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Aug 25, 2013

Telugu Language Tuition (By V1184) (Thanked: 14 times)

Hi everyone i am starting this as my friend/sister asked me.I am Vyshnavi and am from Andhra Pradesh i know there are few people who know Telugu and few people who want to learn Telugu so i wanna teach you Telugu which is my mother tongue and i am fluent in it so those who wanna learn Telugu can give your name in the comment section and you can ask your doubts too.


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Aug 26, 2013

Telugu Letters (By V1184) (Thanked: 15 times)

Hi Everyone , first of all my sincere apologies for the delay.As many of you wanna learn reading and writing too i am starting from the letters in Telugu with their pronunciation in English i hope you can understand this

here are some words too.

Hi / Namaste : Namskaram 

Pronunciation is Na/mas/kaa/ram

Welcome : Swagatam 

Pronunciation is Swaa/ga/tham

Morning : Udayam/Udayamu

Pronunciation is U/da/ya/mu

Good Morning : Subhodayam

Pronunciation is Su/bho/da/yam

Afternoon : Madhyahnam 

Pronunciation is Ma/dhya/hnam

Evening : Sayantram / Sayantramu 

Pronunciation is Sa/yan/tram

Night : Ratri 

Pronunciation is Raa/thri

Good Night : Subharatri 

Pronunciation is Su/bha/raa/tri

Congratulations / Wishes : Subhaakankshalu 

Pronunciation is Su/bha/kaan/ksha/lu

and Finally 

Thank you : Dhanyavadamulu / Dhanyavadaalu 

Pronunciation is Dhan/ya/vaa/da/mu/lu

I hope these are enough for today and you all understood this.

If you have any doubt , don't hesitate to ask me.

For now , Thank you all i mean Dhanyavadamulu!


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Aug 28, 2013

Help me Telugu people (By Mahanthi) (Thanked: 4 times)

Hi telugu people...

hmm for teachers day..our cordinator gave me all work so  need to completre..

and i need some telugu quotations for teachers please help me..


Aug 28, 2013

Hi Guys A Note from me (By V1184) (Thanked: 5 times)

Hi everyone , i wanna inform you all that i will give classes once in two days due to my busy schedule sorry for this but on holidays i will give regularly and i want to know whether it is helpful or not because everyone told it as good idea but i don't know whether it is helpful to you or not?I am sorry for this inconvenience but i can't do anything else than informing you and the next class is tomorrow so check this page tomorrow.You can ask me if you want any help or you can also ask me what type of words or letters you want to learn.


for the inconvenience.



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Aug 29, 2013

Hi Everyone........ (By V1184) (Thanked: 5 times)

Hi everyone , sorry for coming lately.Without any talking i wanna give the words now.

Here we go : 

Good : Manchi

Pronunciation is Man/chi.

Bad : Chedu

Pronunciation is Che/du

Mother : Amma / Thalli

Pronunciation is Tha/lli and for amma not needed na(i think so)

Father : Naanna / Tandri

Pronunciation is Naa/n/na Th/an/dri (i hope u understand this).

Sister : Sodari

Pronunciation is Soa/da/ri

Elder Sister : Akka

Pronunciation is Ak/ka

Younger Sister : Chelli

Pronunciation is Che/lli

Brother : Sodarudu

Pronunciation is Soa/da/ru/du

Elder Brother : Annaya

Pronunciation is Ann/ayy/aa(i hope u understand this).

Younger Brother : Tammudu

Pronunciation is Tam/mu/du

Uncle : Pedda naana(Father's brother/Mother's Brother-in-law)

Pronunciation is Pe/dda/naan/na

Uncle : Babai/Chinnana/Pinatandri(Father's younger brother/Mother's younger brother-in-law)

Pronunciation is Baa/bai  Chin/naan/na  Pi/na/tan/dri

Daughter : Kuturu

Pronunciation is Koo/tu/ru

Son : Koduku

Pronunciation is Ko/du/ku

Sister-in-law : Vodina (elder than you or elder brother's wife)/ Maradalu(younger than u / younger brother's wife)

Pronunciation is Vo/di/na Ma/ra/da/lu

Grand Mother : Ammamma (Mother's mother) / Naanamma (Father's mother)

Pronunciation is Am/mam/ma  Naa/nam/ma

Grand Father : Taatayya (Both Father and Mother's father)

Pronunciation is Taa/tha/yya

Grand Son : Manavadu

Pronunciation is Ma/na/va/du

Grand Daughter : Manavaralu

Pronunciation is Ma/na/va/raa/lu

Great-Grand Father : Muttata

Pronunciation is Mut/thaa/tha

Brother-in-law : Bava(elder than u / elder sister's husband) / maridi(younger than u / younger sister's husband)

Pronunciation is Baa/va  Ma/ri/di

Daughter-in-law : Kodalu

Pronunciation is Koa/da/lu

Son-in-law : Alludu

Pronunciation is Al/lu/du

For respect : Gaaru (like we use ji in Hindi)

Pronunciation is Gaa/ru

Mother-in-law : Attagaru

Pronunciation is At/ta/gaa/ru

Father-in-law : Mamagaru

Pronunciation is Maa/ma/gaa/ru

Thats all guys.I hope these words are enough for today and please do inform me if u din't understand any words means and don't hesitate to ask me anything.Sorry for not giving class yesterday so i think u all will be happy dat i gave more than 20 words today.WELL , I wanna tell that i will give classes whenever i get time as i am busy with studies but don't worry i will be giving classes atleast twice a week during my exams and 3-4 times during normal days I hope it is ok with u all.


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can i give whenever it is possible for me?
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