting the pain, that her words inflicted on his already butchered and broken heart, but he didn't put her down,and he looked at her briefly, as he carried her in his arms and then masked his emotions as he looked straight ahead and he said,stepping out - “ I clearly understand Zoya, but i guess its only fair, you'v waited almost half your life to see your mother, and she wants to see you too,i dont think any of you should be kept apart a minute longer….”

Zoya had felt a zillion emotions go through her heart as she had felt him scoop her in his arms as if she were his delicate doll,but she masked her emotions with irritation and spoke everything she didn't really mean, and as she registered in his taut face,she knew she had hurt him right now,and probably she would have to hurt him a lot more, and push him over that edge, so that he could leave her alone, to face the mess, that her Life was.

She wanted him,still, every part of her yearned for him,and she probably always would want him just like she would want oxygen, but was that enough right now??

Ofcourse not.

Because, sometimes, in Life, it wasn't about what you want, it was about what you need.

An right now,at this point of her Life and its condition, this was what she needed,she needed to fight this battle, alone.


Kkusum Raizada looked at her family,and then at her son and her daughter, as she wiped her tears and she composed herself,she knew Zoya, her little Zoya would be here through these doors,and she couldn't believe the terrible accident her daughter had been in,she had also lost her baby, and then of course the condition with her leg, but Arnav had explained that Dr Arvind had said, it wasn't as bad as they had feared,and she was glad Dr Arvind was heading her daughters case, and she looked at Arnav as she asked - “Chotte, is Asad with Zoya right now??”

Arnav nodded,and he heard his sister speak - “ yes, i just called him, hes with her….”

Kkusum nodded,and her own mother walked upto her,as she kissed her forehead - “ i know you just woke up, and its too much for you to take in, but we couldn't hide it from you longer, you would know once you saw Zoya…”

KKusum looked at her mother and hugged her - “amma, i’m fine…and im happy you convinced Chotte and Anjali to tell me the whole truth, rather than have them filter it out….”,and she turned to Anjali as she asked - “ is Dilshaad alright?? im sure to see her daughter fighting for her Life, what do the doctors say about Khushi??”

Arnav stiffened,and he let his sister answer to that, as he heard her say - “ she isn't out of danger yet, and also Maa, we havent told Zoya yet….”

Kkusum nodded - “we will all pray, Chotte, track those criminals down…have the left the country for real??”

Arnav - “Maa, Aman is already at it…”

KKusum - “Aman??”

Akash smiled as he walked up and stood in front of his bua - “bua, seriously, thats one thing you surely missed, the bromance between Arnav and his right hand Aman…but to his credit, he's very efficient…”

Arnav rolled his eyes at Akash - “ very funny…”

Payal asked Anjali - “ di, we have to let Zoya know, i mean she will find out, its better if you tell her….”

Anjali nodded - “ I will…”, and right the they all saw the door opened, and Asad walked in carrying Zoya in his arms,and Kkusum Raizada smiled at that sight,as she finally saw her youngest daughter and she saw tears streak down her cheeks as she whispered - “ maa….”,and right then everyone walked a step back,and Asad delicately placed Zoya on the bed next to her mother as he said, looking at everyone - “ the wheelchair would take longer, and i guess it was only fair, Zoya has waited almost all her life for this moment…”

Arnav watched Asad step back,as his mother smiled at Asad,and Zoya immediately hugged her mother,as she whispered - “ Maa, i cant believe I'm finally seeing you after all this while…..”

Kkusum hugged her daughter, her youngest,she was the apple of their eyes, and she felt her hug her tighter,as she started to cry,and sob heavily,and she could only hug her harder to herself,as she brushed her hair and whispered kissing her on the head - “shhhh, Zoya, shh, my daughter is strong, very strong…isnt she???everything will be alright beta, it will be…”

But Zoya couldn't stop crying, how do you stop the flow of emotions in a moment as vulnerable as this.

Arnav looked at Asad out of the corner of his eye, and he saw Asad wipe a tear out of his eye, and he could sense that probably something had happened between him and Zoya before this,and he gestured to his sister to handle it, and she nodded,as she walked a little further sat nears Zoya’s feet on the bed and she touched Zoya’s left leg as she said - “Zoya…compose yourself,please we cant see you like this, you know we can’t….”

Zoya nodded,and she wiped her tears mentally whacking herself for loosing her self like this and sending everyone into  worry, but she cuddled next to her mother closer,and she felt her hug her as her arm went around her shoulder, and she said giving a small smile to everyone , wanting to lighten the moment - “ what do you all expect?? you all got to see Maa before me, i was just crying because I lost my bet to bhai and di, id always tell them that when Maa would finally open her eyes,id make sure that id be the first one she’d see, and not her favorite Chotte…or you di….”

Kkusum smiled through her tears and she touched her daughter’s hand as she said - “ you do know, that this is precisely the reason why your father and me always said that you were the twinkle of our eyes, because even back as a child, you were always the one who was the Life of the house, because of your sparkling spirit…and you will not let this adversity pull you down Zoya….”

Zoya clutched her mothers hand,as she nodded - “ofcourse not, Maa….”

And right then she saw Dilshaad enter through the door, with the solemn look on her face and she asked - “ ammi,wheres Khushi?? first I thought shed be here, and then when i didn't spot her, i just figured she was probably with you, where is she?? why hasn't she come to see me…I know she would have wanted to see me first thing out, why isn't she here????”,and then just as she looked at the solemn faces of her family,and the broken  look on Asad’s face, and the devastated look on her brothers face that he had masked immediately, and she saw Dilshaad sit on the sofa dejected as tears started to fall her eyes, and Zoya realised that something was wrong, very wrong, and she looked at everyone as she asked, sure that her voice was shaking - “ I asked, wheres Khushi, why isn't anyone telling me anything??”

She looked at her sister - “ di???”

And then she looked at Asad and then at her brother,as she asked with fear in her voice - “ I could manage to get the truth out to the two of you…and did you get the recording on my phone….you were able to reach Khushi on time right, please dont tell me that Arhaan took her to germany….please why dont you all speak up….??”

Anjali took a deep breathe as she said - “ of course we heard the recording….but..”

Zoya - “ but what di….”

Anjali sighed as she started to tell Zoya about everything that happened,and then Akash joined her and Zoya listened in a stunned silence,as she looked at Asad’s pale face, and then at her brother as she heard her Akash finish -“ and before we knew it, Mehmet had shot Khushi….and we rushed here as soon as we could….but…”

Zoya felt tears fall down her eyes as she asked - “but what?????wheres Khushi??????what happened to Khushi?????”

Anjali sighed as she said - “shes critical Zoya, she's on life support right now….”

Life Support??

Khushi was on life support right now??

She was fighting for her life??

She looked at Asad,why hadn't he told her any of this before??

She closed her eyes in agony as she whispered, tears starting to fall down her eyes - “ this is my fault, all my fault, i shouldn't have left her alone, i shouldn’t have listened to her, ohhh good Khushi….”

Dilshaad finally composed herself,as she walked up to Zoya,and pulled her into a hug - “ i just saw her, her pulse has improved to 56, which is a good sign , i know Khushi, she will fight this out, and im making myself clear once and for all, i don't want anyone, any of you in this room blaming yourself over what happened to Khushi, it was an accident,theres no point in thinking otherwise, everything will be alright…all we need is faith….”

Kkusum nodded,as she held Zoya and Dilshad’s hand and she said - “yes, all we need is faith….and everything will be alright, it has to be….”

Zoya looked at Asad, as he stood looking into nowhere, and she knew this was a hard time,so she’d have to just put everything else aside for now, until Khushi was better.

Zoya then asked - “and Arhaan?? wheres he??”

Arnav had been standing silently, until then, and he finally spoke - “ I had Aman track them down, and he just messaged me that all three of them,Arhaan, Mehmet and his wife, have left the country….they took the first flight out to Germany…”

Zoya looked at him and then at Asad,as a stunned silence took over the room,and she leaned back into the bed as she asked her sister - “ di, do you think Dr Arvind will allow me to see Khushi?? I need to see her…”

And right then Dr Arvind walked in through the door as he said - “ i think i could make another exception here, but not straight away…maybe later….like in an hour or so…”

Zoya nodded and she heard him say - “why dont you get some rest now Zoya…your reports will be here soon, and in the meanwhile, i need to check your mother too….”

Zoya nodded,and she was about to get up from the bed, just as she saw a nurse walk in behind her with a wheelchair,and she heard the DR say - “do choose a crutch for yourself this evening Zoya…”

Zoya nodded,and she let the nurse help her into the wheelchair and she tried to put all her weight on her right leg as she stood up on it, keeping her left leg a little in the air,but before she knew it she lost balance, and she saw her brother and Asad leap in towards her as they held her by each of her sides and the nurse helped her upfront and she heard her brother say - “take it easy…Zoya….”

Asad looked at her,and their eyes locked for a brief second and he asked softly - “ you ok??”

Zoya nodded,and she said softly - “ im fine…thanks bhai..Asad…but i can handle myself…”,and then she struggled a little on her right foot, but she managed to sit in the wheelchair,and they saw the nurse take her out.

Arnav saw Asad walk out the door, and he looked behind to see Dr Arvind checking his mother, and his family was now occupied,and he walked out with him,and he looked at Asad watching out at Zoya’s back,as he stood in silence, but the longing was on his face,and he said - “ Asad, why do i feel that, her I can handle myself, had a larger implication out here…”

Asad could only look back at Arnav as he said, in a tone that was very dejected - “ she filed the annulment yesterday morning…”

Arnav looked at him in shock - “ what?? howww??”

Asad - “ through Aman….and like i feared, i dont think she can ever forgive me…for burning all the bridges…”

Arnav - “she said that??”

Asad nodded,as he took out the ring of his pocket and held it out in the palm, in front of Arnav - “yes, and that she doesn't have anything to give to me any longer, neither love nor forgiveness…and that its over, she wouldn't even consider it, i know she thinks iv changed my mind, because of the accident , and sympathy and regret and guilt….”

Arnav nodded as he understood and he said - “Zoya has been like that you know so different, yet a lot like me, and i can understand where she's getting this from…but you need to give her time…”

Asad nodded - “ofcourse, i know i need to give her time…but i cant help but feel so anguished because I know even though I'm here for her, she wouldn't have me….how will i ever forgive myself Arnav?? i don't know if ill ever be able to…”

Arnav took a deep breathe and he said - “ time, thats all you two need, and i can sense that she's going to probably construct a wall around herself, a wall that you probably cant breach…but I know from experience that the higher you build the walls around your heart,the harder you fall when someone finally gets around to breaking them down, and I don't know how much time it would take, but i do know, when those walls do break,youd be there to catch her,as she falls….”

Asad gave him a sad smile as he nodded - “ always….id never let her hit the ground…”

Arnav nodded - “ good and I was right, Zoya is lucky to have you, I know, you do love her more than you probably even know…”

Asad shot him a confused look as he asked - “ how are you able to say that with so much conviction??and how are you not beating the **** out of me for hurting your sister the way I have??”

Arnav took a deep breathe, could he tell Asad the truth straight away that he could say so with so much conviction because he had first hand experience with his sibling with regards to Love,and he knew very well how the hearts of the Khan siblings worked, because Khushi was so similar to her bhaijaan too, for no matter how much he had hurt her, or she had hurt him,when the time had come and he was about to hit the ground,she had broken his fall,and caught him just in time,always but this time around she had hit the ground herself in process,and he hadn't been able to save her from her fall, could he tell him that he knew so because he had learnt a lot about love from his sibling,ofcourse not, not now, maybe one day he could, so he said instead  - “well because like i said, its love, there are so many different shades to it, and i dont have any right to speak in between two people who  have probably brutally and insanely hurt each other only because, its so obvious that these two people also happen to be insanely in love with each other…whats happened is unfortunate, but a temporary setback Asad, I'm sure…shell come around, give her time….and of course also I'm able to say this with so much conviction, because iv known you Asad…and i also happen to know my sister, very well…so i know that patience is also the only thing you need right now…”

Asad nodded,and he kept a hand on his shoulder,as he said honestly looking at him, giving him a small smile - “ did I tell you yet? it really is good to have you back Arnav…”

Arnav gave him a small smile,as he said - “ really good to have you back Asad, i don't usually believe in drama, but yes, id like to take this moment to tell you, that I missed having my best friend around….i almost hated myself a lot of times too, for forcing you into seeing the recording…and for that…Id like to apologise….”

Asad - “ the past is done and dusted with Arnav, its better it stays there back in time, where it belongs….and yes i dont usually believe in drama too, but id like you to know, that i missed having you around……”

Anjali had stepped out the door, and she had been standing there, listening to the two long best friends talk heart to heart, for the last five minutes,and she wiped her tears as she smiled and walked up to them as she said - “ but you know, i love drama, so id like the two of you to hug each other right now…cmon….what are you waiting for….”

Asad gave her a small smile,and he looked at Arnav, and Arnav said - “di you know her she will continue to stand here on our heads….”,and Asad could only smile back,at that light hearted moment, as he pulled in his long lost best friend, who had always been no less than a brother to him, into a hug, and just like that in a moment of time, the two friends stood in front of each other, just like the good old times, with the past forgotten and buried behind them.

Anjali smiled,at that sight, and she took a deep breathe as she thanked the God’s again.

For she knew, today was a new day.

A New beginning - For The Sun had finally Risen again.




(Khan Mansion) - 9.00 AM

Zoya heard Ammi’s voice from the stairs - “ Zoya, Asad…come down quickly, breakfast is ready….hurry up…we have to leave….”

Zoya spoke - “ yes ammi, ill be there….”

And she heard Asad’s voice from his room - “ be there in 5 mins ammi…”

Zoya looked at her reflection in the mirror as she sat on the stool in Khushi’s dressing.

It had been ten days, since that day.

And it had been three days, since she had been discharged from the hospital, and the only reason why she had come back here with Asad was because the situation demanded it.

Khushi was still on Life support, and even though her pulse was now stable since a last couple of days, her blood pressure was still erratic, due to which they hadn't yet felt confident about removing the life support.

But there was improvement,and infact the day she had been discharged, her mother had too been discharged, and it was on that very day Khushi had been shifted out from the CCU into the ICU,because DR Arvind felt that she was out of critical danger, but they hadn't removed the life support because they wanted to be cautious,and infact all her vitals had now been stable expect for her blood pressure, and the reason why they hadn't removed the ventilator was that everytime they had tried too, Khushi’s breathes had fasten which meant that Khushi was still having trouble breathing on her own.

But Dr Arvind had hope, that her body was healing for sure, and it really was only a matter a time until Khushi would be able to breathe on her own,and that was what was the issue of concern , for they didn't know how much more time.

And thats why she had told Asad that she would keep silent about the annulment until Khushi was fine, and live under the same roof, until Khushi was back, because ammi,ofcourse was too worried, and thats why she had decided that for her sake, she would put up with the act.

No, she hadn't changed her decision, ofcourse, and she had been successful in avoiding any sort of face to face conversation with Asad, expect for the act in front of Ammi and her family in the hospital.

She had also learnt from Di, the real truth about what had happened at the farmhouse, that how Khushi had taken the shot that was meant for her brother, in order to save him, she had shielded him, and she knew that her brother was having a hard time, infact the last ten days had been no less than a hell for him, because to see Khushi like that, all silent and fragile and on life support, had butchered her being, she could only imagine what her brother was going through, and also to add to that, he couldn't even express his emotions openly, he was on constant guard with Asad around, and infact, she herself and Anjali di, had helped him in some way always, almost everyday  until she was in the hospital to sneak in and see Khushi, but she knew, he was trying to hold in and be very strong, but with each and every passing day, his strength was running out.

The positive thing, right now was that Arnav and Asad had gone back to being the best friends they used to be, and their families stood united,as one.

It was strange, so so strange, because she had longed for this moment back in time, but she shrugged, for today in present nothing was the same, in between her and Asad.

She wasn't the old Zoya anymore.

Ofcourse, she was doing well,in acting out all normal and strong in front of the rest, but on the inside, she still felt all lost,because she didn't know how to start picking up the pieces of the broken her.

She brushed her hair quickly,and she picked up her crutch,as she adjusted it under her left armpit, and started to walk,it had taken a couple of days to get herself adjusted to this new way of movement in Life, but now she was used to it.She couldn't really feel her left foot completely even if she put it on the ground, and could only move it a little,thankfully it was enough to get the movement smooth with her crutch.Her never had been damaged to a significant extent, and she was on medication to stregthen the muscles around it, but she knew the only way she could ever get complete movement back would be with intense physiotherapy,and she had to work very hard, and fight her body greatly, because for the last two sessions, she had been barely been able to lift her left leg,and it had fallen back down on the bed, and she had felt so helpless.She took a deep breathe, the road ahead was surely not going to be easy.

And she started walking, while adjusting her crutch in her movement , right when she saw the door open and she saw Asad standing as he said - “you ready??”

Zoya nodded ,and she walked a little ahead as she said - “and like i said before, you can go down without me…i didn't ask you to wait up…”

Asad sighed as he said - “Zoya,cmon…its better this way, for Ammi’s sake….”

Zoya nodded as she said - “ whatever, for ammi’s sake, thats why i am here, i hope you havent got any false hopes,for iv made myself perfectly clear….”

Asad looked at her and he said - “absolutely, I know whats this about, you are only here because the situation demands, and once Khushi is fine…you will…”, and he stopped, because he couldn't get himself to say it.

Zoya finished the sentence for him - “leave…yes, and everyone will know about the annulment….”

Asad looked at her as he asked - “ its sad that its come to this, wont you ever talk to me again??like ever?? seriously?? you’v been avoiding me ever since our conversation at the hospital…Zoya…everytime iv tried to talk to you…you go all silent on me….”

Zoya looked at him as she said walking out - “ because like i said, theres nothing else that i can say to you…we’d just be wasting each others time…”

Asad walked slowly to match his steps to her as he said - “but i do have a lot to say to you…Zoya…”

Zoya stopped as she turned to him a she said - “ please…don’t…dont do this to me…please…i cant take it right now…i can’t…please just leave me alone….”

Asad looked at her eyes, and tears were about to fall of them and he nodded as he said curtly - “ fine…ill leave you alone, but dont cry…please….”

Zoya controlled her tears as she said starting to get down the stairs holding the railing with the other hand, and her crutch with the other - “ its not for you…iv decided long back that i wouldn't shed a tear for you ever again….”

Asad flinched,but he walked a step down the stair as he asked changing the topic - “ why did you have to take Khushi’s room, not the room down…I know its difficult to manage these stairs….”

Zoya looked at him as she said helping herself down,and right then she saw him take out his hand to help her, and she gestured him to stop as she said - “ I can manage, thanks…and i took Khushi’s room, because i want to face this difficulty,only a small symbol of how Life is going to be from now on….”,and with that she left him standing in the middle of the stairs.

Asad stood to his position for a second,as he asked himself to be patient,and to be strong, and he felt his heart remind him that each night for the past ten days he had been doing that, putting his head back to his pillow and telling himself that he was strong, because he had successfully gone through, one more day without Zoya.

He sighed, for he didn't know for how long he'd have to be doing the same, and right then he heard his ammi’s voice calling out to him, and he made his way down,looking at his watch Zoya had her physiotherapy session at the hospital itself,and ammi,would be going to the hospital for Khushi, and he had a meeting at work, that he couldn't avoid, so hed be going to work , before he could head himself to the hospital, in the hope that Khushi would finally be able to breathe on her own, and that she wouldn't be needing the life support or the medically induced sedation they had been putting her through for the last ten days now.


Germany - 8 AM

Arhaan sat back, in the chair of his studio, and sipped his coffee.

And he closed his eyes for a brief moment, and it was right then that face, that face came back to revolve in front of his eyes.

Khushi’s face.

He knew, that it was over.

Yet, he couldn't control the thoughts that were crossing his heart at that time.

In his mind he had decided to never think of her again,but had he succeeded,ofcourse not.

For every second for the last ten days, his heart had come up with some excuse to think of Khushi.

And right then he also remembered, that Khushi loved Arnav, and he had seen it in his eyes as he had shielded Khushi from his uncles shot,he loved her too.

He fought a tear, as he smiled,he was happy that Khushi was happy out there, and probably Arnav and Khushi were now together,and he knew he could live with that, knowing that Khushi was happy,he could finally move on from it all.

And right then his phone rang, and he saw a India no and he picked it up confused,and he said - “ Hey..”

He heard a voice on the other end - “ hi farhaan, this is Rocky, i was trying to call your uncle but his phone is off, i just wanted to tell him, that iv disposed the gun that hed left in the car..id picked up at the airport…”

Arhaan said - “ you mean the gun i handed to you, when you  met me while picking up the car me and khala came in…”

Rocky - “ No farhaan, i mean the car your uncle came in…”

Arhaan was now confused,for he had taken the gun from him at the farmhouse.

