Turkish rice With Dhal for vegetarians and chicken for non-veg

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Aug 27, 2013

Turkish rice With Dhal for vegetarians and chicken for non-veg (By Rashdah) (Thanked: 1 times)

Turkish rice


-        4 cups rice (I use Tilda Basmati rice)

-        4 cups chicken stock or vegetable stock (put 4 cubes – like dd we get 2 cubes per box)

-        4 cups boiling water

-        Black pepper

-        Olive oil/butter whichever you prefer 4 tbsp – butter gives authentic taste, but we use a mixture of olive oil and butter to make it more healthy

The process

-        Dip the rice in boiling water for half an hour (wash the rice first!)

-        Melt the chick/veg stock cubes when 10 mins of rice dipping left (hope that made sense! Lol) in 4 cup boiling water

-        30 mins over, heat the oil/butter so that it is hot but not burning, drain the rice and add. Fry the rice for about 5—7 mins add the black pepper and salt if you require it (not too much, just a bit) then add the stock water to it. As soon as the water is soaked up cover the rice with dishcloth/tea towel put the lid on it and place on a very low flame for 5-8 mins. You can leave it without the flame, but I don’t like it that undone.


Masr dhal

The ingredients

-        1 cup masr dhal (washed and soaked)

-        Onion 1 small

-        3-4pieces of garlic crushed

-        Inch of garlic ( i use 2 inches) crushed

-        Oil/butter – about 2 tbsp (depends on how much you need to fry in)

-        1 tsp jeera powder

-        2 tsp Taniya powder ( to be honest I mess around with my masala’s taste it too see how you want it, we sometimes go light sometimes heavy on the masala for change of taste)

-        1 veg stock cube

-        1 tsp chilli (depends how much you take)

-        Taniya fresh


The process


-        In a separate pan, boil the masr dhal with enough water that you don’t have to throw it away, to this water add the stock cube, chilli powder, Tania and jeera power, and allow it to boil until the dhal is cooked and the water in the dhal is to a consistency you like.

-        Separately fry the onions, garlic and ginger in the butter/oil until colden brown.

-        Mix in the cooked dhal (tarka hain) garnish with the coriander.

Chicken curry for the non-veg’s!

The ingredients


-        Baby chicken cut into small pieces

-        1 large onions sliced thin

-        1 large tomatoes diced ( i don’#t always use it)

-        2 tbsps garlic paste

-        1 tbsp ginger paste

-        2 tsps coriander powder

-        1 tsp cumin powder

-        1/2 tsp red chilli powder

-        Cooking oil/ butter

-        Chopped coriander to garnish-

-        I -2 chicken stock cubes, or alternatively salt to taste.


The process

-        Fry the onions, ginger and garlic until golden brown.

-        Add the masala’s, chilli powder chicken stock cubes or salt and the chopped tomatoes if you want. Add the chicken and fry.

-        Fry the chicken until the oil butter starts to give way, i.e. it starts to come out, add about a cup of water so that when the chicken is cooked all you have is a dryish chicken which a thick gravy which goes really nice with the turkish rice.

-        When you are happy that the chicken is made, garnish with corinader and serve with the rest.


-        Cucumber chopped into tiny pieces

-        Tomatoes chopped into tiny pieces

-        Lettuce chopped into tiny pieces

-        Finely sliced coriander if so desired.

-        Mix it all up.


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