Jodha-Akbar: My Insight......

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Aug 15, 2013

Jodha-Akbar: My Insight...... (By Kanu19) (Thanked: 4 times)

Hi all,

So once more I m back with the pen, in a small attempt to voice my thoughts on another exemplary piece of fiction, which has been the talk of the town lately. Forgive my writing skills, as I do not hold any qualification, when it comes to conjure up an intriguing post.

Yes I m talking about “Jodha-Akbar”, the serial which has been in my mind since weekend. I was always interested in History, the evolution of mankind, and its journey till now. So its always a pleasure, watching shows which reflect the historical background of a lifetime, which existed in past, and now is confined in few rough pages of a book, or some inscriptions.

Like most of people, I became familiar with this epic love story, with the launch of the movie, which was in some ways different from the serial broadcasted on Zeetv, in terms of the projection of characters, which is interesting though, as I m introduced to a new facet of the personalities that existed in my imaginations, before I started watching this serial.

The story revolves around the Rajput Princess Jodha and the Mughal Emperor Akbar, how their destinies and entwined, and how Jodha, changed the cruel and vicious heart that belonged to the mighty King, into a compassionate one. The more I became involved in this story, the more my mind was occupied with only one thing, Yin-Yang. Yin-Yang as is said, are the two opposite but interconnected and inter-dependent forces of the nature, co-existing and giving rise to one another.

I have always belived in the concept of Yin-Yang, the symbolic existence of the natural forces, in every fragment of universe. Both almost undifferentiated from one another, and cannot exist without each other, because one gives rise to another and vice-versa. Together they create a balance in the universe, and sustain a continuous cycle of the interacting forces. And for me, Jodha-Akbar is another epitome of the same. However, I believe that this figment is still in its premature form, because I still don’t picture Jodha as in the Yin Avatar.

The balance, as obvious, has been offset between the Mughal Empire and the Rajput nations, both claiming to have a rightful ownership over the Indian land. And in the fight for which, Jodha is forced to marry the current heartless and tyrant King, who has vowed to make her life nothing less than hell. Many would have sympathy for Jodha, but I for a change would take a stand for Jalal, for I clearly see the persistence of Yang in his character. Yang has always been symbolic of toughness and aggression, of masculinity and valour, that which is so depicted in Jalal’s persona.

But Yin, which has been the expression of feminity, endurance, gentleness, and serenity, which I find incomplete in Jodha for the present moment. Yin-Yang are no doubt, the opposing forces, yetnever in opposition to one another, but Jodha and Jalal are. Until and unless, this opposition towards each other is resolved, the balance cannot be achieved, which is, as expected, the responsibility of Jodha and Jodha herself.

To be very honest, I m very eager to see how this happens, because that is what is going to change the course of history, or has changed as per the norms. But a lot has to be done before that actually happens. Jodha would have to eliminate, the opposing forces in herself, which have been restricting her from taking an initiative. In one of the episodes, she said, “how can someone be interested in someone who lacks mercy and doesn’t have a heart? She never tried to find out why? And that’s because of the her own feelings stand in opposition to her thoughts. And unless those are eliminated, she cannot begin to know the real Jalal, let alone bring a change in him. When she does that, for me she would achieve the true form of Yin, and then would be a balance created between, them, the two religions, and the two distinct and different cultures.

And for Jalal, I don’t blame him for being, merciless. He lives among people who desire to conquer, and seize, to dominate and tyrannize, because its their way of prevailing over a civilization. No one has ever taught him to be kind, and gentle with people, that it is another way to rule over people, to rule over their hearts. He is grown up in a war-like environment, his own people plotting against him, misleading him for their own good and using his authority, to satiate their own purpose. Some one has to come to his rescue. And that can only be Jodha, coz everyone sees, what Jalal has, but only Jodha sees what he doesn’t.

I am very eager to see the complete Yin avatar of Jodha; and the better Mughal emperor. I know which is, at the present moment a distant dream. But its there, and I know it. I just cant wait for the time to pass.


P.S.- I don’t know how many have read this, or are reading this, and how many think that this post is total ****. I m sorry if this upsets you in anyway, but like always I cant help it.



Take care!

Happy Independence day!

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