Arhaan asked - “ there was a gun in the car he came in??”

Rocky - “ yes, anyway, will you pass on the message, and please contact me if you need any help once you are in Delhi…”, and he hung up.

Arhaan quickly walked out his studio and made his way up to his uncles apartment and he rang the bell,and right then he saw his khala,open the door and he asked - “ where is he??”

Afreen looked at Arhaan - “ who?? your uncle??”

Arhann nodded - “hes sleeping….”,she answered

Arhaan walked as fast as he could, and threw open the door to his uncles room as he asked,seeing him wake up in bed - “ you had another gun with you???? in the car you came in?? you had another gun with you????”

Mehmet woke up and he rubbed his eyes and he looked at his nephew - “relax, why are you getting so worked up first thing in the morning….yeah i had a gun…so what….”,and he got up off the bed as he asked - “ please dont tell me you are still whining over that girl….that stupid girl….shes the most idiotic person iv ever come across really, good riddance….anyway…”, he said looking at his wife - “id like my tea , please…..”

But Arhaan walked upto him, as he asked - “ good riddance?? what do you mean??? what did you do?? what aren't you  telling me??”

Mehmet sipped his water as he said - “ well, i guess theres no harm now, she'd probably be dead by now….”

Arhaan felt his insides freeze,as he asked , his voice now was shaking with fury- “ who would be dead?? what do you mean?? what the hell did you do???…”

Mehmet sneered - “ that girl you love, Khushi, well honestly speaking i didn't want to shoot her, i aimed at the Raizada, but  no, she had to save him,i guess she always loved, so she shielded him ,and took the shot herself…and i had to escape, but i did see that fountain of blood as she fainted in his arms,im sure she wouldn't have made it…..”

Arhaan felt fury rule him,as he on reflex, held his uncles collar as he pulled him harshly - “ you what?????? you shot Khushi?????? and why didn't you tell me any of this before??????”

Mehmet freed himself out of his grip and he replied in fury - “ why would i ?? so that you'd probably never board the plane, you have lost your mind in your love…open your eyes…”, and he walked up to him as he threatened - “and dont you ever dare to get physical with me, ever again….”

Afreen walked just right in as she stood in between them as she said - “ whats wrong with you two??get off each other…”,and she looked at Arhaan who stood glaring at her husband as she said - “Arhaan, forget it, forget her, get over it, compose yourself, we are a family….”

Arhaan looked at his aunt and without saying another word,he walked back to his studio in shock,Khushi had been shot.

He had to know, he had find out how she was.

But how was he going to find out??

He had no way.

He brushed a hand through his hair in distress, as his mind worked up, for there had to be a way he could find out about Khushi for sure.



At The Hospital - Noon

Dilshaad sat outside the ICU, and right then she spotted Kkusum walk in with Anjali, and they walked upto her,and she got up and hugged them both as Kkusum asked - “ hows Khushi?? what do the doctors say??”

Dilshaad - “the same…”

Anjali patted her shoulder - “ but she's atlas out of the CCU, which is a good sign…”

Dilshhad smiled,as Kkusm sat next to her and Anjali sat on the other side - “ yes, ofcourse….and you just missed Zoya, she was here for the break, she just left for her physiotherapy session again, shell be back in a while, i guess…and Asad had work, he will come in a while too…”

And right then Dilshad’s phone rang and she saw the name flashing on the screen and she picked up - “ yes Farida….how are you???”, and the minute she heard what she had to say, Dilshaad felt fury, but she composed herself as she covered - “ yes Khushi is in the hospital, like i told you she’s been in an accident….no…no…nothing like that, she wasn't kidnapped or anything…no..he isn't here…we broke the engagement, no i cant tell you what happened for i dont know myself, its between the kids…i believe in standing with what my children want…yes..thank you so much for your concern…”,and she hung up.

Right then Anjali saw her brother enter, he had got a call just as they were about to enter..and so she and her mother had come in first, and he came in and stood right when she heard her mother ask - “ what happened Dilshaad?who was it on the phone??”

Dilshaad sighed as she flung her phone in her bag - “ the cousin of my neighbour, Farida, just another one of those calls, iv been getting so many of them for almost a week now, and I'm tired of explaining over and over again, that we broke the very public engagement between Arhaan and Khushi…”, and she paused, as she drank a sip of water from her bottle - “and I know why they are calling , because all they want to know is why it happened, and how come Khushi was in a accident, my daughter is fighting for her life, and all this damm society cares about is gossip, i know thats what they are looking for, some dirt to gossip about my daughter….”,and she wiped her tears.

Arnav flinched, all he wanted to do was punch the damm wall,and he heard his mother say - “ dilshaad, calm down, relax. you need to relax….cmon…lets get you something to eat…”

Dilshadd looked at her friend - “shouldnt you be resting at home?? you just recovered Kkusum….”

Kkusum hugged Dilshaad - “oh cmon, iv been lying down for a decade now, trust me i dont need rest, i need to move around…come ill take you to the cafe upstairs…have some tea…you need to eat…dont worry, Anjali is here…”

Arnav fought his emotion as he said - “ ill call you both, if theres anything….”

Kkusum looked at her son as she said - “ stay here Chotte,with your sister…until im back…”

Arnav nodded,and he watched his mother and Dilshaad aunty leave.

And it was only when he was alone with his sister, he punched his fist on the wall in distress - “ i dont freaking understand this damm society, khushi is fighting for her life, and instead of consoling a mother, people are calling to dig in for gossip….what kind of nonsense is this di….”

Anjali touched his hand as she stopped him from banging his fist in the wall again as she brushed his knuckles tenderly - “ chotte, thats just how it is, people talk…but we shouldn't care….”

Arnav looked at her as he asked - “ how can i not care when its about Khushi, i can only wonder what they will do once she is up and about, everyone who was there at her engagement ,is going to be hurling questions down at her in some way or the other everytime,they see her…how much more nonsense does she have to face di…this is just bull****…****ing bull****…”

Anjali looked at him, there was no point in saying anything further , because this was something she never understood herself, so how could she explain to her brother but she asked - “ are you ok Chotte??”

Arnav sighed as he leaned back and he said - “ trying to be di, trying to be strong, but my strength is running out, its been ten days and it feels like a eternity of misery and pain and i can't keep up with this long, i need Khushi to wake up…i need to hear her say my name…and i never thought i would be praying every second of my life…but you know iv been doing just that, and I am also going to that temple near our house, every morning after my run, only to pray for her, your God is listening, isn't he di?? there is someone out there listening to my prayers isn't there di??”

Anjali kept a hand on his - “ ofcourse, she is better Chotte, she's out of the CCU at least…now cmon, lets get you sneaked in, don't you want to see her…”

Arnav nodded,and he got up,as his sister spoke to the Nurse,atleast the good thing,about the ICU was, that one could get to sit for atlas a few minutes with the patient.

Anjali walked back as she said - “ cmon, go in…and I'm just going to see Zoya and how her session is going, in the meantime if Asad comes, tell him that I asked you to sit with Khushi while i was seeing Zoya…”

Arnav nodded,and he took a deep breathe and walked in.


Ten Days.

It had been ten days since Khushi was shot, in his arms.

Ten Nights, since he hadn’t been able to get any sleep.

Ten Days since he had last felt peace.

Ten Days since he had last felt himself breathe properly.

He had been walking into this area for the last ten days,first into the CCU, and now into the ICU, with the help of his sister’s,he had been able to see Khushi everyday.

But Khushi was silent.

Everyday, he had only been getting these couple of minutes, to express what he really was feeling, that he was dying inside, because outside to the world, he had to pretend, he had an act to keep up.

He didn't even know, if she could hear him, because he knew she was under induced sedation.

But he couldn't stop himself from talking to her,because those minutes were the only ones in which he could bare his heart out to the woman he loved, in the hope that she would finally wake up, and smile again, and make his world a wonderful place, all over again rather than it being the hell it was right now.

Her memories, were keeping him company and he had in his mind, drowned himself into them.

Khushi, had been like that sunshine of his life,and now that she was all silent on him, he had never felt the darkness more.

The only thing that kept him going were, faith and hope and her memories.The pain that he had been feeling was surpassing every limit everyday and he knew he was running out of strength, the only thing that he held on to was that in the few hours sleep that would come due to exhaustion,he would dream of her.

He took a deep breathe, no he couldn't fall weak, he had to be strong, he had to have faith, and he had to beleive, that Khushi could be better any moment.

He Had to have Hope, that , the any moment could be Now.

He brushed both his hands over his face, as he reached her,and walked silently and sat on the chair, and pulled it further, so that he was next to her bed,and he held her fragile hand, and brushed it tenderly,and kissed it,behind the IV,and he laced his fingers through her’s as he said softly - “ Hi Khushi….”

He knew, of course he was not going to get a reply back.

He spoke, controlling his emotions - “ ten days Khushi, you know what honestly let me tell you a little secret, when i first met you,all those months ago, i would always wonder, what would it take, i mean how would you react if I asked you to keep shut and not talk, and then i would laugh it all of in my head thinking, that you wouldn't even be able to keep quiet for even a minute, infact there were times, when you dozed off in my arms back in London,when i would actually talk to you when you were asleep, i always thought it was easier that time, because you were making me feel so many things that i was in no control off, but Khushi, honestly you surprised me this time around, its been ten days,and you havent spoken a word, i know they’v been sedating you and stuff, but still…”, he paused,as he rubbed her fingers softly - “ its strange Khushi, isn't it?? this thing in between us, yes to say to the world we havent even been together in the literal sense for months now, so is it just supposed to be assumed that theres no love, of course not, for there is love,this intense,crazy emotion, if its not love then what is it?? although,i dont know what kind of love this is, i honestly dont have any name for it, what can i really call the love, in which we gone through what we have, I didn't know i had it me to let you go, but somewhere for your happiness i did, and then you despite all the pain i caused you, in the fraction of a moment, you didn't even think for a second, before taking the shot that was meant for me…and i have no idea what to really term this as, but I love you Khushi, with all that I have, just get better, i promise, ill do what you want, if you want me to be out of your life, I swear i will never show you my face ever again, for iv only always caused you pain, infact right now, you are in this situation because off me, because i let you down, once again, you trusted me to keep you safe, i know you did, i felt it when you flung yourself in my arms, and I couldn’t…Khushi just please be fine, thats all i really want for now,pleaseee Khushi…I cant see you like this, its killing everything inside of me….”,and he paused,as he wiped a tear out of his eye,and he kissed her hand softly as he said - “ you have no idea how Zoya and di have been helping me see you out here, Khushi, for every single day, iv been sneaking in to see you when no one is watching,what have you done to me Khushi…now stop this idiotic stunt of silence you’v been playing at all of us for the last ten days, cmon Khushi…you can breathe without this damm machine….you can recover or is it that you’d rather want to torture me more, are you enjoying my misery so much now huh?? tell me??..”

The Nurse, smiled as she withdrew the curtains around,and walked towards Khushi,and she saw that the man had straightened in his seat, but he hadn't left the patients hand, coincidentally she had the duty this time around of the day, and she had seen this person here everyday, although she hadn't heard him say anything, but she could guess by that emotion on his face what this was about, and she said, injecting the injection in Khushi’s IV - “ you must leave now…”

Arnav nodded and he started to get up,as he took his hand off Khushi’s slowly and he heard the nurse ask - “ you really love her , dont you??”

Arnav looked at her shocked,but he nodded - “ yeah…i didn't know it was that obvious…i mean by my face…”

The Nurse gave him a small smile - “ well it is, probably because the only place,you can really let it loose and talk…iv seen you with her family outside, i figured that you all are close, but i guess they dont really know, right?? her family??”

Arnav nodded - “ yeah, its complicated…anyway, thank you…its kind of you to let me have these few minutes out here for every day of the last week…”

The Nurse gave him a small smile as she said - “you’r welcome, anything for Love…and dont worry, she is improving, its only a matter of time…”

Arnav nodded as he looked at khushi as he said - “ i know…”


Zoya walked with her sister towards the ICU waiting area, and she said - “ its good that Maa took ammi,for a break….she needs it…and di I'm glad you also came and rescued me from the session mid way, i couldn't go on longer today….i want to…but this damm leg wouldn't just support me, it has a mind of its own right now”

Anjali smiled at her as she said - “ relax Zoya…its alright, take it easy, small steps at a time…”

Zoya nodded as she sat on the chair and kept her crutch aside,and she sighed - “and yet a long way to go ahead di…”

Anjali looked at her for a brief second and then she asked - “ when are you going to talk to me??”

Zoya - “about what??”

Anjali - “about the annulment…about the situation between you and Asad”

Zoya looked at her shocked and she felt her eyes widen as she asked - “ you know???? how????”

Anjali sighed - “ Asad…he told your jiju first,and then of course Chotte too…”

Zoya was now shocked - “whattt????? jiju knows??? bhai knows????”

Anjali nodded - “ Asad doesn't shy away from admitting his mistakes, or rather in this case a blunder, he admits that he was wrong, so wrong….feels in his heart that he should have looked within and found that light of forgiveness…but Zoya, i know its filed and everything…but do you really not have it in your heart to forgive him???”

Zoya wanted to tell the truth to her, but she knew her sister, she would probably go to playing cupid, and she didn't want that right now so she just said looking ahead - “di…some stains always remain, infact the harder you try to rub them off, the more visible they get…he didn't want me in his life then, then why now…I dont want sympathy di, im doing just fine di…on my own, infact the minute Khushi is better…and is back home, ill leave and then im going to find a place of my own…”

Anjali looked at her in shock as she asked - “ you aren't going to come home??? what the hell??”

Zoya looked ahead - “how can i?? and with what face?? i walked out…and how am i going to…”,and she paused,for she didn't know how to continue,and she felt her sisters hand on her head - “ its your home Zoya, we are family…we are always there for you, i know what all has happened, its a lot, you need time, its ok, i understand, take your time, but i will not allow this nonsense, you will come home…if not for anyones sake, then for Maa, you know she wont allow anything else…and nor would I, or Chotte…”

Right then they spotted Arnav come out of the ICU, and Zoya asked her sister to hush and she gave her brother a smile as she walked up to him and asked - “ hows she?? i know, i mean, i was with her in the morning….but still..tell me did you ask the nurse about her blood pressure??”

Arnav looked at Zoya and he said - “no, but she said, she's improving….”

Zoya - “ you didn't ask??”

Arnav - “ no…”

Zoya looked at him,and she touched his arm as she asked softly - “ do you not ask because you fear that you will hear something which isn't good…and then you probably wouldn't know how to deal with it….”

Anjali walked up to her siblings and she said softly - “ we know him well Zoya….”

Arnav looked at his sisters, they did know him well, and he change the topic as he asked - “Zoya, how was your session??”

Zoya limped her way back with her crutch and sat on the chair, as she said looking at her brother and sister - “ the same…still not able to pick it up…”

Arnav looked at her and he said brushing her hair - “ its ok..Zoya…itll take some time…”

And right then they spotted Asad enter through the door, and Zoya stiffened,and she saw Asad walk up to them as he greeted   both Arnav and Anjali and then he looked at her as he asked - “ how was your session??”

Zoya knew that her siblings were watching, so she just gave him a brief nod, as she said - “ it was ok, thanks, Mr.Khan..”

Asad sighed, and he didn't know what could he say in front of  Arnav and Anjali and right then the nurse came out of the door as she said - “ Mr.Khan…i need you to see these papers, just a few more formalities, thats all, but i need your signature….”

Asad looked at everyone and he said - “ ill just be back….”,and then he walked ahead with the nurse.

Zoya looked at his back for a few seconds, and she felt that longing return,and the emotion it started to well up inside of her, welled up tears in her eyes and she looked away as she looked at her siblings as she said - “ you did say, that both Maa and ammi,are in the cafe upstairs??ill just go too..im hungry….”,and she got up,and made her way out.

Anjali looked at Arnav as he watched Zoya leave, and he asked - “ did you catch that longing on her face??”

Anjali nodded - “ofcourse, i dont know when will she come around though….shes going to leave Barkat once Khushi is better…”

Arnav nodded - “ i could sense it, i mean, i know she’s going to do that…”

Anjali - “how??”

Arnav - “ she is a lot like me di…and thats why i know, she wont understand no matter how much we try, only time can teach her, thats just how our thick obnoxious brain functions, i guess…”

Anjali - “she mentioned about getting a place of her own…”

Arnav - “bull****, she will come home…ill convince her, ill use Maa’s name if I have too…”

Anjali nodded - “ i did just that, you know used maa’s name…”

Arnav nodded - “good, she loves Asad so much, she's dying for him, but she's going to be stubborn about it, she wont admit that she needs him…and especially this thing with her leg and her route to recovery she wants to fight alone….I guess…she doesn't know how long it will take….”

Anjali - “i dont know if its right or wrong, yet…i cant understand…”

Arnav - “can only wish that it isn't long before she learns it…”

Anjali - “learns what??”

Arnav sighed as he said - “the lesson that i learnt in the hardest way possible…that the cost of not following your heart is spending a long long time wishing that you had….”

Anjali looked at her brother, and his taut face, it was indeed true, he had learnt this lesson in the hardest way possible, she was about to say something, but she stopped, because she spotted Asad walking towards them.


Meanwhile Simultaneously

( As Soon As Arnav had Left the ICU )

Khushi was sure, she had heard his voice.

She didn't know, why,for what felt like eternity now,every time she was starting to get conscious, within a few minutes she would feel drowsy again,as if she was being sedated.

But this time around, as she had started to gain consciousness, she was sure, she was sure, she had heard his voice.

And she was sure, she had felt his hand, over hers.

She had tried to move her fingers wanting to hold his hand, but the rest of her body was probably still sedated.

But her mind wasn’t,she knew it could probably take a few more minutes until her body would be able to react to being conscious, that was if she wasn't sedated again.

That voice.

She tried to focus, as she recalled what she had heard.

“ its strange Khushi, isn't it?? this thing in between us, yes to say to the world we havent even been together in the literal sense for months now, so is it just supposed to be assumed that theres no love, of course not, for there is love,this intense,crazy emotion, if its not love then what is it?? although,i dont know what kind of love this is, i honestly dont have any name for it, what can i really call the love, in which we gone through what we have”

And then the emotion, that she felt, as a million thoughts crossed her heart, ofcourse, she could agree with him, she had no idea, what to call this kind of love, could there really be a name for this string of emotion in between of them.

She focused again,to recall what shed heard.

“I didn't know i had it me to let you go, but somewhere for your happiness i did, and then you despite all the pain i caused you, in the fraction of a moment, you didn't even think for a second, before taking the shot that was meant for me…and i have no idea what to really term this as, but I love you Khushi, with all that I have…”

She honestly hadn't known that he had, had it him to let her go like he had, and then the guilt she had felt when she had seen him so broken at her engagement, came back to her mind, and the emotion she had felt that soul shattering ripping emotion she had felt herself too, came back to her.

And then also everything that happened after flooded back in her mind, the truth, her kidnapping, her confrontation with Arhaan,and then whatever happened at the farmhouse,as to how Arnav had tried to shield her from the earlier shot.

And she had known in that one moment as she had seen Mehmet aim at his back, that she could never let anything happen to him, for she’d die herself, if any danger came his way, and she had acted on reflex and turned him around with so much force, and then she had been hit.She remembered falling into his arms, and mustering his name, before it all went blank.

His voice flooded through her mind again.

“just get better, i promise, ill do what you want, if you want me to be out of your life, I swear i will never show you my face ever again, for iv only always caused you pain, infact right now, you are in this situation because off me, because i let you down, once again, you trusted me to keep you safe, i know you did, i felt it when you flung yourself in my arms, and I couldn’t…Khushi just please be fine, thats all i really want for now,pleaseee Khushi…I cant see you like this, its killing everything inside of me….”

She could feel that pain and that anguish in his voice.

“what have you done to me Khushi…now stop this idiotic stunt of silence you’v been playing at all of us for the last ten days, cmon Khushi…you can breathe without this damm machine….you can recover or is it that you’d rather want to torture me more, are you enjoying my misery so much now huh?? tell me??..”

And she had wanted to answer back, and then she had also heard his conversation with the Nurse.

And then she had heard footsteps,probably she was alone now.

She tried to focus, again and again,as she instructed herself that she had to fight this out.

And right there, various voices flooded through her head, which she must have registered in her head between consciousness and sedation, over the past couple of days,she hadn't been able to recall before, because she had been immediately sedated back. 

A voice of her mother, a weeping voice of her mother, which said - “ Khushi, my baby, please….please…dont do this to me…please come back….please be fine….”

A choked and broken voice of her brother - “ Khushi…i cannot even begin to tell you the terror that i felt when i carried you in my arms to the hospital here…god punished me once like this before, and i lost Najma…i cant loose you…i can’t…Khushi, my baby sister…please….you are a fighter, fight this damm machine….please….breathe Khushi…breathe….”

A composed voice of Zoya - “ Khushi, wake up yaa..we have so much to talk…whats with all this silence huh?? now cmon I cant let you be like this, you are not allowed to keep silent when I'm talking remember?? you promised.youd never go silent on me…”,and then her tearful voice - “Khushi…please….pleaseee…i beg you…you can hear me right???”

And then another composed voice of Anjali di - “ Khushi…i haven't known you long, but from what I do know, is that you are a fighter in spirit, you can’t loose yourself to this, you just can’t…fight this out and come back…and you will see that everything has changed….the worse is over…and the sun has finally risen again, on all of us…now you just have to wake up, so that it can begin to shine with all its might…”

She felt overwhelmed, very overwhelmed, as these voices continued to flood through her mind,and she knew she had to fight this out.

She heard a lot of more versions of all these voices,go through her head over and over again.

And she felt her mind pause at his voice for a second as she registered it again - “ if anything were to happen to you Khushi, id die…for I cant exist in the world you aren't there, it feels like i havent taken a breathe in ,for over a week…I love you Khushi….if anything were to happen to you, id die…Khushi…id die….”

And she now felt determined as she took God’s name, and instructed her body to fight this out.


The Nurse walked back in the ICU, right when Dr Arvind walked in through the doors as he asked - “hows the blood pressure??”

The Nurse said - “improved since yesterday, but i need to check again, i went to get the papers signed from her brother..ill just read and tell you doctor…”

Dr Arvind nodded and he walked with the Nurse, towards Khushi…and he asked - “ Hi Khushi..how are we today??”

And he saw her pulse go up to 70 at that in the monitor,and he asked the Nurse - “ ask them to call Dr Bhatia in now….has her pulse crossed 65 all morning??”

The Nurse - “no sir….it was 64 before i left”,and she looked at the monitor - “its 72 now Sir…”

Dr Arvind - “ the blood pressure….?”

The Nurse - “80/120….its normal sir….”

Dr Arvind felt relieved as he started to check Khushi,and then he checked her eyes - “ looks like she's conscious, lets not sedate her yet….let’s see how long her bp is stable for…if its like that for a few minutes…well try to check her breathing…by removing the Life support…but keep the oxygen mask handy….did you call for Dr Bhatia yet??”

The Nurse - “ Ill just ask them at the station to call him…..”

Dr Arvind Nodded.

The Nurse walked out hurriedly as she went to the station as she said - “ Call Dr Bhatia…for the patient at Bay 7,call him in now…its urgent….Dr Arvind is waiting….”

Asad looked at the commotion at the station, and Arnav recognised the Nurse,she was Khushi’s attende, and infact she was the one who had just spoken to him inside, and they heard Anjali say - “Bay 7..isnt that Khushi???”

Asad nodded,and he had walked ahead at the speed of light,and Arnav was right behind, just as he asked - “bay 7, thats my sister….what happened??? is everything allright….”

The Nurse was about to walk back in, but she turned as she said - “ill probably be fired for this, for I'm not supposed to reveal much, but for the first time ten days her pulse has reached to a normal 72,and her blood pressure is also normal and Dr Arvind is calling Dr Bhatia in, so that we can see if she can breathe on her own,without life support, he heads that department you see….looks like all your prayers have been answered….”,and she looked at Arnav briefly as she nodded at him,and he nodded back briefly and they heard her say - “now if you'll excuse me….”


40 Minutes Later 

Dr Arvind shook hands with Dr Bhatia as he said - “ thank you Dr…”

Dr Bhatia - “anytime, looks like your patient wouldn't need our support any longer….her vitals are stable…and she's breathing just fine on her own, but id still advise you to keep the oxygen mask on for an hour or so, will give her additional help…she should be just fine now….”

Dr Arvind looked at the man, who was also a friend and he said - “everytime, a patient recovers from life support, it really is overwhelming isn't it??”

Dr Bhatia nodded as he smiled - “ ofcourse, for we dont see it often…always takes a miracle…thats why i believe that theres always something beyond medicine after all , although our profession by default trains us to believe in the logic of medical science, id still like to believe in faith…”

Dr Arvind nodded - “ because it has the power to make miracles…yes ofcourse…”

Dr Bhaitia nodded as he said - “ now if you'll excuse me Roy, i have to check in on the patient on Bay 10..ill see you this evening over dinner though…and we wont be late or else Aarti would kill me”

Dr Arvind gave him a smile as he said - “ ofcourse…see you…”

He turned to the Nurse,as he said - “keep the IV on still…shes out of danger and stable but still very weak….”

The Nurse nodded,as she joined the team of junior doctors,as they started to follow the instructions that their head had just left them with.

Dr Arvind walked out the ICU, he had a very important news to  give to the family and friends of Khushi Ahemed Khan.


Kkusum held on to Dilshaa’d shoulder and Anjali held on to her hand,as Zoya went to the Nurse’s station and she asked anxiously - “ they’v been in for so so long, can any of you tell us whats happening….”

They had received Anjali’s call immediately as soon as they had gotten to know that they were now going to try taking Khushi off the life support.

Arnav stood next to Asad and he said - “ no point, they won’t talk…”

Asad nodded as he said - “ exactly, they aren't supposed too…”

Zoya looked at the two,and she didn't know how her brother was managing to mask his turmoil, hed become really strong,and she looked at Asad as she said - “ but the other Nurse did talk right…so I'm just trying…”

Asad put a hand on Zoya’s shoulder as he said - “ relax….”

Zoya nodded and she kept her hand over his for a second,due to the anxiety and the vulnerability of the moment,and their eyes locked for a few seconds,as she felt that similar intense electric emotion exchange with Asad, and she immediately took her hand away as she shifted a little back,and right then they saw Dr Arvind come out the doors,and she asked in a instant just as on time with Asad - “ Khushi…..how’s she????”

Dr Arvind gave them a small smile,as he saw everyone gather in front of him and he looked at her mother, who looked at him with so much Hope as Kkusum Raizada and Anjali held on to her,and Arnav stood right next to Asad and Zoya, and he took a deep breathe as he said - “so the good news is that she's off Life support, she's completely out of any danger and all her vitals are now stable,and she's able to breathe on her own but yes because she's still very weak, we’d like to assist her with oxygen mask for an hour or so…”

He saw everyone take a sigh of relief and he heard Asad ask - “ my sister….shes conscious…can i see her???”

Dr Arvind nodded - “ofcourse you can, but not yet, give us a while, an hour or so, she's awake and conscious, but like i said still quite weak, i dont want her to over exert herself….my team is in there right now, taking care of a few things, but after a while, you will be able to see her…”

Zoya leaned back in relief on the Nurse station, for support, as  held onto her crutch with her hand,and then she walked across and hugged ammi,and then her mother as she said - “ i told you…shes a fighter…Khushi….she is my best friend after all…..”

Kkusum and Dilshaad hugged Zoya,as they all felt relief like they had never felt before.

Zoya saw Asad standing in the position he was in, he was probably in shock out of happiness,just like her brother was, and he had retreated to a corner and anjali di was with him, she walked to Asad as she put on a hand on his shoulder as she shook him - “Asad???”

Asad was startled as he looked at Zoya, and she said - “ its happening, for real….Khushi is ok….shes going to be absolutely ok…very soon…..”

Asad looked at her, and then at her hand on his shoulder, he had gone into a temporary shock due to relief and happiness, for he was fearing the worse that hed have to probably wait months or years until he could hear this news, and now that he had heard it, he couldn't get himself to react,but out of emotion,that his sister was now absolutely fine and out of danger, and also the moment that Zoya was in front of him,and she had put everything aside, and was probably trying to reach out and comfort him, just like she had stood silently by his side,even though everything in between of them was over,he could sense that it was, but still, she had stood by him,she had also come to his house, also because she probably knew that her presence would give him the support he needed,and he didn't know what came over him,as he pulled her into a crushing hug,for he didn't have any words to say in that one moment.

Zoya fought her own emotions,in that moment as she felt his arms go around her, but she went with her gut instead of her mind,as she hugged him back,as tears of relief fell off her eyes, for they both shared that intense love for Khushi.

Anjali looked at Arnav as she asked him softly - “ there you go being a statue again…shes fine…out of danger….didnt you hear…now cmon smile….Khushi is fine….your khushi….smile Chotte….why aren't you reacting…”

Arnav looked at her as he said with sure the overwhelming emotion was in his voice - “for i cant believe that the sun has finally risen again di….im too scared…what if i react and i wake up and this all ends up being a dream….”

Anjali felt a emotion like she never felt over,and she saw Zoya  hug Asad,and her mother was busy with Dilshaad,and she finally pulled her brother into a hug as she said - “yes the sun hasn't just risen again….it has started to shine with all its might…the worse is over Chotte….it really is over…..”

Arnav felt relief wash over every cell of his body,he felt the emotion that he hadn't felt is over ten days now, he felt like he could breathe again, and he took a deep breathe as the realisation dawned on him that his Khushi was now fine…and he hugged his sister as he said - “ I promise you, id never doubt the existence of your God ever again, di…”

Anjali pulled back as she gave him a cheeky smile,as she teased - “does that mean that you will come with me to the temple everyday now??”

Arnav looked at her as he did something he had thought he could never do, he gave her a heartfelt smile as he said - “not everyday di, don't push your luck….but every once in a while, maybe, yes, i would…”


Fate smiled as he said - “wheres my beer, id like to toast to new beginnings…”

Destiny smiled -“ id like that too…but id like white wine..pleaseee…”

Love smiled - “like i always say, its always the darkest before dawn…..”

Fate handed destiny her glass as he said sipping his drink - “still worried about Zoya though…”

Destiny - “oh yes, its going to be topsy and turvy now, her ride…but would be fun to watch…Asad wouldn't fall behind when it comes to mind games you know…”

Love nodded - “its amusing to watch my own diffrent shades sometimes seriosuly, anyway like i said she will learn with time just like her brother said, that the cost of not listening to your heart, is spending a long long time wishing that you had….he learnt it in the hardest way possible….”

Fate - “can only hope, that destiny here, isn't so hard on Zoya….”

Destiny - “ it all really depends on her actions really,ill try my best to be easy, but if she's going to want it the hard way, then i cant really be off much help you know…..”

Hate walked right in as he asked in disdain - “ whats all this celebration without me??incase you’v forgotten i am right here…”

Fate rolled his eyes as he said - “ can we ever forget that you exist?? i wish…we couldn't even if we wanted too….”

Hate nodded,as he took the beer off Fates hand,and sipped it  - “thats right you couldn't forget my existence even if you wanted to ,and you know why…because i won’t just let you….”


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May 24

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Chapter 37 - Upside Down

Have you ever sat quietly,all by yourself in Silence

And taken a moment to watch the Sand Flow,and Hit The Bottom of an Hour Glass??

And Then Have you Slowly Just Turned It Upside Down

And Watch The Same Thing Happen Over and Over Again??

If not, then take a moment out and watch it

Its quite fascinating.

I have always been very fascinated by the Hour Glass

For It’s a very simple object

But if you look closer its got a deeper meaning to it

For its a Reflection of Time and Life

Just like how some Moments of time in our lives continue to pile on , over and over in our hearts and minds, until its all finally reached a point that it consumes us fully and then comes the time to pause, take a deep breathe, and refresh our being, our heart and our mind,and then hold the reins of our Life in our hands, and turn it upside down, to finally start afresh.

And mind you,this moment happens quite often in all our Lives

Probably more often and sooner than we’d wish for

And we often Find ourselves flipping our minds and hearts over,

In order to Accommodate the never ending flow of moments of our lives.

And so,just like it really was fun as a Child to play with the Hourglass

It really is vital to our existence to control our time in our Life,every now and then,and turn it around.

And you know what’s really Interesting about this Upside Down??

That even though,

We Often dont really know,what it has in store for us,

And Whether it will ring in the Good or the Bad

It will surely ring in the Change that we need

And we will also surely discover at one point or the other, that although sometimes it’s alright to wait out until someone else or Life in general spins your world around,

Its still always is both wiser and fascinating

To Flip Your World Upside Down, with your own Hands


Same Day

10.30.00 PM

( Ten Hours Since Khushi’s gained Consciousness)

The Hospital - ICU

Khushi opened her eyes,and she looked at the watch on the wall.It was 10.30 in the night.

She had slept out for four hours.

Ever since she had gained consciousness ten hours ago, it was as if her mind had gone into an overdrive.

And Ever since they had taken out the oxygen mask, and she was able to breathe on her own, and she had first thing out asked the Nurse, to bring in her family to her.

She smiled,as she recalled how her mother and brother had pulled her in for a crushing hug, and how they both couldn't stop crying in happiness, that she really was alright and consciousness in front of them.

She had been on Life Support for ten days, fighting for her Life, fighting to breathe on her own,and she could only imagine how tortureous it must have been for them, to see her like this, of course she had recalled their broken voices.

And because she was still in the ICU,not everyone wasn’t allowed at the same time,and infact after her mother and brother had left after ten minutes of reunion, Dr Arvind had instructed her to go back to sleep for a while, because she was still very weak, and she needed as much rest as possible, and she did go back to sleep, because she felt exhausted, herself, she really had weakened in her health.

And then first thing out, when she had woken up in the evening at 6, she had seen Zoya by her side, and to see her with a crutch,had sent into shock and worry,as she had asked Zoya about what had happened,and she recalled how Zoya had filled her in about her accident and the miscarriage and the situation with her leg,with so much composure, and a smile on her face, that she could have really fooled her with that smile, as shed said that she was ok, but she knew for sure that Zoya was fighting herself to be strong in front of her, because she probably didn't want to worry her,but she knew Zoya well,and she could sense that pain behind that mask, and she had felt anxious and worried, and then Zoya had strictly tucked her back in bed, as she held her hand, and brushed her hair until sleep had taken over.

She rubbed her eyes,and she leaned back in bed as his thoughts finally came back to her.

She had heard him, she was sure.

It was him.

But then why hadn't he come to see her yet??now that she was up, it had been ten hours, why hadn't he come??

Maybe, because, her family was out there, and his family too, maybe, he didn't want to take a chance.She had also gotten to know from Zoya that the past was out,and now everything was sorted between her brother and Arnav and that they were back to being  best friends like good old times, and that their families stood united as one.

Was this because of that??

She closed her eyes, as she recalled his pained and anguished voice.

It was ironical, she thought for what she hadn't learnt from her Life until now, she had probably learnt in the clutches of death.

That we humans are idiots , complete idiots when it comes to our attitude towards Life, for we always take it for granted,thinking that we have all the time to ourselves, but do we really?? Do we really know when and in which second, it could all stop?? That our time here could come to an end??And yet, we take it all so much granted, always thinking and calculating,and planning it all in our heads, laying out lines for our future.It was pure irony, for we often forget to live the present, in the wait for something, you don't really know whether we will be living to see.

In one second, she had been sent into the hands of death,she probably could have died, the odds were more in that favour, considering she now knew how serious her condition had been.She had refused to listen to her gut,and let her mind manipulate her heart into thinking that what she really was doing getting engaged to Arhaan was probably was for the best of both her and Arnav, thinking that their kind of intense soul shakening love was the kind of love that wasn't right and was injurious to their mental well being.Its strange, sometimes the games our minds can play.

And here, it was just a mere coincidence or was it fate, she didn't know, but Arhaan turned out to be the bad guy, but what was she really thinking???? Did she really think that she could go on forever without Arnav??

She felt like mentally whacking herself.

She couldn't believe she had let her brain turn her life upside down like that.

And now,she was lucky, really lucky to get a second shot at Life,and she was only going to listen to her heart now,and let it turn her life around as many times as it wanted.

Because, she had learnt in the hands of death,

that Life was too short to be taken for granted,

Too short to not listen to your Heart

Too short to be taken so seriously.

That even if there was a slight chance at getting something that will make your heart really happy,

Then it really was worth the risk, for Life was too short, and that Happiness of the heart was too rare to be found.

And she had found it,that rare happiness of her heart, in his arms.

And she would be stupid enough to let it go,again.

Yes, she had hurt him, and he had hurt her too many times, and then she had gone ahead and gotten engaged to Arhaan,subjecting him to the tortureous sight that he probably could never forget all his life.

But then when the moment had come,and any danger was about to hit her, he had come for her, he had shielded her, and just like when the danger had its eyes on him, she had on reflex, taken it on herself.

If this wasn't that soul awakening, should shakening, intense kind of love, that was always meant to be, then what was it??

She was stupid enough to not see it before, but she could clearly see it now.

She could only love Arnav Singh Raizada

She could only be with him.

And only Him.

She would always love and be irrevocably in love with Arnav Singh Raizada.

So what if she had been broken not one but twice at his hands,

for she now knew that,only the love she felt for him had the power to make her whole again.Because now that she had a second shot at Life, she would spend every minute of it, loving him.

Because she was very sure, in her heart and in her mind of a few things - That it was only with him she wanted to fall, and only with him she wanted to get up.If she were going to loose,she wanted to loose herself with him and to him.And if she were going to cry, she would cry only for him, and if she were going to smile, she would because of him and for him.Even if his actions broke her heart ever again, he was the only one who she would give that power to, that power to destroy her heart and then to fix it.

Back in time, when she had first fallen in love, she had felt like she could never really give up on him.

But then life took control over her and turned it all Upside Down,and everything changed.

But this time around, she was going to take those reins in her hands,and flip around that hourglass of time, and turn her world Upside Down herself.

It was time to accept the truth head on, and face and live the fact that Arnav Singh Raizada was the love of her life, someone she could never really give up on.

Because she knew now for sure, that if something were to happen to him ever, she’d die.

And right then,she recalled his pained and anguished voice and remembered what she had heard.

Surely this kind of intense emotion only existed, because it was always meant to be,and thats why it had somehow probably found it twisted way out and come to this.

And it was now time to make it happen.

She was done tossing the Love she had been blessed with in exchange for being safe in her mind,and guarding herself from pain.It was time to accept the fact that Love, in all its glory was like the blaring truth she could never escape.She had made a wrong choice earlier, and now it was time to fix it, it was time to choose Love.

It was time to choose Arnav,and embrace him with everything he had to offer, the love or the pain,for she had now learnt that this Love came in a package deal,she could not just choose the rose without its thorn.

She opened her eyes, now sure of her decision,and she scanned outward, the curtain around her ward was a little open, and she felt herself ache to see him,like she felt she was dying to see him,why wasn't he coming to see her??

And then she recalled something she had heard in his anguished voice - ““just get better, i promise, ill do what you want, if you want me to be out of your life, I swear i will never show you my face ever again, for iv only always caused you pain, infact right now, you are in this situation because off me, because i let you down, once again, you trusted me to keep you safe, i know you did, i felt it when you flung yourself in my arms, and I couldn’t…Khushi just please be fine, thats all i really want for now,pleaseee Khushi…I cant see you like this, its killing everything inside of me….”

Oh god, could it be, that he wasn’t coming to see her because he was on a guilt trip right now?? thinking that he was the reason for her pain and what not,and was now wondering about how to face her.

Probably yes.

Goddd…ughhhh this Raizada was thick headed, and she almost wondered if shed have to be doing this all her life now, knocking some sense into his head, all the time.

Probably yes.

She had just fought with death and come back to Life, and now she didn't have time to waste, for she had learnt from first hand experience that your time in life, was unpredictable.

She was done with her Life being in control of her.

It was time to take control, for there really was no time to waste.

She wanted to see him , and she needed to see him now, but how???

She didn't have any phone with her, she couldn’t even text him.

God, there really had to be a way out.

She was dying to see him, and she had to let him know that.

Right then she saw a Nurse enter in,and she looked at the Nurse,as she heard her say - “ Hi Khushi, good to finally see you awake….i would have missed you in the morning, because i guess you'll be shifted to your room by then, lucky i have a double shift today….”

Khushi felt like she recognised the voice as she said softly - “ hi…do you have any idea when will i be out of here, as in what time??”

The Nurse smiled - “ tomm morning…its better we have you here for the night…”

The Nurse looked at her and she saw that her eyes were directed out and she heard her whisper - “ you did just come from the outside right?? can you tell me if my family is still around??”

The Nurse smiled at her,as she adjusted the drip, with a new bottle of glucose - “well yes, i just came in from the outside, i guess your brother just took your mother home,because i told them that you were still asleep,for i didn't know you were going to be awake, but your brother already has your room ready, because we plan to shift you at 600 am in the morning, and your friend Zoya offered to stay there, for the night, she really wants to be with you…so yes she's still there…out…but the rest of her family have also left…for they believe you need rest…”

The Nurse saw the disappointed look on her face as Khushi said - “ oh….alright…i guess ill just go back to sleep then…”

The Nurse,almost smiled as she said - “ and yes, he's there too…with Zoya…the man who was here almost everyday, holding your hand, and bearing his heart out to you while you were on life supprot, he really does love you Khushi…. i figured,hes related to Zoya, isn't he??”

Khushi felt her insides jump in happiness as she asked - “hes there?? he's there outside..?? and yes he is Zoya’s brother….”

The Nurse smiled - “ and i guessed that your family doesn't know, even though you all are close…”

Khushi nodded as she gave her a smile - “yeah, its sort of complicated…”

The Nurse smiled - “thats what he said, this morning….”

Khushi looked at her as she asked - “ look i need your help, will you help me?? as in i don't have a phone, if i write something down on a piece of paper, will you give it to him??please???”

The Nurse smiled,as she handed Khushi a paper and a pen - “ of course…why wouldn't i help you, anything for Love…”

Khushi smiled at her, as she quickly wrote down a message,and folded the paper as she gave it to the Nurse as she said - “ thank you so much….what’s your name??”

The Nurse gave her a small smile as she said - “ I'm Tanveer…and im excited, i haven't played messenger in the longest time…”, and she picked up the tray of medicines as she said softly - “ but lie down, you do need a lot of rest…although i know it feels like all you need is Him…”

Khushi smiled,as she watched Tanveer leave, she really was nice, and she made a mental note, to leave her a nice feedback once she was out of here.

And she was so right.

It did really feel like that, that all she needed right now was Him,and she was glad that she had written that down, in the that small piece of paper.


Ten Freaking Long Hours.

It had been ten freaking long hours since Khushi was up, and he hadn't even seen her yet.

Because first out of course, Dilshaad aunty and Asad had taken turns, to go in and see her, and it was only fair, and he had to mask his emotions, yet again, even though all he had wanted to do was, run in, and hug her, and hold her to himself, and never let go.

But could he do that?? of course not, so he had waited.He almost smiled at that, there was a time when he would never think for a minute and did what he deemed right,but only for Khushi, this time around, he had to be careful.

And then Dr Arvind had instructed everyone to let Khushi rest for a while.

And in the evening, when she was up, and everyone was out in the cafe, everyone as in everyone he had to put a act in front off, Asad, dilshad aunty and his mother,and it was only him, Zoya and Anjali, and Zoya had asked him to go first in to see Khushi, and he had almost walked in,but frozen in his tracks, as the thought came back to him, that how could he face Khushi  , and stand in front of her, and ask her to talk to him, ask her to let him hold her, hug her, when he was the reason, the only reason why she was in that situation.

The guilt had come back to haunt him,and he had frozen in his tracks, and asked Zoya to go in, instead.

And then once Zoya was out , shed told him that she had put Khushi back to sleep because she had got all anxious knowing about her situation.

He was happy about that because he needed her to be fine,that was enough for him to smile right now, he didn't want her to overexert herself and probably seeing him would make her do just that , and also he didn't know how was he going to face her yet.

Did she want to see him??

And now as it was getting late, and Asad had left with his mother and Dilshaad aunty and Anjali di to drop them home,because the nurse had mentioned that Khushi was still asleep and would probably sleep through the night,and Zoya had offered thats she was going to stay in Khushi’s room, in the hospital itself for she wanted to be with her,and Asad had said that hed be back in a while with Zoyas stuff for the night,and now that he himself had instructed Zoya to go to the room that was booked for Khushi and get some rest, he was thinking off what to do, he really was getting restless now, maybe he could just catch a glimpse of the sleeping her, and then leave,that would be the only way he would get any sleep himself.

He had to see her,but she was probably resting.

Right then he spotted the Nurse he had spoken to this morning come out the door,as she walked up to him , and gave him a small smile as she handed him a note,and he looked at her confused as she said - “ cmon read it…ill just be back,and then ill take you in…”

Arnav watched her leave in a hurry to the room beside the Nurses station, and he looked at her confused,what did she mean??

He looked at the note in his hand, and he opened it, and he felt his heart stop, like literally stop as he read what it said -

“Why won't you come see me?? Its been ten hours,and every time i open my eyes, i find them searching for you.Don’t you want to see me?? or is it that, you are really enjoying putting me through this misery of wait??I want you to know that i am dying to see you”

He felt the emotion take over him as tears of happiness came into his eyes,and he looked at the note again,and read it again twice and right after he had finished reading what she had written for the third time, he noticed that she had made a small arrow sign down below and written in Capital - Turn Over,and he smiled trust Khushi and her antics,as he turned the Note around,and he felt love rush through his being as he read what she’d written at the back - 

“FYI, Arnav Singh Raizada, All I Need is.…You…”

He smiled as he felt happiness rush through him, Khushi had just written this note to him, and she had already started to make him feel as if the world was the most wonderful place right now, and right then he saw the Nurse come towards him as she smiled and asked - “ ready to see her??shes waiting for you….”

Arnav nodded,and he gave her a small smile,as he followed her ,it was time to let Khushi know, that all he he would always need was Her.


Khushi waited in anticipation, and she felt so nervous,so nervous, like she used to feel initially whenever he was around,and she instructed herself to calm down,but she was also nervous, because what if he had left by the time Tanveer could go out and give him the note.

She felt really nervous, thinking that shed have to wait a few more hours until she would finally see him.

And it was right then,she picked up the remote of her bed,and inclined herself up, as she looked out,and she sensed it,he was here,and she felt her heart stop in that one moment, as she saw him,enter through the curtain,as she heard Tanveer say - “ ill leave you two alone for a while…”,and she walked out drawing the curtains back.

But she didn't register anything else around clearly, because it felt as if everything had just hazed around her, as her eyes locked with his, and her heart finally registered that he really was here, in front of her,and she couldn't get herself to look away,because the intensity of his gaze, that held her attention, was like as if she had been hypnotised.She registered him walk towards her slowly,and she felt herself take in a deep breathe,for she felt like she had just taken in the first breath of peace, now,even though they had taken out that oxygen mask hours before.

It felt like, she could finally breathe,now that he was in front of her.

Seeing him felt like, as if that dream, the one dream that had been broken too many times,was finally returning to her, walking towards her.

It felt like it had been dark for so long, and that the sun was finally rising again.

This was why she had to fight death,this was why she had to return to herself,so that she could finally get to have that shot at living what had been left incomplete until now.


He had felt nervous, very nervous walking his way to her, he knew she was waiting to see him, and the minute he had stepped in through the curtains, and looked at her, he felt as if  nothing else really mattered in that moment right then, all that mattered was him and her.

His eyes had locked with her’s in the very moment he had stepped in, and he knew that the intensity of what he was feeling was now clearly reflecting on his face, for finally, after all this time of torture, Khushi was awake,and alright and in front of his eyes,and he could see the intensity in her eyes too,as he walked towards her, in silence, and he was about to sit on the stool next to her, when he saw her gesture him to sit next to her on the bed.

And he did, he sat next to her,because he felt hypnotised himself by the intensity of the moment,and he felt his hand, on its own accord reach to her,and he clutched her hand softly as he whispered looking into her eyes- “ i was so scared, so scared that id probably have to wait out until eternity,until i could see you again… and that you were planning to continue going all silent on that damm life support, although these ten days did feel no less than forever, Khushi…”

Khushi didn't know what emotion she felt as she finally heard her name leave his lips.Her name never sounded more beautiful than it did in his voice,and she looked at him,as she pressed his hand gently as she said - “ Honestly, it feels like I can breathe again, for real…now that you are in front of me…why didn't you come see me earlier,Arnav??”

Arnav felt the emotion, that similar soul shaking emotion take him over as he looked away,could he tell her that he had wanted too,that he was dying to, but he had frozen in his tracks because of guilt.

Khushi touched his arm gently,as she leaned a little forward and he immediately reached out to help her,and she sat up a little,as she touched his cheek tenderly as she asked - “ why wont you look at me??”

Arnav looked into her eyes at that and he felt his hand touch her’s over his cheek,and he held it there, for he wanted that moment to last forever,and before he could say anything, he heard her say - “ please dont tell me, you’v started going on a guilt trip, holding yourself responsible for what happened…”

Arnav looked at her,and choked on the emotion - “ you trusted me to keep you safe, even Asad did trust me with your safety, and i let you down Khushi…once again…I let you down…”, and he looked away.

Khushi could sense the pain in his voice and the guilt,and she touched his face with her other hand as she made him look at her and she whispered - “ don't hold yourself responsible, please Arnav, this wasn't your fault, and do you really want to know what came through my mind, when I saw Mehmet aim at your back…”

Arnav nodded in silence.

Khushi whispered - “ I could only think about, how I couldn't let anything happen to you…for if anything were to happen to you Arnav, i swear id die….”

Arnav felt the emotion and love jolt every inch of his soul,as he  pulled her in a crushing hug,as he hugged her hard and he felt her hug him harder,and he brushed her hair tenderly as he said, holding her as close as he could, and he tightened the hug - “ do you have any idea what i went through Khushi??seeing you like this…fighting for life, fighting to breathe again….Khushi…i was dying, literally dying inside,everything inside of me was breaking, and i was honestly running out of strength to put up a straight face in front of everybody, when all i wanted to do was turn this world upside down…”

Khushi hugged him tighter as she whispered,caressing the nape of his neck - “ its over Arnav, the worse really is over….”, and she pulled back as she looked into his eyes as she said - “and you know i didn't fight the clutches of death and come back, only to have you going on some kind of a guilt trip Arnav, please promise me that you will never blame yourself for this ever again…for honestly it really was me in that moment realising that i couldn't live without you or exist in a world in which you didn’t…”

Arnav looked at her, and the honesty, or the innocence,or the vulnerability on her face , he didn't know what was it, that affected him more,as he said, in a voice that was dominating - “ i command you, you will never ever think of pulling a stunt like this ever again….and more than that, promise me that you will never ever go all silent on me Khushi….promise me that, and ill promise you that ill never blame myself over this mess again….”

Khushi gave him a small smile as she held his hand - “ I promise you ill always eat your head with my constant chatter…then don't blame me ok….and I'm sure some day or the other you'd ask me to be quiet for your very own peace…”

Arnav put a finger on her lips as he whispered - “ Never…id never want that, you have no idea how much iv been praying to hear you say my name again….”

Khushi felt the emotion that just left his eyes,shake her being as she said softly - “ Arnav…I….theres one more thing…that i need to say…i have to…i need to have it out of my system…and i hope you can forgive me….”

Arnav looked at her confused - “forgive you??? what are you taking about??”

Khushi held his hand as she looked at him - “ we both have done things to hurt each other, i know i hurt you in the worst possible way by agreeing to get married to Arhaan, and at the engagement…I know…I subjected you to a brutal sight that you could probably never forget…im sorry, I really am, i dont know what I was thinking…i dont know…it felt like this intense emotion that ties us that was constantly giving us nothing but pain..i felt it wasn't right…that it would for the best if we both went different ways….but I was wrong, so wrong, i realised in a fraction of a second of time, that this soul shakening, intense emotion that ties us, is too rare, too rare to be found, Arnav, i cant believe i was almost throwing it all away, im sorry…i really am…will you forgive me??”

Arnav looked at her in shock, this girl managed to pull the strings of his heart in the most unknown places, only she could do a thing like this, lie in the hospital bed, only because of him,and ask him for forgiveness,and he felt the love rush like he had felt before and he cupped her face tenderly and brushed this thumb over her cheek tenderly - “ forgive you?? Khushi, you gotta be kidding me, all that i probably need to do till the end of time is to make it up to you for doing what iv done in the past, for hurting you in the ways I have…but since you asked,and i figure its important to you..yes Khushi….its alright , i understand, and to be honest,i was the one who pushed you over the edge always,but it doesn't matter ok, i don't want to think about it, all that matters is that you are here in front of me, safe and sound…”

Khushi smiled through her tears as she held his hand and she said - “ ok so its done, and dusted with…let us promise that we aren't ever going to talk about the past again, we wasted too much time already Arnav, iv learnt that Life is too short to be taken for granted, its been too dark too long, i need my sun shining on me again,how about we start afresh…from the beginning….”,and she wiped her tears,as she took out her hand and offered it to him as in like a handshake - “ hi, Im Khushi Ahemed Khan…”

Arnav felt his lips break into a huge grin at that,as he shook her hand and he whispered looking into her eyes - “ Hi Khushi, Im Arnav Singh Raizada…”,and he smiled at that twinkle in her eye and he said softly - “and id like to thank you for giving us a chance to start afresh…”

Khushi nodded and she smiled as she said - “ to new beginnings….then??”

Arnav smiled as he said - “ its a deal…”

Khushi kissed his hand softly as she said - “ its finally our time Arnav…”

Arnav felt his heart jump in happiness at the sound of that, Our time. Ofcourse, it was now finally time for them to start over.

And right then Tanveer walked in as she said - “ times up….”,but she looked at the two of them,and realised that they were having a intense exchange of emotion,and she saw Khushi look at her and she understood as she said drawing the curtains back - “ i guess i could give you a few more minutes….”

And right then a thought crossed Khushi’s mind as she asked softly - “ Mehmet,Arhaan…they escaped right??”

Arnav understood who she was referring too, and he nodded as he said - “ yes Khushi, I had Aman track them down, they left the country and are in Germany right now…”

Khushi looked at his worried face and she said - “ dont worry, theres nothing to worry, its over…they wont ever return, Arhaan promised,I am sure he doesn't even know what his uncle did after he left, yes,he has committed crimes that he cant escape from, and whats really a worse punishment than true guilt and remorse, Arhaan has changed as a person,and we should just let it be…”

Arnav looked at her in surprise and shock, she really was very innocent at heart always wanting to see the good in people, and thats why he knew hed do everything in his power to protect her from any harm that could come her way ever again.  He had failed her enough, he would never fail her ever again,and he knew this was also not the time or the moment to talk about Farhaan the murderer,so he didn't say a word further on the topic.

Arnav kissed Khushi’s hand as he said - “ ok, i wont worry Khushi but you need to understand that you now need to rest….ok?? its important Khushi…nothing is more important than that right now….”

Khushi looked at him as she said - “ No, didn't you read what i wrote, i meant it….”

Arnav - “huh??”

Khushi - “ I dont need any rest or any medicine, all i need right now is you….and not just that id like you to know,its not just now, id always only, need you…thats all….”

How could she make him feel like this??As if he had no control over his being and was totally lost,and he immediately pulled her into a hug as he whispered - “and id like you to know that Khushi, i would always need you too…I love you Khushi…I love you so so much…that its insane…and its…”

Khushi hugged him as she filled him in - “ crazy??? good, coz crazy is a good thing…Arnav…”,and she cupped his face as she pulled back and looked into his eyes - “ i love you so much…always did, always will…its you…only you…and now if you dont mind, id like you to hold me in your arms again, before Tanveer comes and asks you to leave….”,and before she had finished , she was pulled in for another hug as he held her close, and she felt as if she were at a peace, that she hadn't felt in a long long time.

Arnav held her close, and he pulled back minutes later and he kissed her softly on the forehead as he said - “ sleep well, ill see you tom, ok??”

Khushi nodded and she teased him further - “ i know from Zoya, that the bromance between you and bhaijaan has resurfaced??”

Arnav gave her a small smile as he nodded - “ yes, you could say that…now sleep Khushi…we will talk all you want later…ok??”

Khushi didn't listen to him as she went on - “and of course aunty is up, I'm sure its so amazing to have her up and about after all this while…I can only imagine how must have felt when she woke up….must have felt wonderful right??”

Arnav smiled as he said - “ yes ofcourse, wonderful, its wonderful to have Maa back…and honestly its like as if she was never away…”

Khushi smiled as she asked - “ ofcourse, thats like it is with mother’s,she was always with you all along , silently…and…”, she paused as she teased - “oh of course di isn't the only one who calls you Chotte right?? i know aunty would always call you that…Zoya told me once…”

Arnav smiled - “yes yes, i am Maa and di’s Chotte..you can tease me all you want later ok??you are now over exerting yourself Khushi…”

Khushi made a innocent face as she said - “ no, but i want to talk now…I want to know everything…that i missed on our families reunion while i lay here on the damm life support…”

Arnav felt his insides twichh only at the reminder of her being on life support and he said - “ please don't remind me about that…and i promise you i will fill you in….but later, and you can also tell me as to how we have to go about this thing with Asad…”

Khushi - “ okkk fine….but go about what with bhaijaan??”

Arnav gave her a small smile - “ i mean, id like to talk to Asad, about us…i don't want to hide it from him,or anyone about how i feel about you khushi….but i know this isn't the time for it….so much has happened…and i know we have to rebuild it all from the beginning…but id just want to be the one to tell him…thats all…i don't want him to find out from elsewhere…”

Khushi nodded as she said - “ I understand, ofcourse…and you do know, that I strongly believe that we really have got past it all, and we really can build us back again…”

Arnav nodded - “ I know…and its really a good thing,because i very much believe the same…after the hell we’v been through, you and me can face anything, but only as long as you are with me….and we will be just fine and honestly speaking its strange, i already feel closer to you, in a way i cant explain…”,and he bent forward and kissed her cheek,softly.

Khushi smiled as she hugged him again - “i know its strange but i feel so too….hey…Remember how id once said earlier, about how id even come to hell with you if you asked…??”

Arnav nodded and he smiled at the memory and he heard her say - “as long as you are with me…i know id have the strength to face anything, i know i have to face the society out there,for they are going to be a lot of questions….about….”,and she stopped,as she noticed the worry in his eyes ,and she continued - “ like i said, dont worry about me, id be just fine, as long as you are with me Arnav…”

Arnav finally got up as he kissed her forehead - “ ill see you tom….”,and he turned to go, because he knew she wouldn't rest until he left,and he felt her hold his hand to stop him,and he turned to see her,and the love shone on her face, the love he'd been dying for and he heard her say softly - “ don't go…please not yet…”

Arnav - “ Khushi….you should rest now…”

Khushi nodded, as she felt exhausted, she was happy and content like never before, but now she felt her weakness and exhaustion take over as she whispered - “ i know…”,and she kept a hand on her forehead as she gave him a small smile - “ i think ill fall off to sleep any minute now…my head feels heavy…”

Arnav was back by her side in a jiffy as he asked worried - “ you ok?? dammit answer me?? do you not feel ok?? what happened?? should i call the nurse?? Khushi??? answer me??” and he continued now in a voice that was like a scolding - “ rest now Khushi…. you dont listen to me, you never listen to me…Khushi…and tell me should i call the doctor???”

Khushi smiled,and she continued to look at him as she smiled.

Arnav looked at her as he asked - “ you are smiling?? whats wrong with you?? why are you smiling??”

Khushi smiled as she adjusted her bed back to the lying position - “almost forgot how good it felt to hear you scold me…”

Arnav - “ you are crazy, you know that right??”

Khushi nodded as she grinned - “ ofcourse, and now that iv got this second shot at Life, mind you i might just get crazier, don't tell me i didn't warn you later….ok…”

Arnav looked at her as he said - “ why can't you just rest??”

Khushi gave him a small smile - “ stay with me will you please…just sit by my side…id like to hold your hand while i sleep”

Arnav nodded,as he looked back Tanveer wasn't around yet, and he sat next to her as he brushed her hair tenderly,and he held her hand and he whispered - “close your eyes…im here…”,and she did,and he just sat there with her for a few minutes until her steady breathing told him that she was fast asleep.

He gently took his hand out of her grip,and bent forward and kissed her forehead softly,she did look very weak still,and so so fragile.

And right then the Nurse came back and she saw that Khushi was sleep and she looked at Arnav and he said giving her a nod - “ thank you, i was just leaving….”

Tanveer smiled - “ no worries, i knew your presence is vital for my patients recovery…infact looks like shell probably sleep like she hasn't all day…and the wonders a good sleep can do for recovery..”,as she gestured him to look at the small smile Khushi now had on her face as she slept.

Arnav looked at Khushi,and he smiled himself and he asked - “ she is fine right?? and you will be shifting her to the room in the morning right??”

Tanveer nodded - “yes…she is doing much better…and 6am she will be out of the ICU…”

Arnav nodded,as he turned to leave, and he looked at Khushi, and that smile and content on her face only made him smile and feel peace like he hadn't felt in the longest time and he knew, that he'd finally be able to get a peaceful sleep tonight,the sleep he had been longing for, and not just that, he was also sure, that he would be sleeping with a huge smile on his face tonight.


Shantivan - Midnight 

Arnav stepped into his house,and the lights were out and he figured that everyone would be asleep,and he walked to the kitchen, filled himself a glass of water, and carried a bottle up making his way up to his room,and as he changed for the night,and got in to retire, he couldn't help but smile,as Khushi’s thoughts came back to his mind.

She was right.

They had wasted too much time being apart, and it really was now the time to make up for all the loss,and the pain of the past.

He smiled, mentally thanking her for stopping him from going on a guilt trip,she was the only one who could knock that sense into him,and he’d be dammed if he would let anything pull him down or stop him right now, for he had just got Khushi back, from the clutches of death.

And he smiled as he remembered her words - “and you know i didn't fight the clutches of death and come back, only to have you going on some kind of a guilt trip Arnav, please promise me that you will never blame yourself for this ever again…for honestly it really was me in that moment realising that i couldn't live without you or exist in a world in which you didn’t…”

He was glad, that they were both sailing in the same boat, and this time around,at the same time as each other.

 He took a deep breathe,as he decided that it wasn't really going to be off much help, if he went on with the baggage of the past.

And it really was time to start afresh, and he strongly believed that they could, he had earlier doubted his ability to make her smile, or to make her happy and he had been an idiot of the highest order,he should have known, he couldn't trust anyone else to keep his Khushi happy,that was something he'd now like to spend all his Life, doing.

He had to just relax, sit back and enjoy this time, for He hadn't felt happy in the longest time, he knew he owed himself that.

And he closed his eyes,as he felt smile curve up his lips, it wasn't the first time Khushi Ahemed Khan had turned his world upside down in a matter of seconds.

All his Life, he had been used to doing this job, himself with his own hands, and yet Life had happened, and he came face to face with Khushi Ahemed Khan, and he hadn't even realised when she flipped his world upside down.

And this time around, he’d just have to join hands with her, and do the same,both for himself and her, because it really was the time,to finally flip that Hourglass around.

It really was the Time for a New Beginning.


The Hospital - 1.00 AM

( The room that has been booked for Khushi..)

Zoya shifted in the bed, that was there for the attendee,and she  looked up to see who had come through the door,and she rubbed her eyes,and she got up as she looked at her phone and she said - “ Its 1.00 am Asad…why are you here??”

Asad looked at her, and he hadn't planned on disturbing her in her sleep, but after he had gotten home after dropping everyone off at Shantivan, he had lied down in bed for a few minutes to relax,afterall it had been a long and gruelling day,but he had no idea how sleep had taken over, and when he opened his eyes as he had twisted in bed, he had realised it was Midnight,and he had whacked himself mentally, for he had to still go back to the hospital with Zoya’s stuff, and so he had immediately got a few of her things together in a small bag, and made his way here, he knew she would be asleep,and he was planning on being quiet, he had thought of leaving the bag in the room and then he would go back home,but he had woken her up.

Asad looked at her as he said - “ I'm sorry Zoya, i didn't want to disturb you, i just came to drop your stuff…”,and he turned to leave.

Zoya looked at him,and she felt the emotions tug her heart and she shifted in her bed,as she said - “ wait….you didn't have to Asad, i mean you are so tired, you should have just let it be….but thanks….”

Asad turned as he said softly - “ i just felt you would need your stuff…thats why…”

Zoya looked at him as she asked honestly - “ why are you doing this??”

Asad looked at her confused - “doing what??”

Zoya looked at him - “ you know making this so hard for both us…as if it weren't so hard already”

Asad closed the door, as he walked towards her, and he asked - “can i sit next to you for a while??”

Zoya looked at him, it was such a irony in that moment, never in her life she had imagined that they would be at so much distance that Asad would need her permission to sit next to her, but she reminded herself that she was the one marking this distance, and she reminded herself why it was so necessary to do so, and she nodded as she said softly - “ yes ofcourse, you know you don't need to ask me….”

Asad nodded,as he sat next to her, and he brushed a hand through his hair,and he heard her ask - “ did you have anything to eat?? you didn't eat at the cafe with us while we all had dinner…did you eat something at home??”

Asad - “ no i didnt, im not hungry Zoya…”

Zoya looked at him as she said - “ the good thing is that the cafeteria is on here 24 hours, im just going to order you some sandwich and you are going to eat it, no point in punishing your stomach Asad, i know you cant stand being hungry…”

Asad looked at her as he said - “dont bother Zoya, im fine…”, but she didn't listen to him,as he watched her get off the bed, as she held her crutch,and walked towards the patients side of the bed and picked up the phone and ordered him a sandwich.

He watched her then sit on the chair of the dining table in the suite as she said - “ it should be here in twenty minutes…do you want some coffee?? theres a kettle here and coffee and milk powder…”

Asad looked at her for a second as he got up from the bed and walked and sat across of her as he said, taking a seat - “ im fine…but thanks for asking….”,and he noticed her adjust her crutch against the wall,and he asked softly - “ is it still the same?? your leg?? are u really not able to feel any more sensation??”

Zoya looked at him and she said softly - “yeah, its pretty much the same, i cant feel much…almost next to nothing…”

Asad - “ what about the physiotherapy sessions??”

Zoya sighed - “ i dont know…i mean i know thats the only way,id have my moment back, but how, I really don't know…its difficult, very difficult, considering i cant even pick it up, even an inch without help…looks like I'm going to have to live with this all my life…its naturally very frustrating…”

Asad kept his hand over her’s in reflex - “ofcourse not, give yourself time, that’s all you need…your body needs time to recover its only been ten days..you will be absolutely fine Zoya, and probably in no time you will be running the 10k Delhi Marathon…”

Zoya felt it immediately the comfort and the support he was trying to reach her with, and that was the only reason why she didn't pull her hand away, and she found herself clutching his hand back as she whispered,tears springing to her eyes - “ yeah right…as if that is ever happening, not in this Life surely…but thanks…”

Asad was by her side in a jiffy,as he leaned forward and put his one hand on the table as he whispered, wiping the tears that  had now found their way down - “ don't cry…please….”

Zoya wiped her tears out as she tried to get up holding her crutch, but she lost her balance,and he caught her just in time in his arms, and she looked at him, and the minute their eyes locked, she knew she had made a terrible mistake, because she could see the pain,the anguish, and the question in his eyes that was silently asking her a lot of things,and it was making her feel everything she didn't want to feel.For she felt like they had just relived that dreamy lifetime they had dreamed about together, in that one excruciating painful second.

Asad caught her in his arms just in time and he felt her hold him for support as their eyes locked,and he knew she could sense his turmoil,as the moment was so intense,and it brought back memories.

It brought back the time, the days and the nights,that they had spent loving each other, building a world of their own,afterall those memories only belonged to the two of them.

He knew it just by that look on her face that she was taken back to it, and probably just like he was questioning as to why this was happening to them, she too was wondering the same.

For he didn't know,and probably she didn't know too, from where and why did this storm come and uproot everything,and he didn't know why they were both standing apart lost and lonely, like they were.

He knew his eyes were asking her the very same question, as to what was this distance really doing in between them of them, when deep down they both knew that only they could heal each other.

What was this loneliness about and why??

He knew she knew in her heart that he really was sorry about that damm annulment,and he knew she knew, that no matter what typhoon or hurricane had came their way , she would always be present in his heart,she knew, he loved her, he always did, he always would, then why really was she pushing him away, when he knew she had it in her heart to forgive him,and he couldn't reallyy understand,what was on her mind, when he could clearly see she was as pained as him in the moment.

And then,after what seemed like really long long time, he finally felt her break the eye lock as she looked away,and she whispered softly - “ please don’t….”

Asad held her by the waist closer, to support her, and with his other hand he made her look at him as he asked - “ please don’t what…??”

Zoya looked into his eyes as she whispered - “ please don't look at me like that…”,and right then she put all her weight on her right leg,as she struggled in his arms to stand on her feet.

And Asad knew she was struggling so he held her by the waist and made her sit back on the chair as he knelt down in front of her and he said, looking at her - “ I won’t, i promise i will try my best to not look into your eyes again Zoya, but only if you tell me why…why dont you want me to look at you, or into your eyes?? are you afraid because of the emotion it stirs up inside of you?”

Zoya looked at him straight in the eye as she said - “ yes, im afraid of the emotion it stirs up inside of me,because if you look at me like that ever again, in the way you just did, im afraid, very afraid, that ill fall in love with you all over again….”,and once shed said that aloud,she finally looked away.

Asad continued to sit knelt down as he held her hand - “ don’t you want to?? because i want to Zoya, i want us to go back to being us, i want you to be my Zoya again, i want to be able to talk to you, hold you, touch you, without having to be cautious or think about it in my head…”

Zoya looked at him as those words left his mouth, because she could sense the raw emotion in his voice, wasn't this exactly what her treacherous heart wanted too, to take shelter in his arms and forget about everything that had happened,but she knew she couldn't because she didn't want him to see her like this,she didn't want him to see her like this, insecured,and anxious,and miserable in this journey to recovery, and she knew with the difficulty that lay ahead, this was bound to happen because no matter what, she couldn't keep a mask in front of him longer,she wasn't ever good at hiding emotions from this man, he had the ability to see right through her, and sooner or later,he would see right through her and be able to read the real reason why she was doing this, and then he would never let her do what she wanted, he would never leave her side, and as much as her heart yearned for him, she didn't want him to face this mess of a situation.She really wasn't the same Zoya he had fallen in love with, she was now handicapped,and not just that, she could probably never become a mother again, and she always knew the dreams Asad had for his own family, could she expect him to give up his every dream for her?? She knew, he would probably be willing to do so, but she wouldn't allow it to happen,she could not allow it to happen,only because she loved him too much, he deserved to be set free of the miseries her presence could now add to his life,and she took a deep breathe as she looked aside as she said - “ no…i dont want to Asad, that isn't what I want, i can’t Asad…and please don't ask me why…you know why…its over…im afraid, i cant give you what you want, i can’t, please don't make it more difficult than it already is…”

Asad sat up straight as he got up and sat on the chair back across of her and he whispered softly - “ i just want you to know the truth though, altho i don't know if you will believe me…the night before Khushi’s engagement,when i made love to you all night, it was because I wanted to store every memory of you in my head….because i knew once i would tell you about the annulment, you'd probably walk away from me forever,and even though i said otherwise, and i can never forgive myself as to how i implied that ,that night was anything but love,and as to how i degraded our expression of love…and made you feel…”,and he paused because he didn't know which word could fit in for what he wanted to say.

Zoya fought tears as she said - “ disgusted…”,and her eyes met his pained ones as she said softly - “yes thats what i felt…disgusted and used…”

Asad took a deep breathe as he said - “ I was so angry, so annoyed, that i didn't realise what i was saying nor did i think about the devastating affect it would have on your heart..”,and he paused as he realised the truth and then he said - “ or no, i admit i knew it would have that affect, and thats why i said it, I wanted to hurt you…just like…”, and he stopped.

Zoya spoke - “ just like i hurt you…I know…Asad, I understand, for when i was angry, i probably did say and do things that broke you in every way,too….”

Asad looked at her - “will you believe me if i say it was really only love…”

Zoya - “ I dont know…I mean, i dont want to think about anything right now, and especially not that night…or the night after….”

And right then there was a knock on the door, and they were interrupted as the cafe guy came in and served the sandwich ,and Zoya smiled and thanked him as he left, and she said , looking at him - “ please eat…”

Asad stared to eat, and he watched her in silence as she looked away and then looked at him in between again as he ate,and although it broke his heart to know that she didn't even want to remember about their last night together, he felt light that he'd atlas said what he had wanted to,and he continued to eat, for he really was hungry.

A Few Minutes later -

Zoya handed Asad a paper napkin and she watched him wipe the crumbs that were there against his lips and she heard him say - “ thank you Zoya…and also i got you stuff that could last you longer than a day, i figured, you would probably not wish to come home….and stay here with Khushi instead…”

Zoya nodded - “ thanks, and yes i want to be here with Khushi..before,I…”,and she paused.

Asad looked at her - “before you leave Barkat and go back to Shantivan??”

Zoya looked at him as she said softly - “no, i wont go back home to Shantivan, i can’t, i dont know how can i, not after the way I walked out…although i know thats what everybody would want..di, bhai and Maa….but I can’t…”

Asad looked at her in shock as he said - “ what are you talking about?? dont punish yourself like this Zoya…please…and not your family…they won’t be able to take it…”

Zoya nodded - “ I know, but it isn't what you are thinking, i didn't mean that im never going to go back home, i just meant  i cant go there now, for thats not what I need…”

Asad looked at her confused - “what do you mean??”

Zoya took a deep breathe as she said - “ look, no matter what happened, i think you should know about this, before anyone else, its only fair…”

Asad - “ know what??”

Zoya took a deep breathe as she said - “ look, i was talking to Dr Arvind this evening, about this situation with my leg,and i knew from my sessions, he didn't have to tell me that i need a lot more than this…a lot more than just an hour sessions…i need intense physio and rehab Asad, that really can be the only way out i might have a chance,and i have to do this for myself…”

Asad - “ ofcourse I understand…and Zoya, we’d all get you the best, me and Arnav will talk to Dr Arvind tomm, and ask him whats the best, we’ll get you the best in Delhi…”

Zoya took a deep breathe as she said - “ no…please…listen to me…i was talking to him, and even the junior physio who takes my session, talks highly of Dr Arvind’s cousin, who has this amazing physio and rehab center, and hes helped people like me before, one out of five Dr Arvind has sent to him, is now walking back on his feet…it took him 18 months of intense physio and rehab, but…”

Asad nodded - “ ok…so fine…if thats what you want,we’ll talk to him, whats his name?? and where is his centre??ill take you there myself first thing tomm…and also everyday…after that”

Zoya sighed as she looked at him and said in a curt voice - “ Asad, stop it…stop it…just listen to me…i am only telling you this, because you should know this first, i havent spoken to my family yet, but i will…soon…i have made up my mind, i am going to get treatment at this center, and i dont want you to take me there…”

Asad looked at her in disbelief - “ what?? now you really dont even want me to take you around…fine Arnav will drive you…but ill be there…you cant stop me…”

Zoya took a deep breathe as she said - “Dr Satish Raichand, thats his name, and he isn't here…”,and she paused as she looked at him in the eye and she whispered - “ Interlaken,Switzerland, thats where his center is, its not a very big set up, but its just what I need…and i plan to leave as soon as Khushi is fine, and is back home…ill rent out a cottage or something near the centre,and ill stay there,by myself, as long as it takes….i just wanted you to be the first one to know…ill talk to bhai tomorrow..and i know ill get my visa quick on medical grounds…”

Asad felt shock go through him as what she was saying finally registered.

She wanted to leave the country.

She wanted to seek treatment in a foreign land, and she wanted to stay there for god knows how long.

And from the sound of it all, it seemed like she had it all planned out in her head and he asked, sure his voice was heavy with the broken emotion he was feeling - “ why?? why do you want to do this alone?? why do you want to cut us all out, fine, i know i understand that you dont want to give us another chance, i get it…i wont force you into it, i wont try to talk to you even about it, i promise i wont bring it up, but please don't do this….im sure we can find someone as good as Dr satish, here in delhi…dont do this to your family, or yourself….”,and he paused as he looked at her and asked, his voice quivering with emotion - “why wont you allow me to step inside your pain,and let me help you, heal yourself…”

Zoya looked at him as she said - “please understand Asad, i have to do this, for myself…and i am going to do this on my own and handle this on my own,and please understand I'm only doing what i think is the best for myself right now…i will not change my decision,and because ill probably be leaving soon, i v asked my lawyer to get our date for the final hearing on annulment fast tracked, in the family court …”

Asad listened in shock - “ you what??”

Zoya - “ i dont want to keep this hanging Asad, the sooner we both get a closure, the better it is…and since its an annulment filed for mutually, on the grounds that we did, my lawyer says he can get us a date by the end of the week, we probably just have to go to court,for a while,and sign a few papers in front of the judge, and wed both be free…free to go our own ways…its better if this formality is taken care off, before I leave…”

Formality??ofcourse,that’s what their tattered bond had come to.

Asad asked in shock, too shaken to even register what she was saying - “you want this?? this is what you really want?? you want to be set free….”

Zoya nodded as she looked away - “ its for the best….”

Asad got up the table as he banged his fist on the wall and he turned back to her as he said - “ i wont allow this…i won’t…i will not allow you to go ahead with the blunder i started…”, and he was by her side in a jiffy as he cupped her face and he said - “ please Zoya….ill back out in front of the judge…if you dont listen to me…i cant let you go…i can’t”

Zoya looked at him as she said - “and make me feel more like iv been nothing but a joke…Asad….please don’t stand in my way….”

Asad looked at her - “stand in your way?? i will dammit, because i understand what this is about, all you want to do, is run away from me ,and thats why you want to flee the country…and go and live across seven sea’s…i wont let you…i will find someone here for you…ill talk to Arnav…”

Zoya held her crutch as she stood up,and walked a little ahead and she said looking at him - “ please, if you ever loved me….let me do this for myself…i need to do this…please understand…dont make me feel that i did a mistake by telling you this first, i only did so because i felt you deserved to know first…please Asad…”

Asad held her by the arm gently - “Zoya, please….”

Zoya shoved his hand away as she stepped back, he was really making this difficult, putting up a fight that was making her go weak, and if he continued longer, she was afraid he would convince her to stay back,and then Khushi and the rest of her family would go back to playing cupid in between of them,and so she closed her eyes, as she knew she needed to say something that wouldn't make him fight back,and she said instructing herself to sound furious and she mustered all her courage as she said sounding furious - “ don't you get it??? its over, you and me are over….dammit…dont stand here and try to act like my husband or as if you have any right on me or over my decisions, for you dont, you don't have any right over me Asad Ahemed Khan….get it…and now just let me be dammit….dont make it more hard than it already is…and please dont make me wish,that id never survived the accident….”

Asad looked at her in shock as he asked - “ what did you say??is that how im making you feel right now, by trying to stop you, by trying to seek us another chance to be together….please dont tell me you just said that….please don't tell me you mean it…Zoya…”

Zoya closed her eyes for a painful second and she opened them back again as she said - “ yes, thats exactly what you are making me feel right now…you are seriously making me wish , that i hadn't survived in that accident…”

Asad felt both shocked and pained,as he looked at her and he feltt tears come into his eyes as he whispered - “ Im sorry…im sorry i made you wish anything like that….i wont stand in your way Zoya…never again will i ever stand in your way…for its really heartbreaking that its come to this…that you’d rather wish  yourself dead over…”,and he choked on his own words due to the emotion that was surfacing in his being,and he looked at her for a long minute hoping she would say something that could make him think that she didn't really mean what she said, but when she didn't say anything, he just looked at her and said - “ i guess i should leave now…its getting late…”

Zoya looked at her phone and she said - “ yes, you should its almost 2.15 am…it already is very late…”

Asad looked at her as he said - “ yeah, i didn't know it really was that late…you should sleep now Zoya…you need rest…”

Zoya - “we mostly don't realise until it really is too late Asad…anyway…thanks for the stuff…you should get home and sleep too Asad…we both need it…” 

Asad looked at her for a long pause, and without saying a word further, he walked away feeling too shaken and broken.


Zoya pulled her cover overself,as that sight of him looking at her with the longing,as he walked out tortured her being.

She knew she had just turned her world, Upside Down.

She knew Asad was going to let her be now, after what she had just said.

It wasn’t just hurtful or brutal, it was like as if she had murdered whatever little was left off their love with her own hands.

She wiped her tears,as she realised that what she had done was probably for the best for both of them right now.

Space and Time, it was what they both needed right now to compose themselves and get over this mess,and find some peace within their being’s.

She really didn't know how she was going to pull through this all alone, but she knew she had too.

Some battles in Life were meant to be fought alone.

There was no point in shedding tears over what was gone,she had no other option but to face this Upside Down,even though she could clearly forsee, that this Upside down , was going to be a whirlwind of lonely moments, for a long long time.


5.00 AM

Asad twisted in bed, and he sat up in bed, too much had happened, in so much time, there was so much that was still sinking into him.

But one thing was sure,even though in his heart,he knew his Love was the same and probably always would be,and he also knew that if he were to look inside Zoya’s heart right now, he would also probably find that same love, it was probably lying down buried somewhere in some corner, but it was there, it would always be there.And yet, he could feel that nothing really was the same anymore.Could it ever really be?? He now clearly understood, why the philosophers talked about cherishing the golden happy moments of love and life, because you would never know, when Life would take control, and turn  your world around, and that golden time would be snatched out of your grip.

It was strange, so so so strange, For when the situation with their families wasn't in their favour, they were glued to each other, and now that their families were one, they were standing miles apart,she had distanced herself from him, he had sensed it, she had locked up the Zoya who had insanely loved him.That Zoya, who could not even stay for a second without him, was now locked up and lost,and this Zoya,that he had seen was just a reflection of Zoya’s physical self,not her soul, not the soul that was beared to him.

He wanted to be there for her, he wanted to fight those demons she had built that wall around herself with, but he couldn’t do so, if she were going to be in so much pain because of it, he couldn't fight her if his doing so, was making her wish that she’d never survived that accident.He couldn't believe that this was what she was really feeling right now.

He could only imagine the pain that was causing her, and he knew that this pain,all this heartache, would be a big obstacle in the way of her recovery, which was the only thing she wanted to focus on right now.

And he couldn't really have it in his heart to blame her for it.

The accident had robbed him off his ability to think straight, so he could only imagine the gravity of its affect on Zoya.

A part of his mind told him,that it probably would be the best to give Zoya the space she needs right now,because in his heart he knew hed always love her, and he would watch out for her silently, and would always catch her before she hit the ground, even though this time around she was probably constructing the higest pedestal to fall from,for her very own self.

And could he really stop her??

He sensed that he couldn’t.

No one could stop her from doing this.

Not him.

Not her family.

Not even Khushi.

He closed his eyes as he saw his world flip around a million times and stop and the point of Mess, Misery and Loneliness.

His Life as of now, was a clear reflection of a Ironical Joke.

And What a irony !! What a misery it indeed was!!

And as he closed his eyes,he was sure,he saw misery standing in front of him, gloating at him.


Hate walked in with Misery and he said, looking at Love, Fate and Destiny - “ my friend here wanted to meet and greet you, Love…”

Love smiled as she nodded at Misery, and she gestured to Fate and Destiny to be kind,as she said - “ ofcourse, it hasn't been very long, i keep meeting her often,every now and then Hate, i dont need you to introduce me to Misery…”

Hate rolled his eyes as he said - “ yeah yeah, i know, but since she's going to keep me company for a while…id just thought it would be better to say hello first…”

Fate glared at Hate as he said - “ aren't you tired of the games your mind conjures up??

Hate laughed - “ofcourse not, i love it ,and you already know…snakes and ladders is very much my favorite,even when i was a kid, i loved it the most, you know watching someone getting bit by that snake right before that finishing line,making them slide all the way down, really gives me a entertaining does of sadistic pleasure…. lets see how your precious Zoya is going to climb this one up…”,and he walked away with a smug expression on his face.

Destiny saw that Misery was sitting by calmly and she did not miss that exchange of expression between love and misery and she looked at Misery and then Love as she asked - “ whats cooking between the two of you…”,and she paused as she looked at Love - “and your fake facade of surprise that you put on, in front of Hate as he brought In misery ,didn’t fool me….”

Misery finally gave a small smile as she said - “ fooled him though, didn't it?? Its amazing how he can never understand, that even though its highly misunderstood that i exist because of him, i really do exist,because Love exists…”

Love smiled as she said - “ and how can i ever thank you for your help,im sorry though for it often surprises me on how often do i have to subject you for help…”

Misery smiled - “ always at your command, my lord…”

Destiny smiled - “ hurts me though, to use you but its the only way out…”

Misery nodded - “ ofcourse, i understand, but this time around, i have a plan of my own too, for a change i plan to have a lot of fun while I last…”

Fate asked, now interested - “ really????”

Misery smiled - “ofcourse, you do know, iv got different shades myself…”

Fate looked at Misery in awe, as she walked to get herself a can of orange juice and Love looked at her friend as she said - “ watch it Fate, you'll only be miserable, once she leaves…”

Fate winked - “ you are right, ofcourse,but I wouldn't mind if she turned me Upside Down for a while though…”,and he saw Destiny and Love give him a small smile,as he walked over to help Misery with the vending machine.

Love smiled as she said - “ just when i had her finish one case, i need her again already…its a vicious circle i cant seem to find a way out from…”

Destiny looked at love as she smiled - “ did I just hear you compare your self  to a vicious circle…”

Love smiled - “ ofcourse, why shy away from admitting what you are…and its strange that even though i don't really want to be, i end up being like that maze that never seems to end…cant really help it though, when you’v got the job description as challenging as mine…”

Destiny asked in a tone that was cryptic - “but is there a end really??”

Love smiled - “ of course not, theres always just a bend in the road….”

Destiny smiled - “ you are wicked sometimes….”

Love nodded and she smiled - “ i know…”


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May 27

NOTE AND CHAPTER 38 - HEART TO HEART (26 MAY,2017) - New (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 24 times)

Important Note

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Ok, so i want to explain a few things out, to all of you my loyal precious readers,which i have gathered form most of your comments is what is there at the back of your minds,and as you all give me so much time, its only fair

Firstly, i know, mostly all of you feel this, that when Asya are Happy , Arshi aren't and vice-versa, so guys basically in this story, i have taken the tracks of the couples on complete different paths, since they all made different decisions under similar circumstances, but its these decisions that changed their path ahead. Like for example, Asad decided to forgive Zoya when he got to know the truth about who she was, and Arnav couldn't forgive Khushi, and they parted. I want to show both the sides of things that could be, and thats why their tracks have gone completely different ways.Like for Arnav Khushi, they have gone through their own journey of obstacles, to now finally come together as one, and that journey has made them both learn the fact that they cannot take each other for granted, neither can that love be taken for a ride.

As for ASYA, its a dead end right now, because even though they were so thick together, somewhere around the journey they let Life shake them up, and in the moment when they needed to trust and hang in together, they both did things to hurt each other, and took decisions,for which now they have to go through this journey to finally reach that point when they realise that they no longer can take each other or their love for granted, they need to loose each other for a while, to realise the importance of each other in their lives.

So, i am trying to show different shades and perceptions of the Good old Love, by my different takes on their journey;s, and yes obviously there will come a time, when they will all be happy at the same time.

And one of the most important things, guys, i don't really know much about Muslim traditions,and since its a very sensitive topic, i do not want to write about something i cannot justify due to my lack of knowledge, its only fair.So thats why i have shown that Asya got married legally never though the traditional Nikah,and annulment is also legally declaring their marriage Null and Void, that the marriage never existed,and it is nothing like a traditional divorce.Thats why i would like to keep it like that in my fictional head, because i don't want to hurt anyones sentiments in any way by writing about something which i do not have complete knowledge off. I hope you all understand that.

Yes, for both the couples the marriage will be inter- religion ofcourse, but in the fiction of my head, id like to portray it as normally as I could, without any complications.Yes they will be getting married traditionally, but i might not get into intricate details about it. For in the end, it really is Love above all, and all that matters is that, they are together.

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Chapter 38 - Heart to Heart

I Think it should be deemed as a Law by now,

Its about Time, isn't it??

For there has to be a law out there, that States

That the Conversation’s that happen in between Two Hearts, will perhaps,always remain - the most mesmerising,and awe-inspiring engima ,till the end of time.

Its really strange

How sometimes, you don't really need any words to communicate what you want, for it will reach its destination, nonetheless, either through the eyes, which are the window to a soul, or sometimes, through that telepathic silence.

And Its really strange, how sometimes, you could probably use all the words in your dictionary or even from the Oxford Dictionary, and you will still not be able to communicate what you want, or have its desired affect, on that Heart of your interest.

Its even more strange 

That how in a moment of time, the heart that our heart was closest too, the heart that could  once understand our silence, found that path, that led it so far away,that there really was no way,that could lead your heart, to it.

For sometimes, two hearts can be physically miles apart, yet close,

And at times, physically close, yet miles apart.

But despite all these complications, 

The most meaningful , soul shakening kind of conversations happen to take place, in between two Hearts, and not the minds.

Just makes me wonder, does the heart really have some kind of a language of its on??

Maybe, yes.

And that Love is probably just a prime alphabet or vowel, of that unidentified unexplanaible but surely the most illogical nonscientific-existing language.

For it really does seem like a language, that comprises a lot of other intense elements that are yet to be discovered by mankind.

Just also,makes me wonder that In the the matters of the Hearts,

which distance really is short or long,

is it all that miles across the roads,

Or is it that distance across the seven sea’s

or the whole globe??

Or is it just that ever so significant distance in between the hearts?

And so, it most likely holds true

That Just Like

there’s nothing more closer, than the Union of  Two hearts

There’s probably no distance longer

than the distance, that stands marked between two pained Hearts.


The Next Day - Noon

(Khushi’s room)

Khushi looked at her brother as he said - “ Khushi, here is your phone…”

Khushi took her phone from his hand as she  switched it on and she said - “ thanks bhaijaan, you are the best, but I had left this at the hotel , how did you get it??”

Asad gave his little sister a small smile - “ofcourse, i had your stuff collected from the Hotel, Khushi..anyways how do you feel now??”

Khushi smiled, could she tell him that she had never really felt better, she had,just had the best sleep ever, and his thoughts came back to her mind, and she looked at her brother as she said - “ so much better bhaijaan, i cant believe i have to be here for another week or so…cant you talk to Dr Arvind, and get me a free pass for home soon…please…bhaijaan…”

Asad sat next to her,and he brushed her hair tenderly - “ no, i will not, because i will not risk your health, you were on life support for heavens sake, if Dr Arvind says that you have to be here for observation for the next 7 days, then you will be…alright?? and i do not want you to discuss this further…”

Khushi made the most innocent face she could as she said - “yeah, but im fine now…look…look at this smile, doesn't it reflect how well I am…”,and she gave him her best smile.

Asad looked at her and he smiled, he could trust Khushi’s antics  to crack him up, even in the darkest of times - “yeahhh it does,and you have no idea how much we have waited to see that smile…but Khushi…please…”

Khushi sighed, ofcourse there was no point in talking on the matter anymore, with her over-protective brother,and then she saw him look towards the door and she almost sensed what was on his mind and she said softly - “ looking for Zoya??”

Asad looked back at her, and he shrugged,he didn't want to worry Khushi right now and he said - “ no, I know she is in her physiotherapy session right now…I was just wondering about Anjali di…she messaged me earlier that she would be coming to see you…”

Khushi tried not to sound too interested, as she asked - “really?? bhaijaan, i cant believe i missed out on the biggest family reunion ever, i mean with the Raizada’s…”

Asad smiled - “well, of course, you could say that…”,and his smile faded as he said - “but the guilt comes back Khushi, at night, it really was all my fault, all those years ago, i should have listened to Arnav…we have sorted things out,its done and dusted but still, this guilt returns,when im alone, i cant help but hold my responsible for all this enemity, the hatred…”

Khushi held her brothers hand - “no point bhaijaan, in carrying around  the baggage of the past, like you said, its over…theres a reason why its the past…”

Asad sighed - “ofcourse, but you never really can erase it off, even if you wanted too, you cant just go back in time, and edit your mistakes…”

Khushi caught the anguish in his voice and she said softly - “ i know, you can't but you gotta start on a fresh page bhaijaan, and i know too much has happened, with the accident, Zoya’s miscarriage…im sorry bhaijaan, i really am…”,and she pulled him in for a hug.

Asad hugged his sister, and the comfort helped, it really was strange how she was so much younger than him yet a lot wiser,sometimes he almost caught hi smothers reflection in her,and he saw her pull back as she asked - “ somethings missing, i know there is…theres something that you aren't telling me, both you and Zoya…what is it bhaijaan??”

Asad immediately straightened his face - “no, Khushi, you need to stop overexerting your brains…and ill just be back, i need to speak to the nurse outside…”

And before she could say anything, her brother had walked out the door, or literally sprinted out at the speed of light.

And she was sure, that they were hiding something from her.

And she had to know what it was, she made a mental note of catching hold of Zoya,after she was back from the session.

Her eyes fell on her phone, and she smiled, finally she had a way of communicating with him.

She smiled as she opened her Whtsapp,and wrote down a message.


Shantivan - Noon

Arnav shut his laptop,and he looked at his watch, it was Noon, and it had been hours since he had last spoken to Khushi, and he was aching to hear her voice, but he didn't know how was that going to happen anytime soon, for he knew she didn't have her phone with her yet.

And Di and Maa said, that they’d be going to the hospital in an hours time.

An hour?? He’d have to wait for a whole hour more??

And right then he saw his sister and mother walk in through the door and he smiled as he got up from his chair, and walked up to his mother and he hugged her, taking her by surprise and he heard her ask with a smile on her face - “Chotte?? i wont complain thoughhh…”

Arnav gestured his mother to sit on the bed and she did and he immediately sat down, and kept his head on her lap as he said  softly - “the sight of you walking into my room, Maa, i missed you more than ever, a part of me was so worried that id never see you walking through it again…”

Kkusum brushed her sons hair tenderly and she kissed his head - “ I understand Chotte…iv missed you all more than ever…i cannot even begin to tell you what a torture it was , being able to listen to you all, but not able to move or respond…but its over my son, the worse is over…”

Anjali wiped the tears off her eyes as she said sitting next to her mother - “ oh so only your Chotte gets a kiss…”

Kkusum laughed as she hugged her children and then she let go as she said, concerned - “ I am worried about Zoya…Dilshaad tells me something really is off between Asad and her…do the two of you have any idea what is it??”

Anjali looked at Arnav and he gestured her to not say anything for now and he said - “Maa, we will all talk to Zoya today..”

Kkusum nodded,and she looked at his laptop and she said - “are you still working??I mean , me and Anjali were thinking of going to the hospital to see Khushi, we will leave in fifteen minutes, but if you are busy, then ill ask Sherma to take us”

Arnav’s heart jumped up in happiness as he said , composing his voice though - “No Maa, I'm done, lucky we have second saturdays of the month off at AR, i was just replying to a few mails…thats all…i am free today..ill take you and di myself…”

Anjali tried to control her laugh, of course she knew what that eagerness was about.

Kkusum smiled as she nodded - “ ok then, ill see you down in fifteen minutes Chotte…”, and she walked out towards the door.

Anjali smiled at her brother as she silently gestured him about what was up,and his smile told her that everything was now better,and she quickly whispered - “ you will tell me all the details , i want to know everything…”

Arnav nodded,and right then he heard his mother call out to Anjali and he said - “cmon di, now go, and get ready fast…”

Anjali smiled mischeviously - “ofcourse, i know, Chotte cant wait longer…”,and then she walked out the door.

Arnav smiled as he watched his sister leave,and right then his phone beeped.

He picked it up from the table, and when he saw it was a whtsapp message from Khushi, he opened it instantly -

Khushi : Got a hold on my phone, and i now finally have a way of communication, if id have to wait any longer ill probably be sending out my own Hedwig to you with a letter.Anyways,why aren't you here yet?? I miss you,already,actually iv been missing you ever since I woke up,or maybe i was also missing you in my sleep, i dont know how is that logically possible, but still, ok cutting the long story short - when am i seeing you??

Arnav smiled.This girl could make him grin, like literally grin, so much that his jaws would ache.

He quickly typed back a reply -  Goodafternoon Khushi,and i will be there shortly. Waiting for maa and di, they want to see you too. Yes,I missed you too.And btw Hedwig who??

He got a quick reply, she was online.

Khushi : seriously?? you don't know Hedwig?? ok, so Hedwig is Harry Potter’s owl that he would use for correspondence.I am noting this down in my - ‘Things to do with Arnav’ List, you so have to watch the movies with me, i mean i will be rewatching them ofcourse, anyways, will you define your shortly ??

He grinned again.

He wrote - 30 minutes after I start driving, which should be in the next 5 minutes, so probably 35-40 minutes, although i wish i had the control over the red lights of Delhi,which i unfortunately don’t.

Khushi : why dont you yet?? you are Arnav Singh Raizada, aren't you?? you can do anything, last i checked.

Aranv : Very funny.Did you sleep well?? how are you feeling now?? hows the head heaviness?

Khushi : Never been better.Yes, i slept very well,and no more heaviness,im recovering fast Arnav, i tried to convine bhaijaan to talk to Dr Arvind to let me go home early, but no such luck, bhaijaan is adamant that i will have to spend atlas a week here.

Arnav : Good,for incase Asad would have listened to you, i would have asked di and Zoya to convince him otherwise,infact i think you should be under care for the next ten days minimum,its better for you.

Khushi : I love you, Arnav.Come soon, please.

He smiled,and he started to make his way down the stairs,and he saw his mother and sister waiting for him

Arnav : I love you Khushi, more than you will ever know.

He got a quick reply as he got into the car.

Khushi : I know

Arnav : I am leaving now.

And with that he kictstared the engine,and started to drive.


Khushi waited restlessly, she looked at her phone again.

There were still 20 minutes to that 35 Minutes timeline Arnav had given her.

She smiled, as she re-read their conversation, and she knew that they both would have to use this medium of communication more often until they could tell everyone about them.

And right then she saw Zoya enter the room,and she smiled and put her phone aside and she asked - “how was the session Zoya??”

Zoya walked up to Khushi’s bed,and she kept her crutch aside and she sat in front of Khushi as she gave her a small smile - “ good…”

Khushi - “ good?? really?? if it was, why isn't that smile reaching your eye?? you would have been really happy about it.Zoya, what aren't you telling me?? tell me please…im so worried for you, i can sense something is terribly wrong and you aren't even talking to me..”

Zoya sighed as she said - “ Khushi, i will talk to you,if not you then who?? but not right now…”

Khushi looked at her - “ you are worrying way too much about me Zoya..”

Zoya - “ Khushi, i almost lost you..”

Khushi - “almost, right, but im fine now…cmon…”

Zoya - “ Khushi..please…”

Khushi - “ Zoya…please…”

Zoya sighed, she knew she wasn't going to win from Khushi, so she took a deep breathe as she said - “I am waiting for Bhai, i need to talk to him, maa and di…”

Khushi looked at her confused - “about what?? what happened??”

Zoya looked at Khushi - “ i am now, more sure than ever, i need to do this Khushi…”,and she saw the confused look on Khushi’s face and she started to explain - “ khushi, there is this doctor, Dr Satish Raichand and his physiotherapy and rehab centre is rated as one of the best for patients like me…iv decided to go there for my treatment..”

Khushi nodded - “ofcourse Zoya…we all want only the best for you..”

Zoya looked at her as she said -“ Interlaken, Switzerland, thats where his centre is…”

Khushi gaped at her in shock - “ you want to leave the country?? for how long??”

Zoya sighed as she said - “ i dont know, i mean i want to leave as soon as after you are home, but i dont know how long will i be there, could be moths, or years…i dont know…”

Khushi tried to comprehend what this meant and she felt herself ask softly - “why?? and what about bhaijaan??”

Zoya said softly - “ i told him last night…”

Khushi asked in shock - “ and he's ok with it?? hows that possible?? what am i missing here??what aren't you telling me??”,and then she paused as she said  - “ fine if thats what you want Zoya, but bhaijaan will go with you, ill ask him to not worry about me…”

Zoya looked at Khushi, as she said softly - “ no, Khushi, i want to go alone, all by myself, its just something i have to do…and its probably for the best for both me and Asad, this distance is exactly what we need…”

Khushi tried to register what she was hearing and she asked - “ what do you mean?? what distance?? i m sure everything is sorted now…”and she paused as she registered the broken look on Zoyas face and she asked - “ or wait, it isn’t…?what happened??”

Zoya took a deep breathe as she said - “ we are annulling our marriage…its already filed for in court, infact we will have a hearing on Wednesday in the family court..”

Khushi gaped at her in shock as she asked - “ you both are doing what????whyyyy??? Zoya, tell me now…what has happened…”

Zoya looked at Khushi,she didn't want to worry her, but she couldn't control her tears longer as they started to spill down her eyes - “ the night of your engagement, after we were home…”,and she finally started to tell Khushi about everything that had happened.


30 Minutes Later

(The Hospital Lobby on Khushi’s Floor )

Asad felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned to see his mother,and he quickly kept his phone down and he asked - “ammi, when did you come??”

Dilshaad - “five minutes before, and i met Dr Arvind outside the elevator, hes happy with khushi’s progress thank god…”

Asad nodded - “yes ammi…”

Dilshaad had concern written all over her face as she asked - “ he  mentioned something about some centre in Switzerland for Zoya…”

Asad took a deep breathe - “ I know…Zoya told me…”

Dilshaad - “when??”

Asad - “last night…”

Dilshaad tried to read the look on his face and she asked - “is Zoya going??”

Asad - “she plans too..ammi..”

Dilshaad looked at him in shock - “and you are ok with this?? why aren't you stopping her??somethings wrong isn't there?? i knew it, i can sense it, whats happened between the two of you, i want to know now…”

And right then the Elevator opened, and Arnav , Anjali, and Kkusum stepped out and the minute they registered in the serious look on Asad and Dilshad’s face, Arnav was by their side in a jiffy as he asked - “ Asad, is everything alright??”

Anjali asked in worry - “ Khushi, is khushi fine??”

Arnav felt his insides flip in worry, and he looked at Asad as he asked - “is she alright??

Asad took a deep breathe as he sat dejected on the sofa, thankfully this seating area was on the deserted end of the lobby and he said - “ no Khushi is fine, and Zoya is with he right now…”

Kkusum watched Dilshaad sit next to her son, and she walked over and sat next to Asad on the other side and she finally held his hand as she asked - “ you haven't been able to meet my eye, for a week now…why?? whats happened in between you and Zoya?? I know about the misunderstanding that happened between you two from Anjali,but that look on your face tells me that theres a lot more happening here, which me and dishaad dont know…what is it??

Kkusum looked at the silent Asad, who continued to look down on the floor,and she watched as Anjali took a deep breathe as she said, now worried herself, that look on his face was beyond broken - “ say something??please??”

Asad looked up at Arnav, and he saw him gesture him to conitinue, and he nodded back at him for the encouragement and he finally held Kkusum’s hand as he said - “aunty, i can never forget how you’ used to save me from ammi’s wrath as a child,or even as i grew up, you were always on my side…and it breaks me to tell you that iv let you down, terribly, iv done things to hurt Zoya so much, and now she wont forgive me…and i dont blame her, but she’s really locked herself up somewhere,and not just that…”

Kkusum took a deep breathe, the anguish in Asad’s voice reflected his regret and she looked at Dilshaad who had equal amount of worry written on her face as she asked Asad - “what do you mean by iv done things to hurt Zoya?? what did you do??and what misunderstanding??”

Arnav took a deep breathe as he spoke on behalf of Asad, and filled in Dilshaad about, how Zoya misunderstood that Asad was behing that dabacle in the media,and then as to how Khushi and Anjali di sorted it out.

Asad thanked Arnav silently and then he heard his mother whisper - “ i can only imagine the darkness that must have unleashed inside of you…like it did that day,all those years ago….what did you do this time Asad??”

Asad looked at his mother and then at Kkusum aunty as he spoke, sure th guilt was evident in his voice - “ i was hurt, so hurt, i didn't know what was i thinking, i surely wasn’t thinking straight, i annulled our marriage..and i kind of forced Zoya into signing the papers…and she had already asked Aman to file them in court, before….”,and he paused, not knowing how to continue.

But he didn't need to continue for his silence was understood,and he heard Kkusum say - “ before her accident…”

Asad nodded ,and he held Kkusum’s hand as he spoke - “ im sorry, i am so sorry, and i was wrong very wrong, i have tried to talk to Zoya, but she wont give me another chance….infact,she just told me before meeting Khushi, that our hearing in family court is in for Wednesday…”

Dilshaad looked at her son in shock - “ how could you?? Aad, what have you done?? what have you done my son???”

Kkusum held Asad’s hand, and she looked at Dilshaad as she said - “you are always very hard on him Dilshaad , its a two way street, and Zoya crossed it first…I understand Asad…”

Asad looked at her in shock - “ you do??”

Kkusum nodded - “ ofcourse, for i can clearly see that love in your eyes, you love my daughter, and this was a misunderstanding…but after all that has happened, give her time beta,let this annulment go through, doesn't matter, whats a piece of paper defining a relationship, with time everything will be fine, and we will all see to that…ill counsel Zoya, and then we will have the wedding of your dreams, keeping in mind all the traditions…isnt it Dilshaad??”

Dilshaad gave her friend a small smile, she really was a second mother to her kids - “ ofcourse…we haven’t played cupid in forever..”, but right then the thought of Switzerland came in her mind and she said softly - “ but i dont think Zoya wants that, she knows us way too well, thats why she's deceided to do this…”

Anjali looked at Dilshaad - “do what??”

Dilshaad - “ i met Dr Arvind a while before, he mentioned something about some centre in Switzerland for Zoya, for her treatment, looks like he's also mentioned it to Zoya…”

Arnav felt his mind brainstorm as he asked, now very worried - “ wait wait wait, did he mention about Dr Satish Raichand??”

Asad nodded as he spoke - “yes, him…hes Dr Arvinds cousin…”

Arnav - “yes, iv heard a lot about him from Dr arvind of course, his centre is in Interlaken, i guess..”

Asad - “yes the very same…Zoya wants to go there for treatment,shes hell bent about this, i spoke to her last night, she wouldn't change her mind, and im sure, thats the conversation she's having with Khushi right now…theres nothing we can do, iv tried my best to get her to listen to me,but my resistance just makes her wish as if she hadn't survived the accident…”

Kkusum ,Anjali and Arnav asked in unison with equal shock - “she said that??”

Asad looked at his mother and the rest as he nodded - “ yes, and she wants me out of her way…it saddens me that it has come to this..it breaks my heart that it has come to this, but i cant stop her, if my doing so, makes her feel that death was better, I don't know what to do…i just don't know what to do…”

Kkusum tocuhed Asad’s shoulder as she said - “ ill talk to her…”

Arnav nodded as he said - “ she's behaving like a child, i wont let her…dont worry Asad…”

Kkusum nodded as she said - “ let us all focus on the solution for now, theres no point in wasting energy thinking about the why and how the problem happened…we will help you in ever way we can…Asad, i know she needs you now, probably more than ever, she's just being stubborn about it…”

Asad looked at everyone and he felt gratitude as he said - “ thank you so much, for not wanting to kill me for hurting your sister…”gesturing to Arnav and Anjali, and then he looked at Kkusum - “and daughter,in the ways that i have…”

Kkusum nodded and she gave him a small smile - “ only because uv known you, and i know in your heart, you love her more than she will probably ever know…”

Anjali finally said - “ ok, cmon, now lets go in and meet Khushi, Zoya is with her too right…”

Asad nodded,and they all made their way towards Khushi’s room.


Meanwhile Simultaneously

Khushi wiped her tears as she took the glass of water Zoya handed to her and she drank it up ,for now Zoya had beared her heart out to her, and it worried her greatly to know th things both her brother and Zoya had done to hurt each other, and to see Zoya in the current sitiation,she knew the miscarriage and the accident and the situation with her leg had ripped her off everything, her heart went out to her and she kept the glass of water aside as she said - “ fine, if this is what you want, then ill come with you…i will not let you go alone Zoya…you cant be alone…”

Zoya wiped her tears as she said softly - “ no, no Khushi, you will not do anything like this, things just started off for you and bhai…i cannot let you, as it is, you have suffered so much because of my mistakes…i will not let you do anything as stupid as this…”

Khushi reached out to hold Zoya’s hand and she saw Zoya shift a little further and she pulled her into a hug as she said - “ Zoya, ill talk to Arnav, he will understand…im sure…i cant let you go alone…i will be with you…”

Zoya hugged her for a minute and she pulled back as she asked - “and why must bhai understand Khushi?? why do the two of you have to suffer because of me again?? like i said, it will only make me me feel more guilty, Khushi…i cant be so selfish…you have to understand, why im doing this you out of everyone, can understand..somethings are just meant to be handled alone, remember how you wanted to be alone in London for all those months after i came back to India, i understood right?? i let you be, no matter how sick worried i was for you, for i knew it was important for you, being on your own at that time was what you needed…you can understand, what this this about…”

Khushi sighed,ofcourse she could understand and she said - “Zoya, but you love bhaijaan so much , and he loves you so much too, and hes as pained as you right now, then why cant you forgive him?? why cant the two of you forgive each other, and heal each other together…dont make things worse for yourself Zoya…i know you have it in your heart to forgive…”

Zoya looked at her, she had told Khushi everything about what had happened, but she hadn't mentioned that painful truth, that she was doing this because she knew she was not good enough for Asad anymore, because she knew if she even mentioned it to Khushi, Asad would know, and then he would never let her go,and so she knew with a heavy heart she had to lie to Khushi too, it really was the only way out, but she spoke - “ forgiveness, i know its what we both need, but I feel lost Khushi, i feel like i need to find myself again, nothing in me is the same anymore…”

Khushi looked at Zoya as she looked away and she asked - “is it really?? is really nothing the same anymore, look at me and tell me that you dont love Bhaijaan with the same intensity as before…”,she paused,and she touched Zoya’s shoulder as she said - “ of course you do, you love him, you love him more than he would ever know, but i know you both need time….fine…take your time…but you just want to run away from it all, give us no opportunity to play cupid, give bhajaan no opportunity to win you back….i know you way too well…i know why you want to do this, you want to cut us all out, because you dont want us to see you in pain…”

Zoya held Khushi’s hand, she knew she had sensed a part truth, and before she could sense further she said - “ then you know exactly why i need to do this alone, Khushi, please let me…pleasee…itll only hurt me more to think how everyone is in so much pain because of me…and ill not be able to find my strength then, you understand me more than anyone else, you’v known me better than anyone, and not just that you love me like your own, thats why you are probably always so easy on me, never giving me the cold shoulder, for the mistakes iv done…even when i was being a pain in misunderstanding Asad, you did show me the mirror so kindly, how can i ever thank you for the support you have been,just one more time, please, please just support me in this, let me do this, let me be on my own, please….”

Khushi hugged her again,and she said - “maybe, i should start being more crude with you at times,but I can’t…not with you..i love you..you are my sister,and as much as it pains me…i understand Zoya…i understand why you need to do this alone…fine…ill let you be, on one condition though, you wont cut me out, i mean promise, atlas you will be in touch with me…”

Zoya kissed Khushi’s forehead as she nodded - “ ofcourse, i will be, i will be in touch with everyone…”

Khushi looked at her - “except bhaijaan..”

Zoya replied softly - “we need space…Khushi…”

Khushi nodded - “ i know….i understand…”, she understood what this was about, she knew Zoya and Asad needed to go through this phase, so that once they found there way back to each other again, they would never fall apart ever again, and she had full faith that they would come along, time was the only thing they needed.

Zoya looked at Khushi and she smiled - “ but know this, I'm so happy for you, really happy, and i can actually leave with the satisfaction that bhai is going to take good care of you…you two deserve it…”

Khushi gave her a smile as she asked - “ but you wont stop me from visiting you ofcourse??”

Zoya smiled through her tears - “ofcourse not…id love to have you visit me, anyways iv heard so much about Interlaken, its a beautiful place…im sure its going to be the change i need..”

Khushi - “come here you…”,and she pulled Zoya into a hug.


Asad opened the door, and the minute he saw Zoya and Khushi hug, he felt a small smile come to his lips, that sight always did that to him, no matter how disturbed he was, seeing Zoya and Khushi bond like they did, always made him believe in the positive things in Life.

He stepped in, and he was followed by the rest,ans he saw Zoya and Khushi look up at them,and he saw Zoya look at the solemn faces of her family,and their eyes locked, and he knew, that she knew that they knew.It was so strange, for she could still understand his silence, even when their hearts stood miles apart from each other.

Zoya had turned around, and that the minute she spotted the worried look on her mother, sister and brothers face and ammi,she had sensed it,Asad had told them.

She almost wondered, how did he have the courage to admit that hed gone wrong, because she knew it took a lot of courage to admit and shoulder the responsibilities of blunders that changed your life. 

Khushi looked at the exchange of eye lock between Zoya and her brother, and the pain and the longing didn't go missed by her, and then she automatically looked at Arnav, and their eyes locked, and she knew it by that nod he gave her silently, that he had also seen what she had.And then he gave her a small smile, as if to calm her down,and she nodded in return,because she really did feel calm.

How did he just do that?? How did he not say a word,and yet it felt like she had heard what she had needed.Did he just understand her silence,and did their hearts have like a telepathic conversation of their own right now??

She was still wondering about it, when she saw Kkusum aunty walk up to her, as Zoya got up from the bed, to give her space to sit, and she smiled at her as she felt her brush her hair tenderly - “ i remember you as a child,its been forever,i don't know if you remember,but i gave you your name…”

Khushi tocuhed her hand,as she smiled - “ofcourse I remember aunty,its so good to finally have you back…its been forever, ammii,missed you so much, just like all your family…”

Kkusum smiled - “so so good to have you safe and sound and out of danger, nothing more precious to a mother than her own children,and you are just like Zoya to me, always were..Khushi..”

Khushi smiled at her, and she saw her get up,and she looked up to see Arnav smiling at her.She could sense that he was really happy about what he had just seen, and so she smiled back at him,without making their exchange of eye messages too obvious.

Right then Dr Arvind entered in to check Khushi and he greeted everyone and once he was done checking her, he said - “great, we are doing good, you should be out of here in a week Khushi…”

Khushi protested - “a week, uncle?? isn't that too much??”

Arnav nudged Zoya,and she understood so she smiled as she budged in - “ no Khushi, thats just what you need, you know what would be too much?? ten days..how does that sound…”

Asad nodded as he said - “Zoya is right, its just what you need…”

Khushi looked at Arnav, who was gloating in victory,and she gave him a - ill deal with you later look,and she looked at her brother as she said - “ fine bhaijaan,whatever you all say…cage me in here..if thats what you all want…”

Dr Arvind smiled - “ its what you need Khushi, you are weak, physically still, so please promise me full co-operation…”

Khushi nodded.

Dr Arvind turned to Zoya as he asked,not aware that she hadn't yet discussed it openly - “Zoya, have you made up your mind about taking treatment with Dr Satish?? incase yes, then ill have to talk to him asap, and get all the arrangements done, i would like you to start treatment as soon as possible…”

Arnav took a deep breathe as he asked - “ I know, i mean iv heard you talk about Dr Satish in high regard, but I don't know if we want Zoya to go so far away on her own, isn't there anyone else right here that you could recommend??”

Dr Arvind - “ofcourse I can theres Dr Chabra here, not very far from Chanakyapuri infact, equally good, well honestly Satish is my cousin but i speak highly off him, because he is so so good at his job, and also so so approachable and warm,he’s helped a couple of my patients like Zoya,infact i could connect you to one of them,the thing is that the choice is Zoya’s for she is the one who has to go through the therapy, so Zoya, whatever you decide, come meet me in my cabin, once you made up your mind…”

Zoya nodded as she watched Dr Arvind leave, and she took a deep breathe,as she looked at the faces in front of her,for she knew she had to be in full convincing mode right now,it really was going to take everything out of her to convince the people in front of her to let her go.

She could sense by Asad’s stance that he really was counting on her brother for this one,he really was counting on him to stop her from leaving.

But she knew, she would have to use her clever way with words to get her way out.

And she was adamant that she would.


Three Hours Later

The Hospital Cafe

Arnav took a deep breathe as he looked at his mother , and he said - “ Im sorry, Maa, for I couldn't convince Zoya..”

Kkusum gave her son a small smile - “ Chotte, you dont need to be sorry, it isn't your fault..”,and she looked at Anjali and Asad as she said - “and neither is it any of your’s…its ok, lets just give her some time..time is the best healer, i am sure Zoya will come around…”,and then she looked at Asad as she held his hand gently - “ Infact I should apologise, i know you were counting on us, for this, and we obviously couldn’t…I understand this is really painful, very painful, but have faith alright, everything will get fine…all you need is time…”

Asad touched her hand gently as kissed it and he said - “always been so kind to me Maa…”, and he saw her look at him with so much emotion as she hugged him and she said - “ id love for you to call me that…”

Dilshaad walked in towards everyone, and she looked at Asad as she said - “Zoya, just went to see Khushi, to say bye for now…”

Asad - “huh??”

Dilshaad turned to Arnav - “ since, she wants to leave in ten days, she's asked whats his name, your assistant..”

Arnav - “Aman??”

Dilshaad nodded - “ yes, she just spoke to him, and asked him to get her paperwork ready…she wants to go to AR to oversee the same…”,and she paused, as she sat down on the chair dejected - “ I cannot believe this is happening, i mean, just when i had the time to have both Zoya and khushi with me, she is leaving…Kkusum, i cant believe she wouldn't even listen to you….”

Kkusum smiled at her friend - “ thats because, i am her mother, out of all, at this time, she needs me to stand with her, not against her, Dilshaad, and i can sense why she is doing it, she doesn't want any of us to see her like this, in so much pain…”

Anjali nodded - “exactly, thats why she is doing this, cutting us all out…”,and she sighed - “ i dont know if its right or wrong, but how will she manage all by herself…she isn't even allowing me to accompany her…god she's stubborn…”

Kkusum - “is a Raizada afterall, she is very much like your father Anjali, and if i should say, a lot like Chotte…”

Anjali gave a small smile - “yeah right, are you sure I'm not adopted Maa, for it seems im completely different from my siblings…”

Kkusum hugged her daughter - “well thank god, atlas one of you decided to be fair and go after me, if it wasn't for you, i would be really taken aback with the thought that i did all the hard work, and all my children came out to be a xerox of their father…”

Asad and Dilshaad laughed at that, as they saw Anjali stick out a tongue at Arnav.

The situation was tense, but yet, in that moment, it felt like that they could all deal with it together,for now that they all stood together as one family, nothing could really shake their spirits.

Asad,stood wondering if it really was possible, that the Hearts of the two families had always been joined, even if it was through hatred.

Maybe yes, Anjali di was right, they had always been bonded,first by love and then by hate, but that string always existed.

Kkusum looked at Asad as she said - “im taking Dilshaad home for a while, it will be a change for her to meet Amma and Manorama….”

Dilshaad gave her a small smile - “well, manorama always does manage to crack me up…”

Kkusum smiled - “cmon on then, lets go…”and Dilshaad turned to Asad - “im taking the driver, i came with…”

Asad nodded,and he watched them leave and he said turning to Anjali and Arnav - “ it really is good to see the two of them bond like that isn't it?? as if nothing ever changed..”

Arnav nodded as he looked the his mother and Dilshaad aunty - “ofcourse, its overwhelming…”

Anjali - “and i couldn't be happier about it, too..”,and she turned to Asad and Arnav as she asked - “ i could use a quick tea, before Zoya arrives…”

Asad nodded and he looked at Arnav as he asked - “you’ll have your usual black coffee??”

Arnav gave him a small smile as he watched Asad go to the counter,and he took his seat with Anjali di.


Ten Minutes Later

Asad sipped his coffee as he looked at Arnav as he spoke - “well under usual circumstances, i would really appreciate the efficiency of your right hand Aman, but in my case, his efficiency has really done me no good…”

Arnav nodded as he said - “ I understand, and its strange though how he hid such important things in regards to Zoya from me…like for example the annulment…”

Anjali sipped her tea - “well, ofcourse, because thats why you trust him, for his confiditeality, whats his fault, im sure Zoya asked him too keep the silence,and poor chap, he must be scared of  what wrath he would have to face,if he told you anyway…”

Asad - “anyway, if its ok with you Arnav, i’d like to drive her to AR, iv only got ten days until she leaves…and im sure i have no luck in my favour, im so sure, she is going to be in touch with everyone, but me…”

Anjali looked at him as she said softly - “dont give up yet…dont loose hope…”

Asad nodded - “ i won’t…but I'm also going to let her be for a while, for if i see her cry once again because of me…i don't know if ill be able to take it, the guilt wont let me sleep…maybe it is what we both need di…some space…i need to figure things out, after all so much has happened, in so little time…and then probably with time, ill feel like my old self again, ill feel like Zoya’s Asad,and i can win her back again…but right now, i can’t, because i dont feel like that , i dont feel like the Asad, Zoya fell in love with, i feel like the Asad who has committed some major blunders,for which i must pay…but i just hope, being apart gives her what she needs..”

Arnav looked at the pained pace of his friend and he said trying to comfort him - “ofcourse it will, she will come around…im sure she will..”

And right then they spotted Zoya entering the cafe, and Anjali shifted inside the sofa,as she made space for Zoya to sit,and she asked - “will you have anything??”

Zoya’s eyes locked with Asad’s for a brief second, and she immediately looked away, too many eye locks with this man was not a good news to her heart and so she said - “no di, thanks…i dont have much time, i need to go to AR, i need to oversee my paperwork, and i need to sign some papers iv asked Aman to prepare,and iv also collected all the medical documents that i need,because i want the Visa to be filed first thing Monday…”, she paused as she saw Asad look at his phone, probably to distract himself, and she looked at her brother who sat next to Asad sipping his coffee - “ ofcourse, i cant drive bhai, is Sherma kaka here…??”

Arnav sipped his coffe,and looked at his sister,who sat in front of him looking like a mirror of his older self and he said - “ no,Zoya.. i drove Maa and di here, myself….”

Zoya - “oh”.She knew she couldn't ask him to take her yet, because she knew he probably was waiting to meet Khushi.And she thought for a second as she took out her phone.

Anjali looked at Zoya as she asked - “ what do you think you are doing??”

Zoya - “ordering myself a Uber di…seriously…relax…”

Asad finally looked up from his phone, and he felt his anger rise and he knew he literally was glaring at Zoya as he said - “ i know you probably dont hate the cab driver as much as you hate me right now…but i will drive you to AR…and i will not take a no for a answer…”

Zoya gaped at him, because of that authority in his voice and she  said in a curt tone - “ No, thank you, i don't need you to…im doing just fine on my own…”

Anjali - “no way…Asad will take you…no more arguements…”

Arnav looked at Zoya as he said - “ di is right, cmon, now…and dont delay..or maybe you changed your mind about Switzerland, after all…”

Zoya looked at her brother - “bhai?? i know, you dont approve of this…but…”

Arnav sighed - “but i know its what you need, i understand, now , dont make this more difficult please, let Asad take you to AR…”

Zoya sulked as she looked at Asad and she spoke - “ oh yeah?? and theres going to be so much gossip at the office if anyone sees him…”

Arnav - “they won't , its second saturday, off..only Aman and Seema are there, and i trust them…infact i know you do trust Aman too, right??”

Zoya rolled her eyes at her brother as she shot him a look and she said - “ yeah…ok…fine…ill let your long lost best friend drive me…”,and with that she got up,and started to make her way out, after saying a goodbye to her sister.

Arnav looked at Asad who had a lost and solem expression on his face and he asked - “all good…??”

Asad looked at his friend as he said - “ your sister is going to drive me insane, surely…”

Arnav gave him a small smile - “well you should have known what you were getting into, falling for a Raizada, what did you expect..we drive people insane remember..its in our DNA??”

Asad almost smiled at that - “yeah right?? i should have known better..”

Arnav kept a hand on his shoulder - “jokes apart, relax..i know its too much to take in…but hang in there ok..have patience…”

Asad looked at him shocked as he smiled looking at Anjali di - “di, the sun has surely risen from the west, did i just hear Arnav Singh Raizada advising me about patience??”

Anjali smiled - “ofcourse…my Chotte has changed…”

Asad looked at Arnav as he asked - “and i can sense..its got everything to do with love?? who is it?? you haven't mentioned her yet..and you really are in Love?? you??even though i can sense its serious for you, why is it still difficult to beleive, i mean I always had my doubts if you would ever meet a girl who would have that power, to change you around…”

Arnav took a deep breath as he exchanged a brief look with his sister, and he gave him a small smile - “well, i did meet that girl, who knew she actually existed, and we will talk later about the interests of my heart…im sure you dont want to keep Zoya waiting long…”

Asad gave him a small smile as he nodded - “ill see you later…”

Arnav nodded - “Later…”

Anjali watched Asad leave,and she watched Arnav settle back in the chair and she looked at him as she smiled - “ come to think of it, i had my doubts too,infact i had almost lost all my hopes that you would actually ever fall in love…but then you met her…you saved her from a accident right? on the busy roads of oxford street?? who knew??”

Arnav sipped his coffee,as he smiled at the memory and he nodded as he said - “who knew di, that all Khushi had to do was fall in my arms, who knew that my world would flip around the very second, she looked into my eyes…”

And right then his phone beeped, and he opened it to see Khushi’s whatsapp message.

Khushi : Where are you??Are you with everyone still?? I need to see you.

He smiled as he quickly typed - 

Arnav : Asad just left with Zoya for AR, Maa and dilshad aunty would be reaching Shantivan any minute now.I am with di at the Cafe, i was just talking to her about you, and you messaged.You are strange,how do you message exactly when i am thinking about you.

He saw Anjali di pick up her phone as it rang, it was his Jijaji,and she excused herself.

His phone beeped.

Khushi : Oh really?? what were you talking about me?? and looks like fighting death gave me some extra intuitive powers..hehe…”

Arnav : very funny, it isn't a thing to joke about Khushi.

He got a instant reply.

Khushi :What were you talking about me??

Arnav : well, i was just telling di, about how I looked into your eyes the very first time, and my entire world flipped.

He smiled, as he waited in anticipation to see what she would reply.

His phone beeped.

Khushi : I still remember the first time you caught me in your arms.You gave me shivers,and i knew my heart would never beat in the same way ever again.Did i ever tell you that my heartbeats fasten to the speed of light or sound which ever is faster, the minute you are around me??

He smiled,as he wrote :  I am coming to see you in five minutes.

He got a quick reply.

Khushi : I am waiting.



It had been 15 minutes, and she had avoided any sort of communication,and continued to look out the window.

It was strange, so strange, for there was a time, even the silence with Asad felt like the most comforting thing in the world, and right now, that very silence was peircing her being.

She was happy, that he had stayed silent, while she was conniving her family about her decision, for his silence had helped.She knew her siblings were still in two minds about her decision, but she was glad that her mother understood her, just like Khushi did too.Khushi was the besets friend she could have asked for, infact she was her soul sister,and she looked at Asad who was driving and she finally took a deep breathe as she said - “ although i know i dont need to say it, i know you will take good care of Khushi once I leave, but still stop her from overexerting herself, although i know no point,she’s going to let that excitement of having a second shot at Life be a driving force behind everything she does…”

Asad looked at her briefly as he said - “ i can see that, and something is different you know, i mean, ever since she woke up,its like she's really been born again…i guess its only natural when one encounters death as close…”

Zoya gave him a small smile - “yeah…ofcourse…and also its Khushi, she's always at the extreme end of the spectrum anyway…i love that about her, ill miss her the most…”

Asad nodded - “Ofcourse…you two have the bond,that always made me wonder if the two of you have some kind of a language of your own, you know heart to heart..”

Zoya smiled - “yeahhh…heart to heart…”

Asad pressed the brake,as he stopped the car at the red light right before AR and he looked at Zoya and right then she looked at him,and he heard her speak softly - “ thank you…”

Asad looked at her - “ for??”

Zoya - “for not putting up a fight in front of Maa or bhai..and di, i mean in regards with my decision for Switzerland…”

Asad spoke softly - “ i figured its what you wanted Zoya, and like i told you last night, i will not stand in your way…and maybe you are right, you have all the right to decided whats the best for you, and your health and your recovery is on a priority list for me too Zoya..”

Zoya looked away as she looked outsid the window - “ don’t…Asad…”

Asad asked - “now what??”

Zoya looked back at him as she said - “ don't love me so much, don't do this to yourself, im only going to be giving you pain…its better if you forget me, and move on…”

Aad felt his insides freeze.Move on? What the hell did she mean?? She had clearly lost her brains in the accident.And he asked - “Move on…what the hell do you mean??”, and he started to drive since the signal turned green.

Zoya saw the taut jawline, that had hardened,and she almost felt like wanting to reach out and touch him but she controlled her emotion as she said looking ahead, as he pulled into AR - “Move on, in the sense, move on in Life…move on from me…i mean im going to leave in ten days, i dont know when will i come back, and once the annulment is done, there really is nothing standing in your away, its only fair…that you meet new people…and im sure, you'll meet a nice girl…and you see within no time, you will forget the pain that i was in your life, and who knows maybe years down the line, we can actually be friends…like you and bhai…”

Asad immediately brought the car to a halt in AR’s parking lot and he turned to look at Zoya as he asked taking a deep breathe - “ we used to have one too right Zoya…??”

Zoya looked at him - “have what??”

Asad - “a language of our own, a language of our love that existed between our hearts, then why isn't anything reaching you right now?? why cant you understand, that these things you are saying, are tearing me apart, why are you doing this?? you dont want anything to do with me, fine i get it, you want to go to switzerland, i get it, fine, but now you are suggesting me to move on?? meet some new girl, start dating?? are you even listening to yourself…stop it…please…”

Zoya looked at him as she said softly - “ its only fair, i mean, you shouldn't let one bad experience stop you…”

Asad felt his anger rise as he asked - “ what did you just say??did you just call yourself a bad experience??”

Zoya nodded - “ofcourse, what else am i?? accept it, iv probably only given you the pain that surpasses any happiness i probably ever made you feel…Asad…”

Asad looked at her in disbelief.How could she still manage to hurt him deep inside - “ oh I'm sure then i beat you to that, for of course then you'd probably call me the worst experience of your life…”

He was anything but that.He was anything but worse. She knew for all her nights she would only have his memories for company, but she knew she couldn't say that loud,so she took a deep breathe as she said masking her turmoil - “ofcourse…you are right…wev been nothing but that…you know worse experiences for each other…infact im sure this space is what we both need to start afresh..”

Start afresh, bull ****. But he knew right now was not the time to get angry and he said, sure the hurt was evident in his voice - “ im glad you cleared that out Zoya…”

Zoya took a deep breathe,as she opened the door ,and Asad was bu her side in a jiffy,as he picked up her crutch and handed it to her, and she took it and stepped out,and he tried to help her, but she stopped him - “ i don't need any help, thanks…how am i going to learn, if you keep giving me support?? i need to learn how to handle this on my own.”

Asad felt his insides twich, he knew her words had a larger implication out here.

He didn't know what to say, he had no clue what words to use, so that he could reach out to her, make her see that this wasn't for the best. This was the worse thing ever.But he knew she couldn't understand, she couldn't even see what he wanted her to see.She was too apart, too much at a distance right now.

And so he followed her silently into AR.

20 Minutes Later

Asad  was making his way back into Arnav’s cabin from the washroom, when he spotted Aman step out, as he looked at him and Asad asked - “ all done??”

Aman nodded - “ yes sir…all done..ill have our travel agent file the papers first thing Monday..”

Asad nodded and he said - “ under normal circumstances id praise you for your efficiency…but..your held hasn't been in my favour..on a number of occasions Aman…”

Aman looked at his taut face.And he realised one thing in that one moment.Asad Ahemed Khan, was as fearsome as his boss when disturbed and he said - “im sorry Sir, but i couldn’t disobey Zoya Maam…”

Asad - “ ofcourse i know your loyalty lies with the Raizada’s…”

Aman - “sir if theres anything i can do for you, please let me know…”

Asad looked at him - “how about if you try to be off real help to me, next time around, like real help…”

Aman - “ofcourse sir…”,and then he walked away to his workstation.

Asad walked into Arnav’s cabin and he looked around again, this used to be Uncles cabin, and he saw Zoya sitting deep in thought  and he walked over as he put a hand on shoulder as he asked - “ are you done??”

Zoya nodded,as she shrugged her shoulder,and he picked up his hand immediately and she said - “yeah…everything is filed,you know since on passport i am still Singh Raizada, i need to have all my papers in my individual name…but that shouldn't be a issue anymore, for i still will be that Singh raizada for real, in two days time…you do remember the hearing for our annulment is at Noon this Wednesday…”

Asad nodded,and he saw her get up,as she walked to sit on Arnav’s sofa,and he walked and sat next to her.She was only physically close, but in her heart, she had never been further, and  he saw her drink a glass of water as she asked - “ will you have anything to drink??”

Asad looked at her as he said - “ no Zoya, i seem to have lost all my appetite…”

Zoya looked at him and their eyes locked, and she could see the pain in his eyes ,and she said softly looking away - “ give yourself time, Asad, you'll be fine, im sure, once im out of your life, you will be just fine…”

Asad didnt know what came over him, as he pulled her by the hand immediately, closer,taking her by suprise, and he looked into her eyes and he said, his lips now dangerously close to her’s - “keep telling yourself that Zoya, if that makes you feel better, or makes this easier for you, but are you sure you aren't repeating this again and again only to convince yourself?? and lets see for how long can you continue to be blind to the truth… please enlighten me when you are really convinced…because i will never be convinced of this bull****, for i know i can not go on without you, the only reason why i am letting you do this, is because i think its what you need for your health and for recovery, have i made myself clear??”

Zoya felt herself shiver as she said - “ let go of my hand…Asad…”

Asad did,and he asked sure the disbelief was evident in his voice - “ do you honestly think that you can go on without me??”

Ofcourse she knew she’d be killing herself everyday.But she knew she had too.For her Life no more was about what she thought or what she wanted. It was going to be anything but that.

She looked at him in the eye as she said - “ I know I can.And I will.This is just who I have become Asad, I do not believe in second chances anymore,i don't have the time for it in my Life, and you surely are never getting any from me,and not just that i myself dont think i deserve a second chance from you,so cut this out please, and i will show you that i can go without you, and you will see, that once I leave, you will never hear from me ever again…”,and she paused as she registered in his expression of shock and disbelief on his face , and she continued - “and id like you to know that i dont want to hear from you again, once im out of here…and i mean it…you will not try to get in touch with me Asad…we are over…we have reached the point of goodbyes, for good…”

Asad just stared at her in shock,and he heard himself say, something deep inside of him finally found the words as he asked, his voice shaking - “ have we really??”

Zoya looked at him as she got up - “ yes, we have, now if you dont mind please drop me back to the Hospital…”,and she left.

Asad watched her walk out the door, and he realised in that one second, a heartbreaking truth, the physical distance wasn't the problem, the problem wasn't that she was going to be across the globe.

The only problem was this distance that now stood marked starkly in between their hearts.

And just like that in a moment he realised, that there probably was no distance longer than this, no distance longer than the distance in between two pained hearts.


Meanwhile Simultaneously

Arnav opened the door, slowly to Khushi’s room, and he was glad that he was finally going to have some alone time with her.

The last few hours had just been Bizzare, and now he needed to see her more than ever.

He saw her flash him that mesmerising smile, that light up his entire world, and he shut the door, as he walked in and sat next to her on the bed,and he bent forward and kissed her forehead - “ hey…”

Khushi smiled,as she kissed his hand - “hi…finally…”

Arnav smiled - “ yeah finally, im sorry, i know the last few hours have been bizzare…and i swear i was literally counting the seconds to be alone with you..”

Khushi teased - “ oh really??”

Arnav - “ ofcourse, for only you can calm my jittery nerves and make me feel at peace…”

Khushi held his hand,as she whispered softly - “ i know, this thing with Zoya and bhaijaan, its very disturbing, iv been so worried, but maybe they need some time…you aren't mad at me for siding with Zoya on this are you?? i know bhaijaan isn’t, but…”,and she paused.

Arnav looked at her innocent face, he knew where was this coming from, he had often let other situations affect his equation with Khushi.But that was in the past, not anymore,he wasn't going to let anything else ever affect them, and he needed to give her that confidence, and he held her hand in his as he kissed it gently and he whispered - “ no, im not mad at you Khushi, hell i know Zoya, none of us can make her change her decision,and it isn't your fault,and i know, i have often let the situation on the outside, be it anything, like a scene with Arhaan or probably the happenings between Asad-Zoya , iv let it affect our equation in the past, and i was wrong very wrong, why must you or us always have to bear the consequences of what anyone else does, even if its our siblings, i would like to promise you, that i will never ever let anything else ever affect us ever again, its just you and me, and us…our equation stands apart, from everything else, whatever it is, come what may, we will deal with it together, as one…”

Khushi saw him wipe her tear as he brushed cheek tenderly and she whispered - “ id like that…thank you…i promise you too, i will prioritise us, no matter what…ofcourse with everything else in balance too, but i will not let anything else affect us…”

Arnav smiled - “good, now tell me more about your list…”

Khushi eyes gleamed in mischief - “ oh my things to do with Arnav List??”

Arnav grinned - “yeah about that..”

Khushi - “ oh you have no idea what i have in store for you Mr Raizada…”

Arnav - “ go on, im listening…”

And right then he saw her frown for a second, and then she masked it as she smiled at him, but he cupped her face gently as he asked - “what is it??”

Khushi sighed as she spoke - “ look i know, you want to, i mean i want to too, i want to tell bhaijaan and everyone about us too straightaway, but we only got each other back now, and this situation with Zoya, i don't think bhaijaan will be in the exact frame of mind, to be very accepting of us…and i dont want to risk it, i mean i don't know, just feels like it isn't the right time for him to know…i mean what if he asks us to mainatain distance, which of course I won’t, and then it'll hurt him,and you two just got back on your own equation, i dont know, im just so confused, “,and she paused as she looked at his dazed expression and she said immediately - “Arnav, look please trust me on this…its just that so much has happened in so little time…i don't know, i really have no clue how bhaijaan will react in this frame of mind and i don't want to take any chances, look you aren't misunderstanding me right, i love you, and id like everyone to know that,why aren't you saying anything, say something please??

Arnav listened carefully,and then he took a deep breathe as he said - “honestly speaking i was thinking the same thing, although id like to be completely honest with Asad, i am also not sure about his reaction though,and he does have too much on his plate right now….”

Khushi nodded - “exactly…then why did you have that dazed expression on your face??”

Arnav gave her a smile - “ i was dazed because, i was just wondering, that i really have to work very hard to give you the confidence and the comfort that i will never misunderstand you Khushi, ever again, I trust you Khushi…I do trust your love for me…more than i trust myself, to be honest…you took a bullet for me dammit, id be the fool of the highest order, to have any kind of doubts, although i have been a fool of the highest order in the past, i have made too many mistakes…and i shouldn't have ever let you…”,and he felt her finger on his lips before he could continue,and she whispered softly - “ you are going to be punished if you talk of the past…we made a deal remember..”

Arnav smiled,as he pulled her in his arms for a hug.

Khushi pulled back as she squealed in delight - “this romance in hiding does sound exciting, doesn't it??”

Arnav grinned at that expression on her face and he said honestly - “well, honestly its going to take a lot of control,and will be very taxing, but yes i could still agree, it does sound exciting…Khushi…damm anything with you is exciting Khushi…”

Right then the door opened and the Cafe guy walked with a sandwich and tea for Khushi , and placed it on the table, and Khushi asked him to get some black coffee as well.

Arnav started to get up to get her the plate, when he felt Khushi hold his hand, as she said - “ id like to sit on the table, with you…”

Arnav - “are you sure??”

Khushi stepped out of bed,and she felt him wrap an arm around her waist as he helped her,and she snuggled into him, holding on to his shirt, and once he had adjusted her on the chair, she held his hand with a jerk and she whispered,leaning into him- “you do know, i didn't need your support, but i liked your hand on my waist…”

Arnav grinned,as he cupped her face and touched her lips,brushing them with his thumb making her shiver and he whispered - “ I know…and just so you know, Its taking me every ounce of my strength to not kiss you right now..”

Khushi blushed,she felt her heart beat so fast,and she asked - “ oh and will you enlighten me why are you showcasing such immense display of strength to me…”

And right then they heard  a knock on the door, and Arnav immediately sat back on the chair, and the Cafe guy entered with Arnav’s coffe,and placed it on the table,and then left.

Arnav smiled as his eyes locked with Khushi’s and he said - “ because, we don't have the privacy,id like to have, when I finally kiss you again…”

Khushi blushed, and she understood what he meant.And it did feel like that kiss would be a lot different, for it would be a kiss of promises, and a kiss of new beginning,and she said softly - “ i know what you mean..”,and she picked up the sandwich as she started to eat,and she handed him his coffee,and their eyes locked,as their hands touched, and he was sure he felt that electrifying current going through him.

She watched him eat, and she smiled as she said - “Arnav, i do love you more than you'll probably ever know…”

Arnav smiled,as she quoted his words back to him from earlier today,and he grinned as he said - “ I know…”

Khushi smiled,as she continued to eat, and right then Anjali di came into the room,and joined them,as she hugged Khushi, and they all talked and Khushi made Anjali di eat a bite off her sandwich,and then Anjali made Khushi eat.

Arnav took a moment out, as he smiled,he was sure his heart was also smiling in that one moment.He had never felt happier, in his soul and heart.

And he realised in that one moment, that his sister had always been right all along, there really was nothing more beautiful and closer than the union of two hearts.

It really always is about the Heart to Heart.


Hate looked at Misery as he asked - “ whats with you being patient?? cmon get into your full active mode now…”

Misery smiled at Hate as she said - “ oh cmon, be patient..you will have you way, until then, let me take it easy…trust me…why cant you trust anyone but yourself…”

Hate rolled his eyes - “well thats because I only trust myself, always been like that…anyway…id like you to not waste much time…this Love is clever, and also Fate, i can see you being too friendly with him, you dont know the games these people can play…watch it…”,and he walked out.

Fate grinned as he came and sat next to Misery - “ im sure, he was badmouthing me…”

Misery smiled - “yes he was..”

Fate - “dont listen to him , ok…listen to your heart…”

Misery smiled as she asked - “ are you trying to establish something here?? or make a point..”

Fate grinned - “i dont know..am I??”

Misery rolled her eyes - “god, you are shameless..”

Fate grinned - “and i couldn't agree more…”

He watched Destiny and Love walk in and he heard Destiny ask - “ whats up??”

Fate grinned - “well , nothing much, i was just telling Misery, how its always better to listen to your heart..”

Destiny smiled - “oh is it??”

Fate - “ofcourse, and iv learned from Love, no distance longer than the one between two hearts, and nothing more closer than the union of two hearts…isnt it Love..??”

Love looked at Fate, Misery and Destiny as she smiled - “ofcourse, you learn fast Fate…”

Misery - “strange though, how does this Heart to Heart happen…in a fraction of a second, one can connect, or vice versa…and flip disconnect..so so so strange…”

Destiny nodded - “strange indeed…probably will remain an enigma till the end of time…isnt it Love??”

Love smiled,ofcourse it was true.

The matters in between two hearts and the answers to why? when? how? , what happened,  was always meant to be that -

An Enigma, till the End of Time.


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